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tv   Fox 29 News at 6PM  FOX  March 13, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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fallen philadelphia police officer. a live look right now at francis funeral home where family, friends and fellow officers are gathering to say good boy to officer robert wilson iii. skyfox over the scene earlier today as officers marched down the street. hundreds of them to the funeral home they are honoring a man who laid down his life protecting our city. very good evening everyone i'm chris o'connell. >> i'm dawn timmeney. the city is in mourning tonight as we all honor the life and service of officer robert wilson the third. fox 29's shawnette wilson is live outside the funeral home tonight where people are comeing to pay their last respects. sad day shawnette. >> reporter: yeah, you know, police are in mourning quite frankly our entire community is in mourning. something like this happens it tears the community apart. empty meantime crowds of people gathered around police this evening as they headed into the funeral home hyped me for a viewing ahead of final goodbyes tomorrow. a sea of law enforcement
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standing in formation to pay respect and honor to officer robert wilson killed in the line of duty. emotions ran high as they lined up to go inside this west philadelphia funeral home for a viewing. commissioner charles ramsay says the turnout means a lot to police and officer wilson's family. >> it means a lot to the family and that's really what matters right now. just the family being able to know that he made a difference and i think that when they look back on this they'll really come to realize just how important he was to the city and to his depth. >> reporter: crowds of people from the community gathered along the sidewalk to honor officer wilson and support the other officers. beverly duke reid says her son is also a philadelphia police officer. >> i won't happy until i hear from him at night and when i heard that day the cop was shot i called him. he said mom, i'm okay. it happened in north philly. i'm all right. >> reporter: she and others call officer wilson the ultimate hero.
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>> courageous young man. look at all the people he saved in that store. you know, could have been a whole lot of other ones. >> you can tell he must have been a very likeable officer from the poring -- outpouring of people out here. i want to give condolences to the family. this is very sad day. >> reporter: and the viewing runs until 8:00 o'clock tonight. officer wilson will be laid to rest tomorrow. dawn? >> all right, sean nest. thank you. second viewing is scheduled from 7:00 until 10:00 tomorrow in addition to tonight. that will be at the university of pennsylvania palestra. that's located at 235 south 33rd street. funeral services will be begin at 10:00 o'clock tomorrow morning also at the palestra. happening now a schoolbus struck in -- is snuck a sink hole. skyfox over the scene this afternoon on the 400 block of ontario in kensington. exactly what happened not clear right now but what we do know nine children, three adults were on that bus. no one was hurt. the water department says it has
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crews headed to that scene. sky fox also over the scene of an emergency sing hole repair in plymouth township, montgomery county. penndot says that crews are working to fix a collapse along writ plodge road that area will be closed between 476 and butler pike until at least next week. detour signs are set up in that area. >> on to your weather authority now. and what's looking like a wet start to the weekend. fox 29 chief meteorologist scott williams with us scott looking like a total wash out or what. >> it does look like a washout for the first half of the up coming weekend but there's drier hope in the forecast. as we look at ultimate doppler right now, we're dry we're quiet if you're stepping outdoors for your early friday evening plans. no rainfall. you have to head toward the pittsburgh area to see some of what will eventually head in our direct. but take look at all of this moisture that will eventually head toward the philadelphia area. as we roll the clock ahead seven, eight nine, still dry but cloudy across the area but that rainfall really starts to dry and move into sections of
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delaware by about 11:00 o'clock and then after midnight and beyond it moves toward the philadelphia area. so by 3:00 a.m. on saturday morning, we're looking at widespread light to moderate rainfall across the area. by 8am tomorrow morning even pockets of heavier rain that yellow shade that you see by 1:00 tomorrow in the afternoon we're still looking at the cloud cover and the rainfall across the area. so your saturday snapshot tomorrow morning widespread rain a washout in the morning. low 40s and then by the afternoon temperatures in the mid to upper 50s. more scattered showers. when this rainfall moves out and more temperature changes ahead with that seven day coming up. dawn and chris back to you. >> all right, thank you scott. a shocking murder in a quiet philadelphia neighborhood. a man out for walk with his dog shot and killed near his home. and now investigators are looking for answers. fox 29's dave schratwieser is live in overbrook tonight. dave we know there weren't witnesses. what exactly are police looking at because this is really scary. >> reporter: no doubt about that, dawn. let me tell you something.
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there are no real witnesses to this crime. so police today went door to door here in the neighborhood looking for surveillance video and they did find some tonight they are back at the homicide unit pouring over that video looking for something that will lead them to a killer. >> we never had anybody shot or anything close to that. >> reporter: carmen was stunned by his neighbor's murder thursday night just a few doors down from where he lives. >> it's changed over the years and you hate seeing stuff like this. >> one nicest guys you want topping. >> andre andrews was walk his dog mr. cocoa on woodcrest of a friday morning just like james stoleman was thursday night when he was shot to death a block from his home. >> a nice guy landscaper always with his daughter and his wife. >> andrews says stoleman walk with his dog molly every night. he was shocked by the murder. >> i upset. couldn't hold it in. >> reporter: detectives say stoleman was found unresponsive
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on the ground around mid block on woodcrest just after 8:30 thursday night. his dog molly sitting right next to him. police discovered he'd been shot in the in the chest. >> does not appear to be a robbery however his wallet was still on him. he had cash on him. >> reporter: neighbors a woke to find police bulletins on their wind she'll. they say violence here is extremely rare. car breaks in and burglaries are the on crimes in this area. >> he's walking his dog through the neighborhood and someone comes up and kills him. it's very tragic. it's very sad. and we will get to the bottom of it hopefully very quickly. >> mario was out walking walking hess dog friday morning. he too was stunned bite murder and the family's loss. >> it's a shame. you know i feel for them. >> it breaks your heart. it really does. >> reporter: this case has been assign to the special investigations unit. they will work on it around the clock through the weekend. police tonight tell us they do not know if this was a random killing or if the victim was targeted. chris? >> dave, thank.
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we have learned tonight in new jersey marine was among those killed in this week's helicopter crash in florida. captain stafford henry shaw the third was from bass king ridge somerset county. he and 10 other armed service members died when their chopper went down during a night training mission. salvage for the scattered continues this evening. heavy fog likely played a role in the crash. >> width dove a man killed by a bridgeton police officer late last year files a federal civil rights lawsuit. dash cam video shows the deadly incident. two officers surround a car 36-year-old jeremy reid was a passenger in the car. he was told not to move but stepped out with his hand up and was shot and killed by police. his wife is asking for $1 million in damages in her suit. the officers involved in that shooting are on administrative leave. montgomery county man behind bars accused of sexually assaulting a woman at a tanning salon. marshall gibson walked into a tanning salon two weeks ago and
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asked to use the bathroom but instead investigators say he pulled out a knife on the woman he's facing sexual assault rape and other charges. gibson is being held in jail on $25,000 bail. preliminary hearing set for march 23 are. another hiccup in the sale of the revel casino in atlantic city. a bankruptcy judge denying the sale to a florida developer. the judge says that she does not have the jurisdiction to approve the deal worth $82 million. it was set to close at the end of the month. revel shut its doors back in september after being open for just two years. the man known as the white house fence jumper pleads guilty to entering the white house armed with a knife. iraq war veteran omar gonzales exiled a white house fence and dashed into an executive mansion with folding 95 in his pocket. gonzales suffers from ptsd he allegedly sold secret service agent he was concerned the atmosphere was collapsing and
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needed to get the attention to the president. the next hearing set for june. he could face 12 to 18 months in prison. still ahead on fox 29 news at 6:00 works lives changed forever on the same stretch of road more than a decade apart. >> and those two people are married to each other. the inspirational way they're dealing with one -- not one i shall say but two tragedies coming up next. >> a crowd gathers to watch a hillside collapse to get the dramatic moment op tape but things change in the blink of an eye when spectators were forced to run. >> sean. >> chris, legion of eagles fans want marcus mariota and i'm sure chip kelly despite what he says wants mariota too. where does mariota want to be? that's next in sports. >> coming up in weather a lot of rain at least for the first part of the upcoming weekend. ultimate doppler is lit up. take a look at all this moisture readed right for our area. the timing
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♪ i'm recording. i'm recording. oh, my god! >> that doesn't sound good. a scary hillside collapse caught on camera in west virginia. spectators are sent running when the rubble brings down power lines. no one was hurt but the surround surrounding area was evacuate. officials fear weekend rain is going to make this situation even worse. a cruel quinn dense has local couple in need of your help tonight. >> this is hard to believe. they were dealt the same tragic fate driving along the same road with all kinds of twists and turns. fox 29's is a bean kuriakose is live in allentown to explain this. sabina. >> reporter: hey guys. she's recovering here and good shepherd rehab. meantime her husband dan racing to get their home ready in time so she can come home. >> just leaned and reached the first row to get glass.
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>> his wife used to grab the glass at the top. his house outfit outfitted for one person in a when he will chair. he never could have imagined wasn't day it would have to be for two. >> i just remember bouncing over and over again and spinning and spinning and all of a sudden i was in the snow. and i'm looking up a the sky. >> it's only been one month since dan's wife flipped her car on rising sun road. and nearly the same icy spot he had his accident 12 years ago. >> just like one of those shocking things you here how in the world -- no way would this happen. >> doctors say she may never walk again. it's a harsh reality she's working to accept. in the meantime dan just wants her home. that's easier said than done. >> the modifications to the house like even the one just to bump out that little area was $10,000 quote. >> with medical bills and her unable to return to work, the beers are asking the community to help bring their family back under one roof.
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>> there's certain things that have to be done in order for me to be releaseed because if they're not in time i actually might not be able to released when originally scheduled. it's definitely that's the struggle on the home front they're running into. >> a gofundme site set up to help. >> i'd love to be able to help lift her out of bed and put her in her chair. i can't. i can't stand up and do the sings of thing i would love to do for her to help her. >> reporter: and there's a link to the gofundme site set up on our website chris? sabina thanks. tomorrow march 14th always a great day to enjoy pi since it's on a saturday this year students in south philadelphia high school celebrateed 314 early this year they held a special pi contest. they were asked to memorize as many numbers in the mathematical
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sequence as they can. the student who got to real off the most. that's a long mathematical. i don't know what that is. that's incentive to memorize your math. >> locally based aramark is making the switch to cage free eggs. they're going to start phasing out liquid eggs from suppliers. the pre crack eggs currently used in air rah mark foods come from hens kept in cages much the so already starting to phase out pork from pigs crammed in cages. the tra situation to cage free eggs should be finish by 2020. >> turning to your weather now everyone looking forward to the weekend of course. fox 29's chief meteorologist scott williams joining us now. it looks like we're going to need an umbrella this weekend scott. >> yeah, as soon as later on this evening especially south and west of the area, chris. saturday will be a soaker, a washout whatever you want to indicate. we are looking at ultimate doppler right now. you can see it's dry around the philadelphia area but once we move toward the western part of
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the state around pittsburgh already looking at rainfall will eventually head in our direction direction. and wow look at you will of this moisture showing up on ultimate doppler and it is headed right toward our area at least during the day on saturday. so you might want to have indoor plans as we look at future fox cast you can see the cloud cover has already arrived. by 10:00 o'clock some of that rain starts to move into sections of delaware. 11:00 o'clock as we roll the clock ahead and zoom in a little closer you can see that moisture really starts to move in after midnight by 3am saturday morning we're looking at widespread light rain across the area. by 8:00 a.m. moderate to heavy rain. the darker green that yellow color that you see that is indicating we will have pockets of heavy rain. by 1:00 in the afternoon tomorrow, we're still looking at that rainfall. so yeah you get the drift it is going to be wet saturday. by 5:00 p.m. we're still looking at some scattered showers but not the heavy rainfall i expect the first half the day tomorrow. so we will get a few break in
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the afternoon and evening but we're still keeping that rainfall chance in the forecast. sunday we're drier. we're clearer but we turn cooler and breezy there might be a spotty shower around sunday the better of the two upcoming weekend days. we have the st. patrick's day parade on sunday as well. but take look at the rainfall totals on average. we're looking at about an inch by this time tomorrow in pottstown a little over an inch around philadelphia and wilmington. perhaps an inch and a half in lancaster. so the bottom line that rainfall moves in late tonight after 11, 12:00 o'clock. the heaviest rain the first part of the day tomorrow and on average many locations will see about an inch perhaps a little more. 46 degrees right now. dry if you're stepping outdoors humidity at 34%. we have low 40s right now in atlantic city. 43 in pottstown and 43 in allentown. temperature changes as we move toward the middle and latter part of the neck week. taking us into spring. we'll have temperatures below where we shall be for this time of year.
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so as we look at the numbers for tonight upper 30s north and west. low 40s in the city. that rainfall starts to really overtake the area after about 11:00 o'clock and once again midnight and beyond. so saturday at least the first part of the day a wash out then more scatter scattered showers in nature bite second half of the day tomorrow. 57 degrees will be the high temperature that will be above average. then cooler and breezy for sunday. a high of around 50 degrees. it's cloudy and mild mid 50s on monday. low 50s for st. patrick's day and then turning breezy and chilly as we move toward wednesday. 46 for the high temperature and upper 40s for thursday and friday when spring officially arrives. it will be a little chilly temperatures will be below that average of about 52, 53 degrees for this time of year. but it's better than having to deal with snow. >> i don't know. i'll be oh and a lacrosse side line for a rain or shine tournament cheering. >> you're getting wet. >> sean with sports now.
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i need a score card to keep up with the eagles. >> too much. listen if i was traded away i'd be bitter. i'd be angry. i mean i'm a hater but that's a different story. nick foles not bitter at all. he has a few words for philly fans and chase utley is back. he played a game for the first time since his ankle injury. the phillies with a preview of
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okay. okay. take a breath. it's been a crazy week for the eagles. in come sam bradford, demarco murray ryan matthews bye-bye jeremy maclin, chip what are you doing? why are you doing it. >> we need a better quarterback. chip says he isn't going up to get marcus mariota but come op we know better. mariota became a mack well football award honoree in atlantic city. gentlemen gentlemen watt and linebacker scooby wright the third. mariota is projected to be top five pick but the eagles are hoping he has an aaron rodgers like slip. not likely. today mariota talked about where he would like to play. >> any team that wants me. you know, i -- i just want an opportunity and for me i just want to make the most of it. for me the biggest step for me
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is to learn whatever system i go to and find ways to be able to learn it as fast as i can and be able to execute it. >> mariota no one wants to hear that politically correct answer. out with the old in with the new. let's check up the old. nick foles finally speaking since bees traded away. we don't know what chip kelly is doing. so neither does he. but st. louis is now his home and he doesn't seem bitter about the trade at all. >> you know i've been very fortunate to start my career in philly and been you know three great years. i have nothing but great things to say about philadelphia. i feel at home, and i'm thankful for the opportunity to be here because it real sal blessing to play in the nfl and as a young player you always want to play with your first team but i'm thankful i'm here. >> it's been a bad spring training for the phillies. cliff lee might already be gone for the season and the hitters man they have produced nothing. chase utley back on the field after that ankle injury looking to snap back.
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bottom of the fourth, utley to the plate he struck out at first at bat but right there he gets the base knock knocking the over the second baseman. he went one for two for the day. ryan howard the pitcher gave him a fat one and he sent that one packing. phillies want to stay in game this year they have to be great. the phils win two-one. in college the american conference temple probably just punched their tick to the ncaa tournament. they are headed to the semi finals. lasalle done in lap 10. davidson beat them sketch-66. lasalle can only hope for nit bid. also villanova they get it ton night much semi finals big eve. >> thank you sir. >> that does it for us here at 6:00 o'clock. >> we would like to say goodbye tonight by recognizing a true hero. a sad day for the city of philadelphia as we bid a final farewell to officer robert wilson ii. he died a hero last week while
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trying to stop a robbery. officer wilson, may you rest in peace.
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the tv host candidate for what he said about the first lady. >> what is wrong with people? >> i don't know. >> unbelievable. and then meanest tweets ever. >> how do you make obama's eyes light up in shine a flashlight in his ears. -- light up? shine a flashlight in his ears. that's good. and the guy that wrote one of the tweets. plus, i blew it. >> the lottery winner who can't get his million dollar check because he can't find the check. and i quit. kathy griffin's shocking decision to leave fashion police after just serious complaints shows. plus, he killed american sniper chris kyle.


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