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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 4a  FOX  March 9, 2015 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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breaking news overnight part of the home in camden collapses with a family still inside we're live with the details straight ahead. heart break in delaware county search for missing eighth grader end in tragedy how his classmates, friend and family are remembering him. at 4:00 lets look live outside for you after weeks of just bitter cold, it will be really mild today sue has your full forecast. neigh. what it means for the future of the eagles. good day everybody. the it is monday, march 9th, that is news to me. >> bad news to me i love jeremy maclin what a come back
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year he had. let's see what they will do. chip must know what he is doing. >> you have to believe that with all of these changes happening. >> yes. >> it is all on the board right now. monday march 9th, 2015 at 4:01 watching yet another broadcast week how are you lauren johnson. >> good. >> highlight of the weekend, sue was walking the dog and not the whole time not wanting to race back inside. >> dog was happy we were happy, everything was great then. now temperatures plunge overnight, and a winter weather advisory has been issued this morning, by the the national weather service for the philadelphia area. at least philadelphia appoint and west. let me tell you why. i will show you ultimate doppler radar. a weak disturbance moving across the state. we have cold a air at the the surface. warm air above it. it is creating precipitation. now this is why it is tricky because it is light precipitation, again most of it north and west of the city
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but we cannot rule out freezing drizzle or light freezing rain, in our area. but if you are up toward new hanover, tredyffrin, out towards reading, is there green and a little bit of pink out there. so be on the a alert. we are just above freezing in philadelphia at least at the surface, 7:22 is now our sunrise time. so sunrise is later but the sunset, is later, as well. so we will get those longer days. so we have 35 degrees for a high today but we will get to a high later on, from 35 right now, high later on look at that of 54 degrees. we have to hang in there bob kelly while it is cold because it could be slippery. mostly walking but possibly driving as well. >> you are right that first step opening up the front door, couple steps to the car, driveway could be slippery. all that melting that went down yesterday, i took the the the kid bowling. when we opened up the door in the parking lot we stepped
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into what seemed like a river, all of the snow melting heading down the parking lot. all of that melting snow yesterday, anything that didn't make it the in the corner drain could bized over glazed over this morning. live look at city line avenue right here near conshohocken state road no problems coming down the blue route for folks coming back from the poconos a after a weekend. in problems coming through mid county but those on and off ramps that are banked for the water run off as that the water ran totally a across the on and off ramps it could be glazed over. i-95 looking at northeast philadelphia and in toward downtown. pennsylvania major roadways like 422 and 202 coming from the suburbs, looking good and in problems on the schuylkill or i-95 into downtown. chris and lauren, back over to you. we will begin with breaking news in many contact den, new jersey. >> part have the of the home collapses with a family still inside fox 29's steve keeley live at the scene with the details on this, steve good
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morning. >> reporter: head line is everybody is out safe, and the guy, chris stay with me for a second here, the guy who just came by to deliver the the family their inquirer a is said these wooden barricade were out here three or four days ago. certainly last week. so somebody that might indicate would think that they were having work ton on the house or was some kind of a problem with the house before it collapsed overnight. but look at this, two story house right here on the corner, just a couple blocks off the delaware river front here in camden not far from right downtown in the aquarium. the just collapsed without much warning. three adults and one child inside. another adult who lives here was not home at the time but rush home after he heard what happened and here's what he told us. >> we had a call and he a said he heard a bang and then he sees the street. so it fell. then he got everybody out. my dad, my mom my sister and my niece was there. 2003 the the house burned down
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next to it. they demoed the house but they never fixed the wall, never stabilized the wall so the the brick face came off. it started buckling out. that is why we were trying to get the the city to do what they can. they actually came out and put a barricade around it and gave my parents until the the 26th to repair it or demo it. so, you know $40,000 that we don't have to fix it. >> reporter: so the whole front of the house collapsed. lot a this stack of tupperware type containers stacked against the wall on top of the dress's begins the wall and they are still standing. that tells you how the the whole wall came down, left the stack of containers there and then the first floor, you can see the wall came down. you can see wooden slats that are behind the bricks. luckily nobody was out here on the sidewalk at the time and look, it is trash day here andf-
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family put their trash to be picked up by the trash trucks that are coming down later. certainly a whole lot more debris then four trash bags right now here in camden. so an unusual case, and certainly a great case that the family, got out of here alive and unhurt. looking for a new place to live. >> yes, that is always good news when people get out safely. >> steve, thank you. one men were shot at intersection of beachwood and stenton just have after midnight they reportedly drove themselves to einstein medical center. one was shot in the torso and is listed in critical condition. second man is stable no word on the motive. police say they have surveillance video they hope will identify two male suspects. in a wrong way crash in bucks county send six people to the hospital middletown township police say a driver entered the northbound lanes of route one and drove south. four vehicles were involved in the crash. this is near route 213, in langhorne, just a after 10:00 last night.
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police didn't say how long the vehicle had been traveling in the wrong direction the condition of the injured. right now it is not known. the investigation is ongoing. a very tragic end for search for missing 13 year-old boy whose body was found not far from his parents newtown square home. >> fox 29's jennifer joyce live outside the new town square police department with this story. jennifer, we had the dog out yesterday and walk by one of the local train stations and every where was plastered the missing signs and picture of this boy. such a sad, sad outcome. >> reporter: it was a tough stretch of several days and then yesterday news spread that the body of 13 year-old cayman neighborhood been found, and an entire community is heart broken. the the body was found in the darby creek not far from his home. k-9 search teams with greater philadelphia search and rescue made that grim discovery. naib went missing on wednesday. his parents say he left the the house around 6:30 p.m. after he got an upsetting
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e-mail, hours later snow started falling in what would be the biggest snowstorm of the season. community members, organized search parties, in the end naib's body was found not too far from his family's home. hundreds of people gathered sunday night for a vigil at shiply school where naib was a straight a student during a tough time they celebrated his life. >> extraordinary young man, very thoughtful, he was bright he was fun loving he made a different in peoples lives. >> he could have fallen. i cannot tell actual what happened to him. he was covered with snow but there was a a high probability of slippage back there where you could have fallen and injured yourself and the heights change in places. >> reporter: naib family released a statement on facebook which read in part please understand that the family is so processing and struggling with this most
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recent news but they would like to thank all of the thousands of people over the last five days who have come together to support the family and find cayman. the delaware county district attorney's office tells us there were no obvious signs of trauma and exact cause of death is still under investigation, chris and lauren. >> so sad, all right jennifer, thank you. community continues to rally around family of the fallen philadelphia police officer robert wilson a third. a candle light prayer vigil is scheduled at 6:00 outside the game stop where he was kill. officer wilson had been buying a video game for his son who turns nine years old today. officer robert wilson the third was honored at a special mass at saint martin, in north philadelphia. during the peace offering members of the community shook hand of the fellow men and women in blue. they also collect donations to benefit the officer's family. the other officers say, wilson was one of a kind. >> every time i saw him at work there was nothing but a
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constant smile on his face. always had everybody laughing. wasn't a bad bone in his body. >> it was senseless. i'm sorry that it happened. >> human life doesn't seem to mean anything anymore. people are not sympathetic or having feelings for one another. >> that said, the suspects seen here ramone williams and his brother 29 year-old carlton hipps were arrested at the scene and charged with murder. at a rally for peace was also held in honor of officer wilson yesterday. local community group operation save our city organized this event. it was held at 22nd and lehigh where officer wilson was shot and kill. it not only honored officer wilson but also honored other officers kill in the line of duty and brought awareness for violence in philadelphia for that matter. a woman from west philadelphia is fighting for her life after being shot eight times by her neighbor this happened in the apartment building at 4500 block of spruce street on sunday. the 46 year-old woman was ambush by her neighbor 56 year-old steve ever outlaw.
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he shot her in the head, chest and stomach before turning the gun on himself. outlaw died from his injuries. police say they had a feud spanning the last two years. he believed would the man was spying on him and gave him some other problems. >> he was indicate ago this she had flooded his apartment at one time. he believed that she was listening in the apartment. >> you don't see anyone especially a neighbor for some just some beef. >> woman is hospitalized in critical condition. police say outlaw had no previous run ins with law enforcement. their investigation continues. trial is set the to begin for a delaware man charged in connection with the death of his wife and another woman. >> david niosh was accused in the shooting death of christine bellford and laura muscle forward. police say his father shot and killed the victim and then, turned him on himself. he was quick of taking his three doubt tours central america in 2007 during a bitter custody dispute with his ex-wife.
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coming up accounts remembering bloody sunday the marches, speeches and powerful moments marking a historic turning point in the civil rights battle. here's another live look outside we have a taste of spring this week but there is a warm up here to stay? sue serio will have answers in your full forecast next.
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4:14 is the time. who needs coffee when we have this song playing sue serio. >> you can only see what goes on behind the scenes. >> we have to force ourself, here. it is a little rough early in the morning. before we get started on this weather did you remember to spring ahead yesterday? did you turn your clock ahead? what time is it. >> it feels like 3:15. >> yes. >> it is 4:15. if this was saturday it would have been 3:15. this will be a rough week for a lot of us, we acknowledge that. it could be a a rough morning. if you are in johnstown pennsylvania you are seeing light snow this morning. the as you move further east where we had milder temperatures yesterday we will see rain and freezing rain. it is very light. that is worse then if it was a heavy precipitation situation because it is just enough to maybe put a little will glaze on the sidewalks, a little glaze on the roadways and it
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looks like the worst of it is in montgomery county, maybe in bucks county where we have a possibility of light freezing rain or sleet at this hour. so, in lower southford, norristown upper providence, be careful especially out there by the temperatures going below freezing this morning. we have a winter weather advisory in effect for philadelphia, burlington county ocean, in new jersey and then north and west of the city a as well so temperature, that is what is critical right here. thirty-two. we are right at freezing at mount pocono. twenty-nine at allentown. thirty-four in trenton. we are a little bit above there and in philadelphia at 35 but right at freezing at reading and lancaster and wilmington, just below in atlantic city. watch it this morning. look where we are going. we are going to 54 degrees later on. we will have clouds and light freezing rain and sleet this morning but then sunshine emerges this afternoon and we will have a much milder day a
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ahead. that is what is going on for your monday, we are still working on that seven day forecast to keep these milder temperatures going for a little bit. bob, just enough out there that it could just make it slippery with that light glaze we talk about. >> we are just now getting used to the roadways being pretty much clear of all of the snow especially after yesterday's melt down. here's a live look the at the example sue was mentioning. this is 202 at county line road. you can see the glare on the road surface right there that fine glaze of ice, and then again, it is out in montgomery county. this is at 202 right here near county line road. rolling out of the driveway this morning major roadways like 309 again fit looks wet or maybe a little bit of rain drops on your windshield obviously you are in that area where that rain could be freezing on the road surface. otherwise 422 not bad from say
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collegeville royersford looking good go for a ride on the schuylkill they were working overnight in the tunnels under 30th street station but they have pick up the cones and we are good to go in both directions on the schuylkill expressway. market frankford broad street subway using shuttle buses until 5:00. all of the bridges, bennie whitman, commodore barry, all looking good this morning. heading down to get an early flight the at philly international in, problems at the moment on arrivals and departures. the chris and lauren back to you. russian authorities arrested five men for killing of boris nemtsov. nemtsov was one of russian president vladamire putin's most out spoken critics. as you know he was shot as he walk on the bridge right near the kremlin with the companion last week. each of the men now appeared in court over the weekend. 26 been charged. other three are in jail pending filing of the charges which is expect to be done within the next ten days. the debate is heating up over what type of nuclear deal should be brokered with iran if any.
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fox's jane mets letter has the latest details. >> reporter: high level negotiations, continue over a possible nuclear accord with iran, that country's vice-president says progress is being made. >> these two meetings we can say technical roadblocks were eliminated. this issue is a technical legal and political matter. >> reporter: eye win insist its nuclear program is for peaceful purposes but others fear the country is trying to build a bomb. president obama says u.s. is prepared to walk a away from negotiations if an acceptable deal cannot be reached. >> if we are able to verify that in fact they are not developing weapons systems then there is a deal to be had but that will require them to accept the kind of verification and constraints on their program that so far at least they have not the been willing to say yes to. >> reporter: israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu says no deal with iran is a good deal. >> i do not trust inspections
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with toe tall tear yan regimes, it didn't work with iran they have cheated inspectors. >> reporter: prime minister created controversy when he criticized the obama administration's talks with iran in a speech to u.s. lawmakers. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says congress should be involved in any agreement. >> we have a couple of bills before the senate now, one that would require any agreement if reached to come to the senate. >> reporter: iran and a group of six major world powers hope to reach a tentative agreement this month with a final deal by the end of june. jane metler, "fox news". at 4:20, it a has been within year since malaysia flight 370 disappeared without a trace, and as search continues for the plane officials released a report in the investigation. the report says that the battery of the the locate or weekend for the plane's data a recorder black box, expired more than a year before that doom flight. still report have not identified a cause for the
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disappearance and adds there was nothing suspicious about the the pilots or crew. so this whole time they have been searching and black box was in the powered with the locate or beacon. fiftieth anniversary of bloody sunday brings thousands toss selma,al bam. president obama, the first family and many civil rights leaders gathered to recreate the historic mark across the edmond pet thetus bridge. fifty years prior protesters led by doctor martin luther king junior into brutal attacks by state troopers and a hate groups as they marched for voting right. it helped bring about the voting rights act of 1965. so powerful when you see those moments recreated. when they did it in the grammys and they build the stage, the bridge on the stage. it the is very nice. >> what is this by doing in the off season. >> he is really wheeling and dealing. coach chip kelly has pulled off two huge free agent deals who will be wearing an eagles
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jersey next season and who is not most noteably this time coming up in sports. >> jeremy maclin.
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good morning i'm howard eskin. eagles signed two free agents that will be official on tuesday but late last night they lost wide receiver jeremy maclin. he will go to andy reid and kansas city chiefs. maclin was upset that the eagles signed other free
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agents before they got to him. the big free agent sign byron maxwell. he has got a six year, 63 million-dollar deal, 25 million guarantied, they also sign san francisco running back frank gore, three years, 7.5 million guarantied and a mark sanchez also coming back to the eagles. flyers playoff chances got blown up this weekend. to new jersey, this is bad, couturier misses a shot. that is one thing. four-two. flyers lost on saturday. now they have fell asleep on the break away, steven gionta, flyers lose five-two. they are seven-point behind boston. cliff lee shut down again with tenderness in his left elbow, the same elbow that kept him out last season. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. >> is there any good news in sports for philly. >> it doesn't seem like it. >> then i heard about this from my old ground of orlando former new york jets running back chris johnson wounded in a drive by shooting in orlando, florida.
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>> police say johnson and two friend were stopped at a traffic light early sunday morning when another car pulled up to the jeep the the men were in and then opened fire. the jeep's driver was kill. other passenger and johnson were both hit with bullets in the shoulder. so far police have not made any arrest. coming up, two pilots set out for a historic trip around the world what makes their plane so special. later, baby survives 14 hours in the partially submerge car how someone's hobby may have saved her life.
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we have breaking news a family safely escapes after part of their home collapsing. >> and also new this morning, gunfire rings out overnight in philadelphia's west oak lane section sending two people to the hospital. saddening for search for missing delaware county boy, how missing eighth grader is being remembered this morning. >> good day it is monday march 9th, 2015. >> i'm dragging on this monday. >> no, no this should be the opposite of how you feel. it is going to be in the 50's today. >> oh, i'm talking about because i lost an hour of sleep. >> oh, there is that. >> we won't can why. >> it is daylight savings time sue. i won't get personal about what you did over weekend. >> you go to bed at the time, you should be going to bed but you are not tired. we all lost sleep last night.
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here's what you may be facing this morning slippery conditions, winter weather advisory for philadelphia delaware county north and west of us here burlington, and camden, and ocean counties as well until 9:00 o'clock, for this little bit of the mess. it is very light precipitation but moving across the a area right now. down in delaware and south jersey you should not worry about this but be aware in some places temperatures have drop just below freezing slippery surfaces refreezing from what melted yesterday. but especially i would say in montgomery county, berks, lehigh valley bucks county watch out for those slippery spots for that light, sleet and or freezing rain. we're dry in the city right now, 35 degrees just above freezing and sunrise time happens at 7:22 as a result of the time change. we will not see the sun until later but it last longer. 54 degrees should be our high. after this tricky time this
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morning we should be fine and we will see clouds increase and back down to about 35 degrees. that takes care of your monday, from the weather authority, 11 days, bob kelly, until spring. >> i can't wait. that melt down that happened yesterday, it was great to get out, taking the dogs for a walk or just getting outside all together but, that melt down, of all that dirty snow whatever didn't make it to the drainage grates has potential for freezingfover. just a fine glaze of the black ice, here's a live look at an example. this is route 202 up near had chalfont and see the difference right there that fine glaze and that could be slippery where we are on the freezing mark. just be aware stepping out of the front door that first step your driveway maybe waiting for the about us this morning. even those platforms could be slippery. on and off ramps ramps that are less travel like this one here at 202 to the ramp to the
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schuylkill expressway watch for possible icy spots. ice here up the sumanytown pike outside lansdale. a crash at hainesport mount laurel road right here near arc road. we are in good shape. major roadways no problems or delays coming in toward philadelphia had mass transit also is off to a good start. the chris and lauren back over to you. we saw breaking news. a building collapse in camden that leaves a family homeless. >> this could have been so much worse. fox 29's steve keeley is live at the the scene with the very latest steve good morning. >> reporter: what bob kelly talks about freezing and that you go that causes potholes likely cause of this all that water probably seep in the front walls of this house and maybe that is why we had the collapse, just before mid night. three adult and a two-year old all got out. only thing that didn't collapse was the front doorway, providing a safe easy, fast exit, safely for
4:33 am
everybody who got out of here safely. look at the top floor, lot a all of the stuff stacked up a against the wall, dressers that stack up, tucker wear containers, all leaning up a against the wall originally and now wall is gone. the it is amaze ago this stuff is still standing while the wall collapsed. one adult that lives here that was not home was pay tree arc of the family and he said there was problems here but they didn't expect this to happen obviously. >> get a call and he heard something and then he check the street. he fell and he got everybody out. my dad my mom my sister and my niece was there. 2003 the house burn down next to it. they demo the the house but they never fix the wall, never stabilized the wall. so the the brick fast came off. it started buckling out. that is why we were trying to get the city, to do what they can. they came out and put the a
4:34 am
barricade around it and gave my parents until the 26th to repair it or demo it. so, you know, $40,000 that we don't have, would have fixed it. >> reporter: you can see side wall he was talking about. that doesn't lean too good right now. this looks like a tree here but i have done store business house west problems like this. these are off weeds that grow out of control. they cut some other stuff down a lot of times those grow into the walls and they support the walls. when you cut them down the walls give way. among the debris here right in the front between these two trash bags it the looks like part of the sawed off tree and you can see the tree that is next to them had just been sawed in a lot of spots. you can see the branches on the down part. that looks like a tree he some experts will tell you that is a weed and you can see the roots growing and that weakens a house especially from the foundation on up.
4:35 am
a lot of problems here but the good thing here is unlike other collapse that is we have seen everybody is somehow miracle lustily got out of this house okay and it is amazing that the front door stood and even the doorway is not even leaning at all, and you can see that storm door opening and front door still there with the address on it. just an amazing picture here and great amazing store that it three adults and kid up inside all got out okay. >> it is hard to believe. all right steve thank you. tragic ending to the search for missing newtown square eighth grader. >> so snow, was covering body of cayman naib he was discovered in darby creek late sunday morning by k-9 search teams with greater philadelphia search and rescue. naib left home wednesday evening after his parents say he received an upsetting e-mail from his school about a missed assignment. hundreds of community volunteers searched for days all over for the teen. in the end his body was found not far from the family's home. sunday night several hundred
4:36 am
people gathered for a vigil a at shiply school where naib was a straight a student. >> he was an extraordinary young man. he was thoughtful. he was bright. he was fun loving. made a difference in peoples lives. >> he could have fallen. it was very snow covered and treacherous back there i cannot tell exactly what happened to him. he was covered with snow. but there was a high probability of slippage back there where you could have fallen and injured yourself and the heights changed in places. >> the medical examiner is expect to conduct an autopsy today. still ahead, the truth is out there and google will wants you to find it, internet giant's plans that could change the way you search the web. an amazing story of survival how a baby girl was found alive in a car, 14 hours after it plunged into an icy river.
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we have breaking news from new jersey a four alarm fire broke out early this morning at the inn, on the 600 block of rosemont, and the building has a lot of history. first built a as a private home in the 1700's. jennifer joyce is on the way to the scene. as soon as she's ready we will have a live report. an 18 month-old girl is recovering this morning after spending 14 hours trapped upside down in her car seat. now, this is after the the car
4:40 am
she was in crashed in the icy river outside of salt lake city utah. investigators say little girl is lucky after a fisherman found her. fox's kelly wright reports. >> reporter: police in utah are calling it a miracle, 18 month-old girl ace live after vehicle she was riding in plunge into a frigid river leaving her trapped, upside down in her car seat for 14 hours. >> the car seat could have have possibly been out of the water, it was along the embankment so i don't know exactly how much of the car, how much water was getting into the car. >> reporter: accident happening in the town of spanish fork about a hour south of salt lake city. baby's mother was driving over a bridge late friday night when something caused her to lose control of the vehicle. police say the car ran in the cement barrier launching it in the freezing water where it remain, for hours before being noticed. >> there was a fisherman that came to fish along the river and noticed the vehicle in the
4:41 am
river. called 911. >> reporter: car was on the top, officers say it landed under a bridge and was difficult to see from the road. but rescue crew as arrived they found the baby girl, hanging upside down, above the the river, that flowed through the the car, luckily the the water never reached high enough to touch her but her mother, 25 year-old lynn grossback had already died. rescuers were able to turn the car on the side and safely remove the the infant. >> the infant was taken to a local hospital and my information is that child hawes now been flown to primary children's in salt lake. >> reporter: the baby lily is expect to survive. three police officers and four fire fight hours entered the river to rescue the girl were also taken to the hospital to be treated for hypotheria. kelly wright, "fox news". police say drugs and alcohol did not play a role in that crash. >> wow. 4:41. still ahead next big thing from apple is nearly here.
4:42 am
company is planning to launch the apple watch today, how much will it cost? we will let you know. but first searching for the truth what researchers at google are doing to change the way you search for things on line.
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4:44 is the time. sue serio good morning to you. we will get to your weather in a minute. she's standing by dancing in the side again. >> just moving a little bit. let's first our attention to this a swift solar powered plane could be the first plane to fly around the world without a drop of fuel. single seater airplane powered by sunlight took off from abby darby earlier this morning. two pilots will take turns. they have been training hard for this journey which will take months to complete. the first stop is in milan after ten hours of flight. a typical passenger jet takes one hour to make the same jet. solar powered plane will do this, they are going about 28 miles per hour. >> they can get there faster driving. >> it will take forever. >> yeah. >> i'm not doing the the the math but at 28 miles an hour that will take a long time.
4:46 am
>> would you trust a plane with no fuel. >> no. >> i don't know that i would either, sue serio that seems too advanced for me. >> we have aways to go, they have to do it gradually but we thought that way about cars that were in the powered by gas and that is happening now too. >> true. >> lets look at what is happening with our weather. we have precipitation across the the state of pennsylvania moving west to east here and it is frozen precipitation because temperatures were able to plunge because we had all that sunshine yesterday. so particularly it seems like in montgomery county and bucks county that is where you'll probably have some icy problems. schwanksville, plumstead norristown, it looks like it is a mix of a little bit of light sleet and freezing rain but it is light precipitation. that is the thing, just enough to put that glaze on the ground, on your car perhaps, you may have to scrape your
4:47 am
windshield this morning. also on those untreated roads ways winter weather advisory because of this is in effect until 9:00 this morning for ocean county burlington camden county philly, delaware county chester county and northern and western counties as well. here are your temperatures. this is making it a bit of the problem. right at the freezing in mount pocono. twenty-nine in allentown. thirty-three in pottstown. we are at 35 in philadelphia but we will have a chance with the the later sunrise now of temperatures going down a little bit further before they go backup again. bye will they go backup later today. we are at 32. right here in 32 in wilmington. the let look at this seven day forecast. we have mild temperature there but plenty of chances of precipitation. first one is tomorrow probably after we're finish in the morning with fox 29 morning news and good day philadelphia we will see rain roll in. it should be only rain because of the milder temperatures.
4:48 am
then we will talk about later on in the week a wintry mix probably in the morning on friday changing over to rain. the little bit of rain on saturday. it gets trick think time of the year bob kelly in the morning even though we have milder afternoon we could see some slippery conditions just like this morning. >> that roller coaster and all of that melt down that happen yesterday, jab whatever didn't make it the in the corn are drain could bized over this morning. we're right around 35, ground temperature up here in montgomery county look at right there, this is prime example of that icy glaze at the intersection of 202 and county line road. that is in montgomery county. lets go to bucks county up along route i-95 and route one. the the overpasses, on and off ramps. there was in brine put down, no salt trucks. lesser traveled roadways like the neighborhood, your secondary roads maybe that front step stepping out of the front door could bized over
4:49 am
this morning. shuttle bus these morning until about 5h o'clock. a as we go for a ride, chris and lauren, guess what today is. >> today is monday. >> it is machine but it is also national napping day good remember when george used to take the nap underneath the his test being. >> yes. >> that is what we will do. >> do you nap on this shift. >> sometimes i do but nothing like a good nappy always wake up feeling lethargic, drunk, hung over. >> i love a nap. >> i'm done, go ahead. >> it is also national meat ball day. in the 9:00 o'clock hour of good day, ralph's is bringing in meat balls. >> fun day. >> you know what else is going on today in they will unveil this new watch. there is a company call apple, it is a computer company and they door things and latest is a watch. >> i was in the store and everybody was talking about it over the weekend.
4:50 am
they will showcase it today at a press event in san francisco. watch doing what an iphone can do. check your text, e-mail, get directions check your health information. the watch officially opens up the phone in april. it starts at 350 bucks. anything beyond base model will cost significantly more and apple reportly plans to offer three lanes of watch each with two different sizes. >> you can see right there in the right-hand corner there right there it doesn't even have the time. >> it does everything. >> it is a watch that doesn't tell time. >> it is 4:50. thanks for being with us. we know is there false information floating around about the internet but google is trying to change that web science's is ranking search results based on how factual web sites are but it is a step toward google sense organize. fox's douglass kennedy has the the story. >> let the the public decide what is the truth. >> reporter: mark runs an anti
4:51 am
global warming blog that he says clears the pollution on climate science. >> your job constantly requires questioning facts from scientists around the the world. >> yes, we collect the consensus is busted because they are so often wrong. >> reporter: exactly why he is worried about a new research proposal at google to rank web sites based on their so-called truthfulness. >> they are basically going to say truth is what the government agency says it is. >> reporter: currently google uses web site popularity as the main criteria for how to rank searches. >> you have to go out there in the field. >> reporter: a map that the accountability project says lead to false but popular facts getting big play on the internet. >> more often then not what is popular is drowning out the facts. we are drowning out the real journalism. >> reporter: as part of the research guying will has created a knowledge vault which it describes as hundreds
4:52 am
of thousands of commonly believed facts. the proposed ranking met would lower search results for web sites that get these facts wrong like obama, born in kenya. or conspiracies on the moon landing. >> eagle has landed. >> reporter: global warming deniers who commonly believed facts now are wrong. >> what are you saying to that? >> most are not scientists or journalist. scientists a journalist are train to be able to evaluate fact. >> reporter: supporters say you and other bloggers are the problem because you are not really trained to distinguish fact from fiction. >> that is in the true. we are the voice of the dissidents. we are the voice of the scientists who are speaking out against the the so-called consensus. >> reporter: google spokesperson stresses the the proposal is simply research and there is no immediate plan to implement the knowledge vault. in new york, douglass kennedy "fox news". coming up, some tourist
4:53 am
visiting a home in san francisco are too bus toy notice the star standing right next to them the big celebrity that they missed. >> it is hard to tell. >> from that picture yes.
4:54 am
4:55 am
what is that lauren
4:56 am
johnson. >> i want to say john legend. >> i like the temperature today. is there the american flag there at sixth and market. not a gust of win it is going to be 50 something today. i have looked at the seven day, thursday might be a golf day. i said lauren have you ever golfed. >> she said no no, no i get kick off the golf course. i said in one gets kick off the golf course. you talk too much. >> in orlando, i'm too loud. >> you have been kick off a golf course. >> what do they say. >> they say lets get drinks in the golf clubhouse. >> they bribe you with trainings. >> that is hilarious. >> bunch of guys. >> it is way too much for me. >> 4:56. full house's uncle will jesse takes a trip back in time and goes unnoticed. >> check out this instrument picture. visitor to the left with the camera is john stamos uncle jesse, he stopped by san francisco house and was surprised in one had a clue who he was, while he was
4:57 am
posing, for that picture. >> well, too bad, john stamos. >> right. >> he is in a hat. >> or toy hurt your feelings there, john. i think he he will live. >> he will be okay. coming up a family left home less after part of their home collapses. we will have a report coming up. jeremy maclin reunited with andy reid is latest rumor from the eagles. we will look at future of the bird coming up.
4:58 am
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you tell us what you want to pay and we help find options to fit your budget. nah, nah, insurance, nah, nah, nah, discount. my name's flo, you want to go out with me? no. uh-huh-huh!
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part of the home in camden collapses with a family still inside, we have the details still coming up. a search for missing eighth grader end in tragedy. college classmate, friend and family are remembering him. and take a live look outside after weeks of bitter cold and snow, we're in for a mild stretch this week. sue serio has your full forecast. comings and goings continue for the eagles this time another big player, evidently leaving the team, jeremy maclin is reportedly reuniting with andy reid in kansas city. what it means for the future of the bird. did you note that is one way sign when you said jeremy maclin leaving. >> it was a one way sign. >> the exit. >> yes. >> we will see a lot of guys joining the team at this point. it is monday


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