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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  January 2, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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>> skyfox at major fire. three homes on fire, authorities had to pull people from the homes. we do have a crew on the way your news starts breaking news, skyfox live over south philadelphia. three homes are burning at one time here's another live look
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there is one from the grounds now, on the 2200 block of south 68th street. authorities are saying people had to be pulled from the flames. septa police chief thomas nastal tweeting that police and firefighters were rescuing people from several homes in the area, we also know one person was taken to h.u.p., we have a reporter on the way to the scene, and we of course will bring you more information. as soon as we get it, i'm iain page. >> busy night breaking tonight, new clue to finding a a killer. >> theresa post i kept going happened about 5:30 last week, two days before christmas. police say was crossing state road in holmesburg, when she was hit.
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>> we can't see if it is a tow truck, but older body style. >> based on description from witnesses, police believe it is a black pick up, or a tow truck. on your radar what could be big old mess headed our way, skyfox over this penndot lot in norristown, tonight truck headed out to get our roads ready rain, sleet possible snow, scott williams, what you got? >> temperatures will be at or below freezing specially north and west, of philadelphia, so north of the pennsylvania turnpike. >> advisory posted for the pocono mountain, lancaster county so watching the clock dry over night dry to start early on saturday morning just with mostly cloudy skies and cold conditions. but you can see that moisture starts to creep up from the south and west, moving into sections northern and sell
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travel delaware, roll the clock around 11:00 a.m., looking at some of the rainfall moving toward philadelphia. but look at the pink, as well as the purple showing up toward lancaster berks county, late to mid-morning looking at the sleet that snowfall especially toward the lehigh valley, and the pocono mountains continuing through 1:00. but you can see mainly rain, along i-95, as well as into parts of south jersey, and delaware. and a change-over to all rain is expected, as temperatures warm. so overnight, it is dry, it is cold, low temperatures around 30 degrees, and then sleet arrives by mid to late saturday morning especially north and west of the philadelphia area, once again change over to all rain during the afternoon and evening. we'll talk about roller coaster temperatures, in the offering, as well as another arctic blast with the seven day forecast coming up. plus the expected amount of rainfall, for the upcoming weekends. iaian, lewesy? >> talk to you then, don't
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forget we've got you covered with fox 29 weekends, caitlin roth will have your forecast starting at 8:00 a.m. teen driver in bucks county officially charged accused every killing a girl crossing the street to get on her school bus. investigators say the 18 year old ignored flashing lights on a stopped school bus and plowed right over the girl. fox 29's dave kinchen live in bensalem tonight dave, new information. >> that's right, papers related to the investigation say the truck driven by that teenager was in bad shape loaded with mechanical problems, and would fall apart over 60 miles per hour, we also learned from those court documents, that the teenager hit his brakes when he saw someone running across and then he saw the emergency lights as the accident happened. >> looking down most of the time, 18 year old michael shelly said nothing to reporters as he left district court in bensalem arraigned on charges he struck and killed a teenage girl trying to catch the school bus last month. >> this child is dead because
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of him. >> investigators say 16 year old zeka died after being hit by the ford bronco, drove through despite the bus having activated its caution lights and extending its stop arm charged by homicide by vehicle and involuntary manslaughter. >> whatever the reason; he went through and disobeyed the school bus directions. >> there are new details also coming out of the affidavit of probable cause. it quotes shelly as saying his front window de frost err did not warning. and that he had quote tunnel vision with side windows fogging up before the crash. court papers say the speedometer broken, and the truck not registered, not insured, and had fake inspection sticklers this could have been avoided. does not need to be a dead girl today. >> feels very bad obviously for the death of someone who is, you know, a classmate of his. >> his attorney also says his client add least did the right thing after the crash. >> when the fact come out i think it will be clear what exactly happened.
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i mean, he wasn't intoxicated. he wasn't high. and he also stated the scene and -- stayed at the scene and cooperated. >> shelly also charged with wreckless endangerment and overtaking a bus being held on half million dollars bail, and his attorney is trying to get that lowered. he says that his client does not have any prior offenses and trying to go back to school. >> back to you iaian. >> dave, thanks, new information. well loved ones gathered in williamstown, new jersey to remember a boy killed after police car hit him. ten year old matthew mccloskey, police car hit matthew sunday as he walked to sleep over in franklin township, officer behind the wheel was head today a call now on administrative leave. >> the scene of violent attack, but tonight, police say, this man is sitting behind bars accused of beating and raping a woman on new years day. police say he was in town from pittsburgh visiting his sick father. fox 29's dave schratwieser
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explains how police caught their man. savagely beaten. that's how police describe steven woodson's alleged attack on 33 year old woman inside this spring garth end parking lot new years day. despite going in and out of consciousness, she finally was able to fight him off. >> she is a trooper through this whole hinge thing. he cheered her to unconsciousness. >> the nurse was beaten robbed, sexually assaulted just before 11:00 a.m. woodson allegedly stole her cash credit cards and cell phone before chased by good samaritan and nabbed by arriving officers. >> it takes a lot of courage to get involved any more these days. it takes a lot, a lot of courage to actually put yourself out there actually chase somebody, after you just witnessed a very horrifying act. >> police say woodson was caring the victim's credit cards when he was arrested. he dumped his coat and hat trying to allude police. now detective are trying to gem if he's involved in other
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violent crimes. >> we did do a search warrant and got a dna sample from him. we will reach out to central detectives. >> to see any patterns of robberies. >> in the meantime police praised the bravery of the vick tam and the south jersey cup ill who tracked down the suspect. >> this vick tame may not be able to talk to us today if it wasn't for the two witness. >> good samaritans immediately without hesitation opened themselves up to the victim, got that victim secured in a car, took care of her while the other victim -- where the other witness actually pursued and called 911 at the same time. >> police say they've surveillance video of woodson entering and leaving the garage, also took dna from him and are trying to link him to other crimes in our area. at the special victims unit, dave schratwieser, "fox 29 news".
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>> route 38 by the moorestown mall about 6:00 p.m. had the eastbound lanes shutdown. woman and child taken to the hospital as well as one person in the other car. none of the injuries are considered life threatening. >> president obama is taking charge and retaliating to the sony cyber hack last month. new sanctions have been issued by the president against north korea targeting more than dozen entities, includes north korea primary intelligence agency believed to run their major cyber operations. the order gives the treasury department authority to shut down north korea's access to the u.s. financial system. well, three term new york governor mario cuomo will be laid to rest on tuesday his funeral in manhattan. cuomo died yesterday from heart failure. his death came just hours after his son and inauguration for his second term in officer. the older cuomo left his mark on the national stage, as women, mario cuomo was 82
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years old. we are on top of breaking news in southwest philadelphia, skyfox is live over a major fire, on south 69th street now, three homes are involved here. from the sky, to the grounds shot shawnette wilson live at the scene tonight. shawnette, what can you tell us? >> well, lucy, as you said, three homes involved in this fire fully involved, at one point, we should say on the 2200 block of south 68th street. still behind me, very active scene. you can see this intersection of woodland and 68th blocked off. now, this alert came out across an all hands on for three row homes again fully involved. one person we know has been taken to the hospital. they are at h.u.p. no word on that person's condition or their injuries at this hour. we are hearing through police who have been tweeting out through the evening within the past half hour so that police and firefighters are still searching to make sure everyone has been evaculated from those homes. let's take a look at some skyfox video. skyfox flew over the scene just little while ago when
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this alert came out. skyfox capturing heavy smoke coming from the homes also we could see police and firefighters on the ground, with flashlight, as we mentioned just moments ago likely searching to make sure that everyone had been safely evacuated from those homes. we can also tell you that peco was called out to respond to live wires in the back of the home where the fires happened. again, on south 68th street right now again we know that one person has been taken to h.u.p. emergency crews possibly still looking to make sure that everyone has been evacuated from these homes. and back here live, we do know that the red cross is responding tonight to make sure those people have a place to stay. again, very involved fire here, three row homes caught fire, the cause of the fire at this hour. >> still unknown back to you. >> saint thank you. chilling words written on bathroom wall at septa station, message reads: shoot septa comes. it was found inside the men's bathroom.
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>> septa's police chief says a septa rider found the message yesterday. >> someone in the bathroom was offended and scared for the transit police officers, which is phenominal. after finding the message the chief then tweeted this post in response, reading: looking for the author of message. want help, with spelling of septa. appears there was confusion be aware may need a hug. the case is still under investigation. what started as stealing of a package off a front step ends in attempted mudder when he police say the thief purposely ran down the homeowner. >> she is a psycho path. she doesn't care. >> and she's no stranger to the law the sheriff's strong words for the suspect. >> new information tonight about scare? south jersey. concerned that two new cases what they're doing now to keep people safe. >> are you feeling lucky? if the answer is yes it, could save your life. why your cancer risk may come
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down to roll of dice. >> get ready your bill at the grocery store about ready to go up. why some consider a necessity is getting
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>> police say making off with more than $7,000 in merchandise, from the nordstrom inside cherry hill mall appears they just walked out with their stuff. investigators think the same pair also stole 24 michael kors watches from the nordstrom in christianna mall. if you know anything about
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these, call police. >> hepatitis-a in new jersey, health officials spent the day cleaning a hair salon from top to bottom after one of its workers contract dollars the virus, and that's not all. part time fitness instructor's also recovering from the illness and health officials are very concerned. bruce gordon has the story. >> hair salon closed friday, that's normal, but. >> what's not crew, the clean kree, female salon work her contracted help tight a. not far away, at the branch of the hamilton township ymca, pretty much business as usual already cleaned the place, and posted notices after 60 year old female part time fitness instructor also diagnosed with help a. members here seemed generally un concerned. >> we do good job trying to keep the machines clean before and after use.
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how nervous are you if at all? >> not at all. i was at rosa's restaurant during the first exposure, and i've had a vaccine. >> so you feel like you're in good shape? >> yes. >> most had eaten at or from rosa's restaurant in hamilton, produced hep case last month. women had symptoms in mid december, both thought they had the flu. >> that's what both these women thought they had the flu, it is flu season, so certainly a possibility. >> first case involved a foot service worker, mass inocculation offered by the township there is time the threat especially at the y seen as somewhat less severe, will be left to patient and their doctors. >> i'll probably not get the inocculation, and i'll see if i do end up having flu-like symptoms, which i will not consider the flu.
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>> both the new hepa pain rent expected to make full recovery. neither will be allowed back to work until cleared by local health officials. again, the potentially impacted groups here are employees and customers here at the hair salon and those who took the 5:30 a.m., that's the early morning fitness class over at the y. time period in question? pretty much entire month of december. any additional questions go, to we'll link you to the site that can give you answers in hamilton township, new jersey, bruce gordon, "fox 29 news". police are asking for your help to find these two mask men who robbed this food market store on germantown avenue back on december 27th. surveillance video shows one of the guys point ago gun demanding the money in the register, the men took off with an undisclosed amount of cash. >> this fire at a vacant factory is causing some problems with the ministry of nearby shelter. the flames ripped through the mt. holly new jersey building on thursday, fire fight had to battle on the 200 block of
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holeman street trying to get things under control. well the christian community center is near that fire. it houses up to 14 people. but can't know because of the fire. although no one was physically hurt, siding on the building melted resident come back on monday, but officials hope a code blue is not issued over the weekends berks those who need a place to stay won't have one here. >> we want to have the place ready for when they call a code blue, want to get people? >> resident are temporarily staying at a motel. >> a fox 29 investigative report has caught the attention after local casino. it is against the building of new gaming house in south philly. investigative reporter jeff cole broke the story, of the personal relationship between an employee, with state gaming regulator, and a top attorney for the winning casino bidder. now, both sides say there was nothing ann prepare re at. here's jeff with the fall out.
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>> on page 45, the fox 29 investigation report is cited in a link provided to our story. story about a personal relationship. >> kind of relationship that make people skeptical about the process. >> the relationship is between former long time gaming board attorney allison casel and the lead attorney for the winner of the second casino license, mark stewart. she said she told her boss was it in early 2013, but left the agency just last april. the gaming board says she never worked on current philly casino licensing attorney stewart wrote wasn't even the appearance after conflict. but sugarhouse keen which will compete for business with the new gaming house appears un convinced. >> it is filed a petition to review the award with the pennsylvania supreme court along with the other losing
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bidders. but sugarhouse wants to know if that personal relationship between them had an effect on who got the casino license. former head of the watchdog group the committee of 70 says a funds mental question has to be answered. >> the real question is did she engage in any kind of activity as an employee that influenced in anyway the selection of the licensee for the second casino. >> casino attorney mark shoe art was not available for comment today. the offices of the attorney general in pennsylvania were closed friday, allison was also not available for comment. jeff cole in the news room. "fox 29 news". >> two children snatched from the store while their dad was just feet away. how one woman quick thinking helped get them back home safe and sounds. >> does this look like a tourist attraction? why people are flocking to
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this mess. plus: pop culture classic the second back to the future in 2015. the prediction that came
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>> wicked causing massive pile up on new hampshire highway. this was the scene involving two accidents it, took fleet of tow trucks to hall away more than 30 damaged cars and
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trucks, authorities say the collisions happened during some fast moving snow squawls with white-out conditions. officials say they were only non-life threatening injuries. north carolina community is reeling tonight after a horrific crime. the grand ville sheriff's office is investigating what led to the murders of jerome andora faulkner. authorities say a father and son from texas murdered the couple after driving across the country in a stolen suv. they say edward and eric campbell broke into the home, killed them, then set their home on fire. investigators say the two then loaded the bodies into faulkner's red pick up, and took off. in west virginia police pulled over the pair, who then started shooting at the officers, both officers did have bulletproof vests on, and both are out of the hospital tonight. >> federal prosecutors will seek the death penalty against the man charged in a deadly shooting rampage at los angeles international airport couple of years ago. twenty-four year old paul has pled not guilty to murder and
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other charges in the killing of tsa officer geraldo fernandez, new jersey nature sieve due in court on monday. dallas father experiences what is any parent's worse nightmare. >> terrifying moments on new year over. stranger snatched his two young children, seven year old boy, three year old girl. she grabbed the children, when he was shopping, this woman -- police arrested 23 year old brianna, and book her on two charges of kidnapping. they say walked out of the garland road thrift store in dallas their dad was trying on clothes, at the time. about an hour later the woman saw children and this one did actually, new something just wasn't right here. >> i said where's your mom and dad. they said they didn't know. see right then that was a bell. >> well, april matthews said she saw the children outside her apartment next to a
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dumpster. gave them hot chocolate called police, both children are back home safe and sounds tonight. >> for some of us a daily ritual. are those vitamins really worth it? what expert say you should stop taking. >> right now ultimate doppler showing rain, wintery mixon the way the timing next. >> and couple's home turns into race against the clock. >> definitely my water broke i could tell that's what happened. >> mid flight, by going into labor, was such a surprise for this couple. >> and here is another live look from skyfox tonight, over the scene of the massive fire in southwest philadelphia. we just learned the flames are under control. we'll have live report for you coming up in just minute.
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>> flames ripping through three homes in southwest philadelphia. skyfox live over the scene on the 2200 block every south sixth street, the fire started just after 9:00. this is still an active scene. >> our shawnette wilson is
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live on the scene right now shawnette, at least the flames are out at this point. >> yes, the flames are out lucy but as you mentioned still very much an active scene here behind me. sixty-eighth and woodland, still block off we just walk down few minutes ago and saw firefighters sprague water on those homes. we do know that one person has been taken to h.u.p. as a result of this fire, but their condition or that person's condition has not been released at this time. now let's take a look at some video that skyfox was able to get when this fire first happened capturing heavy smoke coming from the three row homes, we're told, that caught fire there is came across as all hands on alert for homes fully involved or fully involved fiery should say emergency crews search with firefighters and police, to make sure everyone had gotten out okay. one woman tells me that she got a very frantic call from her cousin, who lives on the block. >> she was just screaming that's all i could hear, was her screaming. that's it. when i got out of her was that the house next-door caught on
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fire and all of the houses connected some kind of way. >> and also back here live, we can tell that you peco was called out immediately for live wires down behind the home, but again the fire appears to be out heavy smoke was still showing a while ago. firefighters still sprague fire at this hour, and again one person injured taken to h.u.p. tonight for treatment. back to you. >> all right, thank you very much shawnette. from sealing a package to attempted murder, florida police say they arrested this woman from stealing from a man's porch then intentionally ran him over and then sped away. >> they have the video that show the suspect driving away. >> she is described as cold. >> she runs over him and leaves him for dead. >> and calculating. >> she is a psycho path. she doesn't care. >> sheriff grade i judge says maryland has been in and out of prison, arrested for dozens every felonies and
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misdemeanors, and now she's back behind bars for nearly killing a man. sheriff says on christmas eve she was stealing a christmas package left on richard lewis' front porch in winter haven while her boyfriends waited in the car. but richard lewis drove up with his family right as it was happening. and asked her what she was up to. >> we're taking estimates for pool work, which is a bunch of garbage. >> richard lewis new it, he tried to stop her from driving off, but she ran him over. here is video of her speeding away. a frantic neighbor calls for help. >> he's bleeding really bad. can you sends an ambulance? >> you can even hear richard lewis in agonizing pain. richard lewis suffered severe head and leg injuries. he remains in serious condition. his daughter katie says it has been hard on everyone shall specially her mom. >> my mom is having a hard
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time. >> now facing serious charges and if convicted could be lock up for good. >> you're not going to comb to polk county and hurt our people without us chasing you to the ends of ther. >> that was fox's gloria gomez. harry read out of the hospital after an injury while working out. the 75 year old spent last night in the hospital after breaking several ribs and bones in his face, as nevada home yesterday. spokesperson says reid was using elastic exercise band it broke hit him in the face he fell down. staffers say he will return to washington dc this weekend and will be in the senate whether the 114th congress is sworn in tuesday. doctors expect him to make a full recovery. >> couple headed to minute a.m. list fight quite the new years day surprise, allison and zach perry when allison went into labor. the pilot diverted the plane to salt lake city where medics rushed her to the hospital.
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>> i'm going to not fly after -- during my next pregnancy, or leave my state. just to be on the safe side. >> or town. >> perry was born three months early, still in the nicu just topping 4 pounds. nurses say he's doing just fine. >> time to check in once on your radar tonight maybe little bit of everything, scott? >> looking at cold weather looking at temperatures in the 60s, and also another arctic blast, some rain, even wintery mix. so you name it, it is coming in that seven day forecast. but, cold and dry tonight low temperatures around 30, the wintery mix arrives by mid to late saturday morning but it changes over to all rain during the afternoon and evening time frame. 37 degrees right now cold, dry, feels like temperatures currently right around freezing, in the philadelphia area high today 44 degrees, still few degrees above normal, but tomorrow looking at temperatures topping out in
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the 40's, by sunday in the 60s. right now, it is cold, 20 in mount pocono, allentown 25 degrees mid to upper 20s through sections of south jersey and you can see wilmington and dover right now, below freezing, at 31 degrees. winds are relatively light and calm pretty much area wide. so those temperatures will continue to drop before mostly cloudy skies take over tomorrow, and then take a look at all of this mess. off to the south and west, we're looking at some rain, and also parts of texas looking at some snow, as well as new mexico. so that same energy is headed in our direction. so, by tomorrow morning 7:00 a.m., mostly cloudy, dry, cold if you have somer around, to do outdoors, do them early. maybe taking down some of the holiday decorations before that rainfall overtakes the area by mid to late morning. here is 11:00 a.m. see approaching philadelphia, north and west, looking at the wintery mix toward the lehigh valley in the pocono mountains, before all rain for
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saturday evening and overnight. we're talking some heavy soaking rain across the region as women it, will even continue into much of the day on sunday, however it won't be as heavy or as steady. how much rain are we talking about? you can see as we roll the clock, looking at good soaking, before all is said and done on sunday afternoon and evening about an inch or more of rainfall, area wide. so the seven day forecast, 43 sleet wintery mix north and west, to rain tomorrow, sunday periods of rainfall, but look at the temperatures, 62, for the high, and then after that mess get out of here it will get coal. thirty-eight monday. tuesday, a high of freezing, with some flurries, and it stays cold even colder. look at thursday, morning low of 15 afternoon highs only in the 20's. so january has gun on a kind of crazy note, but it looks like yes that cold arctic air is going to settle in for quite some time beginning
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early next week. >> it is winter after all. >> does this look like a tourist attraction? mountain of salt comes crashing down on parking lot of new cars. why people are flocking to this mess. >> mother and daughter welcome 2015 in a way they will never forget. >> such a shameful secret in my life for more than three decades to have turned into such a thing every beauty. >> their start to the new
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>> work going on salt plant in chicago you saw it earlier this week, that wall collapsed at the plant on tuesday spilling 600 tons of road salt on cars at the next-door car dealership, and all of this has become somewhat of a tourist attraction, workers say hundreds of people have been coming each day to see the salt avalanch. >> in your money tonight, you may soon have to shell out a lot more for egg. that's because of new law in california, it requires farmers to house hens in cages with enough space to move around and stretch their wings. so that means fewer hens in
10:41 pm
each cage, farmers need to invest in revamped hen houses, the largest consumer of eggs, and imports about a third of its supply. >> the vitamin industry is proving to be quite profitable. >> yes, but could you perhaps be over supplementing. americans spends $28 billion every year on vitamins, however, doctors say people quite often take too much or take just plane unnecessary supplement. that is of course expensive and it could hurt you. lead to go ailments, like stomach problems, even seizures. and some supplement contain extremely high doses of vitamins. >> supplement come in higher doses then we actually need. or we can get supplement that have four times the amount of what we actually need to get the benefit from it. >> and researchers say some vitamins are over hyped some vitamin c does little to combat the common cold. but americans still down it, one of the most popular in the nation. >> so are you feeling lucky? if the answer is yes it, could save your life, why your cancer risk may come down to
10:42 pm
roll the dice. >> plus a pop culture phase predicting today's technology, doctor brown, travel to 2015 in the back to the
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u2 front man bono says he may never play guitar again. his bike accident in central park was a lot worse than people new. he broke his left shoulder in three places, shattered his upper bathroom, broke a bone in the orbit of his eye now titanium elbow. on the band's website he said he is worried about whether he will ever be able to play guitar again will have to concentrate really hard to make the u2 next tour slate today kick off in may he added his band mates reminded him quote neither they nor western civilization are depending on this. >> taking a look at your health right now research showing getting cancer could come down to luck scientists from john hopkins cancer center found genetic mutations in dna could determine risk. in the study they analyze published scientific papers and look at stem cells and how they divide. the conclusion, two thirds of risk come from mutations, all
10:46 pm
the rest from environmental factors like smoking. a mother and daughter celebrating the new year in a way they never expected. together they were separated at birth nearly 34 years ago in hawaii. fox's ron has their amazing reunion. >> smiles, as she stairs into the eyes of catherine gray. >> i see a reflection of my self. >> there is a reason for the emotional connection between the two women. >> may i just say what makes up me really. >> it was nearly 34 years ago when a 20 year old gill i learned she was pregnant, while visiting on vacation. several month later she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, at the medical center. >> i didn't feel like i was ready to be a parent. >> after holding her child for two minute, the unwed mother gave her baby up for adoption and thought she would never
10:47 pm
see her again. >> so it became i didn't tell any of my family, i didn't tell any of my friends back on the mainland, and it was something that i got through and then casino of just burried pretty deeply inside of me. >> a dark secret, that stayed burried for decades. yet she never stopped wondering. >> february 4th had a special significance for me. >> in 2009, her need to know led her back, and private investigators hilton louie. >> i got the courage up to really open up pandora's box and take the next step. >> louie went on a mission to find the missing link in gill i's life. after month of research, he found what he was looking for in australia. >> had had to just tear up. knowing that the family ... >> last year mother and daughter metaphor the first
10:48 pm
time since that morning in the hospital. >> amazing thing to have her arrive in my life. >> earlier this week, they returned to the land where life all started. >> i see a tremendous sense of joy of something that was such a shameful secret in my life for more than three decades to have turned into such a thing of beauty. >> is this where mother who has been separate from the her natural child for 30 plus years is reunited. >> in a wonderful place. >> a relationship that start in the paradise, nearly 34 years ago.
10:49 pm
>> i still pinch myself to believe that, you know, that this is my daughter, it is beyond my wildest dreams. >> and we'll continue now for many many more, and include a new generation. >> a new beginning. >> oh, yes. thank you. >> god bless you all. >> okay. >> love that. love that. >> happy new year to them. >> yes. >> speaking of that, it is officially 2015. that just happens to be the same year featured in the movie, back to the future two. >> that movie came out can't believe it, all the way back in 1989. time flies. so how accurate were its predictions, actually pretty amazingment movie predicted 2015 would have video chat and that we do with thing like skype, face time. >> that's not all of the movie predicted, video glasses and
10:50 pm
google glass. >> how about this, what do you think? we don't really have anything like it in the movie just yet. but, tony hawk has video on line, where he passed out a prototype. pretty cool. >> i bet. their are things we do not have yet flying cars, movie has a scene with flying cars all over the place but prototypes, don't expect to see one in the showroom this year. >> for chicago cub fans, this has not yet happened. the curse still on despite many attempts by goat and man ac lie lifted. you got to go way back to the future, and last time, 1908. >> wow. >> love that my. i got see that one again. >> kate, back to the future. >> last time the eagles won a superbowl. >> never. >> never. >> big changes in the front office for your philadelphia eagles. changes that benefit chip kelly, but not the other guy. now, one thing is clear, there is no confusion over who gets the credit and who will get the blame
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>> thanks for watching lehigh valley. >> ♪ ♪ that's what eagles owner jeffrey lurie said last sunday, my how things change. all of the talk and articles how howie roseman had power struggle with chip kelly. let's reverse that. today the eagles announce chip kelsey officially in charge of player personnel. so in other words when it comes to who the eagles trade seat up on game day his call and his call alone. if the eagles have a team of players who exceed expectations i gets the credit. team of players who under perform, he gets the blame. who the eagles put in that uniform, he is in charge. >> as for howie howie roseman, no longer the gm, he's been elevated to executive vice president of football
10:55 pm
operations. jeffrey lurie said his relationship kelly continues to grow stronger but howly play vital role, that's not a salary cap medical and equipment staff so the power struggle many believe roseman had won he lost. lore lurie went on to say never did chip demand any of this. >> so we're straight on. that will here's some positive news. eagles had four games named second team all-pro, leading the way defensive ends fletcher cox, leaves best part of the eagles, only gave up 100 yards rushing for one guy all year, big reason for. that will also being named second team all-pro offensive tackle jason peters, linebacker darwin, and darren sproles. cowboys had four players on the first team. i'm not going to be heart i'll watch the game and you should too cowboys only playoff win since 98. lions, 4:30, right here on fox 29. >> flyers trying to snap a three game losing streak it, will never ends.
10:56 pm
next to last game of the trip, tonight in carolina, hurricanes jump taught two-nothing lead. they hold onto beat the flyers two to one scary scene right here. >> captain claude giroux has the back of his blade cut by another player's blade. now at first the team thought it might have sliced his a kill eels. good news, it only cut the outside of his ankle and giroux is expected to play tomorrow. sixers going to be another long night out west, at least that's how it seemed early on, but as they say, it is not how you start, it is how you finish. >> well, that's not good finish tony and the sixers would finish up two at the half. right now sixers down nine in the fourth quarter. >> check this out. girls high school basketball in pa. her free throw hits the rim the rim hits the floor. now, that's either faulty hardware or this girl shoots bricks. the game delayed 45 minute with the score seven to three. >> the score seven to three.
10:57 pm
>> i'm saying she shoots bricks. >> chip some paint off there. >> she needs to put that rim back up there. >> nobody was hurt, that's a good thing as a mommy worry about these things. >> tm sz up next. >> back here at eight amph course fox 29 weekend. >> be sure to stay tuned, have a great night.
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[captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution] >> today on "tmz" -- >> ok. how's the hangover? >> it's bad. >> here's what we're going to do today, shevonne has a crazy idea. well, it's your idea. what we'll do is two people will take a clip board anna has in her hand and i'll read clues and based on the clues you find out what the celebrity it and put the clip board on your head and draw the celebrity and i'll look at them and whoever is closest wins a bottle of champagne. >> zach and van. >> this celebrity is self-indulgent has a child travels all over the world and loves her big, fat ass.


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