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tv   Fox 29 News at 6PM  FOX  February 4, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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♪ >> right now at 6:00 traffic ground to halt in the evening rush. skyfox is live over the scene. tractor trailer timed over along i-76 near king of prussia mall. no one seriously hurt but the westbound lanes are now shut down as crews are feverishly working to try and up right this thing from the looks of it it will be while before lanes reopen. now to another round of snow on our horizon. things are clear and dry in old city tonight. after a break from the bone chilling temperatures. >> yeah it's all changing though soon much more snow is snowing up on ultimate doppler radar and it could impact your morning drive. here we go again. already past groundhog day. good evening i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. our weather changes and roller coaster continue. chief meteorologist scott williams outside in old city tonight. scott, i know i'm saying this but 45 felt really warm today especially based on what we've been experiencing the last few days. >> yeah, it real didly. fit like spring break in the middle of february, iain and lucy.
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but 24 hours from now it's going to feel 30 to 40 degrees colder when you factor in those wind chills. let's lock at the temperatures right now. out ahead of that arctic front not that bad. it's 43 in philadelphia. 50 in roanoke as well as nash nashville. but on the other side of that front it is 16 in chicago. 10 degrees right now in minneapolis. so enjoy this brief reprieve from that arctic chill while it lasts. 43 in wilmington. we have 40 degrees right now in trenton. but as we take look at that clipper, you can see that thin ribbon of moisture, it will diminish a bit as it moves towards our area but not tonight tonight. tomorrow morning that wip dough roughly between 4am when you're watching sue toward the pocono mountains, the lehigh valley but once again not whole lot of moisture so most of the flurries and light snow will romaine north and west toward the lee his valley and the peck know mountains. some of that activity will try and move toward the philadelphia area but it look like it will run out of gas. but the bigger deal that arctic front winds are going gust up to
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40 miles per hour tomorrow and once again temperatures by this time across the area will feel like the single digits for most. when i come indoors we'll talk about how long it will last and more chances for significant snow in the seven day forecast. back to you. >> all right. scott, thank you. happening now a deadly apartment fire leaves almost two dozen people homeless tonight. it ripped threw 14084 old building on sweeter street in norristown montgomery county just before 1am. firefighters say it burned out of control for four hours before crews were finally able to get a handle on it. fox 29's dawn tim money knee is live at the scene tonight where investigators are looking in to a cause. dawn? >> reporter: well, iain, fire investigators know that it started on the second floor. they just don't know how it started. that's what they're trying to figure out this evening. but take look. the damage here is extensive. we're talking in excess of $2.5 million. as fourths who lived here, they escaped with just the clothes on their backs and a few personal belongings.
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this is absolutely devastating. if you can imagine waking to the smell of smoke at 2:00 o'clock in the morning and running for your life. >> reporter: that is exactly what officials say more than 20 residents of six-story norristown apartments on swedes street faced early this morning as a fierce fire raged out of control. this is cell phone video of the four alarmer. >> we were getting multiple reports of people trapped on all floor levels. there was rescues done from inside the building by firefighters. outside main aerial devices. crews had their hands full when they first got here. >> reporter: neighbors watching in disbelief as the 140-year-old building goes up in flames. >> when i looked out i saw nothing but fire on the top of the roof. >> i've been here for almost 14 years now. and i've never seen a fire like this. crazy. report roar norristown's fire chief says the flames started in avoid area on the second floor adjacent to garbage chute and
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just raced through sealings and walls making it particularly tough to fight. three people hurt suffering minors injuries. sadly one resident dying at the hospital after being rescued. >> our job is to save lives. report roar red cross providing food and clothes setting up temporary emergency shelter at nearby norristown high school for those who lost everything. >> the things that we can't replace the pictures, you know, the memories, but we can keep them safe. >> reporter: now the red cross is in the process of closing that temporary shelter. the 15 people who have nowhere else to go the red cross is putting them up in area hotels. as for the person who died, the coroner is not yet releasing the identity that is a person's family still has to be notified. iain, back to you. >> i'll take it, dawn. just so sad. the parents of an infant attacked by pet ferrets are now asking a judge to dismiss some
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of the charges against them. 42-year-old bernie frame and 24-year-old jessica appeared in court today. prosecutors have charged them with child endangerment. they left their one month old daughter in a car seat in the downstairs of their upper darby home two weeks ago. it's just horrific what happened to her. several ferrets attacked her chewing off her nose and parts of her face. she is out of the hospital and in foster care tonight. philadelphia police want to identify these two men in connection to a robbery at a grocery store. police say they even roughed up an employee a little bit. this all happened saturday at the spencer food market in the city's olney section. police say the guys walked in, pretending to be customers then one guy pulled out gun and pointed it at a female employee and they say a second male employee was grabbed by the neck and pushed against the wall. robbers got away with cash from the register and the employee's wallet. we're learning more about that deadly train crash in new york tonight. crews have spent the day trying to separate the train and suv on the tracks.
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the suv for some reason was stalled on the tracks last night when the two collided. investigators say the train pushed the car more than 100 yards. the impact caused a third rail to pierce the vehicle and gas tank and that caused an explosion much the fire quickly spread through the first car of the train killing the driver and five train passengers. more than a dozen others are injured. >> from lacerations to contusions some crush injuries we had some open fractures. some dislocations as well as smoke inhalation exposure, and flame burn injuries. >> the inform tsb is studding the black box recordings to determine what was happening on the train before the collision. but early indications rule out speeding. new information tonight in the investigation rocking the philadelphia fire department. it centers on allegations that more than dozen firefighters had sex with a female paramedic on the job. fox 29's dave kinchen has been following this one all day. dave, you've got new
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developments. >> that's right. we have been working hard to get answers from city officials and leaders in the philadelphia fire department since first reporting this story last week. this morning we caught up with fire commissioner derek sawyer at an event praising staff members who have lost weight. i pressed to break the silence and get some answers. commissioner once again people they're just looking for answers here. i know it's a personnel issue but you've got to be outraged by this right? >> you've got to be pretty us from frustrated. tell the people something. >> i give a final report when everything is complete. >> but at this point we understand that some reforms have been instituted. can you it just tell us about that. >> what does that mean. what changes have been made. >> i'll tell was i told you before. i'll give you a final report when everything is complete. >> the union says there's no policy right now that prevents fraternization between superior and subordinates. should that change. >> i'll give you a final report -- i guess you want me to be my marshawn lynch. >> i'm only here so i won't get fined. how is that? i'll give you a final report when it's done. have a good day.
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>> not much other than joke from philadelphia's top firefighter but fox 29 sources say three more discipline meetings were scheduled today with fire department members and city personnel managers. this after the city's inspector general started investigating allegations that firefighters, paramedic and department supervisors had on duty sexual encounters with a female paramedic in firehouses and vehicles all across the city. sources tell fox 298 members were ordered into discipline meetings this week including the female paramedic. and we've learned from sources that two staffers have already been given conduct unbecoming charges while reform policies are in the works. the commissioner did not want to talk about them. >> executive chief anyone want to comment? there are citizens -- but there are citizens who are outraged by this whole thing. >> folks really want answers. viewers, people are really frustrated by this. should there be a -- can you comment on the reforms that have been taking place?
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>> should there be a new policy that deals with fraternization between superiors and subordinates. >> we just want answers from the folks. we mean no disrespect. >> reporter: well we should point out we did contact the mayor's office in fact i personally spoke with the mayor. he has called this a personnel matter. meanwhile, firefighters local 22 officials say they have received only part of the inspector general's report on the allegations. the union says it will make a public statement friday. iain. >> i'll takeout dave. we're on top of breaking news in delaware county. a busy night. sky fox over the scene of a deadly shooting in upper darby. police say man was out for walk when two men tried to rob him. he fought back and tonight, one person is dead. let's get straight to fox 29 s chris o'connell live near the scene. chris? >> reporter: that's right, lucy. upper darby police saying this is a case of self-defense a68 year old man out walking has dog along a path at cobbs creek park when he was rob at gun pint by a
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man unfortunately that was a toy gun. take a look at the scene here behind me as cobbs creek park between philadelphia and upper darby. police say were called here off this short lane. a man was proved by another man in his 20s. that suspect had a gun and then a short tussle ensued. well that robbery victim did not know that -- the suspect didn't know he was packing a gun and used it. firing one shot to the head of the suspect. that man ran up a hill. he called 911. he waited for police. when they got next to the body of that suspect they found a toy gun perhaps a pellet gun just minutes ago we spoke with the superintendent of police about what happened. >> i spoke to the victim and he's very shook up obviously but he's very very lucky. because he was in an area of that wooded area where nobody would have found him.
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>> reporter: upper darby police say that man did have a permit to carry the gun. he was taken to a hospital for an undisclosed injury. we understand he is doing okay but obviously very distraught. of course, we'll have the latest on this investigation coming up tonight on the fox 29 news at 10:00. iain, lucy? >> we'll see you then, chris. no biology teacher at a low high school. >> how school officials say they've been filling that void while they try to fill the position. and turning 100 is impressive enough. but that's nothing for one local woman. she just celebrateed birthday number 108 and we're going to introduce her to her. fantastic. >> hey, tom. >> big day as well for the temple college if the ball team and per happen the best safe by an nhl goalie
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♪ biology is a graduation requirement in pennsylvania, but at one philadelphia high school students do not have a certified
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teacher in that subject. >> fox 29's karen hepp is live outside overbrook high school tonight to show us how that school is working around the vacancy. karen? >> reporter: people are really frustrated making due with band-aid solution. this is overbrook high school. home of legendary wilt chamberlain. they've had some troubles but people in this community say the kids here deserve better than this. overbrook is a massive high school. hundreds of kids and not one certified biology teacher in the entire school allayer long? education advocate helen says it is a total injustice. the kids aren't getting the basic. >> the consequences for not teaching biology with a certified teacher are massive. students can be denied a high school diploma. if they do not pass mandated graduation exams imposed by them on the state of pennsylvania. >> reporter: students know they're being short changed. eric davis is one of the 120 kids being taught biology by an english teacher a chemistry teacher.
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>> i feel as though i'm not getting the information i need. if we had a standard teacher then i feel as though i'd be prepared for the testing. >> we don't get the experience we should have. the fact that we're missing out on stuff because we don't have a permanent teacher i just don't like it. >> reporter: the school district says they have been trying all year to hire someone but every candidate offered the job has turnout down. >> parents are so frustrated. >> i pray that it changes. >> reporter: it's not just overbrook. other high schools have had flat out cancel classes entirely like physics. no money, no teachers. under funding the distract by hundreds of millions of dollars every year is chronic. she says it's absolutely shameful. >> it's not that the students are failing. they are being failed. they are being failed by a local government and a state government. >> reporter: the school district says they are continuing to schedule and try to get someone in here. they're doing lots of interviews for all the people here. it certainly cannot come soon enough. let us no what you think about this story. we'll continue this conversation
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all weekend long. use our #fox29weekend as well. guys, back inside to you. >> karen, thank you. a big milestone being celebrated for a woman in feasterville today. >> celebrate my birthday. >> how old are you turning? >> sweet 16. (laughter). >> it's not 16. rosa lee esposito is turning 108 years old next week to mark the special day she went out with lunch with family and friends. the key is it staying young she says moderation with everything. she also still dances and enjoys times with her family as far as getting around through the years rose sal lee prefers the horse and buggy to today's modern cars. >> i like the horse and buggy thing, too actually. congratulations. >> 108 impressive. >> love it. she looks like she's soaking in life. dancing and doing her thing. >> she look good. >> how about birthday weather. nice happy warm birthday weather weather. >> yeah, it wasn't that bad today. lucy and iain, temperatures made it up to 47 degrees.
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that's above average for a change. but i hope you enjoyed the milder temperatures because take look at the weather headlines. light snow possible tomorrow morning during that window of 4:00 a.m. to 10am. mainly the lehigh valley and the poconos, but it's the timing it could make for reduced visibility and also some slick spots on the roads especially north and west of philly. otherwise turning blustery winds will be gusting up to 40 miles per hour as arctic front moves through and by the time tomorrow parts of the area will be dealing with single digit wind chills so beautiful weather right now right? 43 degrees that's the current temperature. winds out of the south at about 8 miles per hour. the wind chill not that bad. feeling like 38 degrees. it was cold this morning. 23 was the low. but look at that. 47 degrees 5 degrees above average. still pretty comfortable out ahead of that front. but on the other side of the front, look at those teens. chicago 10 degrees right now in minneapolis. 15 in desmoines. so right now worry looking at upper 30s. low 40s across the area.
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13 in pottstown. 38 in millville as well as atlantic city. but as we take a look the clipper right now showing up on ultimate doppler it looks kind of ominous. now all of this moisture is not going to make it toward our area area. it will run out of gas. so as we roll the clock, you can see by 4am we're watching watching some moisture move in toward the lehigh valley and the pocono mountains. by 8:00 o'clock trying to move in to montgomery and bucks county as well as chester county county. but once again it will start to fizzle out beyond nine, 10:00 o'clock but take look at the feels like temperatures. the wind chill by 11am it's going to feel like 15 degrees in philadelphia. so dress for that. and then by 6:00 o'clock it's going to feel like the single digits pretty much area wide. and then by 10:00 p.m. tomorrow it's going to feel like three below in pottstown. 17 below in the pocono mountains mountains. so temperatures to start tomorrow not that bad. but don't be fooled because that arctic front is going to bring a drastic change across the area. let's tack about sunday into monday.
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another area of low pressure will be moving in to some colder air apart of our area. but once begun, with the timing of this, sunday evening and overnight into monday it look like we'll see marginal event around south jersey and sections of delaware. but once you move north and west of philadelphia, things will change dramatically as far as the snowfall totals expected. we'll continue to fine tune that forecast and snow chance cos linger into tuesday as well but 30 tonight in the city and then tomorrow afternoon high of only 25 degrees with those tumbling temperatures. 30 degrees for the high temperature on friday. and then we get another mild day on saturday. but look at sunday, monday and tuesday. temperatures kind of marginal. but we will have some precip so we'll have to contend with possibilities of snow next week. >> all right. can we see 50 at some point. >> we got to wait until march. >> we were close today. >> close. >> we were. it felt like it finally guys. we're going back to hockey
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weather let's tack about the flyers trying to keep that momentum as their home stand comes to an end and we've got perhaps the best save by goalie this season and a super bowl loss but a victory today for seattle's marshawn lynch
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♪ college football fans is today is like christmas morning. national letter of inn at that time day it's the day to fund out what recruits are under the
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tree and the form of a signature on a dotted line. temple feeling pretty good tonight after lending a pair of four starry crews including tj simmons from lakeland, florida. arguably the best recruit in temple history. coach matt rule likes the direction of this program for lot of reasons. >> yeah, we better. i mean i think we've recruited really well. we better because my wife is pregnant again and i don't want to have to tell her -- i just said that on the news. so, she might not -- sorry julie julie. >> good luck to temple and julie julie. flyers home stand continues and ends tomorrow night when they host the new york islanders and it's been a good home stand so far. how about four games and four wins. but there's still that little problem of the standings. as hot as the flyers have been they'll go in with tomorrow night's game with the islanders 11 points out of a play off spot spot. >> i just remained today about taking care of our business more than anything. i think always people you guys bring the up watching the standings, watching games other
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teams playing, it's hard not to just get focused on that. we need to focus on our games and that's tomorrow night against the islanders. >> nashville and toronto national predator you see it in regular speed. we slow it down for you. watch this. might have been the save of the year as he swats it with his stick. by the way nashville and peter laviolette had the best record in hockey. it took three days but there's victory at last for the seattle see hawk. >> i'm just here so i don't get fined. >> and he was right. a victory at least for marshawn lynch of the see hawk nfl announced today he met all of his requirements during super bowl week and will not be fined. won't even pay for the price for wearing that beast mode hat. nfl says he met his wardrobe functions during the week. roger goodell won't talk to how war he is ken but he releases wardrobe malfunction releases. somewhere in the middle we will get the answer and we will get justice. >> the truth is out there. >> that is correct. >> that does it for us here at
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6:00. we'll see you at 10:00. have a goo
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♪the greatest love of all ♪ >> they're sing whitney houston's songs inside her stricken daughter's hospital room. >> they want to make sure they have exhausted all of the possiblies. then -- >> the creepy neighbor. >> he set up a hidden camera inside a teenager's bedroom. and the girl's father was his best friend. >> i let him in here. >> exclusive, chopper zoey, america's first transgender reporter. you knew him as chopper bob tur. and now she's chopper zoeyey and she's returning to the skies exclusively for "inside edition." >> the


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