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tv   Good Day Philadelphia 7a  FOX  March 11, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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hour of our particular program. a man walks into chinese restaurant, just starts wharton another customer. now, police need your help to get him off the streets. what happened just before the punches started flying? >> the president of the university of oklahoma expels two of these jerks lead ago racist chant on a bus. is that enough? we'll talk to local university leader, for his take on this. he deals with fraternities. over at the university of pennsylvania. okay, so, in casey get fired, i need back up bills, like open a bar or something like that, restaurant. >> sure. >> ray ward says how about mike jerrick's pleasure palace, or jerrick's jerky and fine wine? >> i like that one.
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find your nitch. >> i was thinking something like jerrick juke box, or jazz and injury glike almost like a speak easty? >> juke -- >> our coach chip kelly, might as well call him rip kelly, ripping him, he must have another plan, we'll talk about that with anthony gargano in just a little bit. >> all right, so we continue to analyze that. i don't know, kinds of liking jerky. >> and fine wine. >> has a ring. >> what a combined. your weather today, filter showers around, especially, if you're south of philadelphia, fog, out there, as well, bus stop buddy is ready at the bus stop, also, for miler temperatures today. >> so for the rest of the morning looks like we will be in the mid four's, and eventually, we will get rid of the fog and see some sunshine, and then this evening,
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62 degrees, maybe, by 5:00. if we get enough sin. really not bad at all. at least it will be improving. but, bob kelly, we still have the wed roadways. >> wed roadways, clock 02, sue, good morning, everybody, roads are wet. still dealing with some fog out in the suberb there is fellow here, hit huge pothole on the schuylkill expressway. eastbound on the schuylkill, south street, you know they already patched about half dozen of them in this stretch here. this morning. >> traffic pushed back onto 95, that will throw little extra volume, for folks headed to the airport. eastbound, schuylkill, put about 24 minutes on the clock. from conshohocken into downtown. pa on i95. still patching of fog outcoming in from downingtown.
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portions every lancaster county, the turnpike, out near the morgantown interchange. problems on the northeast extension between quakertown and lansdale. mass transit, though, looking good. mike, alec, back to you. >> bob trying to get new information here on this story out of florida. >> missing troops following helicopter crash, seven marines, four sold earth went missing last night. when the aircraft went down, during a night training session, at he will gin air force base. officials say the marines were from camp lagune, north carolina, and the soldiers from hammond, louisianna based national guards unit. search crews found debris from the crash around 2:00 this morning sun should be up there in 15, 20 minutes to help in the search. >> 7:03 cast lean kade she'll be in the courtroom today to hear first-hand whether a
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judge had the authority to assign a special prosecutor. challenging prosecutor thomas, headed up the grand jury then recommended she be charged with perjury and other crimes. >> well, a loft people think is ... >> we are in for wild ride, so just strap? >> the daily news agrees with you, they call him chipper, that he's just feeding very successful eagles players into his chipper and spitting them out. this latest recovers around the quarterbacks. we swapped quarterbacks. nick foles goes to st. louis. we get their rams quarterback, sam bradford, in return. remember sam, came out of the university of oklahoma? highly talented. in fact, the first overall
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pick, in the 2010 draft. >> already sent two time all-pro running back lesean mccoy, maclin, out of here, trent cole, out of here. well, i could go on and on and on. >> pretty long list. >> todd herremans, go back to desean jackson. >> so now nick foles is responding to the trade this morning. >> what do you think about it, nick? >> gross. like an idiot. >> eagles have agreed contract with former giants and seahawks quarterback walter fuhrman. so walt letter team one his former seahawks teammate, brian maxwell, who the eagles signed yesterday. so, some positive news there. >> no doubt coach chip kelsey putting his plan forward eagles into action. too bad many fans say just don't know what the plan is yet. >> well, we don't know the
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plan. 's not done, right? >> frustrating, though. >> reporter: well, shall i start with more on this or mike do you want to hear couple of suggestions from the construction crews down here about possible business opportunities for you, should you lose this josh? >> okay, let's have it. >> reporter: i had to scribble this down, and i had to make it wearable. mike jerrick escort service for the night of your life is the slogan. >> now, no, no, i can't be doing that. >> reporter: slogan number two, mike, i'm big star, you'll feel like one too when you're with me. >> what casino every businesses are they? >> construction biz? i want to see what they look like. >> you should just quit, mike that sounds like millions of dollars right there. >> night to remember? >> i have your napoleon dynamite topped. this is something real. look at this football card. ron jaworski will kill me. 's in moorestown this week because the philadelphia
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soul -- doesn't he? >> jaworski? >> yes, and look, my whole point is here, people, we've had two former ram quarterbacks before. now, i know i'm going back to when was a little kid. roman gab re he will, who i loved, 69, mvp with the rams. >> number nine. >> then came to number five with the eagles, number 18 in l.a. did move which john wayne and hudson by the way, the undefeated. all right, anyway, then ron jaworski comes here, leads eagles to the superbowl. so nod bat when you think about the history of ram quarterbacks coming to the eagles, and ron jaworski, nice guy, in moorestown, for the philadelphia soul, wishing other than me mentioning that, that somebody would give the soul some attention, because the eagles are stealing it all from the phillies, sixers, flyers, and the soul. >> sewing a ram quarterback can be a success in a philadelphia jersey.
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but don't try telling the fans that, here are the fans, and giving you some reaction. >> in all due respect, nick got injured. you got to give him a chance to show if he can play or not, you know. you talk about some of the top nfl players, they're not going to do that with tom brady. >> came back from a neck injury got what $90 million? you know? so, you know, where the love in the. >> i think great trade. use it as a package, mover to up get marie oath a, no chance you can trade bradford, i'm okay with it, still looks good, still looks like a plan. >> sound like little bit after page from hinge i's book, throwing in cap space. hopefully get mariota. i don't want to see bradford on the fields at all this year, but forget mariota, make it a big trade. >> so as we sign our reporters today, if they want to follow up to this since the eagles won't be talking how about going to any sporting goods store, finding out what jersey they actually can sell right
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now, because, the hot sellers, 25, 18, nine, ten, and seven,. >> if i go back couple of years still vick and jackson jerseys left. so-called skill players, i guess the guys on offense and defensive lines are not skilled anyway. so, all of the star players are gone. >> what jersey must be the top seller do you think guys for the eagles? >> let's think. >> i can't think of one. >> might be sanchez. >> sanchez jersey. not lying, mike. i know you don't even drive by these stores, but i was in a ross. >> oh, ross, dress for less. >> and mark sanchez jerseys in the clearance rack, they didn't think woe resign. one of them was authentic jersey like $300. but they probably took them off the clearance rack, now they're like the prominent, most expensive thing in the ross store. >> now, also, very happen if i this turns around, and somehow the jets take sam right and we
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get to the number six pick and we pick up marcus and demarco murray from the cowboys, decides he want to become an eagle. we will all be hopping up and down, chip, you're the greatest. >> but last draft year, remember how the people in cleveland why jumping up and down, gone johnny man sell. i'm in agreement with howard eskin. even if you get mariota what he be like a rooky? can't play now. has to sit behind sangliers we're rear billing. >> i will be dead before -- >> all the team is rebuilding, all the silt siree building i'm looking around, every team is rebuilding. >> marcus from the ducks, i'll have to throw the ball to himself, run the ball himself and probably be a punt returner because we lost everybody else. what do you think about these trades? please keep weighing in. you have all morning long. >> you know what i want to know? how much the maclin and mccoy jerseys are at this point, ten bucks? >> if you go to modell's let us know.
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>> help kill i just tubing the eagles out of the playoff and the season hasn't even started. >> next comment, from tyrone: okay, i don't understand chip kelly and whose jersey to i wear now? i guess you can still wear the over ones, because they're not like throw back jerseys. >> oh, ya. i would go way back. hey, philadelphia police say they spoke too soon about this >> police originally said a service this saturday at the university of pennsylvania, now saying the details are being discussed. he was shot at a robbery at a game stop where he stopped to buy a gift for his son. the suspect, were arrested at the scene. >> looks like it was going to be at the palestra, expected big crowd, playing basketball at penn. i think they're trying to work out the venue and facilities more than the day. it seems like it will still be saturday. we'll let you know when we know for sure. jury returns verdict against feltonville man charged with shooting and injuries a philadelphia police officer.
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eric torez was found guilty of aggravated assault in the august 2013 incident. officer edward davies was shot inches below his bulletproof vest, the officer ready to get his life back. >> i want to go home and relax with the family. >> torez was also convicted of weapons, and drug charges, while the assistant district attorney seemed pleased with the conviction that was not the case for f.o.p. >> what message does that sends? in the middle of planning a funeral, and the jury comes back for aggravated assault. that will just shows what's going on, the sense of the city, the mine set of the city. the jurors, i don't know what was going through their head, but they pulled a gun from the officer's holster, wound up pumping rounds into him. and they finds him guilty of aggravated assault, not
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attempted murderment absolute disgrace. >> and what do you any this take from the attorney for torez there? he argued the shooting was an accident. saying there was no way he could have aimed at the officer. well, torez will be sentenced on june the eighth. >> well, clock three police surveillance video hoping it will lead them to the suspect in the this brutal beating. >> look at this tape. guy goes in, orders chinese food. puts the bag down on the table, starts beating another customer. we don't know why. >> reporter: we don't know what motivate in the attack at this point in time. clearly when you look at this video you can see that the victim is caught off guard. just ordering some food. he is hungry for lunch. it was 3:00 in the afternoon friday, when all of this happened. and boom, he was confronted by a suspect, and he was then punched repeatedly, viciously, knocked to the gown. now police are investigate. they want you to come forward with any information that you may have, a 25 year old man, again, walk into golden city chinese take out on north
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broad street in hunting park, last friday afternoon, to pick up some food. he turned around to leave, he was confronted and punched, several times, several powerful punches knocking him to the gown. police say that the man was wearing brass knuckles, seen dropping them on the floor, picking them up and running off. >> looks like he has a conversation, and from the way he is throwing the blows, looks like some experience boxing or working out in that fashion every boxings. punches aren't enough once the guy goes to the gown, the victim begins to just stomp him, kick him. to even treat another humanning in that way, just something that should not be done. >> it is brutal, disturbing, like police said, he may have been a professional. they also think that he may live in that neighborhood. and he was wearing distinctive clothing. lots a shot of his face in that videoment you can also head to the website to see that again if you do have information, sends tips to the philadelphia police department.
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mike, al next. >> my goodness, almost, well, call it 7:15. time for weather. >> all right, because i'm looking forward to the 60s. it will be nice. >> so, i think today we'll be playing all like 60s music. >> why don't we start that at about 8:00 this morning. nothing but 60s music as we go in and out of commercial. >> you know talking about the eagles. women being someone just tweeted me, if you want an eagles jersey, you know is just not going to be done, get swoop jersey i, you know, the double is her snow. >> no trade clause. >> hold on. >> what? >> he was traded. >> don't say that. >> ya. >> don't say that. >> for a duck. >> chip wouldn't do that to us. >> that walter simon the guy we just pick up, he went to the university of oregon. >> philadelphia, done, quack. >> no one's safe. the beer guy isn't save i don't think. >> don't say the cheerleaders, please. don't trade the cheerleaders, please. >> let's continue our countdown to spring. because now we're in single digits. here come the daphodils eventually n fact, now that a loft snow has melted you might
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start to see the daphodils peaking out. going to have nice mild temperature today. soap, nine days until the vernal equinox, week from friday. here's ultimate doppler radar. spring like showers, with temperatures that we've had, hard to believe, one week ago, everything was frozen, it was so icy, and now, it is just rain, thank goodness, but it is still could slow you down little bit. and there is still a lot of fog around this morning. the rain exits, it will be even miler today, just got to get rid of the system and get rid of the clouds, and that could happen later on this morning, as you see, the clouds starting thin out little bit. by about 9:00, 10:00 in the morning. and there still will be clouds to our south. it will sort of be a mix of sun and clouds all day long, but, should be enough to get us into the lower 60s by the end of the afternoon. here's where we are right now. 41 degrees in mount pocono. 39 degrees in reading. in trenton, it is 44, it is 45 degrees in philadelphia. and 48 degrees in wildwood. so close to ooh already in some places, but these
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visibility are down, in a lot other places, so keep that in mind. that will could slow you down little bit this morning. mostly north and west of the city. and we still have our dense fog advisory in effect for lancaster county until 9:00 this morning. so, here is your seven day forecast, we have the 62 degrees for today. lower 50's, for tomorrow. and, for friday, increasing clouds, getting ready for our next system, bringing rain to us, late friday, saturday, maybe even into sunday morning of the so that's what happens when you get closer to spring, you get the spring showers. so, at least it is just rain. bob kelly with a inch of rain, that would be the equivalent of 10 inches of snow. so, you know, that's what happened last week, that was enough. >> crazy, to think that five days ago, yes, we were shoveling snow this morning, though, dodging potholes. live look at the rock hill road ramp to route one, up here, bucks county. already about three, four cars
7:18 am
with flat tires, the overnight rain filled up the potholes, almost like they're invisible, until 1:00 or two cars hit them. so deep. we got flat tiresment look at them littered on the ramps here from rock hill road, to route one, that's just one example, so be aware that far this morning, the potholes, they've popped up magically since friday, live look at the benny coming into downtown, starting to see volume leaving south jersey head in the toward the city. roosevelt boulevard heavy, southbound toward the schuylkill. update on this crash in south jersey, they've now closed route 73 southbound, cooper folly road. here is the dial, we had earlier morning accident, the investigation is underway now, so route 30 would be your best bet through the stretch of south jersey. coming inbound on the schuylkill expressway, slow going, eastbound, about 25 minute trip from conshohocken into center city. almost 40 minutes south, on i59, from wood i have end on in. coming north on 95, up from delaware county, some delays into the blue route. and remember, they closed that
7:19 am
291, for the next condition l of weeks here short cut, so you have to stick with 95, and of course, with that will come some extra volume. mass transit looking good. mike, alex, back to you. >> let's talk about facebook. they made a change. >> won't allow you to feel fat any more. getting rid of the controversial imogi. they say i'm feeling happy, sad. you can't say i'm feeling fat. so we will tell you what they're replacing it with instead. >> speaking of fat let's talk about noel. that's a bad transition, never mine. and would you like kale with that? hey, what would you like with that? i would like some kale. maybe adding kale to the menu, mcdonald's is, when you can see it in their hamburger mcdonald's is, when you can see it in their hamburger stands.
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i thought that was a duck? >> that looks like a crow, doesn't it? anyway, we did find, eagles have changed their logo, official the philadelphia ducks. and, see it there? and we did pick up a player, late last night, you may not have heard about, walter thurman. and he played at the university of oregon. >> he used to argue with our brandon boy ken, best quarterback in the league, so now on the same team unless, i notice that brandon was complaining about the trade. don't complain. >> you now the yellow faces that help when you texting? sad, happy, they expression your feelings, but facebook, making folks so angry now eliminated. it was a certain one. >> which one was it, lauren?
7:24 am
>> feeling fat, feeling fat is not a feeling. >> it is not a feeling? >> there was a group, well, there was a petition that got 16,000 signatures, that circulated on line, asking facebook to change the feeling fat imogi, or modecon, because it was insensitive to people who struggled with eating disorders. >> i agree. >> they listened, now feeling fat is feeling stuffed. there are 100 different ways you can update how you feel, feeling full, feeling defeated, feeling old, nauseous, low, and now stuffed. it is basically the smile face with red cheeks, some people say there is a double chin. but that is the modecon, no longer fat, it is stuffed. >> at least not feeling old either. that will can be casino of -- >> i know. i was thinking the same thing. you know, people are very sensitive. but, for people with legitimate eating disorders, they doesn't want to hear feeling fat. >> yes. >> i also think, you know, as people update their status all
7:25 am
the time, i don't really care if you're feeling stuffed, or fat, or what. >> or old. >> you know? something we need to know? >> people use them. just look on your twitter account right now. >> i know. that's imogi's, on facebook when you have a status, it companies the status. >> but did get buzz on twitter with the hashtag you can look this to up see what people said, fat is not a feeling. that's the hashtag. >> neither is stuffed. that's not an emotion. that's what modecon's are,. >> what's emotion for feeling full? or -- >> people do like this. 16,000 people, if you're facebook, do you have listen, if you're being socially conscious. >> if i tweet you and i put an imogi, like a hey fails, or tear, i'm sad, is that less manually? would you be bothered my as a woman. >> wow, i wouldn't be bothered
7:26 am
by but i might say it was unexpected from you, mike. >> does your husband do it? >> no. >> see? >> no. >> you can do it to woman. when a plan is doing it to another man, people are like wait a minute. >> really? okay. >> i don't know. >> i don't use them at all. i'm just too lazy. >> oh, okay. >> you look like one today with that yellow dress. see you tomorrow. 7:26. how about this? this guy at the university of oak home, a pretty strong, the president of ou, expelled. not suspended, expelled two student on this bus after their racist chant. >> is that enough? we'll talk to local university here, from the university of pennsylvania, he knows all billion their fraternities over there. let's talk to him after the break. >> and spring is almost here. can you believe it? and that means spring allergies are on the way. jenn fred showing us a new way, of getting those allergies under control. does it start with laying on the couch? relaxing? >> my imogi has relaxed face on it, yes, of course, forget about going to the doctor and
7:27 am
fighting the drug store meds. this spa in marlton says they have the answer. and it all involves relaxation. and it all involves relaxation. we'll ga
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it's not about hugging trees.
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it's not about being wasteful either. you just gotta find that balance. where taking care of yourself takes care of more than just yourself. lease an mkz hybrid for $299 a month, plus competitive owners and lessees get $1000 bonus cash, only at your lincoln dealer. >> take a look, i just had to show you a picture.
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getting replace dollars by the duck. look, the number on the jerseys are different. we have to rewrite the fight song now. >> went from double zero to big o? >> the duck still flies? >> , no fly eagles fly. >> sit -- >> ♪ >> quack, quack, quack i go quack on the road to victory ♪ ♪ quack, quack, quack, quack. >> pretty good. >> ya. >> better. >> all right, 7:30, weather and traffic. >> we have a mug? >> we got a mug from the ronald mcdonald house, thanks to the kids and the folks at the ronald mcdonald house. >> oh, cute. >> sending us a mug there. 340 houses they're up to, in 37 countries. >> love that. >> what sit did i that begin in? >> right here in philly, brotherly love, big shout out to jim murray our budd how watches us out there, send us your mugs, we'll send one back to you in return. there is the address on your screen. >> fantastic. let's get to bus stop buddy, our other buddy. boy, barely see him out there with all of that fog. still little moist, shall we
7:31 am
say, out there, there are some showers around, and left over fog, now, the daylight has dawned, six out of ten is your weather by the numbers today, and the showers are mostly in southern delaware, but casino of misty, in a lot of places, especially, where there is still some of the snow, that fell last week, on the ground, so we had the warmer air come by, then give us that fog, so, 62 degrees, once the sun finally does come out. then tonight, down to 37 degrees, and we have a chance of that fog, forming, all over again tomorrow morning. when we're altogether again. but that takes care of your wednesday outlook. seven day forecast coming up. bonn kelly, what you got right now? >> a lot of potholes popping up. reports here, flat tires, this is the rock hill road ramp to route one, right here, see that big crater? got about five, six cars, with flat tires up here, right near the neshaminy mall. benjamin franklin bridge stacked and pack, coming up and over into downtown philly, even the boulevard, little
7:32 am
heavy headed on to the schuylkill. now, route 73 south, the southbound lanes, closed at cooper folly road. all from an earlier accident, now they're investigating, eastbound on the schuylkill expressway, just under a half hour, from conshy into downtown, 40 minutes on i-95. and northbound lanes of 95, heavy coming up from delco, heading in toward philly international. mass transit though looking good with no delays. mike, alec, back to you. >> big national story. the president of the university of oklahoma, expels two student, he says, they were leading a racist chant on a bus. listen. >> ♪ >> using the "n" word, will never be a n, black person, in that fraternity. >> the outrage intensifies after this video surfaced on line showing members of the university's sigma alpha epsilon on a bus singing a promise to keep black students as you said mike out of the
7:33 am
organization. the university already cut ties with the fraternity, closed down their house, even took the letters off of their fraternity house. now, school officials are working to identify other student that are in this video. >> casino of shocking of the let's bring in chad our friends from and president of black man at penn, university of pennsylvania, of course, good to see you, chad. >> good morning. >> shall we say oh, this is oak home, a about a bunch of tooth less hillbillies living back in the 40's, 50's? >> no, actually deeply problematic. what we see, we see president that actually should be commended because the act is swift, had courage to go ahead and to speak out about this. what we also see is that we see this as being troublesome, burdens end some, because these continue to happen. these type of things continue to happen in our democraciment asks very problematic in a sense these students caught on tape. we still should be able to act swiftly even when not caught on tape. >> because i mean even when it comes, the president said, hey, we don't want students like this at our university. but you make a good point. i mean, it is just the fact we have it on video here, that's
7:34 am
the thing. >> and should be the same way as it relates to homophobic behavior, as it relates to antisemitism, college assaults, will be there some that will articulate its freedom of speech. but he stuck to the policies and procedures of the code of conduct as it relates to harrassment on university campuses. >> right. he can't be arrested, the jerk he's leading, he can't be arrested, but the university's right to toss him snout. >> the university has every right to say we don't want irrational hatred on our campus. >> do you think they should try and find everyone who is on the bus? it sounds like a lot of people participating? >> i think they should try to find everyone, but teachable moment to have courses on anti-racism. i'm not sure that they have that at oklahoma university. certainly at the university of penn and at west chester university and various other university, because it gets to the under pending of white supremacy, the reason why individuals engage in bigotry, discrimination, prejudice behavior. >> children learn this from something. another piece every video i don't think we found it yet, another kid at the front of the bus. so you see the face of this
7:35 am
jerk standing up leading it. so how do we know, how do we get the snip. >> i don't know how they get the tape. once again a team recall moment for that community to bring that norman, oklahoma university together, to do anti-racism training, to also look at all forms every oppression and -- >> interesting you mentioned training. when went to the university of missouri, big to do because someone put cotton balls outside of the black culture center wow. >> so for awhile people were saying maybe we should have diversity course that every student has to do. like what steps can you take to kind of make sure that the kids who are socialize to think this way don't do this. >> i think you start with work like what paul is doing in his masterful work uprooting racism, david wellman talks about portraits of white racism, i think universities have to incorporate this into the curriculum. not just multicultural i am and diversity, it has to be anti-racism training. i think also what we need to do, recognize that this happens. and that, unfortunately, you know, a lot of people want to sweep this under the rug and
7:36 am
this particular community, this particular university, this specific president, should be commended for the work. >> and this particular football team, the ou football team, live by their coach, bob stoops, march arm in arm. >> with the players. >> made the statement. >> that let everyone know hey this is beloved community,s,s in not just one thing we'll tolerate. and he has the privilege, he has the power as a well known coach who won a national championship. so he is to be commended. >> good move by him. another videotape has been found. the house mother at the sao house that everybody was saying oh, poor woman now out after job because they shut down the fraternity. she is on tape with basically the same chant. >> wow. >> and the individuals who are alum my of this particular fraternity, who have gone onto places of power, and admissions directors all over the country, make sure they're not engage in the this type of behavior. this is a chant going on for period every time, just caught on tape. >> good to see you. >> always good to see you. >> how about this interesting
7:37 am
case in court? the verdict decided. call it the blurred lines case? >> yes. but nothing blurred about this verdict. the family wants the money, as the jury rules pharrell and robin thicke ripped off one of the jury rules pharrell and robin thicke ripped off one of marvin gay's to do everything norunder the
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>> some ducks do fly. >> i knew they could apply, just can't picture. oh, look, there is a duck. >> not long distance. >> not like geese who have formed that v in the air when they're flying. but they fly up off of pounds, woosh. >> apparently some people questioning why educational background. >> you grew up in a city. have you ever been duck hunting? >> no, i have not. >> i've seen ducks in a pond, sure, throw the bread and stuff. but i guess i should start learning more about ducks since now we're turning into the ducks. i promise i'm educated. >> i am allergic to duck dander, did you know that? jen is in marlton at spa that probably could help me out.
7:41 am
spring time allergies, just weeks away, general i? >> here to fix everything. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> okay, so you don't usually think about going to a spa, to fix your spring allergies, but you say this can help? >> yes, amazing, you can inhale it. >> they are putic, bridges your body back into balance, relieving any symptoms that you have. >> basically tube, and diffuse err. >> then this get fired what i'm calling the barbie tent. >> right. >> aroma dome, right? facial or treatment? >> we add this on while people are either finishing their treatment, or in the middle. >> little more relax aches, girlfriends. >> relaxation and wellness to
7:42 am
the body. >> doesn't have any spring allergies at this point? >> right. >> laugh end deer, takes away any inflammation, make you feel relaxed, it just bridges your body in a nice calm place of ball. >> looking at some of these things, specific little foils, right? for different ailments. >> yes. >> correct me if i'm wrong because i am not -- >> no, this is true watch these oils do, bring the body back into balance, working with your bod. >> i okay. >> so grips you like lavender. that's what she has the n1rc? >> great for bronchitis, it is great for allergies, and relieving any inflammation in the lungs. >> that's the stuff would you throw in there if someone said i'm having spring allergies. >> yes. >> okay. then there is valor? >> great for row leaving anisi at this, giving you strength, confidence, aligning your more i had yan's.
7:43 am
>> and thieves? >> robbing you of your flu, i'm take away your bacteria in your body and any fungus, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and as you breathe it in, it just kills all of the generals in your bod. >> i i could buy a barbie tent and put this stuff in there at home? >> absolutely you could go on line, we also offer it here. >> i love it. so we will be here all morning long, we go from this, to a time fog, where i think i will ' be punching people, seriously. no? >> all right, but you look very, very relaxed. and i want to get a barbie tent. >> morning tent. >> what do you think about this chip kelly trades? you've been commenting all morning. >> doing the right thing? one says: let's wait and see. >> okay. >> wait until draft night. >> look at this hashtag, cream the chipped beef. >> oh, geez. cream the chip beef. >> guess who is here? anthony gargano is here, we will talk about th
7:44 am
7:45 am
i get out of work, and i go to the store, and somebody says, smellin' around, "i smell cookies." i said, "oh no you just smell me, i just got out of work, that's honey bunches of oats, that's all." i said "don't eat me now."
7:46 am
>> chill kill i -- kelly, not sure what he's doing. >> trade, do whatever you want to do. let me know, as a man. >> ♪
7:47 am
>> ♪ >> starting quarterback for the next 1,000 years. >> and we didn't have time to name ought of the players, that have been let go. >> at the mans, trent cole. >> appears the eagles are just in a land of confusion these days. and in a matter of days managed to say good-bye to the top quarter bang, running back, wide receiver in last year. >> so what's chip up to here? thanks for coming it from wip. >> great to see you. >> good to see you. >> i don't know what he's doing. this is remarkable. we've never seen anything like this in philadelphia. the nfl hasn't seen anything like this. all around the league, guys, people are going, hey, what's he doing? i'm getting phonecalls from guys around the league, hey what's your boy doing over there. you. >> you know on draft night, if it all works out, all will be
7:48 am
forgiven, and they will go man, he really put a great team together. but it seems so remote at this point. >> it does, forget marcus mariota. i was told that's not going to be, not in play. don't expect him to get up and draft him. my guess is chip wanted to kind of resuscitate sam bradford, and then he adds a quarterback, remember, bradford one year left on his deal. quarterback i would watch on draft day is brent hundredly out of ucla. >> i agree completely. would you be happen which that? >> i would. i want mariota, just too daunting to go up and get him. i think humly has good skills set. was with how i with him, scout at ucla. think he has promise. face it, they need a running back, they need a wide receiver. i mean, the mccoy thing still stunning, losing maclin, i was told, was something that was really upsetting to them. that was not in their plans. they wanted to keep jeremy maclin. and they under played the situation.
7:49 am
>> this whole thing seems risky, so risky. >> when you get rid of your star core, think about it, desean jackson, you look at shady mccoy, you look at jeremy maclin, look at nick foles. remember, they won ten games, chip's first year, and did it by a big margin. and now you lose all your ski guys. >> yes, but in the playoffs first year. >> so you tweak. you don't just slash. >> did you a hinge i. >> a hinge i. >> you come, in revamp, look, i like the defense, i still think they need another safety, north corn earn. but let's face it, chip is an offensive guy. 's rug based guy, he has running back. i don't think demarco murray is coming to philadelphia. >> you don't see he is a cowboys, great running back. that would get us over the frank gore snub. >> yes. >> you don't think -- >> which is worrisome. it is funny, talking earlier. >> what's going on, ya. because malcolm jenkins said i don't like the cowboys but dow
7:50 am
like demarco murray. column come over to the dark side bro we'll treat you go. desmond said come over, do you what want. lol. >> look, shady jokes, which i they he was not joke to go frank goran said hey frank, don't go, go there, don't do it. and when players start to speak, that's right. >> and what's frank, he pinned it on i don't like his practice methods? >> right. >> that's not good. that spreads across the league he doesn't want to play in filly? >> exactly right. when those guys start to talk that's dangerous, because chip, this is not college. so it is not about recruiting, not about uniforms, these are men. >> how come so many people in town think well chip kelly, he knows what he's doing, give him time and all of that. how did he get that reputation in two seasons? >> i think he's very bright. 's terrific coach. real bright. but again, he hasn't done the personnel thing. and that is -- he's got all of the control, as howie roseman
7:51 am
has been deposed. he's got all of the control. people look at his coaching ability, hey, went to playoffs his first year, he is so innovative, they give him credit as a personnel guy. and he is not. >> will sam bradford play for the eagles? >> yes. >> won't trade him? >> no i think he stays. i think he resuscitates him, tries two quarterback, works along. >> so he brings the cla guy along? >> something out of bradford, great, now all the sudden i got my guy, quick release, once upon a time very good. but again, shoulder around both knees. >> he's been injured. >> you know what i feel about this, if that's the case, it is like kissing your sister, you're still kissing berks it is your sister. >> what? >> i think it is like great grandmother. >> oh, my gosh. >> taking a shower in a raincoat. i was so excited about 6:00 last night i thought we had the number ten pick. >> don't, don't, get mar. iota out of your head. >> now i'm nervous.
7:52 am
>> oh, completely on edge. >> this better work out. >> everyone saying hey this better work out chip. >> listen, we don't have anything else. now the other teams. >> flyers, out of the playoffs, right, sixers, whatever, 20-20, and the phils are the phillies. even worse. >> go nova. >> i am this fan, if i hear the word rebuilding one more time. >> oh, my. >> oh, my stomach hurt. good to see you. >> great to see you. >> do you show your true self when you meet someone for the first time? heck no. a lot of people don't. why do we keep our real selves hidden? we'll talk to preston and steve about that. and we got to get into. >> this marvin gay's family wants the money and they'll get it. jury rules pharrell williams yams and robin thicke ripped off one of marvin gay songs. we'll play those songs for you. see if you can hear the difference, see i
7:53 am
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7:55 am
7:56 am
>> hikes preston and steve. >> how are you doing? >> what we are talking about thinning, first impressions and in a study we find. most people hide who they really are, when they meet people for the first time. why do you think that is, steve? >> because i'm a delicate flower. i think because you feel vulnerable, you want to sort of assess what they're about. so, i put on a fake russian x, and tonight. perfect example, when if you go on first date, never quite the person you are, again. >> no. >> change things about yourself, be more acceptable. >> preston? >> you know what, i don't know. i was reading the study you guys are referencing, and i just think we as people, we are not just one person, quote
7:57 am
unquote real person, work you, a relaxed you, there is a stressed out you, i mean, you know, different situations, and when you're meeting somebody nod sure about them, yes, of course you will be different type of person. >> i hate myself. and i don't want them to know who i really am. >> mike? >> i don't know if anyone nose that. >> do you know the real you? >> i do. and it is ugly. >> oh,. >> i said mike, you're every woman in the world to me. >> oh, ♪ i'm every woman ♪ >> i knew that was coming. >> are you guys talking about the eagles at all today? >> absolutely, everyone i think sort of did, and makes head spin, all of that stuff. just confounding, minds boggling, no one knows what to make every t we hope there is a master plan involved. >> hard to sit titan let
7:58 am
things happen? >> nick observed he hopes that the actual season is as interesting as his offer season because there is just so much going on. craze. >> i and when you get all of these different people that haven't played together, who knows what to expect? >> i have no idea when the season starts, up in the air. >> all right, see you. >> real you. >> new information on that helicopter crash that we've been following all morning out of florida. >> yes, officials now think that all 11 troops are dead. and helicopter caring seven marines, four soldiers, crashed last night, following a night training exercise at egg land air force base, they say the marines from camp lagune, north carolina, un the soldiers from ham on, louisianna base national guard unit, search crews found debris from the crash around 2:00 this morning. >> yes, training mission, my goodness. just horrible. all right, it is coming up on
7:59 am
8:00. keep your comments coming, because i guess our big story of the day this eagles situation. and we'll try to talk to you more about that and show you those different tweets, and all of the other social media's you've been sending in. >> good day, march the 11, 2015. >> yesterday we started off dry, then the rain came, now starting offer with a little bit of rain, and it will dry out later. so we give you a six out of ten. still have the umbrella bus stop buddy. looking ahead, the sunshine later on in the day, some lingering clouds around, still some fog, and still some showers in southern delaware, right now. 62 degrees, so how about that? for high temperature today? clouds clear. and it will be partly sunny the rest of the afternoon. and then, tonight, down to 37 degrees, areas every fog. so it will be a chillier night, than what we had last night, but still, not as cold as it was last week, when we had all that snow. so that's a look at your foxcast. for today, from the weather authority, it is almost 8:00. and here's bob kelly with
8:00 am
traffic. >> hey, sue, good morning, everybody, yes, just couple of seconds before 8:00. on this thursday -- wednesday morning, we have been dealing with fog all morning long, and couple every accidents, now, that involve pedestrians, here in as ten, delaware county, route 452, at concord road, another one of the neighborhood, richmond and butler, police are on the scene there. and updating this situation, south jersey, the 73 southbound lanes are closed, at cooper folly road. we had early morning crash, and the investigation now taking over part two of our rush hour here. so route 30, would be the best bet. and we go for a fly on the pennsylvania turnpike, slow going, coming over that connector bridge, working your way in through philadelphia. the bensalem interchange, then heavy again over toward valley forge. we had disable out here along 422, penndot truck there on the scene. still dealing with some patchy fog, mainly in the areas north and west of the city, up near the poconos, where there is still some snow on either side of the roadway, of the schuylkill, eastbound, about 45 minute trip from
8:01 am
conshohocken, in through center city. but mass transit, looking good. mike, alex, back to you. >> thanks, bob. everybody talking about the eagles this morning, quarterback swap. nick foles heads to st. louis and in return for sam the ram bradford. it is the latest chip kelly move. coach kelly, has already sent two-time all-pro running back, mccoy, shady, to, where did he go? buffalo bills? and wide receiver jeremy maclin now playing for the chiefs. so, first on camera from nick foles about his opinion of the trade. nick? >> apparently, not so much into nick foles d good job for us, nice guy, and i will casino every miss him. now he's offer to the st.
8:02 am
louis ram. anything to be happen. >> i yes. >> happy to get him. >> so, the news, let me turn this around here, real quickly. look at this. >> this helps how? i think a lot of people, what they're wondering, is the coach going to make more moves? is it going to all change on draft night, which is about 50 days away? and they also use the analogy, that the coach, head set on, is putting our star players from the past into a chipper, it is chipper. coach chipper. >> we're in the chipper about all of these trades. >> spitting it out. maybe just lost his mind? you know what i mean? i thought this could happen to me, too. >> like too much stress or something? >> ya. >> not enough sleep? >> just all the sudden flip out. like our coach. >> women, it would help if there was anybody in the studio in you know, you're fired. >> fired? >> didn't channel three want you at one point? why don't you just go over to them. >> what, that's it? >> you're fired. >> anybody else we got in here? really helps if we have people
8:03 am
in the studio. hey, tony, you're fired. did you ever work at another station? get out of here. sue serio? it is time for you to go back to baltimore. >> oh, please? >> guck to buffalo if you want, be with shady. isn't that where you worked at one point? get out. you're traded. >> anybody else? >> oh, here's our attorney, common in here. where did bob kelly go? i was going to send him back to channel three to be with alex. >> oh, hi, come on, jen, come in here. can we get any cooperation here? >> don't fire me. >> i'm not going to trade you because you could probably sue me. right? >> ill, ill. >> what did you think of the eagles last night? okay. boy, that would have been a lot more fun, if i had people to fire. >> can i come back to work to do this next thing? >> let's get jen in here our attorney, because i really want to know how the verdict decided that the marvin gay family deserves almost
8:04 am
$8 million. >> handed down guilty verdicts for two of the biggest names in music. robin thicke and pharrell williams, thick and williams, must pay marvin gay's children $7.4 million for plagiarize g gay's hit song got to give it up. robin and pharrell's attorney say they're reviewing the court's decision, and they are considering a possible appeal. so let's take a look at the two songs, do they really sound the same? here's blurred lines. >> ♪ >> i i've heard that again. jennifer, brandon, okay, now, here is marvin game ', got to give it up.
8:05 am
>> horrible precedent for music and creativity. is that true? mike is with music director, bill joel i, and jolly. >> jolly. >> oh, jolly now, but i got it right. >> maybe he didn't have it crawl around on the floor, trying to read a prompter. >> what's going on? >> sue, what's going snob. >> this isn't bill. that's our attorney, standing next to us, i call you musical director, what do you call yourself,y? >> you're fame us. >> oh, no, no, no. >> you know how to make music, and i want your opinion here in just a second. let's get the legal stuff out of the way. she did they do? they actually played those little clips like we just did? >> they had musical ex cents come in, testify about the similarities, and seems to me like they were really analyzing the beginning, even before they started singing.
8:06 am
that opening verse. >> well, they are looking at really the music, the actual music, because, marvin gay's family, what is copyrighted is actually the written music. >> oh, so, they got $7.3 million. i don't know how much this song has earned, but it has to be. >> about 17 million. >> seventeen is all? >> that's it. >> wow. >> so they'll appeal, i would imagine? >> i would imagine, they are going to appeal. they said, well, you can see what happens next. sort of the last -- >> bill, you're a music guy, what did you think of the verdict? >> i didn't agree with the verdict. >> why not? >> oh, i think that, i think they've been influenced by marvin gay absolutely. >> pharrell said he listened when he was growing up, kind of just sing in, you make music, can it sing in there and you don't realize you're copying? >> this is the thing. i believe pharrell is a person who is a historian of music, will tell you stevie wonder, earth winds and fire, all of the people around the area
8:07 am
people influenced him. i don't understand how he could say that a song like this wasn't in his mind when he was in the studio. one of the biggest songs around at the time. >> can't be sub limb mal? >> i think it was more. >> you think this was something that they set out to create a song in that vein. >> but, i don't agree that it was copyright infringement based upon the similarities of the two songs. >> two different things there. >> technically, i am. but here's what i'm saying. i believe that they went out to write a song in the vein of marvin gay's song. but, the pieces that are similar are the drum. >> give me an example. >> ♪ >> that? >> that basically was the drums. and the key ♪ ♪ >> and that is the smoking
8:08 am
gun. that keyboard, that goes up and down, that -- the only two similarities between the songs. the lyrics are different, the melody is different. the core is different. everything else is different. >> seems like that opening phrase there is where they got nailed. >> see, the thing is, unlike bill, you don't have musical expert sitting on a jury. you have lay people. and so they are going to hear the two song, and they're going to say these songs sounds similar, similar enough, substantially similar. that's the standards. >> could you play the marvin gay song, bill? >> sure, absolutely. >> keyboard here? >> actually have a keyboard. >> make sure i have it on here. >> i don't think -- now, plugged in? >> i think, unplugged it. >> this is fantastic. >> there you go. >> ♪ >> and the same thing with the robin -- >> now do blurred lines.
8:09 am
>> yes. >> if they had left the keyboard part out, really, i don't think any lawsuit at all. but that keyboard part, that goes up and down like that, jet, gel, jet. people have heard that for years. if you have gone to the circus,. >> okay, that particular line, and this particular drum beat there is drum beat is disco basically drum beat, created by early on here in philadelphia. essentially. been used on everything from billy jean to -- >> i think the jury got it right. >> to the lay person, technically, even through the trained person, were they influenced by that song, absolutely. >> do you think they got it right? >> well, i think so. i do think so. but, i think it came down to credibility. i think it came down to what the jury heard, and they decide that it was -- >> casino every dangerous for the music world, be afraid to write things now. >> i was going to say, i believe the decision was made upon the cred many. robin thick basically said
8:10 am
well we didn't take from it, very sad. we did, we did proof -- >> i was high on drugs and alcohol. >> ya. >> and whatever it is that you are doing it, ruins your credibility. makes you look like -- >> how do you proof -- pharrell is also being sued by smokey the bear because he wears his hat. i don't know if you saw that or not? that got lost in the entire thing. bill, great to see you. >> good to see you. >> keep up the great work. always good to see you. so prep any that pink today. where are we going. >> i'll take over. >> okay, al egg ex down there on the floored. >> you won't believe how many of us do it through e-mail. coming up, what people will think of you when you have gossip about someone else. no gossipping, mike, i know what you're saying about me, first, looking for new appliances for your home? new appliances you want for the kitchen. we'll show them to you next. why do we do it?
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a commitment to quality and a love of a place. we carefully craft the finest chocolate... you can savor life's sweetest moments. we pour our hearts into every square. ghirardelli of san francisco. discover dark chocolate with sea salt and almonds. >> see little snow on thursday, melting, melting, melting. now, will soon be the green
8:14 am
grass, i promise, and then, the daphodils. it is coming. spring, and now we're in single digits of our countdown. nine days away, from the vernal equinox, week from friday, 6:45 in the evening, so, that is what we got going on with that. here's a look at the showers, all along the frontal system kind of stalled to our south now, and, we're just seeing showers this morning down in sussex county, delaware, although still cloudy and foggy in a lot of places, still, this morning. so, delaware beaches, still get that rain. and it may linger there. this front continues to stay stalled to the south. but eventually, the sun comes out by noon. mix every sunday and clouds all day. but should be enough sunshine to get us into the 60s. >> so temperatures right now are in the 40's, 30's to the north of us, eventually expect
8:15 am
63, 62 degrees. tomorrow, little cooler, still real nice on thursday, with a lot of sunshine, high of 53. increasing clouds on friday, getting ready for some rain on saturday, could linger into the early part of sunday, then we have the saint patrick's day parade in philadelphia, on sunday, where we hope to dry things out in time for. that will the actual day itself is tuesday of next week. there is your seven day forecast, looking good, nothing too frozen in this forecast bob kelly. snowstorm, 8 inches every snow, everything little wet. couple every accident just popped up here, on the new jersey turnpike southbound, an accident, right near exit number five, that is the burlington-mt. holly interchange. lincoln drive, littered with potholes. folks disabled, couple of different spots along the way, careful, all of the potholes got filled up from the rain from the overnight. casino of invisible until you hit them. south on the northeast extension, an accident, between quakertown and
8:16 am
lansdale. eastbound about half hour from con show who can mean downtown, just under 45 minutes, south on 95, for the northeast gang headed into center city. then northbound lanes every i95, watch for delays headed in toward 476, little short cut, 291, that's closed for the next couple of weeks with construction, mass transit though looking good with no delays. mike, alex being back to you. >> did you know that anyone of our topics here on "good day" philadelphia, i can relate to seinfeld. kramer, leader of the yankees? can't come up with his name. and george cast stanza, they all like call zone's, right, crammer? >> call zones? okay. >> ah, hold that thought. >> look.
8:17 am
>> here go. >> wet out there. >> you make mean callzone. >> yes, callzone. >> the best. >> yes, i will ' have three of them. >> no matter how you pronounce it, you want to make them at home? when i watch this episode it made me so hungry, a callzone, oh,. >> i say callzone too. >> steve, do you say call zones-y? >> i say call zone. i say call zone. actually just got back from new york this past week, visiting family, definitely had my fill of callzones, pizza, now you can make them at home. just wrapping up in chicago, means all sort of new products head today store near you, starting with this right here, from cusinart, competition in this category for at home gourmet coffee, their single serve expresso cafe latte, cappuccino latte maker. cool thing about it, check it out. actually two heating elements in it, so one can heat the
8:18 am
water while the other heats the milk, systems, wait for one to finish, so this one it does it at the same time. eight settings, customize it, cool, milk rise sore pops off. get it in the frig. >> unused milk doesn't go to waste. this one, just coming out of the market. i don't have pricing for it just yet. >> all right. >> let's talk about the callzone rest. from the folks at blue rhino. mr. pizza line. they're gourmet call zone, yes, so the call zone press, here put in all of the ingredient, press it together. stoning tiles, made to withstand temperatures up to 800 degrees. perfect for making pizak whatever it is, that you want to fill up in here. coil on the flip side, company called therapys. virtual peas technology. similar to bag of frozen piece you would use to put on some sort of bruce, but his one won't melt and get all over
8:19 am
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8:20 am
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there we go. lease an mkz for $299 a month, plus competitive owners and lessees get $1000 bonus cash, only at your lincoln dealer. >> chip kelly's trade last night, jep has good point, fun riding the chip kelly roller coaster, just have to be going downhill right now.
8:24 am
>> then goes back up. >> let's hope so. >> will it be loops? >> oh, there will be a loop. >> i don't want to know what a loop feels like. >> i think he threw us for a loop last night. see what happens on draft night about 50 days away. america's, well, you know the burger chain, motorcycle done al's. mcdonald's could be adding super food to its menu later this year. >> suggest big burger change considering serving up kale to its customers. mcdonald's choosing to stay tight-lipped about this rumor, the levy green will reportedly be used in salads, smoothies, zombies insiders believe this seemingly health conscious chain is just a way to turn around some slumping sales. if so there is could be smart move since kale appears on 400% more restaurant menus than it did five years ago. >> ii don't think there is a more trendy foot in america than kale right now. wouldn't youy? >> i walked in a place, they had kale greens. >> yes? >> really? kale now like
8:25 am
greens? >> i like my kale reduced little bit. >> yes? >> you know what i mean? with bacon, stuff like that, you snow. >> okay. >> no, silly. >> okay, cookies, made convenient. you know this would eventually happen. thank you girl scouts, yes, thank you. >> we appreciate. >> this group of new hampshire girl scouts are serving up sweet smacks to motorists by opening a drive-thru. >> yep. >> commuters can pull up, purchase classics like thin mints, sim owe a's, now, businesses business has been building. >> converted into charitable operation, so far sold more than 1200 boxes, bringing them close to their goal of 5,000. >> i guess they are, if their goal is 5,000, maybe that's why. >> what if you have a drive-thru, wouldn't be just like -- >> cheating in the competition? >> who gets to sit in the window and take the money? you know what i mean. >> who ever is out the window -- >> has competition in the guards scout world, in the
8:26 am
cookie world, has that stopped? >> i have no idea. >> tiger nuts. >> really? >> yes. >> i'll share my tiger nuts with you, because it is becoming very popular, as well. these are new food trends, that have come out in 2015. i've just found my new beauty bff.
8:27 am
8:28 am
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8:29 am
>> still little hazy at philly international. a lot of moisture in the air, a lot of fog around this morning, and there is still a little snow pack in some places in the milder air moved in yesterday. with the rain, so, we really don't need the umbrella any more. bus stop buddy just waiting at the bus stop, think we can see them through the fog. should be getting better
8:30 am
throughout the day. six out of ten on the whole. there you see, look at showers down to the south, 62, should be the high today. that would be the warmest day of 2015 so far. if we get anything above 58, it will be the warmest day of the year, so partly sunny throughout the rest of the day, then tonight, little chillier than it was last night, few areas of fog, and a low of 37 degrees. so there is your wednesday. from the weather authority now roadways, wet roadways, drying out little bit, bob kelly. >> definitely things drying out little bit. rough go this morning, but following a situation, here, in old city, right around the corner, chestnut street, blocked, between fourth and fifth, getting word of fire in the basement of one of the building along the area, trying to get the location, what i can tell you, we're seen the firetrucks roll by here chestnut closed between fourth and fifth. so gridlocked coming in and
8:31 am
out every old city eastbound lanes of 422, watch for vehicle fire case ago delay, that's the collegeville interchange, and then, in delaware county, an accident there is one involving a pedestrian, aston 452 at concord road, another one, problem here, the lincoln drive littered with potholes, about half dozen cars, all with flat tires, on that southbound side of the lincoln drive. mike, alex, back over to you. >> common here and grab some tiger nuts, what do you say? we have some brand new foods, always great to have katie come in, tell us about it. hi, kate. >> i by the way shall national registered dietition day. did you know that? >> yes. >> are you one every snows. >> i am a registered dietition. >> we appreciate you. >> enjoy your day. >> lots of life to all my did i tig friends. >> what's first? >> first up, new foods on the market, that this one, it is casino of fawn talk about what they are. >> new or better. >> no, i think just new.
8:32 am
>> i think of it as tiny version of quinoa. grain free, gluten free, and if you have ever had red quinoa, looks similar, grain salad out of this with april the cots, pistachio's. >> what's that? >> qunoa is a seed, rich in protein, fiber, a lot of times with the carbohydrate -- >> other stuff in there. >> yes. >> there is happen the cots, pistachios. >> okay, moving on, so, tiger
8:33 am
nuts,. >> people see that? overhead? >> a very small root vegetable, you want to try one? >> it takes a little while to chew. so it slows down, not going to like go through a bag of these very quickly. >> could somebody -- i got a package at my desk, packing material in it. who would eat tiger nuts?
8:34 am
>> come back to us, mike. >> supposed to be at fourth and chestnut. must be another fire? because they're head today third and market. >> went the wrong way. >> so, this is mock-up powder, another root vegetable. so this is an ad apartment dollars jen, supportive regulate hormones, these are tasty, so these are catch use, sprinkled with mach a and maple. >> try them, they're delicious. >> cashews, just maple on them. >> bee pollen, really trendy right now, and kind of, you know, little strange. but, it is exactly what it is. it is bee pollen. so it is taken from the bees. so you have a little bit of honey, the digestive enzyme of the bees, and actual pollen from the plant. this is about to be a
8:35 am
multi-vitamin super super nutrient dense -- >> now an ambulance. >> careful. >> you know, stick to the program. we do other things, we do other things, right. >> okay. >> this is like bird seed. >> this looks like bird seed? >> bee seed. bee pollen. careful if you have any issues with allergic reaction toss bees, want to stay away from it. allergen i can, but again, just really rich, rich in nutrients, good multi-vitamin. >> speaking of kale, this is the new kale on the market, across between brussels sprouts and kale. we just gave them quick, tossed them in vinegarette for you. >> okay. >> so cancer fighters, go for it. >> what did you add to it? >> just put little bit of it, vinegarette. lemon juice, did i jag, salt, pepper, steam them real quickly. >> that's delicious. i think i like four out of the fight. >> good. that's a win. >> tiger nuts, no. i've eat n my last tiger nut.
8:36 am
>> that's okay. >> we appreciate you. >> thank you. >> registered dietition. >> let's talk about that ashton kutcher. whatever happened to him? >> stink i problem. he's calling out men's barmes what the new dad wants installed in public rest rooms. coming up. >> but first, make way for the middleton's. kate middleton's parents will soon be seen a lot more of prince george, the possible movie, ya, film, stirring up prince george, the possible movie, ya, film, stirring up royal drama next. ♪
8:37 am
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8:39 am
>> eagle may pick up this guy, visiting in philadelphia today with our eagles brass. it is ryan matthews. >> yes, so he's the charge he is running back, of course, then he's one. most productive in the league. condition he struggled to fulfill. though. because in his time with the chargers only played 16 games once, in five seasons there.
8:40 am
>> so, in other words, only one time did he make it through the whole season. without an injury or being pulled? >> they say he's good in practice game, but, you know? >> got to find somebody. >> got to run the ball. >> true. we need someone. anyone, please. >> check this out. ben stellar, owen wilson, you know there is yes great in zoo lan err that movie. so, they decided to really strut their stuff down the runway here. >> bug time valentine owe show in paris. wore their secretary costumes from zoo lander. now, why would they do that? there they are, as derrick and hand sell. you know it is a promotion for a movie. announced there will be a zoo lander two next february. >> what's going on? >> simply movie promotion, draws a lot of attention. >> worked. >> expectant mothers need extra help as they do as their
8:41 am
due date draws closer. >> same true even if our royal apparently. so kate middleton's parents are reportedly moving in to help the dutchess and her hubby prince william, little george, as they await the birth of their newest glands child. father-in-law prince charles sees this as a snub though. some say he's jealous of the amount of time her parents get with the baby. prince william is said to support the move specially since several staffers quit last month. so they just need the help. and maybe prince charles is a little more busy, you snow. >> what are they busy doing? appearances. >> trying on dresses in. >> really? >> getting your hair blown out. >> spending their millions. >> i'm bitter. i also have kale in my teeth. 8:41, jenn fred. >> are you birth ago baby? >> bring it. at november a i feel so
8:42 am
much -- >> we'll talk about what you did? >> yes. >> really? >> talk about this. in marlton. i don't have the money to go to style land like you mr. fancy pants. feels good. massage after the break. trading-in or selling your car, truck or suv? takes the hassle out of selling in just 3 easy steps. one, get your free online valuation. two, book an appointment. and three, pick up a check
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8:45 am
oh, that's beatles music from the 60s, because it will get into the 60s today. high temperature around 64, 65, 63, yes, mid 60s, today we just want to be outside. >> yes, and fire fight remembers outside, over at fourth and chestnut. second time in about three months they've been over there. doing some construction in the balesment of that building, second bang in all of america. there is a picture, everyone most beautiful buildings i walk back it every day. apparently construction crew setted off the alarm. so it is a false alarm.
8:46 am
>> relax a little bit. >> do some massage. >> different. saw jen was in a interesting position, because it is a little bit of yoga mixed. >> called tie mass and. let's tie one on. >> yes, doing table tie, not one of those as fancy as you, some people can come over here to marlton, new jersey, at the suede spa. good morning. >> you're masseuse, do all kind of stuff. why would someone want to do this type of massage as opposed as opposed to regular massage? >> client isn't just laying there receiving a massage, more engaged in the stretching rye leasing tension, muscles are time also, some people don't like to be unclothed. so it is a great massage for those that would want it release the tension and stress and want to leave the clothes on. >> don't want to be make, good for the game, good forerunners
8:47 am
and stuff, we begin with little neck move. you'll be able to see my neck is like off the table. and how, when you start twisting me around, how do you know just how far to go? >> well, inning feel resistance in the body. so i take your to the first level. >> okay. >> what's comfortable. and then i have you take in deep breath. >> a shame we couldn't find anyone tolls do this. >> stretch again. >> really good for the deck latte, tight muscles of the anterior neck. >> really? >> from always looking down at a computer, or an iphone, or really helps elongate, open up these muscles. >> okay. i love this feels. it feels so jump i. how long? is this like regular 60 minute miss and, like regular massage? >> yes, it could be 60 or 90 minutes. >> okay. >> and then let's start showing some of the army moves. look at her. okay. and kind of like a blend between yoga and massage?
8:48 am
>> assisted yoga to help you get that stretch little deeper than you formally would do yourself. >> okay. >> take a deep breath. breathe out. >> and were you saying a lot of athletes like these? >> they do. helps you elongate the muscles. i have run that's can run faster as they receive tai massage. because the muscles are always tense. >> okay. >> so we have one minute left. now, butterfly, by the way, that feels really good. >> yes. >> do you have some leg moves? >> correct. >> show us some of the leg moves. >> i'm sure that's what they call it? >> a lot of the low back issues, you're going to lay flat on your back: so we really want to open up the hip area, and the quadriceps, give them good stretch. >> okay. you're supposed ton mounding. >> moaning in pain. >> wait. mike is doing it to al next. >> yes.
8:49 am
>> moan. >> oh, my gosh. >> let me try this one. >> mike, don't put your stink i feet on alex. that's gross. >> how much this cost an hour? >> oh, my goodness. >> jen, you're going to have to go over to fourth and market and help mike and teach him thousand do it. now, you taught your son some of these moves? >> i have. i have. he loves to do them. >> all right, so it is called tai massage. it is super deliciousy awesome. ladies and gentlemen, if you can't go to thailand, borough her, your necessary berks thing, right? some people say thailand. i say marlton. >> if you blur eye eyes, you could be in kukette or marlton, new jersey. >> look at me. >> you get paid to do. >> this unbelievable. >> work it out. >> nothing better than the sound after baby's laugh. >> that's true. so this next video sure to
8:50 am
make your day, check this out. >> oh, my gosh. >> (laughing). >> awe. >> that's great. >> isn't it cute? static electricity, always fun to play with. >> i like to suggest for this family a humidifier in the baby's bedroom? do that to my head. >> i need a balloon. >> oh, they had a balloon. i didn't even notice the balloon. >> who has got a balloon. >> you just keep rubbing on your head and your hair goes up. >> you all right there? >> i keep forget to go reminds you, that mary jay blige is on our show today. that's good guest. >> i would like to say so, so talking marry jay blige on appearance on the show tonight, yes, empire wednesday. she's on good day in just a wednesday. she's on good day in just a bit.
8:51 am
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8:54 am
updating breaking news here, we got couple of accidents that we're looking at respect first every all there is one is 95 northbound, right at the construction zone, between spring garden and girard avenue. a dump truck and a car collided right here at the girard avenue onramp. so traffic is back up, heading north on i-95. this is causing a big delay from say center city heading north up in toward northeast philadelphia. it is even causing back up, look at center city here, parking lot on the vine expressway, crossing town, trying to head north on i-95. this delay, actually, stretches all the way over to the other side of this city, on to the schuylkill expressway. so, again, that accident, north 95, wrapping traffic around center city here, and then, in old city we have the fire, which was turned out to be a false alarm, chestnut street, reopened, between fourth and fifth street. let's go foray ride.
8:55 am
skyfox over the scene of our other situation. this on the new jersey turnpike, southbound, near exit number five, it is actually between exit five for burlington-mt. holly, and mt. laurel, new jersey, you can see off into the words there, what's left of this overturned truck, that was traveling southbound. look at the axle, up on the flatbed there, looks like it is the cab of a tractor-trailer. i'm not sure if the trailer is somewhere in the mix there. but nonetheless, this is a live look, from skyfox, southbound lanes of the new jersey turnpike, just south of exit number five, if you had redded that way i would use i295 to avoid the back up that is sure to happen here over the next hour when they try to clean up that. sue, not bad day for driving, though, at least this part of our morning. >> thanks are really improving, bob. looks like most of the rain is now down to our south. it is getting better. it is still little cloudy out there. but if you're down in sussex county, delaware, probably
8:56 am
seymour showers for little while longer. but for us today, we do expect sunshine, 62 degrees, so, that will ends up being the warmest day so far of 2015. great day on thursday. by late friday, we've got some precipitation moving in, which could last through the day saturday. maybe even to a little bit of sunday. but all-in-all, no deep freeze there in our seven day forecast, including saint patrick's day on tuesday. we'll be back with
8:57 am
i get out of work, and i go to the store, and somebody says, smellin' around, "i smell cookies." i said, "oh no you just smell me, i just got out of work, that's honey bunches of oats, that's all." i said "don't eat me now."
8:58 am
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>> nineteen years ago, a new age began. good day philadelphia was born. >> ♪ >> this is ridiculous, you new i was going to be elsa. >> ♪
9:00 am
>> live from fourth and market. this is "good day philadlephia" at 9:00. >> ♪ >> sure is, like that guy with the deep voice said, it is good day. >> hi, everybody, it is wednesday, march the 11, 2015. lauren johnson's here. >> hello. >> i'm doing very good. >> hi, lauren? high. >> you caught me in the men's bathroom. >> ya. i went to pee, and come on, it was lock, commercial break. and outcomes lauren johnson. >> i know, because i felt like come on, we have -- so i took -- >> you got to do what you got to do. >> sue, 9:00. hoping to get married? no need. you can now rent a husband. where men are helping out around the house, for free. >> plus, ashton kutcher has a stink i problem. he's calling out men's barmes, lauren. what the new dad wants installed in public rest rooms. >> okay? >> oh, oh. and the star power just keeps growing on empe


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