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tv   Good Day Philadelphia 7a  FOX  January 12, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EST

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hi sue, let's check radar. >> it is a colorful mix there but that means you will slip and slide. >> white means snow. >> correct. >> pink means sleet. >> ice. >> and green is rain. >> yes. >> that is the result. >> red means stop. >> yes. >> a lot of brake lights there we have sabina. what are you calling her in the car this morning. >> the sabina mobile. >> look at the bottom of the screen there, centerville, one example. we have over 07 school delays, mostly two hour delays. looking at the bottom of the screen. we probably already got a call from the school district or go to my fox
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that is a rel good way to look at you'll of the schools. >> that throws a whole wrench in the adults because if your kid are delayed for two hours you are not leaving for work before the kid go. >> nope it is a come minute necessity. that may be best scenario to keep everybody home just a little while longer. >> the the reason it is a delay and not closure because we are expecting a change over to all rain, eventually. >> when? >> not until ten or 11:00 o'clock. >> just say bob kelly said to stay home. >> just send meehan e-mail. >> yes. >> and, bob kelly prescription pad for you. >> that is right. >> lets go to the number of the day. it is not a high number. >> it is a four. >> four. >> it could be worse. >> yes. >> a lot worse. >> we're changing over to rain and easier to get around. bus stop buddy is ready for the the the rain and chill because he has mittens on. it is a wintry mix to get
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started. he will be wait fog are that bus two hours late as well. so many school district have called and let us know that we are going in late today. our winter weather advisory until 10:00 o'clock. not in effect for shore point or southern delaware. we are expecting it to be a rain event there. anywhere you see pinkies where it could be slippery, walking, or driving this morning a lot of folks telling us on social media that they are getting icing conditions on their driveways and on their cars, and their lots are frozen and just that kind of a morning. the it is right at freezing at pottstown, lancaster just above and reading and allentown and not by much. 34 degrees in philadelphia well above freezing at jersey shore. only 33 in wilmington. our wind chill is 28. it will be chill a above freezing. we have a wintry mix this morning. the mostly rain by lunchtime. as rain tapers north and west of us we could finish off this storm with a little witt of
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snow tonight but that is north and west of us. once we get to the afternoon bob kelly we should be okay. this is a really bad time for it to be this slippery. >> it is like repeat of what we have been dealing with these storms of the last couple of weeks, have been coming during our morning rush hour. we should be pros by now. here's i-95 in delaware county and route 420 where that i-95 corridor is just wet. east or west of there it is a while different story. the south jersey is just rain. further north and west you go you get in the wintry in mix and then changes up to snow near poconos. live look at 42 freeway coming in toward philadelphia we are seeing volume popping up. ben franklin looking good as you come into downtown. just watch it through toll plazas. they have put down a layer of salt for good measure earlier this morning. couple accidents this south philadelphia, one at second and lombard and another one at tenth and mifflin. there is one at broad and
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spruce street. in pottstown the the off ramp from 422 to 724 is block. that is an example of the an accident we had this morning. a lot of them have been one car spin outs or this one here on the ramp where that ramp is little less traveled but has a icy glaze. they were sending us for a spin. kelly drive an accident near strawberry mansion. is there a down tree at mid veil and speed restrictions up and down the whole stretch of 495 through wilmington. the that is basically because 495 is one full bridge here. as you work your way all the waste up to 295. oh, yeah, the the gentlemen in the back has his hand up. >> yes, thank you bob. >> were, mike. >> you just did this, dana on twitter goes what does delaware look like. >> delaware looks wet, and slow. >> okay. we're okay. >> you just mentioned wilmington. >> it is okay, delaware getting rain, that divide line is along route one where we have a wintry mix. so from route one east we are dealing with rain. dane should be good to go.
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>> that is kind of what delaware looks like right here. such an artists here. >> thanks, mike. >> your three counties. >> yes. >> well, thank you. i'm being a small alex. so sabina and steve. >> we are trying to see how roads are holding up. we have both of them out there a sabina is in the roving vehicle and we also have steve, let's head to sabina first. >> no, steve first. steve with that thing on his, what is on your capital, is that salt. >> that is a rafael natal bull logo, i'm trying to feel warm and cheer on my top athlete, rafael madal coming back from injury. i will be banned from wearing this hot but it is nylon so doesn't soak in the rain that is falling. mike, it also matches your black sweater. going with the primary colors this season. in the past he has uses pastels and looked like an
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easter egg. now he has masculine colors. mike, black sweater matching black ice threat today. how about that. did you good. and we will look up to the light. you can see we have a light mist falling and a light mist in the air, means a dangerous, strip of slippery stuff, on the streets and you talk to heather from septa whose septa platforms are the most dangerous thing walking unon train stops and they salt things. those things get slippery. stay far back. don't slip on that and then fall in the tracks. so watch the steps and the sidewalks, if you are walking. we will talk about the road conditions but the the real treacherous stuff can come when you are just walking on a curve or a street or sidewalk and especially steps, that is why bob kelly even though he is man in the traffic center always warned you about walking, on this stuff, because it is very dangerous out here. so far here at turnpike king of prussia toll plaza, everybody is very smart and
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intelligence slowing down. the there is no road rage, no horns blowing, in the in middle of the summer you will hear horns blowing all the time. even people in the cash only lane and switching lanes at the last second are being led in because everybody realizes today is the day to take it easy, go slower, have more patients with the people in front of you, very smart. dave kinchin our man out last night talking to gene blum from penndot and drivers who gave us intelligence advice for us monday morning commuters. >> the bad parties you cannot sianni when black ice comes the truck slides all over the place. just go slow, be careful, be aware, be a alert, good to go. >> if you are traveling and come across penndot or municipal or private contractor, a snow truck, stay at least six car lengths behind the truck, let it do its work safely. >> tomorrow will be ugly. just be careful, safe. safety first. you will wanting to home to your family the way you left
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them. >> reporter: how great is that advice. i'm out here in the cold, feeling more weather beaten and little more older now that mize collogue, george clooney, whose dad work at my station in buffalo when george was just starting out on er, got a life time achievement award. george is two and a half months younger than me. he is getting life time achievement award. i feel like aim just starting you deserve more of an life time achievement award more than george clooney. >> thank you. >> that is all you're waiting for. >> i said it. i don't mean it but i said it. >> reporter: thank you. just saying it is what counts. it is just thought that counts you are working harder than i am. >> he has more street credit. >> darn right. >> george clooney never been hit with a plow. >> that is true he never has. >> sabina is lost. no, she has been found. she's in downingtown, hi sabina. >> reporter: we have been
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every where. right the now we just got on 322 westbound off 2502 north heading toward downingtown and nice close-up as we turnaround the camera here to show you the roadways. windshield wipers flapping. you can see the roadways. the nastiment this rain has pick up a little bit. you can see the car in front of me there. that is why it is so important to take it slow right now. as we have been driving we have been seeing people hitting the breaks as they slip on the roadway, that is why you have to give them a lot of room between your bumper and that next bumper. you never know when that person will hit the brakes. you can see the road. earlier we have talk about these main roads when they were pretreated with the salt. but they are getting slick they are morning as we continue and, of course, as the cars continue to come on the road here and more and more cars hitting. so they are slick with icy patches, that is the key, or you never know when you will hit it. it is when you are getting on and off from those ramps and turning in and out of the gas
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station or parking lot or whatever. so that is what you have to be careful b side roads, off ramps but main roads are not looking too bad out there right now. penndot is out there, they are putting down the salt on the road and they are working fast so that is the the good thing but again, we are heading towards downingtown and we're seeing some delays, and we will tell you when we will see them when we're there. mike and alex. >> we are 12 minutes away from sunrise so picture will improve. >> hopefully it will be easier to see where the black ice is and the rain and everything exactly. >> happening today a memorial services is planned for first female fire fight tore die in the line of duty in the philadelphia fire department. the the all faith memorial service will be held at 10:00 in the mayor's reception room at city hall. lieutenant joyce craig was battling a house fire on december 9th when she died, craig had served with the department for 11 years and was known as a hard worker. she left behind two children age 16 months to 16 years old. staff members will sit
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down with school district officials later this morning. teachers and faculty members at walter pal inner charter school in northern liberties say they are still seeking paychecks back from in mid december. school district officials will discuss several issues such as paychecks and benefit compensation to dade and they will have more answers after this morning's meeting. we will update you on that. >> can you in imagine what that meeting will be like. there will be tension in that room. all right. eleven past 7:00 well, the french government has released new video of last weeks police raids and hostage rescue. the video shows police escorting people away from that supermarket in paris where four hostages were shot and killed. it also shows the the moment police stormed a printing plant about 25 miles outside of paris where those two brothers who killed 12 people in the offices of that french newspaper were held up, with at least one hostage. actually more. they were killed in the raid as you necessity by now. that happened on friday.
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well, this week, as a result of all that, the secretary of state, our john kerry, heads to paris for talks on countering extremist violence like that. >> his trip comes as the white house faces sharp criticism for not sending a senior official to sunday's rally for unity in paris. the end was a tented by 40 world leaders and estimates say more than 3 million people, walk in the this rally. >> unaudible. life has been brutally taken away. >> it is a chance to show the entire world we're not afraid. >> remarkable, wasn't it watching that yesterday. >> it really was. >> france is mobilizing 10,000 security forces just to protect the the country. france's interior minister says troops will be deployed tomorrow and they will focus on the most sensitive locations. well, i tell you, this walking around today, i think walking is just as dangerous
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as driving. >> i almost fell walking in the studio. >> yes. >> it was bad, almost felon my back. >> big dad friday wip almost fell. maybe it is just us. >> yes. >> chris, i don't know, are you having trouble. >> i am, and i saw sarah coming down market street and sarah a, you were going like this because it is ice underneath your boots right now. >> it is a lot of ice. >> so anyone slip and fall that you have seen or have you had any close call. >> a couple people off the bus up there, yeah. >> in fact, guys, mike, sarah we will let you slide your way down. i don't want to make you late for work. the police go slowly. it is easy in front of the fourth and market. what sarah just mentioned was interesting because you know the bridge that goes from market street over to penns landing, guys. >> yes. >> there was a lady waiting down at the foot of the bridge because bus driver said it is too icy up here where we normally pick you up. >> biggest umbrella on earth is here right now. >> as you turnaround you can see she's walking down the
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street as are most people. sidewalk are typically not salted. it is safe to walk in the street right now. >> that doesn't sound right. >> added dangers, right. not only do you have to watch out for icy roads and every everybody else, you have to watch for people on the street right now. we will send it back to you in the studio for now but it is just an icy sheen near market street. >> look at the size of that umbrella. >> it is big it is covering old city. >> my god. >> that is a zip code. >> i wish i had that umbrella. >> me too. >> that is what i needed. >> that is fantastic. >> he looks like a strong man. >> chris, instead of just out there yapping. >> yes. >> why don't you get the the little will salt spreader and spread it around. >> charles is in charge, as you well know. >> true. >> he wouldn't let me lift a finger. >> really. >> okay.
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>> he might make an exception. >> thanks, chris. >> it is sleeting. >> yes. >> you don't think bit, i was walking, i thought it was just rain. i found out it was something else. it could have been bad. >> it could have have been horrible. >> okay. so be careful. they said two people slipped off the septa bus at third and market and fell off the bus basically. some septa riders didn't even wear pants this weekend though. i hope they didn't fall with no pants on. oh, my god. okay. we have to do weather and traffic first. i jumped ahead. you know when you jump seven ahead, people panic. >> they do. >> look at sunrise off atlantic city think morning, it is not terrible, anywhere. it is just on shore. we will show you in a moment what ultimate doppler looks like but guys, i know you got this tweet as well. can't even walk my dog, in east nottingham. thank to you pamela for letting us necessity about that. it is too slippery for her and
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her four legged friend this morning. that is the case in so many places, this morning. pink mixed with with the green here, north and west of the city, evening seeping down into new castle county delaware and sees what radar has right now. the west grove in chester county. new london. upper oxford getting very icy conditions. hockessin delaware. north of us, perkiomen probably has some ice around as well as pottstown, limerick, lower southford. it changes from types of precipitation can change in a minute. it looks like all rain down here in salem county a and cumberland county, new jersey. it is just rain in stone harbor and down in lieu is delaware the heavier rain is starting to move in from the baltimore washington area the hope is that is rain moves from the southwest, milder temperatures will move in as well. well, that is not the case in philadelphia where we have gotten colder since last hour. 33 degrees now. thirty-two in pottstown.
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thirty-two in lancaster. that will explain why here in the city some of our sidewalks have indeed frozen. the plus it was so cold all last week that ground and concrete is frozen and very cold as well. 32 degrees in wilmington, with two systems heading our way this one is sweeping through a cold front later on tonight so temperatures will be colder, winter weather advisory continues until 10:00 a.m. and then a lot of improvement in the seven day forecast. tomorrow is colder but then we will see a gradual warming trend starting on wednesday with 35 degrees and getting in to the mid 40's by the weekend. but by the time we get to that improvement, bob kelly, we have a in mess this morning. >> it is hit and mess depending upon where you begin and end your trip. you have to take your time. it is the scattered, up from a combination of wet roads, slippery conditions, you've got that change over line, thaw just showed us kind of just keeps on changing, rolling to the east. the here's a live look at 422,
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all brake lights from collegeville in toward king of prussia roosevelt boulevard, bumper to bumper from broad street. yes, the young gentlemen, michael in the back, has his hand raised. >> thank you, teacher kelly. >> yes. >> jackie, how fortuitous, jackie just said how is 422 near king of prussia, should she take main street in norristown, is that better. >> no, would i stick with 422 because major roadways have been salted and treated, main streets, secondary road. would i stick with 422, okay, are we good. >> okay. >> we are taking your viewer questions here. on the boulevard, heavy towards that schuylkill expressway. ninety-five northbound just rain from 95 east into south jersey but obviously we have delays with the rain, rolling through. here's a tweet how is the pennsylvania turnpike and roads heading out towards penn state university? classes go back, first day back today at penn state. my daughter went back on friday. but for kristin here, as you head west on the turnpike,
7:19 am
that is the area that is seeing that icy mix that change over. so the roads and conditions could be slippery. you will see slower than normal speeds. just take your time to get out there and be back to class and good to go. two accidents. twenty in fairmount and 40th and ludlow. >> couple more tweets here, bob kelly, shamus watches the show and very much into sports. he slipped twice going to the the bus in drexel hill. i'm not going to school. he went back home. i go to roast man catholic in the city. it should be closed. >> a lot of people are saying philadelphia schools closed at all. >> shamus made a decision? >> no word yet. >> my 11 year-old just fell down the stairs. be careful out there. >> somebody just fell in olde city, there is ape ambulance here. >> everyone please be careful. >> right outside our studio here. >> we don't want anything else to happen. >> on septa what if i ride with no pants on. >> we would not want to see that. >> that happened over weekend.
7:20 am
>> septa riders they didn't wear pants. this is philadelphia's no pants subway ride, participants met up with of course no pants on at clothespin at 15th and mark where they headed to the market frankford line this was just about showing some skin. people also donated clothes. donations go to local homeless shelter and closing trend. >> if i did that today,. >> unless you donated, it the one okay. >> do you donate the pants thaw take off and then you have to go home with no pants on. >> that is one way to do it. >> you can get an extra pair in your backpack. >> you wear under pants right. >> please. >> it is time to turn in your smart phone, how about something called a flip phone. did you realize flip phonies making a come back and hollywood celebrity are using them. >> well, it is like slapping it down. >> when you had to hang up on somebody. >> slap it. >> we are going back to atlantic city, sunnies sort of
7:21 am
peeking out, righting, any minute now. >> it better be. >> if it doesn't rise this morning we are all in trouble. >> we are. >> thank god it is back.
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it is national clean off your desk day. we have very short employees or nobody came to work today. i saw chris murphy a's head. let's play a game. whose desk is this? i will give you three choices. dawn timmeney, sue serio, or joyce evans. >> you have to tweet us, use mike at fox 29 oral ex-holley fox 29 or use fox 29 good day. we have be praying this game throughout the morning. but for right now can you guess whose desk is this? >> don't look to tight. >> you can use instagram and facebook as well as twitter. >> did you ever see anybody with the flip phone. >> not recently. >> i notessed golden globes
7:25 am
there was hollywood celebrity with flip phones. government officials have have noticed, editor of vogue, rihanna, she had a flip phone in her hand. >> is what behind the trend here. >> let's bring in lauren simonnety. >> i have two actually. >> that you still use. >> one does not use but i have one that is hook up and still use, absolutely. unfortunately i cannot show it to you. because i use, a phone to get on the internet all day at work. i go home and use my flip phone. >> that battery lasts a week. do you remember that. >> i do remember. >> yes. >> and service is really good. >> my battery goes dead after about six hours. >> yes. >> with my flip phone. >> maybe not because rihanna because like you said, chuck schumer, anna winter all spotted with flip phones.
7:26 am
thinking is they are more reliable. we had so many other devices, tablets if you want to hook up to the internet if you want apps do it on your ipad. you don't need to do it on your smart phone. we looked at some numbers. it wasn't until 2013, that smart phones sales actually were bigger than flip phones sales. >> yes. >> on a global business that is does make sense but i was still surprised it took that long. >> i have another reason why i like it. >> i know. >> you can go like that and shut it. >> a that is it. >> when you are mad at son you slam it shut but also you can do it with your chin. >> yeah. >> you could flip it open and close it with your chin. >> you know what, my complaint now is with my smart phone, i have a hard time when i'm doing something accepting the call because i have to swipe over, for some reason, it is easier just to open up information. sometimes it is easier than
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the the swipe. the swipe is selling me for some reason. >> maybe they will make a updated one. >> yeah, i know. >> which celebrity do you look most like when people see new public they say you look like which celebrity. >> kim kardashian. >> look at that. >> i was going more amal. >> i can see amal as well. >> i prefer that one, so i thank you very much. >> what do you guys get. >> you too, bye, see you later. national clean off your desk day. three minutes ago we showed you somebody's desk. we day gave you three choices. did you get any tweets. i didn't get anytime i was looking at lauren. >> you were distracted. >> yes. >> i was distract by her lips. >> come on. >> someone says dawn timmeney. >> i'll say sue. >> malcolm says that is sue's desk. pj says that is sue's desk because of the flowers, novel
7:28 am
and hair care. >> joyce, no doubt. >> they say i foresee sue being much more tidy than that. >> that is sue's desk. >> it is sue serio's desk. >> sue, that is who are filing. how many years has that been building up. >> since 2006. >> but also, i will say that is all my makeup that i throw on the desk, and then after 10:00 o'clock i will put a lot of that back. >> that is a all this, thrown on the desk make up that i just used because it taste a lot of cosmetic activity. >> yeah. >> i take everything out of that box that i need. >> what was that on the floor there. >> a sponge. >> i thought it was depend or something. >> we will do more guests and we will have you more, stay tune. living with chronic migraine
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sometimes simple messages are the best one. thank you, for this one. be careful today, icy out. that has been evidence all morning long in this ultimate doppler radar picture where we see pink mixing with the green. that means icy conditions are possible. it is freezing rain or sleet.
7:32 am
if you hear pellets it is sleet. if it freezes on contact with the surface and that is what we are seeing it is indeed freezing rain. we will zoom in closer. we will show thaw some of those areas are really getting, the the ice, this morning. the good news is that after today, things will chill out tomorrow and then we will get a warming trend as we get closer to the weekend but this is the mess tricky time this morning. we are expecting freezing rain to change over to all rain, probably bob kelly not until after 10:00 o'clock this morning. that makes morning rush not too rushy. >> we will not get anywhere fast here on the schuylkill expressway, a live look near belmont avenue a crawl westbound from city avenue out toward belmont avenue. even jammed up on the ben franklin coming into downtown heavy from in mid span into center city. live look curb side on the 42 freeway, delays on the black horse pike into 295. septa is using shuttle buses
7:33 am
between cynwyd and overbrook because of amtrak switching problems and just be careful on the platforms for ice spots this morning. new jersey transit they are cross honoring system wide because of the weather and we have just checked in with the airport we have delays of 122 minutes on arriving flights into philadelphia a. that will have that domino effect that will turn in the departure delays. do check with the air lane before you head down and put your bags in the trunk there. >> mike, what do you have over here. >> they are all doing that shuffle. everybody is walking like this. what was that carol burr net show. >> yes. >> chip conway. >> they are not walking on our bricks they are walking in the street because it is better footing. the here comes a guy with good rubber shoes on. you have to do that. >> it is bad. >> be careful. >> we had somebody fall out here an hour ago and a
7:34 am
ambulance had to come. that was down fourth street a little bit. >> not far from here. >> let check with charlie metzger over there at penndot. how is it going. >> good mike, how are you today. >> good any trouble spots. we have some icy parts in the upper part of the montgomery county and northern part of the chester county but by and large, i just made my commute from bucks county and montgomery county and i didn't have too many issues. couple slow spots on the turnpike but got here in plenty of time. >> any trouble spots out on the road. >> we have over 320 trucks out on the highway right now. they have been out since midnight putting down plenty of material this is a salting operation rather than a plowing operation because of the precipitation that is coming down but crews have been out since midnight staying out in front of it and we have been saying repeatedly and you guys have been saying also, give yourself plenty of time. don't tailgate. leave plenty of distance between you and the car in front of you. >> you would think putting out
7:35 am
the solution that the rain would mix it up too. >> we're putting down rock salt. it is not like the salt brine which is a thin layer. that washes away in the rain. rock salt will stay on the roadway. >> those darn bridges, too. >> hey charlie, would you like to go to miami, orlando or can tune today. >> sure would i good get this, another question would you like to pay only $19.01 way. >> sound like a bargain. >> it does. >> a apparently this exists, it exists until wednesday, we will tell you thousand get one of those tickets. thanks, charlie. >> thanks, guys it is national clean off your desk day. >> back in the news room. >> back in the news room. >> we will show you a desk. this seems like a fairly clean person. >> fairly clean. >> so tweet us, who do you think this is. >> camille, tell me is is it a man or a would a man. it is either jeff cole's desk,
7:36 am
bruce gordon's desk, or one christopher murphy. whose desk is that. >> make sure you tweet us use that hash tag fox 29 good day, we've got sometime here, jeff, bruce, chris. >> and jen is a rock star where ever she goes but today she's showing us how to rock our work out. >> here's the thing, lot of people want to work out like an athlete but they want to do it at the gym. we are at newtown athletic club in bucks county showing you cardio sports and it will kick your booty.
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you tell us what you want to pay and we help find options to fit your budget. nah, nah, insurance, nah, nah, nah, discount. my name's flo, you want to go out with me? no. uh-huh-huh! all right. so taking a look outside our sued ohio people are taking it the slow being careful this morning but airport is showing some slow downs what are we seeing there one hour and 22 minute delays right now at philly international. >> so i'm sure we will hear more from bob kelly later on but there is a delay at the
7:40 am
airport. 7:39. some of you are runners or cross fit fanatics so people are just looking to train like an athlete are simply revving up the indoor work out, especially on a day like today. a lot going on this there. jen is in newtown bucks county showing thus rock star work out. >> absolutely, if you have never been to the n ac they have an outdoor water park outside. >> just crazy. >> drinks and everything. >> good morning hillary. >> good morning you are doing cardio sport. we are here because this is a really super unique work out. there is an ultra mar man thonner scott crossan who was trained on this yesterday. >> yes. >> hardest work out he has ever done. >> tremendous work out but it is so inspiring, motivational and so much fun it just distraction you from how hard the work out is. >> you have tremendous result and get the a great time. >> they are doing specific drills but it almost like adult play time. >> that is a philosophy. we have a hash tag we say make it happen make it fun.
7:41 am
our whole philosophy is taking this high intensity sports conditioning style program, and making it engaging and fun and motivational for people that want to stay in their environment and they get tremendous results. >> you cannot be worried about your next hour of appointment at work or make picking the kid up because you are right there you are right there the the way it is designed you are engage, full scale, if you step out of it the for a second in your mine which is hard to do because it is so fun and engaging, you know you will potentially, you know, you will in the get what you want out of it >> this is one place you are doing it that you trained a bunch of instructors right here in bucks county. >> we have the nac, that is first facility in the area to offer cardio sport. we want to do this every where. we train several other, trainers from other clubs around the area so it will be popping up in other clubs as well. >> we will link your web site to our web site. that is how people can stay, and get together.
7:42 am
>> absolutely. >> it is cool because it is making it more fun. >> yes, it is often used for two different reason. soccers is one of the most cardiovascular conditions sports out there we are doing ankles right there. we have things like. that more perfectly we do upper body, exercise so reduces stress on the joints and makes it to achieve higher levels oven gauge. with what we're trying to do they make it fun and engaging and exciting. >> you guys look awesome. i would take off mize shirt but then you would see i don't look like you guys. it is n ac and cardio sport. >> cardio >> how cool is this i'm skinny already. >> you are skinny just standing there, that is fantastic. we will check back with you in a bit. so it is national clean off your desk day, so we put up a picture, a live shot there our news room. >> yes. >> this person's desk. >> boy, you guys watch the the show closely here. i will say chris murphy, and pj says because i see that
7:43 am
little class gris world christmas mug that alex gave him. >> and jamie k el says because of the picks of the handsome little guy they think it is chris's son. >> we will have to take taking the telltale signs off the the desk. >> we have to start making this harder. >> also here chris movie hoy watches the show, listen to this, chris, this is a a quote from einstein, a neat desk is a sign of a sick mind. >> that means yes, it is chris murphy a's desk. you sicko. >> we will get his shot to come up. there it is. >> look at that face. >> first of all, alex, thanks again, yeah, that hurts but this is my little man, little jack, played guitar. i'm in the the sure if there is a glare there. here's the thing, i wish my desk was even more clean because if you look over here and look at jade, jade is running our web department for us. >> yes, updating my fox if i move her bag, if you don't mind, look at how neat
7:44 am
everything is placed. >> yes. >> this is how it should look. >> mike, your desk is ridiculous. >> i can't wait to show that. >> bye, guys. >> thank you. >> brian park says tidy desk is a sign of insanity. >> insanity. >> yes. >> poor chris. >> i must be perfectly sane. >> yes. besides i don't think jade, she is probably looking for another job, she didn't want to get too established here. >> really. >> all right, sabina is riding around in our mobile units. we are calling this sabina mobile and where? she's on the major roadway. we will check with her. ♪ let's go [ female announcer ] norwegians are free to do everything under the sun. free to cruise at their own speed... free to explore their own way... free to discover a new world of taste... free to smile wider... applaud louder... free to live fuller, deeper, and closer...
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that's how you cruise like a norwegian. ♪ cruise like a norwegian ♪ [ female announcer ] sail norwegian breakaway from new york, norwegian getaway from miami year-round.
7:46 am
7:47 am
explain that how does a tractor just difficulties a appear and watch it will appear again and then poof, it goes away. >> magic. >> have they been fooling us all along. you have heard of the bermuda triangle? this is pocono triangle. now watch this vehicle. it is huge. >> it is grooming. grooming, grooming. yes, and then, it is gone. >> someone alert the authorities. >> or maybe it is like harry potter, sue. >> that is right. >> it will just go right
7:48 am
through. >> it is a portal. >> yes. >> the fifth dimension. >> yes. >> they are smart that is where they would go, absolutely. we could watch that all day but we won't because we will look at ultimate doppler radar and show you pink mixed with our green. that icy conditions mixed with the rain and rain is getting heavier so heavier precipitation moving in area but basically philadelphia, north and west, is where it is worse, but you got to carefully check out conditions as you walk out the door this morning, especially in chester county. plenty of pink still there in upper oxford, marlboro, and up to the north at conshohocken, lower southford, pottstown getting ice this morning. heavier rain moving in cumberland county, millville and bridgeton, new jersey this morning. you will see that rain get heavier. the that is enough of the challenge on a monday morning but that we in mix in the ice ape just dangerous. right in freezing at
7:49 am
lancaster, pottstown, degree above in philadelphia we have been having icing here at the station and around olde city. 33 degrees in wilmington. well above in atlantic city and wildwood. it is because of the two systems that will be heading our way. the first low to the south and then, cold front comes through tonight. so after 37 degrees today and slippery conditions this morning we will get down to 28 tonight as rain and maybe a few snow flakes taper off. that is your fox cast for monday from the weather authority. all right bob, i mentioned i have a bit of the list problem. >> we will run it down. just give yourself extra time and more extra wiggle room between you and that bumper in front of you. here's i-95 north bound from say 320 all the way unto and through philly international. live look at the gang from downtown, headlights coming off of i-95, slower than normal all around the board. here's a live look at 42 freeway. then we have salt trucks out there in south jersey just as
7:50 am
a precaution as that guy merges in there heading south. is there travel times eastbound schuylkill half a mile, close to 40 minutes south on 95. cynwyd looking using bus services. they are cross honoring. we are looking at hour 22 minute delays at the the airport. mike and alex, back to you. do you know mike what a difference a week makes. >> it sure does in the nfl, doesn't it? another controversial call, in the playoffs yesterday. >> the refs give a and ref take away. >> that is what jerry jones said sometime ago, sometimes it works sometimes it does than. pretty honorable comment. pat gallon was watching the game from 97.5. was that a catch. >> it was a a catch but but not by letter of the law. every within knows that is a catch. >> but the way they have the rule written if it is challenge the way that it was they can overturn it and they did that.
7:51 am
really people are on the refs for that. they have to go by what is in the rule book and in the rulebook if you don't make a football quote move after the catch of the pass it can be consider an incomplete pass. >> before the ball hits the ground you have to make a football move. >> he has to get his body in position and make another move. >> it actually happened in 2010 with calvin johnson from the lions where they rule became so prominent. it hasn't happened very often but this is a critical part of the game, critical part of the game. i don't think they had any choice but to change this rule around because you can't, that is one of the greatest catches you will ever sianni it doesn't count. >> some people say they need to redue all of the nfl rules because there have been so many calls. >> there is so many different rules that the league commit thee will look at. >> just a remarkable thing,
7:52 am
their coach for the green bay packers. >> mike mccarthey, yeah. >> that is the the first challenge he won the entire year. >> the most important time, it happened. as soon as it happened, he had hat the right to do it. i work. for packers huge comment. for cowboys, we don't hate to see them go home f that were the eagles we would be upset if that happens. >> jeremy maclin that catches that. >> did you see dez bryant's face, look at this screen shot. >> after that happens. >> right after it happened. >> my gosh. >> do we blame him. >> not at all. he is just like what. >> he is thinking i have out jumped in guy. maybe one of the greatest catches i have ever made and it does not count because of the technicality. >> how comes he getaway being on the field, with a helmet on. >> when it is a dead ball. you are not supposed to be.
7:53 am
at that part of the game, absolutely. >> see you guys tonight. >> alex, quincy, we are all going to the flyers game. jay voracek is leading scorer in the nhl. >> this is my first hockey game. >> i saw your jersey. >> i have my jersey. i will bring it. >> we berth be prepared to explain everything to me. i will give you homework. who does want want to explain. >> thanks, pat we will see you tonight. if the cold weather is too much for you you, maybe you want to get a waste. how about jump on frontier flying out of the philadelphia international now, $19 to go to orlando? okay. i'll tell you thousand get a ticket next.
7:54 am
7:55 am
7:56 am
by the way, i forgot to say this, i was in new york
7:57 am
over the weekend. i opened the new york times. there is an article in there, and this article says something amazing about philadelphia. i mean shocking. it is a shocking article about philadelphia i will reveal what that shocking thing they say about philly. >> it is a good shocking. >> kind of good but shocking. so lets go to detroit because auto show is on. oh , man, hey, good to see you. >> hey, good to see you. we talk once a year. year has been good, yes. >> year has been great but i hear, rupp there he is. that convertibles are making a come back. >> and split is. >> and driverless cars. >> he makes that joke every year. >> yes, every year. >> yes, we have heard it all. it is fun. we talk once a year. the it is like family. you talk about a shocking story about philly, shocking headlines about detroit and
7:58 am
for many people across the world and 5,000 journalist is detroit is coming back quicker then would you believe. this auto show is a representation of. that before we get to our good guest here let's show you throng of photographers. that is new chevy volt. i wish i could show you the volt. it is cover with cameras, iphones and lots of head. that is the new volt. old volt went 30 miles per charge. new volt goes almost double that. you said the red and, in joke, thinks the academy award of car shows. it is happening right here in detroit. mike work kelly blue book, travels every year to come here to talk about this were you talking about the buzz at this years show not muted. what are the stars of the show. >> we're standing in front of a couple them. thinks the chevy volt. thinks chevy's halo vehicle in the environmentally responsible space. add to that we have greatly increasing, electric driving range from 30 to 50 miles making it more practical and adding a fifth seat. so that is a a big development
7:59 am
for the volume. other one here is chevy bolt. this is a pure electric cross over vehicle, that is supposed to be 200 miles range without any recharge. so it is in a space that people you and i might be able to drive that as our normal vehicle. >> reporter: mike good to see you as always. keep covering it and say good things about the good city of detroit. when you walk through the streets now, guys in philadelphia, it is incredible because new cars, new restaurants, new hotels and tens of thousands of young people are working in at tech start ups and auto industry with one of the best years, 16.5 million cars. it is a good thing. >> rupp, we are dangerously close to doing a car segment without even seeing a car. the can you just show us one vehicle. >> reporter: we will try to spin around here. we came to the reveal, that is why we're here. but let's show you hyundai coming up here, a few new
8:00 am
ones. there is the nissan. we are talking about a very good looking car. mercedes has a couple new ones. guys, real star will be acura, msx, it is a three engine hybrid that has performance of a ferrari but fuel efficiency of a prius. the it is amazing car. a lot of the cars are covered up guys, sorry. >> well, that is the way it goes. next year we will schedule a later, when they take the covers off. maybe we will see you tomorrow. >> reporter: are yes. we want to sigh driverless cars. >> i want to see that too. i want to see anything. i didn't see anything but a bunch of guys. >> 8:00 o'clock. good day, it is monday january 12th, 2015. here we go. defensive driving as well this morning because travel is so tricky with the ice mixed
8:01 am
in with the rain. it is slippery out there. we will break that down for you, me and bob kelly. >> yes, good morning to delaware county. live look at i-95 bumper to bumper here heading up towards the airport. that is an example of all of our roadways. hanging out in king of prussia all morning. >> well, bob, supposedly and allegedly there was a sunrise in the past hour but morning rush is like the evening rush hour where 51 shade of dray. bob, pay close attention to my hit, you will not believe how they salt the toll plaza if there is ever an accident you will know the reason y wait until you see this video coming up, sabina. >> reporter: well, a wet, rainy, slippery, slick all of the adjectives, right. we are seeing changes from more wet than icy, we are on the road right along with you. we will show you, mike and alex. >> isn't sabina cute. cute as a bug's ear. >> hi, girl. >> making her blush. >> yes.
8:02 am
>> thanks, for slapping me. >> yes. >> it is the whole package. >> yes. >> we're talking with how bob was saying it was bumper to bum per. at the airport we are seeing delays too. >> we have one hour and 22 minutes on arriving flights. that will have that domino effect. flight comes in late, leaves late, and that will impact pretty much the whole country. >> yes. >> airport located of course in delaware county, check out this tweet from delco from folcroft, icy, every where, summer hurry. >> i agree. >> combat word but very meaningful. today's weather by the numbers it is a four out of ten. we will change over to rain. it has not happened yet that wintry mix north and west of philadelphia the bus stop buddy is prepared with the rain gear and mittens as well because it is also quite chilly. winter weather advisory continues for the region until 10:00 a.m. it it does than the include the the shore or southern delaware because for those areas we expected to stay warm enough for only rain. it gets a little dicey, here
8:03 am
in chester county, delaware county, montgomery and bucks , out in the lehigh valley, it looks very icy up in the poconos. so that is the deal here, 33 degrees in mount pocono, allentown and reading. thirty-three ought the airport report to freezing. thirty-three in wilmington as well. the the wind chillies 27, as you look at this, view from the airport it doesn't look like visibility is that great either. so a multitude of problems this morning. the rain takes over this afternoon as we get up to 37 degrees. then tonight, as it end, back down to 28, at night, bob. >> hey sue good morning. 8:03. the here's a live look at i-95 with the headlights coming toward us but right here, disable in the right lane. this is i-95 northbound, in the construction zone. it is at girard avenue. that is causing a backup from center city heading northbound this morning. i the five that whole i-95 corridor from woodhaven road
8:04 am
down to delaware county is dealing with delays, but the roads are just wet, along that i-95 corridor. coming into center city, traffic jammed, and, things are jammed up, causing a backup on the ben franklin. south jersey, also dealing with wet roads, 42 northbound heavy from the black horse pike, in toward 295. and about a half an hour delay inbound on the schuylkill expressway, again, 40 minutes south on i-95. cynwyd regional rail line is getting worth they are back to normal, and new jersey transit is cross honoring. we had one hour and to 22 minute delays at philly international. mike and alex, back over to you. >> we are seeing this weather all kinds of effects, also on the roadways. >> sabina is in the sabina mobile but steve keeley is in king of prussia a mall. >> yes, at the toll plaza. >> yes. >> and a, we have the heaviest precipitation so far. the it looks like just rain. look at the puddle here in the shoulder. you can see all of the rape drops but despite the fact
8:05 am
that it is just rain, they must be getting reports that it is icy because just about 20 minutes ago, let's go to the videotape. a truck with a turnpike emblem on the side from penndot came here to salt the the toll plaza. there are 18 lanes here. i'll tell you this thing will go through each lane but i'm wrong. he goes to the right lane and then makes a hard left, 90-degree turn and goes across all 18 lanes in the height of the morning rush hour. if you have ever driven through a toll plaza around fill awe necessity people do 60 right up to the the point where they have to stop and pay the toll and if they have an e-z pass they never dough down below like they are supposed to at 5 miles an hour. i could not believe there wasn't an accident. i could not believe it again. you'll see the guy after he goes to the other side he comes back and comes back and forth. finally people weren't letting him in and he had to stop but he started, beeping because he was sick of waiting i guess.
8:06 am
he starts beeping like it is an alarm hoping people like a quarter mile away will see him or just hear his alarm. he was cutting people off. people jamming on their brakes. thank god it wasn't as icy because he was putting all this salt down in front of the tolls but putting it down in not just one strip but back and forth like five times. i don't know if they always do this but i was shock. i have never seen this before. they don't do that on the bridges. the delaware river port authority bridges. i drive on them early in the morning with hardly any traffic. here we are between 7:30 and eight and they are salting out here and they are making everybody stopped. i could not believe my eyes, good thing there was no accidents. bob kelly, if you ever hear of a report of an accident involving a salt truck ask was the salt truck going perpendicular just something i thought was amazing but he got the job done. and, we have the story coming up. here you go, here's the story, right here. your ticket is 19 bucks alex
8:07 am
and mike. your baggies $30. buy a second ticket for your bag to save 11 bucks. here's another airline story because they fly out of trenton. your car i on bag cost more than your checked bag. so ask your guest that. i cannot believe it. why was your carry on bag cost you anything? they charge you in more to carry on a bag then to check a bag. the unless you are going to fly to orlando and go to a nude resort and not bring tonight clothes the the $19 adds up fast when you bring bags. >> higher price is to encourage to you check your bag. >> yes. >> reporter: can i show you one more thing. this was not stage. we are near cash only lanes. this is what happens when you roll down your window onto pay your toll early. look at what just blew over here. a dollar. i'm rich. i cannery tire, finally. a soggy dollar. >> this was something pain a dollar. this is richard lewis. the he said wow drive from new jersey to san francisco his
8:08 am
aunt is ill boeing him with the toll money for golden state bridge. >> i will put this dirty dollar. the this is going toward your next storm sweater. >> that is really sweet. >> yes. >> put that on my desk. >> sue, thank you. >> i look like mel gibson from one of the lethal weapon movies. >> yes. >> handsome. >> he has no response to that. >> that is funny. >> let's go find sabina in her sabina mobile today. >> hey, we're on lancaster avenue. we're heading in to across the line into paoli. the road is wet, wet, wet. pouring rain. not to war bit the ice anymore. it is just so much water on the roadway. we've got that snow melt coming off these areas where is there still know on the ground. these roads are very slick and wet.
8:09 am
we have not seen any this morning. but we have not seen any salt trucks with plowed rains because we had salt on the beds behind them but we're talking about wet roadways. we will see everybody taking it slow, be careful, but you have to remember too every now and then they are starting and stopping as they take thorough curves. give room between those cars. we didn't see what steve is out there with crazy drivers so far. luckily everybody out there seems like they have been taking their time but again not seeing too much ice but never can be too careful. never necessity if there is black ice. we are at 32 degrees. not too worried about that. wet, wet roadways. >> and in that feature you can see just wet. you cannot tell fit is black ice. black ice looks like it is wet anyway. >> our wiper got stuck there. by the the way, you can get weather update on your phone. just get to my fox,
8:10 am
constant weather updates. sue just never stops. >> she shouldn't, we know you are engaged. you are getting wedding plans underway. it is a happiest day of your life. >> it will look exactly like that wedding. >> it is also the the most expensive day, so have have you started saving, mike. >> no. >> you better start. we have. >> we have four tips to follow. but first it is national clean off your desk day. we are seeing another desk this morning. >> that is up on the third floor of this building in our news room. >> yes. >> so in my ear, jessica, okay, thank you. now here are your three choices. is that joyce evans desk, is that sabina's desk, that you have been seeing all morning or karen hepp's. you be the decision maker
8:11 am
there. twitter, instagram, facebook. >> use the the fox 29 good day. >> they have a window, must be somebody high ♪ you're unpacking already? yeah. help me find some mugs? sure. ♪ [ beep ] hey. okay. -these'll do.? -yeah. [ male announcer ] wake up to the mountain grown aroma of folgers. ♪ the best part of wakin' up so, where do you want to start? i think this is a pretty good place. ♪ is folgers in your cup dove invited women to a makeover hi ma'amifference. hi would you like to have a free makeover? yeah, why not? who doesn't love a free makeover? there you go. it's a shower. it's a shower.
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8:14 am
we gave you three choices desk from up in the news room on the third floor here, at fourth and market. sabina or karen hepp. not one person said joyce or sabina, this has karen hepp written all over it. everybody says because she seems like she's very organized. she always looks great, true? isn't that right. >> yeah. >> of course, she does. >> did i see a thigh master. in, really? >> well, that gives ate away that picture. >> well, they can't hear me it is just a tv station. >> definitely gave it a away new. >> that is karen hepp. >> yes. >> yes. >> corner office, look at that with the window. >> she's fancy pants . she got something going with the news director.
8:15 am
>> don't even... >> i need her to help me with mine because in case you missed it earlier, yikes. ultimate doppler, biggest change since last time we looked at radar is the precipitation has gotten heavier. whatever you are getting you are getting more of it and our dry slots has filled in now. things will get worse before they get better as far as travel. if you can put off your trip that would be great, for a couple hours until this all changes over to just rain. we will zoom in and we will see erie spot around london grove, britain. it sound like we went across the pond but we're still in chester county. perkiomen change over to rain. pottstown still icy as well. millville and other places in south jersey it is all rain but it is starting to be heavier rain. same in southern delaware. temperatures are close to freezing. in philadelphia we have gonna would have freezing. we have two systems headed our
8:16 am
way this coastal system with the heavier rain and this cold front sweeps through tonight and it will chill us not time for tomorrow. after this morning mess in it is 37 today. it is only 31 tomorrow. best news we have weather-wise this morning is the warming trend as we get close to the weekend, mid 40's by saturday and sunday. so at least we will start the holiday weekend with decent weather. that is the opposite, bob kelly of what we have right now. >> exactly right. >> indecent weather. >> that is right, we're seeing rain getting heavy and that is slows us down un. the schuylkill, i-95, there is your travel times. i would be more concerned about getting, and, that first step, and that sidewalk and even the parking lot, as you walk from your car into the office. anything that has in the been treated. major roadways are in good shape. plenty of salt, plenty of activity the out there, it is those on and off ramps and your sidewalk, or the step,
8:17 am
walking into the office. hopefully the schools with these two hours delays here of had a chance to put some salt down. new jersey transit is cross honoring system wide, mike and alex, back to you. 8:17. about 43 percent oven gaugements happen between november and january. it had happened to you. >> new years eve. >> over 2 million people will get married this year. weddings can be costly. we thought we would could help mike out here save some money for his big day. >> yes. >> have you started planning. >> i don't event want to talk about this. >> i'm prepared. do you see this? we will talk about this. you have a wedding coming up. you have already proposed. it is on the way. if this is what it takes to get you to listen. >> i don't want to talk about this. seriously dan r are icoto why would you to have do this. >> i'm just saying. >> i should put it on your
8:18 am
mouth too. >> so what he can come in handy not just while you are engaged. >> now we're ready for the segment. >> how about 26,000 reasons to be stressed for your engagement. that is what the average wedding cost. >> 26,000. >> that is stressful. >> it is expensive stuff. >> so we have a few tips this morning to keep the love a life while you are still engaged. >> okay. >> are you listening, mike. >> how about number one, how about setting a budget. the the last thing you want to do is come home from your honeymoon, look in the mailbox and master ward bill the size of wyoming. >> weddings are $27,000. >> average is 26 grand. you can spend a lot more than that. >> he doesn't like that at all. >> that is number one. >> work together toward that budget. number to i want to you open up a joint account so that you can save together abe plan together and pay for those expenses. here's why this is important. i like this one because it will show how well mike and his newly engaged lady can work together to have a
8:19 am
priority and achieve a goal. >> some people say they pay for this. >> sorry, mike. i've got three daughters. it doesn't work. we will do this together. particularly older couples. median age for women getting married is 27. median for men is 27. this isn't the 19 years old getting married anymore. >> there are i any discounts you can find. >> instead of doing it on saturday, do it on friday. >> friday. >> fifty-nine percent of brides and grooms decide to do it on a saturday. if you do i on a friday, we will do it. we will get cheaper photographer, flowers. it is just not that busy. >> how about this one. >> i prefer the first lady says cheap. >> yes. >> i was planning to get married on a friday night. >> we got married 6:00 o'clock on friday night and saved a boat load of dough. >> next, next, how about buying life insurance now, because as you are younger it is cheaper.
8:20 am
if you get married think of starting a family. >> yes. >> yes, get the the insurance now because it will never be cheaper. >> yes. >> so buy life insurance now. buy what you need cheap term insurance is need. finally, open up the show me your assets. >> yes. >> where are you going now. where are you going dan. >> better to share your balance sheets, before you share your bed sheets. no surprises. we want to know each other secrets the. >> you want to know what you are dealing with last thing you want to wake up and married a dead beat. >> mike said he he put a ring on her finger. >> never too late. >> yes. >> stress free engagement, lead to a happy, healthy strong marriage, which is a good thing. >> do you hear that mike. are you ready. can i take this off. can i rip it. >> no, no. >> okay. >> doh. >> all right. >> that is what it takes to get him to list glenn we can do this. >> ridiculous, $26,000. $26,000 on a wednesdaying. >> you should have thought
8:21 am
about that before you put a ring on it. >> just go to city hall. >> that will go over well. >> did you watch golden globes. >> difficult. >> there were some hits, misses. >> but we are calling this fox fashion. almost like fashion police. >> by the way lou pete a's glasses already has a twitter account. >> we will reach out to glamorous dresses and those bad, bad moments. but first listen up before you walk out the door. the the roads, they are slippery. so chris murphy is texting the sidewalks, you have to
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
i saw a commercial that said you can save $500 by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said, "that was me, mom." [ laughter ] people on twitter already have picture of me tied up, on twitter. my goodness gracious. >> they necessity you don't want to talk bit but if that is what it takes. >> frank cologne says mike jerrick such a lucky guy. would i spend my mornings with alex. >> my gosh. >> what about this one rose marie says mike looks so good tied up. >> what is her name. >> it is rose marie. >> well, rose marie. >> hello. >> what are you trying to say
8:25 am
here. >> chris murphy, it is as close to dangerous as driving is walking around, if that made any sense. he is out on the cobblestones, the bricks. >> are you doing the icy shuffle. >> it is slick brick. we were out here and hour and a half ago as you might remember. it basically solid. it is breaking up. as people walk down market street they are doing it the slowly. for good reason. the it is still so slick. so slick that take a look at the this picture now. looking up the street. we have our camera at third and market. that is where this guy fell getting off of a septa bus. look at guy according to george who sent the picture. the guy was yelling out in pain, call an ambulance. but he was pretty messed up. poor guy. here's another guy, hey, what is up. >> slow walk. >> very slow. >> do you see this guy. >> this is brain trust of our station. he is on the fourth floor. >> you know what that means.
8:26 am
>> he has money. >> big money. >> the lower you are, the least amount of machiney is that why we're in the first floor. >> very good, alex. >> by the way, what about that great trick behind you. >> do you know about aerobic juice. >> were. >> in san diego they are every where. meet the couple coming up that bought out of the rights to franchise necessary pennsylvania. these are great juices. >> i bet they are in the fourth floor. >> 8:26. we have been talking about frontier airlines ticket where you go someplace warm for $19. guess what? well, we will talk about that. they may be sold out of the $19 ones already. but they are still cheap. >> is there a solution to that, okay. and then the shocking news out of the new york times that i read over the the weekend, about philadelphia. shocking.
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
♪ you're unpacking already? yeah. help me find some mugs? ♪ the best part of wakin' up... ♪ [ beep ] hey. [ giggles ]ok. ♪ folgers in your cup
8:30 am
live look the at slippery, messy wet conditions in king of prussia. we have reports of icing. we want to thank our twitter followers for letting us know what it is like in your neighborhood. like he says slippery in manayunk on um bree a street. it is messy out there. we have four out of ten in your weather by numbers today. the it will get better when we change over to all rain. buddy, going to school two hours late just like other kid, this morning. a lot of school district wisely decided to delay their openings until little later on. this winter weather advisory sticks around until 10:00 a.m. and it is because of this wintry mess. a all that pinkies icy conditions, sleet, freezing rain, milk with the rain and that is what we have this morning. so today a high of 37.
8:31 am
eventually a change over to rain. then tonight we are down in the 20's by that time, things will have dried out but we could get light snow at very tail end of the storm north and west as things get colder, bob kelly but that is later on. the let's deal with this morning. >> here's an example of an intersection a couple folks reported icy spots. 202 and route one at painters crossing. all of the major roadways are in jammo mode right now. i wouldn't worry about major roadways because we are in the bumper to bumper mode. secondary roads, side streets, your driveways, that first step when you open up the the front door and even for little ones hopefully the schools with the two hour delays, some of them had a two hour delay. they have taken time to put down rock salt in the school yard ape on the steps. here's a live look at 422 coming out of the royersford and a live look at the schuylkill expressway working your way from the boulevard out toward belmont. half an hour delay inbound on the schuylkill. south on i-95 just under 40 minutes in the city. new jersey transit. they are cross honoring their
8:32 am
passes system wide today because of the weather and we're still hanging with one hour and 22 minute delays at philadelphia international. that is on the arrivals. the that causes a domino effect for departures. the rest of the day is just going down the tunes here at philly international. maybe and alex, back to you. >> all right. lets punch up a shot of philadelphia airport. i didn't know we had a wiper on that camera. >> it makes sense. >> okay. so frontier airlines is now flying out of that airport, to miami, orlando, tam pennsylvania, cancun, charlotte, chicago, atlanta, at low, low fares. as cheap as $19.01 way. but they are already sold out. so mark murphy what do we do about it now. >> you pay a a little bit more but get a good deal. what i love about frontier coming in and going into these different destinations. it will force legacy carrier
8:33 am
that dominate the philadelphia market u.s. airways, soon to be american, right. it forces them to bring down fares on those particular routes. >> we like to hear that. >> that is fantastic. >> think bit, industry consolidated in to four major carriers controlling 85 percent of domestic traffic. we have been waiting for this to happen. >> when i hear there is low fares i'm thinking whether if i check a bag, bring a bag, if i want a aisle seat. are there other fees. >> is there always fees. what i like about frontier's new pricing plan. they have classic fair which gives you a refundable ticket. you pay more and change it, refund it, et cetera. they give you a check bag. they give you more seating room. >> five to 7 inches more. they give you a package price for more, that is a good thing. >> i have not flown frontier in 25 or 30 years. i like that they have all big planes. i have claustrophobia. >> well, we will lock you in the planes.
8:34 am
>> are they good. >> they are a great airline. they do a great job. you know what they are low cost. but they give so frills because you got low cost, no frills. they have the prerekline seats. >> they don't feed you. >> no. >> they hit with you everything. >> you get up front great price. we as consumers are looking for that cheap price. we take spirit air at cheap price. they give thaw option. frontier is giving you low fairs, a premium to spirit but they are giving you more benefits good where do they go. >> they have daily service out of philadelphia starting to atlanta, charlotte, and chicago o'hare, but look at their route network. their main hup is denver. you can get to places by connecting through denver or going south, like we're talking about. >> my daughter just in moved to denver. this would be perfect. i can see jack, my new grandson. >> how exciting. >> jackies my son's name. >> look at the that.
8:35 am
>> mike and mark show and jack and jack show. >> yes. >> when it comes to these fares, the fact that pat gallon in center city bought his ticket. he was going to chicago. round trip $88. is this something we'll just because they are new and they want to get our attention. >> number one it is a teaser, teaser fair, so take advantage of teaser fares. and number two, out of trenton short ride up the road here you can get fares. i just check in the next two weeks from charlotte, round trip, and, as low as $40.01 way. so guess what. >> they will dry up fast, if you are looking to take them right now. >> as low fares get bought up, the fares go up. always better to buy now as opposed to last minute. >> ready for it, my shocking news, over weekend, and, new york times, is there an article in there, it and top point to visit, to travel to, in the world for 2015. i think milan is number one.
8:36 am
beautiful place. >> italy. >> havana. >> yes, we cannot go there yet officially. >> no. >> philadelphia, is number three. >> wow. >> what? go philly. >> i'm talking worldwide, they listed philadelphia as the third place to vice tonight 2015. >> and it is also shocking new york times wants to say that. >> guess what you live here, so get out, enjoy. >> go visit your own city. >> i don't know if the pope's visit had anything to do with it. i have a feel that was factored in. >> it could be me. >> yes. >> alex. >> but they will be paying attention to us, that is for sure. >> isn't that cool good they have to recognize. >> yes. >> go philly. >> that is cool. >> my gosh, are you all right. >> i'm okay. >> she has fallen and cannot get up. >> all right, thanks. >> it is always embarrassing to get caught on cameras you come back to a live shot, and wow an angry shove, embarrassing moment for hanna
8:37 am
storm, live on tv over the weekend, now she's deeven ifing herself this morning. why did she shove somebody out, get out of here. why did she do that. >> but then it is national clean off your desk day. so we are playing this game, showing you and we want to you guess who owns the desk yes. >> third floor, whose desk is is this? bruce gordon, iain page, scott williams, or is it my desk, mike jerrick. >> all right. tweet us, facebook, twitter, instagram, fox 29 good day. who is that desk.
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
we are showing you on the
8:41 am
third floor our news room and different desk. your choicees were bruce gordon, iain page, scott williams in the weather department or is that mine? is that mine, my desk. >> we have been getting guesses. >> well, we will pan up, and zoom in on mr. bruce gordon. >> there he is. >> yes. >> there is bruce's desk. >> i wouldn't call it, messy, really. >> no. >> just a lot on it. >> a a lot going on. >> people thought that was your desk. >> yeah. >> those are not my daughters. >> live television, can be scary. just ask make up artist for espn anchor hanna storm. now, they were doing live shots, i think from dallas getting ready for big game tonight, national championship game in college. this was early, was this saturday night.
8:42 am
>> saturday night. >> yes. >> so hanna, they are getting ready to come back to her live. in her ear she's hearing three, two, one, go but make up artist had a brush on her face as she's getting ready to go back on the air. so watch out what happens. >> erin rodgers hand been down ride perfect, packers unstoppable at home and major question mark in today's playoff game. >> this went viral. >> i think for me the look on her face. >> well, she looks like she could bite your head off. >> yes. >> can you imagine being her intern. >> i necessity hanna. i have known her 20 years. she could not be sweeter. she's a really nice woman. >> she's just in the zone. she knew she was about to be on. >> but she explain it in a tweet writing make up artist is a good friend of mine would have gotten in major trouble had she been seen on air,
8:43 am
hence the stiff arm to protect her. >> again, i love hanna, she help my daughter get into college by writing letters and stuff like hand a she's a cancer survivor. i don't know, really. >> what kind of trouble do they get in. >> i don't want to see a hand on tv. >> i don't know. >> she's really nice but man did she look mean there. >> i wouldn't want to be her in turn. >> sometimes it happens and we hear that count down. we have to get everything in order. so it happens. i could totally see you doing that. >> boom. >> this would be you. you would be have a little elbow in there. >> i remember back when alex was sweet, remember when you first got here in september. >> you have change me. >> i have ruined you. >> okay. tiffany is i guess the jewelry company, tiffany's new jewelry commercial is turning head why people are applauding the company during engagement the
8:44 am
season we will explain. >> so sweet, mike. so sweet on you. >> so sweet, mike. so sweet on you. >> dowhat's with the suit? oh, i had to go to the bank. if you look legit they give you special treatment. seriously? seriously, yeah. the banker dude set up my checking account so if i make one deposit a month, no monthly maintenance fee. special treatment! citizens bank, right? yep. you know they do that one deposit checking thing for everyone, right? got mustard on your suit. actually, it's your suit. one deposit checking. only from citizens bank.
8:45 am
one deposit of any amount each statement period waives the monthly maintenance fee.
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8:47 am
that is a smart idea to make sure you are underneath the a bus stop. >> it is just miserable. it is just so cold. >> that is a cool umbrella. >> i like that one. >> i have said for years, we should get those clear umbrellas for our reporters you can see what is behind them. >> that makes sense. >> of course, they don't listen to me. >> no. >> it is just a mess. is what worse then a cold rain. yuck. anyway, let's find out how septa a is doing. i love her. we all love her. heather redfern is here, hi heather. >> good morning. >> are you still at septa. >> yes, i am i have been out in that miss since 5:00 a.m. a lot of delays this morning. we will see more people getting out and using septa, probably around this time, right. >> you would think. >> our rush hour is well underway at this point, yes. >> heather, can i put up a picture of you what are you putting up of you, not that one, i wouldn't put that one
8:48 am
up. >> there is heather. isn't she adorable. >> hi heather. >> hello. >> hi. >> she's like no idea what photo you guys are using. >> i'm watching you on photo, that is from my mind's 40th wedding anniversary this year. >> that is on your facebook page. >> okay, lets get back to business here. do you have any problems right now. >> right now, we're okay. we have some trains with minor delays. we had an earlier problem on our cynwyd line due to an amtrak fault. >> that was amtrak's fault. >> yes. >> that has been fine, fixed. we're okay there we are telling people to be very, very careful when walking to and from stations, getting on and off vehicles, on the platforms, just take it easy to day. >> we have had people that have been falling on the sidewalks around the a area. >> we have crews out salting platforms, treating parking lots and things like that but it is a lot to keep up with. it is just coming down.
8:49 am
so be very careful. >> okay. >> we have a story, that follows you about tiffany, the the jewelry company. >> okay. >> do you liketive any jewelry. >> who doesn't what girl doesn't. >> that is true. >> you know it is a good gift and you see that color. >> maybe some day i'll buy you something from tiffany. >> my birthday is coming up, it is big four-zero. >> what is redfern what kind of of name is that. >> are you going to ask me that again. >> it is english. >> okay. well, tally ho. >> thanks, heather. >> so what do you think of this new tiffany ad, a print ad and it features a gay couple. >> yeah. >> they are using a print campaign. this is a real life engaged couple. >> oh. >> tiffany says love stories come in a variety of forms. >> they said that it way. >> a variety have of forms. >> the entire ad campaign featuring couples of different stripes. that is a way to put it. including a couple with their child at their wedding. >> i see that every now and
8:50 am
then, kids at a wedding. >> they are a good looking couple too. >> all right, calm down. >> i'm just saying. >> isn't your best friend a gay man. >> and also a good looking couple as well. >> yes. >> i guess the the way it was written. it is tiffany. >> it is a a bit fancy, you can speak in this way. >> yes. >> we love tiffany a's. >> by wait, is it tiffany and company, isn't it, it is not tiffanies. >> yes. >> because of that movie breakfast with tiffanies. >> it should be breakfast at tiffany and company. >> like saying happy new years. >> it is happy new year. >> it is happy new year. >> beyonce fans out there, we are all wandering is bee an say pregnant. >> i say yes. >> she may have just confirmed this her early is. we will tell you what she posted on line and i want to you judge what people are wondering. the is she. wondering. the is she. why do we do it?
8:51 am
8:52 am
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as we look at the this loop over the the last hour of ultimate doppler radar we are seeing a few area of improvement and where pinkies popping up where it was not before over the the water of the delaware bay and also, a few places in new jersey. so it is still kind of dicey out there. you are just going to have to be careful. i see improvement in chester county, little less of the icy situation that we had earlier but it is still probably dicey around conshohocken, pottstown. here in southern new jersey it looks like it is mostly rain and that is how it has been with the temperature all morning long. the that is where we expect it to remain. rain has gotten heavier so that could slow you down as well. it is just a degree above freezing in red aring, allentown. 34 degrees in philadelphia right at freezing in pottstown and lancaster. 34 degrees in wilmington and dover. well above freezing at jersey
8:55 am
shore. no icing expected there. this is system number one starting to move in. number two is a cold front coming through later tonight. couple system coming our way. this winter weather advisory remains in effect until 10:00a in m. eventually some improvement in the seven day forecast after a chillier day tomorrow a warming trend, as we get closer to the holiday weekend buzz bob kelly as they said in the movie groundhog day, watch out that first step is a ducey. >> you know what, i would be more concerned about the the steps, sidewalks, parking lots right now, and poor visibility down here in delaware. this is a live look at route one. here's an update on the airport delays. philly international one hour and 22 minutes. laguardia has one hour and 35. when we get big delays at laguardia that impartial the rest of the country. air travel this morning will be tough on arrivals and departures. north on the freeway stack up from the black horse pike into 295. mike and alex, back to you.
8:56 am
red carpet hits and misses who was best dressed at golden globes last night. >> george clooney. >> always is. >> we will reveal our top picks. kate hudson. >> yeah. >> she looked good. >> j lo. living with chronic migraine
8:57 am
feels like each day is a game of chance. i wanted to put the odds in my favor. so my doctor told me about botox® an fda-approved treatment that significantly reduces
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its for inner, it is cold as ice. cool shot. okay. split is, man. >> those were the the days. >> yes. >> nothing on underneath. >> early 80's. >> yes. >> good day, it is monday january 12th, 2015. it is stinky out identify. >> we will heat things up with some fashions, because from j lose to kate hudson the stars were sizzling on the red
9:00 am
carpet. >> golden globes. >> we will recap golden globes we were just drawing over and the ones we would like to forget. >> i like that little will ana ferris. >> same person. >> this is why i'm doing the segment and not you. >> who is that. >> helen miren. >> she looks great. >> i have have never seen her. >> michael keaton. >> he is in boyhood. >> bird man he won for that. >> that is why i'm in the doing that segment. >> i believe, who is that. >> orange is the new black. i cannot remember her name. >> that is julia marguiles. >> is that her son. >> no. >> oh, my gosh. >> that looks good. >> is that robin wright. >> that sure is. >> yes. >> house of cards. >> you got a haircut for the


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