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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  February 22, 2015 10:00pm-11:06pm EST

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>> up next breaking news. a big house fire sends several firefighters to the hospital. we are at the scene. >> after a break from the cold another temperature plunge. we're getting you ready for a tricky morning commute. ke fox 29 news in hd brought to you by xfinity the future of she was. ♪ breaking at 10:00 a fire has injured several firefighters in chester county. it started this at a home on highland hill lane in
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charlestown township. you can see in these pictures from the scene the flames shooting through the roof. now that fire grew to about two alarms at one point but it is now under control. three firefighters are at the hospital. authorities have not said anything about their injuries or conditions, what happened and we don't yet know what started that fire. we do have a crew on the scene went will bring you more as the news comes in. right now at 10:00 volatile winter set sets up potentially dangerous morning. we got smacked with more snow this weekend but today's relatively warm temperatures melted a lot of it but that's not necessarily great news. >> things are about to get very cold again. and that means all that melted snow will soon turn into ice making for slick roads for your back to work and back to school drive. good evening. i'm luce kneel land. >> i'm iain page little break from that bitter cold but that's all over now. let's get you straight over to meteorologist caitlin roth now for the full story. caitlin. >> so nice to so temperatures hit the 40s get some sunshine today. a lot of the snow from yesterday
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melted problem is, as temperatures plumet below freeze to go night, any of that damming water will refreeze. any untreated surfaces will as well. outside right now clouds starting to stream in. we saw a late day sunshine clear skies this evening but the clouds roll through overnight. not bringing anything, though. temperatures will start in the 20s tomorrow morning and then fall throughout the day. arctic air quickly returning. wind chill advisory out monday and tuesday for the poconos. but i do suspect that will be expanded southward as the cold air continues to funnel in over the next 48 hours. temperatures earlier today we hit 47 here in philadelphia. 42 in pottstown. 43 in allentown. this is considered normal. what it's supposed to be for late february but we have had some uncommonly cold weather over the past few weeks. 37 outside right now. still above freezing get out there and salt outside your front door on the steps and the roads right outside of you the sidewalks if you can because as we thaw overnight it's -- fall overnight we'll seare freeze. 23 by 7am monday morning here in
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philadelphia. that's as warm as we're going to get temperatures fall throughout the day. we're in the teens by evening. fast forward to tuesday morning back to the single digits winds chills well below zero so the worst of it going to occur on tuesday morning. but for tonight biggest issue will be the icing over of untreated surfaces be careful early tomorrow morning as you head out the door. 22 in the city. 15 in the burbs. as i said that arctic air returns. 25 and falling for the forecast tomorrow. it look like quiet week. at least we have that. much more in your seven day forecast still ahead. >> lucy and iain g caitlin thank you we're keeping an eye on the roads tonight. here's a look at i knife and broad street in philadelphia. wet conditions freezing temperatures things could get dicey and icy out there on the roads tonight and tomorrow. fox 29's dave kinchen watching the roads as well live in penn's landing for us tonight. dave. >> reporter: that's right, iain right now traffic is moving smoothly right now. we'll take you over penn's landing right now. we'll show you delaware avenue
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and i95 right there. traffic moving along steadily but those temperatures are set to fall and that ice is set to develop on the roadways. glistening highways and sparkling roadways are now icing back up with temperatures dropping through the night below the freezing mark. bringing back potentially dangerous morning drive. >> i'll just wake up extra early early, and take it slow. >> i will go outside and see if my car is got -- if not i'll go home. >> reporter: winter weather worries have penndot crews on alert all across our area. >> we'll have crews in the five county region monitoring the roads, highs ways, express ways for any refreezing, for any standing water and address those issues as they come up. >> reporter: sun came out and warmed up the ground to around 45 degrees melting much of the snow and ice on lincoln drive. an area known for winter crashes but those changes in temps created other road hazards.
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potholes. >> potholes sometimes nighttime you don't see it. you know --, you break down your car. >> i feel like philly gets a lot of revenue from tires. people buying tires. >> reporter: so far we're successful not falling down and sean be very careful with camera we don't want to you fall. sidewalks have been a slippery problem across philadelphia. even making foot travel risky. >> you have to be careful and cautious like right over there we were walking across that's a whole sheet of ice. >> i noorly slipped. >> i almost went down. >> reporter: you have to be careful on this overpass here over penn's landing these guys sean and tyrone they're put something salt down and they're taking care of this area as people walk to do their cars because they don't want anybody slipping. you can see the salt coming and they're heading out and takeing care of this whole area so that you don't slip when you walk along this very popular stretch. we'll send it back to you in the studio. >> working hard out there.
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dave kinchen thank you so much. philadelphia international airport says so far tonight all flights are on or close to schedule. no major delays due to the refreezing but, of course, you've got a check with your airline if you are heading out. stay in the know on this incoming cold. and potentially dangerous roads by heading to you click that weather tab at the top of our home page for your latest forecast and live radar. the weather could be to blame for a transformer explosion in center city earlier tonight. fire and peco crews were called to 15th and locust streets around 6:30. buildings in the area had to be evacuated. witnesses say they heard several explosions and saw a 200-pound manhole cover pop right off. firefighters say the cover was found a foot and a half away. scary moments for those in the area. >> i was right on the sidewalk. >> there was one loud one that blue the man cover off. you can see smoke an fire down there and then two smaller explosions shortly thereafter maybe a minute apart due to the cold recent cold weather and
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melt today could be affecting electrical water gas services. it does have an effect. >> reporter: police say the explosions caused high levels of carbon monoxide to seep in the air and that's what led to the evacuation. the buildings were aired out tonight to let residents back n meantime peco is sending more crews underground to find the cause of the blast. police say one nearby building had a pipe and sprinkler system burst yesterday because of the weather. that's why they think this may be weather related as well fortunately no one was hurt. happening now a call for an attack on lat largest small shopping mall in the country. terror group calling for an attack in mall of america in minnesota. >> terror group specifically names including edmonton call in oxford street shopping area in london. joyce evans is in the studio with what's going on. joyce? >> reporter: iain and lucy how credible is this? that's the question tonight. video appears to have been
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posted by al shabob islamic militant group based so until ya and aligned with al-qaida. this group has trophy zen it can make good on its threats. the video is chilling. sick minutes of graphic images celebrating the 2013 attack upscale mall in kenya that claimed more than 60 lives. attack the narrator makes perfectly clear he'd like to duplicate in minnesota. >> such an tack was to occur in the mall of america in minnesota minnesota? >> reporter: it's a question that's been posed before and it comes on the heels of last week's anti radicalism summit at the white house. fbi agent richard thornton says, al shabob rue cute in many minnesota is a growing problem. >> al shabob specifically targeted minnesota somalia community for recruit many encouraging our youth through videos and social media either join the fight overseas or to conduct an attack in the united states. >> reporter: local somali leaders have been worried quiet
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sometime because recruitment of their young people. lots of teens in minnesota have been arrested for alleged connections with terror groups like isis. now, some worry that a corner has been turned. >> this is going to happen but the question is where it's going to happen and when it's going to happen. that's why we need people to be very much informed and all about this. >> reporter: local leaders hope information and cooperation can stop a future attack. meantime, the mall of america says it's not taking any chances adding additional security and pledgeing cooperation with law enforcement. now there are no known threats to any other american malls right now. and today the secretary of homeland security said american do's not need to avoid any malls but they should stay vigilant. iain and lucy. >> always always thank you very much, joyce. delaware county a fire at a college has forced students out of their dorm rooms chaney university says 127 students had to leave the tubman hall on the 700 block of chain know road.
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the building's fire alarm and sprinkler system went off right around 6:30 this morning. quite a rude wakening for many. the students are at a different residence hall tonight. firefighters say they contained the flames to just one room. we don't yet know what started it or when students will be ail to head back to their own dorm rooms. developing in burlington county new jersey tonight a landscaper summertime business in jeopardy. he says a robber left him out in the cold stealing some important equipment. it's worth thousands of dollars. >> it could cost him his livelihood if he doesn't get it back he spoke tonight with fox 29's brad sattin. >> reporter: two men teamed up last year to start a landscaping business their entire livelihood was in a trailer but when they drove by here on friday morning they found that the block of wood that the trailer hitch rested on was here, but the entire trailer was gone. >> give everybody a good price everybody a great job. >> reporter: last think jim dougherty needed today less than a year starting a landscaping business and his one and only
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plow broke. >> this is our bed and butter through the winter. >> he's talking about what was sit aig cross the street from his home on east camden avenue next to his dump truck that now has him and business partner geraldo not sure how they'll continue to put food on the table. >> almost like you want to crime we have cried. >> this is surveillance video taken just before 11:00 thursday night. it took just minutes for thieves to destroy everything the two men have been working for in the past year. pulling up in a silver suv breaking the hitch lock to his trailer that held more than $20,000 in landscaping equipment things like industrial riding mowers and leaf blowers. >> they were both outside the car for a couple of minutes. and connected it and sped right off. no lights on. flying down the road. >> reporter: jim's neighbor saw it happen without realizing what was happening. >> a silver like suv i'm not sure what it was but it had trailer attached to it and they just peeled out. went down this road over here. >> reporter: now these two men who used every dime of last
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year's tax refund to start their own business aren't sure they'll have a business by the time this year's tacks are due. >> now i don't have anything. somebody take it everything in two minutes. you know. right now i don't feel good. >> reporter: the hope a resident may see a strange trailer in their neighborhood a distinguishing factor of this trailer is that two wheel rims on one side are black and the two on the other side of silver. of course if you have any information, you're being asked to call moorestown police inform moorestown brad sattin fox 29 news. >> keep our eyes peeled. you went sledding with the kiddos. >> they went. yeah i took them. >> see i would have been on the slope with them. >> good for you. >> what dud with your weekend? >> hundreds of young people, young people the key word, in pennsylvania just raised millions of dollars for kids with cancer. >> too hard to put into words. >> that amount of giving is indeed hard to even comprehend. coming up the annual event that penn state that's become the best at what it does in the
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entire world. >> this isn't a sight you see often. more and more men in turkey are putting on skirts and taking to the streets and the trend is lighting up social media as well. the deadly serious reason they're doing this. >> and later your chance to own plastic peace of rock history it expired 20 years ago and used to belong to a music legend. kurt cobaine's credit
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♪ we are keeping an eye on area roads right now. this is route 70 in cherry hill, new jersey. looks a little shiny. got to wonder if that will turn
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into ice any time real soon knowledge snow in the immediate forecast but we are facing dangerous weather. the snow that melted today is refreezing right now. slick spots in area so be careful on the roads tonight and tomorrow. any issues pop up we'll let you know as if the slippery snowy roads aren't bad enough, a major new jersey highway is closed for repair work. yesterday's snow was tough for some drive in but it wasn't enough to stop preplanned work on route 3 in hudson county that heads to the lincoln tunnel connecting jersey to new york. part of route 3 will be closed until late tonight leaving with drivers with no option other than to take the long way home. >> new jersey residents are how to to see how governor christie will spend their tax dollars. he'll lay out his 2016 budget on tuesday watch he plans to do with the state's troubled transportation trust fund want he plans to do with the public pension system. christie democrats have not been able to reach a clear agreement how to move forward. the governor continuing his tour
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across the country as he considers whether to seek the republican presidential nomination. 700 penn state students just danced for days straight and they straight up made all of us incredibly proud. the 46 hour dance thon known as thon raises a ton of money every year for pediatric cancer research. the students proved no match for their huge hearts. >> what time is it? >> probably around 6:30. >> all right. they may not know what time it is. but they know exactly why they're on their feet. >> the weekend right now that we give these kids to have a break from not being in the hospital not worrying about their medications and any illnesses and we just big brothers and sisters to them as they're here this weekend. show them a good time. help them to forget what they're going through. >> three two one dance? this
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is penn state's dance marathon or just thon for short. it's a 46 hour no sleeping no sitting literal stand against pediatric cancer. >> all of the money goes to our beneficiary the four diamonds out of penn state hershey and what the four diamonds is basically a fund for families cancer patients at pediatric hershey and families affected by pediatric cancer and through the four diamonds not and are they supported in multiple ways. four diamonds families never see a bill. >> football reigned supreme at penn state each and every fall. every winter they take center stage in this arena packed to capacity. >> the idea that we have just a little bit of the pain that these kids go through day in and day out. obviously it has nothing compared to what these kids are going through with chemotherapy and radiation. >> it but standing for 46 hours straight is tough. i'll tell you right now i'm feeling it. >> for the schultz family and
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their eight-year-old son eli thon is much more than the millions of dollars raised. >> it's too hard to put into words. unless you've been here you can really understand what's what thon is all about. >> the schultz are one of 3300 families benefiting from thon this year alone. the dancers like to say it's ftk ftk. >> $13,026,653 and 26 cents. >> just really a mazeing. fyiftk stands for the kids. thon raised more than $13 million this year alone. it is the largest student run philanthropic cause in the world and since 1977 thon raised more than $120 million to help fight pediatrics cancer. we continue to follow breaking news in chester county tonight. a fire has sent several firefighters to the hospital. it started tonight at a home on highland hill lane in charlestown township. let's get straight out to fox 29's brad sattin who is live
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near the scene tonight. brad? >> reporter: iain, this is in the malvern area. we literally just got from -- back from the scene. this road actually leads up to where the house fire happened a couple of hours ago. the address two highland hill lane in charlestown township. we hear three firefighters were hurt. minor injuries we're told. we just talk to the deputy chief chuck fields from kimberton. two of the firefighters were tine paoli hospital. one taken to faux 96ville. one of the firefighters from east whiteland. two others from kimberton. in all three firefighters hurt putting this fire out but they are going to be okay. it is our understanding that this fire started in a fireplace. it spread behind a waltz which made it very difficult to contain for awhile. it was finally under control around 9:15 tonight. upwards of 100 firefighters on the scene. many of them are starting to leave here they are still trying to put out hot spots i just took a look. you can see from the vantage point we're out just came up
10:20 pm
from the hill a few minutes ago and they're just kind of putting out hot spots along the roof. very serious damage to this fire fire. we saw photo earlier where firefighters were helping one of their own out of the scene and to the hospital. so, again, three firefighters were injured. one from east whiteland, two from kimberton. they are expected to be okay. minor injuries we're told and again they're still kind of putting out the hot spots here at this home on highland hill lane in charlestown township. back to you guys. >> always a dangerous job. brad that live in chester county a lot of folks are calling this a miraculous rescue. a teen unconscious in burning suv. thankfully complete strangers came to his rescue. they described the few minutes they will never forget. breaking up can be hard to do. especially if you're talking about ice. the coast guard
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jim: standardized testing has gone from a nuisance to a concern to a crisis. michael: we have this finite amount of time, and yet we're spending so much of it on this unproven standardized test when we really should be using that time in a better way focusing individually on our students. dave: education is supposed to be about our students, and it's becoming about a test. ros: what is our end goal in education? to be masters of a test?
10:23 pm
♪ all righty. another live look area roads this is i476 in haverford delaware county. unthe drill here. freezing temperatures and wet roads make for a dangerous drive. potentially. things will be even worse when you wake up tomorrow by the way. have no fear, fox 29 morning news has your back starting at 4am. strangers rushed to pull a teen from a fiery crash after his suv slams into a tree. the young driver lost control on lake shore drive in chicago yesterday. good samaritans got him out seconds before the vehicle burst
10:24 pm
into flames. >> he was unresponsive when we pulled him out of the car. the fire the smoke had gotten to him. it got to us pulling him out. seconds later if we didn't get him out of there this would have been a tragedy. >> police say the driver was taken to hospital with a head injury and leg lacerations. the cause of the crash still under investigation. the guards are back in control at a prison in south texas but it took tear gas and hours and tonight part of the facility inhabitable. 2800 inmates will be moving to another institution actually quite a few of them. violence broke out at the correctional center in far south texas we're talking the tip of texas. inmates are upset over their level of medical care so refused to take part in their work duties and set fires after breaking out of their housing units. officials say two correctional officers and three inmates have minor injuries. men in turkey are standing a violence against women by wearing mini skirts. they're taking part of a huge
10:25 pm
protest in istanbul. it's reaction to the rape and murder of a student earlier this mom the outpouring of support is now taking over the country on the streets and online. many men are tweeting pictures of themselves in skirts at the sign of respect for the victim and support for women. >> good for them. so welcome by the way to year 4712. >> so says the chinese calendar and lunar new year has arrived. ♪ >> today is philadelphia's chinatown quite the celebration the year of sheep or ram or goat goat. according chinese traditions are creative sensitive calm and charming. happy new year. >> credit card that expired what, 20 years ago. but people are apparently willing to pay thousands of dollars just to have it. the music history behind this certain piece of plastic. caitlin. >> lucy darks was a nice break. temperatures back to normal in the fours. we saw some sunshine but ought
10:26 pm
that melting going to lead to freeze early tomorrow morning. we'll need to know what you -- we'll let you know what you need to know getting out the door. it's late february. that's all next.
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♪ it's going to cost i was little bit more to viv the happiest place on earth. start dag disney is raising its prices the at us theme parks for those older than 10 most of us. one day ticket goes for 99 buck.
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that's the west coat. $3 up tick in single day tickets for the magic kingdom at world disney in world broke the $100 mark. $105 up $6 and for those younger than 10, it's not a lot cheaper. single day ticket is $93 for disneyland. $99 at wall diss need world magic kingdom in florida. got to go with the park hospital% much that's how you save little bit of money. >> credit card belonging to the band's lead singer kurt cobaine is on the auction block and it could be yours. it contains his signature on the back of course it's not going to work it expired back in 1995 but it seems diehard fans want to have this thing. bidding has already reached $16,000 and online marketplace for memorabilia collectors. s handling the auction. it will end in four days. who knows how high the bid cog go. company bane committed suicide at hissy at tell home back in 1994. >> wisconsin boy battling genetic disorder becomes a super
10:30 pm
hero for the day. and gets a free shopping spree. fox's jonathan greg was there for the big moment. >> reporter: in a time of great distress -- >> i have the magic of macy's. >> reporter: the stage is set for an epic showdown. >> three very criminal villians in our building report roar as the people of green dale anxiously await the return of spidie kid. >> are you ready to save the magic of macy's. >> six-year-old giovanni is perfect for the role because he's been a fighter for much of this life. >> he's been through a lot in his six years he's dealt with a lot of dr. visits and treatments and all sorts of stuff. >> on any given day he's going toe to toe with genetic disorder called neuro fiber metosis. on saturday he swung into macy'sed to battle with the professor and his hinge man. >> lead the way. >> it's been a lot of fun. it's up there with the most fun i've had with the role.
10:31 pm
>> chaotic chase ensued until spidie kid and police had the villians cornered. >> we got their rescue squad fire depth there's all kinds of folks rallying behind the cause of ways he'll do for us. >> which is more than restoring peace. >> to the village of green dale. >> thank you so much. >> spidie kid reminds us importance of being young. >> i wish we could see his smile smile. >> and how age doesn't prevent people from doing great things. >> it takes an entire community to make these wishes come true and so to see a community gather together to be part of that experience it's what it's all about. >> in green dale jonathan greg, fox news. let's get a check on your winter weather authority now. the coast guard working hard to make sure ships can navigate our major waterways and not an easy task. coast guard sharing video how this is done they use cutters to break up 18-inches of ice video
10:32 pm
shot by the crew right here in philadelphia. they traveled to baltimore that help break up the ice from the chesapeake bay and delaware canal. >> by the way fellow names james tweeted me coming home through west philly streets very icy and slick he said. >> it's already starting. great that we had the warmer weather today. >> it was. >> it felt warm. >> i know. >> it was warm actually. >> warmest day we've seen in couple of weeks but all that melting that's great but then temperatures really plumet below freezeing to night we are watching refreezing. let's recap and give you some perspective here. 4.8-inches of snow fell at the airport on saturday. that brings our seasonal total to 14.9. you know how much we had this time last year? >> 58.4. >> that's how much snow we had this time last year. so it could always be worse including the winter of 2013- 2013-2014. seasonal average by the way is 21.8-inches so we are actually
10:33 pm
on our way to being completely average. if only we could get our temperatures to stay adversary a. they were today. but we're not going to see that for quite sometime at least over the neck seven days. there's storm system towards our south bringing rain and snow to portions of arkansas into western tennessee. even into northwestern mississippi the corner seeing an icy mick the cold is end trenched so much so it's snowing across parts of the gulf coast states that's going to stay well towards our south overnight tonight. high pressure row owns forked clouds right now. probably mostly cloudy overnight overnight. we'll clear out decent amount of sunshine tomorrow. cold air is on the move again. we've already wind chill advisory out monday and tuesday for the poconos. back into the daily grind with the deep freeze wind chills well below zero as you step outside tomorrow morning that will be the case for all of us by tuesday morning. recapping today. again, 45 degrees the high temperature at the airport. the normal is 46. so at least with the help of
10:34 pm
that february sun angle we got decent amount of warmup today. sunset at 5:45. >> back towards you can see the cold headed for us 27 in pittsburgh. seven toronto 14 detroit. six in the windy city. five below in the twin cities and 14 below in international falls. fox future cast clouds around overnight name you step outside tomorrow, and be careful because as you do step outside those icy surfaces anything that's untreated sidewalks driveways even out on some of the roads for anything that wasn't treated will refreeze. but we have sunshine through monday and then into tuesday clear skies. also giving way to some sunshine late in the day. maybe a chance of flurries tuesday night but that's about it. no real snow chances this week. future temperatures starting off in the 20s tomorrow and we kind of just fall from there into the
10:35 pm
teens by monday evening. into the single digits by tuesday morning. and those wind chills again will be well below zero. 22 in the city tonight. 25 all for the high temperatures we fall in the afternoon with sunshine. it will also be breezy. it's a quiet week. no storm chances. but it's very cold. 26 again on tuesday after starting at five. we briefly get above freezing wednesday. back in the deep freeze thursday, friday. we do look like we see relief saturday sunday. sunday is the last day of february. then there's march. >> yeah. >> then mares march. we're getting over the hill here. >> thank you very much. >> sure. that will do it for us tonight on your fox 29 news at 10 but keep it right here or sports sunday. >> ♪ coming up on sports sunday the flyers are gunning for their final playoff spot and there isn't much time left. capitals came into town and the team desperately tried to hold
10:36 pm
ton a lead. howard eskin will be live in clearwater talking to phillies great mike schmidt. hall of famer breaks down this year's team with some interesting comments about his relationship with veteran players. stick around. what's with the suit? oh, i had to go to the bank. if you look legit they give you special treatment. seriously? seriously, yeah. the banker dude set up my checking account so if i make one deposit a month, no monthly maintenance fee. special treatment! citizens bank, right? yep. you know they do that one deposit checking thing for everyone, right? got mustard on your suit. actually, it's your suit. one deposit checking. only from citizens bank. one deposit of any amount each statement period waives the monthly maintenance fee.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ great rates for great rides. geico motorcycle see how much you could save.
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♪ welcome to sports sunday. i'm sean bell. the flyers two game winning streak has them right on the heels of the boston bruins for the final playoff spot. today, they tried to creep up in the standings against the washington capitals. the flyers were once up two to nothing but they blew the lead. in the second period look joe hits a rocket to the back of the net. game tied two all. third period a little puck movement right here. look at this. michael dell sad dough gets the perfect set up and drills the game winner. the flyers win three-two. the bruins won today so the flyers remain four points back of the wild card spot. the sixers made a ton of trades continuing to tank.
10:40 pm
that's the one thing general manager sam hinkie is actually getting right. the team is still losing. late in the game there's stale chance former sixer with the low down. he had 31 points and 14 boards. any former sixers who leaves ends up doing worse. they lose. they're third straight loss. howard eskin is live in clearwater, florida tonight. howard the sixers organization clearly doesn't want to win. what do you think of all the moves hinkie made this week? well it's obvious they didn't want to win from day one. however, i spoke to three general managers this week and all of them not only don't understand they think it's crazy to do what sam hinkie is doing with this basketball team. basically they set the reset button and starting over again. i don't know how many times you can do that. but when you trade players you know what you have and i'm not a big michael carter williams fan
10:41 pm
he would have been a nice player, but when you trade -- you don't know what you're going to get in the draft. you're trading away what you know for what you don't know. there's not nitron believe it's going get better. if the sixers and the fans expect to get free agents, what free agents will come to the sixers when all they're going to have for years is a bunch of young players with little if no chance to get anywhere deep in the nba playoffs. so what they've done is start over again. they backed it up another couple of years. all right. we'll talk some baseball. i'm here at phillies spring training. i sat down with mike schmidt. we went over variety of things. we'll do that when we come right back. >> howard, that's right. everyone knows the sixers aren't trying to win and fans are going to fed up. thanks, how war. we'll see in you a little bit to talk spring training. now it's time for your verizon call of the week. we want to know what did you think of sam hinkie's plan? log on to and click
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on the facebook link to post your responses. we'll read a few coming up
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and welcome back to sports sunday. not real news here at spring training. no trades yet although i know the phillies from what i was told talking specifically to one team but ruben amaro says ryan howard will be our starting first baseman come opening night. we'll see. also darren dalton stopped by today. good news from him. the doctor told him his mri showed he is cancer free. mike schmidt is obviously a hall of famer the best third baseman that ever played the game and he's now a coach for the entire spring training which has not happened before. he will be here for the whole run. all right. so i sat down with mike schmidt and i said mike, how do you like it so far? >> i feel right now probably more connected in a good way to phillies than i've ever been. >> do you like teaching, number
10:46 pm
one, and do you like teaching offense, the hitting part of it or the fielding part of it? >> i like teaching tremendously. i love it. actually so far this spring i've had i would say four days of coaching guys individually, coaching speaking to guys in groups three or four, five. i love when i connect with somebody. i love when i see somebody go, man, that feels good or you could tell when a hitter is enjoying a particular mechanic that i may have shared with him or asked him to try. you can also tell when it doesn't feel good to them. you know with me and i don't want to sound like i'm bragging when i say this but with me i got to kind of get over that hurdle of the guys being a little nervous or a little afraid to approach me. you know what i mean? get over that and that's challenging for me as well. >> is it easier to teach young kids or the veterans? >> oh, much easier to teach the
10:47 pm
young kids. as it was much easier to teach young kids when i played than it was to teach me. i was almost unapproachable. >> chase is a little bit of -- sort of me when i played. he likes to go off on his own and he likes to, you know, take his time and hit at his own speed and go somewhere it's kind of right. he doesn't like a lot of people around. i call eight session. >> base hit to left field. can dominic brown throw -- he won't get a chance. >> is it hard for to you watch team whether you call it in transition rebuild or a team that's just not good enough right now? >> not at all. >> much of the same from a coach's perspective. i think it's very challenging and fun and interesting to come to camp like this where coaches are needed, you know? we're needed. i mean, you know, we can truly affect the out come of the phillies season this year. i'm not making any predictions. championships are build one bat
10:48 pm
at a time. one game at a time. one day at a time. players being healthy. stranger things have happened in sports. i'm not predicting championships by any means but i'm predicting a good young team that will start opening day and play hard. well they need a lot more young players that are good players. that's what they need. all right. tomorrow the veterans everybody is due to report, however the first workout for everybody is not until tuesday. tomorrow are physicals. ryan howard is scheduled to be here. should be here. but we'll see when he talks to the media to talk about all the things that have been going on and ruben amaro the a one point saying ryan, you're better off somewhere else. chase utley we'll hear from chase utley and he'll talk to us tomorrow and we'll have that tomorrow on the news at 5:00, 6:00 and 10:00 o'clock. all right, sean, back to you. i'm in my short sleeves. it was only about 79 degrees today here in clearwater. >> don't do that. don't say that to me. all right. that's heartbreaking. thanks howard. a lot going on national
10:49 pm
until sports. tom srendenschek joins us and tom, it's finally time to start those engines. >> are you going to give me a boogity boogity boogity. let's go racing it's the great american race. from clearwater to daytona beach it is the daytona 500. all eyes on jeff gordon starting his 19th and final day tone into 500 he was a non factor finished how about 33rd. also matt non factors. they finish the race. the guy that was a factor how about joey la gone know started fifth and wins his first day tone too 500. northern crest open in pacific palisades goes to a third hole of sudden death. that's james hun never won on a tour. 25 feet away and the par 314th and it drains it. so dustin johnson needs the birdie putt as well to force a fourth and plus final play off hole. he doesn't get it. james hahn a screen time winner
10:50 pm
on the pga tour. wedding bells are ringing for michael phelps. he announceed his engagement to nicole johnson miss california in 2010. >> big congrats to mychal phelps. to college after winning seven straight temple stumbled against 21st first smu them looked to bounce back against tulsa and get their 20th win on the season. first half the owls drive to the basket and get out of here. he saves the rock. starts the fast break and markell curtis finishes witness easy dunk. temple falls for the second game in a row 55-39. lasalle in overtime against st. louis. the he gets the rock in the corner right here. and he hits the tray ball. st. louis is a five-point lead at that point and it was their largest in the entire game. the explorers fall skate-64.
10:51 pm
they're now 15-12 on the season. despite that loss the explorers are starting to play consistent basketball. that's largely because of the play of jordan price. auburn transfer has already become the leader and go to player for a resurgent lasalle team. >> price for three. >> jordan price starting to put the explorers on his back. price averaging over 17 a game and has exploded over the last seven. this is registered sophomore's first year witness squad and he's doing whatever it takes to get lasalle to the next level. >> whatever my coaches need me to do that's my mentality. i just want to win basically. whatever the winner plays i'll do it for my coaches and my team. >> life has a lot of disappointments and jordan came here very motivated not to disappoint anyone and to do his part and the biggest compliment i could give him he's done everything that he said he would, and i think that's a lot.
10:52 pm
>> price transferred from auburn to lasalle because perfect fit. he said the school immediately felt like home and last year only helped him grow. now he's their stop scoring go to guy in the clutch. maybe that's why he likely to -- he knows what -- >> we keep it simple. jordan if you're open please shoot the ball f you want to tack the basket attack the basket. if you draw two people we have a saying once two people guard you your job is done. get the ball to the open guy innocents how simple we want to play. >> lasalle starting to play consistent basketball. the only chance they had get to the inform caa tournament to make a big run in the atlantic 10 tournament. jordan' leadership and new found comfort might be lasalle's fighting chance. >> everything wants to make it to the tournament.
10:53 pm
we can't look past any teams. every game will be a gritty game. >> we definitely can make a run. i felt that sin the beginning of the year. but now it's becoming a little more realistic because our guys are more comfortable and playing better and i think jordan is leading that movement. >> still to come on sports sunday we get your thoughts on sixers general manager sam hinkie's confuseing plan in our
10:54 pm
10:55 pm
10:56 pm
♪ we're back for your verizon call of the week. earlier we asked what do you think of sam hinkie' plans? here's what you had to say. steve says... who wants to pi top dollar to see a team that isn't trying to win? that's right. you need to pay ming to see your games. i don't care if you're winning 10 straight at the end of the season you're still losers and you're still losing, jay-z and bee i don't know see would have to be there for mow to watch. >> that's sports sunday this week. thank you for joining us. ♪ why do we do it?
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(bird chirping) (groaning) hm... hmm?! "lisa wants "a dot-dot-dot guinea pig"? mm. (humming happily) (curious grunt) (yells) (homer smacking and chewing)
11:00 pm
(gulps, swallows) (curious grunt) hey, homer, did you know that guinea pigs are self-groomers? and when the get excited they jump straight up. it's called "popcorning." lisa got to you. i don't know how but she got to you. (phone buzzing) (chiming) emojis. now she's gone too far. lisa, your father and i are very concerned about all this hinting. (groans) i've never had a pet of my very own. my clock is ticking. i don't want to be one of those girls who waits till she's 16 to decide if she's ready and then it's too late. (both grunt) well, we've talked about it. and if you really want a guinea pig, you'll have to sign this contract. "i, lisa simpson, hereby promise to take full responsibility for this dog, cat, other." circle "other." "this includes feeding, bathing "cleaning of droppings and barfings and when the time comes, burying or flushing." boilerplate, boilerplate, boilerplate. we can skip all this litter box stuff. "if pet becomes internet superstar
11:01 pm
all rights revert to father." sign here, here, initial here, one more over here. and done. oh, my god! i'm getting a guinea pig! thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you! the kid-parent contract. unenforceable, yet you feel like you didn't completely cave. you're doing the right thing adopting a rescue pig. you know, most of these guys are rejects from the big guinea-pig mills in the midwest. oh, i can't tell you how many mill pigs we get in here who have bumblefoot or the slobbers. you don't have children, do you? this one whistled at me! ooh, that could be the one. oh, but that orange guy looks like a pumpkin. (gasps) but this fellow is so fuzzy! well, they all have their charms. this one's nibbling a sunflower seed. look at that hair. aw, i just want to comb it forever! have you seen a pinker nose?
11:02 pm
(gasps) i have now! lisa, you've just got to choose one. lisa? she's gone, honey. she's gone. that one's fur looks like a tuxedo! a band-aid on its tail, aw! (gasps) albino! i'm definitely getting this one. oh, but i forgot about this one. oh, my god i never even saw this one! (gasps) oh! oh! oh! oh... maybe i should get that sick one. if i don't, no one else will. (gasps) bart, list your top five best to worst. no, no, no, no! worst to best. i just wish the gray one had the brown one's personality. okay, dad, give me your phone. i need to look at the pictures again. aw, aw, aw! aw, aw! okay, this is the guinea pig that will make me happy. she thinks she's decided. don't say a thing. don't blow this. okay, now, you sure you only want just one? they tend to do better in pairs. (gasps) i could get two?
11:03 pm
(engine revs, tires screech) homer: farting tweakers rule! i've tried to give pokey a perfect replica of his natural habitat. peruvian feather grass an incan sleeping mat, and a portrait of marisol espinoza the vice president of peru. are you sure you didn't create a perfect habitat for you? i wish i could live in there. well, there's plenty of room because pokey's gone. (gasps) where'd he go? (squeaking) this looks like a job for... fireplace tongs. (tongs clang, pokey squeaks) no! (pokey squeaking) oh, my god! he's in the walls! i hear chewing. no, that's a much bigger animal. (grunts) kettle corn. the heroin of the farmers' market. i've lost my guinea pig! (squeaking, tapping nearby)
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pokey! our boat painting! i'm sorry, mom. (groans) that's okay, sweetheart. your pig thingy didn't mean it. it's just, it felt comforting to know that while we watched tv there was art going on behind us. (moans) oh, well, i guess we have to go to an art gallery and buy a new painting. sure, we could go to a fancy gallery and spend a bunch of money, or... mm... hmm, hmm hmm, hmm? yeah, milhouse played the violin for years until it turned out the vibrations were screwing up his bones. yeah, these seem great. (sniffs) oh, too bad someone used cello rosin. (groaning in frustration) (gasping in awe) oh, my gosh, that's beautiful! i've never seen a painting with a lighthouse before.
11:05 pm
(laughs) oh, that. that was on the wall of kirk's bachelor pad back when we were (whispers): separated. yeah, it's a great piece. i didn't have a mirror so i shaved in the reflection of the chrome frame. this could be our new living room painting. i don't know. how about this poster of a really rocking jukebox? you know it's rocking 'cause music notes are coming out of it. painting's only 20 bucks. oh, please, homie? i'll throw in the tiny violins.


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