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tv   Fox29 Weekend  FOX  January 17, 2015 8:00am-10:01am EST

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respect every bite. [female announcer] a public service from faan: the food allergy and anaphylaxis network. >> it is saturday morning. we're glad you're spending it
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with us "fox 29 weekend". it's january 17 lauren johnson joined by special gist. >> chris murphy. >> did you forget my name. >> i wanted you to say your own name. >> tom just sweeted irish pony makes a special appearance "fox 29 weekend". >> i should have warmed up during the rocky run to get ready. >> we vie lot to get to this morning. including breaking story out of burlington county. this is so sad. we learned a baby is dead and police say the mother is responsible. what she's accused of doing. >> first we have to get a check of inter active weather with catlin roth that joins us. catlin it's chilly outside, down right chilly, it looks great though. >> bad news is how cold it is. temperatures will be well be bow
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normal. again we had many days like that so far this winter. very cold days not accompanied by snow mainly accompanied by sunshine. clear skies overhead. ultimate doppler showing a quiet morning across much of the northeast and actually no real big storms across the country rights now. that will changement we have maybe not a big storm but storm by tomorrow. temperatures bitterly cold, 5 in mount pocono. 12 allentown, 15 reading. 20 at the airport in philadelphia, 17 rights down and 18 atlantic city airport and 18 in wildwood. these are air temperatures. calm but look at philadelphia, 16 mile an hour winds. 10 in ac. enough to knock the whipped chills way down. feels like 4 below in mountains, 13 pottstown and 6 philadelphia. it's icy type of cold this morning. 4 wrightstown and 11 millville. fox futurecast we have a lot of sunshine through today. beautiful looking afternoon with de receiving sun. into tonight clouds increase.
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here's the next storm headed in. by this time tomorrow morning when "fox29 weekend" is on on surprised beginning 8 a.m. we have rain across the area. this is wintry mix north and west. temperatures rise overnight rain heavy at times through sunday morning. out of here sunday afternoon. it's a quick-moving system bringing mainly rain to the area. while raining it could come down g we look to clear out in time for mar tip luther king day. 32 high temperature today. mostly sunny skies. nice, cold, temperatures on increase. fall back to 30. temperatures rise as rain comes in sunday morning. we'll have the rest of the 7-day forecast ahead. >> lauren. >> catlin thank you so much. now to news. philadelphia police need your help in search for killer. police release surveillance of the person that shot and killed 56-year-old kim jones this was tuesday morning at a bus stop near temple university. yesterday, family, friend and neighbors turned out for prayer vigil at the scene. jones will be laid to rest on
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tuesday. >> just about app hour from now friend and family gather to say their final farewell to 49-year-old anthony gabrielle he died last week when crushed by a collapsed silo at import facility bristol township bucks collapsed silo at import facility bristol township bucks county
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>> right to the cover story this morning the growing threat of ter him rix. this week they thwarted an" owe attack a man had plans top blow us u.s. capitol and another wanted to poison john boehner food and drink. growing terrorism has many talking on twitter. so they have want to be terrorist in ohio. when will they stop calling them domestic terrorism #tree son and white terrorism for ohio busted before he could attack u.s. capitol i wish all were so dumb. >> ed joins us via skype.
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authorities are not saying if there's a link between terror suspects in last week attacks in france. do you think a similar attack like we saw in paralysis possible here in the u.s.? >> the answer is yes if for no other reason than this isis and al qaeda have used internet to recruit people to go to the middle east to fight on their behalf. you have to realize there's about 100 people from minnesota who are somali refugees that won to fight for isis in syria and iraq. this is not unique because we see the same thing happening in can darks england, france, all throughout europe really. and ous strailia and new zealand. so the concern is that people have gone to join the gee had. some are coming home. some of them never left. but they are ready to carry out
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attacks some directed by al qaeda and isis and others areself directed the people we refer to alone wolves. >> and it seems like it's a problem without borders at this point. and that said, do you think we need changes in the law and procedures and how we fight terrorism within our own borders in the u.s. >> christopher, first thing we need to do is call things by the real name. these are not just radicals or extremists. these are islamist extremists. >> right. >> if you don't recognize the problem you will not be able to deal with it. second things we ought to keep in mind is that right now people can travel abroad, join with isis oral kid aand then come home. and the law needs to be changed so that people who go to certain countries and when this terror
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activities take place if we can connect them to the activity they ought to be barred from returning to the united states. >> interesting taking. ed, thank you for joining us via skype. of course you can weigh in on this we want to hear from with you. what do you think? do you think terrorism laws need to change here in the u.s.? use #fox29weekend 29 weekend. lauren? >> all right chris everyone on twitter is asking what's going "fox 29 weekend". stay with us. be patient. stay with us. be patient. we have a question that is not the question that's a piece of video for another we're doing. >> i thought it was chris murphy. >> no murphys law whatever can go wrong will go wrong. >> murphys law. >> i'm out you guys have a good
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show i'll watch from home hash tagging and tweeting. >> he lasted ten minutes that's it. >> at least it was a nice cameo. okay. i'm kidding he'll stick around for rest of two hours we're making him. outside now. plenty of sunshine. it's cold. it's bitterly chilly morning. take a look at air temperatures, 5 in mount pocono. 12 allentown, 15 trenton, 20 wilmington and dover. these are air temperatures. winds fairly calm across the north western suburbs. you get to philly, 16 mile an hour winds. 10 ac. 8 wildwood. it's not overly breezy. that's knocking whipped chills negative digits into the poconos. feels like 4 below. 4 allentown, 13 pottstown. 6 when you step outside in city and 13 in dover. and fox future cast showing not anything but clear skies. clouds in the afternoon.
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otherwise clouds do not increase until late tonight. and 8 a.m. tomorrow morning a totally different day. rain moves in and it could be pretty steady at times. all sunday thinned indicates heavier rain by noon. this does look to be just rain. it may start as freezing rain in mountains and lehigh valley. no matter what we could see an inch of rain. i'll call surprised a washout unfortunately. we're not looking at winter weather. 7-day forecast, sun my in and cold today, 3 2. rain moves in on milder sunday. we're seeing just rain. 44 there. mostly sunny as oui clear out monday. martin luther king day. a lot of us enjoying 3-day weekend. 39 and better for monday. tuesday, 43. more clouds. we'll see chance for rain and snow on wednesday. and then again clearing out thursday and friday. no big chances for snow. we'll is to watch midweek. otherwise it's rain for sunday. chris, lauren.
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>> okay. thank you so much. time 8:12 this saturday morning we want to get to breaking news. shocking story out of burlington county. >> a baby abandoned on the street in middle of night by own mother. it's what police say she did to the up at that point that is down right horrifying. >> sabina, good morning take a look at the ground you can see
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surgical gloves from the first restoppeders who tried he desperately to save this little infant life. now let's take a look at video that we captured for you last night just after 11:30 when police were restoppeding to the scene. they tell us the 2-year-old woman from the area had a newborn. they say she laid the infant along the side of the road here in pemberton burlington county and say she then set the child open fire. initial reports say she may have used flammable liquid. neighbors saw the fire and realized what was happening. they called police immediately and authorities arrived and found that baby in flames. initial reports indicate the baby was burned and had second and third degree burns across 100% of its body. now it was air-lifted to st. st. christopher's hospital. the woman was taken to debra hospital. but again this morning we're told that the baby has passed
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away and we're here live we're told charges are likely and the prosecutor's office has taken over this. we spoke with neighbors this morning and they told us. >> 18-year-old dalton haze and his 13-year-old girlfriend shy aup phillips spotted in florida. >> the two disappeared from kentucky fearly two weeks ago. since then they've stolen vehicles, forged checks, and they may be armed. firefighters in los angeles in california are busy with this massive warehouse fire. flames were so intense the building collapsed. within 127 minute of first 911 call. fortunately no one was hurt. >> boxing leming end mohammed alley is celebrating 73 birthday at home muhammad ali.
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the heavy weight champion was released from the hospital yesterday. doctors say he sim proofing. >> a center city pizza shop getting national attention for more than size. how a post it made a big difference. >> and it's a video you can not believe. i think we showed you a clip of it. babysitting open a bed playing with a gun. it's horrifying to look at. she was not in the room. adults were speaking to her in the video. that's that video ticking one cop off. hear what he has to say about it all. and of course something social. we're looking at tweetsw this morning. i saw all your tweetsw "fox 29 weekend" about isis terrorism situation. thanks for watching, brian says how lucky you can get surrounded by beautiful ladies. what do you think about that one. >> i agree with brian. >> and this says hey state word we'll bring you breakfast next weekend yummy eggsen bacon, pastries you coming back next
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weekend. >> next weekend i'm hungry now. >> stay with us. also "fox29 weekend" playing tunes all morning this shake it off by taylor swift. may requested that one. off by taylor swift. may requested that one. keep those requests coming. >> here we have jumbo party wings. make two pound, ten pound, five pounds. distant matter. take the wings. put them in a bowl. spring sprichkle kosher salt. toss them a little bit. little more salt. that's it. don't want too much.
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don't want them too salty. taste great. put your wings on the tre. space them out. just a little space between the wings so they cook evenly. when we're done with this we'll go right to the oven so i have it ready to go 325 to 350, leave them in 25 or so minutes. while wings are in the oven let's make sauce. sauce is very simple. buffalo hot sauce. cup of plain hot sauce frank's frank's is my favorite because it's thicker you can use any pour it in. cup melted butter mix it. make sure when you make sauce that your butter is completely melted. you don't want chuncks in there. it will not incorporate quickly. see how smooth that s everything blended well. you want orange color.
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this is basic buffalo wing sauce. you can add what you want to this okay an, diced jalapenos, kosher salt, hall paino juice. anything you want. black pepper, white pepper, honey to this to make it tweet sweeter if you like. anything you want. use imagination. now that sauce is done let's get wings out of often. i said 25 minutes wings ready to come out of often. we'll take them out of oven and throw them into the fire. there we go. now if you don't have a fryer at home don't worry about it. use a fry daddy or pan of hot oil. you want oil 350. while wings frying pick them up halfway through shake them then put them back in the oil. it's been 4 or five minutes. take winds up out of the fryer or pan. drain for a few second.
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shake them. get all the extra greece off. pop them in a bowl. they're ready to be sauced. wings are done ready to be sauced. this is the sauce the buffalo wing sauce stir is it up a bit. put as much sauce as you want. if you want them saucy and juicy put more. crispier put less. i like them on the crispy side. we'll give them a little toss. and they're about done. put them in our container here we go top with celery. put bleu cheese on the side. i happen to like little wingy things. perfectly crisp. great. lovely flavor. this has bee
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skippy!! yippee!! fun fun fun! shiny! you never listen! what? is someone talking? skippy!! yippee!! look a ride! (vo) made with the funnest peanuts ever! skippy. yippee!!
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>> let's talk about saving money. i'm sure many of you shop on-line. and right before you hit that checkout button there may be a box that says code.
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i was by the bow flex that week when i saw the button. i opened that on google and typed in bow flex proposal owe code. i plugged it in there. it gave me 150 on shipping and 100 on device. there's lots of other ones deal catcher, groupon, do what i did when you check out on-line if they offer you to shop with promo code open browser and put in product. you may save big moneys in very little time. if you want to continue the conversation #and we can continue the conversation. >> january marks cervical cancer month. nearly every woman is at risk for this type of cancer diagnosed between 35 and 44 and although there's treatments it's important to catch the disease early on. doctors say for the most part cervical cancer is caused by hpv
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virus. most who have not had the vaccine will be exposed to the virus by the time they're 50. we love the story. "fox29 weekend" is about social media. researchers say social media can lower stress. they found people who fox29weekendly use internet and social media do not have higher levels of stress. that can change when stressful events are happening to other people in their social network. so we're glad you can lower your stress this morning. look at all the tweetsw. and facebook comments coming in. keep them coming. keep the conversation going. all you have to do to appear open the tag board here is use #fox29weekend and it pops up and all your messages are here. >> i'm trying to read all those. >> bruce gordon is on there. >> there's a lot of people up with us. >> dawn timoney and maryann. we love your messages. >> you know what dawn tim openy and i have in common, our birth
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date. and our new producer comes monday june 8 you better start buying all -- still ahead fox 29 news who does not love rocky right? another rocky film will hit the big screen and you can be a part of this only in philly and ncaa announced decision to restore penn state football victories but not everyone is happy about this what does this decision really mean. our legal analysts kim rock whileer weighs in and get smart phone or laptop ready you may have something to say about this one as well. >> #fox29weekend this is money by pink floyd playing it for jeff. we'll be back. >> you know what i like. >> dark side of the moon. >> you know what i like. >> dark side of the moon. >> you're the trivia
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>> all right. welcome back. 8:29 this saturday morning. it's chilly outside. i know pam just sent us a message asking where is karen. no offense to you chris, karen is off, she'll be back, don't worry. you're looking live at the airport now. someone else off aaron our producer we september him a video. >> hey, catlin, lauren, chris, everyone, it's aaron with tell la. here is stella.
8:30 am
i have a flight this afternoon i was wondering will i have clear skies forte-off. >> yes, you will, thank you so much for giving us that weather video. we want to hear from you guys at home not just those that work on our show. #fox29weekend let me know what type of forecast you need for the weekend and beyond. we do forecasts 7 days out here. let's start with today. no problem aaron if you have a flight or anyone else clear skies overhead. sunshine today. it's cold. it's de receiving sunshine but nice looking day. temperatures right now though very chilly, only 5 in mount pocono. 13 pottstown, 20 philadelphia. it's 20 in millville and 19 in wildwood. a bit of wind. at times it will feel in single digits to the teens this morning. now, fox future cast shows you a quiet saturday sunshine. afternoon clouds. clouds increase overnight tonight ahead of the next system. it's not even showing up on
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radar just quite yet. this storm barrels out of carolinas and brings us rain. luckily the warm air moves out ahead of it. it may start as freezing rain in the mountains. otherwise rain steady at times and early afternoon quikzly moves offshore by sunday evening. but unfortunately much of sunday not salvageable. washout tomorrow. much better by martin luther king day. foxcast for saturday, 32, mostly sunny and chilly for tonight increasing clouds. temperatures on the rise at that rain moves in. that's a look at the foxcast your 7-day forecast still ahead. >> two court cases ta talk about this weekend finally good news for penn state at ncaa restores 111 games won under the late, great coach joe pattern owe. so what other sanctions imposed will be rolled back after yesterday's settlement. stay tuned to that. and trial against done tolleson
8:32 am
continues not without a few twists. catching us up on both cases let's start with the huge one, penn state, so many comments about this. so many alum us in in this philadelphia area from penn state had all eyes on this. at the time a lot of people said it was just too harsh. >> a lot of penn stateers were happy today. actually 112 victories they counted now for penn state. 111 of those attributed to joe paterno. that's important thing. because that brings his total wins to 409 which makes joe paterno winningest football coach. that is big things for penn stateers other things that happened, that $60 million penn state was find they'll make it that $60 million has to be spent within pennsylvania. that is a big thing. here's the thing, chris, a lot of people are saying let's get joe paterno statue back on campus and so forth. what i say is wait a minute
8:33 am
here. what's going to go on is, they're is still going to be a trial taking place in 2015. that's the trial of spanier the president and also schultz and curly administrators. when those trials take place joe paterno's name may come up in maybe in not such a complimentary way and then it will be whether joe pattern owe should be culpable for those charges. i would say wait until the criminal trial to see the total outcome. >> it will be interesting to see. let's not get too farah head of ourselves though. let's talk quickly about what happened just a couple, few years ago. in this free report the former fbi director and from that consent decree where we saw all the sanctions and penalties against penn state. part of this is and i find this to be the most interesting part ed ray chairman of ncaa
8:34 am
executive committee at the time admitted he did not even read the full free report. >> it's amazing he did not read it. which shows the level of you know, examination with regard to this whole things. they made these finds when the person running the show didn't read the report. i can agree with a lot of penn stateers outraged about this. it shows there was not popper due process and shows, and a lot are making the argument. ncaa railroaded penn state and with this type of revelation it seems like they did get rail roadd i don't necessarily want you to weigh in but look what people are tweeting about the penn state situation. hats off to the ncaa for reinstating joe paterno's wins. this is from jacoby ridiculous it had to come down to restoring wins for joe pa and different sentiment from cameron you can not restore image penn state child molesters 111 wins doesn't
8:35 am
change that joe pa was evil and punished accordingly. pretty strong there. let's talk about something much more local here with don i say local because he's former fox 29er. what a week for anymore court as he is now representing himself. he issued all kind of spz i believe as many as three dozen subpoenas including to the front office. >> his defense is that he's a bad money manager and bad bookkeeper. prosecution is basically argued he's a bad crook. he's basically said don toll he son said i have a drug problem, alcohol problem. mismanaging everything. prosecution said no, no, no, this was a ponzi scheme skimming money from people giving him money for sports junk and things like that and they did not get tickets for.
8:36 am
there's reports the squurry has been rolling eyes and fall ago sleep when he tells his story. in the end i think he will be convicted. and the question is how much or if -- he will spend jail time. >> and if it comes if he is convicted of wrong doing here can he talk his way out of more harsh sentence. we all know he's a good talker. >> he's a good talker charismatic guy. could get total of 37 years if convicted on every single count. he'll make a plea to the jury and try to lessen any type of sentence that's where i think he can be effective. he seems like a nice guy. victims of people the money taken from them would not agree to that. i think he may be able to lessen whatever jail time they sentence him to. >> we appreciate it have a great weekend. >> is he or isn't he, speculation new jersey governor
8:37 am
chris christie is on road to the white house. political reporter bruce jordan joins us with his insight let's see if you agree and we know you have something to say about this a baby playing with a gun, it's not a toy. we're taking this straight to the chief. and despite chilly weather it's a lovely day. lovely day by bill widthers requested by aleah keep those lovely day by bill widthers requested by aleah keep those request coming #fox29weekend >> he seeks out aiming rocky to be his manager and trainer.
8:38 am
rashad of cosby fame will play jordan grand mother and ceed's widow and for philly excitement begins end of this month. local cast are for 5,000 movie extras. filming itself will begin in march all over the city. think of. it almost 40 years after original another rocky movie. my take. i was teen aimner warminster when the original rocky hit theaters and loved it as i grew older it became clear why philadelphians loved it. if was their story. when you are between new york and d.c. it's easy to be ignored. that's why philadelphians always oyvrd with a tough hitting character. they want their picture taken at the museum of art every once in a while they stop in the museum
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itself and where else in the world would running up flights of steps be on a tour guide must do list. 7 rockies is five too many but never a bad idea to remind ourselves why we're different, better, than new york and washington. better, than new york and washington. only idiscover brookside,
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and discover an exciting combination of tastes. rich, dark chocolate covering soft centers. flavored with exotic fruit juices. it's chocolate and fruit flavors like you've never experienced before. discover brookside.
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>> cell hope to video showing a girl playing with a .40 caliber handgun at one point she puts it close to her mouth and says bang and you can hear an adult in the background encouraging the toddler to play with the gun. the child's mother and another man are now charged with child neglect. you see the face of innocence of 1-year-old. two derelicts the mom and mom's boyfriend who actually give this kid a .40 caliber hand gun and you hear adults in background saying, say pow and shoot. what kind of chance does a child have being grown in an environment like this? they become desensitized to firearms and gun violence. and unfortunately, in our society, we're seeing more and
8:43 am
more of this. in my opinion these kids are genetically doomed. this kid doesn't have a chance. >> i'm superintendent michael chetworth that's my take. 8:43 is the time. still ahead "fox29 weekend" listening to you our viewers and. >> they love you. >> you can call co-workers out and it's not pretty by the way you have to see this coming up. >> pizza and post it notes hand-in-hand. one center city pizza shop all for a good cause. we're taking you in focus. and we're talking on twitter. we love when you respond to stories, after seeing the videoch the toddler holding the gun makes me think what are the parents doing and where's snow,
8:44 am
i love snow catlin. someone is ordering up snow. terri nice hit on cervical cancer. step it up fox 29 we're listening to you. and ncaa should not have punished penn state in the first place. we thank you for the comments keep them coming you. >> know i love music. >> who is this. >> i thought it was wendy. it is actually windy by the association. this was on the radio all the association. this was on the radio all the time when i was a little
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>> in-depth for remarkable stories aron the area you wept to grab a bite at a pizza shop and learned what is happening here. >> this is unique establishment. >> mason warton decided to leave his job on wall street and open up pros afreesh pizza center city philadelphia you would think parent would have something to say. >> he gets it out of the system
8:48 am
or kicks himself not having tried it. if that's what he want to do let him do it. >> he is selling them for a dollar a slice. >> i like the simple business model and doing it well. >> you see -- >> because of the low prices. >> one customer asked if they could buy a slice for a homeless person. >> i got a post it note to put behind the counter to signify a slice was purchased forward. >> first there were a few. >> i like drawings. >> little more. >> stick figure that someone made app or owe and said mason. he guess that's what i look like. >> until 'tis shop was covered. >> open a typical day mason will feed 30 to 40 people in
8:49 am
need. one or two slices each paid by complete strangers. >> if they were not here serving a couple dollar slices to couple paying customers i would not be super fulfilling. >> some couldn't help to say thanks. >> homeless people write back. >> for the smallest bit of kindness. >> i want to thank everyone to donated to rosa's it gave me app opportunity top get back on my feet. i start a new job tomorrow. >> mason's job done wonders and it's appreciated you can see that in expressions and words of patrons and. >> now mason has more organized way of keeping track of slices but still want customers to post their words of inspiration. >> all the post its represent mostly slices we have given away it serves as nice reminder and symbol of the kindees. >> in the form of hot slices.
8:50 am
>> that's remarkable. 8,000 slices of pizza. that's 8,000 people he helped. >> it's a ton. it's an absolute ton. now the pizza shop is located 11th street chestnut and market. one day he hopes more restaurants join him in feeding the homeless. >> he's getting national exposure it's good for him and philly. >> absolutely. >> thank you so much. >> all right. it's time to check back in with catlin. it's chilly outside. you're up on saturday morning. this is not usual routine to get out and about this early. >> driving to work down the schuylkill it was pretty sliver of moon and sun coming up behind center city and water was calm. boat house row was all lit up. what a beautiful morning you. >> wish you were still in bed sleeping. >> absolutely. for that it was worth it. >> absolutely. there is a lot of sunshine out there today. it's de receiving sunshine. it's cold, clear skies overhead. all across the northeast. we'll see really sun give way to clear skies later tonight. look at temperatures right now
8:51 am
twelve allentown and 30 at the airport in philadelphia and 13 a.c. and 20 wildwood. winds call well exception of right in the city. 16 miles an hour. and it drops the wind chills to negative territory. poconos feels like 4 below. 13 pottstown. feels like 6 in philadelphia f you're outside all day today prepare for cold. high temperature hits just 32 so. sunfy and cold today. rain arrives by this time tomorrow morning. when you turn on "fox" 9 weekend 8 p.m. on sunday we'll talk about rain. could be heavy at times. that moves out by martin luther king day lot of sunshine and back to chilly temperatures. chance for rain and snow middle part of the week and we clear out later on thursday and friday. >> all right. catlin. >> all right. still ahead "fox29 weekend" we'll noah tomorrow which team is going to head to the super bowl. >> your predictions? >> i am calling for upset in
8:52 am
the indianapolis patriots game. i think that would be interesting. >> unfortunately our eagles are not in the game. they'll be home watching. but any positive philly sports teams in 2015. we'll ask that question and we'll check in with shawn and john. >> and you're hitting the goal. somebody could be sabotaging your waist line who it is and what you can do to stop sglem is it co-workers lauren. >> keep tweeting us we love to hear from you. this up town function by mark bron sop and bruno mars. use #fox29weekend. >> remember we watched the video. >> you can do it. >> you can teach me again. >> you can do it. >> you can teach me again. >>
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>> welcome back to "fox29 weekend". today is special day for someone in the "fox29 weekend" family. >> monsignor loud on. >> it's birthday as some people call. it happy birthday tom loud on. he's here last week you're here this week. catlin is somewhere. >> tara, his wife is great, too, when we had a halloween party here on market street. >> yes. >> tara made my olaf cot tuming she has many tall he enter. >> why. >> i'm doing this because i'm tall. >> you're tall.
8:56 am
>> and the light. >> if i stand normal here is how i look the shadow hits me here. >> you want to stand in my spot. >> perfect sunrise in ventnor city we appreciate that big foot and rhonda says i love your show. that's the happy smiley face. leslie one saturday should be chris fox. mike, bob kelly it would be a total pea your pants morning. >> well, fist of all we do not have diapers here for prompt and we want lauren dunn to be involved with it at all times. >> leslie thanks for the suggestion. bosses are listening. we'll see what they say. >> here is what is coming. >> in the light. >> i'm back in the light now. >> okay. so coming up "fox29" we're fol a breaking news story burlington county heartbreaking story, baby abandoned on the streets and set on fire. >> and a special school in our area helping children give back. it's called the green tree school. you have heard of this?
8:57 am
it's important stuff. you have heard of this? it's important stuff. you'll love this story coming p
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skippy!! yippee!! fun fun fun! shiny! you never listen! what? is someone talking? skippy!!
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yippee!! look a ride! (vo) made with the funnest peanuts ever! skippy. yippee!! >> this is the irish pony. >> it's his birthday he made a shirt for me irish pony instead of italian stallon running through philadelphia i was irish pony. so, we'll get to weather, of
9:00 am
course. we'll also have a big story this morning out of burlington county a baby is dead after being set on fire and police say his own mother is responsible. sabrina is live in the neighborhood where it all happened. we'll check in with her in a few minutes. >> is he all talk and no action or does he have a plan. is new jersey governor chris christie headed to white house. bruce gordon gives us his take. first interactive weather forecast. catlin, karen is off down in florida and aron has a flight today for a cruise and the rest of us are working for those stuck in philly how is weather. >> more importantly not stuck in philly stuck inside the house with kids through monday by the way because of mlk holiday. >> that sounds awful i'm sorry i mean i'm just kidding you know if you're looking for something to do with the kids it's beautiful looking outside but cold. however you may want to do something with them outside today. you'll be stuck with them tomorrow with the rain coming
9:01 am
down all day sunday. all of us will be inside for that one. outside now plenty of sunshine to great you this saturday morning. clear skies we have through the day. fox future cast shows late afternoon clouds that could make it overcast in the afternoon and otherwise clear skies in through tonight. clouds increase ahead of the next season. nothing is showing up on radar. overnight in the carolinas it sepdz rain in our area sunday morning this could start freezing rain in mountains and rain steady at times through the afternoon and it looks like healthy dose an inch of rain in some spots before it moves offshore by sunday evening. set tomorrow. into tomorrow night it's rain. we do clear out by martin luther king day monday. many of us enjoying that three day holiday. teens north and west. low 20s south jersey. and we'll reach 32 for the high temperature today. that's. it pretty well below normal. 10 below normal. lot of sunshine. clouds increase. temperature rise ahead of the rain.
9:02 am
we'll have the 7-day forecast ahead. lauren. >> catlin rption thank you so much. following breaking news this morning heartbreaking story out of burlington county. >> mother evidently abandons baby and that's not the worst part. police say she set the infant open fire. this is the kind of story that you just say what in the heck was this mother and kid thinking. >> breaks everyone's heart. >> why would someone set their baby on fire and leave them on the ground. can i not believe i live in a town where a person can do this to a child. she needs serious help. twit are responding big today about this. it's really add sad. we have sabina live at the scene. >> hi, sabina. >> such an unimaginable act.
9:03 am
fox 29 confirming that baby newborn died overnight after police say its own mother allegedly burned it alive. now take a look behind me. you see where police tape is still on the telephone pole here at the scene on the ground here surgical fwlovz from first responders trying to save this little baby's life. now all of the property you see around here is owned by neighbor as cross the street. it's his family's property. they were inside the homes last night just after 11:30 they say when they notice aid fire burning here along the side of the road. they thought it was drug fire. they saw it through picture window he came out here across the street and math up horror when he realize today was not a brush fire but baby burning. he says he saw a woman standing
9:04 am
nearby. police indicated it appears to be the 2-year-old mother. the neighbor tells us the woman was not screaming in fact she was trying to hide. he says she was denying that what was burning was a child. and we do have sceepz of the video to show from you last night taken as first responders remained on the scene. we'll bring you that video later today. now, again this happened alongsideing town road in pemberton. >> the baby was charred. it was on fire. it was on fire for at least a little for a while. until we got out there and in the beginning we didn't know what it was we thought it was trash somebody just lighting a what it was we thought it was trash somebody just lighting a fire down here .
9:05 am
>> our covery story this hour look ago head to 0 16 president den thal election. and political ambitions of a man we know around here. new jersey governor chris christie who just this week gave his annual state of the state speech. but political observeers say it sounded look a president den shall stump speech. from the state of the stated dress chris christie would love to be president but it is sure hard to see how in this republican landscape and jeff edlestein saying to everyone trying to read tea leaves in state of state christie is running for president. he will not say it now. carry on. >> beck wrote this on twitter. governor chris considerty can hardly gain approval of own state. why is he trying to run for
9:06 am
president. >> joining us this morning to break it all down is fox 29 bruce gordon. bruce you were all ears tuesday night as governor gave state of state. officially as it stands now he has not said one way or the other if he's running. >> christie insiders say he doesn't have to do anything all that quickly and others disagree. mitt romney and jeff bush sort of dipped their toes into the pat water. they're going to sort of suck up all the money men so to speak and he has to make a fast decision. his folks say no there's time, there's money around we don't have to make immediate decision. be clear. the state of the state speech was all about national audience. he photograph asked it off the record or closed meeting with national correspondence and lovlz were not invited and it clearly signals he wants to talk to the national audience and that's what he was largely doing in the state of the state speech when he talked about these national anxieties and lack of decision making and lack of authority in washington it was
9:07 am
clearly named at national audience. >> did it look precedential. >> that depends who you talk to. there are those that say yes this is the breath of fresh air we need in white house and this guy's record you saw it in the tweetsw, is nothing to brag about in new jersey it's fascinating. the further away from new jersey are you the more impressive christie looks. he, of course, just this week was on road to south carolina and iowa of course in the last calendar year head of republican governor's association there to watch these candidates who he helped elect take office. those are early primary states for upcoming president dep shall election. the further aaway you are the more you talk about personality. that's impressive. record back in new jersey not nearly so impressive. >> when you talk about the record in new jersey you have to focus twon things. you have to focus on jobs and taxes. >> neither of which is all that impressive. taxes, property taxes that's what everybody talks about continues to rise, i'll be it
9:08 am
slower than they were. that rate was slowing for a number of years light rally during the jon corzine reign. >> and the jobs numbers the governor marches out some say is red herring. >> cherry picking maybe he likes to talk about private he can sector job growth. you can not take one without the other there's private and public. overall jobs in new jersey among the worst in the nation in terms of job growth as we come out of the recession. unemployment rate in new jersey lagged behind national average. that's a problem as well. you can bet all are are kinds of things any opponent in republican primary hammer him over the head with. >> not to mention if something comes up bridgegate we'll wait and see. >> that's simmering on the bang burn are still. doesn't look like it reaches all the way to him. obviously if it did that's a game changer. >> it's never too early to talk about it. >> thanks. >> my pressure.
9:09 am
>> also, in the political front a big day for tom wolf tuesday. inauguration day for governor elect. of course we bring you live coverage here "fox29". >> still ahead "fox29 weekend" we're talking to john and shawn from 97.5 fap attic about the positive finally some positive phillies sports news new 2015 i can't wait for that. >> people are talking about it on twitter already. we need something good to happen. okay. here's what people are saying on twitter. happy birthday tom you share a b day with legendary betty white and this selfie was september fox 29 deed ra. >> nice hair. >> she does. >> let me watch fox 9 i fell asleep waiting for another station waiting for it to come on. another morning watching fox 29 staying in today because catlin says it's cold outside. stay with us. says it's cold outside. stay with us. we'll be right
9:10 am
9:11 am
9:12 am
>> i'm jeff cole for fox unfiltered. we respond comments and complaints right here in the air. i'm standing with sports personality howard. that is you manure a lightning
9:13 am
rod and you offer. >> not wintry mix. >> you're lightning rod and offer ppz on all sorts of things including weather. looingt week you offered opinion on governor of new jersey. we'll take a look and remind viewers what it is howard said. >> there he is in the orange suit that's fat albert no governor christie no fat albert i don't know who it is. >> this is called untilted are you ready. >> are you ready? >> if i'm not ready you. >> really need to get it under control. i'm not fan of governor for your professional sportscaster to call somebody fat albert is such a disgrace. i have no idea how he's still employed by your station. tiffany wrote real nice, real nice, making few of someone for being overweight. howard what say you. >> all right the governor made a child of himself. a total immature child. this is a guy that thinks he will run for president. so when you see that, i react to
9:14 am
things. there's a cartoon character called fat albert. i said this guy is acting like a cartoon. he's acting like a cartoon character the first thing that came to my mind is fat albert. >> i always had a weight problem i lost weight from august like 27 pounds. so i get. it i understand it. it's not about his weight. it's the way he acts. >> next up, viewer outraged with our reporter bruce gordon. >> who me. >> yeah you. >> ricky wrote i cannot believe bruce gordon jeff called a kid being beat up a kourd. shame on you. >> you deposit do that did you bruce. >> no. >> didn't do it and wouldn't do it. this was a story about student fights in philly high school. let's go to videotape ricky i don't think you were listening. >> one kid gets upper hand and other covers up and you coulders against the wall as attacker miles from away. >> let's rewind. >> the other covers up and you
9:15 am
coulders against the wall. >> ricky i would never call a kid a coward. i used cowered. he was wowering to hide or duck down or curl up in fear. that's clearly what he was doing. it's not a judgment call. it doesn't make him a waw ward. cowered versus woward let's be here what he was doing cowering doesn't make him woward. >> it's wintertime and some believe dawn timmon any needs to change style of dress. cold? not enough to get dawn tim on dwroy wear sleeves. >> well a visit. >> she's referring to this night. temperatures dipped to near zero and dawn is sleeveless. why would you have worn a sleeveless garment. >> i was thinking color. not cold. i was trying to look good, jeff. >> you always look good.
9:16 am
>> but it's cold weren't you cold. >> i had uggs on. so marge lesson learned you're right you can see i have sleeves on today. >> you were not trying to show off toned arms. >> very funny. >> that was not it. >> no. >> our staff is not afraid to take on your comments. bring them open. e-mail us, text us. call us. we want to hear from you. call us. we want to hear from you. i'm jeff all right. welcome back everyone. look at that. skiers and snowboarders are up so early. have to hit the slopes before the crowds come in. sun glinting off the snow pack. there beautiful ski day. it's cold. beautiful day. do it before the rain comes in tomorrow. imenter active forecast starting with view of satellite and radar. nothing in place across the north east. you would be surprised to know by looking at this a storm is m coming in tomorrow.
9:17 am
it s healthy dose of rain for us. snow for interior new england. future cast sunshine all day long. clouds by late afternoon. otherwise it's bright blue sky day. clear skies initially and clouds increase ahead of rain. fast forward sunday morning 8 a.m. that's rain moving in. it can start freezing rain in the mountains where grounds are cold and continue all day. heavy at times. so probably physicianing up close to inch of rain in spots before that moves offshore. and not seeing any wintry weather again warm air beats precipitation meaning we just see written and then we clear out before martin luther king day. nine in poconos now. it's cold. 18 at the airport. or pottstown 21 at airport and 23 wildwood. your 7 day forecast 32 on chilly saturday afternoon with lot of sunshine. milder. comes with rain tomorrow. back to chilly, dry weather tuesday, chance for rain and yes maybe snow on wednesday. snow lovers have been starve sod far this weren'ter.
9:18 am
doesn't look like big one but watch for chance of flakes in middle of the week. >> by end of the weekend we'll know which two football teams will face off in super bowl. of course, eagles one of two teams unfortunately they're not. there's always next year. even though the favorite team did not make it to the playoffs chances are they're rooting for someone. joining us now to talk about the same game. shawn and john from the fanatic. >> hi guys. >> hi. >> last week someone was out with the flu. >> i was dying last week. >> how do you feel. >> much better thank you very much for caring about me it means a lot. >> we had a little -- we were scared last week where is everyone. >> so we're talking super bowl. four of the best quarterbacks playing this sunday. afc predictions -- >> it's amazing. great point with the quarterbacks. you have a great quarterback you win the games. eagles battled this year especially with mark sanchez. i'm going shawn. he picked this prior to the
9:19 am
season. but tom brady and patriots are way too much. at home they'll -- i like andrew luck and colts i don't think they'll have enough. seattle and packers this is a game i want to see. and you can't really get around there. too much going to seattle and a lot of people think i seevakumaran atle winning in end. >> i agree across the board seattle i'm looking forward to that game. aaron rogers is possibly playing the best quarterback we witnessed so far. going into that out of defense that area with twelve man seattle will be tough battle for the green bay packers this week and i like seattle and tom brady in super bowl. >> all right you heard it here first "fox29 weekend". so eagles struggled and 76ers were not whipping. people were feeling down when it comes to sports in philly. there's a positive outlook for 2015. >> now you know what rereached out to our listeners 97.5 fox 29
9:20 am
viewers and we asked them and we'll kick things off with jvrry at jeffery lynn he checks out. i don't know if that's a good things for all eagles fans but guess what kelly is making all the decisions so anything that happens with the eagles we know who it is. it's on chip kelly. more chip kelly in 2015. >> more chip kelly 2015 more of reuben amaro leading phillies and as peter says reuben getting fired is something he's looking forward to. this is supposed to be positive. nobody is getting fired. i have something positive for you. we move on. joseph cante checks in and says how about this potential sport betting in atlantic city in 2015. i think we're about a year too soon on that. if it will happen it should happen because ac needs us right now all right they need us. >> they need something right. >> absolutely. timely from rock philly says
9:21 am
might sound ridiculous now but they'll be con tnders in 2015 behind cole hamels and cliff klee and locked down bull pep. i'm trying to look tat the positives. cole hamels and cliff lee they have a young bullpen. i'm not predicting playoffs i'm hoping they can give us something to watch. >> you know what we call rock on twitter we call him a troll. that's what we call him for hut putting this out. philly will be contenders 2015, no shot. it's a long season. see if they can get hot in april and may continue the streak throughout the course of the season. >> we'll take it. it's positive thinking we'll take that right. >> that's right. >> shawn, john, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> have a good weekend. >> of course, give us positive thoughts for sports in 2015 or weigh in on assumeer bowl predictions weigh in with that #fox29weekend. >> all right so a big story on
9:22 am
social media. you have seen it on facebook or twitter feed new movie "selma" snubd for oscar nomination. >> another great song, keep nomination. >> another great song, keep tweeting #fox29weekend . >> we're getting tweetsw now. don't know what this world is coming to. "fox29 weekend" burning a baby. andre omg stom my birthday and as number one fan of the show i would blush all day to get a shout-out for my number one show. >> and terri you reminded me why my kids are all grown and tamala says i'm found chris murphy dancing love it. thank everybody for the tweetsw coming in. keep them coming. thanks for watching, we'll be keep them coming. thanks for watching, we'll be right back.
9:23 am
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(vo) at jennie-o, we heard of a place in iowa where every thursday people ride ten miles for tacos. we thought we'd show up and surprise them with a better kind of taco, made with jennie-o ground turkey, cooked thoroughly to 165. (mom) i'd feed my kids turkey tacos over regular tacos any day. (woman) i think that they're light and they're just fresh tasting. (vo) it's time for a better taco. (kid) the tacos tonight were pretty much perfect. (vo) make the switch. look for jennie-o ground turkey at a store near you.
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>>:25 philadelphia police need your help this morning. they now have surveillance of the video of a person that shod and killed a woman. she was standing there waiting for bus. on her way to work kim jones spends life as advocate for kids this is a person who waited outside her home tuesday morning and followed her to the bus stop jefferson near temple and he
9:26 am
shot her in the back of the head. they still don't know who the bern is and what motive may have been here. meanwhile family, friend and neighbors turned out for brair vigil at the scene of the shooting. her mother isn't a lifetime giving to her community. >> thanks for coming out here. >> my mom would have appreciated this. >> she deserved better than this and you know obviously if anyone knows anything you know you know, speak. >> the mother's funeral it planned tuesday morning at the church of advocate which is not far from where she died. when shot listen to this she was listening to gospel music in her headphones. >> one person is recovering after shooting overnight in west philadelphia this happened 3:30 this morning and it's on dolphin street no one -- no word on extent of injuries and police are searching for gunman. >> popular star on glee gives
9:27 am
interesting insight on showering. so you probably know what we're talking about here. showering is such a white thing. >> thelma jones heard about this and will threat rip. pink panther 74 we know you're tweeting us on weekend show we'll try to get the tweetsw out there you have questions for us we're working on it. >> accepted us those tweetsw, this is forget you. #fox29weekend. this song always gets me fired up. this song always gets me fired up. >> you actually know this one.
9:28 am
9:29 am
9:30 am
>> we look forward to next seeing sment every saturday "fox29 weekend" it's time to let it rip. we breakdown three stories big stories creating buzz on social media. we air your comments out then our guests have 30 seconds to restopped to what you have to say. sometimes he agrees and other times he does not. joining us 900 a.m. recent terror attack in nigeria the massacre killed over 2,000 people and the issue at happened many are outraged. people and the issue at happened many are outraged.
9:31 am
>> all right. so a little technical difficulty there. you're looking live at market street through center city. where the sun is up. it's a clear day out there. if you have a chance to get out a little earlier when it was dark out you got a beautiful shot of sliver of the moon. here's the deal though catlin. when it's clear this time of year it usually means cold. >> are you such good meteorologist. >> nothing scientific about what i said sgle when it's cold it's clear. >> that's all right. >> clear. >> chris you got it we're happy to you have hear with us this morning. >> thank you. >> 9:30 if you just join us and yes we have a lot of sunshine it's de receiving. very chilly this morning. ultimate doppler showing clear skies outside. temperatures now 9 in mount pocono and 17 allentown and 18 pottstown and so it is cold. 21 in philadelphia. 22 millville and 23 in dover. and winds are fairly calm. we're seeing wind speeds 5 to 10
9:32 am
enough to knock the wind chill values into single digit territory up in mount pocono. and feels like 11 in philadelphia and 1 millville and it won't be overly windy today. but still chilly. 32 the high temperature with sunshine. clouds on the increase tonight. 30 with rising temperatures on sunday because rain is moving in. so, today is definitely much better looking day. it's only 3 for high temperature. into the 40s sunday it's accompanied by satisfiedy rain almost all day long. and then we clear out in time for martin luther king day. holiday weekend is salvageable by monday. dry weather tuesday. chance of rain and snow wednesday. clear out sunshine for the rest of the week. >> all right. >> all right. >> thank you very much. >> where will we go next that's the question. >> still ahead "fox29 weekend" are you trying to lose a few extra pounds. coye go for that. >> we all good right. >> from here and there. >> so, someone in your life may be sabotaging your best up tensions especially as we
9:33 am
started new years resolutions we'll tell about you that coming up. >> and someone is going on vacation come sale away by styx. >> classic 70s rock and roll. >> aaron stop tweeting us and going on vacation. he requestsed this song. >> aaron go sale away. sale away. go. >> let's look at sweets. this is cutey. wearing eagles hat. world's smallest eagles fan he thinks we have this. >> i dig the raised eyebrows. >> i love it. >> alex says fox unfiltered must be the best news segment i have ever seen. i think the boss will like that one. thank you for your tweet. jessica, husband and wedding pick selfie happy anniversary to you both. >> go to the laurel. you both. >> go to the laurel. have a great day
9:34 am
9:35 am
9:36 am
>> in your health this morning we're talking about weight loss. you try to stay helmy and eat right. it's not that easy. two weeks into 2015 and some of you are already writing you have fallen off the weight loss resolution wagon. look at some of these tweetsw
9:37 am
nicola wrote. this weight loss things is going well gained a pound i guess i should choose which plan i'm following and how about this tweet from ankley d my weight loss was on point and since i went back to housewife i gained it back. the thing is certain people may be dripping bringing you down. fox's dina joins us this morning. dina let's talk about who we need to watch out for this morning, good morning. >> yes, chris, good morning, they're bringing us down. we always want to blame other people right. scientists helping us with that. there are statistics that who you hang out with may be causing problem for weight loss. problem you can't get rid of these people. here they are. four groups of people to watch out for. first is your partner. significant other. spouse, if that person is obese you know that person is indulging a lot and ice cream and good creates and that's a problem for you. that's shared environment you know bringing all that food into
9:38 am
the house and the next group and >> and you pack lunches and you're good with dinner all those associations with food you eat more. tricky one. >> all they crave when they come off the bus is things like bagels, chips, and of course they're sitting on the counter. >> high cashes. >> and then you'll seat some too you cannot help it. >> i cannot let them waste it when they're done i have to finish it can't let them waste it. >> leftovers that's the problem. >> the next group is friends. if you have friends who are obese your odds go up 57% especially because if the focus
9:39 am
is always on eating out food takes a high priority and that's how you socialize together that's going to be difficult for you. and finally, chris take a lack around. your co-workers, they can be sab tores and if you go to a big lunch with co-workers where there's a bunch of people they say six or seven people sitting at a table and everybody is ordering and having a good old time and in those cases you are broken to eat 97% more calories. >> i know this have anchor mike in the mornings he doesn't have anything in his fridge. he eats out every meal and needs somebody to eat with and he brings me along and calories start file piling up. >> couple guys enjoying calories. >> couple philly guys guts. >> the about the only line is plan ahead. plan healthy stuff and then you
9:40 am
will not be caught off guard. and good luck. >> good luck. >> because we all know easier said than done. >> dina thanks so much appreciate it. >> all right. chris, i'll say stay away and stop eating out. >> quit bringing in stuff to share. >> braden said that. curious to ask you. do you know dish reached a deal with fox. we don't know if lucy is awake watching now. bianca love weighing up to fox 29 with my family and g hi fox 9 weekend chris murphy is doing a good job replacing karen this weekend. >> you have a fan out there. >> what i'm waiting for philly sport in 2015 only team to make playoffs philadelphia soul. >> maybe maybe. >> maybe we'll see we don't know. >> thanks for all your messages keep them coming. final tune, this is for you chris, sugar by maroon five. keep sending me requests.
9:41 am
>> are you the one that loves adam lavine you. >> want to come dance with me. fox 9 weekend is the hash tag. >> do you know this song. >> i know you. >> you can't slow down. >> really? >> you can move a little. >> that's good. >> you can move a little. >> that's good. >> that's bad.
9:42 am
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9:44 am
>> good morning, welcome back. thanks for your tweetsw. house #fox29weekend. this came in from david. says please play deep purple seasoninging perfect strangers thank you very much you're doing a great jobbed. it david thank you. and hey "fox29 weekend" listening to mir reporters by justin timberlake and cleaning during commercials you should play that one. do all the women love justin timberlake. >> i like him a lot. >> jessica kline our producer for the day is in love with justin. >> fox 29 hey fox 29 -- is that it thank you. let's go to mama log. >> jim fred. >> we love jim. >> ladies and gentlemen, this is edition of mama log. >> here is what i say mom's need to do. >> what do they need to do. >> come to ski resort and take snowboarding lessones before the kids come on the hill.
9:45 am
>> but you know it's taking longer than you and. >> you know i think if you have kids, kids have no fear. i have fear. >> okay. >> right. so kids will get it in two hours. >> kids get it quick. >> you need to be mom and you're adorable in mom outfit. thing is mom get it done quickly and get it done when kids are not watching. this could take you a day, day and a half to learn. >> you know what i love. >> they have liquid, cocoa and little adult beverages, after the kids tuckerred out, you can start throwing them back. >> come to mommy. >> so remember here's tip of the day. every day, everything adventure but do it before the kids so you look like a boss. >> boss. >> this is mama log.
9:46 am
>> those two are tops of fun on the slopes. >> big news for same sex couples in april u.s. supreme court will hear cases on same-sex marriage justice koz issue a ruling in june setting stage for nation's highest court to resolve state by state battles 2013. high court struck done a federal law that banned same-sex marriage. >> and duke university reverses its plan to allow muslim students to broadcast weekly call to prayer from duke chapel bell tower students using the bell to make the prayer call for the past two years the school says plans change because its effort to un few was not having intended affect. school officials however say muslim prayer services will continue at historically christian school. chris. lvrjt all right now to one of our absolute favorite segments "fox 29 weekend" right here on this show the only place you see
9:47 am
reports from team of junior reporters college and university students from in our area bringing you stories in our neighborhoods. today katie rust student at rider university. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> you're looking into not unusual school but important less yn that they teach right here in philadelphia. >> right. green tree school and services is an organization that helps children all throughout philadelphia. and they're teaching them to give back to the community an important lesson all children should learn. what better therapy that a smile. green tree school and services is inspiring kindness and pride among its students. they're focusing on teaching students the importance of service and giving back to the community. green tree provides education and therapeutic services for children with learning and developmental and behavioral and emotional needs such as spectrum disorder and series of emotional disturb an and neurological impairment. >> our students get referred
9:48 am
because they needed occasions and basic social skills such as following directions and accepting feedback and remaining on task and as they learn to do that they start to get really fired up ander is to much get note i haveed by the good things they're doing and good things that happen to them. >> the focus is on transforming lives and impacting the community. speaking with the children here today you can really see that initiative taking action. >> window nate food and clothing to a shelter in need for kloming and food for homeless. the project took say approximately a month to collect 85 pounds of food and 157 if i'm not miss tape pound of clothing. i'm proud that i know i'm doinging something that benefits somebody else in need other than myself. >> along with food and clothing drive devons project was to collect videos for a legal children's hospital. >> i'm doing collecting cds so
9:49 am
let's say i gsh one of the kids cannot go home because so sick they can put a video in. i feel great because i can help the community out. >> the children here at green tree are more that excited to help out their community. >> beautiful facility. we can see it in the story there. so how many students roughly attend green tree. >> about 100 i believe. >> kids ages what? >> from very little, 3 to i heard 21. >> wow. >> okay. >> much needed. >> candy thank you appreciate it. and if you have a story idea for one of our junior reporters use the #fox29weekend. >> good morning, everybody, i'm mike jared. >> i'm alex holly this is the trend. >> what's in the water? i mean this next -- >> it's hard to believe. >> i love this video. >> it's out of fox and it's a huge hippo stalking speed boat.
9:50 am
>> now we have -- what do you have for assistance. >> breaking internet by breaking it down. check out the sweet moves ♪ the video picked up more than half a million views in less than a week. >> that's a look at trends for this week. we'll you mond
9:51 am
hey, i lost my debit card. do you guys do instant replacement? (snap!) what just happened? check your wallet. no. way. your debit card should arrive in 7-10 business days. it's time to bank human again. get debit cards on the spot, and no monthly fee checking with just a $100 minimum balance at td bank. america's most convenient bank.
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>> we're telling everybody how cold it is outside. we're having glitch and we did not get to let it rip today. you have to come back tomorrow to see that. >> i have to come back tomorrow? >> you have to. >> he has to come back. >> we have to recreate the whole thing. >> you need to come. >> i can let it rip for that. >> what will you say. >> nothing. >> also tomorrow, chris will not
9:54 am
be here. catlin and i will be here. britney maynard you will never forget her name her husband is speaking out when she decided to end her life. >> she was terminally ill. >> a lot of people had something to say about it. they couldn't believe. it we hear from her husband about typeal moments and why she made that decision and you're talking fashion. >> yes, to a lighter topic and still important what you need to be cleaning out of your closet as we head to spring and what you can create and invent. >> it's 28 degrees. >> in the fashion world you think about fashion months aheads of time. it's january everybody is talking about bikinis, love it or lose it. >> love it. >> love it so much we're coming back tomorrow. >> tomorrow lose it. >> we'll be back. >> and the weather how is it looking today. >> great. sunshine. cold, tomorrow when we're on 8 a.m. "fox29 weekend" it will be raining. we'll have to talk about tomorrow morning with rain all day. >> rain will hit early, late morning, early afternoon. >> early morning by the time we
9:55 am
get up 8 a.m. it's raining already and it will continue through most of the day. there's the 7 day forecast one last look at it. 32 and sunny today. that's a washout. we clear out for 345r martin luther king day and have snow chances wednesday it's minor. >> if you head to church or if they have evening service you may go to that. tomorrow morning will be wet getting church. >> it's football sunday. >> tomorrow is huge. >> huge. >> who are picks. >> so these are big games right? in many nfc we have a lot of people picking seattle to beat packers. aaron rodgers is not as mobile and seattle defense is great playing if seattle this could be interesting. i think colts upset patriots. everybody calling patriots i'm calling colts and andrew luck. >> we'll see what happens. speaking of sports. >> yes. >> they'll film a rocky movie here right. >> yes.
9:56 am
>> so typeal installment of rocky series here i was doing rocky run. >> this is chris murphy earlier this week. >> it was 19 degrees. >> you can't see it on there. >> 19 degrees. >> list top this real quick ♪ listen to this real quick ♪ right out of the movie. >> oh, my god. >> i love this. >> we started south philly. >> you were what whippeded there. >> the best part was right coming through the italian market up 9th street they had the barrels burning just like in the movies from 1976. this lady was great. >> see this guy on the bike. >> yes. >> he an as a little kid was in the movie in 1976 and he told me about it. >> we went past city hall you. >> went 3.4 miles. >> yes. >> something like that. >> and up the steps. >> this is a workout.
9:57 am
>> i wish i had chuck taylors on i had asics. >> and the iconic be sglot chris murphy our hero. >> the reason i had nicole bring this up. chris murphy is on the weekend show he's my hero because of the rocky run. >> the photographer ran up the steps. >> george. >> he is former military guy. he's totally in shape. >> that was so fun though. can't wait. so the big things is right they'll be back in philly filming this movie and we have the casting director on good day philadelphia talking all about how the city itself is going to be like a character. you think of woody allen poofy manhattan where it was a character in the film philly will be so represented they're looking for thousands of extra es. all the information is on our web site by the way how to become an extra. >> maybe you. >> i just want to be stallone.
9:58 am
>> we appreciate you being here. >> i just want to be stallone. >> we appreciate you being here. >> thanks for having me ha
9:59 am
10:00 am
- [voiceover ] in this episode, our planet is a land of extremes from raging forest fires to frigid fields of ice. ice. - yep - has that much power to carve stone. join me, philippe cousteau, as we explore fire and ice on awesome planet. on planet earth, fire and ice co-exist in complex and interconnected systems, often having a significant impact on one another even across long distances. for instance, when massive forest fires blaze out of control, the resulting pollution in the atmosphere can contribute to melting ice caps.


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