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tv   Fox 29 News at 6PM  FOX  January 23, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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meteorologist scott williams tracking exactly where this nor'easter is headed. let's start our coverage with scott live outside our studios. hey, scott. good friday evening to you karen and chris. right now under the circumstances really the calm before the storm but in the neck several hours we're looking at some precipitation moving into our viewing area. but if you're stepping outdoors here in center city and old city folks are bundled up but it is dry. but it is not going to stay that way. let's take a look at what's happening right now with those winter weather advisories. you can see pretty much the and tire area beginning tonight about 9:00 p.m. and continuing for most through about midday saturday a little longer once you move toward the lehigh valley and the pocono mountains. spright tow dry and quiet but take a look around the nation's capitol. baltimore already looking at some rain and a snow mix. but expanding the view there is a lot of moisture to get through with this system. the gulf of mexico just really opened up and that is allowing for a lot of moisture. so look at the planner if you're stepping outdoors right now
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through the next couple of hours, still dry temperatures above freezing. mid 30s though and rain and snow moving into philadelphia by 10:00 o'clock and midnight it really starts to pick up so we'll time it out for you area by area. mainly rain south jersey and delaware. but we'll see some mixing of some wet snow, too. by midnight it's really going with that steady snow around i-95 north and west filling in as we move toward the early morning hours. north and west by 5am on saturday we're still looking at that snow but changing over mainly to rain philadelphia south and east. but it will change back over to snowfall before all is said and done with the system. i'll have the timing of our neck system and snowfall amounts when i come indoors. back to you. >> all right scott thanks. penndot already working hard tonight in ants paying of that is weekend's impending storm. here you can see the salt trucks they are out in new castle county. >> also our joanne pileggi is live in clay mount delaware to
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see hot folks there are getting for the storm. joanne. >> reporter: karen chris they are. and news flash, i don't mind winter. i don't mind the snow. i can't control the things i can't control. but like everyone else we all do have to be prepared when there is a forecast of snow and wintry mix. we have to make sure we take precautions when driving and when we're going out and that's exactly what many folks were doing this evening in new castle county delaware. here at the home depot folks were buying rock salt and shovels and the supplies they need we found some people stocking up on wood for the fireplace and other people who don't mind the snow because it's business for them. >> how do you feel about winter? does it bother you or -- >> not one bit. when it comes down white it's all green to me. >> reporter: because of the plow? >> yes, ma'am. >> reporter: all right. >> kevin can't wait to use his plow because as you heard him say, when it comes down white
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he sees green. now, for the rest of us we'll be waiting and looking up at the sky and waiting for the first flakes to fall. i said that. i did just say first flakes to fall. and we will be here waiting for it. >> back to you in the studio. >> i love your attitude. chris, i'll join you tomorrow for the polar plunge if you want? >> come on up. love to have you. >> now we got taker. the more the merrier right? >> right. >> we'll stay on top of all of this. thank you joanne. you can track. come to our website click on the weather tab where we have the live interactive radar. developing now a shocking story out of delaware county. investigators find out a volunteer firefighter was not your typical boy neck door. the man is facing more than 150 charges of sexual assaults on children. some as young as eight years old old. our sabina kuriakose is live in glenn olden delaware county. is a bone in a, you know this isn't his first run in with the law.
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>> reporter: no, not at all chris. in fact, it was his initial arrest for arson last summer that led police to uncover something they call much more sinister. >> used to play witness kids neck door up here. the kids up the street, young kids go down there once in awhile. >> reporter: a neighborhood rocked by allegations the by next door was luring, grooming and raping children inside his glenn olden home. >> makes me sick to my stomach. >> delaware county authorities charging 20-year-old john corcoran with 161 counts of child rape. indecent assault and other charges. spanning the last two years. >> what do you want the kids to know? >> no comment. >> reporter: accusations came to light when corcoran a former volunteer firefighter was arrested in august for allegedly setting fires then helping colleagues put them out. the alleged victims range in age from eight to 14 years old. >> that led to a spiral effect where we then started seeing
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that there were multiple victims here. children that have been brutally victimized as a result of his behavior. d avenue jack whelan says some of the abuse occurred in the showers and locker room of the ridley ymca where he was a member. eastern delaware county community ymcaceo mike rank says the y was informed of the da's investigation but insist they didn't have details and he admits parents still have not been informed about what may have happened here. rank says staff members continuously staffed facility were told to remain vigilant as is standard practice. >> that's very alarming. that's very -- i don't sit well with that at all. children, you know, they should have their -- thon shouldn't have their innocence taken like that. >> reporter: and police do believe there are more victims out there. and more charges could be coming. they believe corcoran was abusing kids since he was 16 years old. karen and chris. >> sabina, thanks. a crash in the oak lane
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section of philadelphia leaves a teenager dead and two people hurt. it happened just after 8:00 o'clock this morning on cheltenham avenue near old york road. you can see where the fourth mustang -- forward mustang collided with a mini van. a 14-year-old girl who was riding in that mustang was taken to einstein hospital where she died a short time later. community leaders in bridgeton, new jersey, are calling for peace in the community in the wake of that routine traffic stop that left a local man there dead at the hands of police. our bruce gordon right now is live in bridgeton where folks are hoping there will be no repeat to any of the vial lenell protests scene in the other parts of the country. bruce? >> reporter: yeah, karen, of course with the two police involved situations with unarmed black men leading to their deaths in missouri and new york both of those situations leading to violent protests and in some cases spread around the country police and civic leaders and religious leaders here in bridgeton are urging calm and in fact they're getting at least it
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so far after a police involved shooting here late last month. local religious leaders went before cameras and microphones to you were patience and avoid a rush to judgment after an incident that could have torn this community apart. >> what i want to say to you this is a call for peace and unity. this is not a time for us to be upset. justice will take its of course i truly believe that. >> officer days, bridgeton police. the reason i'm pulling you went through that stop sign back there. >> dash video shows reid was a passenger in jaguar stopped by bridgeton police for rolling through a stop sign. >> show me your hands. show me your bleep hands. she me your hands. don't believe move. don't you believe move. >> routine stop turns tense officer raheem days he's the one on the right of your screen reports he sees handgun in the car's glove compartment. days repeatedly orders jerome reid to stay put and show his hands. ultimately reid pushes his way out of the car and approaches the officer with his hands up. >> days and partner roger worley
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fire several shots at the unarmed man. (gunfire). >> reporter: walter hudson represents reid's widow. >> what do you think was going on here with regard to this officer? over jealous out of control gauze stapp bow rogue behavior. he was out of control. >> there is no apparent racial component to this shooting both officer days and jerome reid are african-american. but mindful of what has happened in other communities where police have shot unarmed black men, city and civil rights leaders are praising this community for its restraint. >> you have set the example of how to pursue justice without rioting, burning looting but peacefully expressing your pain, your concerns and your desires. we may not always agree but we walk united a as a community as we move forward. >> reporter: both officers are off the street while this
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incident is being investigated. that probe is being handled by the county prosecutor's office. both the mayor and the naacp say that is right and appropriate. reid's widow however wants the state attorney general's office involved. she wants a special prosecutor to look into this incident. karen? >> all right, thank you, bruce. now to news from delaware. new castle county police made a drug bust. they have arrested that man 21-year-old della mel jiminez. police found 60 grams of marijuana in his home. investigators found drug paraphernalia and suspected drug money. he is charged with drug possession and other drug related charges. this pizza guy in philadelphia doing his part to help so many people in need. >> we love this place. coming up you can call it a slice of kindness. we're taking you to the pizza shop that is doing something small but the impact goes a long way. how you can help too. >> keith? >> chris, nfl says it has questioned several people regarding those underinflateed footballs. you'll be surprised to know who
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they haven't spoken to. tell in you just a few. >> in just a few hours we're looking at rain and snow moving toward our area. how much will your background see from this system and what about the second system to impact our area? new information next. ♪ >> something pretty fun coming up to in it at 10:00. on the hunt for rocky yes, shooting for the latest film in the legendary movie series it's about to start on monday. so we're going to take you to a spot that is already being transformed for the new movie. that's tonight at 10:00.
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♪ welcome back. have you ever been miserable about your job here's an inspiration local guy he decides he wants to cook with a purpose. he quits his wall street gig job to open his own pizza shop in center city. >> but his business it stands
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above the rest. because this pizza shop let's customers pay it forward by buying a slice for someone else in need. fox 29's photojournalist bill rohrer has this inspiring story. >> how you guys doing. >> 26-year-old mason decided to leave his job on wall street and open up rose is' fresh pizza in center city philadelphia you would think his parents would have something to say. >> either he does it and get it out of his system or he'll be kicking himself for not having tried it. so if that's what he wants to do, let him do it. >> for the last 11 months, mason has been helping up pizzas and selling them for a dollar a slice. >> i really like the simple business model of doing one thing and doing it really well. >> you see because of his low prices mason feeds a lot of homeless. >> customers knew this. one customer came in and asked if he could buy a slice for a
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homeless person when they didn't have the dollar. >> that generosity gave him a new idea. >> post it note behind the counter to signify a slice had been purchased. >> first there were a few. >> i like drawings. >> a little more. >> stick figures that someone has made an arrow and says mason mason. i guess that's what i look like. >> this whole shop was covered. >> this is what i guess 8,000 slices of pizza looks like. >> on typical day mason will feed 30 to 40 people in need. one or two slices each paid by complete strangers. >> if they weren't here, just serveing a couple dollar slices to a couple paying customers wouldn't be super fulfilling. >> some couldn't help but say thanks. >> homeless people write back. >> even the smallest bit of kindness. >> i just want to thank everyone that donateed to rosa's that gave me a place every day and the opportunity to get back on my feet. i start a new job tomorrow. >> his dad is very proud. >> he's done wonders and it's
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appreciated. you can see that in the expressions and the words of his patrons and people he serve. >> mason has a more organized way of keep track of his splices but still wants his customers to post their words of inspiration. >> all these post its represent at this point mostly slice that is we have give haven't away and it serves as a nice kind of reminder and symbol of the kind deeds throughout the city. >> kind deeds in the form of hot slices. >> ribbon cutting ceremony this morning for a newest ymca. our chris murphy on hand to host the event at the upper perkiomen valley w in pennsburg. the facilityies features many amenities from new equipment new pool indoor track and much, much more. looks nice. >> really cool. good weekend to be indoors with this weather system on the way. look where our bus stop buddy s he's up in the pocono mountains and he is skiing ahead of this storm taking part in what they
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call the mascot mayhem. a whole gang up there trying to beat him. he'll lick them. i think he's going to win in big boulder ski resort all the friends on hand. we don't know yet who won the skiing challenge but stay tuned tonight at 10:00 o'clock. >> first of all i never new bus stop buddy exceed. number two i heard he did really well up there. stay tune to see who the winner is. scott, what do you got? i'd like to see some more snow up there on the hills but not on the streets. >> well it looks like the pocono mountains are going to get lot of snow out of this system. but this is the first system and we're looking at a second system and we could have maybe some impacts early on monday morning for that commute. but as we talk about the to cast tonight through saturday winter weather advisories posted pretty much the entire area a the coast where mainly rain will fall but take look at ultimate doppler. we're already starting to see some of that rain/snow mix around the ball more area maybe a few flurries moving in to lancaster county already. and this moisture will overtake the area over the next several
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hours into your late fry today evening and overnight plans early saturday we're looking at a mess across our area. so as we talk a little bit about all of this moisture it's originating from the gulf of mexico moving through the carolinas so it is a lot of moisture to get through really so as we time everything out for you, you can see we're looking pretty wet south jersey sections of delaware. now, mainly rainfall but we'll likely get a quick coating down the shore before it changes over to that rainfall and as we take look by midnight, we're looking at snow across the i-95 corridor north and west. the colder air will likely linger there a little longer and by 5am it's mainly rain from trenton to wilmington points south and east. but early in the day with the mainly rain and a wash away some of the that snowfall but on the back end of this system, with some colder air moving back in during the saturday afternoon we'll likely change things over once again to a little bit of some sleet as well as some snow.
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get a lull in the action saturday night into sunday morning. watch out on the roadways for a refreeze of the activity for tomorrow and then look at sunday night into monday morning. we're looking at another clipper moving through. there's going to be colder air but not as much moisture but we'll likely see more snow and some locations from that second system than the first system. but north and west we're looking at some ice concerns especially once you move into upper montgomery and bucks county into the lehigh valley on top of the snow that we'll see. so the timing, the next couple of hours it moves in from the south and west. the instead yesterday between two to 5am on saturday. and then from 5am to 8am it rages over to rain for most but it will linger north and west as snow but that wintry mix pretty much for everyone with the change over in the afternoon. so tonight's system through saturday, mainly rain along the coast, you move a little farther inland, we're looking at one to two or more inches that includes philadelphia, slushy accumulations. north and west, where that
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colder air will linger we can close in on four or more inches toward allentown as well as the pocono mountains. and thelily call for that second system sunday night into monday. we could see on average of two to 4-inches area wide with that second system. the high today was 42 degrees. so we were 2 degrees above average. but look at the temperature ranges in the seven day. upper 30s for highs tomorrow. 40 degrees on sunday. and then that second system sunday night into monday with even colder air. high temperatures monday only in the upper 20s. and look at that. we keep 20s for much of next week. so -- brrr. >> pretty active now. >> one storm at a time. all right? >> all right. >> thank you, scott. sports. >> meantime you know who the heat is on. >> oh yeah tom brady and the patriots. liar gate. >> pretty boy is feeling the heat. tom brady admits he likes footballs that are a little softer but now the nfl playing
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hard ball and we hear from player who says his live from north philly to nba all star is
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♪ nfl will not let the air out its investigation nearly as fast as the patriots allegedly let the air out of those footballs right? well, the league says it started looking into the matter
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right after the controversy started sunday night and has already enter viewed 40 people in the coming days it plans to look at video evidence. reportedly to this point no patriots players have been questioned. as a matter of fact, they're sick of this whole story. >> i just work heart. i go out to practice and i keep working hard at pack that is and get prepared for the seattle see hawk. only team i'm worried about. i ain't worried about no balls. >> i'll let the league handle it and get ready for this game. that's how i look at the. >> according to esp inform phillies close sr. jonathan papelbon maybe grabbing his stuff and heading also where. the phils are having serious talks with milwaukee. papelbon had 39 safes last year but his attitude $13 million salary way out of control. kyle lowry never let opinions control what he believed he could accomplish with his raptors in town to face your sixers. for the first time the north philadelphia native is an nba
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all star when he left nova after two seasons most people didn't think he'd have a nine year nba career let alone be one of the best but lowry says he owes a lot to his days with the cats. >> he was a philly guard day one and it was the kind of guy that really knew the game, new every little as spec of the game that would help you win. never concerned about individual honors or scoring. how do we win. >> lowry leads the break. cool lowry with a great finish. >> jay has been more of a guy whose been there for me who, you know didn't talk to me about basketball. talked to me about just being a professional being um, a man and being legit, you know, growing up and making sure you understand that people are always watching and always going to be -- be honest and be a man of your wore. >> hard work beats tal leapt when talent doesn't work hard. that man is a hard worker. sixers guard tony wroten partially torn acl will have surgery apparently maybe out for the year.
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>> all right. >> thank you. were poor it. thank you for watching. that does it for us here at 6:00 o'clock. >> see you back here at 10:00 o'clock
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tom brady backlash. is this the end of the golden boy? >> clean cut, does everything right, and we know him to be otherwise. then, from cinnamon challenge, to interviewing the president? >> your first wife -- >> my first wife? >> i mean -- >> do you know something i don't? >> how the heck did that happen? and the teacher in red. accused of sleeping with three of her students. look at her now. a wreck after one week behind bars. plus, they fought side by side. >> then they went their separate ways. >> hey dave! >> can you believe they've lived next-door to each other for 20 years and


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