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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  December 3, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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>> breaking right now firefighters tackling a huge fire in wind field. >> plus candles, tears an whole lot of hope. west chester university comes together praying missing student shane montgomery comes home. your fox 29 news in hd brought to you by xfinity the future of aweso awesome. >> right now breaking news out of the wynnefield section of philadelphia tonight. fire rages through an apartment building it broke out at a building on north 53rd street
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and westmont avenue. firefighters battling those flames for more than two hours. good evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm dawn timmeney in tonight for lucy nolan. let's get right out to fox 29's sabina kuriakose live at that scene. >> dawn and iain we're standing just up the street from where emergency crews have cordoned off about a five-block radius around these two apartment buildings where the fire appears to have started. now firefighters have been working to contain these flames. since about 7:30 this evening. let's take a look at some incredible video we have for you of flames shooting out of one of the buildings. these are two apartment buildings at the corner of 53rd and montgomery. neighbors tell us one of the buildings is abandoned. that's where they believe the fire began before spreading to their apartments. there's about several units inside the apartment building that is occupied. right now at least five people seeking help from the red cross. several people appear to be displaced from their homes. but nobody was hurt. now we talked to neighbor who couldn't believe what he was
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seeing. >> when i seen the fire, i was in my house. actual until my bedroom and looked out my daughter's back bedroom and i seen the blaze and heard all the sirens and helicopters over night house and it was kind of lit up. it caused me to come outside. it had to be close. i wanted to make sure there was no family or nobody high new or anything i come to find out it's a block away. that apartment building. i'm hoping there's no one hurt and no fatalities. that's all. >> reporter: and thankfully, again, in this one alarm fire nobody incredibly was hurt. smoke still billowing from at least one of the buildings. firefighters still on the scene actively working to control the smoke and any hot spots that may be popping up. that's the very latest from the wynnefield section of the city. dawn, back to you. >> thank you sabina. now a story still developing this evening. two chaotic scenes after another police officer is cleared of killing an unarmed black man on the left in new york city the
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angry crowd moving on times square. on the right, protesters in philadelphia filling the courtyard at city hall after marching down packed streets. our cameras were there as officers carried this guy out of city hall and straight to waiting police van. shawnette wilson is live at city hall for to us name what's the scene right now, shawnette? >> reporter: well, dawn, things have cleared out tonight here at city hall but i can tell you that the protests here kicked into high gear as people learned that a grand jury would not indict a police officer in the choking death of a man in new york. >> i remain faithful. look around. there's so many people that ban together. >> reporter: williams sat on the floor of 30th street station holding her daughter journey part of a ferguson die in protest. >> just to show that, you know, we're brothers and sisters in this country. all the racism needs to stop. you know, we shouldn't be afraid that our children will get shot and know their lives won't matter. >> reporter: groups of people protested by dropping down on
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the floor and laying there for four minutes and 30 seconds as they say michael brown's body did when he was shot by police officer darren wilson. >> i think it touched everyone because the police are everywhere. the police affect everyone, and when it doesn't appear that there's actually justice happening in our system, the system fails us, then who do we trust? who do we believe in? it all becomes very unclear. >> reporter: others joined the protesters down market street and jfk head to do city hall. their actions heightened by news of another grand jury decision not to indict a white police officer in the choking death of unarmed man eric garner in new york. >> i think that the eric garner decision on top of ferguson will aggravate things and it should. it's totally unfair. and like it showed it's snowballing. >> reporter: the group broke into different sections sending philadelphia police cars and bike cops in a frenzy trying to keep up. this is is one leg of the crowd at 21st and arch bringing traffic to a standstill.
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once at city hall protesters peacefully crashed the annual christmas tree lighting ceremo ceremony. >> all lives matter. police brutality needs to be stopped. >> reporter: and back here live for the most part things were peaceful. we did check with police. we were told that one arrest was made but a spokesperson says it is unclear the circumstances. in the meantime families i spoke tonight say they were disappointed that protesters did interrupt this tree lighting ceremony mainly for familiar and kids tonight. back to you. >> all right, shawnette, thank you. moon while just moments ago in new york city protesters on the move. you can see fox reporter jonathan surry walking with the group. so far these marches have been peaceful. the protests broke out after grand jury decided not to indict daniel pant leo for eric door garner's death. it's a decision causing problems at including tree lighting ceremony at rockefeller. this is video of the incident last july.
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officer pant leo stopped eric garner in staten island on suspicion of selling loose and untaxed cigarettes. amateur video shot by an onlooker showing garner refusing to be handcuffed. pant leo responded by putting garner in an apparent choke hold that is banned under nypd poli policy. garner died a short time later. >> we're grieving again over loss of eric garner who was a father, a husband, a son, goodman. man who should be with us and isn't. >> we are not advocating violence. we are asking that police violence stop. >> attorney general eric holder says federal authorities will conduct a civil rights investigation. we will continue to monitor the situation in new york and bring you any updates as they warrant on the newscast. >> on your radar tonight rain is gone. scott williams tracking the chilly change though for your morning. that's right, iain. right now as we look at ultimate
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doppler you can see the cloud cover, the rainfall, it is out of here from earlier in the day. temperatures right now a little chilly. 44 degrees. but look at those winds out of the west northwest at 13 miles per hour. so we're drying out but those temperatures will be dropping in fact as we look at future temperatures, by 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, bundle up we're looking at 33 degrees in philadelphia. below freezing likely north and west. 34 in millville as well as atlantic city. so definitely jacket and sweater weather tomorrow and look at high temperatures. here's 2:00 o'clock. only 44 degrees in philadelphia. mid 40s in atlantic city and low 40s once you move north and we west. so bottom line as we talk about what's on your radar clearing out but turning colder overnig overnight. and the sunshine it returns during much of the day tomorrow. but high temperatures only in the low 40s but don't get used to it because, yes, rain is back in the forecast by week's end. we'll have the timing of that rain, how long it will last and how much to expect, dawn and
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iain, coming up. >> all right, scott. thank you a developing story now the search for a missing college student. family and friends holding a vigil tonight for west chester university student shane montgomery. he was out with family and friends on thanksgiving eve when he disappeared after leaving a manayunk bar. new video today shows police searching again at a park near where montgomery was last scene, and despite seven days of intense searching by the police, the if the bi and volunteers shane's heart broken family says right now there are just no solid leads in this case. fox 29's chris o'connell live in west chester. chris, a whole lot of people turn out a that the vigil tonight. >> reporter: dawn, it was a huge turnout here on the campus of west chester university. despite the fact it's been exactly one week since anyone has seen shane montgomery, there is still a glimmer of hope. >> we will find you and we won't rest until we're walking these very streets with you again. >> reporter: they are friends,
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they are classmates. >> what really matter social security that we are determined to find him and bring him home safely. >> reporter: and some even complete strangers. hundreds of students at west chester university were clutching candles and coming together on a damp december night to pray for the safe return of shane montgomery. >> really sad. i can't even imagine how the family is feeling. >> reporter: among those here to witness the show of support, shane's parents. the pain, the anguish visible on their faces. >> we miss him. we love him. and we'll get him back. he will be home. >> he's so caring and fun to be around. >> samarra rosen felled was laughing with shane a few nights with shape before he was last seen the 21-year-old liberal arts major recently showed an interest in video production. it's been a week since he's been gone but it's clear there is hope. >> we're absolutely not giving up hope. we're the kind of people we are not going to stop until we find our friend.
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>> reporter: shane's mother says police are busy analyzing hours of surveillance video of the night shane went missing. >> they are following up on everything and anybody that has any information that's what we need to keep shane on the forefront until i bring him ho home. >> reporter: and it is clear they are not giving up that search. tomorrow volunteers will continue searching for shane through the roxborough area. there's nearly 20,000 facebook followers on a page devoted to him and the reward to find him is up to $31,000 now. a thousand dollars of that was donated by students here at west chester university. iain. >> all right, chris, thank you. search crews recovered a body from the christina river believed to be that of a man who fell in last night. three crew members working for a dredging company fell into the water after a crane barge capsized around the port of wilmington. two of the men resurfaced one did not.
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emergency personnel spent last night and most of the day looking for emmanuel gatling the body was found shortly after the coast guard suspended their search. a 15 year old girl is in critical condition tonight with a broken leg after being hit by a car it happened around 6:30 this morning on the northbound lanes of voce vest boulevard at ryan avenue. the driver of the car did stay at the scene. there's no word yet if any charges will be filed. >> a man is in the hospital tonight after a fire breaks out in this roxborough home. the flames started before 2:00 this afternoon in the kitchen. this is along the 400 block of east hermit street. the vick testimony was the only person home at the time. no word on his condition tonig tonight. the commodore barry bridge may soon be getting a makeover. it's reported al five year $100 million project. the philadelphia inquirer reports that the bridge will be sand blasted and painted beginning in january. work on the main span of the bridge won't start until 218. the bridge carries 6.5 million vehicles a year.
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it opened back in 1974. >> take a look at your tva driver loses control, flipping his truck on to a classic car lot. >> i panicked. i just -- i said there was smoke and the horn and i knew that he had to be out of there. >> the guy is okay tonight but not all those classics. why one couple is happy it didn't happen seconds earlier. plus, a high profile attorney with ties to philadelphia calling out bill cosby tonight. her bizarre demands that the comedian facing nearly two dozen accusations of assault. >> and -- >> the countdown clock is over my shoulder here at the kennedy space zen. we are less than nine hours away from the biggest launch for nasa since the final shuttle mission and a delaware valley, i'll tell you about this company. it is playing a key role. >> no more contracted screens. what could soon save you hen dreads of dollars the next time you drop your iphone.
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>> police in philadelphia's mt. airy neighborhood are looking for a woman who robbed a wawa. the store on germantown avenue and al lance lane was hit 3:30 this morning. police say the robber point add gun at the store's employee and demanded cash. the store got away with about a 100 bucks. >> $1,000 reward offered tonight for information leading to an arrest and conviction in a brutal attack on a teenager. police say the 17-year-old was on his way home from a friend's house when he was just pummeled and then robbed. scary. fox 29's dave schratwieser has the latest on the investigation
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and how he's doing tonight. >> reporter: police say the 17-year-old vick testimony was randomly attacked as he waited for a ride home after visit ago friend's house in northern liberties. he was brutally attacked by three suspects. >> she could have killed this young man. you kick someone in the face, someone in the head. >> reporter: surveillance cameras just a few feet away caught the suspects as they punched, kicked and stomped the teenager back on november 15t november 15th. when he struggled back into the street and went down, there was a final stomp to the victim's head. >> the damage that's done a broken jaw but that could have been a fatal blow and killed the young man. >> reporter: video shows the suspects going through the high school junior's pocks. police say his cell phone was stolen. the suspects just walk away. >> brutally attacked for no reason is something we just can't have happen. >> reporter: vick testimony was taken to jefferson hospital where he was treated for a broken jaw and other injuries he's recovering at home. >> any time we have an incident like this we start to look through and see if there's any
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pattern or anything like that where we've seen this happen before. >> reporter: dave schratwieser, fox 29 news. >> there's bigger reward tonight to help find the driver in a hit-and-run accident that killed a salem county woman last october. 25-year-old chelsea burns was walking on alloway road in piles grove township when she was hit and killed. county prosecutor has now raced the reward for information leading to the driver to $5,000. firefighters believe an electrical problem sparked a fire in montgomery county this morning. it brock out on the 900 block of montgomery avenue in narberth after 4:00 a.m. police noticed smoke in the area firefighters say flames spread through a fast signs business and the building next it to. the fire took a few hours to get under control but but no one was hurt. >> attorney. >> ya allred is representing three women accusing bill cosby of sexual assault much she's calling on the comedian to do what's right and fight it out in court or she wants cosby to put
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up $100 million for an informal hearing to clear his name. >> under our proposal the alleged victims could present their claims and mr. cosby could present his defenses. the public deserves to know if mr. cosby is a saint or a sexual predator. >> now the statute of limitations has run out on most of the recent cases but as fox 29's brad satin reports, one woman accusor may be able to get around it by claiming she only recently connected her years of psychological problems to the alleged abuse. >> reporter: for the first time in nine years the allegations against bill cosby have moved from the court of public opinion to court a lawsuit filed in los angeles by a woman named judy huff 55 years old alleges that when she was just 15, she and a 16-year-old girlfriend were approached by cosby and taken to the playboy mansion and told by him "if any of the playboy bunnies ask their
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age she should say they were 19. her lawsuit says she was given drinks and upon leaving a bathroom cosby proceeded to sexual molest her. over the years she claims she suffered psychological damage and that the cause of it was only discovered within the last three years. a repressed memory for nearly 40 years? >> something they don't, they'll block it out and they'll be slightly reminded of it and all of a sudden it will come back up. >> even year later. >> even years later. 20, 30, 40 of one deserves their day in court and i think that just because she was intimidated and maybe had these repressed memories doesn't mean she shouldn't be heard out. >> it's not too far farfetched. you've seen this in a lot of abuse cases we've seen about that involve priests and other member of the clergy. >> this case against cosby raises a big red flag. >> this woman basically hit hid her head in the sand for decades and now that bill cosby is on the front page of every major newspaper and across television she's deciding she suffered
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injuries. that's a tough case. >> california statute of limitations 10 years. that's long gone. there's a provision for victims to come forward within three years after discovering the source of their psychological injuries was sexual abuse from years earlier. >> a long way from collecting money. >> reporter: spokeswoman with the pennsylvania coalition against rape says she's seen many case where is victims repress memories for many years and she thinks this woman should get her day in court. our former prosecutor says he doesn't think it will come to that. in the newsroom brad satin fox 29 news. >> first defendant has been sentenced in philadelphia traffic court ticket fixing scandal. robert mull grew got 18 months in prison today for lying about ticket fixing. federal jury convicted the former judge of perjury last july. mull grew was already serving a 30 month sentence for defrauding a state agency. >> philadelphia's sports teams with the exception right now of the eagles have hit some hard times butter that is far from the case for some of our youth sports teams.
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tonight mayor michael nutter the youth football team and cheerleading squads that will compete in national championsh championships in orlando florida later this month. who says the eagles are our only chance to win a title. >> she looks innocent strolling along a busy street don't get too close. what police say she's doing to people walking by. and forget final exams. this could be much harder for graduating seniors. could you pass the us citizenship test? why some schools could require it for a deployment ma. howard? >> the phillies are closer to making more changing at the top. the wheels are turning and i will break it down and what is going to happen and that's coming up in sports. >> and we are keeping our eye on the streets of new york city as protesters march right now. here's a life it's all because of a decision not to indict a police officer in the choking death of an unarmed black man much these marches have been peaceful so far. much these marches have been peacefa remote that lives on your phone.
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♪ >> check this out. incredible video a pick up slams into several brand new cars at a
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chevrolet dealership in beaumont texas about 80 miles east of houston much police think the weather caused the driver to hydroplane. officers say he lost control and slid across the road before smashing into the cars. one of them was just about to leave the lot. >> there was one new camaro that was park behind the cadillacs that customer was here in the office to sign the paper work. we had to stop him and saying we got bad news. the car didn't make it. >> can you imagine that? police say the driver totaled three vehicles. damaged three others. causing thousands of dollars in damage. but luckily no one was hurt. >> an american schoolteacher is stabbed to death in the united arab emerates. authorities say she was attack in mall restroom. police say the attacker seen on surveillance video was wearing a traditional black full face veil and gloves but they're in the sure if it was woman. the 37-year-old victim's name has not yet been released. police say she had 11-year-old twins.
10:25 pm
they are in police custody right now until their father the woman's ex-husband arrives. >> a sink hole opens up in the middle of the street after heavy rain hits san francisco. it started as small pothole this morning and then continued to grow. eventually it measured about 20 feet wide and 40 feet deep. officials say a water line may have ruptured causing the hole to get bigger. and mudslides prompt evacuations from homes in california. about a dozen homes have evacuation orders as mud flows through a neighborhood heavy rain brought flooding and mudslides in the la area and the threat continues with more rain expected through tonight. >> arizona teen is safe after getting himself stuck in an unlikely spot outside of own house. >> he got wedged inside the chimney after he locked himself out last night. rescue crews in scottsdale managed to get the teenager out of this dire situation. he did get to the bottom of the
10:26 pm
chimney. he somehow managed to call 911. it took officials an hour and a half before they were able to free the teenager. >> he plays the part. he's covered from head to toe, you know, the black charcoal from the fire and he's dirty. he's a little winded, and i think just scared from being inside there. >> i think he watch too many movies. he used a rope from an electrical cord to get down the chimney. hidden danger in your car. they're supposed to protect you but defect cos put you and your family at risk. why the company behind millions of air bags is ignoring pleas for a bigger recall. scott? >> iain after damp and gloomy day, we're drying out for now, but rain is back in the foreca forecast. i'll tell you when it makes a come back next. >> anything can happen on live tv. a hawk on the loose in the middle of a newscast. a hawk on the loose in the middle of a newscast. wwe put all the apps you love...
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breaking news outside of burlington county new jersey. skyfox over route 130 and cooper street in edgewater park where a pedestrian was apparently hit. the area as you can see is shut down to traffic on this very busy road. right now police are still on the scene investigating. we will of course bring you any other details as soon as they become available. >> also a busy night for protesters around the country and here in philadelphia. they hit the ground at 30th street station before marching to city hall. crashing to night's tree lighting ceremony. protesters stayed there for exactly four minutes and 30 seconds. it was a die in to symbolize how long michael brown's body was left on the ground in ferguson after he was shot by a police officer. many families at the tree lighting ceremony are upset saying the protesters took over what was supposed to be a fun event for the children. >> also, fueling protests here and in new york city. the news that an nypd officer won't be indicted for the choke hold death of a black man last summer.
10:31 pm
jurors are deciding not to indict daniel pant lay yo on criminal charges in the death of eric garner. that decision is having a huge impact nationwide. >> protesters have been chanting no justice, no piece. fox's sharon crowley is live on staten island where garner lived. scharr reason what's the scene like there tonight? >> reporter: actually here in staten island it's very peacef peaceful. there's only been a small group of demonstrators out here and actually friends of eric garner this is a place he hung out on staten island and we are in front of the place where that choke hold occurred and there has been candle light -- candles and memorials actually since august. but people have been gathering there peacefully for hours and they're very upset. they don't feel justice was done. candles light up the spot where new york city toe police officer put staten island resident eric garner a deadly choke hold after stopping him for a misdemeanor here in august. staten island resident jim is upset a grand jury decided not
10:32 pm
to indict the officer. >> i was very hur. i knew eric garner. came to my job every day for cfk taco bell every day and he was a sweetheart. kind guy. >> she brought her young son to see a small crowd of protesters here people like staten island resident kevin goldstein who takes his personally. >> i was shocked. absolutely i was shock. this is something that is blatant within your face. this is something when you're looking at the situation you see it for what it is. i'm pro police. you can be as pro police as you want to. this is an absolute out and out murder. >> what many demonstrators can't understand how the grand jury could in the see what they say they saw in this viral video of the incident. >> i was outraged but unfortunately i wasn't surprised. this is what business as usual is like for new york city and really for america for as long as i've been alive. so, um, i had a loft mixed feelings but i have to be out on the streets tonight. >> this demonstrator came from east harlem to be here in staten island tonight. >> what about the call to be
10:33 pm
peaceful? is that something you'll abide by. >> i hope the police officers will heed that call to be peaceful because i think one thing we need to understand here the violence is being inflicted on communities is at the hands of the police. >> reporter: and of course, there's such disappointment not just here on staten island but right now there are a number of protests in manhattan on the west side highway as well as in times square as there have been since the ferguson verdict -- decision i should say last week in missouri. so a lot of disappointment tonight, guys. i'll send it back to you in the studio. >> sharon, thank you for that report. philadelphia police need your help to identify the suspects who beat up a 1584 old boy on west luzerne street in hunting park it was caught on camera. 1584 old boy beaten on his face legs and arms he suffered minor injuries. if you know anything that might help the attackers call philadelphia police. >> well deserved honors today for a teenaged hero. >> we're talking about the
10:34 pm
17-year-old who rescued a philadelphia police officer from a burning car. delaware county council honored joe chambers from ridley. joe is a senior at ridley high and a junior member of the fire company. his mom, the officer he saved and members of the fire company were on hand for the ceremony. chambers and another man pulled officer mark chem see from his burning patrol car last month. >> on your radar right now, much improved from earlier today. that's for sure, scott. >> yeah. for now, dawn. we'll have a brief break and then the cloud cover will move back in as well as more rain. but look the at ultimate doppler route now it's dry and quiet. temperatures will be dropping because of the wind shift. winds right now out of the west northwest. a little breezy at 13 miles an hour. you can see the camera at the philadelphia international airport kind of jumping around. 44 degrees right now is the temperature. the front is moving through. sweeping clouds out. so high pressure will be moving in overhead.
10:35 pm
that will give us a little taste of sunshine tomorrow before more clouds move back in. and speaking of clouds, down just outside of orlando and cape canaveral we're looking at low clouds, dense fog advisories are setting up shop there so i'm a little concerned about the launch tomorrow morning. look at the clock. as we go hour by hour, sunshine for the first part of the day tomorrow. clouds move right back in. by friday we're looking at mostly cloudy conditions. but dry conditio conditions forf the day on friday then friday night into saturday look at saturday morning. wet conditions across the area. saturday afternoon still looking at clouds and showers. but it look like we'll get a little bit of a dry break as we move into saturday night. so how much rainfall to expect friday into saturday. a quarter of an inch in philadelphia. up to an inch once you move toward the pocono mountains. temperatures dropping into the 30s north and west. we have 44 degrees right now in philadelphia. but for tonight temperatures below freezing pretty much area
10:36 pm
wide except the city and then 44 degrees that's it for the high temperature tomorrow. sunshine early. much improved the cloud cover rolls back in and we're talking about evening showers on friday. saturday damp and dreary highs in the upper 40s. it looks like we'll get a break. a spotty shower chance i'm going to leave that nor sunday at the linc and then better chances by monday and tuesday of next week but temperatures will stay pretty much in the 40s for the entire seven day forecast. dawn? >> all right, thanks so much, scott. well, watch as this woman walks calmly down the street. they seems innocent enough. well police say wrong. what she's accused of doing to several people walking by that has officers on the look out. >> and no more contracted screens much what could soon save you hundreds of dollars the next time you drop your iphone. >> plus forget a salesperson. the robot that is could soon be answering you
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>> take a look surveillance cameras catch a louisiana woman walking down sidewalk seemingly slashing random strangers in her path. police say the suspect is this woman right here. she's pacing the streets of new
10:40 pm
orleans busy french quarter on sunday night and that's when she walks up to this man and establishes him right in the back with what appears to be a knife. officers saying she reporteedly stand stabbed at least two other people the same evening. fortunately no one was seriously hurt but this woman is still out there tonight. >> in your money tonight expanding air bag recalls nationwide. honda says it will expand its takata drivers side air bag recall to all 50 states but takata corporation is refusing to voluntarily recall its products. takata insists current recalls covering 8 million us cars in high humidity areas are sufficient. the national highway traffic safety administration though wants the recalls ex expanded nationwide after some incidents outside the high humidity zones the air bags have been found to explode with too much force sending metal shrapnel into the passenger compartment. >> could it really be no more contracted screens? this could could save you hundreds of dollars the next time you drop
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yourism phone and how many of us have done that? apple has been awarded a patent for futuristic iphone protection system. it can recognize get this when a phone is dropped, calculate and estimated point of impact and shift its center of gravity to avoid striking sensitive components. no word on how soon the technology might be put to use or how much it costs. not soon enough. >> well, some shoppers in san jose california are getting a little extra help at a local hardware store. robots at their service this holiday shopping season. in fact the store manager says the robots have been brought in to improve customers service. they can help customers find products and even tell if any item is in stock. so far customers think the robots are great and the store's manager and assists the robots are not taking over anyone's j job. countdown is on for nasa's launch of orion space craft an local company is playing major role. next we head to cape canaveral ahead of the historic launch.
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>> the situation broke? what this jersey shore star is now selling to make ends meet. >> plus anything can happen on live tv. a hawk on the loose in the middle of a newscast. what i
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>> marches across the kin tree tonight after new york city police officer was cleared in the death of an unarmed black man. a live look from oakland california right now as protesters march there tonight. of course we'll keeping our eye on this and bring you any updates. >> countdown clock is on. journalists from around the world at cape canaveral for the nasa's biggest launch sin the final shuttle mission. tomorrow morning's lift off is all about beginnings and the delaware valley. >> lucy noland is in florida and shows us the connection. >> dawn, iain, it is true. a delaware valley company is key to what is going on right here. tomorrow morning orion is supposed to launch if the weather cooperates at 7:05am. this mission is called exploration flight test one. test that is the key word and that is where a bucks county company jumped front and center. ♪
10:46 pm
>> reporter: traffic takes it easy in newtown buck county home to company with a big name and big role in orion's maiden voyage. 25 miles an hour around here. but the speed limit newtown tele tron 96 technology corporation will be recording will hit 20,000 miles an hour in space. >> we're getting back in the business of going into deep space. we're go explore deep space. >> reporter: which is huge? >> which is big. for the engineers on the team we have a number of us have been working on this program for years. tomorrow we're going to see our baby launch. we'll see it fly. >> reporter: orion is big. more 23 tons. 20 pounds of that - comes from newtown's ttc. and every ounce of those 20 pounds is critical. >> it's basically taking the pulse of the vehicle and the
10:47 pm
systems, the structures to make sure that things are operating as they were designed. >> reporter: ttc's equipment is interpreting, recording, and sending back vital information from 1200 sensors on and in orion. temperature, pressure, even the vibration of this launch from one power packed rock. we're talking about the shaking, a delta four heavy rocket is a massive rock. >> it is. that's a lot of shaking. >> you're talking 50 tons of material versus our little 5-pound box. >> reporter: and that simulates it. >> that can give us the experience we need to know that we will be successful as our equipment is launching into space. people here really are he can scatter tick about the fact that we are part of the orion program. >> reporter: one in 10 things shipped out of this bucks county company supports nasa space exploration missions. and ttc is hoping to double up
10:48 pm
on that this coming year. if it moves, this equipment can test what's working right and what needs tweaking. everything from an f35c joint strike fighter landing on a carrier -- >> two, one, fire! >> reporter: testing rocks, and of course, the launch flight maddie sent and splash down of orion. >> we have a substantial amount of hardware on that vehicle to help them evaluate the design. >> reporter: orion's first flight is unmanned for good reason. the lies of astronauts is priority one for nasa, and one of the key tests on this mission is orion's heat shields. the area around it will hit 25,000 degrees. the shield itself 4,000 degrees. and ttc's equipment will record
10:49 pm
the all including what astrona astronauts and side would feel. >> this is a first flight of a vehicle that will take humans to where they've never been before. we'll go beyond the moon. perhaps eventually go to mars. >> reportermarsreport as an astd be first in line to fly this tomorrow. >> reporter: nasa's request with orion asteroid, mars as in boots on the ground even back to the moon. and all of that means food on the table for all those who work at businesses in the delaware valley like ttc that are fueled by america's space program. >> i've been talking with astronauts and engineers and all the people that are involved with this or roy i don't know mission. they are so, so excited about what's about to happen. now, whether this is playing a key role right now. because we have a 70% chance from what nasa says that orion will launch.
10:50 pm
70% is good but i still got my fingers crossed on that is one. of course, we'll bring it to you live tomorrow morning on good day. back to you, dawn and iain. >> thank you lucy. former jersey shore cast member has a real situation. according to tm seem mike the situation sorrentino shows desperate from money he's selling the tires off his car. owes millions of dollars in tax taxes and is being criminally prosecuted for tax fraud. so far the front run are in is willing to shell out $4,000. >> high school students in north dakota may find themselves cramming for an extra test in order to graduate. >> they could be forced to take a citizenship test. yes, it would include some of the same questions that people answer when applying for u.s. citizenship. under the proposal students would have to get at least 60% right to graduate. lawmakers will consider the bill
10:51 pm
in january at least sick other states are considering similar proposals. >> interview on morning tv show in arizona really took flight when the special guest got loose. check this out. the hawk was visiting from wildlife world zoo but didn't wanting to home so when the hawk got her chance to break free she headed straight for the ceiling. she remained there in the lighting grid for the rest of the morning show. crews were able to use her favorite food to lure her down. and the hawk was put safely baaing in her cage and then taken back to the zoo. >> good thing they got her. exactly. >> all right. here's howard. >> i'd like to have the hawk stay there for few weeks. all right. the phillies getting closer to making changes at the top. and players that are almost certain to go. and the 76ers trying to excite the city and country by winning and the 76ers trying to excite the city and country by winning owe put all the apps you love...
10:52 pm
inside a car designed to connect you to a world of possibilities. the connected car by volvo. innovating for you. give the gift of volvo this season and we'll give you your first month's payment on us.
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>> back on october 2nd i first reported sources had told me phillies had pushed phillies president dave montgomery out as the president out of his president's office when it was announced he took a medical leave of absence. that was part of the story with the my am -- minority partner john middleton positioning himself to purchase majority interest of the team. all right. the follow up on this story. i'm now told by sources mop has
10:55 pm
been told he will not be back as the phillies president and middleton has told people close to him he will get that majority ownership as pat gillick runs the team as the enter rim president. i'm also told pitcher cole hamels is almost a lock to be traded and my source was even stronger with ryan howard. the source would be shocked if ryan howard will be there with the phillies in spring training. even if they have to buy out his contract. >> all right. the eagles small favored against seattle on sunday. chip kelly was asked to address the stories about the interes be university of florida. >> you are your agent contacted by florida. (laughter). >> nope. >> i want to get the out of the way. no. >> would you talk to them if they called. no. when that stuff comes up, chip, how do you take that?
10:56 pm
i laugh. i laugh. >> are you flattered? no. i think it's silly. because it's a rumor. it's not the truth. so i think things that are false are silly. >> is that it? good. >> that's good. sixers a perfect zero-17 going for the nba record of 18 straight losses to start a season. even with a win the sixers are far and away the inform ba's worst team. let's go to minnesota. there are the sixers it comes down to the game in the last two minutes. michael carter williams the pass to nerlins noel who three rebounds tonight but celebrate. one and 17 and we're celebrati celebrating. 85-77. the sixers win it. local college basketball villanova and lasalle and villanova kind of was leading from start to finish. hilliard with the shot and the foul and villanova wins it 84 84-70. big five game also st. joe's. came down to last shot.
10:57 pm
temple in the dark uniform. st. joe's up by two. temple has a chance to tie and, no. st. joe's wins it 58-56. >> this might be the only town in america that we celebrate one and 17. (laughter). >> iain was all excited. >> i was. i did not want to get that zero and 18 record. tmz is up next.
10:58 pm
10:59 pm
11:00 pm
[captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution] >> today on t.m.z. -- >> mariah carey got all grinchy at rock center. she didn't show up for the christmas tree lighting she was going to do. sent her packing. >> who did they get instead? >> apparently leann rimes is getting more camera time. >> ew, i don't want leann rimes. i would have waited for mariah! >> kourtney kardashian just tried to outdo kim by releasing naked photos of herself nine months pregnant. >> pleick, you can hardly control yourself. >> you can almost see where life comes from in this photo. >> no! >> ed sheeran has a huge song out now. all about his ex-girlfriend cheating on him. the girlfriend was ellie goulding. last night he had a run-in with her.


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