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tv   Good Day Philadelphia 7a  FOX  March 9, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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300 years old, 1734, destroyed by a four alarm fire. we are their life. a camden family hears a noise and sees the front of their house disappear. four people including a two-year old were inside when this front of the home collapsed. how they in managed to get out unharmed. is jeremy maclin reuniting with andy reid?
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eagles cannot sign any new players until tomorrow just like everybody else. >> but that is not stopping the rumors about who is staying, leaving and going. we will look at the future of this team, almost unrecognizable. >> al says somebody needs to give chip kelly a drug tuesday because he has lost his mind. >> people aren't trusting what he is doing. >> these jerseys are no good anymore. >> another person says he is either a evil genius or a cowboys fan. >> g. cobb is coming in. >> did you see where the viewer said we should be throwing snowballs at you. >> no, i didn't see that. >> just kidding, psyched. >> by the way, speaking of sports, real quickly here, it looks like colin kaepernick, the 49ers quarterback will be traded and two teams wanted him, including the eagles. >> well, would you take him right now.
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>> i think i would take him. wait to mariota dude. >> a lot of pieces have to come together for that mariota dude. >> we will talk bit with g. cobb. >> let's talk about this, it is going to be a seven out of ten today. >> is there still light precipitation, out there, still, cold, and there is plenty of snow still left on the ground. some places got 10 inches last thursday, so it will be a little while before all that melts. we had that yesterday. but if you look north and west of the city that is where you will see light sleet, light freezing rain, light snow or light rain. take a pick. the it depend on the temperature. all of this is heading up toward new york right now but we are still seeing some of that in the lehigh valley, bucks county, maybe part of the mercer county as well. 38 degrees, we're up to in philadelphia. we are not having too much problem with icy conditions here. but our sunrise isn't official until 7:22 since the time
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changed yesterday. today, it is 38 now. forty-seven by lunchtime with a emerging sunshine and more melting throughout the the day with a high temperature of 54 degrees. looking better, as the day goes along, bob kelly, but there might be slippery spots this morning. >> i think so. >> all that melting that happened yesterday, anything that didn't make it in the drainage grates, dissipated overnight, could be slippery. front step, driveway. we have had a couple reports of black ice this morning out in montgomery county. here's i-95 northbound right here near street road a disable off to the shoulder. we are waiting for a bridge opening here a live look at tacony palmyra set for opening at 7:00 o'clock. any minute now. you can see the police officer stopping traffic. there we go, tacony palmyra going in to shut down mode. grab your coffee, keys heading out the front door right now and head for bet thecy ross or ben franklin. here's a live look at ben franklin bridge coming into
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philadelphia slow go on the schuylkill expressway, eastbound watch for a disable right here near conshohocken. getting report of the big pothole near that same interchange. maybe that is why this fellow is off to the shoulder. the westbound a delay from the boulevard out through city. southbound i-95 that morning crawl southbound in toward girard avenue and then mount laurel, new jersey, hainesport mount laurel road shut down between mount laurel road and walton avenue an early morning accident and investigation. use elbow or union mill through morning rush hour. man's tras it and airport looking good. a four alarm fire in hunterdon county. jenny joyce just spoke to the mayor. hi jenny. >> the mayor did point out that the american flag is still up. maybe a testament to his
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strong history, and, will be rebuilt. the the fire broke out, between two and 2:30 called in by a retired fire chief that led across the the street. we found these pictures posted in the fire and e ms alerts in hunterdon county to give you an county. with several responding fire. and, great hustle under control and keep it from spreading to news and homes. the mayor talked about rich history of the, and, how this will be tough for the community. >> it is a historic building, suggestingsville in, kind of the center of the world here. you are standing on one of the places where george washington was. the inn was built in 1734 i think is the original date, and, it is just a real center in the hole of the world right
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now. >> big loss. >> tremendous loss for the community but it will be rebuild. >> so they says, it will be rebuild. and, crews are still working on hot spots taking another look you can see the massive hole. the mayor says it ties early to know how and where the fire started. that remains under investigation. mike and lauren. >> a home collapse necessary camden with the family still inside, and, we knew something was wrong. >> bruce gordon gets results but i don't think he will come close to my record of getting results in under 30 minutes. i said this street was in danger. the as officer freddie should move and they should close this street, and, that has happened now and the city has showed up with the public works guys. they say this house is in imminent collapse danger any minute now. so they are going to move this
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collapse zone further out. they have been doing a cursory inspection and it does not look good. officer freddie now safely back as they think this house will go this way to the left and out to where we are. we are moving right after this live shot. you can see tupperware stack up and ceiling just seems like it is inching down closer to that stack of tupperware. and this which was firmly begins the left walls, it is now getting pushed out because that is the support pillar new for the second floor ceiling and there is now a kind of an indentation in that second floor rooftop that you can see with the start of the sunlight as more wooden barricade are put out here. i will let you hear from the man of the house who was not home but there was three other adults and two-year old child who managed to walk out of the front door and here's why they tell you to stand in the doorway during tornadoes. the only thing that is firm is that doorway. that tells you why they say that in tornadoal i and that family was able to get out of here safely because whoever
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built that doorway probably a hundred years ago did it with good old fashion american workmanship. >> we got a call, abe he said he heard a noise. then he sees the street. so, he got everybody out. my dad, yeah, my dad, my mom, my sister and my niece was there. in 2003 the house burned down next to it. they demoed the house but they never, they never fixed the wall that was stabilized the wall so brick face came off. it started buckling out. that is when we were trying to get the city to do what they can. they actually came out and put a barricade around it and gave me parents until the 26th to repair it or demo it. $40,000 that we don't have would have fixed it. >> reporter: luckily that guy's family got out of here because city was here last week with some kind of an
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eviction, condemned notice on the door but for some reason let that family stay in there and good thing that nobody at the city right now had to explain why a family was killed here when this place collapsed because somebody knew it was in immediate danger and they were right. whoever assessed danger here got the right, but what they didn't get right was getting that family out of there fast enough. the same kind of freezing, that you go that causes potholes likely happened within the walls of this place. last straw was yesterday's that you go, whatever was on the roof melted, with more water seeping down front walls and just gave this thing the last pushing that it needed. so wooden barricade here that had been here last week and new they have got them further back. more police showing up, more city officials showing up. we will get out of the collapse zone and if anything else happens out here we will give you another picture but hopefully everybody is safe and nobody gets hurt and nothing else craps is here. >> 7:09. philadelphia police are investigating a double shooting in west oak lane. victims were shot sitting in
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their car at intersection of beachwood and stenton, just after midnight, they drove themselves to einstein medical center. one was shot in the torso and is listed in critical condition. the second man is in stable condition. police are reviewing surveillance in hopes of the identifying two men seen fleeing the scene after the the shooting. the community mourning loss of the fallen philadelphia police officer robert wilson the third. >> a candle light prayer vigil is scheduled for 6:00 o'clock tonight right outside of the game stop store where he was killed. the officer wilson had been buying a video game for his son, by the way, and that birthday toys day. his son turns nine today. >> he was honored or sunday. during the peace offering they embraced members of the law enforcement. they collect donations to benefit the the officer's family. the officers say wilson was one of a kind. >> every time i saw him at work, there was nothing but smiles.
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he had a constant smile on his face. he always had shall laughing. there wasn't a bad bone in his body. >> it was just senseless and i'm sorry that it happen. >> human life just doesn't seem to mean anything anymore. people are just not sympathetic or have feeling that they should have for one another. >> suspects 24 year-old ramone williams and his brother carlton hipps arrested at the scene, both now being charged with murder. entire city mourning loss of the philadelphia police officer, one officer used his talent to create a tribute. >> this is beautiful. he dit over the weekend. quite the artist. that is not the a picture but a painting. this officer posted this portrayed on twitter writing this amazing tribute to fallen philadelphia police officer wilson. it was painted by another philly police officer hash tag one family. posters say police officer, i believe it is johnny castro, of the 18th district is the artist, we will try to get him in the studio sometime this week.
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besides these words, sometimes standing against evil is in other important than defeating it. grates heroes stand because of it. is right to do. so in the because they believed that they will walk away with their lives, such self less courage is a victory in itself. how beautiful is that painting done in just a matter of days. >> it is, it is gorgeous. everybody says the same thing about this officer. >> yeah, yeah. we will show you video in the next hour of him doing the ice bucket challenge, a friend sent to me over the weekend. just a great smile. 7:12. montgomery county overdose task force report will be revealed at a press conference first thing this afternoon. >> they have been working for the the last six months to develop a strategy to prevent overdosees, narcan has proven to be highly effective and used by many police department and medical professionals to
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reverse heroin overdosees and to save lives. wisconsin's attorney jennies promising a thorough, transparent investigation in the death of the black teenager at the hand of the madison police officer. saturday's deadly shooting sparked outrage but victim's family is simply calling for peace. the city's police chief met and praised the grandmother of the 19 year-old tony robinson in hopes of calming the community. hopes to avoid similar riots that happened in ferguson, missouri. >> good, they should this place down. fraternity at university of oak, major trouble after video of member chanting racist remarks on a bus went viral. here it is. >> unaudible. >> it is hard to hear what they are saying but they are using the n word and saying that the n will never be a member of their fraternity. sigma alpha epsilon, commonly known an sae said their
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organization does not tolerate racist behavior like this. they are disgusted by these members the at the the university of oklahoma. >> they released a statement, university said if these students are involved in this behavior it will not be tolerated and will be addressed very quickly. this behavior is reprehensible and contrary toy all of our values this morning they did shut down that fraternity at ou. >> surely. i bet you watched saturday a lot of people did. fiftieth anniversary of bloody sunday brings thousands toss selma, alabama. i know yesterday was sunday but they had the ceremony on saturday. >> it was president barack obama, first family, civil rights leaders to recreate the march across edmond pettus bridge. fifty years ago protesters led by doctor martin lieutenant are king junior endured brutal a accounts tax, as they marched for voting rights. martin luther king the third told people who were gathered there that while progress has been made more needs to be done in the way of equality. >> just a couple of years ago
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that our supreme court would dismantle will the voting rights act because today we should be celebrate but we can't celebrate yet. >> his mannerisms remine of his father. >> it helped bring about the the voting rights act good television was a big part of this i remember watching this being horrified. i don't think we knew where i was living in the country that this kind of activity was going on. so violence, down in the south and the president of the united states, lbj, he watched it, went to congress a week later, gave a speech saying this was outrageous and voting rights act was signed into law. of course, then the the supreme court knock it down a couple years ago so we will sees what happens there. >> 7:15. >> sue serio. >> good reminder it is 7:15 if you didn't change your match, or one of the clocks in your house, it is 7:15. then sunnies starting to rise.
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7:22 is official sunrise time. to get you ready for weather next couple of days, this morning is there still some light freezing rain and sleet north and west of the city. starting to go away. temperatures getting warmer. so that situation should be improving. this afternoon sunshine and, temperatures in the 50's. we will have more snow melting, more puddles for the the kids to jump in, more mud around, and i think we can deal with that with temperatures in the 50's. and then tomorrow it remains on the mild side with rain in the afternoon just to get you ready that light sleet, freezing rain heading toward new york city but there is still a little to be concerned with. lehigh valley, bucks county, mercer county as well but now that the temperatures are getting a little bit milder, it is mostly rain. there you go, you can see around tinicum, richland and bucks county, allentown getting light precipitation. now we have a winter weather advisory in berks, lehigh, carbon and monroe and northern part of the bucks county until 9:00 o'clock maybe lifted
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earlier. we are up to 38 degrees in the city but only 32 in allentown. so anything that was liquid yesterday could be frozen over and just a degree above freezing in mount pocono and pottstown. it is only 30 in millville. there could be a few slippery spots around there in new jersey as well. past seven days we have seen our ups and our downs. friday when we were so cold in the morning after all that snow we only got to 26 degrees but recovered nicely on at day were 41. we got to 50 yesterday. will we stay on the mild side? it looks like generally, yeah, 54 degrees today, 49 tomorrow, with some showers moving in the afternoon and then that rain changes to sunshine on wednesday and we will get up to 56 degrees, close to 60 in some places, thursday, it looks good. 52 degrees. we will chill down on friday with the wintry mix in the morning maybe lasting into saturday. but all and all it doesn't look like any temperatures
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during the day in the 20's, bob kill i in the foreseeable future. >> canceled all of mike's vacations, because when he as way, we are seeing ice storms and snowstorms. now that he is here we're in the the 50's. good morning. southbound i-95 an accident near betsy ross bridge causing a delay for everyone leaving northeast philadelphia, heading in to downtown center city philadelphia tacony palmyra just completed an opening, there goes the the first cars starting to roll across the span again. getting ready to head out the the front door, the betsy ross is the the best bet. coming in south jersey along 492 freeway north bound watch for the headlights. we have a delay working your way in toward creek road and i295. as we go south, on 295, an accident right here near mount laurel. exit for route 73 on the southbound side. watch for accident as well on the ramps from 422 coming into king of prussia ramp from 422 to 202. all of the on and off ramps, lesser traveled road,
7:19 am
secondary roads or side streets. fit looks wet with that melt down low temps overnight it could be slippery. west on the schuylkill delay into belmont. eastbound slow at the conshohocken curve. mike and lauren, back to you. >> do you see the headline in the daily news. look at the the players. j mack is gone. we have frank gore coming n great player from the seahawks, the cornerback. do you believe this? >> you have to be careful with this pen here. do you believe this? the eagles were expected to be one of the busiest teams in the free agent market and they have been over last weeks. team cannot sign players until 4:00 o'clock tomorrow afternoon. but reports have eagles, several deals in place. most people talking about the guy that is leaving the team, and headed back to his old coach andy reid in kansas city >> j mack. >> there is a new report out of san francisco a few hours
7:20 am
ago that colin kaepernick is going to be traded by the 49ers, two questions, he took them to the super bowl a few years ago, why do they want to get rid of him. would you take him if you are an eagles, two teams are bidding for him, chicago bears and your philadelphia eagles. >> we'll what happens. >> we will discuss this, what do you think weigh in on twitter, facebook, instagram. >> do you check your credit score. >> you know, i don't because i never can figure out the web site. they say it is free it is always so much. even if you do there could be a chance it is wrong and costing you money. we will tell what you to look for and how do you fix it. >> do you want a apple watch? they say it is a game changer. what is good, what is bad bit, how much does it cost, it is out there today.
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doesn't google have a watch. >> yes. >> well, now apple has a watch out. it comes out today. >> yes, the the next pig thing the company is holding a event
7:24 am
today. lauren simoneti joins us now. >> lauren, hello. >> welcome back, mike. >> thank you very much. >> so lauren, i went to get my screen at walnut street on saturday and everybody in there was like we cannot tell you but something is happening monday. this is it. >> reporter: is there an event in san francisco, it starts at 10:00 o'clock, california time, and they are expected to tell us more about the apple watch. when can we buy it is what everybody want to know. that answer is likely april, but i have got some other questions. what kind of apps does it run? i have been hearing the watch can also be your starwood room key, that within cool. these third party will developers have had sometime to work on apps. i want to know the price. we do know it starts at $350 but think of it like this, okay, first of all, apple hires a former head of burberry to work on the rolex version of the apple watch that could be $10,000.
7:25 am
>> with diamond. >> apple has ever sole. >> eighteen car at gold and sapphire crystal. maybe there is an option with diamond but, you know, you have your iphone, put a case on it and put tonight your pocket no one sees it. you see it but in the a beautiful object. the watch is here, a all the time, it is on display. this is a fashion accessory and as such you can customize it. it could be really cool. >> is it basically a little ipad on your wrist. >> yes, it hooks up with your ieven if and pecking to it gather your health statistics and get your e-mail and answer your phone calls, tell the time, do all of the basic stuff but it will be app as and bat theory that will set this apart from other wearables on the market. what if you have to charge it every six hours. it will not last. >> it seems like too much. >> biggest frustration with my cell phones it is battery power.
7:26 am
>> lauren, thanks so much. we will see what happens in a few hours. at this rate we won't recognize the eagles team by september. >> entire new roster. jeremy maclin to kansas city but they do sign mark sanchez. what does that mean in that mean nick foles is out of here. why would you make him a backup if you are going after that marcus dude. we will talk burr philadelphia a duckness just a bit. >> okay. jen fred, taking a look the a weird beauty tips you probably never thought of. >> weird stuff, it all works. we are back with tina and she will tell us which one of these things work, which ones don't and this hour we will talk about stuff that you have probably right around the house.
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alex is off, and lauren johnson is in. >> welcome back to you. >> how do you feel. >> sun, tan and buffed. >> i'm stand all over, too do you want to see some of this. >> tan line checkup. >> hey bob, do you have a mug. >> we have plenty of mugs. we saved this one for you this came in last week. check this out, these are cookies. >> in the shape of the mug. >> yes. >> have a good day, thanks a a
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latte, so they sent us a whole box of cookies. >> yes. >> look at that. >> thanks for the schaefer family. they didn't have any mugs, but there you go, make some mugs for us. >> um-hmm. >> should we save the cookies. >> that is fantastic. >> open the box upstairs. >> we went to the boxy open up at is when we the boxy open up have a meeting just to open up a box of cookies. >> instant employee meeting around my desk. send me your mugs whether they are cookies or coffee mugs. we have our mugs back in return and thanks to the schaefer a's for the delicious cookie mugs. >> that is a lot of work. >> yes. >> love it. >> all right. >> a lot of work to eat them. >> let get to the wet the they are morning with bus stop buddy. still snow cover on the ground but we will take care of a great deal of that later on today. sunnies already up but we have a few slippery spots around
7:31 am
especially those shady places. keep that in mine. dress kid warmly for that wait at the bus stop for the the first time in maybe four days if they had thursday and friday off. so, seven out of ten in your weather by the numbers and still precipitation to follow in parts of the bucks county, little bit of berks, mostly light rain at this point with temperatures getting warmer but again, there still could be slippery spots now that we are at 38 degrees in philadelphia some suburbs were close do freezing. fifty-four a high temperature today, sunny, milder then yesterday when we got to 50 and more melting, tonight we are down to 35 degrees with a few cloud so that is your monday, the first monday after springing forward after the weekend. bob kelly, thank goodness it is national napping day. >> we can take a good nap today an a monday. no napping this morning, it is getting up and getting out on
7:32 am
i-95, coming southbound, heavy from approaching cottman. pretty much down through allegheny a a as we had an accident in the mid there will near betsy ross bridge that kind offset us back g morning to the bennie coming into downtown headlights starting to stream from mid span into downtown there at eighth and vine. on the 42 freeway again pockets of volume between atlantic city expressway and the approaching to 295. on the northbound side of i-95, watch for a delay in the commodore barry a and watch for potholes. look at this picture, big old white circle that says fix me in there. there is a message for penndot crew that is will be out, later today. south on 295, watch for a crash right here near route 73, as you head toward mount laurel, new jersey. rest of the major roadways your normal delays on both schuylkill and i-95. head up for septa a using the student septa passes, last week there was a school, snow
7:33 am
day on both thursday and friday. they hand passes out on friday. septa a says you are able to use last weeks pass for this morning's rush hour that will get you to school and hand out new passes today for the ride home and for the rest of the week. mike and lauren back over to you. lets get back to this story out of hunterdon county, new jersey 46789 alarm fire broke out 2:30 in sergeantsville inn, historic inn built in 1734. it is on the 600 block of rosemont ring owes road. building has a ton have of history. george washington visited there. >> it was a grocery store, trading center, mess recently a restaurant. >> ice cream shop. >> also new, investigators trying to figure out what caused the house to collapse in camden. it happened around 11:30. 400 block of line street. red cross is seeing five people now displays who had were in the house at the time,
7:34 am
the front of the house collapsed. >> but nobody got hurt. >> so did you see, a bunch of people turned out again this year, they braved the philly. >> they helping to raise money. we went to fado irish pub for this years saint baldrick's day celebration. people raised money by completely shaving their head. they told us live with no hair is a big add just. but all worth it to help the kid. >> i put the myself in the mental state and physical state that pediatric cancer kid get when they go out in public. i don't have any of the disabilities, but appearance wise i will be looking like a cancer patient for the next couple of months and understand how it feels to walk around with no hair. >> fifty people signed up to have their heads shave, goal,
7:35 am
raising $55,000. >> we have a couple of national days here. it is national nap day because of the daylight savings time thing. >> yes. >> might have lost an hour of sleep. it is national get over it. get over it day. so what are you so over. i know would i imagine one is weather but this one happy monday, welcome back to me. i'm trying on get over this alarm going off. >> i feel you. >> so feel us up on facebook, instagram and twit are. >> would i like to fully get over past bad relationship and move on. you have to move on. you can't hold on to that. >> ding is not having a good time. >> come on. >> 7:35. we have found garry cobb, we wanted him to react to all of the moves having it all?
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maxx life! at t.j.maxx. so, jeremy maclin going to kansas city, and andy reid and mark sanchez stays. now colin kaepernick will be traded by 49ers and apparently the eagles are very interested. let's bring in garry cobb
7:39 am
right now former eagles linebacker good to see you g. >> my pleasure good lets start with jeremy maclin. i'm a big fan of jeremy maclin even though he went to missouri. did we just wait too long to negotiate. >> he asked for more than they were willing to pay. they thought he was maybe better than he is. they think he is a good receiver, in the one of the best in the league, very best in the league. >> he did have a good year. >> but they will to have fine a wide receiver from somewhere. chip believes this is what we will find out, he believes his system that they can get production and they don't need to put that big money out there like that. >> you will be okay with riley cooper. >> as long as you have the quarterback and offensive line, you have that running game, you have jordan matthews and josh huff in his second year too. they expect them to improve what they did a year ago. >> who is this dude out of the
7:40 am
seahawks, the quarterback. >> byron maxwell, very good pick. outstanding, physical player. he plays the style that they need which is bump and run, man to man. he will fit in well. he has shown he can do the job. people have been going after him. he has richard sherman on the other side. that is a guy they wanted. they went out the and got him. >> is he the only corner. >> he is only one right now but they will do some other things. they will draft a corner probably too. >> isn't frank gore basically shady mccoy. >> no, different type of back. >> chip doesn't like a guy that dances. he want a guy one cut up the feel. he wants you north and south. he doesn't like dancing. he doesn't like a guy that will take the the chance of losing yard. he wants to grind, get one, 23, get four, get five, always get positive yard. that way you really put pressure on the defense.
7:41 am
>> let's move on. why did we sign mark sanchez. >> well, he is the backup quarterback. regardless of hot quarterback is, we have a back up what does that say they are going after mariota. >> they want mariota. they have the starter. it could be foles. they want mariota number one. he is looking and talking to people, whatever they can do they would like mariota. but they have the backup is set. it will be sanchez. >> listen to this, g. cobb this just in this morning, the 49ers are willing to trade colin kaepernick. why wouldn't you just grab him and in the wait for marcus's, you know, and the draft and maturing. >> they are probably talking to teams, seeing what they are saying and seeing what is the the better option but a guy like kaepernick gets them a quarterback that can run. he is looking at russell wilson doing what he is doing during playoffs and if i had a
7:42 am
quarterback that could run, they were running his offense, his run offense and seattle was doing it. he would like to get a guy that can run but if you can't foles will be the guy but foles will be the last option. >> i agree. >> i don't want it to be just like last year. >> they will get it done because if this doesn't work this experiment will get down fast. hopefully it works. >> put up a rail and run chip right out on it. >> you know, not a lot of patients here, he better win. >> yes. >> g, have a great week. >> now jen fred, she's doing a weird segment today. the she's calling it weird beauty trend. is what is so weird bit. >> weird, because they are weird stuff in weird ways, cool aid, mike jerrick you might not need your beauty baum when we are done with this. we will talk about cool aid, and even bacon soda. i mean baking soda.
7:43 am
cool things you can do when you are a make up artist.
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this is really putting it within site the because spring starts a week from friday. yep, 11 days away from the vernal equinox at 6:45 p.m. on friday march 20th. we have a way to go there to get there. luckily last gasp moving through insuring right now, mostly around the city and north jersey and we are not seeing too much more. i think they will lift that winter weather advisory pretty soon. having said that there are a few icy spots around bucks county, maybe montgomery county, and depend on the the temperature. is there your winter weather advisory for poconos mountains, lehigh valley, berks county, bucks until 9:00. we are right at freezing in allentown. a little bit above in pottstown. well above freezing in trenton and in philadelphia a, and only 30 degrees in millville, new jersey. this morning. so, in the past seven days we
7:47 am
take a plunge on friday with the high of only 26 degrees but it did improve over the weekend. 41 degrees on saturday and we have reach that magic number of 50 on sunday. fifty is the average high for this time of the year. so we will exceed that today with 54 degrees. when icy spots around this morning. then it is rain and only rain, that moves in the the afternoon on tuesday with that high close to 50. rain through the night on tuesday, into wednesday morning and really nice day on thursday with a high of 52. could get the a wintry in mix on friday morning changing over to rain eventually and maybe lasting in the early part of the saturday. that takes you through seven day forecast we will see what bob kelly is looking at, very crowded roadway. >> start to pick it up, 747, good monday morning, live look at 422, earlier accident, eastbound, right here near ramps of king of prussia causing an early morning backup for folks leaving collegeville, and king of
7:48 am
prussia heading up the hill, headlights heading westbound on the schuylkill. watch for delays from the boulevard out to belmont avenue temperatures hovering around freezing in the overnight secondary road, side streets could still be slippery. maybe even parking lot this morning. brink opening schedule at burlington bristol bridge between now and 8:00. watch for a shut down heading out front door. also south on i-95 watch for delays a approaching the betsy ross bridge in through girard after a new. all that melted snow as you work your way through construction zones like a girard avenue, still, that left to right lane there in the form of some ice and heading north on the northeast extension, looking at a ladder, off the the back of somebody's truck here north bound between mid county a and that lansdale interchange. and delays north on 202, coming up from west chester heading in the construction zone there at malvern and pretty much grid lock on our new jersey majors. nothing out of the ordinary.
7:49 am
no accident or anything at the moment but just volume pushing toward the walt whitman and ben franklin. mike and lauren, back to you. i had a melt down myself yesterday afternoon. >> yes. >> why. >> i don't know. i think we are all trying to look better, fresher, but jen called this segment weird beauty tricks. >> it is something i have never heard of. jen, where are you and what are you doing. >> i'm in langhorne, with tina. >> good morning. >> we have a nice victim. good morning to you as well. >> notice people we want to be cooler, better, hipper, we want not to layout all kind of cash. you say eye shadow can be used for so many things. >> i can use eye shadow, for instance, to actually fill in the part to make your hair look a little bit more fuller. you wanting to darker. >> that is interesting.
7:50 am
>> people would think you wanting to lighter. >> in, little bit darker to get in there. you don't wanting to too heavy because then you start to see it. >> brush tonight good what else can do you. >> what else you can do is scrape some off and use it as a lip gloss. >> do i this often. i enjoy doing this because it stays on a lot better. you can use it as, kind of a tool, manipulate it, however you want, mike it darker, lighter and have shove it around. >> we will let a lot of stuff happen on that side of the hand by the way. >> we were talking about cool aid. >> 20 cents lip stain. thinks awesome. you want to get cue tip wet, dip it in, and rub it on your lip. >> as we found watch putting it on your hand.
7:51 am
>> it stains very well. >> like we a said people are trying to figure out different things to look better and different and not be totally crazy out of pocket. >> would i keep this in my pocketbook for just in case in case you are going from work to out at night. >> that is insane. >> you want to look nancy? that looks really good. >> yes, neosporin gets rid of redness and leave that on overnight and completely gets rid of it baking soda, what is that all about. >> you want to use 2-tablespoons of baking soda with warm water, put in your brush and 30 minutes you want to give it and run it under water. >> make up brushes. >> that gets rid of the oils and make up build up and everything on your bristles. >> thirty seconds left you
7:52 am
like vaseline better than brow gel. >> it actually helps the hair. >> look at that. >> so easy. >> it gives you a nice sheen, very natural good one safe guard be sure not to. >> put too much on. >> don't put too much on because it gets very clumpy and take off your brows underneath. all that color will come off. >> as we wrap up, mike, i know thaw follow a a lot of you tube beauty bloggers. now this girl she just put red lip stuck under the eye as a cover up, so at 9:45 she will tell us what she thinks about maybe some tip for but that is what we are building up. a a lot of times i don't like segment. this is fantastic. the cool aid thing i have never heard of. i can buy all this make up. >> you are saying that because you are fresh from vacation
7:53 am
and not crabby. >> this is fantastic. >> 7:52. you ever see these commercials all the time about how people are talking to credit score web sites. >> yes. >> can you get a free credit score. why do i need to know mine. i have no idea what mine is but is there new info out i have no idea what mine is but is there new info out thaw better figure it o
7:54 am
one for the mood.lavors. one for the moment. each one can make every day more delicious than the last. the taste could only be baileys. the experience could only be yours. baileys coffee creamers. this is the one.
7:55 am
7:56 am
7:57 am
if it was that close. >> yes, mike. >> and there will be a cvs at the bottom. wow, nice. >> okay. >> when is the last time you check your credit score. they have commercials on all the time. can you ever get it for free? change is on the way for three major credit reporting agencies this came out about an hour ago. monk new modifications medical debt is reported. so it is a big deal. >> the way to report medical debt up to 180 days before the report hits your credit score basically to allow for insurance payments to be allowed. the three agencies are also working on improving, resolution process for victims of identity theft, like you, and fraud. >> check your credit can help awe void froid charges. >> why do we need to know what your credit score is. >> here's the deal. it costs you money. think of your medical history. you go see doctor mike. you have a medical history. they base your treatment in part on your history. your financial history is your credit report.
7:58 am
so if you go get a new len they are looking at your history to determine should we give this person a loan, number one. number two what is the the the price and interest. based on your credit report that information in your credit record that is how much you will pay for a loan. >> if mike and i both go. he had good credit. i have poor credit. >> you will pay more. >> so here's the deal, 20 percent of an error on our credit report. >> i saw that letter third graphic. 20 percent of us have a error. that means one of the people in this studio has an error. i checked mine last night. we will tell you how to check yours for free. it is costing you money. if you have an error you get a car loan, $10,000 over four years. that could cost you double, double the interest which may be close to a you this dollars extra, out of your loan. >> who made the error. >> most of these errors, are related to medical issues. we judge just talking about with lauren. a as you discussed with the lead. reality is it can be an error
7:59 am
you don't know b somewhere you made a payment but somewhere, something went wrong. and, the only way you will know, guys if you take the time out, get your credit report. i did mine last night. took five minutes. annual credit you can get it for free. it does than the couldn't than the cost you a dime. >> credit card a dot come, ie that >> credit karma ace another one you can use to get your credit score for free, michael but your credit report. you are entitled as an american consume tore get it once a year for free annual credit >> you can report how you have a score. >> read through your reports. read through, make sure there is in errors or questionable items f there are call the credit agency. phone number right on the report. would i like to put this in suspensor remove it. how do we do that. that begins dialogue. and document, and back and forth. >> so through go, credit
8:00 am
reporting agency, and contact them, and put it all in writing. >> pull put it all in writing. >> what is considered a good credit score. >> if you have a score seven hundred or higher you are in good shape. you will get good rates. if you have a score below that, that is sketchy, that is when you are in bob kelly territory you want to be careful. >> yes. >> good to see you, dan. >> thank you. good day to you it is monday, march the ninth, 2015. the historic suggestingville inn went up in flames overnight, can they rebuild? we will talk bit coming up next, lauren. >> this was one of the super bowl's most powerful ads, how you can get involve to help end domestic violence for g. and, a new jersey man proposes to his girlfriend every single day for a full
8:01 am
year. this guy lives in new jersey. we will try to get him in the the studio this week. but what happens on the big day. we will show you the the emotional video when she finally got to watch what he had had done for a full year. >> i wonder if he got nervous because he was practicing all that time. >> did you come up with that idea. >> i am regrouping. >> that is tough. >> what a pain in the butt, every day you have to come up with ideas every day. >> yes. >> a lot of them are just brushing his teeth, shaving. >> easy stuff. >> yes. >> what do we have. >> good morning to the gang at st. christopher's school in the some are ton section of the city. sister mary temper and monsignor garvin will send us a coffee cub. you send us a mug, we will send you us one of our mugs back in return.
8:02 am
>> here's the weird thing, bob doesn't even drink coffee. >> i have a lot of mugs though. >> great for the pens. >> yes, it is spilling over. >> yes. >> hot chocolate, sue, all kind of things. >> she need a mug while she does a weather. >> you know what, we're getting better. it a has been dies any spots, this morning but the sunnies up, and, we've got bus stop buddy still bundled up. there is snow pack still on the ground. there are slippery spots in the shade, but most of the light precipitation that we had moving through has moved out of the viewing area, kind of all in long island and north jersey right now. so, we've got 36 degrees in the city, we will get to 54 with sun shine and more melting on the ground that is still frozen. tonight we are down to 35 degrees. we may in the see a big refreeze overnight. that is your fox cast for
8:03 am
monday. three minutes after 8:00, that would be three in minutes after 8:00, bob kelly. >> 8:03. good morning. live look we are holding our breath here. the thinks a disable vehicles in the tunnels on the vine street expressway right underneath the parkway smack there in the left lane. anyone who comes across that vine expressway you know how crazy, it is speed wise in the morning. we are hoping we can get a penndot vehicle down there before he gets hit from behind. southbound 295 watch for delays working in toward route 30. disabled near black important horse pike. coming out of the neighborhood, secondary road or side streets or where the the snow has fallen from the trees down below. this is a live look at hallow road right here near conshohocken state road. we have reports of icing touring the morning rush hour. southbound and, southbound i-95, and another incident, near route 30. that is white horse pike heading in to bellmawr. any minute we are expecting a opening on the burlington
8:04 am
bristol bridge. mike and lauren, back to you. this home was built as a private home in 1734, george washington has visited this building and now it has been gutted by a fire. >> up in flames. jenny joyce is live with the details. hi jenny. >> reporter: as you said 1734 it was built in the 1800. it became what was a land mark restaurant taking a live look at the sergeantsville inn. people came from out of state to have dinner here, have a drink here inn and now we are waiting for to see if we have professionals come into see whether it is structurally safe to rebuild. that is the plan and hope. according to the delaware township's mayor the fire probing out between two and 1:30, called in by a retired fire chief who lives across the the street. we got these pictures from the viewer, dwayne and judy floyd. they have lived in town for years. they heard what was happening and felt the need to come down
8:05 am
and capture it. the fire grew to four alarms with several responding companies. the mayor says the local volunteer fire company showed great house toll get this fire under control and keep it the from spread to go neighboring homes. we have talk to dwayne floyd and business owner both expressed what a deep loss this is for the community. >> i said sergeantsville inn is on fire. i don't want that to happen. i'm sorry but i got to go. she got up at the same time. i went up water tower. she came down here. she started taking pictures. >> unbelievable. i could not believe it. the building has been here for so long and people that own it are just wonderful people. have been that works there and everything. it was devastating. >> it is a landmark you wanting to down and have a drink, you have a drink. if you want to have dinner,
8:06 am
you can have dinner. >> it is a shame that it happened this way. >> reporter: here is a look from the back of the property, it shows that there is serious damage throughout the building, the plan is again to rebuild and again that is the hope but we will see what is possible, so taking another live look you can see there is a massive hole through the roof looking through those windows and straight through to the trees. fire crews have left. investigation begins into how this fire started and where this fire started, mike and lauren. >> just bad, my gosh. >> i think they will rebuild. the mayor said that building, and their little town there is the center of their universe. >> it is. 8:06. investigators trying to figure out what cause add a house to collapse in camden this happened in the 400 block of line street. red cross ace cyst continuing five people displaced there were no injuries, luckily. hard to believe when you see that video.
8:07 am
>> yes. investigate cause of the death of the newtown square eighth grader. snow covered body of 13 year-old cayman naib was discovered in darby creek by k-9 search teams with greater philadelphia search and rescue. naib left home wednesday evening. his parents said he received an upsetting e-mail from school about some kind of missed assignment. hundreds of community role tears searched for days, and in the end his body was found not far from the property. sunday night several hundred people gathered for a vigil at shiply school where he was straight a student. that was wrong video we had there we will get that figured out for you. losing another philadelphia police officer has hit the the city very, very hard. >> the department, community struggling to understand why this happened. large turnout and mass honoring philadelphia police officer robert wilson is a testament to the man he was on and off-duty. worshipers at saint martin depourness north philadelphia, invited residents across the city to shake hand and embrace the women and men in blue. they want to hold a special
8:08 am
collection benefit ing officer wilson's family. and over the weekend, a philadelphia police officer, as i understand it, painted this portrait. that is not a photograph. a beautiful portrait. painted by a fill police officer. do you see what they said there, the the amazing tribute to fallen philadelphia police officer wilson was painted by another philly police officer, hash tag one family. so posters say police officer, johnny castro of the 18th district is the artist. we will figure that out. hopefully get him in the studio here and have him bring in his painting. it also has these award attached. >> it says sometimes standing against evil is more than defeating it. it is so right to do not because they believe they will walk a away with their lives, such self less courage is a victory in itself. >> isn't that nice. >> i learned over the weekend i have a police officer, a
8:09 am
friend, i have known a couple years. he called her officer jackie. we were talking over the weekend. she says, i think in the eight years she has been on the force, nine police officers have lost their lives but she never knew any of them personally. she knew officer wilson, very, very well. i asked her to come in and tell us about him. she said she can't do it because she can't stop crying about it. >> of course. >> but she did through her i got to see this video, apparently wilson, while doing the ice bucket challenge, he did it too and lot at smile on his face. >> it is cold. >> great personality. >> that is what everybody, says. >> there will be a candle light vigil that starts at 6:00 tonight. >> 6:00 owe enclose. >> right by that game stop store where he lost his life
8:10 am
and he went in there to get a present for his son's birthday. >> today. >> they will have the funeral on saturday. >> i think so. >> saturday. >> more details about that as the week progresses. did you watch it saturday i could not take my eyes off of it. i ren watching this as a kid 50 years ago. >> it was anniversary of bloody sunday, thousands office people in were in selma, alabama including the president and many dignitaries. >> listen to this. they gathered at the edmond pettus bridge. it has president changed much in 50 years. that march led by doctor martin luther king junior, of course, representative, congressman john lewis was there and he was there on the saturday with the president. brutal beatings by state troopers ordered by the
8:11 am
governor george wallace 50 years ago. well, president obama, the first family and congressman john lewis were -- john lewis was injured during the a attack, is there one of the most striking photos that i saw. on the other side of the bridge, other lane going the in the opposite direction is another, well, former president, george w. bush and his wife laura are on the other side of the bridge. >> i had in idea. >> i loved to see in the front, how to the right of the president of the picture would the man in the wheelchairs, people are still pushing them to participate as well. >> i think that woman is 103 years old, by the way. >> what? >> yeah. >> 8:11. on a lighter note when it comes to relationship i mean love, there is one thing that we all are looking for in a life long partner, okay. >> okay. >> it is not locality, trust. coming up the single will mess important personality trait you must have. >> do you have it.
8:12 am
>> a little bit. okay. >> what is this new video. >> oh, my god. >> a new jersey man posted this. >> what is going on there. >> someone asked for video and they got it. >> speaking of love this new jersey man proposes to propose every single day for 365 days. so when his big day comes. >> she said
8:13 am
8:14 am
8:15 am
most of this precipitation is in the process of moving off shore, north jersey and new york area we are looking to our next round of precipitation down here in texas, that will be coming to visit us tomorrow afternoon. but for this morning, we are still at freezing in mount pocono and just above freezing in pottstown but temperatures are mild enough that we are losing those slick spots around this morning. only 29 in millville. only 32 in wilmington and atlantic city. keep ab eye out for black ice but more melting during the day-to-day with a high of 54 degrees. showers we have just showed you moved, in tomorrow after a
8:16 am
noon and men we will have some rain in the morning we think on wednesday, by thursday looks light a drake day. mostly sunny 52. wintry in mix on friday morning. we will deal with that when it get closer to the time. looking forward to the 54 degrees today bob kelly. >> hopefully it is nice, we have springfield st. patrick's day parade, philly parade on sunday. live look, downtown philadelphia, vine street expressway eastbound right underneath the parkway a disabled sitting in the left lane there with his blinkers on and holding our breath he doesn't get smacked from behind here. hoping to get a penndot truck or police officer up there shortly coming toward philadelphia ac expressway packed heading in to i295. backup on the bennie all four lanes from the tolls into downtown at eighth and vine. here's your travel times for the schuylkill expressway a 42 minute trip into philly, and 50 minutes on i-95 southbound
8:17 am
from wood have men to center city. count down continues to st. patrick's day. every day this week, reading up to st. patrick's day. later on we have the group, the irish dancer from villanova, villanova university, coming in with their irish dancing later on today but we are looking forward tour favorite irish pub or restaurant. go to our web site, my fox, vote for your favorite pub. there is a few you can select or write in your own favorite. coming up on tuesday, a week from tomorrow, we will go live to one of your favorite pubs for good day philadelphia mike and lauren, back over to you. >> you got it, thanks. >> you irish devil. 8:17. here's what is trending on line this morning. this is a guy who lives in new jersey. pops a question to his girlfriend there on vacation. >> yeah. >> what he did he put a video together, little piece of
8:18 am
paper that says jennifer, will you marry me. he videotaped witt his cell phone for every day for 365 taste. >> incredible. do you see it. >> ♪ >> music changes over to happy, happy, happy as it goes over a long time. his name is dean smith. he knew his girlfriend jen was a fan of you tube proposals. she like to watch them. he decided to make this and show it to her on the 365th day on vacation. >> fifteen minutes long. >> i tried to watch it all. >> just too much. >> she watched them all and after they one it said to turn around and on january 8th, on their 26th birthday on a family trip in a a rube, check
8:19 am
that out down on one knee and he proposes. >> what is horrible about this is she said no. >> stop it. >> she said yes. >> if she is in love with her. sometimes you get in fights, penal get on your nerves you just want to choke them sometimes. every day he is smiling, holding his sign, still in love. >> shaving his back. >> eating his cereals, thinking of jennifer. >> blowing his nose. >> jen, will you marry me. >> when you set the the the bar up that high he has to keep itinging. >> they live in west win or, how far that. >> maybe 40, 45 minutes. >> they can come president in show. >> i want to talk to this deed. >> is what the first question you want to ask them. >> why. >> is she really that great. no, she must be. i'm very happy for them. >> did you see there was a reunion of that tv show full house.
8:20 am
so, all of the cast members got ther and they are looking great, even to this day. uncle jesse decides to go by the place where they shot tanners, in this house. they is there on the left. there you go. he is in the all blank with the black hat on. >> yes. >> he he took the picture. he is upset, uncle jesse is because he thought in within knew who he was outside of the house. everybody is looking at the house n1 looking at him. he is dressed. >> just turn around is there uncle jesse. >> yes, that ship has sailed. >> that taylor swift woman she has now insured her legs. >> who did that first. >> mary heart of entertainment tonight. >> yes. >> it is for millions of dollars a. i'll give you a staggering amount. >> but first hunger games was a huge hit last year but it was not number one movie of 2014, the movie with box office bragging rights coming up next. >> what film beat
8:21 am
we work weekends here. because it works for our patients. here, at cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia, we give our patients the freedom to make appointments that fit their schedules, even on weekends. because we believe in being here when our patients need us, so they can keep living their busy lives. weekend appointments are now available here. learn more at
8:22 am
♪ i ride the highway... son begins to play) ♪ i'm going my way... ♪i leave a story untold...
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he just keeps sending more pictures... if you're a free-range chicken, you roam free. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. ♪ two wheels a turnin'...
8:24 am
now to the most confusing store of the day. >> lay it on me. >> american snipper is highest grossing movie of 2015. >> but released in 2015. >> it was about chris kyle who made 338 million-dollar. >> okay it debuted last december in like select theaters. >> limited release around christmas it put ate head of the mocking jay, which grossed 337 million-dollar, and it was clint eastwood's biggest hit of his career. >> didn't 50 shade of gray blow them both away. >> but so is this movie. >> i hear you it makes no sense. >> lets move from that. starting your day with the cup of coffee seems common enough. >> but a new instagram account showcases men drinking coffee and it has quite the following. >> that is all will we see is handsome dudes, sipping coffee. >> where is your cup of joe. >> the instagram account has 35,000 followers. first picture. >> is there my pick. >> in late november. >> and then there is a mysterious men drinking his
8:25 am
coffee, check out the design in the cup. >> where is is it. >> you don't know. >> the heart, hiding, where is the guy. >> i don't know. >> are we supposed to be stalling. >> is that me. it is supposed to be me. >> what are we looking at. >> is that me. >> it is this guy. >> mike jerrick. >> i bet if you had a page for stuff you do, off and on camera. chris murphy a and alex tried to do that, it does not work. >> i will not make this instagram page. >> these are same dudes. >> guys reading. >> on the subway of new york. >> this is hot guys drinking hot coffee. >> yeah. >> i didn't make the cut. >> there is a lot of national days, it is national take a nap day, it is get over yourself. >> get over it. >> it is also national barbie
8:26 am
day. we want to know what was your favorite toy growing up because a lot of the girls loved their barbies. why the hash tag fox 29 good day and we will make sure you get on line. i like candy land. >> that was a good one. >> i played with my neighbor down the street, jenny lou crammer, she had a game called going to jerusalem. >> never played that one. >> i'll try to find out bit on the internet. >> but first, no more, this was one of the super bowl's mess powerful ads you might remember that one. blew peoples mind. how you can get involve. >> domestic violence, right. >> to end domestic violence for good
8:27 am
8:28 am
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8:29 am
the last time we were together on good day on friday we had big piles of snow all over the place in olde city but sunshine over the weekend took care of a great deal of
8:30 am
that. for bus stop budd think morning we are still seeing some snow pack around but again, we will have more sunshine. is there shade out there, some viewer on twitter pointed out you should have been wearing boots but you won't need them too much longer. we have a seven out of ten today in the weather by numbers. in the last of the precipitation moving into north jersey, just a tiny bit of freezing drizzle in the lehigh valley. 36 degrees here in the city. we are well above freezing. fifty-four to take with more melting for your monday, a melting monday, i'm melting. 35 degrees overnight, bob kelly. >> you need that frosty had hat. >> that is right. >> good morning everybody. will 8:30. we're in good shape. a disabled vehicle will on the vine expressway in the tunnels here right underneath the benjamin franklin parkway sitting in the left lane for about 20 or 25 minutes or so. because of that it is backing
8:31 am
traffic up up into new jersey. we are jammo on the bennie from the tolls up and over into downtown at eighth and vine and delay north bound i-95 from delaware county highland up through commodore barry bridge. an opening of the set for eight, new moved to 8:30. any minute we are expecting an opening on the burlington bristol bridge, getting ready to step out the front door, head for tacony palmyra. last week with the snow days kid haddon both thursday and friday. they were unable to pick up their septa passes. last weeks septa a pass is good for this morning up until 12:00 noonan then school students will receive this weeks passes, later on today when they get to school on this monday. mike and lauren, back over to youy was watching fox 29 weekend this past couple days and weekend show kind of kicked off a discussion we will have all week. no more week. the it is currently underway. no more is a public awareness and engagement campaign which
8:32 am
strives to end domestic violence and sexual assault in our country. >> in fact, the same people behind one of the most memorable television commercials featuring during this years super bowl. do you remember this. >> 911 where is your emergency. >> would i like a pizza for delivery you have reached 911 is this a a emergency line. >> large with half pepperoni, half mushroom. >> do you have an emergency or not. >> yes. >> you have unable to talk. >> right, right. >> is there someone in the room with you. >> yes. >> sending an officer, can you stay on the phone with me. >> lets talk about this all week. we have three guests to talk about. meet beth, meet rob, and also meet wendy. beth, you are with laurel house a place of rescue. you are the constable at plymouth township. that is correct good you deal with boys, men who have been purpose traitors in their lives. we will talk about that in a bit. you have talk to survivor.
8:33 am
we have a survivor here, from willow grove. >> yes. >> if you don't mine go through what happened to you, what was this back in 2007. >> in 2007 i left my ex-husband. i was with him for 20 years. he was physically and emotionally abusive. i wanted to leave. i did leave a lot of times but people think it is easy to leave but when you are leaving your home and your community and your friends, it is a very hard thing to do. >> how long did it the go on. >> for 20 years. >> so since we're celebrating no more this week talk to woman in your same situation, what courage dit take, what event happened that made you say in more i'm leaving. >> well, i have four children. he was very abusive to my three older children. then id had another son and when i had him, i saw that he was starting to abuse him and
8:34 am
i said no more. i don't want to do this anymore. i got the the courage to leave. >> was he beating you up. >> yes. >> best decision in your life to leave. >> it was a lot of verb will allah boost, accusations. >> did you think he would kill you. >> it wasn't that bad but it was bad enough to where i was afraid he would come and stalk me and things like that. >> well, thank god there are places like laurel house. describe what laurel house does. >> it is a comprehensive domestic violence agency we do prevention work and intervention work. we have an emergency response team that uses rob's help a at times we have a shelter, we have counseling. we have every level of support that somebody might need or want. one of the things we encourage peel to do. when someone calls our hot line we don't encourage people to leave, we just help them think through or talk about and learn about what resources are available and let them
8:35 am
know there is available help at whatever level you want that help. >> how are you involved in the no more campaign. >> we are part of the pennsylvania coalition against domestic violence. very active in the no more campaign to raise awareness and engage the whole community. this is a bigger problem. people think it is a woman's problem or issue. it is a social issue. >> that ad was so powerful and they did it in a unique way. is that a a lot of men and with men's situation where you are calling someone trying to cry out. >> absolutely. and what an innovative, that was based on a true story for a 911 caller or a call that came to the a attention of 911. >> as a constable this is still going on today. >> it is in the better. >> no, i would say it has probably gotten worse. >> why do you think. >> when you ask these guys why they do it, what do they say. >> i don't have that kind of
8:36 am
conversation with them. by the time i get involved my main concern is to make sure that the the situation is safe, you know, the the victim is safe and perpetrator doesn't do anything that will affect everyone involved. i think if i had to speculate there is a lot of factors that go into making things as bad a they are right now. the economy might be one. >> economy. >> a lot of pressure. >> i would say that is probably single thing i keep hearing. a lot of fights about personal finances. so i think society in general has become almost so violent that more violence becomes accepted. >> what is your strongest message you want to get out to people might be a victim
8:37 am
themselves. >> i think the strongest message is you you are not loan. you don't to have do this by yourself. you are not the only person this is happening to. just reach out and talk to somebody about your situation. people are so isolated when they are in an abusive relationship. >> does it still a affect you, do you have still have thoughts bit. >> i put it all behind me. i'm moving with my life. i'm very happy. god gave me a life of freedom. >> thank you for sharing your story. >> it wasn't easy to come in and do this. >> i'm fine i'm great, i'm having fun. >> very important what you just did. thank you y'all. >> we will talk about this subject matter
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
these two dudes are pretty famous. chris pratt of gar yans of the galaxy and captain america's chris evans. >> um-hmm. >> make good on a super bowl
8:41 am
bet they had. >> they stopped by seattle children's hospital, to cheer up children as a thank you, the the hospital posted photos of the stars on the twitter page saying how excited, the the kid were. >> good for them. >> yes. >> vogue magazine, of course, vogue style editor instagrams a comment many say was in poor taste. >> the three two-year old arrest contract the put up this picture of a home less woman reading vogue that says parises full of surprises and there are vogue readers in unexpected corners. >> wow. >> ouch. >> now at first she laughed off her critics telling them calm dawn. when she felt it wasn't going her way she instagramed sending her apologies to the people of paris. >> not a good idea. >> at all. >> you have to think those things through. >> would you like to be in the fashion magazine yourself. >> yes, cover girl. >> here's a good idea. >> use cool aid on your lips. >> yes. >> that is a prison thing. let's not get into. that cool aid we learned last
8:42 am
her was a new form of lip gloss you were stick without your lip gloss, hi, jen. >> hey, and how about eye shadow used in the completely different way. mike jerrick you will be surprised to hear where the purple is going this time, yeah. that counts, right?
8:43 am
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8:45 am
this a new graphic, somebody get fired. >> karen garnett says hey, mike, is what lauer than's twitter account. i love her. >> oh. >> she's pretty. >> i'm at lauren dawn fox 29, because karen hepp, twitter police, was already takeny could be lauren fox 29. karen said you have to have fox 29. >> you have to learn, don't listen to her. >> karen hepp. >> she doesn't know what she's talking about. no, i love her. >> new york fashion week is fill with new make up ideas and some were hits. source were misses. but some were very extreme as well. >> jen says mike, you will love this purple eye shadow where does it go. >> it doesn't get on the eye.
8:46 am
>> it goes on as a very specific part of the eye. that open thing was from the thing i had, like two years ago, remember when we were looking good. >> i need to pay more attention. >> we are in langhorne with tina. >> good morning. >> we will go through these new york fashion week trend. you are our victim once again. some say you could work for people, others have to be so specific it is not ideal. >> yes. >> lets begin with the floating eye liner. this is what we call floating eye liner, a line that is drawn. >> right. >> it is good for people who have, little bit more younger eye, mature eye, stay away from. if you are 13, you have good steady hand and a big eye it is perfect. >> okay. >> it is spin off of the look from back in the day but more of a matt neutral eye shadow. >> super severe. >> yes, if you are daring enough to pull it off, absolutely go for it.
8:47 am
>> one of the things i lining and i posted on my facebook today is this colored eye brow. we have a picture. this is like a rainbow colored eye brow. in some instances we can use a colored eye brow. who would you use that on. >> so, colored eye brow i say again, if you are funky, you can get it more involve with the blues and pinks and all that. but actually i have noticed with darker hair, purple will and things like that are more subtle but can add a little bit of pop to your face. >> you can wear this out, like at night, purple eye brow shadow to work. >> right. >> you want to wear it more so at night. >> more simple eye and then just pop it out. >> that is crazy. >> i didn't know what it would look like. you say mostly for dark hair. >> mostly for dark hair. >> if i put on a purple it will be more noticeable. if you are more daring,
8:48 am
absolutely go for it. but that looks more natural on her. >> you know me i like to stalk kylie, ken dell and they have been doing a black lip but you say is there something more we are not noticing. we look the at this amazing beauty blogger, that girl shea. >> yes. >> she has been good at it. she does a lot of more radiant looks, it will get from black into more color. so that matt black lip is kind of out this season. but we're more into -- >> they have like a blue. >> she has more blue in the center. >> yes. >> you can actually blend in a black into what you actually already have on, so your favorite color lipstick an ad a nice black to. >> how do you feel about this. >> i like it. it is more severe. if you are really into having a really bold lip, absolutely go for it but you don't have to make it as dark and
8:49 am
dramatic as everybody is doing it. >> you are basically letting it be the blue or red or whatever peak through. >> peak through. >> it gives you more like that look that everybody is kind of doing right new but simple, easy one step process. >> okay. >> it is fun all these beauty bloggers and everything are giving us new ideas like that girl shea. >> i love watching bloggers. i love going on instagram. there is a a a lot of great talent out there that have great ideas and you can make them your own. >> this is reason why we're doing this. that looks really cool good there is a a woman on you tube that is using bold red lipstick as a consumer. coming up at 9:00 o'clock guys we will get some ideas about how you feel about that. >> i do give you a a challenge, jen, the green eyebrows, could you have green
8:50 am
eyebrows in the 9:00 he clock hour. >> i don't see why not. >> i love it. >> she's so agreeable. >> they look like peacock eyes. >> it is pretty but you have to be bold. >> it is friday, saturday night thing. >> and then you own it. >> okay. it is national, hey, get over it, day so we want you to vent to us. >> you knew, you said everybody will say i'm's so over the weather this person says winter. >> that is number one. lets get more creative. what other things. like honking horns and stuff like that. >> what does this person say. >> trying to get overtime change, my friend's coffee is helping me. i a hear that. >> look at that handle.
8:51 am
8:52 am
8:53 am
we're watching some areas of frozen precipitation this
8:54 am
morning, anything that we had is just about gone. now we will look a head to our next system which is basically centered down here in texas. it will take about a day, day and a half to make its way up here and when it get here it looks like it will be mild enough to be rain and only rain, we will check the future cast, real quick and show you that by 2:00 o'clock tomorrow afternoon the rain has indeed moved in and it is with us on and off throughout the night and into wednesday morning. now combined that with the snow melt and we could have a areas of flooding. we will start talking about that when we're together again tomorrow morning. be prepared for that lasting in the early hours of wednesday. it is right at freezing in mount pocono. thirty-six in allentown and philadelphia a just above freezing in pottstown. still 29 degrees in millville where we could see some slick spots as well. things will improve by this have afternoon with a high of
8:55 am
54 degrees. we will stay, above freezing, in fact in the 40's and 50's every day for rest of this week. most of the times we will see precipitation it will be rain and only rain. we are getting closer to spring, bob kelly, a week from friday. >> hopefully put away that little snow flake graphic. 8:55. live look, northeast philadelphia, southbound lanes of i-95 in the construction zone. an accident at cottman avenue, they have just moved them off to the left shoulder there but we are bumper to bumper from woodhaven in through cottman avenue, back you been on the bennie in the bad leaving new jersey, backup occurs heading on the down side in toward philadelphia because of an earlier disable we had on the vine expressway. looking good from delaware county for the the gang from south jersey delays on the freeway working in through maple shade and north on the 42 freeway also we have a approaching the ramps for walt whitman and ben franklin and delays coming out of the collegeville on 422 in king of
8:56 am
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i thought i was your bff. i mean my other bff! dazzle... without the hassle. new colgate optic white express white. whiter teeth in 3 days just by brushing. it sure is, look who is here, sue serio. >> look who is back it is mike jerrick. >> hi, sue. >> hi, mike. >> hi, everybody, it is monday, hi everybody, march 29th, 2015. >> when it comes to
9:00 am
relationship i'm talking about have love, is there one thing we are all looking for in a life long partner. coming up, the single mess important personality trait, do you have it? again people have been clamoring for to us get new relationship videos due to the creepy guy in the park. what he found a bigger couch. who are those people. >> they are spooning. >> is that where you can hire somebody to hug you. >> that, they do have have that service in center city. >> speaking of love. >> yes, taylor swift talks about break ups, yes. >> she is worth more money. how much does she think her legs are worth, the staggering amount of money she is's insuring her legs for. >> we understand tina turner insurance her legs, mary heart insured her name. >> and now t swift. >> more than a million. we will tell you how much. >> jen is trying to make us look pretty. good luck.


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