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tv   Good Day Philadelphia 7a  FOX  February 9, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EST

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worst areas. it looks like in berks county right now. you might want to take a closer look at your tv because is your tv spying on you. major company admits their smart tv's will record what you say and share it with other companies. what you need to know, before you talk in front of that tv. >> ♪ actress kristin wigg, entertaining the grammys last night. did you see this? the moments from last night's show that had everyone talking. of course, we will talk about fashion as well. >> if you look in the corner they think that is the real cya there. >> yes. >> that is such an inappropriate video, have you
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seen this individual ohio. it makes me uncomfortable. >> that is cya. >> no, in the other corner. >> she need to clean her room up. >> yes. >> i was wondering what is going on. >> never, never, ever. >> if they do i just close the doors. >> we should send a live truck right to your home. >> yes, right in the kid room. >> that would be funny. >> we should do that within day. >> funny but perfect filing. >> yes. >> hi, bob. >> bob kelly, thinks alex holley, i will be mike, awe i will be sue. >> i will be today. >> it started on friday. i caught a cold. >> you are having a monday, then. >> i'm over it now. >> this has been happening to everybody. >> yes, germs, germs, germs. >> we have all been stuck inside because it gets so
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cold. yesterday was nice. today not etch. it is a four. we are a flyers cap on busy, they won last night. we have a light messy wintry mix this morning. the temperatures are on either side of freezing which makes it really tricky. here's ultimate doppler. we have more precipitation moving from west to east and further north, where it is colder you will see that mix of precipitation. it looks like berks county as mike said and lehigh valley getting the worst of it right now. we have 30 degrees in philadelphia sunrise at 7:01. we will get to 36. we will see a change over to rain and then back over to the wintry mix overnight the tonight. is there your monday, we will have the seven day forecast and get you through the rest of the day, of course, with future cast coming right up, hey, bob. 7:02 on this monday morning. live look at the blue route, 476 right here near bryn mawr avenue rolling through delaware county. the the the road are wet. you can see the glare from the
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headlights here. depending upon where you begin and end your trip, we will see a little bit of everything. mixed bag here. we were dealt with some fog early on. here's a live look at i-95, northbound tapping the brakes working your way up toward the commodore barry bridge. ben franklin bridge starting to see some volume coming up and over in toward downtown philadelphia we will go for a ride, blue route, actually, this is northeast extension heading north bound. from mid county heading north up toward the the poconos, again, the road conditions will change as the temperatures continue to drop. south on i-95 through hopewell, new jersey watch for a crash right here near exit number four, for route 31. water main break and road buckle. this will be the mess for morning rush hour, barry, ridge avenue, folks using germantown pike this morning. for the entire septa system except regional rails they have kicked in a new timetable over weekend. a new schedule to get readied
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for and may be an adjustment by a minor two minutes there but that could impact your transfer. so just grab a new schedule getting ready to use septa this morning. we're starting to see delays eastbound coming out of the downingtown heading in towards king of prussia. the airport, no problems at the moment. mike and alex, back to you. one person is hospitalized following an accident involving a fire truck in west oak lane. it happen shortly before 5:00 o'clock this morning at 69th and old york road. a 30 year-old woman was taken to einstein hospital. she's listed in stable condition. it happened about two hours ago. one man is dead, following a multiple shooting incident in philadelphia's kingsessing neighborhood late last night. two others were shot in the home along the 5800 block of fern wood street. their injuries are said to be non-life threatening. two men possibly linked to these shootings were seen leaving the area in a silver
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or gray minivan. >> police are investigating a murder in strawberry mansion. it happened last night in the 2400 block of west harold street. police say a 20 year-old man was shot. he was taken to temple hospital where he was pronounced dead. police make an arrest in the death of a millersville university student, the body of freshman carly hall, of chad forward, was found inn identify of her dorm room yesterday morning. police say her boyfriend, georgio, of kenneth square, is charge with aggravated assault. lancaster county authorities will conn duck an autopsy today. the university is offering counseling to students. 7:05. well, a happening today, an emergency hearing, regarding the sale of that revel casino. >> that sale was supposed to close today but sitting in the way are business owners who hold leases in that bankrupt casino and a energy company. >> if it involves new jersey, steve keeley is on it in camden. >> reporter: i'm surprised as
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a big soap opera fan you are not the on it. this beats the bold and beautiful. we could call this the the closed and the costly, how about that. >> that is something i like. >> well, we will go from the boardwalk to the sidewalk once kwan in camden where we will hear latest in the the non-stop soap opera. as the revel world turns. fit seems like this close contacted seen okays is in court every day. that is because it is every day. this makes it five days straight. i'm talking about the weekend too. we will hear the only buyer interested in the place is going through five days straight of this since it even a had new development saturday and sunday even though courthouse is closed. the court people were very busy with the revel case. the deal closing date is speaksed to be today. it it was possibility that the if the nightclubs who want their 25 years leases honored with any new owner they are had with the old owner and utility company wanting what the it is owed kept dragging out in a court hearing after court hearing the buyer would walk away. last night the lawyer for glenn straub called wayne
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perry, the associated press reporter that he is willing to wait until the end of february or until these appeals go through so they know what exactly it is that they are buying. they may in the the want to buy fit they are stuck with these leases and that expensive power plant behind the revel. another hearing on the lease test daze and another hearing on wednesday across the river in philadelphia on the bankruptcy court hearing involving the power plant. this is non-stop going object here. in longer much urgency in today's emergency hearing. even though the casino is closed and slot machines are not spinning, there is somebody hitting the jackpot and that would be all of these lawyers who have very high billable hours for all of these hearings. >> my goodness this thing goes on and on. 7:07. police say social media played a role in a home invasion in northeast philadelphia yeah, it happened on the berkshire trace apartments on dana avenue. police say three armed gunman kick in the door to get inside early sunday morning.
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they asked for rolex watches and jewelry after they saw some posts on social media accounts. the items were posted on one of the victims, facebook page. >> it is just ridiculous that people put it on facebook and everything, just looking for trouble actually. people must have just scanned it to find out, you know. >> well, fortunately the five teenage victims inside all between 17 and 19 years of age, were not hurt. the search for three suspects, continues. do we have to be that careful about facebook now? >> i guess so. 7:08. a false alarm in montgomery county. county health department says a suspect case of measles turned out not to be measles after all. a boy was in isolation since friday, a have a doctor suspected that he might have measles. just yesterday, health officials say that he he doesn't have the virus but he hasn't said what is making him sick. right now the the health department says there are no measles cases in montgomery county.
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so, space x, did not take off last night? i waited all day from 6:30 to last night to watch this rocket take off? yesterday's scheduled launch was just called off minutes after the blast off. officials say it was due to a problem with the rocket tracking system. now, supposedly they can do it again this evening, and if they don't do it this evening, they will to have wait. this thing will go so far off into space, and keep track of our weather, because nasa and noah, their satellite are getting old, they need to be replaced. al gore came up with this idea for the record back in the 90's. anyway i digress. alabama is the latest state where gay marriage is legal. an order by federal judge that overturn the state's ban on same sex marriage is set to take effect this morning. the the u.s. supreme court has ruled on a state request to
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stay this decision. but, at least two judges have indicated that they will refuse marriage licenses to same sex couples. there is just two judges down there. a family of the arizona aid worker is praying that she's still alive despite some claims from isis. they think hostage kayla is dead. militants say that she died in jordanian air strikes but jordan is dismissing the claims as prop again a jordan has launched 56 era strikes begins isis since terrorist killed a pilot. all right. 7:10 now. a shooting at a pennsylvania mall leaves store officials to ban unaccompanied minors on the weekend. >> thinks over in the western part of the state. the move follows a shooting that happened on saturday night at the the monroeville mall, and police say that a 17 year-old, had words, and a discussion, an argument work a 20 year-old man inside of a macy's store. they say that the 17 year-old then pull out a gun, and then shot the man, but then also shot two innocent people just
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bystanders, a husband and a wife. the mall will now institute a curfew for all teenagers. >> what that means is if you have under 18 year-old, you have to be with a parent, guardian, someone at least 21 or older or you will be asked to leave the mall. >> you know there air lot of malls, about 80 malls, that have curfews, in fact, is there one mall up in york, pennsylvania that has a curfew. um-hmm. 7:11. whitney houston's daughter has been in the hospital since late last month and now investigators are looking into exactly what happened to her. bobbi kristina was rush to the hospital on january 31st when a friend found her face down in the bathtub. tmz is report ago this she has injuries that really need an explanation. police are looking into a possible fight between bobbi kristina and her boyfriend, or partner, her husband, nick gordon, more than and hour before his friend found her in the tub. >> um-hmm.
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>> more development on that for sure. >> that is for sure. los angeles police plan to ask olympic gold medalist bruce jenner to hand over his cell phone to figure out if he was texting during a deadly car crash. jenner was behind the wheel of the suv that was involved in the multi vehicle crash in malibu on saturday that killed a woman. jenner is not being singled out here. police say they will ask for everyone's phones for all people involved. >> yes. in his first comments since the accident, jenner called the crash a quote devastating tragedy and he extended his condolence suggest to the victim's loved won. he vowed to cooperate with the investigation in anyway possible. >> horrible. 7:12. well, sam smith, this new singer on the scene. >> um-hmm he a had a big night last night. >> he started out winning all of those grammys like is what left to do. >> he should just retire. >> he has record of the year, for stay with me. he also won song of the year which is a writing kind of honor there. he also took home best new artist. they are working on other
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award winners, beck, best album and bets rock album. beyonce, ferrell and kendrick lemar won two awards. >> i'm a big fan of kendrick lemar. >> do you want me to sing one of his songs. >> i don't know if you should. >> blue suits are a big deal. >> can i say i start that had trend. >> did you there. >> i thought about buying a blue tuxedos a couple years ago. >> what happened. >> and then ryan seacrest stole my idea. one of the best grammy moment i thought, kristin wig, starring as cya, for chandelier, and i check this out. she's trying to be cya. >> ♪
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this was a surprise. when it came on you are like is that kristin wig. that is cya to the left in the&3 corner. she performed with her back to the crowd. now this was an unexpect performance. she's famously known for not showing her face while performing. if you look at her video she doesn't do it. she believes that she should be men for her music and not who she is. plus you don't wanting to to the grocery store and not be bothered. >> what does she really look like. >> we don't know. >> is she hideous or something. >> but her music video is inappropriatey just looked it up. >> it is in the right good it is artistic. >> it the is artistic. sue serio will do her version of it right now.
7:15 am
>> she's laughing. >> you know, we cannot see you. >> it is probably bad. >> sue is totally naked, totally nude. >> it is time to do weather. >> this happens every day, for the last 19 years you need to give me a very large break. >> 7:15. for the last 19 years, 19 years we have done weather a at 7:15. >> nineteen years. >> this guy. >> good to see you. >> there we go. yeah. >> here's where it is snowing. >> in boston, we're going to have a shot of foxboro massachusetts but we decided to traumatized it instead. insult and injury up there. that is easier to information cast then what we have got going on around here. we do have a mix of
7:16 am
precipitation, mostly in berks, lancaster counties, up in the mountains, lehigh valley, and a little bit over in parts of the burlington county, in new jersey as we zoom in closer. reading, you could be getting some rain, maybe a wintry mix, pottsville, it looks icy up there. we have been watching trenton area, bensalem, pemberton, new jersey, tabernacle getting light sleet or freezing rain this morning. the problem is the temperatures. sorry. as we go through the rest of the day and future cast we will see we are just under freezing by 9:00 o'clock this morning and then we may get above freezing but not by much in south jersey. so whatever we get it could be a little bit slippery through the the evening and nighttime hours a accumulating snow to the north of us and just doesn't look good for the rest of the day. but the best thing is there is not a a lot of precipitation,
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nor there is a lot for rest of the bay. maybe you can get an icy mix to leave a coat to go make things slippery for you there ace chance we will get in the mid 30's and change over into rain in the middle of the day and back over to the wintry mix tonight, ending with flurries and changing over to sunshine in the have afternoon on tuesday, tomorrow. that looks like a pretty decent day actually after that happens. and then mid 30's on wednesday, and just when we think we're getting into a milder trend another blast of arctic air, rolls in on friday and then stays with us through valentines day and then we will get reenforcement, that is colder the day after valentines day so the best thing you can do is find somebody to cuddle with. >> snug he will weather on the way. 7:17. sue, good morning. live lot the stadium area, i-95 broad street exit. no problems or delays up and down that i-95 corridor. we have a traffic jam here southbound working your way from academy in through the
7:18 am
construction zone. typical role there for this hour of the morning coming from south jersey, headlights on, all of the roads are wet. you can see the glare off of the pavement there be careful with those temps still whoever around that freezing mark. we have word from philly independent as one hour and 20 minutes, i told you this would happen, with the weather conditions today. pack your patients. do check with the airline if you intend to fly out of philly international. i got a tweet from a buddy in hatboro, he said windshield are allized over. if you park on the street or outside of your garage, be ready to have the the defroster ready to go this morning. a fire location here on spruce, between 54th and 55th street, the schuylkill is running slow from city to conshohocken. septa says paratransit system running with one hour delay because of the weather, and all of the septa systems buses, trolleys, trains except
7:19 am
for regional rails begin with the new schedule over the weekend, back over to you. let me tell you this, at 7:19. so be in won the power ball saturday night. what is it up to. >> 450 million. >> let's call it a half billion dollars. >> my goodness good can you imagine. >> next drawing is a wednesday, half billion, this is onees biggest jackpots. let me tell you the 18th time the chance to win is wednesday night good people need to know. >> all right. there were some people who did win some money. power ball gave out 30 million-dollar to different individual winners, on after saturday's drawing, you know, a million at a time. >> what is a million when you can get 450. >> i will take one million good chump change. >> i'll take a million. be careful what you say around your tv set, one major tv maker admit their hear what
7:20 am
you said. >> we are listening to you all right. >> this should be the biggest story of the morning for goodness sake. your tv is listening to you. my goodness. the things... >> what are you doing in front of the tv. >> we don't need to know. local legend reaches a milestone coach herb magee earn his 1,000th win this weekend. we will talk to him. he says it is not the the mess important thing to him. he says it is not the the mess important thing to him. >> he doesn't look happy bit.
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you know, alex, back in the day when i used to work here, i found a guy who lived in that apartment building right there in atlantic city and he rolled a piano on his balcony and played a song for us over his cell phone. i wonder if he still lives there. >> he cannot see anything this morning. >> that is for sure. >> all fog. >> lets get to lauren simonneti because you have to tell me are some tv's, they
7:24 am
are listening to us, explain this to us. >> they are eavesdropping and spying on you sitting on the couch watching television, i know, it sound totally crazy but think bit, appliances are smarter. they are connect to the internet. so samsung's internet connect tv with voice recognition actually eve drop on you and then record what you say, and oh, they share it with third parties. samsung tells you this explicitly in their privacy policy statement. they go on to say, i will quote here, so you don't think i'm not making anything up, they say please than aware if your spoken word include personal or other sensitive information, that will be captured, and transmitted on third parties. >> um-hmm, is this for ads or something they want to see how you are reacting. >> it is part of their privacy statement, the warning that goes with the pamphlet when you buy a tv. >> but only thing i can think of you why were sharing it.
7:25 am
>> it is an outrage. >> reporter: everything that we're connect nothing our homes these days. everything you do in your home, as we accept more smart technology all of those smart features do record and share what you do, unless we start to come up with better safeguards against this stuff. you cap disable it. they don't need it anyway. why have a tv lake that you disable. >> why spend money if you do in the get perks good so what i'm laying there in my underwear watching bold and the beautiful at 1:30 this afternoon, come on. >> is that what you watch in the middle of the day. middle of the day tv isn't so good. i always look for stuff it is terrible. >> daytime tv is fantastic. you got bold and beautiful at 1:30. ape then tmz. >> i can like t m z. >> dish nation and a her of tmz live. i love the afternoon, lauren,
7:26 am
you should come over. >> what would you say, sitting on the couch in front of me with the tv with your samsung, boob tube with hear. >> boob tube. >> transmit it to alex. >> huge story. >> lauren, you have a great day, we will will see you again tomorrow. >> she's fantastic i love her. >> the best teeth in the business. a town meeting in ardmore, opens up some old wound. why some people say officers need to work on race relations in that town. boy, a big turnout. jen freddie's hanging out with a local sports icon are you telling them congratulations. >> he did it. >> of course, 1,000 wins, so what do you do coach herb magee at philadelphia university. hold practice. it is all routine here. you would never know 1,000 wins. we will talk to him coming up.
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coming up on 7:30, hi everybody, it is a machine morning. >> how about a monday, morning, i say take out this mug here. this is gigantic, carp die em, do you know what that means.
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>> seized the day. >> excellent. >> thanks to krista from wilmington delaware. we will give this one to sue because she's in the feeling will today. >> yes. >> sunshine for your morning. >> yes. >> thinks your mug and i will send back one of our mugs. you send me your mug and i will send you back one of our mugs autographed by everybody here on the team. we have another 30 or 40 mugs in over weekend. i cannot even see my desk. i have a new sip code. >> it is, getting to be ridiculous upstairs. >> but we're glad you are watching. >> we have to take a picture. >> it is every where. >> i will do that right now. >> i love this, nice bright sunshine that we don't to have day. we have a little bit have the of the mess out there and we are looking at ultimate doppler radar. plenty of places where nothing is happening for precipitation. looking out to the west of us, around williamsport and hageers town, maryland. we have more moisture on the way. plenty of places where moisture is just causing some
7:31 am
fog. most of that is happening in south jersey. so most of the fog, this morning. we have a couple challenges. we have potentially slippery roadways and then, of course, the fog as well. so there is your with us stop buddy and he has the umbrella he is ready for wet wet they are morning. four out of ten is your weather by the numbers. the one more quick look the at ultimate doppler before we check the wind at the the a airport. look at this, we're down to 30 degrees in philadelphia so untreated surfaces will be a little bit slippery. it feels like 20, out there and here is your fox cast today, a high of maybe 36. so that is a change over to rain, and then down in the 20's tonight. it could be icy. is there your monday fox cast but at least you have been warn, bob kelly. >> yes. >> a lot extra time. >> allow extra time and wiggle room between you and that bumper in front of you, the the road are wet. some are damp. it is a changing conditions as we roll through morning rush hour. the road are changing.
7:32 am
live look at i-95 right hear near girard, for the gang heading near northbound there is a debris in the construction zone here. bennie is backup coming into downtown heavy from the tolls up and over into eighth and vine. curb side on the 42 freeway your normal volume heading in toward philadelphia and that walt whitman bridge. because of the heat conditions here we are down to 45. mainly for exit four north all the way up in toward new york. weather delays. philly international averaging one hour and 20 minute delays on arrivals and departures. do pack your patients. check with the airline if you are going to be heading down to the airport this morning. a fire location at spruce between 54th and 55th. we have some local detours. out in hatboro, again north and west of the city, they said look out, reports of some ice like that fine glaze of ice on your windshield. you need a few extra minutes to warm up the car, make sure that defroster clears the
7:33 am
windshield off. septa says their paratransit units are running with one hour delays because of the weather and they kick in a new timetable. new schedules across the board on the entire septa system except for the regional rail lines. so far so good just watch for slippery spots on the platforms, mike and alex, back to you. residents gathered in ardmore to confront lower merion police over allegations of racial profiling. >> lets get to lauren john some who joins with us more on this, lauren. >> sometimes talking things out will help everybody get on the same page and tone down tensions. that is what they were hoping happened at the meeting after two incident when black men stopped by police as they went door to door shoveling for cash. one woman snapped a picture of the officer who forced two of those men to sit in the snow while being questioned. police say the men were only stopped for soliciting without a permit. all of these police encounter
7:34 am
opened up old wonderful. >> you have to understand what we, get through in this community and all other communities as well. >> i asked all of our neighbors... unaudible. >> that was a woman who snapped the photos. police say one of the men stopped had to be investigated for having an outstanding warrant. >> when there was an issue of a warrant or potential arrest, the individual were asked to be seated. to he were not hand cuffed. they were not even physically touch. they were not put in the back of police car when further restriction their in movement. >> police say they weren't even given citations. they shook officer's hand and everyone went on their way. hoe though this isn't the the end of the discussion, they want to keep this going hope willing to repair broken relationship among police and people living in that neighborhood mike and alex. >> lauren, are you coming down here at 9:00. >> i am lovely. >> that would be great.
7:35 am
>> we will see you then. >> who is the greatest philadelphia athlete of all time? we have had a lot of fun. we have reached sweet 16. today it is bernie parent verse mike schmidt could there be an upset in the making. how would you roth for. you have to eliminate one of these guys. it is national bagel day how do you like your bagel puller nickel, veggie or cream cheese. put it on instagram, twitter, facebook and use fox 29 good day what kind of bible get you started this morning. >> i do like yellow egg bagel, yeah.
7:36 am
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and it's not see dthrough. next!, whoa, this is a lunchbox, not a halloween bag. so sorry - this lunchbox is already at capacity. rrrrr...a natural beauty. you're making me melt. shall we? mini babybel is 100% natural cheese. a good source of protein and calcium,
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and a whole lot of fun. mini babybel. snack a little bigger! by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said, "that was me, mom." [ laughter ] long drive, there it is, number 500 home run for michael jack schmidt. >> okay. i got to tell you this has been fun. we are now down to the sweet
7:39 am
16 in our quest with billy to find philadelphia's greatest athletes, of all time. all of our number one seeds survived the first round. so the biggest upset of the first round that i thought was number sixth seeded ron hextall knocking off third seeded philadelphia athletic star eddie collins. it could be just so long ago you don't remember. you can begin voting on round two, right now at my fox >> okay. our next guest thinks two number one seeds could be in trouble this week. matt cord from wmmr. >> yes. >> that is true. >> yes. okay, thank you. >> what do you think. >> ron hextall that is a big upset. in one has ever heard of eddie collins. when you think of legendary flyers do you think of ron hextall. his number is not retire. he won the best goal a ward.
7:40 am
>> you think eddie collins. >> no one knows who he is, that is the problem. >> we all know he was great. >> philadelphia a's, i mean come on i never saw a philadelphia a's game. >> what about what are we dealing with, we have mike schmidt, phillies and bernie parent. >> that is a tough one. >> you see, schmidty, the the thing everybody loves bernie because he is available all the time. >> he is a ladies man. >> how many times have you had mike schmidt the on your show. >> never. >> he has always been that kind of an athlete. what was his comment, you can play well but next day you lead how bad you were. bernie is every where. everyone loves bernie. i think bernie is just there because of his personality. >> so you think bernie will make it through this round. >> he won two cups. schmidt only got one world seer is. >> true. >> they were a long time ago. >> here's a good one. >> gerald ford was president. >> reggie white verse chase utley.
7:41 am
>> that is interesting too. >> what. >> reggie whiteys number is retired with, tennessee. first ballot hall of famer. but chase is bee loved in this town. >> yes. >> world fing champions. >> exactly. >> and, chase will get female vote. every girl loves chase utley. >> are women voting on this. >> i don't know, would i think. if i was a girl would i vote. >> yes. >> chase has always been with the phillies. when you think bit out of that core group that won in 2008 with chase, jimmy, ryan howard, chase will be the only guy that gets his number retired. >> i'm looking for other one herey like ai verse richie a ashburn. >> allen iverson verse ashburn good that is like duke verse warford. ai may runaway with this whole thing. >> brian dawkins verse bobby clarke. >> that is interesting too because eagles are beloved and up is a wolverine but bobby
7:42 am
clarke, bernie parent. when i was a kid growing up i had two idols, bobby clarke and doctor j. but dawkins, the eagles, they loved dawkins. >> speaking of doctor j he is up against moses malone. >> he will win that one. >> all they dock will say moses should win just because of the person he is. there is another one wilt chamberlain verse barkley. >> yes. >> my gosh. >> barkley, but you can take a picture of charles barkley on the street with funny people and wilt ape 19 would say i know barkley but not who the the other guy is. >> that is true. >> wilt chamberlain never married, no kid. never ever got married. >> but he had sex with 20,000 would men. >> no kids. >> okay. >> you can vote the second round, right now on my fox we want to know what you think. click on "good day philadelphia"'s greatest links right on the home page good matt cord what are you doing
7:43 am
for valentines day. >> i'm on the air, it is saturday, right. >> what happens when you get off. >> i'm doing a long show. >> i am going to the garden. >> if you aring there that is mike's place. >> inside joke. >> it looks like lower gasoline prices are getting people in the mood for love. >> yes good how fitting. >> it could mean more presents >> yes good how fitting. >> it could mean more presents for you this valentines day.
7:44 am
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that is all you are getting for now. that is what we call a tease but you have to watch on wednesday when you see the the rest of. that meantime back to this morning, it pretty much says it all, jennifer says ice on her car but street is okay in somerton. i think you'll fine had experience for a lot of will foulke. the ice any berks county, lancaster county. we are in the dry slot the in philadelphia as we look at radar and lehigh valley, it is tricky travel up there as well, we have heard about closings. schools are delayed as well. northeast extension and that area. we will go over to new jersey,
7:47 am
part of burlington county here it looks like we might be seeing some snow, maybe sleet or freezing rain. nothing much in the city at the the moment. winter weather advisory continues through tomorrow morning actually with this tricky travel kind of weather, it is a wintry mix of precipitation for us but the chance for tonight, some snow accumulating, it is good up in the mountains where we could get three to 5 inches of snow. visibility is an issue especially in south jersey, in dover delaware, wildwood, atlantic city we are socked in with fog this morning. there is a crazy weekend, 44 degrees was the high on saturday and 51 yesterday and with cooler air moving in we're seeing that mix of precipitation. so for today it is a high of 36, and then during that period it will be rain and then back to the mix tonight, and then, other headlines, about this week is a cold front comes through late on thursday and a wintry air mass, polar air mass, moving in just in time for valentines
7:48 am
day bob kelly. >> good morning everybody. 7:47. coming up at 7:48. live look at i-95. an accident southbound right at the ramps for commodore barry bridge. it looks like they have at least the left lane block there. if you are heading south past commodore barry from say ridley on down watch for a delay. then we have your typical northbound delay. jammo on the bennie coming into downtown stack up from the tolls into downtown here at eighth and vine. we are dealing with some fog, hit and miss out there and then live look at the boulevard southbound heavy from ridge avenue, kelly drive down through to the schuylkill expressway. on the new jersey turnpike, they put it the in a speed restriction here of 45 miles an hour and there is also an accident northbound at exit 7a. it sound like the further north you go up toward north jersey and new york, the the weather conditions are going to go downhill here. paratransit the septa system is running with the one hour delay because of the weather.
7:49 am
the entire septa system except regional rails kicked in a new timetable over weekend so grab a new scheduled for morning rush, mike abe alex, back to you. he did it. >> sure did at home too. >> at home. coach herb magee won his 1,000 game on saturday. >> he is only second coach to pick up 1,000 wins. >> there is a guy name coached k i know of who did it and so is herb a magee and jen is with him right now, hi jen. >> good morning to you guys. ridiculous, awesome, congratulations. >> thank you. >> there are a total of four much companyes. >> two in the ncaa and two in the nia. >> you had a bit of the blip on tuesday. i looked these boys in the the face when i was here. i said you've got to win. it was amaze to go whip at home in the division game right. >> exactly, a conference game. we got upset by wilmington team. other team was beating us early. our guys came back, responded. we were down by 30 points.
7:50 am
>> it first half looked ugly. >> it did. >> i was nervous. >> ask me assistant coach as i was saying to him we have major problems here. then our guys made a come back. >> dave montgomery, former governor ed rendell. >> yes. >> they came on tuesday night and then they came back. >> big fans of basketball and hopefully big fans of the football. i have known them both a long time. when mayor rendell was even district attorney he used to send his son to my camp. >> jesse, exactly. >> great kid. i have known ed rendell a long time. dave montgomery everybody knows dave montgomery you are talking about other guys. people are talking about you. how do you feel? do you feel good about this. >> i do now. i was relieved when the game was over. i have been telling everybody that. the the weight of the world is on your shoulder. packing the building. they are only here for one reason to see if i can go over a thousand wins. it is too much pressure to put on the players. if you ask my wife it is too much pressure to put on her
7:51 am
husband. we got it done. after that i was just more like inhaling and exhaling and now we have to come back. we have a game tomorrow. it shifts back the two reason why we won the first thousand. we have to start winning again. >> there was a great loss in the collegiate basketball community dean smith. i know you didn't know him well but a great guy, was lost over weekend. >> i met him very few occasions at coach's convention but as far as respect is concern if you ask any coach that coaches now, they would say that dean smith was one of the great fess not greats basketball coach of all time, innovator. he came up with a number of new things. i got his book. i had it taken apart and paper clipped in chapter. that is how difficult it was to read. so intricate. everything you need todd know about basketball is in that that by. >> i'm stealing from you later. we have to talk about it. >> we have a big week of
7:52 am
basketball. sixers, police at the let i can league half time, you have to check that out. >> i will. >> wednesday we will do a thing that people will see on tv with the 10:00 o'clock team. we will crush them. >> i believe that. >> have you work on your shot. >> no, i have not the. >> no. >> then your team might have a problem. >> we have mike jerrick f anybody knows how to play basketball. >> i played at university of kansas, dean smith played at the university of kansas. >> um-hmm. >> wilt? >> yeah, dean smith played, i believe thinks true he played on the same team with wilt, back in 1957 i think. >> talk about wilt. >> he didn't beat wilt, he wasn't coaching, frank maguire was coaching. >> there you go. >> now we will talk about hair dues. >> good. i will be on than show too. >> yeah. >> a number of things here. >> i think dean plate at the university of kansas with wilt
7:53 am
in 57. of course, wilt, overbrook high school. this was something elsie was going to say. oh, in town tonight the sixers will play probably the best team in the league golden state warriors, steph curry. i ran into his dad, dell curry, who can shoot that shot, sat kay night good he can what. >> it was friday night actually. shoot that shot. i will go out there. jeff will be playing for the police athletic league. >> big night then. >> huge. are stores selling used underwear the. the lingerie industry's dirty secret. how you can tell if the underwear your wearing right new was worn by somebody else. >> oh, my goodness.
7:54 am
7:55 am
7:56 am
this i find really hard to
7:57 am
believe. when i go to the store and buy underwear, somebody else could have been wearing it. >> what? >> it is used already. >> i don't want any part of this. seriously. tell us, what is this scandal in the lingerie industry. >> well, it turns out when you try something on at home and take it back to the the store sometimes they put it backup on the racks. it doesn't matter so much fit is a jacket but fit is underwear it is a problem. we have teamed up with a collogue, from rossum who does these great investigative reports. this is looked at it the a couple years back. this time around we'll if we will be on target. we are still able to catch lot of people putting these products back on the shelf. there is in way, that you will ever know if that long way you are trying on was tried on before you. since there are crazy things that might have gotten at it like e-coli and bacteria and stuff you don't want near your netter region i suggest thaw wash everything you buy, that will touch your skin in hot water before you put it honor
7:58 am
buy prepackaged so in one could have gotten in to it. >> this isn't people taking it home and returning it, this is just like trying it on at the store. >> no, it is both. people trying it on in the store, it is hard to prevent that. i'm talking about people that brought it on, wore it, and stapled will new tags on it and then it goes backup on the shelf. all policies, all of the great stores that we talk to about this, policy is not to do that. sometime ambitious clerk will stamp it and up it goes. why would they throw ate way. it looks new. >> are these smaller ones or big department stores, big chain stores. >> both, both, some of the big chains. they acknowledge that it happens. there is footage of this happening. it is not up for dean. they don't want to it happen. there are lots of employees. i'm in the trying to blame anybody. i can understand why it happens. big take away is what will do you bit. i hammer home the fact when
7:59 am
you buy underwear, watch the stuff. it feels better if you wash it once but make sure. we have found august war things inside of these clothing that is we examined. we will talk about it. >> this is why i don't wear underwear. >> i wonder fit is a same for bathing suits and should i buy on line. >> probably same thing. >> bathing suits are similar with one difference. the bathing suits for women they have a liner on the inside. so if that is missing, that liner is out of there, do not pick that up. people are using that when they try it on in the store to see fit looks good. it protects from it being dirty. you take it off and wear it, it doesn't county in more. >> later on in the week i noticed you are doing so how to look young are without going to a plastic surgeon. >> we have all these wonderful women who have age so brilliantly sharing their inside stories, ideas had caught me off guard. one of the biggest ones people
8:00 am
swear bias putting a moisture on while in the shower, before you dry yourself. argument is it heals in the moisture. when i'm talking about women looking 20, 30, 40 years younger. they have inadequacies no work done the at all. you want to look beautiful at 60. not look 20 when you are 60. >> they will do that on wednesday, so credit oz, always great to see you. >> thanks, my friend, enjoy the snow. good day, monday, february 9th, already, 2015. here we go. >> you heard about doctor on talk about snow that is happening in new york, not here, not the yet but it will turnout to be a messy monday. we will explain, coming up. okay. >> ♪
8:01 am
>> sam smith, he just conquers the the grammys. won four awards, we will recap best and worst moments from that night. >> quincy is at the grammys. >> yes, i have note slept. i'm going off have of 35 hours of just being up but i'm excited. guys, one grammy winner, he told me, his mother, pulled a kanye west on him. who was that? i will tell thaw coming up next. >> perfect. >> he looks like he has lost his tie. >> we're glad he is there. >> it is still buddond. >> yes. >> oh, boy hang around to watch that. >> he has been posting pictures with chris brown. >> yes, great the to live vicariously through him. >> how are you doing, sue. >> best day of my life. >> boom. >> i caught a told over the
8:02 am
weekend. let's talk about weather. >> here you go, say hi to the gang from thomas edison, the big house there, thomas edison state college in trenton, new jersey. you send us your muggy will send you one of ours. all you have to do they are piling up upstairs. we will send them out, autograph them by everybody here in the morning show. right here from trenton. we have a wintry mix. we're in a dry slot in fill. don't let that fool you because that there is more messy weather on the the way. we have a four out of ten. buddy is ready for whatever happened, that bright messy mix with temperatures in the 30's to get you started. look around allentown we have purple and pink up there it looks like sleet and freezing
8:03 am
rain. doctor oz mentioned new york city. they have a mix as well. 30 degrees. temperatures coming down from yesterday's high in the 50's. today, 36 if we're lucky. it will be slippery at times with this mix of precipitation. we are in the mid 20's overnight. that is your weather authority forecast. seven kay just ahead. here's bob kelly right now and you have some crowded roadway there. >> i-95 southbound an accident at commodore barry bridge. we are stack up with the far right lane getting through. anyone heading south from say airport area down toward the commodore barry, watch out for an accident also causing that gaper delay on the north bound side. delays on the freeway coming in toward philadelphia we are bumper to bumper on the ben franklin bridge from the camden side up and over into downtown. now an accident north on the new jersey turnpike right at exit 7a, and is there also a speed restrictions, in play here on that entire stretch of
8:04 am
the turnpike, in wilmington an accident, 495, northbound, at 12th street and crash i am bound at martin luther king drive at ben franklin parkway. kelly drive stack up as well. the for gang leaving royersford and collegeville, slow go on 422, down to 14 miles an hour, again, slower than normal as weather certainly taking its toll. paratransit running with one hour delays, mass transit system no delays at the moment but they implemented a new schedule over the the weekend. mike and alex, back to you. bobbi kristina bob, fights for her life in an atlanta hospital many are wondering how this happened, including police. tmz reports is there a criminal investigation underway and it centers around her boyfriend nick gordon a cording to the tmz law enforcement sources they are looking into a possible altercation between brown and gordon more than an hour before she was found face down in the bathtub.
8:05 am
>> she had some marks on her body like there was a dispute. how about about this startling new information over the weekend, bruce jenner's publicist says that the -- that he was not texting while driving when he got into a deadly crash in malibu over the weekend. she says that the publicist says, that bruce will provide his cell phone records if requested by investigators. is there a los angeles county sheriff's office says that they will likely seek cell phone record for all of the drivers there were four cars involve. to determine if distract driving played any role in this crash. a woman died in this accident, in malibu on pacific coast highway over the weekend. >> in his first comment, jenner called the crash a devastating tragedy and extended his conn column answers to the victim's loved once. vowed to cooperate with the investigation in every way
8:06 am
possible. >> joan rivers was honored by the grammy people yesterday for the first time. she earn best spoken word album or cd for audio version of her memoirs. >> her daughter melissa spoke about the honor on the red carpet. >> it is a difficult moment, a little bitter sweet, she was nominated once for perfect comedy album, never for any of her other books. now, she does win. but it is wonderful how, wonderful it is, to get so much attention now and people are understanding what she was all about. >> as you know, her mom died, in september. that is her son, 14 years old, standing next to her. >> melissa's son. >> yes. >> cute kid. >> yes. >> it was great they gave that to joan. >> all right. >> how about this, nbc anchorman brian williams, you saw what he did after his, he work on friday night, on the night thely news and said he
8:07 am
will step aside for a few days. but brian williams still making news, as of this morning. he released a statement saying that he was stepping away from the anchor desk for several days but what exactly does that mean? meanwhile nbc officials a say that they are conducting an internal investigation of brian williams. brian reportedly, has also canceled an upcoming appearance on david letterman's show. he is supposed to be on the letterman show later this week. he said he will not do it. >> taking a couple days away. >> so lester holt, who does weekend today show will be anchoring tonight on the nightly news on nbc. 8:07. we have another chance for power ball this weekend. >> how much is it now. >> 450 million-dollar. how do you like to say, half a billion dollars. >> half a billion dollars. >> either way you say it, the sound good. >> this is one of the highest jackpots in the power ball history. >> yes. >> next chance will be
8:08 am
wednesday night, we have sometime. >> yes. >> okay. >> but there are people that won less, power ball gave out 30 million to winners saturday night, so, you have to check your ticket because you might have the wick numbers. >> five, ten, 21, 34, 58, and power ball number 33. >> there they are on the screen. >> we have 30 people that won a million-dollar each. >> i'm sure they are like man, if i had to picky would have pick to win the the 450 million, not 1 million. >> i have a question. >> i would be grateful. >> would you take the million, guarantied million over the the 450 million. >> you mean guarantied million or go back and get a chance. >> i will take the guarantied million. >> of course, you would. >> i don't care of being a millionaire. >> you are a gambling man. >> would i take that millwright now. after taxes it will be about $600,000y will take that. >> hey, hey, hey. >> seen the pictures, three local brothers are getting national attention after recreating their childhood, this is so cool.
8:09 am
how they came up with the the idea and how they pull it off, it is recreating calendars that you gave your parents, right, 30 years later. i don't know if i would get in the tup with my sister. >> yes. >> you you know. >> for all of the couples out there apparently you're spending more this year on valentines day. but why? we will tell you one thing you you are not spending as much on that is leaving extra cash in your pocket.
8:10 am
fact. fast-acting advil is designed with an ultra-thin coating and fast absorbing advil ion core technology
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stopping headaches and other tough pain. fast. relief doesn't get any better than this. advil. with pain relief, we're all at the corner of "relief is good"...and "fast relief is better." good thing walgreens gets you in and out in no time... so you can find relief fast, with solutions like advil. at the corner of happy and healthy.
8:12 am
new england is bracing again for another winter storm. much of that region is under ape winter storm warning through tomorrow. it could bring as much as 2 feet of snow in some era yas. this is third major storm for new england in just two weeks. so schools, and offices in the affect areas have been closed as the storm gets ready to move n we are getting all of
8:13 am
it. we are in the seeing anything. >> this last year, we got hit over and over again too. >> yes. >> we're just missing it every time. >> we are just, far enough south that we have seen to being on the line between snow and rain and that is case again today. that puts us in a icy situation with the wintry mix. here's a similar experience to a lot of people this morning. from jenny, went to work south of a allentown to easton. mains were clear but secondary ramps were icy. so that could be your experience as well traveling around your morning. and it is very icy now with this next round of precipitation moving in the lehigh valley, and berks county, as well as mountains, and north of there is some snow but this is where it is trick a long northeast extension heading up toward allentown and along i78 as well. so be careful, especially as bob will tell you on on and off ramps.
8:14 am
across the river in new jersey around plumstead and burlington county as well as back out west around reading we will see light precipitation but it is slippery, winter weather advisory continues through tomorrow, for all of the area that are highlighted in purple there and then freezing rain advisory out in lancaster this morning. so it is a mixed precipitation for us and by tonight when we see temperatures get colder it the looks like we will get decent accumulations in the the mountains three to 5 inches and maybe couple inches north of news bucks county. fog is your other challenge this morning one and a half mile visibility in mount pocono and less than 2 miles in atlantic city, until millville, wildwood and dover as well. so yesterday, how about yesterday, 51 degrees, it was pretty nice but it is gone, gone, gone because temperatures now are below freezing and that is causing those problems this morning. only good thing we can say ace a lot of people that are not getting anything right new but that won't be the case for the
8:15 am
rest of the day. expect that wintry mix to return for you and maybe some snow flakes lingering into tomorrow morning and then sunshine in the afternoon. it looks tease event on wednesday and most only thursday. it comes through. this will blast in from really arctic air, so, a cold heart, on saturday, which is valentines take with a high of 29, bob kelly. >> cold hand means warm heart. >> that is true. >> cold on the outside we will be warm on the inside. bridge lights east on 422, a crawl from royersford through collegeville, all the way into king of prussia, backed up on the bennie coming into downtown. i-95 heavy as well south between academy and cottman. weather delays about a 120 here at the airport. check with your airline. 120 minutes delays at philly international. an accident south on i-95 right here near comma dough barry bridge. one lane is open, on the southbound side, on the new jersey turnpike, speed
8:16 am
restrictionness play. an accident north bound at exit number 7a. for the gang from wilmington, 495 north an accident at 12th street. if you stay with 95 you will avoid that delay and a trash coming into town on the, martin luther king drive it is on the i am bound side right before you get to the ben franklin parkway. mike and alex, back over to you. >> bob, thank you. look at you. >> i know. >> yes. you will be getting a lot of those this weekend. >> consumers are spending more cash this year, then in over ten years on valentines day. because you know, the the economy is doing better, right. >> yes. >> if you use it, you might the want to look for a different option. >> turbo taxis making people crazy, dan ricoto is here. thanks for bringing in the roses. >> happy valentines. >> are you a flower or candy. >> i prefer flower. >> sue. >> candy. >> candy if it is my favorite
8:17 am
kind. >> mike, you are candy. >> how sweet of you. >> happy valentines. >> mike said spending will be up 6 percent this year. >> why? >> because economy is doing a little bit better but all of those pen is saving at the pump, some of them you are putting in tour life life because we will spend more. $144 on average this year then has year. >> $144, each of us spend on our loved one. >> here's the interesting thing accounts guys, men will spend 190 bucks . women only 96. men will spend double. remember, double, honey don't get me anything. >> you don't mean that. >> you can make that mistake once and then you are on your second marriage 567893 percent have of folks are going old school, chocolate, can i. 38 percent will go flowers. 189 mill roses will meet their make they are week. a billion card will be exchanged in this country. >> i haven't given a valentines day card in 30 years. >> really what do you give,
8:18 am
mike. >> all this. >> oh, my goodness. >> that is right, all this right here. >> what a gift. >> happy to know that 21 per isn't of consumers give their pet a gift of romance for valentines day. what, we will do background checks on them later i guess. 21 percent of their consumers give their pets a valentines day. >> i had no idea. i saw two dogs having a lovely valentines dinner. >> yes. >> lady in the tramp. >> i get the sense we don't that have footage. >> or we cannot show it. >> no, we don't. >> we talk bit three times in the meeting, right. three times we talk about it in the meeting. >> gift of life. the gift of life. >> why do we have the meeting. why do we have the the meet agent 10:30 if we don't do what we say we will do. >> no, let's stay with this because maybe it will get solve. i'm kidding. the here's the deal. each driver will save $750. according to the the visa
8:19 am
survey, 25 percent of that money will be spent, 25 percent will pay off credit cards. 50 percent holding on to right now. there is this extra money trickling in the the economy. valentines day is third biggest holiday by spending, right. >> what is this. >> yes. >> after christmas and thanksgiving. and just ahead of easter. it is a big deal. hall a mark holiday but we have bought into it. >> fellows don't want to get in trouble. >> no, we want to have sex. >> um, what? >> if you don't get the thing, then you will not have sex. it is a guilt thing. >> is that what it is, i don't know. >> really, yes. >> alcohol works well. >> you want to tie tonight to turbo tax. >> well, this turbo tax thing, explain that to me. 80 million people, their personal information, including social security numbers, health care record. >> yes, they have all been lifted by hackers, right, in the anthem network which is a california health care network. 80 million people good tell me about turbo tax.
8:20 am
>> what happened was they were fraudulent filings going into the state level. didn't involve pennsylvania, new jersey or delaware that we know of. but you these filings were flagged, turbo tax pull back and said we will not file anymore state returns. over the weekend they have announced that they think they fix the the problem. here's the the deal. every two seconds this is an identity theft in this country. >> every big two secretaries. >> thinks a big deal. you have to protect yourself. remember, in the old days we used paper. we don't use paper anymore to file our tax return. we use electronic filing. the this is part of the problem. >> change your pass war. whatever it is. thinks the world we live in now, guys. >> you the the man. >> thanks, dan. >> thanks. >> happy valentines. >> my first and only valentines gift. >> really thanks for the special packaging. >> yes. >> you went all out. >> that is my favorite gas station. >> it is okay. >> let's share some wine. >> hoping to have a little
8:21 am
wine on valentines day? drink up, very special surprising health benefits how a glad of wine could replace your daily gym routine. >> would i take that over the gym any day. >> i would drink at the my gym.
8:22 am
8:23 am
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8:24 am
we were talking about drinking coffee. it might be a good thing. the it the might reduce women's risk of getting cancer. british study shows women who drink four cups of coffee a day had 18 percent letter risk of getting cancer. researchers aren't sure what the link is, because coffee reduces estrogen levels change balance have of hormones in women's bodies. >> you know. >> four cups, that is a lot. >> i'm in the big that. >> i'm more of a tea drinker. maybe turf switch. if wine is your speed, researchers say drinking could help you burn fat more efficiently especially in the liver. it might come from the chemical found in the certain grapes. none in wine drinkers might get benefit from drinking grape juice or eating fruit.
8:25 am
it comes from oregon state university. you have to choose between grape juice or wine, wine is more fun. >> more fun, yeah. >> but great juice is good. >> benefits of grapes, yeah. there is a new treat out there, you may see popping up, at doughnut shops. you know, they are always messing with the the doughnut. >> yes. >> we're introducing to you pop tart doughnuts. >> really. >> this is from this was created by san diego's doughnut bar. bob kelly jumped up. he a said what is this. >> i like it. >> it the combines the toaster pastry with a deep fried doughnut. >> yes i'm sure bob would have some jell any there. >> red velvet oreo stuffed doughnut covered in cream cheese icing. >> they lay a pop tart on top of the doughnut. >> but then you fry it. >> and it all melts together. >> we need samples. >> we need sample. >> we would love some samples. >> it is only had happening in san diego but need to spread
8:26 am
here. >> this should be interesting this man has been all night. he went to the grammys. he is in los angeles. the it is 5:25. quincy. >> wake up. >> what happened to your tie. why is your top button button. >> i was going for the the cool look. it is not so cool being up 30 hours. the that is what is going on. guess what, a grammy award winner, his mother pulled a kanye west on him. winner, his mother pulled a kanye west on him. who is it find out after
8:27 am
brookside chocolate now has a crunch. brookside crunchy clusters - crispy multi-grains and sweet fruit-flavored pieces dipped in rich dark chocolate. discover brookside crunchy clusters.
8:28 am
8:29 am
it looks snowy in the poconos mountains this morning as they should and they probably have some new snow, new natural snow, on the ground by this time tomorrow morning. several inches possible up there. but for us it is just a wintry mix, that is not even here
8:30 am
right now in the city. but there are plenty of places where it is slippery and some of that very light sleet, freezing rain spreading into chester county, montgomery county here, lehigh valley looks to be particularly slippery this morning. 30 degrees, kind have of foggy this morning. it feels like 20 thanks to those 14 miles an hour winds. so we have gotten below freezing when precipitation comes back, we could have some icy conditions, around. so especially untreated surfaces. we have to get up to 37 degrees and then back over to the windry mix tonight with a low temperature in the mid 20's. so that takes care of your monday, which will eventually, even if it isn't just yet become a messy monday for you. we will talk bill proms in the seven day forecast, which is just ahead, and then what is ahead for val tines weekend. we have all that from the weather authority. bob kelly, seeing any problems on the road yet with the
8:31 am
slipperiness. >> we have not had any icy problems but we have normal jams here. southbound on i-95 from academy down toward girard. backed up on bennie in the downtown heavy from the camden side into center city. we have had reports of hat the bureau of some icy, that fine glass, not like on the doughnut icy glaze on the windshield, so from hatboro we will call it that turnpike and then north and west all the way uppile through the lehigh valley. add a few extra minutes to warm up the car. put windshield defroster on. weather delays at philly international. hold on to your coffee cup, one hour, 20 minute delays. check with the the airline. that will have a ripple effect during the rest of the the day down there at philly international. we had an accident southbound on i925 south near commodore barry bridge. north on 495, watch for a crash in wilmington right here near 12th street. we have a crash on the martin luther king drive inbound at ben franklin parkway. everybody is running with no
8:32 am
delays except for paratransit system which is running with one hour delays. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> thank you, guys. >> ♪ the. >> you survived the grammys, lets find out if quincy has survived. he has been up for 30 hours. are you awake, quincy. >> it is 5:32 in los angeles and there is quincy harris.
8:33 am
>> yeah, i'm up. i'm up. it was an amazing night, in music, yes, it was so many things going on. let's just start with last night. last night, philly was just strong. the roots they do a four day roots jam. that was i believe monday through thursday. bunch of artists come out, and perform with the routes route. last night i run into marcia, because she's the reason i got to the grammys. i ran into meek in mill. meek mill had a party last night. i will tell but that next hour. there was so many people at this meek million in million party. french monday tan, charlie mack, unofficial mayor of philadelphia, it was a great, great time. you know who elsie ran into, i ran into a grammy award winner but this grammy award winner was a actor on the cosby show.
8:34 am
you will remember theo, malcolm jamal warner, won a grammy. i caught up with him on saturday. >> that is in the him good there he is. >> nervousness of evening with a grammy. >> check this out. >> it is very exciting. my mom said, look baby, you don't need to do 20 years to get a grammy nomination. it has been nice to be validated. >> and he actually won for smoke and water, and i was just wondering does he sing. >> yes, he doesn't sing he does spoken word. he is one for poetry. i didn't even know. i had no clue. but he does that. >> he won a game, theo, gordon catreal real short. this meek mill party though,
8:35 am
guys. i had to leave. i had to leave because i had to come here to our l.a. affiliate. but there were so many things going on. next hour you will find out the celebrity that i saw stumbling through the party. i will give you a hint. it is one of mike jerrick's favorite people in the world. >> ariana grande was stumbling. >> it is a guy. >> it is a guy. >> is the party going on now, quincy. >> yes, yes, the party is stilling on. >> it was massive. >> next hour i will tell you the lengthy saw stumbling in the party. within of mike jer-rick's favorite guys of all time. >> maybe it is justin beiber. >> beiber, kendrick lemar or drake, one of those three. hey, black dresses they were all over last night but what about that, a lot of black dresses, but what about,
8:36 am
what did rihanna have on? what was that? what is this? is that some kind of a snow fence that women was wearing. >> i don't know. >> we will talk about the biggest fashion hits and misses but first lauren. >> i think she looked like she was wear a loofa. they were not all about the the fashion, there was a they were not all about the the fashion, there was a bigger
8:37 am
narrator: gas prices are down, helping middle class families. but now, the white house wants to impose title ii regulations
8:38 am
on your internet meaning new government taxes and fees. every month: you'd pay more. 11 billion dollars a year in new taxes and fees. internet freedoms can be protected with the white house and congress working together, but imposing new tax increases through public utility style regulations will hurt middle class families let's protect the internet we love without regressive taxes and fees. no to title ii.
8:39 am
party in the front, business in the back. >> grammys took a moment last night to focus on a important topic. >> with the help of the president, the award show addressed domestic violence. so lauren is in the social media center to show how how the producer did that during the show. >> show took a break from music, make up, fashion fun to take a more serious tone.
8:40 am
it was the president, as you said, who started the conversation in the prerecorded video speaking about violence against women. >> together we can change our culture for the better by ending violence against women and girls. right now, nearly one in five women in america has been a victim of rape or attempted rape. more than one in four women has experienced some form of domestic violence. it is not okay. it has to stop. >> the message is part of the president it is on us campaign. he says artist has the the power to change mine. but they shared their personal story in a powerful testimony. all this was followed by a katie perry performance that focused on the issue. >> ♪
8:41 am
>> record ago contacted my behind the grammys previously had said they would love to have artist share their message and focus on social commentary. social media was buzzing because during this moment some people were distract known chris brown, and his ex-rean a were in the audience. it was actually before the 2009 grammys when their situation went public with this assault that happened in the car. he was getting backlash over that. >> a little controversy. >> it was six years ago. >> he is not only artist accused of domestic violence that type of thing. >> but good moment. >> yes. >> it was great. very well done the way they dit. the katie's perry's performance. >> she looked so different. he showed up at the event. >> with purple hair. >> she looked great in her purple hair. >> but then came out with her black hair. >> she didn't want to be distracting, focusing on the message good not to be flipant
8:42 am
but, the president was so shiny, don't they have make up artists at the the white house. put some powder. >> i was listening to what he was saying not focusing on his skin. >> i was actually watching, the sound was down. >> that is probably why. >> well, they say don't play with your food, but we are extending the rules for national bagel day, how about a bagel stacking challenge. i challenge you, mike, who can stack those bagels, i guess how many. >> really. >> you want to have a bagel stacking contest. >> is what the best part, it is for a g
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
black history month is a chance to learn about african americans shaped the history of our country and a chance on see how one person's actions impacts, an entire nation. >> so today we will take a look at a life of and also very happy birthday to alice walker. walker is best men for pulitzer prize award winning novel the color purple. perfecter works include meridian and revolutionary, and other poems. walk are began writing at
8:46 am
eight and completed her first book of poetry while a student at sarah lawrence college. she works as an editor for, miss magazine. before moving to california in, 1970 and she met martin lieutenant are king junior in the early 60's and work in mississippi as a civil rights activist. happy birthdays, alice walker. >> all right. it is now time for one sue serio. >> we have the color purple on our map this morning. do you like that segway? you are welcome. that does not mean good things. it means frozen precipitation in the lehigh will valley in particular, slippery on i78, a along the the northeast extension, as well, potentially, i necessity those roads have been treated but, there is more precipitation on the way, moving in, from west to east. the good news is a lot of us are dry this morning. you just can't be sure it will stay that way all day, that is why we have a winter weather
8:47 am
advisory in east affect all the way through tomorrow morning. this system is a stall in our area and will give us mix of precipitation. we have poor visibility in the mountains and in south jersey, it is not too easy to get around. we have several challenges if you don't have the the rain you probably have the the fog. here are your temperatures below freezing every where, philadelphia north, and west, and we've got below freezing temperatures that have gotten down to millville and wilmington. the storm is bringing in some colder air. so we may get backup to the mid 30's before all is said and done and maybe you will see a little bit of rain but the mix comes back tonight and we are down to 29 degrees and then up to 42 during the day on tuesday. it looks okay on wednesday, mess of thursday, and then thursday, night a strong cold front blasts in with really cold air, high of 23 on friday. we will stay in the cold through valentines day weekend. just another excuse to snug he
8:48 am
will up bob kelly. >> find your snug he will up there you go this weekend. good morning. live look at the freeway. not bad as we have had early morning jams. it looks like rush hour is overcoming from south jersey. same deal with the bennie, everybody got an early start this morning. they gave themselves some extra time because of the weather conditions this morning. new traffic pattern if you are traveling out on 422, between 100 the stowe interchange and then inbound on that schuylkill expressway about a 25 minute trip right new south on i-95 big jam from woodhaven to downtown about a 42 minute trip and then reports of some icing hatboro up to the lehigh valley, give yourself few extra minutes to warm the car up and put that defroster on and expect delays at the airport, philly international running with within hour 20 minute delays on arrivals and departures because of the weather this morning, mike and alex, back over to you. gina says mike you need to give alex something really nice for valentines day.
8:49 am
>> gina, you are my new best friend good what do you think i should get alex, gina. >> i guess you don't give card you will not give me the card. >> no. >> what would you get me. >> i will come up with something. >> he is not getting me anything guys but come on, he is in the getting me anything. he is like moving on. >> moving on. >> did you see ferrell last night, he was giving taylor swift a little side eye did you notice it. >> look at it. >> seriously. >> you are way too excited and take that level ten and bring it down to a level three. >> i'm tired of it myself. >> she's so young. >> she's 12. >> she's very high spirited. she likes to dance in the front row at the grammys. >> but he is not feeling a lot of her moves there. this is a vine video, viewed by nearly 3 million people. >> 3 million people viewed that since last night.
8:50 am
>> yes, the side eye. >> how about kanye west he went up on the stage, i will let you finish, he kind of mocks that famous moment back when beck received his award. it was kind of funny. good move by can use. >> yes. good move by can use. >> yes. >>
8:51 am
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no. uh-huh-huh! big owes babe is in florida's history. 14-pound, 1 ounce. >> baby avery was a big surprise in more ways than one. the mother a says she didn't even know she was pregnant until her third trimester. >> no nausea, vomiting, i didn't gain any weight. i was working. >> i was shock. i didn't believe it at all. i thought she was playing.
8:54 am
>> when i saw his head come out i knew he was bigger than 10-pound. >> i bet she felt it. >> yeah. >> she's a nurse and doesn't necessity she's pregnant. good night nurse. look at the the size of this kid. >> he is cute. >> he is, happy, healthy boy. he eats a lot, of course. double the amount of a normal new born. >> now while she was giving birth she did make a statement, did you hear what she said. she said ouch. >> i would be saying that too. >> i have to say maybe she paid for it, she said she wasn't queasy, she wasn't upset, she didn't know what was happening. >> they are like you will do this. >> you could be pregnant right now and don't even know it. >> i dent think that is possible. >> immaculate. >> we will take a break. >> immaculate. >> we will take a break. >> okay, fine.
8:55 am
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8:58 am
that actually aired, all that stuff. >> it did. >> we have done all those things. >> we have fun. >> hello, lauren. >> how are you. >> good morning. >> her hair is on fleak. >> yes. >> you have to ask me what. >> we had a grammy party or what is going on here. it looks like you have lingerie on under a out. >> like i woke up and just
8:59 am
came to work. >> yes. >> somebody else told me that when i walk into work. >> it is called a camesol. >> yes. >> it is too sleek for worky love every second of it. >> i will put it in the pile where it is do not wear again. >> i just wondering where were you. >> i was asleep last night. >> yes. >> hey, good day, it is monday, january the ninth, 2015. so kanye west almost has another taylor swift moment on how he mock his infamous vma moment. plus his shocking comments about beck's win, after the show. >> or not so shocking for kanye west. >> i was surprise that had beck won as well good and here's the big question when it comes to grammy fashion, what did you think of rihanna's look. >> nothing. >> nothing.
9:00 am
>> her head good well, look at that. >> what is that. >> but she's object a bunch of best dressed list this morning. >> i like it. >> we have hits and misses from the the red carpet. >> no way you like that. >> i like that pink thing. >> what? >> i did. >> i did not the good did you like it, alex. >> in. >> you have seen pictures, three local brothers getting national attention, because they recreated pictures for their mom. bathtub one is weird but how they came up with the idea that is taking internet by storm. >> kid always put together a calendar, you know, and then recreate it 30 years later. >> they were committed. we will do this all the way. >> yes. >> here's is what hot and nice. >> all right. >> soul singer sam smith is on at nine, last night's big win are, how many grammys did he get. >> four. >> including record of the year and best new artist. he beat out iggy azalea a a lot of people were ke


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