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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  February 16, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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one of philadelphia's gig mist mysteries soon be solved. >> delay fox 29 news in hd brought to you by x finity the future of awesome. ♪ right now a dangerous one-two punch. brutal cold, mixed with snow. it's already falling in parts of south jersey and southern delaware coating the streets.
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>> and when you look at the live radar you can see this is just the beginning. by the time this storm is over, the entire region could have really good coating of snow. good evening i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. we're getting delays for tomorrow morning. you can see them scrolling at the bottom of your screen and live team coverage for you tonight. shawnette wilson is down in cape may county one of the first places seeing flurries but let's start with scott williams who's tracking the storm scott. >> good evening. we have winter storm warnings for all of delaware, all of south jersey right now through noon tomorrow and advisories for all of southeastern pennsylvania. that snowfall has been moving up from maryland the chesapeake bay area crossing into delaware. the delaware bay region and also moving into he can treatment south jersey so as we zoom in closer right now we'll show was we're watching. dover looking at that snow. georgetown delaware, lewes some flurries moving into cape may county and also we're start starting to see isn't flurries approach the philadelphia area. so over the last hour you can
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see how that moisture continues to head into that cold air and it is all snow. so as we watch the clock you can see what happens by midnight. we're looking at lancaster we're looking at chester county. new castle county and also moving into southern sections of south jersey. but watch what happens after midnight that's when most of the area is looking at that snow and by 3:00 a.m. we're still looking at snow from trenton to philadelphia to wilmington. but where you see those darker shades that's where the heaviest of that snow will occur and we're still looking at the snow for south jersey through early tomorrow morning. so here's the call. you can see philadelphia, three to 6-inches but north and west only one to three. the farther south you head millville dover, atlantic city, we could easily see six or more inches. so three to five in philadelphia. temperatures in the teens overnight. it will be cold. wilmington delaware, we're looking at four to 6-inches for you and then as you head into wildwood new jersey, yeah, we could close in on 10-inches of
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snow. we'll have another break down county by county and other locations coming up. back to you. >> lots to talk about. snow already been falling in southern delaware. near route 1 in milford sticking to the ground. this this could make for slick driving. delaware is dealing with this winter storm south new jersey is bracing for it. fox 29's shawnette wilson is live tonight in cape may county. shawnette, i can see it's already falling where you're at, too. >> reporter: yeah, lucy, we've been actually seeing snow flurries off and on for the past few hours. it just picked up again. within the past 30 minutes i would say and i can tell you behind me trucks just left here starting at 8:00 o'clock tonight tonight. they're headed out to prep the roads. cape may county public works road crews lined up to load up tonight. 12 trucks are repairing to salt roads in more than two dozen bridges around the county. ahead of the storm residents are also getting ready. >> i feel like we're due. i think we'll get something out of this. >> reporter: prediction
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diction of six to 10-inches in cape may broad chadwick and her daughter and son out of the house for a last minute snack run. they're prepared to hunker down with mick and -- >> i got cookies. >> what does it feel like out here right now. freezing. >> this wawa was the only place open in town for people to stock up and everyone has a different necessity. >> cigarettes. >> reporter: cigarettes will get you threw the storm you that think. >> they'll help a little bit. >> reporter: what's the worse. the snow or the cold because it's been really cold. >> the shoveling tomorrow morning. that's the worst. >> reporter: roads don't look bad now fit gets worse some say they'll be logging for an escape escape. >> i'm might be going to his hay placeplaces like if this keeps up. >> reporter: yeah, i hope he gets me ticket. so i talked to county officials on the phone tonight. they say as of right now county offices are expected to be open for regular business tomorrow. no word yet on the status of schools here but of course as soon as we find out we'll pass it on to you. iain. >> shawnette thank you.
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here's live look outside along i-95 in chester in delaware county witness expected snowfall penndot says they got a long night ahead and the frigid cold temperatures we'll make things really dull for them and the products they use to help clear the roads. >> the biggest challenge is with the salt itself. salt becomes less effective as the lower temperatures. so what you'll see as we're plowing, and we start putting salt down before tomorrow morning rush hour it will not turn into a wet watery condition condition. >> penndot says hundreds of salt trucks and a number of plows will be out over the next few hours. don't forget they need room to properly treat the roads. these brutal conditions make it tough job that much harder. this what looks like an ice castle is the result of a battle against a fire this morning. skyfox was over this ice covered house in west philadelphia. firefighters had a real tough time battling the flames that this home at 52nd and spruce streets and all the water that tamed the flames turned into ice. tonight red cross is helping two families. they've lost a lot but no one is
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hurt. no word yet on what starred the fire. f the brutal cold to any problems on the roads and of course snow fox 29 has you covered. an hour earlier tomorrow morning. your fox 29 morning news starts at 3:00 a.m. followed by good day taking off at 6:00. of course, you can watch us anywhere streaming on your phone or tablet head to developing to night in new castle county, delaware, the hunt for gunman who opened fire during president's day festivities at community center one person was killed and a lot of others were shaken up by such violence happening in what they consider a safe place. fox 29's chris o'connell live at the scene tonight with more. chris?? >> reporter: that's right iain. many in this community call this an oh asis for kids in new castle county. tonight it is a murder scene. behind me new castle county police crime scene investigators pouring over the scene where a man was shot and killed inside this community center. no word yet ennuis age on his age
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on dent t police are searching for the person who pull the trigger. sobbing family members leaving the scene of a deadly afternoon shooting in the rose hill community center in new castle county. parents of kids at the center rushed to the scene when word got out someone had opened fire inside. >> i heard it on facebook. >> reporter: kimberly carol's daughter gnaw dance class when she heard a gunshot. she and other students huddled in closets as police swarmed the center. >> we were just in the closet in the dark just making sure we was safe. >> reporter: new castle county police say someone walked into a basement recording studio and fired at least one shot and ran away. >> the building was locked down. it has since been cleared and so all children that were here have been releaseed to their parents or guardians. >> reporter: the center was in the middle of a full slate of president's day holiday activities.
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the boys and girls club. the senior center. a computer and dance class were all in session when the shooting happened. >> just real sad that on a day like today, you know the kids are off of school, they should be able to come to local community center and actually enjoy themselves. they were doing what they were supposed to do. >> reporter: some parents found out about the shooting from their own children locked inside. christopher, has four kids that go here every day. >> right down the street from my house. for somebody to get shot in my kid's daycare so i have to re-evaluate a lot of things. >> reporter: police did not have a a suspect although they are interviewing witnesses and scowering surveillance video. but in the meantime questions from rattled parents. >> where are our children safe? if they can't be at a community center whichs made for the community to be safe w can they go. >> these are kids doing positive things. >> reporter: now police just removed a vehicle from the parking lot. it's believed that vehicle had something to do with this shooting either the victim or
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suspect's car. once again no identification on the victim tonight. police are begging anyone with information on this case to contact new castle county police as soon as possible. lucy? >> all right, thank you very much, chris. the bitter cold moved an outside vigil indoors tonight at lasalle university. students and faculty gathered to remember the victims of violence violence. they gathered inside a chapel on campus at 19th and olney among those they honored tonight three students killed at unc chapel hill last week and eric garner moo died in police custody in july. >> a murder that rock the city. 10 years after the killer's 1684 old jason sweeney was sentence to do live without parole one of them returning to court tomorrow. nicholas coia will have to be zen tend. jason sweeney's family sat down with dave schratwieser and he's live at the criminal justice center in center city with a story yule soon on fox. jason sweeney's family
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opened they'd never have to return to this courthouse after again after his killers were sentenced 10 years ago. but tomorrow morning they'll be right back here because one of those convicted phil killers will be in court to be resent 10ed tonight the sweeneys tell me they will be here seeking justice for jason. >> the world isn't as save of a place as we thought it was. >> reporter: for the family of murder victim jays see sweeney the pain never goes away. even with the passing of a dozen years. tuesday morning, emotions will be running high when they have to face one of jason's convicted killers in court again. >> you never thought you'd have to worry about it again you put it out of your mind you feel like everyone in the world is safer because they're away. >> reporter: nicholas coia is scheduled to be resent 10ed on his murder conviction tuesday. supreme court ruled he should not have been given live without parole as the trial judge ordered. he was under 18 at the time of the murder in 2003. now there's a chance he could get parole some day.
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>> there's a chance doesn't made if their 80 years old there's a chance they may walk free. coia and his brother dominic and edward were convicted in the brutal death of sweeney. jason was lured to his death by justina morley. the teen stole $500 from jason who had just gotten paid from his construction job. >> i used to think it would get easier and since becoming a mom i think it becomes harder. i see jason in my son all the time. >> sweeney family was hoping never see the killers again after they were sentenced 10 years ago. now, even though those hopes have been dashed, they are stand standing strong determined to get through it. >> it's just hoping that in one way or another they'll never get to to walk free. they come up for parole we'll always be right there. >> reporter: the sweeney sweeneys tell me tonight they hope nicholas spends the rhett of his life in prison. they say if any of these four defendants come up for parole
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they will fight that at every level. lucy? >> all right dave. chaos erupts inside movie theater as hundreds of teens race for the door. while police say they couldn't do a thing to get these children under control. a terrifying traffic stop. a couple pulled over forced out of their car with their hands up up. the surprise twist that ends in tears of joy. >> a local family desperate to help their son. he uses a wheelchair and his biggest hurdle is right outside their front door. what they need to make life a little bit easier and keep him safe. >> take a look at these teens all dressed up for think school dance. the only problem they were turned away at the door and it has nothing to do with how they were dressed. why the school refused to sell them a ticket. >> we're keeping a close eye on the roads tonight as that snow moves on n already coming down in dover delaware. scott is tracking new information on this storm just ahead.
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♪ snow is already falling fast in parts of our area tonight. here's live look from route 47 in cumberland county right now south jersey and delaware seeing the brunt of this storm. >> meanwhile sky fox over the schuylkill river earlier today and take look at the sheets of ice that have formed along the schuylkill river and boat house row and there's no sign of melting any time soon. you can see more sheets of ice forming along the delaware river. skyfox over the river earlier today and as these cold temperatures continue, you can expect more sheets of ice to pop up along the river. >> uwchlan township prosecutors now charged a man for a deadly crash over the weekend that
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killed a brother and a sister. thomas moore faces homicide by vehicle and driving under the influence charges. police say saturday night his pick up slammed into a mini van at north pottstown pike and north ship road. the mini van was trying to make a turn when this happened. the force of the crash through the two teens from the mini van killing them. cigarettes taken in a smash and grab burglary in winslow township, new jersey. police say saturday night a guy used a hammer to break the front door of a citgo gas station on cross keys road and what he's seen pulling off the shelves cigarettes. police say he got away about $3,000 worth. if you know anything, call police. philadelphia gas works is tonight trying to figure out why a gas main ruptured setting off an explosion at an apartment building in chestnut hill. officials say it could be something as simple as turning on a light that could have triggered the explosion. firefighters got the call just before 2:00 a.m. that. blast blew out some second floor windows in the 100 block of
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benedict street but did not ignite a fire non one hurt. fox 29 working to get results for little boy with big needs. 10-year-old saalim needs a wheelchair to get around but just getting into and out of his west philadelphia row house has become difficult even dangerous. his family reached out to fox 29. >> and our bruce gordon is on the case and already getting results. >> reporter: when you spend your day in a wheelchair these five steps can feel like 5 miles 5 miles. saalim's mother? nay says her boy suffers from almost daily seizures. >> he can't do anything for himself or by himself. he can't sit up. he can't walk. he can't talk. >> reporter: his dad robert can carry him up the inside staircase for bath at night when it comes time to bring the boy outside to catch his schoolbus each morning, and bring him back each afternoon dad is at work. so mom and the family's nurse must run the 68-pound boy and his 60-pound wheelchair up and down these concrete steps. >> getting heavier.
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getting bigger. >> taller. >> taller. >> not so easy to get him up those stairs no. two weeks ago she lost control of the chair while wheeling him down the steps. >> what went through your mind when you saw him fall? >> i just started screaming and i went and picked him up and he was bleeding. >> reporter: saalim suffered a broken ankle and bumps and bruises. but the family needs what saalim needs is a power lift to get his wheelchair into and out of the house. they got an estimate $16,182. insurance won't cover it. saalim's folks can't afford it. >> i knew they cost a lot. i didn't think they cost that much. >> reporter: mom and dad started a gofundme page to ad raise money for the chair lift. by midday monday eight days in they raised just over a tenth of their goal. >> our hope is to get help. >> reporter: that simple. >> that's what it's for. >> reporter: mom it's even more simple. >> we just want to keep him safe. rot. >> reporter: that estimate of 16,000 and change came from a west chester based company called total access.
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monday afternoon i spoke by phone with the company's ceo he says he's willing to work with us to slash their profit margin, do the job for about $12,000. so that's great news on that end of the equation. as for the fundraising go to click seen on tv. we will link you to saalim's gofundme page. we've already raised a fair am of money just our story ran at 5:00 on monday. we can do this. working to get results in the newsroom i'm bruce gordon fox 29 news. >> you want to thank all of you for helping out. upper darby delaware county police are hoping to reunite with people all the stuff stolen from them via social medial detectives sent out photos of watches, wallets, rings and ear phones. the list goes on. if any is yours and/or you know someone of a recent theft give police call. snow expected around the philly area within the hour but already falling in delaware. this is live from wilmington right now. our life roving camera out on the roads tonight. looking out for any slick spots for your morning drive. some people in new jersey wanted
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to beat all this cold weather with summertime fun. >> summertime fun. how do you do that? well you've got a few places to do just that that. like cocoa key in mt. laurel. people were bathing suits. remember those bathing suits to shoot down slides, run under sprinklers and such. parents we chatted with said escaping the deep freeze like these guys here, fantastic. >> painful. it hurts to be outside. >> i feel like we're out of new york, out of new jersey. like we're on veigh condition at some tropical place. >> we're never leaving. >> all you need is a from the tee drink and an umbrella in it. >> not a bad way to spend a president's day holiday one that is this cold. one of philadelphia's biggest mysteries now a decade old. the local couple vanished. a young son and daughter left behind forced to carry on. >> it's really hard but at the same time i know that he would be proud of me and i know he
10:20 pm
would want me here. >> what the fbi now hopes can help crack the case. an epic bar brawl. dozens slugging it out all in front of cameras watch these fans are watching in australia to park this mayhem. >> icy rescue a father and son plucked from the freezing water to safety. how they got stuck off the coast of massachusetts in this bitter cold. >> now with tomorrow's traffic here's bob kelly. good evening everybody. you'll be out and about tonight into the early hours tomorrow. we're in storm coverage mode here. watch for the salt crews the plow crews setting up in the right spots on all of the major roadways. the market frankford broad street subway running knit owl service and keep in mind, expect delays going to be a rough travel day tomorrow at the airport. as that storm comes on in. sue and i will be here for storm coverage bright and early tomorrow m what's with the suit?
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♪ fire ball shot 300 feet into the air after a trail derail many in west virginia. left witnesses with their jaws dropped. the train was carrying crude oil and the crash set off several explosions. police evacuated other homes and the governor declared state of emergency. snow has been falling heavily at times in the area. investigators are not yet sure if weather had anything to do with what happened. >> another tough day for tai the width dove american sniper chris kyle as the murder trial of her
10:24 pm
husband's killer focused on phone records today. the jury heard four voicemail messages from eddie routh left on kyle's phone before they met at a gun range in 2013. a police officer also testified he heard routh say quote i shot them because they wouldn't talk to me. the defense says routh suffers from ptsd and that's why he killed kyle and his friend chad. prosecutors say he's a troubled drug users who knows right from wrong. not what an australian father and son had bargained for on their ocean going sailboat. headed back from australian to rhode island when they ran in big trouble in yesterday s storm. 140 miles south of nantucket their sales tour. as you saw the guard video hosted them to out of 25 feet seas it was terrible. the father and son are both okay okay. as you probably know by now a little movie called 50 shades of grey gone bonkers at movie theaters and a group of kids too
10:25 pm
young to see it wanted to anyhow. >> they tried to get into a movie theater in florida. it turned into utter chaos. check out this surveillance video inside the west oak mall at amc theater in florida. the teens rush back the ticket collectors. police were already there to try and keep order and say they couldn't do much to control the rush. >> we were there initially as a presence just to kind of watch what was going on. without a somebody saying don't let these kids come in the theater we were there to make sure nobody got hurt. >> after the incident the theaters made a new rule no one under 17 allowed into the theater without an adult or guardian. >> a about to win a marathon. almost wouldn't it when she collapses. the crowd and fellow runners just watch. why no one would help her cross the finish line. >> scott? >> lucy that snowfall has begun to move in. but it depends on where you live as to how much you'll see. detail on totals next. >> scott the snow already coming down in delaware tonight. this
10:26 pm
is only the beginning. don't forget we have already several delays for schools, businesses and day cares tomorrow. they're scrolling at the bottom of your screen.
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♪ right now at 10:30, the start of what could be a big snowfall in parts of our region. we've already seen the flakes flying in southern delaware and new jersey. here's live look right now from middle township cumberland county. the snow and the cold could mean a rough morning drive. >> our shawnette wilson live in cape may county tonight. so shawnette last time we saw the snow was falling. it looks like the bands are coming and going there but still there. >> reporter: yeah, we still have snow flurries coming down. wet snow flurries so we're just starting to see little bit of coating on the ground behind me we're at one of three salt yards here in the cun tee where i can tell you trucks started leaving out at 8:00 o'clock tonight to head out and prep the roads so they'll be out throughout the night and the morning. as of right now we're told county offices are expected to be open tomorrow for regular business still waiting to hear
10:30 pm
what schools will do here of course you'll want to stay with us. the other big thing we're dealing with lucy the cold. took my gloves off for couple seconds mine fingertips were numb. so it is cold out here in addition to the snowfall. >> good and cold out there. i tell was. thank you shawnette. try and stay warm if you can. good in the truck. >> bitterly cold item chess are dangerous. and so many are working just that much harder right now because of it like firefighters, nurses and doctors. even animal welfare workers. >> out there right there with the cold with them. fox 29's brad sattin with more. >> reporter: there is a reason they're busiest time of year. cold weather leaves to fires and keeping firefighters busy this fire broke out on cambria street and electric heater to blame. >> my sister came on screaming it's on fire, it's on fire it was the heater turned the fire alarm. >> six people got out safely so did two dogs but three puppies died in the fire. red paw emergency relief crews they've been working around the clock picking up displaced
10:31 pm
animals in the cold. >> we do primarily residential disasters, fires floods, building collapse and there have ban lot of those this weekend we sonned to. >> reporter: working around the clock crews from project home picking up those who are homeless and willing to seek shelter. they responded to 59 cases yesterday. >> most people when it gets like it's supposed to start snowing again so when it gets real bad they'll come in. >> reporter: this couple wouldn't go. >> you sure you don't want to go down. if you wander to and you want to go by the office at 1515 we're open. >> reporter: doctors say they're now seeing cases of frost bite and low body temperature. >> usually it's bad judgment that leads to hypothermia outdoors. substance use alcohol use. >> reporter: cold weather wouldn't sway these music fans. some here waiting outside at the union transfer since 7:00 o'clock this morning in order to land the front row to hear their favorite band. >> my dad works down the street so he's keeps checking. >> they are heart dee eighty
10:32 pm
three than most. >> i'm doing pretty good in this coat. >> how long have you been outside. just about 30 seconds. >> reporter: we should check back with you -- >> when you come back it will be another story. i'll have another story to tell. >> reporter: funny if you're outside for a few seconds. a different story if you have to be outside for an he can expended period of time. emergency room doctors put out the warning frost bites could lead to a loss of limbs an drop of body question could kill you. if you have any questions see your doctor right away. brad sattin fox 29 news. >> i got frost bite long ago still deal with the effects of it. he's not kidding. >> don't stay out there for long long. >> right now it's 15 degrees in philadelphia. but thankfully it's not as windy windy. so the feels like temperature or the wind chill is 15 but i'll step out of the way and you can see this outside of our studios the a fourth and mark looking at light snow the flurries moving in to our area so we'll continue to see that snow pick up in
10:33 pm
intensity especially after midnight. but take a look. the entire southeastern pennsylvania area we're looking at those purple highlighted counties. those are advisories but all of south jersey, all of delaware we are looking at winter storm warnings. it's going to be a powdery snow reduced visibilityies and those advisors and warnings are in effect through noon tomorrow. so as we look at the ultimate doppler look all the mess in north carolina have a van state of pennsylvania it continues to move toward our area with the heaviest of the snow occurring down the shore. central and southern delaware. but dover looking at snowfall right now. west chester some light snow. wilmington also moving toward philadelphia and you can see down the shore, ocean city, wildwood, cape may we are looking at that snow as it continues to move toward our area. we will see some locations with a dry slot over the next couple of hours, but you can see by midnight we're looking at snow. south and west of philadelphia. 1am we're looking at that snow
10:34 pm
continuing across the area but tick a look at those bands of heavier snow where you see the darker shaded colors, that's what we're looking at most of the snow out of this event. as you move farther north and west we're not looking at a whole lot of accumulating snow. biotech clock, the pocono mountains looking dry. also toward lehigh valley we're still looking looking at light snow by 7am around philadelphia and trenton but most of that heavy snow will be concentrateed into south jersey and delaware. with that said, you can see around wilmington, philadelphia, trenton you're in that three to six range. north and west we're looking at one to three and then as you move into extreme south jersey, central southern delaware six to 8-inches of snow. so for philadelphia, about three to 5-inches we're looking at temperatures in the teens overnight and early tomorrow morning. wilmington delaware, new castle county, four to six for you. six to 10-inches in wildwood so you can see the farther south you head, the more you are expected to receive. six to eight in dover delaware.
10:35 pm
and then what about atlantic city? six to eight. those temperatures will be in the teens. temperatures right now are in the teens so cold conditions overnight and it is going to be a cold week ahead as more arctic air will be moving in and in that seven day forecast. tomorrow's high upper 20s. and then we get a brief break low 30s wednesday but look at thursday and friday. highs in the teens. friday morning record lows. zero. that's it. >> we get nothing. >> you're missing a number there. >> no degrees. >> we had no degree. >> all right scott. >> thank scott. terrifying traffic stop a couple pulled over forced out of their car with their hands up. the surprise twist that ends in tears of joy. >> what is going on here? this suv wreaking havoc outside of a grocery store slamming into almost a dozen cars and trucks. what police say is behind the destruction. >> plus britney spears does it again. what she just posted on social media sure to get few hearts
10:36 pm
pumping. >> saying goodbye to a legendary singer song writer lesley gore passed away today after a battle with cancer. she topped the charts in 1963 with her teen anthem it's my party. she was 68 years old.
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♪ check out this wild bar fight. a bunch of cricket fans going after each other in us a strahle y40 or so fans watching a cricket match between india and pakistan when they started throwing punches inside the bar. four ended up in the hospital wolf others in jail. in your money tonight britney spears showing us the money the 3384 old singer just launch add new line of lingerie and swim wear. spears teased her almost 41 million twitter followers with picks from her collection say i'm quoteing new season into sets and so launched her intimate collection. amazon says it's committed to delivering products by drones despite knew federal regulations
10:40 pm
that would appear to rule out the possibility of all those drone believer reece under the rules announced on sunday drones have to be flown by observer on the ground who can maintain visual contact with the drone but ma'am ma'am son said it will continue to work on drone several deliveries. canada and the uk are using drones commercially. you've heard about outlandish marriage proposals like the jumbo tron. a fly to fly over. all romantic. >> those would be. more than this one i'm about ready to talk about. this is definitely one for the books. i would not call this romantic. i think i'd be upset. this guy alex staged a traffic stop to pop the question to his girlfriend cassie. the couple was on their wear to valentine's dinner when suddenly police officer pulled them over even used his speaker to order the couple out of the car. and for good measure with her hands behind her head, she was so scared. she started freaking out. she was crying and then alex got down on one knee.
10:41 pm
>> fell like a criminal and then i saw him and i was just like, wow i can't believe this is what you were doing. i was excited. >> such a dude thing. you can see a bunch of dudes going that's a great idea. women, i'm not sure f you're wonder wagon cassie's answer was she did say yes. >> that's good. >> congratulations to the happy couple. one of philadelphia's biggest mysteries now a decade old. a local couple vanished. a young son and daughter left behind forced to carry on. what the fbi now hopes can help crack this cold case. >> she was about to win marathon but claps. the crowd and fellow runners they just walk nobody --
10:42 pm
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♪ do you see what's going on here in wisconsin grocery store parking lot? that suv right there is crashing into two parked cars and goes into reverse crashes into two others. police say the 92-year-old man hit as many as 10 cars and may have had a medical problem. still a bit sketchy tonight. we do know no one hur. >> couple vanished one of the biggest philadelphia mysteries last decade. this week marks 10 years since
10:45 pm
disappearance of danielle imbo and richard petrone. the 10-year-old mark has the fbi probing this case it's hoping you might help. jennifer joyce has the story. >> reporter:. >> key your eyes for anything. >> he's gone. he's never coming back. >> we hope to be able to bring her home and say goodbye the right way. >> i just need him back. >> it's been torture. >> 10 years have past but still each day is just as painful for the families of danielle imbo and richard petrone much. >> it's a nightmare that my family lives every single day. report roar the couple was last seen leaving ab bill leap's bar at fourth and south streets on february 19th 2005. sometime before midnight. the pair and petrone's big black 2001 dodge pickup truck were never seen again.
10:46 pm
>> they just dropped off the face of the earth. >> fbi special agent veto roselle system heading the case with determine nation. >> we're not going to let this thing. >> reporter: in light of the 10 year anniversary rosellely formed a special team of investigatorinvestigators to give this case newer deeper harder look. >> we got to go back and start from ground zero. we have fresh eyes coming in. they'll look at stuff going back and reinterviewing. report. >> my godfather joe they just interviewed him. i think it's maze to go get a phone call from the fbi all these years later. >> john says he thinks about his sister danielle every day. >> i miss her terribly. my family misses her terribly. it's been 10 years. we have not an answer. >> reporter: this past christmas, john and his mother had arose engraved on his father father's tomb stone in honor of his sister. it's now place they can go and celebrate danielle's 34 years of life. he and his wife explained to their 11-year-old twin boys their aunt isn't coming back.
10:47 pm
>> i told them that aunt danielle is gone. she's in heaven she's an angel looking down on us and she'll protect us. >> dominic and johnny remain very close with their cousin joe. danielle's son who lives out of state with his father joe imbo, sr. little joe is only 21 months old when his mother dropped out of his life. he's now 11. >> he knows his mom is missing. he knows his mom is gone. he refers to his mother in the past tense. >> reporter: this is jenn for. i talked with danielle's estranged husband joe imbo last week. he hopes this is the year for answers. we asked the fbi if imbo is the suspect. the investigator told me it's something they're looking at but they're not ruling anyone out. imbo wouldn't comment on the speculation. >> when the crime is committed that's clean you would automatically assume that somebody knew what they were doing. that means they've done it before. there's crushers and elder shredders here in philadelphia
10:48 pm
and nearby area which could explain how the vehicle and the bodies disappear. >> reporter: rosellely says tips continue to come in. in 2009, the fbi announceed imbo and petrone could be victims of a murder for higher plot. no one was ever arrested. >> they could very well be dead. be in jail. still be out doing business. we're looking at all angles. report. >> somebody is going to go to jail for thousand years they're not going to bring back my son. >> reporter: richard petrone sr., welcomed to us his ardmore bakery viking pastry. his son worked every day until went missing. >> he was such an amazing person. you know and he had such a gift for life. >> reporter: petrone's gift in life was his daughter angela. she was 14 at the time. now she's 24. married and with child of her own. >> i wish that my dad was here
10:49 pm
to see what an mazing son that i have now. >> angela grew up at this bakery she and her dad lived in an apartment upstairs. now she helps manage the store carrying on her father's role. >> it's really hard but at the same time i know that he would be proud of me and i know he would want me here. >> reporter: while these families try their best to move for, they can't help but wonder what happened? >> the fbi firmly believes someone knows something that can help them solve this cold case. >> we need the public's help. somebody could be at home and know something and after 10 years their conscious is getting to them. >> i know he's going to get the answers we need. >> i hope someone really just decides now is the time. this family has been suffering for too long. >> any information about my dad please. >> reporter: there is stale $50,000 reward in this case,
10:50 pm
anyone with any information should call the citizens crime commission 215-546-tips. (215)546-8277. >> at you have austin texas a rather mazing store. running a marathon is almost a test of perseverance. >> one woman was pushed past the limb. this weekend. yvonne started running on empty with less than mile to go in the race but she didn't quit. with nurses by her side she crawled to the finish line. she had help she would have been disqualified. so the crowd watched and cheered as she pushed through. she crossed the minute initiate line on her hands and knees in third place. >> amazeing. utah three high school friends got dressed up for dance for nothing. the school wouldn't let them in. >> not because of what they were wearing. one of the girls refused a ticket because she didn't have a date. >> here's what happened much the girls didn't have dates as iain
10:51 pm
said to the valentine's day dance. they asked each other. two shared a tick when the third tried to buy one for herself at the door the school said, nope can't. school district says the dance was for couples only. the girl doctors however get a refund for the tick they had already bought. all right. how war, what's up in sports. >> eagles news tonight. but it's not the kind of news that the eagles want in the off season. and villanova on their way easily to the post season. but things got a little ugly tonight against seat ton hall.
10:52 pm
10:53 pm
10:54 pm
♪ i know fans wanted eagles news in the off season. it's been pretty quiet. not quite tonight. eagles free safety nate allen was arrested this afternoon. now it happened in fort myers florida. details of the arrest are not clear at this point. has not been charged. he was brought in for an incident with a friend for questioning. but, again from what i'm told, he has not been charged. allen drafted by the eagles in 2010 started for the eagles in all five seasons has been here at safety. he is a free agent and was still -- still question as to whether he will be resigned by the eagles again nate allen has not been charged even though he was arrested this afternoon. villanova is easily on their way to the top seed in the big east tournament. it's a lock to be a two seed in
10:55 pm
the inform caa tournament. really kind of laid out for the wildcats. these big east games for nova are really practice for the post season. tonight easy against seton hall to pavilion. darren hilliard has been hot hot, hot for villanova. hot again. he gets the three and fouled. villanova led by 16 at the half. second half when seton hall got to win 10 villanova just pulled away and rolled. but it got a little nasty at the end. the player for seton hall sterling gibbs he hits watch this he hits archie. that's just cheap. that kid will be suspended for a ill. what villanova wins, 80-54. flyers have 26 games left in the season and although they're only 5 pounds out of play off spot it really is simple. it's uphill and that's not simple for them to may the playoffs. the flyers struggle too many areas. trouble scoring that's in the a good thing. they have trouble getting shots. that's in the good thing.
10:56 pm
they turn the puck over. that's not a good thing. even they they won against buffalo yesterday buffalo is the worst team nnl. the general manager notice the reality and he's hahn never about his chances. >> the odds are still against us because if you look at boston you say okay, every game that boston wins we got to win three games more than them. i mean it's still tough. i like the resiliency of our team route now. our schedule looks okay. >> all right. called the toughest race in the world be treatment tough guy race. let's go to the uk. all right. we go to the uk. you guys go there for tests and for -- whatever they do over there. but those guys race. i don't know -- >> is that you in there? >> no. >> just wondering. >> i can tell you right now, set up by a man in the service but i can tell you right now that would not be me even on a challenge. (laughter). >> this is not scientific.
10:57 pm
you get scientific things from over there. >> knocking the king. >> all right. >> tough guy thing jeff cole should be in this thing. >> jeff cole is a tough guy. >> tmz is up next. >> back her at 3am for a special edition of fox 29 morning news. "good day philadelphia". >> sue serio and bob kell vol your weather and traffic covered
10:58 pm
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>> today on "tmz" -- >> there are certain undeniable facts about "saturday night live" last night and one of them is sarah palin, based on video we got outside where she was confronting hecklers -- politics aside, sarah palin is hot. >> ew! >> armie hammer put his life in danger. he got in front of a ferrari to slow him down because he was out of control. >> armie hammer and his friends are on vespas. and they see -- [laughter] >> what's the matter? >> are they riding separate vespas? >> willie mitch macy, at katsuya. >> are you going to take your wife to see "fifty shades of grey"? >> ok, girls. >> awful, so terrible. >> the best part in the theater


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