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tv   Fox 29 News at 6PM  FOX  March 5, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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♪ fox 29 following breaking news right now. an officer shot at a game stop 21st and lehigh north philadelphia is the scene. i'm lucy noland. >> good evening, i'm iain page we've been following this story since 4:40 this afternoon. we understand that this officer was shot in the head. that's been confirm by fox 29's jeff cole. young officer according to fox 29's dave schratwieser was taken to temple university hospital is at the trauma unit and in grave condition. so this is the scene you're looking at now. this is at 21st and lehigh. i believe this is the scene at 21st and lehigh. chris o'connell is and this is where the scene happened apparently from what we understand you see the game stop we funds dave schratwieser that this young officer and maybe another maybe his partner were already there inside that game stop when this happened and then
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there was gun battle and this guy was shot in the head. >> not exactly sure what happened whether they were responding to a call or exact until. were just there at the time. jeff cole has been on this the moment we heard it. and from what we understand, too, jeff, the radio traffic was just packed with emotion when this happened. >> reporter: really good reporting by chris o'connell who was on his way over there. what he reported you can hear -- listen to the police scanners and what he said was that there was moment there is of apparent mayhem when officers were yelling for the medic units. yelling for a way to quickly get this officer to the hospital. that's what chris reported. we've heard that before. anybody whose worked in this business in the news business has heard that before when officers are literally screaming into their radios to get help here and certainly it gets loud and certainly very aggressive and vocal when it involves a police officer. we think the video that you're looking at now is i think one of the suspects being brought in. one of my sources in this is the
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district attorney of the city of philadelphia seth william. williams has confirmed that, yes, this police officer was in fact shot in the head. and williams confirms that the police officer is in what he calls extremely grave condition. this young police officer apparently out of the 22nd serving the city of philadelphia this afternoon at 4:40 inside a game stop apparently with another officer and shot in the head is what the district attorney here says is in he can treatmently grave condition tonight at 6:00 o'clock here in the city. >> jeff cole in our newsroom. and right now we have new information coming in as well. >> we understand our fox 29's dave schratwieser has made it to temple university hospital. dave, what can you tell us. >> reporter: iain let me give you a look here at temple university hospital. as you can see, we have a situation where we have dozens of police officers who have arrived here at the scene actually brought a snowplow in here a few moments ago to clear more parking in the area. we have not had any official
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information released from the hospital at this point and that usually means this is a grave situation here. again, from what we understand from police sources preliminary information, that the two officers from the 22nd district including this officer -- was shot once in the head is a young officer from the 22nd district. he and his partner were inside a game stop there at 21st and lehigh and the suspects came in i'm told there was a gun battle inside the store. one of the suspects was also shot. he was taken to einstein. the other suspect was captured. he was taken to the homicide unit along with two witnesses from what we understand. there's still a very fluid situation you heard chris o'connell in the last hour talking about the situation at 21st and lehigh. so we're trying to see why were the officers inside the game stop and this is a possibility only. the police department has a program where officers visit businesses that are sometimes the target of robberies and crimes and things like that and they will go in, talk to store
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personnel, sign in on a logbook just to check in and see if anything suspicion has happened during the day potentially that could have been why they were inside the game stop at the time. again, we don't have any information -- official information being released by the department at this hour. i'm told by my sources these were two 22nd district police officers. the officer is a young officer who was gravely wounded in the head. he is here at temple university traumatic unit which is one of the best trauma units around. officers are repeatedly taken here. you heard jeff cole in the past hour talk about the litany of police officers who have been kill in the line of duty from gunshot wounds and hit by cars things like most come here to temple where they are immediately treated by the best doctors possible to try and save their lives. we have not heard from any top police brass at this point or the mayor any kind of official release of information about this situation. there are detectives from the homicide unit who normally get aside to a police shooting like this to handle any kind of
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investigation that are on the scene. chris o'connell is at the scene at this point. now, again, i have lost all contact with you guys. i can't hear you. but i just want to let you know at this hour, no official release of information here at temple but there are dozens of police officers broad street is blocked off here. the back area behind the hospital on york road here -- old york road is blocked off as well. dozens of police officers here at the hospital but no word yet from the police department on the condition of this officer. all we know at this .2 suspects in custody one of them is wounded is at einstein. the other at the homicide unit. >> all right, fox 29's dave schratwieser live from temple university hospital. thank you dave. >> from temple university let's go ahead and head up to 21st and lehigh north philadelphia. chris o'connell there right now. chris, one of the things you had mentioned earlier you saw what looked like maybe a few members of the swat team heading into the game stop. i guess we could surmise that they've got a make sure that the scene is in fact secure. >> reporter: yeah, in fact, those swat team members actually
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just exited the game stop as we speak. just a minute ago. so it looks like at least the facility is all clear but where we are standing now is a very active scene with dozens of philadelphia police officers. have i to admit some of them with tears in their eyes hugging one another after hearing the news that one of their own was shot in the head and remains at temple university hospital with sources are telling us in very grave condition. i want to step out of the shot and show you what we're talking about. and show was we're seeing. the crime seen unit here arrived complete perimeter in the parking lot of here at the shopping center at 21st and lehigh. the focus of the investigation is that game stop where we understand there was some sort of gun battle between that police officer and at least two suspects. one of those suspects is einstein medical center with an unknown injury. the other suspect we saw with our own eyes being brought into the police round house to
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homicide investigations. i will show was we're seeing now. kenyata if we can go to that car once again much this car -- i don't know if it's honda a dark colored sedan that has been sitting in that lot officers were very interested in that running car. we're not sure exactly what they're doing. but again a very active scene but also a very sad and somber scene because one of their own they know is fighting for his life now at temple university hospital. it's not an active scene where there's a lot of chaos going on because the suspects we understand are in custody. but just right now trying to put the pieces together and how this all went down late this afternoon. we'll try to get some more information and bring it back to you when we have it. guys. >> chris, have you gotten a chance to talk -- i know you've been trying to gather information and what's the feel like of some of those officers and peel there on the scene? >> reporter: well, like i said you see officers with tears in their eyes and hugging one another.
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they know one of their own is hurting right now. and getting back to what we did hear the panic in the voices of several officers on their radios when this was -- we heard -- we heard it as it was unfolding over police radio and some of these officers were just begging for police dispatch and fire ambulance dispatch to get a medic out to this scene to bring this officer. we're not exactly sure how he was transported. but several officers who were just pleading with radio dispatch get a medic out here. get a medic out here! eventually he was brought to the hospital where brad and dave are now. hopefully we'll get some information but obviously it does not look good tonight for the philadelphia police department. >> chris oh only live at the scene at that game stop in north physical. as we look continue to look at the scene, you know, i was talking to some of the folks in the newsroom as this is unfolding and they were saying they're listening to the scanner traffic that chris just alludeed to. and it was heartbreaking. they said it was just heartbreaking hearing that.
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>> i can only imagine how horrific it must have been have been for anyone on there listening to and that certainly if you're a philadelphia police officer chris talk about one of your fellow officers has been shot and everyone rushing to the scene and obviously at temple university hospital now in the trauma unit and we've got a crew there. again this is video looking at from the scene at 21st and lehigh where this happened around 4:40 this afternoon. we got a call an officer has been shot. we understand it's a young officer who is now in very grave condition at temple university hospital in the trauma unit. >> one suspect also injured. we don't know how seriously how that suspect injured at einstein einstein. and then we also have shown you the video of the police transporting a second suspect to the round house just a little bit ago. you see the snow falling here. this all happened on a day that we've had the biggest snowfall of the season. we're also following that. our scott williams, chief meteorologist scott williams has been tracking that all day long. what's going on now, scott. >> lucy and iain right now we're looking at temperatures that
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continue to drop and when temperatures go into the single digits, what is expected to night the road chemicals and salt doesn't do any good. as far as conditions right now outside our studios you can see the snow is clinging to everything but most of the heavy snow has really tapered off across philadelphia. north and west a little bit of a break but there's another band trying to move back in to the pocono mountains right now. you can see 13 degrees is the current temperature there. that light snow moving back in to reading as well as allentown and here's that little break in between then in south jersey and delaware we're still looking at some of that snow. it's not a heavy band moving back into the pocono mountains and allentown because the visibility still pretty good right now at 10. down to less than a mile in atlantic city as well as wildwood but we have improved to 8-mile visible right now in philadelphia. keep sending in those pictures. a lot of dog pictures and pet pictures coming in. #fox29snow. take a look at man's bev friend. a greeting this person as they were coming home in the delaware
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valley and take a look at these cute little dogs dressed in pink standing out in that snow. you can certainly see them. i think they might need a warmer get up but as we take a look right now what's happening on ultimate doppler once again, we are starting to see a lull around philadelphia as well as bensalem over to norristown. but pine hill, medford still looking at some of that snow. as we move a little farther south and east you can see heavier snow right now in atlantic city as well as cape may county and moving toward central and southern sections of delaware. but we are starting to see that back edge of the snow over the next hour or so. it concentrates most of its moisture into south jersey and delaware. so you can see we still have winter storm warnings posted and once against temperatures will plunge to record low territory for the overnight. how cold will it get? the forecast is nine. the record 10. philadelphia atlantic city the forecast is nine the record is 10. and look at allentown. forecasting a low of zero for tonight. as we take a look at those
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totals 7.1 in burlington. cherry hill 7-inches. 10.4 now coming in from king of prussia. 7.8 in perkasie. so five to seven and 8-inches being reported right now in the philadelphia area. we still have those warnings pretty much area wide in south jersey and delaware but take a look at the seven day forecast. guys because we start to warm up gradually as we move toward the upcoming weekend and we springford but look at the 40s and the yes 50s by the middle of latter part of next week. >> all right. scott williams thank you very much. talk to you soon. of course we continue to follow story we've been following all afternoon. at this seen the game stop at 21st and lehigh a young police officer was shot in the head. he is now at temple university hospital in grave condition. we con
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happened 4:40 the time when the call came in. officer down. it happened at that game stop right there in north philadelphia 21st and lehigh. >> all right. let's check in with our own fox 29's dave schratwieser who's now live for us at temple university hospital. dave? >> reporter: iain again still awaiting some kind of official information. no one has come out from the police department yet to talk to us. commissioner ramsay deputy ross not sure if the mayor is here. i'll give you a look down the street towards the emergency room entrance to item tell university hospital. the trauma unit here where the officer was raced right after that shooting at 4:40 this afternoon at 21st and lehigh at a game stop there where we're told two, 22nd district police officers one of them a young officer who was gravely wounded shot in the head. two suspects encountered gunshots exchanged and we understand one of the suspects was wounded. both are in custody. one is at einstein hospital. the other is at the homicide unit down in center city at police headquarters. dozens of officers here at the
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hospital right now up and down broad street. this street is completely block off. they actually brought a know plow in to clear parking spaces for the officers. a few moments ago we did have two police vehicles pull up to the emergency room with what appeared to be what we believe may be family members coming to the hospital. we now see some other folks coming to the hospital here as well at the temple university hospital. they are being he is cored in by police. no word from top police officials yet on the condition of the officer or the circumstances surrounding this situation. here's what we know from police sources from what we understand around 4:40 this afternoon two officers from the 22nd district were inside the game stop store up at 21st and lehigh. they may have been in there signing in on the logbook. they check on businesses to check and city anything is going on suspicious activity thing like that. when two suspects i'm told entered the store. there was a gun battle inside. the officer was shot in the head and then there was a frantic
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rush to get him here to temple university hospital. you heard chris talk about short time ago the radio traffic the pandemonium trying get this officer out of the game stop into a medic unit and to the hospital as quickly as possible. again, here at temple university hospital tonight dozens of police officers from every possible unit from the marine units to the highway unit expressway patrol local police officer right from the district up here from the 22nd district detectives there are dozens of detectives on the scene where chris o'connell is. we'll go to him in a couple of minutes. there are officers at the 22nd district at the homicide unit and again one of those suspects we're told is at the homicide unit at this hour along with at least two witnesses to this shooting. all of those game stops are equipped with high resolution surveillance cameras. so much of this may have been caught on surveillance camera that is will help the police down the line as they go through this investigation. we talked about earlier this afternoon that these game stops
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are often the target of robberies and things like that. we've had many of them across the city in the past year alone where surveillance video has come out. so again the condition of the officer at this hour from what we're being told is grave condition here at temple university hospital at the trauma unit. he is in grave condition again with a gunshot wound to the head. the other officer we're not sure of his condition. we do believe he's okay. the two suspects are in custody. one at the homicide unit. one at einstein hospital involving a gunshot wound from what we understand from the gun battle that ensued. we do not have any further information there has been no official release of information by the police commissioner or anyone in the public affairs unit for the police department at this hour. all we're told we believe this is a 22nd police district officer. a young officer and that's all we're being told at this point. again, police officers continue to race here to the hospital. i see a couple coming up right behind me now. lights on as folks try to get here to support the family of the officer and the officer.
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top philadelphia police officials we're told are here at the hospital. i have not seen the mayor at this point but he may have come in another entrance that's why i wouldn't have seen him. normally he would be at the scene here and any kind of information would be released by the mayor and the police commissioner once that is available but again they may be waiting for family members to arrive at the hospital. so they can fully update them on the situation here. we have seen folks being he is cored in getting out of police cars right in front of the emergency room entrance right here. but again that's the situation here at temple university hospital. at this hour as soon as we have more information, guys, we'll bring the to you right away. >> dave, out of all the information coming in top of mind i keep just going back to this officer and his condition and his health and his family because you know this morning or whenever he started you know, going for his shift probably as he was putting on his uniform he was thinking, i'm going to deal with traffic issues, it's going to be the snowstorm and then this happens. >> sure. yes, i mean it's a situation where i talked about this earl
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on here a day like this perhaps someone thought the guard was down because that was so much snow going on these stores wouldn't be crowded that that kind of situation. a lot of stores are closed. this store from what we're told was open and again we were told preliminary information not confirmed by the department the officers may have been inside that store when this gun battle ensued. so again you know exactly right lucy. he probably went out the door thinking he was dealing with snow issues, traffic issues and things like that today. not every believing he would encounter this but police officers are prepared and trained to deal with situations hike this every single day. so they usually quiet at the ready in those kinds of situations. >> oh yeah. >> as soon as we get something from police officials we'll bring it to you as soon as we can. no official announcements from the police department at this hour. on any official information that's why i continue to emphasize this is preliminary information till the department comes out here and confirms what we've heard at least at this point. >> all right. fox 29's dave schratwieser live
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for us at temple university hospital. dave, we thank you very much. let's get out to the scene now. where this all happened at 21st and lehigh at game symptom let's join chris o'connell. chris? >> reporter: iain, obviously this investigation is in full gear here now at 21st and lehigh. dozens of police officers now on scene some of them interviewing some witnesses taking ballistics measurements and things hike that. let me take you in to where our vantage point now. right in front of uh-uh see the crime scene unit and many officers post the around the perimeter of this shopping center. it was about 4:40 when the call came out that an officer was down and then police radio traffic just exploded from there there. that officer was immediately -- taken to temple university hospital whereas you heard dave schratwieser say he is in crave condition after being shot in the head that those radio
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transmissions we heard it was just a matter of trying to find those suspects. police did a very good quick job in apprehending two of the suspects. one of them was taken to police homicide. the round house downtown. the other one was injured somehow we're not sure by gunfire but he was taken to einstein medical center. we can tell you this is in the 22nd district. if you know recently we just did stories on how the 22nd district is the only district in the city of philadelphia that some of their officers are using body cameras. very popular now here in law enforcement so we are not sure if that officer involved in the shooting or his partner were wearing body cameras during this, of course, that is one question we will ask and another poignant at least where we are standing right now this is a cross the street literally not 50 yards away from deliverance evangelistic church here at 21st and lehigh. i can tell you it was the last
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time i was up here covering a story i was inside that church coincidentally covering the police officer funeral of police officer moses walker and that was -- i don't know a year and a half ago. so now we're up here again where a police officer has been shot in the head listed in grave condition. a lot of high-ranking police officers out here. detectives talking with one another. but probably the scene that's going to stick in my head, guys, some of these officers walking by us with tears in their eyes hugging one another. just knowing that one of their own is, you know, in bad shape right now and you could tell just by looking at the look in their eye that it's a bad night for the philadelphia police department but right now the scene is calm. they have secured this scene as philadelphia police officers just kind of wait for word on the condition of their comrade. >> chris, thanks very much. we appreciate it.
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>> from the scene of the crime itself to the scene of doctors fighting and trying to do whatever they can to help this philadelphia police officer who was shot in the head survive that wound. this is temple university hospital inside of the trauma unit lies that police officer. our camera moving around here because as you know this is all live and inflict it always is. so but you can see bouncing around here even through all of that movement that there is all hands on deck there. all kinds of police officers at that -- that university hospital. temple university hospital. top brass there as well. city leader there is as well. everybody there trying to support the family of that young officer.
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♪ >> we continue to follow breaking news for you tonight here on fox 29. a young police officer shot at a game stop at 21st and lehigh taken to temple university hospital which is the seep you see right now on your television screen. you can see all of the police officers there. there are city leader there is. there are high ranking police officials there trying to support this young police officer who from what we understand was at this game stop in north philly at 21st and lehigh has been shot in the head and is now there at temple university hospital in the trauma unit in very grave condition. >> that call came in at 4:40 this afternoon. our jeff cole has been working this story since the moment that
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call came in. he's in the newsroom right now. jeff. >> reporter: we've been working our sources both through the phone through texts listening to twitter as well and i've got a source here that's indicating maybe this would have been something they call a site robbery where the police officers may have gone there not as a result of a radio call but were just sort of checking on the store. again source indicating that it may have been something that they were prefer to as sight robbery those are the things we'll learn over time. i have pretty good sources here who indicate that he was absolutely shot in the head. top law enforcement source in fact telling us that. and other that is are indicating in all reporters said he's in extremely grave condition. folks i would say to our viewers that we get all kinds of information when things like this happen. we do get names went do hear all kinds of reports on conditions but we don't just blurt them out and throw them on tv without confirmation and doing the best we can to try to get the best information for you as well. so once again what we're hearing this young police


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