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tv   Good Day Philadelphia 7a  FOX  March 12, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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they'll be looking for different ways it approach this situation down there, his number one priority is protecting it the community, followed closely by his commitment to protecting the police officers making sure they're able to do what they need to do in toward stay safer. also no word on the shooter. we don't know who he is. we believe he was embedded in the crowd somewhere, and that police were specifically targeted. mike, al next. >> my goodness. all right, straight up 7:00 now. right to sue. >> sue, please, nice weather. >> you like? you can handle it little cooler. >> an ace? >> we give you a eight, because it will be right around where we're supposed to be for the middle of march which is where we are right now, so we've got breezy, chilly bus stop buddy, we put the gloves on, because it is a little breezier, little bit of windchill out there current temperature being factor in the win it, feels even cooler,
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7:18 is our sunrise time, looking good already. so, ya, squint i casino every day today. bring those shades, 52 degrees, going to be our high temperature and our sunset time is clock 04. so, it is getting there. spring is a week from tomorrow. and it is already starting to feel like it. seven day forecast coming upment bonn kelly? >> bring it on. 7:01, good morning, everybody, a thursday, starting to see volume pop all over the place, live look, maple shade, route 73, right near fellowship road. some volume up and down 73 there, also find delays, at the intersection of 202, and route one, good morning to delaware county, painters crossing, the shopping sent their, and 422, again, delays from collegeville, in toward king of prussia. and then south on 95, already, a jam from the bed is he ross bridge in through girard, knocked the renmant some flat tires along the way, they actually would fix that god
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new, philadelphia international, some delays, every course with the rain that's coming through the weekend, so just keep that in mind getting out of town early before the weekend. that's going to be a smart move. otherwise 42, head in the toward philadelphia, watch for delays, through that 295 interchange, mass transit, the buses, trains, trolleys, all looking good with no delays. mike, alex, back to you? >> 7:02, bob, going to tell but a fire that happened overnight, take out restaurant north philadelphia, bunch of people had to be evacuated firefighters called to the china taste, that's the name of the restaurant, on broad street. just before 1:00 this morning, the occupants of the upstairs ants waited on the curb while crews worked to extinguish this fire. nobody hurt. under investigation of course. the situation in lansdale is clearing outlooks like, earlier this morning, there was pretty bad water main break on cannon avenue. between second and main streets, this is fixed now, that's why they're saying it is clear up, it has cleared up, but a lot of mud n
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lansdale, crews there work for hours to fix the broken water main break. but north penn water authority expected, and they've now fixed it. >> manhunt continues for escaped prisoner in barnegat, new jersey, reportedly got out of the back after police care -- car, raven boulevard, around 10:30 last night. resident advise today lock their doors, officers fanned out on the ground, as the police helicopter searched from above. the suspect is only being identified as a white male, with face tatoo, police haven't said why he was originally taken into custody. >> police also looking for two men involved in a gun fight in southwest philly, the two men were firing at each other, along the 6,000 block of elmwood avenue last night. investigators tell us, that bullet went into a home where four and six year old were playing, they were not hurt. neither was anyone else, but detective say bullet also hit four cars park on millick
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street. >> and missing ten year old boy from the frankford section of the city, was found safe. septa police say they found james jones, jr., just before 11:00 last night, on trolley. at 75th and lansdowne. >> this little boy went missing after school yesterday now back at home with his family. >> 70:00, the city of philadelphia continues, a candle vigil will be held tonight for robert wilson iii. on the 5400 block of locust crowd gathered outside the home of the fallen officer last night. else lit, people shared stories of the 30 year old described as family man. even those who admitted to not knowing officer robert wilson iii came to pay their respects for the policemen shot and killed, and attempted robbery at lehigh avenue game stop last thursday night. >> to do what he did, goes beyond understanding, but takes brave man, and i think it takes a very spiritual prayer person. >> tonight's candlelight vigil for police officer robert
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wilson iii will be held at the basketball courts on the 61st and baltimore avenue in west philadelphia, scheduled to begin at 7:00 p.m. >> do you know the accused killer of the police officer may be the culprits behind string of around robberies we've talked about for weeks action most in north fill. >> i let's get to steve keel which more information on there is steve? sad week, week to the day, when officer wilson was killed. all the 6,000 plus offers remembers in mourning, they're also working hard, tracing back to guns used, and looking back into the history of the two accused killers. and while the confessed cop killer was here at headquarters right after the murder last thursday night, while he admitted he and his brother shot the officer, he said that they had not robbed any other places or people before going into the game stop guns blazing, to put it nicely, highly skeptical that far claim, since then, they've seen a lot of similarities, in a series of unsolved retail robberies, since november here in philly.
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nine and counting so far. two men, two guns, one a gun stolen, same kind, glock, same caliber, 40, as one of the guns used in the game stop killing. you see in the surveillance, they had their heads down and hoods up approach to the stores, to hide their faces again, same as in the game stop killing and that's why the confessed killer said that they did not see the police car or officer damian stevenson waiting out in the parking lot or officer wilson at the counter and cash register when they went into the game stop ♪ no peripheral vision with the hoods up so high. >> your thoughts, in the confession, he tells them the first time he ever did a robbery. >> he also signed a release saying woe never car a gun. i mean, knock it off. will you? they'll do whatever they can to get out of the case, wilson and robert the fourth will never see their father again.
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the cops in the 22nd will never see their co-worker again. the grandmother of officer wilson will never see or cook for her grandson again. so how about thinking about the police from the city of philadelphia once in a while? >> in addition to the hands cuff hold-ups, last friday morning the detective found in the confession dollars killers house the morning after, because, that was also used or at least similar gun, another ak47, and other robberies and even shootings here in philadelphia, and they're trying see if they're responsible for that, too. means another assault rivals out on the street being used. >> alex, mike? >> for sure, steve. 7:07. the second trial after philadelphia former priest charged with child sexual abuse ends in a mistrial. according to the philadelphia inquirer, jurors were not able to reach an agreement on the charges against reverend
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andrew mccormick, the suspended priest accused of assaulting 11 year old alter boy back in 199 # will evaluate the case, they have until april the tenth, to decide whether to try mccormick for a third time. by the end of this morning, atlantic sit former revel hotel do have new owners, camden bankruptcy court judge is set to decide if $82 million sale should be accepted. but actually worth $2.4 billion. what a difference. proposed deal does not get approved, the judge could give revel ac more time to seek other offers, revel as you know close in the september after two years in business. another casino looking for approval, realizing the economic games monl couldn't are you county could reap from the valley forge resort and casino, representative marcy will host a public hearing on
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the plan, the discussion will be based on house bill 565 which would allow the counties to share in casino revenue. that's monday that i could be appoint today marks and non-profit organization. >> two secret service agent accused of crash ago car into security barrier, at the white house. the homeland security department is investigating the march 4th incident, according to washington post report, the agent slammed their government vehicle into a barrier, after a night of drinking. the two agent had been reassigned to non-supervisory jobs, one of the agent has been identified as the second in command on president obama's detail. >> should we have known about that on march the fourth? and not have to wait for the newspaper to report it? okay. well, search and rescue teams continue to look for the 11 service members involved in tuesday's helicopter crash in florida the us military has said it remains hoping shots on boards assume to be deadment pentigon official say heavy fog may have played a
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role in the crash. seven marines, four louisianna national guard soldiers who are participating in a training exercise when officials say the trooper crashed. >> let's get to oklahoma. >> demonstrators peacefully protested outside the dallas home of former university of oklahoma student, at the center after racial controversy. >> parker rice is seen leading a racist chant in this video. last night, protesters marched and chanted racism is taught. and racism is a choice. parker has since apologized for the incident. apologize because he got caught. 7:10. >> a 15 year old boy under arrest in washington state, charged with attempted abduction that really just stunned the country. specially this surveillance video. so, the surveillance video shows the suspect running with a toddler in his arms, as siblings chase him and scream for help. a group of teenagers caught up with the suspect and he left a toddler go. the 15 year old was book into a juvenile detention facility on suspect sean.
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will make the formal charging decisions at later date. >> just so heart break whg the little stroller goes by. that, you know, he took the kid out of. >> hard to see. >> did you hear the good news out of utah? that babe who was found alive basically, the car was floating in a icy river, and she was trapped upside down in her carseat, four about 14 hours, there she was, there is the car, baby lilly released from salt lake city hospital where she is being treated. her father says the 18 month old is receiving -- recovering better than ever expected. baby lilly rescued following car wreck that killed her mother. that video there, one of the people that i saw there is wearing a jeremy maclin uniform. >> really? >> or jerry? in utah? >> yes, up there in utah, eagles fans everywhere. >> true. >> but baby lilly is fine. that's great news. >> local high school teacher, meets face-to-face, with a man who helped save her life. >> so, this was andy, back in september, following surgery
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today the donor recipient, new lease on life, he learned of andy's urgent need for kidney from facebook page, that her daughter's created something touched me, sailed you need to do this. >> amazing feeling, not only have my life back, but avenue whole new family like a brother to me now, kids like my neices, mom's like my mom. >> amazing, standing next to somebody who gave you a organ. >> now andy and dan are teaming to up get others involved in organ donations. >> also amazing, got the donor through facebook. >> world kidney day. >> that's right. >> appropriate story. another step toward pope francis coming to philly. have announced putting together 15 committees to make this happen. focus on everything from marketing and fundraising, to where ever it will stay, is
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that what you are doing? to wherever one will stay and overall visitor experience city expect enormous number of people about 2 million will head to philly for the pope's visit. planners say they're ready. >> miami awe of thinking that to up 2 million people will come to philadelphia, will be crammed into the parkway for mass to see the pontiff, to hear his words, and to really celebrate the true nature of this papacy. >> i say papacy. >> well, i always here -- maybe i've been saying it wrong all my life? papacy. >> okay, it is a papal visit. so it would be papal -- >> maybe it changes? >> we have to make sure we're ready and know how to say everything when the pope comes. we got to get it together.
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>> yes, clean it up. >> get some cuff links. straightened out. >> all right, it is 7:14, and still counting down to spring. but it is really with insight. we've been feeling springy for the past couple of days. but remember, it was one week ago, that we were on our way to seven and a half inches of snow in philadelphia. it was snowing at this time last week. yikes. week from tomorrow, 45:00 p.m., vernal equinox. ultimate doppler showing us nothing yet. we do have to wait for tomorrow night to get in here. storm that will probably dump a lot of rain on us, friday night into saturday. that's the arrival time with first the warmfront, then the low pressure system, probably after 9:00, 10:00 friday night. so we're dry up until then. and then, really wet, about inch of rain, so anything left with snowfall will be melted by 3:00 saturday afternoon.
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mild temperatures will stay with us, will be a decent day by sunday. >> breezes are picking up, cooler air, moving in, in the overnight hours, and continuing this morning, so 42 degrees in the city, 31 mount pocono. 39 degrees in pottstown, 39 in wildwood, as well. wind speeds up there, 14 miles per hour in the city, 16 miles per hour up in the pocono mountains, 39-mile per hour wind gust, up in the mountains, very, very cold up, there and the wind makes it feel even colder. but we are making progress, since last friday, when we got high of only 26 degrees. we were up to 61 yesterday. and we do expect things to go back down, about average this time of year, five; 52 degrees, but giving it a eight anyway out of ten. 7:00 tomorrow with the increasing clouds, but still in the lower 50's, rainy day saturday, as we showed you, 52 degrees on sunday.
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once again countdown to spring in site. see any daphodils bob kelly? >> i do not. look at that. >> there they are. >> you're fancy over there. you got flowers blooming and everything. 7:16, good morning, everybody. live look downtown, eighth street onramp, police just cleared an accident out of the way. but little bit after back upcoming over the ben franklin. and the ramps from i-95 come into center city philadelphia, folks wake willing up, out there, live look at the blue route, 476 right near st. davids' ville november arc pockets of volume headed south down toward the airport area. pooch pennsylvania turnpike, hess wed toward valley forge, little delay willow grove, ft. washington, schuylkill expressway, running slow, from conshohocken to city avenue. pretty much both directions, and then south on 95, jammed the betsy into girard, headed north on 202, some delays as
7:17 am
you work your way into the 30 bypass, but otherwise, working in toward king of king of prussia in that traffic light at gulph road, good shape. forty-two again delays where it picks up with 55, that rush hour headed in toward both the walt wathan the ben franklin, all the bridges looking fine, and mass transit also in good shape. >> 7:17. new jersey boy was asked by his teacher to find a way to help others and his inspiration came from his own brother. helping people in the hospital. he said his brother ended up in the hospital not long ago. while there he got little bored, so he decided to collect boys to take it hospitals. yesterday he drop off hundreds of them at the children's regional hospital at cooper. >> i decided to get books, and really read the story and then not really focus that they're in the hospital. >> we drove him. we drove him. we walk miles. we put the flyers out.
7:18 am
we went, we contacted everybody on multimedia, as well as the facebook pages, and we went all the owl for them. he believed in the project. now we decide to go with it. >> they did go all out. said he started check g books for children, and in february, as part of book drive. round the up more than 2,000 not done. he wants to collect even more. >> only been doing it for about three weeks. good job. >> something. >> okay, time to log back in, now that apple itunes and the app store are back on line longer service disruption yesterday afternoon, people were freaking, 12 hours customers were unable to access their i cloud accounts, mail, i books apple said the outage due to internal service error, while the breakdown is considered rare, but an insider said a similar
7:19 am
happened in september. apple said they lost $2 million for every hour the site was down. geez. wow. speaking of apple, you want one of those new apple watches? but you don't have the money guess what? you can rent one. by the week. to see if you like it or not. >> how much is that? >> i can tell you after the break. >> okay. >> not that much. >> and putting quincy on pothole patrol montgomery county today. if you see pothole, sends us a picture, tell us where it is. make sure to use this hashtag though, fox 29 goodday. (clucking noises)
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everyone wants to be the cadbury bunny because only he brings delicious cadbury creme eggs. while others may keep trying, nobunny knows easter better than cadbury.
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last night in empire, showed this really long commercial of the apple plus, and it looked really nice. >> like a two initial commercial? >> and it got you wanting it, oh, all of the different things it can do. >> as nerd i as it looks on my wrist, i want one, lauren, but any time i can try one before i pay the minimum dollars. >> yes, but will cost you 45 to $55 to test out. but if you like it, had a that money goes toward the purchase. how do you test a watch? >> that doesn't seem that long. for how long, $45 for couple every days, a week, a month if. >> a week. >> a week. >> yes, company called lumoid that rent outsmart watches. ukely for $25. and then if you like the watch that money goes toward the purchase price. they're going to do so for the apple watch. the problem is they're not getting a lot in stock. there are also a wait list.
7:24 am
if you want to try them out. you can only test the cheaper models, the pricy, 10,000 plus dollar models, obviously her ' not renting those out. for one week, about $50, and you can put some of that toward the purchase of the watch if you like it. >> sounds like you think it is dumb. but i kind of like it. >> what's the minimum i can use it? >> $45 for a week. >> forty-five is the minimum. >> what's wrong with that. >> lauren? >> okay, you like it, i don't know. >> i want the real thing. >> yerkes i feel like it for $25. >> don't want to troy things snob. >> or i feel like they should give you the full 45 toward the purchase price. i think they drop it to like 30 bucks or something so you loose something. >> you're tough. >> i'm sure you were warn, the top of the fold on usa today, look at this big bold headline. now healthy banks gush cash. i want my bank to gush cash
7:25 am
toward me. should we go ask them for loans and stuff snow. >> okay, snow is what's going on. there is something called stress test. they basically assess the health of our banks, do they have enough money, are they strong enough to with stand another financial crisis. more than two dozen of them passed. as a result, they got the green light to give dividends and buy backs, and give money to share holders. so if you own shares of wells fargo, morgan stanley, all of that, you will make more money as a share hole. flip side of that is well should go to your bank for a mort and? gentlemen, they are pretty healthy. did you see the average wall street bonus snort. >> no. >> the average wall street worker, the bonus, was $173,000. >> that makes me sick. >> wow. >> the dudes on last week who have been ripping us off, no. the average is $173,000 for a bone us? >> geez. >> uh-huh, it all comes together. so the banks are getting healthier, they're brinking in more profits, they're proving that they're healthier, giving
7:26 am
shareholders more money, through those profits, and ditto for paying basically. >> , blah, blah. >> i know, considering that is what a bonus is three and a half times the median salary here in the u.s. it is craze. >> i is your husband in the business? is your husband in business? >> no. >> good. well, bad. he could have gotten that bone us. >> true. >> see you tomorrow. >> after this report i wish. >> i wish we had $172,000 bonus, go buy a sports car or something. >> see you tomorrow. let's talk about the eagles again, because everybody in town is. talking about all of the moves he's made over the last few weeks or so. marcus, is not going to be an eagle. that's what he says. sam is my man. sam i am. >> quincy's on pothole patrol. so quincy where are you now? >> norristown, penndot staining, i'll link with penndot. look to go fill potholes, tweet us, fox 29 philly, let us know where the potholes are in your areamen
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>> almost 7:30. we have another mug. >> guess what today is? philadelphia it is an important one, today is national world kidney day. right on cue, we got, look at this, big old mug there. >> it is, a nice one, and they're encouraging everyone to wear orange today. one in three adults are at
7:30 am
risk for kidney disease. so, the other thing today they want everyone to do, everyone drink a glass of water, celebrate your kidneys. keep them healthy. >> get tested. >> then this weekend scott williams and i will be hosting the kidney ball at v. have i excited about that. >> great event. it is really pretty over at v. about 500 block of north broad, right, beautiful venue. >> what they are doing tonight, all of the lights on the top of the skyscrapers, are going to be orange. >> oh, that's going to be nice. >> tonight on your way home, maybe first thing tomorrow on your way in. >> i think we're aware. you're aware. >> for sure. >> let's get to the weather. because bus stop buddy aware it is still chilly outside. little chillier than yesterday. little breast year than yesterday, but still he's already got his shades on, and you're going to need yours today. we've got bright sunshine in store for today. not like yesterday when we had the clouds mixed in.
7:31 am
so eight out of ten, your weather by the numbers, there is your bright sunshine. coming up, 42 degrees, 7:18 the official sunrise time, just happened, and so almost kyler at 52 degrees, so bob kelly, get ready for that sun glare. >> actually you are talking and i'm looking out on the corner at fourth and market, the folks crossing street it definitely getting hit in the forehead, pack your shades, and be ready for sun glare here on 202 northbound heavy 30 bypass into the construction zone at 401. 422 heavy from collegeville, in toward king of prussia. sun glare popping, to the maps, the schuylkill expressway here we go, sun glare, around the conshohocken curve. also will show us how dirty our cars are, the schuylkill running slow, westbound from the boulevard, out to belmont.
7:32 am
addition age near ryan avenue, northeast philadelphia, otherwise, the 95 southbound heavy from betsy ross down through girard avenue, through the construction zone, south jersey normal delays on the freeway head in the toward the walt whitman and the benjamin franklin bridge. limits look fine. mike, alex being back to you. >> 7:32, we have learn two plisses officer shot in ferguson are expected to survive. >> one shot in the face the other in a shoulder. >> awaiting update from police, what we now know two officers from two different departments were shot as they were helping the ferguson police department keep tabs on protest that was happening. as the protest was wrapping up, multiple shots were fired, it happened around midnight bullet struck st. louis county officer in the torso, and webster grove police officer in the face. off the ers standing in front of the first son police
7:33 am
department. st. louis county police chief said roughly 60 people had gathered in the streets following the resignation of ferguson police chief thomas jackson. >> there were police officers on multiple departments on scene to help keep watch. as the protest was wrapping up, someone opened fire, striking the two officers, they were returned to local hospital. >> we heard mainly peaceful it, has been volatile climate. has been violence, have been several protests and he said he's not surprise that thinks he is call ate dollars. >> i would argue very volume tight in the past. very difficult to sustain this without injury to the public, our community, and without injury to our police officers. and i think we need to re-evaluate that. that's one of the things that i have been doing since my phone rang at midnight tonight. looking for different ways to
7:34 am
approach there is number one priority pro ticking the community, follows vestally by his committment the to protecting the police officers and make insuring that they are able to do what they need do, in order to maintain safety police say they don't know who fired the gun but the shooter was likely embedded in the crowd somewhere and it appears that police were targeted in this situation. officers shot in serious condition, but expected to survive. again we are expected to get up a date from police, later this morning. >> local fourth grader wands to ban the r word. what inspires her to raise awareness and her awesome journey so far. this is a cool girl. >> and then, we are on the pothole patrol this morning, getting some tweets, looking for potholes in montgomery county, flight. >> can only do one counter per day. so the penndot people chose montgomery county. high to you. >> okay, listen, i don't know if you guys know this, my nickname, growing up, was
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>> pot mole patrol is on the case. see any bottles in montgomery county tweet us, fox 29 goodday, and then we send quincy harris out there, to fill them up. is that right, quincey? >> this is serious stuff, tone fry penndot. now, tony, you said extensive pros toast fill up these potholes? >> time consuming no doubt about it. from the process guiniere sinkly, the foreman will get the call, or the manager will go out, will mark the road, get idea how many black tomorrow we need to get get. this case the best process is to get the hot mix material, that's a better bind to the road. >> the truck, go down to the material, the crew will be setting up safety on these types of jobs.
7:39 am
after that, jackhammer any loose material, clean that out, squaring off the edges, putting the sticky stuff we call it the tack coat, that tack coat goes on the base, black to the goes on top, they roll it, compact it, it is a lengthy process, if you want to do it right. >> yes, this is like surgery. >> going out on one every these trucks? >> actually on the job site. we'll see the process probably the a through seven in terms of what goes into filling a pothole properly. >> process or step a right now, if you guys have any potholes in montgomery county use the hashtag fox 29 goo good dayment he clues i have for fox 29 viewers. >> see we'll get to it. >> reddy? >> test it up.
7:40 am
>> we have a lot of work to get done, alex. >> true. >> we have to get from the mel he can ooh already structures, the stuff hold -- >> you don't think you know what you are talking about. >> properly. >> fox 29 goodday, listen, we're a team now, we're a team now. like quincy, did i tell you my nickname? >> no, i didn't know. >> welshing growing up, my nickname was quincy the pothole filler. >> okay. >> so that's would we're doing today. >> that's great. >> you can tell he was popular growing up. >> so we'll hop on these. >> and jen allen says the worse potholes in montgo, county line road in front of hatfield ice. she said their hashtag canyons. hopefully you get to go there this morning. when it comes to the eagles what's going on? does it mean that this is our
7:41 am
quarterback for next season, sam bradford? more about the moves chip kelsey making do you trust him? still early to plant your garden, how about making a beer garden? sounds good to me, jen. reporter yes, the problem is the neighbors will never leave, clearly here from last night. look at this beer garden, denise is giving
7:42 am
7:43 am
7:44 am
>> first time, chip kelly actually spoke, spoke about what he's been doing the last couple of weeks. >> hearing rumors evening else look to go pick up in the draft, so chip, are you going for mark us? >> chip kelly: let's disspell that right now. i think that stuff is crazy, you guys have been going with that stuff all along. i think marcus is the bet quarterback it the draft. we'll never mortgage our future to go after something line, that we have too many holes we'll going to take care. >> i guess wip is here, so, morning, should we just get marcus out of our minds? >> no. really you still don't buy it. >> no, that press conference yesterday was 23 minutes of see here no rhythm, no rhythm, doesn't pass the smell test, doesn't pass the smell test. what did he say, con is that diction after contradiction. >> said that stuff is crazy. >> sure. fine. >> you don't believe it still?
7:45 am
>> not at all. he also said yesterday that the eagles yesterday morning got a first round pick offer for sam bradford. >> people are like what? really? go in that is that was the case why didn't the rams make that switch? >> could have been the cleveland, redskins who want to move up, could have been number of teams, raiders, also could have been play on words, he didn't say what year the first round draft pick was? >> yes. >> four years from now. >> conversations i was having yesterday, 27 teams? no, anything chip says, i go okay. maybe. >> they are selling the jersey though. to me that meant it was written. >> i wouldn't be surprised if someone bought a frank gore jersey, and this was was a rumor for ten minutes. >> heartwarming tribute to frank gore. his time with the eagles. >> five minute before shady got a hole of him. see the front page of the
7:46 am
paper today? forget mariota. >> no judge jeffrey lurie demoted how. >> i really? >> and i like sam. >> lurie comes out ten days before the shake up, gamble gets fired. everything happens after that. gamble was a trusted advise or of chip kelly. then all the sudden gone, within 24 hours it seemed the shake up happened, chip kelly was in charge. >> sam bradford was in the works for weeks. >> bradford point that out. pat cher america had sam bradford for a season during his rookie year. in st. louis. so he's supposed to be very high and mighty on the guy. the guy has promising talent, the biggest question can he stay health. >> i when they talk about him it sounds like it is in 2010, but i changed my whole attitude yesterday afternoon, i don't if we have footage of sam bradford's press conference, but smart and confident dude. here, is this where i'm going to go, a positive attitude. i'll say he'll stay healthy,
7:47 am
we're going to death demarco murray this afternoon, will be in philly later this morning, we will give a good wide receiver out of college. we are area going to be banging. >> i lover your positive energy mike. >> we don't get a lot of that here. >> specially from him. >> maybe that philadelphia rubbing off. here is the good thing. if sam bradford is healthy huge if if we all know, if he is healthy he can put up numbers and be successful f mark sanchez with put up numbers have some success in this offense, i think sam brad toward -- >> will we get demarco murray from the cowboys? because sam bradford was the college roommate. >> they've been texting and he's been calling, nothing like at least from sam bradford we can get burr murray. >> i don't ever hear after player coaching a coach directly. >> no, even now getting into some trouble with. that will with the cowboys with jerry jones and adrian peterson. >> jerry jones don't play with
7:48 am
that. >> no. look at it this way, you have guy like de mark over murray right now trying to get some attention from jerry jones by going to the eagles. right now he's like that, that wife at the cocktail party, thaws just trying to make her husband jealous. >> look at the situation. >> that's what jerry jones is trying to do right now. >> trying to drive up his price. >> exactly. >> but i think if he comes here, meets with chip on his own, and supposed to be landing very soon as i think the cowboys, we doesn't want you back. >> like a trade. you can't go into eagles territory. >> i if it doesn't work out where they can get adrian peterson they'll pay anything for demarco murr toy come back to dallas. >> they will. >> absolutely. >> oh, he led the league in rushing. gave him the football so many times last year in dall alleges, they didn't think woe get it back. if he start threatening to go to nfc tees app like the eagles, cowboys will go okay, blank joke. >> do you think they'll pull a blanchet? >> i don't think so, i think people will bring them back. chill chip kelly rule would be
7:49 am
to not bring them back. >> do you mind telling people, you went to the university every missouri. and you and jeremy were talking little bit last night. >> yes. >> is he happy? >> yesterday afternoon. >> he's from kansas city. i texted him so, last month he went to missouri, he was inducted into the hall of claim, wow, you must really enjoyed your trip back to missouri, you went home. >> he said yes, going back home. >> reuniting with and. >> i a loft success under andy but most under chip watch it came down to what it always comes down to, little bit of monday. >> i hey, by the way, congratulations on april 1st you start permanently on the morning show. >> i will be working four days a week with the morning show, very excited. >> you won't n joining us? >> friday mornings will still be available to come in and hang out. >> literally i ran in here. >> thank you, good to sigh you. always good to see you guys. >> hi, here's sue.
7:50 am
>> you're just going to hear sue. and here is the countdown to spring. yes, doing for awhile now, such a coal february. but seventh coldest february, so we start the countdown to spring. single digit, in fact, week from tomorrow, eight days until the vernal equinox. we look down to our southwest, down toward the gulf of mexico there, and we see our next storm system that's on the way. it will take a little while to get here. rest of the day today, most of the day tomorrow, so it, doesn't arrive until friday night. you will mat doppler showing where the storm system is now, bringing rain to houston, texas. don't have to worry about that for awhile. chillier out there today. than it was yesterday. we got four it degrees in philadelphia, 30's to the north of us, 39 in wilmington, four atlantic city. >> winds will make it feel chillier. pick up a lot since yesterday. 14 miles an hour sustain winds in philadelphia. 39-mile per hour wind gust
7:51 am
mount pocono, this morning. so, expected to be breezier and cooler than the 61 degrees that we got on our warmer wednesday. so, we den joy that. >> the day and tomorrow, then we have that rainy day on saturday, it looks unavoidable, especially, in the morning, is when we see the heaviest rainfall. then on sunday we start with clouds, but the sun comes out in the afternoon, we get to 52 degrees, monday's hi, 55, a we bit cooler for saint patrick's day on tuesday. bob kelly, we will take 50 degrees. >> yes, you got t specially after last week, 7:51, morning, some sun glare on the schuylkill, the old conshy curvement starting to see the brakes tap eastbound in toward conshohocken, 59 south out of the northeast, heavy from academy in through girard, eastbound lanes of 422 starting to see again sun glare coming around the saint gabe's curve. a tweet here, this fellow on his way to get two new tires after huge pothole swallowed
7:52 am
up one of them. basically rented penndot truck for the day. so, penndot's following our news van, all do you have do is tweet us with the location of that pothole. use this #fox29goodday, and we will get the potholes fill up throughout the morning. south along route 55, watch for accident, right near route 47. otherwise the bridges looking fine. mass transit looking good, as well. mike, al next. >> we should use the hashtag foreign is that gram, twitter, twitter? >> facebook, the whole thing. >> where ever you are putting out there. >> people keep saying this address montgomery county, johnson highway apparently is a mess. >> okay. >> in norristown, a lot of potholes, so maybe they can make that their first stop. >> and jenn fred showing us how to make your own backyard beer garden. you know why? beer gardens are very popular in our area. >> and guess what?
7:53 am
it is all about the atmosphere, so happy to have tom here from -- you need beer for beer garden. check out the atmosphere, coming back, denise will tell us how to set the perfect tone for our beer garden, right? >> get in the mood. we'll be right back. in ambler this morning. what's with the suit?
7:54 am
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7:56 am
apparently, big pothole in montgomery county, johnson highway, norristown, the intersection specially swayed. >> yep. >> would that be swede road? >> needs his attention. >> tell quincy, please, last night in front of ruge, thereon 18th street, i saw michael shuton. >> how is he doing? >> looks fantastic, owns the beer garden, open that up. huge place over there. what's that?
7:57 am
>> samson. >> okay. >> inbetween market and chestnut. and it is gigantic beer garden. you know that he said that he gets about 2200 people a night in there in the spring and summer. >> that's something. >> but here is the thing. i want one in my backyard, even though i don't have a yard. >> who wouldn't one, right, jen? show us how to make our own? >> in ambler. >> ambler, this is pretty cool. good morning, good morning. and we've talk about this, like people want to be outside. but not ready for tulips and all of this stuff. >> right. >> it will get nice out. you want to get outside. still chilly. i'll give you few tips. you'll get as many chairs as possible, and gather around a fire pit. >> you can get an inexpensive fire pit and you can jazz it up with like some stones around it, or just keep it like it is.
7:58 am
>> you say atmosphere, is everything, i lover the little, like the little wagon, like stuff that you already have at home. >> right. you want to make it like little luxurious, still use what you have. so just fill up what you have, use what you have for done tanglers okay. and include the children, as well. obviously the children won't drink any beer. but i love this idea. you basically put chocolates on the bottom of a pan, and then put the marshmellows on top? >> get pan that can go in the oven. this is cast iron pan. we just poured chocolate chips in. just, you know, the casino you use for cookies, then layer it with marshmellows, shove it in the oven, broil it little bit. then it is a smors dip. >> oh, awesome. other thing you it, you obviously have your beer and pretzels. what's nice about there is they don't have to be warm. they don't have to be cold. >> and you don't have to feed the crowd. you want all of your neighbors to come but don't want to be slaving in the kitchen. so make it simple beer and pretzels. >> one of your tips was you want it sort of near the
7:59 am
kitchen, right? >> near the kitchen, easily access sell. but if you can't be near the kitchen that's when like the wheel barrel other ideas come in, fill with ice, and it is still cold enough out you don't have to worry about things heating up and getting, you know, rotten, or whatever happens. >> then you also say make it a funny place shall it is still casino every chilly? >> yes, you want it in sunny spot of your yard. you want to add as many chairs as possible, do you little side tables, just think about like if you were having like simple easy party, but. >> toss it, don't have to worry about it. >> what are these spindle things? >> my favorite. call an electrical supply company. and they'll be thrilled you'll take these off their hand. they're filled with them. even have giant one in the yard for the table out there. >> and they're super stable. am i being ridiculous? >> the big one is i mean got to be 300 pounds, it is amazing. i covered the top with a stain
8:00 am
just to protect it little bit. but will last me at least three, four seasons, then i roll it out to the curb and have somebody else come pick it up. >> these are your actual neighbor snores. >> you guys won the neighbor lottery. you want the neighbor lottery. so we'll be doing there is we have more tips for you coming up. mike, just take the train out to ambler, they'll be happy. >> i like ambler. >> mike! >> looks fun. >> are those discarded, you know, spools for power lines? >> yes, that's what said, yep. she said any electrical supply place. >> cheap. >> nice tables. >> straight up 8:00. this, march the 12th, 2015. this is "good day philadelphia". >> simple facebook post getting national attention, why the use of the american flag, in this picture, is stirring up controversy, right
8:01 am
now. quincey? >> any pot polls, please use the #fox29goodday. grows, we're getting stuff done over here. we're getting it done. >> that is as anyone. okay, let's also talk about this. mccoy, mack lan, all gone. how are the eagles trades impacting your closet? can you still wear the jerseys of your favorite players.
8:02 am
>> whether you have the kids, they all have the jerseys now, they want the current jerseys. >> and they're expensive. >> they are expensive. >> what do you do with the old ones. >> we'll tell you. the whole purpose of the store. >> i we just want to know, especially with all of these trades going on, we don't know what to wear. >> we have a nut job. >> mug of the day, such great day, doing it twice. >> world kidney day, sent us the big mug here, later tonight see all of the buildings in center city decorate in the orange, i know you have event this weekend. >> hosting kidney ball with scott williams, saturday 7:00 to 11:00 at v. so you can also participate wear orange, too, theme for this year kidney health for all.
8:03 am
>> beautiful outside, with all of the sunshine, little cooler, though, than yesterday. so, make sure your kids, the little ones still waiting for the school bus, that they're properly bundled up. don't let the sunshine deceive you. chilly out there. 30-mile per hour wind gusts in philadelphia. so, 43, but it doesn't feel like it, it foles like it is in the 30's out there this morning, but beautiful sunshine, 52 is going to be our high today. colder night tonight. going down below freezing, in the city, but not far below, with low of 30, bob kelly, overnight. >> good morning, everybody, 8:03, actually off to good start, see the sun almost ready, bamm it, will hit you in in the forehead, already slowing us down here, eastbound, on 422, heading in through collegeville. sun splashed on the blue route
8:04 am
476 delays saint david's down toward the broomall interchange. then accident south on the 42 freeway, as soon as you come over the walt whitman headed into new jersey. >> accident down there route 47. normal delays on both the schuylkill and i-95, and mass transit route 15 trolley, running with delays this morning. mike, alex, back to you. >> thank, 8:04. >> we've been following this breaking news out of ferguson, all morning, two police officers shot outside the ferguson police building. >> thank god they're list in the serious condition. but they don't think their wounds are life threatening because one was shot in the face. shot in the face, in the shoulder area of the torso there is st. louis county police department says these officers are expected to survive as you mention, mike, police say multiple shots were fired around midnight. bullets struck a 41 year old st. louis county police officer, in the torso, and law enforcement officer for 14 years. then 32 year old webster grove
8:05 am
police officer shot in the face. he's been on the force for at least five years. the officers were standing next to each other in front of the ferguson police department. officers from multiple departments were in the area to help keep tabs on a protest, police say, about 60 people had gathered to protest the resignation of ferguson police chief, thomas jackson, which happened yesterday. officials say the protest was peaceful, there were really no problems. and then, at the close of the event, these shots were fired. police say they don't know who fired the gun it appears police were targeted. >> i would have to make an assumption, bay dollars on the officers were standing together, several officers standing right there together when this happened. these were shots parallel to the gown, not up in the air, weren't skipped shots. i would have to make a send sean these shots were targeting my police offerser.
8:06 am
>> he said things have been volatile in ferguson, now will look for different ways to approach this problem. his number one priority protecting the community, but it follows very closely by his commitment to protecting the police officers making sure they are able to do what they need do do in a safe manner. police say again they don't know who fired the gun, but shooter likely embedded in the crowd somewhere, and we are expecting a press conference later this morning, to update us on. >> this i hear other people saying they were protesting the resignation, what are they saying? you wouldn't protest something you have been asking for, asking for even more people to get fired? one of several protests, this is ongoing, constantly have having these protests, clouds gathers, can't sustain the situation. >> six people fired or resigned, but i think some of these protesters want even more people on the force to be
8:07 am
fired. they're in ferguson. city of philadelphia continues to honor police officer rob morris the third. >> robert wilson iii, candlelight vigil will be held at the basketball courts on 61st and baltimore avenue in west philadelphia. beginning at 7:00 p.m. officer wilson was shot and killed thursday night, in the lehigh avenue game stop, during attempted robbery. >> two secret service agent accused every crashing car into a security barrier that surround the white house, right? homeland security department is investigate the march 4th incident according to a washington post report. the agent slammed their government issued vehicle into a barrier, in front of the white house, after a night of drinking. >> second in commands on president owe became a's detail. why didn't we hear about this on march the fifth?
8:08 am
>> unbelievable. >> it had to take a washington post investigation a lot of flack for these incidents. maybe they were trying to -- >> and how is there no video of this? with all of the people that walk around the white house, i don't care about the middle of the night. >> anbar year? seriously, has to be something out there. >> more on that later, i'm sure. >> now photograph is her fighting back, after she receives flack over photo, she took of baby wrapped in a american flag. >> a lot of rules when you lands the flying. >> i think she knows the rules. fierce fire storm, mike, underway against photographer van's hicks who is by the way also a veteran of the us navy. take a look at the picture, see there, a cute little eight day old baby. >> i was read boring this, it is a vinyl flag, she purchased, at the dollar store. so this is the picture that has made its way around the internet sparking national
8:09 am
attention, eight day old brandon being cradled in a american flag, that's being held by his father, a member of the navy. hicks posted the picture and the comment she received left her in complete disbelief. among them, this one reading the flagg is not a prepare. i repeat the flagg is not a property to use the american flag in such a way is disrespect you will, if rude, discusting against the us flag code. after much thought, hicks decided she was going to respond in writing. so i figured i would share with all of you what has transpired in the past 24 hours, what she posted on facebook page. this is coming straight from my personal page. yesterday, was a hard day for me. yesterday i almost left the heyed tread of some cyber bull ills get to me. yesterday i almost believed them. i post add picture i had that recently taken of military man holding his newborn son in a vinyl prop flag that i purchased at the dollar store, i love the show, family loves the shot, most of you lover the shot. so, she went on to say she didn't ask for any of. >> this she just took the picture, but she is standing behind herself. she said she was thinking
8:10 am
about deleting it. but she wanted to stand up for t she says to her that's what being an american is all about. >> my goodness, that she made a mistake, doesn't understand all of the rules about flags, you know, she learned, she learned a lesson. let her off the hook. a baby is involved. >> pothole patrol continues. we got another request? >> pine street, intersection of pine and logan in norristown. >> pine and logan in norristown. so quincy on his way there. >> does your child want talking barbie, there cents attacking barbie. critics are calling it creepy and dangerous. really barbie dangerous, coming up, how toy companies could be eavesdropping on here child's conversation. hello? hello? >> but first, the r word, big message from this local little girl. how she is getting more than half million people on her
8:11 am
side. >> we'll show it to you next. >> and fox 29 viewers, former lee mccarthy anchor has died. lee was the very first anchor of the fox 29:10 o'clock news, his funeral is set for tomorrow, at saint peter and paul church in west chester. lee mccarthy, 71 years
8:12 am
8:13 am
8:14 am
(we're on pothole patrol. oh, up in norristown. >> what is he doing? >> look at that look on his face. he doesn't know what he is doing. >> this is giant pothole. people on social media have been talking about for weeks. another one that they want to hit is not far from there, at logan. >> pine and logan, also norristown. >> okay. >> we're getting out the word, hopefully, well, at this pace? >> i mean, it was a big pothole. >> he should get gloves.
8:15 am
don't know whether to just put a hose and spew it out? >> at least he's helping. >> we'll get back to that in just a second. almost 8: czars this is the story of the day. local fourth grader on john toy get people to stop using the r word as part of the spread the word to end the word campaign. listen. >> you can use the word competitor. you can call them your friends, or an inspiration, a brother, a hero, a mentor, a son, a teammate, a winner, a daughter, an athlete, a classmate, a worker, a return, a leader, a human being. you can use a lot of words to describe people with intellectual disc, but retarded isn't one of them. let's commit to ban the r word. >> ♪ >> testify year old sole's mission began when she heard an adult use willing the r word in a un kind way when referring to her uncle who has downe syndrome. that's when she decided to takings,, to rally her
8:16 am
community to support her uncle and others like him, and stop using the r word. and that's exactly what she is doing. >> look who is shear. hi, sole a. >> high. >> thanks for coming in the studio us. >> thanks for coming in here. >> thank you. >> what made you so upset when they were talking about damian, your uncle? >> well, they called him the r word, and referred to him, it is basically a way of calling someone with intellectual disabilities, or anyone with disabilities. >> and your uncle has downe syndrome? >> yes. >> are you very close with your inning snell. >> yes. >> it looks like it from these pictures. >> they are in a bowling alley. he wanted to be on a bowling team, right? >> yes. >> what did one of the managers of one of the teams say? >> well, she called him the r word, and said that no one, we have to see if anyone would want and she said the r word on their team. >> oh, my goodness. >> so you want this stopped,
8:17 am
it should have been stopped a long time ago, a lot of people haven't gotten the message. so you started a campaign? >> yes. >> so were you talking to your class and everything or how do it get started? >> well, i had a meeting with the superintendent, and i had a meeting and i toll her what i'm trying to do, and what happened with my uncle, and she said that basically she is agreeing. so the day before i made the poster. >> let's see the poster. >> it is big. well, there is a picture of it it there, and we have it here. look at the size. >> so tell us about this poster. >> my friends and i, my teacher, made this, and it is saying don't say the r word, the r is crossed out, my friends and my teacher signed it, and it says we're all different yet the same. we all have a heart. and it says like spread the word to end the word, like what i'm doing, and -- >> i like the idea that you had, to put it down, now, i
8:18 am
like the idea that you had, you get people to sign a piece of may their says okay, i pledge to never use the r word. how many people have signed up? >> almost 550,000. >> oh, my goodness! >> excuse me? >> that's amazing. >> that's on line. so on my uncle's participates in a outer limits special in basketball, so i'm trying to set up a pledge boot. >> look at the solei, look 55278, so where do we go to make the pledge. >> go to ww.r-word.orgt says in the right top corner that to take the pledge. >> you just click right there, right. >> yes. >> and you -- it just asks to you like sign your name, and it asks if you want the newsletter that they get, and it says special day of awareness is march 4th. >> okay. >> so it says like special days. >> well, we have very good
8:19 am
viewers. so everybody go to that website right now and take the pledge, but get the number to go up. >> plan on doing more, talking about doing a psa with urining he will, too? >> we're working on it with the head of the tech follow follow gentlemen up in err dublin, and doing one at like a coffee shop, and a baseball field, and like people are saying the r word, and then in the end they catch themselves and me and my uncle, we like look at them, and the coffee one, he -- i drop my pastry, and he picks it up, and at the end everyone comes together and says spread the word to end the word. and then it is me and my uncle like saying please don't use the r word. >> could i ask awe question? avenue question, serious, when do you plan to announce your running for president of the united states? 2016? i guess your tee young. >> how about ending world hunger? you're on your way. >> what are you, 21 years old? how old are you? >> ten. >> ten, my goodness. >> you're mazing. >> you are special. >> you know what i was doing at ten?
8:20 am
nothing. our inspiration. >> thank you. >> keep us posted as that number goes up. okay? say shell owe to damn jane, your uncle. >> tell him we said hello. everyone let's take this pledge, end the r word. >> do it. thanks. >> your welcome. >> hang around, we have some treats in the green room. >> okay. >> are you fired up? that's reaction from plenty of parent after seeing this sign at a mall. >> yes, it implies six year old should be using public rest rooms alone, so how young is too young? >> that's a good question. when can they go into the rest rooms by themselves? >> first mary j, on empire last night, so did jennifer hudson. though will be next, coming up the star lee daniels is really hoping to work with. >> want to ride in these chairs? they're a lot of fun.
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:23, if you watch breaking bad, woe get so mad, woe throw pizza up on his house. i've actually look up to see this location, get what other people doing, swing by the
8:24 am
house, they're tourists, they want to see this, and been throwing pizzas on these people's house. people live in there. >> oh, my good. >> just a little thing for breaking bad. >> they have to be a part of it. >> they throw pizzas on this woman's house. >> now, did you do that when you went? no, i didn't even think of t i did meet the woman, though, i drove up close to her house, she was coming out for her mail, so i got out, talk to her for like 20 minutes on her frontwards. >> does she like pizza? >> no, she wants it stopped. >> that must be frustrated. >> so the guys made a comment during a interview about spin off of the show. the house has become a very, very popular tourist attraction, but the guy says please, stop throwing pizzas at this woman's house! >> good aim, too, to really throw it up there. >> okay, diehard fans, already know, it is the best show on tv. but if you ask empire co-creator, he says there is someone who can make the show even better. >> so you are talking about lee daniels? >> yes, from fill. >> i yes. so he's not -- guests all have
8:25 am
been amazing, in a interview he admits to pleading with his friend oprah winfrey to make appearance multiple times. as of yet, winfrey hasn't agreed guest on empire. good news she hasn't said no either. so there might and chance. and of course you know lee daniels work with oprah in that film the butler in 2013. >> here is the thing, she -- agreed i want her to write a center character. >> you want to see oprah as a bad woman? >> yes,. >> so different. >> it would be different to see oprah as an evil person. >> really creepy. empire last night, a lot of people are talking about this morning. >> i know you caught the end of t i don't know if you saw this part, real interesting, involves jennifer hudson. remember this part? >> sometimes music and medicine isn't the best
8:26 am
therapy. you know -- (movie clip). >> yes, she did all. that will she locked the door. walks up, opened his legs, got inbetween and said pray with me. everyone is like since when do you have to do all that to pray? like really? and i was watching, a guy friend, last night, seeing this, and he was like oh, come on, what guy is going to be thinking about praying if you're doing all that? >> alec, i've never seen you this way. >> just saying, if i'm going to play with a guy, here, let me take your hand, wouldn't lock the door, walk on up. >> what did you think was going to happen? >> seriously, mike? i mean, the noises were making watching that. he was like oh,. >> what's going on here. >> well, see, that's what i like about that show. >> just when you think something going to happen,
8:27 am
something else. >> the best tweet after that happened someone okay, now, everybody turn to your neighbor. >> and pray. >> let's all do it, join hands. >> we want you, oh, good idea, one more episode. >> i can't believe it, yes. >> next wednesday -- >> two hours. >> two hours, would start at 8:00? >> no, maybe -- true, i don't know what time it starts. >> oh, 8:00 to 11:00. >> that's three hours, that must not be right. >> so i guess 9:00 to 11:00? >> we'll push back the 10:00 o'clock news for this. >> let's start over. viewing party where alec annually here, most of the staff will watch it with you, next wednesday, this tootsie's bar and restaurant, right there on south street, so the party runs from 8:00 to 11:00. we'll view it from 8:00 to 10:00. then, come on, the 10:00 o'clock news, i guess probably starts at 10:00. that's why they call it the 10:00. >> starting earlier then, 10:00. >> starting earlier then, empire starting e
8:28 am
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>> don't go running out without a coat on today. even though bright, sunny, breezy, very chilly, bus stop buddy knows that, also wearing his shades today. >> thirty mint if he here wind gust, makes it feel like it is in the three's, still today, 52 degrees, with bright sunshine, and gusty breezes, and then, little chillier tonight than it was last night. with a low of 30 degrees, there is your foxcast for thursday, let's throw it back on throw-back thursday to bob kelly. >> good morning, everybody, accident on route 73, in mt. laurel, new jersey, right near fellowship road, that's tying traffic up into and out of the city. picture sent to us by our viewer, accident on i195. right before exit 3b. back up, for about 2 miles
8:32 am
route 15 trolleys, running for 15 minute, then south on route 55, an accident right near route 47, as you head south, down to vineland. mike, alex being back over to you. >> foles, gone. mccoy, gone. maclin, gone. big changes for the eagles, also, means big things for your wardrobe. can you still wear the jerseys of your favorite players after they leave philly? >> big question, aim wondering >> our executive producer tom lowden's team rules. can you bobble your head like that? >> there are specific rules. trying to help up out. you don't want to go out wearing a jersey you should not bewaring and commit a major violation. >> what do you call your first pile of jersies? >> first we have jeremy maclin, coals, mccoy, group in any of the other guys recently
8:33 am
left. >> three main dudes. >> this is called, if you wear one of these it is called sleeping with the enemy. >> right? >> you cannot wear a jersey of current athlete no longer playing here. you can't wear. >> this he is playing for the chiefs. >> lesean mccoy is coming here with the bills next year to play the eagles. are you going to be wear a mccoy jerry? >> i agree. how many years can we wait? >> depend who they are. if they are a mediocre player, they're done, over, throw it in the trash, give it to charity. mccoy, who is arguably the greatest running back in the franchise history if you go by yards, do you have wait until after he retires a period of time before you can bring it back. >> that could be a while. >> right. let's go all three of these, go in the can. >> in the laundry basket, yeah. >> all right. >> next up, we have donovan mcnabb, and brian westbrook. >> what's this category called? >> called the retired stars cat gore. >> i okay. >> so if you play for a team for long period of time, after you retire, two, three year period, if you look back at
8:34 am
that player, donovan mcnabb, you think eagles, you don't think redskins, westbrook, you think eagles, not 49ers, not hall of fame he is but very good players. they're open to be worn. you have to make your own decision, for me, westbrook, you wear, anybody who sees it will have positive filing. mcnabb, i don't wear, he that dude said so many stupid things since he left, you will have somebody come up and make a marquis action, negative reaction to this. in the can. >> keep west brock. >> keep it. >> next cat gory? >> next up, we have a brian dawkins and mike schmidt. these are in the legends category. they can be immediately worn. no wait willing period. nothing. they can from the time they stop you can keep wearing them. >> even when he played for denver? >> yes, special category for him. the incompetence that he left. protest wear, now's legend, one of the most popular players ever, spike schmidt, the greatest athlete ever, you can wear that forever,
8:35 am
whenever, seven days a week. >> keep it in the save pile. >> next up? >> this is a huge violation. this is when you go out, nice flyers jersey, holly -- >> wait. that's my jerry? mike is offender of this. >> i have a jerrick on the back. >> once you're over the age of 13, can you not show up at a stadium or walk down market street with your name on the back. i can save awe lot of money. just give me a piece of paper and i'll put a kick me sign on your back. >> but i've already worn that to a flyers game. >> that i that's a shame. >> you're doing tv bit, fine. but you can't go out in your personal life walking down the street, going jerrick. you never played for anybody. >> i know, i would never do it. >> embarrassing. >> what else you got. >> last one, wild-card, kind of up to you. i give you my opinion. we have to, we have a jeremy roenick. big fans of both of them. both hall of fame players, probably. but when you think of them, you don't really think of jr
8:36 am
as a plier. 's chicago blackhawk, he cried when the blackhawks won the stanley cup over the flyers. >> can't do it. >> right by that, you're gone. >> in the basket. >> to. >> he doesn't play for anybody, he played for so many teams, you may think of him as an eagle, 49er. >> or cowboy. >> but like mcnabb, he's done so many goofy things outside of football, i think it is a negative con occasion, he is out for me, too. >> throw it in. >> so pretty much, most people are out. get a legend. you can't go only hockey and baseball, you can go with no names. >> okay. >> football jerseys look stupid no names. >> rules for any other areas? >> rules for everything. >> is there anyway to rule that open again? >> it is hilarious. >> you got know people to get -- >> i think we will call it getting loud with lowden? oh, loud with lowden? ya, tom lowden. >> look at this. >> thank you for those truths. nice bobble head, wearing the suit. not wedding or funeral. >> you're fancy, tom.
8:37 am
>> none of us have ever seen him in a suit. >> separate jessica kline's wedding. >> i broke out a suit, only big moment. >> that's right. >> i'm honored. >> thank you. >> let's go back out, quincy on the pothole patrol. >> i tonightly disagree. i totally disagree. you can definitely wear mcnabb jersey, tom, you're out every line there, but you know what, we will agree on potholes, filling potholes here, norristown, surrounding area, if you have any potholes that need to be filled, use the hashtag zero tag fox 29 goodday.
8:38 am
one for the mood.lavors. one for the moment. each one can make every day more delicious than the last. the taste could only be baileys. the experience could only be yours. baileys coffee creamers. this is the one.
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8:40 am
jathat are devotede schfor test my kids only have a half a year science and a half a year social studies to make room for preparing for the test. gina: we have no after-school programs, we have no freshman sports, we have no extra anything... okaikor: we're cutting those programs to make way for test prep. and we're not taking in to all the other things that makes a child whole. gina: we are setting our kids up to fail. >> fire hydrant out of control, crews shut it off. take a look at all of that water. >> okay. >> that water was shooting high. >> the water was shooting
8:41 am
hyatt first, in the commercial break, but now, it has got to calm down little bit now that they shut it off. we'll have another update on this. >> but let's get to quincy. here we are dealing with the potholes, he's on pothole patrol. >> i don't think the public understands how hard it is, to fill a pothole and how long it takes. time, big issue, safety set up first, number two, not to mention the preparation that comes in, and gets involved, you got a jackhammer, all of the loose material out of there, sweep it out, make sure you got the corners and edges, nice and vertical. then you put your tack coat material underneath, so you have the good adherance glue type material. then you pour your blacktop. you basically drop it in like the guys are doing here with the shovels. they got the rakes, the loose tightening up the corners, then go back and compact it, vibrate it in. so ya, you have nice tight
8:42 am
pothole. that's the idea. in addition to that, what you're seeing also, we have this new material called cold seal. basically, getting the perimeter of the hole itself and the edges, so none of the water penetrates further. how long will it take us, because on the second pothole, how long average does it take to fill one pothole? >> to fill one pothole, doing it with safety, looking at good 20 minutes to half hour to do it the correct way. >> how many workers on each pothole? >> five guys. >> listen, so listen, we're trying to get to pine street, but we found another pothole on our way to pine street. >> that's correct. >> so guys, please, keep the tweets, the stain grams, the facebook use. logan and pine, so i guess that's the next stop. >> okay. >> let's get to jen now, what she's to up, the beer garden.
8:43 am
>> in the beer garden, trying to convince to come up with light beer for jenny. not happening. talk about atmosphere. staying warm. and your back door beer garden. you bet, by the end of this garden. you bet, by the end of this thing, we're h
8:44 am
8:45 am
♪ there we go. lease an mkz for $299 a month, plus competitive owners and lessees get $1000 bonus cash, only at your lincoln dealer.
8:46 am
>> i love that skyline. >> yes,. >> so nice. >> 8:46. you know, beer gardens, couldn't be more popular in the city of philadelphia and the delaware val. >> i specially when it is warm out. >> yes, spring, summer, last cup many of years, had the pop up garden, oh, that's the spruce street par bore park. >> i love the spruce street harbor park beer garden, probably like four, five times. >> yes. >> even at night, right? >> i was always there. >> mood lighting all of that, daytime, nighttime it is cool. we thought how about making one in your own backyard? jen is ambler, in somebody's backyard. >> yes, we're in denise's backyard. hi, gorgeous high. >> tom is here, he'll talk about the beer at 9:45, but i'm going to be talking about, okay, fine, enough about tom. one of the things you say, we
8:47 am
talked about the atmosphere, big part of the atmosphere mike just mentioned it, the beer gardens downtown at night are real cool. you say, light something everything, if you're going to do this at night. >> lighting is the best part. a lot of people forget about that. setting up during the day, then friends come over at night, oh, where is my flashlight. shear some easy things to do. you can save your old jars, just poppa vote i have in. you can just do regular candles around. these lanterns, i got these lanterns at ikea, and they're awesome. >> cute. >> you can use them all year long. so you will get a ton of these, and you can line them up, you can do a walkway, on the way into your beer garden, put them on every table, but they'll gave you a lot of atmosphere, a lot of light. also, don't put away your christmas lights for all of the procrastinators, just don't bother. just keep them up, plug them in. >> i love that you have done this on a deck, even though you have the backyard, as well. because it shows you can do it both ways. >> outwent have a bunch of different areas. whole idea of beer garden is socializing, so do as many chairs as possible, as many areas as possible, and little stations, all around your
8:48 am
whatever property you have. >> okay, we talk about it before. you don't want to have big spread out. just trying to have fun, but i like that you are using your suck ooh lens. brought them out. has been indoors. chill think morning, but managing. >> right. other ways you can mack those little little cute, too, those, i found this old tool box. i just through those in a tool box, popped some chicken fit nerves around those. just look around your house, see what you have. i've used coffee cans, like recycle your coffee cans, rip the label off. pop them in there. it makes it like little bit more -- >> aren't you the creative one. >> also, you make little games, because there are kids, i mean the kids live here. >> adults play game, too, right? >> we talk a little bit about all of the different, mini smores? >> just terra could the a pop, crumble up some continue foil, fill the bottom. put some charcoal over top. little bit of lighter fluid. light them up. everybody, you don't have to all sit around the firement you can all have your own little station. >> one of the things that tom
8:49 am
likes, because he has his little blanket there. a september, place where people feel comfortable, getting the blanket and their little mugs. >> you don't want the complain ers it's too cold, are we really going to be outside. >> so you got to bring all of your bracket out, bring your pillows out, cozy everybody up. what are you going to do with them? here i use plumbing pipes from the hardware store, which is another good thing for outside. because, they're going with stand the weather. they might russ a little, but that's the whole look. then just get creative. i hung the mugs, toyed figure out how to hung the mugs, i used little clothes line, some s hooks, there is your mugs. >> did you actually do there? >> are you kidding me? how long have you known me. >> husband? >> i coffee did it. >> wealthy but don't know how -- >> doesn't have to be legally attached with the name husband. >> sorry. >> so, tom, coming up at 9:45, we will talk about my new light beer. and your new husband, but not husband, like the cameraman cans handle t he can't handle the truth. i haven't been drinking.
8:50 am
>> okay, next hour, talking to the guy from yards brewery, new wedding survey is out. so how much is a standard wedding costing? it goes up every year. really? it cost this much to get married? new total. boy.
8:51 am
8:52 am
8:53 am
>> beautiful out there this morning, chilly high pressure in control dollars. some colder air moves in overnight. not going to be cold day today. but won't be 61 degrees, either. then watching this system down to the southwest, that will bring us rain, and not today, and not even during the day tomorrow. not until tomorrow night does that make it here. so, temperature has gone below freezing in mount pocono, we're at 43 degrees in philadelphia, and it is in the 30's to the north and west of us, then you have to factor in the wind, and they're pretty gusty northwesterlies,
8:54 am
21 miles an hour sustain winds, in philadelphia, with a 30-mile per hour win gust, so that really makes it feel chilly out there. hey, winter's not over yet. looks like we'll see temperatures not anywhere near the low where we had last friday, when we're high only in the 20's, but, we do have some cooler air moving in by the middle of next week. so, for today, tomorrow, dry. starting clouds sunday morning, saw shine in the afternoon, so that takes you through the weaken, looking good so far. for saint patrick's day, possible kelly? >> sound good. 8:54, good morning, everybody, dealing with sun glare around the board this morning. leaving south philadelphia, headed into center city earliest disable, 30th street station, causing a a delay, normal delays eastbound schuylkill coming around the can you where sun glare, north on the freeway headed in toward philadelphia. watch for crash before route 55.
8:55 am
rolling out of northeast philly south on 95, heavy, pretty much cottman avenue, in through downtown, and septa's 15 trolleys still running with about 15 to 20 minute delays. al edges, back over to you. >> does your child want talking barbie? not so fast. critics are calling it creepy, and dangerous. coming up, how toy companies could be referring dropping on your child's conversations.
8:56 am
of truly hydrated skin? feel the difference new neutrogena hydro boost water gel. discover our newest breakthrough and bask in the glow healthy skin hydration. see what everyone is raving about at
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>> ♪
8:59 am
good morning, girls. >> good morning both every you. >> i like the doyle i you have on there. >> thank you. >> hello. >> is your shirt see through? >> just wondering. >> holes everywhere? >> they do go casino every lower. >> but get smaller the lower they g you can't see anything. >> oh, my gosh, the reaction from plenty of parent after seeing this sign at a mall. it implies six year olds should be using public rest rooms, by themselves. >> is that too young? what makes you think it is okay to send them in there by themselves? >> speaking of children, does your daughter maybe want a talking barbie, not so fast, critics calling it creepy, dangerous, how philly companies could be eaves dropping on your child's
9:00 am
conversations. judge we've seen this all over. last 20 years, sumo wrestling, the real sumo wrestling but then you can have party where they dress you up in sumo outfit. ever see that? >> are you kidding me? >> always fun, always funk. >> regular size funerals get it, giant, which costumes, bang into each other. what does sumo wrestling have to do with cherry hill, new jersey? >> i'm going to fight you. >> you've been want to go do this for awhile, haven't you? >> sumo wrestle. >> here we go. this is how it works. >> they put in you these giant outfits, then bang into each either. >> so size doesn't matter even though alex hole say little smaller than in you real life, you can both get these costumes on, she can take you down. >> here is the thing, she is wire i and fast.


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