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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  January 26, 2015 9:00am-10:01am EST

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oh my goodness it is monday, january the the 26th 15. lauren dawn johnson is now here. >> yes. >> it is, the the don johnson. >> the ton done johnson from miami vice. >> no, from atlanta georgia. >> good morning, alex holley, how are you. >> she's alex elizabeth holley. >> alexandria elizabeth who will eye. >> how are you. >> you are mike eugene joseph jerrick. >> confirmation name in there. >> in maddie are these glasses better now. are they more like your elsa frozen glasses. >> they are so detail. they are. >> beautiful job by di. >> lady di. >> great job of floor
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directing. has anybody seen her. >> i think she's not listening or paying zero attention to you. >> she has bigger fish to fry. >> big story is the the day is story of the day for next 48 hours or so tracking this stinking storm and this is just a jab in the face before we get smacked around tonight. >> plus this the sag, award stunner. who land on the best dressed list. we will review the hits and misses of the night. >> how are you doing with that new years resolution. >> have have you been to the gym. >> i have in the been to the gym in 2015. >> you better get on it. >> we have four apps to bring you up to speed what you should down load to get you back on track. >> okay, lauren, we are trying to name the little vehicle that we ride around in when it is snowing. >> i heard sue. >> rolls joyce. >> i didn't like that one. >> jenny joyce is in there. >> what was the other one, the the little jen that could.
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>> the little jenny that could. >> we have a graphic now, jen, wait until you see this graphic. a guy put the together. it is literally your face on a box on the side of the van. >> let me think about that. >> in the fox buggy. >> fox buggy. >> jenny from the box. >> don't be fooled by. >> jenny from the block. >> it is cute. >> it is cute. >> where are you. >> that is not a good thing. >> we are in pottstown once again, driving through another nice neighborhood here. taking a look at the roads and still the same thing. we see roads are coated but definitely passable as you can see. this a area had a few inches of snow overnight. the this is round one. people are waking up to shovel their sideways driveways, wipe off their cars. schools are canceled. pottstown school district had
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a two hour delay. boyer town school district canceled all together. so again the road are just okay. major highways are in good shape because the penndot crews they have been out, salting over and offer again. we have seen plow trucks out this morning, all before round two which is expect to be a much more powerful storm this is a lull. i know you like that term lull. so people we have seen filling up for some errand, stocking up on those essentials before the heavy stuff comes later today. mike and alex. >> don't she look nice today. >> she's jenny from the fox. >> that is right. >> thanks, jenny. >> now, i saw this over the weekend. it is at day. there is this dad up in minnesota. his daughter's being bullied, right. >> yes. >> by using snap chat. >> yes. >> so some girls and boys snap chatted back to her, this guy
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is a white dude and he and his wife adopted an african-american girl. now she's nine or ten years old. they started snap chatting nasty stuff back. calling her the n word and it is just horrible. >> yes. >> so the dad of the girl gets upset because and he called the dad, of the girl that was bullying her right. >> um-hmm. >> he put it all out on the internet. listen to the snap chat video message that started this whole darn thing with his doubt are. >> unaudible. >> so these little punks calling her slut, whore and then finish it off with the n word. so this guy brad reached out
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to the kids parents, got a hold of the dad on phone because they go to the same school. have after getting no response he went to the police and when he finally spoke to the kids father this is what the dad said. >> yeah. brad. tides have have turned, um. i guess your bleep. >> he called you n lover and called him a derogatory homophobic, term and he decided, what can we do. i'm in the getting any results. and, and and sat the day. >> what do you think of that. >> just a a shame, and the
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name of the town lives in. >> that is right. >> and then half the the country,. >> and, this guy went too far. >> no, and the bad guy says, well, all kid got made fun of and bullied. and, that was awful. >> we did try to reach out to the dad and talk to him. he wasn't responding. >> nope good you have to do what you have to do to protect your children. >> i agree. >> social media, things spread so fast. >> they just ripped him. >> i can't remember the dude's name. >> what is that all about is that is the parent acting like that. >> yes. >> you can see why the kid are learning it like that too. >> the old apple does president fall very far from the tree. >> true. >> so, get this this morning, the the bad dad got fired from his job.
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>> so he a says. >> how about that. >> now, when she talk with an attorney about this, and bad dad got fired have a case against the company. >> the good dad. >> oh, for like slander and liable and something. >> he slanterd himself. >> his voice on the voice mails. >> i'm glad he got what was coming to him. >> i would like to winning by his house. >> show him a little something. >> but then i wouldn't have much to winning with. what willie do. >> so last night, was the sag award, it had nothing to to with plastic surgery. i say that every year. >> bad joke. >> here's a top winner, thinks screen actors and screen actors gill. >> it went to bird man for best movie, orange is the the new black for television comedy and downtown abby for best tv drama. >> i didn't know orange is the the new block is a a comedy. >> it is a drama and comedy.
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>> but they put tonight that comedy category but it wasn't doing so well in the drama category. >> that is not fair. >> when i watched, it was kind of dark but there are funny scenes. >> okay. >> it business a prison. >> girl goes to prison and she's totally not ready for it a at all. her experience, orange is the new black. >> yes. >> it is good. >> you should watch it. >> would you like it. >> all right. >> every time i watch an award show i get nervous when woman have to go up in their gowns because there is a thousand scares okay, here's niomi watts. >> so proud to be part of this. >> watch this. >> wow. >> wow. >> down goes niomi, down goes niomi. >> so she tripped over emma stone's train on her red dress. >> why. >> there is a bet war i to get to the stage like a ramp or not just have a stage.
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>> women have long gowns. >> yes. >> that is right. >> it is the the heels that are the problem. i would say in problem. >> long dress you won't be able to see you put a conveyor belt. >> yes. >> like a roll of toilet paper. >> you've got to try it. >> you need to introduce that idea. >> that is true. >> i'm on it. >> they can pose as they go up. >> you like that movie the hang over with bradley cooper. >> loved it. >> zach galafinakis played a very funny guy with the beard. you know he had put on some weight over the the years. so, a zach, that is him. >> completely different. >> my gosh. >> he looks so different. >> wow. >> how about that. >> i wonder if this is for an upcoming role. >> no, i read an article he says just was getting too heavy and wanted to lose weight. >> it is always so much easier
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for men to lose weight or easier. >> is it ever easy but that is a big difference. >> wow. >> he looks great. >> he does good now he always hear, will he be as funny. >> yeah. >> i think he looks funny that is the bigger kind of. >> we hope he is fun tie. >> jolly, as they say. >> can i ask the question. >> that is a question isn't it. >> yes. >> who is le vern cox. >> well, she's in orange is the new black. >> okay. >> she's transgender actor. >> so she had to present, and her entrance last night was, amazing. she came in like honey, i own this stage. >> dang. >> look at that. >> yes. >> that is so funny. niomi watts trip. she glides in. >> yes. >> she is fancy. >> she is fierce. >> it was on twitter. everybody talking about her. this is how i will walk into
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work tomorrow. i will have my train here. >> you start every show like this. >> we should walk in and glide. >> welcome to good day. >> i had to turn in my man card last night. i was watching pro bowl, football, i was also watching hockey a all-star game. then i saw on twitter, that the miss universe pageant was on. >> yes. >> that is okay. >> yes. >> hello. >> no one will admit glit my two daughters and i will always watch it and pick a winner. >> it comes down to the final two. that is columbia and miss u.s.a. >> who wins. >> columbia. >> she seemed so calm at first. >> put your hand tour face. you must. thank you. >> that is 22-year old pauline vega she beat out 88 other women from around the world. she is studying business administration. so, now miss u.s.a. she's
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really beautiful. nia sanchez is from las vegas. she's the runner up. miss ukraine came in third. >> i have to admit i started watching it. in the beginning i tuned in. >> can i just say something, who got robbed, last night. >> who. >> the woman i was rooting for from the very beginning, miss jamaica. wasn't she great stephanie, miss jamaica. miss jamaica. >> yes. >> miss jamaica. >> i a saw that. >> she made top five. >> i think so. >> she may have have stumbled over the question. >> why did she like miss jamaica. >> she has a different look and she has short hair which you never see. >> so what were these crazy costumes about. >> with miss universe everybody comes on with different costumes. so a lot of feathers glitter and then they will go backup. we saw miss canada. >> where is she going.
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>> yes. >> when was it taken from the show. >> okay. >> right there. >> cool to see the theme about. >> but everybody is talking about miss canada we saw usual feathers. she comes out the with this hockey uniform, with yes eight sticks and a scoreboard that was counting down. >> that is scoreboards a attached to her. >> yes, attached to her. >> people said she looked like a tarantul a. >> wow. >> i was thinking miss canada is doing this what will we come out w usually they do it representing your country. what will we have a football uniform. i could not think of anything. we came out as an eagle. >> yes. >> jessica, what are these names in there for. >> what do you want me to do. >> scrolling through different customs. >> costumes from the different countries. >> great costumes. >> miss jamaica. >> wow. >> yes. >> miss jamaica. >> wow. >> those girls have so much courage to get up there and do
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that i love their courage. >> i would too with a body like that. >> now come on, seriously, she's fantastic. >> she's gorgeous did you listen to the questions mike. >> i was watching it on mute. >> no, when it got to that part, it was getting late and i watched the 10:00 o'clock news on fox 29. >> maybe your question was lost. >> i was so sure she would winnie turn away. >> you heard the win are and were stunned. >> bill, get a shot of stephanie. >> she does look like stephanie. >> she's short baby. >> yes, team short. >> it is all about team short. >> first time i met stephanie i aid that hair is fierce. you got the of to have confidence to rock that hair. >> yes. >> she's got it. >> you know, you are our miss universe stephanie. >> oh, there she is. >> she's doing the wave. >> i will a announce you the winner ape winner of miss universe is stephanie humphreys. >> that is right.
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>> yes. >> just like that. >> okay. here is the the storm. >> i think we will go right to it. we're looking at our intersection here at fourth and market because the road have been treated roads are pretty much just wet but i just noticed on cars that were weren't completely cleaned up. you left suburbs. came in the city. you didn't clean off your car entirely. don't do. that make sure the whole carries clear of snow before you drive and then take your time because it is snowing right now. this isn't the big storm that we will get to tonight but it is messy out there and it looks like there is a a line gone right through dover between rain and snow so they have a mix of precipitation right there we will zoom in closer. you can see light snow in the philadelphia area. down in wilmington salem county, new jersey. moving further south and we will see that there is rain in cape may, county and parts of the atlantic county and
9:16 am
then down in the southern part of the kent county delaware. so we have watches and warnings in effect for the evolution of this storm as it moves through tonight. we can see throughout the day, we will see on and off snow. it the never really stops but snow showers on and off, throughout the the day and tonight, the the heavy snow rolls n high wind. blowing and drifting. so that is going to be a mess. i would say worst of it will start around 6:00 tonight and go through maybe nine or 10:00 in the morning. >> tomorrow. >> nine or 10:00 in the morning. >> okay. >> here with miss universe. here's the deal, a lot of us have already blown our new years resolutions. let's kick start tonight february. you have four fitness apps. >> yes. >> first one i see is nike training club. >> nike training club. i used this one quite a bit it is free for iphone and android. what you do is you basically get different work out based
9:17 am
on your personal fitness goals. why does this make me sign in. >> because it never works. >> it never does i have it on my phone and i didn't sign in here but what you can do is based on your fitness goal when are a ginger, intermediate advance, get leaner strong, it comes up with different specializes work outs for you how will an app get me to the gym. >> you take this to the gym with you on your phone and it gives you the cues. it runs you through work out. do jumping jacks for two minutes. >> yes. >> it is an trainer. someone in your ear saying switch to sit up, push-ups, do this, you can do that. you can get the encouragement. this is free. the thinks a great app. thinks one i do personally use. this is greaty don't listen to a human trainer, i will in the listen to my phone. >> if you don't have money for human train are but want a personal says with your fitness. this is called game cross
9:18 am
trainer. thinks free but only for iphone. this allows to you customize your work out. whether your goalies health fat loss or muscle. >> free. >> at the home at the gym. this is free. how long you want to work out. >> i want full body. >> full body and then butt. >> and then butt as the the folk us butt is my focus. >> it puts together. it build your work out based on what you want to do in your fitness level. then you can step through and it gives you those same clue is a and different stuff like. that. >> next is couch to 5k. i have the the the couch work out. >> thinks for the beginner. just starting are fitness program, you have been sedentary all winter long and you don't know what to do. this is a very gentle way to kind of move you off that couch and get you ready for a 5k race. every week we have a new work out that kind of amp up the intensity. you'll run more. go to the work out. it will get you started.
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>> i like this one. >> it tells you where there are 5k in your a area as well, give you a goal to shoot for. >> free. >> cardio. >> this one is nice. i like this because as you are working out you want to keep track of your heart rate this is a stethoscope. >> i will put my finger on my rear camera excuse me. >> i have the finger over the lens of my rear camera and taking my pulse. >> can i put my finger on your rear camera. >> yes it takes your heart rate. >> make sure you are within your target heart rate. my hearties racing. >> it is, calm down. >> my hearties racing. >> my goodness. >> hello. >> so this is free as well. so after you are working out or while you are working out. >> gently cover your rear camera. >> with your finger.
9:20 am
>> gently. you have to do it gently good i love that. >> you can make sure you are targeting what you need to do put your finger there ande what your heart rate there. >> it might be a little higher then mine. >> my gosh, i don't have a heart. >> cents or need to read it a while longer but thinks also free. just something to add to your work out. >> anytime. >> all free. >> you have a very low resting heart rate. >> my hearties strong. >> let me go fatten myself up with meat balls. i found this place on south street they have eight different types of meat balls. this is perfect for a super bowl party i'll tell you where this place is and what the eight types are after the break.b@
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look at that yes.
9:24 am
>> new restaurant opened on south street and serving up perfect super bowl feet, meat balls. >> meat balls and more has eight different kind of varieties and guess who had to try them all our very own mike jer rick.
9:25 am
what is that one. >> that is a, a sauce and it is chicken, with, i believe this one is usually put, a little bit of a little bit of cheese. >> okay. >> it has goat cheese. this one is my favorite.
9:26 am
it is pork and shrimp. >> yes. >> this is a vegetable. >> you will try it. it has vegetables. >> yes. >> is i a veggie ball. >> yes. >> that is good. >> what is that. >> this is spicy. >> yes. >> yes, it is very are good. >> with a meat sauce. spicy meat sauce. >> i love it. >> have love it. >> you've got to try these. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. >> well, do you know something unique and deliver thaws mike has just got to try. go to my fox and click good day tab, scroll down to you've got to try this section and e-mail us. so mike what do you say. >> it is also a big day, because creed the new rocky movie starts filming today. we have to send our rocky chris balboa out to find sylvester stallone.
9:27 am
>> what did you find so far. >> i heard that sly, he is not here to day. >> so we're here at west moreland and aramingo. thinks first day of filming. we will try to get inside straight ahead, guys straight a ahead when we come
9:28 am
9:29 am
9:30 am
. >> hundreds, of schools have skoal choose action. so schools actually did close. >> okay, check out emma and anna from whitehall in the lehigh vale after they found out they had no school today. no school dance. >> oh, oh! >> ♪ ♪
9:31 am
>> we have double duty over time. >> starting 3:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, then tonight, the news goes from ten until what time 11:30. live updates probably until we common at 3:00 a.m. >> every half hour. >> all right won't be doing any type of dance right knew. >> good reasoning for, that that's when the worse of the storm will be happening and it will really get cranked up in the overnight hours. >> we have snow in the area right now this isn't the worse of it, the worse of it will happen later on. >> how much we end up getting will yes has yet to be determined. most whatever we get will happen in the overnight hours tonight into tomorrow morning. >> right here on fox 29, so
9:32 am
there is a look at where the snow is, where the rain is, we'll zoom in, real quick wilmington delaware, seems like the snow starting to fall little heavier. got the heavy rain in cape may county in new jersey, and in part of kent county, dover looks like they might have switched over to snow, at this point, from rain, but here's the areas here are the areas where we expect it to be the worse. the blizzard warning, in the red, that's north jersey, new york area, winter storm warning includes philadelphia, possibility of some really high accumulations here, but then it drops off, approximately, in delaware, and chester county. but, again these areas are not set in stone of where these bands will stealth up. but we do expect a lot of accumulation in some places, and we'll keep refining the forecast for you guys all morning long. it is 9:32, but remember, updates on the hour all rest of the morning and all afternoon, as well, back to you. >> all right, well you know that new rocky movie called creed? oh -- >> are your hand wet?
9:33 am
>> yes, i just washed my hands. >> oh? >> i hope. >> (laughing). >> we're hoping for that. >> so, this is what we're doing this week, we will run around irish pony, chris murphy will look for sylvester stallone, got to show up at a film set at least once this week, you would think, he's producing the darn thing, so they're using a gym i think in port richmond. >> get this friday one of the photographers, they scoped out the scene we thought they would be filming. so this is that -- >> aramingo. >> and westmoreland. >> so this is the set. they had a building create the delsea few boxing academy. >> so in the window home of the apollo creed. >> all ready to go today day one. the stars have to be out. >> let's finds sly chris? >> okay, so, everything you just said, and sly sly is not here. evidently i talk with security here, they gave me the inside scoop.
9:34 am
stallone is in town as we know still is here, the reciting of him last week as you said, but inside the delphi inside comes to fill, boxing studio, boxing academy but -- what's that, mike? >> do you know what it was? what was this building? just tell -- emy? >> yes. right now, it is a shell of a building inside. i want to get in there. but see the guys right here? >> yes. >> this f150? they intercepted me. should i try to go around, see how far i get? >> want to try? >> go now they're leaving. >> all right, here we go. come on, so the last time they filmed here was in 2006 in philly. by the way the 1976 original, his apartment was about a mile from here. let's just go inside. let's go see if we can finds him. >> these guys are never -- >> oh, wait. the cones are the limit? >> the cones are the limit. >> all right the cones are
9:35 am
the limit. i'm kicked out. >> the sidewalk. >> the sidewalks, all right we've within kicked out. sorry. hey real quickly you've been here how long to see stallone? >> say 4:30 this morning. >> he's not here. >> he's not? we got to get on the sidewalk. >> oh, my gosh. now -- >> oh! >> that will be good. that will was youtube material right there. >> okay, we'll try again tomorrow. >> so ya. >> since 4:30 in the morning? >> well, here's one thing that we have in common with chris. >> what? >> sylvester stallone is not here either. okay, i want to do something because it is snowing. in media pennsylvania, one of my favorite places. and i'm going to take you there next. how is that sounding? >> if you live in dill co, if you live near media. hang around, i think you'll like this. >> from meatball to media. >> ♪ ♪
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>> we go to media. i didn't trust myself to go thereon my own. >> right. >> i get lost. soap our sponsor visit took me on tour of media delco. here it is. >> ♪ ♪ >> really just a place that you can come, and relax. >> welcome to media pennsylvania, delaware county. the home of great food? great entertainment. and of course, great folks. like randy of bevy's homemade canned. >> i'm thirds generation. started -- >> randy took over his
9:40 am
family's business at age 20. >> when i was in college, my dad passed away, and i dropped out, and ran with my mom because what, 19, then a year later my mom passed away. i've been here ever since. >> making his fame butter creams chocolate pretzels, and cherry cordials, among other delicacies. >> i grew up two stories of other place. >> and has no plans of leaving. which is not unlike a lot of people that call this borough home. folks like charlene mc colin owner of sirella boutique, which specializes in gowns for every occasion. >> i grew up here, so i know most of the people in media and i wouldn't be anywhere else. we've had offers to go to the main line, and down the shore and i want to stay right here. because i love it. you know, it is the people. >> like the little boy who comes to the boutique every week, to play with charlene's
9:41 am
button jar. >> that's what media is about. so i'm staying. >> even if you didn't grow up in everyone's hometown, there is a place for you here on stage. >> itself was built in 1927. and it was a movie house until maybe 1986. >> and then it was renovated becoming what's known now as the media theater. >> i like to refer to it and other people refer to it as the miracle of state street. because who would have thought that a professional theater of this size and i believe quality could exist in a borough the size of media. >> the theater presents several productions throughout the year. while also providing top notch
9:42 am
training to young people interested on being on the big stage. now, if the theater doesn't get you going then perhaps the food will. air iaian owe's one of media's best restaurants. >> so it is a wonderful place. the idea came about from the town of aviano, where my family is from in italy. >> region beautifully featured on this mural on the ceiling of the restaurant which specializes in italian cuisin. so still need another reason to visit media? >> we have a great mix hereof media, of the new and contemporary as well as the old family-run businesses. >> each providing the very best the county seat has to offer. >> again well, i i will tell you our sponsor visit they are goode tour guides. i was all over that town of media. >> were you? >> two more reasons to visit. you might run into sue serio. >> and you might run into freezing for a reason, chris
9:43 am
o'connell. >> he and his wife and twin girls live there. i think they both think they have to live there because they're in the media. >> oh, that makes sense. >> no, no that's not the case. >> but i don't blame them. i've been to media couple of time, i love it, love walking around the area, looking at the boutiques. >> one more question for sue serio, meant to look this up myself. why is the town called media? >> i know the answer. >> is? >> it is because it is the exact center of the delaware county the median spot, delaware county, the county seat. >> could have called it middletown. >> welshing there is middletown township, that is where i actually live. just outside of the borough of media. so it is right in the middle of the delco. and for the county courthouse is. >> that's enough see. >> all right the stars were shining on the red carpet last night. did you see?
9:44 am
reese's outfit? look at that. >> white hot. we'll recap the best and the worse looks of the night next. homecoming? it's awesome. but with the citizens bank education refinance loan it gets even better. you know those people who pay a little extra and get all the legroom in coach?
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>> back to breaking news, woolwich township in new jersey. >> yes several students are being checked into the hospital this morning after a chemical lab accident at king way high school swedesboro. we'll get to sabina, live, outside the medical sent their. >> crozer-chester, sabina, what happened at the chemistry
9:47 am
lab? >> well, police are calling this a chemical lab mishap. told the injuries are not serious, we don't know much more about the nature of them. take a look behind me, see kingsway regional high school, regional school district school bus parked there at the ambulance only entrance, just around the corner, from the er. that's the bus that brought in about two dozen high schoolers, taking a look at video from the scene there. at kingsway high school, the bus brought in those teenagers, with non-life threatening injuries we're told after police blame a chemical lab incident involving acid. we know that that was occurred. now it happened just about 8:00 this morning. they were told there was heavy smoke inside of the school. and the entire school was evacuated, in fact, student were tweeting that they were standing outside in the cold and in the snow as they waited to find out more information on exactly what happened. now, back here live, we're told that the superintendent is coming here, to
9:48 am
crozer-chester hospital. again, two dozen student potentially injured from chemical lab accident that happened at kingsway high school. that's the very latest, what we know right now, we'll bring you developments as we get them. >> if that many kids were involved, there had to be an explosion, wouldn't you think? that much acid flew -- >> not hearing any report after explosion right now. just know that it was involving acid. >> twenty people hit with acid? >> yes. >> a lot of students. >> sprayed somehow? >> sue told me that crozer-chester the medical center are known for their burn aoun. >> i oh, great burn unit yes. we'll keep you updated on that on throughout the afternoon. 9:48 now. >> so we talked about who won big at the sag awards. now time to talk about who won big if fashion. >> so who will be the judge here? jennaphr frederick maybe? >> i don't know why not. >> you're stylish. >> okay, we all know that people really care about during a award season, by people i mean knee, the grit, the glamour, the gown. so i begin with someone who
9:49 am
people were disappointed, during the golden gloves. jennifer aniston, check her out. she, for me. >> wow. >> for me she stole the night. that's gal iaian owe her hair is down, i don't know, mike, i know you keep track of all fashion trends, but i don't know if you ladies remember, she had the top notch at the globes, boring dress i think she basically said to her style team make me back into jennifer aniston and wow they did a great job. >> golden globes. >> there go. >> right there. >> julie ann moore gavin can i. >> not a fan. >> looks like a mermaid. >> what? >> no. >> it is pretty but like a mermaid. >> i like it because it is different from what she did at the globes, that color on a pale red head, gorgeous. >> irish. >> i got more people. >> reese whitherspoon, this is george yo armany, a lot of people pick her as their best dressed. i think they do that because again it is different look for her. mike? >> ya. this is not flattering photo right there though.
9:50 am
>> right. >> but alex made good observation. >> yes? >> is there a baby bump in. >> no. >> it is the angle. >> tight. too bad the dry cleaner ripped off that one shoulder. >> i know you're not a fan. >> lou peta, i love her over and over again in anything she wears, a lot of people are saying they did not care for this dress. but for me, she is my second best. you know what i like about it? it is color, it is fresh, this is not the oscars, remember, it is the sag awards. >> looks like big fan, you know, the casino of fan enough your hand? >> lauren yes. mike says he hates everything. and alex says -- >> i like t i like it. >> okay. this is the last one that people are ripping. >> spilled wine on it? >> kira nightly. >> now remember, she is expecting. >> that's true. >> she is preggers, knock up. >> oh, she is, then that's fine. >> and people say she could have done better job right because remember that this woman always looks amazing and what just happened blake
9:51 am
lively just happen. so many even kerry washington have come before her, stunning on the red carpet, i know, just as pregnant as this or maybe little more, so many people are wondering why she didn't go the extra mile. stowe will be interesting to see, guys. >> sag awards. >> it is the sag awards. interesting to see if people like kira do better, and let's face it, where can jennifer aniston and j-lo go? i mean, they are already looking amazing again women who are 45 plus. >> you know, jen that was a nice little report you slammed the other. >> thank you after i missed my dunk shot. >> yes, plus you look real nice there. >> really? >> the light something good. your lipstick, your color. >> your hair is all sleek. >> girl, you ladies are all over me. >> oh, ya. >> she's got it. >> okay, now you have heard right, that we're going on at 3:00 in the morning. take that other station. >> then also tonight 10:00 o'clock news will go through 11:30, updates every hour until 3:00 a.m. every
9:52 am
half hour. >> so, in other words fox 29 is going to stay on all night through this storm. >> what time should we wake you up? >> what time am i going on at 6:00. wake me up at 5:55. >> okay. >> 6:05?
9:53 am
9:54 am
9:55 am
continues to snow in many places this morning, the general over view, what we've got coming up for later today on and off snow showers rest of the day. slippery conditions, light accumulations, now, it is tonight, that the storm really get cranked up with accumulation. the heaviest of the snow, we think, will fall approximately between six p.m. and 10:00 a.m. we could get snow falling at the rate of one to 3 inches per hour, and then wind to blow it all around. that's why it will be so nasty, and it continues into tuesday morning, high winds heavy snow, and hazardous
9:56 am
travel quick look reich naught at ultimate doppler radar shows snow south of philadelphia in new jersey then to the south that far we have some rain this morning. but this is just phase one guys. we'll be with you all way through. >> we'll see you at 3:00 in the morning, cast of saturday night live, of course to address the new england patriots deflate gate. right? so they incorporated the movie a few good men remember the courtroom scene? watch. >> did you order the code red. >> you don't have to answer that question. >> i'll answer the question. >> you want answers? i think i'm entitled. you want answers. >> i want the truth. >> you can't handle the truth. >> okay, so, you got that, right? so they have tom brady come out at this fake press conference, then he introduces the manager the ball boy basically, his name is dougy spoons. and they recreate this scene.
9:57 am
>> dougy. we just want the truth. >> you can't handle the truth. son, we live in a world that has balls. and those balls have to be inflated by men with pumps. who is going to do it, you you reporter? you don't want the truth. because deep down in places you don't talk about at superbowl parties you want me on that ball. you need me on that ball. can't you deflate the ball. >> i'll do the job i was told to do. >> can you deflate the ball. >> (beep). >> that's fantastic. >> oh, my god. >> that's pretty good. >> okay. here we had a big snowstorm in 2010. i mean, it was huge. and snooki was very popular at the time. so i made a snooki ruler and the snow piled up higher than a spooky. is that what we're looking at tomorrow? will i have to drag out the
9:58 am
snooki ruler for tomorrow? >> we'll have to see. okay make sure to stick with trading-in or selling your car truck or suv? takes the hassle out of selling in just 3 easy steps. one, get your free online valuation. two, book an appointment. and three, pick up a check at your nearest buying center. ♪ find out how much your car is worth ♪ ♪ at ♪
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fagioli. live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." it's a hot monday and wendy is bringing you a super sized dose of sizzling hot topics. sean penn and charlize theron are taking their relationship to the next level. plus, the gossip table and heating things up showing us delicious winter scoopoup recipes. now, here's wendy! ♪


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