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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 6a  FOX  January 7, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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cold, cold. dangerous cold. how deep is this deep freeze? sue will tell you. >> man beat up in a up and coming neighborhood. and if that wasn't enough, then his car was stolen. police say they've been called out to this area before. the problem they have however, is tracking these guys down. and a huge piece of the puzzle, huge piece of the plane found now, a piece that far crashed airasia plane found in the java sea. tan could be a vital clue as to what happened to that flight. what crews found overnight. and let's take a trip back in time to the 1700s. a time capsule opened for the first time, in more than 200 years. what some of histories' biggest names place dollars inside that box. >> that is so fascinating isn't it? >> paul revere put stuff in there. >> snickers? >> i think george washington
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put something in there, too? >> if we were going to make a time capsule today what would you put in it? like they put coins and stuff in the 1700s cents. >> and newspaper articles? >> yes. >> parking ticket. >> couple actually i like to throw in the box. >> the traffic today trumps the cold weather must be big. >> with the temperatures being solo no melting going on, so there is ice everywhere. here is a live look at i95 right now, northbound lane of 95 jammo from center city, all the way up to girard avenue. all lanes block so they could clear the crash quickly the traffic backing up like the pile of pancakes here, from downtown look at this guy, facing the wrong way that's his brakes lights. >> not good.
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>> not good head be westbound approaching the king of prussia interchange. so that's two examples, two of the major roadways, even though there is no ice on the travel lanes, all it takes is just maybe for little veering over to the left, or to the right. and your tires pick up the icy park maybe, on the shoulder of the roadway could send you spinning even the front step, step out the front door corks have that fine glaze, tip, if it looks wet it is most likely ice this morning. we look at the airport circumstance nel south jersey, again, any of the fly-over ramps, your bridges, your overpasses, will have tendency to find some ice there this morning. amtrak track problems all of the trains for the newark wilmington line, only coming north this morning in toward center city, no service to the church man crossing or to the newark stations, so far so
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good at philly international. mike alec, back to you. >> thank you, it is almost 6:03, in fact, it is right now, firefighters -- >> i think we'll do some weather. >> we're not skipping over you, sue. >> bob, that was a jammo. >> always in the morning. we get better as the morning goes on. >> sure, like fine wine. >> it is all right, it is cold, our brains are frozen. five out of ten our number for the day. at least the sunshine will return today. may have to put some shades on bus stop buddy. but he has the right idea, as little exposure of your skin as possible, with these chills that are the teens right now will stay in the teens all day long with this wind. picking up, now that the snow is gone from yesterday. the cold air is rolling in, and 22 degrees is our current temperature, but look what it feels like. now the windchill is nine. sunrise is at 7:23 this morning. yesterday, along with the first snowflakes, of the year, we had 24 degrees for high
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temperature not going to do much bet war high of 25. it will never feel like 25. it will feel a lot colder than that with windchills in the teens all day long, your sunset time is 4:52. so the coldest morning. >> so cold, across the country, schools are closed from minute society, a dakotas, down to ohio. but this is our problem for firefighters over night, can you imagine fighting a fire in the cold? trying to figure out with a spark this one overnight homes in bucks county. happened just before 10:30 on curly mill road chalfont. ing it crews about two hours to knock this one down. it is un control. known hurt. >> okay, 6:04, let's get back to talking how cold it isment following the first snow of the season everyone now trying to deal with t you know is he can perth at dealing with the bitter cold? >> steve keeley. >> oh, yes he is. >> in maple shade. is there any shade?
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so much worse up in toronto two guys in their 50's found dead this week, they had protests at city hall because blaming government officials there, for not taking care of the homeless, any better. one guy found in a bus shelter in just t-shirt and jeans, and another guy found in a van. so, we have those code blues in effect for a reason, and that's trying to get these people to get off the streets and toronto really takes care of their people, you have dead people up there because it is so cold, another town on that lake erie and lake ontario waterfront right across, right up north of buffalo which we talk about so frequently on the show, and then all of those school district, more than 100 around the chicago area shutdown, just because they don't want kids outside and windchills about four below zero. that makes it feel little warmer, even though it is very cold here today. compared to yesterday, because we have the cold plus the wind now then tomorrow even worse. we talk about driving
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conditions, even though all of the precipitation fell yesterday. well, a lot of it melted because of all of the salt on the roads. delays it looks wet everywhere. all on the road surfaces what we call black ice meaning, it is invisible and a lot of people are really speeding around corners specially in their neighborhoods, they get here to the wawa route 73, and they're telling us really take it easy. even if you're only going 20, 25 miles an hour, if you're leaving this certainly the goo thing nobody will be on those corners walking their dog or the kids going to school, but a lot of people telling us they are sliding as soon as they hit the first turn of the morning really not knowing that the ground is so slippery, because it doesn't look like there is anything on the ground at first glance. seeing at the wawa, right past the spot where everybody is driving. see a lot of ice build up. a lot of stuff that you don't want to be driving on. so mike, alec, i don't know if you were watching earlier but this was my look earlier. tom lowden wanted knee show my face, guy in charge of the
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show. but i thought this was good look for me. >> that's your best look ever. >> mike, check this out mike i brought a home portable fireplace with me today. >> i through. >> not just for looks it, puts out heat, so very warm for us out here today if anybody want to toast marshmellows with me electric style i'm game. >> i'm not going to eat the smors after up put your butt up against it. >> more warms, mike. >> i saw those things on qvc almost bought one the other day. >> you are addicted. i'm surprised you didn't. >> oh, man, to other news now. >> 6:07. search is on for suspect want in the connection with a beating after fishtown man. >> happened on december 20th now, police are releasing this surveillance video hoping you can catch the suspect behind this attack. we do have video of one of the suspect who police think is
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responsible for beating a 28 year old man walking on east norris street in fishtown, again, on december 20th when three men about 18 years old punched, kicked, hit the victim with a trash can. shows one of the suspect outside after house on the block police say they've received complaints about the house, but don't believe the suspect live there. neighbors tell us, they are concern, they also tell us they've not really seen too much trouble in the area. so they were kind of surprised and taken back by what occurred on december 20th. during the attack, the victim dropped his car keys, police say, the suspect later picked them up, came back, and stole the man's car, fortunately the victim is doing okay, he did escape the attack with only some scrapes and bruises. alex mike? >> so did we ever see that beating on the tape, on the surveillance video? >> no, it looks like it is video from a separate incident that just happened to capture one of the suspect apparently, they all hang out
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around this house that's become trouble in the neighborhood. >> i mean, guy cold, does he have to pea? what? >> weird. >> while were you sleeping crews were searching a job at sea of course looking for signs of the lost airasia plane. well there is morning they think they found a vital clue, a big piece of the plane. >> scrubbed last minute, what space x hopes to do that could change space travel forever. and when they'll get a second
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>> built errly cold. >> things are moving this morning. >> okay, so, 6:00 it the tail of the missing airasia flight 8501 has been found in the java sea and this latest discovery may lead to many unanswered questions. the plane's black box is located in the aircraft's tail. areas of flight 8501 december appeared on december 28th no survivors have been found. >> well, hidden away for over 200 years. this is fast nature to go me. but now we're finley getting a glim many whatever was inside that time capsule. what we're learning about the past. >> bob? >> hey here's what in your future headed out the front door. ninety-five northbound, jammo
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>> win year ago today, ended up being the colds eggs day of 2014 january 7th morning low was four, our daytime high was 13. i may be wondering what's the coldest day ever in philadelphia, ever ever, the cold else of the colds? it was 11 degrees, below zero, on february 9th of 1934. >> wow. >> remember, mike? >> i was going to school that day. >> and you walk 10 miles both
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ways? >> yes. >> with no shoes. >> no shoes. >> checking national temperatures, cold out there right now, but one in chicago the actual temperature is seven below in minneapolis next time we will check the windchills, which are even colder, 22 in new york city, and the win chill right now in philadelphia, is lower than this 22 degrees, so we have, 18 in wilmington, 20 in atlantic city. but this is what it feels like outside. five below in mount pocono, 9 degrees windchill right now in philly, three is what it feels like in allentown and feels like 18 in millville and nine in wilmington. and thanks to these wind speeds, which are now picking up, those windchills will probably be staying in the teens all the day long, layers layers, layer especially waiting for a bus make sure the kids are bundled as little skin exposure as possible. ultimate doppler radar snow from yesterday is gone. we ended up with between one to 2 inches just about
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everywhere, just as predicted. now just expecting a flurry or two today as more cold air rushes in the possibility of little snow burst or two, but if you think this morning is cold, if you think last year was cold, tomorrow morning will be the coldest and dangerous cold, and that's why we have windchill advisory expecting windchills between five to 10 degrees below zero. tomorrow morning, with a actual low temperature of about 8 degrees so if you think today is cold tomorrow will be the coldest day of the year so far and of this seven day forecast. does get little better friday, reinforcements move, in cold again, 24 saturday, partly sunny sunday, potentially messy weather monday and tuesday next week. didn't take long for problems to crop up on the roads this morning. >> , no it didn't. it didn't take long for skyfox to get up either. looking live from skyfox over the scene of the nasty accident on i-95 northbound at girard avenue.
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one of the vehicles involved getting up on the tow truck there. now there is had all lanes block for the last 15 minutes or so. >> at least three cars. but see the road surface? that's a sign, if it looks wet, it is most likely iciment and in the construction zone, or even trickier, as that win blows around some of the snow blows back on to the roadway on the overnight northbound lanes of 95 mess right now, going to the jam cam. the penndot cash camera, bumper to bumper from from center city stack up like the french toast here from the vine expressway, all the way up through girard, getting ready to leave center sit right now, gabe old school. delaware avenue past the sugarhouse, check out this fellow, schuylkill expressway westbound wound up leaving the roadway, got spun around facing the opposite direction again, just an example of the
6:19 am
icy spots that could pop up out of no where on even our major roadways. so the westbound schuylkill, right near 202 watch for a crash. and here is the intersection of route one at creek road, in chaddsford, an example of what you are going to have to deal with this morning making left or right turn, intersections could have chunky ice still out there. wilmington regional rail line, no service south of wilmington, all because of amtrak track problems, so no service to to church manor to the newark station, but otherwise the schuylkill and the blue route looking good. no delays at the airport. alec, back over to you. >> one of two new york city officer injured in a robbery and shooting late monday night is expected to be released from the hospital today. two suspect are under arrest for the armed robbery jason palanco facing attempted robbery and murder charges second suspect joshua kemp has been charged with robbery. shooting of the officers comes two weeks after two other new york city police officers were
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killed in a ambush. and republicans now control congress for the first time in eight years. >> house speaker john boehner sworn in for his third term, then got right down to work, record 46 members of congress were sworn in, took them all afternoon to dot hand shakes and the swearing in. five of which are beginning their very first terms on the hill, including include the house's first black female member. utah republican me a love. the gop now holds 246 seat in the house and 54 of the 100 in the senate. >> and the house has re-elected just said john boehner speaker of the house for his third term. the ohio republican garnered the votes of 216gop lawmakers that means a lot of people voted against him. kind of an embarrassing slap, 25 republicans voted for other candidate, and kind of revolt. marking the biggest defection in at least 100 years.
6:21 am
last time this many members against imagine or speaker back in 1860. yep, i was there, as women. >> the city of boston got the chance to look back more than 200 years in the past. i love a time capsule. >> officials at the museum of fine arts hemmed open the time capsule at the massachusetts state house yesterday. inside the metal box they found collection every old coins, newspapers, and a metal depicting george washington. >> wow. >> now there is time capsule was originally burried in 1795 by sam adams and paul revere. >> put a beer booth until there, sam adams? >> items briefly on display you know what, later in the afternoon, they found through the there were actually more documents inside, and we got exclusive video. >> i didn't hear about this. >> take a look at the footage of the document. >> 1795.
6:22 am
>> real fun. >> i your birth certificate in the time capsule. >> just ridiculous. >> i had no idea, mike. you look good. you look real good. >> real nice, alex. >> distorting the news. >> just saying. >> oh, man i'm going to get you back by the end of the show. >> i love you. >> 6:22. >> after cancelling number of shows, bill cosby returns to the stage. where he is performing and the controversy that's now surrounding this new performance. >> than just in. the flyers won. yes, they finally won a game. wayne was all over fighting and scoring came down to shoot-out against the senators. you know we don't do well with the shootouts. highlights coming up in
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>> how about those wildcats? villanova bounce the back from fist locals of the year, pick up win over st. johns that's tough up at the garden, so darren skilled 21-point, wildcats, 90 to 72 win over the red storm villanova now 14 and one on the season. for a look at the rest of the night in sports, let's look to
6:26 am
one howard he is ken. >> flyers back home after five game losing streak, still have trouble putting the puck in the net. to the wells fargo center, last night down within hundred nothing, wayne simmons, on the power play, score. all right, it is one-one, to over time, go to shoot-out fifth round, wayne simmons with a shot to score on ed snyder's 82nd birthday happy birthday. >> we know we got a lot of work to do. put ourselves behind the ball. but, you know, nice to get the first one when we get home, just got to keel rolling from here. >> one of the players, former phillie for less than a season. pedro martinez, got most of his hall of fame numbers with the boston red sox. had the one season with the phillies 2009, went five and one, ran i johnson, john smelt, craig biggio, also, voted in to the hall of fame. that's sports in a minute.
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and i'm howard eskin. 6:26. parents, fuming after their children's unexpectedly shuts down. we've been covering this for months now. today they're going to do something about it. some of them, anyway, and teachers are getting involved, as well. what everyone hopes to get accomplished today in the cold
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the winter season. some people are waking to up temperatures that feel like they're below zero. we will satisfy see it is 25 but will feel a lot colder than that. sue serio will let us know if there is any relief in site. >> what we call the winner season goes from like fall, september, october all of that not just the last few days right? new clue in a vicious attack in fishtown, happened few weeks ago now police need your help to catch the people who beat up a man and stole his car. why investigators say this isn't the first time they've had problems in that particular neighborhood. >> and this story it will just upset you, a dog abandoned at a train station but his owner left him with a suitcase watch people found inside. good day it is wednesday january 7th, 2015. >> schools are closed from the dakotas, all the way through ohio, it is so bitterly cold, they're afraid for the kids.
6:31 am
you know what the coldest days last year was last year? the same darn day, january 7th, 2014, what was the temperature, flew. >> the morning low was four and that is still stands as the records for january 7th unless we get to four this morning. >> oh, i hope not. >> i don't think we will but it is 22 right now so i don't think we'll get to four. we set that record one year ago today. for january 7th. so, bus stop buddy the less you see of him the better on a morning like this, because you want to make sure the kids have as little exposed skin as possible. >> sunshine will return, few flurries not out of the question. look at the future cast next time what we are talking about, but the win chill effect on the temperature, at the airport 22, but you
6:32 am
factor in 14-mile per hour winds, and feels like nine outside right now, sunrise time 7:23, this morning. so, we did get to 24 yesterday, we think 24, 25 today. will look different because of the mix of sun and clouds, but the winds is going to make it feel like it is in the teens all day all day long, and then dangerous cold tonight we talk about that coming up, as well. that is your wednesday forecast boy we have a hump today to get over, a loft problems on the roads. >> problems on two of our major roadways, sue looking live, from skyfox, over major mess on i-95. an earlier accident, 95 northbound, in the construction zone at girard avenue, just opened up all of the lanes. skyfox, rollback to the left. show thaws jammo, we are stack and pack like a pile of waffles there this morning. there is the ramps from vine
6:33 am
expressway leaving center city. this is causing a delay not only leaving center city, but also on i95 north between the penn's landing area, up through. >> girard avenue. next shot of the schuylkill expressway, the schuylkill expressway westbound this vehicle, took a spin actually facing the wrong way on the schuylkill, icy patches even on the major roadways here this morning. so watch for your secondary roads, side streets, first step when you open up the front door, if it looks wet most likely ice. twenty-two here in center city, 15 out in the suburbs there is no melting going on at all. if it didn't evaporate yesterday, it is iced over this morning. now, amtrak having some track problems, south of wilmington, so for the septa's wilmington-newark line, trains
6:34 am
originating wilmington, and only heading north into center city. so there is no service to to the newark steaks or church man's crossing station and the market frankford line, no express service today all trains are making all stops. so coal, they don't want to have anyone standing out on the platform on one of the express trains rolls on by. so far so good at the airport. >> haven't haven't had any weather delays, not sure if they have to use that de-icing machine on a day like this morning, butt the first flights getting out a-okay. >> good news, 6:34. firefighters battle house fire in bucks county, late last night, it happened just before 10:30 on curly mill road in chalfont. everyone in the home escaped without injury, thank goodness. >> no word on what starrings dollars it. >> so cold for those firefighters, it is that is. >> i do you have bundle up this morning. cold throughout.
6:35 am
>> so steve's been out there since before 4:00 this morning. i don't know, when i walked in it felt better than yesterday because there wasn't any breeze. is the breeze kicking in? >> you know mike, normally it gets warmer throughout the day. now we will have the temperatures going down, tan will get windier latement maybe the walk home you will be saying hey the walk in before the sun came up actually warmer, i notice the the breezes picking up here, and the big worry if you're not walking but driving just getting in your car a lot of the doors are frozen, we've heard stories of people pulling off their door handles, because it is so frozen, and they tell you warm your key do not put hot water on your lock, because it will refreeze, and you won't get back in at all. so if you have the old-fashioned key like people still do, warm your key first. that will get in you your car. triple a rec warming your car safe to do it, so nobody drivers away and does it, for five to ten minutes before you head out, let your engine warm up, let the heater come
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on let the de frost system come in, and get in your windows clear the key because visibility real key today, because you want to see out. you're going to have it frosting up on the inside, so you got to see out plus you have all of the ice built up from the outside. make sure to scrape that stuff off. don't make it just like tunnel vision. and enough just to see out in front of you you got to see all around in you this weather, because you got a lot of icy spots on the gown, you will want to see. they say keep your gas tank at least half full over the next few days, avoids the gas lines from freezing up. easy to rep helpful tips from triple a. look at gas prices, 2.10 a gallon. put the hood up on the news truck, one of the fuse days it is actually running and batteries are the number one call for triple a. >> this will probably be their busiest day of the year, then tomorrow even busier. but, batteries and tow's, the number two and one request for triple a already this morning where the lines are lining up,
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as people wake up and their car not starting. now, if you are going to be walking out to your house the steps again are key. watch out for the steps. look at the steps on the art museum. a loft people jogging up and down the steps. joanne was out with the crews from parks and recreation yesterday talking to them, salting all 72 steps. >> what happens to the art museum on a day like this? what do you have to do? >> shovel and salt and try to look out for other people that gets in your way. gets little heck tim sometimes. >> this is a big job. >> yes, but that's what we do. we park and rec. that's what we do. >> any special way to deal with all of the step here in this whole prom made? >> one step at a time. one step at a time. >> i counted 72. >> we don't count any more. just one step at a time. >> a lot of people will be jogging up the steps one at a time end in the cold, people love their exercise, alex,
6:38 am
mike? >> all right, thank you steve. sorry, but little distracted here, we have some horrible news coming into us here. it is about 12:30 in the afternoon in paris. and there has been a blood bath massacre. police say 11 people, at least, 11 people dead after gunman opened fire at a french newspaper. this is a salt ear call newspaper in paris. told local news network in france that they saw multiple mask men with automatic weapons, we will bring you the latest but 11 people shot down at a newspaper at about noon, it is about 12:30 now in paris. we'll get more on that in just a second. 6:38. police are hoping you can help find two guys who punched and kicked a man, with a trash can. >> yes, it happened while he walked down a fishtown street. let's bring in jenny joyce she has the surveillance video of what happened there. >> well, alex, this victim is lucky to be doing okay now. he escaped the attack with
6:39 am
just some scrapes, some bruises, happened on december 20th, and as you mentioned just yesterday philadelphia police released that surveillance video of a man that they believe is responsible for the attack. let's take a look at that now. see two men in this video police only label one, as that suspect, and they tell us a 28 year old man was walking on east norris street around 1:30 a.m., on december 20th when three men about 18 years old, approached him words were exchanged and then police say the suspect punched kicked and hit the victim with a trash can. the surveillance video shows one of the suspect outside after house on the block. police say they've received complaint about that house. they don't believe the suspect live there but apparently just hang out there. neighbors are concerned they say, the area is pretty nice, and they've never real had i any issues. >> it is unfortunate. it is shocking. because i do walk around this neighborhood a lot by myself and my sister lives two blocks down and she walks with her you know, four month old babe
6:40 am
a lot. not at night but still never know when it will happen. >> i've heard of things like this happening, just couple of blocks away, but it is spares. it is not very common. >> okay. >> i'm not concerned. >> during the attack, the victim dropped his car keys, police say the suspect pick them up, later came back, stole his car. east detective is investigating this case. mike, al next. >> that's pretty good surveillance video that guy is very recognizeable, for sure. >> 6:40. >> protest in northern liberties happening today. faculty and staff of the walter palmer charter school, are planning to hold demonstration, this afternoon over their paychecks. they say they've not been paid since november. the school abruptly closed last year, leaving parent scrambling to find new schools for their children. how much parent say they've yet to receive their student's records, so they can transfer their children. >> by the way get on twitter. let us know what did you do? where are your kids going to school now? mayor nutter will speak later this morning to announce the city's plan for the 20th annual martin luther
6:41 am
king, jr. day of service. >> this is footage for some of the events that took place during last year's day of service. organizers say more than 125,000 volunteers participate in the similar activities across the delaware valley last year. >> and, if you think it is coal here, well, things are so much worse out in the midwest. we'll take you live to chicago, the windy city where schools have had to close just because how cold it is, oh, my gosh. >> i think it is about one. sue? >> that's not even the windchill. we'll check temperatures elsewhere, we'll tell you how cold it is now how cold it is going to get the
6:42 am
6:43 am
6:44 am
>> breaking news out of paris france. eleven people are dead, at least 11 people, after multiple gunmen open fire at a french sat ear call newspaper. witness told local news network in france he saw multiple mask men with automatic weapons. this is at a newspaper called charlie heckdo. also the president of france, headed to the scene. they've had repeated threats of last year certainly over the last 12 months, because they like to put up characters of the profit muhammad. many muslim extremists say say you'll pay for putting up pictures like that and cartoons of the profit muhammad. i think we may have an
6:45 am
example. there is one of them there. >> this is from 2011. actually back in november of 2011 this magazine, the offices were firebombed only day after it carried this characture t has had controversy in the past. >> no question. look at the theme there. the french president on his way there, it is about 12:45 in the afternoon. and there is the name of the april i charlie hebdo. >> in central par us. >> just horrible. more on that in just a second. exactly 6:45 here in philadelphia. >> yes, it is. all right, sue? >> we told you we would check some of the windchills around the country and the reason so many schools are closed, check out 35 below zero, is the windchill, in minneapolis. it feels like it is 25 below in chicago. twenty-six below in omaha nebraska, coal air really has plunged pretty far south. it feels like 25 in atlanta georgia this morning and the win chill 21 in dallas, texas.
6:46 am
soap, most of the country really feeling this chill. windchill of 11 below in buffalo, give you number after number, but boy is that a cold cold morning for so many of us this morning as we check those wind chills, now, one year ago today january 20th 27, 2014, ended up being the coldest year of the year 2014, morning low of four with which did set new record then daytime high, high temperature of only 13 where we were one year ago today. we will be cold today, but the coal he is we've ever been, 11 below, that was february 9th of 1934. so those are the numbers but how it foles to you is what's so important. teens in many places but our windchills mostly now in single digits this morning. i can promise you tomorrow morning with clear sky and reinforcing cold air it is
6:47 am
going to be even colder, so calling thursday, the code he is day of the year so far. with eight in the morning for actual temperature and windchills for us, below zero, brisk day on friday, even below freezing it, will still feel pretty cold with windchill, then back to the 20's saturday dry roadways. >> no picnic basket here. good morning, good news, though i-95 northbound, traffic starting to mover again, that accident near girard avenue cleared out of the way, traffic easing in center city heading northbound, northeast philadelphia, watch it you're turning lanes secondary roads, side streets if it looks wet it is most likely fine glaze. then as far as mass transit the market frankford line, no express service this morning all trains making all stops
6:48 am
broad street subway looking good on all of the platforms watch out for some slippery spots. not only with septa but also patco and new jersey transit. and because of some amtrak track problems, the newark-wilmington line no service to the church man's crossing or the newark station and speed restrictions across all of the area bridges. >> win chill in chicago windy city minus 25 degrees. so they closed the school. a lot of people not going to work. who in the world would stand out in the temperature like that? only a woman by the name of nita. and eat, a where are you? how is it feeling? >> reporter: first every all i love you for saying that, let's hope the bosses are watching. actually on the south side, guys good morning to you. my gosh, take a look at the flags. our flags are blowing.
6:49 am
and i tell you what, when they blow, and it kicks up, my face starts to hurt. and i've got the best cold gear on right now. my legs hurt. my face hurts. and tell you what, it is painful, but also, and just about, but also very, very dangerous, so all of the chicago public schools are closed today. 664 schools affecting about 400,000 student. but they do the row bo calls do the mass emails, but there are a lot of parents who don't have access to the internet here. i'm on the south side, a urban area. so they are making sure that the buildings are open just in case because 5:00 chicago time making sure the custodian and administrative staff so if the kids come here, they are not standing out in the coal. because i was waiting for you guys, and i came out like 202nd before you start today come to me. i don't want to stand out here any longer than i have to. and the kids, very, very dangerous, don't want to see them hurt with the frostbite it can happen so quickly. >> yes, and eat, a how do you dress for 25 below is her
6:50 am
flow. >> yes, let's see our outfit? >> yes. you know what, i have on my cold gear, my underarmer tights, and i should probably kick on some flannel or something, but i got my puffy coat which goes all the way down, bear claw boots on, two layers under this, and i'm not advertising for underarmer, but that's like the best stuff for me as a reporter, we do north face. it is expensive, people ask me, and i say you know what? i told my husband, don't buy me that stuff. it is too much money. then he bought it for me, my gosh. >> i love your husband. >> you don't want to spend the money but you have to. >> show us your truck. how far away is it? i can kind of hear the generator. >> it is right over here. and this is the live truck. there is my other guy sitting in the car nice and warm here. >> he is luck. >> i so he is nice and toasty. and gary, i want to have gary come to the front of the camera. this guy stood out here when i said i'm going in the truck gary, go in the truck. he is standing out here, come on out gary, this is my guy.
6:51 am
>> oh, gosh. >> yes gary is a trooper. he needs a break. >> it is dangerous because what is it, when it gets down that low 25 degrees below zero you can do damage to your skin in under five minutes oring? >> i was looking for that information on line, i didn't have a chance to get it out here before i started with you, but all depends on the windchill factor, how much layering you have on. so you know not everybody can afford the big puffy coats or they don't have the puffy coat. and these kids, you guys know how kids dress? they throw on jacket and just step outside. forget about it. you'll be sorry. >> the kid from christmas story, like a big tick. >> you've been on the air with us four minutes, minute to go, so run to the truck, you and gary get out of there. >> get warm. >> all right thanks, guys. you have a nice warm day in philly, i hope. >> we will be thinking every you. >> pretty warm here in the studio. thank you anita and don't lick the pole on the way back to the truck.
6:52 am
>> don't wore. >> i in chicago i refuse to go any time from starting to november all the way to july. i'm not doing t too cold. >> chicago? >> yes. >> the windy city? >> i can't hand it will. >> now, i think this was supposed to happen yesterday. you know i like a big space launch the space rocket still on the launch pad. is it froze then? so the rocket, they had rocket trouble, had to be scrubbed yesterday, with just a minute left in the countdown. so, space x was hoping to make history off the florida coast. hopefully they'll try this tomorrow. we'll keep you informed. odd shot. coming back down? >> it is. what's happening there? >> is it reverse in the. >> well hey that's weird. where is derrick pits when i need him? let's get back to our local guy, bill cosby. >> expected to draw a lot more than a few lawyers when he turns to the stage tonight in canada. this will be the 77 year old comedian's first performance since november when more than
6:53 am
dozen women came forward with sexual assault allegations. protests expected outside the venue tonight. at least ten performance haves been canceled on his north american tour since last year. 6:53. a dog abandoned at a train station? but this may not have been a completely heartless act. with a people found inside that doggy bag. well the (vo) at jennie-o, we heard of a place in iowa where every thursday people ride ten miles for tacos. we thought we'd show up and surprise them with a better kind of taco, made with jennie-o ground turkey, cooked thoroughly to 165. (mom) i'd feed my kids turkey tacos over regular tacos any day.
6:54 am
(woman) i think that they're light and they're just fresh tasting. (vo) it's time for a better taco. (kid) the tacos tonight were pretty much perfect. (vo) make the switch. look for jennie-o ground turkey at a store near you.
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6:56 am
>> my grand pop used to say mind over matter, i don't minds because you don't matter. he said from the military. >> so he would go get up, get up. >> mind over matter. i don't minds and you don't matter. >> okay, well, officials in scotland looking for the owners after dog that they left behind in a strain station. >> scottish society of the perception of cruelty to animals there is sharp a found tied to railing outside of the scottish railway station. look at him. next a suitcase with his belongings, the dog has a microchip, but owners have not been found. they say his original owner sole him on line two years ago. spca will look after him until -- >> what do you mean,
6:57 am
belongings? toilet at this kit in there? >> i think like dog toys and treats. >> like his clothes. >> i feel like if you have a suit kates, might as well take him to shelter? if you really care? gosh. >> poor little thing. not even leave a note. >> this is my sharpae. >> okay, it is three minute before 7:00. this is a horrible story coming up on 1:00 in the afternoon in paris. these are live shots now out of central paris at least, 11 people dead after number of gunmen go on a rampage at a sat ear call newspaper. well the president of france now calling this a terrorist attack. we'll continue to follow this story. we'll explain why he believes it is
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
>> it is 7:00. what's with the number seven january 7th? last year, it was 4 degrees on january 7th, we're if the going to get i mean, maybe that low but it is bitterly cold. it is dangerously cold out there. sue has the forecast, and when we will get out of the deep freeze. >> now being called a terror attack. eleven people dead after multiple gunmen open fire on a french newspaper. >> also opened fire on police officers re spend g to the newspaper with bullet holes


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