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tv   Good Day Philadelphia  FOX  December 19, 2014 7:00am-9:01am EST

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this picture works for the philadelphia fire department. what the city will do about it. did you know this sony hack started right here in philadelphia. yeah, a guy from west philadelphia a wrote the interview, which, of course, has sony has shelved but other companies are taking notice of this issue. why officials say this hack is more dangerous than any cyber security breach we have seen. i'm too lazy to leave my house to do any holiday shopping but i'm a procrastinator so i will not order anything on line. someone will save me. how you can have all of your packages delivered to your home in just one hour. and we need a lot of piece toes fall in place for eagles to make it in the playoffs. let's be real. we will talk to garry cobb to see what he thinks our chances are for the birds. some people are weighing in on this, even some celebrities because chris rock had some comments about our quarterback, we will tell you what he told our chris murphy. >> yes, we finally found chris rock yesterday. >> he tell us yes was late.
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>> he over slept. >> get out. >> it was too early for him. >> we will talk to him later and made good comments about our eagles. eagles need to win, cowboys need to lose. >> it will be a long weekend, watching all of the football games. >> we have our green on, some of us. >> i will wear green on sunday morning. >> are you working tomorrow. >> but i work every day. >> but the game is tomorrow, so wear green tomorrow. >> no, the game is sunday. >> no, game is saturday. the game is tomorrow. >> okay. >> we have had a busy day. >> speaking of green, we took the news van on the road for a green christmas tree on the road in saintal wish news bryn mawr where nuns and the students collect toys for the toys for tots program. we went there yesterday. look, they kept me after school, too by the the way. >> like that is unusual. >> i had to clap out some erasers. but collecting all of the toys
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that the students gave to saint aloysius brought into school yesterday. we were happy to go there and happy to help out of the toys for tots programs. loaded up the truck yesterday. thanks for the the sisters and parents, and the the kids for a great job, well done yesterday. >> it is to for to the people are hurting this year, less toys than any other year good big helper right there yesterday. >> good, thank you, bob. how about on to other tots, boss stop buddy. >> lay it on me. >> he had has cold weather gear on. chilly morning. temperatures in the 30's. wind chills in the 20's. other than that it is a decent day, cloud around this morning, no wet wet tore speak of. we are looking at a quiet weekend perfect leading up to the holiday. you have a flight out. the is there the view of the airport. that camera is shaking. light wind. 37 degrees outside. wind chill at 30. fox cast for today 40 degrees, clouds giving waste too sunshine but again that sun hard to come by, been that way all week long and will remain that way throughout the
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weekend into tonight partly cloudy skies, 28 degrees, nice start to the weekend. that is your fox cast, bob, are we still following that accident in chester county. >> yeah, caitlin, good morning, everybody. a fatal accident in chester county unfortunately is how we will begin this report here. thinks a live look from sky fox, over the scene, of modina road, which is right on the borderline of nose dean a and coatsville. modina road is a very narrow, two lane roadway as you can see there as the vehicle on its roof with the tarp over it. unfortunately it is a fatal accident this morning in chester county. this roadway is going to be closed for most of the morning. lets go to the matches. it that is within lane road, modina road, right at union street before you get to the brandywine creek to kind of give you a location. youngsville road would be your best bet as you roll through the town hip this morning. another accident on the 30 bypass, eastbound, also in coatsville working your way eastbound in towards, that frazier interchange.
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so down to that one lane, everybody pushed over to the right. better in south jersey north bound on the 42 freeway just some volume working your way in towards the city. fire location in the neighborhood in kensington at ruth h and clearfield with local detours. south on i-95 heavy from the betsy in through girard avenue and some overnight, actually an accident from the overnight took down on power lines here so baron hill road is closed at union road through the rush hour. joshua road is the waste to go. tonight through the weekend penndot is closing the i-95 off ramp to cottman avenue in northeast philadelphia so they candy polish one of the bridges. all weekend long folks will go to academy road, flip u turn and come back southbound in order to gain access into northeast philadelphia. mass transit at the moment is looking good. mike and alex, back over to you. 7:04. more fall out, from the story you saw here on fox, a philadelphia paramedic posting this controversial picture to
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his instagram account. paramedic marcell salters is a three-year department vet. the picture taken from a rap video called hands up by a rapper uncle murder shows two men point ing a gun at the head of the police officer. salters goes on to write i never did or will like the the police. the picture was followed up by another post, it read there are numerous, crooked and corrupt cops mostly white and mostly they harass, beat or kill innocence, mostly blacks. the picture has been deleted and salters has since apologized but the fire storm is still on. now the police and fire departments are among those reacting to this post. lets get to steve keeley with more on how they are handling this. >> reporter: it has never been an easy time to be a police officer in this country but now is probably one of the hardest times and the philadelphia police department coincidently is looking for a
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few good women and men. they have a help wanted sign up and, in fact, they have commissioner ramsey made to look like uncle sam with the ad uncle ram wants you but now, there are cops and protest against police whose job is hard enough and it seems even harder. you would want to know who would want to be a police officer in this environment. look at video uglier when criticism peers to be racist and threatening. uglier still coming from somebody you work side by side with. the reaction was swift, stern the morning right after chris o'connell on fox 29 broke this story wednesday night first coming from the mayor in the written statement calling marcell salters on line rants reprehensible saying he could quote inn sense others to inappropriate actions. salter's other box the fire commissioner says an official investigation is underway an job action coming after it is over. >> absolute stupidity especially what we are going through these days.
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the climate is not right for. that it is in the right at anytime. >> i thought it was disgusting. >> maybe take a slap on the hands a couple days suspension and learn from your mistake. you don't want to see anybody lose their job especially around the holidays. >> i think that we have a great working relationship with the police in our city, and i think we want to keep that. a lot of our members have family members that are police officers also. it was in poor taste. >> whether you like somebody or don't like them you don't blanket a whole group of people with the post like that. again, you know, they need, you know, from what i understand it has been removed but i don't know, it is absolutely beyond anything that i can ever believe anybody would do. >> reporter: salters last posting before he removed anything was a big apology and then another apology formal willly from the fire commissioner, to police commissioner ramsey and john mcnesby, the president of the police union. a source on the fire
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department familiar with disciplinary investigations, tells thaws salters will surely be facing some kind of repercussions, not just for what he wrote but likely more about when and where he wrote it, because alex, mike, not the initial posting he made off-duty but follow-up comments he posted while on duty this investigation has shown so far. >> yeah, it will be interesting when he shows up to the scene if he ever gets back to work. yikes. well, a $2,500 reward is being offered for information about a drugstore robbery in montgomery county. >> it happened unday at rite aide on north broad street in hatfield township. surveillance video shows a with man handing a net to the cashier that exposed what she claims is a bomb. police say suspect was so discrete two customers a few feet behind the suspects were unaware that the robbery was even happening. >> it was done so discretely, didn't even know what was going on and then she excited the store. they were then alerted that a robbery occurred good woman
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was wearing a hat, scarves, she also had a noticeable limb in her right leg. anyone who may recognize the suspect is asked to call police. 7:09. sex tape scandal rocks a bucks county middle school. >> this is a shocker. police say video shows a student having what appears to be sex with's another child, possibly a relative. a case have of incest and this tape circulate add machining students. lauren johnson live from bristol township, hi lauren. >> reporter: can you imagine, 11, 12, 13 years old seeing phones with racey videos and sexually explicit content on those devices. now adults have their hand on this video and they have turn it over to police. district attorney is investigating that inner bucks county. as you mentioned, he thinks thinks a possible case of incest. they could be a brother and sister who were unknowingly being taped. a letter was sent home to parents. superintendent held a news conference, yesterday. parents and students at the school, they are shocked, by the news, and the d.a.'s
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office has confiscated about a dozen or so cell phones during this investigation apparently they are not done just yet. there is still lots of questions about this video, where was it tape, how long has it been circulating and hot people are who appear in it. but whoever made the tape, could be facing charges, police are working hard to find out more. >> i was informed through f.d.a. middle school's principal yesterday that students had been viewing a video, that our choir concert on tuesday night. so, the students were very forthcoming and concerned, and presented that information to our principal. >> we want to make sure that we do it very methodical investigation, we are not leaving any stones unturned. >> the superintendent is adamant about saying the tape was not made on school grounds, relatively new pennsylvania law makes it illegal for anyone under 18 to share videos of this nature even if the exchange is consensual, so today alex and mike counselors are on hand to talk to any students who may want to talk about what they
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saw in these tapes. >> just a whole new world. speaking of our world yesterday on the streets of philadelphia, a wild scene, a man, shooting indiscriminantly with an ak-47. >> thirty-nine year-old eric barnes was arrested without incident on the 2800 block of north 20th street. police say he fired nearly 30 shots, from the assault style rifle. he even taped together ammunition clips for easy access for more rapid fire. police officer colin berk confronted barnes and talk him into surrendering his weapon without a shot being fired. >> it all happened so quick. it is very wrapped. training kicks in immediately. every year we go through our active shooter training. so i immediately responded, as we have been trained to. >> this is one exam the of the kind of weapons they face on the street and kind of dangers that they face and i think that where as protests are legitimate we do have issues in policing. there is absolutely no question about that. i think there needs to be balance witt. don't pain every officer with
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the same brush. >> police later found a glock semiautomatic hand gun in barnes home nearby. he faces weapons charges. commissioner ramsey notes that police involved shooting and fatal shootings are down this year. >> they are down in 2014. >> 7:12. that massive cyber attack at sony pictures has a local connection. >> big time local connection or it never would have happen without a philadelphia man involved. the man who wrote the the movie, called the interview. the heart of the scandal. he is from philadelphia his name is dan sterling. he graduated from germantown friend school in 1989. the interview, the film was the first feature film, what an impact, alex. >> really. white house is expect to soon reveal the the united states response to this attack. some government officials are calling for tougher international sanctions on north korea. however, the white house had has in the yet publicly blame them for this attack. instead, spokesmen josh ernest says evidence showed hacking
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was carried out by a sophisticated actor with man establish a intent. several theaters around the country planned to show the movie team america world police as a replacement for the interview but now paramount pictures canceled those screenings since the comedy involves north car rhea. >> wow. more in just a second. lets take to you australia. >> police make a gruesome discovery at a home in northern australian city. they found bodies of eight children ranging in age from 18 months to 15 years old. they also found a 34 year-old woman suffering from stab wounds. it is being reported that the woman is the moth over the children. >> wow. >> police say they have no suspects but they are questioning everyone who had contact with the family over the past three days. well, for the first time since 2013 boston marathon bombing suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev was back in the public eye. he walk in the courtroom you see there in it or range, police officers, survivors, family members all watched
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this final pretrial hearing, jury selection for his federal trial begins january the fifth, and he faces the possibility of death, if convicted, in the april 203 bombings which killed three people and injured more than 260. yet again here we go a new bill cosby accuser is speaking out in an interview with doctor phil. >> woman claims cosby drug her during what was supposed to be a mentoring obsession woman identified only by her first name, she said she was a 21 year-old aspiring model in 1998 when she met cosby. comedian promised to help her with her career and during one meeting at a hotel woman claims cosby gave her two drinks that made her dizzy. she remembers sitting between his legs while she stroke her hair. she cannot recall anything after. that she didn't go to the police because she blackout. it is 7:15 on this friday morning. lets get a quick look. by the way, caitlin, if you don't mind, could you give us a forecast at some point
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today, for washington d.c. >> oh, yeah. >> what you will be up against for sure. >> we will have that for you. >> so bob, is it 4:30, 4:30 game. >> i swear it is a 4:30 game tomorrow. >> yes. >> i'm just stretching, don't worry, camille, i'm just stretching for caitlin to get over there. i necessity when the game is. >> what time. >> there she is. >> i didn't even know it was tomorrow actually, so, who is slowest person here this morning that would be me. 4:30 tomorrow, got it. outside right now no problems: it is chill think morning. temperatures air above freezing though so not too bad. thirty-seven in philadelphia. thirty-five in millville. wind west at 10 miles an hour, not that breezy but enough to drop those wind chills down in the 20's. twenty-nine in pottstown. feels like 30 in philadelphia it feels like 28 in dover delaware. your forecast for today, cloud around, peaks of sunshine but light yesterday that sunnies
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hard to come by. taking a while to get a full day of sunshine here. your fox cast for today 40 degrees, early clouds, then sunny, briefly. here is that forecast down in washington. temperatures around 40 degrees at kick off tomorrow, whenever that is, 38 degrees, at half time, 37 by the the fourth quarter. it will be chilly, and if you are traveling you won't have any problems but expect that cold weather for the the football game. 40 degrees for the weekend high temperature on saturday. forty-two sunday. we have showers coming in monday. we are tracking a wet, windy christmas eve. still traveling problems is certainly possible on christmas eve but in the in the form that you think this is more heavy rain, thunderstorms as temperatures are close to 60 degrees. we will clear out for the holiday but it stays blustery 47 for that christmas day temperature. that is your seven day forecast, now lets check with bob, busy morning, caitlin. >> we're still live, over this accident scene, sky fox in chester county modina road a fatal accident that occurred about an hour and a half ago. the roadways are still closed. and with the fatal crash also
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comes an investigation. so this is right on the border of coat villain modina about .2 of a mile away from the brandywine creek bridge the overpass there. so lets go to the maps, if you are traveling through the township this morning, modina road closed at union, youngsville is your best bet to gain access over that brandywine creek. another accident here, in chester county eastbound on the 30 bypass taking out the left lane right here near route 322. and then delays, on the pennsylvania turnpike an accident, westbound right here near the fort washington interchange this one involves three vehicles. we are backup from willow grove into fort washington this morning. otherwise, i-95 out of the northeast heavy from the betsy ross bridge down through to girard. schuylkill expressway running slow between conshohocken and city line avenue. an accident in white marsh baron hill road closed at union road, joshua road is the way to go. we have been asking all week long to end us your pictures of your christmas lights, some
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from the front of your house, maybe some from the living room but how about a hospital room. this one is from little jaycee park who is in the hospital at du pont hospital and unfortunately she got word that she will be spending the christmas in the hospital. so she decorated her hospital room window here. she's got the tree, she has the the snow flakes and she watches us, her and her dad watch us in the morning. they sent us a picture. yahcee merry christmas. unfortunately even though you are spending christmas in the hospital we hope you are home shortly thereafter to see what santa drops off at your house or home. you'd like to end is us a picture all you have to do is treat the the picture, make sure you use hash tag fox 29 lights so we can show it right here on tv. >> even though they are in the hospital, their decorations are better than mine, for sure. so we've got christmas, next thursday. >> um-hmm.
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>> so less than two weeks until we have our new years eve celebration. >> yes, 2014, winding down. >> and local municipalities, towns in the a area, are gearing up to party. >> yeah, later today philadelphia's mayor michael nutter and dana redd will a announce plans for their cities new years eve celebration. they will include fire works at waterfront and mummers parade on new years day. >> yeah, i have not seen married d in a while. what if there was a way to do all of your holiday shopping from home and have your gifts delivered in less than an hour? the company that is making that a reality next. speaking of the holiday do you need to impress your in-laws during christmas dinner? we have sure fire ways to a allow your guests.
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here this time. i am will's kind of made sure when is last possible moment i can because anything. >> you know what you do, give yourself a holiday rush, wait until the last 24 hearst because amazon will deliver, like day of or the next day. >> really. >> lauren, is that accurate? >> yes, it is accurate, and by the way my mother, who does not know how to text message, did every single gift for christmas this year on the computer. >> how about that. >> kudos for her. >> that is a break through. >> but she cannot text message. are we getting our gift in time? i don't know. scary, right. >> yes. >> do you guys here what amazon is doing? i think this tells us that american society is lazy. they are testing, actually they are not testing but they are doing it here in new york city. they are giving you your item in an hour or less. forget same day delivery, forget overnight delivery. if you are an amazon prime member and i have live right here near empire state building in manhattan.
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the fee is $8. if you are patient and can wait two hours it is for free. really cool. >> but you have to be a member of amazon prime. >> you have to be a member of amazon prime it is mountain just eight bucks for anybody. >> no, you have to be a prime member. little over that for the entire year of this free two day shipping. if you are a prime member you down load the prime now app get items in a hour if your zip code, you have to test it because they keep saying they are expanding it and we are hearing from some people saying oh, this zip code work, this one didn't. >> block by block, by block. >> how many items do you have -- >> 25,000. >> 25,000 items. >> that is a lot of at toms get in an hour. they are tricking people because i was on amazon last night trying to find things. they aid did you want this in two days. trying to make that deadline. but i have to sign up for amazon prime. >> is that hard. >> you get that free one month
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trial or they will start charging you. >> you have to remember to cancel it. >> are you going to cancel it. >> we will see. a put a remine inner my phoney never remember to cancel things. i was getting, probiotic every month, please, stop. i don't know how to stop it. >> have a great weekend. >> we were actually in new york city, we were looking for you but we didn't necessity whether you with still be at work. >> we were up on the 12th floor. >> what time. >> that is my floor. >> 3:00 in the afternoon on your floor. i was visiting with shepard smith, were you in the building. >> with shepherd for his she at 3:00 i was not in the building that is time i'm usually in the building. >> next time we will say hello. >> i would have waited for you you if you let the me know. >> next time. >> we will see you monday. >> everyone has an opinion on this one here the interview movie written by a philadelphia man, um-hmm, made
7:26 am
sony. >> yeah. >> what was the right thing to do? what does it mean for feature films that people may find offensive good what should our country do bit. should we retaliate. big change is coming to the miss america pageant, in fact, whole reason pageant started is going away, for next years event, what are
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outside ride now 37 degrees. wind are out of the west northwest at 10 miles an hour. we are breezy dropping wind chills down to 30 degrees here in philadelphia cloudy chilly breezy afternoon a lot like what we have seen this week. 40 degrees is the high temperature. we will spend mess of the day in the 30's a. cold this evening. the partly cloudy skies. we will see low of 28 degrees. that is your fox cast. we will have your seven day forecast coming up in 15 minutes but we need to check traffic with bob. >> good morning, everybody. we are off to a good start. things start to go pop here in the last half an hour. here's the 30 bypass, eastbound, watch for a crash right here near route 322, it is taking out left hain for gang leaving coatsville, downingtown. good morning to south jersey. forty-two freeway headlights coming in towards the the city between black horse pike and 295. now that fatal accident i have been talking about all morning
7:30 am
in chester county modina road still closed at union street. that will be there for rest of the morning rush hour. pennsylvania turnpike, westbound, this 13 cars piled up. that is causing a delay. heads up if you are using 202 to get to the king of prussia mall this weekend. penndot working hard moving traffic patterns around on the northbound lanes of 202, between the 30 bypass, and route 401, that begins tonight, all the way through early, on sunday morning. mass transit the looking good. market frankford line, broad street subway in, problems or delays at all there. alex, back over to you. 7:30. as you you know by now terroristic threats begins sony pictures and movie theaters prompted zone toy cancel christmas day release of this movie, the interview. in the film, the cia hired a produce turra as nate kim jong unand it was written by a guy in our area dan sterling, from
7:31 am
west philadelphia a so now lawmakers are calling for more sanctions from north korea a country who pretty much hate us. joining me with this great panel is congressman patrick meehan, chairman of the subcommittee on cyber community, john singleton and scholar and resident of lasalle university, and ed turzanski and ken rottweiler. good morning. >> hi, alex. >> we will start with you congressman. you released a statement on this you said this should in the be a surprised, a growing problem. >> it is not a surprise that we face vulnerability but thinks anes lacing where we are moving away from the economic situation like a target attack into one in which now they have in the only shut down the computer systems of a major united states corporation. they have taken the private information and put that out in a way that exposed employees, but most significant can'tly they are threatened a nation with the idea that if you use your ability to express yourself
7:32 am
yourselfves, we're going to threat tone harm americans. that is anes lacing. >> it is not even just threatening the nation, it is nation to nation. when we think of hacking we think of one or two individuals or a small group. it has in the been necessarily confirmed but an entire nation is doing this you are talking nations. now it isn't confirmed but all of the signs point to north korea direct involvement. the question here is are they acting in a capacity in which as you said it is not just a criminal gang that is stealing money, is it ace deliberate intent on the part of the nation state to terrorize a nation. >> some people are saying come on they cannot really do anything. is this really credible thing that we should be taken seriously. >> alex, consider this it is not just an attack on a nation or a nation state or several nations, it is an attack on the western way of life because think for a moment if
7:33 am
whoever did this the north koreans or somebody who is helping them and likely a a nation state because it is very sophisticated if they can shut down a film by threatening the studio who says they cannot reach into every news organization in the united states and indeed, throughout the entire west and say by the way you were going to run that story or you are going to run a series of stories, critical of our country. it would be a shame if something happened to your news organization. how confident would any of the big networks be if all of a sudden all of their e-mails were available for everyone to read and how likely would that they be to pursue hard stories, against misbehavior of foreign countries if they knew that it would be business death, anytime they decided to be critical. >> lets talk about response.
7:34 am
because white house is talking about they are considering a proportional response. should they retaliate or will it make a problem bigger. >> there are a variety of ways, more serious thing would be economic sanctions or identifying if you can a attribute north korea as a terrorist state because thinks an act of terrorism. but there may be ways to influence them by moving towards south cover re, kind of thing that would be intimidate to go them. there is other options, that are out there on the table, we have to be careful that if you engage in something like this with the country like this, is there nothing to lose. >> this could be a cyber war,. >> well, yes but lets keep in mind in terms of punishing them, what are we, live in the bad country with a bad country, and, and, so there you are, we have to play chess with this and be very clever in our response because as you
7:35 am
you suggest, there is always, the the counter measure that comes back our way. >> ken, i haven't forgotten about you. >> but "fox news" legal analyst. lets talk from sony a's point of view. are they just covering themselves in case anything were to happen. >> i think they are. do they have a lawsuit? have they suffered damages? the movie cost 44 million to spent. they spent 30 million-dollar in promotion. question is new they have suffered that since they have pulled movie. do they have a lawsuit. question is can they sue north korea? we know the answer is no we have in diplomatic relations. is there in court to go to. but in answer tour question sony is covering themselves but mess people think they are covering themselves from the lawsuit if somebody goes to a theater and they get hurt. they are not worried about that. their liability there is limited what they are worried about is lawsuit as a result of the private information coming out, there is already been a class action lawsuit that was filed monday against, sony. they have released 10 percent of all of the information that they collect these hackers.
7:36 am
they say they have actually hundred times more. >> social security numbers. >> all private information. there were deals that were struck with sony, sony private information, start ups and things like that that will suffer as a result on have this information being let out. sony has been attacked before. so they are on notice about all of this. >> they should have protect their own company. >> they did nothing. they absolutely did nothing. they were prone to more attacks. from that standpoint those lawsuits will go forward and they are all viable. >> thank you so much, gentlemen i appreciate it. >> thank you. your holiday dinner, are you nervous about what your guests will think of your hosting? we have ways to just wow them over the holidays. they will just want to come back every year. speaking of the holidays we are so excited we will be skypeing with santa, tomorrow, on fox 29 weekend. getting ready for a wig week. parent we want your kids to tweet their questions or even send us video to santa and
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they can ask him anything they want. tweet us with the hash tag fox 29 weekend and santa will answer their questions throughout the morning starting at 8:00 a.m. on
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it is 7:40. you can tell people are starting to travel. >> it is so busy yes, stacked, packed, ready to go, boom. i think a lot of people are just leaving this weekend, you know, but christmas is what on thursday. >> that is true. >> you have that big meal, of course, all coming together. we have some tips to help make your holiday meals, worthy and this doesn't require a lot of work. that is most important part. you can fancy up your meal by lining your meat platter with lemon leaves, clusters of rose marie spritz and citrus wedgees. >> sure you can. >> make it nice and pretty. add a secret ingredient that will add an extraordinary dish. add apple cider to your gravy,
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gives it a sweet taste in there. >> never her of that. >> bring color of the season. you want to do that to add life tour table. to put a twist on a tradition add bacon tour green beans. >> my moth der that all the time. >> yeah. >> that owned good. >> bacon, with anything i'm usually in for. >> the fat milk with the beans, negating the healthy aspect of the beans. >> even greens, put ham in there. >> yeah. >> make it good. >> now i'm getting hungry. >> speaking of greens, eagles are getting ready for a huge game tomorrow, this is it, you have to beat washington, right. >> everything. >> we need to have, beat washington and who is playing, the colts need to beat dallas, in dallas. g. cobb, a big guy out of u.s.c., we need to talk about the other u.s.c. grad, mark sanchez, do we have any confident in mark, going in to
7:42 am
d.c. will we will talk with him. new we will get to general general -- jen. >> good morning, how are you. we're having signal problems, but we have mozerella sanity, stuffed shells and anthony, now get up here. here we go. we will be back in a few minutes. santa, you have never looked
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7:45 am
♪ >> i love this song the from the grinch. >> is it from the grinch. >> yes, the whoville. >> by the way, we have so much to get to in the next 15 minutes have you ever seen a santa made out of butter? i have. my mom used to have it on a table. we have a sanity made out of mozerella cheese. have you ever seen it. >> i cannot wait. >> so bizarre if you get kids around the tv they will freak. >> stay tune, they will freak. you guys will freak when i tell you winter officially beginning in two days. count down has been on because i know you are counting down for that. good news about winter beginning, we will gain daylight after sunday. that is winter solstice. after winter solstice party on sunday you will get more
7:46 am
daylight at least a minute longer each day. ultimate doppler showing clouds, patchy sunrise and it is overcast. temperatures mainly in the 30's but we are above freezing. thirty-seven in philadelphia. thirty-six will in mink ton. thirty-five in atlantic city. wind west, pretty light, five to 10 miles an hour but just enough to knock those wind chills down in the 20's. it feels like 29 in reading and pottstown. twenty-five in lancaster. twenty-seven in millville, new jersey. a cold, cloudy, breezy day ahead. wind won't be too bad but we are hard pressed to sees sunshine just like yesterday. mostly cloudy skies. we should see some clearing overnight. 40 degrees for the high, early clouds and then sun later on in the afternoon. it will stay that way, good weekend for finishing holiday shopping or decorating, temperatures chilly. into next week we are tracking a chance for rain. this could a lengthy process with these showers, monday, tuesday and especially on wednesday, christmas eve, it is mild, it is raining, it is windy. even some thunderstorms possible. so a very different looking christmas for you this year.
7:47 am
we did clear out in time for the holiday itself, 47, but still remains pretty blustery. so santa has to hang on tight to that sleigh, bob kelly. >> yes, wear that umbrella hat too, possibly. good morning, everybody. tgif. 7:47 as we look live northeast philadelphia, stacked up here from the betsy ross bridge down through girard. we have the skies line there in the background. morning rush hour underway, an a friday, accident westbound on the pennsylvania turnpike, stacked up in to fort washington. three cars and the left lane. it is all on that westbound side jammed up from willow grove on over. accident in the chester county, modina road shut down at union street an accident investigation throughout the rest of the morning rush hour and then look out on i-95 this weekend beginning tonight through early monday, penndot will be closing the i-95 northbound ramp to cot map avenue in northeast philadelphia so they candy polish an overpass there as part of the long term construction. all through the the weekend,
7:48 am
you'll have to head all the way up to academy road make u turn laverne and come out bound in order to gain access into mayfair and great northeast. market frankford broad street subway, all of the buses trains, trolleys are looking good. all week long. you have been sending us your holiday light pictures and we have been using them on the air. here's one from lynn saunders, look at the the kids having fun. this is is angelo and jordan. mom says the tree is still standing with all of the decorations, they have the reindeer, they have got the cardboard cut out of the bell there. more i christmas to angelo and jordan. if you would like to show us to show your pictures all you have to do is tweet the picture and use the hash tag fox 29 lights. mike and alex, back to you. >> would that be a treefie, like a selfie. >> let call that it. >> eagles tomorrow night, 4:30. tomorrow afternoon. they need to beat redskins. >> we need this win. >> yes, you have to stay alive to stay and get in the playoffs. >> we talked to chris rock,
7:49 am
everybody is watching this game. here's what he hopes will happen. >> hopefully, you know, nick foles will come back and mark sanchez will go back sitting down and you guys will make the playoffs. >> but chris, that is not going to happen tomorrow because the the last time we saw nick foles against washington redskins they laid him out, g. cobb. >> feeling good. >> yes. >> i feel good. i think they will win tomorrow. i mean they have got to get that win and put pressure back on the cowboys. now, tony romo has that history of checking with everything on the line. we have to give him an opportunity on sunday. i feel good about the game. i dent think it will all be on sanchez. you cannot depend on him to play great. he is not a great quarterback. everybody else has got to play well. >> you have played the game in, college, you went to his school, u.s.c. you played in the pros with the eagles. at this point do his teammates
7:50 am
lack confidence. >> i think they have confidence but they have to play better. you have to know he is in the great. you don't want to depend on him to win the game by himself. you need help from the defense playing better, offensive line has got to play better, meaningshady needs room to run. you have to run the ball well. if you run the ball well it takes pressure off quarterback good i'm worried about the defense when it came to the cowboys. trent cole is out with the broken hand. how much of a loss is that for us. >> it is a legitimate loss. you will depend on brandon graham, number 55 to step in. brandon has played very well. it will in the be a big drop off. he comes out, he has to be ready but everybody has got to do their part. it looks like everything, is quarterback have the quarterback vice important for the rest of the team has to play well so you don't depend on mark sanchez to make these great throws. >> get that darren sproles more involved, please coach. >> speaking of quarterback rg3 will play.
7:51 am
>> is he still a threat. >> he is still a threat but i think the the guys on his team don't believe in him. there is a problem there i don't think they will play very well for him. he is a me first guy. >> he went be with them. >> he is out of here. >> should we pick him up. >> i wouldn't. >> i wouldn't either. >> he is a good athlete but as a guy you have to be able to blend with the players. >> speaking of the dallas game, they are taking the on the colts. >> that is right. >> will colts, do they need to win because there were rumors they might rest their starters. >> they will try to win. all of their starters, andrew luck will have a great game with the cowboys because cowboys don't defend pass well we weren't able to take advantage of it. luckies a great quarterback who can have a great game, i think he will have a great game. >> their great running back dimarco murray having a fantastic season, contract year, broke his hand. i hope he plays.
7:52 am
>> yes. >> he is having trouble hanging on to the the ball. big question is whether he will play or not. i don't know that he will play. i think they are bluffing. they are macking like he will play. he has a broken hand. i don't think he can play. >> place put him in. hand off to him. they to him. >> i don't like all this hoping to win, and all of to us lose. >> if we up with last week, we put ourselves in that position. but you know what, just win the game tomorrow, that is it. >> we need that. >> got to win that game tomorrow and beat the skins. >> watch out for desean too though. >> desean jackson having a darn good year. we were not have lost last two games if we had desean. g. cobb, good to see you. >> my pleasure. >> everybody will be calling the station again. g is a big fan of the miss america pageant. >> yes. >> he had has notes and stuff. there will be a change next year. >> yeah. >> what they are getting rid of that might upset some
7:53 am
people,es specially the men i a assume. as we promised we have a mozerella santa a in that big bowl. it. >> it is cheesy. >> mike, santa is not going to run until the 8:30. we have great stuff. we are at pasta pizza with these two word, we've got balls. we will talk about that and more when we come right back. the holiday season is here,
7:54 am
which means it's time for the volkswagen sign-then-drive event. for practically just your signature, you could drive home for the holidays in a german-engineered volkswagen. like the sporty, advanced new jetta... and the 2015 motor trend car of the year all-new golf. if you're wishing for a new volkswagen this season... just about all you need is a finely tuned... pen. get zero due at signing, zero down, zero deposit, and zero first month's payment on select new volkswagen models.
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7:56 am
boy, tomorrow the city will be alive, because you know a lot of people will go out and shop tomorrow, the saturday before christmas. >> but you have to do it early because you have to make sure you are there for the eagles game. everybody will be in front of the tv. you have to have move things around. if you start early, get done around two or something, and then we can go get ready and
7:57 am
comfortable because my eyes will be staring at the tv. >> food late out. maybe i will meat balls because jen is inspiring to us day. >> she has good if i can learn how to make a santa, just get a big piece of mozerella a cheese and form it into the shape of the santa. >> yeah. >> then put tomatoes on to make the red suit with some gravy on him, yeah. and then bob's coming over, we will eat our santa's, yes. >> that is a way to do it. >> will you put a car on the. >> sure, why in the. >> it is not a snow man. >> but they could make a snow man you the of mozerella. >> listen to this, no two states air like in the united states. we a all know. each has their own strength and weakness this time we want to look at which each state is worst at and this list was put on you by yahoo travel. so, in pennsylvania, it is the
7:58 am
bridges. many bridges are considered structurally deficient. >> 23 percent. >> 23 percent. >> yes. >> in new jersey what do you stink at? well, we're the worst for speeding tickets. new jersey has a speed trap every 30 miles, we saw that yesterday driving to new york. >> we sure did. >> the most in the nation. it collects $30,000, for road in use. a lot of money we pay in traffic tickets. >> lets just go to delaware. they don't do a very good job at exercising. the poll shows less than half of the people in the state, regularly exercise. >> so go through them again, exercise nothing delaware. we're speeding in new jersey. >> yes. >> speed traps. >> pennsylvania is the bridges. >> okay. the lets have a ball down in south philly with our jen fred. what is going on. >> here's what is happening, our stuff at work is kind of
7:59 am
messing up so the boys have to throw an audible. good morning anthony and frankie. don't look at me in that tone of voice. this is what people want. the eagles are coming. they will crush the redskins. this is the the kind of thing. >> dallas is losing. >> for sure. >> the guys come in all the time, which is hilarious because they are supposed to eat salad. >> they do eat salad, every time they come in. >> okay good they are lying. but they like the the chicken cut let. do they tell you, to lie for them on tv. >> they love chicken cut lets here. we don't lie. we don't lie. >> who came up with the santa claus a as a mozerella figurine. >> it started out as easter bunnies. we started doing it for easter. we were thinking of the little boys and girls that had peanut allergies and they could not eat chocolate and a lot of stuff was made in packtories that had nuts. we thought about the butter. we said why not bunnies. we made mozerella a bunnies. >> yes good they were a big
8:00 am
hit. >> people need to be ordering their stuff. we will get all of our technical stuff together. mike jerrick you will see the santa claus, santa's, the anti pasta trays at 8:30. we've got balls. best balls in town. >> nothing but. >> that place is right in that chicky ant pete's plaza near paterson. good day, friday, december 19th, we are close to christmas here, 2014. >> reporter: we will start at 8:00 o'clock with fresh reaction from the police commissioner to a philadelphia fire department paramedic's on line over the line rants, that may have his career, needing some cpr itself. >> caitlin. >> steve, you are standing outside where it is chilly but dry, that will change toward the who will will day. we are tracking a storm which looks like it will make it more of a wet christmas than a white christmas. >> boo. >> details ahead, alex.
8:01 am
>> a big change for these beauty queens, miss world is doing away with very popular part of the pageant, the one contest you won't be seeing next year, so will miss america follow suit? >> follow suit. >> that is a hint. >> nice. >> quincy? these wonderful people right here are fashion bloggers. you have not shopped yet for christmas. they have some of their favorite things in the king of prussia mall, we will come back in a second to tell you, what you should buy. >> that looks kind of frightening. >> it was. >> hey, here's another thing, here's what today is. >> what. >> what were you doing 17 years ago today. i was sneaking in the movie theater a male friend of mine because we were embarrassed to see titanic. seventeen years ago today it open. biggest selling movie of all time and we are paying tribute to it today. you went want to miss what we have in store as we bring out
8:02 am
the mighty "good day philadelphia" players once again. >> i think my first date was seeing this movie. >> yes. >> i believe we went full titanic. >> who do you go to. >> pat. >> i just saw him the other month in a wednesdaying. >> was it awkward. >> no, he is married. it is funny did you kiss. >> excuse me. >> you cannot kiss and tell. >> that is true. >> we all remember this movie. >> love it. >> lets get to weather. >> okay. >> finally. >> they will follow you. >> seven day forecast this is what we will show you, 40 degrees, mostly cloudy and chilly. same thing over the weekend. it looks like rain by monday. that will increase after tuesday and then we are watching a storm system that looks to bring enough mild air to cause that rain and thunderstorms. that is on wednesday, your christmas eve forecast. for christmas day it clears out. we are chilly and breezy but we should not have any wet weather. forty-seven is the high there
8:03 am
watching that rain it looks like, we will have a pretty wet christmas and we will have obviously much more on that as we go through the the rest of the weekend. that is your seven day forecast. new lets check with bob. >> 8:03. tgif. we are seeing delays on i-95 southbound from the betsy ross bridge into girard, an accident westbound on the pennsy turnpike between willow grove and fort washington. three cars piled up there caution a delay working your way toward valley forge. accident in chester county modina road is closed at union street. otherwise your normal delays coming over the bridges and mass transit has in delay to you. >> lets get to a story you first saw on fox, a controversial social media posting that is igniting a fire storm. >> we will put upright video in a second. we are having trouble with our machines. you know the story by now. the just come back to us. philadelphia paramedic posted a picture on his instagram, and it shows, two guys, guns drawn, with their guns up to a
8:04 am
police officer's head. so this paramedic his name is marcell salters is a three-year veteran of the department. the picture taken from a rap video, i get a still from it, called hands up, by uncle murder, shows two men with the guns to a police officer's head. but then he added this paramedic added to the picture and put a post up and this is what he did. >> i never did or will like the police. the the picture has been deleted and salters has since a apologized but the fall out is far from over. >> i mean, he has right to do it, free speech, first amendment, but you work with the police department all the time. >> yes, you have to work together, steve. >> reporter: this paramedic has seen the instant as in instant uproar, anger and backlash but by not just police department but his co-worker in the fire department who was embarrassed. mayor has put out an official written statement officially instantly himself morning after fox 29's chris o'connell
8:05 am
broke the story wednesday night of salters internet inferno calling his pictures on line postings reprehensible and writing quote that they could potentially insight others to inappropriate actions. the fire commissioner confirms an investigation is underway and any job action against salters will come after the the investigation is over. as for the policewsalters called our real even write the head of the police department whom we spoke to 45 minutes ago who told us the the fire commissioner called him yesterday to apologize for the entire department. >> obviously it is disappointing and whenever you have somebody in public safety do something like this but i had a conversation with commissioner sawyer. i'm sure he will take care of the situation. i don't know how people will respond to him personally but we have fire fighters that have a great relationship with police officers. you cannot paint everybody with the same brush. our relationship will in the ab expected by it. whether or not people treat
8:06 am
him differently, i have no idea, that is up to each individual. >> reporter: you always remind your guys you have have to watch what you write nowadays. >> we do. we have had people do stupid stuff here too. this whole social media people need to stop and think bit. if you don't want to read about it in the paper next day don't do it. there is no excuse for it. >> reporter: salters apology came and in follow-up postings and they came while he was on duty which oddly enough was what gets him in the most trouble because his original postings were done off-duty. but all of it, alex and mike, may see him off-duty for a few days and maybe off-duty for good if the most severe punishment is handed out. john mcnesby took the high road, head of the police union said, and, we don't want to see anybody get fired. we will see what happens in that case. there might somebody quick action there. time for vacation. president obama and first family are scheduled to leave for washington. he will do the reverse.
8:07 am
he will jump on the helicopter, go out to the big airplane, big blue and white aim silver airplane and take the whole family as they always do for their holiday vacation in his home state of had which. >> yes. >> always. >> well, this massive sign's tack we have been talking about for a week now at zone up has a local connection. i mean big time. there wouldn't be a scandal if it wasn't for a philadelphia man. >> man who wrote the movie at the center of all this the interview is from philadelphia. his name is dan sterling. he graduated from germantown friend school in 1989. the interview, this is what is amaze to go me, it was his first feature film what an impact with your first screen play. >> yes. >> meanwhile the white house is expected to soon reveal the united states response to this attack. some government officials are calling for tougher international sanctions on north korea. however, the white house has not yet publicly blamed, and for the attack.
8:08 am
and, they say spokesmen josh ernest says that evidence shows the hacks was carried out by a quote sophisticated actor with in malicious intent. at several movie theaters around the country they had planned to show this little film, team america is it is call. world police, as a replacement for the interview. but now paramount pictures who made the puppet film has canceled those screenings since the comedy also involved north korea. the dad have of kim jong unwas feature in the film. >> one of hollywood's biggest starses weighing in on the the sign's tack n a new interview with deadline george clooney blasts hollywood for not supporting a studio by signing a petition he create todd rally against the hackers. clooney says quote we have allowed north korea to dictate content and that is just insane. clooney is pushing for the immediate release of the interview on line saying quote
8:09 am
we cannot be told, we cannot see something. >> yeah, on line, that is a good way to go with it. >> people are saying we are giving into what they want. >> yeah. >> okay. we will keep you posted. 8:09 on this friday. well, somewhat of a big change its coming to the miss world pageant. you know i have never seen a miss world pageant. the girls are hanging up their bikinis. are they going to be name. >> that is what the chair woman of the event tells elle magazine. recently the pageant has been doing the swimsuit portion in front of the small panel instead of putting it on tv. next year there will be in swimsuit session at all. the chair woman says the bikini section does in the do anything for would the man and it does don't anything for any of us. ironically the miss world pageant actually started as a swimsuit only content called festival bikini contest. >> a big bikini festival and they started videotaping it, and did it live in parts of the world.
8:10 am
now that would that spread to miss in america, because that has been a debate for 30 years or mow get rid of the swimsuit. >> woman are more than just their bodies and what he this look like in the swimsuit. we will see, i don't know. they want ratings. >> that is the other thing, but it has been talk about getting rid of the swimsuit competition in is in america. what does it to have do with the scholarship pageant. >> that is true. >> exactly. >> i kind of like it. >> 8:10. what are you going to do, do you have your tree, will you put your tree up this weekend? you like a real tree this year. >> my parents and i we came together and got a real tree and cut it down ourselves, that is why i'm making that face. but is what your tradition. tweet us using hash tag fox 29 good day, if we walk in your living room right new would we see a real tree or fake tree. >> really. >> real or face. >> use the hash tag fox 29 good day. >> we are talking about trees, right.
8:11 am
but first women are dominating the work force and you out number us then. >> yes good there is one thing we would men are in the doing, a study shows only 5 percent of us would propose to a man. coming up why this one of us would propose to a man. coming up why this one tradition remains the and for many, it's a struggle to keep your a1c down. so imagine, what if there was a new class of medicine that works differently to lower blood sugar?
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welcome back 8:14 a.m. on a friday as we head in the last week even before the holiday begins. it is 19th of december, less than a week away. good thing is weather in the owe bad this weekend. for any last minute shopping or decorating, it is not that last minute. i still have plenty to do. we should be fine. temperatures are chilly right now, 36 in allentown. thirty-four pottstown. thirty-six wilmington and in dover, delaware. wind northwest still breezy. this morning we are seeing win speeds ten to 15 miles an hour. same thing can be said in new jersey. it is cloudy, chilly, breezy, and we will be hard pressed to see sunshine again today. wind chills in the 20's. twenty-eight in wilmington. thirty here in philly. clouds, and they will thin
8:15 am
out, sunshine, most probably around the the coast later on today. into the night the clear skies, 40 is the high. early clouds giving waste to some sunshine in the afternoon. seven day forecast for you, weekend is fine, chilly and dry. we will warm things up, but it turns very wet. rain likely machine, tuesday, especially wednesday christmas eve. maybe some thunderstorms before we clear out for the holiday. that is your seven day forecast. busy morning for you, bob kelly. >> thinks a vehicle fire from one of our penndot cameras. this is a live look in delaware county. this is route one at the media bypass just off of the ramps for 476. you can see fire fighters here, they are actually coming up the opposite side of the roadway there, fully engulfed. white smoke is good. that means they have a handle on it. look at the damage to the roadway this whole stretch of the route one media bypass closed in the area of blue route in delaware county this morning. then an accident west on the pennsylvania turnpike right here near fort washington
8:16 am
interchange. three cars involved there. we are stack up from willow grove working your way in towards fort washington. crash in chester county, this is modina road shut down at union street. police are on the scene there a heads up if you are heading north on 202 up to the king of prussia mall this weekend and a new traffic pattern will be put in play here, and northbound side between route 30 and 401. so, bob, i'm starting my holiday shopping and could go it all on line but i'm still trying to figure out some gifts i need to get for some people. so let's ask some experts. we have philly's top fashion bloggers, they are sharing some of their favorite things. they are with quincy right now. you are in king of prussia. i love king of prussia. >> oh, man king of prussia, what is not to love about king of prussia we will start with jackie from burgundy you have a couple items right there. what are your favorite things. >> for me the holiday mean getting comfortable and cozy. what is more comfortable and
8:17 am
cozy then having a faux fur monday goal yan ram. this is from west elm, it is $95 at west elm. you can throw it on your receive, on your seat, on your desk chair and you will be super comfortable. so next item from west elm is this wireless bamboo keyboard. >> pretty cool. >> yes, blue tooth enabled and compatible with most smart phones and tablets. i pick it out because i know me and my friend when we're on the go we get ideas. typing on a smart phone kind of sucks sometimes so having a keyboard is great. >> what do you have here. >> uggs, australia, they have really, really great, slippers, and boots, that you can wear indoor and outdoor. >> what do we have here. >> this here is the grant
8:18 am
slippers for men. >> wow. >> grand daddy of slippers right here you can wear it up or down. >> yes. >> that is cool good we have iain here, men accessory michael >> yes good what do you have here. >> holidays are all about being warm and comfortable. who doesn't want to be comfortable. this ace great cashmere scarves from uniglow. come on quincy feel that. >> wow. >> you want that around your neck. you want to stay warm. >> exactly. >> then we have some great gloves from uniglow, keep your hand warm. if you want up to grade, we have a leather pair from ted baker, really great work some weaving and detail. >> you have a time piece right there. >> we've nice silver baker watch and great prices under 175. so it is very comfortable. >> you can get that for me as well. >> oh, yeah.
8:19 am
it is in your shopping. >> okay. >> and these are also from ted baker, the simple, cap, you want to try it on. >> let me see. >> i feel like my dad, family feel like family. >> coming up here we have guess friday tray >> that is right. >> what do you have. >> david's tea, brand new to the mall. they cellulose lose leaf tea and unintimidating. they have lots of fun kits. here's night before christmas. here's some teas. do you want to smell this. it is called bubby's backlovea. >> yes. >> and bubby. >> and they have a cute mug and it actually changes color when it gets hit. you put your brisk tea in here. they have tea balls. these are ornament filled with tea. fun gift. great for teacher, your neighbor, whatever. >> up next body shop. i love body shop. so many great products. they are gift items packaged up as gifts.
8:20 am
they help a charity. they will go to war child. they help children affect by war, take classes. so they fund classes. >> thank you very much. >> next hour a lot of guys make mistakes when we shop. we don't know what to do. we will go through the fashion and shopping do's and don't's for fellow out there. >> yes, you do. >> i take women alone when i have to buy gifts for women. >> yes. >> would you like it. >> that takes the fun out of it. >> it takes the risk out of it, fear out of of it. people magazine named its sexiest man alive every year. it names sexiest woman alive. we know beyonce is sexy but did she get the title. who is sexiest with man in the world right now. >> i wonder fit is m kardashian. >> oh, please. >> but she's a beauty. >> she is. >> some people are paying money just to look exactly
8:21 am
like kim, right there. so coming up the guy who spent over a 100 grand on plastic surgery to look like plastic surgeon. >> you just said a man. >> that can't be good. >> you just said a man. >> that can't be good. >> we will show it the to you (vo) nourished.
8:22 am
8:23 am
>> you just said a man. >> that can't be good. >> we will srescued.he to you protected. given new hope. during the subaru "share the love" event, subaru owners feel it, too. because when you take home a new subaru, we donate 250 dollars to helping those in need. we'll have given 50 million dollars over seven years. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
8:24 am
merry christmas to you. >> thank you. >> this takes the merry out of christmas. >> why. >> researchers say it is deadliest holiday for americans. in fact, there are more than 12 percent more tetz on christmas day than any other according to the medical journal circulation, weather related accidents and stress that can lead to strokes or heart attacks are a contributing factor to this. >> now, i have never heard that before, in my life. >> i have not either. >> we die more on christmas than any other day of the year. >> wow. >> that is something, yes. >> well, that is weird. >> one man loves the way kim kardashian looks so much, he a has decided to spend $150,000,
8:25 am
for cosmetic surgery to look like kim kardashian and here, he is. >> no, no, no, no. >> no, not bruce jener even though he is turning into a woman. let's put up the real guy. wow, it looks just like her. >> no, that is kim. >> sorry. >> that is the guy. >> oh, perfect match. >> yeah. >> geese. >> he lives in england. >> he is british, and he spend $150,000 to look like, i don't want to say kim kardashian because i do not see it. he has under gone numerous surgeries and cosmet inning procedures like botox and lip injections and this is the result. >> this is the finished product. >> he is not done. >> he is gearing up now for a nose job. he is just crazy about kim, that he actually was going for
8:26 am
a more shock value look. >> he accomplish the shock value. >> very successful. >> he is craze bye kim and he is also, crazy. >> crazy. >> speaking of crazy, jen, what have you been up to. it is a crazy shaped mozerella >> yes. >> okay. we are now making shelves, we have everything up and running, sorry to have broken your thing earlier. >> yeah, my thing. >> fill it up, fill up your thing. >> you are something. >> there is a connection between this place and pope and pope's visit and we will in the tell anybody. come on in it is a delivery, we are
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
welcome back everyone. just before 8:30 on a friday morning, bus stop buddy behind me bundled up for the bus stop. it is cold out there just like
8:30 am
past couple morning but it is after all, december. we are giving today a seven on a scale of one to seven. it is dry with no weather problems. that is the story all weekend. mostly cloudy and chilly. we will spend the afternoon in the 30's. 37 degrees outside right now. airport behind us, camera shaking, wind chills in the 20's. your fox cast foyer today, 40 degrees is the high. we are not rising from where we are right now. a little bit of sunshine but these cloudy days are continuing. tell degrees. that is your fox cast. weekend looks good we are still following what should be a very, wet christmas eve, and we will have all that still ahead in your seven day forecast but first we have to check on the roads with bob kelly. >> good morning, everybody. 8:30, live look right here at route one media bypass, all southbound lanes shut down because of this vehicle fire, but been out here last half an hour. fire trucks making uturn, there is the vehicle that was engulfed in flames going up on the flatbed but it is southbound lanes of route one
8:31 am
between blue result and state road, as you head south, down through delaware county. again all southbound lanes are block and causing a delay on the blue route trying to exit in that same area speedometer reading 42 northbound slow go working your way in towards walt whitman. northbound 95 this weekend later on tonight all the waste through early monday morning, penndot will close the off ramp from 95 for the to cottman avenue. you have to go up to academy, flip u turn to come back too get access into the northeast section of the city. an accident in chester county modina road at union street. otherwise, market frankford line, broad street subway is looking good. all week long we have been asking for your picks of your holiday lights. we have had the front of the house, we have had the inside, how burr very first holiday lights picture. take a look at this one, this is a picture of the girls sent us her new been son seeing the tree lit up for the very first time. >> that is a sweet picture.
8:32 am
thank you so much. baby's very first christmas. got the star on the tree all ready to go. i hope santa makes -- you know santa will drop off a a lot of good things. >> i sent you a picture, did you get one of the neighbor's houses comparing christmas lights. >> with the dite on the other side. >> we ran that earlier today. good one. >> okay. >> thanks, lot. that is why i should watch. 8:32. there is a great pasta place right by novacare center where eagles practice. you know chip kelly keeps them on that strict regimen of shakes, drinks, juices and stuff. then they leave and go eat pasta. >> they are hungry. it makes sense, right, jen. >> yes. >> chip kelly, what does he. >> he doesn't eat any lettuce, tomatoes and onions. >> is he nice when he comes in. >> he doesn't come in, he sends someone in. >> tons of people that work in the facilities. >> forget about you, howard eskin, i got real stuff.
8:33 am
pasta pet ra right next to chicky and pete's. >> you will make stuffed shells. >> mike jerrick, this is for you. i will fill it up. is what difference between your shells. >> that was good, good job. >> is what the difference between your stuffed shells. >> fresh pasta cells. we make those shells right here, with it is a blend of different flours. it is a light pictures. >> these are going home with me. >> these are yours. >> if you orderedded shells. >> they won't look like that. >> in. >> lets get over, this is kind of chilly. lets get hot. >> yes, lets go see frankie. >> frankie, good morning once again. >> good morning, jen. >> now mike jerrick he, likes your santa claus mozerella situation. >> oh, thank you. >> fresh mozerella. put your hand in the nice warm water. >> all right. >> you get it. >> yes. >> did you get it. >> just shove it in the mold. >> how long does it stay like
8:34 am
that. >> we put it in the cold water so it shocks it and keeps form really nice good your mom and dad are here. they are very excited for the pope to visit. >> the pope. >> here's what we need to do bring up the picture of the pope in chocolate. do you think you guys we can get the pope to come here if you guys could make mozerella pope frances. >> we would love it. >> yes. >> we will start a campaign, who is making us the mold. >> we have to find university of arts kid to make us a a pope francis mold. by the way your parents dent believe i can get this done, which is not really nice. >> jen fred fred can get anything done. >> we have talk about this. >> we have to eat somewhere. >> we have to eat. >> yes. >> did you eat. >> no. >> so i think what we will do, i don't think it is sacreligious. it is an art in his honor. >> absolutely. >> it is like what we're doing here with santa claus. >> you are doing a great job.
8:35 am
>> what are you doing the rest of the day. >> today, today is my last day of work. >> lets get serious bit, mike jerricky know i know all of the big shots at "fox news" channel. we want them to come here. >> mike has these connections. >> of course, he does. >> he is also good at black card. >> good reaction from the bosses. >> what do we have to see? we have to see finished santa. >> right here. >> look at what i made earlier. >> yes. >> we are trying to do tv. >> were you shoving that into a santa mold. >> santa is on the way. >> look at that. >> we can to this for the pope. >> his holiness. >> and we get them in here we will him make some too. >> santa's a reaction first and then i can talk to the pope. >> yes. >> only jen. >> tomatoes on there to make a red out. >> good idea. >> yes. >> hey how long does it take you to cook christmas dinner. folks in pennsylvania are spending all day in the
8:36 am
kitchen. coming up other states in our area that are most dedicated to a long christmas dinner process. like these folks from 1958. >> don't say that. >> but first we are having a big, fake verse real debate about christmas trees. what is drawer digs? jennaphr says our family does a real tree every year. i was raised with the real tree and will continue to raise my children with the real tree. >> i would say the same thing. >> tradition. i understand that, jennifer. is what your tradition. let us know, do you have a fake tree. let's hear some fake rational. fake tree. let's hear some fake rational. is what fake rational.
8:37 am
8:38 am
8:39 am
♪ ♪ we put all the apps you love inside a car designed to connect you to a world of possibilities. the connected car by volvo. innovating for you. give the gift of volvo this season and we'll give you your first month's payment on us. there goes some christmas
8:40 am
packages, alex, what can brown do for you. see if brown can get that airplane off the ground. that is a big cargo jet, come on, come on, baby. come on. wow. come on. it is up. up over the parking lot, there she goes. >> hey. >> i bet chris wallace, i sent him a package ups, maybe it is flying down to d.c. right now. chris wallace, welcome back to philadelphia. what do you think about the president's plan to normal ice relations after 56 years, with cuba, what is a good side and bad side to that. >> well, we will have a debate on it, on sunday between two members of the senate foreign relations committee, mike. the argument in favor of it, and it is that we have had, as you say, a half century of embargo and it hasn't freed things up at all. it looks like there is about to be a generational change in cuba as castro brothers pass from the scene and the thought is if you have more commerce,
8:41 am
if you have more tourist, you have more engagement, that maybe it will speed loosening of the restrictions of life inside cuba argument against it is, this is something they have been longing for. their two main responsors, cuba are venezuela and russia which has been hit by the sharp decline in oil prices, and that they are vulnerable right now and we should have gotten more in the bargain. we will talk bit as i said on sunday. >> it is a brutal regime, should we be in business with them. >> well, you know, china is a brutal regime, soviet regime was a brutal and still would argue still is a brutal regime and we have had economic relation was them for decades. but what makes cube had that much more worse. >> yes. >> we will be watching. >> here's is what happening tomorrow afternoon at 4:30. i don't know if you go to the game. chris what will is is a huge washington redskins fan. you can ruin our season
8:42 am
tomorrow afternoon. >> it would be a christmas miracle and would i love it, lord knows, you gave away a big lead, or a late lead, a against the cowboys, and just have no personal pleasure in that last sunday. so, look we will see how you and mark sanchez do against the washington redskins. i have to say honestly right new we cannot beat anybody. >> probably not, rg3 we just saw there will play. the chris, we will be watching the game tomorrow and we will be watching you sunday morning, thanks a lot. >> you bet, listen, just keep it on fox. >> just keep it on fox. >> now there might be something on another channel like a titanic marathon this weekend, watch for it because it came out 17 years ago today, you know it is biggest selling movie of all time. we are paying tribute this morning here's the question for you, which scenes should we recreate in the 9:00 o'clock hour. let's pick out three scenes from titanic and alex and i
8:43 am
should recreate this one for sure. pick two more that we should play out. (vo) nourished.
8:44 am
8:45 am
rescued. protected. given new hope. during the subaru "share the love" event, subaru owners feel it, too. because when you take home a new subaru, we donate 250 dollars to helping those in need. we'll have given 50 million dollars over seven years. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
8:46 am
we have a debating on. some high rises don't let you have real tries. otherwise i would have one. i grew up on real trees. >> well, sharrie says i have always used a fake tree, real trees cause fires. >> good point. >> well, true, true. >> and then they shed. >> yeah. >> well, thank you. do you want to weigh in, use our hash tag fox 29 good day. >> something kind of cool happened last night, the very first people magazine awards were held, you know, they love their awards show. >> jennifer aniston won for a movie performance of a year by an act arrest with one of the top honors. michael keaton won for a movie performance of the year by an actor. john hamm, a michigan graduate won for tv performance of the year. kate hudson won role model award. our own kevin hart won comedy star of the year. >> yeah. >> there is john hamm.
8:47 am
>> yes good that is a cool looking award too. >> yeah. >> kate hudson. >> it looks like you can drink out of it. >> is there kevin h art. >> interesting outfit. >> yes. >> someone spilled paint on it. >> looking good. >> yes, people magazine has come out with the sexiest woman alive too we will talk about in a bit. instagram is cracking down on fake accounts, because of that, some celebrities have really seen their followers, you know, their counts of followers drop. >> yesterday instagram deleted spammers and other accounts that just don't meet their standards. any celebrity that has fake followers, saw their numbers just plumet. you can just buy some. >> true. >> rihanna a lost 1.2 million, kim kardashian lost 1.3. katie perry's went down 300,000. oprah lost followers. she lost a hundred thousand followers. >> what are they getting rid of, fake people, people doing advertising and stuff like that. >> sometimes there are just spammers. so they are trying to make it
8:48 am
more accurate which i totally agree w i kept looking at my follower count. wonder if it went down. , no it stayed the same. that is how many followers. >> i love people on twitter but not so much instagram. you have like 10,000. >> people have millions. >> that is true. >> if you look at your twitter right now, i suggest a scene from titanic. titanic came out 17 years ago today. still biggest grossing movie of all time, i think, 600 million-dollar. it might be more than that. we're going to play out some of the scenes, the mighty "good day philadelphia" players here, alex and i. so, here is one of the most memorable scenes at the front of the ship. >> yes. >> trust me. >> i trust you.
8:49 am
>> all right. >> i'm flying, jack. >> jack, jack. >> what is your name. >> rose, i'm rose. >> rose. >> what are you doing. >> do i need to close my eyes. >> close your eyes. >> just trust me. >> it is cold out here. >> jack, i'm scared. >> just trust me, trust me rose. >> jack, we're flying.
8:50 am
>> we sure are. >> don't throw me off the boat , jack. >> that is not how this movie
8:51 am
8:52 am
8:53 am
well come back on a friday. it is friday, chilly out there that sunnies hard to come by. today will be another day. mostly cloudy skies around right now. temperatures pretty chilly. we will stay chilly all day long. i don't think we will rise from where we're at in the 30's right now. thirty-six allentown and reading. thirty-four in pottstown. thirty-seven philly where we have been all morning. thirty-six in dover delaware. when we have all of these clouds it is hard to warm up. the forecast for today 40 degrees. early clouds and sunshine later this afternoon. still breeze which winds out of the northwest making it feel even cooler. dry, fine, no problems. earlier in the week we thought maybe sunday snow.
8:54 am
that is totally off the board now 467892 degrees and dry. what is game, is the rain, coming on monday, so that is in place, monday, tuesday, especially on wednesday that is our best chance to see heavier rain, possible thunderstorms as temperatures warm near 60 degrees, getting loudon christmas eve night and that is not just the rain gear, bob kelly. >> thunder boomers. >> yes. >> 8:54. good morning, everybody. tgif. rough go for gang heading north on 202 this morning. an accident at the beginning of the construction zone here, at route 401, right at that freezer off ramp and we are backed up from the bypass, heading up to the accident scene. and that is the construction this weekend because tonight ultimate all the way to sunday morning penndot is shuffling lanes around. northbound side between 202 and 30 and 401 moving traffic on to that newly paved stretch of the roadway. keep that in mine heading north from west chester up towards king of prussia mall this weekend.
8:55 am
another project north on i-95 they are closing cottman avenue off ramp tonight, all the way through monday morning with construction. you have to head up to academy road and take that u turn laverne, alex, back to you. >> women are dominating the work force and we out number men at college, but there is one thing that we're just not doing, a new study says that only 5 percent have of us would actually propose to a man. coming up why this one tradition still remains the same.
8:56 am
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oh, this song. >> there she is, celine. >> yes. >> i like when she beats her chest when she gets excited.
8:59 am
>> she does? >> yeah. >> she beats on her chest. >> like i do. >> hi, kerry. >> good times. >> both of you are sick. >> so that means i'm going to get sick. >> i have been coughing in my elbow. kathleen sebelius showed us how to do that. >> it is the phlegm twins and new phlegm triplets. >> that could be the name of our drama troop. >> yes. >> because we are reinacting the scenes of the titanic. >> so keep tweeting us, which scenes you want to us do from the movie titanic. we have more in store. >> i will tell you this, racing to the top is the car scene. >> that is what i a said. >> i don't know, you guys should go recreate it in the news van. >> fog it all up. >> it is so filthy.
9:00 am
>> old food. >> yeah. >> that is now, is what your kids name avery. >> in the news van. >> good day to you, friday, december 19th, yeah, 17 years ago today that big movie titanic came out. >> yes. >> so are you heading to the move thinks weekend. we all want to know one movie we won't be able to see, tonight, you know, the interview. it got canceled by sony. i want a review of it. hobbit is out and annie with a black cast is out this weekend. >> with jamie fox in it. >> it looks pretty darn good. >> here we are, our movie critic will review these three move is. >> plus people magazine named its sexiest woman alive and we know beyonce is sexy but did she get the title. big reveal is coming up, jen. >> look at that right there. why don't we


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