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tv   Fox 29 News at 6PM  FOX  February 11, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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never less, they are happy that this person is off the streets. this man 26-year-old reginald green is now arrested on attempt the rape aggravated indecent assault recent lated charges accused of a brutal attack on 2784 old woman inside jefferson station monday afternoon. >> he basically basically pummeled her. he beat her with his fists. kick her repeatedly she suffer injuries to her face. >> philadelphia police say the woman did not know green but met him on the 1400 block of arch street looking for directions. >> this young lady is not from the area. happened to be down there unrelated business. happened to be in center city. and ultimately resulted in extended period of time together. >> reporter: talking for about their minutes. police say he walked her all the way into jefferson station at tenth and physical we are streets in center city. septa officials say the two got on a public elevator and went down to the train platform. that's where he led her to a restricted track section behind this gate where the assault took
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place. >> it was unbelievably 1:00 o'clock in the afternoon you feel safe. report roar commuter who's take trains every day at jefferson are still in shock two days later. >> you just have to keep your eyes and ears open at all times. >> you hope anyone would help you noisily with directions but you never know were you're getting yourself into these days days. >> the woman was found bleeding on the floor and rushed to jefferson university hospital. the suspect ran off and was picked up on numerous surveillance cameras and soon arrested on different matter but cops knew they had seen him before. >> septa police recognized this male. someone that they had made contact with in the past. that was a key component in that we were able to develop him almost immediately. >> reporter: we've learned from police green had actually just been row leased from a previous arrest before this attack happened on monday. police also tell us that again has been arrested 11 times and has a case relating to assault in his past.
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in the mean too many worry toll the victim is still being treated for her injuries. iain? >> all right, dave, thank you. president obama wants congress to do something it has not done more than dozen years. formally authorize military force against terror group isis. the president says a large deployment of us troops won't be necessary in this battle and there won't be boots on the ground unless absolutely necessary to protect national security. but it could take some time to bring isis down. under his proposal he wants to authorize the military on this mission for throw years. this resolution reflects our core object tiff to destroy isol isol. it supports the comprehensive strategy we've been pursuing with our allies and our partners partners. systemic and sustained campaign of air strikes against isol in iraq and syria. >> the president's announcement comes avenue the death of american hostage kayla mueller was confirm. mueller was kill at the hands of the islamic militants.
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>> northwest philadelphia police are looking for two men who shot a man in the back. he was trying to get away at the time. the victim told police the two men walk up to him saturday afternoon on the 5500 block of north second street in olney. he says he thought they were going to rob him so he took off running and that is when they pull out guns and shot him in the back. he was able to duck into a local bar before police arrived. now, they say he's going to be okay and they're now on the hunt for the men who shot him. happening right now, we are just moments away from the space x rocket launch. so we go live to cape canaveral right now on the pad tacony-palmyra falcon nine rock. on top of it a weather observatory called discover. it's going to be propelled deep into space lift off is just seconds away. this is the third try and the last window until february february 20th. now, space x we'll try to land first stage of its rock on platform in the ocean weather has been too rough. let's listen to the countdown right now. >> five, four, three two one
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zero and lift off. the falcon takes flight. propelling to deep space climate observatory on a million mile journey to protect our planet earth. >> all right. you heard him say protect our planet earth. let me explain that. when nasa, noaa and the air force designed discover to watch for really strong solar storm that is could knock out power grids and satellites. you know sometimes here and there your cell phone service can get interrupted in fact a big solar flare a new year's back knocked part of kenya off the grid -- camden off the grid. this is locking out for that type of stuff. i never get tired of looking at the power of things like this. all right. don't get used it to. temperatures are about to take another plunge. we're tracking our neck round of snow. chief meteorologist scott williams is live in old city tonight with what we are
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expecting. can you top a rock launch. that was incredible. glad the weather cooperated, too, lucy. weather in old city not that bad. we're dry, we're quiet but cold and, yes, as we look at ultimate doppler see we're looking ahead at our next storm system it's a fast moving clipper not expected to bring whole lot of snow our way tomorrow. the bigger story is going to be the threat of bone chilling wind chills. you can see the clock by lunch time watching a few sprinkles. some flurries some snow squalls. wind will be picking up during the afternoon and evening and those temperatures will be dropping. once again not anticipating a lot with that system boys cher wise. 20's retama in atlantic city. 28 allentown. mid 30s right now in philadelphia. tonight lows in the 20's and teens. we'll watch that clipper for tomorrow and then frigid conditions by friday with highs only in the 20s. but coming up find out when to expect highs only in the teens and low temperatures overnight that we haven't seen in february in about two decades when i come
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indoors. back to you. >> all right, scott, thank you. the crown taken away from winners lull logue world series. dawn tim money knee is live on our newsroom what they're accused of doing to better their chances of winning dawn. >> iain little league officials say jackie robinson west all stars violated the rules by having players on their roster who live outside their geographic boundaries. officials say they used a falsified map to row krout them from other neighborhoods to make it look like they were eligible. the team manager suspend ton suspended and a lot of possible feeling very bad for chicago players. >> you want to see youth sports arrive in inner city environments and i was rooting for them. >> david the owner of everybody hits philadelphia batting cages at fifth and girard. like many fans across the country he was cheering on jackie robinson west for the tile. the first team in chicago in 31
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years to make the little league world series. because a feel good story. but then the team stripped of its title. >> you also want fairness, and that's a big part of little league baseball. you want to win on even terms. >> ralph saunders 15 your old plays little league locally. is still trying to perfect his swing. saunders feels bad for the chicago players because they didn't do anything wrong. he says it was the adults. >> you like to see them winning on the field and that's were they did. and you hate to so something come up in the back end but rules are rules. if you break that many you got to pay the penalty. report roar the taken know dragons who lost to that chicago team they're from south philadelphia. releasing a statement tonight in part it says the decision boy little league international will in had way effect the level of row spec that we have for the jrw players. on the field they competed with discipline and class and played the game the right way. off the field they carried themselves as gentlemen and
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represented their city and their families as well. they should be proud of their accomplish manies. little league officials said back in december they reviewed the roster after another chicago team complained but found to residency violations. citing new information officials met on tuesday in williamsport pennsylvania where the series is played and decided that jackie robinson west knowingly expanded its boundaries to include they are to they are belonged to other league in the district. that title now going to the mountain ridge little league team in las vegas. iain? >> dawn, thank you. pennsylvania governor tom wolf wants higher taxes on natural gas to help the state's public schools. the governor says he's pushing for 5% severance tax on natural gas drilling. he says the tax could produce $1 billion a 84. that money would help restore public school funding. the severance tax is model after the one currently in place in west virginia. >> put the paterno statue back up that's what new poll suggests
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suggests. the quinnipiac university poll 69% of of people surveyed want them to put ill back up. that statue had been outside beaver stadium but the school took it down in 2012 after jerry sanduskyjerusalem sanjerrysandusky molestation convict. they restored 112 wins to the football team plus his status as the winning yesterday coach in major college football. >> live changing that's one way to describe what winning tonight tonight's paw ball jackpot could mean for anyone. >> half billion dollars. >> that's a lot. >> it's a fifth largest jackpot prize in us history and those folks in middletown township bucks county are getting in on the game. jackpot is this big because no one has won it in more than two months. if you win and you don't have to share, your options. you can get the five hadn't dread million over next their years my us in taxes of course. or in one lump sum taking home
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337 million fantastic dollars. >> lump sum. >> you and me both. speaking of fantastic things local couple still going strong after almost 60 years of marriage g they fell in love through letters. they're mazing story and how they are keeping their love alive today. >> and she made headlines around the world after lung surgery forced federal officials to take look at organ donor rules but today it's all about sarah murnaghan's mom. the bigger honor she got in philly today. >> howard. >> charles barkley he's had it again. today's subject analytic. what college basketball loses another coaching legend. that's coming up in sports.
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thank you for being a sailor, and my daddy. thank you mom, for protecting my future. thank you for being my hero and my dad. military families are thankful for many things. the legacy of usaa auto insurance could be one of them.
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our world-class service earned usaa the top spot in a study of the most recommended large companies in america. if you're current or former military or their family, see if you're eligible to get an auto insurance quote. delaware county mom being honored as part of women's of
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the row month. >> for her courage in the battle for her daughter's life. the delaware county council awarded janet murnaghan from newtown square annual woman of achieve many award. center pat too many mow nom knitted her. her daughter sarah noded lung transplant in may of 2013. grabbed worldwide headlines. sarah wasn't rebelly? because was younger her 12. her mother pushed to change the transplant p.m. see getting the lungs sr. rah desperately needed. sarah is so proud of her mom. >> i just wanted to thank everyone you lecked my mom for this award. and i just hope that all the other kids waiting for lungs and other different types of organs get a fair chance to get their organs too. >> well spoken. the council gave sarah a certificate of recognition today for her bravery. she is still going through
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rehabilitation to troy to gain all that strength back. her mother says it is just wonderful to see her doing things other girls do like riding her bike and swimming in the pool. congratulations to them both. >> absolutely. >> valentine's day this weekend we're sharing some of your stories of roman. >> fox 29's karen hepp has more on delaware couple looking back on their love almost six decades later. >> val tins day just around the corner so we're anything about things romantic today. we communicate with an e-mail a tech message. but i'm going to take you back about 60 years ago. to a time of love letters and introduce you to the engles. >> ethel is beautiful inside and outside. >> old hands a story of young life. sid and ethel in nan tuck back in 19 vick. quickly their summer love blossomed into a long distance romance thanks to twice weekly love letters and they still have every single one. >> what a delicious thought. i think i'll sit here and savor
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it for will. >> ethel says she now sid was the one the second she laid eyes on him. >> you know, i just did. right from the first time i met him. the first day. >> three children, four grandchildren and their adventures are continuing. now 81 and 84, they still dance cheek to cheek at their retirement community in hokessin delaware at the big dances the same way theofed to wow the company toil i don't knows. >> i consider this a love nest and closeness that we have here daily closeness. this is a blessing. >> what's the secret? >> commitment. communication and say i love you. say i love you often. and mean it. >> and sid says don't use words that create scars or that are permanently painful. keep your love precious.
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>> i was the luckiest guy in the world to find her. >> share your valentine's stories and we'll share some of them this weekend on fox 29 weekend. use that #fox29weekend. we'll put are your become chess and your photos on stories on tv tv. >> room karen hepp, fox 29. >> is that not the greatest thing ever. >> 60 years. >> for fox 29 winter wet authority now. >> scott, what you got. >> we have cold temperatures on the way and some snow. we could flirt with records records that we haven't seen in february and get this, two decades. how about that? 35 degrees right now. so it's not as harsh and look at this. the wind it's calm so the feels like temperature the same as the air temperature. we were in the upper 30s for high temperatures today. the normal for this time of year is 43 degrees and look, in 2009, we were close to 70 degrees on today's date. wouldn't that be noise? ultimate doppler right now showing us quite conditions for the philadelphia area but off to
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the north and west we're watching a little bit of moisture with that clipper that will be blowing through our area tomorrow after non and evening with a couple of flurries and snow squalls perhaps few showers down the shore. temperatures tomorrow afternoon will climb into the upper theirs to near 40 degrees. but in the wake of this front, we're going to watch those winds picking up gusting at times over 20 miles per hour and ushering in some colder arctic air for friday and then another arctic blast the second half of the weekend into early neck week. so it's 31 in pottstown. 35 wilmington. we have upper 20s right now in the wildwood area. 26 degrees in atlantic city. so as we look at future wind chills by tomorrow night at 10:00 o'clock, when you're watching the fox 29 news at 10 it will feel like eight in philadelphia. 12 below in the pocono mountains by early on friday morning we're looking at feels like temperatures below zero pretty much area wide. it could even feel like 23 below as you move toward the pocono mountains and that's not even
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the coldest. the coldest with that polar vortex of course n was what we were talking about all last winter season, that's going to make a run toward our area sunday night into monday morning morning. so the bottom line with the arctic outbreak we're looking at bitterly cold air friday morning. high temperatures friday in the low 20s. snow showers again and that system could have a little more moisture than the clipper that's moving through tomorrow and those winds are going to gust with that system up to 45 miles per hour. we could even see some sporadic power outages due to the strong wind saturday night no sunday. but wind chills 10 to 25 below zero friday morning sunday morning as well as monday morning. so just keep that in mine. it's going to be bitterly cold next several days. so teens and 20s for tonight. tomorrow we're looking at high in the upper 30s but crashing temperatures tomorrow evening. and then 20s on friday. upper 30s saturday. 18 for the high sunday and then single digit lows monday morning
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morning. that is where records could fall. the coldest february starts across the area since 1996 of february. how about that? >> all right. so you know who was on fire today on the court? >> right here. all net. i'm just saying. >> i looked good with the people around me. (laughter). >> i didn't see him miss a shot. boom boom, boom. >> college basketball loses another legend the man who made towel biting a household practice
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>> the flyers they have the next couple of nights off. they don't play again until friday night were when they play the blue jacks in columbus. last night they missed the point and a chance to pick up another point. let's go to montro al and flyers scored 512th not game. then they didn't score again. in overtime david got the game winner for the canadians much the flyers are technically over 500. 23-22 and nine but those nine are actually overtime shoot out losses. so they're rolly eight games under 500. the flyers have 28 games left and still trail eighth place boston by eight points. the florida panthers actually ahead of them in the fight for the final play off spot as well. college basketball lost another legend. just four days after the death of north carolina's dean smith former unlv head coach jerry
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died. he was 84 years old. between taking bites out of that towel. he won over seven hadn't dread games. went to the final 44 times. beat duke by 30 points to win the inform caa title. best known for those unlv teams. constant fights recruiting with the inform caa. >> the mouth that always roars. charles barclay at it again. houston rockets general manager darrell more ray. barclay has been critical of the rocks dee finance so more ray went to twitter. more ray tweeted best part of being at a t inform t game it's easy to avoid charles spewing misinformed guide -- >> -- >> i'm not worried about darrell morey. he's one of those idiots that believe in analytic.
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he got players. go the josh smith. so first of all i've always believed analytic was crap much the inform ba is about talent all these guys who run those organization haas talk about analytic they have one thing in common. they are a bunch of guys who never played the game and they never got the girls in high school and they just want to get at the game. >> sam hinkie worked under darryl more ray. it's a joke, sam. charles is right. that guy is an idiot too. more importantly and deaf leave of absence for tiger woods on the pga tour. tiger is working on his game. i there's much more serious and other things. he'll be out for while. >> more at 10:00 o'clock. tune in tonight for fox 29 news at 10. a dad with his baby inside a thrift shop when police confront him. what the cop asked that had the dad sprinting away baby carrier in hasn't tonight at 10. >> that will do it for us here
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at 6:00. we'll see you back here at 10:00. inside edition is up next. have a g
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bruce jenner uproar. >> using his cell phone while driving! exclusive. just days after the fatal car crash, chatting away. then, brian williams' shocking six-month suspension. how it all went down. >> a private meeting between brian williams and the ceo of nbc. and another tv earthquake. >> it is time for someone else. >> the biggest shock of late- night television. and the "american sniper"'s widow breaks down on the stand. she's clutching his dog tags! then, parking lot rage. and it's happening everywhere. now "inside edition" is breaking


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