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tv   Fox 29 News at 6PM  FOX  January 3, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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breaking news right now on fox 29. the desperate five-week search for missing college student comes to a bitter end. the body of 21 year old shane montgomery is pulled from the schuylkill schuylkill river just before noon. good evening everybody i'm joyce evans. i'm karen hepp, shane's body found just before noon right near sheers lane in manayunk, our dave kinchen following the story ever since the beginning. he's live there right now dave? >> reporter: karen, i spoke to the mother of shane montgomery. she was absolutely devastated as you can imagine. it was one of the most difficult conversations i've ever had in a story like this. shane's body was found by a group of volunteer divers, now, the family is trying to
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process this all. a heart wrenching embrace by the family of shane montgomery after learning from investigators the body of the missing 21 year old was found in the schuylkill river behind the manayunk brew club. the discovery made by the garden state under water recovery team. >> where he was about waist deep. >> divers say in the water with 9:00 a.m., found slain just before noon in the party of river that runs along 4100 block of main street, closure brought to devastated family. >> that's why we do this, just family, loved ones, bring them back to them. >> today we did what we promised, we found and brought shane home red a statement from the family on the facebook page dedicated to the search which went on for more than five weeks. the pain grew more intense in each passing day. >> the suffering is unimaginable. and my sister, my brother-in-law, and all of us, we are -- our hearts are shoot. >> the garden state divers had been out to the same general
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area before. >> we were out on a friday, then sunday after that, the next sunday, and today. four times. >> shane's keys were found last month but changes in visibility hampered evidences to find more until now. >> it depends on visibility, if there is no visibility, everything is by to up f there is some visibility, it is eyes and touch. >> now, as you may recall, over the last five weeks it started out with hundreds of people searching and turned into thousands of people searching throughout the region. but, again, divers finding shane montgomery's body just before noon today now we do know that his body is in the possession of the medical examiners office. they're working on a cause of death t has not been released at this time. joyce? >> thank you dave. as you mentioned the search for shane has been going strong for more than five weeks now. the nightmare for his family, started on thanksgiving morning, when did he not come home from a night out in manayunk. shane was last seen leaving
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kildare's irish pub on main street just before 2:00 a.m. on november 27th. his cell phone pink dollars less than an hour later off a tower in lower merion township. as thanksgiving day went on searches began to look all over manayunk, blue was no sign every shane. by dawn the next day hundreds of volunteers and police covered more than 400 acres. >> i have complete moments of despair, i miss my son i want to holds him he's my baby. >> for more than ten days passed before police found the major clue investigators say surveillance video from a nail salon captured shane walking toward a parking lot that leads to the schuylkill river. now, over the following weeks shane's family and volunteers fanned out across philadelphia, from center city to lincoln financial field. searches spread the word and they handed out thousands of flyers. but still no sign of shane.
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>> around here, nobody threats die. you got the green ribbons. you see houses all the way up in norristown today you see missing posters of him up there. >> a major break in the case on december 21st, dollars garden state underwater recovery unit found shane's keys alongside the bank of the river. the keys were found not far from where surveillance video spotted the 21 year old on the night he disappeared. now, shane's family spent christmas day and new years right along that river. the family says they spent every day searching alongside police and volunteer unit. then today, divers discovered, they located the body at the bottom of the schuylkill river right near the manayunk brewery and restaurant. shane's mom and dad say it is their son. >> we will have continuing coverage on air and on line of the discovery of shane montgomery's body. just go to to see pictures of shane and you're going to hear from the
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divers who spent weeks searching the river for shane. so, so sad. taking a look right now on your radar, we have winter weather advisory for parts of our area, let's take live look outside right now. it is wet. we have cold rain falling now sometimes heavily. some areas may even see the freezing rain, our caitlin roth is off. fox 29 meteorologist, dom kane davis is in. good evening dominica. >> yes, this rain has been over us all day long with wintery activity out to our north and west. that continues tonight. but really, this more steady rain will taper off to showers overnight. that will be the case through tomorrow, as well. so we're still looking at rain. philadelphia, up to montgomery, up to toms river that's where the rain is. still, looking at a little bit of a mix that is sending out through the poconos northwest new jersey, that will be the case, for this evening that's where we have winter weather advisory monroe, sussex county, still have advisory
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until 10:00. still see sleet, freezing rain, no accumulations but it is going to make the roads little bit slick out there. that's where the cool temperatures r for the rest of us we're sort in the this mild air. the temperatures are going to keep rising overnight. so here's a look at fox future cast. i want to show you the rain. 7:00 tonight we're basically down to showers just north of the city. still have little bit of wintery mix sitting out to the northwest. as we go through the evening we'll have on and off showers. so, it is not a steady rain, and that will be the case as we go into sunday, as well. now, tomorrow, temperatures get really warm around here. we will be look at temperatures in the upper 60s in many cases so thunderstorms will be on tap for tomorrow. we'll have a look at the complete forecast coming up. here's a look at your foxcast the showers continue right through the evening. a look at the seven day and get a check of your sunday weather in just a bit. >> thank you so much, dominica. terrible night to be out in the cold, but that's the case for eight families left out in
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this weather after that fire ripped through their homes in southwest philadelphia. they've got nothing tonight. this fire broke out along the 2200 block of south 68th street, last evening three people were hurt. our sabina kuriakose was there and spoke with the victims about the terrifying ordeal and what they're dealing with right now. >> clad in pajamas, slip ertz, red cross blankets, the only clothes on their backs as the victims of late night far moving fire that gutted three row homes in southwest philadelphia returned to survey the damage. >> i don't even know, hopeless. >> one of several liberian immigrant families living in these homes along the 2200 block of south 68th street skyfox over the scene as fire tore through the building just after 9:00 friday night. police say several people had to be rescued. others lept from the roof to safety. >> i lost my house. >> ernest really's 07 year
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olds grant father, among three people who were hurt. >> it is not easy to just end area new year, difficult situation like this. >> reporter: the red cross says eight families are without a roof over their heads. twenty-eight people in all including small children, as young as a one year old according to the victim. the fire burned so hot you can see where it melted the headlight of the cars parked along the street. this morning resident came back to salvage whatever they could. three homes are a total locals. no word yet on a cause of the fire. a mid the charred ruins beacon of light. bibles among the only items to survive fire. sabina kuriakose, "fox 29 news". police in camden country investigating what led to up a bizarre chain of events where a man shoots his ex girlfriends and her father and then he kills himself. it all ended right here, outside cooper hospital in
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camden, where police say the 23 year old man shot himself in the parking lot. now it, started around 3:00 this morning when the woman found all of her tires had been flattens. and she called her father for a ride. police say marxist johnson drove up alongside the father's car he shot through the window, shot the exgirlfriends in the head. her father, he shot in the leg. the woman's father drove to the hospital and police say johnson went there too and killed himself. tonight his ex-girlfriend is in critical condition. her father is stable. developing right now indonesian officials have detected four large objects they believe to be from the wreckage of airasia flight 8501 in the java sea. the largest piece appears to be part of the jet's body. 162 people were on board whether it lost contact with air traffic controllers and crashed on sunday. only 30 bodies have been recovered. the black boxes yet to be found. bad weather appears to be a factor in the plane's demise.
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the crash is the first for airasia. >> coming up: some amazing story of survival. a seven year olds girl is the only one to survive a plane crash. >> she managed to walk to a house a mile away. hear from the man who opened his door to find the devastated little girl pleading for help. >> plus, if you're afraid of heights there is may and little bit tough to watch. that guy is just on a zip line, high above las vegas for a long time. we've got the rescue coming up. >> reporter: former eagles player, birds giving complete control to chip kelly
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>> seven year olds girl from kentucky walked away from a plane crash that left several others dead. police say that disoriented little child made it to a stranger's home and told them about the accident. a short time later investigators found the plane with four people inside. fox's will car has the story. >> reporter: seven year old girl is out of the hospital after surviving a small plane crash which killed her parents, sister, and cousin. it happened friday night, in a rural part of western kentucky. police say the piper pa34 was flying to mount vernon, illinois from tallahassee florida whether it went down. somehow the seven year old managed to walk away from the wreckage. bloodied, shoe less, crying, she walked about a mile through, at that time woods to larry wilkins' house. >> she said mom and dad are
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dead. we have a plane crash. and the plane's upside down. >> wilkins called 911 and tried to clean up the girl the best he could before paramedics arrived. >> brave little girl, extremely, now i'm praying for her. she lost everything, both her parent gone. >> they lost air traffic controller getting first look at the wreckage, in this daylight. >> loss of life, especially near the holidays, and specially when it is a family. >> first responders saying the crash hit close to home. >> i've got a eight year old child myself. when i saw this, it appeared to be a seven year old child that had walked through this dense forest, and survived this, i mean, it is just real applier call. >> authority identified the girls parents as marty and kimber letter gust letter of nashville, where they had life-long roots. in los angeles will car fox
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news. hundreds of people pay their final respects this afternoon to new york city police officer lou's casket today in brooklyn, officer and his partner, rafael ramos killed two weeks ago. shot while sitting inside their cruiser by a man who had been making threats against cops on line. a week ago fellow officers turned their backs on the mayor, when he spoke at officer ramos' funeral service. many of them, accusing the mayor of creating an anti-police atmosphere in the city. after he supported demonstrators protesting the killings of unarmed black men by white police officers. today, the nypd commissioner warned cops not to make political statements. quite a scene, quite an explosion, happened happen in illinois. one person dead, another injured, in that house explosion. firefighters were called to a home in mondoline very little
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left of the house. see it smoking there. blast so strong it knocked items off of their shelves and walls, the community is devastated. >> it was big, i mean, i have some windows that are blown out, it is loud, loud, just amazing to how quickly a house can get leveled. >> it was snowing insulation. there was just unbelievable. >> i saw the fire start and it went really fast. the fire was within minutes out the roof, out the back of the house out all the windows. >> you can see it there. no word on what caused that explosion. >> student spent their day gearing up for their academic futures. more than 600 teens parents and mentors were on hand for a conference called blastoff to college and beyond on drexel university's campus. the program dealt with issues related to academic and personal success. student were able to learn all about the college application
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process, financial aid and speak with current college student. >> i think what we want to do is really set the tone for the year. we really want them to know whatever grade level they're in, whether they're a freshman, or college edge senior, what they need to do for the next of the year to make sure they're doing the best they can in high school and stay on the path to college. >> now, this is the 15th year for the program sponsored by philadelphia futures. it helps first generation college students prepare for higher education. >> bad news for many of our neighborhoods, that don't have many super markets just going to lose another option. bottom dollar super markets are getting ready to close for good in less than two weeks this chain plans to have all 66 locations in both philadelphia and pittsburgh closed by january 15th, including this one right here. this is in brewerytown. this is about 40 in our area. the company was purchased by ailed i ailed i super markets does plan to expands its operations in this country
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but has not committed to re-opening any of the specific bottom dollar stores. most every these stores are in neighborhoods where there are few super markets. >> take a toll on me, because they just open up, ain't been open up that long, and then closing so early takes a toll on people, you know, people were looking forward for it. >> from the people that shopped there and also for the people that work there there are more than 2,000 workers who are going to be laid off being offered severance, and employment services. >> well, 2014 had its share of unusual laws from making yogurt the official snack of new york state to delaware's ban on sale in distribution of shark fins. but don't worry, 2015 does not disappoint. fox's peter deuce i has the story. >> after the ball dropped on
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this new years eve be warned, there are thousands every new laws going into effect. while some are pretty standard, there are others that are a little out there. we start in california. good news for those of how like to take selfies without your clothes on. starting next year, if someone else posts the image without your approval, they could be charged with a misdemeanor. and it doesn't ends there. for californians, who will have more than 900 new laws, including allowing undocumented immigrants to apply for a drivers license. officials are anticipating around 1.4 million applications. in oregon, the buyer beware mantra goes out the window, when it comes to purchasing a new home. it is now the sellers responsibility to let you know if the house was once a methamphetamine lab. speaking of homes, in illinois it will now be illegal to booby trap yours. life is getting a little bit more laid back in massachusetts where you will no longer have to hold the pump when getting gas. gas stations will have the
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option to place clips on pumps, so you can step away. and finally, wine drinkers in the state can now have bottles shipped directly to their doorstep. the federal government also has more than 200 new laws on the books. some of them, rather interesting, including granting citizens ship for a 268 year old man the know social security for nazis act and allowing seagull egg collecting in alaska. in washington, peter deucey, fox news. well, still ahead on "fox 29 news" at 6:00, it is cold and flu season, and seems like a lot of people are really getting sick. >> half our news room is sick. raises the question. l vitamins help to keep you healthy? health experts way in on the benefit of supplement. finds out if they're worth the money. >> and bobcat ends up stuck inside the grill of a car. ya, it is amazing. see him there? the animal's wild ride. how he ended up in there in the first place coming up
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this was supposed to be an adventure, but the tourists get stuck. 80 feet above the grounds dangling from a las vegas zip line yes, it was adventure it was a 40-dollar ride t promises to fly the thrill psych ers over the freemont street experience. but this guy gets stuck for
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more than an hour yesterday afternoon. firefighters were eventually able to get the guy down to safety. this is all obviously under investigation. >> well, see this. a bobcat gets trapped inside one of the most unlikely of places. it managed to finds its way inside the grill of a car. it happened in scottsdale, arizona. the driver of this vehicle says that he was traveling along at close to 50 miles an hour when he hit a large cat. now, aj michael thought he killed the cat. he thought he had died. however, he stopped to check to see what damage there may have been. and that's when he saw the bobcat stuck in the grill peering out. >> you have wild animal, a lynx, and the fact that it had basically not used up any of it nine lives, which is a miracle. >> all right, look at him in there. well aside from being a bit
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started, the bobcat was not eastern seriously hurt, not much at all. congress heads back to work on tuesday, and one of the controversial issues to be taken up will be the keystone pipeline t would move oil from canada to refineries here in the u.s. >> debate just even in our area. lots of people aren't happy about it. we've got our molly hannenberg with this story from washington. >> reporter: president obama says the keystone pipeline is quote not going to be a huge benefit to us consumers. but republicans believe it would be a big job creator and they plan to move forward with it, as the first order of business in the 114th congress. the senate reconvenes tuesday as republicans take over the majority in the senate, expands the majority in the house. on wednesday the senate energy commit lee hold a hearing on the keystone bill, where the vote is expected on thursday. republicans plan to move that bill to a full senate vote soon after that. gop senator mitch mcconnell who will take over as senate majority leader next week says the pipeline will create,
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quote, well paying high wage jobs. quote, optimist being, a bill can get through the senate and house and get to the president's desk. president obama however, has voiced concerns. keystone pipeline, might crib to global warming. and says there are better ways to create jobs such as public works projects. but whether the president would veto a keystone bill and set up a confrontation with a new congress, or save veto for another bill, isn't clear. >> well, he will certainly veto anything he disagrees with, i think he's looking forward to brandishing the veto pin, because he's hardly ever used. >> republicans would need democratic support in both chambers in order to get the two thirds majority to override a presidential veto. in washington, molly hand erring berg, fox news. coming up on our "fox 29 news" at 6:00 we're going to continue to follow the breaking news, body believed to be the missing college student of shane montgomery has been found in the schuylkill river. we're live there in plan young. >> plus, the heart-warming
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story of twin sisters who spent 90 years together. why their relatives are calling the way they died a christmas miracle. dominica? >> well, it was one of those saturdays, very soggy. here is a look at some of the rain totals, mount pocono coming in close to an inch with the rainfall t continues tonight, tapers off to showers, we'll see that tomorrow along with some very warm tempera
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>> back to breaking news we've been following all day long, very sad ends to the search for 21 year old shane montgomery. family members have confirmed divers have found his body at the bottom of the schuylkill river in manayunk. shane had been missing since early morning hours of thanksgiving, when he was last seen leaving a bar in manayunk our dave kinchen is out there at the scene in manayunk right now with the latest dave? >> absolute devestation for the family of shane montgomery i spoke with his mother earlier. she said they finally brought him home. shane montgomery's mother and aunt shared hugs to go along with tears on rainy saturday after learning some investigators got a


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