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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  March 10, 2015 3:00am-4:01am EDT

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fox 29 news in hd brought to you by x finity the future of awesome. ♪♪ right now the news is breaking. skyfox is live over a fire burning through this moment county building. look at all those firefighters there. this is a landscaping company along the 400 block of north park avenue in lower providence. now this fire started shortly before 9:00. it's been going for about an hour now. right now we have no reports of any injuries. of course we'll bring you more as this news warrants. meanwhile a mystery surround surrounding a missing moment county woman. the 20-year-old was last seen leaving home friday night. state police found her car within the last hour. but deidra is gone g evening i'm iain paper page. i'm lucy noland. dave schratwieser spoke to her family he's live in king of prussia where state police found her car.
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dave? >> reporter: lucy, these are the missing person's flyers going up around the area the last couple of days after deed today disappeared friday night when her car broke down off 422 here. police tell us tonight no indication of any kind of foul play but we spoke with her mom tonight. she just wants her daughter back home. >> i don't know where she was was heading at all. >> reporter: for beth waiting for word on her 20-year-old daughter is nerve wracking it's been three days since her car was found abandoned off 422 east near i-76 in king of prussia friday night. she hasn't been seen or heard from since. >> she's impulsive daughter. she's very impulsive. she hasn't done anything to this magnitude. i mean self years ago she left for like five hours weight without telling me where she was going. >> reporter: her black 2005 mazza mx3 was found on 422 around 7:20 friday night. she left her parents home in royersford around 6:40.
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>> this is the worst. my husband went out yesterday for hours with friend of his searching 76 and the woods surrounding it. he went to king of prussia mall the court but he found nothing. >> reporter: police family members and friends have handed out these missing person's flyers and searched the area. investigators say deed today didn't have her cell phone with her when she disappeared. >> they've been putting flyers out in royersford pottstown king of prussia west chester. anywhere where that junction was going report roar her mom says the family just finished a week long vacation in florida. deed today has taken courses at montgomery county college and her mom says she was a crossroads over what to do next with her life. >> i don't know what else to do really. i want to tell her to come home. again police tell us no indication of foul play at this point. they do have some leads that somebody may have seen her hitchhiking outside her car after it broke down off of 422 east friday night. if you have any information
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tonight, on her whereabouts we you were to call upper prof depths police. iain. >> dave, thank you. outpouring of support from the community. hundreds gathering to night to pay tribute to one of philadelphia's finest. fallen police officer robert wilson. vigil was held outside the store where last week he was gunned down. that's where fox 29's chris o'connell is right now. chris? >> reporter: iain just four nights ago this was the very place where officer robert wilson iii was gunned down here in north philadelphia but tonight, a much different kind of place. you see the game stop you see lit candles and teddy bears and flowers outside this crime scene that has become a place of healing, a place of strength, a place of prayers for this community. they joined hands to pray for peace. >> time for us as african-american toss stop pointingpointing the finger and point tipping at ourselves because we have a problem right here an
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epidemic. >> reporter: the organization one day at a time drug and alcohol recovery where officers robert wilson had volunteered brought the community together in the face of tragedy. >> i have two felonies, once again i work full type at temple university. >> reporter: among the group members of the 22nd district wearing the black bands around their badges. they are among those who worked alongside wilson. ironically on the way to this vigil police commissioner charles ramsay had to stop at another homicide in north philadelphia. >> i left a crime scene before i came here. and i mean when is it going to end? there's so much blood on the street that it was literally turned the ice red. >> earlier in the day many of these officers attended the birthday party police held at dave and buster's for wilson's nine-year-old boy who along with his one-year-old brother are now left without a dad. >> we were able to spend some time with them. the officers from the 22nd we
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got gifts for him. he was happy. fop giving him a dizzy world. >> reporter: when the vigils are over and the candles burn out the problem of gun violence remains here in north philadelphia. many are hoping this the wake up call to turn a community around. >> in any neighborhood. law abiding people want the same thing we want and that's piece for themselves, piece for their kids. >> reporter: and just about half hour ago a crime scene units was back out here at the scene with nash lights looking for spent shell casings especially after the snow has melted. they tell us they found an extra shell casing late last night. we can also tell you funeral arrangements for officer wilson are still pending. we hear there's a good chance those services will be held on saturday. iain. >> chris, thank you. there has been a fund set up at the police and firefighters credit union for officer wilson's sons. there's always gofundme page
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we've got the information on our website just head to and look under seen on tv. dozens of people are hurt tonight after an amtrak train on its way to philadelphia slammed into a tractor trailer. the aftermath just scary. more than 200 people were on that train. the impact derailed two of the train cars. the engine an baggage car and a witness actually captured the collision on cell phone video. >> oh, my god! >> oh, my god! >> oh! >> oh h! >> imagine how helpless the person recording that must have held felt it it happened in halifax north carolina this afternoon. the truck's driver was having problems making a tight turn when that train slammed into it. none of the injuries are life threatening. the train was head to go new york city from charlotte with a stop right here in philly. on your radar tonight a welcomed warmup. we found people out enjoying this burst of spring weather in university city.
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with spring comes showers and chief meteorologist scott williams tracking some rain on the way. scott? >> that's right, iain. rain will impact your day tomorrow. so pack the rain gear but right now it's dry just a little chilly here in old city as we talk about that spring afternoon we saw today the high made it up to 57 degrees. we haven't been that mild since january 4th when it was 58. temperatures right now have dropped into the 30s and 40s. we have 34 in millville. 42 right now in philadelphia. and 36 degrees in allentown. but look at ultimate doppler. look at all of that green. that rain is headed in our direction once again during the day tomorrow. dry for the morning commute but watch the clock. you can see by early afternoon those showers start to arrive. so for tonight low temperatures in the 30s and then we're looking at that cloud cover rolling overnight but it's dry and then that rain arrives by early tomorrow afternoon. we'll time out the rest of the system also talk about when we might hit 60 degrees later this week. guys, back to you.
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>> scott, thank you. scary afternoon for kids on a schoolbus. skyfox was over the scene of a crash that happened around 2:30 near the 300 block of main street in lumberton burlington county. one person was treated at the hospital. the schoolbus flipped on its side. investigators are still looking into how it happened. tonight we know how a missing 13-year-old boy died. an autopsy shows cayman naib shot himself in the head. delaware conte boy disappeared last week. a search and rescue team found his body on his family's property in darby creek yesterday. a family spokesperson says he used a gun from his own home. a statement from the family says in part "no word which is adequately express naib family pain and sadness at this news. family has asked that the community respect their privacy at this very difficult time as they mourn the loss of their son and support their daughter ". guilty on all counts. that is the verdict in the murder trial of padge windslow.
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jurors convicted the so called blackhead dam of third degree murder aggravated assault and two weapons used. industrial grade silicone injected women's back sides. that's very silicone that prosecutors said killed a 20-year-old dancer she was from london who went to windslow for injections in 2011. she died mere hours after windslow injected her then closed the wound with crazy glue. >> she was a liar. it was a front. she preyed on people who were uneducated were hoping to be beautiful and she tricked them and took advantage of them. >> the battle ain't over yet. god is still in control. i'm still being there for my sister and i'm still going to stand with her till the end. >> reporter: you plan on appealing. >> yes, we are. >> windslow could get as long as 70 years in prison her sentence sentencing in june. you don't have to be a diehard eagles fan to know that coach chip kelly's made some
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drastic moves the past few weeks. >> and former philly columnist steven amount smith is hinting race is playing a role in some of them. list stornoway said on his espn show. >> gone lesean mccoy jerry maclin, you know, desean jackson jackson. staying riley cooper. >> hmm. >> really? >> really? okay. >> smith made those comments this morning on his show first take but fans we talked to earlier today weren't quiet on board with smith. >> it's kind of questionable, but i mean if they're making what they think are better decisions for the team, then everybody that's a diehard fan got to go ahead and ride the bus for a moment to see where it's going take them. >> all right. howard is here now. as you can imagine he's got an opinion on these comments. howard. >> oh, my gosh. it is so so absolutely outrageous what he's done. it's irresponsible the entire rant of screaming a. smith not steven amount smith screaming totally out of line. he appears to be the racist.
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now, i can't figure out if he's just a nitwit a moron or just a flat out dope. if this is based on not signing jeremy maclin, as usual screaming a. has no clue and never notice what's going on. the eagles wanted maclin but played around too long and maclin felt dee respected when the eagles signed the other free agents first. let's look at the facts. this is what it really comes down to. the eagles last draft five of the seven players were african-american. two of the free agents signed are african-american. seven assistant coaches on the staff are african-american and they have not heard as he says the brothers on the street talking about this. it's racist and it's racist by this attention grabber. screaming a. is like a little spoiled kid who just looks for attention. he has gone down this racist road before. and the biggest problem is we give him attention. rather than ignore him. and when does the statute of
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limitations end on the riley cooper incident. it just brings himly cooper he goes down that road. that was close to two years ago. it becomes an easy fall back to get into racism. why, oh, why do with give this moron screaming a. smith any attention? we'll have more coming up oh and on sports. ridiculous. >> all right. thank you very much, howard. this is blowing up on our facebook page. overwhelmingly a lot of fans are echoing what craig dawson wrote. for once i agree with howard. trying to make an atm deposit when a gunman steps up and demand the cash. what the victim next that had that robber on the run. >> grab your kid's phone. newest app they could be using to cepe vets from you. >> a locker room surprise one woman so shocked by what she saw she reported it to her gym why
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♪ search is on tonight for who opened fire down the block from a local school killing one man and hurting another. this was the scene near 12th and somerset in north philadelphia earlier tonight. police telling us a 25-year-old man was shot several times and died at the hospital. the second man was hit and is now in critical condition. sergeantssergeantsville new jersey residents are helping a hitter 86 building can rise from the ashes. the sergeantsville inn went up in flames early this morning. fire and ems crews shared these photos with us. that inn once hosted george washington. folks in the area say it's always been a great place to go for all kinds of celebrations. >> it's a tremendous loss for the building. i mean it truly is.
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to us here at the crossroads you're at the world here. the people from new york would come travel all the way out here to have dinner. i know senators, congressmen assembly men have been here it's a favorite destination spot for many people. >> volunteer firefighters from across the area helped put tout fire and as investigators look into what starter it the mayor and the building's owner say they know for, one thing for sure that it is getting rebuilt. almost a half dozen cars pulled over on i-95 tonight because of potholes. one of our photographers notice add lot of cars on the side of the interstate with nat tires. state police tell us they've gotten several reports of potholes and speaking of those now they're behind more headaches for drivers than the snow. fox 29 weekend's bill anderson ventured outside today and found more than a few bumps in the road. ♪ >> reporter: the snow is melting. weather is getting warmer and the mayor is asking for more money in the budget to fill potholes and still we're getting
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hundreds of complaints about them spread throughout the city so i'm going out to try and help you on pothole patrol today. ♪ >> reporter: one of the many comments we got came from david road beck and his mom christine. they are driving along baltimore pike and hit a huge pothole that did pretty significant damage to their car. >> my front passenger side tire was completely shredded bent my rim. my rear passenger tire was slowly leaking come to fine out about 20 minutes later after the thing completely deflated the rim was also bent. >> reporter: we've been hearing a lot of stories about potholes. some of them going unfilled. some of the damage done to cars. but here in camden county they're filling them. filling them quickly and filling a lot of them. >> we did over about 300 potholes today and we'll stay a little late today. about 10 tons in. just with our crew and we have another crew out right now. we'll stay later today. get some more done. >> reporter: pothole patrol
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continues. we came over to store called tire coral they're seeing lot of extra business an lot of blown out tires. >> they're pretty beat. they're wide, cracks everywhere in the road. pretty much took a toll on my car. >> reporter: thankfully with the forecast saying we're likely done with the the snow at least the government which is get to work fixing the potholes hopefully this will be our last pothole patrol of the winter. >> i found out that a lot of cities handle the pothole problems differently. the best thing for you to do call your local elected official and they can give you some guidance. in some circumstances they may even have resources available to pay for your car at the very least they'll know where the potholes are so they can go ahead and get them filled. i'm bill anderson fox 29 news. >> potholes a problem in your area? tweet us your pictures using the hash tag fox 29. in camden county, new jersey, one home own are in has a gaping hole in her house tonight. quite a story to tell. a police officer's cruiser
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slammed into her winslow township home and she says it sounded like a freight train. investigators say the officer was on his way to an accident when he crashed into a pole then slammed into her home. he has minor injuries. detectives in south philly releasing this video showing a robbery that happened in pennsport back on february 13th. you can see three robbers following a 16-year-old girl as she walks along the 1800 block of south second street. one of the robbers who had a gun caught up to her and forced the girl to hand over her phone. all three then took off. you know the drill. if you know anything call police police. several people are still out of their homes in philadelphia's mt. airy neighbor. sky fox over the 6300 block of crittenden street shortly after a building at an apartment complex partially collapsed this was right around 9:00 this morning. the owners relocated everyone who lived in the building that collapsed and the department of licenses and inspections is now looking at the entire complex to make sure it is in fact safe. now we've all heard about
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firefighters occasionally rescuing a cat stuck high up in a tree. >> fir fighters in ocean county new jersey, had a different rescue on their hands today. crews in tuckerton were called to a house where a raccoon got it's head stuck in a tree. they tried freeing the raccoon by hand but the little guy's head was lodged in there too tightly crews had to use the arachis stole cut away parts of the tree after all the excitement the rack soon ran off. crews say he was not hurt. >> there you go. mission accomplish. >> four-year-old boy is safe tonight after a terrifying morning. he was in his daddy's car when a thief jumped in and took off. who stepped in to bring back that little boy. >> stuck in a tight spot. even the jaws of life couldn't free this dog. what it took to finally get this pup free. >> iain it's here. after months of hype apple unveil its latest gadget. are you in on this one. >> i'm not into the watch. >> that's what it is apple watch. the is it worth all the buzz. >> now with tomorrow's traffic
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here's bob kelly. >> good evening everybody. we're coming our way tomorrow on the roosevelt boulevard between rhawn and woodward up there in northeast philadelphia. that repaving operation continues and they're also going to be working tomorrow during the day on the schuylkill expressway between spring garden street and the tunnel there at 30th street station. now the melt down from today it could refreeze on the overnight. sue and i will have all the details when we see you bright and early tomorrow morning beginning at 4:00 a
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♪ flames erupted from this warehouse in northern new jersey earlier tonight. hurting three people. you could see the thick black smoke for miles. this was in newark around 5:15. witnesses reported hearing an explosion but authorities say the cause is still under investigation. three people went to the hospital. we do not know their condition tonight. the university of oklahoma is severing all ties with its local sigma alpha epp sill upon fraternity its members were caught on video singing a racist chant. the fraternal fraternity's national shut down the chapter. you can hear them the mensing a promise to keep african-americans out of their frat. today the university's president says, he's sending a message that the school will not tolerate racism. >> i think they think long and hard about what they've done.
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i hope they think long and hard about the words can injure and hurt other people. this is not our way. >> national leaders of fraternity say they hope to reopen their charter at ou eventually. the university's legal team is exploring further punishment up to and including a expulsion for those students involved. big loss today for fans of the simpsons. sam simon the show's co creator has died. simon died yesterday after a battle with cancer. simon helped create the hit fox show along with matt and others. the nine time emmy award worked on taxi, cheers and the drew cary show. sam simon was 59 years of age. someone will go to incredible lengths for just one goal to hurt animals. >> pet owners in minnesota are scared their dog might be the next victim here. dog owners say someone is stuffing hotdogs with needles screws and pills.
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throwing them into yards of dog. pablo woman load 11 screws in his hotdog much he's still not hospital. yogi had to have emergency surgery to remove three safety pins stuck in his throat. he's recovering at home. pills owners have found. >> no one knows what these pills are. the vets thinks they're homemade with some sort of rat poison antifreeze. >> so neighbors are warning each other through social media. police launch add criminal investigation. grab your kids phone the newest apps they could be using to keep secrets from you. and shawnette? >> reporter: even at this hour iain people are still out enjoying the nice weather. how they're bringing spring early coming up. scott? >> shawnette it certainly was a nice day. the high made it to 57 degrees. get this. i have 60 degrees in that seven day forecast but also chances for rain. details next.
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>> a fire is burning through montgomery county business. skyfox is over the fire that has been burning for more than an hour now. this is a landscaping business along the 400 block of north park avenue in lower providence. you can see all the water they're trying to drown this fire with. it started shortly before 9:00 and as of now, we have no report that anyone is hurt. a robbery at atm all caught on surveillance video. philadelphia police are hoping you recognize this guy. they say he robbed a man while he was taking cash out of an tm. this happened outside the wells fargo bank on the 700 block of adams avenue. that's in the lawn crest section of the city. police say a man about 16 to 18 years of age approached the man at the atm pulled a gun and demand money. so if you recognize this guy call the philadelphia police. the donald trump name will stay in atlantic city trump is reaching an agreement with billionaire investor carl icon so his name will stay on the trump taj mahal casino. icon's buying that casino put up $20 million to keep it going
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through bankruptcy proceeding. okay. i don't think any body will argue with this it's ban long, cold icy winter. a week or so left of it, you got to love the weather we've been blessed with over the past couple of days. >> it may not be spring yet but today was certainly a nice dress rehearsal. didn't have to warm up the car or anything. >> you actual wl dancing in the studio. shawnette wilson live in rittenhouse square. shawnette, fantastic day. breath of fresh air. >> reporter: listen you guys mentioned this is like a dress rehearsal. old habits diehard i couldn't pass dressing in old black. i'll get on board when the weather continues to change. people are still out here around the city enjoying warmer temperatures. that's without the scarf and the hat. these are all sign that is spring is truly on the way. sunsets on winter as last week's snow finally melts away. signs of a major weather change is evident on kelly drive as people get a workout on with all
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the bulky winter clothing off. days after the biggest snowfall of the season, everyone is ready for a change. >> this entire winter has been dilutely awful it's nice to start getting warm out. i don't even have a coat on right now. >> michelle and dan took in a romantic dinner outside this rittenhouse restaurant. >> i love it. i actually just flew back from florida last night. so the weather followed me up. so it is beautiful. >> reporter: how else would they document the first he wills from company meal of 2015 with a selfie of course. >> all day it feels like 50 is the new 90. >> 50 is the new 90. it was -- i think the high was close to 60 today. so that was almost swimming weather. i guess bathing suits. >> reporter: many people simply took a stroll in the park to take in the nice weather. >> t-shirt weather right in you. i saw 10 guys wearing t-shirts. >> reporter: not everyone is convinced warm temperatures are here to stay just yet. >> i felt weird because i wore a big coat. in the morning it was really
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cold when i got ready for work. so yeah a lot of people dresses a lot of women in dresses. >> reporter: to most a hint of spring is better than what we've had. >> feels good. feels like spring. >> reporter: all right. so right now it's gotten a bit chilly some people have put on a light jacket right now. iain and lucy make sure to tell scott we need the temperatures to keep going up from here. >> i will absolutely pass along that message shawnette wilson. thank you very much. live in rittenhouse square. a deadly officer involved shooting has hundreds -- okay. apparently we'll go to scott right now. scott, so you heard shawnette wilson. her plea to you. can you make it warm, please. >> lucy and iain the high today 57. 60 degrees that is in the seven day forecast. but right now temperatures are in the low 40s. still not that bad. visibility at 10 miles and look at that high temperature. fifty seven. 7 degrees above the normal for this time of year at 50. the sun rose this morning at 7:22 and the sunset right now is
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7:01. so if you talk about the temperatures, they are going to be getting warmer especially over the next couple of days. 42 right now in philadelphia. 57 charlotte. 60 in columbia as well as jacksonville. much of the nation is getting a weak. temperature wise closer to home allentown 36 degrees. we have 44 right now in wilmington. upper 30s in atlantic city. so it is going to be chilly. there could be a little bit of black ice out there from that meltingmelting snow. but look at you will of the rain showing up on ultimate doppler. all rain expected during the day tomorrow so no snow, no sleet you can put those shovels away as we talk about the timing, though dry to start. cloudy though and watch what happens by early afternoon. a shield of rain just overtake the area. so bet on delays especially on the roadways with the slick conditions but we're not dealing with ice. it's going to be all rain through tomorrow evening. so as we watch the clock a dry
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start out there. but by the 6:00 o'clock news we're looking at about a quarter of an inch of rainfall when you're watching fox 29 and then tomorrow night on the news at 10:00 likely over a half an inch of rainfall pretty much area wide. so for tonight upper 20s north and western suburbs. 34 degrees in the city. turning chilly light and variable winds and high temperatures tomorrow a little cooler than today. we're looking at about 49 degrees for the high temperature that rain arrives by early afternoon. it sticks around through the first part of the morning on wednesday but after the rape is out, look at the temperatures. 60 degrees for the high temperature on wednesday. a little cooler thursday. by about 10 degrees. 50 and mid 40s for my day with scattered showers and a wet start to the upcoming weekend. iain and lucy? >> all right, thank you very much, scott. a deadly officer involved shooting has hundreds of protesters marching from the campus of the university of wisconsin to the state capitol
3:35 am
building. hundreds of students gathered inside the capitol rotunda protesting the death of 19-year-old tone me robinson it happened after some type of altercation with the police officer friday night. robinson's family is asking the public to protest his death peacefully. >> yes, we want absolutely peaceful protests. we want no tension more, further tension with police officers because like i said this is an individual act that the end toe enforcement agency is now responsible. >> the state department of justice is now investigateing what exactly happen. a cross the nation planet fitness advertises its gyms as no judgment zone. >> evidently it stays true to that slogan. one gym member learned that the hard way in michigan. yvette was in the woman's locker room what she thought was a man came in. she went to the front desk to complain. the gym responded by saying the transgender woman was using that
3:36 am
locker room because that's the sex she identifies with. the gym then revoked her membership for not following their no judgment rules. >> this is very unprofessional. it's very scary. they proceeded to tell me that they have to embrace whatever sex somebody this they are and that they're allowed to use whatever restroom they they would want to use. >> she says she's not concerned with getting her membership back back. rather -- rather informing other members of the club's policies. one crazy police chase. the guys on the run are actually throwing bails of marijuana out the window. and it doesn't end there. why deputees say a lot of that pot disappeared. >> and stuck in a tight spot. even the jaws of life couldn't free this dog. what it took to finally get this pup free. >> you see him on empire. he plays middle soon of lucius cookie. what jesse smollett just announced that's getting a
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♪ this 12-year-old dog is okay tonight after getting stuck between two storage can containers it happened this weekend at a california thanks a local fire department spike was reunited with his owners later that day. the firefighters had to use the jaws of life to get the dog free. owner actually had to wedge herself between the containers to get spike to come out. thankfully spike is doing just
3:40 am
fine. in your money tonight another new apple gadget might just be the hot new thing. apple ceo tim cook unveiled the smart watch in san francisco today. you can use it to make calls read e-mail itty bitty e-mails i guess manage instagram photo and pay for groceries. it goes on sale next month. if you want one it will cost you 350 bucks. i'd need reading glasses. anyhow lucky gold version in case you're wondering iain for you -- >> i don't need that. $10,000 my friend. all right. >> oh, man. >> not sure if the pope likes milk shakes. why am i asking that you? the president of the vatican pontifical for the family was in philadelphia today. >> the special shake is called hash tag pope in philly it's a combination vanilla ice cream and short bread butter cookies starting next month you'll be able to buy it for $3.50 at pot belly locations in philly. all proceeds from that milkshake will be donate donated to were end fit
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the world meeting of families. next grab your kids phones newest apps they could be using to seep secrets from you. online date leads to more than just a walk down the aisle. how this
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>> there's police chases and then there are police chases we've got a crazy one from the phoenix area. cameras caught the man on the run from deputees. those are bails of marijuana. sheriffs office released this dash cam video. the men were eventually arrest arrested. about 375 pounds of marijuana recovered but the sheriffs office says some people not involved in the chase stopped and grabbed the bails and did not turn them over to the sheriffs office. an absolute nightmare for any pan. father's car is robbed while he's inside a bang. his four-year-old son sitting in the back seat. it all happened when the boy's father ran in to bank of america in boston. he left his son in the back seat when someone hopped in the car and stole it. the four-year-old got a terrifying ride until a thief dumped the kid at a gas station. quick thinking employees saw the child get dropped off and called the cops. that boy is okay tonight. the thief is still on the loose.
3:45 am
all right. do you know when apps are on your kids phones? >> pretty much but here's another one. do you know that they can use certain new apps to hide texts and pictures from you? fox 29's sabina kuriakose looks into the latest technology meant to make your information safer that could actually put your children at risk. >>risk. report i wouldn't say there's much privacy left any more. >> most people don't actually have anything to hide. >> reporter: if edward snowden and sony pictures has taught us anything it's that secrets are hard to keep. but now there's an app for that. >> a lot of advertisements by these companies that are putting out these secure messaging apps. >> on the fear that somebody is watching. >> reporter: zig secret messaging apps with names like cyber dust, tiger text and
3:46 am
confide. all promising any messages ex changed that was them will disappear. many are designed to appeal to adults and businesses. but alarmingly drexel professor and cyber security expert ron says kids are using them, too. >> cyber dust claims you can't take any screen grabs it in photos, texts or videos self destruct. and confide covers your tracks literally. text appears as block out gray boxes you swipe to reveal then confide claims the messages disappear forever once they're read. there are hundreds of apps. but do they do what they say they do? >> user beware. >> video says most of these so called secret messaging apps are consumer grade and can be cracked by high-tech forensic software. >> they're private to a certain extent. >> reporter: you may be giving up as much privacy as you save. >> some of them will access
3:47 am
context books some of them will access your photo library r. >> reporter: he says there may be a higher price to pay. >> i check my daughter's phone every single night. >> she says secret messaging apps mean she may not know who her kid is talking to. >> new apps come out every day. you just don't know the danger with them. you know there's danger there. just don't know what level. >> parents will not be able to get access to these apps in the content associated with these apps. >> reporter: our cyber expert add advises parents delete the danger. >> i can tell now good comes out of an eight-year-old an 12-year-old being raped as a result of them meeting someone through one of these private instant message apps. >> reporter: sabina kuriakose fox 29 news. >> now we did reach out to the developers of each of the apps mentioned for comment on the safety concerns all declined or
3:48 am
did not return our calls. after three days of worry a woman whose dogs were stolen along with her van had all three of her three of her by loved siberian huskies back tonight. the chicago woman was in an arbor michigan from a dog show when someone stole her van. two of the dogs did make it back home. but the third their mom was still missing and she had just been spayed. stranger found her wandering down a busy freeway. new about what had happened and returned her today. happy ending there. same with this story. a minnesota couple is about as perfect a match as you might imagine. >> online date turn out to be life saving for the man who was looking for love. 26-year-old tim met haley online and started dating after about a year tim found out he was having kidney failure. that's when his girlfriend stepped in. she was tested to city she was a match believe it or not she was.
3:49 am
>> it kind of blew my mind. everybody i tell it blows my mind. >> it's incredible. the odds for a kidney match are one in 100,000. the fairy tale doesn't end there. it's now ban year since the kidney transplant and tim has given hail al gift, a ring. the couple set to tight knot this june. >> wonderful. >> good story there. one of the stars of empire comes out during a talk show appearance today after a major plot line of the show. >> actor jesse smollett had previously refused to discuss sexuality in interviews but in the back stage interview at ellen degeneres show today he admitted he's gay. but he never felt the need to discuss his personal life. his co-stars are weighing in on twitter tara gee henson says show proud of you put up hash tags shine baby shine. you are a true master of your craft yourself and self worth you are a king and you can would have empire wednesday at 9:00 right after american idol at 8:00 right here on fox 29.
3:50 am
stay tuned fort news at 10:00. >> here's howard with a look what's coming up in sports. >> the phillies have another injured pitcher and listening to cliff lee this could very well affect his career. tomorrow is the day the signing of nfl free agents becomes official but one player that agreed in principle to come to the eagles is now having second thoughts. that's coming up in sports. >> remember role rollo the dog he died when his owner tried to drive the truck against the icy toms river. he'll be recovered today. >> a man in new york city is hanging up signs asking for women to go on dates with him. it's actually working. >> only in new york check it out
3:51 am
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♪ tomorrow is the day that free agent signing become official in the nfl. seat at tell quarterback byron maxwell will officially sign his deal with the eagles at 4:00 p.m. now all of a sudden there are reports that running back frank gourmet have second thoughts about signing with the eagles. now he agreed to a deal with the
3:54 am
eagles sunday but now is questioning his decision. this would not be good if he changes his mind along with jeremy maclin now gone. no deals would be official until 4:00 p.m. on tuesday. brandon gray many also resigning with the eagles this afternoon. four years 26 million, 14 of those million guaranteed. graham was the 13th 13th overall pick for the eagles in 2010. so much eagles news going on and we don't hear much about the phillies actually for good reason but we did yesterday and eye opening comments by cliff lee after his injury. cliff has been on his rehab program and throwing since last december. after hisly bow injury that kept him out a good part of last season. now thursday he pitched for the first time in a game and the neck day he felt tenderness and swelling. he had an mri last week it shows irritation he's had one doctor look at the mr now doctor james andrew will act at it this week but lee doesn't sound too optimistic. >> basic physical i had the
3:55 am
surgery this season would be done and possibly my career i guess. i mean i don't know. >> doesn't sound good. preseason baseball to sarasota the phillies and baltimore. that's andre spolaco hitting into the hotdogs and hamburgers in short left field. the only run of the game. that must have been exciting preseason game. phillies win one to nothing. >> villanova ranked fourth in the country. it's the beginning of the tournament season. nova plays their first big east tournament game against seton hall or marquette. not tough competition they lost last year in the first round to seton hall. still number two seed last year ncaaa tournament but maybe a lesson learned. >> i just feel like, you know when say to them, anything can happen we got to be prepared to play. they lived it. they lived losing in the first round. they lived getting beat in the second round of the tournament.
3:56 am
they understand your point a lot more clearly. >> you know here's what i'll say about conference tournaments. they're almost meaningless any more. because villanova could lose the first game and i still think they'll be a one or two seed most likely at two. virginia lost the other night. they within the next game they'll still ab one seed it's all more the money and television and that's the unfortunate thing about what these conference tournaments used to be. not the same any more. >> i know. >> thanks howard. >> you got it. >> remember watch t tmz coming up at next at 11:00. we're back here at 4:00 a.m. for the fox 29 morning news and "good day philadelphia" as well. >> sue serio and bob kelly will have your weather and traffic covered all morning long so be sure to stay tune.
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a terrifying journey for amtrak passengers when their train crashes in the tractor trailer, we will hear from some of the people on game that train. local woman missing for days one clue her family has to go on and why they are so worried this morning. here's a live look outside we are tracking some wet weather for your tuesday but what follows is pretty darn nice. sue will have your full forecast. now that the most of the snow is gone there is a new headache for drivers, potholes, we are hitting the road this morning to get this fixed. good day it is tuesday, march 10th, 2015. >> is it a pothole if it is more like a valley. i mean, they are huge. >> i have a front right tire that won't sta


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