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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6a  FOX  March 9, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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reuniting with andy reid. eagles can't sign new players until tomorrow but that is in the stopping rumors about hoist staying and hoist leaving. we will take a lot at future of this team. >> that is chip kelly, we have another kelly in the the house beside bob, that guy a astronaut scott kelly is getting ready to blast off to the international space station but before he does that he is stopping in our studio because this is such a historic trip and study that he is doing with his twin brother, how long he will be crammed into that space station, i could never do it. >> welcome back. >> did i miss anything as far as the weather. >> yes, you pick a good week to go away. >> 10 inches of snow. >> it was great. >> i'm still itchy on my neck from the sunburn. >> you are a little sunburn. >> i heard snow squals moving through so i put on one more sweater. >> is there light freezing rain but light sleet, it is really light and that makes it
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bad because it could be a case where it looks wet but it is really slippery. for walking and for driving this morning. so just keep that in mind this morning. but then with the recovery we have this after afternoon we're still going with a seven out of ten. bus stop buddy still showing snow pack around and plenty of slippery spots. you want to make sure for many kid, a four day weekend that they were off a thursday and friday, so many because of all that snow, a make sure that they are bunled up this morning. there is a look at the the precipitation moving through the area. we will take a closer look at it on radar in just a few minutes but things to watch out for with temperatures pretty close to freezing in some spots. the city we're at 36 degrees right now, 47 by lunchtime zooming up to about 54 degrees with much more melting going on for are monday. bob kelly. >> it is funny i talk to the kid, they had a half day on tuesday, off thursday and
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friday, and they were off more than they were in school last week. so hopefully we will get a full week beginning today. 6:02. here's a live look at 202 and county line road. areas of montgomery county they have a fine drizzle or snow squall, anything that looks wet could be iced over this morning. maybe on and off ramps, lesser traveled roadways could have a patch of ice. we're not out of the wood yet. that major melt down that occurred yesterday, left everything wet when the sun went down, a as we go north on 202, at 202, the northeast extension, 422, all areas that could have wet spots and slippery spots this morning. i think ice could have had a roll to play here, haines port mount laurel road closed between mount laurel road and walton after new by the elementary and middle schools. so buses will to have use elbow or union million as well as the the cars, this morning. icy spots along the sumanytown pike, ice along eagleville
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road, and arcola road. first ones out of the gate have been slipping and sliding this morning. in jenkintown a crash at greenwood and old york road. bridges are fine. they did put some salt down on the ben franklin especially through the the toll plaza area there and otherwise the majors like 42, 295, and even route seven three, coming through maple shade looking good. and no problems on the schuylkill expressway between conshohocken and center city. heading to the airport important an early flight you are good to go at philly international. mike and lauren, back over to you. i hate when this happens. we have breaking news in hunterdon, county, new jersey a four alarm fire broke out at the sergeantsville inn. you ever heard of that place. quite famous. thinks the 600 block of rosemont ringos road, the building has a lot of history. it was first built as a private home in the 1700's. we will have a live report in just a minute. well, fill will a police are reviewing surveillance video in hopes of identifying two men who shot two others in
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west oak lane overnight. victims were shot while sitting in their car. >> intersection of beachwood and stenton and drove themselves to einstein medical center. one want shot in the the torso listed in critical condition. second man in stable n motive identified just yet. how about this wrong way crash this bucks county. it sent six people to the hospital middletown township police say a driver entered the north bound lanes on route one and then drove south the wrong way. >> four vehicles were involved near route 213 in langhorne just after ten. police didn't say how long vehicle had been traveling in the wrong direction. the condition of the injured is unknown at this hour. philadelphia police, okay we will switch it up. >> i think jenny joyce is at that building. steve, okay. we have another breaking news situation out of camden. >> historic building in camden overnight. >> and then we have a building collapse in camden yeah. >> reporter: everybody is safe hear. hard to believe that.
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the whole front of the house, both floors just collapsed on to the sidewalk. luckily nobody was out on the sidewalk at the time and be in was hurt that was in the house. we're talking about three adults and one child. patriarch was not home and good thing he was not coming home either for a few more minutes. the only thing that is still standing on the front of the house is the front doorway and that allowed the family to get out quick and safely. amazing how the door standing there and the floors are just collapsed on top of themselves. family members and even guy that delivers the inquirer to this family told thaws these wooden barricade you see here were not put up last night the because of the collapse, they were put up here last week and family says that the city put some kind of a notice on the door condemned it, eviction notice but for some reason the the family was still in there even though this house was looked at by inspectors and found out toss not so safe. >> i got a call saying egg heard a noise and then he seen the street.
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so it fell. then he got have been out. >> everybody got out safe. >> my dad my mom, my sister my niece was there. 2003 the house burned dunn next to it, and they demoed the house but they never fix the wall or stabilized the wall. so the brick front came off. it started buckling out. that is why we were trying to get the the city to do what they can. they put a barricade around it and gave my parents until the 26th to to the 26th to repair it or demo it. $40,000, that we don't have would have fix it. >> officer freddie with the camden county police department putting his spotlight on the tupper wake stack be top of dresser and look at how that stayed up there, standing, and it was leaning up against the wall likely and new the the wall is completely gone. so mike, i know one of your favorite show is house of
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card. here's a real life house of card and it fell down in the street and luckily everybody is okay. >> shock that it is still standing scary. 6:07. >> tributes continuing in honor of the fallen philadelphia police officer robert wilson the third. >> yeah, candle light emotional prayer vigil is scheduled for 6:00 tonight out the game stop. he had been buying a video game for his son who turns nine today. there was a large turnout in the the special mass sin sunday at saint martin deposer in north philadelphia during the peace offering members of the community shook hand of the men and women in blue. they collected donations to benefit officer wilson's family. all right. 6:07. more on that story in a little bit. you awe this over the weekend. this was up is an amazing saturday. the president takes his family to selma alabama to remember bloodied sunday, the marches, the speeches, powerful moments marking a historic turn off events, in the civil rights battle, what a moving ceremony
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what a great speech by the president on saturday.
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with a comprehensive second opinion. and because time is of the essence, we do it a single one day. explore your options with a one-day second opinion. learn more at we have breaking news in hinter done county, new jersey a four alarm fire at a historic inn sergeantsville inn. jenny joyce is what is left of it. >> and we will take a live look here off in the distance here sergeantsville in there, and we were just taken a look
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at pictures which we have for you which was reported, in the facebook page of fire and e ms alerts of hunt are ton county where you can see just how large the flames were, that post came out at 2:30 announcing a fire. it grew to a four alarm fire. still a strong fire presence here on the scene. the as you said mike it was built in the 1700s. it began as a private resident here, it became a land mark the restaurant opened in the early 1900s. it has been preserved. they were even using, the original fireplace. and a historic inn here looks like it is in very bad shape taking a live look again you can see, that the the towers attach to the roof from the front and from the back and it looks like the roofies, pretty much gone for the most part. so, like i said we just got
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here so we will make our way over, talk to the fire chief get the an estimate on the exact damage, no word on a cause of this fire at this point in time but definitely a land mark that is going to have a lot of people upset this morning waking up to this news back to you guys. >> some people drive by that every day. hate to lose history like that. as you watched saturday afternoon, very moving, thousands marched over the edmond pettus bridge in selma alabama, as the the president and his first family was there to remember bloodied sunday 50 years ago. how far we have come, why the son of martin luther king says we cannot celebrate just yet. the march is still on. bob. good morning everybody. we are dealing with some slippery roads this morning because of the light drizzle that will rolled through plus a major melt down from yesterday, we will go for a ride on the 42 freeway heading in toward fill arc we will
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check rest of the road sue
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i saw a commercial that said you can save $500 by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said "that was me, mom." [ laughter ] now it is within sight, first day of spring is a week from friday. see it is almost lake a daffodil ace appearing. vernal equinox is 11 days away, friday at 6:45 p.m.
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march 20th. we have wintry weather moving through the area. now, not everything you see on radar is necessarily make i go it to the ground but where it is, it could be quite slippery. it is light precipitation. mostly light sleet and freezing rain and when it hits the the the ground, it puts a little glaze on your car, on your sidewalk, on your roadway, if it hasn't been treated or it will look wet but it will be probably just a little bit icy. very tricky travel in just a few place these morning. mostly bucks county and lehigh valley, and around mercer county as well this will extend through the the rest of the morning and then plenty of sunshine. we will zoom back in the 50's today a lieutenant of places made it in the 50's yesterday including philadelphia where we hit 50. now we are tomorrow afternoon at noon. sock in with cloud by noon getting ready for rain. but it will be mild enough it is only rain we're talking about lasting throughout the night on tuesday, into wednesday morning. but even tuesday night, it
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looks like it won't get cold enough for anything but rain. but by ten in the morning all of that is out of here with our next system moving through. that is the deal with that. as we look at current temperature, they are pretty close to freezing, and we have a winter weather advisory until 9:00 this morning because of this, light wintry precipitation moving through. but we will get to 54 today. forty-nine tomorrow, and 56 degrees, on wednesday after the the sun comes back out, and 52 on thursday. it the gets cold thursday night so we have a little bit of the wintry mix in store for friday morning perhaps but all these temperatures, sure beat the the highs in the 20's that we had for most of the february bob kelly. >> bring it on lets get rid of this dirty snow out front here. 6:17. big melt down we had yesterday, anything that did in the dry up or make it in the drainage grates could bized over. on and off ramps could be tricky as temperatures
6:18 am
hovering around that freezing mark. live look at route 202 working your way north bound to king of prussia watch those on and off ramps. they will go for a ride. mike, guess what day it is. >> hump day. >> , no it is national napping day. >> this doesn't look like any other morning. >> this is what we did during the commercial break. >> great day for a map. >> we love those three minute commercial breaks we get a quick nap a couple times during the morning. >> were those viewers. >> the market frankford line running with some delays this morning because of equipment problems. eastbound trains a few minutes off track. broad street subway looking good and a accident could be caused by ice hainesport mount laurel roadblocked at mount laurel road by elementary school and middle school in mount laurel. so even the the buses will to have use elbo or union mill road and icy spots on sumanytown pike off the lansdale interchange have of
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the turnpike's icy spot outside of trooper here eagleville road at arcola red but all of the bridges are fine and in delays at the airport. mike back to you. well wisconsin's attorney jennies promising a thorough transparent investigation in the death of the black teenager at the hand of the madison wisconsin police officer. the saturday's deadly shooting spark outrage by many, but victim's family is calling for peace. they met and prayed with the grandmother of 19 year-old tony robinson in hopes of calming the the town and avoiding similar riots that happened in ferguson missouri and other cities. the fbi and department of home land security issued a joint warning to law enforcement agencies across the country about isis effort to recruit young people here in the you had. it is believed two teenage brothers from australia as well, intended to join the group. they reportedly had something in their bags that raised red flags but they are
6:20 am
not saying what it was. meantime british officials are revealing they spoke to the teenage girls who fled to serious use about a week and a half ago before they left about a classmate they suspect joined isis. it is believed isis controls 90,000 twitter accounts and has set their sites on young adults around the world, including the united states. it is being report that had boca horam is building an a alliance with isis now in the sahara part of africa. analyst worry, it will cause a local conflict in nigeria to be international. so on sunday, chad, the country of chad, they have special forces and their counterparts from nigeria gathered to conduct training drills. exercise was part of the operation lock a three week long program conduct every year by the united states military and western partners last month boca horam attack a village in the country of chad
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killing eight civilians and two police office are. e-mail scandal surrounding former secretary of state hillary clinton noting ago away anytime soon. last thursday, a chairman of the house select committee on benghazi investigation said he has subpoenaed all e-mails, related to libya and state department for other individual who have information, pertinent to the investigation. a long time clinton aid says clinton would have no problem with an independent investigation. >> i think that is a reasonable idea if the state department asks, she will say yes, if is there a subpoena she must say yes. >> i have lost confidence in the the state department to make that determination. they are the once who allowed this arrangement and they are ones who did nothing about this arrangement until they got a request from our committee. >> woman many people believe will be running for president has been silent since she welcomed public iring of the e-mails. several watch dogs are suing for access, judicial watch has said that the state department may have mislead them in earlier suits seeking the
6:22 am
release of relevant communications. >> she will to have talk about it publicly for sure. 6:22 on this monday. did you watch it saturday? i watched every bit of it. fiftieth anniversary of bloody sunday brings thousands toss selmaal bam. including barack obama and first family. many civil rights leaders gathered there to recreate the the historic mark across the bridge. fifty years prior. protesters led by doctor martin lieutenant are king junior endure brutal attacks by state troopers and hate groups as they march for voting rights. doctor king's eldest son martin luther king the third told participants while, progress has been made more so need to be done in the way of equality. >> just a couple years ago that our supreme court would dismantle the voting right act because today we should be celebrating but we cannot celebration yet. >> bloody sunday brought about voting rights act of 1955. >> do you think they should change the the name of the
6:23 am
bridge, edmond pettus was the grand dragon of the kkk. >> not a good namey just got a tweet from the woman name tamara, she said why does chip kelly hate us lol. >> such a huge eagles fan. >> i think coaches have confident he is making right moves here. this eagles team will look different this fall. j mack is reportedly heading back to work with andy reid in kansas city. so who are we getting? the moves that are reportedly in the works, right now, maybe already done.
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good morning. i'm howard eskin eagles signed two free agent that will be official on tuesday but late last night they lost wide receiver year my maclin. he is going to andy reid and kansas city chiefs. i hear maclin may have been upset that the eagles sign the other free agents before they got to him. the big free agent signing seattle cornerback byron maxwell. he has a six year, 63 million-dollar deal 25 million guarantied. they also sign san francisco running back frank gore, three years, 7.5 million guarantied and mark sanchez also coming back to the eagles. flyers playoff chances got the blown up this weekend. to new jersey, this is bad contact tore use misses a shot, that is one thing. four-two. remember, flyers lost on saturday. now they fell asleep and break away steven gionta makes it
6:27 am
five-two. the flyers lose. they are seven points behind boston. phillies pitcher cliff lee shut down again with tenderness in his left elbow same elbow that kept him out much of last season. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. so, it is done. i think they have taken off now, two pilots making history today, and for the the next week, how they planned to fly around the world without a drop of fuel. >> do you trust that? it is scariy would be nervous. >> jennifer joyce is in hunterdon county new jersey where a historic inn caught fire overnight, jen? >> reporter: yeah, mike and lauren, the sergeantsville inn live here outside as fire burns through this historic landmark, coming up a at 6:30 we will have a live interview with the mayor.
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a three hup year-old inn goes up in flames in hunt are done county. we will talk to the mayor of sergeantsville in a bit. >> also new a camden family hears a noise and sees front of that are house gone, four people including a two-year old were inside when the front of the home collapsed. how they managed to get out unharm. and the the san francisco bay area are too bus toy notice the star that is standing right next to them.
6:31 am
>> oh, he is a big celebrity, they missed him he is all covered up, hat on. >> you know, hey alex will come back, she has the the day off, lauren johnson is in. >> welcome back. >> nice to be back. >> it is monday, march 9th already. >> march 9th. >> 2015. >> we have some snow squalls. >> yes. >> real s&ow. >> you missed ity miss the big 17 inches. >> yes. >> i read about it on twitter. >> some places got ten. >> wow. >> but there is still a lot of snow pack on the ground. you have to bun will will up the kid. plenty of slippery spots with the precipitation moving through. we should have a nice recovery. we will give you seven out of ten. we're talking mostly light rain freezing rain and sleet unless you are up around poconos mountains. then it is light snow. it is all really light for the the the most part but it could make things slippery for you. we are well above freezing.
6:32 am
we are at 36 degrees. we should be okay around here. still watch it the though because there is icy spots around, calm wind out there and sunrise not until 7:22 this morning. but look at sunset, sunrise later but so is sunset thanks to the time change. 7:01 is sunset time. we will see sunshine and more melting with high temperature of 53 degrees. so be aware of slippery spots around with light precipitation this morning and look forward to needing your shade, bob kelly for that high of 54 degrees. it will end up better then it is starting this morning. >> the sunrise being a little late their means the the kid will be standing on the bus stops in the dark this morning when they weren't that way that situation on friday. live look 6:32. here's an example of what could be black ice, 202 a and county line road with the melt down from yesterday that snow squalls, the drizzle that rolled through earlier this morning. if it looks wet we are right
6:33 am
around that freezing mark right there. it could be frozen over that first step, the driveway, parking lot, jammo, early one here i-95 southbound working your way toward cottman avenue. something is going on right here do you see that have an accident that could be caused by ice, hainesport mount laurel road closed between mouth mount laurel road and walt on avenue near elementary and middle school. use union in million in million this morning. icy spots on sumanytown pike outside of land dale, early morning ice on eagleville road and arcola road.
6:34 am
early morning hiccup on the market frankford line. minor delays for first couple have trains out of the gate. broad street subway is looking g yes, mike. >> bob kelly, a question from twitter, karen gregly says her kid school was closed on friday. >> yes. >> children did not get their transpasses then, right. >> yes. >> septa will let you ride free. >> here's the deal. i'm glad you brought that up. typically school children would receive their passes on friday for this coming week. so septa is allowing last weeks pass, to be used for today only through noon time. so the deal is that they can use it for morning rush hour get into school, where in which case they will pick up their new transpasses for the week. so use lance weeks pass for this morning's bus ride into school. >> okay. >> they get passes at school. >> they pick them up at school. >> yes. >> we used to use tokens back in the day. >> yes still do.
6:35 am
6:34. we have this breaking news out of hunt are ton county, new jersey. >> four alarm fire broke out at sergeantsville inn. >> she's here to talk to the mayor. is it pronounced sergeantsville. >> sergeantsville. >> i had a little sergeantsville it is sergeantsville. this is the the mayor. thinks the mayor, roger, can you give us a break down of the fire. it happened around 2:30. >> it was 2:00 and it was a retired fire chief across the the street, who saw it, and called in the alarm. by 4:00 o'clock they had the volunteer fire companies here had it under control. there were ten fire companies who came out to respond, perhaps more. it is a testament to time and history that the building was built in 1734. i do think for us it is a hole in the center of the universe for us right now. it is one of the spot where
6:36 am
george washington was here and where we're at the the crossroads of the revolution we believe but it will be rebuilt. it is a tragedy this morning but a testament to all of the volunteer fire companies who came and got it under control and i would comment that the american flag stood through it. is there still snow on the roof. so they controlled it and saved the building. >> reporter: a massive hole in the roof. >> a massive hole in the roof, yes. >> reporter: in terms of other damage you say it ties hard to tell with you bottom line is it will be renovated and rebuilt. >> i believe that, yes yes. >> reporter: land mark from the 1700's and you were saying that people from new york, would come here from -- >> absolutely, restaurant and food is famous. people travel from north jersey, new york philadelphia just to come here to the inn and eat. it is a terrible tragedy for the community but i believe it will be rebuilt. >> reporter: thank you so much. and a cause you said not yet
6:37 am
determined, too early to know, but inside it does look like there is a lot of damage and as you can see a huge hole through the to have of the roof as fire fighters continue to work on hot spots, it was the placed under control what within a hour and a half. >> yes, tree member us testament to the fire fighters here, they are basically asleep and in bed at 2:00 o'clock in the morning and by 4:00 o'clock they had it under control. it is very hard. we're very fortunate for the the weather too, a couple days ago it was 5 degrees good that helps out as well. >> all volunteer fire department. so we thank them as well. mike and lauren, back to you. >> it is like a hole in the universe. it was name after charles sergeant, who was a member of the revolutionary army. >> yeah, it has been a grocery store, ice cream parlor, trading company. >> it was a restaurant just
6:38 am
now. >> five different dining rooms inside. >> they will rebuild it. >> a home collapses in camden with the family inside, during the night. >> family says they knew something was wrong, is that right steve keeley. >> something is still wrong and we may have to move our position here because this ceiling is coming down and remember i showed you that tupperware lauren, to you see that stack. now there is something sitting own top of there. that dresser to the left that was against the wall has moved. that is only thing holding up that ceiling. i was telling the officer here park out front, the closest human being to this. i a said if that ceiling goes and that other wall goes you might want to get back. this thing is still in danger of further collapse right now as the temperature warms up. it is really not too study to begin with but we are watching that ceiling fall. don't be surprised at 7:00 if that second floor bedroom ceiling is completely gone and that nice neat stack of tupperware containers on top of the other dress's dress the front wall is completely gone.
6:39 am
so still, a dangerous situation out there. only thing standing here is the the the front door and that doorway sturdy. they say stan in the doorway during tornadoes. now you see why. that doorway is only thing that didn't give when the whole front of the house went and that meant the family was able to get out of there. there was three adults and a two-year old in there. the man of the house was not home and came home soon after and we have to talked to him about what this house was dealing with for today because these wooden barricade were here last week and the city put a notice on the front door everybody is telling us last week as well. and thank god nobody was killed here because the city would have some explaining to do if they thought this house was in i am meant danger and they had a family staying here. >> we got a call and he heard something and then he seen the street. it fell and then he got everybody out. >> everybody out safe. >> my dad, my mom my sister and my niece was there. 2003, the house burned down next to it.
6:40 am
they demoed the house but they never fixed the walls and stabilized the walls until the brick face came off. it started buckling out, and we tried to get the city to do what they can. they actually came out and put a barricade around it and gave my parents until the 26th, to demo it. so, you know, $40,000 that we don't have, would have fixed it. >> reporter: city officials rushed out here just before in midnight and they saw this house and if any of them were here inspecting this house this probably wasn't so shock to go them. they were probably being very thankful as well that nobody was killed here. you can see where this house is, coming back to the picture now right on the corner of line and west street on the busy corner and further left you can see residents standing out the here next to us now, they tell us people are normally walking there, 20 hours a day, maybe not in the mid of the night or anybody
6:41 am
on that sidewalk would have been buried under all that debris lauren and mike. >> i'm fascinated by tupperware stack holding that part have of the ceiling. >> well, trial set to begin this morning for a case we have been following for years. a delaware man charged in connection with the death of his ex-wife and another woman. david matusiewicz is accused of the the february 2013 shooting of christine bellford and laura mul for. police say his father shot and kill the victims right there at the courthouse and then turn the gun on himself. we had it live right here on good day philadelphia i remember that morning. he was quick of taking his three daughters to central america in 2007 during a bitter custody dispute with his ex-wife. jury deliberations continues in the case of the woman known as the black madam, page winslow is charged with third degree murder in
6:42 am
the in the london dancer who flew over into philadelphia to have butt implants. that was back in 2011. twenty year-old claudia aderotimi and died after receiving butt injections from winslow, inside of that airport hotel. police in utah are calling this a miracle i have a tendency to agree with them a baby saved after a car crashes into a icy river, she was trapped in her car seat, for 14 hours. how she got saved many of us experienced temperatures in the 50's yesterday, we may go back there again today, anymore winter weather in the forecast, we will let you know coming up. lauren. sue, guess what today is, it is that the get over it day. >> oh. >> so what are you over? don't tell us now but tell us on facebook instagram and
6:43 am
twitter use the hash tag fox 29 give today. >> number one answer will be the the wetter try to factor in other things too. >> i have a good one. >> chip kelly. >> that is ♪ ♪ ♪ hershey's spreads. bring the delicious taste of hershey's chocolate to anything - everything. with hershey's spreads, the possibilities are delicious. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ if you want it ♪ ♪ go out and get it ♪ yeah, i'm married. does it matter? you'd do that for me? really? yeah, i'd like that. who are you talking to? uh, it's jake from state farm. sounds like a really good deal. jake from state farm at three in the morning. who is this? it's jake from state farm. what are you wearing jake from state farm? [ jake ] uh... khakis. she sounds hideous. well
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what's happened to snacking? how did it become absent-mindedly eating one after the next, after the next? so predictable and so unsatisfying? what about pulling up a chair, a stool, a beanbag, and actually tasting our food. we are a creamy cheese that still believes in the beauty of a knife, in the elegant swipe of a . . . swipe. of course, that doesn't mean you can't dunk us or scoop us up. enjoy every single sol-i-tar-y bite. the laughing cow. reinvent snacking. 6:45. >> it looks nothing like it did last week. >> you missed some frigid weather. >> i will tell what you it
6:46 am
felt like, 90 degrees where i was. >> we're all very jealous. >> you probably should be. people wanted to punch me in the face and they still do. >> lets talk about these guys flying around the world with no fuel. well, is there fuel but what is the fuel. >> well, it is solar power. >> yes. >> taking a trip around the world. >> swiss dude right. >> single seater, powered solely by sunlight. it took off, earlier this morning. two pilots will take turns at the controls. >> would you be concerned it is cloudy. >> yes. >> yes, there is no fuel. >> yes. >> i can't trust that. >> don't they have a backup engine or gasoline. >> no, i don't know. >> is what first stop. >> it is aman ten hours after take off. typical jet takes one hour. these guys will go at 28 miles an hour. >> boring. >> it will take them months to complete the the trip. >> camille in the control room can we figure out where they are now are they tracking it the anyway with web sites.
6:47 am
that sound cool. >> all right sue. >> yeah, yeah yeah. >> hopefully you remember it is one more reminder to turn your clock ahead in case were you somehow hibernating yesterday. we lost that her of sleep so for many of us, on this schedule... i. >> i didn't realize you had to wake up at two and set it forward. >> otherwise, it noise good. >> it is the the the law. >> you didn't do that. >> you are going to get in trouble. >> there is some precipitation, it is very light. it is just a weak disturbance moving through and mostly affecting our northern and western suburbs of montgomery county, bucks county. actually out of the montgomery county now. go up toward lehigh valley around allah even town. light rain for most of us. temperatures just that close to freezing though, that it might cause some slippery surfaces on your car on your sidewalks, on your road, just
6:48 am
be aware of that. whatever we will get though is probably gone by 9:00 o'clock. rest of the day plenty of room for sunshine with clouds clearing up and it looks decent with temperatures back in the 50's and sun cost not set until have 7:00 p.m. then tomorrow around noon we have cloud cover and we have rain moving in about three or 4:00. so rain rain, rain through the night into early tomorrow morning when we get together for fox 29 morning news at 4:00 in the morning. still some rain around on and off throughout the early morning and then by tenor 11:00 o'clock, or by noon it should be all out of here. now we have lifted our winter weather advisories in many counties but still up in the lehigh valley and poconos mountains berks county half of bucks we have that possibility of slipperiness and this is why, 31 degrees in allentown. the just a degree above freezing in mount pocono, 33 in pottstown as well, trenton well above freezing, we are well above freezing at philly
6:49 am
international but only 31 in millville. that is in the a problem with precipitation but could be refreezing of the puddles that formed yesterday because snow melted. it was milder and last over weekend. saturday's highs 41. we got to 50 in philadelphia yesterday. yeah. now we will get to 54 by the end of the day to day. forty-nine tomorrow with those showers moving in. because it stays a above freezing overnight we should just be a rain event into early tomorrow morning and wednesday morning i should say. thursday looks fantastic we might give that a nine or ten when it comes but friday morning could be tricky with a wintry mix changing over to rain lasting into saturday. so getting closer and close tore springtime and then we will talk with spring showers. >> 6:49. good morning everybody. not sure if this was an accident or a disabled here eastbound schuylkill expressway right near conshohocken curve. we had word of the huge
6:50 am
pothole on the schuylkill and then this fellow pops up off to the shoulder here. so eastbound on the schuylkill watch for a slow down near conshohocken. coming from south jersey starting to pick it up, headlights coming inbound on that 42 freeway in towards philadelphia and watch for potholes. they are every where this morning. folks are moving in the early morning hours w this time change we have an an extra hour of darkness in the morning hours now. this time on friday we had some daylight. the kid will be standing out on the dark bus corners this morning. west on 422 off ramp to stowe huge potholes, look out for bank in pottstown. tacony palmyra bridge. watch for an opening at 7:00 o'clock. i would just head to that betsy ross bridge. market frankford line running with delays in, problems on the broad street subway and mike brought this up last time around student septa passes
6:51 am
last weeks pass will be good today through 12:00 noon. they have pick their passes up in school. they had a snow day thursday and friday last week. >> yes. >> you will pick up your new pass today but use last weeks pass for that morning commute into school. >> when i was in the caribbean it was snowing here. >> yes. >> a lot. >> we had an ice storm on tuesday. >> weather event every single day i was gone. >> crazy. >> you must have order that had before you left. >> listen to this story we need to have figure what went on here because it could be a miracle. >> an 18 month-old baby girl is recovering because he was trapped inside a car upside down, in her kara seat for 14 hours. >> police are calling this a miracle as well. they say baby's mother was driving over a bridge late friday night when something caused her to lose control of the vehicle will and it ended up in a cold river. she's now dead. the the baby is in the back
6:52 am
seat and car seat. the car ran in the cement barrier and plunge into this river. the it remained there for hours and hours and hours. eighteen month-old baby strapped in the back seat, so, that section of the car was not under water. >> wow, i bet she was upside down in the car. >> um-hmm. >> a fisherman came and noticed a vehicle in the river. they called 911. >> her name is lily. thank god there is no water. the here's what three police officers and four fire fighters, are saying about this. they had no idea there was another person in the car, they got the the mother out. they didn't necessity baby was upside down in the back seat. everyone of these seven officers said they heard an adult voice say i'm's in here. >> what? >> they all are sticking by this story i'm in here. that made them look inside up in the back seat and is there
6:53 am
the baby in the back seat. >> an adult voice said i'm in here. >> goodness. >> gives you chills. >> that gives me chills. >> wow. >> we have to follow that story and see what happens. tourist visiting a home in san francisco are too bus toy notice there is a big time star. >> he is kind of covered up but he is upset in one notice who he was. >> celebrity has a relationship with the city of san francisco.
6:54 am
6:55 am
14 irresistible flavors. one for the mood. one for the moment. each one can make every day more delicious than the last. the taste could only be baileys. the experience could only be yours. baileys coffee creamers. this is the one.
6:56 am
this just in to us here, the flower show attendance was up 10 percent. >> wow. >> crazy traffic for saturday. >> it was a really good theme movie theme big crowd, dan akro id was there. >> star power. >> who was there, who else. >> he didn't come in here. >> no. >> you weren't here. >> probably so. >> so uncle jesse played by john stamos he went back to where they shot the the show in san francisco. >> look at this picture he took. visitor to the left, he has a hat on that is him uncle jesse, so he stopped by san francisco house and he was surprise that had no one had a clue who he was while standing there pose ing for the the picture. the those people are facing
6:57 am
the picture and away from the the house. one of the hash tag is like turn around. >> take your hat off, they have a picture of a lifetime, uncle jesse in front of the house. >> maybe because people are into so many other shows that full house is not on your radar. >> i don't know. >> by the way, over weekend they had a big reading of the cast laura lamply laurie loomis laurie mclaughlin still smoking hat and that candace cameron. >> these twins are gorgeous too. >> yes. >> get ready for the next big apple thing. i'm telling you on twitter something wrote in and they said this is a game changer. it is called apple watch. >> it lawnes today. >> what is good thing, what are bad things, we have a tech expert in.
6:58 am
6:59 am
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