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tv   FOX 29 News at 5PM  FOX  March 9, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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into how this happened. good evening, i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. some anxious parents today followed by signs receive left tonight. follow tweaks upons he wasn't net wilson ask live near the scene for us right now. shawnette. >> reporter: i can tell that you the injuries are said to be minor which is really surprising when you see this video of the bus. take a look skyfox flew over the scene this was about 2:30 this afternoon. main street and bella road in lumberton is schoolbus involved in an accident that caused the bus to roll over on its side. you can actually see the back door open that is the emergency door of bus where the driver and kids on board like wl forced to evacuate. now, police have not said yet what actually caused this accident. but we can tell that you two cars are believed to have been involved somehow when we arrived on the scene a dark ford car was being towed away. it had extensive damage to the front. the hood was smashed in toward the windshield. it had actually hit a pole. so again just incredible we're being toll this afternoon there were only minor injuries.
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we're told that 10 people were on that schoolbus including the bus driver and what we know that one person has been brought here to virtue ya in mt. holly it's unclear whether that person is a student, the bus driver or someone in that car that we showed you the good news tonight those kids apparently are okay. back to you. >> all right, thank you very much, shawnette. to a developing story now that we've been on top of all afternoon. >> oh, my god! oh, my god! oh! oh! >> they knew it was going to happen. incredible video. a tractor and an amtrak train smashing into each other. that train headed towards philly it happened this afternoon in halifax north carolina. 40 people are hur that. amtrak train is carlin yann which runs between shore lot and new york city and it does stop here in philadelphia. the first two cars of the train derailed. the engine is on its side. the north carolina department of transportation says that the baggage car is the other train
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that derailed. amtrak says 220 people were on board that train several of them are now at the hospital with non-life net threatening injuries. it is unclear right now if that tractor trailer had stalled on the tracks. a verdict has been reached in the trial of page winds low the black madam. she was accused of administering inn legal but buttocks injections that including hardware products. she's been oh and trial for murder after one of her clients died back in 2011 after receiving those injections. fox 29's joyce evans has been following the case all day. joyce, what was the verdict? >> reporter: iain, guilty on all counts facing as many as 70 years behind bars. this after windslow herself tried to convince the jury in her own words that she was only trying to help women to be beautiful. she bragged from the witness stand about her reputation online and throughout the music video industry as the best at body sculpting specifically butt enhancing injections. the jury did the buy it.
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what according to the madam herself thousands did. and what a 20-year-old london break dancer died from. philadelphia detective doctors not give up the hunt for winds windslow. >> dealing with the mother of this young lady for over year it was heart wrenching trying to explain to them that this clearly was nothing your daughter did that was wrong. >> the battle ain't overcoat yet god is still in control. i'm still being there for my sister and i'm still going to stand with her till the end. >> she plan on appealing. >> yes, we are. >> many people would obviously with their decision. some might not. i'm disappointed but someone says that's the way it goes. >> report roar prosecutors say this is the way it could go for windslow. they could go away to prison for up to 40 years just for that third degree murder conviction. she is set for sentenceing in june. now coming up at 6:00 the message that prosecutors hope this conviction will send to other women who are desperate to be beautiful and to people like the so-called black madam convicted of peddling death.
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lucy? >> all right, joyce. happening right now, some answers in the death of a delaware county boy reported missing last week. a medical examiner now says 13-year-old cayman naib shot and killed himself. the n kin search team tracked him down yetter. his body covered in snow in darby creek. many of his classmates returned to school today just in shock that he's gone. fox 29's dave kinchen reports. >> reporter: the first day back to school at of after the weekend is a sad one for the more than 800 students here at the shipley school in bryn mawr remembering one of their own. sadness fills the air outside the shipley school one day after the snow covered body of eighth grade kay map naib was discovered in darby creek later sunday morning bringing the tragic end for the missing 13-year-old. blue ribbons adorn the development where he lived while his parents request privacy. >> how is the family holding up? >> they're devastated.
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they've managed incredibly well through the search. >> reporter: head shipley school speaking at a sunday night vigil on the same campus where the straight a student inspired so many of his piers. >> an extraordinary young man. thoughtful he was bright he was fun-loving, he made a difference in people's lives. >> reporter: cayman naib left wednesday after his parents say he got upsetting e-mail from the school concerning a missed assignment. hundreds of volunteers searched for days before k9 teams and rescue personnel located his body in darby creek. school administrators say they have full-time counselors here supporting the students. students are expressing their grief. in the meantime the administration says they are waiting on cayman's parents to decide when the school can hold a memorial in his honor. in bryn mawr, dave kinchen fox 29 news. the family has released a statement tonight saying in part "no words can adequately express our pain and sadness at this news. the family is asked that the
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community respect their need for privacy at this very difficult time as they mourn the loss of their son and support their daughter ". vigil is planned tonight for murdered philadelphia police officer robert wilson. leaders of one day at a time have planned a vigil at 6:00 tonight outside the game stop at 22nd lean high. that's where police say 22 and district officer robert wilson iii was shot and killed by two men attempting to rob the store. one day at a time is a drug and alcohol recovery program that serves the low income and homeless in the city. all are invited to attend the vigil at 6:00 tonight and fox 29 will be there. in camden county, new jersey sounded like a freight train a homeowner describing the moments when a police officer's car smashed into her home on the 500 block of terrace avenue. the impact left a huge hole next to her front door. investigators say the officer was on his way to an accident when he crashed into a pole and ended up in the home's front yard. he was taken to the hospital with minor injuries.
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a welcome warm up in your fox 29 winter weather authority. rename that like spring weather authority. >> finally. >> gorgeous day. the sunsetting later. it's warmer. you know, iain actually skipped into the studio today. i've never seen that before. we have been waiting for this day after the worst winter storm storm. chief meteorologist scott williams is live in old city tonight. scott, thank you. thank you. thank you. all right. i do what i can do. lucy and iain, we certainly have been waiting for a day like today. of course, we continue to find the thaw across our area as well. beautiful conditions as we take a look you can see the sun is shining. temperature wise it's 56 degrees. and as we factor in the wind, we don't really have a wind chill to talk about. so far today 57 degrees. the last time it's been this mild was january 4th when it was 58. take a look at the temperatures right now. atlantic city 58 degrees. we have 56 in wilmington. 50 right now in allentown. so if you are stepping outdoors,
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it is going to ab nice evening. we're looking at those temperatures dropping though into the upper 30s by 11:00 o'clock. we'll call it chilly. there could be a little bit of patchy black ice in some locations. but we're dry for now. but take a look at ultimate doppler. a lot of rain, a lot of rain off to the south and west. when i come indoors i'll have the timing of when that the clouds role in as well as when to expect rain and not that s word that we've been dealing with this winter. guys, back to you. >> about time, see you soon, scott. happening right now detectives in south philly are hoping you can help them catch three robbers who targeted a girl. they've just released video showing what happened in pennsport on february 13th. you can see the three robbers following a 16 year old girl as she walk along the 1800 block of south second street. one of the robbers who had a gun caught up to her and forced the girl to hand over her phone. all three of them took off. if you know anything, call philadelphia police. tonight several people are out in their homes in -- out of
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their homes in mt. airy. sky fox over the 6300 block of crittenden street. that's where an apartment building partially collapsed. shortly after 9:00 this morning. police say several people were inside when it started to crumble thankfully no one was hurt. six units though impacted by the collapse. the building owner is relocating everyone who lived there. while the department of licenses and inspections is now looking at the entire complex to make sure it's safe. camden inspectors have warn the family on the 400 block of line street their house wasn't safe. they were given until march 26th to make needed repairs. but last night it collapsed. the entire front of it turned into rubble. police say five people inside did make it out okay and the red cross is helping them out tonight. happening right now in sergeantville new jersey residents are hoping historic building can rise from the ashes. the sergeantsville inn went up in flames this morning. fire and ems crews shared these photos with us. the inn once hosted george washington and it actually was
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built in the 1700's. folks in the area say it is always been their place to go for all kinds of celebrations. >> oh, it's a tremendous loss for the building. truly is. to us here at the crossroads of the world here. the people from new york would come travel all the way out here to have dinner. i know senators, congressmen assembly men have been here. favorite destination spot for many people. >> volunteer firefighters from across the area helped put out the fire. the cause is under investigation investigation. the mayor says he knows one thing for sure, it will get rebuilt. the donald trump name will stay in atlantic city. trump reaching an agreement today with billionaire investor carl icon to allow his name to remain on the trump taj mahal casino. trump and his daughter ivan today trump sued the owners to strip their name from it. icon put up $20 million to keep it going through bankruptcy.
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she says the deal with icon louse the trumps to monitor the hotel to make sure it's brought up to their standards. >> has it really come to this? we all know chip kelli' moves are stirring up all kinds of comments. >> but 1espn commentator seems to hinting race may have something to do with all of this this. wee weighed into that controversy. >> record breaking attempt to fly around the world in a solar powered plane. how long it might take and the broader goal the pilots hope to achieve. >> a basketball star with a bright future. the most promising to come out of camden ever. his nba career short lived. so what happened? i go one and on with djuan wagner coming up.
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>> horse hair heist in montgomery county. towamenson police say someone snuck into an unlocked barn on the 2,000 block of main lane road friday and cut the main and tail off a horse. the horse's owner says that hair is worth about 200 buck not to mention how freak out that horse must have been. someone did the same thing at the the same barn in december and tonight investigators are trying to figure out if those two crimes are related. developing now a national sports talk host hints to race is a playing a role in some of the recent high profile roster moves with the philadelphia eagles. the birds have sports fans buzzing over a series of moves by head coach chip kelly that have seen several top african-american stars leave the team. bruce gordon joins us with the comments and reaction. bruce? >> reporter: last year coach
5:15 pm
kelly cut star wide receiver desean jackson. he's about to trade star running back lesean mccoy and wide receiver jeremy maclin to lead via free agency. all questionable moves d race really play roll? >> can i say it yes it will be controversial. you want me to do it. >> steven a. smith espn first take is known for stirring the pot on monday morning's installment smith warned viewers he was about to go there. >> you got brothers walking the street going like this, what's up with chip? >> the former long time philadelphia inquirer columnist questioned the culture being created by head coach chip kelly and suggested there was a racial components to the moves over the past couple of years. >> gone lesean mccoy. jeremy maclin you know, desean jackson. staying riley cooper. really? >> really? >> okay.
5:16 pm
>> cooper of course was caught on camera utterly a racial slur back in 2013. he publicly apologized and was later resigned to a big contract. we hit the lunch crowd at tony luke's in south philly where eagles fans black and white had no stomach for smith's theory of race based personnel moves. >> it's kind of questionable, but i mean, if they're making what they think are the better decisions for the team then everybody that's a diehard fan got to go ahead and ride the bus for a moment to see where it's going to take them. >> i'm not crazy about the moves but i don't think it has anything to do with african-american or not african-american. that's irrelevant. >> it's all about the talent. you know and sometimes when you come into an organization you have to make moves. >> you don't think there's a racial component to it? >> i don't know. i don't think so. he's trying to get his guys from where he used to work. >> oregon. >> maybe. >> reporter: well, on his radio show later in the day smith did not back down from his
5:17 pm
comments but he insisted he was not calling kell al racist. as for the birds no comment. for the record, the team is about to sign two big named free agents one on offense one on defense both african-american. iain? >> all right, bruce thank you as you saw today's comments by smith got a lot of phillies sports fans talking. howard eskin will weigh in on the issue and joins us live from the newsroom with more. howard. >> entire rant of screaming a. smith is ridiculous totally out of line and he appears to be the racist. now i can't figure out if he's a nitwit a moron or just a flat out dope. if this is based on not signing jeremy maclin, as usual screaming a has no clue and never really knows what's going on. the eagles wanted maclin. but played around too much and maclin felt disrespected when the eagles sign the other free agents. but let's look at the facts. the eagles last draft five of the seven players were african-american. two of the free agents signed are african-american. several assistant coaches on the eagles staff are
5:18 pm
african-american. and i have not heard as he says the brothers on the street talking about this as we just heard. screaming amount is like the little spoiled kid who just looks for attention. and the biggest problem is, we give it to him rather than ignore him. and when does the statute of limitations end on the riley cooper incident? that was close to two years ago. it becomes an easy fall back to get into racism. why owe why do we give this moron screaming a. smith any attention? and by the way the eagles signed another african-american free agent this afternoon. that will be coming up in sports. guys. >> howard, thanks. we'll look forward to that coming up later. montgomery county overdose task force has been hard at work for the last six months. the group is coming up with a strategy that will help prevent prescription drug and heroin overdoses. this afternoon the task force presented its report to the montgomery county commissioner. it calls for more drug training with police. the group will also work with families on intervention. the task force also wants to
5:19 pm
stress the importance of calling 911 in an overdose emergency. >> in drug overdoses time is of the essence. if we get there fast enough and get the life-saving help to them quickly enough, we can in many cases safe them as our emergency services are doing on a regular basis already. >> montgomery county overdose task force was createed last fall to cut down on the number of drug overdoses scene win local communities. frigid temperatures are hopefully on their way out but the roads they're still showing their scars from this winter. potholes now behind more headaches for drivers than the snow. fox 29's weekend bill anderson hit the road today and a few potholes too bill? >> reporter: i did. i saw a bunch. you know lucy you would never know it based on how beautiful it is out here today. after this frigid temperatures -- these frigid temperatures we've been having the recent snowfall we've been getting lots of complaints about potholes. so i went out to see where they are and see how we're dealing with them.
5:20 pm
♪ >> reporter: snow is melting weather getting warmer and the mayor is asking for more money in the budget to fill potholes and still we're getting hundreds of complaints about them spread throughout the city. i'm going out to try and help you on pothole patrol today. ♪ >> reporter: one of the many comments we got came from david road back and his mom christine. they were driving along baltimore pike and hit a huge pothole that did pretty significant damage to their car. >> my front passenger side tire was completely shredded bent my rim. my rear passenger tire was slowly leaking come to find out about 20 minutes later after the thing completely deflated the rim was also bent. >> i've been hearing a lot of stories about potholes some of them going unfill. some of the damage done to cars. at least in camden county their filling them. filling them quickly and filling a lot of them. ♪
5:21 pm
>> we did over about 300 potholes today and we'll stay late today. about 10 tons in just with our crew and we have another crew out right now we'll stay later today. >> reporter: pothole patrol continues. we came over to a store called tire coral they're seeing a lot of extra business an lot of blown out tires. >> they're pretty beat. they're wide, cracks everywhere in the road. i mean winter took a toll on my car. >> reporter: thankfully with the forecast saying we're likely done with the snow at least the governments can get to work fixing the potholes and then hopefully this will be our last pothole patrol of the winter. i found out as i moved around throughout the area that each of the cities handle their potholes differently. the best thing for people watching to do is to call their local lecked officials. in some circumstances they'll actually pay to fix your car after you've had pothole damages and at the very least they'll know where the potholes are so they can get to work on fixing them. >> all right. bill, thanks a lot. there should be an app for
5:22 pm
that. >> yeah. >> speaking of that day a lot of apple addicts have been waiting for. >> notice i have nothing on my arm right now. the tech giant unveil its apple watch. you'll be able to do with it. how much it will cost. and when you can get it. >> and firefighters firefighters break out jaws of life to help freeze a dog that's stuck but even that didn't get the job done. what it finally took to get the dog free. >> aww. online date leads to much more than a love match. in addition to walking down the aisle, she was able to give him a life-saving gift we've got it.
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>> big degrees for fans of the simpsons. sam simon the show's co creator has died. simon died yesterday after a battle with cancer. he helped create the hit show along with matt graining and others nine time emmy award winner worked on taxi, cheers and the drew cary show. sam simon was 59 years old. all right. it's time another toy unveiled by apple's ceo tim cook in san
5:26 pm
francisco today. it's smart watch goes on sale next month. if you want one it will set you back $350. this by the way is the first new device apple has launched without steve jobs. >> it is unbelievable the length some go to with singular goal of hurting animals. in minnesota pet owners are scared their dog might be the next victim of one sick person. that person is stuffing hotdogs with needles screws and pills then throwing them into yards that have pups. one dog pablo swallowed 11 screws in his hotdog. he is still in the hospital. another dog yogi had emergency surgery to remove three safety pins stuck in his throat he's now recovering at home and those pills owners have found -- >> no one knows what these pills are. the vets think they're homemade with some sort of rat poison antifreeze. >> neighbors are warning each other through social media and police have launch add criminal investigation.
5:27 pm
just terrifying moments for a dad in boston while he's using an atm. >> a thief drives off in his car with young son in the back seat. how the child got safely back home. and a police chase with a suspects tossing bails of marijuana from the car. the video just have to see. scott. >> high temperatures today in the upper 50s across the area. if you liked today you might like a 60-degree reading in that seven day forecast but also longhorn's dinner for two for $29.99. choose two of 7 entrees. like the grilled portabella sirloin. plus two sides, two salads & a shared appetizer or a dessert. dinner for two only at longhorn steakhouse. you cant fake steak. why do we do it? why do we spend every waking moment, thinking about people? why are we so committed to keeping you connected? why combine performance with a conscience? why innovate for a future without accidents? why do any of it? why do all of it? because if it matters to you it's everything to us.
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♪ what a great day to pop the top. love convertibles he is special daal. wean i'm looking at philadelphia international airport which is not known necessarily for its beauty on the tarmac it's fantastic outside. what a day a few days make. hard to conquered the worst winter storm of the season a few days ago. this warmup is sticking around. >> good. >> chief meteorologist scott williams has one great forecast in just a few minutes. a simple run to the bank turns into a horror story for a four-year-old boy and his dad in boston. >> someone stole their car with the little guy still in the back seat back with his family to night. as jim morrelli tells us they have one wild story to tell. >> reporter: just four years old and this morning took the most terrifying ride of his life life. >> he keeps telling me some dude grabbed his dad' cars and he was in it and he was crying so much. >> reporter: it wept down like this. sunday before noon the child's father stopped at this bank of america branch corner of porter
5:31 pm
and benning ton streets in east boston. as dad you've the atm, somebody stole his suv with his son trapped inside. >> the car thief drove into chelsea and minutes later stopped at this mobile gas station where the little boy was freed and to the horror of employees left to fend for himself. those mobile employees spoke with fox 25 at their request faces not shown. >> no one should do that to a little child. drop them off. especial tal place where no wasn't was there, you know. >> you got cars going in and out here. >> he could have got hit. >> reporter: the boy was unharm. >> i tried to calm him down and give him a donut. kept telling him dad would come. >> reporter: minutes later his dad did come and fox 25 caught a few moments of them together before police drove the pair away. as for the suspect he's still wanted. a male driving a silver acura suv massachusetts plate number 811-nl7.
5:32 pm
>> it's nerve racking too because i have three little sisters that like walk home from school. so who knows when it could happen again. >> reporter: in chelsea jim morrelli fox news. let's get a check of your winter weather authority. it finally feels like spring out there. melt, baby, melt. >> hard to believe last thursday we had 7.5-inches of snow. continues to melt out there and today is actually been the warmest it's been since january january 4th. >> wow. >> there you go. all right. >> we're t turning the corner. >> we have? >> keep on going. >> thank you. >> we have some bumps in the road ahead this week. we're looking at some rain moving in and also some temperature changes but right now look at the temperatures across the country. mid 50s in philadelphia. 65 in charlotte. 76 degrees in jacksonville. 60 in birmingham. so pretty mild conditions right now as we're getting a break from the winter chill as we look at temperatures a little closer to home right now 50 degrees in allentown. 51 lancaster. 56 right now in wilmington and we have upper 50s still at this
5:33 pm
hour in atlantic city. the sun will set this evening about 7:01. chilly conditions expected again tonight though after a mild day looking at low temperatures bottoming out in the 30s and then clouds will increase overnight and tomorrow we're looking at some rain. so have the rain gear handy. about half an inch to three quarters of an inch of rain before all is said and done by late tomorrow evening. but right now, you can see as we scan the region we are dry and it is comfortable so just get outdoors if you can and enjoy the nice mild conditions that we have because you can see off to the south and west, around little rock as well as dallas, a big slug of moisture in all this will head in our direction over the next 24 hours. so as we watch the clock and temperatures you can see tomorrow morning we're dry to start. but we're looking at the cloud cover increasing and also that rain moving in as early as late morning. here's 11:00 o'clock. you can see moving in toward wilmington millville wildwood as well as dover and then this moisture will overtake the area
5:34 pm
by lunch time. we're looking at temperatures in the mid to upper 40s low 50s and a few locations. but we are going to be dealing with that rain pretty much the balance of the day tomorrow. and once it gets going it could be heavy at times especially as we move toward the evening rush. so how much rain to expect across the area? you can see as we roll the clock by 6:00 p.m. tomorrow, we're looking at about a quarter to maybe a half an inch of rainfall in some locations. and then by tomorrow night we're closing in on three quarters of an inch around philadelphia as well as millville, perhaps even closing in on an inch toward wilmington. so for tonight it's partly cloudy turning chilly out there there. 34 degrees in the city. temperatures will be cold enough to support some black ice with some of that snow melt especially north and west. just watch out for that. not looking for widespread problems out there with black ice but just be mindful of it with the temperatures dipping at or below freezing far north and western suburb but for tomorrow, temperatures not as mild as
5:35 pm
today. we'll be stuck in the upper 40s. cloudy skies and that rain arrives once again late morning continuing into the afternoon and tomorrow evening's rush is going to be a little slick out there with the rain. yes, rain. we're not looking at snow. and then we start out on wednesday with some leftover showers but temperatures will soar out ahead of a cold front. what about 60 degrees. how is that going to feel and then as we move toward thursday a little cooler by 10 degrees but, hey 50 degrees we'll take it. as we move toward friday a little cool per temperatures in the upper 40s with scattered showers then right now it looks like the first par of the weekend it's going to be pretty wet. it could be a wash out on saturday temperatures top out around 47 degrees. and then sunday and monday, pretty seasonal but cloudy with temperatures right around 50 degrees. >> it's all good, though, scott. >> exactly. we're not dealing with major snowstorms. >> that's right. and chilly frigid temperatures. scott, thank you. big changes in the ways you'll get your credit reports.
5:36 pm
>> new rules to make your life easier fingers crossed and record break ago tempt to fly around the world in a solar powered flight. how long it's going take and even grander goal those pilots are in for. coming up at six a power player in the catholic church comes to philadelphia. ahead of the pope's visit this september. the important decision being made today.
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♪ heinous crime at a dog show after a dog dies from an apparent poisoning. jagger a three-year-old irish setter collapsed and died after britain's famous crust dog show. he came second in his class. his breeder claims beef cubes containing three different types of poison were mixed into the dog's food. kennel club which organized the show is shocked by the news. >> kennel club is deeply shocked and saddened to hear jagger the irish setter died 26 hours after leaving croft. we've spoken to his owners and our heartfelt sympathies go out to them. >> the kennel club says they
5:40 pm
can't confirm yet whether jagger was poisoned. they are waiting on the results of a toxicologist report. a 12-year-old dog okay after getting stuck between two storage containers. this happened this weekend at a california school. thanks to local fire department though spike was reunited with his owners later that day. firefighters used the jaws of life to help get the dog free but that still wasn't enough. the owner actually had to wedge herself between the containers to get spike to come out. thankfully spike is doing fine. >> right now two swiss pilots trying to make history flying around the world in the solar powered plane. they took off this morning from an airport and say they will not use a single drop of fuel. the plane is powered by 17,000 solar cells in its wing. pilots are hoping this is is going to grab at attention of the radiation industry. >> we want to show climate change is fantastic opportunity to bring on the market new clean
5:41 pm
technology that save energy, save natural resources of our planet, make profits create jobs and assist in growth. >> this trip will take few months and along the way the pilots will make stops in india china and the united states. new york is among three places that they'll take break in. the us. their goal is to pop open a bottle of champagne back in abu dahbi by july or august. online date leads to more than a love match. >> walk down the aisle check. a life-saving gift? absolutely. we'll explain. and a basketball star with a bright future the most promising to come out of camden but his nba career was short lived. so what happened? i go one-on-one win duwan wagner next. howard. >> the goals had players they signed unofficially today and another free agent today. i'll expla
5:42 pm
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jacklyn: our middle schools have classes that are devoted for test prep. my kids only have a half a year science and a half a year social studies to make room for preparing for the test. gina: we have no after-school programs, we have no freshman sports, we have no extra anything... okaikor: we're cutting those programs to make way for test prep. and we're not taking in to all the other things that makes a child whole. gina: we are setting our kids up to fail. i've just arrived in atlanta and i can't wait to start telling people how switching to geico could save them hundreds of dollars on car insurance. but first, my luggage. ahh, there it is. uh, excuse me sir? i think you've got the wrong bag. >>sorry, they all look alike, you know?
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>> everything coming up rosy for the philadelphia flower show. the pennsylvania horticultural society says attendance jumped 10% over last year about a quarter million you can count my daughter and i as two of those who just loved the show. it's the organization's biggest fundraiser taking in $2 million to help fund local programs. floral and garden designers paid homage to disney films with the theme celebrate the movies and it was. it was absolutely fantastic. loved it. >> great show. >> you might have seen them in 30th street station. a man holding a sign asking for job. fox 29's photo journalist bill rohrer talk to him about the uphill battle he's fighting and how he got there.
5:46 pm
>> like most people in the morning rob crozer gets dressed and is out the door. he comes here 30th street station and hold assign. >> at 36 i never thought i'd be in this position. >> he calls himself the guy with the sign. >> good morning. >> tacony-palmyra top the ram in that front of thousands of commuter he looks for a new job. >> it takes a different approach to get noticed. >> hoping the next person he meets -- >> counsel link psychologist. >> i'm a certified school counselor. >> rob is here when he isn't student teaching four hours day for the last five weeks. >> it's encourageing random strangers stop to, you know, to talk. to give advice. >> some folks have encouraged more detail, and some of the positions i've held. >> rob'ss inspiration is his wife and kids.
5:47 pm
>> she center me a text saying i'm really proud of which means lot to me. >> good morning. good morning. good morning. >> he doesn't know how much longer he'll stander here isn't oy feel bad we're in many situation. that's why i'm trying to do anything that i can to create an opportunity for us. >> what he does know he won't give up. >> good morning. good morning. >> crozer has been looking for ab since 2011. has potential job interviews and we wish him the best. >> yes, we do. score one for consumer advocates and you the three biggest credit reporting agencies agreed to final make big changes. equifax experian and transunion will change the way they handle errors and list unpaid melter bills. the companies also say they'll be more proactive in resolveing disputes over information in your credit report. the changes will begin in the next six months. we'll all have to be patient. more than year of talk between the companies and new york's attorney general are behind today's announcement. does the name due want
5:48 pm
wagner sound familiar to you? well it should. he was the brightest basketball star to come out of camden ever. but injuries and illness derailed his once promising career. where is he now? i went to south jersey to fine out. ♪ number one ball player in u.s. of a. >> due want wagner the best high school basketball player new jersey ever produced. >> we know what's coming. >> talented guard scored over 3400 points at camden high school. >> i can feel it. >> including 100 points in a single game. >> i'm going to stand up myself. >> he make it. >> it's hard to score 30 points in a game. in only 32 minutes. >> this is beautiful. ♪ >> once new jersey's brightest basketball star, he averaged 42 points a game as senior at a school that is produced its share of nba players and great scorerscorers. wagner was so good camden high named its court after him.
5:49 pm
>> haven't seen nobody like him g some of stuff he used to do i'd used to be like -- >> as a senior in 2000 san was the top recruit in the country. he attend the university of memphis for year averaging 21 points game, before declaring for the nba draft where he was the sixth pick by the cleveland cavaliers. >> newest member of the cleveland cavaliers. >> wagner was plagued by injuries and health problems. >> after three years the cavs didn't exercise their option on his contract and wagner was out of the league. the golden state warriors picked him up but he only played one game. then the player once known as the messiah disappeared. ♪ >> this is where you'll find due want wagner now. five days a week he works out at a adrenaline sports performance in cherry hill with his trainer chad. he trains college and pro athletes says wagner is almost ready to return to the nba.
5:50 pm
>> this is the best i've seen him now. he's i would say about 95% ready to go. >> wagner is working hard to get all of his strength back but he never lost the ability to shoot. it's a gift he was born with. >> that basketball always came easy to me. >> right. >> just like ride ago bike. >> a lot of people wonder what happened to wagner. not many know he had several knee injuries and in 2006 was diagnosed with colitis and had to have his colon removed. >> wagner says during that live changing procedure was a challenge he never expected. >> probably the toughest thing in my life. a lot of people don't know what it is. but it's hard. it was hard to live with. >> arthur barclay a camden city councilman known wagner since middle school. they played together at camden high and at memphis. barclay says wagner was a ray of hope for their city with a bleak history of crime and poverty. barclay says it would mean so much for camden to see their
5:51 pm
messiah back in the nba. >> people would love to see it because such a mystery. >> there's no mystery about wagner's game. he's always been a gifted offensive player and believes he can still play at the highest level. >> nba game right now is my game. a lot of teams play two small guards on the court at the same time. >> despite all the set backs wagner says he's not bitter about his journey -- >> look at it everything happen for a reason. timing missing basketball i got time to spend with my kids. >> one of the reasons wagner wants to come back now is so his 10-year-old due want, jr. k see him play. >> he says crazy stuff. you should be playing. i'm going give eight shot. >> all he's done for the city he deserves a chance to go. >> wagner knows he's always had the city of camden on his back. but he embrace that is roll.
5:52 pm
>> i'm going to keep working. >> wagner's long journey begins with the first step and he hopes ends back in the inform ba. >> wagner is only 32 and hopes to play in puerto rico this summer and hook up with an inform ba team in the fall. it would be incredible to see him back in the nba. >> yes it would. >> do you think it will happen. i think he could come off the bench and score 10 points a game for some team out there. >> great for his son to see dad out there. >> exactly. >> there's police chases then there's police chases. we have got a crazy one from the phoenix area. >> cameras caught the guys on the run from the cops throwing bails of marijuana out of the car window. the sheriffs department release releasing this dash cam video last wednesday. sheriffs deputees were chasing this car when you see someone inside start throwing out the bails of weed. sheriffs eventually caught up to the men who were arrested about 375 pounds of marijuana was recovered but the sheriffs office says some people not involve in the chase stopped and grab the bails bails of weed didn't
5:53 pm
turn them over to the sheriffs office. >> somehow i just don't find that at all surprising. thieves strike a popular bakery in san francisco but it's not cash not expensive equipment they were after. the owner of mr. holmes bake house the only thing the thief or thieves stole is his secret recipes. binders with more than 200 of them. including the one for his bakery's hit signature pastry the rough fin. after just three months in business, customers have been lining up outside for that kruffin which is a muffin croissant that takes three days to make. >> someone wanted something more than what was theirs and they came on in. >> the police are now looking at nearby security cameras so far they have no suspect. you yourself go after those thing. crow nuts in new york and dosa inform t in cherry hill. >> your kids love those. donut and chris san. a little spin on the crow nut. >> now you un.
5:54 pm
there's need for these things apparently. online match turns out to be a life saving one for a minnesota man who needed a new kidney. >> the woman he met online turns out to not only be the right fit for his future wife but for transplant donor. here's fox's jack high burger. >> sometimes in live finding the right match can be overwhelming. >> a little tight in the front. >> all the choices the colors and fits. >> she's picking it out. >> variables bride to be and groom to be have a funny way of working out. >> i don't know. just fell together and just really crazy. crazy time. >> reporter: you have to smile when you hear the story -- >> that's the fourth of july. >> reporter: how they met. >> it's right after. i was a little surprised about the online thing i never heard of 29. >> for haley's mom it was a bit of a shock. but soon it was clear what they
5:55 pm
had was special. >> it happens once i mean once in a lifetime for, you know, stuff like this. i mean you can't even make this kind of stuff up. >> reporter: but in january of 2014 everything changeed. they're relationship that was going so well hit a snag. >> everything that i used to be able to do i couldn't dotter. >> reporter: at only 26 years old tim's kidneys were failing. >> that is right when i started -- >> the prospects of a transplant seemed unlikely. >> i guess i can say i tried not to think about that. more think about what we can do instead of what could happen. >> reporter: but what did happen surprised his friends family and even tim. taking this love story far past skin deep. >> doing quite well and the kidney is you can feel it. >> the odds are one in 100,000. >> it kind of blue my mine. everybody i tell it blows their mind. >> aft dating for less than a year haley gave tim the gift of
5:56 pm
live. >> it was painful but it's worth it. >> her kidney now lives in his body. >> that's the camera. that's the blade and then that's where the hasn't comes in and pick it up. >> this june 1 year to the day of the transplants he'll return the favor putting his ring on her finger. >> this is easy. this is easy part. don't have to worry about anything. >> oh, my god! straight ahead at 6:00, an amtrak train full of people headed for philly slammed into a tractor trailer in north carolina. several people are hurt. tonight the investigation into what went wrong. dubbed the black madam she's headed to prison. the bizarre headline grabbing trial in fill until just
5:57 pm
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♪ right now at 6:00 a vigil for a police officer killed while protecting our city. it has now been four days since two robber gunned down officer robert wilson in north philadelphia. >> the days that have followed that have been tough questions and deep sorrow over such a senseless death ton night a gathering to pay tribute to officer wilson's legacy. good evening i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. vigil for officer wilson just began. fox 29's chris o'connell is there right now. chris? >> reporter: lucy it's quite clear that the death of officer robert wilson iii has touched this north philadelphia community deeply. take look behind me. hundreds of people gathering here in hope plaza the 21st and lehigh.


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