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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  February 12, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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fox 29 news in hd brought pow by xfinity the future of awesome. ♪ right now temperatures are falling and falling fast. say goodbye to that break we got today. by the time you wake up it could feel like it's below zero out.
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good evening i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. chief meteorologist scott williams outside our studios tonight scott it's about to get frigid. >> iain right now it's already frigid here in center city and old city. those temperatures have tumbled. we saw a high temperature earlier today of 41 degrees. but right now feels like temperatures are in the teens and single digits across our area. right now as we take a look at the current conditions, you can see what we're facing as far as those temperatures go. 25 degrees but you factor in that wind, you can see it is. it feels like 10 degrees right now in philadelphia. those winds have been gusting as well. winds of change with that arctic air moving in. gusting over 30 miles per hour right now. pretty much area wide across the area and those temperatures are cold in the 20s and teens. but you factor in that wind, you can see it feels like nine below in the pocono mountains and some locations already in the single digits. but the bigger story when you wake up friday morning you're going to have to bundle up and dress for feels like
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temperatures below zero and also we have more snow on the way as we move toward valentine's day. that could provide light accumulations and then really the second or the more potent arctic air doesn't really move in until sunday into monday. so if you think it's going to be cold on friday morning with below zero wind chills in most spots you haven't seen anything yet. when i come indoors we'll talk about that snow for saturday, how much snow to expect as well as when we could see potential wind damage or power outages with that second blast of arctic air moving in sunday into monday. back to you. >> all right scott. come on in and warm up. you heard scott it will be botherly cold when you wake up. make sure you're ready with fox 29 morning news. bob kelly has you covered with problems on the roads and sue serio can tell you how cold it will be starting at 4am. watch us on your tv or streaming on your phone or tablet. head to breaking news bizarre story
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we started following last summer. boat rescue during a stormy night turned in a fugitive case. now it appears the man at the center of it all has turned himself n45 cereal andrew bittle races boats but he simply vanished near the 11th of a jetty in longport last july. coast guard, new jersey state police even frantic witnesses searched for hours. they thought he'd fallen off his pontoon boat. all that they found was one of his shoes and weeks later egg harbor township police told fox 29 married father of three staged the whole thing to escape legal troubles. authorities were investigating him for fraud and for theft. now he's resurfaced his attorney tells the press of atlantic city he appeared before a judge today today. the judge beganned bail and reportedly bittle posted it. new surveillance video shows the moments right before a young boy was hit and killed by a septa trolley. it is devastating to watch. and for those on that packed trolley overwhelming. fox 29's shawnette wilson live tonight at the scene.
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shawnette? >> reporter: iain, you mentioned it is devastating. it is also heartbreaking. i'm going to step out of the way so you can see behind me where a memorial has been started here late tonight. this is the tragedy that has touched most everyone who heard what happened. >> a little love loss. a strong love loss. something two yours old. >> reporter: hours after two-year-old was hit and killed by a trolley on lancaster avenue near 51 is the and west philadelphia. memorial of stuffed animals grew nearby. >> as far as the child being unsupervised coming down this street right here. you be very careful. >> reporter: this man who didn't want to show his face dropped off something at the memorial. and was highly emotional over what happened. surveillance video from a business across the street captured the child running out into the street. just as the route 10 trolley was passing just before 1:00 this afternoon. it dragged him trying to stop. a group of people believed to be family cried out in the moments
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after. asia houston and her son were on the trolley. >> the child's body was just laying on the floor looking lifeless and the mother frantic. >> she says she and her young son can't shake what they saw. >> me and my son to get off the trolley and see that baby's body was laying underneath the trolley. it was a lot for me to take in. i felt if as that was my child. >> it took 25 fire and rescue workers to help with the process of moving the troll toll get to the toddler but it was to late. >> as soon as the paramedics made an evaluation the toddler the operation became a recovery. >> reporter: it's unclear whether the family lives at the house they were seen coming out of in the surveillance and who was with the child when he darted into the street. >> god be with them. i wouldn't know what to do. >> reporter: and we spoke with police again late tonight. they have not released the child's name.
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they also have not said whether that family lives at the house they were seen out in front of in that surveillance video. lucy. >> thank you shawnette. just a tragedy. you know you've got a problem when an entire school has to close because so many students are sick. riverfront school in florence did just that today. students had tomorrow off for a staff development day and monday is president' day. all those days will give the school time to disinfect before reopening on tuesday. quick thinking cvs employee takes something from a robber. police say he nuked the store on the 6300 block of stenton avenue tuesday night and handed her a note saying, all the money in the cash register. she handed it over in a bag but what she did next he was not expecting at all. take look. she swiped his b buy bee bun from the counter. he forced his way behind the counter and attacked her. punching her several times in the head trying to get the gun back. but a co-worker jumps in and police say he took off with
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about 120 bucks. the employee is going to be okay and police are now checking the gun for fingerprints. philadelphia's riding high tonight. we have landed the 2016 democratic national convention. >> that is one hell of a way to start a morning. >> mayor michael nutter's reaction to the big news today during a conference call with the committee. philadelphia will now take several stage in the race for america's next president at least on the democratic side of thing. the city of brotherly love won out over brooklyn and columbus ohio. the convention is not until next july but it has people very excite. fox 29's chris o'connell joins us live from the philadelphia art museum. chris, just a huge day for the city. >> reporter: yeah, i'll say so lucy. the city is quite electric tonight, and i will say that quite literally you see behind me the sirius center lit up with the dnc letters to night. organizers say this convention will bring in $250 million to the city.
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well torque night we spoke with some of those people who will benefit from that convention cash. from the moment convention delegates bags arrive at the airport, the money starts flowing. from few dollar tip to that sky cap, the hopping in that taxi -- >> thank you. >> reporter: taking the 30-dollar cab ride to center city where drivers are hoping to rake it in. >> we're going to be happy. business will be up. everything will be incredible. >> reporter: once visitors make their way into center city, that's when the real spending starts. >> it's a big deal. the world will be looking at us once again. >> reporter: center city's 18,000 hotel rooms for convention week will be going for two to $300 a night. >> good evening thank you for calling hotel philadelphia. >> reporter: phones at the hotel on 18th and market were off the hook with dnc inquiries today. the place will be booked solid. including the presidential sweet.
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the event means more jobs for hotel staff moreover time, more money in their pockets during the typical slower summer months. >> probably have a whole week filled with these convention nears from all over the place and, of course yes bell man are going to benefit taxi drivers i mean it's huge. >> reporter: and delegates have to eat right? that means center city restaurants like juniper commons on south of broad are looking forward to the extra cash and party atmosphere. >> big parties are a lot of fun. you know the people have fun. our employees have fun. the guests have fun. you know, it's just a great time. >> reporter: if there's one thing political conventions bring to town, it's the political parties. so bartenders like iain mc henry at the irish pub are banging on big tips convention week. >> the money and the work but meeting great people from all over the place and getting to hear their little stories that's something i embrace.
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>> reporter: keep in mind all those meals all those hotel rooms, all those cab rides saw will be muddle plea applied tens of thousands of times as visitors delegates and organizers come to town, iain, i guess you can say trickle down economics at its best. >> all right g . chris thank you. today the focus is on the dnc convention set for july july 25th, 2016 but the city has a much larger event coming up in september of this year as p.m. as a million visitors to come to philadelphia. pope francis will make first papal visit to the u.s. since 1979 at the world meeting of families here preparations for that event started last year. both high profile events coming our way of course you'll see a lot more security across the city. federal and state authorities for sure and a big job for the philadelphia police department. but it will be ready. commissioner charles ramsay says the city has been in the national spotlight many times hosting the made in america concerts for the past few years and the rnc back in 2000 proving
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they're up for the task. >> it's a moment of pride for all of us to be a part of something very special like this and again we look forward it to as a department and certainly as a city. aclu leaders are also hopeful rights and security can both be protected during the high high profile events saying lessons have been learned since the republican national convention where critics were angry over the mass arrests of protesters an lot of lawsuits were filed. a busy night. more breaking news. almost two dozen marines have been hurt in a training accident in southern california. the marine corps says some are in the hospital but we do not know how seriously they're hurt. the marines were training about two hours east of la in the mohave desert when a fire expression system went off inside a vehicle. about -- all the military is telling us as of right now is some of those marines are in stable condition. keeping track of this for you and bring you more when it comes in. a man accused of trying to
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sexually assault a woman at a septa station not getting out of jail any time soon unless he can come up with $1 million bail. police say 26-year-old reginald green led the woman to an area near the track at jefferson station this week. she had asked him for directions. prosecutors have charged green with aggravated assault attempted rape and half dozen other offenses. green has another court date in two weeks. philadelphia rapper beanie sigel is on the mend after being shot several times back in december. sources say the 41-year-old sigel still getting physical therapy at a south jersey rehabilitation center after being seriously wounded more than two months ago. sigel whose real name is dwight grant is said to be eager to return to the stage and the recording studio. he hopes to resume his career in the coming months. take a look at this one. the selfie that could cost one woman her job behind the wheel with beer. it gets worse than that. what she was driving at the time time. and a cloud of toxic
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chemicals creeping over several towns. people told to stay unside. what unleashed this dangerous mess and -- all righty then. valentine's day has you seeing red for all the wrong reasons one gun range has weekend special to get over the holiday blues. plus a surprise visitor at one hospital. this little pooch on a mission but she just can't slip past security. ♪ >> did you let this dog in here? no she snuck herself in here. >> just how far sissy walked to
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♪ cameras captured these days can be very scary like this. a man who walk into the new familiar grocery store in germantown yesterday police say he pointed his gun at a store employee demanded cash. she told him the money was in the trunk of her car so what did he do? he grabbed her keys and then he took off in her car. so take good look. if you recognize this guy give police a call. the deaths of three young college students in raleigh north carolina have touched people nationwide. thousands showed up for their funeral services today the family in fact had to move the services from the city's largest mosque to an athletic field at north carolina state university. police say the three neighbors shot each in the head over a parking dispute but others they're calling it a hate crime. >> the three were muslim and here in our area a vigil was held at temple university in their honor tonight. fox 29's dave schratwieser was there and joins us live in north
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philadelphia. dave? >> reporter: iain emotional moments at that vigil tonight here on campus. temple students not only mourned the loss of those three students in north carolina, but they demanded answers. >> it's not fair. they were everything i wanted to be. >> reporter: over 100 temple university students gathered on campus thursday night to mourn the loss of three muslim students gowned down earlier this week near the university of north carolina. >> these are literally our brothers and sisters and it really hit us hard and we had to do some kind of action about it. >> time to make some sense out of this. >> they had dreams just like me. >> reporter: students held candles clutched roses and held up signs saying, muslim lives matter. as they remembered newlyweds day a, mohammed and her sister. most here believe the murders were motivateed by anti muslim bias. police say the motive was a long standing argument over a parking
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space. >> a parking space? i said what what? no. that's a lie. this is definitely a hate crime. the fact the cops are trying to say it's over a parking spot is offensive. >> reporter: police arrested 46-year-old craig steven hicks for the triple murder. he was a neighbor in the same condominium complex. students here demanded the authorities dig deeper into the murder of the three students. >> i think that they're going to stick with that story because they're not going to want to say some guy committed a attack against muslim. >> this is a hate crime. it's against us. >> reporter: while police say their investigation is continuing students here insist they will keep the pressure on till they have all of the answers on what led to the murders. >> why you carry a gun to the house in the first place? that's just my question. like why? >> reporter: now organizers asked students to pray for the slain students and their families ton contribute to some of the charitable organizations
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those students worked for. they also plan to take part in a rally at city hall on monday. iain? >> all right, dave thank you. the us senate confirmed a local man as the next secretary of defense. ashton carter will replace chuck hagel and become president obama obama's fourth defense secretary in just six years. carter facing facing the task of steering the military as the us battles terrorists end trenched in iraq and syria. deals with crisis in ukraine and the draw down of american troops in afghanistan. he served as the pentagon's number two official from 2011 to 2013 and born right here in philadelphia. very soon thousands of workers in philadelphia will be eligible for something they've never had before, paid sick leave. mayor nutter signed legislation today targeting businesses with at least 10 employees. workers will now earn one hour of paid sick leave for every 40 hours of work and that starts in about 90 days. a former football player turned activist has the spotlight on him at villanova university tonight.
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eric lagrand from rutgers university was given the father bill atkinson award given out each year to a person, group or organization for their service to their community and beyond. lagrand was paralyzed after a tackle during a football game in 2010. he's ban leader off the field since advocating for people with disabilities. his jersey number 52 was the first to ever be retired by rutgers in 2013. >> powerball mania sums up last night's mad scramble to buy tickets for shot at more than a half billion dollars. well we all know how this turned out. we're still here so obviously the winners weren't in this particular area. the big winners are in texas north carolina and puerto rico but somebody who bought a ticket in delaware county also has a big chunk of change coming. >> in fact winning ticket was sold here at domestic and imported beverage in glenn mills much the ticket matches all five white numbers. the person holding the ticket still has not come forward.
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the store's owner says the location has been lucky for powerball players before. >> this is actually our second powerball winner. we sold $1 million powerball ticket two summers ago in 2012. same game powerball. they had five digit same five digits and they won million. someone bought another winning ticket worth $2 million in lycombing county spending one extra dollar on the power play option earned them an extra million bucks. >> that was a well spent buck, right? here's the numbers that made them instant millionaires. 25 11, 54, 13, 39 with the powerball of 19. the big $564 million jackpot gets split between three tickets. the odds of winning one in 175 million. a driver on a rampage she slams into the side of a hospital and police say it's on purpose. what officers found in her car when they finally got her to
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stop. a teen snuck a chimney because he tried to help his baby brother. a couple of lawmakers brawling it out and it's all over their work. what sparked this very public fight. ♪ >> now, with tomorrow's traffic here's bob kelly. >> evening everybody that construction project along for 22 with the lane pattern shifts between 100 and the stow interchange, and get ready for big problems tomorrow morning patco high speed line construction project began this afternoon. single tracking on thursday afternoons and all day on friday and that leaves us with 26 minute gaps during tomorrow morning's rush hour. make sure you grab a schedule. there's also no express service tomorrow morning during the rush hour and sue said the temps are going to dive into single digits. we'll have the weather and the
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traffic tomorrow beginning at 4:00 a.m. ♪♪
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♪ surveillance cameras catching a woman on rampage in a hospital parking lot. tulsa police say the woman drove around the parking lot hitting parked cars and nearly running people over. officers found handgun on the front seat. they believe she's got mental problems. thankfully no one was hurt. second dave the american sniper trial it was another day
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of emotional testimony from tism a kyle taking the stand in the trial of her husband's killer. she testified she could tell something was wrong when she was talking to her husband chris kyle on the day of his 2013 murder. kyle and his friend chad littlefield at a shooting range when eddie ray routh opened fire and killed them. tism a kyle became very worried about her husband when he didn't respond to a text. she says she found out about his death when a police officer showed up at their home. the defense for the man charged in kyle and littlefield's murders says he has ptsd and that's why he shot both men. small dog in iowa went to some great lengths to reunite with her owner. >> great lengths indeed. this miniature schnauzer purposely walked no a hospital about 20 blocks from home. look at her going through the automatic doors. sissy the dog ran off but she missed her mom human mom. and was just trying to find her. well mom was indeed at that recovering from surgery.
10:26 pm
>> started looking at the tags and it had the address and we saw how far away this dog had lived as far as going at least 15 blocks to get here. so it was quite an amazing journey this dog made. >> yes, it was. problem for sissy she couldn't figure out thou get on the elevators. security guards helped her get up to her owner's room. cops wearing cameras recording every encounter. they're meant to keep you safe while also protecting police but are they going too far? what happens when we went for ride with a local officer. >> and their national title stripped. accusations of cheating and racism now and we're now hearing from the chicago team. what the team is now saying happened months ago that proves they are the rightful champs. scott? >> lucy, wind chills below zero and snow for valentine's day. homecoming?
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long it's going stick around that's in just minutes. delaware police are on the hunt for these guys who they say have pulled off string of armed rob pros over the past few weeks weeks. detective i did thed did thed the three by matching surveillance pictures to past mug shots. jason moore duvon mcmanus and jamal taylor robbed several businesses hotel guests sips last month and they want them off the streets. chicago's jackie robinson west officials are speaking publicly for the first time about being stripped of their world series title. little league officials say in december they had reviewed the roster and found no residency violations. but citing new information they decideed jackie robinson west knowing used a falsified boundary maps to include players who live outside the borders. the players parents feel blind sided and they were not notified of the decision until news reports started to come out and officials don't know why the league is changing its mind. >> these allegations were dismissed by little league international in december 2014
10:31 pm
because of our ability to provide detailed and factual information to national officials little league international indicated in december 2014 that jrw satisfied the requirements for each player's eligibility. >> haley went ton they're league started 41 years ago on the foundation of good sportsmanship and team work coaching thousands of players of all abilities to lose and win with grace and they will continue to face this battle accordingly chicago area team knock out of the tournament boy jackie robinson west first brought the allegations. >> valentine's day fast approaching but if you want to celebrate by getting over a recent break up? well, a gun range is hosting an event geared to help you rise above the holiday blues. fox's owe phil ya young take us there. >> reporter: blast from the past? more like blasting the avenue this valentine's day for those just divorced. that's the name of the new
10:32 pm
package machine guns vegas is launching valentine's day. the idea came about a year ago when a woman walked in with her wedding dress. >> she was like i want to shoot the scene. i just got did you veried. it was ugly. it provided them with emotional relief. relief some dreading valentine's day could feel instead. >> they could be male or female. bring in their tucks wedding dresses, marriage certificate flowers from the wedding and hang it up. because we don't have any wedding meme biehl ya we'll demonstrate you using a paper target. demonstrator -- >> i'm a divorce say today. >> range master jackie the weapon of choice,. >> a divorce consummateed in 40
10:33 pm
rounds and four seconds. now this was just practice. but seems the rounds -- >> there and there. >> did all the right areas. >> unintentional. >> machine gun is for the did you source say there will be mp5 for the divorce see's party up to four people. the approximate one hour shindig also includes access to their vip lounge complimentary transportation and a divorce sash they've specially made. >> bit of glitter and glue. >> one way to say -- >> i'm going to move on. i hate you and i'm going to shoot up this dress. >> it will set you back about 500 buck. all right. let's get a check of your weather out there because it will be cold on your radar tonight and tomorrow. here's scott williams. >> we might need to have break up with this arctic blast on the way. we're looking at temperatures you guys below zero when you wake up tomorrow morning. but you know today actually was
10:34 pm
that bad. we hit a high of 41 degrees. the normal 43. 1999 on today's date it was 70 balmy degrees. look at your friday planner. temperatures will be in the teens for much of the day. feels like temperatures will be in the single digits. a lot of sunshine out there. so have those shades but bundle up. look at the current winds they're gusting over 30 in philadelphia. and look at the temperatures. already dropping into the teens for reading lancaster 17. six right now in the pocono mountains. we have 20s in philadelphia but those are the air temperatures. what it actually feels like right now in center city 10 degrees. it feels like seven in allentown allentown. it feels like 14 below already in the pocono mountains and it's going to feel even worse by tomorrow morning at 7am it will feel like 10 below in trenton. seven below in philadelphia. as well as wilmington. 10 below in lancaster and look at the pocono mountains. by 7am it's going to feel like 24 degrees below zero and this
10:35 pm
is just the first shot of the arctic air moving in tonight into early friday. so that clipper brought a little bit of snow across parts of our area. there were some snow squalls moving through sections of monmouth and ocean county. that activity is offshore right now we're drying out and our next chance for snow saturday afternoon and evening. we're going to watch a reinforcing shot of cold air move in and look at the timing. during your din are in reservations perhaps for valentine's day. keep that in mind. we're looking at one to 2-inches accumulating around philadelphia with this system on saturday afternoon and evening. north and west we could close in on two to 3-inches. then behind that system on saturday take look at those winds. boy 8:00 o'clock, gusting close to 40 miles per hour in philadelphia. then by sunday morning 46 miles an hour wind gusts in philadelphia. over 50 in millville as well as dover. so we could be talking about some power outages with that next shot of cold air moving in. so single digits and teens
10:36 pm
tonight but once again it will feel like below zero to start on friday. highs only in the low to mid 20s 20s. saturday afternoon and evening we're watching out for that snowfall chance and then you can see the arctic blast sunday, high temperatures around 18 degrees and look at sunday night into monday. a low of three. if we hit that that would tie the february record cold for our area. so crazy weather. >> all right. >> polar vortex. >> thanks, scott. >> a cloud of toxic chemicals creeping over several towns. people told to stay inside. what unleashed this dangerous mess. and -- can you move? back out. back out. >> police in the right place at the right time. the driver crashed into a creek left upside down and trapped. >> two lawmakers brawling it out all about of their work. what started this
10:37 pm
10:38 pm
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♪ wild fight caught on camera two ukrainian lawmakers throwing
10:40 pm
punchings at each other in the halls of the ukrainian parliament. according to reports there the fight is over a bill. they're now debating what's in the bill, we don't know but this fight went on for awhile until some guy in cam mow stepped in and broke it up. in your money night, cereals are starting to lose their snap, crackle and pom. consumers not eating as much cereals as they used causing steep losses at kellogg's. it lost $293 million in the fourth quarter. they say sales were flat and the company says it does not expect sales to improve much. >> i love cereal. what happens to your social media accounts when you die? well, when it comes to facebook, you can now decide for yourself you want it deleted done. you want your family to be able to mist, reach out to friends and such, fine. but they won't be able to read any private messages you had. all you have to do is add a legacy contact in your settings, easy as that. cupid is helping retailers cash in big time. >> men and women pull out all
10:41 pm
the stops when it comes to showing how much they care from flowers to jewelry to candy stores are seeing big business ahead of valentine's day. the price tag on the holiday this year, just under $19 billion. that's according to the national retail federation. but even the financial experts remind us val towns day is about a lot more than just numbers. >> it's a great time for men to show the women in their life whether it's their daughter or their mother or their significant other that this is the one day they want to celebrate their relationship and they're appreciation of them. >> it's not just people that are feeling the love. experts say more and more americans are buying things for their pets this valentine's day. all right. a teen tries to climb down his chimney, gets stuck but this was in the a prank. how he was trying to help his baby brother. >> poor guy. cops wearing body cameras recording every encounter. they are meant to keep you safe while protecting police but do
10:42 pm
they go too far? what ha
10:43 pm
10:44 pm
♪ parents in ohio are outraged over a schoolbus driver taking a selfie while holding a beer
10:45 pm
behind the wheel. the company that operates the bus says the photo was taken at the end of her route and there were no kids on board. they say the beer was not open but they have removed her from the job while they investigate. chemical plant explosion in northern spain left a toxic cloud over several towns. look at that. it happened early today when two chemicals mixed with each other inadvertently during a delivery. thick orange cloud hovers in the sky. three people so far are hurt. officials are urging folks near barcelona to stay and side and keep their windows closed. some roads and train lines are also shut down. dramatic police body camera video from dallas. officers racing into a creek to save the driver of this car. he lost control crashing 50 feet into the water. those officers in the right place at the right time. they see the crash and they rush down the embankment. the car upside down. the driver is trapped. they worked fast to get the driver out and saved his life. you heard a lot about police body cameras in recent months should they become mandatory
10:46 pm
are they effective. >> one local department says yes and yes. the largest police force in burlington county, new jersey inviteed fox 29's jennifer joyce to check it out. >> docking station here. we pick up our camera report roar body cameras. >> slide it up and lock it in. >> reporter: an accessory worn by all 70 full-time officers at the evesham township police department. >> i'll activate. it let's me know it's on. pre shift spec. my badge number is 137. i'll test it to make sure everything is properly functioning. if everything is good to go we do our normal parole. >> reporter: sick months the cameras are now part of the daily routine. for each police call traffic stop any citizen contact the officers know they are required to roll. >> the registration on their car here is expired. report roar these cameras were put into place before the recent and controversial cases of michael brown in ferguson
10:47 pm
missouri and eric garner in new york city. police chief chew it has been his mission to add extra eyes to his force. >> showing transparency for the communities we now have the ability to show what we do. justify why we do things. >> reporter: the chief tells us that since the cameras launched in july, they have investigateed nine internal affairs complaints. >> out of eight of them, we had the quick ability to just pull up the body camera and exonerate the officer and the one when we reviewed it we had determined the officer was wrong. we provided immediate training to make sure it didn't happen again. >> reporter: in that case the issue was minor for all excessive force cases the footage is immediately brought here to the burlington county prosecutor's office. up to the higher agency to decide whether or not they'll investigate the case or return it to the local department. >> my opinion that's the way it should be. >> reporter: rookie patrolman michael hitler says the cameras are fair. >> good afternoon, folks how
10:48 pm
you doing. >> we're going to take that extra step i'd rather have somebody say good job you did the right thing. >> i can see it's a courtesy car car. >> hitler invited our crew along for ride to see how the cameras come come in to place. >> in his short 18 months the job. >> hitler hasn't had to deploy his weapon but says he has used constructive force. >> i just commanded him to the ground. i withdrew my weapon. obviously i didn't discharge or anything like that i withdrew my weapon and used verbal commands. >> reporter: even routine incidents can be tested. >> yellow color chevy. >> reporter: for that reason chef chew says the cameras musting rolling for each and every call. >> we have a policy very very strict policy that you will be inn testimony affairs investigation will be investigated and you will be interviewed and determined if you violate our policy. >> reporter: the new gear is getting a double take on the streets. >> pretty will smile and wave and act like they're taking a selfie.
10:49 pm
>> reporter: one man is taking you shall with the cameras. >> they shall not bewaring them. >> reporter: why? >> it's disclosing our identity. >> i try not to sink on my cameras because i don't have a good singing voice. >> reporter: others we talked to are supportive. >> i'm glad to have the comfort of knowing that if someone is pulled over that it's recorded. anything can happen. it's his word against our word. >> i'm going to air on the police side. >> reporter: for this woman who didn't want to be identified the feelings are personal. >> my father were you state police and was killed in the line of duty. that would have helped the victim. they would have had video tape of exactly the entire incident. and the guy wouldn't have gotten off. >> reporter: police say wherever they're legal al loud to be they have the right to protect themselves. could the cameras keep witnesses quiet? chief chew says it's the opposite in this town. >> they want the whole story to be told. there's still other ways people can make anonymous complaints by telephone to tip lines, through social media, our goal is to
10:50 pm
objectively review each complaint, each case and show exactly what happened and this is the best way to do it. >> have a good day. >> reporter: evesham township police department says it's become a model for other departments. >> each week we're receiving calls from around the country about our body cameras about our policies. >> reporter: while evesham township may have been one of the first in the state of new jersey to deploy the new technology the chief firmly believes it's not the last. >> it's not a matter of if police departments are getting body cameras. it's a matter of when. >> reporter: in evesham township, i'm jennifer joyce fox 29 news. >> fascinating stuff. big bro to the rescue almost. arizona teenager tried to help his younger brother but ended up needing quiet bit of rescuing of his own. the brother got home, both of them did to discover they were lock out of the house. so the older brother decided i'm going to go down the chimney. turns out that chimney as you can see was too narrow. so he got stuck poor guy.
10:51 pm
neighborhood her him screaming and called 911. crews got him out and he's okay. >> howard, what's going non sports? >> that will teach him to play santa claus. he is probably the oldest player you will see on a major league baseball field. and the phillies have three players they absolutely want to trade before the start of the season. cole hamels has the most value. where does that stand? that's coming up in sports.
10:52 pm
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♪ cruise like a norwegian ♪ book now with four free offers worth up to $3,500 in value.
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♪ all right. phillies begin another baseball season spring training almost here the only good thing about phillies spring training it's baseball and the thoughts of warmer weather but the phillies general manager ruben amaro has lots of work to do and some more players to trade. cole hamels is just one of the players the phillies know they node to trade. in the case of hamels, it's to get young players for team that only has future right now. the phillies already have lost san diego as one of the teams that wanted hamels because whatever they offered it wasn't enough for the phillies. now the phillies do appear to
10:55 pm
still have interest from the cubs, the dodgers the cardinals and according to reports the red sox interest is really fading quickly. the flyers still almost desperate mode to make the playoffs. play at columbus tomorrow and buffalo on sunday. games they have to win. flyers defensive kimmo timonen said february 21 he plans to return playing after being all season with blood clots. understand he still has clot in his calf and on blood thinners. i've been toll the flyers have real medical concerns about his return but kimmo is pushing the situation. there's clearly a higher risk with the clot and thinners it's amazing players never consider the consequences and i'm told the flyers are also thinking about trading him if a team will take that risk. one game in the nba tonight before the all star break. the sixers off until friday the cavs and chicago. lebron james he didn't want to show up. he turned the ball over five times in the first quarter. that led to this. chicago on a role and derek rose
10:56 pm
starting to play like derek rose had played. scores 30 tonight and chicago wins it, 113 hypenate. all right. baseball dream weeks are put together by many teams in the major leagues a chance to fill your fantasy of playing on a major league baseball field. but at 88 years old wow on to colorado and the spring training in scottsdale, arizona. he's lou dunlap. 88. lou puts his bat on the baseball but lou can also run the bases. probably almost at the level of ryan howard going from first to third on a ball in the gap. look at lou. he doesn't even have to slide. he stands up at third. but lou has a little spunk to him. because he is such a fierce competitor at the plate get a brush back pitch. and lou wants to charge -- charge the mound. guess what? lou led his team to championship and the players, i think they can get him drunk
10:57 pm
dousing him with champagne. he doesn't to drink it at eight years old. >> good for him. >> i know. >> i love it. >> i know. >> i hope i can do that when i'm 88. >> he got mvp too i heard. >> yeah. he should have. >> tmz sun neck. >> we're back here at 4am for fox 29 morning n
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>> today on tmz -- >> there are some who think kim kardashian is brainwashing north west. at a very early age with fur. >> aw! >> aw! >> new york is freezing. you gotta give it to her. >> it's so cute! and she looks great. at what cost? >> some fox in the forest somewhere lost his life. >> oh, well. [laughter] >> there was an australian news anchor who went off about the "fifty shades of grey" movie. the guys in the background are the best. >> quite simply the worst movie i've ever seen. >> oh! >> oh! >> like an m&m. wrap battle. >> brandon t. jackson. we talked to him about justin bieber's church. >> they're going to get offers for television shows


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