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tv   Fox 29 News at 6PM  FOX  March 11, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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friend's sister i grew up with and said i don't know how to tell you this but your son has been shot in the stomach and he's at hahnemann hospital. >> reporter: that's where james was pronounced dead. police say he was at i've van's house on the 2100 block of east susquehanna in kensington playing with a semi automatic that ivan found a couple of days before. >> from his statement he's saying he found the gun loaded. he took the clip out. he thought that there were no bullets in it but one obviously still in the chamber. ultimately killed his friend. >> reporter: investigator investigators say he will be charged an adult with the murder of his friend. >> they're home from school on a day off. playing around with a gun and ultimately one of them ends up dead and one ends up in prison. very very tragic. >> reporter: friend mace cole latch in honor of james and head a vigil at a neighborhood park where he would play basketball. >> just like any other teenager sports he watched to be out as often as he could play basketball and football no matter what the weather was. >> reporter: neighbors remember james for his giving spirit. >> i heard somebody chopping the ice when we that ice storm.
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i come to the door and it's little jimmy. what are you doing? he said, i owe you one. you good you have me that used fishing rod you had report roar james went to kensington cpa high school with ivan and teachers say they were very close. the principle released a statement saying "the k cpa family is deep saddened by this tragic event and extent it's heartfelt sympathy to jimmy's family. our fond memories of him and his shy smile will be with us forever. >> jimmy had a big heart. he just wanted to love people. this started with aggravated assault charges filed against the shooter but police say that those charges will be upgradeed to murder charges and police say they're also trying to find the owner of that gun. they say the owner of the gun could face charges as welch lucy lucy? >> all right. dave, thank you very much. happening now another busy day for philadelphia's football team. the eagles have been introducing the newest members and man we got a love of them. how about a first look at the some of the new we have editions
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to the eagles roster. >> that includes the guy philly got back our new quarterback sam bradford. howard eskin has been on top of thing at the novacare complexion. howard? >> it's been a busy day. it's been a busy week. it's crazy. it's wild. and everybody is passing through here. but york sam bradford despite what people may want or people may think is not just passing through. chip kelly made that clear this morning that he is his quarterback and stopped all this marcus mariota nonsense. but sam bradford comes here, comes here with an injury much he's not sure when he can play. that's another interesting part. said he'll be ready by camp but not sure about the ota's but he comes here with two scl injuries. he's been out for the last year and a half but as bradford said, injuries are not a problem. >> i think it's kief one of those freak deals from everyone i talk. to our team doctor in st. louis dr. andrews they thought it was just one of those thing that i got hit a certain way two times
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and regardless of whether my acl was an original, a repair it was going to tear. so i think it just happened. >> eagles fans may not know a lot about sam bradford and they may not be crazy about him being here. but bradford can't wait to get back on the fielder and apply in this offense. >> i think any quarterback in this league would love to play for chip and his offense. it's he can treatmently quarterback friendly. you know, in the tape that i've watched it just looks like it's a lot of fun to play in. i think it's similar to what i did in college at oklahoma. so i'm extremely excited to be here and ready to get rolling. >> he did play this offense in oklahoma. that's another good part about the whole equation. all right. chip kelly spoke today believe it or not and chip kelly will be coming up in sports and one of the other new players byron mack well also just finish talking to the media and we'll have more from him coming up. iain it was a good day because i got fitted for golf clubs.
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i know you might be a little bit jealous. >> i am a little bit jealous. we'll be out there soon how war playing. >> developing now tragedy in in order after military helicopter goes down. the black hawk helicopter crash claiming the lives of seven marines and four soldiers. authorities still are not sure why the aircraft went down just off the coast of florida. >> hundreds are joining the recovery effort this evening. human remains and pieces of wreckage are washing up along the shore line where the helicopter crashed. all 11 service members on board are presumed dead. the helicopter was first reported missing around 8:30 last night and search and rescue crews started finding pieces of the chopper within a few hours. >> reminder to us that those who serve put themselves at risk both in training and in combat. >> dense fog made it very difficult for search crews today and the pentagon says the weather may have played a role in the crash. we are following this developing story on you'll fine the breaking news
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right on our home page. it feels a lot like spring out there for your winter weather authority tonight. here's a live look outside at center city. temperatures in the 60s today. that's a whole lot different than from the snowstorm we were bracing for just last week. chief meteorologist scott williams outside our studios with no jacket on and scott we got a whole hope it stays like this for while. >> it is going stick around for a little bit but we do have some colder air in the seven day forecast. much more on that coming up, but here in old city it's a beautiful wednesday. the sun has been out and temperatures are the warmest so far this year. a lot of that snow has really just melted off the map here in center city. let's focus in on the temperature today. 61 degrees. that was the high. the last time temperatures made it into the 60s you have to head all the way back to christmas. now, as we look at numbers right now, 60 degrees currently. winds out of the west northwest at 14 miles per hour. just a comfortable evening. 60 in millville as well as dover dover. atlantic city checking in at
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60 degrees. mid 50s right now in pottstown. so 7:00 o'clock mid 50s. 50 degrees by 9:00 o'clock. quiet and cool. 45 degrees by 11:00. when i come indoors i am looking ahead to the upcoming weekend when rape will impact some of your plans. more on that when i come indoors indoors. guys back to you. >> scott thank you. several fire bombings under investigation in philadelphia tonight. a fire in north philadelphia broke out around 2:30 this morning on the 2500 block of north 17th street. police say they found what they called a fire bomb in the home that may have started it. no one is hurt and so far there have been no arrests. two to a developing story now. the search for a missing it has been nearly three months since a northeast philadelphia grandfather disappeared. his devastated family begs for answers and help. 69-year-old vote to mag leo a father of six an grandfather of nine. he disappeared days before christmas. he had simply gone out at dinner at his nephew's restaurant mack
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crone knee's and never came home home. his burn out yukon was found later in east germantown. investigators found blood an shell casing inside. his family is desperate for help help. >> friends, family ask you know, every so often few days, a week, did you hear anything? how can this happen? how can he disappear and we don't know. >> we just want to know where he is. we want closure. we want to be able to say goodbye. we want to give him the farewell that he deserves. it's not even about revenge at this point. i could careless about what you did or who you are. just tell us where our dad is so we can bring him home. >> if you know anything about his disappearance call northeast detectives. >> attorney general kathleen cane can under pressure in a pennsylvania supreme court case with accusations against her and she's not going down without a fight. fox 29's jeff cole is live in our newsroom to explain what's going on. jeff? >> reporter: a lot going on lucy. the special prosecutor in this case states it bruntly attorney general kathleen kane didn't like the findings of his probe
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she broke the law and now she wants to squash it. her attorney says the prosecutor never should have been appoint appointed. be careful. >> state attorney general kathleen kane drew a crowd today a hoard of controversy reporters on lookers at city hall to witness state supreme court argument crucial to kane's career. she wore a smile. >> very confident. >> it cull almost done to this. a judge had no authority argued kane's attorney to appoint a special prosecutor to use a grand jury to probe whether kane had leaked confidential grand jury information to a city newspaper and later lied about it to a grand jury. why would she do it? according to her critics to embarrass a former state prosecutor frank cena who had been critical of kane's decision to pass on a corruption probe he led a philadelphia politician. kane's denied wrongdoing. montgomery county criminal
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defense attorney thomas car lucci yo was the special prosecutor. he argued he had the legal authority to do his investigation followed where the evidence led and made a present tom grand jury which voted to recommend kane be criminally chargeed. when the hour long hearing was over, he argued he chased the truth. >> the motivation was to find the truth and that's all this investigation was about. it was not motivated by anything else but the truth. >> reporter: while kane was upbeat. >> i will tell you that i'm very cautiously hopeful about today and i'm very grateful that the court took the time to listen to this important case for me and for penn. >> reporter: now the state supreme court could rule that the prosecutor should not have been appointed and kane's present troubles would likely go away. but if they let the case go forward, the montgomery county district attorney will make the call. if the attorney general kathleen kane will actually face criminal charges. iain. >> all right, jeff, thank you.
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with tax season approaching how well is philadelphia managing its money? coming up how the city spends taxpayer dollars and how it stacks up against the rest of the country. >> and a local woman struggled for years with a chronic disease until one man's heroic donation gave her new hope. how she's doing today six months
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>> philadelphia is one of the best when it comes to managing its money. that's at least according to a new survey more specifically they studied how each city taxpayer dollars were spent. money used for education police and parks and recreation out of america's 65 biggest cities philadelphia ranged second on the list. love vick texas came at the top spot. >> things looked bad for a local high schoolteacher in desperate need of a kidney transplant. >> but after a lot of waiting and almost keep years of suffering, she finally found her
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perfect dope nor match. fox 29's dawn timmeney joins us with more on the woman who wouldn't give up and the man who saved her life. this is a big wow dawn. >> it really is, lucy. that teacher got her kidney from a selfless stranger and today to see the two of them together and they're incredibly bond pretty special. >> i'm just like so happy. >> this is andy back in september. one day after receiving a life saving kidney transplant at the university of pennsylvania hospital. this is andy today. with the man who saved her life dan o'connor. >> i mean just to see the smile on her face. >> complete stranger at the time. dan learned of andy's urgent need for a kidney from face bock page that andy' twos daughters created to save their dying mom's life. >> something clicked. i don't know if it was something just touched me and said, you need to do this. >> doctors told andy she was a tough match and could wait years for a new kidney.
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miraculously dan who has the same blood type o' tough turn out be the perfect living donor match. >> that just tells us i think it was meant to be. somehow some way it was meant to be. >> it's just an amazing feeling. not only have my life back, but i have a whole new family. dan is like a brother to me now. his kids are like my nieces. his mom is like my mom. >> now, the two are teaming up working to make a difference for others in need of an organ. >> really just want to get the word out there that living donors are important. they can save people's lives. >> i don't think people realize that you can do this and you can be fine. dan he's doing wonderful. >> dan a husband and father of two admits he was afraid. he missed eight weeks of work. but would do it all again in a heartbeat. >> we're connected forever. turn out to be a beautiful thing. >> popular teacher at george washington high school is grateful to her students. they were first to get the word out about her dire fight for a kidney and today andy finally cleared to return to her
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classroom. >> i am so exciteed. because for me to be able to go back to work is just proof that i'm alive, i am functioning. i am doing great. >> i love her. she be back on the job next month with her trademark smile and her upbeat attitude. andy and dan also participating in the gift of life donor dash on i was 19th. their team fight for andy as they continue to fight for awareness for donors. for more information on how to participate or how to donate go to our website and look under the seen on tv second. >> fox 29 news, i'm dawn timmeney iain and lucy. >> all right. >> wonderful story. >> great ending. >> thank you dawn. >> you know who always keeping watch the calendar our very own scott williams. >> you know tomorrow, guys s world kidney day. so i'll be wearing my orange tie tie. >> there you go. >> how about that? >> all right. the weather it was beautiful today out there. temperatures made it into the low 60s. the first time since christmas and for to tonight it's dry and
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quiet but turning chilly low temperatures bottom out in the 30s and as we move ahead to your thursday. a lot of sunshine but it will be about 10 degrees cooler than today. but, hey n will be about average with temperatures tomorrow in the low 50s. clouds roll in for friday. and get ready for a wet first part of the upcoming weekend. saturday we're looking at a good dosing and soaking rainfall across the area. as we focus in on temperatures right now, still pretty comfortable at 60 degrees. visibility ideal at 10 miles and look at the temperatures right now. looking pretty good. we have 55 in pottstown. upper 50s in wilmington. 60 right now in millville as well as atlantic city. this same time last week we were watching out for potential record cold and then as we move ahead to the next couple of days, once again it will be a little cooler and then by the mill of next week it looks like some of that arctic air is going to come close to our area so get ready for below average temperatures by the middle of next week. so don't put away those winter jackets just yet.
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ultimate doppler right now showing our area is dry and quiet. rain to our south and then this is the moisture that we're watching for the upcoming weekend right now moving through sections of louisiana and texas and as we advance the clock ahead tomorrow is dry. friday is dry. overnight friday into saturday morning when we see the bumming of the rain with our next system. here's 7:00 a.m. on saturday morning. we're looking at some heavy rainfall around philadelphia, trenton as well as south jersey that yellow and orange that you see and most of the day we're looking at clouds and rain although it will start to lessen a bit in coverage as we move toward the afternoon and evening on saturday. but take look at future rainfall totals. you can see as we roll ahead to 1:00 p.m. on saturday about an inch already in trenton likely an inch and a half toward atlantic city. so temperatures for tonight chilly. dropping into the 30s likely freezing. north and west and then as we move ahead to tomorrow once again about 10 degrees cooler than today. a little breezy but 51 that's
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actually the high temperature for this time of year. so moving ahead to friday clouds increase that rain arrives overnight friday into saturday. saturday it's going to be pretty damp and dreary once again likely an inch maybe a little more of rainfall, and then clouds linger into sunday. low 50's. still not bad. mid 50s on monday. low 50s as we move to st. patrick's day and then it turns cooler. temperatures back into the 40s for highs in philadelphia. we could see some locations in our area with highs only in the 30s. so yeah winter it's going to be making a come back although -- >> not really. >> it's still winter. >> it will be fine. >> i'm already in spring. thank you, scott. >> all right. for more news on big eagles news let's get back out to novacare complex. here's howard. ♪ >> well, sam bradford is in town. sam bradford even though he was the number one pick in the draft and was rookie of the year says he's got a lot to prove and chip kelly talks about marcus mariota
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and another new player talks about why he came t
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♪ the eagles got the number one pick in the nfl draft. that was the 2010 number one pick in the nfl draft and that would be quarterback sam bradford. sam here today.
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he said that he knew st. louis and eagles were working on deal for the past few weeks. obviously happy to be here. he has coming off of two acl injuries. not a good thing but sam bradford is ready to rock and roll with the philadelphia eagles and he's played this type of offense in college. but sam bradford clearly said he is happy to be in philadelphia. >> i have a lot to prove to everyone in this building. i think coach kelly took a leap of faith bringing me in here. obviously he believes in me and now it's my turn to prove to everyone else in this building that i belong here. he's smart he's intelligent he's one of the most accurate throwers. when you see him throw the football. he's smart. he's wired right. >> the other name in this whole quarterback equation is oregon marcus mariota. now, could bradford be just a chip to move up in the draft? >> let's dispel that right now. i think that stuff is crazy you guys have been going with that stuff all along.
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i think mr. cause is the best quarterback in the draft. we won't mortgage our future to get somebody like that because we have too many other holes to take care of. so... >> so chip kelly put a stop to all the nonsense about trading up for marcus mariota but another new player was in town and that would be cornerback byron maxwell. coming from the seattle seahawks seahawks. other teams were in on byron maxwell one of the top free agents out there this year. he said seattle was in the ballpark and his agent said, one team bid more than the eagles did. but there was one selling point and that was would be chip kelly kelly. >> you can feel the energy. anybody that's been around him you know you can feel his energy. he wants to win. he's very accepting. he's willing to, you know, make moves to win and take chances so that's one of the things you know you can admire and like you see that. he wants to win. >> all right.
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sam bradford is not ready to play yet. coming off those two acl injuries. he said he's not sure when he can play but he will be ready by at least training camp. so that's the hesitation i'm sure people had in philadelphia. and they also worried about their concern is and their anger from this whole thing was well there's no marcus mariota and chip kelly dispelled that and put a total stop to that today. eagles got new players. there's still more to come. demarco murray sam bradford said he's been in touch with. they were college roommates at oklahoma. i think that's doubtful i don't think the eagles would pay what other teams will pay. we'll see what happens. back to you guys. >> all right howard. >> it continues. be sure to tune into fox 29 news atat 10. patti labelle mary j. blige jenner hudson noun the easy yet weapon behind empire's music. why terrence howard is fired up tonight at 10:00 on empire. >> big night. that does it for us here at 6:00. we'll see you back here at 10:00. >> have a great night.
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inside edition is up next. ♪
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coming forward. what this woman says disgraced "7th heaven" actor stephen collins did to her when she was a child. >> this is not something that i was even prepared to deal with. then, double apology. >> the expelled frat brothers say they're sorry. >> dr. phil's advice to all college students. >> if this isn't who you are, then don't behave this way. sherri, how is it going in there? >> tv personality sherri shepherd face to face with the surrogate she hired to carry a baby. courtroom showdown over the baby sherri says she doesn't want. then, whatever happened to the smartest kid


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