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tv   Good Day Philadelphia 7a  FOX  January 23, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EST

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it tells people, the best places in philadelphia for to you run. so, why? i will talk to a runner coming up next. i would say that is best place to run, in this city, kelly drive. >> i think so. >> beautiful. >> go down to east falls, coming back. >> it is difficult in the warm weather because it is so he crowded, not that i would know. >> on your left, on your left, on your left. >> yes. >> it is scary. >> yes. >> i found something, stunning. >> um-hmm. >> i'm going to put it in a picture now. who is that? and what is with the top of your head? that is you, alex. >> yes, that is me. >> second great. >> i don't know how bill newbold got this photo the owe. >> but are his celebrity crush. >> back in second grade. >> it is a navy blue bow. is there a big bow. but it blend in with my hair. >> i have a lot of hair.
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>> there is a lot going on there. >> my teeth. >> too cute. >> missing teeth. >> you are the cutest darn woman alive. >> i was than the on tv back then so it doesn't count as a tv celebrity crush then. >> i bet a lot of peoples crush, don't you think. >> i would wager on that bet. >> we know, sue is, yes, sexy sue. >> oh, lor. >> thank you for that. pity. minute after 7:00. we have to break down what will happen. we will do that after we get you through, today. >> well, today looks good. >> we have an eight today. >> love it. >> 40 degrees, seasonal temperatures, but stop buddy nothing happening right now so he is enjoying a nice wait at the bus stop as long as he is bundled up. winter weather advisory in effect starting at 9:00 tonight. listed at 10:00 a.m. for philadelphia area earlier to the south of us, later to the north of us, so it the depend
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where you live where we get that change over from snow to rain. the right now it is all rain, this storm is moving into georgia, really soaking the atlanta area this morning and around jacksonville, florida there, they are about to get soak. owe we have sunshine to begin with, and 7:17 is our official sunrise time but you can see we are getting started already, 28 degrees in philadelphia, we will head up to 40, and then the the snow/wintry mix begins at night. so that is a look at your weather authority forecast, it is two minutes after 7:00 o'clock. a live look right now in traffic at the schuylkill expressway, westbound, a at city avenue, very slow going there but it is that time of the day, finally king of prussia henderson avenue at church road an accident there has that part of the road, closed, so your alternate is crooked lane, or gulf road, and expect a lot of traffic around that neighborhood as well, alex. >> is there a crook lane. >> crooked lane. >> i'll be darned.
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>> 7:02. philadelphia police want to find a man who attack a teenager. we are talking about a 17 year-old girl on the trolley. >> punched her right in the face. the girl says the incident was spark by something fairly innocent. >> yes. >> her backpack. jenny is on the story. hi, jenny. >> reporter: hi guys, she was on her way to school. it happened 7:30 on wednesday morning. she had her school bag. she said the trolley was crowded. her bag nudged this man and he apparently used his fist to express his feelings. that is according to the victim, of course. 7:30 a.m. attack, which happened on wednesday, the victim, shea, was on her way to school. she now has a broken nose and a obviously bruised face. the attack was caught on cell phone video. the it is blurry. you can see the man she's talking about. than the man punched her before hopping off the trolley a at seventh up girard street. she explains prior to the punches he threatened her. she tried to defend herself. she punched him
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simultaneously. she realized that he was not going to be able to defend herself against a grown man. >> i sat down and i was bleeding. i had blood coming from my nose and my eye was tingling. >> she's my child. i'm responsible for her. to know that she was out there, and this man just hit for whatever reason it was, at the time i didn't know. to know a man just hit her i was like really, she's just a kid. >> he was an angry person and he took out his anger and frustration and a things he must have been going through, out on me. >> reporter: shea says one person tried to pull her away from the a attack. the most people went about their business. she and the mom says the trolley was pack with a lot of students and that is probably why more people didn't try to help her out. back live at seventh and girard street, this is the area where police believe the man exited the trolley and went on his way. we also see the sign here that
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there are cameras in the area. we do know police are looking into additional surveillance video in the the area and with septa because this victim says that she did not know this man, however it is just after 7:00 so we will see the trolley a pass out side. it will be around the the time that this happened on wednesday, we will see maybe this man has the same routine every day, we'll not sure about that, mike and alex. >> if you know who that is, turn him in. >> the teenager, if you ride that to school, the trolley. >> she will be scared for years. investigators also are looking for answers this morning after what they say may have been intentionally set car fires overnight. >> more than that, i think it is where car fires were. it might be a specific target. steve keeley. >> we may have gotten evidence. raj is just opening up his store here. i told him what happened. he said he has a camera here pointing right out there he asked me what time. he will check 2:00 a.m. time area and see if he captured
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anybody setting this nissan pathfinder on fire. if he does, we will let police know and let you know but there is a camera above his store there and i said, do you know whether that works or not. he says he doesn't think it works based on previous incident here. city officials coming to investigate. so it didn't work. a as dave schratwieser reported countless times a lot of these cameras in the city do not work for some unknown reason. here we go, fire hydrant right here. do not park here anytime. maybe somebody was upset that somebody park where they weren't supposed to. somebody was just figuring it is an easy corn tore getaway and somebody likely set this on fire. you can see every window broken usually blown out by the flames. that is what happened. that is why that carries a total loss. hood is completely a loss. the hood is not even maybe a third of the size that it was. completely melted. now, as we pan lefty will show you very busy robbins street. all this traffic likely going into the tacony palmyra
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bridge. further down robbins street is ditman street like three blocks that way and lets get to the video because after this video fire was put out by fire department then they get a call of the second car fire, another suv, a mercury mountaineer is what you are looking at and thinks park mid block in the back alley behind the house and you can see in the video that the fire got so intense that it spread to the house and yes, people were asleep in the house, at the time and they all got out safely and likely very worried about why they were targeted, but was it just happenstance that somebody figured here is a car to light o fire and i can get down that alley or does somebody have something a against them. they will wand their if nobody is ever caught. that is the situation out here. mike and alex, i don't know if anybody ever got a parking ticket because that would have been first thing to go since windshield and wipers are completely gone. we have to check city railroaded for that. that would be the final indignation to have a ticket on top of that.
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>> a couple of things, just so ridiculous that these surveillance cameras. they are up there half don't even work. steve, let us know if that guy inside the convenient store if his cameras are working and we can see the the the person who did it. steve, thanks. police are also investigating a deadly pedestrian accident in edgemore, delaware. it happen shortly before 8:00 last night on i495. police say a man tried to cross the northbound lanes of i495, and can you imagine. they say he was hit by several cars. police are working,. >> bucks county man, and, prosecutors say, stolen money. >> prosecutors say that claire risoldi, you see here, on the right here on the top right, blonde hair, now faces charges of defrauding her insurance company out of more than 20 million-dollar. did you hear me, 20 million-dollar. attorney general kathleen kane said she and her, and,
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outside, making false claims for three fires at their home. what really gets prosecutors all heated up, they say that the the risoldi's falsely a accuse the the fire fighters who risk their lives battling the flames in their home of stealing jewelry from the home. wow. 7:09. a philadelphia homicide detective is wrapped up in a murder case, but not one that he is investigating. the prosecutors say 16 year veteran, ronald dove tried to help his girl friend, erika sanchez, cover up a murder. she is accused of stabbing her ex-lover to death. two years ago. dove allegedly drove sanchez, erika sanchez, to new york, paid for a hotel, and, hid her car and then mislead other detectives were looking for her. philadelphia's d.a. says that dove's action where is nothing short of criminal but his
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attorney says that he tried to protect a with man was being physically abused by her ex-boyfriend. >> shielding this murder suspect, he was to bring her to justice. he did everything that he could to lie to other members of the homicide unit, to find out what they knew. he financed her flight. he would drive to new york and come back and not let anyone know. >> it was his desire to protect a victim of domestic violence, someone he cared deeply about and someone who acting in self-defense. >> so now what do we do. grand jury is investigating other homicide cases that dove was involved in looking for more possible wrongdoing. he is free after posting bail, they is, and is due back in court next tuesday. and the the philadelphia teachers union is celebrating what it is calling a victory this morning. it is.
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>> school reform commission canceled the teachers contract in october but yesterday, commonwealth court ruled the src did not have the the authority to make that move. superintendent william hite will be on "good day philadelphia" this morning at 8:00, less than an hour from now, to talk more about this ruling and what this means. >> "good day philadelphia", that is our show good right here. >> he will be here. >> sitting right next to us. >> yes. happening today, lawyers for eric frein are trying to keep surveillance video from the public. so, this is the video that would have been shot at the police barracks where he shot two state troopers, last year. they want to make hure that this video isn't seen by citizens, like us. today, they will will file a motion to keep footage that allegedly shows the the 31 year-old survival list ambushing the the two troopers. they want to keep this under seal so all of us can't see it. frein, who alluded authorities for more than a month, after this incident is charged with first degree murder and
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another offenses. corporal brian dickson was killed in that attack and troop are alex douglass was wounded. this morning, saudi a a rain use's new king promised to continue the policies of his predecessor, why? because not too many hours ago king abdullah was pronounced dead. ninety years old. king abdullah died after nearly two decade in power. he issued reforms that made a splash in the conservative muslim country. they included trying to crackdown on extremist and appointing the first female government minister to the kingdom. now, his half brother, whose nearly 80 years old, is going to take over. this comes as a growing youth population pushes for more social reforms in that country. how about this at 7:12, time is running out for these two. isis militants are indicating
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that the time absolutely is coming to the last her here. in an on line post the group says count down has begun. while showing graphic images of other hostages being beheaded. militants are demanding 200 million-dollar in ransom from japan because that is the the amount of money that japan has devoted to eradicating is is in the middle east. so if they don't get the 200 million, about five or six hours, the guy in the black hearsays he will bee head those two japanese hostages. 7:13. al sharpton wants new jersey officials to investigate police shooting death of a man during a traffic stop. we want to warn you this video may be difficult for some viewers. >> show me your hand. show me your bleeping hands. get them out of the car. you reach for something you will be dead. he is reaching. he is reaching good this
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police dash cam video he shows what happened the night bridgeton police officers shot ape killed jerome reid last movement sharpton's national action network released a statement calling for a state probe into this. new jersey civil rights groups have also requested a investigation. >> but the man in the car, he served jail time for shooting at a trooper in the past. >> here's the the other thing. they looked at one of the officers involved in this and there were seven cases where they had people complaints on his conduct, in the the community. there have been seven complaints. so there is a lot more that goes into this case for sure. >> if you are annex conn you are not supposed to have a gun on you and there was a gun in the console of the car. well, that will take months to figure out. all right. 7:14. >> how about this, everybody is talking about the new england patriots and tea flight gate. people were watching that press conference, both of them, now fans are having some fun with the team in the form of some friendly care packages. how about this.
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a radio station in indianapolis probably a little salty that their colts lost recruited people to send in partially deflated toys. the station that shipped these toys to the patriots headquarters in massachusetts, dy's behind the prank say we are just trying to have fun with the story that has everyone talking. >> we are just trying to have fun witt. we were still talking about it. we try to make things light and this was perfect way to do it. light hearted, fun. we laugh at ourselves and hopefully everybody enjoys it as well. >> the the patriots are still under investigation for accusations that they let air out of 11 out of 12 footballs in last sunday's championship game. here's the thing, in the press conference yesterday when tom brady, they asked him have any nfl executives asked you questions about this investigation. he is a i had no. >> no. >> they say they are investigating it but in one has asked tom braid bye the footballs. i find that interesting. >> isn't it weird, one of the big stories in america, because of the super bowl is
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so big. >> look at a the size of the hat. is his head that big. >> that is not up flighted. >> his head is inflated. >> we will have garry cobb here. >> tom brady says he knows nothing bit. and he says is that really possible. if you are the quarterback. >> you are a cheating coach. i was shocked to learn about this. really. yeah. >> sue, what do you think. >> by the way that radio promotion how lame is that. >> they were trying. >> trying to get to us talk about them which we are. >> i know you guys are party people, but my advice to you is to make it an early night tonight. >> no, he can't do that, you know he can't. >> this snow is moving in between 9:00 and in midnight tonight. so south to north as we give you this time line for the saturday nor'easter. steady snow and sleet will be probably between 1:00 and 4:00 a.m. change over to rain for most of us between four and 6:00 in the morning, and then a brief
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wintry mix is possible before the storm exits around 3:00 in the afternoon. so, by about six or 7:00 o'clock in the morning it will be rain and lots of it, for most of us. let's talk about the winter weather advisory. actually, starringering times for the beginning and end of this, as the the rain change over is supposed to happen from south to north. where is the storm right now? there it is, it is bringing us a lot of rain to the panhandle of florida, southern georgia, and then southernal baum a right now but it is starting to edge into tennessee, and north and south carolina so we've added the temperatures to our future cast just to show you how crucial 1 degree can be in changing the type of precipitation. >> when will it be 32? >> that would be 10:00 o'clock tonight. >> right there. >> that is snow then. >> that is right, we start off as snow but down in atlantic city, it will be rain. the tricky parties this pink area. that is why between snow and rain, and that is where it is icy, and sleety, and very
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slippery. this is why i'm telling you make it an early night tonight because at midnight we have accumulating snow to the south of us we've got some ice and none of this is either set even tearily in stone but gives you a good idea what will happen then. then we are talking about two or 3:00 o'clock in the morning that rain line is moving northward and here we are, 1 degree, 33. now, it is raining. it is heavy rain, 6:00 in the morning in philadelphia, even as far north as pottstown and maybe even reading, and then it is all rain through about 9:00 o'clock in the morning. now it is around noon. storm is wining down, we're getting wrap around moisture that will bring in a lit built of colder air so there is a chance of a brief time of a wintry mix as the storm exits. then out of here. look at sunday afternoon. >> not another one. >> yeah, sunday night, that clipper system we were talking about. but, first thing first. we have potential for icing in between your snow and rain, whenever that happens. if you don't have to be out the tonight it is good idea
7:19 am
not to be because there are very slippery conditions that we will have, and here are potential a accumulations before the changeover. up to 2 inches in the metro area but more north and west because snow will hang on longer in that area. we have cold temperatures right now. we will get to 40 degrees later on. here is your saturday storm. here's your sunday night into monday clipper and then a blast of arctic air after that tuesday and wednesday of next week, daytime highs only in the 20's. that is your weather authority forecast. i kept a all that straight. new lets get out side and see how traffic is doing. southbound baltimore pike, it looks like everything is okay right there. that looks like an intersection. i don't think that is the the blue route, is it, chris. that is not the blue route. >> it is the intersection. >> we are going to get on to the blue route. >> okay, i got it. >> now in king of prussia lender on avenue at church road we have an accident there that has close that had part
7:20 am
the of the lender sun avenue and so your alternate are crooked lane or gulf road. and, 295 southbound on ramp from 195, there is a accident there, ramp is partially block. in conshohocken 12th avenue at rider street a water main break, avoid that area, of that part of conshohocken, 11th avenue or jones street will get you by, mike. >> so is crook road, crooked. >> crooked lane. >> crooked lane, do you know, have you ever been on it. >> i have every confidence that it is. >> it would be an outrage fit is not crook. >> we will find it on a map. >> it better been crook. >> crook street in san francisco. >> the one on a hill real windy. >> lombard owe. >> i know what you are talking about. >> lombard. >> lombard. >> it is lombard. >> not lombardi. >> that was you who said lombardi. >> lombard. >> yes. >> okay. >> are you thinking of asking your boss for a raise. i will after today? i don't deserve it but i'm going to ask. you know, now might be the
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best time. i will tell you why today might be a best time to ask i will tell you why today what were you expecting...k a little garnish?
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look at that bird. >> that is a huge bird. >> what is that on top of. >> can you see, di, what it is. >> let's zoom out a little bit. >> where is that a at. >> the raven never more. >> that is a bought full shot. >> it is. >> what di, what are you saying? is that just a big block bird or pigeon. >> what are you saying. >> she's not talking to you she's talking to someone in the control room. >> it is not a candor, it is a vulture. >> yes. >> just a big crow, isn't it? >> it is a crow. >> another crow. >> look at that. >> a family of crows. >> yes. >> wow. >> somebody flew the the coupe. >> wonder fit is warm up there. >> representative mike versace, says crook lane is in
7:25 am
the gulph mills section of upper merion and it is indeed very crooked. >> look at that. >> it is crooked, crooked rain is crook. we can continue. >> we can go on now. >> 7:25. you just want more money in your bank account. >> in, i want less money good this year you have a good chance because mike you ask, every year, every year he asks for a raise. >> so why is 20 15a good year to ask for a raise. >> well, it is good because more small, medium sized businesses have more room to give their employees a raise. if you work in a big company you may in the be a at a advantage but 38 percent of small to medium sized businesses in the u.s. are now more likely to give a raise to their employees. that has to do with a lot of factors. we're talking about lower energy prices, stronger jobs numbers but wage get just simply has mountain been there in a long time. this can be good news thanks to a survey from pnc bank.
7:26 am
>> here's the thing though, they may have more money, we can ask but that doesn't mean they will give it. >> that is true. >> but i guess i'm all for it. >> reporter: certainly. especially companies that want to maintain their work force. hiring and let people go is very expensive for small ape medium sized businesses. maybe a slight racist the way to go for these smaller companies. >> so who is your boss, roger alees. >> i have a lot of bosses, how about you. >> when wases last time you asked for a raise. >> wow. probably whenever i first started a year and a half ago. it is important for people to ask to be compensated fairly. >> i agree. >> and not get under cut. >> you get up from that chair. you do a great job. go and ask for a raise. you can get a raise, right. >> all right, jolean. >> i'm on it. >> notice he asked to you do
7:27 am
it. >> yes. >> i expect you to ask for a raise, mike. >> you got it, woman, have a great weekend. >> who is more adorable than that woman, she is nice. >> she's so cute. >> yes. >> if she were a vegetable shoe cute cumber. >> yesterday, in the so good. >> so this dofuss tom brady, he is getting close to being a tell like justin beiber. you know, that guy, mr. grumpy. he is denying i have no idea about these deflatedded footballs, really, really. garry cobb is here. he has an opinion on this weak talk after the break. lets get back to quincy, he is doing running along the beautiful kelly drive. >> i have. you know, i'm a runner. this is a new segment, q
7:28 am
street, i get out on the street and talk to people. you can see there is a lot of people right here. i will do that. >> q and a. >> yes, yes. >> it is a fitness app run keeper and it tracks your various work out and mess popular areas for philadelphians to run. >> this looks like a real popular area. >> i know, right. >> my gosh. >> there are two people. >> they are coming upright now why do we do it?
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xc60 today. visit your local volvo showroom for details. look at this beautiful sunrise over the the coast of atlantic city, new jersey. the at least we will have a decent day to day. bus stop buddy is all bundled up at the bus stop and we will give you a number of day and that is an eight out of ten anticipating tonight, well, you know the the rest, a nor'easter is coming. winter weather advisory for fill kicks in at 9:00 o'clock. earlier to the south, later to the north and ending times are varied too but around 10:00 o'clock is when we expect everybody to have a change over to rain, to right now i should say, it is 28 degrees at 7:17 was our sunrise time. new we will get 40 degrees for a high temperature with the snow, wintry mix, a arriving, at nighttime, tonight. so, make it an early night if
7:32 am
you can. you might not want to be on the roads when it starts to get slippery. that is the deal for friday. let's check traffic for you. we will start off at the schuylkill expressway, west bun approaching belmont avenue and an accident there, it looks like it is off to the side on the shoulder, so, it is traffic that is congested but getting bias it normally would, mike anal he can. >> well, thank you, sue. birth control pill being linked to a rare form of brain cancer. danish study published in the british journal of clinical pharmacology says it may be researchers say, that 60 percent of woman who develop tumors use certain forms of birth control at some point and that women, who had used harmone alcon that septembertives at any point for any length of time have a 50 percent higher chance of developing the tumor then those who had not. >> but does this mean women should stop taking the pill? doctor justin chera right.
7:33 am
>> yes. >> medical director of how do you say that. >> i will dot next part. >> gynecologic oncology. >> yes, you are treating cancer. >> yes, cancers have the female reproductive tract. >> this is a scary head line. >> absolutely. what we need to distinguish is what causation verse a association the so we know human papilloma virus causes cervical cancer. birth control pills are associated with cervical cancer but they are not a cause. they may be associate because of particular behaviors. cigarette lighter is another example they are a associated with lung cancer but they don't cause it, the cigarettes do. that is the difference. right new we have an a association. it is something we need have to have on our radar but by no means should people subpoena taking their birth control pill. >> it is link for a lot of woman they start you on it when you become more mature and help regulate thing. for a length of time too.
7:34 am
some people have been taking it for five or ten years, should we be more concern the longer the the the time. >> sometimes the longer, the better, the benefits there can be. if my specialty owe rare yan cancer, the risk for owe rare yan cancer can be reduced by bit control pills and that risk is reduced by taking it for longer periods of time. >> reduced, were is that. >> we don't know the entire mechanism of how that happens but within of the theories behind how does a birth control reduce risk of ovarian cancer. every month a woman ovulates there is a disruption, and with that disruption if the repair mechanism goes ary. >> i thought years ago they would say you don't want to be on that birth control pill, you should get off of it every three or four years for a break. >> no, not necessarily. not at all necessary. some women can take their pills continuously so they never have i withdraw bleed and last week of pills are placebo that cause a with man to have her period.
7:35 am
some women they take continuous. >> for a lot of times we hear these studies and within day it seems to be birth control pills it is okay. then next day don't take them. what should we be taking away from all of this. >> first would i not recommend stopping birth control pills. you know works men should to take their bit control pills. i think for us, we need to have this on our radar going forward. the these studies are retrospective where we will back at what happens and try to match cases, people who had this rare form of brain tumor to women didn't. it is bet fur we can measure that going forward to see if there is a true association, how strong is that association and is there a causation. >> i have to say 50 percent more likely that is a scary sounding percentage. >> it is within of the issuing ises. for birth control they do increase the the risk of a blood clot. base line risk is one in 10,000. if you take a birth control pill it three is in 10,000. you can say wow, you have gone
7:36 am
from one to three what a huge increase but when it its such a rare event. that is my point with these tumors. >> so the headline when they get up and read this, my gosh, what is your advice to them, don't be alarmed. >> correct, don't be alarmed. don't be alarm don't throw out your pills just yet good how long will it take before we know, sometimes i feel like drugs will come out and ten years later we will find out that is not the a good thing. >> i think we know women have been taking bit control pills for many, many, many years. >> yes. >> way before i was even born. >> you where are alive back then. >> you are done. >> good to see you. >> a victory for the philadelphia teachers union. he could not get out of here fast enough. >> he ran out of here. >> did you scar him off. >> did you scare him off. >> he has surgery today he is doing normal regular things. >> he doesn't want to talk on tv. >> what do you think about this, a a victory for philadelphia a teachers union but not everybody is happy
7:37 am
about the judge's decision yesterday afternoon, how the superintendent of the philadelphia cools feels about the teachers. we can get his opinion from him because he is now, sitting in the chair where the doctor just ran from.
7:38 am
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it is a beautiful morning. >> why. >> because every day is friday. it is always beautiful morning. >> it is. >> on friday, if anything happens to me, i'm like it is friday. >> you know what i don't like friday. >> why. >> because i love working with you so much i look forward to monday, tuesday. >> you do in the look forward to monday. >> it looks like i slept under a train. >> it is right here good what is going on right there. >> did you use gel or hair spray. >> it doesn't look like it. >> yeah. >> how do you know, the the little rascals. >> don't play with me i know little rascals. >> yes. >> all right. >> listen up, i have been
7:41 am
saying to myself i need to start running again. i have said that for five straight years. but listen up if you run, if you are looking for a new route, route, there is a new app to find the cities best roots and keep track of your running. >> and quincy is down by boat house row with within of the popular spots. q, are you using this app. >> according to run, number conn spot in philadelphia, is kelly drive. but, as you can see there is in one on kelly drive, because they are all right here. they are big runners. now, we have susan. >> yes. >> you created this. >> yes. >> okay. >> what is this. >> the running community here in philadelphia is pretty strong.
7:42 am
what we thought was a good idea to get people out to do core fitness as well. we do push-ups, sit-ups. there is a a lot of helping. we are building communities. making sure we are bringing people together in the city that may not necessarily know each other. >> how many days a week. >> we are out here two days a week 6:30 on wednesday morning at art museum and 6:30 at problem on hill we meet. we work out for 60 minutes every wednesday and friday. >> how many miles. >> today we did four or five. so we will run up here. >> so, run keeper fitness app says average person does four and a half miles. >> true. >> you guys do something special when it is peoples birthday what do you do today. >> we crowd surf people on their birthdays. we lift them up, hoist them, and they are bouncing back here. we get a lot of movement going. >> yes. >> it was a couple...
7:43 am
>> happy birthday. >> ♪ >> listen guy, this is so much fun. this is so much fun. >> kelly drive, thank you, back to you guys in the studio. >> that is a fun group. >> this look like they are so energetic. >> it is easier to run if you have friend in a group of people you all meet up and run together. >> okay. >> here's the best head line about this deflate gate. >> it is good. >> how could they not know, seriously tom brady, bill belichick denying anything about the the balls. >> we have garry cobb to talk about this because who is believing them really.
7:44 am
7:45 am
7:46 am
anytime after 9:00 o'clock start looking for some snow in the fill area it may start as rain to the south of us but everybody will get frozen presip before it changes over. lets give you this rough time line here for the nor'easter here beginning from south to north, anywhere between 9:00 o'clock and midnight tonight, the steady snow, sleet milk in, and then we will see the changeover between then and 6:00 in the morning. by 6:00 o'clock, everybody should be, in the the
7:47 am
situation where it is all, rain. >> are you inflating the forecast now. >> idea flighted it. >> yes. >> because it is, the thing to did right now. >> no question. >> what is the significance of this graphic. >> bullet points. it is -- >> what is that. >> 3-d bullet points. >> you know what, you are not supposed to be here. >> a wintry mix before the the storm exits at around 3:00 o'clock that is a brief wintry mix. that is the time line of your storm. that is weather for now. i hope that helps you make your plans for tomorrow, for actually tonight and tomorrow, because as we mentioned earlier, it might be a good idea to make it an early night tonight. now lets talk about today, route 202, southbound, at route 30 bypass, we have an accident. it looks like an overturn vehicle went off the roadway. you can see emergency vehicles there on the scene.
7:48 am
this is a pretty busy intersection at route 30 bypass at route 202. it is hard to tell what is going on there but i think vehicle involve in the accident is off the roadway, and overturn, when it went off the roadway this morning. so it looks like an ambulance is starting to backup into the area. this is route 202 near route 30 bypass, alex, you want to a avoid that area at all cost. >> what a mess. >> yeah, really. >> again, i believe this is the best head line, i cannot say it. >> you want every excuse to show it. >> i mean how could they not know, tom brady, bill belichick, and they claim i have no eye tea that the balls were deflated. >> nobody really believes them good let's bring in garry cobb. >> yes. >> i just don't have an explanation for what happened. i have told you all i can tell from you my point of view. and anything coming from the
7:49 am
investigative side from the league, need to be direct toward them. >> i have no knowledge of anything. i have no knowledge of any wrongdoing of anybody. >> i'm very comfortable saying that. i'm very comfortable saying that nobody did it, as far as i know, i don't know everything. i also understand that i was in the locker room preparing for a game. i don't know what happened over the course of the process with the footballs. >> how come referee with your big hat on, tom, how come he figure out it was deflated ape said give me another ball. these balls are deflated. so good could be, it is just like watergate. >> just laughing over here. >> come on, i know they are both lying but tom brady is really lying because all quarterback are real particular about the ball. >> he he even toll his teammates, i like it a little deflated. >> yes. >> you know, the thing is, he was telling the truth in this way, he is probably told those equipment guys to do that for
7:50 am
five or six or might have been his whole career. he didn't tell them any particular. i look i can that ball deflated. >> if you are like the ball deflated it would be deflated over last six or seven games. >> nobody has pick it up. >> but what is so bad about that. is there that much of an advantage. >> it is not a huge advantage, no but it is the the the truth though. it is against the rules. >> easier to throw. >> that is right. >> my thing is why not just admit to it. >> because he could get suspended. it is illegal, you see. it is illegal what they did. it is really illegal. do i think it is a huge deal, no. but it is bad timing. >> i feel lining he is passing the baton. belichick says i don't ever look. who do we look to next, the the ball boy, the refs. >> i don't think anybody, the league really wants to get to the bottom of this before the
7:51 am
game. they don't want to sus pen anybody. >> no. >> they have in the asked him anything? we are looking into this. there is an investigation. >> you have to realize, the the super bowl, look at it like a movie. >> $6 billion. >> these are the stars of the movie. you want them to be in the movie. so, we will let it go, we will make it like we can't find out but after super bowl they will go, we will suspend you. >> they will come back. >> from this point forward. >> the policy will get changed. it is so stupid, so easy to fix. you simply have the nfl provide the balls. >> that is right. >> some people are saying it wouldn't be a big deal but now that they are denying it, it is an even bigger deal. you don't want to suspend anyone of those guys. we cannot fine tom. we don't know where he is at. >> for super bowl, listen to this equipment manager, the chicago bears will provide the
7:52 am
balls. they do that every year. they have an outside arbitrator. >> biggest shame of this is that this is getting really dumped on the little guy which is equipment manager. they try to keep you happy f you like your shelledder pads, or you like your shoes, shirt, you keep them employed. >> what was your thing that you always wanted. >> no, i like to wear older socks. i don't like to wear new socks. >> what is wrong with new socks. >> i like to wear a couple pair i like to wear socks that have been used. >> would you tell equipment manager i want used socks. >> i don't want used socks. >> you are a cheater, all of the other guys are wearing new socks you wore old sock. >> i didn't like wearing new cleats eater really. >> in. >> some guys like wearing new cleats. >> i like wearing old cleats. >> you are old school. >> yes, you want them broken in. >> now they don't even wear
7:53 am
cleats. >> but they got particular about that. lesean lynch he wanted to wear gold plated shoes and they wouldn't let him do it. >> no. >> all right. >> g, we just busted open sock gate with g. cobb. >> worn socks. >> cheater, cheater. >> probably had holes in them and stuff. >> no, these i have on now though. >> all right. lets get to jen. >> she's in the american idol studio. >> scotchy scotch. >> yes, not vodka for that guy. >> hello. american idol was awesome and this morning we have a real big deal. i'm kidding. a real celebrity joining us ♪ ♪
7:54 am
all the goodness of milk, all the deliciousness of hershey's syrup.
7:55 am
7:56 am
7:57 am
♪ >> oh, my god, this song, i love, this song. >> i wish i could meet her. >> and, instrumental. >> radio patriots or something. but lets talk about why you are in philly. you have a a huge event at the the hard rock. >> on sunday i'm's doing, kind of a birthday celebration but a concert, finally back. i'm coming back in the business again. we made some new music this year. this is first stop, philly. i'm celebrating my birthday as well. >> happy birthday. >> you are welcome here
7:58 am
anytime. >> thank you we have a show on fox called american idol. >> yes you may have heard of it. >> yes. >> i want to see what you have to say about some of these contestants. we are going to begin with a woman by the name of hope. >> ♪ >> you have a really great voice. >> thank you. >> but i didn't feel anything. >> she looked nervous she said. >> she was very nervous. she wasn't able to really portray or give what she really can do. i think she has a beautiful voice but i don't think she's ready. >> would you have let her get through. >> no, no. >> she did go through. >> did she. >> she did go through but both said we want more. give us a little time between audition and when they see her in hollywood. this is for my friend mike jerrick because he loves this occupation in particular, it
7:59 am
is dakota. >> tell me about yourself. >> i'm a drag queen. >> okay. >> so you perform. >> yes. >> yes. >> what is your character's name. >> bianchi jade. >> he is so cute. >> ♪ >> now again, i want to know what you think of that. >> he wouldn't have went through. >> he too got through. >> are you kidding me. >> well, harry connnick junior said wow love to see what he would look like in his real, you know, look and his character. >> that was terrible audition. based on voice alone i would have never put him through.
8:00 am
>> yes. >> can i come here. >> yes. >> hi. >> how are you. >> didn't you come on the music scene before twitter. >> yes. >> so where did tweet come from. >> tweet has been a nickname my dad gave me before twitter. >> yes, before twitter. >> i'm the original tweet. >> if you come back again that would be a retweet. >> yes. >> and if i quote you that would be a quote tweet. >> a quote tweet. >> yes she was a tweet before there was a twitter, so take that people. >> yes. >> mike is like oh, hi, how are you doing good good day to you, it is friday, january 23rd, 2015. >> hi everybody. nasty nor'easter is on the way, through see it on ultimate doppler radar. so what will we get, rain, snow, sleet, ice?
8:01 am
little will bit of everything. we will break it all down for you, coming up, mike. how about this teachers, a big victory for you, um. not everybody is happy about the decision yesterday afternoon, doctor william hite is right here in our studio about ten minutes away to talk about this decision, lauren. >> mike, book ago this disney vacation anytime soon in why you may need to pay a trin to the doctor's office before you travel, warnings against visiting the happiest place on earth. speaking of happy, quincy? >> e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles. we're in eagles land. but what do you think about the play gates. downtown philadelphia getting your, reaction coming up deflate gate it is on the list of everybody in the country. super bowl is a week from this sunday. >> my thing was at the press conference did you see who was sponsoring the the press conference. >> dunkin' donuts. >> no, flex ball. >> this is so perfect. >> perfect. >> belichick was talking about
8:02 am
it and flex ball kept flashing behind him. my goodness. >> what is flex ball. >> i don't even know but to me. >> sit a exercise ball. >> i don't know. >> that makes sense it is ironic. >> yes. >> we will break down the storm in a few minutes but we will talk about what will happen today. >> i love today. but 9:00 o'clock tonight, yikes. >> make it an early night tonight. i know i keep saying it but it is a good idea. you don't want to be on the road, when it is slippery outside. buddy will be home from school by then. nine to 10:00 a.m. is our wintry weather advisory for today. most of the counties in our viewing area 27 degrees right now. we are heading to a high of 40. that is because we've got sunshine and it is out there already. so most of the day will be just fine. it is tonight when the the snow rolls in. anytime after nine or 10:00 o'clock we could get snow and or a wintry mix. it will be right freezing when that happens. so be prepare. that is your fox cast from the
8:03 am
weather authority, lets go back to route 202 southbound at route 30 where we have this overturned vehicle, and it is off the the road way so that is where the blockage is right now. so on the left-hand side of the screen is where the accident happened. we only have one lane getting by. this is southbound route 202, and of course is there a backup on the other side too because it is just rush hour. ben franklin bridge is pretty crowded but everybody is getting bio kay coming into the the city, in montgomery county upper state road north bound between horsham road and kelce drive an accident there, and a road is closed, and you have the alternate route 202 parkway, or doylestown road. that is a way from the other part of the route 202 where we had the other accident. turnpike westbound at fort washington an accident there as well, take your time, and be careful out there, folks, alex. >> okay. we are learning more about two separate car fires that may have been intentionally set, overnight. fire officials found two suv's
8:04 am
and flames, only about three blocks away from each other in the tacony section of philadelphia. one of the fires caused minor damage to a nearby home and another vehicle. and police are also looking for a man that beat up a 17 year-old girl on a trolley. look at this video. she was hit multiple times in the face. victim says she was just on her way to school wednesday morning when this attack happened. he said that the man threatened her and knocked off her hat after her backpack just bumped into him repeatedly. after the the attack he just jumped off the trolley. police are hoping surveillance images can help them track down that attacker. well, 8:04. happening now california health officials are warning people who have been vaccinated for measles to stay a away from disney land. >> measles and disney land. this is disney land in anaheim, california. it is not disney world. >> that is correct. >> california health officials are being extremely cautious after the out break of measles at the theme park out there. the health department says 70
8:05 am
people have been infect by that out break and it has spread to five states and then mexico. according to reports five of those infect were disney land employees. measles highly contagious and those most at risk including people unvaccinated, pregnant woman, infants under six months and those with weaken immune system. disney land agrees with the advice of the state health department. company is offering vaccinations to all of the employees. mike and alex, maybe head to disney world down in florida instead of out to california. >> that is goofy. >> you had to. >> i know. >> let's continue to discuss this. deflate gate. so tom brady and bill belichick stepped up to the mike yesterday and claim they had no idea what you are talking about. what are these deflated balls. no idea, listen. >> i don't have an explanation for what happened. i told you all i can tell from you my point of view. anything coming from the investigative side from the league need to be direct toward them. >> i had no knowledge of
8:06 am
anything. i have no knowledge of any wrongdoing. >> you have confidence be in did anything wrong. >> i'm very comfortable in saying that be in did it, as far as i know, i don't know everything. i also understand that i was in the the locker room preparing for a game. i don't know what happens over the course of the process, with the footballs. >> refs seemed to have noticed. they took it off the field. >> so have of course, internet is react to go this controversy. >> lets look at this tweet from crispy cream, it says ours your fully filled. >> my goodness. >> look at that. >> here's another one a a lot of references made during those press conferences. check out this tweet, that is tom brady right there. >> my gosh. >> thing is when i was watching the press conference is there one comment that tom brady was i don't know how i feel about that one. he made a reference to isis. he said we will be fine, this isn't isis, nobody died. that had a quick internet reaction.
8:07 am
>> brian reese, he says this, this isisis, can be used for most controversies, honestly, putting that one in my pocket, isis, really tom. >> just absurd to bring that up. >> he felt it was absurd that they were asking that question. >> not that big of a deal. >> what a way to put it. >> all right. >> you know, gerber baby food and they have their little baby that helps sell the product. >> yes. >> little baby on each jar. >> couldn't your baby be a gerber baby. >> new gerber baby lives in pennsylvania. >> look at that, meet grace, we're talking about the 2014 gerber baby. i have to make my voice talk like this because she's so cute. >> she's from east petersberg in lancaster county. grace's parent get $50,000 for this cute face and one year a gerber baby food and, of course, a chance to put this
8:08 am
girl in future ad. >> we have one job and one job only for the the rest of have this month. >> get that kid in here. >> well, lancaster county, bob, how far is lancaster county, hour, hour and 20. >> it is worth it. >> great to come in. >> it is 82 miles. >> i would go to them. >> i would go to the baby. >> i never leave center city you don't. >> it almost makes me want to have one good wow. >> i'm just saying. >> my baby won't look so cute. you are in the dating anybody. >> it will go away in 30 seconds. >> she is just so cute. >> one day, yes. >> not immediately. >> okay. >> not immediately. >> well: >> hold your horses mike, there is a process. >> great, good grief. >> so she's 17 year-old and calling the shots is kylie jener really too cool for school we mean literally.
8:09 am
judge kim kardashian sister is quitting high school. >> she quit. >> yes. >> another big weekend at the the box office. j lo is heating up the big screen in the boy next door but is it worth your money? we have to bring in kevin mccarthey who will join us, and it is worth it. >> what is premise she falls in love with the boy good fatal attraction. >> they had a little thing and fatal attraction. >> they had a little thing and he goes over bo
8:10 am
8:11 am
8:12 am
just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at welshing speaking of gerber babies can you guess who this adorable baby is, almost doing the same pose as grace, the new gerber baby. he i hear some within laughing. i think it is sue serio. you could have been a gerber baby. >> that was a number of years ago. i think thomas edison took that picture himself. >> that must be the baby pose. >> prop it up on the baby hand. >> yeah, i took that picture of the picture when i was visiting my mom this summer. anyway. >> so cute. >> we all start out that way, right, okay. lets see how things will end up as farrah as our storm is concern. the winter weather advisory
8:13 am
for philadelphia kicking in at 9:00 anding until 10:00 tomorrow morning. the other times are kind of staggered because of the way this storm is coming in and you cane from southwest to northeast is way that it is moving. the the worst of the rain is in southern georgia, panhandle of florida and as it moves into higher elevations where it is colder we are seeing some snow in the mountains of north carolina there. for us, what will the temperature be when it storm arrives? well, right around freezing. that is what makes this so tricky because 1 degree can make so much difference. here we are a at 11:00 o'clock with snow rolling it in. make it early night. don't want to be on the road when it is this slippery. midnight we have to the south of the city this line of ice, sleet, and probably freezing rain and then rain to the south of us, with these temperatures warming up, now you'll see the rain line starting to move northward by 2:00 in the morning and by 4:00 a.m. we have change to rain with 33 degrees and wean
8:14 am
he have we have heavy rain, seven or eight when when we have fox 29 weekend and then by lunchtime we are seeing colder air moving back into our western suburbs and maybe a real quick shot of mixed precipitation before it is all over. then we will talk about something else happening on sunday night little later on. a as far as ice is concerned we could have some icing, around 4:00 in the morning on saturday when we're in the middle of that transition so keep that in mine north and west of the city maybe around doylestown, around reading, parts of the chester count that i could be happening. potential amounts before the changeover, up to 2 inches in this i-95 corridor north and west they will have a chance to pile up more snow before the the changeover to rain, mostly rain south and east of the city. cold temperatures right now in the 20's but we could end up at 40 which is a seasonal high for today and it will be a try day with sunshine like we have right now. it is tonight that the snow moves n we will bring thaw
8:15 am
seven day forecast coming up. we've got to get back to this accident on route 202, right there at route 30. it looks like with the reports that we're getting that a car overturned and went off the the roadway and as a result there is only one lane getting by. you can see that the emergency vehicles is on the scene there and car its off the roadway but that situation is continuing and very big backup. southbound 202 route 30, montgomery county upper state road between horsham road and kelce drive an accident has that road cloud. alternate route 202 parkway or doylestown road. now we will go to mount laurel new jersey route 73 northbound at fellowship road an accident there has two left lanes blocked, mike. all right, sue, thank you. yesterday commonwealth court judges handed a victory to the philadelphia teachers union, big time. >> they rule that the school reform commission cannot cancel the union's contract.
8:16 am
the district made the move last october, to impose health care costs on the educator which would save the district 200 million-dollar over four years but the court decided to side with the teachers saying such terms must be negotiated during collective bargaining. joining us doctor william hite the the superintendent of the school district. what were your first thoughts on this ruling. >> obviously we are concern and we were difficulties a appointed by the ruling. the reason we had to take the axis because we have a significant fiscal problem. one of the challenges i have is win or lose yesterday or win or lose with the court's decision the fact that we had to take this axis not the problem itself, it is a symptom of the larger problem and that is a larger problem every user we are fighting for resource toes get into classrooms. we have to change this conversation from deficit and despair to assessment and
8:17 am
innovation and things that work in schools. >> why do you think the judge ruled the way the the judge ruled. >> i don't know, we're having our general counsel and lawyers are evaluate ago this action. >> can you appeal. >> we can appeal and determine if we will get down that path but once again this is the unfortunate part about this is we have a deficit that just went from 30 million to 80 million for next year but the larger issue on this is, this motion of the resource that he is we need in order to get the job done. i have a vision for schools. i talk to student. they have a vision for schools. teachers union has a vision for schools. nothing about yesterday's ruling allows to us accomplish that vision. >> what do you think next option will be then. >> we will continue to analyze this decision and i have always said that the end result of our, of this contract issue with the pft is going to be resolved at a the the negotiating table win or
8:18 am
lose. that hasn't change. we are looking and considering all of our options while lawyers are analyzing the decision. >> bill green went from city council to the chair of the src called the ruling bizarre. do you agree. >> well, bill is an attorney and he understands the legal, all of the legal ins and outs of that. i'm an educator. i'm not an attorney. i have read the decision. i understand what was written. i don't understand all of the complicated things. >> you have to understand where teachers coming to. this is a victory for collective bargaining. >> it may be a victory for collective bargaining but it doesn't solve our problem. >> how do you get blood out of the turnup. >> we have a problem we are trying to solve and that will be with additional resources. we need resource toes provide poor children in school, we need best teachers in front
8:19 am
have of student no matter where students attend schools. that is what we're after. that is what we are trying to solve for this process. >> for parents sitting home next year, 80 million-dollar deficit next year what can they see as an effect for students last year. >> that is the problem with this now, this would be my fourth school opening coming up next year and every school opening we have been talking about resources that we don't have in order to educate children or whether or in the we will open up schools and what will be there. >> we're all tired of this story. >> and so am i. >> so are our families. >> there is in question. >> it is a revenue, but it is structural changes. >> why can't we get it together. seriously is what the deal with philadelphia by the way, philadelphia federation of teachers say canceling the contract, which you and bill did, and src, unjust and blatant violation. >> quote says it is time to
8:20 am
redirect energy and resources wasted on litigation to negotiating a contract that will ensure our school children and educators are given best possible tools for teaching and learning. >> will this ever get solved, doctor. >> sure. i'm convinced we will solve this problem. this was a mechanism also to solve a revenue problem. understand that. while it is a victory for collective bargaining as indicated earlier this is in the a victory for schools and school children because these are much needed resources, that in and of themselves would not have solved the problem but it goes a licensing way to helping us out. once again we have to get this conversation back to, investments and innovation in things that work to turnaround our schools ape get it the away from this notion of deficit and despair year a after year after year. >> do you know how many superintendents who said that same thing. >> indeed. >> it is like ground hog day. >> it feels like that with me too. >> you have been here three years now.
8:21 am
>> this is my third year. >> so next fall will be the fourth opening. >> are you still happy you made the decision to come here. >> whenever i'm unhappy, i get the two school, talk to children and it makes it worth it. i think we are doing the absolute right work. i do think we have to get out of this cycle of where is the money going to come from this year and to do this and to do that. >> it is getting old. >> within of the src had to take the action because we do the not have the revenue we need. >> good to he see you. >> do you like billy joel. >> indeed he is coming to philly. >> fantastic. >> august 13th. >> he is playing at citizens bank park. >> we will tell you when you you can get your tickets. >> he is the the piano man, alex. >> yes. >> yes.
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
this is the "name your price" tool. it gives you options based on your budget -- it's a piece of cake. i was told there would be cake. get a free quote at they call him the piano
8:25 am
man. >> it makes sense. >> well, he is returning to philadelphia, this summer for a conser at citizens bank park. he will perform at the ballpark thursday, august 13th. so mark your calendar. this will be his fourth concert there. he must love philly. >> he has performed at citizens bank park, last summer, in front of the sold out crowd. so this um iser, it will be sold out too. tickets go on sale january january 20th. >> wouldn't this be the 23rd. >> go to your computers now. >> they went on ale three days ago. >> we're on top of it. >> they just a announced it yesterday. >> maybe they are just saying. >> yes. >> so, needless to say they are on sale now. >> that is the important thing so go get your tickets. >> we are on top of it. >> will ferrell. to you like will ferrell. >> do you like will ferrell. >> sometimes. >> he hit a woman the in with the basketball last night at lakers/pull cans game. watch this. he has the the ball.
8:26 am
there he is. the he has the ball in his hand. he has jeans on. he will hit her right in the face. >> dang. >> oh , man. >> look the a the cheerleader, like what is happening. >> it is in big deal because it is a movie, movie stunt, it is not even a real basketball. it is a nerf ball right. >> but they car think cheerleader off the court. >> they are getting ready for a new film. >> hold please, i'm not having a seizure i'm listening to jessica in our ear. what is it again. >> presale january 26th but ticket be on sale. >> it is a misnomer, mis
8:27 am
information on top of it. >> we are ahead of the game. >> it is 23rd. >> they will go on sale the 26th. >> you have your warning. >> there you go. >> yes. being a mom full-time is a full-time job because you are always fill time. >> you are full-time as a full-timer. >> one mother is going on strike, that is right, she's marching up and down her block, why she is hitting picket lines. but first quincy. >> quincy, wouldn't you like to go on strike as a dad sometimes. >> he is always talking about it. >> i'm on strike right now, q street, we're going around asking people different topics and what do you think of the deflate gate you are an eagles fan. >> yes, sir i don't think it is a real big deal but if it works our sixers need to try it too. >> it it is improper, illegal, you cannot be the the greatest ever if you cheat. >> we will talk to people in center city 19th and
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:31 am
very great looking start to the day. tranquil at the airport. it will be very different from this 24 hours from now when we will be in the rain medicine by then but right now it is cold. 27 degrees. getting to a high of 40 later on, seasonable, during the day-to-day, it is tonight that the snow and or wintry mix moves in, with that temperature right around freezing, overnight: we will have a messy night. weak talk about what happens after that coming up. that is your weather authority forecast for today yes, it is friday but we have to get through the morning rush hour first. 295 southbound off ramp to 130 bordentown a one vehicle spin out that has ramp partially block this morning. must have been icy conditions around this morning, alex,
8:32 am
because we have had quite a few of these one car accidents this morning. >> yes. >> well, thank you so much, sue. 8:30. deflate gate tops headlines so quincy piss in suburban square finding out what people think about this. what is the verdict. people believe tom brady when he says he has no idea what they are talking about. >> well, people are milk and in difference. what is your name. >> matt. >> what do you think, do you think tom brady didn't know that the balls are deflated do you believe him. >> he might say he didn't know, i cannot comment on that, i don't know that much about it but i do think they should get to the game and play it, and there should get a asterisk. too late to have a second game but should go down as noted that they played with deflated balls. >> shrinkage as we are calling it there. >> what is your team. >> san francisco 49ers. >> you were happy when you
8:33 am
guys beat the eagles. >> yes, sir i was. >> you guys didn't make playoffs just like us what do you think of deflate gate. >> i was indifferent about it. i think i didn't know if the both offences hat deflated balls. there is an advantage to the game if the balls are deflated, grip for the quarterback as well as catching for the wide receivers. >> say if this were playing your san francisco 49ers how would you feel footballs were deflated for the the patriots. >> i would feel terrible. i feel like the media always latches on 30 bill belichick and patriots. >> as you can tell i'm in the a patriots fan. >> i hear you. i think the nfl is investigating it and we should have a verdict on this. >> yes, but guess what, nothing will happen, do you know why nothing will happen? because it ties late. too much money on the line. too much money on the line. thank you, sir. >> how are you doing. >> what do you think of
8:34 am
deflate gate. >> with the new england patriots. >> it is hilarious good are you a patriots fan. >> in the really, i'm's a fat balance fall but not a patriots fan good do you believe tom brady when he says he didn't know what happened with the ball. >> i think a quarterback of that caliber there is a little difference in the pressure. >> absolutely. >> do you think they should forfeit the game. >> the game was such a romp, they crush the colts, i don't know that it mattered in the end but it is cheating. >> it is second time the patriots. >> you have to pay extra a attention to it. >> all right. well, who are you rooting for in the super bowl. >> seattle. >> good man. >> it is a bird. >> you are an eagles fan. >> are you an eagles fan. >> yes good can we give them a chant. >> e-a-g-l-e-s eagles. >> thank you, sir you take care. >> he just gave me a pound. >> i'm going out the whole. >> why are you giving me a pound.
8:35 am
>> i would like a handshake. >> quincy, is what the name of your new segment. >> q street. >> q street. >> okay. >> i'm going around the street, as you can tell. >> you got all of the q's and new we want a's. >> i'm q and i'm in the street doing a q and a. >> you could have done avenue q but then be sued by the the broadway play. >> yes, he didn't like that. >> it get tricky. >> we used that karl's junior. >> theberg are place. >> they put that roast beef ape cheese on it, um-hmm. but i think maybe they crossed the line this company, the company always airs a racey commercial during the super bowl, sexy woman eating their products. some women are saying enough is enough. hash tag that is trending right now, about karl's junior. >> yeah. good hello. >> hi charlie. so this was celebrity crush, selma heyek, charlie
8:36 am
says it has been his crush since 95. and then jen says jonathan taylor thomas. >> yes. >> girls loved him. >> what show was he on. >> he is in all movies. >> home improvement. >> he was tim taylor's son. >> yes. >> yes. >> good show. tiffany amber theson. we want to know who was your favorite celebrity crush, keep them coming instagram, facebook, twitter, but use that hash tag fox 29 good day. fyou know, if you play football for a long time like i did,
8:37 am
8:38 am
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8:39 am
i was one of 'em. take it from a guy who's had his fair share of pain. you don't want to be tackled by shingles. so please go talk to your doctor or pharmacist. talk to your doctor or pharmacist about your risk.
8:40 am
bows part of my weekend sunday morning i turn on chris wallace, "fox news" sunday: that might be a stretch but i love chris, welcome to philly, good morning again. >> good to be herey know you cover politics and all that but i want to talk to you about deflate gate, are you going to bring that up, sunday. >> i don't know, we might, you know, it is as tom brady says, it is not isis, nobody is dying but the super bowl is a big cultural event in our country. a week from sunday everybody will be watching. have been is talking about this. how did those balls magically get deflated. deflate gate. another is ballsg azi. it is obviously cheating. how does this happen with 11 of the 12 patriots footballs. >> how many times has tom brady dropped back with that football in his hand, how can he not know. he told his former players, that he does like the ball a
8:41 am
little bit deflated. >> well, i'm wondering whether that is how you guys have beaten the redskins in the past, maybe you you deflate your balls too. >> no, i believe our balls are over inflate, what do you think of that, chris. >> how do you answer that. >> guess who i saw on amtrak last night, governor mike huckabee, is he really running for president. >> i don't think so. he gave up a good gig at fox news. nobody leaves fox voluntarily. for him to give up a saturday night prime time show because they said you cannot run, you cannot continue to do this show if you may be running for president. he said i cannot say i'm's in the running. that seems kind of serious to me. >> chris wallace, what is today, january 23rd. >> twenty-third. >> who are the two candidates going to become next year, it will be hillary clinton verse
8:42 am
whom. >> that is good, i'll tell you one of the people it could be is somebody we could be talking to on sunday and that is john casek the governor of ohio. he just won a land slide victory in ohio. he is an interesting mix. running around the country talking about a balanced budget amendment. order hand he accepted medicaid money, because he said if the federal government is going to offer money to the states that will help the the people of my state i will take it. kind of a kinder, gentler, conservativism, we will talk to him about his ideas and whether or not he will run for president. >> he is a nice guy. >> i think chris christie, jeb bush, rand paul, scott walker, perhaps mitt romney, it is up for grabs. >> that is for sure. >> all right, chris we will be watching sunday. >> can i say real quickly, we will have the president's chief of staff and top advisors, dennis mcdone, very combative, state of the union speech with the new republican majority and things falling apart in the middle east with
8:43 am
yemen really falling apart anal kada and yemen our biggest foreign threat. we will talk about that with dennis mcdonough a on "fox news". >> no one is in charge in yemen this morning. >> nobody is in charge. >> you could be the president of the yemen if you would like to be but it is a very dangerous place to be the the president. >> but i live in philly, i can handle it. thanks, chris. from chris wallace to beyonce, that is a natural transition right there. >> is there a craft site, how would you describe it. >> it is one. >> you do create and buy different thingsy will tell you why beyonce is not happy, with their products, and who just got engaged. >> little surprising ladies
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
i have always had a thing for stacy dash. >> she's gorgeous. >> yes, this is another good one john staple owes from kelly, she says this is my all
8:47 am
time celebrity crush what a hunk. >> that dash was in clueless. >> yes, she was. >> single ladies vh-1 for a little bit. >> now she's a commentator or "fox news" channel. >> yes. >> so we want to know who your celebrity crush is. keep tweeting us using hash tag fox 29 good day. >> hold on a second, joe rooney. >> what are you doing. >> secret signals to people. >> i'm like paul reveer. >> yes. >> joe rooney is coming. >> what about lindsey lohan. >> she could be heading to jail. >> good, finally. >> lets bring in dax, dax will know. what happened this time, unless she got sick in bora, bora. >> she has to go on court on wednesday and prove she will finish up her community service hours. problem is she has not finish
8:48 am
up the community service hours which means she could land in jail. she went in there and her lawyer said i'm sorry, judge with you she has only completed half. so they push the date until this upcoming wednesday and now she has to face the judge again and say, no, i still have not completed. she has all these excuses. number one being that the community service center over in london was closed for two weeks. so she could not complete them then. then she went and got this virus and she has been sick. problem is how do you tell a judge i got a virus because i was in bora, bora a and that is why i can not complete any community service hours. >> that is one of the best pictures of lindsey ever, i'm he sure she thanks you for posting that. >> geese. >> not a good one. >> what is going on with beyonce. >> you don't mess with beyonce even if you are a beyonce.
8:49 am
>> she's going after icy, the web site thaw can sell your craft and stuff on and she's basically saying there is these mugs going on they are selling. they say sayonce and o has been turned in a diamond ring and accent over the e. too close to my name. i don't like it. she threatened some of the people that are selling this. they have been pulling down their merchandise. you give it to somebody after they get engage, it is a congratulations gift. >> i think it is clever. >> can't miss with the queen. >> why does she go after the poor little like mother who is just doing it on the side with a marker a and a mug. what does she care. >> it makes these want to be need to be crushed, dax. >> now it is 5:49 in the morning in hollywood. are you the the only one in that building, is there somebody behind the camera. >> there is in one else here it is just me. >> what did you do to get this
8:50 am
shift. >> short straw. >> dax have a great weekend. >> thanks, guys. we have some breaking news. >> all right. 8:49. suspect serial robber on the run, he is now in custody. u.s. marshals captured cartell wright around 2:45 on the 2100 block of college avenue in philadelphia wright is a accused in a dozen arm robberies in our area he has been charged with six so far and more charges are penning. wright's arrest comes one day after fox 29 spoke with his stepmother. she was just begging him to surrender before someone gets hurt. we will stay on top of this breaking news and we will make sure to keep you updated. >> we don't believe he did surrounder like his stepmother wanted. police got him. >> ten minutes before 9:00, we need to check one more time on this i
8:51 am
8:52 am
8:53 am
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is hard to believe it is so nice outside with the bright sunshine but let's start running things down. we have snow beginning south to north, anywhere between 9:00 p.m. and midnight which is why we were saying make it an early night. don't be outside on the road when it start because there will be snow with a wintry mix added to it. steady snow and sleet between one and 4:00 a.m. and then we will see change over to rain, for most between four and 6:00 in the morning and rain and lots of it, until around 3:00 o'clock a real quick wintry mix, as the storm exits. yes, mike. >> brief wintry mix before the storm exits at 3:00 p.m. >> we were wondering what these were, these bullet point markers. >> yes good within of our viewers, john check he went to father judge high school, and they learned that symbol there
8:55 am
is called a dodecahedron. >> i never learned that. >> what is that 12 side. >> he thinks thinks a super. >> wow, i put them on my graphic right there. >> yes. >> i'm more fancy then i realized, did you retain any of the information. >> i got it all. >> until about 9:00 this evening you will stay out too late tonight and you will run into this. >> wintry mix will start at 9:30. the it will go to snow, a abe do some rain, some sleet. >> yes. >> it was his test, quiz you passed, darn it. >> let get to traffic because we do half this problem to tell but. the blue route northbound,
8:56 am
just past the schuylkill expressway has the the left lane block for right now, so traffic is slow in that a area. 295 southbound off ramp to the bordentown exit is there a one vehicle accident there, a spin out, partially blocking the ramp there and in cheltenham, cheltenham avenue at old york road reports of a pretty bad accident there we will be back people of the coffee drinking world, dunkin' has a dark roast coffee that's deliciously roasted just right for a bold start and smooth finish that's never bitter. put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for the one you deserve.
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8:59 am
we have heard some report this is a very, very, bad accident, someone may have lost their life in this accident. >> there is two cars involved, by elkins park and it looks like a mustang and a minivan, possibly. >> it just spun out. >> yes, head on. >> yes. >> we will get more information on that, but,
9:00 am
disrupting traffic for sure. hi, lauren. >> good morning. >> happy friday. >> happy fridayy brought treats for the the two of you. this is the new red velvet oreos for valentines day. this is in the on the market just yet. >> i'm not a big fan of cream cheese? alex is not. >> you try that while i tell them about this. it is friday, 23rd, 2015. >> yes. >> as karl's junior crossed the line once again. the company is famous for these racey commercials, super models, paris hilton did one eating juicy hamburgers. some women are saying stop this. enough is enough. so this hash tag is trending right now, so they will get these commercials banned from the super bowl. >> plus's she's 17 and calling the shot, kylie jener just too cool for school. why kim kard


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