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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  WTXF  March 4, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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road crews ready. schools already shutting down. a major winter storm coming our way. bad news if you're tired of shoveling next. >> also skin lighten dark spots, scars hidden dangers of ♪ i've been driving a lincoln since long before anybody paid me to drive one. i didn't do it to be cool. i didn't do it to make a statement. i just liked it. lease an mkc for $349 a month, plus competitive owners and lessees get $1000 bonus cash only at your lincoln dealer. >> fox 29 news in hd brought to you by xfinity the future of awesome. ♪ right now a big winter blast is moving in just wet roads
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outside at the moment. the next few hours these same roads could lie under several inches of snow. and here's why. a monster storm spanning half the country southwest texas all the way up to massachusetts. the pocono mountains will be the first to see the flakes but the bulk of the snow will hit south of us. this could be our biggest storm of the season and it's march 4th. good evening i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. closures and delays for tomorrow already pouring in. we've got them along the bottom of your screen and on we have live team coverage. chris o'connell in montgomery county as penndot gets ready for the long haul. let's start with chief meteorologist scott williams. a whole lot on your radar. >> absolutely. good evening lucy and iain. right now ultimate doppler, it is lit up with this system covering a lot of territory. we still have rain in philadelphia but off to the west we're looking at sleet we're looking at snow. all the way into sections of north texas. so a lot of moisture to move through and we are looking at a major winter storm. temperatures are critical right
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now. still above freezing. low 40s in fact in philadelphia. millville 42. but north and west temperatures are falling into the 30s. so we'll see that sleet eventually moving down from the poconos into the lehigh valley and eventually philadelphia. we have winter storm warnings in pink pretty much the entire area now through thursday for that plowable snow. it's going to be a heavy wet snow once it gets going. let's watch the timeline here by 11:00 o'clock. we're looking at that sleet and snow north and west. temperatures still above freezing though upper 30s by midnight in philadelphia but after midnight all bets are off. we're watching a rapid change over to sleet and heavy wet snow by 3:00 a.m. when the fox 29 morning news begins an hour earlier. sue and caitlin will be tracking that wet snow moving through. 5:00 a.m., we're still looking at snow it continues to push into south jersey and sections of delaware and look at what happens. by 10:00 a.m. we're still looking at that snow so it is going to be a long duration event.
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by 4:00 in the afternoon we're still looking at snow especially south and east of philadelphia. so how much to expect? area wide we're looking at five to 8-inches. lesser amounts once you move north and west. so here's the bottom line. right now still mostly rain across the region. midnight to 3:00 a.m. that rain mixes in with sleet and snow for philadelphia and then the bulk of the accumulateing snow from 3am until noon on your thursday. coming up we'll have much more about specific totals where you live as well as when to expect a warmup. guys, back to you. >> scott, thank you. penndot trucks are loaded up and ready to move in media delaware county tonight. team coverage continues for you now with fox 29's chris o'connell live in norristown. chris, i know you spoke to penndot about plans for those roads. >> reporter: penndot says it is ready to go with its neat of 444 salt and plow trucks. a few of them you see behind me on stand by over the last hour. plow truck drivers have been arriving for work to start to
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begin to tackle what's forecast forecasted to be a major snow event. penndot crews filling their trucks and prepping their plows for the 25th snow or ice event this season. with heavy snow predicted it may ab morning to pack your patience. >> our trucks run on a cycle two to three hours per cycle. which means till they get around back to that spot where they were it would be two to three hours. at and inch per hour, you can expect to see two to 3-inches on the roadway till they hit it again. >> reporter: so far more than 150 tee thousand tons of road salt has been used around the philadelphia area so far this season. they have enough for this storm but they've already ordered more more. >> again. >> reporter: for those of us who drive in this slop, it was the usual trip to the supermarket for all the storm. >> i'm sick of it. i'm sick of shoveling snow in front of my house. shoveling a parking spots. i'm tired of it. >> yes, it's pretty clear some
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are getting winter weary. >> totally over it. ready for spring and the beach. memorial day weekend. >> reporter: with schools expected to be closed tomorrow, some are already planning to stay home and watch the weather from inside. >> no work. >> reporter: you don't mine it? >> day off new york city. i mean, i can't wait for it to be over. i'm tired of it. >> reporter: if you think you're sick of this winter, what about the guys behind the wheels of these trucks? >> this is definitely has been a toll on them. they're here whenever we need them. all right. storms come in, we deal with it. they go home and guess what something else comes in they're right back here. i got to give them all the credit in the world. they're tired. they want to go to disneyworld where it's warm. >> reporter: i don't blame them what you won't see in this storm this. the salt brian that pre treating formula all that rain washed all that stuff away this is going to
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be a plow event. one thing in terms of saving on road salt, penndot this year this storm is actually mixing in little gravel stones to their salt supply. they'll be putting that on less frequently traveled roads. iain, i tell you more evidence that it has been a long winter. >> it's certainly has chris. thanks a lot. with more the snow and ice on the way, do you have enough salt for your sidewalks and driveways? this time of year supplies at your house could be running low and rock salt is one of the most sought after items a lot of people didn't have much luck in their search for it today. a lot of stores in the area say they're actually sold out for the season and they're not getting more because spring is around the corner. we did some searching of our own this afternoon and found one place in chestnut hill with some but that didn't last long. >> we sold out whatever we had from yesterday we got a delivery in, that was sold out. we got a second delivery, that was sold out. we're waiting for a third delivery. >> that third delivery arrived this afternoon as you can
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imagine customers snatched up every last bag quickly. >> i still need more. >> no worries when it comes to salt supplyies for deldot. a live look in middletown. so far it is only used 43% of its salt piles and crews have not put any brine on the roads ahead of the storm because the rain in the mix. 330 plows ready to hit the streets once the snow starts flying and 70 mechanics are raring to go to fix any issues that may come up. your morning crew starting early tomorrow to keep you prepared fox morning news starts at 3am. we will stay on as long as you need us. following breaking news tonight. a man shot several times then run over by the gunman's car. that victim was rush to the hospital where he died. this all happened around 7:00 near east core land and hurley streets in philadelphia's feltonville neighborhood. police say the suspect was driving a black dodge challenger that took off. developing now a jaw-dropping federal report on law enforcement in ferguson missouri. the justice department announce
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announcing today former officer darrin well son will not face federal charges in the shooting death of 18-year-old michael brown, but someone else in the department is fired and two others are on leave. the end of the month's long federal investigation into the shooting last summer which sparked weeks of protests and riots but it may just be the start of big changes within the ferguson police depth. fox 29's shawnette wilson joins us now. shawnette some of the details in this report are disturbing. >> reporter: they are very. this report is scathing, a gregious. many hope its findings will lead to changes within the ferguson police depth. many say it has taken too long for what's been happening there to be addressed. >> michael brown's death though a tragedy did not involve prosecutable conduct on the part of officer wilson. >> reporter: attorney general eric holder speaking on the department of justice report which found no evidence to charge darrin wilson in the death of michael brown. but the report did find big problems with race relations in
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ferguson. >> both policing and municipal court practices were found to be disproportionately harmful to african-american residents. >> reporter: doj says african-americans were subject to excessive police force base less traffic stops and citations for petty infractions like jaywalking by a predominantly white force. blacks make up 70% of the population in ferguson. >> absolutely tragic what is occurring in ferguson. what has been allowed to perpetrate -- perpetuate itself over a period of time in terms of what's going on in really it's at the place where the people have to hold their government accountable. >> reporter: bishop is the executive director of power philadelphians organized to witness empower and rebuild. he was in ferguson in august of last year. >> you know, there's a bias going on around the country in police departments it's not just in ferguson. near philadelphia. in la-n cleveland in new york. none of that surprises me.
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i think what surprises me it's taken this long for the department of justice and others to step up and begin to look at it and to address it in some form or fashion. >> reporter: he's especially disturbed by racial e-mails and jokes detailed in the doj report exchanged by police and court officials on government e-mail. one stated "president obama would not be president long. what black man holds a steady job for four years? ". >> one talking about president obama. one talked about the fact the way you curb violence black women having abortion that is to me that's not just evil and stun sorry plain sin. needs to be addressed to the deepest levels why i say they need to wipe out the whole police department and start over again. >> some of the recommendations of the doj report include improving officer supervision better recruiting and new ways to respond to misconduct complaints an new system to reduce fines. city officials have to first expect those recommendations. >> police in south philadelphia looking for a couple of guys who
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lifted a tv from a home in point breeze. one suspect was caught on camera breaking into a home on south 17th street. police say the other guy waited inside a corner store for his friend to finish. the intruder stacked the television and other remember tron nick to the sidewalk. they both grab the stolen stuff and walked away. so call police if you can help track these guys down. could the third time be the charm in getting the former revel casino hotel back open? a camden county bankruptcy judge is now considering the latest deal for it it's the lowest bill at $82 million. florida developer is hoping to get his hands on after two previous deals fell through. rebel of course shut its doors last september. flames trapped a family in their home forced to throw pets out the window to save their lives much the intense moments when a mother and daughter finally escaped. >> take a look at these pictures here. scratch marks on a child's neck. his mom says they're from a local teacher. only on fox, what she says set off the attack and listen to
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this. >> witnesses described the moment the pole crashes through a car's windshield impaling a passenger. why that driver could land in jail. plus skin lightning dark spots, scars the hidden dangers in changing your skin color at home. >> caught in the act a postal worker just shocking -- throwing packages at someone's door. what happened when the guy inside hauls her out. >> reporter: inside cookie's closet. the secret is out where she gets her fabulous look may surprise you. >> we are closely watching this storm as it creeps ever closer to us. a live look from the poconos on the left and live radar on your right. new information. it is comeing in minute by minute and we've got it. ♪
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>> already the airport has cancellations. philadelphia international airport saying nearly 100 nights are canceled tonight. so be sure to check your flight status before heading out tomorrow. scott williams looking at the latest models for you and he'll have your full forecast ahead. >> a little boy's mom says teacher roughed him up. what you are looking at here photos of injuries his mom says he got at school. she is so upset she went to police. fox 29's dave schratwieser joins us live outside school district headquarters in spring garden. dave. >> reporter: lucy, philadelphia police and school district officials are investigating this alleged incident at an elementary school in west philadelphia yesterday morning. tonight we spoke with the mother of the young boy involved in
10:15 pm
this incident. she tells us she's disgusted by what happened to her son and how school officials have handled it it. >> you don't put your hands on child. >> reporter: mercedes martinez was furious after she found these scratch marks on her sick-year-old son's neck when she went to pick him up at school tuesday afternoon in west philadelphia. >> it disturbed me because i didn't get a phone call or anything telling me that his neck was scratched up like that. >> actions of both individuals is being look at. >> reporter: their investigate investigating after martinez filed a complaint against the teacher at the school. she took her son for treatment and southwest detectives to report the incident. >> the teacher asked him to be quiet at some point there's a struggle between the two of them. the teacher grabs him and the kid is taken from the class. >> i asked her about his neck. he said in front of her i was walking slow to my chair and she grabbed me behind my neck.
10:16 pm
she got mad because i was walking slow. >> reporter: southwest decks have yet to question the teacher and would not identify the teacher. detectives have forwarded their findings to the district attorney's office. >> we're in the process of reviewing it and the investigation will continue after their review. >> reporter: he was moved to another class on wednesday. school officials say they are aware of the complaint and are investigating. >> she is still in the school. still teaching today. >> reporter: no charges have been filed. we tried to reach the teacher allegedly involved in this incident. she did not return our phone calls. school district officials would not comment further pending the out come of this investigation. >> lucy? >> thank you very much, dave. just when a philly homeowner is going to need his snowblower the most it's gone. this video shows a man stealing not only that snowblower but power tools and other equipment from a home in fishtown. you can see the guy was quite casual strolling in through that open garage door on west jefferson street and there he goes walked out with about
10:17 pm
$16,000 worth of goods. police are after him and say he's also behind other burglaries in the neighborhood. new developments to night in a disturbing story. police say there could be a lot more victims of a mall peeper in our area. sean moses was arraigned on monday on 86 counts of invasion of privacy and one count of child pornography. police now say he hit even more malls. >> according to investigators moses recorded women and girls in dressing rooms and posted the video on web sites. fox 29's dave kinchen has it all all. >> at one time that video existed was deleted and then over written. >> reporter: it's the digital evidence pointing radnor township detective to more hidden dressing room videos targeting women shot by sean moses of penn valley jailed on 86 counts of invasion of privacy charges. >> we did uncover there are deleted file indexes. what that means video once existed on his computers which are giving us other locations
10:18 pm
where he may have filmed. >> reporter: investigators say those locations include express and forever 21 stores in the philadelphia premium outlets in limerick cherry hill mall, the springfield mall in delaware county and the willow grove mall. union any second dressing rooms like at king of prussia stores occupied by underaged women changing clothes. moses not only ran the camera but had one woman give him the middle finger and another take her own picture of him but those crimes were never reported. >> we know for a fact right after christmas on december 30th a mom and daughter were in forever 21 at king of prussia mall, saw this guy, thought he was suspicion complained to the store or made a complaint to the manager. never left their name. >> reporter: detectives are interviewing women who believe they may have been in those videos which moses allegedly shared on porn web sites. >> they're appalled by what they see and relieved when we don't find them on the tapes. >> reporter: investigators say moses also secretly recorded his sexual encounters. radnor pleasant viewed three of his ex girlfriends but yet have
10:19 pm
to identify those victims. >> the allegations are extremely serious and we haven't seen any of the evidence yet. >> reporter: moses said nothing to fox 29 after leaving court on monday. he's being held on half a million dollars bail while the investigation continues. >> i'm actually surprised how big it's gotten. the amount of calls we've had. >> reporter: radnor police are dedicating so much attention to this case they moved two detectives off regular duties and they put them on this case. if you believe you may be a victim or you may know potential victim e-mail the detectives at detectives at detectives at n radnor dave kinchen fox 29 news. what started out as a nightmare ending with new hope for nine chihuahuas living in filthy conditions in a philly row home. >> tonight all the dogs are okay but the owner is in is big trouble his name iain setting being charged with nine counts of animal cruelty. authorities searched his home in the roxborough section of the city last week and they found the chihuahuas living in unsanitary conditions. all nine dogs were rescued and
10:20 pm
now five of them are up for adoption. cameras catch the instant a bus slams right into a car setting off a chain reaction. what that driver did just before the crash you got to see to believe. and -- >> pop pop pop pop. >> i seen sheriffs squatting down going across. i told him get in the closet. >> neighbors here a man open fire on police right on their street. how officers say that man lured cops to his front door. and women all over called this guy the hot convict his mug shot went viral. thrown in jail on some pretty harsh charges. what he just learned behind bars bars. >> now with tomorrow's traffic here's bob kelly. >> good evening everybody. the next 24 hours going to be a hot mess. first of all this rain continuing to cause the roads to be wet. the temperatures are going to drop now on the overnight. and then in comes the snow. it's definitely going to be a snowy morning rush hour. penndot, new jersey, deldot
10:21 pm
they're all going to be out with the salt trucks. sue and i will be here bright and early for the morning rush hour.
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nicole: we all have different needs for our children and basing all of the childrens' needs on one test is not the right road to go down.
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and something's got to change. okaikor: and the ones who are taking the brunt of it are our children. all the other things that make you a great human being is not important anymore. what's more important is: can you answer a-b-c-d? gina: what am i going to learn for my child from this test that my teacher can't tell me right now? ♪ one dramatic rescue during a california apartment fire and a firefighter's body camera caught it all. these flames are shooting out of a modesto apartment building. the fire department just released this video of the valentine's day fire. it has residents actually jumping out of window. but a mother and daughter were
10:24 pm
stuck and they had to though their dogs out of a second story window. well a dumpster was below. both dogs are just fine. firefighters then put up to two ladders to grab the women and bring them down. they're okay as well as their neighbors who had to jump. scary moments for a u.s. ambassador in south korea. take look at mark, slashed on the face and wrist by a man with a knife. he was rushed away holding a blood soaked handkerchief to his face much he's expected to be okay. the suspect has been in trouble before for throwing a piece of concrete at a japanese ambassador five years ago. a man's bogus 911 call leads to a gun fight with police. >> police say the 59-year-old florida man called 911 to lure an officer actually a few officers to his home and they arrived. they say when they showed up he opened fire. it was a shootout. more than 100 rounds exchanged. two officers are injured not life threatening injuries, though. the man who made the calls also hurt. witnesses say they heard police
10:25 pm
tell him to put down his gun. >> drop it. i heard them say drop it. pop pop pop pop. >> i looked out the window and that's when i seen sheriffs squatting down going across, and that's when i told them get in the closet. >> police say they don't know why the man ambushed their officers. the orlando sentinel reports he has son and daughter who both work for the local sheriffs office. skin lightening, dark spots scars, the hayden dangers of changing your skin colors at home. >> witnesses watch in horror as a pole crashes through a windshield impaling the passenger. why the driver could land in jail. >> new information coming into the storm center about tomorrow's snowstorm likely the biggest so far this season for philly. >> and two birds with one stone. weed infused ice cream. why ben and jerry's says their next pointer could come with pot. ♪
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>> right now at 10:30 we're tracking what could be our biggest snowfall of the season.
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a live look at bensalem bucks county. we could have a half foot of snow by the time this storm is over tomorrow evening. here in philadelphia, a snow emergency starts tomorrow at 6:00 a.m. so be careful you don't park on those emergency routes. no trash pick up either. >> meanwhile new jersey governor chris christie declared a state of emergency for the garden state warning people you could lose power. so you might want to charge up your phones and tablets now and remember you can always watch us on streaming live on our app. washington d.c. also in the path of this storm. a thick fog blanketing the nation's capital tonight and the city also under a winter storm warning. this storm is just a beast. covering from here all the way down to southwest texas. for us maybe a little bit calm before the storm. >> right now but it's about ready to hit scott. >> that's right, lucy and iain. it will be a long duration event. once that rain changes over to snow, it's going to accumulate rapidly as well. we could see snowfall rates 1 inch to 2-inches perhaps per hour. as we look at ultimate doppler
10:30 pm
though look at all of the rainfall in green. but north and west, we're looking at a quick change over to snow. so we'll zoom in a little closer closer. look at ultimate doppler temperatures are above freezing pretty much area wide right now. we have 41 in philadelphia. but 34 degrees in the poconos. starting to see some of that rain change over to some sleet especially once you move toward sections of the lehigh valley where you see that orange and also that yellow that's some bright banding on the radar basically the snow is melting a lost and changing into sleet. creating that reflective have the we see an ultimate doppler. but take look at the warnings. pretty much area wide and that means we're looking at a plowable snow across the area. things really kick up overnight. take a live look right now at the philadelphia international airport. numerous delays and cancellations already coming in. we saw a high today of 43 degrees. the normal this time is 49. right now above freezing. 41. streets are wet. they're slick. visibility is still pour at 3 miles so watch out for that.
10:31 pm
but take a look at the sharp temperature contrast across the nation. 41 in philadelphia. 70 columbia south carolina. 72 degrees in jacksonville. but look at the single digits. minneapolis 1 degree. it's three below right now in bismark so a lot of energy with this front that continues to move across our area. that cold air will rush in an area of low pressure forms along that front. and yes, we have a bonafide snowstorm on our hands. as we watch the clock you can see by midnight that rain/snow line continues to move toward philadelphia. by two 3:00 a.m. and we are looking at that snow pushing into south jersey, sections of central and southern delaware. where you see the green, that is the rain. the pink that is the freezing rain and sleet and then the blue and purple that is the snow. 7:00 a.m., we're looking at moderate to heavy snowfall across parts of the area. 8am it's going to be pretty rough out there and then as we continue into the afternoon we're still looking at that snow. those temperatures fall into the 20s20s.
10:32 pm
by 4:00 p.m. still looking at snow down the shore. and also in south jersey. so how much snowfall to expect. pretty much area wide five to 8-inches that includes philadelphia higher amounts highlighted in fuscia color dover, perhaps millville over to toms river lesser amounts north and west. so here's the timing. now, mostly rain but from midnight to 3am we're looking at that rain mixing in with sleet and heaviest accumulateing snow will be up until about midday. allentown three to 5-inches. philadelphia five to 8-inches those temperatures drop into the 20s tomorrow morning. and then as we move toward wilmington, five to eight for you. it is going to be a plowable snow. pretty much area wide. atlantic city temperatures tumbling for you. five to 8-inches. so temperatures tonight drop that rain will change to sleet and snow in the city after midnight and beyond. tomorrow temperatures drop but a high early of 32 degrees. major delays. school cancellations are expect
10:33 pm
expected. the good news, we start to warm up. 40 degrees for the high on saturday. and then as we springford into sunday low 40s. upper 40s even 50 degrees by wednesday of next week. a lot going on. >> yes. all right. scott, thank you. >> fox 29 morning news is starting early tomorrow at 3:00 a.m. your forecast those roads we got you covered. the accused boston march than bomber's trial is underway and defense attorneys aren't arguing about whether he did it. we saw never before seen video from inside a sporting goods store right as the bomb went off off. you can see employees racing to the windows then trying to help wounded in from the street. they're grabbing clothing from the racks anything they could get their hands on to help the they wanted to try tourniquets and such this is day one of dzhokar tsarnaev's trial. the biggest trial in nearly 20 years. his attorneys admit he's indeed responsible for the bombing. they're now only hoping to save
10:34 pm
him from the death penalty. >> a terrifying accident in orlando florida. this poll bows right through the person sitting in the car tonight he's in the hospital the driver is in jail. fox's david williams reports. >> that's the car involved in this violent crash. look closely. you can see there's a metal pipe going right through the passenger seat. intense moments in this witness cell video. look close al metal pole is protruding from the windshield. >> boom like right real quick. >> reporter: we were there as the car's passenger was lifted to the hospital. orlando police say the passenger in the crash 18-year-old was impaled by a pole. he was the one flown to the hospital. >> his friends was doing all the talking. don't say nothing. everything all right. we got you everything. that's all i could hear them saying. >> opd says the driver 18-year-old mikhail cannon was
10:35 pm
arrested for grand theft. the passenger is in critical but stable condition. >> oh, man, that's scary. >> reporter: in orlando david william fox news. ever get a package dented up and wondered what happened? get a load of this. this mail carrier had packages to deliver to homes in alexandria virginia you just what she just did. she tosses them on to the front porch. she said she did it because well the steps were too slippery but the home own are in says, he cleared them and he has video he have. the postal service is not happy and is launched an investigation investigation. in your money tonight, we all know eating too much ice cream can make your figure go to pot so what about pot ice cream? well the guys behind ben and jerry's are thinking about take taking their flavors to new heights. i guess highs. ben cohen and jerry green field say they're discussing infusing a brand new favor with marijuana marijuana. of course, you'd only be able to get it in states where pot is now legal. reeboks pump is back even
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though it never really went away away. 26 years after it sold its first innatable sneaker reeboks is resurrecting the pump top try and stop a slow long slide to obscurity. the seem pump running sneaker will did he bay in stores in six colors. the new pump sneaker will cost you 110 bucks. the owner of a restaurant in oregon being sued by a customer for discrimination. kathleen hampton said she was supposed to meet her husband at enzo's restaurant on valentine's day. he couldn't make it but she decided to stay. she claims when she asked for a table for one she was told no. she says she left stunned. the restaurant's manager thinking it was -- thinks it was all a misunderstanding. >> when i came home i fell in my husband's arm and i was in tears. i couldn't believe that happened to me in my own neighborhood. >> if she would have come to me i definitely say we're so sorry whatever you think and let me make up to you -- something for
10:37 pm
you. >> hampton says the day after she was denied service she spoke to the manager and he was unapologetic then. she says that's when she decided to file a lawsuit. no word on when they'll meet to try and figure it all out in court. you remember that mug shot that grab the attention of a lot of women around the world? >> yeah, yeah. the guy called the hot convict. >> that's right. he's landed much anticipateed modeling contract. that mug shot definitely caught a whole lost eyes including the white cross management agency jeremy meeks his name and he's hoping to get an early release from prison in november catch him on this web page here. the convicted felon serving time for gun possession. but his agent says he has a sea of opportunities awaiting him. it's the announcement that stunned fans. the dust starting to settle over the biggest trade in recent eagles history lesean mccoy gone. how war eskin here with more on that tonight. >> gone but never forgotten just to let they know they play in
10:38 pm
philadelphia this year the buffalo bills. the trade is hot topic in town. lesean mccoy gone that quickly although again not official until tuesday. but done. after six years mccoy with his two pro bowls, four seasons rush fog a thousand years chip kelly moving on to a new line back in the trade. some people question why. >> we took him off the field on goal line. gave it to chris polk. that's the mentality he wants and so it's not about what he's done. it's not about what he's capable of doing much it's not about his talent. it's about what he wants guys to do. and so this didn't surprise me. they need to clear cap space because it's evident that they're going to try to get marcus marriott at a. the only way that can happen if the eagles give up a lot of draft choice. if they give up a lot of draft choices how do they get players to fill their roster? they have to do it through free agency. >> i hate to break the news to greg but that's in my opinion not the reason they're doing this and i don't think it's really logical that they can get
10:39 pm
marcus mariota. chip kelly identified his new running back. back to you guys. >> cameras casm a bus slamming into a car setting off a chain reaction crash. what that driver did just before the crash. and she's the woman you love to hate on empire as lucius lions fiance' next why the actress who plays annika says race has become an issue. >> inside cookie's closet. the secret is out. where she gets her fabulous looks might just surprise you. >> day four rollo the dog still in a watery grave at the bottom of the toms river. >> plus fluoride in your water bad for you? one new jersey mayor says it is and he wants to get rid of it. >> we'll have that battle today. next chasing news, you know where.
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bus outside detroit slams into a line of stopped cars and it's all caught on camera. police say the 65-year-old driver nodded off at the wheel. by the time he saw the traffic in front of him it was too late. he tried to slam on the brakes but smashed right into a car. the driver steered the bus into the shoulder. bumping and scratching half dozen other cars along the way. only one passenger was on board at the time and luckily she was not hurt. >> markets for creams and gels and injectables to treat dark spots and scars or simply lighten skin is exploding. but with that explosion comes a warning about what you're actually putting on your skin. fox 29's lauren johnson looks into the hidden dangers. >> reporter: skin lightening or bleaching has been around for years. it's advertised as a way to get rid of dark spots and blemishes much it's popularity is sky
10:44 pm
rocketing thanks in fort celebs like nicky minaj and little kill who appear to have gotten lighter over the course of think careers and african pop star den seay. >> this is what she looked like a few years ago. this is what she looks like now. >> yes die. >> in recent interviews she defended whitening her skin and her skin lightening products she sells online. >> am i,ing. >> dark spot remover, witness lightening cream or whatever it's labeled could have the opposite effect on consumers searching for the perfect look if not used properly with the help of a medical professional. that's according to dermatologist charlene. >> she says many skin lightening products sold over the counter online or even in your local beauty supply store contain potent doses of chemicals. there's also an injectable lightner. they're only supposed to be prescribed by a medical
10:45 pm
professional. we wanted to see for ourselves so we took our cameras inside several stores. we found shelves and shelves of 69 lighteners, fade creams, bleaching bath milks and whitening soaps. >> over the counter products are safe because they're over the counter. >> hydro core known is the active upgradient in most skin lightensness. products with too% or less are relatively safe. >> look what we found. boxes and boxes of skin lighteners with doses the doctor says should be prescription only only. >> some manufacturers even add mercury and steroids which speeds up the lightening process process. but comes with even greater risks. >> hydroquinone is a -- a pigmentation some people may have. you get acne and stretch marks all over your body. >> more recently people are skipping the over the counter products altogether and questing
10:46 pm
injectable lightner. >> very potent anti-oxidant in our body naturally. >> he was originally used to treat some cancers and parkinson's disease. doctors noticed when they treated patients they started glowing or getting lighter. >> there was never meant to be used for skin lightening but it is now. and it happens faster and one can choose what shade they want to go to. >> reporter: just like topical creams using it the wrong way could at the very least include sun sensitivity and more seriously cause your heart to race. if your request to the skin color leads to creams or injectables. >> if it's sold over the counter in another country that's fine and dandy. it's not our regulation. it should have never made it in or it should never have made it into the store or over the counter. >> so the doctor says no matter how people choose to lighten their skin if they show desire
10:47 pm
you can do it safely with the help of a medical professional. she play as woman you love to hate on the hottest show on tv empire. grace, says her race has become an issue here in the us. she place lucius lions fiance' on empire she opened up to the ladies of real this morning. she's by racial and this was raised in the caymans islands and coming to the us was a culture shock especially when it comes to her ethnicity. >> back home, they don't really look at color. we look at culture. and here i'm by racial half black, half white when i got to america people were like, oh, well you look different. are you black? are you white? >> i was like well i'm both. and they were like yeah but what do you department if i with? >> oh wow. >> that was the first time that i was like wow i'm not, dorks i have to pick? >> wow. she says she also works hard to cover up her thick accent. >> speaking of empire cookie has
10:48 pm
a blockbuster style that seems to so perfectly fit that character. it's hard to picture her really in anything else. how does she get that glamorous look. >> fox's jake hamilton goes behind the scene at the chicago set to find out. >> reporter: mark twain said it best. clothes make the man. but he never met a woman like rita. >> i trite it on to see would she like it and how would i look in this fur? i try it on, too. am i fabulous? ♪ >> reporter: rita magee costume designer responsible for the threads that cookie and all the characters on empire sport on weekly basis. >> this is her closet. this is cookie's closet here. we have her kids closet. just like house much wardrobe house much it's the empire house. >> reporter: the clothes may make the man but rita make the
10:49 pm
clothes. ♪ >> this is where it all starts. it starts in the closet and from here we create the look. we have the sit fitting. if it comes cookie's closet andre's closet wardrobe of empire. >> reporter: rita magee may from la when it comes to the clothes she picks for the characters of empire they're from chicago for rita each piece of clothing has to help us figure out who these characters. >> how they represent themselves through their clothes. their colors their prints how have i bran it is, how strong it is. fit to the clothes much it's very much a part of who they are are. >> reporter: each piece of wardrobe is categorized based on which episode and seen it's featured in. the clothes are found at a range of high and low end boutiques around the city. don't be surprised if you recognize some of your own clothing on the show. >> i think i had this suit. >> should i take it as compliment if i have this suit. >> definitely. >> express.
10:50 pm
no. ♪ >> reporter: you can't deny the impact that rita's work has on empire every week. from cookie to lucius each character is only as believable as the clothes on their back. many of the clothes don't make the man after all. in the end maybe rita does. ♪ next wedding bells at the philadelphia flower show and you're inn have id. meet the lucky couple who just said i do. >> take a live look at the radar as this major storm moves in. a final look at the timeline
10:51 pm
i'm shawn lee, i play rugby for the santa monica rugby club. i started going gray kind of early... and it's just not me. only just for men easily targets gray for a natural gray-free look. guaranteed. just you and the look you want. just for men.
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♪ >> philadelphia flower show celebrates the movies this year but they create add true fairy tale for one lucky couple. they won a competition to have their wedding at the flower show. >> how fun. ballroom filled with gorgeous flowers, the perfect place to say i do especially in the winter. (applause). >> aww. reception was at a ballroom at the convention center complete of course with food, live music dancing. experts were also at the flower show today offering tips to brides to be. that flower show runs through sunday. good luc what's with the suit? oh,
10:54 pm
i had to go to the bank. if you look legit they give you special treatment. seriously? seriously, yeah. the banker dude set up my checking account so if i make one deposit a month, no monthly maintenance fee. special treatment! citizens bank, right? yep. you know they do that one deposit checking thing for everyone, right? got mustard on your suit. actually, it's your suit. one deposit checking. only from citizens bank.
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we work weekends here. because it works for our patients. here, at cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia, we give our patients the freedom to make appointments that fit their schedules, even on weekends. because we believe in being here when our patients need us, so they can keep living their busy lives. weekend appointments are now available here. learn more at ♪ big story around the bend. >> one last look at the timing. >> as expected right now you guys north and west it has already begun to change over to some snow and sleet. lehigh valley as well as the poconos those temperatures will continue to drop overnight as well. so right now mainly rain but after midnight snow and sleet. from 3:00 a.m. until noon the
10:57 pm
bulk of the accumulateing snow and then lighter snow will linger into the afternoon. but it looks like five to 8-inches for philadelphia. >> all right. remember tmz is up next. >> we are back here at 3am early for your fox 29 morning news and of course "good day philadelphia". >> sue serio and bob kelly will have your weather and traffic covered all morning long. be sure to stay tune.
10:58 pm
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11:00 pm
>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: so there is a sex museum in las vegas. there's a couple that had a v.i.p. tour. >> the lights go off. employees leave. they start having sex all over the museum. apparently the security guard finally woke up. >> hang on, woke up. >> that's good enough for me. >> get them out of here now. >> chris brown is the proud new father of a 9-month-old baby girl. >> the mother is not karreuche. chris brown just found out. harvey: how could he not know for nine months? >> how much child support do you know if you just one-off it? >> it's the same amount. >> what if it's a one-off you don't love? >> i was pretty drunk. harvey: i thought it was a guy. >> hillary clinton. harvey: hillary clinton's had some


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