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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6a  FOX  March 11, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> qb for qb. nick for sam. the eagles trade nick foles to st. louis what is chip kelly's master plan? we'll try to figure it out. father accused of locking his son in a car for three hours while he went to the parx casino and gambled. who found his kid and called police. bring on the firing squad. make option for prisoners on death row. why they say they want it. good day everybody, it is wednesday, march the 11, already, 2015. hi everybody. >> good morning. >> good morning everybody. >> it is empire wednesday. >> oh, it is. >> that's right. >> big win tonight. marry jay blige on our show.
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i think she will be around 9:00, in the 9:00 hour to tell us about what's going to be on tonight. >> cool. >> moving in right? >> and then j huddy think on the show tonight as well, j hudson. >> raven simmone, maybe naomi campbell? >> did you fine your way in okay? it is foggy out there. >> barely. >> ya, thank goodness. >> and mix ago little bit. >> very damp. it is six out of ten in your weather by the numbers. still have an umbrella with buddy, barely see him with all of that fog. and there is plenty of it out there, along with a few showers, as we get rid of the system over the next couple of hours. so, could be kind after foggy drive in this morning. clouds linger through about eight, maybe even 9:00 when we start to see little bit of sunshine. once we see that sun this evening, a dry drive home. we could get up to the 62 degrees by about 5:00 p.m. so really, all-in-all, not bad, improving conditions, bob kelly, today. >> five days ago we had what, 8 inches of snow, this
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morning, mother nature, no snow, no black ice just wet roads. but we're dealing with some fog. this is a live look at route 422, starting to see some volume pop between collegeville and king of prussia. jammo on 95, southbound, time to make the donuts, as we hear from cottman avenue, slow going down into girard avenue. rush hour underway this morning. the fog still popping up in areas of like lancaster sue mentioned out near downingtown, coming in on the 30 bypass, maybe coming out of the poconos, through the areas that still have some snow on the gown. then the lights are out at the airport circumstance em. that busy intersection, where 30 130 38, all column together. so headed for the benny be ready to slow down, all traffic being stopped there this morning. and then as we fly north on 55 little bit of delay heading into the freeway. otherwise the schuylkill looking good. no problems on mass transit. mike alex, back over to you. >> almost 6:03 breaking news 00 boy horrible, 11 troops are missing following a helicopter
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crash in the florida panhandle. apparently seven marines, four soldiers, went missing last night when the aircraft went down during night training exercise at he will gin air force base. search crews found debris from the crash around 2:00 this morning, about four hours ago. more on that in just a little bit. our big local story of the day is about the eagles. >> coach chip kelly makes another big change to the roster. >> that's right. they are calling him the chipper like a wood chipper players, he is blowing them out of here. he's swapping quarterbacks with the st. louis rams. you know this by now. nick foles has been traded to st. lucie. the eagles get rams sam bradford in return. came out of the university of oak home, a the first overall pick. the first overall pick in the 2010 draft. five years ago. he won the rookie of the year award in his first season. it was looking good for him. then he got injured. it is the latest chip kelly move. he's already spent two time all-pro running back shady mccoy and pro bowl wide
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receiver jeremy maclin packing, not even to bring up, forget his name, lesean jackson, desean jackson. we don't have to wore bit mix-up any moyer. anyway, we don't know if nick foles has left felled. probably already in st. louis. this is the first tv reaction from nick about the trade. >> what are you going to do today napoleon? >> i feel like i'm going to die. >> okay, eagles fans everywhere, you know, gets personal when it comes to our eagles football team. this morning fans are not holding back. >> yes let's get to steve keeley live at lincoln financial field with reaction, because sue, i guess it will look different there when we go to games. >> reporter: did you know mike, first overall pick, first overall pick, did he that re pep tiff thing that bruce does. >> supposed to be fantastic. and 'd great first season. >> reporter: you suggested that, suggested that. all right. anyway. mike never in history of your viewing, racing home every day
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to watch bold and the beautiful did you have a soap opera day like the e-a-g-l-e-s dels yesterday, right. >> exactly right. foles, but it was not -- it was bold, but not beautiful. >> look, sue serio, i know you have all of those weather computers, the fog did not come from the warmer air from the grounds. >> where did it come from? >> all eminate from the south philadelphia, right out of the eagles offices. listen to the fans. >> ya, really good move for the eagles. >> still looks good. still looks like he has a plan. >> i don't want to see bradford on the field at all this year, but if we do get a trade. >> chip kelly not sure what he is doing messing the team up. putting his own spin on things, but to me things are going wrong. >> i like nick foles. nothing against him. we're not necessarily winning with the team that we have now. i don't think he proved himself 100% yet. great while i was here but we didn't win. so why not try something new? >> no, it is not really loyalty in the league, like there used to be. you know? >> with all due respect he
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got injured got to give him a chance. >> i was listening to the radio of some of our favorite people across the street, angelo cataldi couldn't wait until what he said. catostrophic, worse trade ever, complete and utter incompetent general manager completely destroyed the roster of the team. mark, the guy's an identify yacht. they were the nice things coy say from the wip morning crew. >> i think we have to wait until draft night to make this decision. >> you're right, i agree with. that will i think that's the case. i said, if he doesn't have a news conference today tomorrow whatever, and there is no plans for one like lesean mccoy had one telling him don't pack your boxes stay put where you are don't call the real estate agent because you won't be coming here you're going somewhere else to be determined. >> apparently nick and his family are very happy he's out of philadelphia, once they gave that money to mark sanchez, they new -- he knew something was up. >> yesterday 4:01. i was looking at all of my twitter feeds, espn on.
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>> it goss so exciting 6:15, 63 oh, wait, we didn't swap draft picks with him we simply swapped humans. so what do you think about this trade? do you think chip kelly's doing the right thing here, tell us on facebook, instagram, twitter. use the #fox29goodday. now, other news, local dad is under arrest. here we go again. why do we keep doing this, folks? after he allegedly left his son about seven years old while he gambled in a casino. left him in the car. >> yes, police say 32 year old brian bold was inside parx casino last night playing blackjack for three hours while his seven year old was in his car. person walking by heard the boy crying and just yelling for his dad. police took the boy to headquarters then went back and arrested bold who they found, was still sitting at that gaming table. >> playing blackjack wow. >> twenty year old montgomery county woman who went missing friday after abandoning her car on a lie way was found safe. authorities say deidra mackolon found unharmed in philadelphia's kensington
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section yesterday. police say she hitch hike her way there. they were able to track her down after she used her credit guard but what was really going thon? wonder if we'll ever find out? >> at least she was found safe. >> that's the good thing. the man who slot a philadelphia police officer back in 2013, is going to jail but not everybody is happy about this, why the f.o.p. fraternal order every police president is skating mad, and calling this an absolute disgrace. >> former secretary every state hillary clinton is finally talking about her e-mail scandal. what she admits was wrong about what
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>> felton man, charged with shooting and injuring a philadelphia police offerser. >> found guilty of aggravated assault in the august 2013 incident. officer edward davies was shot inches below his bulletproof vest during the altercation. the operation err in court to hear the verdict is reds toy get back to his life. >> i'm hurting i just want to go home and go back to the family. >> torez was also convicted of weapon and drug charges. >> while the assistant district attorney seemed pleased with the conviction, not the case for the f.o.p. listen.
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>> absolute disgrace, in the middle of planning a funeral for an officer now and jury comes back for aggravated assault. that just shows what's going on the sense of the city, the mindset of the city, the judge, they wounds up pumping rounds into him. they find him guilty of aggravated assault, not attempted murder. absolute disgrace. >> and listen to. >> this the attorney for torez there argued the shooting was accidental. saying, there was no way he could have aimed at the officer. he'll be sentenced on june the eighth. 6:12, a vote to bring back the firing squad? why law makers in utah want to make it an option for prisoners on death
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(it is a little foggy out there this morning maybe in your head, and maybe outside as well. so as we look here, lancaster county still has the dense fog advisory, and it is in effect until 9:00 a.m. weather service lifted the advisory for the other counties in our area, doesn't mean you won't run into fog, checking some of the visibility, which we'll do in a minute, reduce in the many places. still have rain to the south of us, these organized showers, but it is very misty and kind of morning where you still need those intermittent windshield wipers so sucks he is count -- sussex county,
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delaware milder towards the end of the day. low pressure system moving along this stalled front but eventually that front will move a little further south we'll get the rainout of here, and get the clouds out of here as well. see few lingers showers 8:00 9:00. the sun is trying to come out in the philadelphia area. sunshine will determine whether we make it to 06 degrees or not by the end. day. it looks like we probably will. that will make it the warmest day so far of 2015. thirty-six in allentown, 40 mount pocono, 47 in dover and 46 degrees in wildwood. a lot different than week ago when everything was so icy but these are the reduced visibility, we were talking about mount pocono, okay, so far at philadelphia international airport with 10 miles visibility, so, it looks like we are on a good trend here. look temperatures keep going up up and up over the past four days, and that will
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continue today. he 62 degrees, sunny, low 50's friday, but then, late in the day, we could see some rain move in, changing over to rain saturday. so it, doesn't look real good for the rain on saturday, but we do see improvement, on sunday, for the philadelphia saint patrick's day paradement then for saint patrick's day itself, so far looking good, sun, clouds, mid 50's, we'll take it bob kelly. >> you know we will. however, mother nature mixing it up this morning. wet roads some fog still lingering in the area. so, just watch yourself. everything could be little slippery but at least like taking the hose and squirting down the front pavement there, that rain cleaning off some of the road salt, and that brine from the majors, a live look at the blue route 476 all of the snow gone from the ramps. headed down into girard avenue brakes are tapping.
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leaving say the talcony palmyra bridge, no problems coming over the span itself working your way in toward south jersey, for the shaders looking good but then little further south down in winslow nasty accident at cooper, folly road getting word medical helicopter on stand by so doesn't sound good. otherwise the schuylkill, looking good, only 15 minutes into downtown. i just showed you the camera thereon 95 about 22-minute trip, and again some light fog still lingering mainly along the 30 bypass, leaving lancaster, headed into downingtown, maybe coming back from the poconos quakertown into lansdale, and the lights are out at the airport circle. that busy intersection, where 30 130 38, all come together. otherwise mass transit looking good mike, alex, back over you. >> yesterday, marked an independence day of sorts for forces in the middle east, troops continue to fight against terrorists for the first time, without the help of the united state iraqi fighters battled icy millitant.
6:19 am
iranian back soldier, iran jane back soldiers are looking to reclaim major city taken by the terrorist group. now, last summer, the pentagon, has confirmed they are making progress, advisors in the middle east suggest iraqi politicians are hoping america will return to support the cause. for now says iran, their neighbor taking the lead on the ground. interesting. and violent video after child associated with isis was released this week. the clip shows a baby face boy, shooting and killing an israeli area on, who was accused of spying for, some believe the child's role was staged for shock values, since the full execution is not shown. that video was tweeted by the terror group yesterday. >> well, 6:19ment former secretary of state, hillary clinton; finally talking about using personal e-mail account while in office. clinton told reporters yesterday, she didn't break any laws, or try to hide any emails during a press conference.
6:20 am
she answered questions for about 20 minutes and during that time she said she only used her personal e-mail because it was convenient, she never shared any sensitive information on that account. clinton says she probably should have just used her government e-mail as secretary of state. >> again looking back, it would have been better for knee use two separate phones, and two e-mail accounts. i thought using one device would be simpler and obviously it hasn't worked out that way. >> all relevant emails had been turn over to the justice department and there was nothing to hide. >> the conservative newspaper the new york post, says delete err, leader of the free world. >> plus, many people are wondering, you why, you handed over your emails. how do we know you handed over everything? >> she said she only death the ones we're talking about weddings personal things. >> yes. but what's personal? sometimes -- >> yes, you never know. i don't know. i saw republican lawmaker after she made her statement says: i could probably teach
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her how to put two e-mail addresses on the same phone. she didn't want to use two phones. >> it was set up -- during the clinton administration, back when he was president president clinton. >> exactly. >> a long time. well utah law makers have come up with what they believe is a solution to the shortage of lethal drugs for executing prisoner. >> so, their solution is firing squad. >> what? >> ya, lawmakers approved a bill yesterday, requiring the state to use a firing squad if lethal injection drugs are not on hand 30 days before execution. the measure now goes to the governor's desk, who has not said if he will sign it. >> 6:21 now. >> troubled philadelphia high school will finally hear music through the hallways. how rap superstar drake is helping the kids in strawberry mansion. >> is he coming to town drake? >> i don't know, i hope so. >> you know, he started at the bottom. >> but he is here. >> is he going to be smear and tiger woods is opening a new restaurant only, he can't use his name. while the golfer was the most famous name in the world of sports probably, can't use it
6:22 am
for his business.
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>> good morning, i'm howards
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eskin, you will no longer see nick foles as your eagles quarterback, chip kelly made another monster trade sending nick foles to the st. louis rams along with a 20,162nd round pick, and the eagles and rams got now the rams got the eagles fourth round pick, and the rams flipped that, and they got the amounts fifth round pick. all right, the eagles get rams quarterback sam bradford who was the 2010 overall number one pick in the draft bradford was also the rookie of the year. but is coming off 2acl injuries, which kept him out of last year and a half. chip kelly lovers the guy. don't think the fans are happy. all right, cliff lee got bad news yesterday. he has a tear of the tendon in his left elbow. he will pitch through it as long as he can but surgery might ends his career. no way they can trade cliff lee now. put fork in the flyers. they're done the. to the wells fargo center tide one-one with dallas. dallas scores vernon fiddler makes it two-one flyers now nine points behind the boston bruins bruins have two games in hand. put a fork in them. they're done. i'm howard eskin.
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>> so golfing great tiger woods is opening a new restaurant but don't expect it to be called tiger woods. which would be the obvious name. >> that's because nike owns the rights to his name. that's right. tiger's endorsement deal with mikey, spotted millions of dollars, prohibits him from using hirst first and last name without consent. so, his new p.m. veg tour will be named woods jupiter sports and dining club. man, jupiter because it is in jupiter, florida, the town jupiter, florida in 2013, tiger signed his fourth end doserment deal with nike. he's been endorser since turning what? he's been an endorser. what's that mean? since turning pro in 94. >> he's been endorsed maybe? >> probably what it is. his contract are worth about $20 million a year. >> just that. >> would you give up the right of your name for 20 million? >> yes! yes! i would do whatever they want. >> whatever? oh okay.
6:27 am
>> whatever. i was thinking about opening like, you know, a establishment here in philadelphia. >> do you have the rights to your name at this point? >> yes dow. >> okay. >> but, you know i need your help maybe on twitter what would i call, if i opened a bar restaurant or something? >> i have an idea. >> think about it. >> oh, you don't want me to say it? >> not yet. >> let it stew. if something came to the top your held, that's great. probably filth. >> i no. >> this video tough to a i've watched this over and over. man walks into chinese restaurant, this is in our area and just starts waiting on this guy. another customer. now, police need your help to get him off the streets here's something interesting. what happened just before the punches started flying? we now
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>> with all due respect, he got injured, you got to give him a chance. >> fans have mixed feelings about all of these eagles trades. >> what would you say the mix is? ninety-ten. >> some love it. some hate t you would be surprised. well, nick foles gone. lesean mccoy gone. jeremy maclin, gone. todd herremans gone. it looks like the only real winners are the sports stores, when we rush taught buy new eagles jerseys. >> here's that disturbing video again i was telling you about. police need your help to find this guy. a customer attack by another customer. and this wasn't even a robbery. what sparked this brutal fight? >> ♪ ♪ blurred lines ♪ ♪
6:31 am
>> marvin gay's family wants it the money that; they better pay up. the jury ruled pharrell williams and robin thicke ripped off one of his songs. how much they'll have to pay. >> good day everybody now i played robin thicke few years ago on halloween. so i hope i'm not involved in this. >> i hope not too. >> i did not ask permission to put the outfit on or lip-sync that song. >> you better start out checking your bank account sir. >> geez, better open that bar make some monday. >> i you know what i am checking today? the weather. because hopefully we'll hit the 60s sue i'm excited. >> we're getting there indeed. we have to get rid of the fog first. buddy, buddy there he is, there he is, see still got the umbrella. still a couple of showers foghorn, on cue. thank you. so, that's where we are right now, with showers and some fog out there this morning casino of misty, six out of ten is your weather by the numbers, things look improving. we have an area of rain moving out of washington, d.c.,
6:32 am
eastward, into southern delaware, at the moment. and your commute this morning could be casino of wet with fog around this morning through 7:00, clouds linger, through 8:00, 9:00. and temperatures stay in the mid 40's, and then, for later on this evening we probably will have 62 degrees by 5:00 o'clock, provide that we get enough sunshine. so hopefully things will go well for you in your morning and evening commute here to help with you that, is bob kelly. >> hey, sue, good morning everybody, 6:32, dealing with some wet roads dealing with some fog and that fog couches up fast, peach i dense of course, also dealing with some slippery spots on those on and off-ramps. but no black ice this morning that's good news. live look, 202 northbound, starting to see delays coming up through the construction zone. good morning to bellmawr, new jersey, 42 freeway, stack and pack here, heading into toward i2956789 all of the construction pretty much rained out from last night. and then, south on 95, heading
6:33 am
through the construction zone, heavy from cottman avenue, in through girard. and then, coming north on 95, heading in toward the airport we don't have any problems at the airport as of yet. we'll keep our fingers crossed there. but remember, 291 that short cut, to the airport closed for the next couple of weeks with construction. traffic lights out. this is going to be a hot mess coming into philly this morning, the airport circle, where 30, 130 38, all come together, as you work your way in toward the ben franklin, be ready for delays through the morning rush hour. and then, along route 73, in winslow, a crash at cooper, folly road otherwise the eastbound schuylkill expressway starting to see slow downs working around conshohocken into belmont. about half hour delay south on 95 from wood half mean through downtown. otherwise, mass transit is looking good with no delays. mike alex, back over to you. >> thank you bob. 33:00, breaking news out of florida, 11 troops missing following helicopter crash in the florida panhandle. seven marines and four soldiers went missing last night when the aircraft went
6:34 am
down during night training exercise, at the edmond air for the base. marines from camp len june in north carolina soldiers from louisianna base national guard unit search crews found debris from the crash around 2:00 this morning. we'll keep you updated on this story. 6:34. eagles coach chip kelsey making some big moves. >> big moves that would be bm right big moves? and eagles fans are known for rolling with the punches. no way. nick foles it has been traded to st. louis big change for their quarterback, sam bradford. >> bradford came out of the university of oak home, a and was the first pick overall when the 2010 draft. won the rookie of the year draft, first season, latest chip kelly shake up. already sent two time all-pro running back mccoy and wide receiver maclin packing. >> and we are the first to station to have, well, a video reaction from nick foles from st. louis.
6:35 am
>> ♪ ♪ >> he's happy to be out of here apparently. his family weighed in last night on twitter saying nick foles quite happy to be out of philadelphia. he loved playing here. but once they gave the contract to, what's his name? >> mark sanchez. >> mark sanchez, he knew that chip was choosing mark or somebody else over him. >> but the thing is, is this going to pay off? we're getting some tweets with this. you want people to tweet us your opinion use the #fox29goodday. let's see, kane ya says, my husband said chip kelly had safety net. then go back to college. >> well some college would take him right back. >> here is another good one. chip building winning team. all he needs now is steve keeley calling the plays. >> steve what do you think about that? by the way we heard from some folks over at nova care and at the linc. last evening, they have a switchboard. you can call in, try to get ahold of executives of of course never get through. >> and they're just taking a
6:36 am
brow beating these operators. and they actually are considering having counselors coming in and take them down. >> i wish they would let just there. >> oh, ya. >> they don't talk. that's the problem. they don't just talk to the fans or the media. they don't talk to the players. i was flipping around, watching espn, says i was the franchise player for like six jeers, i thought the least they could do tell me the possibility i might be traded. he said he was just totally shock, completely surprised and called off guard. but he was smiling with those little boy with him last night. now, that's the key. the buffalo bills have this big news conference, no news conference is planned from the eagles, you know, we only heard over the telephone from the linebacker that the deal was official. so, you wonder, are they going to talk? are they going to come out, explain themselves? there is nothing planned. so we don't know what's going on. you don't know what's in the guy's head. all of the fans that fill this place every week that spent a lot of money elliot fine stein, our editor, thousands
6:37 am
of dollars now to buy kim every season tickets, like another mortgage bill at the end of the month. i'm amazed that people still do this, especially with the way they're treated when it comes, it is like vladmeere putin is the gm, you don't know what they are thinking, what they are doing and who is in control. and, some of the fan reaction today, this morning, the guys taking a rec owing -- wrecking ball to the eagles, i'm so sick, i woke up and started throwing up. here's some other reaction from last night. >> the trade is making me sick. it is just hurting me to the core, my heart, and it hurts a lot. did it hurt you all? i hope it d because my point of view, chip kelly is -- man that was my first team. now i am a little sketch can these days with chip kelly and the coaches. >> i think it is good for the eagles. i think bradford is better bargaining chip on draft day if they want to try to get mariota, they would be able to move up with him better than nick foles. >> i like nick foles. nothing against him. but i don't think he proved
6:38 am
himself 100% yet. i mean, he was great while i was here, but we didn't win. so why not try something new? >> here's the other way to read this thing. the people in saint lewis are jumping for joy, bike boy we ripped them off something fears. the people in buffalo are so happy, with that deal. and it doesn't seem like anybody's happy here in philadelphia, even the people in indianapolis were happy remember frank gore was going to come here, he said i'm not going thereafter all, i'll go town happen list. who would pick indianapolis over philadelphia, right? >> but the thing there is we don't have, you know, we couldn't make up our minds about quarterbacks. so what's his name, frank gore, he went to a place that has a franchise quarterback there wasn't any confusion about who their quarterback is. he had a conversation, day before yesterday, with shady mccoy. >> yes? >> apparently talk. >> he said don't do it, don't do it, bro. >> he might have said that. >> wouldn't that be something? >> it is amazing, thank god mike that good day doesn't have a salary cap. because you eat so much, can you imagine help kill i fox
6:39 am
29, with a sailor cap? we would all be gone. you would be doing the show by yourself. >> you're gone right now. get out of here. >> so now you're chip? >> you're traded. >> do you think chip kelly's doing the right thing here? okay. ya, this the sunny mentioned earlier. okay,'s building a winning team, but he just needs steve keeley calling the plays. >> i wonder if steve would take a job working for the eagles? >> that would be interesting. way in facebook, stain gram, twitter, use the #fox29goodday. >> all right well 6:39. police hope surveillance video that captured violent attack inside hunting park chinese restaurant will lead them to a suspect. >> this video, just hard to watch. >> jenny joyce any indication from the police what the heck went down here? >> reporter: like, we don't flow this happened. but police did indicate this suspect was a professional. it seemed like he supply had boxing experience the way he was throwing these punches
6:40 am
they were fierce, they were constant, and now the philadelphia police department is hoping that maybe somebody knows something. and can provide some information in this brutal assault, it happened just before 3:00 last friday afternoon, it was broad daylight when 25 year old man walk into golden city chinese take out, north broad street, hunting park, to pick up some food. and when he turned around, to leave, he was confronted by man who had been standing in the back corner of the restaurant, words were exchanged, and then boom, the man unleashed several powerful punches, viciously knocking the victim to the grounds and continuing to kick him police say, the man was wearing brass knuckles. he is seen dropping them, picking them up, then taking off. >> looks like he has some type of conversation with him. and then he just begins to brutally assault this guy. from the way that he's throwing those blows he looks like he had some experience, either boxing or working out in that fashion of boxing. the punches aren't enough.
6:41 am
once the guy goes to the grounds, the victim, he begins to just stomp him, kick him. even treat another humanning in that way, just something that should not be done. >> and, police think that distinctive clothing should help someone recognize him they also think the suspect may live in the area, so of course, if you have any information, police want to hear from you. mike, al next. >> hold on a second. second half that far video, it looks like the guy who is doing the punching, the guy who looks like pro fighter looks like he has a bag of food? he didn't go order and then leave the place, did he? watch this video. he has something in his hands. >> if you look, ya, if you look at the video in full, you can see at the very, very beginning, you'll see that machine in the green walk in it looks like he is up at the counter orders erring something, then the victim walks in after him orders, and he goes after him. ordering first. >> you can see like a bag there. looks like he set it down on the table then beat up the guy, went back and got his take out. >> and left to go eat? >> good lord. 6:41 thanks, jenny s drake
6:42 am
coming to philadelphia? >> i don't know. i hope so. >> well, the rap superstar is helping philly kids in need. how drake is filling the halls with music over strawberry mansion high school. >> but you know, mike, if you are hearing this, it is too late. >> how nice. nice. >> very good. all right, is it too late as far as your parka is concerned? you'll need it again ever, for the rest of the year? we'll talk about how mild it will get today. and then see if it sticks in
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6:45 am
>> johnny has a good point here. ship knows what he is doing. everyone needs to relax. he studies eats, and lives football. we don't. >> he was great during the whole thing. >> here we go. have all of these tweets, i won't be able to find it. >> rivetting television. >> thank you so much. oh calm down, people, just let the mad scientists go to work hashtag -- >> he said it about 5:00, when people were flipping out. >> just like the mad scientist. i thought it was interesting he called him that. >> is he mad? is he a genius? so happen that i the snow is melted now.
6:46 am
>> yes, but still not helping one dog trying to fine her bright orange ball, and all of the left over snow. >> who isn't? >> it is lola from washington township, gloucester county, she did circumstance tell a little bit. >> went right by it. oh i've been in the same situation. >> ya. >> all right sue? >> so, fun show you some numbers, temperatures, as we look ahead to a milder day today. the mildest day of the year so far was 58 degrees, on january 4th. interestingly enough, two days later, it was 24 degrees. last time we hit 606 degrees was christmas december 25th 65 degrees. if you recall.
6:47 am
>> today's forecast, 62, just saying. dense fog advisory continues until 9:00 for lancaster county, there under the advisory, but every place we've been seeing reduced visibilities, all morning so, you're still going to run into some patchy fog perhaps, here and there and you may run into some rain showers, if you're driving around kent county, sussex county, and delaware. those are the organized showers, but it is kind of misty, in many other places, so, that continues for the next hour or so look at the rain exiting milder temperatures moving, in it will take a while slow moving front. couple of hours of stubborn clouds, showers around, then the sun comes out. that's when we should start to get warmer, and get into the six's, but will be a mix of sun and clouds for the rest of the day still very pleasant temperatures, and it may end up being the mildest day of the year so far.
6:48 am
forty-eight in lancaster 44 degrees in trenton and 48 in wildwood. visibility, not great. in a lot of places, just mile in mount pocono, allentown reading, lancaster down to the south it looks lick we're okay. so no advisories are up there either. so, today we get to the 60s lower 50's, for thursday, and friday, that's around average for this time of march. rainy day on saturday. could even start late afternoon on friday, with this rain and lingering perhaps into sunday morning we'll get closer to the weaken, get better timing on all of this, but, there could be little bit of rain at least in the morning, for the saint patrick's day parade sunday, for the day itself, so far so dry. bob kelly? >> not the case this morning 6:48. all of the roads are wet like mother nature, kind of squirting the host, cleaning offer the pavement on the overnight there. overnight rain things are wet, got the spray possible and also the fog. it gets kind of lifted into the philadelphia area. leaving say this western
6:49 am
suburbs, up near the poconos hit some fog coming down the extension, the schuylkill expressway, live look at belmont avenue, starting to see delays in both directions, and then something going on here, the onramp from belmont avenue to head east on the schuylkill expressway, south on 95, already heavy from approaching cottman avenue down through girard. and we're seeing volume here on the 42 freeway coming in toward philadelphia. and then, 295 southbound, watch for delays, these are all through mt. laurel, folks trying to get off hook up with the route 73, and that new jersey turnpike. and then, north along i-95, delays coming up from wilmington through highland avenue, and remember, if you use 291 that stretch closed, between stewart and bartrum and the lights are still out over here, at the airport circle. probably who are than just reese set button at this point. because traffic is a mess trying to get toward the ben franklin bridge along 30, 130 route 38. but mass transit looking good. mike alec, back to you. >> 6:49. let's talk about blurred
6:50 am
lines. >> ♪ ♪ >> it may have been the biggest song in the summer of 2013, in fact, billboard magazine said it was. >> well now the men behind blurred lines, well, they have to pay up. federal jury ruled pharrell williams being robin thicke, copied a marvin gay song and have to pay his family seven and a half million dollars. >> hello. >> nearly week of testimony on the hit 2013 song, and gay's 1977 hit got to give it up. gay's family sued thick and william saying their song infringe dollars the marvin gay copyright. >> we'll talk bore that, local big time music director bill joelly come in and analyze that along with a attorney. interesting case. all right actors ben stellar and owen wilson strutted down the runway at valentine owe's fashion show. i think this was in par ills. the two walking in their signature costumes for the movie zoo lan err, now why would they do this? you know there is derrick and hand sell there. at the end of the show, announce releasing zoo lander two, in february, of next
6:51 am
year. i love that movie. >> i lover is how they decided to announce go to paris week, strut your stuff. >> and did he some blue steel there. >> he did. i love it. hilarious. >> now will drake, moving on to the next story will drake be running in the five's with his woe's? >> is that an edited version is that really the line? >> ya, one every his new songs. >> oh, okay. >> but he says i'm running in the six because he's from canada, i think his zip code or area code. >> oh, look at you, drake expert. student at strawberry mansion get a chance to use recording studio of courtesy of drake. gave the struggling school $75,000 back in 2013, to create recording studio for student. this after an abc news report highlighting the challenges face in the philly schools. teacher and long last found instructor, now the kids are ready to create some tunes. another song to quote.
6:52 am
>> okay. >> so $75,000, right? so that was ten bands, 50 bands, kind of bands. >> kind of bands. >> the song he has right, on his new song, if you are reading this. >> the new cd. >> that's yes made that joke, if outhearing. >> what's running with the woes? oes. >> probably just too much. >> no, just people he hands out, with like you are one of my woes. >> i said woes referring to -- >> oh, woes. you're one of my woes. sue is one my woes. bob kelly? >> he's a woe. >> so -- >> good thing woes. prom can be a big night for high school girls. oh, this is my favorite story of the day. but some of them can't afford the dress for the big night right? how you can help these girls have the night they've always dreamed of.
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:55 am
>> asking for free prom dress drives. >> wants to help struggling families affords their daughters to go to prom. so they've prompted the drive for the past six years, the church says they need more dresses, shoes jewelry. >> we spends hours sorting and sizing and putting things out on racks. we have more dresses than macy's. we have everything from the
6:56 am
patterns -- >> isn't that cool? >> it is cool. it is great to see teens from any area school can pick address, and no identification is required. the church hopes to have donations in by march 15th. the dress drive dates are march 20th through the 21st, for more information on this, just go to click on seen on tv. >> you know the dress has been in your closet for 15, 20 years, you know you won't put it back on. donate it. >> or you went to the prom last year, the year before, donate t such a special night when you're in high school. >> sure s oh, junior prom was not special. i don't want to get into it. >> what? we didn't even have junior prom. junior and senior only. but if you got asked by a senior could you go. what happened snow. >> uh. >> we'll talk about it during the commercial. >> are you feeling bloat in the not any more. facebook getting rid of controversial emogi. >> what they're use to go re plays it. and chip kelly must have some master plan in place. i mean, he better have one. foles gone, maclin gone, mccoy
6:57 am
gone. keep tweeting us your reaction toss all of these
6:58 am
6:59 am
>> chip, 998 more years then? napoleon trades napoleon dynamite. nick foles traded to the amount. we're getting their quarterback, sam in the deal. think that's a good move? we want to hear from you. and we've been for the first
7:00 am
hour of our particular program. a man walks into chinese restaurant, just starts wharton another customer. now, police need your help to get him off the streets. what happened just before the punches started flying? >> the president of the university of oklahoma expels two of these jerks lead ago racist chant on a bus. is that enough? we'll talk to local university leader for his take on this. he deals with fraternities. over at the university of pennsylvania. okay so, in casey get fired i need back up bills like open a bar or something like that restaurant. >> sure. >> ray ward says how about mike jerrick's pleasure palace, or jerrick's jerky and fine wine? >>


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