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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 5a  FOX  February 23, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EST

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malls across the country are stepping up security after a new threat from terrorist. where one mall they are targeting is located. plus after a break from the cold another temperature plunge. and it could cause some problems across, for your morning commute. can you say black ice? sue can. so can bob. they will tell what you to avoid. >> we have been saying those two words quite a bit this season. the last year was all about the snow this year has been much more about the temperatures. we will see them plunge again, we will tell you how cold it will get coming up lauren. >> sue famous word from last night and the the oscar goes to, big winners, losers and all of the moments you might have missed while were you sleeping chris murphy, we have them right here on fox 29. good day, it is monday february 23rd, 2015. >> with small kids, sue serio, you getting to to the movies
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maybe once or twice a year. i saw american snipper. >> okay. >> i saw boyhood. i don't think either of which won much of last night. >> but patricia arquette who we know was excellent in boyhood she did win best supporting actress. >> yes. >> good for her. >> it is a five out of the ten? a winner, i don't think so. it will get cold again. we enjoyed our 40 degrees yesterday, 44, 45 degrees, and then now it is 34. now we're still above freezing, but we're going to see the temperature continue to drop throughout the day instead of going up, after the sun comes up. so northwesterly wind at 8 miles an hour makes it feel like 27 degrees outside and some other temperatures that are below freezing to the the north and west of us, at the above freezing to the south of us, so what we will see is those temperatures falling through the the 20's all afternoon, wind picking up, to gusting, maybe 25, or 30 miles an hour and then plunging down to 6 degrees, tonight. so another cold air mass is
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going to be in place but, of course, the the question is, how long will it stick around. we will have the the answer for you as the seven day forecast. all that is just ahead budd bob kelly, we have issues shall we say this morning don't we. >> right out of the gate we have an issue in levittown, pennsylvania, bucks county here where police activity it is cordoning off an area of levittown parkway right at route 13. it is in that shopping plaza there where we have a wal-mart, homet, is there a mike's gun shop. we will bring you more on that situation in a moment. our jenny joyce has been on the way there. levittown parkway is closed just off of route 13 in tulleytown. outside we will go again, that sunshine is great it it did a lot of melting yesterday but anything in a lick wood form when that sun went down isized over this morning. watch out for the intersections, fit looks wet there is certainly that icy glaze, the sidewalks could bized over. the kids have to walk from the sidewalk across the snow hump to get to the school bus this morning. the icy conditions, every where. not just the on the streets
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but also on the parking lots and the platforms for all of our mass transit operators here, the regional rail lines running with no delays but septa says beware of the parking lots that could be slippery. that 15th and locust street situation that happened yesterday, the the road is opened, and patco is stopping at the 15th street station, so normal services expect there throughout the morning rush. chris and lauren, back over to you. lets talk about those cold temperatures and the roads out there. >> steve keeley at the tacony palmyra bridge with a look at this, good morning. >> reporter: we're on the side street before the the last toll plaza and has right turn. i wanted to show you how bad things are. this is the the stop sign i was talking about this road in both lanes is a sheet of ice. so if you are pulling off of route seven three, you can slide out of control. if you are going more than 2 miles an hour before this stop sign you will slide on to route 73. this is typical of everything that we found driving around this morning.
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this is all a sheet of ice. you can probably tell by reflection. i almost just fell walking over here but everything is ice every where. and then look at route 73 it doesn't get any better because we have the run off into the right lane so the right lane on route 73 is a sheet of ice and you can slide right into a telephone pole reallies i. left lane by the the median that is where snow is also plowed that melted and ran off. left lane has a sheet of ice in the far left part of that. it is treacherous every where. >> another big concern is refreezing. temperatures will whoever around freezing, maybe lower. it will be very cold for the morning commute. we will have crews in the the five county region monitoring roads, highways expressways, for any refreezing or standing water and address those issues as they come up. the motorist should, you know take their time in the morning. >> i just went out extra early and take it slow. >> reporter: worried about
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freezing, that you go and then big potholes in the road. >> my tires i feel like philly get a lot of revenue from tires. people buying tires. >> reporter: so potholes, another concern and also hit one of them. there is one of those right here in the the street too. so what you are looking at here is a sewer drain that is covered by plowed snow. so that is why all of the snow melt really had in where to go but across all of the road. that is why there is so much water in the roads in a lot of spots. the it didn't go down any sewers because it could not go town any sewers because they are block. we will spin around and show you toll plaza, tacony palmyra bridge where burlington county bridge commission has cut the the speed in half on both tacony pal will my use and burlington bristol bridge down to 25 miles an hour because of icing conditions on the bridges themselves. so, big problems, and we saw a fatal accident down the shore in middletown ship on north wildwood boulevard over the weekend, on a smaller bridge an overpass, where seven cars
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and a chain reaction crash all piled up and one of the first people in, one of the first subsequent got out of the car and then hit and killed by one of the following cars that slid out of control into him and police in middletown ship told me it was black ice that caused that. look at this, here's a typical thing, path holes, every where, just in this drive way, and then even the the potholes are full of ice. so, watch out. there is so many problems to talk about today. the just go slower and or you will end up in the ought owe body shop and in an emergency room. chris and lauren. >> two places you don't want to be. >> in. >> 5:06 is the time. weather could be to blame for a transformer explosion in center city this happened at 15th and locust last night. police say the explosion caused high levels of carbon monoxide, to seep into the air, that led to evacuation from his nearby buildings. >> i was right on the sidewalk. >> there was one loud one that blew manhole cover off and that came off you could see smoke and fire down there and then two smaller explosions,
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shortly thereafter, after a mina part. due to the recent cold weather, and melt, today it could be affecting electrical, water, gas services because it does have an effect. >> he mentioned the electrical and peco is sending more crew toss that scene today to try to find the cause of the blast. police say one of the nearby buildings had a pipe, in its sprinkler system that burst yesterday, because of the weather and that is why they think this may be weather-related as well. you can stay on top of the latest information weather-wise and road conditions on our web site at my fox and click on the weather an traffic tabs. three fire fighters are recovering from minor injuries after responding to this fire, in charleston township chester county. the fire started in the fireplace of the home on highland hill lane. injuries include minor burns and a ankle injury. crews say the the fire was extensive when they arrived. >> the fire had a major head start on fire fighters tonight and it simply was through the roof before we could even ever
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catch up to it and get them out. >> that fire has been ruled an accident. security is on high alert at malls across america following terroristic threats. >> so this movies in response to a video posted on line by a somalia militant group, with links to al qaeda. in the video, a masked narrater urgees muslims to attack shopping malls in western countries. the mall of america in minnesota is specifically singled out. the the department of home land security says there is no credible evidence suggest an attack at malls, however, host of the dhs says americans need to be aware of their surroundings. >> i'm sure that security at this particular mall will be enhanced, in ways visible and not visible but it also involves public vigilance and public awareness. if you see something, say something, it has to be more than just a slogan. >> the mall of america is the busiest shopping center in the world, and it attracts more than 40 million people each
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year. >> i'm surprised by that. when i go to king of prussia i never can find a parking space, always crowded. >> king of prussia is always up there mall of america is so big that they have an amusement park inside the thing. but they need indoor space in minute so the because it is what negative 30 for much of the winter. >> and no wonder they have ride for the the kid, they have to keep everyone busy. >> you go stir craze any weather like that. we're getting more frigid weather, we are all getting hit with this arctic blast. i looked at extended models that go out about a month here and it looks like we're getting this arctic pattern for almost a month, now, well into march. >> we will get one day in the 40's and then back down in the highs in the 20's, and as you will see coming up later in the seven day forecast. we have 34 degrees in philadelphia right now but it feels like 27 thanks to the wind chill. 8 miles an hour wind. wind are not too extreme norris the temperature but both of those will be
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changing, as the day goes along even after sunrise at 6:43 this morning. we will see temperatures continue to drop throughout the the day see we're in the the 30's every where except for the poconos mountains where it is 14 degrees right now. we have whipped chills in the 20's but this is your planner for the the rest of the day. the cant rule out a flurry or two this morning as our cold front comes through and that is what will cause temperatures to drop throughout the rest of the day. so icy spots around in some places this morning, winds picking up, temperatures drop, so by the time we are normally reaching our high temperature we will be in the teens later this afternoon, believe me you will feel the difference on your monday morning. so that is your weather authority forecast, seven day is just ahead, bob kelly is here right now. >> good morning sue. 5:10 on this monday morning. an accident popped up on the northeast extension at southbound, south of quakertown. between quakertown and land dale blocking one of the lanes updating our situation here in
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bucks county. this police standoff in the levittown shopping plaza, and it is right there where we have the wal-mart home depot 24 hour wal-mart has been evacuated, and they are seeing a residential area right across the street from that shopping center. it is in lock down mode here. levittown parkway is block just off of route 13 right at that main intersection there otherwise, major roadways are in good shape. i know dot's have been outputting down a layer of salt there but anything that was left in the liquid form after that sun went down yesterday is frozen over. steve showed us some great examples of that intersection stop sign, traffic lights, some on and off ramps where we're trailblazers. we are first ones out of the house and unfortunately we will find slippery spots the hard way. south jersey no problems along 73 42, or 295, here's a live look at route one in bucks county an example as you are rolling down the the roadway at 40 or 50 miles an
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hour, you hit that off ramp there and then again any of that run off. the off ramps are bent. so the run off, the water will run across the travel lane to get into the drain. that run off will leave that fine icy glaze for us this morning. so caution flags are flying. mass transit at the moment running with no delays. stay there we will grab a cup of coffee and come r
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again, hoist on the audio. >> are you loving this. >> these are the greatest songs from the best albums of all time, bruce springsteen, oh yeah wild and innocent and e street shuffle, 1973 release. i loved this album. another ferry disaster in bangladesh. seventy bodies have been pulled from the padma river after a ferry capsized. they say, there may have been as many as 140 people on board at the time of the ferry which has now been brought to shore. ferry accidents are pretty common in that country. it is home to more than 130 rivers. four suspects believed to be responsible for a deadly explosion in ukraine today are under arrest. bomb went off in a march marking first anniversary of the ouster of the president of ukraine. ukraine officials say a police officer was one of the two people killed, a dozen other people were hurt. the attack comes amid renewed
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hopes that a peace agreement may take hole. the new secretary of defense ashton carter makes his first trip to afghanistan to visit u.s. troops amid talks of possibly slowing down the planned draw down. abington high school graduate made it clear that our soldiers work as advisors to the afghan military have been critical in security gains spanning 13 years have combat. >> we're going to be partners for a very long time long after this conflict and the presence that we have here in association with this campaign is over, this will still be the important part of the world. >> carter will pennsylvania make recommendations to the president on the future of the american military presence in afghanistan. there are about 10,000. u.s. troops in the country. president barack obama could announce his decision next month when the president of afghanistan visits the white house. meantime congress head to work this week in the hopes of avoiding a shut down of the home land security department. the department will run out of money at midnight friday
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unless an agreement is reached on a new spending bill. stalemate centers around president obama's executive action, on immigration. home land security secretary jay johnson says that halting funding would jeopardize u.s. efforts to stop and domestic terror attack. >> we should have a debate about immigration reform but you should not tie that to the funding for the third largest department of our government. there is 240,000 people. >> i'm willing and ready to pass a dhs funding bill, worst possible outcome for this nation toys defun the department of home land security. >> many republicans believed that the president acted beyond his scope and want a bill to that defund the immigration plan. but democrats counter that the president acted within his authority, and wanted bill intact. president obama tells nation's governors he is committed to working with them. the the president shared his intention during an annual dinner with dozens of governors at the white house last night. the the governors are in d.c. for their winter meeting with
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the national governor association. today the president is scheduled to meet with a group of republican governors. >> coming up 59:18 the the big issue is of course we are plunging temperatures in to basically what it feels like right here, where in manitoba. >> yes. >> alaska is about the the same as we are right now. i just checked but yeah, we are going back to highs in the 20's, like we had for a good portion of the last week and with the temperatures in the process of dropping this morning we had some refreezing in areas of black ice. watch out for that. temperatures dropped throughout the day as we get back in the freezer and we will have gusty wind today so wind chills will be in the teens throughout the the ladder part of the afternoon. now we're already in the teens in mount pocono this morning but temperatures ara above freezing in philadelphia and to the south of us, just a little bit below to the north of us, but here's what it feels like, most of our wind chills in the 20's this morning but we have a degree below zero. our wind chill in mount pocono right now. so that is why we have have had had this wind chill
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advisory already in effect and it stays with us until 10:00 in the morning tomorrow. but as wind chills expected to be ten to 15 degrees below zero once those wind get cranked up and interest is all part of the cold front that the last part starting to move to the area we could see a flurry or two as this last part moves through and then as we look at the the future cast over the the next couple of days, lieutenant of sunshine during the day today and tomorrow. a few clouds here and there. some lake effect moisture trying to get the here but it doesn't. even with the cold front on wednesday, we don't see any precipitation, in fact no snow in the forecast until maybe the the weekend again. so 45 was the the high yesterday, the normal high, average high is 46 degrees, and lets see where we are headed today. temperatures will be dropping, you see the arrow there. temperatures are falling through the the 20's throughout the afternoon which puts wind chills in the the teens for most of the day and then 26 degrees is our high tomorrow. now not quite as harsh on
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wednesday but then we're back to the arctic air on thursday, and friday and saturday, once again, we have a chance of snow in the afternoon that could change over to rain as warmer air comes in but that is still aways away. we will nail down that as we get closer to the time. just don't put that parka away bob kelly. >> got the right on my chair. 5:20. good morning, everybody. here's an example of thized over conditions. harbison avenue look at the right lane here. do you see glare in the right turning lane. that is obviously some of that melt ago this occurred yesterday with the sun. we all loved it. but anything that was still in liquid form when the sun went down last night is frozen over. a lot of that left or right turning lanes you will see the icy conditions. and another example here on i-95 at girard avenue in the construction zone. we have plowed the snow but there is no shoulder. so again that pile of snow is in that left or right lane,
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little bit of melting occurred yesterday but that fine glaze is out here in both left and right lanes all around the region. in upper merion a down tree blocking montgomery avenue right at matsonford road, a crash south on the extension south of the quakertown interchange, and then police activity barricade situation up here in the shopping plaza levittown shopping plaza, so levittown parkway is block at route 13. or wise major roadways in the bad at all speedometer readings in the the 50's. you know on and off a ramps were dropping a degree every 15 or 20 minutes. temperatures are on the down side and pretty much again anything that was left over yesterday in that liquid form is melted this morning. i should say is frozen this morning. in problems at all coming from new jersey, septa says look out, although we are operating with no delays on the regional rails. the platforms and parking lots could be slippery. that same melting refreezing, obviously occurred in the parking lots on the steps and
5:22 am
on the platforms. good news for patco commuters this morning although we had that situation yesterday at 15th and locust, in problems on the patco high speed line and trains are stopping at the 15th street station. stay right there we will be dave: the effect that standardized testing is having on our students is already coming through, it's already showing, and they haven't even taken the test yet. my first-grader came home the other day and cried, because he couldn't - he didn't feel like going to karate practice.
5:23 am
after he was done with his work, he said, "mom, i'm just tired," and started to cry. in first grade. what are we doing? what are we doing to our kids?
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we continue to follow breaking news right now in bucks county. >> police are on top of the barricade situation stemming from an incident at a gun shop in tulleytown. fox 29's jennifer joyce live at the scene.
5:25 am
jen, i necessity you have just arrived, what have you learned so far. >> well, we have just talk to a couple officials on the scene and we are awaiting the the police chief to come over and brief us on the the situation, taking a look here off in the distance you can see a couple of police cars, chris, as you mentioned we are hearing this stemmed from a burglary at a gun shop on levittown parkway. that is where this investigation is, centered. we heard it turned into a barricade situation. we are being kept back, behind the wal-mart, across the way for safety reasons. new bucks county officials also told us that automated shelter in place call went out to people living in this area around 3:00 a a.m. asking people to stay put. but if they have to go out they are asked to avoid this area. we know area businesses, including this wal-mart, were evacuated, and we know that the levittown parkway is shut down between spur lane and route 13 as i'm sure bob kelly has been reporting.
5:26 am
so again hearing that there is an ongoing barricade situation happening at the a gun shop across the the way on levittown parkway stemming from a burglary that occurred around 2:30 this morning, again waiting for the chief to get here and brief us with more details and we will continue to follow this story chris and lauren. >> all right jen we will check back with you as soon as we hear from them. we will he take a
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we're following breaking news a war cade situation happening right now in bucks county. we will have a live report coming up. tumbling temperatures causing wet road to freeze, and that could make your morning commute really messy. the the trouble spots you will want to avoid. plus hollywood's big night the oscars. a look the at the big moments from last night's award show. good day everyone, it is monday february 23rd, 2015. >> we had a break in the cold temperatures yesterday. >> i saw people outside in shorts yesterday sue serio. >> that is a little crazy. it was still in the 40's. i guess you get excited, especially with the horrible conditions that we haddon saturday, so to have such a nice day yesterday. while bus stop buddy is back to reality and he is bundled up in the mittens and warm coat and nice warm hat, because things will be getting colder as the the day goes along. we have temperatures in the the 30's right now and our number of the day is going to be a five, because of the changing conditions, and then there is going to stay like this and temperatures were just going to go up from here
5:30 am
that would be great but that will not happen. we were at 37 degrees at midnight. the we are at 34 right now and instead of temperatures going up after sunrise at 6:43 this morning. we will see them continue to fall, we have already dropped to 14 degrees in mount pocono. we are seeing some flurries in lancaster county as a weak cold front goes through abe lets in that cold air. we are at 34 in the city at the moment and then wind will pick up throughout the afternoon. we're down in the the 20's by lunchtime, teens by ladder part of the day by four or 5:00 o'clock where we normally reach our high temperature of the day. it will be about 19 degrees but with the wind it will feel colder then. that there is your planner for monday the 23rd of february. we've got a seven day forecast coming up for you. we will see if we can get back in the 40's anytime soon. but bob kelly, i know i won't be back there. >> bingo numbers there 34 23, 19 good morning everybody. 5:30 object a a monday. here's an example of what we
5:31 am
will be talking about all morning long. it will be dangerous out there this morning. we love the sunshine. we did a little melting yesterday but anything that did not dry up before the sun went down,ized over this morning. here's an example do you see difference in the color of the road surface as that fine glaze of ice, and i know everybody put down as much salt as they could last night, the dot's have been out there. this is a live look at 202 at county line road but that is an example of the intersection that could bized over. we will go to our next camera here northeast philadelphia torresdale and levick, right here pulling out of the dunkin' donuts you will make that right turn on to torresdale avenue. this is allized over. if it looks wet, it is certainly icy this morning. the lets go to the problems already, we're seeing. an accident in south jersey white horse pike at evesham road, and we're looking at a down tree in upper merion maybe some of the melt down loosened up some of the routes down below here but montgomery avenue blocked this morning at matsonford road. an accident south on the
5:32 am
extension at the quakertown and then we will go to general any just a second to get a live update of the police situation that is happening right here in levittown, levittown parkway, the the shopping plaza there i can tell you that the levittown parkway is block just off of the route 13 and there is a shelter in place across from that shopping center. so some local detours as you role through tulleytown bucks county this morning. otherwise getting to the majors is where we're probably going to see icy spots. the once on the majors there is in reports of anything so far, but the construction zones where they have plowed the snow and there is no shoulder, any of that melt down occurred and that run off, laying there overnight, could leave us with some icy spots along the the way like on i-95 and 202 in the work zones. the chris and lauren back to you. we will continue to follow breaking news in bucks county. >> burglar in the gun shop tells police to send out a shelter in place order for residents in nearby tulleytown. fox 29's jennifer joyce is
5:33 am
live at the scene with what is going on, jen, good morning. >> reporter: we're hearing that burglary at the gun shop across the way here happened around 2:30. that shelter in place automated phone call went out to area residents at around 3:00 this morning. we are being kept back. we will try to zoom into what activity we can see from this vantage point. we are being kept behind the wal-mart at that shopping center here. we are hearing that this burglary happened at a gun shop, led to a barricade situation with at least one person, in the the area of that gun shop, and possibly, even two. gone that shelter in place order was going out to tell residents to stay inside their homes if at all possible. it is in the middle will of the night but as if people do have to go out this morning get ready, go to work, they are asked to stay away from this area. the levittown parkway is shut down between spur lane and route 13 and area businesses, they have also been evacuated including this wal-mart which was opened at the time. we are hearing, again waiting
5:34 am
for the chief to get here to brief us. he is expect to be back in this area this holding area in the next five minutes or so-so we will bring you that update when he arrived you guys. >> thanks very much, we will check back in as soon as we hear from him. people living in new jersey where to see how governor chris christie wants to spend their tax dollars. he will layout his 2016 budget tomorrow. now, two hot button issues what he plans to do with the state's public transportation trust fund and what he plans to do with the public pension system. christie and democrats have have in the been able to reach a clear agreement on how to move forward with either one of them. story today on fox tells a new jersey businessman locate his stolen equipment. jim darby said the thief stole a trailer worth $24,000 of landscaping equipment from his east camden avenue home last thursday. the the caper was caught on surveillance camera. >> silver like suv, i'm not sure what it was but it had a trailer attached to it and they just peeled out and went
5:35 am
down this road over here. >> so after the story aired right here on fox 29 we received a call from an unidentified man claiming he unneglectly purchased the contents of that trailer from two men and now he wants to return it, and a return is being worked out. >> there is still some good people in this world. flyers were good people yesterday, they won, right? they are gunning for a final playoff spot and there is not much time left latest on their playoff push next. plus from the red carpet the night's big winners, plenty of oscar moments to
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5:38 am
the flyers are in striking distance of the last playoff position. they are in the two game winning streak and only four points back of the final playoff spot. third period tied up at two all, look at this, michael dellzotto with the game winner. the flyers win three-two. boston bruins also won last night the so flyers remain four points back in the playoff standing. for the the sixers late in the game there is still a chance but in the really. former sixth i nick viewing vick with the throw down sixer lose 103-98. third straight loss. the owls, shocked brown drive to the rack and brandon says get it the out. he then saves the the rock,
5:39 am
and starts a fast break and curtis finishing the with the easy dunk. temple falls for second game in a row, 55 -33. that is sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. joey low again owe won his first career daytona 500 nascar's premiere race. he took a lead following a restart with 19 laps remaining on sunday and once out in front he seemed to have the race under control. kevin harvick finished second and dale earnhardt junior came in third. hundreds of students taking part in penn state's annual dance marathon over weekend and raised more than 13 million-dollar for pediatric cancer research. >> good news. >> dance marathon known as thon began friday night wrapped up yesterday afternoon. thousands of student play a role in planning this 46 hour long event, soliciting donations and helping more than 700 dancers make it through the weekend. look at that number. >> 13 million. >> good for them.
5:40 am
>> fantastic. >> coming up oscars, of course, from last night in hollywood, we are taking a look at the best moments trading-in or selling your car, truck or suv? takes the hassle out of selling in just 3 easy steps. one, get your free online valuation. two, drive to your local car buying center. and three, walk out with your check in as little as 30 minutes. buying used cars is all we do... all makes and models... no dealership pressure. we'll even settle your loan or lease. so don't wait. get your free online valuation now at
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today chris tells us the live of byron rushton. >> he was born in west chester, pennsylvania in 1912. he was a leader for civil rights socialism, and gay rights. we will get to that in a
5:43 am
minute. but first in 1947 he helped to initiate a freedom ride to will challenge racial segregation on interstate busing. he also recognized doctor martin luther king junior's leadership and helped organize the southern christian leadership conference to strengthen king's message. after the passage of this civil rights legislation in 1964 rushton focused his attention on the economic problems of working class and unemployment african americans. rushton was gay and was arrested for homosexual activities several times from the 1950's through 1970's and became leading voice for gay rights. during the 1970's and 80's rushton served on many humanitarian missions. he died in 1975. many years later in in 2013 president obama a posthumously awarded him the presidential medal of freedom. because he was gay, and it was illegal to have, you know, gay activity, even in private,
5:44 am
back in the day he had to basically be a voice for african-american issues behind the scenes. he served as an advisor more often as a spokesperson. in fact in 1963 he was really the the organizer of the march on washington but he did it all behind the scenes because he was, at the time, out of the closet and back in the 60's you could not be out of the closet and getaway witt. >> wow. >> interesting. >> look at you. >> very interesting. >> yes. >> sue serio. >> i'm loving your pieces you guys, both of you, on black history month. >> thank you. >> it has been fascinating every single day. here's is what fascinating to us. we thought we would get a flurry or two in the the area it the looks like on you our cold front caused a slit built of the snow burst in lancaster county and part of the chester county and even stretching into, a little bit of montgomery county. if you are around west caln and lancaster county, even lancaster itself you might shall seeing a quick coating of snow here as a cold front comes through and that is what
5:45 am
is going to drop our temperatures throughout the day-to-day and prevent us from getting another day with temperatures in the who 40's. by noon we have plenty of sunshine. that situation will continue through tomorrow, with plenty of sunshine but it is deceiving sunshine without days because it will once again, be very cold. now, tuesday into wednesday, wednesday night, it is when we expect another cold front to come through but so far it does president look like we will get any precipitation with that either. we will stay snow and rain free, it looks like, through most of the workweek. temperatures still above freezing in the city. it is 13 in mount pocono. we're in the 20's in allentown as those colder temperatures start to sink further southward. 34 degrees in millville and wildwood. our wind chills are now in the teens in reading and allentown, 2-degree wind chill in mount pocono. feels like 27, in philadelphia a. our wind chill advisory will stay in effect until tomorrow morning, and then because as of the wind pick up we could get wind chills in carbon and
5:46 am
monroe counties in the pocono mountains of ten to 15 degrees below zero. here we go again. yesterday was delightful with this temperature of 45 degrees and, it is funny, when we're ending summertime and into fall we're saying 45. it sound so cold. compared to where we have been that is delightful. temperatures dropping through 209's today. mid 20's tomorrow, and then a brief stint in the 30's, on wednesday, and back down to arctic air on thursday and friday and then just when we're moderating over the weekend that is when we could get our next round of precipitation over the weekend, again so more about that later on in the week. right now we have to deal with some potentially icy roads, bob kelly. >> sue, good morning. 5:46. as we go for a fly here on the schuylkill express waste on an off ramps slower than normal no major problems on the major roadways like the schuylkill as we go for a fly toward downtown. we have an accident on the philadelphia side of that tacony palmyra bridge. i know steve has been set up on the new jersey side showing
5:47 am
us a slippery conditions all morning long. an accident along the white horse pike at evesham road in south jersey a down tree that is blocking montgomery avenue and matsonford road and a accident southbound on the northeast extension right here near the q town, interchange, and up here in bucks county our police standoff here has levittown parkway blocked off of route 13. activity all around the gun shop that is located in the shopping plaza, that also hold the wal-mart, home depot, dunkin' donuts in there. the just watch for local detours, and a lot of police activity. otherwise major roadways are in good shape. we will go outside, sue just mentioned before she came on the air with her hit here. it looks like we are getting snow squals and flurries across route 30 near downingtown, morgan town portions have of chester county. anyone using 30 bypass be ready for white stuff. here's another example of route 100 out in chester county. so again as the morning moves on road conditions could be
5:48 am
changing but septa a says they are running with a regular weekday schedule in delays but be careful the slippery conditions on the roads are going to mom i can slippery conditions possible on the platforms and the parking lots at all of the septa station this is morning. chris and lauren back over to you you. bob, get this, visiting mickey and mini just got more expensive. walt disney raised ticket prices for disney land, walt disney world and rest of the theme parks. one day particular for disney land in california. >> california adventure. >> it is right new one they opened upright next to disney land california adventure. it is within where they have a car ride there. >> $99 for anyone ten or elder, up from $96. down in orlando ticket for magic kingdom 105, up from $99. >> yeah. >> let me just say this when i lived there, when iowaness orlando, every year the the prices go up every year.
5:49 am
>> disney makes so much money. >> i know. >> from all of our movies pixar. >> sea world so it is just a wave it just keeps happening. good luck taking kid to disney these days. >> it is so expensive. >> right. >> big night in hollywood as birdman takes home top honor in the eighty-seventh annual academy award last night. >> bob decastro will wrap it all up and he knows. >> birdman. >> birdman soared above the the competition at eighty-seventh annual academy award taking the night's top prize, the coveted best picture oscar. >> it is important. >> reporter: film tied with the grand budapest hotel with biggest winner earning four award each. no surprises in the lead acting categories eddie redmayne won for his portrayal as steven hawking in the theory of everything. >> this feels wild, a dream wake up a few days and say did that happen.
5:50 am
>> julianne moore. >> julianne more more walk a was i with oscar gold as a woman diagnosis with early on set always highamers in still alice. >> at the end of the day, it is being able to do work that i love that has been so rewarding and this is just amazing. >> supporting winners didn't disappoint jk simmons snagged a trophy for playing a cut throat music teacher in rip lash and patricia arquette included a shout out for women's equality in her acceptance speech. >> it is our time to have wage equality, once and for all, and equal rights for women in the united states of america. >> ♪ >> host neil patrick harris song and dance show opener set stage for ceremonies moving musical performances lady gaga sang a tribute to the sound of music 50th anniversary and common and john legend's performance of their oscar winning song glory got a tearful ovation. >> at contacted my of award
5:51 am
for achievement and directing. >> it went to alexander, who led the audience in the secret to his success. >> good luck, charm, tonight tonight i'm wearing the real michael keaton tighty whiteys. >> in hollywood bob decastro "fox news". eighty-seventh. >> evidently philadelphia's own kevin h art was a presenter, i didn't watch it because it is on so late. >> yes. >> i like his white suit. >> i saw him interview on the red carpet. question was a great question. if you could meet anyone and take a picture with someone here tonight and who would it be. he said merrill streep which i found interesting. she's like 19 nominations at this point. in the memorial portion of the oscar is always emotional. >> last night it was who was left off that clip, joan rivers parentally did not make the cut despite making a living criticizing fashion on the red carpet. she didn't even get a mention,
5:52 am
which outraged some devoted fans. >> so joan rivers, of course popularized the question who are you wearing? some ladies now are pushing back thousand. >> hash tag was trending during oscar red carpet. some female stars says it is an effort to show they are more than their dresses. one men in the entertainment business supporting the campaign. while other pointed out irony of reporters asking celebrities about their campaign but still asking them about their dress. i know this all got its start last week with ryan seacrest asked... someone's wife i'm crawling a blank. >> don't ask me. >> but you hear bit, and now it has trickled over. it will be a new thing. don't ask me what i'm wearing ask me more. >> because if you throw that same question at men, i don't know just some tuxedo. who could forget john travolta miss pronouncing
5:53 am
edina mansell how she got him back for the name mix up. at subway, a great meal starts with a great sandwich on
5:54 am
the new "simple 6 menu." with six of our best six-inch subs, like the tender turkey breast plus any bag of chips and a 21-ounce drink for just $6 every day.
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5:56 am
time is 5:55. we are following breaking news in bucks county pennsylvania. sky fox live over a barricade situation in tulleytown, this is taking place at mike's gun shop, at the levittown town center shopping complex. jennifer joyce, our reporter from fox 29 is at the scene right the now, gathering new information. she will have a live report in a few minutes. but first actress and singer edina manziel used her oscar appearance to get back at john travolta for his famous flub. >> please welcome to the stable my very dear friend, blong gasingo. >> my darling, my beautiful my wickly talented edina man sell. >> you got it.
5:57 am
>> is that right. >> yes. >> very good. >> it is not like it will follow me around for the rest of my life. >> of course remember travolta royally miss pronounced e thedina's name last year during the oscars calling her adell gaseem before she was set to perform. another temperature plunge and it could cause trouble on the road. black isis a real concern. trouble spots you need to look out for straight ahead. and malls across the the country stepping up security after a new terror threat, who is threatening an attack next.
5:58 am
5:59 am
i saw a commercial that said you can save $500 by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ]
6:00 am
i thought you said "that was me, mom." [ laughter ] we have a bad situation in bucks county right the now. the here's a live look in tulleytown, pennsylvania bucks county where we are following a barricade situation, businesses, schools, evacuated, people are told not to leave their homes. where they live right now. we've got a guy on top of a gun shop and police have surround that had gun shop. of course, schools are not in session, yet the but there are a couple of schools that will not be opening until they get this resolved. >> take it ease think morning. yesterday's snow melted mixed with last night's freezing temperatures could cause problems for your morning commute. problem area that are out there right now. and then this... >> oh, my god they wanted me


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