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tv   Fox 29 News at 6PM  FOX  February 3, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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good evening i'll i'm iain page page. a week of wild weather changes continues for us. chief meteorologist scott williams is live outside in old city tonight with all that cold we've been feeling. scott. >> iain, still a another cold night despite the lack of wind out there. so bundle up. dress in layers. it will be dry if you're stepping outdoors however still watch out for some patchy black ice. let's talk about those temperatures right now. 29 degrees in philadelphia but look at the wind out of the northwest at 6 miles per hour. so not quite as gusty as this same time yesterday when those winds were really how long. so the feels like temperature in the low 20s as we move north and westmont county, buck county, temperatures in the low to mid 20s. we have 23 in furlong. ambler checking in at 27. chester county downingtown down to 24 degrees. west chester 25. kennett square 26. so you can see it is cold. below freezing area wide. teens right now in the pocono mountains. so the low in center city 22 degrees. the outlying suburbs 15 degrees.
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but the wind is not going to be as harsh. look at ultimate doppler. you can see that snow across sections of the upper midwest. that is our next weather maker. at least a part of that energy will be moving through early tomorrow morning. it will be cold, bum up but a brief warmup during the day tomorrow with temperatures actually moving above average into the 40s. and and that more light snow is in the offing as we move toward thursday morning. that could impact the morning commute and then the bottom drops out again. bitterly cold air arrives for the latter part of the week and then we'll have to contend with the potential for another more potent storm system for a part of the upcoming weekend. so a lot of weather to tuck about over the next several days. when i come inside i'll break down the timing and expected snowfall out of both systems that will arrive in our area. iain, back to you. >> all right, scott, thanks see in you a bit. developing in berk county tonight police are on the hunt foreman accused of trying to abduction a boy as he was heading to his schoolbus stop.
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the boy managed to get away but the community is on high alert tonight. fox 29's dave kinchen reports. >> reporter: the boy was coming from his apartment here in this complex. he was walking down this service road heading over to the bus stop right by that no outlet sign but a man grabbed him in the process. you're looking at a sketch avenue man wyomissing police started an 11-year-old boy grabbing him as he was walking to the schoolbus monday morning. >> it's very very scary. i actually dropped off my kids this morning at school instead of dropping them off at the bus and you know, i think i'll be doing that more. >> it's kind of weird for this area. you don't really see that kind of thing in this area. >> reporter: police say it happened when the boy was walking on a service road that runs between the madison and wynnewood park apartments. he was closing in on the bus stop on park road north when the suspect closed in on him. >> he made some mention to the child to declare his intent
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basically and grabbed him on the arm. the cooled was able to get away from his grasp and flee the area. >> reporter: something like come with me or -- >> words to that effect. >> reporter: this parent says she's friends with the victim's mother. >> she's terrified. i mean, which is normal. i would be too. >> reporter: the boy got to the bus and made it to wilson west middle school where he alerted official there is. >> two detectives from the wyomissing police department came over, spoke with the student and got a good description of what he saw. >> reporter: this attempted abduction comes on the heels of two attempted lurings in berks county last week. one in reading city. the other in burn township. >> the suspect description is loosely the same as here. i do not -- october confirm that it is the same suspect or that it's relateed to those other two. >> reporter: wilson school district and police are now working extra close to protect students. >> hopefully, they'll get to the bottom of this and again make feel more comfortable this has been taken care of.
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>> reporter: surveillance camera on that gas station there pointed this way. police are checking that camera. they're also checking cameras at nearby businesses to see if there's video of this incident while they work to catch this person and get him off the street. in wyomissing, dave kinchen fox 29 news. >> we are following breaking news out of the middle east tonight. video released online today appears to show isis militants burning a jordanian pilot to death. the terrorist group captured the 26-year-old first lieutenant when his jet crashed in syria back in december. jordan' government had set said it was willing to trade an al-qaida prisoner for the pile pilot but it wanted proof of life first. right now president obama and vice-president biden are meeting with jordan' leader at the witness house to discuss the video. closer to home the least one woman is in custody in connection to a violent fight in philadelphia's tioga noose town section. 33-year-old lashonda anderson has been charged with attempted murder and other related offenses for the incident yesterday two women told police
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they were confronted by group of four women at a laundromat near fox and roberts avenue. the confrontation later moved to a second location on roberts avenue where the woman tried to confront the group and then gunfire erupted. anderson cued of shooting one of the women in the legs. both are reported in stable condition tonight. happening now an ex philadelphia police employee is under arrest. officials say a former clerk at the police department's auto pound unit is charged with theft. after she violateed impound procedures. police say the clerk was supposed to keep records of impoundimpounded vehicles instead she broke the rules and toll them to keep them for herself. fox 29's bruce gordon joins us live from police headquarters tonight we more on this. bruce? >> reporter: iain, if you work over at the city's police auto pound units you no doubt see all kinds of interesting vehicle come through the gay. vehicles ultimately destined for the scrap yard or perhaps the auction block. but a police internal affairs investigation suggests an employee at that lot by the name
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of sharon hammet had a real thing for all terrain vehicles. police internal affairs investigators say sharon hammet spent 25 years as a clerk in the police department's auto pound unit. her job was to document whether impounded vehicles were sent to auction or sent off to the salvage yard. but twice between 2005 and 2010, authorities claim hammet doctored paper work to look like two all terrain vehicles were properly disposed when in fact she had taken possession of those atv's for herself and her husband. a third atv was purchased by the hammets in 2003. later went missing. it was confiscated by police in 2005. investigators say hammet took possession of that vehicle without the court order necessary to release it from police custody. sharon and john hammet both face multiple counts of theft forgery tampering with documents. she resigned from the police department back in december. no answer at their northeast
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philadelphia home this afternoon when i went there seeking comment. iain? >> bruce, thank you. tonight the search is on for this teenager. police say 1584 old at a tanira was last seen on dudley in camden. she's known to hang out street park. if you see her or know where she is you're asked to call police. philadelphia police are looking for a man they say was trying to steal a package from the front of a home. police releasing this surveillance video of the man casing the home along the 600 block of south front street after walking by a few times he walks into the foyer to get the package but he was confronted by someone and ran off. this happened back op january 22nd 22nd if the man looks familiar to you call police. remember you can remain anonymous. casino workers take a gamble and file charges against their new bossesbosses atrium much ma hal. the work considers union is filing unfair labor practice charges. the old rules are outdateed.
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employees argue they're the ones suffering. the company is threatening threatening them with changed work schedules. taj will get the first and stall the of $20 million from billionaire investor carl icon on thursday. icon who is acquiring the casino by swapping debt he owns in return for ownership of his parent company agreed back in december to provide $20 million to keep the open through 2015. the parent company had repeatedly threatened to close the taj mahal last fall until icon committed the new funding. trump entertainment remains in bankruptcy. tonight at philadelphia university fans will be cheering on more than just the rams players when they hit the court but they're hoping for a big win for their coach herb magee who's closing in on an impressive 1,000 wins. fox 29's chris o'connell live at philadelphia university tonight. chris? >> reporter: well, iain torque night may be the most attended game in philadelphia university
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history. you hear the noise behind me. the women's basketball team on the court now taking on university of wilmington. but most of the fans are here for the men's gym at 7:30 in particular its coach herb magee going after his 1,000th win. take look right now. herb magee once again he is philadelphia. a win tonight will make him only the fourth ncaa coach to achieve this milestone. magee has been here as a player and coach at philadelphia university for more than 50 years. the banners on the rafter rafters just a sampling of his amazing career. many of his former players have come back tonight to wish him well hopefully watch their coach win that 1,000 within mark. we caught up with a few of them just a few minutes ago. >> it's such a special person to see that has stayed with one university and one job and touched so many athletes. hundreds of athletes over his 50
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year career at the university. it's just an mazing accomplishment. >> reporter: and they are counting down that accomplishment with that banner you see. herb scores a thus sand, one more game. till that happens, when he does win that game, another banner will be unfurl here in the rafter has 1,000th win. will he make history? you got to stay tune. we'll have that story coming coming up tonight on fox 29 news at 10:00. iain? >> chris, thanks. we'll be waiting to see you then then. an atlantic city casino got hit with a big fine. it all starred when a dealer didn't shuffle the cards during a game of blackjack. what happened after that that officials say made this even worse. and a group of local kids who will help sure up your faith for the future. that are new smart phone app just won a big award and it could have a major impact. scott? >> iain, right now it's dry and cold. roller coaster temperatures ahead and also a couple of chances for snow. we'll have the break down and
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timing up with the seven day forecast. >> all right. scott. boy scouts get a lot more nature than they bargained for on nature hike when the leader takes them right through a nude beach. it was no accident. so parents are outraged. tonight at 10:00 why the back leader will not be punish.
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♪ here's live look at blue mountain from our pocono mountains camera tonight much it's going to be another cold night out there. but then we get a winter warmup. don't get too excited. it will be short lived. >> chief meteorologist scott williams will have an update in few minutes. two of the most dangerous cities in the country are right in our area. camden and chester topping the most dangerous list according to neighborhood the website looked at cities in the country with more than 25,000 people and based it on
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the number of violent crimes per 1,000 residents. atlantic city and wilmington delaware by the way also in the top 10. but here's what some of you are saying about the rankings much lisa writes, i work in cam. i'm here every day. even on the weekends and on certain days i don't leave until late at night. i'll be i'm not that far from the inter stat i'm not in the least bit scared to be here. been here for a long time. good for you. unshuffled cards are causing big problems for one atlantic city casino. the new jersey division of gaming enforcement has fined the golden nugget for thousand dollars for failing to shuffle cards before four hands of blackjack last summer. fine also applies to the casino' as tempt to make things right with a gambler who lost 1600 bucks with the unshuffled cards by handing him chips worth that much. by law chips cannot be removed from a table except in return for money credit or in other defined circumstances. why not have those understand apps the best create them.
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standing out at a nationwide apcon test, high school students from wilmington, delaware. they earn the title best of the nation for what they designed and they got special surprise at school today to go along with the. fox 29's joyce evans joins us now with more. joyce? >> iain, they are making us proud. only eight schools from around the country are winners in verizon's third annual innovative app challenge. students were asked to create an app to address a need in their local school or community. and a team from the cab cal away school of the art doctors not disappoint. their app is called virdoc. it stands for virtual doctor. the announcement came as a surprise to the team and the school. the app designers got a samsung tablet while the school was given a $20,000 grant. and that's not all. >> the students will receive an
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all expense paid trip to the gaylord texan resort and couldn't friend center in dallas this summer for the annual conference of the technology student association where they will demonstrate their app. >> not bad right? well what's even better than that verizon working with the mism t media lab will help those students develop virdoc and get it ready for real use. they beat out a thousand other concepts and they are pretty smart cookies. iain. >> they certainly are. they know it all. thank you joyce. now back to your fox 29 winter wet authority thou. we want to check the winter wet app of fox 29 to check out how cold it is and when the cold is coming scott. >> the cold will last several more weeks and several chances of snow especially in that seven day forecast but look at the almanac for today. it was cold this morning. 20 degrees. you factor in that wind it felt like the single digits. of the afternoon high only 30 degrees we didn't even make it above freezing today. the normal this time of year is
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41. the record low 60s back in 2006. as we look at the numbers right now 27 in atlantic city. wildwood 27. as well as dover. upper 20s wilmington to philadelphia. 20 in allentown 16 right now in the pocono mountains. so it is cold but not as blustery as it was yesterday. but clouds will increase during the overnight. and that will help those temperatures from dropping as drastically as we saw last night night. but either way you tack about it it still is going to be cold but during the day tomorrow we'll see winds out of the south and west that will warm us up into the 40s. actually above average but it will be short lived because more snow is expected as early as thursday morning across the area as we watch arctic boundary move through and that will bring more bitterly cold air for the latter part of the week. thursday night into friday. so off to the west, you can see winter storm warnings as well as advisories in purple. and that system is headed in our direction. it's going to be fast mover not whole lot of moisture but right
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now out ahead of that warm front you can see we're looking at snow from milwaukee into the chicago land area and that will move to the north of our area during the overnight tonight. as we move toward early tomorrow morning, 7:00 a.m. there could be a few flurries moving toward the poconos or perhaps the lehigh valley but most of that first part of the system is going to stay to our north. it's the second part along that arctic cold front that will really get a line of some snow showers together late tomorrow night and then continue to move toward the area thursday morning to impact the rush. so here's the clock at 7:00 a.m. you can see that snowfall moving in north and west. continuing toward philadelphia by nine, 10:00 o'clock and then it starts to kind of run out of gas as it moves into south jersey. so at best we're tack thirty twoinging at coat to go maybe one or 2-inches out of that system north and west. but the timing is going to be key impacting that thursday morning commute. then as we move toward sunday evening and overnight we'll watch another storm system that's going to be moving out of
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the upper ohio river valley. the cold air will be in place. but it's all about that timing and also the track of that low but right now it look like the most snow in our area will be far north and west the less sr. amounts once you move south and east of the philadelphia area of course we have several days to fine tune that forecast so once again it looks like we could see a little more snow sunday into monday with that system as opposed to the one thursday morning impacting the commute. so teens low 20s to night increasing clouds there could be some morning flurries for our north and west. but look at the high tomorrow. 45 degrees. how about that? above average. then early morning snow thursday. back into the freezer again 20s for highs friday and then it's sunday into monday with that next system that we'll watch for more significant accumulating snow. >> all right. i'm going to look forward to tomorrow. i can't believe i'm saying that. 45 and i'll take it. thank you. >> i'm just laughing. (laughter). >> okay.
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all right. the phillies lost free agent pitcher that had been with them for the last eight years. he's a college basketball coaching legend. right here in philadelphia. but not many people know who he is but he's going for win 1
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♪ the 76ers playing their fourth game in five nights having lost eight of their last 10 right on pace against the
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denver team that has lost nine of their last 10. all right. the true meaning of the nba's garbage time tonight. sixers point guard michael carter williams left last night's game earl in the third quarter and did not return. he has a shin injury. brett brown says he will start tonight but will be monitored and the not known how long he will play. he's a basketball legend as head basketball coach he's only two wins behind the legendary duke head coach mike k we don't hear much about philadelphia legend herb magee. he goes for 1,000 wins tonight at philadelphia university. herb magee has coached at the same school as the head coach for 47 years. the university where he started in 1967 was philadelphia textiles and has since had a name change to do philadelphia university. but regardless of the name of the school, it's been a long time coaching. now at 73. >> 10 years becomes 20, 20 to their, 30 to 40 and before everything is said and done there's a bunch of wins there.
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and the wins are important but sometimes you reflect back on some of the games you lost and they hurt a little bit even more as you start reflecting but i always have approach one game at a time. >> overtime the game has changed changed. three-point line, a shot clock has been added since within number one but the basics for herb magee haven't. >> i think i've always done it the same way and that's always been treat kid the same way you want to be treated. the kids -- something is gone going wrong treat them you think you would like to be treated. that's what i've done my whole career. >> 999 wins one away from history. but one thing still more important than numbers. >> it's about the relationships you have with young people and those young people become older people and then they have children of their own and you still stay in contact with me and now a chance for those guys to come back and when they come back as i told you prior they'll get a name badge on that name badge will be the number wins they accounted for the thousand.
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>> and good luck and kyle kendrick eight years with the phillies a free agent that signed with colorado. >> that will do it for alright, so this tylenol arthritis lasts 8 hours but aleve can last 12 hours. and aleve is proven to work better on pain than tylenol arthritis. so why am i still thinking about this? how are ya? good. aleve. proven better on pain.
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