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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  February 18, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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>> a car on the run from the cops speeding off plowing right through a snow bang. who police say was behind the wheel. >> father to father, we're inside music caring for you and your eyes... ... just got a little easier. pearle vision accepts flex accounts and most vision plans, including eye med. this is genuine eye care, right in your neighborhood. this is pearle vision. fox 29 news in hd brought to you by xfinity the future of awesome awesome. right now the hunt for who killed a member of nicky minaj's crew after a bar fight here in philadelphia. one man is dead. another battling hurt.
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tonight we we may know what sparked it all. fox 29's chris o'connell is live at the wells fargo center where the chris brown concert is wrapping up and music fans are stunned. chris? >> reporter: that's right lucy. police sources telling fox 29 tonight they are working around the clock on this case and they are confident they'll have an arrest on this case very soon. like you said, music star chris brown is on stage here at the wells fargo center tonight. we just got in from the concert. most people though inside are talking about the tragic murder of a popular road tour manager that rock the music world tonight. ♪ >> reporter: chris brown playing to the crowd at the wells fargo center. but on the minds of many music fans tonight the tragic stabbing death of 29-year-old duvon picket the behind the scenes road manager known to many as in the music world as
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day day. >> so close to home. >> reporter: friends say picket and another road dee eric parker were in town from new york rehearsing on nicky minaj's upcoming tour in a studio in bensalem. picket and parker went to the khe bar and grill on stenton avenue in mt. airy where they were both stabbed multiple times during an argument with another group of men. a source says, over a woman. an eyewitness rushed them to einstein medical center where picket died early this morning. parker is still hospitalized. there are no suspects but police say they have many leads. >> right at the locate of the stabbing there are city police real time crime cameras and those cameras did record something that can help us with our investigation. >> reporter: reaction from the music world is pouring in. stars like row and in a posting pictures with day day quest love from philly saying, rip day day. you are loved and you will be missed. and nicky minaj on stain gram saying "another senseless act of
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violence that took the life of a great guy". music fans say violence in the music industry is becoming all too familiar. >> just shows the value of life. how it's going down and people really make snap quick decisions decisions. >> reporter: we can tell you tonight the survivor eric parker still remains in einstein medical center tonight listed in critical condition. we can also tell you police source has told us that neither nicky minaj nor her reporterred boyfriend meek mill from philadelphia was inside the club at the time of the stabbing. iain? >> all right, chris, thank you. on your radar tonight a few snowflakes falling around our area. scott williams outside tonight. scott, the major story the brutal cold on the way. >> that's certainly right g evening, iain. here in old city a few flurries but that's not the big story. the big story the arctic blast moving in behind that front that's blowing through. let's take look at what's happening on the mal doppler.
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you can see snow squalls moving through. mid 20s in philadelphia but look to the west. already 8 degrees in pittsburgh and that air is headed in our direction f you're in voorhees, glassboro pitts grove bridgeton watching out for some of those snow squalls that we talk about earlier this afternoon. they have arrived reduceing visibilities. there could be a quick coating moving toward the harrington area, lewes, delaware and georgetown looking at some of that snow. so a couple of more hours of that down the shore and then it's out of here but blustery winds of changeover night. take a look at those tumbling temperatures. by 4am it's going to be 15. 13 degrees at 6:00 a.m. and it's going to feel even colder. take a look at future wind chills by 7:00 a.m. it's going to feel like 4 degrees below zero in philadelphia and teens below in the pocono mountains. so the bottom line, it's going to be cold out there tomorrow morning. and then even colder air will be moving in tomorrow night into friday. putting us likely in the record
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books. when i come indoors i'll talk about how cold it gets plus another chance for snow in that seven day forecast. back to you. >> all right, scott, thank you. this bone-chilling cold could cause some problems tomorrow morning from the roads to the forecast. bob kelly and sue serio have you covered fox 29 morning news starts at 4:00 a.m. followed by "good day philadelphia". >> developing right now philadelphia police linked three robbers to a string of recent hold ups latest victim a drexel university student followed right into her apartment building. the city's mantua neighborhood. police want to catch these guys before they strike again and they need your help. fox 29's dave schratwieser is live in mantua. near drexel tonight. dave, this is just scary stuff. >> reporter: no doubt about that. four robberies in eight days, two in this very neighborhood tonight students and residents who live here tell us they're extremely concerned. less tell us each time the bandits have struck they used a gun to get what they want.
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i was surprised this is my house. i couldn't believe that. >> reporter: drexel senior kevin honk lives in the same apartment building off campus where surveillance cameras caught these three gun toting suspects as they followed his neighbor inside and robbed her. >> i was surprised. like i just got home like 10 minutes and i got the drexel alarm text message. >> they pulled out a gun take her bag which contained a samsung tablet, along with united states currency and they flee out of the building. >> reporter: honk he and his friends are on guard when they arrive or leave their building at thirty two 31st and hamilton. >> i check the surroundings. report roar police believe those same three suspects are responsible for a string of at least four begun point rob pros in the area. >> we think these individuals are out there tolling looking for people by themselves. >> reporter: lieutenant walker says the bandits held up a jim knee john's deliveryman as he made a delivery at 13 and bearing. robbed a 27-year-old woman as she entered her home at 44th and pine and stuck up a man
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arriving at 41st and spring garden for the sale of a paintball gun that was a ranged on craigslist. >> they take not only the paint gun but take his imac, his money and his wallet and flee the scene. >> definitely be more watchful report roar police are urging residents in the area like pharmacy school student angelique to watch their surroundings. >> somebody is following me i'll cross the street. and i'll just walk in random directions they're not following me any more. >> i've seen direct system pub luck safety walking around in this area and they trying to improve the safety issue around here. >> reporter: now those extra patrols are out here tonight. no one has been injured at this point. lieutenant walker stresses that anyone walking alone in these areas should not be wearing headphones and should be paying attention to their surroundings f you get approached do not resist, give them what they want and then call police.
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iain? >> dave, good advice. thank you. the jury is now in place to decide the accuseed black madam silicone injection case opening arguments are set for tomorrow. page gordon known as the black madam accused of of giving a british tourist several injections of silicone back in 2011 to enhance her back side. police say the woman had it done in airport hotel and as a result she had difficulty breathing. she died shortly after the procedure at a delaware county hospital. winslow is now charged with third degree murder. police in internal affairs has cleared two philadelphia cops in the shooting death of a 26-year-old man. brandon tate brown was killed after a struggle with officers during a car stop in december. authorities say he resisted arrest and reached for a gun. prompting one of the officers to shoot him. investigators say the officers did not violate protocol. they are both back on active duty. brown's mother is still calling for police to release the names of the officers and surveillance video from the shooting. the district attorney is still
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considering whether charges should be filed. a deadly 95 fight in montgomery county parking lot. police have yet to identify the man who killed his co-worker. they worked at a meat packing facility in franconia township. they got into the fight outside the facility. both men were stabbed. 2584 old danny vasquez died. he was a married father of three. >> he was a good guy. do anything for anybody. >> investigators say the man vasquez was fighting is now in the hospital with stab wounds. he is in stable condition. we don't know yet what started the fight. a battle over powers that be in pennsylvania. district attorney seth williams is asking the state supreme court to reject governor tom wolf's recent reprieve of a convicted murderer set for execution in march. now williams calls it and constitutional take over of an issue that belongs that the hands of the legislature and the court. the governor has declared a moratorium on executions until a task force finishes studying the
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effectiveness of capital punish many. a palace of ice still standing tall tonight in west philadelphia. this building ravaged by fire earlier in the week now completely frozen. ice house is drawing all kinds of visitors to take look. but officials say the weigh of all that ice could bring it down. fox 29's dawn timmeney has more from west philadelphia. >> we're just here, it's quiet. >> reporter: chairs are empty at the barber and beauty lounge on fadge 52 and street. a fierce fire early monday morning at the medical building across the street and frozen phenomenon turned into have been burning profits for nearby businesses affected by street closures. >> right now it's just spectacle because everyone is taking pictures of the building in amazement. >> reporter: fortunately for affected businesses, the barricaded portion of 52nd street in west philadelphia opening to traffic late this afternoon after almost three days. the property fenced off and
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secured until demolition can take place. declared eminently dangerous by licenseslicenses and inspections for fear the house of ice could come crashing down, it is still captivateing those passing by. >> it's amazing. i mean, it look like something in a fairy tale. i'm just not believing it. >> you don't see something like this every day. you don't see this all the time. it look real spooky, though. >> reporter: spooky, surreal the three-story building has to come down according to licenses and inspections in the next 10 days. l andism expecting it to happen very soon because of the danger to the public. this guy getting an up close and personal look at the damage using drone. >> modern technology. take advantage of it. >> reporter: look inside is just creepy or... >> yeah. burnt pretty much. burnt, collapsed. a lot of water. a lot of ice. a lot of weight up inside there. ready to come down. >> that was our fox 29's dawn timmeney reporting. the fire depth has not
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determined the cause of the fire yet. the property's owner is taking demolition bids from three licensed contractors to bring this ice house down as soon as possible. ♪ >> terrifying video. a guy shoots up a bus on the move. people inside forceed to dive for cover. but police say started all this chaos. >> chilling new details in a deadly case of road rage. a woman gunned down in her own front yard as her son shoots back. >> i did what i had to do to protect my family. >> what that mother and son did that led the shooter right to their home. >> take look at that monster pothole growing in the streets for months. local streets now forcing a family out of their home in this bitter cold. so what happened? >> it's ti versus lucius. mogil to mogil father to father, we are inside tism's music empire where he says lucius gets it all wrong. >> and two of hollywood's hottest stars opening up in our studio. watch the brothers from empire reveal their hidden talents.
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>> search continues for two masked men who robbed a grease restore in east germantown last week. these guys guns drawn walk into the devon grocery store friday night. one held up the cashier. the other man force add customer anterior employee into the back and stole $300 from the store. got away with that customers phone and cash. as scary as this was no one hurt. >> police are on the hunt for a man who robbed a pnc bank in center city today. he hit it 8:30 this morning in
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the 1600 block of market street. a man wearing a black trench coat with a scarf on his head and get this wearing women's make yum passed note to the teller it's not clear what the note said or how much money the guy got away with. >> huge sink hole created problems in one southwest philadelphia neighbor. months old utility work is left a local family frozen out of their home. >> they've got a house full of kids non running water. our own bruce gordon is looking for some answers tonight. he's live in north philadelphia. bruce? >> reporter: iain, we are here in this north philadelphia neighborhood because this is where the coats family is bunking down these days. not by choice. six-year-old kalleigha and five-year-old rafik are watching tv at grandma's house this is no planned sleepover. we'll let dad explain. >> without the water i'm gone i'm out the house period. i don't want -- what you doing in the house with children with
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no water. >> coats family rents a row house at upland and avondale in southwest philly right outside sits this massive construction pitt. about 100 square feet. big enough say neighbors to create traffic troubles. >> it's been real bad because if somebody park they car right there nobody kills get through. >> reporter: in fact, we're told the problem dates back to last february. but it was november several months ago things really got bad bad. lionell coats says the street department crew dug out the area making a small hole into that big pitt. coats says he heard a noise just before the crew left. >> you believe the streets department back in november did something that damaged the pipes underneath there? >> yes. >> reporter: a minimum says coats the workers left water pipes leading to his rental home exposed. so when the weather turned frigid back in january -- >> everything freeze up. no water. >> reporter: nothing in your home. >> nothing. we had to buy spring water h to get the youngest kids out.
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>> reporter: laura is his landlord the owner of the row house. >> i've been calling the streets department. i called the water department. i cannot get any answers from anyone. >> reporter: i made a call to the water depth. i'm not sure weather this is a water department issue a streets department issue or exactly who is responsible but this hole has been here and growing for quite sometime. >> the coats family has been forced out of their home half a dozen times in the past six weeks. they want answers. and running water. >> spring water back and forth back and forth. it's frustrateing. >> reporter: again mr. coats believes it was the streets department work back in november that caused all of this trouble. as for the water department, they told me shortly after 6:00 o'clock tonight they were investigating the situation and would get back to me quote very shortly. since then not a word. coats family still without running water and now running out of patience. iain. >> i can imagine. bruce, thank you. soon be five new charter
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schools in philadelphia. emotions flared over the decisions made tonight by the school reform commission. this is what happened after the first new charter school was approved. protesters got out of their seats and sat on the floor disrupting the meeting and police eventually took several of them out of the room. four people got citations for the disruption. the board look at 39 new charter school applications in all. opponents to the new schools say they take away funding funding for existing schools that need it. >> atlantic city moving ahead with plans to attract tourists with more than just casinos. city council approved an expansion the iconic steal pier to make way for giant ferris wheel even sip lines sounds like fun. council gave a thumbs up to redeveloping the inlet neighborhood, new restaurants rebuilt boardwalk and elevated walkway. atlantic city lost four of its 12 casinos season trying to make its tourism centered economy less dependent on gambling. president obama talking counter terrorism during today's summit at the white house.
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the president joining others from 60 nations for the three-day event focusing on stopping violence and the growth of terrorist groups around the world. obama says muslims have a responsibility to fight a misconception that terror groups speak for them. the president adding that america is not at war with islam but instead with the people who have perverted it. >> one of philadelphia's own leads the secret service president obama announcing joseph clancy as the new director. he served as interim director four months since a zero receives embarrassing security breaches forced out the previous director julia pearson. >> a couple of philadelphians in the administration niece days. y. >> break dancing, cooking, singing, one show has it all tonight for a great cause. >> the philadelphia college of osteopathic is holding its talent show to raise money for the make a wish foundation. support snow. >> this is just one of the
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performers taking the stage tonight at evans hall in the city's wynnefield neighborhood. since 2007, the event has raised nearly $45,000 to support local children's wishes. the money is raised from ticket sales and raffles. >> making a run for it. a teen driver racing away from police slams into a snow bank. what cops say she was doing just before this chase took off. we're talking skin tags. they're embarrassing. irritating and affecting african-americans more than anyone. the easy way to get rid of them. and howard? >> reporter: i'm howard eskin phillies spring training here in clearwater florida, and it will be interested to see who stays and who goes on this phillies baseball team. ryne sandberg talks about one of those players ryan howard and that will be later in sports. >> now with tomorrow's traffic here's bob kelly. >> good evening everybody.
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going to be out and about tomorrow so will the roving penndot crews. all day long they'll be working on i-95 cleaning out the drains between center city all the way up through cottman avenue. they'll be working in the northeast here right in front of nazareth hospital, holme avenue will have lane restrictions tomorrow. and another roving penndot crew they'll set up shop on the schuylkill all day tomorrow between 26th street and city line avenue. another cold night which means some more black ice tomorrow morning. sue and i will see you bright and early at 4:00 a.m.
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♪ 17 years old police say drunk and they added driving off in the middle of the night that adds up to big trouble after
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almost side swiping a patrol car police say the girl took off hitting 60 miles an hour at times. she swerved into oncoming traffic. then drove on to a curb and through a snow bank and then after all of that just amazing the snow flys here the only damage was to a mailbox. police did catch up to her and arrested her and they say her alcohol level was about four times the legal limit of an add dull. two people hurt today in refinery explosion outside of los angeles. look at those flames exxon mobil processing unit in torrence. flare system was activateed to burn off some fuel. sending up a large flame and thick black smoke. witnesses say they sawdust and ash falling from the sky. residents were told to stay inside with the windows and doors shut. a close call for chow mix in michigan. 10-year-old elsa found barely alive and frozen to the sidewalk sidewalk. no word on how long she was left out l the temperature only 5 degrees. a good samaritan spotted her and called police.
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animal control officers say her face and two of her legs were literally frozen to the pavement pavement. it took 30 minutes and a lot of hot water to get seal free. she's still getting extensive treatment for frost bite. sources say the dog's owners have been citeed for animal cruelty and they will appear in court. >> hopefully she'll get a new home. chilling details in road rage shooting that killed a mother of four. >> tammy myers was teaching her daughter how to drive last week when she got into an argument with another driver. police now say myers drove her daughter home, picked up her son brandon who was armed and headed out to find the man she got into it with. myers and her son spotted that car but lost sight of it went back home. police say the shooter followed them and started firing hit hitting and killing myers and some are questioning why they went back out to find the other driver. >> i did what i had to do to protect my family. everyone can think what they have to think.
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i did it for a reason. i'd do it for anyone i love. >> tragic all the way around. myers family says it will continue to work with police to find the killer. take look at this guy bound tied up with a sweater and shoe laces. he's no victim. what family says they caught him doing before they pounced. scott. >> arctic front is blowing through. when to expect feels like temperatures well below zero and more snow chances next. >> plus it's ti versus lucius mogil to mogil father to father. we are inside tism's music empire w
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>> temperatures already dropping. here's a live look outside in south philly by the time you wake up it could feel like it's below zero. scott williams adding new information to your full forecast that is just minutes away. >> windy out there, too. goodness. man charged with shooting and killing his coach work will go to trial. randolph sanders waived his preliminary hearing today. he confessed to shooting kim jones at her bus stop at 12th
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and jefferson in north philadelphia last month. prosecutors say she was about to turn him in for stealing thousands of dollars from the human services agency where they worked together. health scare tonight on a new jersey college campus. >> princeton university vet gate ago possible case of the measles measles. fox 29's shawnette wilson live on campus right now. shawnette, what's going on? >> reporter: lucy university officials say they are waiting for results on a additional testing done on that student. in the meantime they do want to let students know that student has recovered season no longer contagious film i was little alarmed there was caves measles here. >> reporter: students on the campus of princeton received an e-mails informing them about a student affected measles. >> i wasn't worried. 99-point 5% were vaccinated for it and the university had can't tacked people who were around the student. >> reporter: the e-mail from the university reads in part, "we are writing to inform you
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that the university has received a report of an undergraduate student with a suspected case of measles. preliminary results were received on tuesday february february 17th and additional tests are being conducted ". >> i'm not worried about most people here are vaccinateed vaccinateed. >> reporter: the news made her think about the controversy surrounding vaccination. >> how dangerous it could be. >> reporter: university officials also say the new jersey department of health is recommending that any staff and faculty in specific spaces lift lifted in the e-mail between february 4 and 8th should check their vaccination records and contact a doctor if they have concerns. most on campus aren't worried. >> i think it should be fine. >> we've been through the meningitis so we had the run of the scary viruses so i think this is the second time around we've gotten used to it. >> reporter: officials also say students feel any symptoms consistent with measles they
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should isolate themselves and contact the health center. iain? >> all right. shawnette, thank you. we are tracking breaking news for you tonight. more than 100 people potentially exposed to a super bug in southern california. ucla says seven people have already been infected from contaminated medical instruments at its medical center. some of the bacteria are resistant to most antibiotics can't kill up to half of those infected. ucla says patients may have been exposed between october and january and say their equipment was sterilized according to manufacturers directions. >> that's scary. at least one group in the garden state wants to make it a little greener. the new jersey united for marijuana reform coalition wants to yes legalize marijuana. announced its plans to get that done in newark today. the group says pot arrest clog courts and distract law enforcement officials from more serious crimes. governor chris christie is repeatedly said he opposes legalizing marijuana. there's nothing but excitement for this guy being seen around town.
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fox 29 was there as sylvester stallone showed up on the set of creed in south philadelphia this morning. the victor cafe transformed once again into adrian's and this latest film rocky agrees to men for apollo creed's son in memory of his deceased friend and by the way it could hit the screen in the fall. >> he's out there bracing the cold. >> probably watching this newscast. scott you got some stuff to tell him. >> going feel like below zero tomorrow morning in philadelphia and area wide. but right now take look the ultimate doppler. we have some of those snow squalls moving through sections of south jersey in particular around vineland buena millville moving toward the estelle manor area. be on the look out for some burst of heavy snow reduced visibility and we could see a quick coating out of that. also in kent county, delaware, sussex county looking at some of that snow activity. it will be blowing through and the wind will be picking up and take a look at temperature
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contrast. 25 degrees in philadelphia but as you move toward pittsburgh we're locking at eight. so some of that bone chilling air headed headed in our direct. as we roll the clock you can see some of those snow squalls in south jersey over the next couple of hours pushing down the shore. otherwise, we are looking at drier conditions and those winds of change tomorrow morning you'll need to bundle up and dress in layers and then by tomorrow afternoon we could see more flurries moving through just reinforcing that cold air to set us up for record lows by friday morning. 32 degrees was the high temperature today. but that polar vortex it's headed back toward our area over the next couple of days to give us high temperatures only in the teens but once again those feels like temperatures will be pretty brutal. look at those winds gusting right now over 30 miles per hour in philadelphia and look at the temperatures. teens and 20s already. and we have wind chill advisories for the pocono mountains for tomorrow morning feeling like temperatures in the
10:35 pm
teens below zero. so how bad will it feel tomorrow morning 7am4 below in philadelphia. 13 below in the pocono mountains and then it gets even worse. yeah, we're looking at feels like temperatures close to 20 below zero row by friday morning in the philadelphia area. and not a whole lot of recovery into the afternoon. so teens and single digits for lows tonight and by friday morning, the forecast low is zero in philadelphia. the record is one. so we're talking some of the coldest air we have seen in decades. so remember those pipes remember the pets, bring them in. and also, check on elderly as we take a look at saturday night into sunday another chance for some snow but temperatures will warm changing it to rain mid 40s for highs on sunday before more cold air and freezing temperatures by monday tuesday and wednesday. another chance for snow. >> yeha! >> all right. >> winter. >> i'm going to show you something hot. nasa camera near pittsburgh caught spectacular video.
10:36 pm
a fire ball lit up the early morning sky across pennsylvania, ohio and new york yesterday. i haven't said yeeha for while. nasa posted this video on its facebook page. it was probably a space rock. space agency says the rock was blazing at 45,000 miles an hour. dramatic new video shows the moment a gunman opens fire on a moving bus in kansas city. a 15-year-old girl was shot but survived. thanks to the quick actions of the bus driver. fox's robert townsend walks us through this incredible video. >> reporter: this surveillance video clearly shows a bus rolling down the street on the night of december 30th when all of a sudden a guy wearing a hooded sweatshirt and dark pants pulls out gun tuck in his pocket and fires several times into the moving bus. the bus' windows you can see instantly shattered. police say a 15-year-old girl and her boyfriend jumped out of their seat into another seat as
10:37 pm
bullets and peaces of glass fly all around them. the girl hit in her leg paramedic rushed her to the hospital in critical condition. the male vick tum was that hurt. after the shooting police say the shooter ran from the crime scene near 39th and prospect. the bus driver was praised forgetting the injured girl to a safe spot and then calling 911. >> investigators believe the shooter was aiming for the girl's boyfriend who was sitting next to her on that bus. in your money how does a $29 airplane ticket sound? pretty good. frontier airlines launching two new non-life stop routes from philadelphia and celebrating with one rather spectacular sale. one way ticket to minneapolis will set you back 29 bucks. one way ticket to houston 39 bucks. you've got to buy the tickets before the stroke of midnight tonight. little bit of time and you've also got to fly on certain dates in april or may. >> look out google apple could soon be entering the world of virtual reality. apple got a patent for this
10:38 pm
iphone compatible head set you put your iphone inside and view what's on your phone with the head set. apple by the way first applied for this patent back in 2,000. >> they are embarrassing irritateing and affect african-americans more than anyone. next the easy way to get rid of skin tags. >> two of empire's hottest stars are in our studio revealing the hidden talents you probably never saw comeing.
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♪ here's how father and son in washington state took down a burglar. john ashton and his son john, jr. left their apartment only to return to their front door broken in and their place mess and that burglar was still in there. he was shocked to see them as they were him. they they tackled him and tied him with whatever they could find which was sweater and shoe laces and there he stayed until police arrived and arrested him. they affect 3 million people every year in the us. coming out of nowhere on your body, neck and face. dark moles and tags harmless to your health but damageing to appearance and self-confidence and the browner your skin the
10:42 pm
darker the lesions are likely to be. joyce evans tells us there may be something you can do about them. ♪ report. >> i think they came so quick. >> reporter: little raiseed mole like lesions. >> and they just like started coming and not stopping. >> reporter: the first when angela parker was barely 30. >> in the beginning it really didn't bother me. then i started noticing i was like where did these moles come from. >> reporter: john cans sr. russ skin growths mostly hereditary. >> some big/small very irritating. >> reporter: snagging on clothing jewelry, wiping a little too hard can draw blood. >> you know i just dealt with it. report roar until a friend told her she didn't have to. and where she mitt go for help. dermatologist vaughn graves. >> everybody gets them. but in african-americans particularly you notice them because they're more pig menned a lot of the time. >> reporter: angela now in her 40 has seen and felt enough.
10:43 pm
>> they're benign and non problematic and nuisance to individuals. we can cauterize them off. freeze them off and they're pretty easily addressed. >> reporter: dr. graves takes a gradual approach. >> i probably would have had them all off by now. >> reporter: the doctor recommends removing only about a couple dozen or so at a time especially on sensitive areas like her neck. >> you want them all. >> i want them all off yes. >> reporter: this is angela's fourth removal procedure. >> you know what worry going to do. we're going to burn them off. >> reporter: numb injections work faster. >> i'm going to go for the big ones first. >> reporter: topical creams take little longer but numb up just as well. >> you ready? >> yup. >> reporter: see the spark and the smoke. >> really just touching the top of them cauterizing the very lightly the more current you use the more you have a chance of irritation. we just kind of irritate the top
10:44 pm
of them that goes through to the base. >> we can smell the burning. can you feel that angela? >> no. >> reporter: the whole thing took only one minute. >> we did about 20 moles today. >> reporter: what now? >> after 24 hours you can watch them and with regular soap and water and rinse them off. >> reporter: first antibiotic own many to help it heal. angela knows what to expect from previous removals. >> it was a little uncomfortable uncomfortable. you know for few days. they start to dry up with the cream that he gives me. and then they fall off. >> reporter: angela knows there will be more and that her insurance will not cover every removal. but for the bigger uglier ones -- >> it's worth it. >> i think so. it does make me look a lot younger. >> angela's just her coach pay. insurance probably won't pay for removals simply for cosmetic reasons. out of pocket costs for that could run from a few hundred to about a thousand dollars.
10:45 pm
depending on your dermatologist and again these remedies are not for everybody. joyce evans fox 29 news. >> at least they exist. catch disease say goodbye to getting married in oklahoma if a bill becomes law. it's making the rounds right now. proposal would force couples who want to get a marriage license to prove they don't have any communicable diseases that includes sexually transmitted ones. what about hipaa that federal law that pre voids your privacy when it comes to your hell. oklahoma attorney says this bill would make you file the results of a blood test with the court clerk which the whole world could seem the bill has number of hurdles to overcome before it even comes up for a vote. two hottest stars in hollywood walked our our set today. they play the youngest and oldest sons on empire. bryshere talk about what it's like to be back home in philly. >> and shared how an accident helped push him into music.
10:46 pm
>> you used to play football at overbrook. >> yes. >> you got hurt. >> my bone came out of my skin. show that scar again. that's a serious scar there. >> i gave it up. >> but didn't you get into rapping because of the injury. >> i got into rapping. once i got hurt from football. i was rapping since i was 16. >> when one door closes -- >> another door opens. >> i out performing out to the street. >> really? >> dancers and bands. >> four years ago. >> we would have been right here. >> went to overbrook high. didn't know that. >> tray revealed one of his methods of seduction and it was working on alex. ♪ unforgettable, that's what you are. unforgettable, though near or far ♪
10:47 pm
>> there you go. >> my goodness. wow. all you have to do is do that to get a woman's affections. let me tell you. >> is it hot? >> look at you. >> that blows away drip drop. >> such acute reaction. my goodness she like melled. you heard mike there. mike said awkwardly funny moment when he asked about the meaning behind the show's big hit song drip drop. you can watch stars try to explain and much more from the interview on our website >> the show empire highlights family unit like no other. we're talking about children pitting against one another in a request for success but what a real rap mogil feel about it all all. >> hanging out at grammys in los angeles quincy harris found his way into ti s home to get his take. >> reporter: ti is a rapper successful record label owner and family man.
10:48 pm
some of the same traits held by lucius lions. >> i gave you an anniversary present earlier. >> terrence does a phenomenal job. taraji does a phenomenal job. lee daniels is showing the world in a different way than it's every been seen before. i think the story line could go on forever. >> that story line mirrors him in many ways. his children following in the footsteps in the entertainment business he preaches to them knowledge is key. >> i just tell them to learn as much as they can about the business because the one who knows most gets paid most. and everything you don't know the person that does is going to charge you for telling you and just try to keep them a breast education is probably the key to lucrative business. >> i will start choosing a successor. >> lucius lions pits his children against one another. that's something tism would
10:49 pm
never do. >> that shouldn't be aspired by the pan. they going to naturally be competitive as siblings. i think i have a better impact with them, you know like enforcing or inspiring comradery comradery. >> his family against the world. >> even going in and going for the same road whichever one of you get it both of you because you're together. just make sure they don't get it it. >> come on. family unity also lies at the heart of his reality show tism and tiny family hustle. >> we have a strong -- a strong center unit in my career so, you know we stick together even when we apart. >> quincy harris, fox 29 news. >> all right. sounds good. sean bell is here with a look what's in sports. >> iain, pitchers and catchers report to spring training for the field with ton to be answered. it doesn't look like it will be a great season. one big name pitcher soak up
10:50 pm
salary for another year. we hea
10:51 pm
>> phillies reported to spring training today with a million and one questions. vets winning not big salary players staying put. howard eskin is down in clearwater florida to sort it
10:52 pm
all out. >> reporter: everybody in baseball considers this phillies team in a rebuilding stage. even the front office has acknowledged that. however, the manager ryne sand become doesn't look at it that way. >> i don't look at rebuild. i look at, well, you know, it's transition. it's where we're at. um, i'm excited to see some young players. report roar sand said he's anxious to see who steps up on this team. what young players can step up. but for right now he says ryan howard that's right now is still one of his core players. >> he's the first baseman. he needs to prepare himself to be the best first baseman that he can be with his offense with his defense. get his running as good as it can be but right now he's -- he's here to prepare for the season. >> it will be interesting to see what cole hamels says over the neck few days because in u.s. a today he's quoted as saying, i want to go to place where i can
10:53 pm
win and i know it can't happen here. however, he also said, he knows he's going to be here for the next six week. let's keep an eye on that. from clearwater florida phillies spring training, i'm howard eskin fox 29 news. >> practice rounds for the daytona 500 check out this. three cars back the number 10 green go daddy car danica patrick slams into the wall after trying to make move inside inside. she would be fine but the car would not be. danica will now start in the back of the pack for qualifying and is not guaranteed a spot in sunday's race. and look, danica they always want to give her a lot of prop she's always finding a way to lose. >> um-hmm. >> what did you expect? >> her bank account wins.
10:54 pm
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welcome back. don't forget to watch tmz coming up next at 11:00 o'clock. we're back here at 4am for fox 29 morning news and "good day philadelphia". >> sue serio and bob kelly will have your weather and traffic covered all morning long so be sure to stay tuned. have a great night. we'll see you tomorrow.
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>> today on "tmz" -- >> this is the punch that was heard throughout biloxi. afroman brutally attacked this woman on stage brutally. >> wiz khalifa at emerson. absolutely wasted. >> what makes you a better parent an amber? >> amber is at carnival. >> where's sebastian? >> right now the kid's like, do you mind if i take care of myself? is that cool? i got this. >> kanye west and taylor swift. they had dinner together. i think taylor swift recognizes that there are audiences where she can do a little bit more work and kanye with help her. >> can she rap? >> both careers would be dead. >> you want her to rap. >> no, you don't. >> totally. >> you want her to rap.
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