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tv   Fox 29 News at 6PM  FOX  January 27, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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hurt taken to the hospital but we are told they are in stable condition. take a look behind me. a walnut street is back open at this hour. l andism crews outside lulu lemon as it appears they are wrapping up somewhat of the investigation for tonight in the meantime a woman who was inside the store when this happened says she heard a loud sound and then dust was everywhere. >> it was huge. it shook. it shook. it was intense. >> reporter: christine haley was and side lulu lemon near keepth and walnut street when the roof collapseed on people shopping inside. >> she was screaming. she couldn't get up. because i think the lighting may have fallen on her. >> reporter: police say the second floor ceiling of the store somehow collapseed around 3:30 this afternoon. >> you could see all the lighting crashed down. >> reporter: three people were hurt and taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. >> i'm walking and looking around and all of a sudden i just heard a big bang. something happen in the store. i said big accident the roof
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came off. i call 911. >> reporter: this building next door that houses law offices was evacuateed. firefighters searched the top of it to determine whether something had fallen from it on to lulu lemon. license and inspections is now investigating. >> large hole, say 20 feet 16, 20 feet, maybe 6 feet wide, it look like debris had fallen through the roof. >> reporter: there's a building that houses law offices right next door to lulu lemon. people who work inside the building earlier today said they that thought that some bricks from on top of that building had fall license on to lulu lemon. that has not been confirm again police are saying just that the roof collapsed at lulu lemon. they are not exactly sure at this hour what caused it to cave in. again, l and i they're on the scene right now. we are waiting a final word from them. iain. >> shawnette, thank you. of course it's been a brutally cold day today. but still not quite what a lot of people expected. we all saw some snow thankfully not enough to cause any major
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issues. >> in the end this was definitely not the storm forecasters throughout the northeast were predicting in our area. let's get straight to chief meteorologist scott williams. i tell you what, though, it was as advertised and is as advertised in some new england areas. yeah, lucy, that's where the bulls bulls eye was going to be. how far to the west those bands would make it but track little farther to the east and also those bands carried singing air due to a trough that produced some snow showers just to our south and west late last night. so in the middle of course n reduced those totals. the storm it was farther out into the open waters of the atlantic and also it took a little longer for that intensity to ramp up and when it did we had a shorter window the opportunity to see some of those heavier snowfall totals and then when it started snowing pretty good it was simply too dry. now, we saw about 10-inches in brick, trenton saw 4-inches and northeast philadelphia saw 2.5-inches. so now that that system is pulling away the cold air that
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is going to be moving in and you can see those temperatures north and west in the single digits and teens. we'll have feels like temperatures in that category. i'll tell you when coming up. back to you. >> scott, thank you. big wheels turning in new jersey but the state's transit agency took all precautions to keep its customers safe despite the storm that wasn't thing are running but most people aren't. many heeded the warning and skyed to stay close to home. our dave kinchen is live in hamilton township, mercer county tonight with reaction from residents in the garden state. dave? >> reporter: a lot of people have a lot to say and crews have been very busy in fact as well nj transit crews spent the whole day trying to get the system up and running after the big storm that wasn't. they want transportation running by the rush hour turns out there really isn't a big rush hour. hamilton township train station is open for business but the only business here is the clearing of snow that fell from an under achieving storm. the same work being done around the trenton transit center as well as operations get back to
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normal. >> i'm going to make it to work today. so that's all that matters. >> reporter: cynthia is glad nj transit buses and trains are moving again following what was supposed to be a historic blizzard. >> i don't think it was that bad to lock down everything. >> reporter: but lock down no more. state officials lifted the travel ban although many stayed off the inform j turnpike millions embracing a day off from work. but even shopping centers were bear. we found more people piling snow than going into the stores at this plaza in hamilton township. big stores like famous footwear were closed. >> i pretty much expected that it wouldn't snow quite that much much. >> reporter: she's make allergy day off about familiarly. >> how are you spending this snow day? >> um, i'm going over to my mom's house. >> reporter: family time? >> yup family type. >> reporter: will be point ford has plans, too spending a little while clearing what mother nature left behind before going to have some fun. >> everybody is staying in or they're all heading out sledding soon. that's what we're doing is trying to get out of here.
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>> it felt like a holiday here. in the men time it's back to work for pretty much everyone else and the nj transit crews and officials they say that they will have the system up and unrunning to full steam by tomorrow. lucy? >> kind of the same story dave at philadelphia international airport right now. they say normal operations should resume tomorrow. live look it's hard to see but you'll have to trust me on this. flights are coming and going. slow start this morning. tons of cancellations today. if you've got to catch a flight or pick someone up call that airline. inside the airport it liked like a ghost town earlier hardly anyone was heading through the tsa checkpoints. take look at the flight status boards coming up here. nothing but cancellations. the airport says it had more than 880 flights cancel today. for some it was just another winter snowfall but for others winter storm ju inform o still wreaking half vac tonight. in western massachusetts things are better than expected but the eastern side of the state reeling with at least their inches of snow in some areas and
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hurricane force winds. conditions in rhode island not much better with roughly 2 feet of snow. >> this is clear al very big storm. for most of massachusetts and i'm glad we had little bit of advance warning to plan for it. >> we want everybody off the roads. travel ban is still in effect. >> for the most part new york city not so bad with 10-inches in place but long oy land just got slammed nasty winds more than 14-inches of snow and nasa county and more than 2 feet in suffolk county. you can always track the weather any time click the weather tab for the latest forecast information and of course live radar. a pair of accused of burglars give police quite the clue. these shoe prints in the snow leading undercover cops right to the guy and gallon who police say were breaking into homes and cars in upper darby township. fox 29's dawn timmeney in the newsroom tonight with this story. dawn. >> reporter: iain upper darby police superintendent michael
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chitwood is calling this pair the bonnie and clyde of delaware county. and while snowy weather can sometimes be a real nuisance this past weekend it actually helped police crack a crime spree and uncover what believe is a major burglary ring. the string of brazen burglaries begins last thursday morning in and around the 3400 block of huey avenue in drexel hill. three houses three cars hit all while residents are home and asleep. >> in one of the particular houses a woman is awakened. she looks up. she thinks it's her son. she says, what are you doing so early in the morning and the burglar turns around and walk out. >> lives on nearby fall street. >> tried to break into our cars and they went down our street and they came back up and tried to get into my neighbor's house. that is a little frightening but i never felt unsafe in my house. so this is like the first time. >> upper darby police promptly settingsetting up an undercover detail in the neighborhood and early saturday morning they spot a
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suspicious guy looking into cars only to diss app per in the darkness. >> they get out of their car and noticed fresh footprints in the snow. so they follow the footprints. >> these are footprints that lead police right to their suspect who police say is a career criminal. 24-year-old steven baltimore he drops bagful of money stolen cell phones and jewelry. >> these are real bum. >> after arresting him they follow the same footprints back eight to 10 houses. that's where they say they find a running car and take his girlfriend 25-year-old kelly wilkinson into custody. >> in this case, snow was better than dna and snow was better than fingerprints got the sneakers he was wearing. they matched them up with the snow that particular day. i mean it's is a morning. >> the burglars stole items from his suv and tried to break into his home. he's breathing a big sigh of relief. >> a lot better. a lot better. now i can just hope that the neighborhood is safe again.
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>> police say they recovered a lot of the stolen items from wilkinson's parents home in springfield where she was living and stashing the loot in the basement. investigators do not believe these two suspects acted alone. they're in jail right now but investigators are trying to fine out who else is involved and see how many other burglaries they may be behind. lucy? >> all right. thank you very much, dawn. >> philadelphia councilman jim kentucky knee is resigning later this week. many believe he will run for mayor but he can't legally announce it just yet. councilman kenny's last session of city council is thursday where he will formally resign. during hess tenure in city government kenny fought for many progressive causes and while he's not saying he thinks he can do for more philadelphia as mayor, he sure is alluding to it it. >> i think that it's something that i've always -- i thought about for a long time for the last couple mayoral elections. i don't want to be, you know retired and sitting on my porch and saying i shall have tried it. i'm willing to take the risk of
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resigning. i'm willing to take the risk of not winning. >> former philadelphia district attorney lynne abraham state senator anthony williams and former philadelphia judge nelson diaz have all formally announced they are running for mayor. drugs are found in unusual place during a traffic stop in delaware yesterday. dover police say they found more than 25 grams of cocaine hidden in pros set tech leg. 39-year-old marlo holmes a passenger in the chevy tahoe was arrested. the k9 officer indicateed to illegal drugs were inside. holmes is facing several charge that is night. >> soon you'll have new way to catch ride in philly. we're not talk about uber or takes. be honest and a little annoyed we didn't get more snow. >> i was happy. >> you were annoyed. people woke up were you mixed feelings today and tonight they're sounding off. we'll hear from them coming off. >> media day at the super bowl and the mum and marschon lynch forceed to talk to the press. he was forceed to.
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see hawk running back breaks his silence coming up later in sports. >> lucy. >> you got to see this one. this man marchs in a local dunkin' donuts flips out gun he doesn't know it two cops are right behind him. within seconds he's in cuffs. tonight at 10:00 what police
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♪ a lot of people are actually quite happy i for one that we dodged bullet when it comes to a major snowstorm. >> whole lot of people are just annoyed at the inconvenience and changing weather forecasts. fox 29's bruce gordon live in cherry hill tonight. >> all right. bruce, you spoke with a lot of people who are aggravated. >> reporter: i think that's fair to say lucy. yeah, twenty four hours ago we fully expected route 70 right behind me here to be buried under a thick blanket of snow. instead, well, many of our viewers are calling our fouled up forecast a snow job. cherry hill's municipal snowplow
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made short work of the dusting of snow on embassy court. 84-year-old pat had just as easy a time clearing his own driveway driveway. this shovel costs you how much. >> about a buck and a half. >> reporter: handled this storm pretty well. >> i had no problem whatsoever. >> reporter: we first met pat monday afternoon watched him by $600 snowblower from the local home depot. based on a forecast of a foot of snow in the region. he's already returned it. it was more than he needed. as for those forecasts -- >> i think what happens is that you lose credibility in what you're hearing because everybody says the same thing because they don't want to be left out. >> reporter: forecasting group had folks on both sides of the delaware river tied in knots inform philadelphia bella vista neighborhood we found moms whose work and child care were fouled up by dire predictions that led to school closings.
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>> christina jersey based pediatrician who's practiced charmed points to squeeze folks before the big blizzard that wasn't. >> it's a little frustrating. we expected anywhere from three to 12, 15-inches and we didn't get an inch. so it was sort of tough business wise because we did schedule differently because of that. >> reporter: back at the cherry hill dine are in, they lost customers because of the off target forecasts. >> i don't blame themselves. >> tone know is the co owner. >> usually we have more business late nights. >> reporter: witness roads closed -- >> roads closed, state of emergency and people stay home. >> reporter: tony was hesitant to blast local forecasters. customers not so hess tan. >> much a do about nothing. you're a big fizz system. >> reporter: it was a bit of a fizzle. no question about it. we blew it. our bad.
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but and this is big but always better to be prepared for the big one that does not arrive rather than be caught unaware when the blizzard does arrive. iain. >> you know what bruce i got to jump in that here this is exactly what grandpa nolan always said. bruce, i agree. (laughter). >> reporter: good to hear from grandpa nolan. >> one thing i don't understand scott why we have to go get new shovels every year and of time it snows. i'm not quite sure of that i got a shovel and it will last me a long time. >> lucy has a shovel. >> now i got shovel. >> it will last 20 years. >> i hope so. snowstorms like this it could last a lifetime. >> we have got get an event where lucy can use that shovel. >> woe probably will. >> i did this today and the snow was gone. >> you could have used a broom right? all right. let's tack about what happened -- >> didn't even need a broom. >> it moved farther to the east. so that really impacted our area and right now it's out of here. we have the drying air it's going to turn cold and definitely those wind chills will be in the single digits
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tomorrow morning. but to the north and east, the boston area they've been getting slammed over 2 feet of snow in some locations in massachusetts. also hurricane force winds at the peak of this system over 74 miles per hour gusts in nantucket. as we talk about the neck several days tonight bitter cold single digit wind chills. tomorrow a lot of sun shin but it's not going to do a whole lot to warm us up it will stay cold and then yes that s word is back in the forecast. light snow possible thursday night into your friday morning. as we talk about those temperatures today 34 degrees that was the high temperature the normal this time of year is 41. so below average temperatures. 32 degrees right now. feels like temperatures in the low 20s so there could be some patchy black ice overnight tonight. but clearing skies those temperatures will drop. it's 29 in lancaster right now. 30 degrees in atlantic city. 30 current until dover and take look at some of the colder air off to the north of us. we're looking at 8 degrees right
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now in burlington vermont. 15 in buffalo. and some of that colder air combined with the wind will make it feel like 15 degrees outdoors in philadelphia by 8:00 o'clock tonight and then look at what happens by 7am tomorrow morning. we're looking at 7 degrees in philadelphia. seven in atlantic city. what it will actually feel like and then tomorrow afternoon feels like temperatures in the teens and mid 20's across the area. so bundle up. we still have some clouds across the area but you can see clearing conditions to our south. as we roll this clock the cloud cover diminishes overnight temperatures continue to drop. we're looking at dry conditions tomorrow. but once again cold and then we start to see sunshine to clouds on thursday and thursday night we're watching that clipper move in with some light snow especially north and west of our area. it's not going to be a big deal, but it's the timing overnight thursday into friday morning which could cause for a slick commute. maybe an inch or two at best north and west. but temperatures tonight will be
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in the teens. feels like temperatures in the single digits. that seven day forecast shows you that chance of light snow thursday night into friday. and then another system that we'll watch sunday night into monday. that one could be a little stronger. we'll of course keep you posted but look at the cold saturday morning. 9 degrees. >> i saw that. thank you. >> i think scott should do pull a marschon lynch the next time he gets -- >> plead the fifth. >> yeah. >> shh. silence is golden. >> silence is golden. it was need ya day at the super bowl, guys much as lucy alludeed to seattle's marschon lynch broke his school lense but it sounded like a broken record. we did learn about finger puppets. bell belichick's
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♪ all right. philadelphians get ready to roll out the red carpet for newest resident the at base lift officially starts business in the city this friday at 6:00 p.m. lyft is a car service known for iconic pink mustache will operate through the city and defines ppa ban throughout the city now it's time for sports. ♪ >> the gap will be on sunday.
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that's my guarantee. >> love began tess like that. gave it bare theft shot at super bowl media today turn out in all shapes and sizes. they played meet the press for one hour in arizona. >> bill belichick favorite finger puppet a monkey. he's seen unbreakable american sniper and home a loan and home a lone two. >> if you dressed like a journalist today you were in the minority. or you can actually pay 28.50 and sit in the stands and watch the spectacle unfold. of course, there was the question or three about the deflate gay. >> we've always, you know, done a great job overcoming obstacles obstacles, and being mentally tough dealing with the thing you can control. so this team has done a great job of that throughout the season. we got to do it for one more game. >> nothing against brady media day was really made for the guy blow you. that's seattle marschon lynch.
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you see he did he say spices the media. has taken fines from the league in the past for not talking to the media when he's supposed to. but marschon lynch has learned a thing or two. no more fines. >> i'm just here so i don't get fined. so ya'll can sit here and ask me all the questions ya'll want to. i'll answer with the same answer answer. so ya'll can shoot if ya'll please. >> i'm here so i won't get fined. >> i'm here so i won't get fine. >> i'm her so i won't get fineed. >> why exactly was he there? got you guys. flyers will start the second half 12 points out of a playoff spot. last time they played a week ago they pet the penguins in overtime. the coach says thing have to start a whole lot faster than that. >> our first periods have been out scored 15-five the last 20 games or something. that's one thing that needs to change for sure. getting off to better start.
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and, you know, getting the lead really helps. >> i'm here so i don't g
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super bowl security. >> if they see aircraft in the area, they will go in and intercept it. >> megan alexander and special correspondent shawn johnson report from the super bowl. >> hi, i'm shawn johnson. >> behind the scenes at jennifer hudson's big super bowl commercial. >> ooh, child, things are going to get easier. >> then, not snow fast. >> did they blow the blizzard forecast? >> to actually narrow down where the heavy snow bands will be is a difficult task. >> plus, remember this terrifying moment?


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