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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  January 7, 2015 3:00am-4:01am EST

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fox 29 news in hd brought to you by x finity the future of awesome. ♪ >> right now temperatures are dropping. a live look outside tonight. route 70 that is in cherry hill. you can see the roads they're still wet from today' snow. live radar shows that snow is out of here. but the water left hyped could make a very slick morning commute. good evening to you, i'm lucy noland. >> i'm dawn timmeney in tonight for iain page. scott williams starting our team coverage with falling temp. >> falling temperatures, dawn and lucy and also that concern on the roadways with that black ice. it's really what you think is wet it's actually frozen. temperatures below freezing. 23 right now but look at the wind chill it feels like 14 degrees stepping outdoors right now. and look at temperatures area wide, 19 in dover as well as wilmington. eight in pottstown.
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11 degrees currently in the pocono mountains. but you factor in the wind, it feels like three below in the pocono mountains. it feels like 10 in millville. so the bottom line, cold tonight, overnight lows in the teens to around 20 degrees right around the philadelphia area. outlying suburbs even colder. watching out for the black ice especially those untreated roads. slippery for all of us today. walking around on the sidewalks as well as the road conditions. and once again below zero wind chills ahead by tomorrow night as even colder air heads in our direction. so when you wake up tomorrow morning at 4:00 a.m. in philadelphia, we're looking at temperatures around 21 degrees. and you can see we stay cold and below freezing pretty much the entire day tomorrow. once again we'll be watching the timing of that arctic front as it dives southward into our area bringing the coldest air yet. coming up the timing of that as well as the threat for even more snow with that seven day forecast. lucy and dawn, back to you.
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>> all right. scott, thank you. first the snow and now these frigid temperatures. scott has been telling us about. winter quickly settling in across our region. fox 29 in university city earlier this evening, where it's looking and feeling a lot like winter. fox 29's joanne pileggi live in upper darby tonight where people are bracing for this bitter cold, joanne? >> reporter: lucy, it doesn't take long for the cold to start creeping in. simply stand out here for a couple of minutes and the reality of winter sets in very quickly. so who is ready for it? and how are they dealing with it? >> put thermals on. double layer of clothes and drink plenty of hot stuff. >> reporter: much needed advice as folks are bundled at the 69th street station in upper darby. >> i'm hoping this is as cold as it gets because i can't take any colder. i don't like the. >> reporter: tamara stevenson may not like the cold but it's not an option. we all have to deal with it. from the postman making rounds to others who's occupations are
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made more treacherous when mother nature delivers the winter goods. it doesn't really bother me. a little bit of challenging. got to be extra careful. it's not too bad. >> reporter: you wouldn't want to go down with that thing on your shoulder. >> absolutely not. >> reporter: others must also carry on their work outdoors despite the weather. and there are necessary rules to follow at this construction site at hamilton and 21st. >> we got to clean the tracks every night or else it will freeze, you know what i mean, stuff like that. get your footing obviously tough to see beneath you when you're walking in snow. big type of hazard out there. >> reporter: and winter hazard it would be here at the art museum if not for the tedious task of clearing a safe path. >> get as little hectic sometimes. >> reporter: this is a big job. >> yeah. but that's what we do. we park and rec. that's what we. to one step at a time. >> reporter: i counseled 72. >> we don't count any more.
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just one step at a time. >> reporter: one step at a time. one day at a time. we will get through winter. we have no choice. well back here at the station it is cold and feeling colder and if you are traveling tonight tonight, be careful for black ice and some of the back roads could be slippery. for now we're live in upper darby i'm joanne pileggi fox 29 news. dawn, because to you in the studio. >> thank you joanne. the snow causing a real mess for drivers on area roads today. one person killed in this five-car pile up along haddonfield berlin road in cherry hill. fox 29's cameras were there assault trucks hit that same stretch to new neutralize the slick spots. things getting back to normal at philadelphia international airport tonight looking live at the airport right now. boy was it a different story earlier today. that winter blast delayed or canceled a whole lot of flights and scott told us how big this system is. a lot of the problems at our airport were because of issues with the same arctic front in other parts of the nation. if you're flying out tonight or in the morning you know it's
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always very good idea to check your flight status before heading to the airport. don't forget fox 29 has you cover. the moment you wake up our sue serio will have up to the minute forecast information. bob kelly has any problems out there on the roads. the fox 29 morning news starts at 4:00 a.m. followed by "good day philadelphia" from 6:00 to 10:00 with mike jerrick and alex holly. as always get the newest information about the weather right there on our website just click on the weather tab. >> scary scene on the busy center city street a car crash flood a building at 24th and walnut right around 6:15. you can see the damage left behind there. the entire front panel smashed the metal frame just hanging. police tell us that no one is hurt which is amazing. very busy area. city inspectors are now checking the building to make sure that it is safe. there's now a $20,000 reward to help catch whoever shot and killed this father of four. bernard ray was gunned down on sunday morning in the hunting park section of philadelphia. only on fox dave schratwieser
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speaks with grieving friends and family. dave is live at police headquarters tonight for us, dave? >> reporter: dawn, bernard ray has a big family ton night they are heart broken. they are speaking out hoping someone will come forward with information on his murder. >> beautiful son. beautiful father. hard worker. >> reporter: for the family and friends of 39-year-old bernard ray the loss of the father of four at the happened of a killer is almost too much to bear. >> the best son in the world. i loved him very much. i miss him very much. >> reporter: ray's family gather at their mount airy home tuesday tonight to remember a family man with a big smile a dedicated father and grandfather who lost his live early sunday morning. someone shot ray to death inside his car. >> homicide investigators are working the case.
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they're working the case till they get any leads any information. >> this man was god's gift to me. >> he was a good guy. definitely in his kids live all the time. >> reporter: at earth bread and brewery where bernard ray worked for the last four years there was deep sorrow and lots of respect. friends will hold a fundraiser here thursday night. >> he was a loving man. he was the type of man i wish i had as a father. always a brother to me. always gave me great advice as a father we both have kids. our kids play together. >> reporter: meanwhile family members clinic to their fond memories and lean on each other hoping for an arrest. >> person or persons who have done this need to be caught right away. they're not good people. >> reporter: memorial service for ray will be held on saturday saturday. that fundraiser at earth, bread and brewery will be thursday night from 4:30 to midnight again there's a $20,000 reward in this case if you have any information you should call the homicide unit.
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dawn? >> dave, so heartbreaking. thank you. developing now two men under arrest tonight in the shooting of two new york city police officers on the job yesterday. this following intense manhunt. police say they received 29 tips 10 of which identified the man in this security video. police say 23-year-old jason polanco opened fire on the plane clothes officers as they pursued him following a robbery at a bronx grocery store. the officers shift had just ended and they were about to head home for the night when they responded to the robbery report and ended up in a gun battle. new york mayor bill dee blass yo says the shooting is another indication of the dangerous dame injuries that police face. >> we depend on them to keep the whole city safe. they do it with extraordinary skill and professionalism and they are profound dangers and we saw examples of that this evening. >> reporter: the second suspect 28-year-old joshua kemp arrested after seeking treatment at a local hospital. officers are hospitalized in
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stable condition. >> a farewell to remember in new york city. the family mario cuomo laid him to rest today from dignitaries to every day people they turned out to remember the three term new york governor remembering him fondly his son and current governor andrew cuomo. fox's trace gallagher has more on the tearful farewell. >> reporter: he's hailed as liberal leader, oh full or rater and most important al loving father. >> poppa a day won't go by that i don't miss your smile and your strength. >> reporter: hundreds gathering in new york city tuesday to say goodbye to the former three time empire state governor mario cuomo. he died on thursday after his son andrew cuomo was inaugurated for a second term as governor. >> we will make this state a better state. and we will do it together. on that you have my word as your son. i love you pop and i always
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will. >> reporter: former governor cuomo led new york from 1983 to 1994 during his tenure he strongly backed spending for education and social welfare. he opposed capital punishment and vetoed several bills that would have reinstated the death penalty. he was also described as a human any of the whose politics were part and parcel of his beliefs not strategies for pleasing people. some say it was those beliefs that made him loved by many. >> a great atmosphere to be here. people -- this is really new york at its best. new york comes out for people it loves, people that have made a difference people that have made an impact. >> a special person like this passes you have to show your will he spec. >> reporter: following the service, a private burial was held at a nearby cemetery. former governor cuomo is survived by his wife, four kids and 14 grandchildren. trace gallagher fox news. >> republicans now controlling congress for the first time in eight years. house speaker john boehner sworn for this third term gone right
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to work. a record 46 members of congress sworn in. five of whom are beginning their first terms on the hill. including the house's first black female member utah republican. the gop now holds 246 seats in the house and 54 of the 100 in the senate. man walking home at a popular local neighborhood gets jumped punched kicked and hit with trash can much police are hoping you can help them find the guys responsible. >> parents listen up h did you this sun. no more homework? the new trend in schools that keeps all those tricky problems in the classroom classroom. >> a new mother and her brand new baby kept apart for a month. until now. >> like falling in love all over again. >> aww. what forced mother and son to stay in different states since the moment little micah was born born. plus that's bill gates drinking sewer water. why this video is everywhere tonight.
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>> firefighters responding to a call. the crew was at the site of an accident oak and south fran link streets this morning. park at the scene part of their fire equipment slid down the icy street hitting a parked vehicle and home. licenses and inspections deemed the second floor apartment unsafe for now at least. they're assisting the landlord in finding the tenants housing. >> do you know who these guys are? philadelphia police sure hope you do. they are wanted for a vicious attack on a 28-year-old man in
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fishtown last month. >> police say they are responsible for more than just that assault. shawnette wilson is in fishtown night. shawnette, this incident has neighbors there feeling a little uneasy. >> reporter: they are. you know what the victim is extremely lucky he suffered only minor scrapes and bruises. he was treated at the hospital. still he's very shaken up. i spoke with him on the phone not too long after that attack happened. however he did not want to go on camera. in the meantime, police hope you can help them catch whoever did this. this surveillance video shows one of three suspects wanted for attacking a man in fishtown. police have been trying to find out who they are and where they are. since it happened 2.5 weeks ago. they just released the video tonight. >> it's unfortunate and shocking. >> reporter: some people who live in the area of east norris street where it happened on the 2300 block are concerned. police say the victim was walking home around 1:30 the morning of december 20th when three men approached him. an argument broke out and police
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say the suspects punched kicked and hit the victim with a trash can. >> i do walk around this neighborhood a lot by myself and my sister lives two blocks down and she walks with her, you know, four month old baby a lot not at night but still you never know when it's going happen rt report video shows one of the suspects leaving a house on the same block where the attack happened. police say it's a house they've received lots of complaints about over the past year. although they don't believe the suspects live there. steven brown has lived in the area 3.5 years. >> i've heard of like things like this happening just a couple blocks away but it's spares. it's not very common. i'm not concerned. >> reporter: and police also tell me that the victim dropped his car keys on the ground during the scuffle. they say the suspects picked up the keys and then stole the victim's car. dawn? >> thank you, shawnette. south philadelphia family is out of their home following a fire. flames shooting out of this row home on the 2200 block of
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lambert street short particularly 3:00 o'clock this morning. firefighters did get everyone out safely. one person did have to go to the hospital. still no word on their condition but a neighbor says the intense flames and all the noise woke him up. >> i just woke up. looked out the window and seen all these flames. that's all. it's a fire and just came out the house. >> pretty scare reach the cause of that fire is under investigation. really hard to imagine a young person feeling so desperate they would take their own life. but that tragedy hit burlington township high school twice in less than week. now the new jersey community is left grieving and trying to understand what happened. >> january 1st, new year's day, a 15 year old boy killed himself inside his salem road home. four days later, monday night an 18-year-old young man took his own life inside his home on east sixth street. grieve counselors spent this day at the high school. trying to help fellow students
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make sense of what's happened. mental health experts long affiliated with the burlington district say they couldn't remember a student suicide in this district before the twin tragedies of this past week. but they say multiple suicides are not so rare. >> when someone gets to the point where they're making a true attempt at their life and they're young and they're struggling and they see a peer do something it becomes reality reality. it becomes plausible and becomes possible. >> reporter: this person did it, maybe i can do it as well? >> that's right. so -- so what one seemed unheard of or just conceptual now actually becomes something that took place. >> reporter: we think we understand when a bullyied loner takes their own life. but these experts say even popular kids, members of the football team, can snap when they're seemingly per fact lives hit a bump in the road. >> at their age, you know, the smallest incident can seem like the end of the world, you know
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um, it's hard to look past a break up, a fight with your best friend, a failure on a test that you thought you were going to ace. any of those things can be snowballed for a child or an adolescent and just being there letting them know it's not the end of the world it's okay to make mistakes that's how we -- we grow to the people we are living from your mistakes learning from them and moving on. >> reporter: as a parent you can help by keeping the lines of communication open. make it very clear to your kids that you're there for them when and if they're ready to talk about their problems. go to click seen on tv and we'll link you to some good resources and some good advice on the subject of teen suicide. in the newsroom, bruce gordon, fox 29 news. pleasantville police questioning beanie sigel today following his release from the hospital yesterday. the rapper was there recovering for more than a month after being shot and critically wounded at his brother-in-law's house. police want to know if sigel had any information on just who shot him and why. right now sigel's snifter law is
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considered a person of interest in the case. moorestown, new jersey, swears in the youngest mayor in the town's history. >> 26-year-old victoria napalitano took the mayor's gavel tonight. rem can is a union county native in her first term as council member. she graduated from drexel university and one of her main goals to help improve the camden of a business district. >> i find public service very important. certainly have strong opinions and i'm not afraid to share them and that's kind of what got me here. >> napalitano was the top vote getter in the 2012 council race. also making history manny delgado becoming the council's first hispanic member. >> he wanted to pay his respects to relatives that had passed and he ends up getting stabbed in a cemetery. the simple question his attacker asked before breaking out a blade. >> who would steal baby jesus? it seems like it happens every year, doesn't it? however
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surveillance cameras caught this person who helped with this crime. ♪ >> eagles fans, it may not get worse than this. why new jersey may be fueling the cowboys winning streak. ♪o7o8g÷yh
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♪ >> entire road in iowa is completely gone. i mean look at that. only thing left giant sink hole here and there. authorities say a water main broke erosion wiped out the pavement leaving holes as deep as 10 feet. no one is hurt. no car is damaged. but public works employees have been bracing single digit temperatures trying to clean this one up. >> it was a cold start and a blustery finish to the day for many americans all across the country. the commute in chicago was much like ours here this morning as drivers battled snow covered roads. out in the ohio valley people could see up to 15-inches of snow. cold canadian air to blame for this wintry weather even the sunshine state of florida expecting freezing temperatures. well, a visit to the cemetery almost turns deadly for a georgia man. >> while paying respects to his family he almost lost his own
3:24 am
life. james white was visiting the graves of his uncles last week a man approached and asked him if he had any money on him. white said that he only had a dollar but he he'd give him that. the man said no thanks. white says moments later he looked and that man was rummaging through his car. >> i tapped him on the shoulder he turns around and hits me. and when he hits me, we go into a tussle go into a little fight and, um, we both fall on the ground. >> it wasn't until after that man ran off that white noticed the guy had stabbed him with his own exact knife. he drove himself to the hospital and doctors told him that he had been stabbed four times. police are now searching for the man who attacked him. in virginia, two years behind bars for the commonwealth's former governor bob mcdonnell. mcdonnell and his wife maureen took bribes to promote a dietary supplement made by a company called star scientific. maureen mcdonnell sentencing is february 20th much the former
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governor has to report to prison by february 9th. >> the space x falcon rocket still on the launch pad tonight rocket trouble scrubbed this morning's launch with a minute left on the countdown clock. space x was really hoping to make history off the florida coast today. in texas aerospace company has been practicing landing his rocket to reuse it. rockets end up trashing in the ocean one and done thing but space x wants to reuse its rockets save a lot of money also help the environment. so once the launch does happen space x will try to land that rocket on a platform in the atlantic. the next attempt to s friday. the rocket is carrying the dragon capsule loaded with groceries and holiday gifts for the astronauts on the international space station. well get a good look at this guy. police say he carjacked a pregnant woman with her toddler at the car wash. >> wanted to kill somebody. i thought he was going to take me and my kids life. >> she tried to run with her son but he chased her. she's calling someone a hero
3:26 am
tonight. fine out who. >> and temperatures continue to drop. some of the coldest air yet. it's still waiting to move in. how cold it gets and when it arrives next. >> and forget hideing your flaws when looking for love. why one new dating site says, hey, you might want to flaunt them.
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>> temperatures dropping like a rock. life look out at the roads tonight show many are still quite wet from today's -- you can see that glistens. this is 495 in wilmington, delaware. that's the upon let me as it gets colder. you can have an icy forty five tomorrow morning. scott williams is tracking exactly what you need to know in just minutes. oregon man is in jail accuse of carjacking a pregnant woman at a car wash. >> there were some definite tense moments as fox's kelsey what's report the victim is grateful for someone else intervening and basically saving her life. >> he told me give me your keys bleep you ain't go nowhere. >> reporter: this is the man
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this woman says she has nightmares about. she's pregnant and had her 284 old in the back seat at the eco car wash sunday. she was vacuuming out her car when she says marvin walker, jr., jumped in the drivers seat. it's the look on his face she remembers most. >> like he was mad. she wanted -- he wanted to kill somebody. i thought he was going to take me and my kids life. >> reporter: she grabbed her son and ran but walker followed. >> he said, hey come back here, and so i just kept running and then some other girl was there. >> reporter: that other girl police say yelled after walker to stop him. but he turned his attention on her. pushing her up against the car demanding her keys and threaten threatening to establish her. she was able to fight him off and nobody was hurt. >> the fact that the other lady come over and tried -- she's a hero. >> reporter: a her row also in the eyes of the woman she potentially saved. >> it was a blessing actually. if sean there i don't know what could have happened. >> walker was in court charged
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with robbery two robbery three and coercion a measure 11 crime. police say he was arrested he was drunk and admitted to using meth just two hours earlier. >> i hope he goes away for a long time. we don't need any more people like that on the streets. that was kelsey what thes reporting. a philadelphia pizza chain employee is faceing bribery charges to night. prosecutors say that thrive-year-old adolpho della cruz tried to bribe an undercover agents twice. in one of the incidents prosecutors say della ruse paid the inspector $500 to give the business a pass and not come back for a year. he now faces two counts of bribery. >> someone tried to torch the iconic home in mrs. doubtful in san francisco. nobody is hur. the 1993 movie mrs. doubt fire prominently featured the home. the movie starred the late robin
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williams and that home became a make shift memorial following williams death last year. turning now to health news. flu season has gotten so bad it's being called an epidemic by doctors and it's getting worse. parents are concerned as the virus claimed the lives of 21 children in 11 states so far. it is widespread in 43 states. although health officials still recommend getting vaccinated. the flu usually peaks between december and february. but it can last as long as may. a georgia mom is reunited with her newborn baby one month after giving birth. a doctor had allowed gay ann richards to go an 8-day cruise last month. she wasn't due until april. but she got sick and had to be airlifted to a hospital in the turks and caicos islands. she gave birth four months early to a baby boy. the child was transported to a hospital in miami while gay an inform and her husband were flown home to georgia. she struggled with her medical
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problems. >> there was fluid in my lungs. and it was -- my blood pressure was really high. i had a fever that would not break. >> this week gay an inform became strong enough to make the trip to miami to see her little son. doctors say he is getting stronger each and every day. >> she said it's like falling in love all over again. love that. how cute is this? >> baeba making the most of her very first snow day. she's 16 months old. tumbled around in a winter wonderland. i love that. watch this all night long. so fantastic. panda cam. you can't get enough of that. >> exactly. >> the weather calls. >> on our radar cold. >> yeah. some of us were tumbling like that panda earlier today. i mean slippery spots out there. that will be the deal again overnight and tomorrow morning. so allow extra travel time. but look at the temperatures.
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the low 19 today. the high temperature only 24. so we stayed below freezing today. we'll stay below freezing tomorrow. but look at the record. back in 2007, on today's date. it was 73 degrees. that was the record high for today's date. so if you thought today was cold even colder air is going to be moving in from canada tomorrow with an arctic front. the snowfall earlier today it accumulated one to 2-inches. it is out of here. so chadds ford saw about 2.3. atlantic city 1.1. officially at the philadelphia international airport we received an inch of snowfall. right now 23 degrees but the feels like temperature that's how you need to dress. 14 right now stepping outdoors. it's 10 currently in millville. we have nine in lancaster. 11 degrees in the pocono mountains. take look at rode line. that is the freezing line. by tomorrow morning we're looking at temperatures around 20 in philadelphia.
3:35 am
two in dayton, ohio. minneapolis will be 12 below. and then tomorrow afternoon only about 24 degrees. but watch what happens tomorrow night with that arctic front. it moves all the way to the gulf coast. houston 30 degrees by thursday morning. 28 in new orleans and we are looking at 11 degrees in philadelphia. but once again we'll have feels like temperatures below zero tomorrow night and also into thursday morning. but take a look. it will be worse once you move north and west. it could feel like 40 below wednesday night into thursday morning for minneapolis, it could feel like 50 degrees below zero for business mark, north dakota. so for tonight watch out on the roadways for black ice tomorrow morning as well. sue serio will update the forecast at 4am. bob kelly will have the latest on the roads with traffic but 25 degrees will be the high temperature tomorrow and those winds will pick up in the afternoon think were that arctic front. tepp degrees for the low tomorrow night into thursday. and look at the temperatures on
3:36 am
thursday. 22 degrees. it stays cold but a little better 36 degrees by friday. cold shot again for saturday. 29 degrees. and then not as harsh upper 30s by sunday. and, yes some clouds, maybe even some flurries by monday and tuesday of next week. but temperatures won't be as brutal. it's really that wind that makes the difference. >> absolutely. >> you guys love your gadgets. right. yes. >> making your life with the latest and greatest technology. wait until you see what starring at the huge consumer electronic show. >> why is bill gates drinking sewer water? the reason this video is everywhere tonight. >> and bar fight turns nasty how surveillance video could actual
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♪ baby jesus is missing from the nativity seep at a new jersey church because two crooks made off with it. the crime caught on surveillance. it happened in sayreville in the overnight hours between saturday and sunday. in the video you can see two thieves wearing hooded sweatshirts plotting to nab the statue outside the church. once the coast is clear they move in and one of the guys grabs the baby jesus before the pair runs off. in your money consumer electronics show opens in vegas. this is the world cup. the super bowl of technology conferences. 30 football fields of exhibit space. you'll find a lot of things for your home this year.
3:40 am
smart home devices like temperature controls usb synched fire alarms even row moat locks. that might be the boring stuff. there's all kinds of things going on here. about 20,000 new products will debut this year. this video is everywhere tonight. so why is watching bill gates drink water so interesting? well, the answer is, because it started out as human waste. >> gates is promoting a new project that could help billions worldwide so check it out. >> this is where the sludge enters the machine it goes up this conveyor belt it's fed into these large tubes. we call the drier. that's where we boil the sludge. and in the boiling process we separate the water vapor from the solids. >> a furnace burns the waist which creates energy. the water gets filter the and purified making it save to drink. gates says 2 billion people worldwide do not have access to adequate sanitation. parents listen up how does this sound? no more homework. students and teachers are saying
3:41 am
it helps. >> no one is going to judge you if you don't know the answer to problem. >> the new trend in schools that keeps all those tricky problems in the classroom. >> and forget hiding your flaws when looking for love. why one new dat
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♪ >> what if you never had to do homework with your children again? i kind of like doing that homework. i know i'm weird. educators have just flipped the learning model. most of us grew up on its head making sure those who know the material the best are the ones helping your children get through it. fox 29's joyce evans introduces to flipping. >> come on in. choose your seat. >> reporter: it look like after school study hall when you walk in room 203 at friends haverford. >> we'll talk about yesterday's stuff. >> reporter: not sixth period math class. >> not one of your top 10 guesses, right. >> reporter: students working alone. working in small groups teaching each other. >> two at a time in a video challenge. >> i'm on level 12. >> reporter: is that good. >> yes. >> if i take one from both sides. >> reporter: or specialized
3:45 am
instruction with the teacher where you get to ask any question you want. >> started to it but then it would get all jumbled up. >> this is being multiplied by five. >> reporter: did you get it? >> yeah. eventually. >> it's about taking every student and meeting them exactly where they are and giving them that just right lesson for where they are to get them to the next place. >> reporter: madeleine is doing her homework. >> because that's an option thing we're allowed to. >> that would be great idea. >> reporter: this is how they do it in chris mccann's math class of fifth and sickth greater. >> why is that so difficult now? the days of teachers standing at the front of room lecturing people are number. >> reporter: new school versus old school. sort of. >> in my classroom all of that still happens. it just doesn't happen in the same order and it doesn't happen all in one big group report roar the bases of the flipped learning model. technology driven where tra dig al class lessons like lectures are watched on video at home. when the application and
3:46 am
practice or the traditional homework all this is new for all of us and there's certain stations. >> it's not easy for a student to walk into class sit down and get to work without the teacher speaking to them necessarily. let's talk little bit about the steps. >> reporter: teacher chris as he's called tried it out for the first time last school year. >> we're using published curriculum and but they feel like it's personalized because the pace is personalized for them. >> reporter: they are grouped and graded but only tee which are chris knows where they really stand. no peer pressure. no judging. >> they learn from each other and there's not the hierarchy of the honors class and the non honors class. >> reporter: a roveing math coordinator also checks in to see if they're really getting it it. they seem to really like it. >> it helps me think better and helps me focus more.
3:47 am
>> it gives you more confidence to work because no one is going to judge you if you don't know the answer to a problem. >> if you need help we can ask each other and i like people able to ask each other things. >> a lot of the educational work we do is dependent upon our ability to be flexible. >> head of school michael sim sherman believes the combination of traditional teaching and the flipped model may be what the united states needs to regain high standing in education. >> so it's vital. >> joyce tells us there are educator who's say the flip method may not be practical for classes that are overcrowded have lower achieving students with other needs or may not be motivated for this type of disciplined and independent study. surveillance video could be what saved screech from saved by the bell diamond -- dustin diamond appearing in court on judges of stabbing another person in a wisconsin bar on christmas. newly released surveillance video could back up diamond's claims of self-defense. diamond and his fiance' were
3:48 am
arrested after an argument turned violences according to witnesses and the video it's unclear who or what hit the victim. diamond is back in court later this month. all right. this is kind of -- >> interesting take on things. forget hiding your flaws when looking for love. >> one new dating site wants you to flaunt them. fox's jennifer lamers explains what's called settle for love. >> my name is george. i'm unemployed and i live with my parents. >> reporter: don't you wish it were that easy? cutting through the nonsense and just putting it all out there. well now thanks to new dating site it's okay to lay down those cards. even the ones that wear socks with sandals or have that secret bottle of row gain. it's called settle for love. >> really gives you the name we want to jump out people. we want people embracing imper if he can. we don't think people to join anything it's a traditional not because it's not. >> here's how it work you up
3:49 am
load a good pick which an bad picture. fill out what kind of person you would settle for and then list your own pros and cons. ashley wrote this. pros. my looks are a six but my personality mays me an 8.5. cons, chubby sweaty, hairy clue less. >> maybe it will work. member not. >> the best way to do it. if they're honest. the only way to go. >> it's not like dating sites aren't successful. a few research found 11% of americans use them and 5% of americans who are either married or in a committed relationship found their significant other online. there's something for everyone. .people, little people, senior people even farming people. ♪ folks just don't get it. >> reporter: as for settle for love co-founder david wheeler says in the last two weeks his site has exploded from 50 members to more than 3,000. so by george maybe there is something to be said about a little honesty.
3:50 am
>> i'm really sorry. >> reporter: maybe we don't have to shrink from the truth. after all. >> i was in the pool. i was in the pool! >> jennifer lamers, fox news. >> that's a classic seinfeld. >> i love costanza. >> i love howard, too. >> okay. i'm sure you love me because i'm not one way or another on costanza. >> the flyers head into a shootout tonight. coming off a five game losing streak. and the shootout went five rounds. and there's more fallout on the cowboys lover new jersey governor chris christie. and hear that crush cowboys owne
3:51 am
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3:53 am
♪ it's been a long season for the flyers. coming off long road trip and coming home off a five game losing streak. this flyers team has trouble putting the puck in the net it went to shootout tonight against ottawa. to the wells fargo zen. wayne simmon in the second period of a scoreless game. got to have little bit of that. became simmons a big part of this game much the flyers down one to nothing. in the third period, on the power play simmons in front
3:54 am
scores. so it's one-one. still haven't trouble scoring. they go to shootout and on the fifth round this is wane simmons guess what? he scores. flyers win it two-one. happy birthday on ed snider's 82nd birthday today. and villanova coming off their only loss of the season. jay wright going for this 300th win tonight against saint john. it is a close game and bang. villanova scores and villanova up five in the second half. for the first time in -- since 1955 the baseball hall of fame had four players vote the in the same year and one is an ex phillie at least for little while. that would be pedro martinez. seven great years with the boston red sox. played a part in the 2009 season with the phillies. where he went five and one. pedro won three cy young awards and 217 games in his career. also voted in randy johnson got the eighth highest vote percentage all hi time 97%. also, voted in was atlanta starter and reliever john smoltz
3:55 am
and craig bitch geo now a hall of famer. you need 75% of the vote to get. mike piazza missed again with 69% of the vote. some question whether it was a steroid user there's no stories anywhere to support that. and curt shilling has give haven't his pitch but only got 39% of the votes needed. other notable misses but these for steroid use for roger clemens, barry bonds, mark mcguire seam sosa those guys will never get into the hall of fame. all right. not lot of people in our area who like the dallas koy bows or jerry jones much the official liked them on sunday and gave them the game. let's not forget the governor of new jersey chris christie goodbye that he is but this love fest goes both ways. so much so that jerry jones flew christie and his family to dallas on his private jet at no cost to christie but listen to jones and his crush on christie. >> i don't know how in any way can think about going up there
3:56 am
without having him. he's part of our mojo. i want him there all the way. i'll tell you if he's got enough mojo to pull this thing out he ought to be look as president of the united states. >> not hardly. the wall street journal a story today, jerry jones owns legends hospitality. approved in bid that christie and cuomo the governor. new york oversee for the port authority building in world trade center which could be worth $875 million. is that a conflict of interest? it does not conform to the code in new jersey. >> howard roaring the news these days. >> editorials. >> have a good night.
3:57 am
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>> get ready for the colds he is day of the season so far until tomorrow, which will then become the coldest day of the season so far n for stretch of real cold weather hope you have lots of layers we sent steve keeley out with his layers and will be hearing from him live coming up. >> sue, thank you. newspaper for you this morning, piece of the air airasia plane is found how it will aid the search for the missing crew and all every those bodies. >> i 200 years in the past, time capsule in massachusetts is finally opened, what was inside that's giving us a sneak peak in history. >> delicate did i opening that up. >> you're so


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