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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  March 10, 2015 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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we are seven seconds away from straight up 9:00 o'clock. lauren johnson has join us live again g day, to you. it is tuesday, march the tenth, 2015. >> yes. >> i almost said 21:05. 2015. >> are you over indulgent, are you breeding narcissist particular children. listen up before giving your kid a compliment. how constantly praising your children could backfire on you. plus, you have seen them on the fox hit she empire and now jesse, the actor who plays jamal is getting a standing ovation for something did he off the the the set, his big announcement. and styling technology the apple watch is all of the rage, right new, but it is in the only warrable gadget on the market. hot look you can have before the apple watch hit stores. >> can something like that ever look hot on you. >> for 17 you this dollars, it better. >> yes there is a apple watch
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worth $17,000. >> it is not even diamond it is crystal or sapphire flakes or pieces. >> but there will be people out there buying it just because, it is a 17 you this dollars apple watch. >> you show off. >> i want to know your opinion on this. according to a new study, men don't particularly like witty with men. no, we only want our laid toy laugh, at our jokes. of course, every story we do remind me of a seinfeld episode when jerry was trying to switch roommate, he was dating a woman who never laughed at him. then he met her roommate who loved his humor. >> the roommate laughs at everything i said. >> wow. >> great sounding, good thing in the one of those big ha,
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you know those. h a a a, ha. >> yeah, here it comes. >> the the worst parties she possessed many of the other qualities, prized by the superficial man. >> quite an attractive figure. they try to figure out the roommate switch, and that was the episode. >> so, alex, how do you describe your laugh. >> i have been told it is weird. >> really. >> yeah. >> in the by men but by people you border on a ha. >> i do have a ha. >> probably. >> give us one. >> i know but i feel like that is part of the joy of laughing when you get in to it, just let it out. >> good form of exercise. >> if i'm on a date i try to tone it down and try to be cute. >> well, try that around here. >> really, really. >> there was autobus name are in man cousins, he was a
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scientists and he said you actually are massaging your internal organs if you laugh every day. >> when you laugh sometimes you are like i'm hurting. >> yes. >> it the goodies to laugh like that. >> but back to the survey. up though we want a woman with the sense of humor researchers quizzed 80 men and women on the importance of a partner who could make them laugh. as we talk about this we will show you people we fine funny. >> yes good women who are funny. >> these two are very funny. >> the study found that luckily most women don't care if their man appreciates their jokes. most women love a guy who can make her laugh and make her smile. >> yes. >> anytime i ask a woman what are you looking for. a guy with a job. but a sense of humor always comes up in the conversation. >> but in the beginning, this is so excited and so into it. you are laughing at everything. you can just drop something. >> yes. >> but i mean i feel like if
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we laugh together, you share a one. you can hang out. >> at this point with my woman, fiance she's not laughing nittany more. >> she heard them all. >> you recycle the same jokes. >> exactly right. >> some reason i still laugh. >> i have only known you seven months. >> she can't believe some of the stuff you say at work. >> you say that at work. >> she's getting bad. >> who me. >> yes. >> why am i getting bad. >> yeah, you are rubbing off on me a little bit. >> yes. >> some of the jokes, it gets real. >> it gets real. >> i blame mike. >> do they still like me good yes, they still like you. >> are they concerned. >> they don't know, jokes i say with you, i don't say to them. >> i no better than that. >> people ask cow talk like that around your mom. absolutely. >> you do. >> yes. >> you can get very funny and wrong. >> she will sometimes say lauren. >> that is too much. >> she won't say that, she will just say lauren. >> yes.
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>> as i do get older my parents are more willing to share things with me. >> these things. >> the things you don't want to hear. >> yeah, those things. >> what did they share recently. >> i will not tell you. >> everyone was joking that i went to cancun with them. >> the three of you. >> it was like ruining the mood good he wasn't here when he toll the story about dinner for two. >> oh, no three. >> my dad got a romantic dinner on the the beach. and then, as we walk up, and is there two chairs. wait is there a third one. it is two night chairs and fold up chair. who does romantic dinner for three people. i said we do. >> it was like a little booster chair. >> now you are taking it too far. >> you know, when you have the the table and you have that one table and it is somewhere you don't know where to put your legs. >> yes, i'm not supposed to be here. >> tell me you didn't share a room with them.
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>> oh, oh. >> double bed, double beds. >> yes. >> they are not going to stick her in a room by herself at the even of the night. >> it the is a lot more money. >> she is a glorified third wheel, she knows it proud of it. >> they want to have that kind of bond they can do that at home. >> or go to a romantic place on a beach. >> i'm sorry we brought this up. >> it the has always been that way, ever since we have been that way if we go on trips, we usually have have double beds. >> no wonder they have not had a second child, they are never alone. >> you just have to go there. >> if you think your little pumpkin or precious little child thinks he or she has it all, you may be to blame for it. um-hmm. >> i'm june i'm known as coupon queen. my daughter lauren is a beauty
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queen. >> i'm six. i am a beauty queen. >> you see there, tlc here comes honey boo-boo which is canceled. no strange tore praise. are you then creating alex a little brat. >> scientists say parents who over rally with you their children they run risk of creating narcissist particular adults. children told they are more special than other children, they are a inflated view. researchers add they have lower self esteems then modest children. >> so you just mock your children. >> no. >> a good blend. >> i have a family story. my aunt is really over protective of my cousin. so my mom would say anything. she has no filter. she'll say your hair on the show. i will not knock your coffee over. >> you are fine. >> when she says something to my cousin she's like, in the
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background she doesn't want to hurt her feelings. why would you protect her at home and cuddle her. >> your mom has always been that way. >> in filter. >> keep it real, no filters. >> some of my girlfriend are like how do you have any self esteem with your in mom. >> you have biggest steam. >> you grew up with a mom like my mom. >> what is number one thing she attack. >> my appearance. >> yeah. >> so it is either my hair my shirt, may dress it didn't look right, whatever. she's probably watching from atlanta. >> you her from her. >> in the the yet. >> do you think this is okay. >> probably. >> it looks good. >> i told her she looks good. >> fantastic. >> alex said why did you put your hair back. >> it looks good. >> i had a day. >> yesterday you had a day. >> i had it down this morning. >> i woke up this morning, i see you lauren. >> then i pulled it back. >> she get to work, sitting with us. put my hair back. >> take off the gloves. >> she gets in the fight here, hold these earrings. >> absolutely.
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>> who watches the bachelor. >> in the the me. >> how about the bachelorlet. >> not me. >> first there was bachelor and then they spun it off. now a new twist, because the the thing is getting stale. not everybody is happy with the new twist. explain it to me. >> if you want to know who won, chris, i don't know his last name. >> you know the farmer he picked whitney. so the the show may be over but the competition isn't. caitlin and brittany wilson must now compete to see who will be the bachelorlet. whoever gets most roses by the end of episode one will continue. i'm confused. women are competing to be the bachelorette. >> you know what i don't like about this. >> what? >> they are leaving it up to the men to make the decision about the woman. >> the in men who are supposed to be competing for her heart. >> yes. >> gets to choose. >> why do men get to choose. >> that is confusing. >> i guess if they are the ones trying to find love they are trying to pick the one
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they can be most kateible with. >> let's say they came to you and you and said will will you be the bachelorette, would you do it. >> i don't know. >> you have to make out with 25 guys. >> no, i don't think i could good speaking of the bachelor, what was his name, shawn. >> penn. >> bull air. >> i spotted him in northern liberties. >> he is still living in philadelphia. >> he was in northern liberties with a with man. >> a woman. >> what did she look like. >> i will tell you during the commercial break. >> i didn't know if it was within of the people in the show. >> i don't think so. >> i like caitlin, the caitlin on the left there yeah i watched a couple of episodes because the show makes me sick. >> why does it make you sick. >> you ever watch stuff that makes you sick and you get real angry. >> you watch kardashians. >> sometimes i'll stop by and it makes me angry. all they does drive around in
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range rover and eat salads. >> but you watch it. >> yes. >> so do millions of other people. >> speaking of watching stuff sue, when i got back from my vacation. i had had not seen my soap opera bold and beautiful. >> was it exactly the same as when you left. >> pretty much. >> i got them all line up on my dvr. i binged watch them. i got them out of order. it didn't make any difference. >> that is the thing with daily stories, you can feel okay if you missed one. >> here's the thing, stephie they are running her out of thing. she's the reason i watch. >> what will do you every day at one. >> maya is still there even though they change her character. are we going to or not. okay. >> we're ready to go or what. >> thank you for that. >> those that were still left with us here's our seven day forecast, we have 53 degrees today and it will look a lot different at the end of the day. it is not bad out there right
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now. rain arrives early this afternoon, lasts all through the the night and land in the early hours of wednesday. sunshine emerges in the afternoon and we will get up to 60 degrees. fifty-two on thursday, and fabulous weather day, increasing clouds on friday, rainy day possible on saturday. cools off a little will bit over the weekend but still not bad at all much milder back to the mid 50's by monday. so the seven day forecast at least there is in snow and there is no high temperatures in the the 20's, we have had all of that last week i cannot say we are completely finish with the wintry weather but ten days away on the first day. >> sorry to be talking i figured they were going to kill my mike. >> sorry. >> all right, east kay sue. >> everybody is into wearable tech gadgets whether it is fitness related or watches. samsung came out with one and apple released its much
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anticipated watch. >> i was out in the bay area. it was just huge. tim cook came out. apple watch is being called apple's biggest new product since, well, three months ago. the watch starts at 350 bucks for aluminum glass model and goes all the way up to an 18 car on the gold option, 17 to $18,000 for fancy pants one. our tech expert casey has come into talk about this. >> yes. >> apple watch, what all does it do as we look at video of it. >> it does almost everything that the apple phone does. the it is an extension of the apple phone. check your app, it has a touch screen. it has a dial that you can go through. you can use apple pay with this. you can pay with it. >> wow. >> you you can check e-mail texts, all of the things you can do on your phone you can do with the apple watch. >> samsung one you can take pictures and videos. can do you that. >> i don't believe you can
9:14 am
take picture on this. >> i didn't see that. it comes in threetive rent ranges. it has a 10,000-dollar model. if you want to impress your friend, mike you can get $10,000 model. >> i don't need to impress anybody. >> isn't it basically also an ipad on your wrist. >> basically. it is pretty much exactly that. >> how do you type on it it is small. you will be able to do so much more witt. you can do it quick. if you want to buy something use apple pay. hit your watch and you you can leave. >> i believe in ten years we will all bewaring those because this is cumbersome. >> it is true. >> especially with a big purse and hear your phone ringing and can't find it. you can just look. >> but type and text and stuff. i think the phone won't leave. you want to talk on the phone. i don't know how this works. >> hey double 07. >> yes. >> but even more than just watches now now we are seeing
9:15 am
so much different things. number one complaint people in the samsung watch it is so bulky. we want something more glamorous. now we have some options. >> we do. >> i brought in some smart jewelry for you. this is my first piece. thinks call mika made by intel. while it looks like a really fashionable beautiful bracelet it is cover in 18 car on the gold, it is a smart bracelet. on the back check your e-mail connect it to your google will account and facebook account. it the retails for $495. check your e-mail. swipe to the side. i can check my e-mails if you want. you can text from this too. >> i think i would buy this. >> i do. >> turn it around. >> it is a bracelet. >> it is gorgeous. really pretty. it comes in the black color. it clasps on like this.
9:16 am
>> the ones we will get to is more dudish. >> it has a little charger. >> mini u.s. b. >> this comes to you from intel. >> really fabulous. >> it beats putting this in your hand. >> if you are a fit bit girl. >> you i am wearing mine right now. >> torey burch teamed up with fit bit to make a really beautiful bracelet. this is torey burch fit bit bracelet. it looks like a bracelet but in the back you can put your fit bit flex right in charge here. it is an active tracker. >> it counts your steps, how many you are eating calorie in take and it tells you how well, you slept, how many times you woke up in the middle of the night. >> heart rate as well. >> this comes in gold silver and rose gold. >> you have to buy the the fit bit flex and it comes with the rubber wrist ban.
9:17 am
>> you charge it the in the computer it looks similar to this. >> mini u.s. b. >> you want to it look more dress i at work. >> this is ridiculous good this is something i was so excited about. >> thinks called ringly. this is a preorder right now. you cannot get it. it looks like a ring but you connect to it an app and you can this have vibrate, four different ways or turn four different colors. mike eyes light up when i say vibrate. he is so maim tour. it works with an app. lets say you are waiting for a call from your kid school and important call. you can have it set to vei bray let's say once. you could be in a meeting. maybe it turns whatever color you want to it turn pink. >> i love that. >> you will necessity their child's school called so you can excuse yourself from a meeting. >> without even checking your phone it works with this app. i will show you this here. >> how about an alarm clock. >> exactly. you can set it to text
9:18 am
message, phone call calendar. maybe your u bar card is coming. >> i like how you can make it a specific color. >> purple, green yellow blue set it however you want. >> this combats that feeling that everybody has their phones out the at all times, and you have your phone there. you could be slick. you can have your phone wait for that phone to ring. >> this is ringly, 195 for this. >> i love that. >> comes in different stones. >> isn't it pretty next one is june, as we get in the summer months, this will track your uv rays. if you want to keep an eye out on how much sun you get, you wear this. this lasts over a month. >> mime need that had on vacation. he came back red it will measure uv rays. it has tiny holes on the front. that will measure uv rays. it works with a app. there is sun. make sure you put on sun screen hat this can be warn all the time. >> if you get a sunburn it shocks the the heck out of
9:19 am
you. >> it doesn't shock you. >> it does let you know. >> well, you have an app that will alert you on your phone. thinks called june. >> what this this is a a app where you can answer telephones calls with and talk in to it. you set this up with your phone via blue tooth. if you get the a phone call you can a actually answer it. >> you would be on speaker phone. >> you talk into it. this is very double 07. hits this more for you mike good thinks cute. this was $89.99. if you want it. >> that actually works. >> it does work. >> do you have a number programmed in. >> i don't have a phone number programmed. >> i was worried good you are fired. >> have everything set up. >> what are we buying. >> you can buy it on line. >> yes. >> these are on line. >> free order right now not on the market yet, ringly. turf i burch. >> 195. >> torey burch is on line.
9:20 am
>> that is in barney's in town. >> i love torey burch. >> well, thank you. we will all bewaring our technology soon. >> yes. >> now that it is fashionable. >> i will have phones all over my body you can put a ring on it. >> i'd love to. >> have you heard about our pp. >> i don't know if i want to hear bit. >> no, pothole pennsylvania a troll. >> what are you thinking about. >> pot hell patrol. >> jj is on it. >> hey, guys we're here at lancaster and girard where we found yet another pothole and it is not the length but depth of this pothole. look at how deep. it the is filed with water and this does not
9:21 am
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what's happened to snacking? how did it become absent-mindedly eating one after the next? we are a creamy cheese that still believes in savoring our food. the laughing cow. reinvent snacking. my mom responded. >> so we were talking about, lauren, is your mother watching. she has a tenenscy to write to her and text her letting her necessity about her
9:24 am
appearance. >> yes. >> so, lets get a tight shot on one okay your mother says what burr appearance. >> all you need is a broom. >> because. >> i looked like a witch. >> she hates dark clothes. >> all you need is a broom. >> i'm done with you, dot, dot, dot. >> i said why. >> i guess she's watching you right now. >> speaking of watching you right now, krista woods has our show on in between her feet. she's in labor. >> look at this. >> what? >> she says i'm so glad you can be part of my labor having my baby girl today. >> congratulation gloss this show induces something. >> yes, best of luck to you my goodness. >> hey kit cat kline okay somebody has a screen grab of jenny joyce, that is okay so
9:25 am
somebody retweeted this from jenny. she's on pp, pothole patrol. it looks lick she has gone mad. >> measuring stick. >> yes, she about to beat somebody else. >> teddy roosevelt joyce. >> hi, guys yes, somebody just walk by if i was going to hurt someone with this stick. i'm playing nice with people but getting tough on potholes. we're at ridge and lancaster in west philadelphia where again as i said it is in the the necessarily the length, but it is depth of this pothole. you can see a large puddle in here. we have seen people pull around this curve and if they are hugging the curb the tire goes right in there. if you vera way to avoid this, look at the middle of the street. there is another pothole right there. it is double trouble out there in west philadelphia aoh, look at this person, i will get right over here. here's the the powe lease.
9:26 am
they necessity this area. so, you know it is pretty much the same. as we were driving through around 20th and girard and we see them. girard was really bad the entire length. we are fining certain streets are a mess and littered with potholes. so we're going to stay on it and we're loving the tweets and facebook messages so keep us posted. i talked with someone who says it will get worse as weather continues to warm up. it is until the looking good for us. if you want to report a pothole go to pot hole dot philadelphia dot gov in the city it is important to do that. we are getting inundated with all these requests. it is like we need to expand our pp patrol our pp right. >> it is always good to expand. >> all right. this is also in the just national day of awesomeness but international day of awesomeness. so quincy is running around fining things that he find awesome. >> everything is awesome. >> everything is awesome.
9:27 am
>> i'm messing with people at red creative cuts international day of awesomeness. keith is always supporting us. he loves good day philadelphia hello keith. >> good morning. >> and mark,. >> good morning. >> i will cut some hair, coming up next this guy is brave. he will let me cut coming up.
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. >> we asked townsend pictures of things awesome in your life, because it is awesomeness day.
9:31 am
my awesome six year old daughter joselyn fights kidney disease. >> she's beautiful. >> thank you judy for sends that in. nice one right here from mary ann. >> my grandchildren. >> they're awesome. >> got another one, kit cat? so quincy decided to go around the city and find awesome people, doing awesome things. and he says, this is an awesome barber shop. >> in mount air. >> i yes. >> yes, these guys are cool, these bashers here, kind of like psychiatrists comedians they're like craigslist only ers. >> how are you doing today? >> well, how are you. >> usually little louder. >> yes,. >> your name. >> chris. >> and he's looking for girlfriend, too. hey, he's single. keith the owner. now, keith, you have been here pom years? >> thirteen years. >> you're acting shy right now? >> anything you want to say to the people. >> good morning, america.
9:32 am
>> okay. >> good day philadelphia. mark? >> you've been staple in the community for a loft years. >> i try be, i try to be. >> you'll teach me thousand cut some hair. >> yes. >> now what would be the first step for me? to cut his hair? >> first every all now what do i do? >> how is that? >> good, good, good. >> now look. >> okay, look at that. >> oh, not bad. >> you're doing great. okay. >> give him mohawk. hold on. right there. i know about the line. i'm going to dot line. >> sure, sure. >> you hear a loft people's problems here in the barber
9:33 am
shop? >> all the time. role a psychiatrist. >> sir, could you spin this guy, his head around, we couldn't see anything were you doing. i want to see what you've left with than with. >> okay this is what i've done so far. >> this man is brave. >> now what we're about to do. how do we turn this off? >> what's the key to doing this line? >> oh, no. >> don't mess up the hairline. >> okay. >> there you go. >> how do i do the side part? >> can you put fox 29 in there? >> please, please. >> looks cool though. >> what's your fame,er? >> key. >> thank you for letting me do this. >> okay. >> he is a brave man, right
9:34 am
there. >> he is is a man of certain age, so for him to let me mess up the hairline like there is pretty brave. >> in is the result. >> oh,. >> now, how about this right smear. >> here go. >> look at that. wow, guys, i didn't do too bad. >> look square -- >> can i put fox 29 in the back? >> can i put fox 29 in the back of his hair? >> hole on, we'll just do some work. >> did he say yes? >> oh, okay. >> guys, ya, i'm pretty awesome. this is international day of awesome. and thank you. >> you should never let a main with no haircut your hair. >> man. >> you know, we should do this again, sometime, just awesome stuff. a some people in your livesment look at this, my we have disable kids. he is awesome.
9:35 am
>> thank you. >> and who is this little dude? >> my little dude, pew our somennecss. >> lauren? >> yes, speaking of awesome my new favorite person. someone i have never met don't even know her or him but walking through northern liberties, saw the sign, check the sign out. i know it is kind of hard to read. >> weed it to. >> it says on there, oh, gosh i can't even see it. >> walk over to the big one. >> good night t says, to the creeper who looks in my windows and the loser who keeps stealing my flowers number one smile you're on camera. number two delila's is located on spring garden street. and number three, there is a flower shop on second street. and the next to the sign is a picture that says warning cane course owe inside, a casino of dog, compared to pitbulls, i thought it was funny she lives in the first floor of this apartment. >> and something is bugging her? >> apparently people peaking
9:36 am
through her blind, now huge camera up, he or she but it was funny. so i have to bring the sign. >> i promise i'll never do it again. >> delila's on spring gardens. >> what is that, a flower shop? >> no, flower shop on second street, delila's adult entertainment, so they can do their peeping, me? >> i hear ya. >> ya. >> he knows where it is. >> he doesn't need to be told. my goodness. >> down by the river. hey, kelly's countdown, bob kelly, kelly's countdown saint patrick's day one week a with a from today. we'll show you thousand cook up an irish favorite. oh, i love this. it is in that box.
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countdown to saint patrick's day continues only one week away, so go to tox r forks fox, vote on favorite irish pub restaurant, all do you have do is click on the kelly's countdown link, see that kelly's crawl on the home page, your votes will help us decide which public and restaurant we take good day live to. >> on saint patrick's day morning. >> we're bringing the food into the studio. say hello to michael how did we get the italian guy? >> i have no idea, no idea. any way i can get here i'll take it. >> that's t if you can cook, you're here. first, tell us about yourself, what do you. >> helping private chef based out of south philadelphia. >> okay. >> i kind of put my spin on this if i could.
9:41 am
>> food for the week. >> all healthy stuff. >> zap it in the microwave have it nighttime for dinner. >> i combined two dishes, ham and cabbage put upscale little spin on it, pan chet, a brussels sprouts. >> i love them. >> and doing drunken muscles. >> drunken muscles? >> and then pear cider. >> we were just talking about this pear sider. >> tell us what were you telling -- >> like beer cider, irish sider. >> i lover cider beer. >> sweeter, tears well especially bitterness of the brussels sprouts. >> so get used to straight apple there is will be sweeter than this. >> little bit. >> you've been on food cooking shows? >> yes. i've done restaurant stakeout, done restaurant pasta bowl, re wraps, and also been -- >> good friends every ours, been here many times. >> yep. >> and also, on death row
9:42 am
kitchen, fun show. >> olive oil in there so olive oil see it on the recipe. already pre cooked for tv purposes. once it gets hot that gets going, what i like to do next is the brussels spots i've already charred. >> and i brussels sprouts they're always cook in like bacon fat it is like a sweet taste. >> gives it so much more philadelphia international airporter. >> is that good, the bacon fat? you're about the health. >> i that's true. maybe a no-no? >> moderation, moderation do it on saint patty's day. this is smoked, not cured little better, not much, but bacon is bacon, when it is turkey bacon or not just bacon next thing that goes in are the leaks. you just set them around a little bit. >> i hear the sis. >> i good week. >> studio smelling so good. >> yes. >> and now pear cider irish cider.
9:43 am
we got about 30 seconds here. >> so this is pear? >> oh, i thought we would drink it, i didn't know we were putting -- >> here, i'll try it. >> give it a try. and how long do you cook this for? >> that will go if there. pretty much is already. >> yum. >> muscles go in. so they pop. >> put the lid on. >> how long will that cook for? >> probably about five minutes or so. >> maybe we'll put this recipe up on the website. >> great. sounds good. >> we will take this to your house for saint patty's day. >> now, we are going to
9:44 am
9:45 am
9:46 am
monte python? >> i guess it could be potty. that could be short for pothole? >> sure it could. >> when there is water in it, kind of looks like a pot. >> i thank you. >> with all of the rain that's coming today did i break that down too much? >> maybe little much. most of just been in a situation that has left a soar taste in our mouth. this morning man's best friend is getting major attention for just that, alex, i'm telling you. >> so pet owner posted this video of a dog's reaction after slick ago slice of lemon. >> what he didn't expect was the strong reaction from people watching this 24 seconds clip, since positioned on youtube only yesterday.
9:47 am
the jumping golden retriever viewed more than 120,000 times and counting. my god. he don't know how to take it. >> so cute. >> i hate to admit this, but we've all done it with our children toddlers, lick a little lemon? >> and the face, i know. >> i do it, too. >> when she is begging diamond, i throw stuff on the floor. >> who is diamond? >> my dog. >> oh, adorable dog. >> you've met her before. >> on airplane when you went down in dallas. >> yes. >> i hope you listen to the instructions by the flight attendants attentavely, get off your phone. >> sometimes it can be authorities pay attention to. >> because it is dull, when you get hurt a thousand times. >> at least one stewardess out there look to go liven things up little bit. should we say -- >> flight attendant yes.
9:48 am
>> looks like all every us on good day guess you felt compelled. >> this is a plane. >> got some moves. >> all right let's get out to our jenn fred. and then when we come out of jenn fred, we're going to show us we'll show everybody, what we brought in for lunch. >> okay. >> here's jen. >> okay, guys, so, we're at villanova university. good morning everyone. and, villanova university, they have a very unique situation. you might have heard about it. many of them of the student athletes have won the biggies not one time, but two times in a row. our swimmer? >> correct. >> biggies champion. >> yes. >> okay, there is also a basketball team on campus, i don't know if anyone's heard about it. have you bonn the biggies?
9:49 am
>> not the biggies tournament. are you hoping to do what these other athletes have done? >> hopefully we k pretty cool. you guys will go to up new york this weekend, it will be big, big weekend. and i toll you on behalf of mike jerrick haters everywhere, i want you to crush kansas, in particular, in this season. if could you do that for us? >> we'll try. >> yes. are you nervous at all? i mean, forget about, you know novanation, march madness, you have to be just as good as these athletes. >> trying to be. it will be hard. >> what's jay told you guys, needs to get done this weekend? >> try to be like the track and field and swim team. that's been the main goal. >> what do you think could make the difference for these guys now that our biggies winner for second year? >> fan base, just more support, more athlete to athlete support. >> okay, you ready to give some of this?
9:50 am
>> do you have give support to your guys. >> yes definitely give them support. >> i like that we have all of you guys on. because, you know, a lot of times the rotten media we focus just on them, but you guys, it has got to be cool that everyone in this whole school is really getting excited. >> ya, real exciting, we're getting, sitement from normal student, then also just from all of the other athletes, so it is good, it is fun. >> anything from you? >> you are the silent type so you will be cheering for them this weekend? >> cool. >> try to get out there support your student athletes. >> all right. >> everyone ready? >> here we go. >> high, this is what you need to do. you just need to be better than everyone else. >> sound good. >> and you have to stick to that plan. you ready? better than everyone. >> yes. >> okay. >> better than everyone. >> better than everyone else. >> the guys get on bus headed up today yes? >> yes. >> take little nappi-nap.
9:51 am
>> have some red bull. no, trick question. what will you do to get your energy up food wise? >> probably law school lunch then probably go to class. >> okay, all right. >> pride of neshaminy high school. >> yes, nash a.m. any, babe. >> i we're hoping for novanation. you want to root for them? yeah. so i'm hoping tore interviewing you a lot over the next couple of weeks. >> hope so too. >> you hope so too? me particularly or just crazy people? >> just crazy people. >> okay, well, there you go. good luck, seriously, and i believe in you guys. thank you for being winners we go play with the track and field people, and the swimmers and later this evening. >> many, many champions ncaa champions at that school. >> villanova. >> amazing right? >> thanks, jen, 198 a since the basketball team won it all with their coach rollie massimino. so they already ron the championship of the biggies but, the bark clay center in brooklyn, try to win the post-season tournament. even if they don't i think they will be number one seed
9:52 am
go a long way. okay you've seen them on ahead on fox empire. he plays lamar. >> jamal. >> jamal, like i said, jamal. real name is justi. i never met adjusty. but getting standing ovation from the rest of the staff. made big announcement yesterday. @
9:53 am
we just had the best family vacation. really? there were fights breaking out in the street, angry mobs the whole place was like a war zone. it was fantastic! what about the kids? we shackled them to a post in the middle of town. i don't know what they loved more the shackling or the pool. my money's on the shackling. with so much to do stay where the action is. book one of our hotels at
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nicole: we all have different needs for our children and basing all of the childrens' needs on one test is not the right road to go down. and something's got to change. okaikor: and the ones who are taking the brunt of it are our children. all the other things that make you a great human being is not important anymore. what's more important is: can you answer a-b-c-d? gina: what am i going to learn for my child from this test that my teacher can't tell me right now?
9:55 am
>> they went back stage, made this quick impromptu interview, not trying to hide it he's gay. >> yes. >> and he said that it is not like he's coming out of the closet, never was a closet, he just never felt like it was important to discuss his, you know, second ooh al at this in a interview. >> now it is out, all of his co-stars applauded him for it,
9:56 am
speaking every empire, tomorrow of course here on fox, and on our show tomorrow, to talk about it, mary jane blige. >> yes? >> jennifer hudson, and maybe even raven simmone. >> ya. >> love empire wednesday. >> so, watch for them on good day philadelphia, tomorrow, okay. bring in your sack lunch day. >> okay? >> what did you bring in? >> all right. so, i really have discovered these new popcorn things, 100 calories, like lightly salted. >> sin i pop. >> then i have leftovers usually that's what i have for lunch, so i have a hotdog that was cooked. >> oh? >> last week and i think it is still good. so i'll eat t that's my lunch. >> yesterday they said you were just going to bring in a bag of bacon? >> i didn't have a chance to make bacon yesterday because i just came in from a flight. >> that's your breakfast?
9:57 am
where did you get the weeny? >> from the grocery store. oh and then i cooked it on a george more man. i cooked my whole pack of hotdogs, all at once, and then i eat them. >> i brought in my boxed lunch, because putting on belly weight here, so just not being healthy stuff. >> hummus. >> you got there is some hummus, i got little bit of cheese right? cheese i've got kim of hard boiled eggs, peanut but the you are and jelly sandwich. >> wait. what else do you have in there? >> huge. >> as big as texas right there. >> black and white cookie. >> seinfeld episode will fix all relations here in philadelphia. >> just one cookie by the way. >> always look to the cookie.
9:58 am
all our problems will be solved. >> to the what's happened to snacking? how did it become absent-mindedly eating one after the next? we are a creamy cheese that still believes in savoring our food. the laughing cow. reinvent snacking.
9:59 am
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it's the wendy williams show. today settle in. wendy is serving up the juiciest hot topics. and actor tahj mowry is here talking about his tv series and life with his twin sisters. plus, fashion guru stacy london shows us must-have accessories for spring. now, here's wendy! [ cheering and applause ] oh, boy.


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