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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  February 19, 2015 9:00am-10:01am EST

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>> riff from fourth and market. this is good day philadelphia at 9:00. >> it is straight up 9:00. lawyer send here now. >> what's up? >> keep your hands off my thin mints. >> i don't eat chocolate i'm not judging, but did you clean this whole sheet out since 6:00? >> the ryan i'm guarding them, there is a shortage of thin mints out there. >> you better hole onto those. >> girl scouts say it will be a while before your thin mints are in. so this valuable, like gold. and i have some left. >> you got like three left. >> only three in there. >> but, i have another whole box of them, in my freezer. >> oh, you're ready for those. >> you hoard those? what's he ordered has in his
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frig? >> the honey -- >> still have about 400 of them. more on that dilemma, with the girl scouts coming up. >> it is thursday, february the 19th, 2015. >> ♪ ♪ >> wow. oh, my goodness. >> oh, oh! >> oh.
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>> ♪ ♪ >> wow. >> well, okay. >> if you haven't noticed chinese new year. >> yes. >> happy new year everybody. >> whew. >> started about nine hours ago. thank you, so much. >> now in the year of the sheep. >> yes. >> can we bring back the little dragon real quickly. >> hey, drill dragon vincent is that your name? >> yes, his name is vincent. >> last night in china town there is scene played out with the fireworks going off fire cracker popping, dragons were dragging and little vincent, was vincent up at midnight? was he up doing that last night? >> no, no. >> he had to go to bed to be ready to go on the showment common! slide on in here. so. >> so i mid vincent couple every nights ago right? he did his first lion dance this year.
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>> so i said howell are you vincent? >> seven. >> i said do you want to come? >> he said i have to go to school. >> so we'll write awe note. maybe you can take your teach area signed mug? >> would you like that? little gift to take your teacher? >> mom is going smile. >> there he is. >> well, you make the cutest little dragon. >> now being drag your little one out of here. >> that's my buddy. >> that's my buddy vincent. >> dan, that was startling wasn't it? >> it really was. >> a lot going on in this hour. dream vacation, no matter what the cost. what were you saying, people trade in what? >> that's right. willing to skip paying their bills. >> however, more people, 21% said financial sink your at this obstacle preventing them from traveling. so the survey comes from
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tripping. com. >> these people are tripping. tripping if you're not paying your bills to go on vacation, right? >> but you have a tan? >> at least that. >> someone tweeted me bill, and he was like, hey, ya. i go on vacation all the time and skip out. >> i know people who will say get the call from the creditors, why do they keep calling me? >> and they're mad and they need to leave any alone pay them when i can. >> ever know people who just don't open the bill? because they don't want to see what it is? >> ya. >> it stacks up, month after month. one of the best lines what do you mean i don't have any money still have checks. >> i don't like checking the mailbox, nobody ever sends me nice things, always bills. >> like who want to go home and look forward to opening
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that first snipping. >> dot bills bills bills. >> and can you pay my bills? >> that's the song. >> that's good. >> bills bills bills. okay, i was surprised by. >> this we found this survey that says, you know, most kids the parent demand, you need to take your nap. you better take your nap so i don't get crankiment nap time is good -- >> just want vincent not cranky but want a break parent. >> take a nap. >> hopefully get down for two hours so you can do some things too or maybe take a nap yourself. >> i do every day. >> well, often the only free time somebody, you know, pay the bills take a shower, clean up, get your hair done, whatever. >> hair done? >> researchers say two dozen studies, they found children over the age of two who nap in the day, have harder time falling asleep at night quite simply, the more they sleep during the day the less they
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sleep at night. >> so cut it off at two years of age karen, you have three boys i'm sure you enjoy their nap time. >> it is a god-send. so two things, just got the alert on my phone i've gone into my over draft protection because we took trip at the beginning of the week, that's how much you need to take a trip and get away, especially when you have kids. i think this study ridiculous, any mom of little kids, knows, that you kids need to reset. absolutely miserable to be around if they dot again the nap n i think totally bologna to think you can keep your kid up so tired they'll go to bed, then be pleasant child. your kids miserable to be around, and everyone else thinks your child are miserable tore around. one thing harder, lauren, johnson? >> yes, i am. >> what are the videos that get sent me from my husband every weekends? >> melt downs, because her husband's left at home with these three children. so she like hi honey how is everything going. he basically wants to hang up in her face then sends video and they're like daddy! and you're like going off and
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having melt down. car send cracking up laughing. meanwhile her husband is like you think this is funny? not funny at all. >> so that's life. that's why we need naps. >> begging for naps. >> begging for help. >> here is the thing too karen, we used to take naps in kin err garth end when four and five years old. >> i think all the way up through four and five years old. the challenge, i did set my kid up, challenge younger kids, see the old he err ones up. that's the the challenge but i think kids need it, that study shrewd absolutely bogus. >> they used to try and run from my parent, like no, please. and then now i'm always begging for naps. >> oh, man best part of our day. >> yes. i can't wait. >> the bold and beautiful at 1:30, sometimes don't make it through that, asleep. >> exactly. >> the thing is if you go past like 3:00 i think for us, too late. >> you were telling me, that i was telling lauren, i would take a nap, won't wake up for hours later. no alex, you got to wait. you can't do it after 3:00. the best time like around noon or so.
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>> you have to get -- >> yesterday afternoon i took nap because i was meeting you at about 7:00. so i set my alarm for six. i took late nap. i woke up at 6:00 and thought it was this morning. >> oh, i hate that. >> oh, no. >> what did you do? >> oh, i pan i shall, oh my, i'm late. >> i turned on the tv, and the fox news at 6:00 was on. >> probably thinks going without me. >> well, i continue it onto see what the time was. >> you don't have a phone? >> hey, by the way, you know what's really cool? is how excited your new co-host on the weekend show is bill anderson. what a great addition to fox he is, and so, we saw this exactly, mike, what happened he came in, you know all fresh and dewey like alex before you get all jaded oh, i can't wait karen some day we will
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be on bus station, one of the bus shelters, some day we'll get to have. that will look what happened. would you take a look at this? look, our promotions department. don't we look good? showing that off. >> oh, look at that. little photo shop action. >> look a little different. >> what do you mean, that's photo shopped? the promotion department didn't go out there and create that for us? >> i'm looking out there now. i still see alex and mike. >> this is bogus. >> come to our bus shelter. that's our new addition. bill? he's out there in the back. >> it is casino every fawn see yourself on billboard. you know we have them out on i-95. >> snow. >> billboards, oh, ya. >> my mother, she came to town. with my dad and they made us go on nine, a probably not the face at all. we pulled over. because it is a digital one. so it changes. she made the whole family sit and watch and wait for her. >> this is a moment. this is a moment. i'm like i'm just worried about getting hit. >> here's bill anderson, just saying, bill, this is how
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promotions department is not only do we not have billboard whether digital he doesn't even get a microphone. so you have to shout into my microphone. can't he? >> hashtag. >> fox 29 weekend. talk about the most memorable wedding ever. there is this bride, in india. she runs off with one of the guests at the wedding after her groom passed out. >> according to the times every yawned. the groom was epileptic. the condition he kept from the bride, bride had no idea this was going on, so he had a seizure during the weddingment and when he was carted off to the hospital, the bright,
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because she was so upset, she asks another man to just step in as a groom. i'm just going to marry you. that manna agreed, they got married. for real. so when the original groom returned from the hospital, he tried to get his bride back. even filing a complaint with the police. the police couldn't do anything about it, so the family just had to handle the matter on their own. but not before throwing dishes and a violent -- >> this looks like show oring? >> i'm like when is the good part coming? >> violent dishes. >> i want video. >> right? >> are you kidding me? >> anyone else marry me? >> did you ever go to a wedding of an ex? >> oh, i've been -- >> i haven't been invited. >> i went to one. >> you were invited this. >> yes kind of weird. >> i believe these two, did you do that? >> no, just imagining, what if he had passed out? and you were like i'll take this. >> i still kind of like her. >> really? >> i won't lie. >> hard to watch? >> weird to be there.
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>> no, no, no. well. >> would you be honest, moment of truth? >> when i sat downey was like oh, gosh. this isn't going to be good. >> came out looking fine. >> fine as wine. >> here is the thing. i can't believe they invited almost -- like snub, look at me? >> we were friend before we dated. >> okay. >> then we stayed friends afterward. >> good friends. >> every now and then, you know? >> goodness gracious. >> can't be in town all the time. >> now lauren, if they invited you, would you go to one of your ex's? >> yes. >> most recent next. >> most recent probably not. >> ya? >> hard? >> further back, yes. >> actually, one of my ex-boyfriends, from high school is married has several children, it is fine mutual friend paul. >> so i hear about him all the time. it is fine. >> does she know it? that you communicate? >> , no i don't communicate with him. i hear him through paul. >> mute your friends. >> okay. >> we don't communicate. >> how about this?
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when five year old parker knows what he wants he goes after it. ya parker areas parent took him to disney world right? >> so whether he was there parker who loves the disney princess propose today every disney princess he came in contact w look, on one knee and everything. his mother gave him that as joke, but parker, he is like i am taking this seriously said the princess treated parker like a prince, though. >> does that mean they said yes? >> one did say yes. >> oh, look, there is jasmine aerial. >> and she has been arrested for it. >> not really bending down kinds of just squatting. there goes. >> close enough. >> isn't that cute? >> it is cute. look at that. >> chris murphy cannot stop talking about taking his kids down to disney, so pumped up. >> he should be. >> you know what? it feels like me. >> you. >> it is, it is like mini may hand. there is kids everywhere. no one knows where they are turning, there is traffic there is crime. oh, i know it is the happiest
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place on earth. >> about 118 degrees with humidity. and strollers are bumming into your ankles. >> depend on whether you go. no. >> like right after christmas. and then it was like there is barely lines having great time. i enjoyed it. >> how long ago? >> it wasn't very long ago. >> because i hadn't been in a while. one of my friends lives in orlando, so oh, i will ' come visit. let's go to disney world. you have to know when to go. animal kingdom not a loft people go to animal kingdom. magic kingdom is the worse. that i will agree with. >> orlando. >> i'm about thing it offer tend i my granddaughter really wants to go. >> you need to take her. >> she has been to disney lands in southern california. but now she want me to take her to disney world. >> are you going to do it? >> i almost have to. >> or you could take her on the disney crews and get away from the orlando area. >> she needs the magic kingdom. >> no, you're locked on a boat with all these kids? oh brutal. you can't -- i might jump off.
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>> oh, my gosh. >> no. she would love it. >> something she would remember for the rest of her life disbelief to do it. >> i'll get that organized sometime in the next 15 years. >> she'll be 30. >> little girl's obsession with the movie frozen, may be to blame for her sudden urge to commit a crime. she even tried to coax her father to get in on the crime. >> daddy doesn't have the money for right now. >> no -- >> i don't want to take it. >> right now. >> let's take -- let's buy a tv instead. >> no. >> why not? >> oh! >> this goes on and on throughout the store. she is dragging it out to the car. >> yes, she is not hearing daddy. >> this is just a taste of disney. this is what happens. kids want a toy. no we've already paid. all this monday. >> i yes for sure. >> at all. >> got to pay up. >> i think one ticket was like
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$108 so imagine like family of five, you want to go to several parks? >> true, can't just go to one. my goodness. >> that's when i was growing up we had six kids in the family. >> did you go to disney world? >> no, never went anywhere. >> oh, my gosh. >> backyard. playing in the dirt. >> so dramatic. >> that was it. >> oh, like rocks to play with oring? >> rocks and sticks, ya. in fact, i got a box of like sticks for christmas. from out of the backyard. >> i don't know how to take this. >> and then school? >> you walk 10 miles to school and we didn't have any clothes. so i would walk naked. 20 miles. >> why were you hating on that man? remember the one guy walk 20 miles to work. there is no way this dude is walking, do you remember that guy? >> right. >> and you didn't have go fund back then to help you? >> 20 miles rounds trip. so 10 miles each way. >> didn't he have like
9:17 am
$300,000. >> i think to up half million dollars. >> now really living. >> and he's got a cadillac that he's driving. >> that's all i needed back then go fund me. com. >> back to this girl scout story. listen i'm going to eat the rest of these today. don't come to the station trying to get them off of glee there is only three. >> real. >> i ya. >> so, not much. so that's right. it is on back order whether it comes to the thin mints. >> yes, thin mints are on back order, it will be weeks before you get them. >> so the kellog company that makes girl scout cookies behind in the production of thin mints delivery every all cookies. >> talking about sim owe a the other tagalongs all of the other yummy flavors, all on back order until mid to late march. then minutes account for quarter of the 200 million boxes of girl scout cookies sold each year. >> let's truck in. since you have damage is everyone doesn't, why don't you do on air live taste test. pretend you're food critic. tell us who is everyone missing. >> chocolate basically like
9:18 am
gold coin. >> cool, just cool. >> what does it taste like? >> oh, it is minutey fresh sue, minutey fresh. but just my tongue is slathering now in chocolate. >> hard to watch it here. >> hint of minute, sue. >> really turn that into very sensual experience. >> little cry factor. it is delicious. and you want to have something warm to drink along with your cookies, because it is only going to be 18 degrees today. with the winds we'll probably have below zero windchills for most of the day today. seventeen is our high tomorrow. we'll start out with 1 degrees in the morning for the actual
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temperature f we get to one that's tying the record for february 20th tomorrow's date. >> rain changing to sunday, colder again monday, tuesday and wednesday of next week. so, we have a brief respit, but 45 degrees, it will rain. >> there, yes, you know, then we get saturday night, with the snow. >> i'll take that 45. >> okay. >> seriously? >> with the rain? you will have to. >> yes, you don't have a choice. >> all right now we have interesting fox fursday coming up. we have a cat looking down at a dog. a cat and a dog in the same fox fursday segment. she's not into it. he is not into it. >> oh, you recognize the song? ♪ ♪ >> crank it up! >> ♪ ♪
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what's happened to snacking? how did it become absent-mindedly eating one after the next? we are a creamy cheese that still believes in savoring our food. the laughing cow. reinvent snacking.
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>> you know what? february is national spay and neuter awareness month. part of the reason, there are too many animals, not enough homes for them, because people do not spay and neuter. so, we can get that message out. we've done good thing. if paying for the surgery is your concern, there are low cost options we're going to debunk every objection you have to spaying and neutering with melissa levy from paw's. high. so first we introduce the ad don't recall animals you brought, then the advantage of spaying and neutering. this is imagine ellen. he is one to two years old. he was found as a stray. so we took him in. we neutered him. and now he's at our adoption center at second and arch just waiting for a home. 's really just sweet kinds of easy going guy. >> spook by the light. >> little nervous.
9:24 am
>> key keep him in the cage. so i don't think he is comfy in his bed right now but once gets into home he wants to be loved and loved back. >> all right melissa wait until we see. >> this look at this face, guys. >> look at this face. >> this is stewy. so the cutest under bite you ever saw in your life. >> is a charmer this stew, stew is four to six years opened, not quite sure what he is. we are calling him a pekinese mix, maybe some shit sue in him. no idea. >> he is too cute for words. >> in a foster home right now. he gets along with other animals, with children, he is house trained. he is just ready for his forever family. >> look at his tail, hammy to be here, even with the cat in the room, fine. >> yes, just casino of will go with whatever comes his way. so yes, he is great.
9:25 am
>> it is better in your own local, better for the community. >> now, you want rescue. how do you think the world would change, if everybody spade annulet erred their pets? >> well, we are working to get to that day. >> yes? >> and, you know, we get there little by little. low cost service that is we also were able to help so many thousands and thousands
9:26 am
of pet owners, every year. so we wouldn't be able to do otherwise. little by little, fewer animals being born, fewer animals entering shelters, means the animals entering shelterings get homes more easily. better across the board. we'll get there. >> now, low cost options because i think that's a big objection for a lot of people. well love to do it bye can't afford it. >> a lot of people. >> so, we have two low cost clinics, we have one in grays ferry, one in the northeast now, we do spaying and neutering, all week long, we have scheduled really sort of accommodating for everyone, we keep our costs as low as they can possibly go, so that's not a barrier and you know, thousands and thousands of pets are able to take advantage of it, every year. >> so guys, get in touch with paw's, we'll have the linc, as always on our website. >>, finds out about the low cost options, maybe give one every these cute animals a home. now, stew has cute face, of course imagine ellen cute face only one cuter and
9:27 am
that's our quince. >> i oh. look at that. >> totally agree sue. no i totally agree sue. audenreid high school, south philadelphia conversations with legend, and guess what, i have some len ends dmc run dmc, mr. end kenny gamble. you can't get more legendary than these sue. coming up next we'll talk to them.
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discover brookside crunchy clusters. this is the "name your price" tool. it gives you options based on your budget -- it's a piece of cake. i was told there would be cake. get a free quote at it is exactly nine will 30. have you noticed this electronic billboard. thinks at seventh and market on that really cool, building there at seventh and market right across from dunkin' donuts. some day we will have this always happens, hello, people of philadelphia a, hello, down there in market street. >> lets look down. >> look up. >> hey hi. >> hi there. >> our people, our people.
9:31 am
>> yes. >> yes. >> promotions department. >> that is right. >> that last segment it is national spay and newter month, did you hear that. >> yes. >> you didn't. >> i'm just kidding. >> of course, she did. she has no idea. but if you decide to say or newter me, don't use the low cost option if you don't option. >> you can only get newterd, you cannot get spade. >> is that right. >> yes. >> spay is for female dog, newter is for the male dogs. >> snip, snip. >> please dent use the the low cost option on me. >> oh, my god. >> we have some legend. >> the cone, that they have to use. >> yes. >> they didn't have it. >> so no, you can't. >> it is, 9:32. we have some legend. >> yes. >> they are right here in philly this morning. one of them you may recognize from this video. >> yes. >> ♪
9:32 am
>> well, darryl z and mcdaniels of the run dmc is joining kenny gamble for a candid conversation with some local high school students. so quincy is live with the duo at the universal charter school, in philadelphia. south philadelphia. hi quincy. >> these guys are just, they are just talking, they are legend talking with legend. how are you doing. >> really good glad to be here. >> how are you doing. >> great i'm glad to be here with you and darryl here, and, i'm just telling you about fox 29 how community oriented fox 29 is and i really thanks alex and mike, and you also too for being here, for all of the good reasons. >> well conversations with legend. is what the program about. >> well, i'm's here
9:33 am
representing for the kid, trying to tell the kid, you know, hip hospital didn't just create wrappers, like generation of young people think, man hip-hop, i want to be a rapper. but hip-hop created journalist, writers, directors, educators designers, scientists, so much more of the hip-hop that you hear on radio and see on tv, it is only 2 percent. i'm here to let the kid know education doesn't just mean abc 123. it is history it is social issues, it is learning about your own culture. these kid need to know that even though i'm the king of rock all of the kid are kings and queens, you know what i'm saying. we're here representing our culture and our people because education doesn't just mean, go to school and learn, so he had case is about an empowering your early physically mentally, spiritually to the utmost of
9:34 am
your ability and then when you express your power you don't just change your life, you change the world. >> i'm meeting a lot of kid that perform here. mr. gamble dmc just a quick note or nugget you have learned throughout your long musical career. >> well, just listening to brother darryl here and he pretty much said it all. it was beautiful. you know, speaking about hip-hop, you know, it changed the culture of the world. it came from brothers like darryl and what i like about hip-hop is he took a lot of our record and sampled them. >> yes. >> that kept us in the game a little bit. >> yeah. >> and it is generation, and within of the other things, just to say a little bit about hip-hop is how many of the hip-hop artists they worked together. didn't see that during rhythm and blues era where we had a couple of artist that is worked together but you might the see, i mean, there
9:35 am
was a record called something about destruction. >> self destruction. >> yes. >> self destruction. >> that was great. >> i loved the message. so there was a message in the music. >> we thank you guys, dmc, we have to end up rock around that is right it is tricky. >> it is tricky tricky, tricky. >> tricky. >> i just performed. >> so where are you quincy, are they performing. >> we are at auditorium at audenried. we're on stage. that is why we had to perform there. >> yeah, yeah, it is tricky. >> the kid will love it. >> yes. >> it is tricky, it is tricky. >> he's going now. >> look at him. >> we're going on tour now. >> you would drop the mike but i don't want to break the microphone. >> then you have to pay for it. >> there is no question we
9:36 am
would make him pay. >> meet a local woman who is in the studio right now setting up. she's being called yet another designer of the stars. that jewelry is heading to hollywood, ladies and gentlemen, because at contacted my award are this weekend. she has designed for reese witherspoon, viola davis i saw her walk by here. she's good looking too. this jewelry will be on the red carpet. wow. welcome. nice to have you here.
9:37 am
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parents help their children discover the world. animals, seen those before. but sometimes they do it on their own.
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mmm, foot. whoa, food for giants. oh, no wonder no one has eaten this sandwich. kids discover the world with their mouths. keep laundry packs out of reach and away from children. brought to you by tide. a local jewelry designer has become kind of famous around the country. >> her name is cat covac and she has design jewelry for the biggest celebrities, for this award season. he has createdded jewelry for hollywood swag bag for
9:40 am
grammys, saga ward, and now the academy a award. >> yes. >> her designs are a huge hit and she makes it all right here, in her studio in bryn mawr. >> hi, cat. >> it is cat midmancovac. >> nice to meet you. >> nice to meet you. >> show us some of this stuff. >> this piece was design for reese witherspoon for will sag, award. >> okay. describe what it is. >> it is white turquoise through the the arrow head and gold chains with a layering, 44-inch necklace that can be also worn as a bracelet. >> now why put that together for reese. >> because reese always wears natural, neutral, every time i have have looked at her images and she always wears simple elegant gold chains. i wanted to put something that i was reading with her personality or her fashion personality and just for a
9:41 am
posit surprise and she's in hollywood and trend center i added the the arrow hit which is cool. >> you design this celebrity for them. lou for them and their style. >> i look at their image, in the on the red carpet. i look at their image in us magazine, on the street, what they would wear every day. >> so what is this show for. >> this is very similar to viola davis. i also did one for tina fey which read the same way but with more black. >> what vibe did she put out that came up with this. >> she looked very elegant and she's always wearing silver jewelry. i wanted to make something that she could wear, on the red carpet but also, something that she could wear off the red carpet so making something like this you could throw on with t-shirt and jeans or double it up and wear it as a bracelet. >> okay. >> how much are these worth. >> the ones i make for the stars retail between two and $300. >> i thought you were going to
9:42 am
say thousands there is. >> i design price todd he will is. i want to be affordable. >> what is the green one for this was made for julianne more. i don't want to do green because of the stereotype she has red hair. one of my good girlfriend is beautiful and has the same complex of red hair. she comes in my studio every week and she goes for peach and green. so i say let me just go with this, and so i did that and i did hers with green fastened gold chains, a hammered circle and a gold chain necklace. >> how about this delicate one right here. >> this is one of my most favorites, thinks forte already. >> swift. >> yes, i was so exited to design for her because she's in the process of changing her image. she's so young and she's figuring out who she is and who she want to be but she always still holds on to that pulled , old hollywood type of glamour. i wanted to stun metal pearls
9:43 am
in the white pearls, they are more edgey more new york and she always pops a element of surprise new with her new image so i designed my chain and in the back with the arrow head which is so cool. >> so easy for people to wear it either way. wear it in the front but let me just take a second to she you how it looks, as a bracelet. check this out. >> the trend for you is layers >> the layered look. >> then you can wear it so cool. >> have you met any of the the stars. >> in. >> it is time to meet them. >> let do it. >> congratulations on your success. >> where is your studio. >> in bryn mawr but i have an a nation shop, in narberth called romance where you can find all of these pieces. >> we love it. >> yes. >> good to meet you. >> we will be looking at you at the red carpet. >> see if they are wearing your pieces. >> thank you for having me.
9:44 am
>> pleasure. >> peanut butt are and jelly day, do you like peanut butter and jelly day. >> my three kid do. >> welshing we will spread the love. we have a challenge here. we have three of the top chefs in our area, they will do their version of the gourmet peanut butter and jelly sandwich and alex, i will will take you on and try to beat each other out. >> trading-in or selling your car truck or suv? takes the hassle out of selling in just 3 easy steps. one, get your free online valuation. two, book an appointment. and three, pick up a check at your nearest buying center. ♪ find out how much your car is worth ♪ ♪ at ♪
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let's do this, according to the music it is time for peanut butter and jelly. >> it is for philabundance. they are asking the community to donate peanut butter and yell toy help feed our nearly 1 million hungry neighbors in the delaware valley. >> some local chefs are helping out as well, of course, so chef brian duffy,. >> yes. >> chef george handily owner of supper. and manager airi ana myers. >> hello. >> welcome to you, again. welcome to "good day philadelphia". >> do you want to be the ring master as they say. >> i can totally do this segment. >> yes. >> competition of the events. >> no, it is just a campaign. we just want to shine the spotlight on spread the love campaign and there is 10,000 jars of peanut butter and jelly for hungry neighbors in
9:48 am
need. we just wanted to celebrate that and kind of get people aware of what they are doing. we have three of philly's finest. we challenge them to a peanut butter and jelly throw down. >> i see he pasta over here. is what your special gourmet peanut butter dish. >> i'm doing a triple decker here. we have apple butter peanut butter, we have toasted butter peanuts as well as we have apples, raspberries, and bacon. >> wow. >> we're in the playing games. >> that is a lot. >> yes. >> you can try that this week. >> we have three pieces of breath. >> yes. >> grilled portuguese bread. >> turn it around so we can see the jelly coming out of that. >> yes, it is. >> oh, yeah. >> it is not deep fried. >> it is just grilled. i take bacon the fat and then cook the whole sandwich in the bacon fat. it goodies for you it is healthy. i have had one.
9:49 am
>> or two. >> i see a plate of pasta there, it is not a sandwich. >> it is just pb and j recipe. >> i thought would i throw something different in the mix. so my interpretation. peanut butter pasta. jam, so it had has bacon peas onions. >> how do you make peanut butter pasta, with the pasta itself. >> i use a peanut butter powder. >> say that again fast. >> peanut butter powder you got it. >> all right erin what did you make. >> right here is a fried peanut butter and jelly sandwich. we use butter strawberry jam from rainer family farms which is local from lancaster and we fried in butter, and dipped in french toast batter, and coated in frosted flakes. >> those are frosted flakes. >> just to give it a crunch. >> so basically we have some frosted flakes here what else do we have. >> we have so many things. we have your three basics,
9:50 am
peanut butter pasta, blueberries, check late chips, toasted coconut and frosted flakes and flowered tortilla as. >> how can we compete with them. >> yes. >> it will be hard. >> let us know and count us down there kit cat kline. >> wait a minute. i'm going tortilla. >> yes. >> my god, fingers really. >> thirty seconds. >> look at this knife. >> is that owe kay. >> okay. you try mine.
9:51 am
>> seriously, put your hand in the peanut butter. >> chocolate chips. >> yes. >> take a bite, baby. >> that is horrible. >> chocolate chips blueberries, and the strawberry jelly here. >> chef, doesn't mine look better seriously. >> water please. >> when is the event. >> and then we have these creations. >> where is the event. >> campaign runs through february 27th. >> yep good visit, and find out how to get involved. >> okay. >> all of the restaurants involved. >> yes. >> thank y'all for coming in. >> would you like to try this. >> absolutely. >> yes. >> incredible. >> shake on it. >> i'm in the doing that.
9:52 am
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and for something really simple, play the all-new pick 2. easy to play. simple to say. so mike went to the bathroom after eating alex's peanut butter and jelly sandwich. alex isn't far. i don't know where they are. they knew the show was going to end soon. hopefully they will be back sometime. >> oh, i hear him i hear him. >> here they are. >> ♪
9:56 am
>> i see alex. >> did somebody call for a dragon maybe. >> let me throw some lettuce at you. >> wonderful wonderful, wonderful. >> wait, i forgot to blink, i'm batting my eyes at you. >> your eyes are big. >> how, do you have a microphone. >> thank you. >> okay. so let's bring in gary. >> hi, gary. >> good to see you. >> what is significant come on over. >> is what the significant of this. >> do you want to come by me. >> throwing lettuce. >> it means to bring good luck for the the new year. >> am i doing it right. >> yes. >> are you supposed to throw it at people though. >> we are spreading the love around. >> now is this something you do right at midnight usually the chinese new year. >> they do that every year, in philadelphia chinatown and they celebrate throughout the whole week as well with the
9:57 am
line dances. >> can you throw it and can we eat it too. >> it is for the lion and we will do that in a little will bit as well. >> let's go over here. look at this spread. >> what is all this stuff. >> we have 302nd. >> we have michael way from yeng meng1 of the best chinese restaurants in america. >> good to see you again. >> a few years ago your restaurant was name number one chinese restaurant in america. >> congratulations. >> thank you, thank you. >> these are all chinese new year cakes. >> chinese new year cakes. >> unaudible. >> this will bring us good luck if we eat it. >> yes. >> year, we will have a great new year. >> you have a great day, thanks for coming
9:58 am
9:59 am
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