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tv   FOX 29 News at 5PM  FOX  March 5, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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e understand at a game stop at 21st and lehigh two suspects involved. the police officer arrived on the scene. we are being told right now and this is preliminary information is that officer may have been shot in the head. i'm also being told that one of the suspects was shot in this exchange of gunfire. the police officer was taken to temple university hospital to the trauma unit there. that is one of the best trauma units in the and tire area. police officers get taken there when they get shot because they get the best possible quickest treatment possible trying to save their lives. again, not a lot of information just talked to fop president john mcnesby a few moments ago. all of this people are on the way to the scene and to the hospital as we speak. i want to tell you something. these game stops have been targets for robberies throughout philadelphia. there's a lot of them in the area. they are repeatedly held up at gun point at different areas. it's a snowy day today. perhaps these two suspects thought kind of the guard was down here but it wasn't. this police officer from what we
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understand responding to the scene. we don't know if it was a robbery. but at some point gunfire was he can changed. one of the suspects was shot. the officer was shot. we're told in the head again i want to emphasize that is preliminary information. the officer was taken to temple hospital. i'm told all of the police brass from the commissioner on down are either headed to the hospital or at the hospital some are at the crime seep trying to figure out exactly what happened here. we hope to have more information the next several minutes as soon as we do we will bring it right now. iain i got to tell you i went through the state of police shootings and murders several years ago when we lost half a dozen officers to gunfire and the city has just now recovered from that some four or five years later. this is, you know grave news tonight but again the officer at temple university hospital hopefully at this point we'll get update in the next several minutes and we'll bring it to you as soon as we can. >> dave, the moment officer down goes across those radios, what happens within the department?
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>> reporter: well, there's a rush lucy to the scene and there's a rush to the hospital. philadelphia police officers will flock from all over the city to come to the aid of one of their fallen officers. and to head there trying to do whatever they can to support both the officer his family and, you know, work at the crime seen lots of folks i'm sure headed up to that area. i was in several of these right after they happened back a few years ago and when i tell you hundreds of officers sometimes respond to those scenes, i'm not exaggerateing one bit. i've seen 50, 60 police cars head up broad street during shooting several years ago when a police officer in philadelphia lost his life. so it's a whole -- all hands on deck it's a people try to help out both at the scene and at the hospital in some kind of support to the family and the officer. >> all right. dave schratwieser. we'll continue to let you work your sources and get back to you with some more information as soon as we have it. we appreciate the insight as always. now, let's check in with jeff cole who's of course been following this from our newsroom since the story broke about 4:45. jeff. >> sort of the point in this we
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have the basic information and then you wait for a little more in terms of context but again let me reiterate what our viewers just joining us may not know. we'll certainly continue to work it hard. 21st and lehigh 4:40, 4:45 as dave said at a game stop. officer was shot, dave schratwieser says preliminary information now he's saying preliminary information we want to say to our viewers sometimes this is what we have to go with as we're reporting live here. but preliminary information says one officer shot possibly in the head. two are in custody. two alleged suspects here are in custody or suspects here are in custody. they have taken the officer to temple university hospital with a trauma center there. very well thought of a place can keep anybody alive if they've given a chan to do it on obviously that's what this department and the city is hoping for. as we report on one police officer apparently shot. 21st and lehigh. four follow court 4:45 this afternoon outside the game stop here in the city of philadelphia in north philly.
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>> that's what we have from here. >> let's give a perspective while you stay with us jeff. we'll show that map google map kind of that google view of the area we're talking about again iain we've both have children. we know a lot of kids head to game stops. young adults a lot of people go to the game stop. you heard dave schratwieser say very snowy day we don't know whether the store was opened or closed a call did come in. police sonned to the scene. this is what you're looking at here obviously a different season. but this is the game stop we're talking about. 21st and lehigh in philadelphia. as dave schratwieser mentioned there have been a series or a string of robberies at game stops around the city. that they get hit. they are a lot of armed robberies at gun point and so this is something that's happened obviously in the last few months. we know there's a lot of armed robberies in philadelphia but a particular run on game stops as dave had mentioned and perhaps dave again said perhaps today they thought maybe they'd let their guard down comeing here. that was not the case. there was apparently a police officer right there at the time that this robbery happened.
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but, you know, this is something that happens a lot in this city. there are a lot of armed robberies and gale stop has been on the radar for a lot of these robbers. >> reporter: from my perspective in terms of police shootings here we seem to unfortunately go through states of them we have a number them at one time. i've been here a number of years now. certainly this happened and becomes obviously horrific and horrific for the city when it happens as well here, and this idea of when police officer are hurt or injured in any way it does prompt a massive and understandable response to these scenes to try to figure out what went wrong here. how this shooting occurred. and to certainly try to save the life of the officer as well. shot again we're saying preliminary here of a police officer shot and shot in the head. but obviously, you know, shot in the head he may have come upon this. or sort of walk into something here. it will be interesting to find out how obviously how this gunplay came about. >> from what we understand as well i think dave said preliminarily the word is that a
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suspect may have also been shot. we don't know the condition of either the officer or the suspect. we hope that nobody is hurt terribly badly but obviously two people have been shot most like likely. this comes kind of -- in the middle of commissioner ramsay going off to washington, d.c., talking to president obama and handing in a report on community policing. so how can the police department work win its community without raising any tension or any level. we've had some bad things around here good there's a lot of mistrust between the community and the police department not just here but a lot of cities across the country. we've seen it in staten island. we've seen the ferguson, missouri. there were problems in the ferguson, missouri police department and this is something that our commissioner and the president is trying to get a handle on, jeff. >> report roar let's face it guys. there is a terrible level of violence in urban america and this is a result of it unfortunately. lucy smartly mentions
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commissioner ramsay and his involvement as coach chairing of the panel. i actually spoke with commissioner ramsay today at city council when mayor nutter put out his budget proposal and i asked him how was his visit there to the white house? what are his thoughts? and he says that, you know, there's a lotted to still and this proposal that in part includes sort of better relationship with folks in communities but also the use of cameras on officers, you know, strapped on to officers, so some of these can be video taped. he said the president was pleased in fact with the report, that there may be some changes in it. but ramsay has been in this business for lore a long long time. been in chicago and in d.c. long stint here and most folks would say successful one but still seems very concerned as many in law enforcement are about the sort of, you know, tension between people and cities across and the police officers. but we certainly know now 21st and lehigh about 4:44, 4:45
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outside game stop an officer in blue in the city of philadelphia apparently shot works in custody and the investigation is obviously underway and obviously an evident underway to certainly save this officer. >> absolutely. jeff i know you've been here on the streets for many years and so you've got a lot of sources you've seen a lot of things. and again this is still early we're still getting a lot of information in but what does it tell you the fact that we've got a couple of suspects in custody? >> reporter: they're all over it. the cops were all over it. who knows what they were doing. they may have been looking at something in there looking at some people in there. and so when this thing went down they were on it fast and able to scoop people up. or they sonned so quick toll it that they were able to get to folks very very quickly. it tells me that they were hard and fast to the scene or around the scene unfortunately at the time of the shooting and quickly made these arrests and exceed some people up. they'll be all over them talking to them hard and trying to get the lay of land how this thing went down.
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>> jeff cole in our newsroom talking about an officer involved shooting. we understand that an officer has been shot. we heard had he may have been shot in the head. we understand a suspect may have been shot. it happened at a game stop just a few minutes ago around 4:45 or so. jeff cole, we'll check back in with in you a moment. big news day. >> it is a big news day. the other news story of the day we've had huge storm that started later this morning. dumped about seven 8-inches on us. for the latest on let's get over to chief meteorologist scott williams. scott? >> iain lucy biggest snowstorm of the season for most across the area, and it's not over yet. temperatures are plunging. 20 degrees right now in philadelphia. and look outside of our studios. that snow has been heavy wet snow clinging to pretty much everything. tree limbs, the roadways, the sidewalks and it is icy out there and the concern overnight the roadways and the temperatures dropping to record levels. however, that snow has begun to taper off rapidly. north and west of the philadelphia area. but temperatures are dropping. the heaviest of the snowfall right now atlantic city, wildwood how do we know that
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conditions are improving? north and west look at the visibility up to 10 miles right now in allentown and the pocono mountains. nine in said redding still half a mile in philadelphia. as well as wildwood. so conditions still pretty bad out there as we take a look at some of the pictures coming in, folks have their sleds out. take a look at the shredders here hitting the slopes. they're in stokes hill in moorestown area. #fox29snow send us your pictures but stay safe. you can see the snow tapering off rapidly in the lehigh valley and the pocono mountains. we still have that snow around philadelphia haddonfield cherry hill, new jersey, moving into gloucester county, mullica hill right now looking at some of that snow. but where you see the brighter white, barnegat, atlantic city sea isle city, down to the shore avalon, cape may looking at some of that moderate to heavy snow. and as we put ultimate doppler in a time lapse loop you can see the back edge right now toward washington, d.c. and that will continue to push toward our area area. so things tapering off over the
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next couple of hours but the heaviest of the snow will stay in south jersey and central and southern sections of delaware. so right now we still have winter storm warnings posted dangerous road conditions. the heaviest of the snow over the next couple of hours south and east of philadelphia and then after seven it tapers off rapidly but those temperatures plunge to record levels overnight and we're looking at the numbers. philadelphia the forecast is 10. the record is 10. take a look at atlantic city. the forecast is 10. the record is nine. that salt and chemicals aren't going to work that well with temperatures this cold so friday morning it's going to be a concern but look at one of the totals coming in from pennsylvania. king of prussia 9.1-inches. so coming up we'll take a look at totals across the state of new jersey and delaware and also if you guys there will be a warmup with the seven day forecast coming up. >> a big if. we'll talk to you then scott. we have breaking news coming into the fox 29 newsroom right now. an officer down from what we
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understand there was some type of a possibly a robbery at a game stop at 21st and lehigh in philadelphia. our chris o'connell has been at the scene and he has some video let's take it right now. you can see all of the emergency crews rushing to that area right now because when they get that call, officer down, as dave schratwieser said, it's all hands on deck. >> absolute. they are racing to that scene to try to help that officer. we have two suspects in custody. as jeff cole told you they were all over this and we're all over as well. compromise? middle ground? does it really look like we're holding anything back? longhorn's dinner for two
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>> news is breaking police officer shot in north philadelphia.
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21st and lehigh at game stop. >> details continue to come into the fox 29 newsroom. dave schratwieser live in marlton working his stores night for us. dave the latest? >> reporter: we're on our move to temple hospital university where this officer was taken. i want to stress this is preliminary information. a lot of sit coming on the fly here. so let me just tell you what happened around 4:40 this afternoon two philadelphia police officers responded to a game stop at 21st and lehigh. we do not know what that was about whether it was a robbery in progress or whatever at this point but again responded to that game stop. there were two suspects at the seep. there was a gun battle from what i'm being told shots fired by both sides. as that happened, we're told two suspects open fire on the police officers. the police officer was shot in the head. again that's preliminary information. we're trying to figure out right now exactly what the situation is. but the officer was taken to
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temple university hospital to the trauma unit there. the trauma unit at temple university hospital has been the place where most officers get taken because they can quickly save the life of somebody in a situation like this. again, two suspects we're told have been taken into custody. this was at a game stop at 21st and lehigh. that's right on the border of the 39th 39th police district and the 22nd police district we are not sure at this hour what district the officer who was wounded is from. we're told two officers responded. a gun battle ensued at the game stop. and again the officer we're told preliminarily now that the officer was shot in the head. two suspects are in custody. i just talked to jim clark the captain of the homicide unit. he is on his way to the scene as we speak now. the homicide unit even though the officer is in grave condition now always takes control of a police shooting situation like this. so they are putting the best detectives they have in philadelphia special investigations unit the line
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squad guys, everybody possible to work on this investigation. again, the top brass from the police department commissioner ramsay deputy commissioner ross depth pew thee bethel and other deputees are at the hospital. some are at the scene trying to gather information. support the officer and support his family who i'm sure at this point have been rushed to the hospital as well. temple university trauma unit has always been the scene at the emergency room exit there where hundreds of police officers sometimes will gather after one of their own has been shot. we are on our way to that area right now. we'll go back to you guys as soon as we get new information. we'll bring the to you right away. >> all right. dave schratwieser thank you very much heading right now to temple university hospital's trauma unit. let's check in with fox 29's chris o'connell. we understand he's live at the scene at that game stop. chris, what can you tell us? >> reporter: guys, first of all let me just say we got to the scene here at 21st and lehigh. i do not know what dave schratwieser has already reported but what i can tell you is what i'm seeing right now. dozens of police officers here
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22nd lean high. arriving here on the scene. one officer is shot. we know he was brought to temple university hospital. dave said that officer was shot in the head. we were hearing radio reports. it was some of the host horrifying radio transmissions i've ever heard. mad scramble of getting a medic or getting a transport to this officer to the hospital. it just seemed like minutes. as you see a lot of these officers now arriving to the scene. some detectives here kenyata to the left noun arriving. we understand it was some sort of altercation inside or outside of that game stop. radio reports saying two suspects were in custody. one of them was taken to einstein medical center for some sort of medical issue. the other one was transported to homicide. we actually did see that transport of a suspect going down broad street by escort going to homicide.
5:19 pm
we also understand two witnesses are on their way to homicide to be interviewed by deputees. one other side note. again these are radio transmissions so we haven't gotten any official reports yet. but there was some concern about the officer's weapon. at one point we were hearing they cannot fine the officer's weapon. so i don't know if that rectified or if they found that since much that is one radio report that we her. once again one police officer obviously no identification yet. no idea why he was brought here but some reason it happened outside the game stop where dozens of philadelphia police officers high ranking detective detectives arriving here on scene now. we'll try to get some more information you guys but obviously developing story. we were in the area about a mile and a half away when we got the reports we saw philadelphia police officers raceing to the scene up and down broad street. all over north philadelphia as you would expect when something
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like this happens. so we're going to try to gather in information. figure out some more and get right back to you as soon as we can. guys, i'll bring it back to you. >> chris i know you've going to talk to people again latest information but quickly you were talking about kind of the emotion of those radio transmissions you were hearing. can you describe a little bit about what you heard? >> reporter: um, it was frantic. we were listening to police scanners guys. but it just seemed like these officers every transmission was we need a medic. we need a medic. we need transport. how long it was, i don't know, but it was just horrifying to hear. you just heard the desperation in these officers voices over the police radio and finally they did get some sort of medical transport to temple university hospital. but just to see your fellow officers -- officer lying down there injured like that cannot imagine what was going through their minds. but just hearing it lucy was just -- it was really horrifying to hear. >> all right. chris o'connell gathering
5:21 pm
information right now at the scene of a shooting. exactly. we'll get back to him when he has some more information much chris, we appreciate it. we have video from temple university hospital. that's where this officer was taken. dave schratwieser of course told you that the officer is in grave condition was taken to temple university hospital in that trauma unit because it is the best one in the area and this trauma unit actually saves officers lives. we understand jeff cole has got some information on that. let's bring him in now. jeff you've been following this story since about quarter to 5:00. >> what i want totter add i unfortunately covered police shootings where officers have been taken to temple. let me set the scene here. it is, you know just as this video depicts when officers go there, again are injured and are taken to temple, really streams and waves of police officers often come and they're cruisers are there and the lights are on and other officers will all gather and they'll talk often unfortunately you'll see officers escort family members in and it becomes a very large
5:22 pm
gathering point for police officers obviously when this happens. lecked officials and other city officials will often come there and this looks to me to be the sort of making of just that kind of scene and that is likely to grow there as this stretches on with more police officers coming and talking and sharing. i mean there's a real comradery that occurs in a closeness that occurs when these kinds of horrible events happen. folks. >> all right, as jeff is telling us what happens with these things i want to show was you're looking at here on the left you have temple university hospital this area on the right you have video from the seep itself at the game stop 21st lean high. now, jeff, we know an officer has been shot. we had heard preliminarily that a suspect may also have been shot. what are you hearing? >> reporter: well, we are hearing that -- let me just run through the details as we know. we know it was 21st lean high. chris said he was standing at 22nd and lehigh. but in that area of 21st
5:23 pm
22nd and lehigh we know about 4:40 to 4:45 there was gunplay. dave schratwieser has reported to us that there were firing by he says preliminary two suspects one officer hit possibly in the head and taken to temple university hospital. folks? >> jeff, thanks as always for the insight. we'll continue to follow this. check back in with you dave and chris in just a momen
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>> we continue to follow breaking news about 4:40 this afternoon a call came in a game stop at 21st and lehigh. a couple of police officers responded there and an officer has been shot. he has been taken to temple university hospital in grave condition. he is at the trauma unit. we think a suspect may be has been shot. we haven't been able to confirm that yet. police officer has been shot at a game stop at 21st and lehigh. >> a lot of preliminarily information coming in right now. of course this is a developing situation. on the way to temple university hospital is our dave schratwieser. we do have a crew on the scene. dave schratwieser has been on the phone. you know he's got a lot of sources, and dave, i know you just got off the phone. what are you hearing? >> reporter: lucy, let me again emphasize all information we're giving right now is preliminary information. a hectic scene at 21st and lehigh. what we're being told again two suspects encountered by two police officers responding to the scene. we don't know what district those officers were from.
5:27 pm
that's right on the border with the 39th police district and the 22nd 22nd police district at 21st and lehigh. those officers got into a gun battle with the suspect. one officer was struck in the head. you heard chris o'connell report there was a mad scramble to try and get that officer a medic unit or to put him in a police car and get him to item temple university hospital. it's called scoop and run. police officers have been train not to wait for a medic in situations like that to load the officer in a police car and race him to the hospital themselves. that often can save a life. we don't know if that happened in this situation. but if a medic unit wasn't there, right away, i'm sure officers raced him to the hospital again we're told again preliminary information works suspects in custody. one of them may have been wounded during this gun battle and was taken to einstein. no further information on that. i have spoken to captain james clark from the homicide union. he was actually off. he's headed in to head this investigation. we're told two witnesses were taken to the homicide unit.
5:28 pm
one of the suspects was taken to the homicide unit. this is a all happened on deck situation with the philadelphia police department when a police officer is shot. dozens of detectives from the homicide unit from other areas of the city you heard chris say there were dozens of police officers on the scene there at the game stop. i talked about this a little while ago much these game stops are a target for robberies across the city. we've had multiple game stop robberies throughout the year. you see surveillance video. these things all the time. perhaps and again we don't know this yet perhaps the officers happened upon a situation like that and a gun battle ensued. it's a snowy day. it's quiet. most stores are closed today. we don't know if the game stop was open if this happened inside the game stop or outside when the officers encountered these two suspects but again two suspects works police officers responding, something some type of gun battle ensued the officer we're told preliminarily was struck in the head. he's at the temple university hospital i'm on my way there right now. i will bring you a live report as soon as we arrive on the
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scene. guys, back to you. >> fox 29's dave schratwieser is he appreciate the information. let you get back to working your sources. >> dave is heading there now. right there right now is fox 29's brad sattin live for you. so what do you know, brad what are you hearing. >> reporter: well lucy those officers who were not at the scene certainly are here at temple university. we just got here about 10 minutes ago. it has been although it's quiet for the second non-stop sirens as police and firefighters have been showing up on very slippery roads here. they have just been flying to get to the scene as dave was saying when an officer is shot, it is all hands on deck. everyone rushing to this scene. we don't have much more new information beyond what was already reported. that the officer is here. he was taken here again you can see the scene here. we're right off of germantown and old york road. temple university. a very good trauma unit here this is the place this officer needs to be. again, we're hearing potentially he could have been shot in the head this is the place to be and again for those officers who are not over at the seep which is
5:30 pm
not far from here, just several blocks away they are here. i asked an officer a few minutes ago how are you holding up and his response was simply, not very good. so again we're just getting to the scene here. we'll monitor it. we'll try to talk to the officers and get you some more information as long as we can. >> brad sattin live at the temple university hospital where an officer has been taken. we unpreliminarily he's in grave
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>> the news is breaking in the middle of the biggest know storm of the season a philadelphia police officer was shot. responding to a game stop in north philadelphia. we understand the jeff cole is in our newsroom following this since it broke around 4:40. jeff we understand you have new information. >> reporter: like to first say in to our viewers in situations like we use our phones and call often we're left e-mail and text to try to get information because folks in the know obviously are going to the scene or going to the hospital. so i have a top law enforcement source who says allergy confirm not name the source confirm the officer was shot in the head from other sources i'm hearing from this does not look good for this police officer but i can confirm from a top source that he was in fact shot in the head. again, just to update folks what we know, 21st and lehigh, 22nd and lehigh game stop 4:40 police officer shot while apparently involved in gunplay possibly two other officers.
5:34 pm
the officer that was shot. i understand from a top law enforcement source was in fact shot in the head and was rushed to temple university hospital. temple university hospital according to our reporters is a place now where -- >> real quick jeff i've got just -- >> jeff, jeff real quick. >> i hate interrupting like this watch you're look at right here is the suspect one of the suspects being transported. this is what you are seeing and one of the police units. the suspect involved in what happened at the game stop an officer shot in the head. as one of jeff cole's sources just told him. you see a suspect being transported in that vehicle right there. this is video jeff we're seeing. i'm sorry i interrupted you. please go ahead g that's fine. great reporting and folks in fact should see this. and see how this all operates and of course they quickly lower those doors as they often do so you don't see sometimes what's happening and who is coming out of it. but what i was reporting lucy
5:35 pm
was just that i've got a top law enforcement shores says the officer was shot in the head and indications are he certainly is in grave condition that this a difficult very difficult circumstance for this police officer. 21 and lehigh at a game stop apparently shot in the head. top law enforcement source. and two people are in custody folks. >> jeff of course we've got -- we're all over this story. chris o'connell at the scene at the game stop at 21st and lehigh fox 29's dave schratwieser is on his way to the temple university hospital. brad sattin is there. so we of course will continue to follow this and bring you the latest details. >> as they continue to fall. gather some more information and check with your sources as we look at video now from the scene. this from chris oh com's camera the scene now at 21st and lehigh at the game stop where this incident happened about 4:40 this afternoon. >> just happened on the snowiest biggest storm of the season. and that is our other big breaking news right now. it is not let up yet.
5:36 pm
chief meteorologist scott williams has been all over this. what's the latest scott. >> latest we're seeing average lucy and iain about five to 8-inches of snow just as predicted. a few locations have over achieved including the king much prussia area a little over 9-inches. 21 degrees right now but look at the snow covered mark street just outside of our studios. it was a heavy wet snow. it has reduced visibility down to 1 mile right now in philadelphia. but you can see the back edge of the snow. we have a little bit of a gap in between but a little more in the way of light snow moving in to the pocono mountains again but the heaviest of the snow right now in south jersey and delaware. look at the numerous airport delays down to 30 minutes right now at jfk but philadelphia international airport still over two hours delays. but look at the visibility that has been a concern really throughout the balance of this system. right now down to half a mile in atlantic city. 1.3-mile visible in philadelphia philadelphia. but improving up to 10 right now in allentown.
5:37 pm
continue to send in your pictures as well a lot of dog pictures. let's find some other pictures coming in right now. you can see drexel hill right now looking at that snow and rocky enjoying the snow. here's a black lab clover the black lab enjoying watching some of the kids out playing in that snow looks like he's having fun too. you can see start to go dry out a little bit right now in norristown ans were he'll media as we move toward delaware county but still snowing right now mainly south and east of the i-95 corridor. once you move to dover, sea isle city atlantic city and came may that snow is still coming down so sill ill still a couple of more showers get through things will start to improve as far as the snow but the temperatures will be a different story. so by 6:00 o'clock we're still looking at some light snow around philadelphia but once again the heaviest continues to move south and east over the next several hours. dangerous roads that winter storm warning still posted through tonight but those temperatures record low territory across the area and those road chemicals really
5:38 pm
aren't going to work that well when you have temperatures record levels tonight. the forecast nine for philadelphia. and you can see the record is 10. look at the forecast for allentown. zero. the record is seven. so numerous record lows expected especially with that snow pack. new jersey mt. laurel coming in at 6.7-inches. mt. holly almost five. but look at king of prussia. 9.1-inches of snow. the jenkintown area, 8.4. chadds ford coming in at 6.7 bensalem 5.5-inches we still have those winter storm warnings posted through late tonight and look at the temperature contrast contrast. 20 in philadelphia. but it is 86 balmy degrees in jacksonville, florida. if you're sick of the cold there will be a pattern change as we move into the upcoming weekend and especially by next week. we're not going get into the 80s but we have some 50s in that seven day forecast. guys as we take look right now what's happening over the neck seven days, 27 degrees for the
5:39 pm
high tomorrow. we springford on sunday and then look at temperatures for highs iain and lucy by thursday of next week, 55 degrees. >> how does that sound. >> sounds a lot better than it is right now. weather a big breaking story and we have another one. we certainly do. a police officer has been shot and taken to temple university hospital. it happened at a game stop at 21st and lehigh just about an hour ago. our fox 29's dave schratwieser breaking facts on this case. we understand he's got new information for us. dave? >> reporter: iain i'm about five or 10 minutes away from temple university hospital. new information just coming in and again i emphasize i have repeatedly here today this is preliminary information i'm now hearing that the two police officers i'm told they are from the 22nd police district. the officer who was shot in the head is a young officer from what i'm being told. i'm told the two officers may have been inside that game stop. there is a program in the police department where officers will stop in to stores and they sign into a logbook check in with the
5:40 pm
store owner make sure to see if there's anything going for the day any suspicious activity to report things like that. they may have been inside the game stop at the time. the two suspects came in the door i'm told potentially guns were blazing it was a gun battle inside the store. the police officer was shot once in the head. again, that has not been confirmed officially. but that's what we were told. that's what radio calls were saying at the point. two suspects were inside. two were taken into custody. one was taken to einstein hospital. the other was taken to the homicide unit. chris o'connell reported that two witnesses were also taken to the homicide unit. dozens of detectives central detectives, east detectives, northeast detectives, northwest detectives are all involved in this investigation along with homicide right now. there are lots of officers at the hospital as you heard brad sattin report a few moments ago. all of the top police brass commissioner ramsay deputy ross, deputy bethel and others at the hospital. we have not been able to reach any of them on the phone which
5:41 pm
tells me this is a rather grave situation at the hospital and they are not ready to release any information. they normally will not release any information until everyone from the family has arrived at the hospital till they can see what the situation is get a handle on the investigation at the scene and then they will come out and brief sometimes the mayor, i'm sure the mayor if hearsays not already there he's on his way now there. they'll wait for the mayor. marty will stop in, confer with the police commissioner and they'll come out and make some kind of announcement we have not heard any of that at this point. but again from what it sounds like and again preliminarily information, the officers may have been inside that game stop at 21st and lehigh around 4:40 this afternoon when the two suspects came in guns drawn and a gun battle ensued. the officer was shot in the head. one of the suspects was wounded. two suspects are in custody. on the war you raced to the trauma unit at temple university hospital. i'm about five minutes away now. our brad sattin is there. chris o'connell is at the scene. so we have reporters all over this right now and as soon as we
5:42 pm
have more information more breaking information we'll get back to you right away. guys, i'll go back to you. >> fox 29's dave schratwieser just giving us invaluable facts and information. dave, we appreciate it. will he let you get to your sources. heck back with you in a little bit. >> you're looking at life pictures from the scene right now. a little bit over exposed. you can see the police tape everywhere on a day that snowstorm has blanketed our region. a storm that nobody would have ever imagined has just hit the philadelphia police department on this day an officer in grave condition at temple university's tr
5:43 pm
5:44 pm
5:45 pm
the news is breaking a police officer shot in north philadelphia. 21st and lehigh the scene at a game stop. >> details continue to come into the fox 29 newsroom. let's get out to to the scene our fox 29's chris o'connell is with the latest. chris. >> guys, horrible news philadelphia police officer shot shot. we are told in the head and we are also told he is in very grave condition at this hour at temple university hospital where police officers high ranking
5:46 pm
police officers continue to gather at that scene as well as this seen at 21st and lehigh outside of a game stop. show you what's going on right now. do dozens of police officers now asking questions to possible witnesses but what we're told a gun fight either april side or outside that game stop shots were fired. we do know that one police officer was injured. we know two suspects are in custody. one of them has been brought to einstein -- police round house homicide. the other one was injured and taken to einstein medical center center. it does not look they're looking for anyone at this point. keep in mind all the information we're getting right now if preliminary information. i can tell you it is a very somber scene out here. i can physical you two things i saw in the last couple of minutes. you see that car right there. kenyata if you can see that car running with the lights on.
5:47 pm
police are taking pictures of that car. that car has been running since we got here. so we don't know if that car may be involved or not but they've been taking pictures of that car. the other thing i saw i don't know why but two officers from seemingly swat team came in with big guns and ba lace tick shields right around the corner into the game stop. we don't know why that happened. we don't know if they're stick looking for someone but we're just reporting what we see at this point. but the whole section here, 21st and lehigh is cordoned off right now with tape. we're trying to get some more information. what look like possibly the partner of one of these officers was he is cored away just a few minutes ago. a young officer but obviously everyone is very distraught one of their own was shot and injured. we understand in grave condition tonight. we'll try get some more information and bring it to you as this story continues to develop, guys? >> all right, thank you very much, chris o'connell live at
5:48 pm
the scene right there. one of the things that dave schratwieser has told us from his sources again to emphasize preliminary information that the officer that was shot in the head today at that game stop was a young officer. is a young officer. >> just tragic any way you slice it. let's check with our own jeff cole following this story for us for about an hour sin it broke. you were able to confirm this philadelphia police officer was shot in the head. what can you tell us now? >> reporter: again the information is slowly coming up. the sense from sources who are talking to us this is likely to be a very sad evening unfortunately for the city of philadelphia and its police dement. i have a top law enforcement source this police officer was in fact shot in the head. guys, let me run quickly through a list police officers shot in this city only in recent times. charles cassidy injured objection 31, 2007. steven less bin ski may third
5:49 pm
08. isabel, patrick mcdonald gunfire struck. timothy simpson struck by a automobile killed. brian lore haven't so moses walker injury gunfire. just a list of the kind of loss of life the city of philadelphia police force can suffer and has suffered over the time. again, i've got a law enforcement source that this this officer was shot in the head. dave schratwieser who really work the police beat beautifully here says that these were young officers or at least one was young. i've got a source that says from the 22nd district likely inside this game symptom when the suspects involved here came in. as we know and as we've said the officer who was shot in the head was taken over to temple and where certainly efforts i'm sure are underway to try to assist him any any way they can. at temple you will see many, many many police officers there waiting and hoping that this thing turns out okay. but sources indicate that this is likely a difficult night for
5:50 pm
the city of philadelphia. >> jeff, you had mentioned earlier that in your time covering all of the violence that these types of officers shootings come in speights and one what hopefully hope this does not portend another. >> certainly would hope that's not the case. what is real about the city of philadelphia is that guns flow here and that there is many -- much violence and we know, we report it every single night. that there is much gunplay in the city and that there are many murders here unfortunately. and unfortunately sometimes those bullets find that are way to police officers out there of course serving the public. >> iain you were talking about how mayor nutter was outraged just days ago. >> yeah, and commissioner ramsay was actually giving interview and he was saying people should be more outraged about this. we've had these 40 murders and we've had a lot of african-americans killed and it's something that real scholl not be tolerated and we touched
5:51 pm
on it earlier. we talked about how commissioner ramsay is part of this new commission, trying to kind of help the city of philadelphia as well as the country deal with some of the mistrust issues that communities have with police departments it's not just in philadelphia. we've seen it over the summer with the situation in staten island and ferguson, missouri. and this is jeff touched on this at times can be a very violent city. it certainly i remember jeff we had the issue in montgomery county when i just started here with brad fox losing his live with the straw purchase gun. so as jeff talked about guns are out there. and these officers put their lives on the line every day and as we understand this information is still preliminary preliminary. these young officers may have been in that store perhaps either checking on the store as dave schratwieser says as part of a program or stopping by help the community. so it's certainly is a devastating night that began about an hour ago and as we continue to look at this scene here, we've got -- again
5:52 pm
reporters for you at temple hospital where this officer this young officer from what we understand is being taken care of in the trauma unit at temple university. chris o'connell is on the scene getting information for us at the game stop. 21st and lehigh in north philly and we've got brad sattin whose also at the hospital. >> all right. we have it covered. and we also have your weather because that is the other big story of the day and we have much more on both coming up
5:53 pm
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the news is breaking in the middle of the biggest know storm we've all season. the philadelphia police department is reeling right now. this i believe is just outside of temple university hospital at
5:56 pm
the trauma unit right now. we know a young officer is shot in the head. what we understand is this happened in north philadelphia. 21st and lehigh. somehow or another two officers were at a game stop. >> from what we understand they may have been there either checking on the store or as part a community policing program they may have been there coincidentally and what we understand a gun battle happened after that. a young police officer according to fox 29's dave schratwieser was shot in the head. he's in grave condition. plenty officers and other personnel obviously offering their support. we'll have much more on this as well as here on fox 29 news at 6:00 and online so stay with us for that and we'll s
5:57 pm
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♪ fox 29 following breaking news right now. an officer shot at a game stop 21st and lehigh north philadelphia is the scene. i'm lucy noland. >> good evening, i'm iain page we've been following this story since 4:40 this afternoon. we understand that this officer was shot in the head. that's been confirm by fox 29's jeff cole. young officer according to fox 29's dave schratwieser was taken to temple university hospital is at the trauma unit and in grave condition. so this is the scene you're looking at now. this is at 21st and lehigh. i believe this is the scene at 21st and lehigh. chris o'connell is and this is where the scene happened apparently from what we understand you see the game stop we funds dave schratwieser that this young officer and maybe another maybe his partner were already there inside that game stop when this happened and then


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