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tv   Good Day Philadelphia 7a  FOX  January 22, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EST

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>> over and over again, sue on saturday's store. >> i guilty, jury finds don tollefson guilty on all charges. now waits in a jail waiting to be sentenced. who how much time can he expect to get? >> the show everyone is talking about. jenn frederick takes us behind the scenes with the true. >> and dating should not be this hard. don't worry. we have somebody here who can
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help. this morning the pick up lines that may actually work. live from the fox 29 studio. this is good good day philadelp. >> alec, let me try this one on you, pick up line. you know what they should rewrite the alphabet. because you and i should be together. >> how about this? sandra says the only thing mike better be picking up is the phone to call his fiancee. >> offer the market. >> hey, just having fun here. >> of course. >> true. >> just having fun. >> kidding around. >> just joking. >> please. >> i can't even remember the last time somebody tried to pick me up. >> seriously. >> twenty years married. well, maybe somebody on
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twitter. >> twitter? >> flirting with you on twitter. when i go out in public and i do almost every night. >> we know do you. >> people come up, oh, tell that sue she is so sexy. oh, yes. >> me? >> i ain't lying. >> oh, well thanks. >> i'm not actually this time. >> thank you, sue, i like it. >> all right, i'll go with that dilution for awhile today. it will carry me through the rest of the day. >> can i say re quickly. >> jasmin sullivan will perform live in our studios. >> oh, excited to see her. >> number of the day, we start with that, it is a six. out of ten. because we got some icy areas around this morning, had few accidents, snow showers, we've seen them show up on ultimate doppler radar, eventually some sunshine later in the day. bus stop buddy ready for school. do have few delayed openings, some school district, so check, eventually the bottom of the screen scrolling. flurries around this morning, still winter weather advisory in effect for snow showers,
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for frozen fog. that possibility, as well, until 8:00 this morning. new in delaware, few chester county, pa, 32 degrees, windchill 26. sunrises at 7:17. high of 42 today, flurries give way to sunshine in the afternoon it, lend up being pretty decent weather day. not so grade 295 paulsboro. we will take a look now live at the scene. looks like traffic is still only one lane getting by. that lane actually is the shoulder of the road our understand g two tractor-trailers and salt truck involved in the accident. one of the vehicles still up on the embankment there, starting to get little lighter out, get egg better idea of what happened here. but for you, if that's the road you take, you want to try to take the turnpike or another road instead.
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because it is very slow going there, 295 southbound at paulsboro, map of of just where the accident s so as we move on, we check i-95 southbound just past cottman avenue a lot of volume there. and disable vehicle. side of the road, see everybody moving pretty slowly, also in cranberry, new jersey, the turnpike southbound right there at the molly pitcher service area, we have an accident, that's partially blocking the exit ramp. finally, all of our bridges, over the delaware river, the walt whitman, ben franklin, commodore barry, betsy ross, all speed restrictions this morning of 35 miles an hour. >> sue? give us example on twitter. >> bj, 1109. says my dad is obsessed with sue serio. just saying. >> you got it, girl. >> well, all right. >> having good time now. >> ya. >> in prison. >> well, you snow.
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>> can't tweet from prison. >> true. >> 705:67:89 well, convenience store employee in critical condition, after being shot in the face and in the thigh. johnny joyce live at the round house this morning, jenny? >> able, mike, 53 year old victim who police tell us may not survive at this point. also handful of people who are inside the store at the time, including a two year old boy, who witnessed it all standing only feet where bullets were flying. the armed robbery happened around 8:30 p.m. at corner store 1200 block every east stafford street in germantown, according to police, thin man wearing a sweatshirt and a ski mask entered the store stole money still fired his weapon multiple times. vick still standing in the back of the store when bullets struck him, one bullet struck him in the face, and he was also shot twice in the leg. police say the victim is in bad shape. >> enters the store wearing
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white hooded sweatshirt, ski mask covering his face, caring a silver automatic weapon it, rob the store of undetermined amount of cash and for some reason he shot this 53 year old employee, who was in in the back counter in the lunch meet section. when the shooting occurred. fled flew the front door, last seen running wet in the 1200 block east stafford. >> fortunately, no one else was heard. within cents transport today northwest detective to be interviewed. recently moved to this location it, not have surveillance cameras, actually supposed to be installed today. that victim, 53 year old man, again, list in the critical condition at einstein medical sentiment police tell us he lost a lot of blood. if you know anything, give police a call. >> okay, jenny, thank you. 7:07. >> philadelphia police investigating multiple shooting in the city's logan section, two men injured,
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cleveland and grass street. one man shot multiple times, in critical condition this morning. the other man had a graze wound, no word if any area he cents had been made in this case. happening today, new jersey governor chris kiss at this will be back in atlantic city to talk about the struggling economy there. >> appearance is part of series of economic summits, but a lot of people have been wait to go hear chris christie address the issue going on in atlantic i. >> i guy who lives in jersey, steve keeley. >> this look summit-iii, made up of government leaders, here, along with business leaders, and casino leaders, and ac summit-iii starting at 11:00 here at the casino reinvestment development authority building that looks like an old converted firehouse and governor christie thinks he has just the right solution to put out the fire on the atlantic city economy. right behind the troubled taj mahal casino coincidentally on pennsylvania avenue. anyone working in atlantic city government from the mayor
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on down now wondering and worried if they're getting new boss, even the mayor with a state take-over and new state manager, to be hired, his name kevin, and that's kevin spelled with a y, 56 year old lawyer, who is riding high in government circles these days, thought of as super success bringing both big companies and big city out of bankruptcy. doing it for the chrysler car company back in 2009, and just last month, finishing up his work, masterminding the country's biggest ever mutis pap bankruptcy of detroit. michigan's governor thought right when he figured or would be the best man to hire as detroit's emergency manager when that sit had i so much trouble. and so now a month after that job was seen as a job well done, new jersey's governor, this morning, expected to announce here, the hiring of kevin orr to the atlantic city emergency manager before atlantic city ever gets close to bankrupt i after the detroit work ended, orr told reporters last month i don't
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know how you top t if kevin orr somewhat can turn atlantic city around, golden reputation in this country will turn into platinum with diamonds encrusted. so look for the name kevin orr to be in the headlines, already front page story in atlantic city and inquirer, sends couple of tweets over on the detroit free press, talking to cup every people down here in atlantic city, some anticipating this, but the mayor certainly did not want this. and the mayor is a republican, friendly with governor christie, we don't need a manager, made all of the cuts we consideration they're wonder if there will be even further cuts in the police department, fire department, and all of the local work force, if they get somebody else in here running the show. >> alex, mike? >> 7:00 some yet ago look at what led to up deadly police involved shooting in bridgeton, new jersey last month. >> from dash cam, from police car, watch this.
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>> we got gun. >> you're going to be dead. he is racing. >> obtained pipe south jersey times, you know the newspaper, and the bridgeton officer shot and killed, 36 year old jermaine read, now activists and loved ones are calling for the prosecutors over there, jennifer web mc x-ray's office to vacate the case. in other words, don't get involved in this case because they say she new one of these police officers. >> all there in the yard, began screaming why did you shoot him? had his hands up, why shooting? >> on the video, it was very disturbing, and, you know, i didn't appreciate it. >> so, we contacted the prosecutor yesterday afternoon, and attorney general, but have not heard back, i'm sure we will today. meanwhile we know that
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mr. read had been stopped and read served time in prison, for shooting at state troopers, that was years ago. >> fbi finished its investigation into last year's police involved shooting in ferguson. still unclear if it will fire sieve i charges, shot and killed 18 year old brown back in august. cleared by grand jury any november. separate investigation to the practices of the ferguson police department is ongoing. >> and, police in saint lewis are asking for the public's help in identifying more ferguson area business looters. more surveillance video being shown, vandalized businesses from the night of the grand jury decision, more than 180 identifiable suspect on video. and they plan on releasing new surveillance of looters every week. well, firefighters in edgewater, new jersey, battled a huge fire at apartment complex last night, flames and smoke were visible.
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about quarter of mile away, not surprising. across the hudson river new york sit. everyone in the building age to get out safely. >> and there is this a live shot? >> this is another live look, yep. >> wow. skyfox from fox5 our sister station in new york, look at the size of what is left of it. huge square block. >> look at the white smoke, still coming up. a loft damage there. >> so, edgewater, new jersey right down on the hudson river. well, maybe they'll pan over and show the city of new york. oh, come on. keep going to the right. keep going. go-go go. there is the george washington bridge right there. >> edge water to your left in new jersey and the skyline of manhattan to the right of that shot. in fact, that's exactly where the miracle on the hudson happened six years ago last week. right in that area.
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>> a lot of fog. can't see new york city but it is there. >> what's going by the screen there? snowflakes? >> could be the rotor blade. looks like little snow. local schools will be close in the excess to the roads around that area. completely shut off. had to close a school that's close to the apartment complex. >> a lot going on in that area. 7:14, the home of the gunman and 2012 sandy hook school shooting will be torn down. newtown officials voted last night to raise the home where adam lanza lives before he carp i had out the massacre at sand i had hook elementary school. the land will be kept as an open face. neighbors had been pleading with city officials for year, to tear down the home. lanza slot and killed 26 people, including 20 children, before committing suicide. >> did he kill his mother? he killed his mother in that house then went to school. yes. >> all right, actor malcolm jamal warner is weighing in on the sexual gazes involving bumm cosby.
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of course he played his show on the show. told billboard magazine difficult to see his mentor and friend face these allegations. the 44 year old, malcolm jamal is 44? didn't comment on whether they are true or not. >> said he can't speak to the allegation. >> , no he doesn't know. >> but he did say that bill cosby he knows is a tv legend, who has been invaluable to the black community and to education. bill cosby has not been charged with any every these allegations, thee crimes, and has denied rape allegations through his attorney. >> 7:00 czars he is still touring and putting on stand up shows. >> that's right, he is. hi, sue. >> question from dot earlier this morning, what's frozen snowing talking about that, when the temperature is so cold, all of the moisture in the air, cloud on the ground called fog, it forms that
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glaze, right on the surface, so it may make it difficult to scrape your windshield in the morning, yes, sir. >> definition every frozen fog. tells a has a hang over. >> okay, very good. >> where is the moon shot where you need it? >> that's one reason why we have had the winter weather advisory in effect, still do until 8:00. possibility. frozen fog, snow showers we've seen showing up on ultimate doppler this morning. there you see, few in northeastern maryland, in delaware, and few moving into chester county, very light, frozen fog and the lit amount of moisture in the air. just enough to put a glaze on untreated surface. you might have trouble getting your car door open this morning, the lock could be frozen. things like that. >> nor'easter friday night into saturday, and look at the future cast, show you different model here, than the one we showed you earlier.
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shows some snow moving into the area around 1:00 in the morning, maybe some sleet to the south of it, and then rain further south, so that between then and maybe 10:00 a.m. we have the possibility of accumulating snow, but we also see the chance of that rain-snow line moving ever northward, throughout the late morning, but then as the storm exits, maybe pulling in colder air and finishing off with a little bit of snow. so that's another possibility, for this mess, on saturday. for today, back to poor visibility in lancaster, has been all morning long, one of the only places where we've been seeing a problem, look like fog has formed down in dover, delaware, again, left over moisture from yesterday's clipper system, so temperatures all below freezing north and west of the city, 32 degrees here in philadelphia. thirty-one in wilmington. thirty in wildwood. you may sea ice i spots this morning. 42 degrees eventually. get some sunshine today mixed when clouds, then mostly cloudy tomorrow high of 39. getting ready for that
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nor'easter on saturday, stay tuned for more on that, as we get a better handle on that situation. sunday dry, another clipper system looks lick it could arrive in time for our commute monday morning. that's your seven day forecast from the weather authority. going back to 295 southbound at paulsboro, and as we take a look at the situation there now that it is light out, we can see a lot going on, a lot of emergency vehicles on the scene, one of the vehicles involved in the accident still appears to be up on the embankment, mike? >> looks like they finally got the truck that was -- >> the tractor-trailer, yes. >> gone. >> one parallel to the roadway. that is out of there. so the situation seems to be improving, but only get by on the one lane, and you want to still avoid that part of 295, good alternate would be the pennsylvania turnpike, i mean, the new jersey turnpike, because that runs parallel to 295.
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in the same area, still get off 322 if you want to go across the commodore barry bridge. >> sure. >> that's the 295 situation. now let's go to i95 southbound, just past cottman avenue. slow going, there folks try to crawl into the city. and we have the situation, cran bye, molly pitcher service area, an accident that's partially blocking the exit ramp there. >> finally? >> sue, would you say they're bog down in cranberry. >> perhaps. perhaps they could put it all in a pitcher and get things straightened out. >> oh, molly pitcher. walt whitman, ben franklin, comodore barry, speed re vick stick seans 35 miles an hour. >> thank you, yes. >> not to make you feel old, but twiggy is 65. >> wow. >> dang. >> and she looks good. >> sure does. >> she is a cutie.
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>> let me put up more headlines here. this story will not go away. the plate gate. look at this, above the fold on usa today the new england patriots, cheaters. >> i like the headline. >> i won't say anything. just read. they don't let me get away with inapropriate. so, a bakery in boston making light of their team that they love, the new england patriots, the deflate gate situation. >> yes. >> now selling these deflated football cookies to their customers. the post dollars this on instagram, joke with us customers come and get them before roger goodel does. to be clear the store, you know, pay tree the fans, but they ends the post so they end the post by -- >> big fans of the patriots, just want to make some money.
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>> yes, it is fun. >> i we will talk more about this later on, though, because there is no way they'll cancel the superbowl or make them forfeit. but what penalty will they get? there may and secret our sighing other is keeping from you. pretty big deal watch 7 million people in our country hide from their spouses on a
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>> nicole says this is what a guy says. are you married? slow was like yes. he said are you happily married? >> oh,. >> really? >> but thank you, nicole. we lover the fact that you wade. >> and hopefully you turned him down. >> i told you the story of karen hepp putting her house on the market and didn't tell her husband. >> yes? >> saturday morning, husband goes to the door, just a towel around him because he just got out of the shower. oh, we're here to see the house. he didn't know his house was up on the market. 7 million americans like karen hepp, hide their bank information, their money, their purchases from their significant other. >> what a number.
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>> i'm one of them. i'll explain it. >> according to credit card's. com, say we either have a bank account, or yesterday the card, that our significant other doesn't know about. and i mean every time you open a credit cards, do you tell the husband, the wife, the fiancee, boyfriend, girlfriend, no? then one in five, secret purchase. now, this raises an excellent question. when you start to merge your finances at what point do you say hey hon, it was $300. i just want to let you know i buy this, or how often do you say oh, it was so cheap, and you deflate the price or hide the shopping bag because you don't want to hear it. am i really alone? help me out.
7:26 am
>> do you have credit cards your husband does not know about? >> i'm sure don't like a store credit card or something, ya. but i wouldn't consider that serious. >> do you buy expensive stuff then stuff it into a bag, like from marshall's or something, cheaper store. >> good question, i usually do, hey, i spent blah blah blah on there is then told him. >> are you happily married? >> yes. >> i bet he is in the financial world. >> what does he do? >> i hear he is a field engineer at a new stay, hey mike, i hear you're recently engaged. i'm turning it on you. >> good, lauren. >> lauren, is your middle name summer? >> no. >> because you're hot. >> oh, good pick up line. that will would work on miata
7:27 am
bar. it was so bad it was good. >> oh, see it, would work. here's one because you're in the financial world. >> oh, no. >> hey, call me your mutual fund, lauren. because what is it? >> because in you i'm showing interest. >> oh, gosh. >> you can see how well it is going. >> entertaining. haven't hit homerun yet. >> no. work on it, mike. >> tomorrow i would like to hear how you met your husband. >> have it ready, like homework, really? >> very popular, with young girls, well, you know, they have like big heads, lots and lots of make up on. but one artist -- >> sounds like you? >> really? wow. >> okay, you want to fight? anyway ... one artist giving a
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make-under. why she feels the need, to wipe all of that make up off. >> sound like me, avenue giant head and a lot of make up on. >> nice try. >> sure. >> then jenn fred taking a look at last night's empire. >> oh, it was good. >> it was good. okay, we know that they've been talking about homophobe ya in the black community, but there is one more taboo. the poke in the bear. talk about what they're talking about, and why it is
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pretty tranquil morning, although seen some flurries and snow showers around. in the wake every yesterday's storm. temperatures mostly still in the 20's, and just about all of them below freezing, so do you have watch out for icy spots, bus stop buddy of course was all bundle up. six out of ten today. winter weather advisory continuing until 8:00 a.m. for the possible of slippery spots, snow showers, see few of them moving through chester county, lancaster county, new castle county, still cloudy at this airport, 26 the windchill. sunrise happened at 7:17. pretty nice afternoon once the sun comes out. tonight mostly clear, low of 26. a weaken nor'easter on the way, we'll have details coming up. rye now time to check traffic. on your thursday morning, our big problem this morning, has
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been 295 southbound at paulsboro, we're watching the clean up continue of this accident which reportedly involved a couple of tractor-trailers and salt truck. , route one northbound, an accident, there,. >> only the shoulder getting by this thursday morning, mike, al next we do have situations where there are icy spots this morning, and anywhere that snow fell yesterday. as the temperature plunged last night, probably crunching, very hard and slippery this morning. so hopefully, the surfaces that you travel, mike, will be treated with salt, just like philly soft pretzel. don tollefson, someone we know very well, convicted of selling fake sports theme trips. >> deliberated for nearly 12 hours with guilty verdict.
7:33 am
on all count. say more than $300,000 in sports themes. >> you know, of course he worked for other television stayses in this market, as well, over the years other than fox. so attorney fred, boy, you nailed this couple every days ago when we talk about. >> this new this would happen. didn't take long for the injury. >> i, no even even a brined crow gets it, this one pretty state forwards. evidence overwhelming against him. i have to tell you something, mike, he was guilty, evidence overwhelming, right decision, boom some level a tragic case. >> the classic fall from grace. he was loved in this tangle was, he was loved. you know, you guys well know, what it is like, people in the city, from the they take. >> yes. >> the guy at the top of the food chain for so long. >> did you realize that 19 years allege he was the first host of this shore that -- show that you're on. >> really? >> yes, he and tracey.
7:34 am
>> i go back to remember, you know, back long before law school, i can remember him on channel six. >> yes. >> even the jury foreman said i think he is a good guy, just the evidence. >> first every all the evidence was overwhelming against him, i'm sorry, i think he tried. we were talking about this is the other day i think he tried to take his way out of t that never works. just never works. and the jury saw right through it. you know, when people mace mick taste, the best inning you can do come and say i made a terrible mistake. try to explain it away, other people's faults, the jury had end up being angry with you than, you know, the best thing co-have done was pled guilty, except his responsibility for what he did, saying i was wrong and take the seven months that he was -- >> and the fact he withdrew his guilty plea. >> reading between the loons, revoked the bail on sole level, judges are people, too, follows the law, did follow the law in this instant. but i got the impression that
7:35 am
part that far was she was justice cussed with the guy with the way he conducted. so you're going to start your sentence right away. how does that work? people get to go home, come back for their sentenced but went to jail. >> are you a ricks of flight, or if you're danger to the community n it case not a danger. she thought maybe risk of flight. a shame. tragic. >> so how much time do you realliy? >> if they really -- >> on all five counts. >> if he get the maximum, like 37 years. >> thirty-seven years? he won't get that. >> i read an article this morning the prosecute letter ask for two years, and if the prosecutors asks for two years i don't see the judge going much above that. that's two years in a state prison, if he had done seven months, woe have been in county lock up and out in three, four.
7:36 am
>> just odd to see him in handicuffs. >> it is sad. odd. >> but you know what? unfortunately, you know, i wasn't crazy about pros the cuter's comment. i've had criminal defendant like that just make you nuts. i had white collar guys who knew bet choir have done better trying beat the system. he was trying to get a public defender. nowed he had sufficient access not to bring for t people like don tollefson whose conduct when prosecutors ultimately makes you nuts. i mean, you get ankle retirement you want to go after the guy. he was kind of one of those guys. but i think for him to say something like asking for two years shows discretion by the prosecutor. >> side note, growing a beard? >> i'm going to take a step closer to the razor tomorrow. >> looks good. threat go little bit. >> sorry wouldn't do if. >> he's doing it. >> he can actually. >> now one blogger helping the store launch new line every clothing. when their plus-size
7:37 am
collection is hitting the stores. >> and, let's get back to these pick up lines, mike? from julian said oh, this is a classic one, you must be tired because you've been running through my mind all day. hashtag tv pick up lines. give us good ones, facebook twitter, use the #fox29goodday.
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you tell us what you want to pay and we help
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find options to fit your budget. nah, nah, insurance, nah, nah, nah, discount. my name's flo, you want to go out with me? no. uh-huh-huh! >> ♪ >> i did not know that the dark it stores did not have plus size clothing. >> yes. so repair its relationship with plus size customers with the latest fashion line. came under fire when a fashion blogger judges teddy blasted them for their lack of plus size item. target announced new line,
7:41 am
called av a and viv will debut february 22, chain invited plus sighing losers to come sample the line l range in size frost 14 to 26. with price ranking from ten to $80. >> i got you. >> really shock, too, that they haven't had -- >> i didn't know that. >> just smaller department, so now -- okay. >> so the larger sizes were in a small department? >> and very little choice. >> very little choice. >> yes. >> now they have more choices. little bigger. >> all right. now, bratz dolls, with a z, right? >> it is with a z, they're go get being make under. you know how they look as mike said, what, big head, tons of make up? thanks a lot. artist said needed to wipe away all of the make up dolls are wearing and change their clothes, too, because some moms think the way they dress is inapropriate. her reason behind this transformation. >> i know dream sequence from yesterday, you wore a lot of make up to bed. >> can you get off my make up
7:42 am
thing really? i only do it because i have to be here on tv. real life i don't wear this much. >> i've seen you without your make up. beautiful woman. >> just trying to make up for it. >> pretty much. >> empire was last night, a lot of people watching. and there were some touching subjects. >> pushing some boundaries. we know it is a soap oprah. so we're in on the game, but are there things to learn, ways you can talk to your own family. we'll talk about it after the break.
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>> that's manhattan. seeing the spoke from the fire we've been talk about across the river. >> right. >> big fire across the river in new jersey. >> zooming out. we'll have another update on that. >> wow. >> all right, yes, and a haze and fog around, as well, but, i guess it is time to talk about this saturday, right, al next. >> that's right. neshaminy state park, chris o'connell will be freezing for a reason, raising money for special olympics. preston and steve will be there, too, if you want do he nature, get involved, or jump in the water go to click under the fox 29 family focus
7:46 am
section. >> and i can tell you, something will be happening during the time period that folks will be plunging into that river. it could be accumulating snow, there is a chance there could be some rain mixed in. we'll have better handle on that, later today, and tomorrow. meanwhile, snowfall totals from yesterday's clipper system, 3.3 seems to be the largest total we can find, bridgeton, new jersey, close to 3 inches in vineland, kutztown, way over berks county, far away from these places, they got little over 2 inches, in media, a little over half inch, and a half inch in philadelphia yesterday. here is your winter weather advisory in effect for little while longer until 8:00 a.m. for the possibility of frozen fog and also some snow showers, which we are continuing to see casino of move through the area, very weak disturbances coming through next system watching
7:47 am
this one, down in texas, this is going to be our weather maker for saturday as it gathers whole bunch of moisture out the gulf of mexico and moves northward, so looking at the chance of this moving in by about 1:00 in the morning saturday. and the tricky part is figuring out who is going to get rain, who will get snow, who will get sleep. and when it all changes over. so, we could have accumulating snow about 6:00 in the morning saturday, some rain to the south, just one of the computer models, north american model here, sleet moving further northward along with rain, but then as the storm exit 3:00, 4:00 in the afternoon, little more snow, colder air being brought in on the wake the storm, that's the way that may play out. reduced visibility in allentown, red willing, lancaster, fog starting to get little worse, only 2 miles visibility in dover. so keep that in mind, because our temperatures are still below freezing, 28 degrees in lancaster, 28 in pottstown and
7:48 am
allentown, right at freezing in philadelphia, and degree below in wilmington. so, eventually we get some sunshine today. we will get to high of 42, mostly cloudy skies tomorrow, it is a dry day, high of 39, it is in the overnight hours friday into saturday, that that nor'easter moves in with snow, rain, sleet, and maybe little bit of everything. high of 37. sunday's hi, 39 degrees, after another clipper system on monday, it looks like arctic air blasts in for tuesday and wednesday with highs only in the 20's. wow. >> that's your seven day forecast from the weather authority, let's get to the paulsboro situation, we've been watching this all morning, it is 295 southbound, at paulsboro, on the way to 322, and the commodore barry bridge, well, now, another lane is open there. so now two lanes are getting by, we understand there were two tractor-trailers and salt truck involved. and it looks like at least one of the vehicles have been moved to the side, maybe taken away, but still only two lanes getting by and you can see how
7:49 am
traffic is really crawling in this 295 area southbound at paulsboro still good idea to take maybe the new jersey turnpike instead. now, we look at the schuylkill expressway eastbound at city avenue. starting to get little more hazy, out there, we are wore bid this fog, welshing making late arrival this morning. so, just be careful allow plenty of time this morning, new jersey turnpike southbound past route 73, we have reports thereof an accident, where vehicle apparently ran into the woods. finally the walt whitman bridge, ben franklin, commodore barry, betsy ross, all have speed restrictions, speed restrictions, guys, of 35 miles an hour. >> 35 miles an hour on the bridges, okay. i got another pick up line here. >> okay. >> first every all, i like to buy a value, u. >> wow, okay. >> here is another one. this one sent in, you mugs work on good day philadelphia. >> why? >> because you're a fox.
7:50 am
>> oh. i think that's our winner. i like that one. >> ding, ding, ding. winner winner. >> clever cheesey. >> speaking of clever cheesey, no -- >> no, empire, it is racey. pushes the limit. it goes there. >> the show last night on fox? >> yes. >> again, tons of people were watching this jenn fred, and of course the director of this thing is from radnor high school. >> yes and vocal about the fact he want to quote below the lid over homophobe ya in the african-american community, first episode the show had shocking scene between a father and his gay son. the show is not backing off. at least one local professor says this might and soap opera, but the show can help families talk about all kind of uncomfortable topics. >> you don't need to drop him because of the shooting, drop him because the music symptoms. >> bold story lines have everyone talking. on twitter, demarco gauge says the gay character has the right to live his life the way he want to.
7:51 am
now i've been watching fox for ten minute and the gay couple has already kissed intimately. >> i used to live in l.a. >> doctor butler studies african-american life at penn. fan of the show and the way it makes it easier for families to have difficult conversations. >> going to help a conversation in the reason community outside of television. >> homophobe ya just one topic they are talking about snitching, something we talk about all the time here in philly. and, in the show, cookie is cooperating with the feds. doctor butler says she's excited to see how that story line will play out. >> i don't know what he knows and i don't know how he knows it. but darth vaderish.
7:52 am
>> all i know is the only person that knows i've been working with you is my sister. >> really, what cyst? >> he's having me followed? >> he was hired ... we took care of t it is your ex. we pent five years building this case against frank, we won't have it compromised by your nosy ex-husband. >> again, doctor butlers says that's excite that they're talking about it, and she predict they'll show some of the violence that can come both for and against when people speak bought a crime that's happening in their neighborhood. so, again, even though everyone including doctor butler is in on the joke that this is just an over the top dynasty meets glee, meets awesome show, she said this is the way families will start to talk. easier to talk about these things as opposed to signature everyone down, getting serious. by the way the show is on fox
7:53 am
next week wednesday 9:00 p.m. >> yep. pretty much every week on wednesday nights. >> we'll be watching. just like also proud of yaz, the other son. he is from west p.m. i, went to will smith's alma matter overbrook high. lucky guy. last night he got to make out with name owe i campbell. he is living the life. >> there is a ton of philly. we've only just gun. like a a lot of music comes from a guy this this area. you'll be hearing more and more. the shame of it is they shoot the sucker in chicago. which stinks, right? but it still looks like fill. >> i yes, they couldn't work it out here in philly with us just too bad. i. >> i know it is. >> so, do you want to live to be 100 years old? we have five simple things you can do starting right now, to live a longer and happier life. >> okay. >> and don't forget you want to keep hearing your pick up lines. and we will bring in a expert, that expert will tell us what works, what doesn't, and what to real dow w
7:54 am
7:55 am
7:56 am
7:57 am
>> hey, alex. >> yes? >> do you have any glue? because whether they made you they broke the mold. there is a pick up line. >> another good one. >> this is like so many people are tweeting great ones, i'm really enjoying this. >> you? >> most tweets you ever got? >> why we're here, to entertain you. >> okay, now you're trying to be mean. >> do you want to live to be 100 years old? found this surround stray said there are five things you need to do. >> five, if you watch us, probably do this all the time, laugh. laugh and be happy. research shows happy people have a 35% reduced chance of dying too soon. >> i don't think i will ' make it to the end of the week then. >> number four? has to do with your career f it is boring, get out of your
7:58 am
job. apparently, monotony can have a negative effect on your health. >> do you have to be stimulated every day. >> true. >> than is important. stay connect today your friends. being socially active can help improve mental and physical health. >> oh, friends, see? >> yes. >> yes. >> i got that. >> second one here, worry about being -- don't just stop trying to be a perfectionist like this perfect woman with her lays covered cherry pie. yes, step forward wives. the study shows perfection i am is one of the characteristics to raise the risk of death, basically, the amount of risk perfectionist cents put on themselves can be stressful and stress can lead to all types every deadly issues. >> and if you have someone in your life who is important, just kiss them. researchers say affection can help alleviate the effect of stress. >> oh, no. >> oh, nice of you, how sweet.
7:59 am
>> now stay away from me. >> thanks a l i just want to say though in the prompter they wrote if you have a boo. >> oh, if you have a boo. >> a boo, a bae, just kiss them. >> and ba (. >> casino of new thing? >> it is a new thing. >> are you my bae? >> i don't know. i really, i should go home. >> researchers here at the university of pennsylvania, you know that school? say twitter can cause heart disease. oh, no. >> oh, my gosh. so the study found the negative tweets can actually indicate higher rate of heart disease in the community. tweets using the words hate or expletives or even about being board were linked to higher risk. the study looked at random tweets from 2009, and over 1300 counties, yes, in the u.s. >> look at that. >> and i'm tweeting right now. >> oh, this is a big one. what did fred stanford say? >> elizabeth, i'm coming, i'm coming.
8:00 am
>> i'm combing home. >> good day to you. it is thursday, january 22nd, 2015. >> live from the fox 29 studios, this is "good day philadelphia". >> we have a situation, with some icing out there. few spots this morning, but if you saw it yesterday storm was little whimpy, you may be happy this year we have nor'easter coming this weaken. yes, we got the forecast coming up. steve? >> sue it, sounds like you're donating last night's storm, and inflating what's coming for this weekend. you're kind of likable bill bell check of weather people. how about that? chris murphy, too bad you're not in on this chat, but alex, mike annually talk about deflate gate. i know you want in on it. so maybe the commercial break while sue is on the air elbow the producer see if you can get in. we'll be talking about that which seems to be the biggest story in the world. second story on nbc nightly news the other night after the state of the union address, how big this thing is according to nbc.
8:01 am
>> exactly. from the ffl to vair at this sports, players not the only ones who get too competitive. what one high school coach is accused of doing, why some say this is setting a very poor example for the kids. >> alex? >> okay, shouldn't dating just be easier when it comes to pick up lines, we just heard them all. so, coming up: the lines we women actually fall for, that's right, this expert will come in. she has interviewed men from all over the united state. she found those lines that actually work on women. >> so from the man's perspective. >> yes. guys, you will want to hear this, get some ammunition there when out in the streets. >> we're getting a lot of pick up lines today. >> i'm telling you. >> where sound so into this. >> entertaining and enjoyable,. >> here is a weird one. >> oh, no, what?
8:02 am
>> are you irish -- >> oh, i can't say it. >> we appreciate you saying them, but come on, we have to say it on tv. >> something is dublin. >> i knew would you try t i knew it. >> bus stop buddy smiling this morning even though it is colds out, there some flurries around. temperatures are in the 20's. >> cloudy -- cloudy, still icy spots, snow showers, but expecting sunshine in the afternoon. >> winter weather advisory lifted. snow showers popping up, lancaster county, chester county and around kent county delaware getting foggier at the airport, 32 degrees the temperature, windchill 26. high temperature will be 42 today. once we get rid of the snow showers. we get sunshine this afternoon, and looks a lot better after that. >> winter weather advisory for thursday, we look ahead to the weekend and potential
8:03 am
nor'easter, not potential. it will happen. we just have to figure out if it is snow, rain, or both. so forecast coming up n traffic this morning, bob kelly is on vacation of course, we go back to 295 paulsboro. that's been our big problem of the morning. >> two tractor-trailers, salt truck, involved in a big accident. good news, two lanes now getting by. it was only the shoulder, for quite a while. but the clean up continues only this accident, two lanes getting by, traffic moving a little more quickly, but still be good idea to take alternate. best one would be the new jersey turnpike which runs parallel. that will get you down do 322, also on the new jersey turnpike southbound, just past route 73, we have an accident there getting reports that vehicle ran into the woods there. so, there will be a loft investigation going on there
8:04 am
route one southbound, city avenue, right there at presidential boulevard accident there. somebody probably getting off, an accident. all of the major bridges, speed restrictions of 35 miles an hour this morning, al next. >> thank you, sue. authorities are searching for the man who shot a convenience store employee during robbery last night. it happened at a corner store on east stafford street. mask suspect shot the 53 year old man in the face, and also, in the thigh before making off with cash. owner and two year old son at the store at the time of the shooting. business had only just set up in that location and surveillance cameras actually scheduled to be installed today. >> guys are really bad shape, too. well, in delaware, the governor there will layout his a jen dan in the annual state of the state address, speaking at 2:00 in the state senate chambers. we'll have camera there. >> new jersey governor christie will attends a third summit today addressing the
8:05 am
struggling economy in atlantic city. since the last session in november, law makers have advanced differing aid proposal on how to save the casino industry. let them make payments, to reduce debt, while republicans warn all atlantic county property owners to get tax freeze. four casinos closed last year in atlantic city three more now in bankruptcy. >> how about letting people. >> bet on the superbowl? speaking of the superbowl, now to the latest, my goodness, look at the above of fold front page of usa today, is about the football story two sport commentator's ores, league's credibility, again being questioned. this other guy says the penalty should be simple. ban them.
8:06 am
>> there is the front cover, gisele, wife of quarterback tom brady. not even going say what she is saying, even made the front and the back cover. they say, too, ban them. super ban. the nfl, make so much money. no way they'll ban t but hey, what you can do i guess have the colts take player place in the superbowl against the seahawks. >> have them substitute. so this morning learning, though, the colt raised concerns in november about the balls of the patriots being under inflated. >> because the colts played the patriots in november. they noticed it in that dame. >> so the complaint came during november 16th game. and this is all according to espn. two balls intercepted and given to colts equipment managers, to save. and that is how the concerns came b so currently the nfl is investigating, patriots head coach donating the footballs for his offense. report shows 11 out of the 12 balls that were used in the afc championship were
8:07 am
allegedly, allegedly, deflated. >> look at that right, there the rev notices it, tells the equipment guy, get me another ball. this thing is too soft. >> that happened in the second half of the game. steve, what are you hearing about this? >> first of all it shows the problem this country has. football is bigger than everything. >> yep. >> we get criticized because we leave with the eagles for things, you know what, here we are in the country lead withing. >> this i fell out of my quarry saw brian williams has this as his second story wednesday. i just could not believe it. then i watched part of the interruption, tony with the line of the week, he calls bill belly chick the whitey bolger of the ffl. he was the organized crime guy. that's just great. then i am thinking here we, are everything has to have gate after t snow is the third gate scandal for the patriots. we have this one, then we had spy gate, where they got famous, and the big he fine ever half million dollars. then back before were you born alex, in december 82, they had
8:08 am
snow play gate up there. in a crucial game with the column fins, brinking in snow flew guy out to clear a spot so the kicker doesn't have to kick in the snow like the dolphin did have to. and they won the game. don schulla, said it was the most unfair act in the history of the nfl. and so for the spy gate, lost number one draft choice and the fine. so 2013 best draft choice in "fox 29 news", chris murphy for his opinion, chris, what should be the punish. in this case? >> i don't know, i think kicking them out of the of the superbowl little rough. because the colts lost by so much. they both played with the same balls, so -- >> i don't know that that's true. >> i thought they had a set for patriots and a set for the the colts. >> i heard each team brings than over bones. >> , no my understanding what happens is every week, that the ball boys are given a set of balls before that week's presumably sunday's game.
8:09 am
right? and so they come straight from the factory, every week, evidently, and the ball boy sometimes they brush it with these sort of horse brushes to get it little bit more, i don't know, so you get little more grip on the baum. they bring it at the their quarterback, in this case tom brady. they ask tom how does it feel. he says oh -- and then according to this nbc arley red on line, they then bring these balls in a they have work with, to the nfl lockerroom to the refs and say let's hope these pass, right, got to be 12.5 to 13.5psi. >> so what you're saying? >> oftentimes the refs squeeze the balls, don't actually put in any sort of a gauge to actually test what the psi really is. >> so those refs, wouldn't they have noticed, well there is ball is softer, 2 pounds, softer than the comes' balls? >> i don't know. again, are you reading each team brings their own set of balls? >> what about clearing this
8:10 am
up? >> i thought it was the home team? >> first, umpires in baseball, umpires in baseball provide the baseballs. that's the most stupid thing ever. why don't the referees bring the footballs? secondly have we mentioned the footballs if they're under inflated they're supposedly easier to grip and that's why you supposedly have advantage? but look before they got caught tom brady wasn't as good in the first half. only like 11 for 21, he was better in the second half with the real good balls. it doesn't make sense. it is so stupid. it is so sill. >> i this is the longest discussion every balls i've ever had in my career. >> ya. >> mike. >> here we go. holds on, alex holley on the case. >> it says each team provides 12 new official nfl footballs for referees to check before games. with additional balls available for back up purposes or at the away team's discretion. >> they bring 12 balls. >> yes. >> okay. so, andrew luck has the balls
8:11 am
that they brought from indianapolis. and then tom brady has the balls waiting at gillette stadium for him to show up sunday? >> i guess. >> and the referees -- >> separate balls by the referees for the kickers, did you know that? >> harder ball for kicking. >> so stupid. >> you know what it is? >> you know what? nfl should be happy. you know why? the nfl should be delighted. no game this weekend. this is that long two week wait for the superbowl. everybody's talking about the nfl. they should actually be happen which this news. here we, are wasting what is it up to 18 minute on the show? >> we've waited almost four, five minutes on this silly store. >> i mike, under scoring the whole thing. >> so both of you shut up. >> let's keep going on this for another hour and a half. >> take him off the screen. close their boxes up. i just don't like using kicking and balls in the same sentence. one of hollywood's biggest stars on good day this
8:12 am
morning. sophie lauren joins just about an hour. >> what did you say, sophia loren on good dad philadelphia? yep. so the major career milestone she is celebrating this morning. we'll celebrate with her. >> oh, there is a passionate kiss. >> first, check out this scoreboard. 161 for two? >> what? >> our high school sports is getting too competitive. >> the sixers game? >> very funny. why couple of coaches are caught up in a controversy righ
8:13 am
8:14 am
8:15 am
>> so telling i earlier about the snow showers, getting some outside our door, and this is jen, sending us picture of 22 month old kendel. tweeted that yesterday. and i don't know if you saw my response, alex. >> yes? >> i said bring her to my house. >> awe. >> only had half inch every snow so i think kendall could have handle that. >> how cute is that? >> that's cool of the big shovel. time for a look at weather right now, again, snow showers outside our window, and in maybe your neighborhood. that possibility exists, it is sort of the last gasp of our
8:16 am
clipper system which is up in new england, this morning. but seeing few snow showers move through philadelphia, chester county, pa, sill tell watching for the weekends, looks like, friday night into saturday, when we get a visit of the low pressure system. by the time it get here we will be calling it nor'easter spreading precipitation into the area as early as 1:00 in the morning, friday, into saturday, so we will talk more about how much and what type of precipitation we will get probably later today, best time to tune in 5:00, 6:00 and 10:00 with meteorologist scott williams with the latest computer models, then make your plans accordingly for the weekends. sunday looks dry, high of 39 degrees, monday another clipper system. today and tomorrow by the way look good, middle of next week really cold. quick check on traffic, 295,
8:17 am
paulsboro, they continue to clean up that accident southbound paulsboro looks like two lanes getting by, still slow going there, also new jersey turnpike southbound just past route 73, an accident, in which we're getting results a vehicle ran off the road, traffic is very slow in that area, turnpike at route 73, city avenue, presidential boulevard, accident, there might have trouble getting off the schuylkill onto sit avenue. all of the major bridges, speed restrictions still in effect, 35 miles an hour, across all our bridges, this morning. still might be little icy. >> i stepped outside, flurries. can't even rule them out. even in the summer. >> what's that? >> it is flurries. >> snow shower? >> sure it is.
8:18 am
>> all right, people. a high school basketball coach in georgia, well, she, what do you think this is supposed to say? shy is in trouble. >> now facing criminal charges. >> because she got into a fight at the game? >> not just fight. allegedly starting biting another coach. >> excuse me. >> how serious the fight is. >> melanie heart inch barged with battery making terroristic threats. according to the arrest warrant told the other coach quote i'll beat your you know what and knock your teeth out of your face. >> at the game? >> yes, witnesses say she bit the coach's upper ian nose. >> school officials won't comment on the situation, calling it a personal matter. >> went old bobby knight night on her, bit her eye. >> yes, then if coaches like that can be overly competitive, what does it mean for the athletes working with
8:19 am
them? >> well, chris played a lot of sports in middle school, high school. >> i nomar of albert bit someone. >> that was another whole thing. yes. yes. >> california girl's high school coach, got suspends after the players beat opposing team. remember this? by 59 points. >> actually won the game, you know it, didn't take the starters out of the game. >> that's correct not right. >> all of that. they had 103-point lead at half time. can you imagine if were you a parent sitting there? even if your kid is on the winning side of the ball, be limb embarrased, right? so the coach says he didn't mean to run up the score or embarrass the other team. but not just the coach's competitive -- kids as young as five and six years old are more competitive than ever before. where do you think they're
8:20 am
getting this from? the parent. health officials say aggressive training regiment at early ages can be physically and mentally damaging. >> the footage we were showing, was that of the actual game? >> evidently, yes. that was the girl game, girls in the dark uniforms beat the girls in the white jerseys, flight. >> by 159 points. >> 161 to two. >> most valuable player on the white clad team was the girl that scored the two points. >> right? just not right. >> mo is playing defense on that team. >> no one. 103 lead at half time. >> just go head. call it a game. so sill. >> i, no you got to keep playing. play until the end. until you hear the budser. >> let them keep going, dribble out the whole clock? >> i don't know. >> did you ever have any odd jobs in high school whatever, the worse job i her was as little league umpire. >> oh, that's tough. >> the parents were brutal. >> chris murphy, weaver to go. i cannot believe sophia loren
8:21 am
is on our show today. and she is coming to us live from switzerland. that should go well. all right, speaking of sexy women, one of the sexiest women in the world. even j-lo has haters. eight is going to hate. >> how she is defending her sever and all moms out there this morning. first mike my early valentine day gift to you. >> great. what is it. >> we'll show you the teaser for victoria secret superbowl act. >> over those are women. >> don't tell me that is the big part of your
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
i saw a commercial that said you can save $500 by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said, "that was me, mom." [ laughter ] >> i anyone of the most beautiful people on earth, adrianna, she is fantastic. >> nice looking. >> so get there is ladies and gentlemen. will you pull me? thank you. >> all right. >> she is going to be in a superbowl commercial.
8:25 am
>> oh, so teaser out what it will look like. message for you guys out there. don't drop the ball. >> so, this is victoria secret first superbowl add in seven years, remind men one of the biggest sales here right around the corner, that's right, for all every you minute out, there right after p superbowl comes valentine day. so the ad features your angel. >> adrianna lima. >> and some other known names. >> oh, candice swain pole also in it. here is the down side, fellows. completely dress in the football uniforms and helmets. >> even have long sleeves on. of course it has to be more than this. >> and where is adrianna. >> eventually line up. don't they, jesse decline? they line up? and then she. >> looks like her. >> this is cool. it looks as if their balls are not de plated, though.
8:26 am
they played fair. >> look at that. >> now where is adrianna? here we go. >> hello. you know they kind of look like tom brady. he is kind of pretty. i don't see -- oh, there she is on the left. adrianna lima over on the left. they even look good in uniform, don't they? all right, ladies. shouldn't dating a lot easier. >> in. >> when comes to pick up lines, you have heard them all, especially this morning, so coming updating he can perth will sort through the phony pick up the line, finds the one we actually fall for. the ones that work. >> just gave me her list. there is about seven lines apparently work. >> okay. >> so, you have couple every minuter now before she comes on. quickly, sends in some more pick up lines. use the #fox29goodday. >> this one from john. ready, want to red this one? >> milk does a god i good, girl, but damn, how much do
8:27 am
you drink? you know, alex, if you were a cucumber, you know what you would be? >> what? >> if you were a vegetable. you're ruining all of these. >> if you were a vegetable what would you be? >> what? >> a cute comber.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
>> pre appreciate what's going on at your house. one says sleeting in west chester, hashtag black ice. so careful out there. still slippery spots this morning with bus stop buddy. seen snow showers, flurries here in the city. temperatures still below freezing, so, could be a little mess think morning, but it does look better for this afternoon when we get some sunshine. so six out of ten. than you see some of the aforementioned snow showers, moving through delco and philadelphia. and, not all of them showing up on radar. but, we're not finished quite
8:31 am
yet. we have haze, we have some poor visibility, it seems, and this is just recently developed at the airport, 32 degrees, right now, feels like 26, we get to 42, with enough sunshine, after we get rid of the flurries that are left over from yesterday's clipper system. so that takes care of today. weekend forecast coming up. let's check traffic right now start at i95 southbound at girard avenue. and take a look at how traffic is moving there. it is slower than the speed limit, but everybody's moving along okay. also, on the new jersey turnpike southbound, just past route 73, we have an accident there, which is a case where a vehicle apparently ran off the road. because of all of the vehicles tend to go, that it is very slow, at that area right lane block due to the investigation, 295 southbound paulsboro, accident involving the two tractor-trailers and the salt truck, crews still cleaning up the scene right
8:32 am
lane still block, but easier to get through the area than before. getting bet nerve paulsboro. >> thank you, sue. i just have to say, that dave kinchen, you know, our reporter, our reporter he just tweeted one. >> pick up line, doing this all morning, says, bae i want to make your day. >> just sit there, and watch the tv cents because we have dating ebbs perth on respect lives in the area. >> we will help you. we'll fox family. here is another good one, does your left eye you? >> why? >> because eye of you've been looking right all day. >> i wish i was cross identify. >> why? >> i can see you twice. >> oh, my gosh. >> alex, do you know that i tees you about being single. well -- >> a little? you tees me a lot. >> a lot. >> own up to it now. >> so we're helping you out.
8:33 am
would you like to come over to me to the good day philadelphia bar. >> i don't know if i want to go there. >> bar and grill. let's go. hey, come on over. come with us. man, this is a fancy looking bar. isn't it? >> oh, it is. it is. >> hi, everybody. this is very safe, bar, too, because there is no booze in these glass. >> i like. >> do you want to meet a friend of mine? hey, lynn, what's going on? >> morning. >> how are you? >> nice to meet you. >> high lynn car. where do you live? >> i live in cheltenham, pennsylvania. >> common in. >> i have to say we are so happy, because we've been asking people to give us pick up lines all morning, and oh, my gosh, they're terrible. >> well, i have written a book called shouldn't dating be easier? >> it should. >> it should. book's been out couple of months. i interviewed over 4,000 men. >> and you asked them what the pick up line, which ones work? >> well, four years ago i was with my single girlfriends. and i turned around at a bar and i said to a guy, what is
8:34 am
going on here? what should a woman do? why is dating so difficult. it just came out the my how the. he answered mement and i said okay, about a month later i said i have something here. the guys are telling me what women should do, what they shouldn't do, what they should wear. should you sleep with them on the first night, all of these different questions. >> well, let's answer that one. i say never sleep with a guy on the first date. >> well, i interviewed over 4,000 men from 21 to 90. >> you must be tired. >> i've been quoted as saying i dated 4,000 men, no, i interviewed, interviewed. >> difference there. >> want to clarify it. >> thank you. >> so, this is typical bar situation, i would be talking to you guys. and i would say i was surprise today find out i interviewed guys some 21 to 90. okay? so i thought oh, the kids in their 20's, kids like you, guys in their 20's, they're going say oh, sleep with the woman on the first night.
8:35 am
never, ever, ever do it. >> never do it. >> never. >> however, i was at a wedding, and i interviewed a gentleman in his late 70s, and i said to him: what would you do about a woman who would sleep with you on the first night? and he said i would be very grateful. >> grateful? all right, so start giving me some lines that do work. >> okay, the most important thing that you have to do when go out, the guys have told me women have all of the power. >> true. >> any guy you want you can get. you have to have confidence and do you have just -- all do you have do is the olds art of flirting. if you see a guy it, couldn't super mark, it could be a home improvement store, all do you have do is smile. >> all right. >> look his direction and smile. walk by and say hello. that's. >> i had a friend visit, i said what do you to do? >> thirty-second rule rule, look at him 32nd, with a smile. he should come over. >> but guys -- nothing personal, guys are stupid. >> okay? i would agree with that.
8:36 am
>> experience every interviewing 4,000 guys, men and women are so different. women are expecting guys to come over, swoop them off their feet, ask them for their number. do you have let them know you are interested. could you walk by and say hello but do you have -- >> stop. say something. >> so i see now bar. >> yes. >> what do you do? you just look? >> i would do more than that. >> all right. >> if you were at a bar i would go like this, flip my hair, hello. what do you ricked to eat here? >> what do you recommend to eat here? >> oh, no. >> no, really, simple as that. >> simple as that. if you were at a bar, what are you drinking? do you recommend what kind of beer? you're at a home improvement store, look to re do you my bathroom, whatever, where ever you are. >> have you seen my hammer? >> no, mike. here is one. >> you look familiar watch high school did you go to? >> i have to tell you, when i go around, dow book signing,
8:37 am
and people will ask me, what is a good line. the best, you can't really -- >> here comes. >> what high school do you go to? you look familiar. and it is an introductory line. i can't use it because i went to high school on long island, i'm from new york. you can't use it because your awe not from here. could you, well, you're not from here either. >> no. >> but it gets the conversation started. >> or you can lie. >> actually what college go to, you look familiar. >> yes. >> could you have gone to a college. my girlfriend used and it is absolutely good introduction line. could you say no i didn't go to this high school, with you did you go? >> i read your book. here is one of the lines that work for a guy. do you want to go for a ride on my tractor. >> on my new tractor. >> now, that might not be around here. >> i was in a bar in philadelphia in center city. two brother from louisianna. this is about a year ago. >> they had an accent, too? >> they did, real southern accent, but wearing business suits, professionals.
8:38 am
i turned around to herges i am writing this book, i want some good pick up lines. what lines do you use? they say would you like to go for a ride on my my tractor and they started laughing. so i don't know what they meant by that or joking but -- >> do you know what the plow said to the tractor? >> no. >> pull me closer john deer. >> oh, gosh. thank you so much. >> welcome. welcome. >> my favorite line? >> what? >> hello. >> exactly. >> certainly. >> you had me at hello. thank you. >> all right, so, thank you, lynn. are you married? >> i'm -- no, i am not married but avenue boyfriend but i am very happy. but i also wanted to mention that the other thing that i am doing is tonight, at manayunk brewery, from 6:30 to 8:30 running a meet and mingle singles event. >> oh, okay. >> if anyone wants to go on my website shouldn't dating be easier. com they'll show the event if they want to purchase the book they can go on there and get it. >> i might show up at this thing. >> i would love to you come. >> meet.
8:39 am
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we have a bad bad wreck to tell but at 8: 42, see, this is the back up because of this accident? >> right. this is the resulting back up where the accident is, new jersey turnpike right at route 73. >> oh, goodness. >> we have reports there was vehicle that ran offer the roadway with three people inside. and the report is all three of them died as a result of this accident. so, the last we heard was the right lane block, but, as you can see, traffic is at a stand still. and, folks are trying to get off there. the turnpike, at route 73, because the -- you just want to avoid that area at all costs. >> this is when you come off the turnpike take 73, to come down into philadelphia, right? you go through cherry hill? >> that's right. that's right.
8:43 am
>> camden, come to the ben franklin bridge? >> southbound, so say coming from the north, say from new york or north jersey, coming toward philadelphia, using the turnpike, it is right around south of that exit four. >> i got you. >> in cherry hill township. >> oh, my goodness. >> three people dead? >> so that investigation of course is continuing. so this will probably be the situation for awhile. avoid the turnpike route 73. take another way. >> okay. take another way. >> okay. more what's with the suit?
8:44 am
8:45 am
oh, i had to go to the bank. if you look legit they give you special treatment. seriously? seriously, yeah. the banker dude set up my checking account so if i make one deposit a month, no monthly maintenance fee. special treatment! citizens bank, right? yep. you know they do that one deposit checking thing for everyone, right? got mustard on your suit.
8:46 am
actually, it's your suit. one deposit checking. only from citizens bank. one deposit of any amount each statement period waives the monthly maintenance fee. >> the judges making the show right now. >> judges are the key. massive american idol studio with jenn fred. >> it is a case. it stinks. before we get to the judges, the talent they are picking just better -- are you coming to join me. hi, budd. >> i this place is great. >> yes. >> little short. though the the tal sent better, i'll show you one of my favorites, mark.
8:47 am
>> ♪ >> i like that guy. >> course he gets through to hill wood, right? he's awesome. >> harry said he made it through too fast. in fact, harry connick junior wanted to mess with him some more. >> i wanted to critique him in the beat. >> come back to hollywood. ♪ >> hollywood. i mean, i was like -- i didn't want to stop. i wanted to play. >> what's that dance do you down there in new orleans. >> that's the feel for us.
8:48 am
>> ♪ >> was looking at my junk, wasn't you? >> yes, i was -- absolutely. >> we go to harry. >> how cool is that? >> i love it. >> that's the american idol that we've been waiting for, people. the really cool thing tonight in harry's hometown in new orleans, so it will be interesting to see how he does and how he interact, how excited he gets. by the way, ladies and gentlemen, if you never heard of harry connick junior, what's the one thing you know about him? probably he's from new orleans. >> kitchen mccarthy movie guy, when he was there, interviewing all of these people respect he's like so where are you from? >> no, did he not. >> where are you from? >> and he knows everything about everyone. here's what johnny dep deposition had for dinner and lunch in 1987. >> two days ago i asked a guy, hey jason, what's your name?
8:49 am
>> what do you say to that. >> we have update on the dover police department guy, who has crush on alex. >> or had. >> had, because he's cheating on alex already. i have proof of t i'll show you proof in just a little bit. okay, a loft us enjoy getting those little valentines day candies, you know, little bitty hearts. >> sweethearts, yes. >> they say be mine. >> yes. >> or kisses. love. >> bring it up-to-date. >> first time ever that the company is putting your phrases on their candies. so they year they selected all eight winner from suggestions that were sent n see here, pugs, kittens, girl power, you know, i love in you spanish, i love to dance. >> in a would be friend. >> bff. >> hotel motel. >> what's jtn? >> that's french. >> all right. >> and then they have a little mustache there, and smile
8:50 am
face. >> what's the must smash what's that supposed to mean? >> i must ask awe question. >> recently most will cool. like some people put them on straws and stuff. weird on suggestion of mustaches. >> they ways nod time capturing everyone's attention, amber and gem, real housewives of new jersey, on good day. here's the thing that everybody's wondering. >> what? >> will the show really continue on without theresa jude chief? >> theresa will be in jail for another year. [ leguizamo ] hey, i'm john leguizamo, and i love new york.
8:51 am
why? i'll tell you why... 'cause every winter,
8:52 am
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>> we thought we were out of the woods, talking about frozen fog. well, fog is getting worse in the area. we need to you keep up your guard as far as slippery sit fats also concerned, weaver zero visibility out in lancaster, and now at the
8:54 am
airport, we've been watching this with our airport cameras, less than 2 miles visibility there, reduce in the allentown, and up in mount pocono, and as we go down to wilmington and dover we see reduced visibility as well. so with all of this moisture in the air and temperatures, we will check them right now below freezing, 25 in mount pocono, 28 in allentown, 29 degrees in lancaster, 32 in philadelphia, and below freezing to the south of us there is could put that fine glaze on your windshield, on your sidewalk, maybe make it difficult to un look your car. so, don't let down your guard just yet. things could still be slippery out there this morning, with all every these temperatures below freezing, we've been watching the snow showers that we were telling but all morning, moving through the area. we have even seen some snow showers, chester county, new castle county, delaware as well. so again, we're watching this storm for the weekend, and that looks like a friday into saturday nor'easter with a lot of precipitation snow, rain,
8:55 am
bolt, along with possibility of sleet, and the snow could accumulate several inches or more. depends on tracking and time willing. but 42 degrees today, eventually, we should see some sunshine, 39 and dry for friday. the messy weather saturday, and then another clipper system moves in monday very cold air middle of next week, highs only in the 20's by tuesday, wednesday, there is your seven day forecast, and adventurous wet their. see what's going on on the new jersey turnpike, fatal accident we told but earlier, southbound new jersey turnpike at 73, back up, nobody moving in that area at all. looking at southbound route 73 right now. here's a map to show you where this accident is. it is again the new jersey turnpike, okay, now our computer has frozen up. so it is not the only thing that frozen outside.
8:56 am
we've got some freezing going on in here. anyway southbound new jersey turnpike right at route 73, stay away from that area at all costs, and 295 southbound at paulsboro that situation is getting better, but still cleaning up the scene of the early accident. took tore trail earth and overturned salt truck. accident at packer but has been moved to the right shoulder. >> it is slippery err than it looks. >> well yes. now seeing that we were talking about frozen fog all morning, wasn't happening, wasn't happening, now getting foggy. >> look at the snow here, fourth and market. >> really coming down. >> just glaze, not good. >> snow shower. precursor of saturday morning. >> nick you would hide from your significant other? one thing your partner is probably doing behind your back. probably doing behind your back. no, not talking about cheating
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
norwegians are free probably doing behind your back. to do everything under the sun. free to cruise at their own speed... free to explore their own way... free to discover a new world of taste... free to smile wider... applaud louder... free to live fuller, deeper, and closer... that's how you cruise like a norwegian. ♪ cruise like a norwegian book now and choose up to three offers worth up to $2,000 in value.
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>> it is a mild little bitty snow shower here at old city at fourth and market. but it will be a great 9:00 hour on this show. hi, lauren? hello. that picture makes it looks like it is coming down outside. >> that's what i was saying. >> we well, very compressed shot of course. >> zoomed in. >> little deceiving. >> that dress is great. >> hey, thank you. >> it is. >> we were doing pick up lines today. let's see. >> ya, pick me up. >> you must be tired. >> why? >> because you've been running through my minds all day. >> oh. >> you like that. >> hi everybody, thursday, january the 22nd, tomorrow's my sister susan's birthday. >> happy birthday susan. >> hope you send her a card or something. >> well, before you move on,


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