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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  February 21, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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>> coming up a major winter storm slams the area and it's dangerous on the roads. we've live team coverage. >> plus the harsh weather and freezing waters local families out of their hom fox 29 news hd brought to you by xfinity the future of awesome. ♪ right now on fox 29 news a winter storm slamming our area. several inches of snow have fallen and behind it ice.
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most local roads are just a mess and very dangerous. this is baltimore pike in media delaware county. cars are trucks having a hard time navigating those roads. >> looking life right now at market street in old city. that snow turning to a mix of sleet and freezing rain about an hour ago. you can see city streets are not in good condition at all tonight tonight. it is definitely slippery out there. g evening, i'm dawn timmeney. i'm joyce evans. this water storm is causing lot of travel problems tonight. >> we have time could have ratch and it begins with meteorologist david warren. >> the snow is about done. no more snow coming down from philadelphia to the south. the ice is the big problem. snow on the ground anywhere from four to 6-inches right along the city close to i-95. that was the heaviest snow was up to allentown 1.5-inches of snow. temperatures the key now. look at these numbers. climbing up to 32. that's good thing because we're seeing that snow change over to sleet or freezing rain. we need these temperatures to continue to climb and they will do that some of that ice to melt
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but in the meantime snow coming down to the north in the 20s a mix in philadelphia at 32. and 32 degrees to the south. here's that rain/snow line as expected pushing to the north. it will continue to push north but this is sleet and freezing rain. temperatures right at 32. so you're getting that sleet and ice on top of these accumulate accumulated snow already on the ground i will take awhile for that begin to melt as the temperatures climb to above freezing all of new jersey and delaware seeing that mix now. that line push north of philadelphia. north of the tune pike still snow coming down in upper bucks county upper montgomery county ain't cross the lehigh valley visibilities are down there because we're not seeing that change over to sleet or ice yet. it will happen the timing looks like the next few hours that mix area will push north into the snow and it will all end as rain and that will be overnight tonight. the snow continues till about 2:00 so additional accumulations expected there. this is the temperature warming above freezing model picks that
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up and changes it over to rain. we'll have to deal with slushy mess by tomorrow morning early. it is then clearing out. here's what we have to expect the snow mixing with sleet and rain. temperatures are still below freezing in few areas so it's icing up still pretty good out there even though the snow has changed over. it will end as rain after midnight. the temperatures above freezing in fact continues to climb briefly into the 40s. a nice warmup tomorrow but doesn't stick around long. we're looking at another arctic blast in the seven day forecast. i'll have that coming up. >> thank you dave. fox 29 viewers are letting us know the roads are in pretty bad shape. in philadelphia this is how it looks late this afternoon in the northeast. so how does it look right now? fox 29's shawnette wilson live near 30th street station. how you making out shawnette? >> reporter: so far so good, dawn. the snow pretty much has stopped but we are still experiencing some of that freezing rain which you can probably see coming down here. a lot of the roads as you mentioned are still very messy but let's walk over here and
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take look at 76, please do not be fooled. you don't really see any snow out there but the road is very slick. we've seen cars slipping and sliding all day long. it is still very tough to get around. treacherous roads everywhere you turned all day long. several inches of snow blanket the roadways before changeing to road and leaving a slick slushy mess. >> been cold, you know, and just pushing around snow. it's been pretty easy. >> jeff welcomed the weather. >> all you do is go back and forth. >> he plows while his son alex shovels. >> all day thing. >> even with all the plowing along major roads the snow accumulated so quickly it made it tough for some to get around. >> it's usual al huge huge line of cabs. this is terrible. >> reporter: and in a johnson and about a dozens waited 40 minutes or so for cab the 30th street station. >> this is a mistake coming here because we were standing on walnut and i thought that you know we'd grab a cab there there
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weren't any cabs stopping there either. >> reporter: earlier in wynnewood, some enjoyed the snowfall. >> just enjoying it. getting my coffee. having fun in the snow. >> reporter: while others spent the afternoon shoveling and cleaning off cars who found it hard to keep up. >> the car had about three and a half 4-inches. >> i just cleared it off and it's red car is already turning white. >> reporter: all right. so tomorrow might make really good time to go out sledding. take look down here at the snow we are right you now. we estimate 4-inches or so where i'm standing i'll take a couple steps towards sean my camera guy and you can see there's almost a crunchy surface here on top of the snow a good amount of snowfall as most people said in a very short amount of time here. we just want to warn people though again a lot of the roads are very messy. some of them may look clear. we showed you 76 moments ago. it is very slick though cars having a tough time getting around lot of slipping and sliding. best advice we always say take your time, don't give into the
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pressure of people honking or driving around you. the roads are still very slick. joyce? >> very good advice, thank you shawnette. be safe out there. have a good night. we sent a fox 29 crew to mode ya this afternoon and they had really tough time getting out there. cars all over the place along the blue route. fox 29's brad sattin is joining us on the phone from media tonight. brad you have had a rough day all day long. >> reporter: yeah. we're on the phone tonight. the snow did us in. we definitely want to do show you some pictures we took over the last few hours. particularly on baltimore pike in media going up a hill there. cars were just getting stuck all over the place. pickup truck actually arrived at one point a plow operator in that pickup truck able to pull some of the cars to the top. others just kind of pushing their own cars trying to make it to the top. the smaller ones were getting stuck hadn't some problems much this area had about three to 4-inches of snow here in delaware county. the plows early on hadn't gone
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through a lost cars getting stuck all over the place even some of the cars having trouble pulling out of their parking spots really a terrible night of driving. right now it's sleeting here. it seems the rain has stopped. we're seeing a freezing rain after really rough few hours and some heavy snowfall here in delaware county. joyce and dawn, back to you. >> all right thank you so much, brad. come on back home. we're looking live now at the philadelphia international airport. we don't have that for you but we can tell you that a ground stop has just been lifted out there just a few minutes ago. what that means is flights are now being allowed to fly in and out of philadelphia again after several hours of no movement at all this evening. still we are told that travelers are faceing delays of more than an hour. this harsh blast of arctic weather is causing all sorts of problems. this is another one water main breaks. more than two dozen people forced out of their homes in port richmond on a very very
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cold morning by freezing water. sabina kuriakose has more on the huge mess it caused. told to us get out of the house, evacuate it in case it collapsedcollapsed. >> reporter: debbie was one of 27 people rushed from their homes along the 3,000 block of tulip street saturday morning. thrust out into the blistering cold after a water main break forced water to be cut from 100 homes in this neighborhood in the port richmond section of philadelphia. the unlucky yesterday ones returned to flooded basements. about 10 homes in all. some with up to 3 feet of water. >> there was a geyser of water coming up from the middle of the sidewalk. >> water was coming straight up out of the pave many. >> this is a brutal time of year, you know, certainly the temperatures not helping. the water temperature going through the mains is extremely cold. breaking many mains around the city. >> reporter: it was an 8-inch water main that broke. as you can imagine with all of
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this cold weather and all of that water on the ground, icing was a major concern. city crews salting the soaked roadway hoping to melt the rivers of ice forming. debbie tells us the neighborhood dealt with a sink hole in recent years and she's thankful there wasn't more damage today. >> i was just hoping our basement wasn't flooded. thank god it wasn't. some of my neighbors weren't so lucky, you know. i feel bad for them but you know i was lucky so thank god. that's all i can say. thank the lord. >> reporter: by midday residents allowed into their homes. water department crews bracing bitter temperatures to fix the broken main. sabina kuriakose fox 29 news. >> and for continuing storm coverage go to you can track snowfall amounts in your neighborhood also we're getting a whole lost pictures from our viewers. you can check them out on our home page and send us yours. we may just show them on tv. meantime two dozen people are forced out into the cold
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this morning after fire destroys an apartment building. firefighters had a difficult time getting that fire under control at the emerald ridge apartments in lindenwold, new jersey. they say snow and ice made the firefighters job particularly difficult. in all, four units went up in flames. 24 people displaced. there's still no word on exactly what caused the fire. the red cross is helping everyone who was affected. about 10 miles away firefighters dealing with similar problems trying to get this house fire under control in audubon new jersey. bitter cold temperatures and some fierce winds making that situation really tough. it was so cold that nearby fire hydrant actually froze. two families were forced out. and still ahead on fox 29 a massive manhunt after a police officer is shot. the frightening motive investigators say was driving the gunman to open fire next. and a barn roof collapses trapping more than a half dozen horses inside.
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the rush to save them before it's too late. >> and fox 29 viewers showing us just how fast road conditions deteriorated this afternoon. this is interstate 676. snow covered by mid afternoon. our live team coverage of this snow now rain and sleet coming up. ♪
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♪ welcome back everybody. you're looking live at i-95 near the airport. traffic moving very slowly out there. some vehicles having a tough time staying straight on the road tonight. luckily there's not much traffic
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out there right now. to developing story now. suspicious death in port richmond. the body of a 55-year-old woman found this morning at a home on the 4500 block of mckinley street in philadelphia. police say that the family members discovered her body at the bottom of the basement stairs. the cause of her death is under investigation tonight. two police officers in new jersey reportedly used a heroin antidote to save the life of a franklin borough man. now, franklin borough police depth says officers jesse babcock and jeffrey smith noticed an unconscious man inside a car earlier today. they quickly realized the man had overdosed on heroin and they gave him narcan. the man started breathing and became responsive. he was taken to the hospital. new jersey passed a law allowing police officers to carry the antidote last year and this is the first time that franklin borough has used it. a suspect is behind bars
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accused of shooting a minneapolis police officer. but his alleged reason for pulling the trigger now has investigators very concerned. fox news correspondent bryan llenas has the details. >> reporter: a scary tack in minneapolis. police say an officer has been shot by a gunman targeting law enforcement officials. officers were at the scene avenue burglary around 5:00 saturday morning when the shooting happened. >> while at their squad a single shot struck an officer. it is believed that an officer was the intended target. >> reporter: police say the injured officer's partner pulled him out of harm's way and quickly took him to the hospital. meanwhile, the police department launched a major manhunt to find the shooter. police dogs were brought out and officers searched door to door for information. now they say they have a suspect in custody. >> i'll tell that you these officers did not wanting to home
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home. they've been on shift since 8:00 p.m. yesterday and they are here and want to be here. >> reporter: minneapolis police chief says she visited the injured officer in the hospital and spent time with him and his wife. she says the incident is a reminder of the dangers officers face every day. >> i would ask the public however to continue to have the officer and his family in their thoughts and prayers and frankly all minneapolis police officers. this officer was a victim tonight because he wore the minneapolis police uniform. >> reporter: minneapolis mayor betsy hod muchs also condemning the shooting calling it a cowardly act. in new york, bryan llenas, fox news. >> the new secretary of defense is praising progress with increasing security in afghanistan but he says he wants to make sure it sticks. ash carter is in kabul meeting with afghan president began knee. he's there to see if the us needs to slow down its plans to
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leave because it may be threatening security in that war torn country. afghanistan's security forces have improved greatly over time, he says, but the country is still struggling with resilient rebels. 13 years after u.s. troops invadeed and topple the taliban regime. >> peace is attained when you reached agreement and crossed all the t's and the dots. the questions are under consideration. the direction is positive. we cannot make premature announce manyies. began knee and president obama will talk about possible changes to the us troop plan when began knee visits washington in march. the united states and england are discussing new economic sanctions against russia. secretary of state john kerry is in london meeting with british foreign secretary philip hammond. kerry is blaming moscow for supporting ukrainian rebels in
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recent fighting there. the us and england are looking at ways that may put pressure on russia to stop. swarthmore college will have new leader at the helm val row smith name the 15th president of swarthmore college currently she is the dean of the college at princeton university. she is also a distinguished scholar of african-american literature and culture. she begins her new role at swarthmore on july 1st. the barnes museum making quite a find it discovered two unfinished see san sketches on the reverse side of two water colors by the named artist. the barnes foundation says even collector albert barnes probably had no idea they even existed. they were found during conservation work on two french landscape water colors. they'll be on display in april and may and then they will be returned to their original location. and still ahead on fox 29, vets drive yellow. what taxi garage owners are doing to get veterans on the
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road and on the job. >> sewage system problems, multi car pileups and nuns left in the cold. the trouble this brutal winter blast is causing up and down the east coast. >> our coverage of the saturday snowstorm continues. plow trucks out in lower merion earlier today. road crews telling us they are treating the roads and working to keep them passible but they will not be completely clear of ice or snow. it is a good night as shawnette wilson
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♪ a 17-year-old boy dies after an suv slides into a lake in arkansas and police say icy road conditions were to blame. authorities say the suv skidded on ice before plunging into that water. two other people were inside the suv. they got out safely but the teenager was trapped in there. dive teams eventually got to him and pulled him out of the water but he died a short time later at the hospital. this blast of winter is pounding the regions that were still struggling to clean up from feet of snow in crippling cold temperatures. >> new england getting hit this winter. fox's hillary vaughn has the latest details from manchester new hampshire. >> reporter: frigid temperatures createing a tourist attraction in new york. launch fountain solidified into a massive 50-foot high mound of ice. known as the ice volcano. >> it's been an exceptional year
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an testimony as to how cold this winter has been and how the duration of the long cold spell. >> reporter: much messier scene in other parts of the northeast plum island massachusetts is having trouble with its sewage system because collection points are freezing up under 4 feet of snow. workers are putting in 16 hour days to try to fix the problem. people who live there say it's been a nightmare. >> we have to not wash dishes. not shower. spreading it out. can't do laundry. >> reporter: in chicago donations are pouring in though group of nuns who cracked boiler. it's been so cold there icicles are growing inside their church. and they've been sleeping in below freezing temperatures. >> we have a blanket but still the cold wakes you up a lot. >> reporter: in the wintry mix is creating hazards for drivers across the country. kansas is report more than 20 car accidents. including this truck that flipped over after hitting ice
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on the roads. in nashville tennessee officials are worried about flooding as snow turns into ice. and then freezing rain. the northeast is expected to get a little relief as temperatures rise sunday but another cold air mass is expected to move into the region monday and tuesday. in bedford new hampshire hillary vaughn, fox news. >> group of new york city taxi garage owners hiring veterans to drive yellow cabs. it's called vets drive yellow. the new york city program beginning a little over a month ago and it's already promised jobs to 50 veterans. vets drive yellow also helps speed up the training process for veterans getting them licenses and only a couple of weeks instead of two to three months. supporters of the program say they hope it inspires other businesses to open their doors to those who have served our country. it makes me proud because definitely we can definitely give something back to them people that have done so much for us for this country and definitely i would like to help
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them out as much as i can and i recommend anybody to come to get to this program it's great for them. >> and new york city taxi cab drivers can earn $1,500 a week or more. the vets drive yellow program is hoping to expand to other cities as well. still ahead on fox 29 at 10:00 tonight they believe. we'll take to you a u.s.o. convention where folks are convinceed we're not alone. and a mother is just heart broken when she plans a birthday party for her six-year-old and no one shows up. but what happened next will put a smile on your face. dave? >> 40-degree temperature may put a smile on your face but not before we see the snow which is changeing to ice now begin to clear out. i'll have the timing on what to expect tomorrow and the return of the arctic air
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freezing mark and trying to climb so be careful out there. fox 29 shawnette wilson live near 30th street station tonight. shawnette, you've been out there all evening long. are things getting any better yet? >> reporter: um, i don't think so, joyce. i just heard dawn mentioning the ice. take look at this here. you can see the ice all along the guardrail here and then take look over at 76. it looks clear of snow but look carefully. you can see it is very slick. you can see that kind of glaze the shine on the road which tells you that it is slippery and slick out l the traffic has died down from the tie ups we saw earlier today but i'm getting the feeling that maybe people have gotten cabin fever and start to come out of the house we do have some traffic along the interstate. the best advice though if you're home, stay home tonight because again the roads are slick as the temperatures continue to drop. as far as the snowfall, a lot of people today talked about how we got a significant am of snowfall in a short period of time. take look where we are right now
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you can see about 4.5-inches of snowfall very crunchy on the surface here. so there's going to be a lot of plowing in some areas that need to be done tomorrow. we saw some plow trucks out all day today on main roads also in neighborhoods but their efforts were few till as the snow came down quickly this afternoon right now we're experiencing some of that freezing rain which is coming down right now. so yes, it is cold and we still have some rain but a the cleanup tomorrow people will have to deal with ice and the snow that is left over. so tomorrow going to be another weather day without the precipitation. we talk about cleanup what the story is going to be tomorrow. back to you guys in the studio. >> shawnette we definitely thank you for giving up your saturday to come out and hang in the snow for. >> it wasn't too bad. actually joyce when i woke up this morning i went what in the world was i thinking. people were in good spirits out here today. a lot of people said you know what we talk about snow, snow, snow all winter an lot of times
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we didn't really get what we thought we were going to get by in fault of the weather people a lot of people were happy that we actually got some snow today. we'll check their attitudes again tomorrow when it's time to cleanup and try to get out of the house. >> all right government home and get warm. thank you so much, shawnette. staying indoors as shawnette said was definitely the order of the day. nasty mix tonight now makeing travel by car or foot any better. dave warren are we getting to the end of this. >> hopefully the end. problem now if you clear the road and your sidewalk getting that glaze of ice. so hey wait until tomorrow to clear it. never had to tell me to do that. >> not the first time. >> what you're going to have is snow with ice on top. might be a little easier to clear than clearing the snow now you get a glaze of ice on top of it because that's what we are seeing now. the temperatures climbed up to the freezing mark in philadelphia. still at or below freezing to the north though. we have sleet coming down. sleet and rain which is freezing with these temperatures right here. they will continue to climb but for right now you're getting
10:31 pm
that ice to continue to accumulate on surfaces. this line showing you clearly pushing up from the south as that warmer air came in. not warming up at the surface little above the surface you're getting that snow which melts and falls into the freezing air. big area of sleet or freezing rain but it's continueing to move north and the rain line is pushing north as well so it will start to melt and just be all wet by tomorrow morning. in the meantime we have snow continuing in upper montgomery, upper bucks but this line is pushed north up through doylestown now. the lehigh valley still getting snow but philadelphia getting the sleet and freezing rain. farther south there's just rain across cape may and southern delaware. so there is the warmer air pushing north. the ice accumulation now what we have to watch. this will be on top of the snow that's come down. not seeing any more snow accumulation there is with that mix but quarter to maybe a tenth of an inch of nice. with a little trace there causing some slick spots especially on surfaces which are cleared.
10:32 pm
you're getting that coat offing of ice like you saw on the guardrail and the streets which could be untreated. we'll have that glaze of ice on top of it and still that -- until that temperature really climbs above the freezing mark. here's the mix line pushing north. the snow will continue across the lehigh valley. this is 3:00 o'clock in the morning. by the time you wake up, though, looks like the rain is ending it's either raining or nothing at all. snow is pretty much gone. warm air pushed all the way up through our viewing area. so it's just rain coming down that won't last long by 9:00 o'clock it's cleared out. by noon, we're looking at sunshine. then we have to focus on what's happening next. these are the temperatures climbing above the freezing mark. this will just be wet roadways by tomorrow morning. watch around the lehigh valley it still could be just below freezing in allentown mount pock know does eventually try to climb up to freezing up to 31 by 2:00 o'clock but close to 40 in allentown. 40 in philadelphia. this is with sunshine a nice little brief warm break that we have. temperatures are above freezing but here comes another cold blast between sunday and monday
10:33 pm
morning look at how these colors change and the numbers drop only into the teens by monday. this is the wind picking up as well. another storm comes through. it will be dry with that front pushing through. high pressure building in, low pressure up the eastern canada in between you're getting that gusty wind that's a bitter cold arctic blast monday the wind will die down on tuesday but that's a very cold morning with temperatures into the single digits. so climbing tonight. these numbers will climb up to 34 in the city. north and west eventually up to 33 degrees. we have the snow and then mixes and then we're just getting that ice. then we have the clouds in the morning. little sunshine in the afternoon afternoon. it does get warmer briefly up to 43 degrees. that wind is west about 10 to 20 miles an hour. but then look on monday. there's that cold blast 21 in the afternoon. but wind chills down into the single digits. that wind will continue to gust dice down tuesday morning. but that let's the temperature really drop not as windy but 9-degree low temperature on tuesday.
10:34 pm
up to 26 degrees then up to 39 on wednesday. so we do see a little warmup wednesday. thursday and friday it gets cold again with highs dropping back down below 30 degrees. watching a mick of clouds and sun next weekend up above freezing but right at 36 degrees 36 degrees. so definitely watch that tomorrow morning. you'll get the snow and then the ice on top of the snow maybe a little rain on top of that. >> hopefully only get better. i just got this tweet dave f edith and she said it took her 3.5 hours to get home from cherry hill to vineland. the ride normally takes 45 minutes to an hour. hash tag car sick. >> so it's ban tough day. >> it has. >> be careful out there still. still ahead on fox 29 tonight teens putting putting their math decision a big test. why building tiny houses the real lifeless sons they are learning. >> a man puts his own life at risk to save a dog stuck on a frozen pond. the dramatic rescue you have to see.
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nicole: we all have different needs for our children and basing all of the childrens' needs on one test is not the right road to go down. and something's got to change. okaikor: and the ones who are taking the brunt of it are our children. all the other things that make you a great human being is not important anymore. what's more important is: can you answer a-b-c-d? gina: what am i going to learn for my child from this test that my teacher can't tell me right now?
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♪ welcome back everybody. it is the biggest rewiring mission in the history of the
10:39 pm
international space station. two astronauts on a space walk today laying more than 700 feet of cable outside the station. the most complicateed cable project in 16 years according to nasa. they'll still need two more space walks to complete the project which will allow new american made crew capsules to dock at the station. it's a giant life lesson for a group of teenagers in nevada. >> high school students in reno are building tiny houses. these 150 square foot houses have everything typical home has including a kitchen, a bathroom shower and electricity. they're just on a. much smaller scale. the students say they're using math and problem solving skills and they're getting valuable hands on experience. >> it's challenging but it's fun at the same time. >> like all the trade programs
10:40 pm
and jobs you get after school. >> once finish these houses will sell between 36 and $45,000. we are not alone in the universe or so attending the international ufo convention believe this. thousands of believers flocked to arizona for the 24th annual convention. scientists media personalities authors and thousands of other enthusiasts all in one place discussing the possibility of extraterrestrial life. some of those conversations included reported ufo sightings and personal contact with aliens. >> we really just wanted the actual facts and i talked to some of the actual people that are saying these things to discern whether or not we think it's true. >> the convention wraps up tomorrow afternoon. still ahead a mother's heart is broken when she throws a birth today party for her six-year-old little boy and no one shows up. but what happened next left her
10:41 pm
surprised and stunned. >> thank you ladies tomorrow on fox 29 weekend such an important issue. there is a mother who's had a daughter go to rehab seven times for heroin. she says there is one thing that she wants you to do today and every single day that could help protect your kids. >> it will be a great informative story on lighter note fat may be making a come back but in positive. you might be able to have more fat in your diet. >> also did you hear about this from delco the face of armani. new york it's not bill anderson. we will show you who he is tomorrow at 8am on
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♪ firefighters team of volunteers working owl day on friday to rescue horses after the roof of a barn collapses. this is in massachusetts where they've been really hard hit with snow. they had to remove several feet of snow in fact to lift the roof to get the animals. sadly two horses did not make it but five were rescued and are doing okay. there have been more than 100 roof collapses across massachusetts in the last week alone. meantime a good samaritan risks his own life to save dog trapped in arose zen pond.
10:45 pm
>> fox's chad tucker has details on this daring rescue in north carolina. >> reporter: the images tell it all. >> we tried numerous efforts to get him out. tj left have i knew what had to be done to save nina. >> can't let a dog die like that that. >> nina found herself while out for a jog. a bird caught her attention and she chased it here. >> slid all the way across the ice to the dead center and hit dead center and fell through. >> nearby children started yelling. neighbors started calling 911. >> real helpless feeling not being able to know what to do to help the kids. >> 911 called and the swim club next to the pond for directions but he new time was running out. the dog had been in there for more than 30 minutes. >> the dog actually stopped yelping or barking sitting there with a asked look on its face. >> reporter: with a wet suit on hand, he jumped in. >> the only problem i jumped in
10:46 pm
i couldn't stand i had to swim through the ice. >> he took nina to nearby vet to get check out and wait for her owner. robin janson. >> you make me cry. >> he was in the right place at the right time. >> you don't really find those characteristics in people any more. and for him to basically risk his life for nina is just it's very special for us. >> what great story. well community leaders leaders and local politicians team up for special day of wellness in germantown. today's town hall on health hosted by the grass roots community foundation. the family friendly event featuring a panel of guest speakers followed by musical performances. organizers say the forum is a way to promote discussion about health issues other challenges facing under privileged children children. >> i want people to hear themselves and hear each other
10:47 pm
talk and problem solve about what's going on. i wanted people to walk away feeling like there were resources and people who cared about them and were willing to effect energy in them. >> town hall on health serving as a kick off for tonight's let's move it philly hiphop fundraiser. the fifth annual event benefits after school programs at the lynn kell bock elementary school in germantown. penn state's non-stop dance marathon continues tonight. more than 700 students are still on their feet inside the bryce jordan center. this is streaming video from the official thon website. they've been dancing now for more than 24 hours and they won't sit down until 4:00 o'clock tomorrow afternoon. thon races money to fight pediatric cancer and considered the largest student run charity. the annual penn state event has raised more than $100 million
10:48 pm
since 1977. the weather may be but the action was hot inside the shepherd rec center in felled west philadelphia. 32 teams in all getting in on a charity dodge ball tournament today. the foundation put on today's fast paced event. all proceeds from the tournament helping to send 100 inner city children on a skiing trip. former nfl quarterback is part of an annual philadelphia event. doug flute the special guest speaker at tonight's butterfly ball in center city philadelphia. it's the 22nd year for the ball. which includes dinner silent auction and awards present teague. the butterfly ball is bancroft's biggest fundraising event. the new jersey non-profit provides programs fortunes and adults with autism and other dissables. autistic boy' birthday party in florida turns out to be a major bust. real heartbreaker. >> it really was but that's when local cops and firefighters stepped in to make his day special.
10:49 pm
fox's keith landry reports. report. >> thank you firefighters and cops. i had too much fun report roar six-year-old glenn has lot to be thankful for he recently scored a huge birthday surprise from sheriffs deputees and firefighters at his home in saint cloud all this comes after the biggest disappointment of his young life. his mom planned a birthday party for the autistic boy and not one of the 16 children she invited showed up. >> probably one of the biggest hurts you can have to see how let down your child is when nobody shows up for them. >> reporter: it was a crushing day for little glenn. mom haven'ted about it on facebook and one week later glenn came home from school to see fire trucks, a police motorcycle even a helicopter fly over all be lated lated birthday wishes. >> his face lit up. his eyes got real big. he smiled the whole team. >> reporter: these are some of the gifts they brought to glenn. >> they treated us like family
10:50 pm
and that's all we ever could have asked for from anybody was to be here for us. >> i'm very surprised. one facebook post just took off. and just people helping us and it was amazing. >> neighbors and strangers dropped off birthday gifts and hundreds of people sent greetings on facebook. other moms with autistic children sent thank you messages online. >> they've had it happen to them. a lot of them have children with autism as well so they know the hurt. they know the pain. >> glenn's mom hopes there will never ab child's birthday party where no one shows up because a kid is a little different. >> treat them like anybody else just love them. they've got heart just like normal kids. >> he's a little guy with a fish from the fair arc hulk hand for high fives. and a lesson for all of us that everyone's birthday party is worth going to. keith landry fox news. >> really good people there.
10:51 pm
>> yeah. >> good for him. back looking at our weather for today. it wasn't just hard getting around on the roads. walking was a bit of a problem too. >> right. take a look. fox 29 cameras catching people slipping and sliding at dilworth park in sent city today. like an ice skating rink there. at least somebody is out there with a little salt. maybe what we're facing when we try to leave this evening. yes indeed. at least they weren't falling. didn't see anybody fall there. but they are slipping and sliding around. let's check in with sean and sports. >> the flyers have been holding on for deer live for their play off hopes today they took on the best. villanova red hot winners of seven straight. they continue their assault to get the big east. spor
10:52 pm
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♪ the flyers somehow some way are still in playoff contention. the boston bruins have lost six straight giving the flyers some hope some life. they lost to the worst team in the league on thursday so how will they do against the best? in the third the flyers up two to one against the nashville predators. smith breaks away and gets the goal. tying the game at two all. the game goes into a shoot out. rob stands on his head and blocks the first attempt with his body. then rain simmonds get a goal. another great work with the
10:55 pm
glove. the flyers winner four points back of the final play off spot. in college hoops, kentucky, virginia gonzaga pretty much locks for the number one seed. villanova is gunning for the fourth number one spot. it was easy pickings against marquette. check out the ball mommy. darren hilliard nails it. that was part of a 12-zeroed. marquette gets caught gambling. innis hits the three. he had 14 on the day. wildcats cruise to eighth straight within 87-76. cole hamels, jonathan pap pell upon and cliff lee all disagree and hate the idea of rebuilding. the franchise wants to start over but these aging vets don't want to do that. hamels went as far to request a trade because he didn't want to be a part of a losing squad. today he spoke to the media. he didn't take it back but he also said he need needs to be
10:56 pm
with winner. >> if you're able to be at the top of your game i think anything can happen and especially when, you know, upper management, you know, uses certain terminology that kind of puts a different direction on what we were beforehand. i think that kind of, you know, stir up something but it's all hypothetical. >> to the nfl combine chip kell polls boy marcus march oat at a didn't disappoint. he was sharp with all this throws and showed crazy age let tim. he ran a 4.52, 40 and showed hospitals with a 36-inch vertical leap. pretty much looks like this guy is going to be a top three pick. so eagles fans relax. you're not going to be able to get this guy. you'd have to bargain too much to step up to the top three spot. it won't happen. please stop with the mariota
10:57 pm
talk. >> all right. thank you sean. that's our news for this saturday night. thank you for joining us. >> the news continues tomorrow morning at 8am with fox 29 weekend with karen hepp and bill anderson. for now stay safe. stay warm. we'll see you tomorrow. ♪
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