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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  December 31, 2014 3:00am-4:01am EST

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fox 29 news in hd brought to you by xfinity the future of awesome awesome. >> right now disturbing developments after police opened fire in drexel hill. skyfox shows the chaotic scene earlier tonight when officers shot and killed a man they say tried to run them down. and breaking right now police say that man posted video online threatening to kill them and fbi agents just hours before he was killed. good evening, i'm iain page. luce is he is off tonight. dave kinchen is live at the scene for us tonight in drexel hill. dave? >> reporter: iain, police say this all started when joseph, was actually wanted for a warrant so officers tried to stop him. it all ended in a hail of gunfire. five cops with guns versus a man
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in car with an apparent beef with law enforcement. >> the unfortunate thing in this case he's got a vehicle he's behind a vehicle. the vehicle is his weapon. >> reporter: police say 52-year-old joseph baccini of clifton heights used that vehicle against the police chief who tried to stop him on warrant for allegedly making terroristic threat. he had just threaten police and the fbi in multiple youtube videos. >> there will be serious and irreversible consequences. >> he tried to throw it in reverse smashed into the chief's coronary role missing the chief and other officers around. >> reporter: police say at least five officers fired into the suspect's car killing him. bullets flying in all directions even shattering the glass of this medical office. >> well it's a bit of excitement. we're not used to that around here. >> reporter: witnesses are in shock and police say ba scene knee had been a known threat. >> apparently he has some mental health issues.
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he's been 302ed prior to this incident on a prior occasion. >> reporter: we've also learned from police that baccini had done jail time around 2005 for recklessly endangering another person and for making threats in another case. the good news here police officers were not injured in this incident. iain? >> report dave, thank you. in philadelphia's mayfair neighborhood, a protest against police brutality cases. this rally was organized by the family of bran ton tate brown the 26-year-old was shot and killed during an altercation with officers a few weeks ago. the demonstration took place on the sketch hundred block of frankford avenue where brown died. his family wants an independent investigation of his death. his mother says police went too far. >> no one deserves to be execute executed in any fashion. we are not god. you can disable. you are trained to disable. you can do all of these things without killing him!
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>> we're putting police commissioner ramsay and all of these -- those cops on notice. >> that's right. >> the days of killing black young men are over and they will never come back again! the protesters marched down frankford avenue. philadelphia bike patrol civil affairs officers were on the scene during the demonstration and police say the protest was fees full. on your radar tonight dropping temperatures. is it going to stay this cold to ring in our new year. >> unfortunately it's going get colder, iain. clear skies right now and that is leading to some cold temperatures around the. winds aren't bad. we don't have to factor in a wind chill but here's a look at the air temperature at this hour hour. 32 in philadelphia. it's 19 in mount pocono. 30 in wildwood. 23 in millville. so a lot of places have already dropped into the 20s and that's the way it's going to be tomorrow when you wake up a very chilly new year's eve ahead. by midnight, we're looking at temperatures in the 20s. wind chills will be in the
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teens, a cold night indeed and the first of the year is looking cold as well. plus, we are tracking our first storm of the new year. i'll tell when you we can expect that to arrive coming up in just a bit. iain? >> domenica, thank you. take a look at the aftermath when a car slammed into a school in northeast philadelphia. skyfox flew over the scene at the art academy at benjamin rush just before 6:30 tonight. you can see the car crashed through a fence before hitting a wall. we are told no one was hurt. health officials in delaware are bracing for what could be the worse flu season in years. the flu is widespread in delaware. the number of cases tripled last week. flu season is not over yet. fox 29's chris o'connell live in the newsroom tonight. you spoke to doctors who see no signs of a slow down. >> reporter: here's the problem, iain. with the flu outbreak started earlier before the holidays this year. so with all of that close family contact, family and friends,
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it's spreading a lot faster. secondly one flu strain in particular this year is stronger than those in the past. so those two factors doctors say signals a very bad year. even at night business these days at local urgent care centers is brisk. here at patient first in springfield delaware county nurse regina johnston is keeping busy with the flu. >> it goes from a child to the elderly so it's hitting everybody. >> reporter: if she's not treating patients -- >> open. >> reporter: she's helping patients like me prevent the virus with the flu vaccine. the flu shot, the best way to protect yourself. >> good job. >> reporter: it's a bad flu season. >> one of the worst outbreaks is in delaware where the flu has already claimed the lives of two senior citizens. dr. paul silverman from the delaware division of public
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health says the number of reported flu cases and hospitalizations has sky rocketed this year. so far there have been 632 reported cases. compare that to last year at this time when there were only 70. officials are treating the flu as a bigger public health threat than the ebola virus. >> most people think of flu as just a nuisance disease. you're sick for a couple of days and it's over. but for many people it is a cause of hospitalization even death. >> reporter: along with the flu vaccine that covers several strains of the virus doctors say you should be serious about frequent hand washing. they also say unlike the common cold, flu symptoms come on fast. >> develop a fever very quickly and there's a lot of body aches too, which you might not see for typical cold virus. >> reporter: and doctors also say the biggest mistake spreading the virus. you may be experiencing that in
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your workplace. if you are feeling that sudden fever, those body aches stay at home from school. stay at home from work. iain? >> great advice, chris thank you. pregnant woman targeted oh an local street punched by a man who grabbed her purse and groceries and then just took off. it happened last week in the 100 block of man ton street. you can see the man run up to the woman and punch her one time in the right side of her head. she was taken to the hospital for swelling and bruising and was held for observation because she was pregnant. we are following a developing story tonight out of edmonton canada. nine people including two children have been killed and three related incidents. seven people were killed in one home alone. cops found their bodies last night. another person was killed in a separate home and the shooter allegedly committed suicide nearby. mass killings like this one are nearly unheard of in edmonton. recovery crews are back at the wreckage of air asia flight 8501 in the java sea.
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debris and bodies were spotted about 24 hours ago. three days after that doomed flight went down. search teams found a blue suitcase and oxygen tank as well as at least three bodies of those on board. the discovery was made someone hundred miles southeast of the indonesian island of born eo where the plane lost contact with flight control after taking off and running into bad weather sunday. winds and strong currents are making it tough for recovery teams right now and that's prolonging the agony for families waiting to identify their loved ones. >> it is the worst feeling one could have. we stay strong for the families out there to ensure that we can look after them even after this incident. >> the clock is ticking to find the plane's black boxes. recovery teams have 30 days to get to them and figure out what caused the jet to go down. the us is offering indonesian pinger locators to help find those data recorder it's. italian authorities want the
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charred greek ferry involved in a deadly accident brought to them for a criminal investigation. they believe more bodies are on board. officials say there are discrepancies in the names on the plant fest and those who are rescued. the boats have been a float there for three days in the add degree yacht tick sea between italy and greece. 11 people were killed when a fire broke out sunday on the ferry's car deck. more than 400 people were rescued. a horrible story out of idaho tonight. a mother is dead shot to death by her two-year-old son. it happened this morning inside a wal*mart. police say the boy reached into his mother's purse and her concealed gun went off. investigators say police say the woman was shopping with her three sons and three other -- with her son 13 other children. family was in the area to visit relatives. police say the woman did have a permit to carry the gun much police are calling this a tragic accident. the so-called cheer mom charged with corruption of a minor has a day in court. 43-year-old iris gibney of pottstown had a preliminary hearing.
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police say gibney admitted to having sex with a 17-year-old boy that she had met at a pottsgrove high school football game. a decision her attorney says she deeply regrets. >> she's heart broken at the decision that she made under these circumstances um, we'll make every effort now at this point to try and move forward with her life. >> gibney waived her preliminary hearing on all charges and she's due back in court in february. good news tonight former us president george h.w. bush is back home after a week in the hospital in houston. a spokesman for the former president says the 90-year-old was release dad from houston methodist hospital. he had been complaining of shortness of breath and other respiratory issues. he was taken to that hospital last tuesday by ambulance as a precaution. bush spent nearly two months at the same hospital two years ago for similar reasons. watch your screen. a small fire ball erupts in this
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guy's face. police say it was no accident. what they say he was trying to break into when his plan literally blew up. a local 79-year-old woman devastated. all of her belongings decades of memories gone. my parents wedding album their rings everybody is in there and all the genealogy my mom had for over 30 years. >> she paid to have them stored here. so why is this storage unit empty? we find out what happened. plus the target promotion going viral but not in good way. why it's new collection is spark sparking a heated response. the incredible moment a five-year-old boy hears for the first time.
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>> philadelphia police caught up with him years after they started investigating the philly assaults. fox 29's joanne pileggi explains how investigators managed to track him down. >> it's good thing they caught him. it's a real good thing. you don't need a predator like that running around. >> reporter: special victims unit detectives have charged former philadelphia construction worker robert palen in connection with a string of brutal rapes that started back in 2010 in pennypack park. >> this was old school detective work identifying the pattern
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retracing our victims talking to both victims. >> reporter: police say the 38-year-old palen who lived near the park followed the same mo with his victims. >> the minute the victim got into the park with the offender mr. palen immediate aggressive assault occurred where he brutally beat her and then sexually assaulted her. >> reporter: after an attack in 2011, police released a composite sketch and another woman came forward then another woman claimed she was also raped in the same vicinity. >> took them awhile to catch up to them. >> reporter: but they did eventually when palen who moved away was arrested for raping a woman in maddon son wisconsin earlier this year. >> his dna was up loaded matched ours that we started this investigation a all over again in march. >> i'm really glad they were able to get him. >> reporter: obviously is sense of relief in the community after police made this rape arrest. police say it was a combination of gum shoe detective work and modern technology that helped
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them solve this cold case. at philadelphia police head quarter, i'm joanne pileggi fox 29 news. >> two women are accused of using an infant to help them steal from the cherry hill mall. police say the pair hid over $500 worth of cosmetics from sephora under a car seat mount to do a stroller. this happened saturday afternoon. among the charges they now face, shoplifting and using a juvenile to commit a crime. philadelphia police want to find the suspects in this video. investigators say they carjacked a pizza delivery driver it happened on december 18th just after midnight on the 4900 block of parkside avenue. police say when the deliveryman got there at the customer's house he knew something wasn't right, and he ran off. you can see the suspect chased him and eventually stole his 2009 toyota sky i don't know. the deliveryman was not hurt lifetime of your belongings suddenly gone. that's the nightmare of 79-year-old woman from south jersey is living after hiring a moving company to move her
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things into a storage facility, and now her life's possessions gone. fox 29's brad satin has more on this story. >> i lost it all. >> reporter: 79-year-old emma diamond in the hospital for surgery is struggling to heal more than just her shoulder. talking to us by phone she says her life disappeared. >> i have lost everything. furniture, everything. >> reporter: her family says when she moved from her williamstown new jersey home in august she hired a mover to pack up, store her things and they been eventually deliver them to her new home after she found one. she and her daughter eventually selled here in bear, delaware. >> this was supposed to be my mom's furniture. she's got all raymour and flannigan really nice stuff. >> reporter: problem is when they stalled the mover last month she learned that nearly everything in her 10 by 30-foot storage unit in turnersville was gone. sold at auction for non-payment. >> my mom freaked out.
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she cried and cried. >> reporter: her daughter says her mom paid about $1,400 up front and was told by the mover her things would be stored until she was ready to collect them and that she'd probably oh additional storage fees. >> she just said he'd take care of it until she delivered. >> reporter: four months later everything is gone. we found the mover anderson theodore through the screen here. he says after emma moved her number was disconnected and he had no way to reach her. so after a couple of months he stopped paying the full storage fee. >> i did the best i can. i paid partially but after three months if i can't get a hold of her. if you can get a hold of somebody after three months do i pay the storage fees? >> he lied because i gave him my sister's number. he had plenty of ways getting in touch with me. >> reporter: theodore says he put the unit in his name not in emma's and april cysts the storage facility never threatened him with an auction. >> no phone calls, no mailings, no e-mails no nothing?
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>> no. that it was going to be auctioned off new york city. >> he was sent letters. he was called on the phone and the people said that, you know, he didn't come until two days afterwards and start complaining that they sold the stuff. >> reporter: as for public storage it doesn't appear they did anything wrong. they tell me it's pretty odd in fact that a mover wouldn't put the bill quickly into a client's name. as for theodore, still questions as to whether he is properly bonded whether there may be insurance money for emma. she of course fears she lost everything. in turnersville brad satin fox 29 news. >> we've got a happy update to a story we told you about on fox 29 news at 5:00. gucci the cat is out of that tree in west philadelphia. the black and white ball of fur had been stuck up there for nearly four days. this is on the 100 block of felton street. well, today animal control officers came out and managed to get gucci down. (applause). >> neighbors say gucci ran up
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there just wouldn't come down. fox 29 called animal control tonight and they sent out a crew right away. gucci is back with his very happy owner tonight. well mummers are getting ready to strut down broad street and for some tonight is a final rehearsal before new year's day. ♪ >> new year's day marks the 100th anniversary of the fralinger string band's first appearance in the parade. the group getting one last rehearsal tonight in south philadelphia. fralinger string band has been among the mummers post consistent top prize winners over the last quarter century. a woman thought she was heading out on the first date but ended up running for her life. >> i put my hand on the car door to get ready and get out the car he shot me my face. >> the search for the man he met online epp that tried to kill her. new cars buried but that's not snow the accident that sent mountains of salt spilling on to a car dealership lot.
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plus grab a spoon. your after din are in drink and dessert all in one. the new wine ice cream. ♪ >> good evening everybody. work crews shutting down one much our major roadways right now. northbound lanes of the 42 freeway coming in toward philadelphia all traffic diverted off at 295. all part of an overnight project till about 5:00 o'clock tomorrow. the market frankford line using shuttle buses as well on the overnight till 5:00 o'clock. if you are heading to the big apple new jersey transit has extra service tomorrow morning from 10:00 to 12:00. busy travel day. i'll check all the
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♪ >> things got hot for a masked suspect trying to rob an australian atm caught on camera. this guy uses some type of explosive trying to get some cash but his plan literally back fires causing an explosion. the blast knocks his guy to the ground. he ends up running off bare foot foot. huge mess in chicago after an incident at morton salt company. chicago firefighters were called out after a brick wall collapsed there. you can see the massive amount of salt just spilling off the building on top of cars that were park next door at a car dealership. even though the salt left a huge mess there were no reported injuries. police say a new hampshire man walked into his wife's hospital room, shot her and then took his own life. it happened early this morning
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in the critical care unit of dover hospital. investigators say mark lavoy left details of what he was going to do in an emotional facebook post. relatives say he shot his 49-year-old wife catherine out of love. in his post on social media he detailed how she suffered for years with mental illness. >> very sad and horrific event took place and our thoughts are with the family members of those who are impacted. >> tragedy remains under investigation. lavoy's posting also provides instructions for funeral arrangements and the care of the couple's pets. a road obstacle proving to be harder to avoid in one california neighborhood. that's because it's a giant sink hole that keeps getting bigger on the streets of san francisco. sink hole opened up over the weekend and construction crews rushed to the scene to try to contain the damage. >> everyone was kind of running around trying to figure out how to stop it because they kept throwing sand and dirt on it and
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it kept eating the sand. >> a san francisco city agency says the sink hole is along underground construction site of a subway line. cameras catch this fire ball shooting across the sky. what sparked hundreds of calls to experts. that's not water falling from a building. what fur vendors were doused with. >> extreme cold makes it's way here tomorrow and thursday we'll have a look at the cold forecast coming up.
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♪ >> right now at 10:30 a man police say threatened to kill him is gunned down by authorities. it happened tonight in upper darby at garrett road and shied hand avenue. he made threats to kill officers and fbism agents online videos they say he tried to accelerate through a blockade and run them down. superintendent michael chitwood says the officers feared for their lives and did what they had to do.
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>> target takaking heat for campaign relateed to the remake of annie. people are savoring the promotional posters for movie tie in merchandise to target stores don't depict african-americans like the new movie's main character. fox 29's shawnette wilson joins us. shawnette, what are people saying. >> reporter: target carries a line right now clothing similar to that worn by annie in the movie some are accusing target they say of deliberately using a group of models to promote the merchandise that does not include african-americans. >> ♪ >> reporter: the remake of the popular 1980s movie annie featuring african-american actors and actress social security out now. we caught up with some people leaving a showing at a local theater. >> i think it's a good thing they came out with a black annie annie. >> online the movie starring oscar winning actor jamie foxx and oscar nominateed as annie is taking some heat. nothing to do with the movie
3:30 am
though. it's retail giant target at the center of controversy. many say these promotional posters target is using to sell merchandise from the movie don't feature images of a child star or any african-american models. >> african-americans girl should have been on it because she portrayed in the movie. >> complaints against target are popping up on social media and this particular started on to pull the ads have thousands of supporters. michelle said overall she's okay with the posters but does have some concerns. >> target should have that darker skinned children. >> reporter: others say it's not that big of a deal. and feel the most important thing -- >> that it's a black cast this time. >> rudolph williams understands both sides of the issue. you would think because the movie is centered around african-american young ladies you would have those inside the marketing also. if you're teaching them at home the african-american person is a person who should be respected and things of that nature, then there shouldn't ab problem just because you don't see the images
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images. >> reporter: target sent us this statement regarding the complaints it reads in part with regard to the marketing of the collection, girls from a variety of the backgrounds were featureed within the campaign anyone can embody the spirit of character of annie. we had coverings with her team about being in the campaign but ultimately it did not come to fruition. again the statement from target, target did not directly beyond though about the petition to pull those ads. iain. >> shawnette, thank you. >> police say the same man is responsible for holding up seven hotels primarily in southwest philadelphia. the first happened at this extended stay america on bartram avenue more than a week ago. officers say some of the other incidents happened in tinicum township and one even on city avenue. authorities say in some of the cases employees and hotel guests were robbed. if you've got any information on the suspect you're asked to call police. new york city mayor bill diblasio trying to ease tensions between himself and the city's police depth this afternoon the
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mayor met with the city's five police unions including pba president patrick lynch whose been critical of the mayor. union leaders believe the mayor is fosters an anti cop movement in the wake of the grand jury decision in the death of eric garner. the meeting focused on identifying ways to move forward and healing police community relations. the meeting did not fix shattered relationship. >> reporter: president obama golf plans put a snag in one couple's wedding plans. two u.s. army captains stationed in hawaii were set to tighe the knot on the 16 hole. that until they were told they had to move the wedding because president obama had made plans to tee it up there. so the ceremony was moved but the newlyweds say it was worth all the hassle. the president call the couple later to apologize for disrupting their plans. counting down to the big countdown now. organizers in times square testified out the iconic ball drop today. ahead of tomorrow's main event.
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yesterday they tested confetti organizers expect roughly 194 million people will tune in to watch the celebration here in the us and more than a billion people around the world will watch as well. all right many time to get a check of your fox 29 radar authority. cold weather on the radar tonight. domenica. >> yes, we do. it will be a cold new year's eve for almost everybody across the country. not just us here in physical. way out to the west they're feeling this as well. we are getting in on this chill significantly tonight. 19 degrees right now mount pocono. 26 in allentown. clear skies. temperatures are falling rather quickly. so we're pretty much in the 20s and we'll fall into the teens in a lot of places out to the suburbs by early in the morning. so it is going to be a cold one start to finish tomorrow. 23 in millville. we have 32 in ocean city. the winds are fairly light coming out of the north. they will pick up tomorrow. clear skies high pressure is moving in and that is bringing the core of the cold air that is sitting out to the west.
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it will be push it in through the ohio valley and off to the northeast for tomorrow and right into thursday. here's some of the cold air we're working with. this is significant cold. billings four right now. minus eight in rapid city. minus two in minneapolis. even las vegas is getting in on it 40 degrees right now. that is significantly cooler for them. 14 degrees in santa fe. this all pushes our way and the worst of it will be new year's eve and new year's day before we see some more mild air. here's how your forecast looks for the next couple of days. new year's eve will be chilly. certainly at midnight. temperatures will be in the low 20s. we'll have wind chills in the teens. now, new year's day for the mum% parade, it is going to be windy. so a blustery day. temperatures will start out in the 20s right around 10:00 o'clock when the parade gets going. temperatures will be in the mid 20s and that wind chill is going to be significant. so it will feel like it's in the 20s pretty much from start to finish. tomorrow is looking like a quiet
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day. we could see flurries best chance you of that will be north of philadelphia. to tour night no worries of flurries. just cold. the winds are light. but it is still pretty cold out there. 24 in the city. fall down into the teens and the suburbs. not 52 tomorrow. i wish it was 52. there we go. 35 for tomorrow. sunny and brisk. flurries possible. and for the seven day forecast we will -- not show you that for some reason it's not coming up. we have the seven day forecast. we'll get it up. we'll get it up before the end of the day. it shows we do have a storm system coming in rain likely saturday and sunday. >> okay. >> keep an eye on that. domenica, thank you very much. a thief goes after a local worker with a hammer. his and in question that got the employee to open the cash register before the attack. and just as revelers get ready to ring in the new year with a favorite drink there's a batch of alcohol police now warn is laced with poison. plus a joy ride goes
3:36 am
terribly wrong. when a group what a group of teens told police happened moments before their car slammed slammed into this backyard pool.
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>> we're following breaking news out of new jersey right now. skyfox over a traffic stop under investigation in bridgeton new jersey. there are reports someone was shot and that this is another police involved shooting. this is at henry street and south avenue. you can see a heavy police presence on the scene there. details are still coming in. we will bring you an update if we get one before we sign off tonight. we'll have updates all night on and the fox 29 morning news. this quick flash in the sky the talk of town up and down the east coast. people who caught a glimpse say it's a fire ball. experts say it was a meteor it happened around 6:30 last night. a driver caught this video on dash cam in hanover new jersey. reports came in from far away as montro al.
3:40 am
the american meteor society got more than 300 reports. authorities are working hard to get tock six vodka off the shelves in britain. officials seized gallons of the lethal liquor believed to have contained antifreeze and paint remover. all this happening as the world prepares to ring in the new year. officials say the drinks were going to be sold for bargain prices under the pretense they were cheap duty free alcohol when they could actually leave people seriously ill or even kill them. all right. there's a new ice cream that could actually get you drunk. it's made with real wine. mercer's dairy farm in boone booneville, new york has been making the ice cream with wine since 2006. there are eight flavors including cherry merlot, chocolate cabernet and peach white zinfandel. the company says it tries to keep its production local but it will ship any way in the united states. if you're headed to the big app apple to ring in the new year and looking for a place to have a lavish meal with a big price tag.
3:41 am
nino's will serve up the most expensive new year's eve meal. you can enjoy their five course meal for a perfect price for -- new year for $2,015 a couple. you get bell lou good calf yeah, eggs filled with crab, lobster tale with and are you society at a and flex of 24 carrat gold. a woman thought she was headed on a first date but ended up running for her life. the search for the man she met online that tried to kill her. and that's not water falling from building. what fur vendors doused protesters with on the sidewalk below. plus a tear jerking moment. five years in the makeing. >> you can hear me. >> we're there as doctors turn on
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>> we continue to follow breaking news from new jersey tonight. skyfox over a traffic stop under investigation in bridgeton new jersey where police shot someone someone. this is at henry street and south avenue. a bridgeton officer may have been the one who fired. we don't know who was shot or what condition they are in as of now. new jersey state police are assisting in the investigation. asking see it's still a very active scene. so stay with and fox 29 morning news as this story continues to develop. an employee is hit over the head with a hammer and robbed at an oxford circle cell phone store. the crime happen christmas eve. 39 your old worker says the suspect asked for change for a 10 and when the employee opened the register, the guy pulled out a hammer, hit him over the head and took out the cash from the drawer.
3:45 am
the employee was treated at the hospital and released. all right talk about a bad date. police say a suburban atlanta woman was shot and robbed by a guy she met through a dating website. fox's natalie poe so tells us what happened when they finally met in person. >> reporter: this is the man police believe shot a mother of two after meeting her on a dating website. >> my life, my kids my system. >> reporter: the having tim who asked to us conceal her voice and identity tells me they went to the waffle house on old national highway in college park on christmas eve. police gave us these pictures from his profile. as they were driving home, she says the suspect who goes by cash aggressively demanded she pull over. >> we turned down the side street w we turned down the side street he pull out the gun. i was saying i don't have anything. and as i put my hasn't on the car door to get ready to get out the car he shot me in my face. >> reporter: police say the
3:46 am
bullet barely missed an artery as the woman was escaping the suspect shot at her a second time. >> appeared tow easy for him it's probably not the first person he targeted much he's probably escalateing his actions. >> reporter: investigators say he took off in the victims 1999 black jeep cherokee with rhode island plates. he's describe as a black male 5-foot six or seven about 150 to 160 pounds police say he has this distinguishing tattoo. according to his dateing profile he's from tennessee. investigators say he may strike again if not caught soon. >> he's a danger and his actions probably will escalate to murder so we would like to get him off the street. >> that was fox's natalie reporting there is a reward up to $2,000 for information leading to an arrest. three new york city fur vendors faces charges after blowing bleach on fur protester protesters. this happened on monday at a crowded soho neighbor. police say the threes to add
3:47 am
mixture of bleach and ammonia from the roof of a six story building on a dozen anti fur protesters and pedestrians blow. at least four people an baby stroller were hit by the chemical mixture. no injuries are reported. the men are facing several charges tonight. take a look. one texas family has got quite the clean up after this car lost control and landed in their pool last night near houston. the homeowner says some local kids toll police they were driving about 100 miles an hour through the neighborhood when the driver lost control. the car slammed threw a fence landing in a pool. luckily no one was hurt. a small miracle for a little boy born deaf five years old and today he heard for the very first time all thanks to brand new cochlear implant that doctors turned on this morning. fox's lloyd sour us was there as david hears his first sound. >> easy to hear david but he's never heard anyone. he's autistic and he was born
3:48 am
deaf. he's never been able to talk. >> his language is basically in its infancy although he's a five year old child. >> reporter: on this day they'll turn the switch on a device that may change his world. >> live a normal life and help him communicate. >> reporter: his parents immigrants from ukraine and russia brought david to all children's hospital nationally known for its cochlear implant program. they have used the device to restore hearing for around 300 kids. but none quiet like david. >> little bit harder to get a child with autism sometimes to accept something that's new. for us not insurmountable but we have to take our time. >> reporter: months led up to his cochlear implant until this moment when it's activated and david hears.
3:49 am
>> david. david. you hear me. >> reporter: he hears the voices. the noises. the world. >> david. >> i don't really know if it will work or not but he heard for the first time. amazeing. >> reporter: live changngeing. >> it's amazeing to get to be part of a big change in someone's live and it's not just the child's live it's the family's live. >> reporter: what would you say if your child had never heard before? >> david i love you. i can tell he heard. >> reporter: lloyd sours fox news. >> all right. great story. here's howard with what's coming up in sports. >> all right. five head coaching jobs open in the nfl eagles have coach that is now on the list of one of those teams. chip kelly talk about why he like the nfl over coaching at
3:50 am
the college football level. that and a new head coach in
3:51 am
3:52 am
3:53 am
♪ >> hi, lehigh valley. five head coaching openings in the nfl. just wanted to say hello to them too. those teams trying to identify candidates for those openings. when teams seasons are over the first people they go over after the assistants of the teams whose season is over. eagles are one of those teams. the oakland raiders have asked and been given permission to talk to eagles offensive coordinator pat shurmer about their head coaching position. i've been told the raiders set up the interview today.
3:54 am
pat shurmer has been a head coach with the cleveland browns. chip kelly has coached two years of his five year contract with the eagles. now there have been rumors that chip would go back to college all those stories were be gus and it doesn't sound like chip kelly wants to go in that direction any way. >> just think it's a drastically drastically -- it's a different game. it's a different setup. it's a different work day. it's a different everything. but, you know, the chance to compete and to play at this level is he can treatmently intriguing to me because every single game no matter who you play when you play it, where you play it, you have no idea if you'll win or lose. i think that's -- it's a tough deal when you really look at it but i mean in college it's not that way. there's going to be games no matter what you do you go into it you're a 35-point favorite and, you know, you're thinking about playing your thirds and fourths. >> the 76ers playing the best team in the nba and obviously they have to chance to win against golden state. let's go to san francisco. the sixers started off six-zero
3:55 am
against golden state in the white as the sixers do quiet often, they turn the ball over. and that leads to two. and they -- the warriors scored allege straight and guess what they do on this possession? yup. they turn it over again. and the jump shot thompson. warriors up 25-14 in the first pier. jim harbaugh officially back to the university where he play quarterback. he's now the head coach at michigan with a seven-year, $35 million deal. >> how comfortable or uncomfort all right with this perception you're the savager of michigan football. >> i'm not comfortable with that at all. as i said -- (laughter). (laughter). >> i wanted to a good job. i want to be good. want to win. want to win at practice. want to win on the practice field. we want to win in the classroom. we want to win in the community. we won to win on fall saturday afternoons we'll have great
3:56 am
expectations for that. >> i got question watch head coach doesn't want to win? have we found one yet. >> no, we haven't. >> i was just curious. whether that was ground breaking stuff. he didn't have the khakis on. that was ground breaking. >> exactly. >> that was ground breaking for him. >> domenica, a final check of our weather. >> let's look at that seven day forecast. 35 tomorrow. 38 new year's day. it will be windy for the mum% parade and cold and then we get mile for the weekend but rain comes in to play saturday and sunday. could see rain/snow mix saturday night into sunday. that's make things slick. that will be our first storm of the new year and then another shot of cold next week. >> thank you. tmz is up next. we're back here at 4am for the fox 29 morning news and "good day philadelphia" so stay tuned.
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>> breaking, two police involved shootings, the lateness cumberland county. the latest on the person hit this morning. jenny, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, chris, and one of those police-involved shootings police shoot and kill a man after he tried to run them over with his car. that was in drexel hill turns out, he had threatened authorities on multiple occasions. caitlin? >> thanks, jenny well, it is new years eve there is very, very cold outside. but, chances are you'll still be awake this time tomorrow if you're partying late. we'll have your forecast for the next full 24 hours coming straight up. dawn? >> reporter: the sony hack attack may not have come from north korea after all.


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