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tv   Fox 29 News at 6PM  FOX  December 20, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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fox 29 news in hd brought to you by x finity the future of awesome. >> right now on fox 29, breaking news. two new york city police officers are shot and killed. investigators say a gunman walk right up to the patrol car the officers were sitting inside this afternoon and opened fire. it happened in brooklyn. the shooter then ran into a nearby subway station and committed suicide. we're working to gather more information about the shooting. we'll have that for you just a few minutes. >> to your fox 29 weather authority now. not a bad day to be out and about doing some last minute shopping indoors. fox 29 meteorologist domenica davis is here. it's kind of cold out there, dough men any a it is pretty chilly but it's dry, and that's going to be the difference that we'll see for really as we head
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into the work week. the wet weather will come. seems like everybody was outside today. but it was definitely a chilly one. we didn't have too much of a wind to contend with which was nice. 35, that's that's what we made it to here in the city. so temperatures were running below normal and we didn't come anywhere near the record 64. wouldn't that be nice? 35 is the temperature right now. we did have a lot of cloud cov cover. didn't see a whole lot of sunshine for today. i think that's going to be the same case for tomorrow. winds tonight out of the north northwest. so it will continue to be chil chilly. with a chance for a few flurries north up through the poconos we could see a little bit of flurry action early on in the evening. otherwise just cloudy and cold through tonight. temperatures will fall to about 30 degrees overnight with that blanket of clouds around. here's a look at ultimate doppler. we do have the clouds but we are tracking systems sitting to our south and our west. and that is going to make for a wet week ahead including right
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into christmas eve. so here's a look at the headlines. sunday it's dry and quiet. by the way winter begins at 6:03 tomorrow. it will be the shortest day of the year. monday and tuesday rain chances start to come into the picture. we could see a little bit of a light mix up to our north. no accumulation. but it's christmas eve where it looks like the strongest of all these systems will come through. we are talking wind and heavy rain from start to finish on wednesday. so what will that mean for your travel? we'll track it all coming up in a little bit. joyce. >> all right. thank you domenica. it's super saturday and there's a lot of traffic around the area malls. this is route 38 at haddonfield road near cherry hill mall. now today is expected to be a bigger shopping day than black friday. experts predict shoppers will spend $10 billion just today. and there are only five days left until christmas and retailers are going into overdrive to at track those last
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minute shoppers. a lot of stores are extending their house and a lot of other things to get you in there. fox 29' is that so bean in a kuriakose talked to some of those shoppers. >> reporter: forget those vision of sugar plums dancing in your head. navigating last minute shopping can be amaze. clothes, toys, watch out for those elbows. when you get to the end, you still have to wait in line. >> last minute guy. >> reporter: chris adams is in luck. kohl's throwing open their doors with price cuts and long hours. hoping to entice panicking customers who still have stock to go phil. >> we have not closed since friday. >> reporter: kohl's is open 100 hours straight until christmas eve. retailers like macy's target and toys r us all operating on extended hours. >> shift workers coming in, um, we have casino, from the hospitals, so we are here. >> reporter: stores hoping to boost their bottom line. fox business in the ap reports
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sales are up slightly nationwi nationwide. but the modest growth means retailers are making a big push for procrastinators to save the day. >> it's probably not good idea for the workers maybe, you know, a little over time probable guilty, but, hey, shoppers take advantage. i'm one of them so --,. >> reporter: sabina kuriakose fox 29 news. >> and police say an elf on the sauce is facing drunk driving charges in new jersey. officers found 23-year-old brian chill list passed out early friday inside a car in riverda riverdale. he was wearing an elf on the shelf costume. investigators say that chalice seemed confused and there was an open can of beer in his car. physical police need your help identifying a john doe and we want to warn you the pictures you're about to see may be disturbing. police really need the public's help here. the man was admitted to temple university hospital last friday after he choked on some food. he became unconscious while he
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was choking and he's not been awake since. if you recognize him, please contact police because they are desperately trying to locate his family. >> philadelphia police are also gathering details on the murder of a man who apparently tried to burglarize a home. it happened just before 2:00 o'clock this morning. police say the 23-year-old man broke into a garage on the 6100 block of van dyke street. apparently trying to steal some tools. the man and his nephew inside the home heard the commotion, confronted the burglar and they fought him. the suspect was hit in the head during that fight and he died right there on the scene. well, more than two dozen police -- peel were hurt when wintry weather causes a double decker mega bus to slide off a highway. this happened in indiana. it happened this morning. the bus was traveling from chicago to atlanta when it rolled off the highway and turned over on to its side. about 70 people were on board at the time. 27 of the people were treated
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for minor injuries. authorities say snow and wind along with the speed of the bus may have caused it. >> sony says it's looking for a new way to release the intervi interview. you know that's the movie that has the u.s. and north korea at odds. fox's will karr as the very latest on this. >> reporter: sony pictures is looking for alternative ways to release the interview. the comedy about a plot to assasinate normal core's leader kim jong-un. the company canceled the christmas day release of the. white house is applauding sony's plan to distribute the movie on a different platform in a statement spokesman says, we are pleased to hear sony is actively working to distribute the film. people should be able to decide for themselves whether or not they would like to see it. the fbi believes north korea is behind the cyber attack and president obama has vowed the u.s. will respond. >> they caused a lot of damage, and we will respond.
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we will respond proportionately and we'll respond in a place and time and manner that we choose. >> could include some form of sanctions. it could include moving closer to south korea and in kind of a pivot. one of the key things you have is a discussion of proportionality and the recognition of any kind of acts have the potential to escalate and you also need to appreciate what's the motives behind the place like north korea, how much credibility do we give them in the world if we overreact. >> north korea denies it was involved in the cyber attack and is now calling for a joint investigation into the incident with the united states. north korea saying they'll be grave consequence if's the united states is not agreed to that joint investigation. spokesman for north korea going on to say they can prove they had nothing to do with the cyber attack. in los angeles, will karr, fox news. >> and we have more now on that breaking news out of new york city. two police officers were shot
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and killed just a short time ago. it happened in brooklyn. investigators say the gunman walk right up to the patrol car that those officers were sitting in this afternoon and he opened fire. it happened as we said in brooklyn. the shooter then ran into a nearby subway station and committed suicide. >> it's a tragedy for our community overall. i moan no life is worth being taken over what kind of stewed did the the way that things are going right now and the tension that is exist right now this was not necessary. we did not need this right now. the sad part about it somebody's family member won't go home today. >> again, two police officers dead in brooklyn, new york. police say the gunman walked up, ambushed them inn seed their patrol car before taking his own life. we'll have more coming up on this at 10:00. coming up on fox 29 news at 6:00, we're going to talk about a close call. this man minding his own business just cleaning up an
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office and he was nearly killed. what came through that window that you just have to see. >> wisconsin university icon is about to get the ax. why the college says it has no choice. a 300-year-old landmark has to go. keith? >> joyce, needing help to get into the playoffs let's just say the eagles need to start helping themselves. we'll explain.
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♪ >> welcome back, everybody. more than 50 children on hand in
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philadelphia's wynnefield neighborhood to protest against social injustice and police brutality. this morning's events started with rally followed by a march and a stage die in in the middle of city avenue. the event was organized by eight-year-old ania ayres and true way youth empowerment. >> president obama is in hawaii for his annual winter get away. the first family arrived late last night. vacationing in hawaii has been a tradition every year that president obama has been in the white house. he'll be back in washington on january 4th. >> 2014 marked a sea of change in washington. republicans swept mid term elections. shifting the balance of power in congress. setting up a divided government for the next two years. fox's joel waldman looks back on a year in politics. report. >> obviously republicans had a good night. >> reporter: 2014 saw a major political set back for president
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obama and democrats as a whole. after republicans swept mid term elections across the nation. regaining control of the senate and widening their majority in the house of representatives. >> on a night like tonight, you're grateful above all else and for me that gratitude starts with the people of kentucky. >> reporter: many critics saw the mid terms as a rebuke of president obama's second term agenda. a term that is come with fair share of controversies. scandals rocked several executive agencies. irs and the department of veteran affairs among them. former irs official lois lerner found herself at the center avenue political fire storm where by theism rs went after conservative groups for audits. >> on the advice of mew counsel i respectfully exercise my fifth amendment right and decline to answer that question. >> reporter: republicans held lerner in contempt of congress for refusing to answer questions while democrats called the
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allegations a political witch hunt. >> another scandal actually forced resignation of a cabinet official. secretary of the department of veterans affairs erin shinseki stepped down from his post after several whistleblowers the recordkeeping practices at va health facilities. >> i apologize as the senior leader of the department of veterans affairs. >> reporter: at least 40 vets are alleged to have died while waiting for a doctor's appointment. >> also, resigning in 2014, secretary of defense hagel. published reports suggest president obama soured on his handling of the terrorist army isis in both syria and iraq. president obama announced long-time pentagon official ashton carter as his choice to replace hagel. >> if confirmed fourth in this job i pledge to you my most can dade strategic advice. >> reporter: in addition to ordering air strikes against isis, the obama administration
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imposed harsh sanctions on russia's president vladmir putin and members of his government after it became apparent moscow was aiding in the rebel uprising against bordering ukraine. even annexing the crime me yann area in a rig election. >> international law must be upheld. >> reporter: the killing of unarmed black teenager by a white police officer in ferguson, missouri sparked riots and reignited a civil rights debate over racial profiling. while the president's executive action on immigration reform which shields millions of illegal immigrants from deportation threatened to shut down the government when republicans considered holding up spending bills in order to protest the president's action. >> this is a constitutional crisis. if the president is permitted to seize legislative authority. >> reporter: immigration will be one of the issues republican try to overturn in 2015 when they take over both chambers of
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congress. leading to a bigger question, will a divided government lead to less gridlock in washington, d.c., or will it be more of the same in the new year? in washington, joel waldman, fox news. >> a university of wisconsin icon is about to get the ax. a tree centuries old is cut coming down. the president's tree named for its proximity to the building where the university presidents once lived is 300 years old. tree lovers of all ages came out to say their goodbyes. as campus workers get ready to chop it down. right after the new year. the oak is the oldest tree on the campus but it's now too sick to continue to stand. >> this has become very important to the kids. >> because she's got planted a long time ago, and she was still there and now she's still
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important and we wanted to keep her. >> how cute. well, officials say the april side of the tree's trunk is decayed and it's no longer safe to stay there. still ahead op fox 29 news at 6:00, a convenience store is ordered to stop selling lottery tickets. what the owner is accused of doing to one winner that's leaving customer feeling disgusted. >> and a woman gives a fast food worker a mink coat right off her back. why she did it. that's coming up.
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♪ >> residents of a community in australia are leaving flowers as they mourn the loss of eight children found stabbed to death friday morning. the 37-year-old woman arreste ad believed to be the mother of seven of them. the four girls and four boys were ages two to 14 years old. the eighth child is believed to be the woman's niece. the woman is in the hospital now recovering from self inflicted stab wounds. >> an arizona cat burglar gets caught on puppy cam as he pacifies the woman's pets with treats. >> hi, there's someone in my house. >> the homeowner had set up a live video feed to keep an eye on her dog while she was at work occasionally she takes a peek at
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her camera there from her computer, and this time she caught a man on the prowl inside her home feeding treats to her dogs as he tried to burglarize her house. now owe eventually notices the camera and shuts it off but she had already called 911. >> yes, my dogs there are. >> blocked down all the alleys and streets and things of that nature and we actually witnessed the suspect coming out of the backyard into the alley. >> well, officers were already there and they had surrounded the home and arrested the man when he tried to get away. well, dressed in world war one military uniforms, men from britain, france, belgium and germany reenact the 1914 christmas truce soccer game. on christmas day 100 years ago almost german and british soldiers left their trenches and headed on to no man's land the western front.
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they set out there for an unofficial truce among soldiers. some eyewitness accounts said the soldiers even played a soccer match in the frozen mud that day. soldiers diaries also mentioned the game being played as a gesture of friendship. >> it was good to symbolize that moment you shared something. you put down all your hatred and hostilities and became just -- pursued a friendly rivalry. >> well a monument symbolizing the truce a steal ball was placed on the remains of a world war one shell earlier this week. still ahead on the fox 29 news at 6:00, he was diagnosed with severe autism as a child, but this man says that dancing totally changed his life. his inspiring story is just ahead. domenica. >> we had chilly one today with temperatures in the 30s and low 40s, but guess what? winter hasn't even started yet it begins tomorrow. the winter solstice starts at
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6:03 and we do have some not winter weather but some stormy weather to talk about coming up in the forecast.
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♪ >> we'll head back to our breaking news. tragedy two new york city police officers are ambushed while they're sitting in their patrol cars. it happened this afternoon in brooklyn's bedford steve vees son neighbor. we'll go to dave kinchen live in our newsroom. he's been following all the developments coming in on this, dave. >> this is so so sad. here's what we know. two new york city police officers are dead after being shot in what's being called an ambush style attack. let's take to you the scene. investigators say the gunmen walked up on two officers
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sitting in a patrol car and opened fire this afternoon. this before running to a nearby subway station taking his own life. the shooting happening in a brooklyn neighborhood. police say at least one of the officers was shot in the head. they were rushed to the hospit hospital. one succumb to his injuries. the other recently passed as well. this shooting coming at a very sense time with protests in new york and across the country after police officers were not indicted at the items of eric garner and michael brown in ferguson, missouri. witnesses say they are in shock. >> it's a tragedy for our community over overall. i mean no life is worth being taken over what kind of stupidity the way things are going right now and the tension that is exist right now this was not -- this was not necessary. we did not need this right now. the sad part about it somebody family's member is not goining o home today. >> police do not know the shooter's motive just yet. detectives are working the scene and they are interviewing
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witnesses. they're trying to find out what started this whole thing, again, 2nypd officers dead after being shot. they were sitting in a patrol car in brooklyn. the suspect taking his own life in a nearby subway station after the shooting. this incident very tragic and still under investigation. joyce? >> all right. thank you so much, dave. and positive note the reason for the season giving and today officers assigned to the 26th district here in philadelphia were in the spirit. they gave out toys. they had cake. and they celebrated the holiday season with children and their families from their own districts. the officers say many of the kids will not be getting any gifts under the tree without help from people who care. they say not only promotes the spirit of giving, but it reinforces positive relationsh relationships between police officers and the communities they serve. >> want is a is s still almost a week away but students are already celebrating the african-american tradition. students from the iyman knee
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education circle charter school in olney host add cultural program focusing on the seven principles of kwanzaa and its history. the event featured a variety of performances, kwanzaa starts next friday. compliment scores a mink coat for a woman in texas. cheryl fin yann was working the drive through window at a fast food restaurant water burger when a good samaritan named nadine drove up wearing that mink coat. she complimented her on the co coat. next thing you know she took it right off her back and handled it through the win do. >> the lady said, that's a beautiful coat. and she was so sweet. so i just took it off and handed it to her through the drive in window. >> she was a perfect stranger. i didn't know this lady was nobody. i never seen her come through my drive through window. >> wow! that mink coat that she's now wearing there,
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cheryl's new mink coat is estimated to be worth around $10,000. amazing story of hope. a young man who was diagnosed with the most severe form of autism says the power of dance has helped change his life. fox's crystal young introduces us to him. ♪ >> reporter: the stage it is the one place philip martin nielsen feels right at home. but it wasn't always that way. diagnosed with the most severe form of autism for the first three years of his life, he was unable to speak, make eye contact or even allow someone to touch him. >> i was a definite like 10. >> gotcha. >> they said i would never be able to live on my own or take care of myself. ♪ >> reporter: with lots of therapy he eventually began speaking and when he did, he told his mother i want to dance. she enrolled him in gymnastics
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and all sorts of sports but it was the dancing that transformed him. >> my mom used to tell me like -- we would put barney on the tv and i would memorize the dances before i could speak. >> reporter: finally at age six, he took his first ballet class and suddenly something clicked. >> that was the first time they saw me like focused, and the first time they saw me like really like wanting to do something and really paying attention. >> reporter: once ballet unlocked him, his teachers and classmates began to notice a difference, too. >> in recess i wouldn't go outside and i would go inside and put on music and dance but they understood that that's what was my development mental trigger. you can live a perfectly normal life if you have the righty chess, the right sport, the right guidelines and the right therapies. >> reporter: philip is now 20 and one of the principal dancers at la ballet trock dare row
6:33 pm
monty carlo all male ballet company. i caught up with him before a dress rehearsal for his role as janine in a in the ballet night idea and the fisherman. the artistic director says he knew philip was naturally talented from the moment he met him, and when he i was digged for a role in the classic swan lake, it was perfect. >> he came in and he knew the entire role without any teaching, without any coaching. he knew everything. 100% unusual. i never witnessed that in any ballet company and certainly not here. >> ballet is what saved my whole life. if i didn't have ballet, if i never stepped into that first ballet class, i probably would have never fully recovered and i would probably still be in special schools to this day and trying just to get by.
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♪ >> absolutely beautiful. still ahead on fox 29 news at sick, customers are disgusted by what one store owner is accused of doing to a lottery winner who is mentally challenged. the move that's causing him big money right now, and this man is so lucky to be alive. you won't believe what comes crashing through the window. you got to see this much this is neck.
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♪ >> welcome back. take a look at this incredible video. a flying tire crashes right through that window narrowly missing the man inside.
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the 77-year-old was cleaning up the store when a tire crashes through the window knocking him to the floor. he had to just stay there for a bit. he was dazed for a few minutes before he can get up. amazingly he only had a few cuts and bruises. officials say the tire flew off a truck that was traveling on nearby freeway. wow! well, a store in massachusetts gets suspended from selling lotto tickets after what happened to a special needs customer who had a winning tick. fox' jessica reyes has the story. >> reporter: this melrose convenience store no longer selling lottery tickets following allegations that the store's owner tried to exam a mentally handicapped woman out of thousands. >> i think it's horrible. i mean to take advantage of anyone but especially somebody with disabilities it's really sad. >> reporter: the woman's father contacted the massachusetts state lottery saying she won $10,000 on a scratch ticket at rd's deli and market last month. he told lottery officials when she gave it to the store owner
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to redeem it, he told her she only one a thousand and handed her $930 in cash. >> you know that stuff happens, you know, all around you, but you never really think, that could never happen here. >> reporter: lottery officials were able to determine the ticket sold was in fact a $10,000 winner and hadn't been redeemed yet. lottery rules also state winning tickets of $600 or more must be claimed at a lottery office. the store's license to sell tickets was suspended on december 11th at a hearing at lottery headquarters in brain tree. a lotto spokesperson issued a statement saying in part "at the hearing the owner returned the ticket which was intact fact a $10,000 winner and appeared to match the description provided by the family member. the hearing officer is in the process of issuing a decision terminating the agent's license ". >> shouldn't just get it back. just to get it back. you should have to do some real -- get some real punishment and feel real pain report roar the ticket's rightful own are in was able to claim her price on december 16 but now the whole
6:40 pm
thing really is not sitting well with people who shop at this store. >> to hear that somebody is, um, taking advantage of developmentally disabled like that it's really disgusting. >> jessica reyes reporting for us tonight. still ahead on the fox 29 news at 61:00 woman thought her christmas was shot when she lost her wallet, but instead of losing hundreds of dollars, she gained some faith an brand knew friend. heart warming story is next. domenica. >> if you're looking for a white christmas it doesn't look like we're going to get lucky with that, but we do have a lot of rain to talk about and a storm setting up for christmas eve. the details are coming up. >> and fox 29 viewers are tweeting us their holiday lights. this is from the fox family in fox chase. what a beautiful tree. thanks for sending it to us. fox 29 wants to see your holiday lights. just post a pictures, video on social media facebook, twitter, instagram. just use the #fox 29 lights and we could put your display on
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♪ >> welcome back, everybody. you know tiz the season of giving and sharing and tonight we have a story of the true meaning of giving back. it started way california woman
6:44 pm
who lost her wallet containing hundreds of dollars in gift cards. she thought all was lost as you might think. as john's saki reports a holiday hero saved the day. >> reporter: a dreary day in san francisco's financial district had one bright spot for a woman. >> that was a christmas gift in itself. >> last friday laura cantrell got home at the end of a long week and realized her wallet was missing. >> i of course was backtracking and i was thinking, um, where could i have left it, when was the laugh time i used it? >> reporter: finally legal secretary figured it must have been stolen from her bag. >> when you're in the city you hear all about the pickpocketers. >> reporter: the wallet contained $800 in gift cards which she was going to use to buy gift presents. all of she thought was long gone as i was adding up the amount i start the panicking and realizing wow there's a lot of money in there. >> reporter: on monday she called max's cafe in her office building where she had eaten on
6:45 pm
friday. >> what color was your wallet? i said black they said york, somebody turned it in this morning. >> thank you very much for you know in my wallet. i really appreciate that. >> janitor at max's who found the wallet. impressed with the woman's honesty cantrell wanted to show her appreciation giving her a $100 reward. >> wow! >> i think it's pretty incredible. i mean that she would be so honest to turn it in and not be tempted. >> through an interpreter sanchez says she never thought of keeping the wallet or its contents. >> she always has work. everything that is inside of the houses she cleans belongs to the houses. so this wallet being in here belongs to max's. >> sanchez is about to become a grandmother and that that the reward will come in handy this christmas season. >> i think something for my grandson or granddaughter. i don't know. it gives you hope in humanity.
6:46 pm
it gives you faith. >> how about that? well a blizzard was nothing for some brave russian surfers for them the pacific's icy water was just right to hang 10. surfers enjoyed the waves despite below freezing temperatures and some icy cold waters one of the surfer says the area is a classic spot for area surfers because the wind is more stable leading into the waves. >> who hugh? >> surfers new. >> now to your fox 29 weather authority. mate not be that cold there but i don't think anybody is hanging 10 down the shore. no. you know what, joyce, we haven't even started winter yet. it's still fall. technically. >> that's true. technically it's still fall. it begins tomorrow and actually incidentally we'll have temperatures warming well into the 50s as we approach christm christmas. >> bring it on. so if you're looking for white christmas you'll have to go west because it look like the great lakes the rockies, they'll
6:47 pm
all see a white christmas. for us, no, we'll see a wet christmas. here's the countdown to winter if anybody was counseling. you drone to count any more because it's here tomorrow right around this time. we will officially be in winter shortest day of the year and we'll have the shortest amount of daylight. here's a look at temperatures right now. the sun is down. it is cold out there but we do have light winds. it's a dry evening and it will stay that way. 25 in mount pocono. it's 33 right now in allentown. in the city we have 35 degrees. 32 in chester. so pretty uniform temperatures. in the upper 20s and 30s all around. one of the warmer spots i guess would be ocean city coming in at 37 degrees. we've been dealing with a nice calm wind through today and that is certainly making all the difference because the wind chill factor isn't as harsh as it has been over the past couple of days. 31 for the feel like in the city here. lancaster 32 for the feel like and 19 in mount pocono. so that wind chill is going to
6:48 pm
continue to be slight through the evening. we do have quite a bit of cloud cover. moisture coming up from the south it's just keeping these clouds around not a whole lot of sunshine today. we will get a few sunny breaks tomorrow but it's still going to be back and forthwith the clou clouds. now, systems down to our south and out to our west these are the factors for the upcoming week that will lead right into christmas eve. so we are tracking two systems, one sitting down here to the south. and then a cold front that's still well out to the west. both of these are going to play in not only monday and tuesday but it looks like the biggest of these systems will roll through here on wednesday. so christmas eve is really looking to be wet and a little bit wild, but no snow in the forecast. so here's a look at future cast. we'll start it monday in the morning. so if you are headed back to work or even if you have some travel plans you'll be doing okay pretty much that rain will be to our south.
6:49 pm
it does start to creep in here and we could get a little bit of mixing out to the west through delaware. by about just before noontime we'll start to see that come from south to north. so philadelphia will be late afternoon and really for the evening commute we are looking at light showers. none of this will be heavy but we'll certainly see light showers and it's mainly an all rain event. tuesday more of the same. i think we'll see more clouds than showers, but we will definitely have a chance of seeing a shower from time to time. so neither one of monday or tuesday are all day rain events. but by wednesday that's when we get in on the big rainfall. so this is the system we're tracking. it will be a warm front that comes through first which is good because it will surge the temperatures well into the 50s. which is why we're not worried about any of the snow. but on the back edge a cold front does come through. that's going to pick up the winds so it is just a wash out on wednesday. it is going to be a tough travel day not only here in philly but really up and down the i-95
6:50 pm
corridor and even back through chicago. so real travel troubles. so if you're flying on wednesday, or even doing some driving you're certainly going to want to either change plans or check to see how it's affecting your flight plans. as that low pressure system tracks up, we are going to get heavy to moderate rain throughout the day and very gusty winds. so even power outages could be a concern as we head into the evening on christmas eve. the good thing with this, though, it's short lived. it does last the entire day on wednesday, but then by the time we get to christmas, it's all over. so it's a dry christmas day. all that will be left in that storm is a bit of a breeze and temperatures will be cooler but still not that cool. so 44 degrees on christmas day. 30 that's what we'll do for tonight mostly cloudy skies. temperatures won't drop that much with the clouds around much the winds will stay light and that will be the same thing for tomorrow. so we'll make it to 42. we'll caw it clouds and sun with a nice light wind coming out of
6:51 pm
the north. there's a look at the seven day forecast. monday the rain starts to move in right around lunch time. we'll have light showers. more clouds than showers on tuesday. but still you'll need the umbrella and then wednesday it's all out rain for everybody from start to finish. the temperature 51 degrees. very very -- 59 degrees rather. very, very mild and then on the back edge of that, it does get a little bit cooler there but christmas day nice and dry certainly. >> 49 degrees. how does that stack up for christmas day normally? >> warm. >> that's what i thought. >> typically we would be in the upper 30. >> at least it won't be raining but no snow. >> let's head over to keith russell for some sports. >> joyce, the smirk says it all. the eagles new this weekend was a two-step process. take care of their own business and hope dallas loses. but we have a big problem with step one right now. the cats crawled encouraged in a
6:52 pm
way you would not believe.
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♪ >> we need daa dallas to lose. we got to beat the redskins hasn't thought that would be that hard to do? but right now, it has been hard. the eagles trail the redskins 24-21 in the fourth quarter riley cooper 2td catches in this game. the eagles had 261 yards in the first half. but still they trail codey parkey has missed two fields in this game. desean jackson destroying bradley fletcher. former villanova star durell young two scores for the young much this morning on "game day live" darwin walker said having to win today and sit, watch and hope the colts knock off the cowboys tomorrow is a tough spot to be in.
6:55 pm
>> you don't ever want to be in that position and you want to control your own destiny at all times. but sometimes it happens you know what like i say all the time, if you're in the dance, you have a chance. you know when you went to the prom and you would dance with that girl, i couldn't dance. i didn't have chance. >> you didn't have chance. >> if you're in the dance you have a chance. they'll, if they find a way to get in i don't care how it happens, they have a chance to take it all the way. and that's the most important thing. you know the cowboys -- if i'm not mistaken it is possible for the eagles to come out and play -- play well the rest of the way through and for the colts to win. >> right now once again the eagles down three points to the skins in the fourth quarter. we need a come back. some things never change. some things do. last year syracuse handed nova it's first loss of the season. today their perfect record on the line against you know who. now the cats never had a lead in
6:56 pm
regulation a game they trailed by 13. they trailed by two after this three and then off the steal the senior who they say isn't big enough, isn't athletic enough, jason pinkston 25 points, 10 rebounds, ya'll, we need extra basketball. we go to overtime. once nova got the lead, guess who made sure they never gave it back? pinkston carries the cats to 11 and zero and would not led syracuse ruin things this time. >> oh, man, i can't even expla explain, but it was a good feeling. made the play to take it into overtime as senior leader. >> i think we have upper classman men mainly jason pinkston and darren hilliard who just carry our team. we're very fortunate to have seniors like that. that was probably the difference today. >> you know the dodgers feel they got a slam dunk in jimmy rollins. they want him to be leader. but he wants to let you know he will miss being right here in philadelphia.
6:57 pm
in a full page ad in today's philadelphia inquirer, rollins said words cannot begin to describe what these past 18 years as a phillie have meant to me. starting as a teenager from northern california, becoming a husband and now father of two beautiful children, i've spent nearly half of my life growing up in front of all of you. ironically, rollins says, he sees the same thing in his new team that he loved while he was here. >> the most important thing is they're built to win right this very moment playing against them i get a sense of, you know, what they have going on in the clubhouse by seeing how they interact on the bench. reminds me a lot of what we used to have in philadelphia just the joy of baseball and being around each other. >> bye-bye jimmy. hopefully not bye-bye playoffs for the eagles. >> thank you very much. >> coming up at 10 could tonight the latest on two new york city cops shot dead. we'll have the update on all of that and more tonight at 10:00@
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>> today on "tmz" -- >> ok. the two biggest conundrums of the season -- what do you get oprah and what does oprah have to get people? >> let's get her something personalized. >> i would get her something for her garden because she loves to garden. >> i would get her a vacation for two but she'd have to go with stedman. >> the grammys might be rigged. y.g. is really upset because he sold more rap albums than any other people. >> i should have gotten a grammy. >> would that be funny if they got this guy and they said here's your job so there are no swear words that come out in


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