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tv   Fox 29 News at 6PM  FOX  January 7, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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♪ right now at 6:00, dangerous cold weather gets even worse. the snow and ice remain as the temperatures take on an even more biting chill. >> it's not going to be a night dawn much this combination of wind and low temperatures will be a dangerous one. good evening i'm lucy noland. >> i'm dawn timmeney in for iain page. let's get straight over to chief meteorologist scott williams for a look at this cold night ahead. scott? >> it's a dangerous cold dawn and lucy. we're talking about pretty much half of the nation with some type of wind chill advisory or warning. look at the map. all wait to the gulf coast. southern texas. even tampa looking at wind chill concerns and you can see the philadelphia area we are included in that too. so zooming in a little closer. toward the pocono mountains feels like temperatures 15 to 20 degrees below zero. a little farther to the south philadelphia south jersey and delaware, it's going to feel like five to yes 15 below. how does it feel right now? it already feels like 18 below in
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the poconos. it feels like one in atlantic city and look at wilmington stepping outdoors right now it feels like 3 degrees. as we roll the clock it's going to get even worse. tomorrow morning 6am it's going to feel like 15 below in philadelphia. it will feel like 16 below in atlantic city. we're talking frost bite concerns hypothermia. with prolonged outdoor exposure. so take precautionary measures. so the bottom line below zero feels like temperatures the entire area. the winds, they will be gusting up to 40 miles per hour and yes yes, it's the coldest air of the season. so check out elderly. check on your pets. children, and you might want to trickle those pipes. we'll talk much more about some milder somewhat milder air with that seven day coming up. back to you. >> all right, thank you scott. the refreeze on. the recent snow makeing for treacherous traveling for drivers and walkers too. >> that's right. around one philadelphia -- kind of looks almost like the ice capades and for parents and children they have had to step
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very carefully. our dave kinchen is live in oxford circle with more from parents. hoping they're not slipping sliding away, dave. >> reporter: well, i'll tell was. trying not to slip, trying not to slide and trying not to fall down that's what they've been learning to do here at car nel hmm will he school in oxford circle and parents say it's time for the district to help them out. it's a big fear for parents walking their kids to warn nel elementary school in oxford circle. >> somebody is realing go to get hurt. >> reporter: crunchy snow and solid ice around the school on walkways and on the steps. left behind by mother nature but cleared up by no one according to parents. >> you got to get out here and do what you got to do. we got to ice at home. they got ice at the school, too. you got to fix it. >> i seen two grown men and a female woman fall on the ice on the hill. >> be carefullily. >> going up into the school. >> should have been shoveled or the least sauled. william atkinson says he was so angrier snapped these pictures
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of parents carefully walking on ice sheets with that are kids this morning. >> they got to get out in the street of course it's going to be bad in the street then they got to walk through this stuff. i don't see no salt. little bit here, too. ice there. >> salt a little bit on the steps. >> reporter: but help is coming from an unlikely source. crossing guard grace kelly pulls a second job putting this shovel to work. >> i mean come on now. what's it take? really what's it take? rock salt an little bit of sun. at least loosen it up some. we don't do it. me and my girlfriend carolyn it doesn't get done. >> reporter: carol was handling salt patrol and get this -- >> we buy it ourselves and put it down. >> reporter: how much does that run you about? >> it ran a lot last year. >> reporter: more than $100. that's what she says they spent on salt last year. now we called the school district of philadelphia. they said they did not have a crew out here last night.
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they were anticipating a bigger snowfall but we were also told that they plan to have a crew out here tonight and a lot of parents are hoping that tomorrow's commute to school and walking around is a lot less slippery. we'll keep you posted. dawn? >> thank you, dave. stay warm, if you can. with the bitter cold temperatures expected tomorrow morning, several school districts are already making some changes. brandywine and read clay school districts in new castle county delaware on a two hour delay. woodbridge school district in sussex county also oh and two hour delay. christina school district in new castle county has canceled half day pre-school for tomorrow. of course, we'll have the latest school delays and cancellations tonight at 10:00 as well as on fox 29 morning news starting at 4am and "good day philadelphia" at 6:00 a.m. >> you can follow those closures at as well. track those morning temperatures, click the weather tab at the top of our home page for your latest forecast and live radar um matches. now to a developing story a manhunt in france. the search for three men who
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begunked down and killed 12 people. police just announceing they now know who the suspects are. two brothers and an 18-year-old with links to al-qaida. the president of france spoke to nation tonight. he says everyone must remain united while police look for these three. authorities say they stormed into the paris offices of a satirical newspaper, 10 journalists and two police officers shot and killed. france now raising its terror alert to the highest level and ramping up security in the wake of the deadly shootings. just before the attack the newspaper tweeted a cartoon of the isis leader. the president of france and president obama calling the attack one against freedom. the paper's editor-in-chief and cartoonist is among those dead. france's president says the country will hold a national day of mourning and fly flag at half
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staff for three days. back in our area, staff of a philadelphia charter school that's closing took to the streets to protest. what do they want? paper checks and benefits and parents they've got to a gripe too. fox 29' shawnette wilson live outside the ward palmer school in northern liberties. shawnette this is really just a mess. >> reporter: it is. here's what we just learned. i'm hearing that parents and staff members have been allowed inside the school. however it is likely there's no one inside with the authority to help them. still, this group gathered outside the school this afternoon in frigid weather determined not to walk away with what they need. parents who have to get their children into a new school are trying to get their records staff members members say they're owed a final paycheck and they don't know if or when they will get it. the last one they received was back on december 19th. most found out over winter break the school would not reopen, and here's another concern. staff members say their medical benefits have already been stopped, and they claim
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deductions and garnishment from prior paychecks allegedly never made it to the property institutions or agencies. the school has been plagued with financial problems for quite sometime now. those who stood by the school say they feel wronged. >> i feel like fool. i did was i was supposed to under the assumption that you were going to do what you were supposed to. all we ask for was transparency. if the school was going to close, give us an idea. you knew the school was going to close. you let us go on christmas break and then you send us a letter. >> reporter: and again we just learned a few minutes ago that some parents and staff members have been let inside the school. we'll try to get in. we'll have an update for you coming up at 10:00 tonight. lucy. >> thank you very much shawnette. in manayunk church members are very sad to mind more than 80-year-old shrine nearly destroyed at their historic church. our bruce gordon was there and has more on what authorities are saying. >> reporter: it is without question an act of vandalism.
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in fact vandals appear to have used some kind of tool a sledgehammer at least to desecrate this religious shrine. outside concrete statue of the virgin mary lay half buried in the rubble of a vandal's attack it was blistering cold. >> hope the cops get them. >> reporter: inside church secretary theresa spanks facebook page was white hot with rage. >> these vandals are in big trouble. i'm trying to figure out who you know, would do something like that. i can't understand it. a little scary. >> reporter: the church of the holy family has served manayunk catholics since the late 19th century. oh monsignor patrick sweeney says it's iconic gratto was built in 1933 to replicate the shrine in lord's france. it depicts the story of bernadette the french teenager who in 1858 claimed to have seen an image of the virgin mary. scores of miracles have been ascribed to that french site ever since. interestingly the vandal or
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vandals spared the priceless stain glass windows nearby. but the destruction of the statue and stone gratto is nearly complete. >> upsetting and sad you know vision for people for people to deal with because nobody likes to see their religion neither mocked or in some way, you know, diminish or just vandalized. >> reporter: for decades this gratto has been the back drop for family photos toe at big events christenings and weddings. it has been a place of contemplation of prayer. i find it appalling anybody would be that evil to they would destroy something as beautiful as that. so important. >> reporter: it hurts. >> it hurts. yes, it does. >> reporter: this gratto was accessible to the public 24/7. there are no security cameras around and the lighting is not the best. all of those security issues will have to be reconsidered as this church decides how and where and when to rebuild the structure. the cost could touch $10,000.
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but the value of this shrine to this church cannot be calculated. in manayunk, bruce gordon fox 29 news. time is running out to book a cheap flight. frontier airlines is selling $19.1-way tickets until midnight you heard right. the airline is promoting its new non-stop flights from philadelphia and for $19 you can buy a ticket to atlanta chicago or charlotte. again the deal up at midnight. offering $49.1 way tickets to and from philadelphia to those same three cities. that deal running until saturday. the new flights will begin on friday march 13th. can we put this into perspective for a quick second. $19 -- >> less than to fill your tank. >> and less than checked bag on some airlines. >> it's true. >> crazy. >> a philadelphia radio icon reveals a really big secret. >> long-time wmmr radio host steve morrison just beat cancer. he caught it in time. but he had no symptoms.
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so he has something he wants you to know. howard? >> maybe with the $19 they do charge you $25 for a bag. just checking. the flyers won a game but one of the key players for the flyers suffered an injury in that game. had an mri today and i'll let
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♪ one of the most popular radio personalities in our area opening up about a very personal battle with cancer. >> steve morrison of the preston and steve show on wmmr today said he's battling prostate cancer and he spoke very candidly about it with our karen hepp. >> we've had him on for many years. >> wmmr preston and steve steve morrison, you know him you've probably listened to his show on your with to work over the last tepp years. this october the easy going host got a major shock. >> you tested positive for prostate cancer.
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>> my message is don't be afraid afraid. if you're not thinking about yourself as guys tend to do i'm a tank are i'll get through, all right don't frame it that way. frame i don't want to have my wife crying because she's got bad news. sorry. i don't want friends, you know to be impacted the people that rely on me, you know, to be impacted. i don't wanted to that. to them g it was our dr. mike cirigliano who picked up that something was wrong in simple psa blood test and acted fast. >> it turned out that he had prostate cancer that was enclosed within the prostate early stage. this was removed robot klee and as far as i can tell and everyone else can he's cancer free. >> reporter: every year 250,000 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer. more than 20,000 will die. that's why steve is telling his
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story right now hoping to motivate others to get checked out and safe lives. >> i was diagnose with it, had surgery, had no pain, never used a painkiller i'm back to nine 5% of what i was before surgery and right now as everything looks i'm cans sr. free. >> steve says he was so lucky on this one he didn't need to have radiation or chemotherapy and he's back up walking around hours after surgery. now there's some controversy about getting your psa levels tested. but many of the experts are recommending that african-american men get tested when they're about 40. caucasian men when they are about 50. no matter what our dr. mike says this is a conversation that men need to be having with their health care professionals. i'm karen hepp fox 29 news. >> wish steve well. >> absolutely. philadelphia is gearing up for the largest day of service in the nation. >> that's right. more than 135,000 volunteers are expected to complete 1800
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service projects. mayor michael nutter kicking off the 20th annual greater philadelphia martin luther king day of service at girard college. he says the region is on tap to have another national record turn out. this year the focus is on the 50th anniversary of the voting rights act. many volunteers will work voting service projects. the mayor says we can all help in realizing dr. king's dream just by voting. citizens bank donated $25,000 to the african-american museum in philadelphia. the grant money will help the museum throw open its doors for free add mig on january 19th martin luther king day. the museum will feature family friendly activity including historical reenactments arts and crafts and cultural performances. back now to your fox 29 winter were there authority. all i can say is bundle up. >> i second that motion. hey, scott. hi there lucy and dawn, yeah we're talking feels like temperatures already in center city look at this, down to 4 degrees, 19 degrees is the air
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temperature. a few passing flurries moving through. but not anticipating accumulating snowfall. that's just the reinforcing shot of that colder air moving in with the arctic front. so 19 degrees right now but look at the winds out of the northwest at 16. making it feel pretty miserable when you step outdoors. the high temperature today only 24. we should be around 40 but take a look at the entire nation. pretty much about half or more we're looking at some type of wind chill advisory. or warning. all the way to the gulf coast. new orleans corpus christi brownsville even parts of florida looking at the effect of yes the dangerous wind chills. for us it's going to feel like five to 15 below in philadelphia. south jersey but look north and west. 15 to even 20 below feels like temperatures even in the pock know mountains already it feels like 20 below. so a dangerous scenario out there. it feel like four in philadelphia. it feels like one right now in atlantic city but as we roll the clock ahead by tomorrow
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morning, this is how you should dress. it's going to be dangerous. 15 below in philadelphia. 16 below what it will feel like in atlantic city and tomorrow afternoon it stays below zero. so we're looking at the deep freeze not only for us but look at what it will feel like. 7am tomorrow. in new orleans eight 18 in houston. 11 in dallas. even orlando florida it's going to feel like below freezing. so bundle up tonight. winds are going to gust up to 40 miles per hour. check on the elderly your children pets, bring them indoors tonight. the pipes, wrap them in some heat tape. you might want to run a little trickle because they could freeze and burst. single digit low temperatures tonight in the area, but yeah, the wind chill that's going to be what everyone is talking about tonight as well as tomorrow. 21 for the high tomorrow. seven day forecast, freezing for the high temperature on friday. and then stays cold.
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saturday 28 degrees above freezing. by sunday in the upper 30s. and look at monday and tuesday. upper 30s but we're looking at maybe some rain perhaps even some wet snow. i like that 40 in the forecast it never look better. >> sounds good and toasty. >> to the fastest game on ice. >> i'll let the penal at the sixers game game know to bring in their chihuahuas and poodles in. >> the flyers had their goaltender suffer an injury. today he had a visit with an mri machine. i'll let you know how that turned out. a visit with a historic moment in nfl history that could row play itself on sunday. th
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♪ the flyers won for the first time in six games last night. they also won for the first time in a shootout. they still have trouble putting the puck in the net. they won two on. that's only because they won in the shootout. but they have a problem with the player that's responsible for that win. that would be the goaltender steve mason. all right. steve mason now watch when he make the save his right leg. kind of looks like he kind of buckles it a little bit. it happened in the third period. he had mri today. i'm told the mri was normal and depending on how he feels tomorrow morning at his skate he could play tomorrow night. the flyers still have a tough road ahead.
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tomorrow's game is the halfway point of the season. they're still nine points out of the play off spot. simple reason in the mind of the head coach why they are not playing well. >> got to have fun playing. i think, you know it's my job to keep these guys loose as best i can but, on the other side of it they got to really make sure they work and compete. compete every night. but don't think about the whole big picture just think about having fun. >> have fun much that's what we all do here. biggest game this weekend would have been the eagles but they're not in the playoffs. the nfl got what they wanted with the dallas cowboys playing at green bay. the nfl referees helped get the cowboys there. and for new jersey governor chris christie another all expenses private plain ride from cowboys own are in jerry jones. aren't we lucky? all right. the last time these two teams played in the playoffs in green bay the tempers were at minus 15. back in 1967 they labeled the game the ice bowl. now the packers won on a quarterback sneak at the end of the game. the packers went on to winter
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first super bowl that year. cowboys hope the referees are on their side again. but it will be a feels like temperature of 2 degrees. >> it's all mental. i mean it's all mental. green bay got a deal with the cold just like we got to deal with it. i mean, you can never get used to 11-degree weather. i don't care who you are unless you're super human. >> just have to man it out. i mean put fleece on, you can do all the little remedies over the years but um, not much really works. >> it's going to be cold. >> yeah. >> dome team playing outside and that's not a good thing. they're not used to that. and hopefully for people in philadelphia, they will lose the game and governor christie gets no mr. free private plains. >> no more orange sweater. >> we should get the plane tick. >> no more orange sweater howard. >> that, too. how did they catch the ball in that type of weather? i mean your -- >> they have these gloves on that got a little -- >> little sticky. >> not stick but like a rubber. list season they're football
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players. they're manning up. you hard him. >> that does it for us who are at 6:00. we'll see you back here at 10
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terror attack. america on alert. >> could something like that happen here? plus, the ex-girlfriend of the spoiled brat accused of killing his wealthy dad. >> maybe i did get out just in time. >> what she's saying about the princeton graduate's relationship with his father. and police slow down. what happened when we parked a car in a no parking zone. >> no tickets today? then, your first look at the new movie about whitney houston. why whitney's family is so upset. >> i hope that they are able to see the good intentions behind the film. plus, bill cosby's tv wife


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