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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  January 2, 2015 3:00am-4:01am EST

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fox 29 news in hd brought to you by x finity the future of i was m ♪ right now the news is breaking tonight. we have two new confirmed cases of hepatitis a. one person works at this south jersey wnca. these cases could very well be connected to one at a popular hamilton township restaurant. good evening i'm lucy noland. i'm iain page. now health officials are warning anyone that walked into a number of businesses you could be at risk. our chris o'connell is live in hamilton township tonight. chris? >> reporter: iain, those two people who came down with hepatitis a did come down with the virus after eating at a mercer county restaurant where a worker there food worker was
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diagnosed with the virus last month. the two latest cases, one of the patients worked here as a part part-time fitness instructor at hamilton area wmca. another patient worked in a hamilton township hair salon. now both patients dined at rosa'ss catering in trenton around the time when a food worker there with hepatitis a was working there. although it's not certain that's where the latest cases came from. this is a big scare here in hamilton township. customers flocked into the department of health after that scare for an emergency vaccine of immune gob about lynn. now the health department is warning those who have been around the latest two victims listen up. this is the first hairstylist people who were inside the hair port salon on south broad street in hamilton township between december 4th and yesterday may be at risk for developing
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hepatitis a. those people are being told to go to their doctor immediately and get a vaccine shot as soon as possible. now, to the second victim is a part-time fitness instructor. officials are warning that employees and patrons of the wm wmca hamilton branch, the new jersey athletic club in lawrenceville be checked the victim also works at the mercer county board of social services in trenton. so officials are warning anyone who have been in any of those places in the last three weeks to be on alert for those symptoms. now, those symptoms include mild fever, loss of appetite, vomit vomiting and jaundice among others. right now there is no word on how many people may be exposed to this virus but it could be in the hundreds. we are going to get more information tomorrow from the health department and afternoon press conference has been scheduled. so if you live in this area and have been to any of these
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places you're being told to be put on alert. possibly get that vaccine. we'll have more information as this situation unfolds. iain lucy? >> chris, thank you good advice. we have posted all this information for you right on our website. just head to and look for the story on our home page. very busy night also breaking right now police have charged a person with sexually assaulting a woman. this happened right around 11:00 this morning in the spring garden section of philadelphia. fox 29's dave schratwieser is live at the scene. dave -- have you been on this all day. what's happening right now? >> reporter: lucy that suspect was nabbed about a block from here heading towards the community college of philadelphia after a good samaritan chased him away from the victim. tonight the 32-year-old man from pittsburgh has been charged in this case and women here have been on edge all day long. >> really shocking because, you know, it is a safe area. >> reporter: women walking near 17th and callowhill were on guard thursday night after a
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33-year-old woman was violently attacked and sexually assaulted just before 11 a.m. in this parking garage. >> 11:00 in the morning. that's quite early for an attack attack. >> i'm very surprised because i've lived here 3.5 years. i never had an issue. i feel very safe in the building and in the parking lot. >> reporter: crime seen investigators were still gathering evidence late thursday afternoon here. the attack happened in the park parking garage across from the one franklin town apartments. the victim was raced to hahnemann hospital in stable condition. >> i'm always cautious. like i carry my keys. >> reporter: investigators focus their search in this stairwell and on the second floor area between this white lexus suv and a ford fusion. fingerprint dust could be seen outlining several hand prints on the lexus. >> i park there every day and come home after dark at night. so that's really weird to hear. >> reporter: a k9 also track the suspect up the block towards philadelphia community college. where fox 29 cameras saw investigators find a coat and
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hat. the attack has this spring garden neighborhood on edge. >> you never know. especially you would assume attacks happen at night it just shows you it can happen any time time. >> reporter: now, the suspect is 32 years old. press pittsburgh. i'm told he has three prior arrests for robberies again torque night he has been charged with sexual assault in this case, nabbed about a block from here by some very alert patrol officers after a good samaritan chased him away from the victim and called 911. he's behind bars tonight. women in this area can rest a little bit easier. lucy. >> absolute. thank you very much, dave. a heart wrenching night for family and friends 10-year-old matthew mccloskey. police cruiser hit and killed him while he crossed a street in south jersey sunday night and tonight dozens of people gathered for a vigil to remember him at his one of his favorite places the franklin township sports complex. >> he just was well loved by all of his classmates and teachers.
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infectious smile like everyone has been saying. always -- always happy and generous and kind and helpful to all of his teachers and classmates. >> the officer involved in the accident is now on administrative leave as gloucester county prosecutors investigate. police officers are describing how they saved a woman and her children from a burning home and they say they cannot have done it without the help of neighbors. it happened yesterday afternoon on atlantic avenue. officers kicked open the front door but the smoke was too thick. they couldn't reach the family. they encouraged them to jump from the second floor into the arms of officers on the ground and this afternoon those officers thanked the neighbors. >> it was the citizens that flagged the officers down initially, and also there was -- also there was a citizen who really helped out officer mcmahon and officer rosellely in retrieving the um... retrieving
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the officers -- retrieving the children from the second floor window. >> the officers demonstrated how they formed a human chain to catch the family. the mother and kids are in the hospital and we're told they are doing well. on your radar a cold night. storms is heading our way with rain and possible sleet saturday scott. >> that's right, lucy. the cold air is here initially so the onset of that system for the upcoming weekend could produce a little bit of wintry precipitation but it will mainly be rain in the time being look for cold conditions tomorrow with wind chills in the theirs. try and cold stepping outdoors right now in norristown west chester, moving into vineland. we're not looking at any precipitation on the radar close at home. however, look to the south. you can see the green showing up on the radar. this is our next system that will move in our direction. so it's dry all day tomorrow but stays cold and then as we move into your saturday, saturday morning it starts off overcast,
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but dry. but watch the clock. by lunch time still dry and then as we move into the afternoon especially after 4:00 o'clock, you can see that rainfall overtake the area but look north and west. we're looking at the potential for some sleet. the onset toward the lehigh valley and the pocono mountains but we're looking at a wet saturday evening as well. coming up we'll talk about how much rainfall to expect with the system. when it moves out during the upcoming weekend as well as roller coaster temperatures. 60s in the seven day followed by another arctic blast. you'll want to keep it here for that coming up. lucy and and iain. >> scott thank you. look at this one. one lane of market street closed in center city after this. a fox 29 producer caught the scene tonight at seventh and mark. he saw the driver hit that pole, knock it over, she them guns the gas and runs over the pole to take off. those sparks you see that's a fire hydrant stuck under the suv. peco is now on the scene and police are still looking for the driver. >> that is a wild seen there.
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the mummers annual strut is in the history books for 2015. certainly made history. new route new controversy. this year's parade started at city hall and marched down broad street. fox 29' is that so bean in a kuriakose was in the thick it all as the mummers wrapped it up in south philly. ♪ >> reporter: the roar of pomp and pageantry from city hall echoing down broad street. >> happy new year! >> reporter: but among the fan cease, comics and string bands some decent. >> this is the rye way to go. the way they're going wrong way to go. >> reporter: some in the wench brigade breaking off taking a stand against new route changes which saw the mummers start at city hall and travel south on broad. >> we stick with tradition and going north like it should be. >> reporter: down at broad and washington mummers dice hard
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disappointed the parade was skipping the old south philadelphia neighborhood. >> that's belongs in south philadelphia. we came up here because we love the mummers but it belongs in south philadelphia. >> you got to go back to the original route. >> reporter: in the end philly showing love the way it has for over 100 years. >> no matter what walk of life you're from, doctors lawyers butchers bakers they all get dressed up on new year's day. >> reporter: check it out. the party still going strong late into the night here at broad and washington. sabina kuriakose fox 29 news. in bucks county police gant new year at a murder scene. the home is on the 100 block of bellevue avenue in langhorne. 11:30 last night they say 24-year-old kyle simpson stabbed his 58-year-old uncle stanley taylor. he died a short time later at a hospital but police have not said what led to that attack. >> former new york governor mario chemo has died. earlier today chemo had missed the inauguration of his son andrew for his second term as new york governor. in his speech the younger comb
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mow cited his fathers health saying the family rang in the new year together in new york city because his father wasn't well enough to head to albany. last month the heart condition accept mario chemo to the hospital. he served three terms as new york state governor from 1983 to 1994. he is survived by his wife and five children. mario chemo was 82 years old. >> incredible video showing flames ripping through a local warehouse forcing neighbors to evacuate. what it took to final the get this fire under control. a possible measles risk at the please touch museum. right before its big years eve celebration. new information coming in. why timing is everything. >> plus a father of six whose known for his generosity will get a life-saving gift of his own and it's all thanks to a chance meeting at costco. >> just awesome. >> the incredible odds that will
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change two m
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♪ >> a vacant auto parts warehouse in south jersey is gone. flames look at this things erupting signed the building on the 200 block of almond street in mt. holly overnight. you can see how big that was. it took hours to get it under control. nobody is hurt and investigators are still trying to figure out how it start. >> another day another hack attack in a big chain. hackers may have targeted chic filet. suspicious activity has been popping up on customers credit cards. several financial institutions say they have traced a pattern of credit card fraud back to
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chill chick-fil-a restaurants. the company says it's working with it security firms and law enforcement to find out how bad the hack is and what to do about it. now we don't yet know which restaurants hackers targeted. we're learning more about the possible measles exposure at the please touch museum. the dement of health says someone with the virus visited the museum on monday and the sick person was there between 3:30 and 5:00 o'clock. fox 29's dr. mike says this puts museum visitor who's have not been vaccinated at risk and the timing here is very important. >> well, if that person came across someone that is susceptible doesn't have immunity to the measles virus there is a 90% chance that you will get that virus if you were in the same location around the same time. you have to be aware that measles can remain active on objects for up to two hours after that virus was there.
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>> dr. mike also adds it's important that everyone get vaccinateed against measles. what do you think? is there ever really a coincidence a chance meet tag costco ended up saving one man's live. on this new year's day fox's brian mcmillan has a story of a new chance at life. >> reporter: michael is remodeling his kitchen hoping to get it all done by monday. >> i was hoping but it's not going to happen. >> reporter: you see monday is a big day. a huge day. not just for michael. >> i don't know how i'm ever going to repay him. >> reporter: this is advance father of six and concluding four foster kids. 15 years ago the two men met at this costco off of airport way. michael' wife work there and vance was a daily customer now he works there. >> he's one of those really giving people that never complains. >> reporter: a few nothing as he got heartbreaking news. his body was failing him. found out he was going to need a new kidney. >> that was pretty tough pill to
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swallow. >> reporter: along his with his full time job at costco dialysis became a part-time job. three times a week for four long hours. >> i thought a great way to pay it forward. >> michael wanted to help. he had tests run to see if he'd qualify as live donor for his friend. >> if i can give one and extend his life, you know, for his kids and for his mother that's great. >> reporter: sure enough there was a match. >> that was surreal moment. i pretty much broke down and kind of cried a little bit and of course i was at work so i couldn't cry too much but... >> reporter: the past few months have been a whirlwind for the two. last weekend his co-workers got the two men together at costco and surprised them with a flash mob. ♪ >> they dan to do a tune and right in the middle of costco while costco was open. >> two celebrateed thanksgiving together meeting their families
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for the first time. >> i feel like after all of this has happened, you know, we're going to be like this big family. >> reporter: selfless act that michael hopes others were consider, too. >> if one more person donates that would be pretty amazeing. >> reporter: an act vance will never forget. >> for him to just step up and offer something like this is just so -- so powerful and touch touching to me. and just awesome. >> completely understandable that emotion. my goodness. this is an annual new year's tradition at the jersey shore. makes you cold looking at it. >> yes. >> i would never be out there. >> a thousand people took the polar bear plunge in brigantine that. plunge raised about $75,000 for the fisher house. a great cause. it provides travel and house to
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go families of our wounded warriors. so there they are at the beach. and they're tiny itty bikinis and trunks and stuff watch do you suppose the temperature was, iain. >> had to feel like in the teens with the wind and all of that. had to. >> right. >> i'm just saying, scott. >> it kind of did because of that wind, iain. you know the water temperatures down there are cold. they're in the low 40s right now. yeah, a lot of folks were only in that water briefly and i think a few might have et cheat add little bit. but item which are right now are 36 degrees. we see how those winds out of the southwest at 11 miles per hour. so it makes it feel even colder despite today being a pretty seasonal day, you can see the low this morning 28 degrees just 1 degree off from the typical low and our high temperature was 42 degrees that's actually 1 degree above average but the wind made it feel colder. temperatures right now, 30 in the poconos. we have 33 degrees in wilmington wilmington. mid 30s right now in atlantic city. so you factor in that wind, how
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your body reacts, it feels like 17 degrees right now in the pocono mountains. feels like upper 20s in wilmington as well as atlantic city. so we're dry and quiet as we look at ultimate doppler right now you can see off to the south and west we're looking at our next storm system. you can see that moisture gathering mainly a rain event for our area. so tomorrow's is dry. let's advance the clock ahead to saturday mostly cloudy to start. we should be dry around lunch time but after 4:00, 5:00 o'clock we're looking that rainfall overtaking the area. but look north and west toward parts of the lehigh valley and the pocono mountains we'll likely see a little bit of a wintry mix and some sleet before temperatures warm in the layers of the atmosphere changing everything over to rain. so if you have some plans saturday evening, maybe checking out that new movie grabbing dinner plan on a wet scenario across our area and it really continues throughout the day on sunday. there might be a little bit of a lull but we'll continue to find by 2:00 in the afternoon chances
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for rainfall across the area. it will ab pretty good soaking as well but most of rain once again doesn't arrive until saturday afternoon and evening and overnight have an inch up to an inch pretty much area wide before all is said and done with that system. so for tonight cold and blustery temperatures in the 20s across the area. and then for friday similar to two. highs in the low 40s but it will feel colder when you factor in that wind. so bundle up. the seven day forecast does show a warmup, however you can see saturday we see that mix early. north and west changing over to all rain and look at how those temperatures warm up. not a typo. 60 degrees on sunday for the high temperature. and then once the rain moves out, another arctic blast so we go from 60 on sunday to upper 30s on monday. and hard pressed to make it to 30 by tuesday wednesday and thursday of next week. with the chance for a few flurries. >> going to get whiplash. >> yeah.
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>> you keeping the goatee to the -- at the boss approve that? just wondering. shave catinon. >> gotcha, scott. >> here's keith russell what's going on in sports, keith. >> what day for college football including one play by a kid who weighs almost 400 pounds. this play trust me it will bowl you over and for the third time two heisman wipness meeting in post season game and in this case out with the old and with
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♪ florida state the defending champs wouldn't 29 straight
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game. that streak came to an end half there team didn't shake hands with oregon when the game was over. they ran into a team an player much better. florida state now all game but they would cut the lead to five at the half. they were in good shape. not so much. second half. all marcus mariota recruited to oregon by eagles coach chip kelly. seminoles turned the ball over five times. last year's heisman winner james winston. they flapped and flopped and got dropped. how about mariota destined to be the number one pick in the nfl draft. they advance to the championship beating florida state 59-20. >> incredible. i'm so proud of these guys. prepare all week and i mean i'm just proud of these guys and we
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got one more to take care of. >> alabama and ohio state for the right to see who faces oregon game january 12th. cotton bowl gave us a memory that will last a lifetime. sick foot 7390-pound mc allen big boy can roll. heading to into the north quarter spartan score the game's last 21 points. they come back to stop the bears 42-41. only two teams michigan measure state lost to this year oregon and ohio state. that is impressive wisconsin melvin gordon showed while he'll be the first running back drafted. now in overtime this missed field goal by the tigers gives wisconsin the win at the out back bowl. what a win for the badgers. now, this bowl season has shown one thing besides politics nothing divides this country more than college football. here's what it mean. oregon sends it's biggest followers personalized jerseys and that includeed shane
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victorino. babies born at ohio state last name beat, b a.m. a. thanks for watching. have great night
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him are i'm iain page thanks for joining me tonight for another look back at the year that was. tonight the politics that tomorrow nateed the funny animals that made you smile and great talented men and women who we lost. but we will start with shepherd smith and biggest headlines of 2014. >> reporter: 2014 broad more grid lock in congress, tension at home and around the globe, deadly out break, and a historic election. the year started with a pay raise for low income workers higher minimum wages took effect and president obama signed an executive order raising the minimum wage for federal contract workers. gay rights, also took major steps forward, same sex marriage now legal in 35 states. and the the district of columbia after a series of
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federal court rulings throughout the year. 2014 saw the start of the worst ebola out break in history. virus has killed more than 5,000 people, in west africa thomas duncan was the first patient diagnosed in the you had. doctors say that he came down with the disease in liberia and died at a hospital in dallas. his treatment led to the infection of two nurses, who later recovered. and russia took over the crimea peninsula and stirred up even more trouble in the eastern ukraine. the u.s. slapped financial punishments on moscow and then the downing of malaysia airlines flight 17 over ukraine killed all 298 people on board. pro russian rebels and governmental forces blamed each other. another malaysia airlines flight mh370 disappeared in march and still missing. despite an exhaustive international search nobody has found one sign of that yet. general motors recalled a record 30 million vehicles, because of safety problems. including faulty ignition
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switches blame for the at least three dozen deaths. the the ceo, mary barra told congress that the company will do whatever it takes to between ate the victim. militant group boca horam kidnaped 276 cool girls in nigeria and threat tone sell them as sex slaves. the at last word act wrist says most of the girls were still in captivity. the the taliban released the american prisoner bowe bergdahl in exchange for five detain anothers from guantanamo bay. u.s. military launched an investigation into whether bergdahl desserted his post before the taliban captured him. the islamic state began a major offensive capturing huge areas have of eastern syria and northern iraq. the american led coalition launched air strikes against isis targets, and u.s. said thousands of so-called military advisors to the ground in iraq. but president obama insists that he will not send u.s. combat troops. in the town of ferguson missouri protests turned violent after the the police
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shooting of an unarmed teenager michael brown. a grand jury decided not to bring charges a against officer darren wilson. that sparked new violence in ferguson, and protests all across the country. the the 2014 elections ended with a g.o.p. bang. republicans winning control of the senate, and adding to their large majority in the house. washington ended the year with a contentious fight over immigration reform. president obama announced a plan to use executive authority to shield at least 4 million immigrants from deportation. republicans say that they are considering their options to block enforcement of that action. looking ahead to 2015 we're waiting to see if the president of the new congress can work together. with the the midterm elections behind us the race for the the white house is already heating up. of course, we will be here for all of it. in new york, shepherd smith "fox news". glitz, glamour and whole lots of drama, 2014 was a busy year in the entertainment
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world. fox's adam housely has all of the ups and downs from the hollywood walk of fame. >> reporter: wedding bells echoed throughout the entertainment world in 2014. human rights attorney making an honest man out of one of hollywood's most notorious bachelors. george clooney marrying amal am mood even in a ceremony in venice. also tying a knot neil patrick harris and david, jenny mar cart i and donnie wall percentage. the other couples are heading for a splitsville. sarah, and robin thick's relationship after wife paula patton filed for divorce. a gwyneth paltrow and chris martin said that they have decided to consciously uncouple. and, some celebrities were behaving badly, justin beiber facing charges for several offenses including drag racing, drunk driving and egging a neighbor's home. singer chris brown arrested for probation violations, and assault, shy a labeouf pleads
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guilty to disorderly conduct, and beloved comedian bill cosby, falls from grace, and faces the scandal as multiple women accuse him of sexual abuse. tracie minister again is still recovering from a serious brain injury and is involved in a lawsuit begins wal-mart after the company's truck slammed in the back of the limo van the comedian was driving in. >> jennifer. >> reporter: some star that looked like jennifer lawrence, kate up ton and kristin revealed american they wanted to after a major hacking scandal released nude photos of female celebrities on the internet, and actress renee zellweger triggering a response on the red carpet when she appeared with a dramatically different looking face. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: in tv land the longest running scripted show on television the simpson's, celebrates its 25th anniversary, and on the big screen move fridays popular book thrillings become easy blockbuster. hunger games releasing its third install many mockingjay
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part one and the film die verge event bringing in big bucks at theaters. the and we have not seen last of harry potter. universal orlando launching a new ride based on the wizarding world wait times hit six hours on opening day. >> get in there. >> reporter: record were set on the award show circuit in 2014. as the oscars degenerous broke record for retweets on twitter with herselfe for the stars, 12 years a slave took home award for best picture. at the tony mcdonald set a railroaded by taking home her sixth win and country muse ache ward miranda lambert made history by becoming most decorated female artist in the history of the cma's. >> kayla johnson. >> rocker caleb johnson wins 13th season of american idol harry conn nick junior joined the judge's panel will while randy jackson announced in november that he is boeing out of the show all together. two idol babies came in the world, former judge simon cowell welcoming baby eric on
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valentines day and idol winner kelly clarkson bringing daughter river rose into the world in june. and they were not the only once million a kunis and ashton kutcher and scarlet johann son bringing home bundles of joy. the death of robin williams, one of the many sad losses in hollywood this year. the actor taking his own life after a long struggle with depression, and a recent diagnosis of parkinson's disease. and joan rivers pass ago way, days after she went into cardiac arrest during a minor procedure. her daughter melissa planning an multi million-dollar wrongful death lawsuit against the clinic where her mother had the procedure. this year we also said good which to actor philip see more hoffman a beloved child star shirley temple black, iconic radio dj casey kasem mike nichols and designer to the star oscar delaurenta. it seems is there always stories about the stars to tell and next year we have a positive one with the birth of the second royal baby to
3:38 am
prince william and his wife kate due april the 2015. in hollywood adam housely "fox news". much more ahead including our look at the great talents our world said good bye to in 2014. and... >> 2014 was a rough year for democrats especially president obama, i'm joel wallden in washington wit
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♪ >> and, 2014 marked a sea of change in washington n what some called rebuck have of president obama's policies, republicans swept the the midterm elections, shifting the battles of power in congress setting up a divided government for the next two years. fox's joel wallden looks back in the year in politics. >> obviously republicans had a good night. >> reporter: 2014 saw a major political setback for president obama and democrats as a whole. after a republicans swept midterm elections across the nation. regaining control of the senate, and widening their majority in the house of representatives. >> on a night like tonight, we're grateful above all else and for me that gratitude starts the with the the people of kentucky. >> reporter: many critics saw the the midterms as a rebuck of president obama's second term agenda a term that has come with the fair share of controversies.
3:42 am
scandals rocked several executive agencies the irs and the the department of veteran a affairs among them. former irs official lewis learner found herself in the center of the political fire storm where by the the irs went after conservative groups for audits. >> on at vice of my counsel i exercise my fifth amendment right and decline to answer that question. >> reporter: republicans held learner in contempt of congress for refusing to answer questions, while democrats called the allegations, a political witch hunt. another scandal actually forced the resignation of the cabinet official, secretary of the department of veteran affairs eric shinseki stepped down from his post after whistle blowers revealed deceptive record keeping practices a at some va health facilities. >> i apologize as senior leader of the department of veterans a affairs. >> reporter: at least 40 vets are allege to have died waiting for a doctor's appointment. also resigning in 2014, secretary of defense hagel.
3:43 am
published reports suggest president obama soured on hagel's handling of the threat from the terrorist army isis in both syria and iraq. the president obama announced long time pentagon official ashton charter to replace hagel. >> if confirmed in this job, i pledge to you my most candid strategic advice. >> reporter: in addition to ordering air strikes against isis the obama administration imposed harsh sanctions on russia's president vladamire putin and members of his government. after it became apparent moscow was aiding in the revel up rise ago begins bordering ukraine. even an nexting the crimea area in a rigged election. >> ukraine's sovereignty and territorial inn telling grit. >> killing of the unarmed black teen by a white police officer in ferguson, missouri spark riots and reignited a civil rights debate over racial profiling.
3:44 am
while the the president's executive action on immigration reform which shields millions of illegal immigrants from deportation threaten to shut down the government when republicans considered holding up spending bills, in order to protest the president's action. >> this is a constitutional crisis, if the president is permitted to seized legislative authority. >> reporter: immigration will be one of the issues republicans will try to overturn in 2015 when they take over both chambers of congress leading to a bigger question, will a divided government lead to less grid lock in washington d.c. or will it be more of the same in the new year. in washington joel wallden, "fox news". well, when we return a fashion designer a comedian and a prime minister all among those we lost in 2014. we will take a lo
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and for a year we lose some of the biggest names in sports politics and entertainment. 2014 was no different. let's take a moment now to remember the impact full lives we have lost this year. >> ♪ >> "good day philadelphia" russell jackson, the
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professor. >> wow wow. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> just because i have a baby doesn't mean i have to be married. >> from where i come from, you do. >> well... >> ♪ >> yeah, i'm sure that's it. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> we are neither devils or
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divine when we come to it. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> these are all of my jokes over the last 30 years. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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welcome back. those cute animals that we all adore did not disappoint us in 2014. so now a recap of those funny moments, caught on tape. >> ♪
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thanks for joining me tonight ape everybody here at fox 29 wishes you a happy new year.
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two more people in hamilton township new jersey diagnosed with hepatitis a both kind at rosa's catering where first case popped up last month, lauren? >> reporter: good morning, jenny. a three three-year old recovering in the hospital after a violent sexual assault near a college campus we will tell you all bit in a live report but first, caitlin. lauren, good morning. temperatures are closer to normal will for new years day, beautiful bright sunny have afternoon. we have a warming trend in the weekend. your weather authority forecast is coming up. thanks caitlin. very bizarre story for this guy and his wife, the the thing they are holding right there is a inside that man for 51 years owe what happened to him a all


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