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tv   Good Day Philadelphia 7a  FOX  March 4, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EST

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to ever wear an eagles uniform, and reportedly he's gone. saying guide by to lesean shady mccoy. so what's this trade all about? we'll take a look. and pennsylvania governor tom wolf unveils his budget plan. he wants to raise money for schools, but that means higher sales and income taxes. but he also wants to reduce the city wage tax. so how will all of this affect you? we'll breakdown as much. well, good morning, everyone, yes, so talking about the rain, it will turn into snow, but you agree? mike sent us lovely video. >> oh,. >> just to truck n let's take a look at it. >> that's cool. >> that's nice. >> laying out in the sun, enjoying the warm weather. >> probably shooting like one of those beverage commercials, where there is two chairs. >> oh, yes. >> calm it soda. >> should be everybody next to the gm, good morning, everybody. >> maybe we should send him a
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message. >> we should. >> in the snow. >> when he comes tomorrow, we should do that. >> that would be a good one. >> i'm with hot water with alex because we're all with this horrible weather bing watching, house of cards. >> oh,. >> spoiler. >> sure did. >> up sewed behind i thought were you. >> sue is catching up watcher good weather for there is right? because here we go again. >> yes, tomorrow, there will be a loft bing watching, i predict going on, but today, aid few challenges just trying to get out of the neighborhood. 1:45 in the morning, i live in a cul-de-sacs, not like there is traffic. and it was a total sheet of ice, walking, driving, so to get to the ends my street coy walk on the grass, right? and my husband was right there with me, helping me. so we took video of me trying to get across my neighbor's driveway. only one twi do it. >> here it is. >> so we've walk on the grass
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this far. neighbor ' driver way, so i can get to more grass. here we go. just like christmas eve 2008. >> get my purse. >> here we go. >> there go. and there is no footing to be had on that driveway, so i just slid down on my butt, my husband, we had no light by the way, because our street doesn't have street lights. here comes my savior, it is the tom lowden car service, our ex being tiff producer, and wanted me to come to work, so he came and got me. and he's creeping up the street, because it was so icy. and then he didn't even turn around, he just backed out of the street after i finally got this, there walking like a hundred year old woman. >> what were you snaring. >> i had my lands end really good boots on, but as one of
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our viewers tweeted i need the little spike i things you can put on the bottom of your shoes. >> i meant on the area touching the ice as were you sliding? >> the longer coat. your coat. >> i had my long winter coat on. look at my poor husband, ahh. >> oh, no, sue, there we go. >> the next snowstorm i'm dropping the kids off at sue's house, that's good hill there. taking my flexible flyer and we'll drop the kids off. >> oh, my backyard, great sledding hill. bring them over. yes, so that was just whether the temperature was still below freezing, luckily, risen above freezing. >> what, 1:00 he 30:00, 2:00 in morning when we were coming in. >> you know watching that, the bill is he a dedicated husband. >> wonder. >> i so sweet. >> my family calls him saint billy. for a very good reason. >> you got him up in the middle of the night to shoot video and walk you to the car. >> wake up, grab your phone, hit record. let's go, i'm going work. >> how did he do on the way back walking back up? >> i don't know. >> we haven't heard from him.
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>> oh, no? oh, my goodness, no. >> hope he's okay. >> maybe he crawled back up? >> news update few moments, but thank you for letting us demonstrate that it still could be slippery depending on your neighborhood this morning, let's look at ultimate doppler, because if you look north and west of the city, do you see some pink mix in the with the green there talking lancaster county, pocono mountains, talking the lehigh valley, temperatures are above freezing, but in the upper layers of the atmosphere, we do have some sleet mixed in. so, it is still isn't perfect, and it is to isn't all rain yet either. so with your pal bus stop buddy we do have the rain gear on. and it is mostly rain out there. but we're only going to gave you a four out every ten, even with the milder temperatures today, yet another look at radar there real quick. and 35 degrees, whew, at least we've gotten above freezing there, sunrise happened about a half hour ago. 42 degrees today, with rain, and then tonight, the rain changes to snow. and the snow piles up on
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thursday. and we'll tell you how high your snow piles might be coming up in just a few minutes. bob kelly, what you got? >> we got craziness here. clock zero, a come on, who took 422? live look at the poor visibility that we're dealing with now, sue mentioned down to about, what, sue, mile, mile and a half down near the airport, flight. >> two and a half. >> 422 out near collegeville. there is an accident near 29, a vehicle down into the grassy embankment there. and then here's a live look, at i-95 right near the airport, visibility quickly getting knock down, will cause delays around the board. septa bus routes, four of them now, on detour, the trolleys are running okay. no problems on regional rails. but watch for the slippery platforms, again, it is the slush hour, all of that slush just melting, it is sitting throughout, in puddles, it is slippery, and an accident on the westbound off ramp to the pa turnpike there, at the
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valley forge interchange, a crash south on 55, at route 47, lights out on the boulevard, the traffic lights are out. so there is no cross-traffic this morning. and some huge potholes that developed yesterday, penndot hasn't been able to make the repairs because of the weather. it is the ramp from 95 north, to the platt bridge, watch it, it is a big back up here, exiting at the ramp. you really want to take it slow, otherwise you'll knock your friends out of alignment there. i think we'll start finding the potholes the hard way, because as that snow melts, the potholes are going to fill up with water, and because of the poor visibility, and the low sealing, delays at philadelphia international airport averaging one hour 15 minutes, chris, alex, back over to you. >> bob, getting ready for 24th winter weather storm this, what, today, tonight? up. >> believable. jennifer joyce bracing for. >> this she in berlin, new jersey with more on. >> this jen, good morning. >> grab your shovels. >> that's right, right now
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just cold and little bit windy, not as cold as we've been seeing, but for some reason feeling little bit more chilly as the day goes on, and i think it is supposed to warm up later today, as that rain moves in, so, some people might want to stack up here at wal-mart and get whatever gear they need to get ready for this 24th storm. so it is rain today, and then it will be snow tomorrow. yesterday, we just dealt with an absolute mess. i'm sure everyone watching is tired after the commute home from work, some people said it was going to take them couple of hours to get home yesterday with their shovels, and their scrapers, and hands, sitting in bumper to bumper traffic as the freezing rain came down, and some of the snow, even did accumulate in some sections, of our viewing area. but, yesterday was just a mess, and it is really making everyone just really sick and tired of this winter season.
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>> freezing rain scares me, i would rather have 10 degrees and snow than 34 degrees and rain right now. getting pretty tiresome. >> ready for spring? >> about rid. coy probably do one more storm and i'm done. >> many ' done, too. this three day storm system is not fun. rain all day long, so if you have to pick up any of those winter essentials do, it earlier than late, right now, we're seeing break in the system, so it is pretty dry, but tomorrow, we could see a record amount of snowfall for this season. so, get ready. gear up. back to you guys. >> what a headache. >> all right, to breaking news at 7:08. this is out of maryland this morning the fbi says person believed to be responsible for shooting's along highways in the walt walt washington area including shooting at the national security agency is in custody. believes the person responsible for shootings over the last two weeks. us park police say that the nsa reported damage to
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building yesterday. so, more information on that for you later in the show. >> meantime happening today, a judge will rule on whether to approve the sale of the revel hotel casino to a florida developer, for $82 million. pennies on the dollar. but 11th bid enter bid los angeles developer could complicate matters, two previous deals to sell this casino fell through, revel, which cost $2.4 billion to build, closed in september after little more than two years in operation. groups support ago higher minimum wage, increased wages. activists want it to be raise today $15 an hour in the city. and in the last several months, few other large sit have passed plans for significant increases increasesn minimum wage, including seattle which passed 15-dollar rate, but it is being challenge in the court. bob casely, pre k across the us. senators also pushing measure
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aimed at strengthening relationship between early childhood programs and elementary schools. >> coming up on clock ten,. >> opening statements begin today in the boston bombing case. tsarnaev dzhokhar faces 30 federal charges. two bombs went off at the boston marathon april 15th, 2013, 3 people died, 264 people were hurt. some lost limbs. he's also charged in the death after mit officer during the manhunt. now, tsarnaev could receive the death penalty in convicted. >> that would be justice for me. for my boys, for myself, for how i feel, what happened to my boys. >> there is so much evidence, against this charge, and his brother, and what those two people did to boston, and the united states, and the world, is incomprehensible. >> the defense plans to argue his brother, seen there, tamerlan, who died in the shoot-out with police, was the masterminds of the attack. the trial by the way is
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expected to last four full months. former ns a and list turned fugitive edward snowden wants to return to the u.s. the nsa whistle blower has been living in russia since 2013 after they revoked his passport. russian lawyer representing him says there is international to ever get him back on us soil. but he only wants to return if he's guaranteed a fair trial. the white house says, he needs to face the consequences. should snowden return, he face as wide variety of charges including treason, if convicted, co-get the death penalty. >> homeless man killed on skid row by los angeles police was living under assumed name and wanted for violating probation. thirty-nine year olds charlie robinet shot by police sunday after attempt to go grab an officer's weapon during a struggle. officials say he stole the identity after french citizen, and was living in the u.s. under that name. and he was released in may after serving 14 years in prison, for robbing a bank.
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>> former cia correct or david petraeus agreed to plea guilty for miss handling classified information. prosecutors say he shared classified material to his photographer and former mistress while she was working on the book n court papers, recommended two years probation, and $40,000 fine. but the judge who hears the plea is not bound by that and could still impose a prison sentence. 7:12. a california dog owner is forced to dot unthinkable when her home catches fire. >> soap, let's show this. dramatic video surfaces showing what she did to save her pets and herself. watch as she tosses not one but two dogs, even the dumpster from the second floor after burning apartment complex. the firefighter captured the rescue on his body camera with the dog, they climbed the ladder and then carried her to safety, the fire left 20 people homeless. repairs are expected to cost half million dollars.
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7:00 it, coming up on clock 13. big thing today, dealing with all of this rain. still little slippery on the sidewalk, out here. >> yes, especially overnight, sue. we face a loft aisles. then it passed over into the mid 30's, versus the low 30's. >> rival and we had a build up of ice last night. so if you got a .10 of an inch or more of ice, underneath the rain that's falling now, you still going to slip around. it just depends on what your surface is like, and as you look out toward the west you see there is a lot more to go with the storm system that we have here. soap, right now, it is rain for most every us, as you look north and west, armed hazleton, allentown, could be getting some sleet mix in the with the rain. but to the south of us, it is generally a rain v because temperatures at the surface have risen indeed above freezing. 35 degrees in the city, and in trenton, 34 in allentown, 35 degrees now, in mount pocono. we're in the 40's, in south jersey. but, visibility is becoming a
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problem with this milder air moving in, from the south, and it is creating some fog. so we only have 3 miles visibility at philadelphia international airport right now. less in reading, and lancaster, just little over mile there, two and half miles visibility in wilmington. so, it was saturday february 21 of this year when we had 4.8 inches of snow. that's biggest snowfall we've had this season so far. and giving us a total of 15 and a half inches. you remember we got 68 inches last year. seasonal average it, 1.8. add to that, maybe get around 291 inches for the season with our winter storm warning in effect, tonight, through 7:00 p.m. tomorrow. that is significance, means it will snow for awhile on thursday, at least look that way. we've got the cold front coming through today, colder air coming down with it tonight. and low pressure system kind of sliding along that front. so about midnight 1:00 a.m. we start to see rain change to go snow. with the low bringing back a
7:15 am
lot of moisture offer the ocean, we see it start to file up through about 8:00, 9:00 in the morning, continuing through the afternoon. so, we conned 15 to 8 inches of snow, there are few place that is could get even little bit more of that, but if you're north and west of the city, you'll probably get a little bit less. snow is more of a southern storm as far as snowfall is concerned. but it happens throughout good portion of the day tomorrow. and high of only 30 degrees tomorrow. so that's why we're giving you a one out of ten, in your weather by the numbers. >> teachers in a bad mood. >> i know. up get a one. >> clock 15, we're going to be after school tomorrow. live look at route 70. hello evesham new jersey. this is a live look, the poor visibility, knocking us down, and of course, still dealing with the slush hour. all of that slush, especially your secondary roads, your side streets, there is untreated road surfaces, all of that ice, still laying out there in the form of slush. really, it is what, hovering
7:16 am
at 34. so we're going to eventually get to the melt down. but right now, it is still slippery out there. here is a live look at i-95, northbound, watch for some big old potholes on the ramps to 291 and the platt bridge and of course the poor visibility slowing us down. not bad here on the schuylkill as far as visibility wise. but we are slow going from ends to ends, pretty much center city out to conshohocken, where again the roads are w as the melt down starts to happen, here's weighing going to happen. we will will find out the hard way, the drains that are clogged, along the schuylkill expressway, that will form big puddles, in some of the travel lanes. and that's going to be like hitting the log flume later today. so just be careful there is will all develop as the day goes on. the road conditions are going to change. and then of course we get ready for the next storm tonight into tomorrow. three cheers for the bus drivers as they roll through cottman and torresdale, saint hubert's high school, there, and the kids have to jump across the put unless order to get to the school buses. day on blown transformer,
7:17 am
power outage, power restored to chester county but still look withing 120 homes without power in lower providence, 1300 in lower merion, the storm doesn't stop, the irish no way, the kelly countdown is continuing, as we're traveling the area, looking for the best irish pubs and restaurants, we'll going to go to one of your favorites, and broadcast life on saint patrick's day. so here's what i want you to do. go to our website click on the kelly's drawl. there is a bunch listed there, you can either check off one of those pubs or tell us your favorite public, that is little box thereto write in your favorite. we will tally the votes. and on tuesday, march the 17th, we're going to load up the news van, and head to one of your favorite irish pubs, to broadcast live during the morning show. wouldn't a nice big platter of shepherd's pie go real good right now. >> oh, my favorite. yep, please. >> cold rainy morning? love it. >> don't that to us.
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>> bob? >> okay, coming up on clock 18. a lot of people are waking up this morning like say it ain't so. is this a nightmare? eagles shady mccoy -- >> to bring kiko alonso to philadelphia. kiko alonso, i dare say a lot of people wouldn't even know who that was before yesterday steve keeley. >> still not going to know host, nobody's really talking about him as much as they are talking about lesean mccoy. by the way, somebody isn't -- somebody's also dressed as bad as i am today. it is howard eskin. this is really news. because eskin's gq guy all the way. we caught him in a hooded sweatshirt. but look an eagles hooded sweatshirt. got him in a break here, filling in with wib angelo cataldi. last time i saw these two guys together in the same room, great sports debate, my favorite show on rhythm 20 years ago. >> we've never done arrayed yo show together, in my 20 years, and his 25 years, we've never done arrayed yo show.
7:19 am
so this is radio history, besides big day in eagles history, this is radio history. by the way, don't, don't degrade me like that i try to do my best to look bad. all right. let's talk about, this, the only thing better than listening to howard, this fan, and caller, to see it live. that one guy, and he was trying to talk about the phillies and everything, first the phillies and yankees playing, normally big day in this town. so we can think about warm weather, nobody cares about that. >> today biggest trade since donovan mcnabb was traded, most likely, so five years? this is really big news. nobody cares about aroid or a road or whatever his name; nobody cares about him today and the yankees, because this conversation, what's happened
7:20 am
to the eagles, will go on, remember, next tuesday is free agent day. soap, we're going have a week to figure out, well, what are the eagles going to do? who is the running back? what moves will chip kelly snake this guy has a plan, and he doesn't care what anybody thinks. he's going to go through with it, so it really is bigger news than the phillies, pre-season game down in philly. >> cataldi won't go to florida now, rest of the team took off. howard is here to give him sense of reality, thinks the eagles will win 12 games this they get marcus hour, do you win ten games if you get a college quarterback who has to learn a whole system. whole lot every eagles news, in the break before we get to even the first real game for the phillies when they get with a philadelphia, i'm sure, guys. >> at least chip's system which knows has been running it, really. a freak attack, leaving apple and google devices vulnerable to hackers. so there a way to pro tech your information, we'll let you know
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freak attack hackers. >> lauren, hi, lauren. >> chris, alex good morning. >> so how can we protect ourselves? i don't like the name? >> i know. >> freaks me out. >> freak attack. well, freak stands for factoring attack on rsa export keys. >> say it again? >> so, high tech. >> i'm kidding. >> so bet lee bottom line this for you. if you log on to the salve every i browser, to look stuff up on any device, don't we do that every day, could you potentially be affected. but it is to surprises you to know that all of this could have been stopped decades ago. back in the 1990's, base lick, what the government told us software makers to weaken their encryption in products they sold overseas to bottom line that for up. they wanted to be able zero spy wonder if nevertheless. so weak encryption, we get into it little more easily. yep, since the 1990's things have changed, no longer the
7:25 am
rules. but the problem still exists in some that far software. so now hackers could get in, and steel our information, whether we're brousing the internet. so what do you do about all of this? nothing. do you have wait for affix. >> really? >> we will gave you a, if for safari next week. as for google already issued one to some companies, and other companies have to contact you, if you want to be absolutely safe, google chrome is fine, fire fox is fine, and the likelihood of you being hacked because of this freak attack is solo. but none the there is could happen. and it just boggles my mine, so this is because of that happened in the early 1990's. seems like now waiting for the next update, well, thank you, lauren? yep. >> see you tomorrow. >> 7:25 is the time. golf for tom wolf gives his budget address for pennsylvania, he's talking higher taxes, to help pay for schools. what does it mean for you? break it all down, straight ahead. >> yen fred trying some healthy drive-thru foods.
7:26 am
did i get that right? drive-thru food good for you? >> so could it be any more a door be? here is the thing i'm upset b i have boss that is live in this town. we're in chaddsford. they haven't talk about it, we'll introduce to you really cool new concept. coming
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>> is this all we're going to get today? improving. into the 40's, oh, just typical ran i day. >> but then? >> there is tomorrow. >> models look like they got worse? >> slightly higher accumulations and the predictions, so we'll show that you next time. we'll get you through today first of all with rain gear, and bus stop buddy, but still chilly enough, you need to have your mittens on, and nice, fleece underneath that waterproof coat. you will want to wear something weather by the numbers, four out every ten, there it is, rain moving through the area right now. >> rain falling on build up of ice from last night, so things could still be tricky, trying to travel around this morning. keep that in mind. but it is 35 degrees, so at least we've gone above
7:30 am
freezing in philadelphia. >> maybe four it, maybe 45 degrees, but then tonight, temperatures down in the 20's, everything changes over to snow. next 24, 36 hours, things will change hour by hour, depending where you begin and ends your trip. good morning collegeville. 422 eastbound, time to make the donuts, look at the left lane, to the left of that pick-up truck. see that? that's ice. slush that's still casino of hovering in that far left lane. so that's an example, the roads are still slippery, even though they look wet. >> a lot every accidents, south nine, a gang headed into wilmington, a crash at exit number seven, here is the latest from septa, four bus routes on detour, trolleys,
7:31 am
regional rails, running without a problem. but just watch for the slippery spots on all of the platforms today trays of hour and 15 minutes at philadelphia international airport, combination of weather, low sealing, check with your airline. here is the update on the power outage situation, upper providence, 120 homes without power. blown trans form earl earlier this morning along lancaster avenue, chris, alex, back over to you. >> pennsylvania governor tom wolf wants state law makers to sign off on what he proposed yesterday. which of course, is what he proposes for spending in the state of pennsylvania. >> yes, he is calling foreign crease $4 billion in sales, income taxes, one of the many things outlined in first ever budget plan. >> there is no reason why we can't have the best schools. there is no reason why we can't have the most dynamic economy.
7:32 am
there is no reason why we can't have the strongest middled class. the idea of pennsylvania is the idea that all things are possible. and if we work together, there is nothing we can't accomplish. >> your political strategies, our favorite, rene, eleanore. now, some people calling this the most ambitious agenda from governor in recent history. >> that's right. >> good luck. >> well, yes. we have republican senate, republican house, so he's going have to do a great salesmanship job. >> so this is the national theme, president obama. >> absolutely. but he has to start working with people. he just talked good game. we have to work together. he hasn't been doing that from the beginning, let me be real clear, eleanor. >> that's because you don't like some of his ann pom. >> , no the pointes can't fire folks when a governor just leaves, and then be sued, and now then bill green. so -- >> he won't fire bill green. bill green will still be -- >> well, let's get back to the
7:33 am
budget he announced. a lot of people on paper only 3% hire than this year's spending began yes. >> but pretty bold. >> i think education, believe me, the number one issue, in any campaign these days the jobs, the economy, everything, a vehicle work force, so, he is the first year, and usually governor in their very first budget, they get little leeway. he's coming down to counties today, and some salesmanship. >> won't get any lead way. let me be clear. i don't again, how he started out, bottom line you're taking -- it used to be 3.07%. now, it is 3.7%. that you are taking money out of my check. >> people really really believe. >> is it a shell game of
7:34 am
moving the money around? or is it just increasing taxes in. >> it is both. >> it is both. >> it is both. >> you the man. >> that's what people are saying, they are too long do a small increase for the schools. if it is spent properly. >> exactly. >> has to look at the pensions, the pensions have to be funded. >> same issue they're facing in new jersey. >> definitely. >> everywhere. >> he had something important, the way do it. >> let's talk about the whole wage increase. come on, haven't even dealt with. that will talking small business that is have folks like me. >> wants to go to 10.10 an hour. >> how do you it, you just can't push people into doing this in a couple of years, that's a whole life. doing 500 school district in the state of pennsylvania, 90% of them have, had to cut back on services, teachers, nurses, what he is saying is we're going try and restore some of those things. and i think people are willing to try.
7:35 am
because -- >> how is he doing? >> i think he's going put a loft pressure on the house and senate. and i think the people will put a lot of pressure. >> that's what he said. big changes, we have to do some different -- >> and we have to work together. but you can't -- >> you have, he's not. >> bold the operative words a loft bold moves so far. >> i don't know if i could work with eleanor or not at this point. >> this will be an interesting four years at this rate. >> always is with us. >> we're so glad to have you. >> thank you so much. >> okay, so, let's get back to jenn fred, as she is trying. now, is this a drive-thru, jen? doesn't really look like one, or a restaurant? >> i know. definitely a drive-thru. and we would drive you through, but it is casino of slushy outside. so, instead after slushy, we'll make you a shake, we'll make you a green one, and a we'll make you a shake, we'll make you a green one, and a cake batter one
7:36 am
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>> even though we're dealing with this weather, spring is on the way. sue promise that is. how about quick food that's actually healthy for you? but here is the thing. we can get it from a drive-thru restaurant, then we have to see and here more about this. >> it is a drive-thru, later in the show, we'll show you little more about it, good morning, guys. >> good morning. >> it is your drive-thru. good morning. >> so, we look at this food. and this looks like something would you buy center city juice bar, you know, a thousand dollars, why did you want to have really, you know, nice food and drive-thru setting? >> it is something that i have ' always been passionate about. healthy food, on the go. >> yes. >> and an opportunity a rose, and right in my area. >> yes, explain with we are. >> so we're in chad forward delaware county, painter's crossing village. and like literally next to the
7:40 am
tgi friday? >> and the amc down the street, as well. so i wanted to create a farm fresh fast-food. everybody's on the g everybody's busy. >> yes. >> so wanted to offer that to everybody, something to eat in your car. >> you called big daddy chef here. and we said -- you said to him like do you have make it good? >> yes, has to taste good. >> in is cabbing batter shake but yummy. what's in this snipping. >> so in the shake we have a raw vanilla vegan protein, cottage cheese, skim milk and lit bit of vanilla put withing vanilla flavoring. blends it up with ice. put sprinkles on top. >> because most cake batter shakes -- >> most cake batter shakes are loaded with sugar. we wanted to get that flavor but in a more healthy. >> i that's really good. that tastes like liquid cake. >> yes. >> you should own a restaurant. all right, seriously, that's super. do you know how many calories that is? doesn't matter. less than five snow. >> much less. >> okay. >> much less. >> what's this thing right
7:41 am
smear. >> this will be our play on saint patty's day shake. so it is a mint shake. it is loaded when black kale, avacado, some fresh minute leaves, and then there is a little bit of skim milk and ice, just blends it up. >> so the green shakes, like when people see them, either too loose and watery. i'll blend this thing up, try this thing. >> all of the antioxidants, absolutely. >> super yum. >> i literally i can get this in a drive-thru? >> yes. >> alex, i would say i would bring this back for you, but would be gone. >> oh, no. >> and i would say i would bring that back. but it is going to be gone. i'm housing both of knows about five seconds. >> sue just said cake batter? we're all yes, sounds great. enjoy it for us, jen. can't wait to seymour. thank you. so, throw in shade on shady. really? well the eagles reportedly
7:42 am
traded lesean mccoy for this guy. so who is kiko alonso? closer look at what this
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7:44 am
7:45 am
>> this is rain right now for most every us, moving through, just about all of the delaware valley at the moment. now, that is little bit of sleet, mixed north and west every us. again, it is mostly a rain event. those temperatures have risen, tada, above freezing, even mount pocono, it is 36 degrees. we're at 35 degrees here in the city. in the 40's, already, down in south jersey, and in dover, delaware. but visibility, is becoming a bigger problem with this warmer air, moving in, the very cold grounds, it is kind of creating a little fog out there. so, visibility, only 2 miles in lancaster, 3 miles at philly international. two and a half miles in wilmington. it could slow you down little built. i think you'll see some fog on bob ciliation traffic cameras, as well. now we go ahead to tonight. today's wednesday.
7:46 am
so you see 11:00 p.m. the rain starting to change over to snow, with colder air moving in from the north, and by 3:00, 4:00 in the morning, it is snowing, and then snow stays with us, all day long. it looks like it will last for quite a while, watches, warnings up until 7:00 p.m. tomorrow. starting at 11:00 tonight. winter storm watch to the north, winter storm warning to the south. our updated accumulations map. we could get five to 8 inches in the metro i-95 corridor area, little less to the north, a little more is possible now to the south, possibility of six to 10 inches, it is there, but, again, we will keep refining the forecast all day long. so after the snowy day thursday it, stays real cold friday. and then it gets much better over the weekends. the weekend forecast will be great, bob kelly, except we also spring forward and lose that hour of sleep on saturday night. >> the radio and tv guys hate this time of the year when we lose an hour's worth of sleep. >> you know it.
7:47 am
>> other weekend, one less hour of sodas we can have over the course of the weekend. live look, fog out here, the schuylkill expressway, sue talked about poor visibility, here you go, the schuylkill expressway, coming in from conshy, the roads are wet, the slush is making it as slippery ride this morning. in is your travel times, about 35 minutes inbound on the schuylkill, 45 minutes, south on 95, out of the northeast, and there is your speedometer readings on the jersey side, again, definately factor in some extra time this morning, little extra wiggle room. all every those secondary roads, the side streets, the neighborhoods, the cold de sacks, developments, anything that's wet, as has tendency to be iced over this morning. we go for a ride here, on the pennsylvania turnpike, guess what day it is? >> hump day? >> it is national pound cake day. >> oh, we were thinking hump day. >> it is national hug your cake driver day. >> did you bring in a pawn cake? >> did i not, did i not do my
7:48 am
homework last night. >> stock pounds cake in port richmond, the bomb, national pancake day. delays one hour 15 minutes, maybe handing out free pounds cake down there at the airport. >> kelly, you can't mention food around chris. he gets real ankles us. >> that's how we keep him up here. >> i want a pound chip kelly right now. >> oh, there are some people saying that, ya. >> oh, no. >> so this was the news just about blew up twitter last night, eagles trading lesean mccoy to the buffalo bills. >> so let's bring in 97.5, the phanatic. you guys will get all kinds of calls today. >> today? tomorrow, friday, saturday: >> listen, if you get rid of desean, and then lesean, you better win. what do you think here? what do we get in return here? >> i'll start with this kiko alonso, played for chip kelly in oregon, but rookie season 2013, pro bowl type player.
7:49 am
plays outside consideration play inside. real a need that they had on defense, so they fill a hole with. that will he tours acl, missed last season, that's the one thing he does have an injury concerning sean. but i feel like they got a lot of value, and they plugged a hole on defense, so i would give it early thumbs-up. >> talking about this yesterday on the shop, not to say we predicted the future, but shady mccoy, $11 million, that's position that you're not going to pay that type of dollars these days in the nfl. trent cole, 10 million. >> yes. >> kerry williams what 8 million. so you got a pretty, you know, coffer. >> $46 million in what you have in salary cap to use. >> if they cut demeco ryans, which is probably next, close to 06 million. all-in-all chip is not done. he is not done. seems like they'll go out, have to make hue splash, i believe this will probably lead to marcus, they will gay after mark with us anything and everything. >> what do you say about those people saying well this isn't college football. you can't just take away all of this stuff, the team that
7:50 am
we know. >> yes, well, forget about the team we know. this isn't something that's ever been done. chip's unconventional, bold move. we know it is balls i. but we'll see how it works out. normally in the ffl you can't go out and get five, six free agents go out there and pick the defense. what's it looks like he'll do. because if he's going after marcus, he'll be pretty much trading a loft his draft away l get quarterback free agency. snow a lot of money to spends on t he put a bull's eye right here on the front and the back. >> jeff lurie put bull's eye by allowing him so much freedom to make all every these moves, it is gutsy. >> he signed five year deal, one of highest coaches paid in the league, so jeff lurie believes chip kelly. back-to-back seasons of ten wins, that's good, but you got to start putting together a little bit after playoff run here. so i'm not so sure it will happen this year with all of these holes that they have to fill. it is tbd, to be determined, way too early to be making
7:51 am
evaluations, all-in-all i like the fact they got something in return, because last year they lost desean jackson and got nothing in return. >> some people are saying singing ship, this better work there is better work. okay, say we don't get marcus. then what? >> then you have nick foles. but i think when you look at this right here, not that it is a lock to work, but not risky. lesean mccoy was good player. nfl doesn't value running backs like it once d you saw sproles, chris polk in a part time role, then you draft somebody not making a loft money. you can get that production out after kim of different guys. that's just the way the nfl works these days. >> hopeful. >> i their in theory. it doesn't mean it will pan out. but you got -- you needed a linebacker, he's not making a loft money, under contract for two more years, and pro bowl type player. so i think this is great deal. >> you don't see trades. >> not like this. >> in the nfl. so this was shocking. >> we talked about it yesterday, that chip kelly -- >> it was shady mccoy, get nothing in return, but the fact is they got kiko al lan so, line lake their fills a hole. >> some people are concerned
7:52 am
now about j mack, hey, they were buddies. >> i'm holding out because i see this team as desperate. i'm saying, all right, i'm close to free agency. maybe we get a deal on the table, but i'll pull it back. >> do you argue that was another mistake by the front office, if you're chip hater, that they didn't wrap him up the injury year for maclin, before he had his great year last year. >> well, tried, and he bet on himself, now he'll make a boat load of money. i wonder chip kelly is he the type, really jeremy, you want that moch much money i'll go draft another receiver. todd herremans also got cut by the eagles last week, he walked that home and he said chip values his quarterback, his offensive line, running backs, wide seat what's they call plug and play, put another guy, and his offense will work with anybody else. >> and it worked with really couper. >> that's what i was thinking, in oregon, every two, four years, you lose a guy. >> yes. >> like i said, you know, he wants to be bill belichick,
7:53 am
but bill belichick has a couple of rings. >> but he cheats. >> well, i'm all right that. >> oh, okay. >> absolutely. >> okay, so i get we have to wait and see, thanks, guys. like i say we'll get lots of calls, lots of calls. so what are some of the worse mistakes you can make in philly besides maybe chip kelly's decision? how about being optimistic for an upcoming sports season? we'll go over some of the biggest defenses by philadelphians with preston and steve from wmmr when we come back. discover brookside,
7:54 am
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and discover an exciting combination of tastes. rich, dark chocolate covering soft centers.
7:56 am
flavored with exotic fruit juices. it's chocolate and fruit flavors like you've never experienced before. discover brookside. >> let's go to preston and steve. >> educate us, guys, what's the worst things, what's the top of the police. >> i'm looking at this list right here, one i've said time and time again, not knowing how to navigate roosevelt boulevard.
7:57 am
oh, my gosh. >> oh, yes. >> you know what the worse part is? if you're going somewhere, on roosevelt boulevard, and you're using your gps, the gps can't distinguish between the main middle part of the road. >> yes. >> and the side service road. >> yes. >> so you'll ends up driving 5 miles past where you wanted to get off. i don't know who designed that road? >> it is confusing. >> but i hope they're burning in hell. >> the worse thing, right when you pass the museum steps, then you get onto mlk, everyone tries to get over at once, from the left lane over to the right, always sculpting people off. i'm surprised there aren't 50 accidents a day in front of the rocky steps. >> you agree? it has character. it is so interesting. that is nightmare, i agree with you a thousand%. preston, one thing on the list that jumps out to you? >> most of it is traffic stuff. we have such olds and out-dated roads, such an oiled sit. >> i but has charger. >> it has character. but you know what? i was reading through some of the list, and one of them, the
7:58 am
number one on their list, i've never really done myself, but i think would be quite a mistake, than would be trying to ride your bike down the wall in manayunk. >> oh,. >> we did, yes, oh, ya. we did see guys doing it on their bikes a couple of times going as fast as they could, and i think there might have been some broken bones. >> broken bones, ya. i would all that a big mistake, of course, one time we had our own casey here in the studio go swimming in the schuylkill river. >> yes. >> not such a great idea. he survived. >> something got in his mouth, though. >> yes. >> i swam, every year from the philly triathelon, people swim in the schuylkill. >> discusting. up might as well just swim in your own septic tank. you'll get the same experience. >> oh, my gosh. >> other things on the list, leaving your bags at philadelphia international airport, becoming a sixers fan these days, trying to drive down the shore during rush hour. >> what about this one with the snow we got coming in, packing in someone's saved spot.
7:59 am
>> oh. you know, everyone knows, alex, get to up speed on that, you but the rule is do you have put a chair thereto let people know that that has been cleaned. if you don't, you can't then trash the car that parks in that spot because it park there. that's part of the rule. dow want to back up a second. i think you hit on major one, which is driving down the shore, on friday, rush hour, the moment up get onto any, any major thorofare, immediate mistake and you've realize philadelphia. >> or trying to cut back on a sunday or three day weekend holiday monday. forget it. >> yes. >> or anybody in the area tells you they noah better way, never listen to them. true. >> real quickly guys, tell us about your event this weekend? >> oh, ya, friday the cardboard classic jack frost. i think this might be our tenth one. trying dot math, but we're terrible at math. anyhow, that is huge event, jack frost mountain, people come out, they construct sleds made only of cardboard, string, tape and glue.
8:00 am
that's t and you will not believe some of the creations that these people have come up w it is incredible. >> blows us away. >> five story liberty one? >> yes. >> came down, i mean, literally with different floors in the building, coming down as sled. made all of cardboard, thousands of people come out. >> yes, all made of cardboard, all of that stuff. >> all right, guys, we'll be out there. >> awesome. take care. have a good one. good day to you it is wednesday march 24th, 2015. >> live from the fox 29 studios. this is "good day philadelphia". we are in the calm right now, a break from the rain and the storms, but we know that snow is on its way, it is going to be a messy 24 to 36 hours, the eagles going have a season? >> jenny, i didn't know i needed to bring hiking trope get out of the car today in this casino of conditions here. this is plowed snow on the side of the road.
8:01 am
would you think people talking about sports would want to be happy, to talk about the phillies, and yankees, the first big league spring training game today. no, lesean mccoy is dominating the airwaves. and alex andrea, this is what we're doing. every time we will go in and out of the news truck we're climbing over this big chunk every ice and snow here, and it is treacherous. >> jen, i thought geez, you mills add chance for me to talk to jen on the air. can't see your beautiful face. but i know it is butte toy behold no matter where you are today. >> yeses, thank you my husband, steve keeley. hey, steve likes to eat healthy. the question; giles, which one of this is actually healthy? which can help you feel better reduce the bloath. alex, trick question. >> all right. well, what about this? breast milk facials?
8:02 am
the latest trend at spa's right now. but would you do it? why you might want to think twice about signing up. >> is that attributing question? >> it is supposed to be good for you. well, before we get to the weather, though, bob, when you came in this morning, i almost didn't recognize you, because yesterday i was watching the evening news, and you look a little different. let's take a look. >> oh,. >> showing you couple of pictures here, live look, at route 309 in north wales. where we definitely see that change-over, to that sleet. >> look at you looking fancy! >> i came in last night to dot evening news, i thought you know what, my first time working with the evening crew, i thought let's pick it up a notch. >> trying to impress them. >> i thought you -- >> all right, i'll wear a suit coat for you. >> we would like to see it. >> all right, yes. tell you what, twitter blew up. >> isn't that funny? >> i got a message from twitter last night saying i reached the mack numb number
8:03 am
of tweets all because every me wearing the suit coat. >> we have never seen you like that before. >> i know. >> you were something to see. >> 's ' so fancy ♪ >> we already know now. >> all right know. >> need a coat for this widther. >> layers on top that far coat, especially, tomorrow. now, today, we might get break with temperatures, but it is still going to be kind of messy. four out of ten, and it is still do you have get around with that ice that built up on a lot of the sidewalks, and sides of the roads, so, it is mostly rain right now. with bus stop buddy, make sure you have your umbrella with you, because we plan to have rain on and offer throughout the entire day. there you see on ultimate doppler radar. visibility isn't great out there. but at least it is 36 degrees, feels like 29, with the wind, but, we'll get to up maybe 42 by the end of the day today. and then the rain oh, oh, changes over to snow tonight the snow sticks around for good portion of the day. tell you the latest projection of snowfall totals coming in
8:04 am
just a few minutes, bob, the number kind of keeps going up. >> that's good. good and bad. it is going up. that will will melt some of this slush, the slush hour, dealing with this morning, but, that's going to then create the liquid on the roadway, we will have some ponding, some flooding and all of the potholes will fill one water and basically become invisible. wet roads, poor visibility, watch the on and the off ramps. like right here, coming down route 100 near ship road. you got nice building up confidence, but then you hit that off ramp. and it is all slushed over. take look at this, going for a ride, east on the schuylkill, i got a tweet and picture, from ashley here, in manayunk, she said on the overnight, look, the car, while in park, in the driveway, actually slid backward, look at the skidmarks shall where the car was parked. when she left it there last night, came out this morning, and then actually slid
8:05 am
backward on the ice? her driveway. back to you. >> 804:67:89 insiders say the eagles have traded shady mccoy. >> evidently head today buffalo to play for the bills, steve keeley now live reaction from eagles nation. >> well the president of eagles nation is angelo cataldi, who was supposed to be leaving at 7:00 this morning, to go to spring training with the rest of the morning team. this story, the mccoy trade, is so big, he's not only the latest -- just canceled his entire trip because he knows this isn't the end of the big eagles news. so he's co-hosting in radio history here for philadelphia with howard eskin, who was supposed to be filling in, eskin works his butt off, i have avenue said that on the air before he even work for us, so i'm not of not just saying that because he works for us, on our air last night. look at this video. actually covered a story, still covering stories on a lot of people, covering the visit to the jewish community
8:06 am
center, in cherry hill, by chip kelly who coincidentally appearance already scheduled there before the news broke, just as his visit was scheduled. chip didn't take any questions from the audience. he didn't take any questions from howard and the rest of the reporters. but, howard, and angelo, are taking lots of questions from the callers, and, boy, it is non-stop. >> i don't know how the whole city feels, sean mccoy one of the greatest running backs in eagles history, gone. so far almost split right down the middle. the city about 50-50. this conversation, what's happened to the eagles, will go on, remember, next tuesday is free agent day. so we're going have a week to figure out, well, what are the eagles going to do? who is the running back going to be? what other moves is chip chilly going to make this this guy has a plan, and he doesn't think what anybody thinks. >> all right, women, look, we have not made any trades, but
8:07 am
i tweeted last night, the eagles had sam hinge i be gm for the day. if we had sam hinge i, or chip kelly, we would be dealing bob kelly to another station, he would be at three stations in one year if one of those guys. >> listen, i'm out here live. i saw your live shot, and leaning up against my vehicle here. just making sure that there is the proper distance, as you're pulling this news van in here. >> wait until you climb over the snow. then you will see the damage when we first tried to park there. so sorry. but good thing for insurance. >> you are doing good job. you want coffee, cream, shoeing smash. >> i am bea to tweet a picture, bob kelly, i just met a dog giovanni also swearing another coat for the first time. i'm tweet that. >> kick it up a notch. >> nice fox 29 coat. i have to get one of those. >> yes, we will be looking for that. >> all right, thanks, steve. so how about this? yesterday usually whenever there is big news, i love checking twitter, just erupts. so there is some great reaction toss this, not only feeling good. look at this one from darren sproles. he says nothing surprises me in this business any more. i'm in total shock.
8:08 am
but what about this one from brian westbrook, got a loft people talking. someone tweeted him: cup just resign you? and westbrook says not so chip can cut mere for an oregon player, no, he didn't. todd herremans, all know he was cutlass week, he just tweeted first tweeted this. you guys may remember, if you were watching good day, we talked about the whole kermit the frog, sipping my tea thing, like couple every weeks ago, so our web producer ryan dennis created? one, i don't know, can't really see the bottom there. but sipping my tea, and then at the bottom it says but that's none of my bills. so the fact that todd herremans tweet that out, he knows, he's like i'm just going zip me tea tea and sit back. >> we love todd, always good sense you have humor. >> that's true, so true. and of course people are still reacting this morning, a loft people are so upset. some tweeted me i'm so s i just don't even know what to do i'll go between wip and the phanatic back and forth. >> true. seeing all of the re there is.
8:09 am
also re ac together fact we're getting another storm, the 24th storm, tonight. so, get out your shovel, bring back out the salt, and get ready. >> i'm out of salt. jennifer joyce in berlin, new jersey, we thought went waister almost gone a loft russ out of salt and other needs to this winter. >> yes, apparently mother nature says not so fast. and if you are out of salt you want to go get some today before the next snow system moves into our area. penndot last year, and they spread a record amount of salt, 170,000 tons of salt, we have got to be getting close to that. after all of the storms we had, alex, you just said, 24th storm system, moving in tomorrow. so today's going to be all rain. yesterday, what we had to do, was justice cussing mess of rain, sleet, ice, a lot of commuters to not have a very pleasant trip home. they had the scrapers out, they had the shovels out. people tell us that they are just sick every winter now altogether. we know penndot was reducing speeds on the roadways.
8:10 am
that is probably going to happen again tomorrow morning. so, today, rain, all day long, that is good time now before you head to work, to stop by and pick up any of those winter essentials that you might need, because overnight tonight we're going to get more snow. >> so stay up with the forecast with sue serio, all day long we'll have it for you. chris, al next. >> okay, here we go again. but of course remember you can get the latest to cast and travel conditions on our website just make sure to click on that weather tab. >> well, cell phone addiction, for many americans, our phones are the first thing we see when we wake up, and the last thing we check before we go to bed. so, would you dish it for the night? could you ditch it for the night? why one bar is banning phones. we're going to tell this to you coming up. >> first we are bea tonight deuce you to extraordinary group of women. how they're helping to motivate local teens and drive them tow
8:11 am
jim: standardized testing has gone from a nuisance to a concern to a crisis. michael: we have this finite amount of time, and yet we're spending so much of it on this unproven standardized test,
8:12 am
when we really should be using that time in a better way focusing individually on our students. dave: education is supposed to be about our students, and it's becoming about a test. ros: what is our end goal in education? to be masters of a test?
8:13 am
just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at >> right to the forecast got a lot to keep track of here. rain today, snow tomorrow. latest projections are for an
8:14 am
average of maybe five to 8 inches of snow, maybe a little more, depending on where you live, and maybe little less. so there is could be the most significant snowstorm of this season. so far. and then it is sunny, throughout the weekend. >> very coal friday, gets better over the weekend, remember, spring forward means we lose the hour every sleep saturday night. by the end of the seven day forecast, on tuesday, we could be getting a little bit closer to 50 degrees. so, there is something to look forward to. hopefully take your mind off all of the mess we will get tomorrow. bob kelly? >> morning, everybody. here is your travel times, coming inbound on the schuylkill expressway, 35 minute slow, wet, slushy crawl, same deal on 95 south. wood half tone downtown about 42 minute trip. and we're looking at delays at philadelphia international airport, averaging about one hour and 15 minutes, so do check with the airline before you head down to the airport. alex being back over to you. >> all right, thank you so
8:15 am
much, bob. well, just in time for women's history month, we bring the story of a non-profit organization giving back to a group of young women who live in the garden state, and in a mighty big way. take a look at this. >> ♪ >> it was last year, when we first introduced to you fate, three young latest, call camden, new jersey home. despite growing up in this impoverished community, many people see as nothing more than haven for drugs and crime, these camden high school students are dreaming of making something of their lives. >> silence, pregnancy, statistics, all build up to become one big enemy. >> and an enemy that the non-profit women of the dream is committed helping african-american girls in camden defeat. the group is a brain child of successful business woman, leslie morris. it is comprised of successful doctors, lawyers, judges, authors, even ceo's.
8:16 am
women who have been where many of these girls find themselves today. >> most of us are from poorer working class families it, not start out middle class. we know what struck s we know how important it is to have mentors. >> assistance from denise morrison, heads up campbell's soup, former classmate of morris. >> i think little girls have dreams, and young women have dreams, and nobody can achieve dreams by themselves. >> if women of the dream had their way, girls like fate, mcera, and dalea, won't ever have to worry about that. well the group is now planning its first ever teen summit for girls. here to tell us about it women of the dream spokesperson doctor davis, also assistant professor and director at lasalle university. and she is joined by maggie battle and shamira. tell us first about this event. are we looking forward to work shops, and speakers. >> yes, we r we are expecting
8:17 am
250 girls from camden, ages 13 to 18, they are from camden high school, woodrow will so high school, rutgers young scholars program, also camden center for development. and there are going to be many workshops focused on teen pregnancy prevention, career selection, and date rape prevention, things like. that will the key speakers will be the mayor, dana red, excuse me, of camden city, also, we will have susan l taylor, who is the editor in chief emeritus every essence magazine, and also the ceo of the national chairs mentoring movement. we will have a youth speaker, vahnies jones, success before sex, and owner every success first, non-profit organization, also, carol lucas, who is an author motivational speaker, and certified life coach. >> wow. sounds like just a packed day. now, maggie ill know you will be one. mc's for the event. how important do you think it
8:18 am
is? i know you're 16 years old, right. how important is it to have an event like this? >> i think that's so important to young females in urban communities, because they need something like this to empower them, inspire them, to reach, so that they could know that they can reach the success no matter where they come, from no matter their past, they can reach success no matter what. >> now, your area 19. you went to camden high school. can you talk about, i know, some people may think camden has bad rap. that doesn't mean that the people living there are the same way, right? >> , no it is not that at all. i mean tax bad space, but all what you make it, i graduated from camden high last year, and i'm in college, i'm in my first year, freshman, all about what you make out of it, like she said, it is empowermentment. >> do you think ladies it is part of it, actually seeing that success, you guys, hey, it is possible, i can do this? >> yes. >> and that's great. i mean, i'm born and raise in the camden. >> and so, what is it like then coming back then, being born and raised there, coming back, helping out young girls?
8:19 am
>> it is great. because i know i would not be where i was without having, you know mike's family there, great education, and the many mentors, people from different generations, giving me the tools and skills that i needed to be successful. great to be able to give grabbing if people want to get involved, they see this like wow i want to be a part of this, chow they do that? >> they go to women of the dream for more information and also follow us on twitter, instagram, facebook at women of the dream. >> for all of the young girls out there seeing this, can they still get involved? expecting it hundred girls. >> registration for girls is closed, but registration for adults is open. >> okay. >> there will be more for adults, parents, there that will be on mental health in the black community, financial literacy, improvement relationships in the families. >> this sound so great. it will be more than just summit. will there be other events people can be a part of and join in on? >> i'm sure there will be some events coming down the pike. but right now we're just very excited about this summit that's taking place march 21. >> i can see the big smile.
8:20 am
>> at rutgers camden 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. >> wonderful. love your shirt. guys look so bright and cheer think morning. bets of luck to you being the mc. you guys are lovely. thank you so much. how about this? 8:20, leave that selfie stick at home. major art museum banning them, but is philadelphia going to follow suit? oh, no, i just got a selfie stick. but first, george who? even a listers get the cold shoulder. why the clooney's were turned away from a new york city restaurant. we'll te
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
this is the "name your price" tool. it gives you options based on your budget -- it's a piece of cake. i was told there would be cake. get a free quote at >> ♪ just a second ago we shot of someone shoveling snow. wait, don't put that shovel up. we'll get a lot more tonight. so sue will have us covered, of course. i mean, talk about six to ten inches in. >> my goodness. >> yes, big thing. >> so wondering, how many slip and fall cases they're seeing in local er rooms? >> oh, i'm sure, because on the way to work this morning i was slipping and sliding. it was something. 8:23, so, today is bobbi
8:24 am
kristina brown's 22nd birthday. whitney houston's only child, still remains hospitalized this coma. according to earlier operates, doctors unsuccessfully tried to bring her out of a medically induced coma. several days ago her life partner nick tweeted i'm so hurt, i want to do myself n i know i have to stay strong. just whole situation is just so sad, so many people have been praying for her, and the family. >> yes, and that it mirrors her mom's situation so closely, just horrible. >> it is. okay, let's change the topics little bit here. >> okay. well, you would think his a list power george clooney would have just about anything he wants, right? >> unless it turns through the something is a table at a pricy new york restaurant. yes, new york daily news reports that when the oscar winner's people called carbone to request last minute reservation, they said no. the assistant reportedly dropped the names george and amal clooney and even offered
8:25 am
to come come to grenitch village, but the restaurant was booked, no exceptions. the pair did eventually make it there at another less busy time. >> so they can't even get into that table? >> for bet you and i trying to get in. >> right? can you imagine telling george clooney no? really? hey, i appreciate that, rules are the rules. i know you're george clooney and all, but i guess you're not that special. >> don't a lot of people hear that the stars hang out at seven race treatments, so they being the restaurant ounce err want them to come, in because that's the continued draw. >> but that restaurant used to call months and months in advance. so hey, if you didn't call, you can't get in. >> you who had that spin there? >> mike jerrick. >> i bet co-walk in. >> has more credit. >> put me in, let's go. >> sports are very important here in philly of course, blue it comes to relationships, there is one thing couples care about more, than having a common favorite sports team.
8:26 am
you making having bad dreams about this one. >> first, breast milk facials? the latest inright now. would you do it? you may want to think twice about signing up. would you do it, yeah, i'm married. does it matter? you'd do that for me? really? yeah, i'd like that. who are you talking to? uh, it's jake from state farm. sounds like a really good deal. jake from state farm at three in the morning. who is this? it's jake from state farm. what are you wearing, jake from state farm? [ jake ] uh... khakis. she sounds hideous. well she's a guy, so... [ male announcer ] another reason more people stay with state farm. get to a better state. ♪
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get to a better state. i've been driving a lincoln since long before anybody paid me to drive one. i didn't do it to be cool. i didn't do it to make a statement. i just liked it. lease an mkc for $349 a month, plus competitive owners and lessees get $1000 bonus cash, only at your lincoln dealer.
8:29 am
atlantic city looks little fog think morning, dealing with mostly rainout out there, a loft umbrella that's old city, light rain, and at least getting a break, from these frozen temperatures, just about everywhere. still giving you a four out every ten today, because the way the day is going to end tonight with change-over to snow, so, it is on and off rain, just like you see here on the radar. throughout the day today, 36 degrees, right now, at least we're above freezing at last, southwesterly winds at
8:30 am
9 miles an hour, but then, that rain lasts as we said on and off all day, we get into the 40's, but back down into the 20's, tonight. and that means a change-over to you guessed it, snow. maybe the most we'll see all season, we had such a snowy winter last year, bob kelly, i guess it is about time we got little bit after whopper? >> just went through 23rd storm of the season, tomorrow 24, sounds like it will really set us back. right now, all of the roads are wet. still just above the freezing, so it has been a slush-hour all morning long, the major roadways, about 16 minute trip, and slower than normal on 422, watch the on and the off-ramps. the major roadways, pretty much wet. it is the when you go exiting, off of any of the ramps at the bottom, there all of that slush, is slippery, septa still has four bus routes on detour, trolleys, regional rails, running okay.
8:31 am
early morning transformer problem, still power outages, in the neighborhoods. upper providence, lower merion, a loft traffic lights are out, as well. philly international running with delays this morning, of about one hour-15 minutes on arrivals and departures, so do check with the airline before you head down to the airport. the schuylkill expressway just over half hour inbound into philly, and put about 45 minutes, and a jumbo coffee to make the trip on 95, from woodhaven, in to downtown, chris, alex, back to you. >> bob, so some people just do anything, right, to stay young and beautiful? and there are a number every strange beauty treatments out there. >> apparently that includes breast milk, even kim kardashian has used for other means. >> my breast milk really works. >> these spots have been continue fours six months, they haven't gone away. so the fact they're white is a good sign. >> so i just want to keep on trying it. >> okay. >> so let's try some more. lay down. lay down.
8:32 am
>> okay, okay, okay. >> lay all the way down. >> relax. >> are you serious? >> yes. >> i don't want -- never mind. never mind. >> well i'm going -- >> are you really -- >> oh, my gosh. really? >> so, you haven't seen this, but you may have seen courtney and kim tape this episode of kim using courtney's breast mill took treat her scars. >> hum. >> i guess kim kardashian's doing it, i guess other people will do it, right. >> can you imagine, time travel, we put this little videotape inside a strong box, time capsule? and they open it, 100 years? >> what would they think of this? >> and these two souls doing this ridiculous nonsensical act? >> yeah. plane chicagoalso using breast milk as special treatment to keep your skin smooths. offers breast milk facial. the spay buys locals using mother's mill interesting women who are medically screened, some skin care experts say breast milk tames acne, soothes eczema, even
8:33 am
body builders claim it keeps them stay strong. not everyone in agreement here. >> i wanted to come one something quick, effective, that appealed to, you know, the urban city girl. there are so many mommy blogs out there that talk about using breast milk, to, you know, basically help with skin conditions. >> rich in fat. rich in good nutrients helpful for developing babies. scientific date that says that this would be a preferred fuel for fluid for body builders or anyone in general. >> i don't know, i think i would need that scientific data before i would try t if you are using someone else's breast milk you may want to be careful because bodily flew kids contain diseases like hiv, and bacteria. so careful about buying it off the internet or ebay or something. but of but let's get jen's perspective. you're leak the ex p another all things beauty. should we we be doing the breast milk fish snaps. >> okay, first of all, i'm not the expert in this, okay? >> all things beauty i said.
8:34 am
>> uh -- >> not booby. >> oh, oh, very good. >> see? the kardashian's are the ones that brought us the plasma facial, poking holes in our face, and putting blood in our face, okay? so, before you follow the kardashian's way, i mean, be aware of. that will you know hearings' what i'll say about it, it is not for me. i don't think it is for any of my friends. i will say this, that we do know that breast milk has so many healing properties. i remember both my children very little, you have frozen breast milk, one would say, you know, conjunctivitis, when the baby has not pink eye, but all yucky, could you put a little drop nerve their eye, because the breast mill thank you already are feeding them is for that how many began yep, but not someone else's, not some stranger's. >> well, they said it was local, chris. >> right? >> there is a lot of women that have like breast milk sharing things. and that's the other heart
8:35 am
break. you know turks not nurse, and you want to desperately give that to your children, and someone is selling it to -- chloe kardashian, instead every donating it to what you want to do for your child, that's also a little wacky. so for mere, i say, no thank you, no grass yays, not for me. other people maybe fantastic. >> love. they sell you what would otherwise be considered a bio hazard and then mud at a very high price. >> really? >> anyway. >> thanks, jen. well, this cold weather is driving some people to therapy. ya, that's right, how the freezing cold is hurting our mental health. p that's coming up. >> definitely. but first, have you seen this stunning picture? this photographer insists it is real, the story behind this photo next. >> ♪
8:36 am
i get out of work, and i go to the store, and somebody says, smellin' around, "i smell cookies." i said, "oh no you just smell me, i just got out of work, that's honey bunches of oats, that's all." i said "don't eat me now."
8:37 am
8:38 am
8:39 am
in is fascinating. >> so cool. >> what is it? a wood pack war weighs he will riding on its back. many thought it was photo shopped. not so. a british man says he heard the distressed woodpecker, then look up, and saw it trying free itself from the wheeze he will, that's when he snapped this picture. he says the woodpecker was able to escape. the waistl went off. >> i thought he was giving him a lift? i thought they were friend. this picture sparks some funny, like this one, wrecking ball miley cyrus, now, saturday night joe travolta is stale alive, while flying high on the woodpecker's back,
8:40 am
president obama ditch's air force one for a flight off the woodpecker's back. >> got to love the internet. always some funny things with that. >> that's great. >> so what with this? a texas police department is gaining fans for parody video, you know, the commercial, matthew mcconaughey? >> for lincoln? >> yes, you know it by now, let's take another look. >> sometimes up got to go back to actually move forward. i don't mean going back to reminisce to chase ghosts, you can go back to see where you came from. >> this lincoln commercial, deep thoughts, even though no one really knows what he is talking about, it got the s&l treatment already, but now, police officers are taking a dig at it. >> you don't get into police work because it makes sense. do you it because you thought it really look cool on tv. >> work out every med school
8:41 am
was just out of the question. i like being in here. driving around all night long, contemplating the important questions of life. >> like what donut shop is open right now. >> does mike say it? real that i ac glenn sergeant larry wise of the cedar hill police department. owes judges outside of dall at. video posted last week the media youtube page, starting to get a lot of views. >> that accent. matthew mcconaughey from texas. >> hey, so just makes sense, makes sense it, does make sense. >> is that your texas ac meant. >> i was going say -- >> i don't think do you. >> but we're like that's near me, near where i grew up, cedar hill, ya. i mean, i've been told it comes out if i get angry or real excited. then like you hear the accent. >> i don't get you angry or real excited. great. >> what? just saying. >> jen, good morning. >> my gosh, really? you. >> know what i would say right now, mike always say when i
8:42 am
say oh, lord, oh, lord. and he thinks that's the funniest thing. >> lawd. >> oh, lawd chris murphy,. >> jenn fred? >> what? >> you're up. >> no, we're saying hi, fell usual, a we're sighing high to you right now. >> i'm in the process of yelling. >> i don't think she can hear us. >> we'll check back with jen in a minute. >> we'll come right back.
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
>> the only country song i know. >> ♪ >> that and carry underwood. >> don't impress me much. >> 8:45, some school delays, if you haven't already noticed, typically 8:45, you had the kids out the door by now. i know my kids are delayed by two hours. >> really? this is only the beginning. once the snow comes in tonight, tomorrow, some more. delays and closings.
8:46 am
okay, school talent shows can be lots of fun for students and staffer. >> and a teacher's act, one new jersey school, getting world-wide attention. >> only take on taylor swift. they're pretty guide, right? dance way through the school. it was such a hit at their annual variety show, posted on youtube, for all the world to see, and boy are they glad they did. it is always great, when you get to see your teachers having little fun. you snow this song, we can't shake it off. >> we can't shake this winter off, sue serio, this is ridiculous!
8:47 am
>> so your weather headlines this morning, there are still a few icy spots, out, there specially, north and west of the city. rain on and off throughout the rest of the morning, then talking about tonight, the rain changing over to snow. for most of us it, will happen in the overnight hours starting midnight maybe either side every midnight, and then tomorrow, it snows, and snows, and snows, as much as 8 inches possible few spots could get even more that far, but that's sort of our average number, for most of the metro area, right now, and there is the rain we're getting right now, see all of this has yet to move into our area, over the next day, or two, we will be seeing all kind of precipitation, we still have little pink up north and west of the city. as we look there, so there could be a little bit of sleet mix in the with your rain but
8:48 am
for most every us we've risen above freezing. 36 degrees in mount pocono, 36 in philadelphia. thirty-four in lancaster, 35 in ill wing machine, to in the 40's for the most part down in south jersey, 39 in wildwood at the moment. >> more and more fog around, seeing it on some of bob kelly's traffic cameras, less than 2 miles visibility in allentown, pottstown, lancaster, less than mile in reading, 3 miles at philadelphia international airport. for tonight this kicks in about 11:00 p.m. through 7:00 p.m. tomorrow, winter storm warnings for the most of our viewing area, north and west, you get that winter storm watch lehigh valley and the poconos. so they could get about three, 5 inches, thinking five to eight in the philadelphia area chance even further south could you get more because of the low pressure system that will be closer to the coals. that's the deal. and those are the latest estimates, of course, we'll
8:49 am
keep refining this forecast throughout the day and tonight, 42 degrees today, 30 tomorrow, for hi, 28 on friday, and much better over the weekend, bob kelly, except for that pesky time change we spring forward saturday night. good morning, 8:49. here is another car that actually slid down the treat here on the ice, looks like on the overnight, see, the car probably parked right here then slid down the embankment, up on to the sidewalk. that's the second picture sent us to, where people park their cars, last night, and they slid backward. 422, coming in toward king of prussia. about 16 minute trip, 202 north, heavy coming up out of west chester in toward king of prussia. again the roads are wet, again, the rain will continue to fall, and then what's going to happen is all of that moisture will fill up, potholes fill up.
8:50 am
puddles, ponding throughout the day. septa four bus routes still on detour. chris, alec, back to you. >> we all know she has got the attitude, and the style. looking to kinding for fashion inspiration these days, how you can come i her hot
8:51 am
8:52 am
8:53 am
8:53. so, it is a beautiful restaurant, jenn fred has showed us, filled with organic, fresh farm food. but it is also a drive-thru. this is what i really want to see. >> most drive-thru place as bunch of fries, burgers, junk food. not this place! >> exactly. do you need to see the drive-thru part, al next we'll be right back. >> really is drive-thru, real a suburban situation. hard to tell, but see over there, and over here? it is a driver through.
8:54 am
i like that mike is walking all the way. >> drive-thru. >> look. >> we're in chaddsford. ya. and by the way, it is super pretty. you see all of the benches, everything? they do have breakfast here. so we will tell but this really cool salmon breakfast wrap. i wish i didn't have to keep the door open for mike, but i do. go in there, show them the breakfast wrap, chef, what do they have in the breakfast wrap? >> in the breakfast wrap it is smoked salmon, with egg white, feta cheese, delvin garrett and spinach. >> yes. >> yummy. >> and again, we've been talking about there is now that you people are on the go, moms, kids, people are work we wanted to talk about the sourkraut. >> one of the stands outs. >> sourkraut can be healthy? >> actually can be very healthy for you. so car caught literally translated as scour cabbage.
8:55 am
so ferment dollars cabbage, that produce action lactic acid, helps brawl your symptom ph, helps with digest at any, so actually very healthy for you. tip footboy from the store, take it home, rinse it off with some water. >> so it is not so salty? >> get all of the salt out of it, yes. >> because again it, can be something we put not just on hotdogs, but all kinds of things, because helping our tummy feel better. >> yes. >> amazing, i think we think of sour caught as the ultimate stadium food. >> so l the veggie burger, quinoa based burger, spin hatch, made from aims, cinnamin, so you get the crunch flesh taste. >> and you know, most figi burgers taste like -- but you say this one -- >> yes there is one very meat i, has nice texture, nice and easy to eat. >> coming up we show couple of other things. last thing i have to show you, people have been texting knee this green thing, looked yucky. i'm drinking the whole thing, because it is so yummy.
8:56 am
>> green ones always good! >> i mean, doesn't it look sweet and minutey, and probably will look ten years younger tomorrow. >> ya. and need to add some that far chocolate we were talking about earlier on top of that. thanks, jen. did you know it is the 65 anniversary of the release every center role? so here celebrating the fill nam pretty big way, stay tuned for some of the magic. >> oh, do we have a surprise for you. >> yes. >> ♪
8:57 am
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8:59 am
nineteen years ago, a new age began. good day philadelphia was born.
9:00 am
live from fourth and market. this is good day philadelphia, at 9:00. >> that's right, 9:00 good day, it is wednesday, march 4th, 2015. good morning,. >> good morning,. >> i was listening to pandora at my desk, i heard ten commercials for fearing negatives your earl 30th, a i was like are they talking to me. >> something you'ring? >> why, my pandora. >> do you listen to the ads? >> no see, i i do itunes,. >> oh, that's good idea. >> over $2 a month to get pandora's out commercials? >> all right, so, sports have very important of course in philadelphia. but, when it comes to relationships, there is one thing couples care about more than anything else. yes. more than having a common favorite sports team, you may be having bad dreams, there is a hint, about this one. >> plus, she's got the


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