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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  March 13, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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a little girl hurt playing outside with something sold as autism it looks like something sinister. the dangerous trend hurting kids kids. >> honoring a hero. a city begins a final farewell to a falle >> fox 29 news in hd brought to you by xfinity the future of awesome. right now emotional tribute to a fallen philadelphia police officer. hundreds of family, friends and fellow officers filed into this
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west philadelphia funeral home today to pay respects to officer robert wilson iii. at one point today the line wrapped around the block all to honor the man who lost his life protecting this community. g evening, i'm chris o'connell good evening i'm dawn timmeney. a city in mourning begins its final farewell to officer wilson wilson. fox 29's shawnette wilson is live outside the funeral home where tonight's viewing wrapped all little while ago. shawnette, a tough night for philly's finest. >> reporter: no question about that dawn it wrapped up after 8:00 o'clock tonight. and let me tell you a lot of teary eyes, heavy hearts as you can imagine from those who knew officer wilson even those who did not but we're certainly touched by what happened. steady stream of people in and out of this west philadelphia funeral home at 52nd and witness guy the end to emotional day of people paying respect and honor to fallen police officer robert wilson. he was killed in the line of duty last thursday sending the
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city into mourning. you see the signatures they've written their heart, you know felt feelings and expressions and time of healing. >> this sketch of a portrait of officer wilson stood outside near the funeral home. the artist plans to present it to officer wilson's family for his two young children. >> i created the piece in his honor you know. robert wilson's honor. to sustain this legacy for his children. >> earlier this afternoon skyfox captured emotionally moving procession of law enforcement. officers stood in formation commissioner ramsay stood with them. >> i've only been here seven years, and this is the eighth time i've had to bury one of my officers. so it's hard. it's very hard. >> reporter: crowd of community members also gathered to express their couldn't dell lenses they say officer wilson zahir row for giving his life to save others in the store during the robbery the day he was killed. >> courageous young man. look at you will the people he saved in that store. you know, could have been a whole lot of other ones.
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>> a real sad day. but i pray for him and his family. i just hope everything work out in the long run. >> reporter: commissioner ramsay says the community support means a lot to police but also to officer wilson's family. >> that's really what matters right now is just the family being able to know that he made a difference and i think that when they look back on this they'll really come to realize just how important he was to the city and to his department. >> reporter: and again officer wilson leaves behind two young children. the city certainly praying for the both of them as well as the rest of his family final farewells will be said tomorrow. dawn? >> all right, thank you shawnette. tomorrow there will be a procession from the francis funeral home to the university of pennsylvania palestra where a second viewing is scheduled to be held from 7:00 until 10:00 tomorrow morning located at 235 south 33rd street. funeral services will begin shortly after that about 10:30 also at the palestra. now there is a gofundme page set
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up for donations for officer wilson's two young sons. if you would like to make a donation you can head to my and click on the scene on tv section. and breaking right now skyfox over an incident in broomall. there are reports someone was hit by a car and then trapped underneath. authorities are still out on the scene. they cannot confirm how serious those injuries are. of course, we will stay on top this story and bring an update as soon as we have it one. on your radar tonight rain, live look outside. the roads are looking dry right now, but not for long. scott now rain starting soon i'm assuming? >> it's already begun to move to areas just south and west of philadelphia, chris. as we look at ultimate doppler right now you can see that rainfall moving toward our area. we'll zoom in a little closer right now. you can see around lancaster. coatesville also wilmington reporting a little bit of light rain and that continues to move into delaware county then eventually philadelphia county
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over the next hour or so. so if you have those late evening and overnight plans definitely pack the rain gear as we take a look at all of the green you can see this is the moisture that will impact your upcoming weekend. as we roll the clock ahead, you can see by midnight 1am we're looking at wet conditions already in the philadelphia area. moving into south jersey north and west. by 3am on your saturday morning you can see all of the green overtaking the area so we're looking at that light rain by 8:00 a.m. when you're watching the fox 29 weekend news we're looking at some pockets of heavier rain that yellow shade that you see on the map and then we're still stuck with the clouds and showers into the early afternoon time frame. 43 degrees right now humidity starting to rise at about 53%. so your saturday snapshot low 40s in the morning. widespread rainfall the heaviest rain tomorrow morning. then by the afternoon more in the way of scattered showers out there. 57 degrees will be the high temperature. when that rainfall moves out the new expected rainfall totals and also a look at your sunday
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forecast coming up. chris and dawn. >> all right. sto*t scott thanks. find out when the rain will stop in your neighborhood tomorrow. fox 29 weekend sweet your questions to the weather authority tomorrow morning using the #fox29weekend. starting at 8:00 o'clock they may just answer your weather questions. a close call for a little girl in west philadelphia who was accidentally shot in the face with a beebee gun. authorities say the little girl is okay tonight but many are worried about who's getting their hands on these kinds of weapons. fox 29's brad sattin reports on this disturbing trend. report. >> i had two kids get shot in the face with beebee guns tonight. >> reporter: these are the remnants of one of the guns broken apart by an angry parent this afternoon after two close calls outside the west mill creek rec center. these are the pellets. >> it's been happening for the last two weeks we've been chasing the kids out with the beebee guns. >> reporter: 10-year-old girl was hit in the face around 4:00 this afternoon. 2.5 hours later this nine-year-old was hit.
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>> i had my hoodie on. i was hiding my face that's when the gun shoot inside and hit me in my eye ball. >> reporter: her eye is okay but paramedic and police were called her mom outraged. >> i'm mad. i'm angry. >> reporter: she didn't want to be on camera but this rec center volunteer says about 40 kids were playing outside a handful of boys with the pellet guns shooting at people. some shots even fired into the building. minimal impact when the pellets bounce off layers of clothing but she worries the horse play could turn a lot more dangerous as the weather improves. >> thank god they were plastic pellets. the next time they might be metal pellets or the rubber ones. she could have lost her eye. >> reporter: she blames parents not supervising their children and vows to find the source of the guns tomorrow. >> there's a store somewhere in the area that's selling them to the children and we need to find out what store actually selling them to these children then need to be shut down. report. >> philadelphia police tell our brad sattin these beebee guns and air guns are illegal and you could face fines and more
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serious penalties if someone gets hurt. well take a look at these flames shooting from a south jersey hospital earlier this evening. raging fire skyfox over barlow avenue in woodbury lights just after 5:00 that home located in gloucester county. no reports tonight of any injuries. a story still developing to night. a community gathering in philadelphia's overbrook neighborhood to remember a man gunned down on the sidewalk. the victim out for a walk with his dog when that gunman opened fire. at this point investigators don't know if this was random or was he targeted. fox 29's dave schratwieser spoke to stunned neighbors. >> we never had anybody shot or anything close to that. >> reporter: carmen, was stunned by his neighbor's murder thursday night just a few doors down from where he lives. >> it's changed over the years and you hate seeing some of like this. >> one of the nicest guys you want to know. >> reporter: andrew andrews was out walking his dog mr. cocoa on woodcrest friday
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morning just like james stoleman was thursday night when he was shot to death a lock from his home. >> a nice guy. landscaper. always with his daughter and his wife. >> reporter: stoleman walk his dog molly every night. he was shocked by the murder. >> i was upset. couldn't hold it in. >> detectives say stoleman was found unresponsive on the ground around mid block on woodcrest just after 8:30 thursday night. his dog molly sitting right next to him. that's when police discovered he had been shot in the chest. >> it does not appear to be a robbery however his wallet was still on him. did he have cash on him. >> reporter: police a woke to find police bulletins on their windshield. they say violence is extremely rare. car break ins and burglaries are and the crimes in this area. >> he's walking his dog in the neighborhood. someone comes up and kills him. it's tragic, very sad. we'll get to the bomb to have of it very quickly.
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>> mario was out walking his dog friday morning. he was stunned by the murder and the family's loss. >> it's a shame. i feel for them. >> it breaks your heart it really does. >> reporter: dave schratwieser fox 29 news. >> authorities say a new jersey marine was one of 11 armed service members on board a helicopter that crashed earlier this week. captain stafford henry shaw iii from bassing rid new jersey somerset county. he was among the seven marines and four national guard soul so much injuries killed when their helicopter went down during a training mission on tuesday night. recovery crews are working to salvage all of the wreckage from the crash. the investigation into why the chopper went down continues. police in missouri are tracking down leads tonight to find the person who shot two officers earlier this week. that as dozens gather nothing sing and pray last night calling for peace. the officers were shot right outside the ferguson police station. they were standing guard over a protest. tensions remain high in ferguson in the wake of the scathing
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justice department report on racial bias in the law enforcement practices. something police officials say they are working on. >> really the number one priority on the police department right now is to make sure that we continue a tempo of service and protection and relationships in the ferguson area. >> one officer was shot in the shoulder. the other in the face. both were released from the hospital and are recovering at their homes. so far no arrests have been made made. a driver barrels into a pizza shop slamming through a plate glass window with a woman on the hood of the car. she's okay tonight. what that driver did seconds before this jaw-dropping crash. and -- >> are you going to chase me all the way home? bleep you! >> this woman not too happy. she just got out of jail accused of drunk driving and plowing into a cop and that is not all. plus, a berks county family's fight to help their daughter.
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she needs treatment at children's hospital of philadelphia every week. the one thing they need to do tonight to get their daughter the help she so relies on. >> sean. >> a lot of talk where march cause mariota will end up in the draft. he has an opinion. where does he want to play? mariota gives us an answer later in sports.
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♪ take a good look at the guy in these surveillance images. police say he's responsible for a string of robberies in northeast philadelphia. in just over two weeks authorities say he knock off eight different businesses each time the same suspect handing a
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note to the employee demanding money. he's still on the run tonight. anyone who recognizes this guy in the video should definitely give police a call. >> a man is under arrest tonight accused of tricking his way into a tanning salon and assaulting a woman inside. police say marshall gibson asked to use the restroom inside the salon. once inside, he showed the victim a knife threatened her and demanded she perform a sex act. according to investigators, it happened last month at the montgomery township business. gibson is facing numerous charges including rape. he's behind bars on $25,000 bond. part of the bridge over plymouth creek in montgomery county is broken up into chunks it won't be open for at least week. sky fox over the damage there. you can see it. penndot says it crumbled on plymouth road between i-476 and butler pike. and now the stability of the bridge is in question. a survey will be done to see the extent of the damage and traffic will have to follow detours until the situation is corrected
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corrected. a berks county family needs a pick me up literally. the special van they use to drive their daughter to children's hospital of philadelphia for treatment has taken a real beating beating. fixing it an extra expense already on top of grueling medical bills. fox 29's joanne pileggi is live outside of chop tonight with more on the struggle to get their daughter the help she desperately needs. joanne? >> reporter: chris dawn, as you know countless families bring their sick children here to chop all the time and for this family is a 100-mile round trip for from their home in berk county. but that is next to impossible right now because the van they've been using to bring their daughter here shouldn't be on the road and they need help. >> she has cerebral pal associate epilepsy, chronic kidney disease. >> reporter: there is nothing easy about the care needed for 17-year-old elena who lives in suburban berks county.
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and now getting her to her doctors at chop has become a major problem. the family's 13-year-old wheelchair accessible van is not safe to drive. they looked at our van and they were like saying we shouldn't drive it again. that it's the whole bottom carriage is rusted. >> reporter: the van is in bad shape. chris says the mechanic wanted it off the road. >> we're not driving it any more. it's too risky to take my family out in this. >> reporter: so they need a new van period. but as you can imagine their mountain of medical bills and hospital visits for their quadriplegic daughter they just can't avenue for it. >> we don't have 50,000 or more to pay for a van. we just don't have it. we know that god gave her to us and we're going to take care of her. >> reporter: the family has applied for grants and has reached out to community groups for help. they have a facebook page for elena who must go to the
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hospital at least two days a week for various treatments including a pi to you wary brain tumor and right now she can't get there. >> we're just thankful that the community and hoping that this will get out there and some of her doctors or, you know, someone will find in their heart to help us. >> reporter: the family has a small family business and they didn't want to ask for help. now they feel they have to continue to give elena the treatment she needs. if you'd like to help out you can go to and click on the scene on tv to find the links to help elena. chris, dawn. >> thank you so much joanne. well, another day another set back in the attempted sale of the former revel casino in atlantic city. a bankruptcy judge denying the sale to a florida developer today saying she doesn't have the jurisdiction to approve the $82 million deal. the sale was set to close at the end of the month. today's ruling now puts that in jeopardy. revel closed back in september
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after being open for just two years. well philadelphia has a little something for everybody but now it seems to be getting more consideration from a younger generation. popular website has taken a one step further asking users which cities 20 something should pack up and move to. fox 29's weekend bill anderson takes a look how philadelphia stacks up. ♪ >> reporter: depending on what day you ask people, philly is either the city of brotherly love or a city that a lot of people are afraid of but us real philadelphians know everything that philly has to offer and now apparently so does the website buzz feed. because of our sites our bars and how close we are to both new york and the beaches buzz feed says we're one of the top locations for 20 somethings to relocate. to that's what buzz feed thinks. i want to find out what you think. >> there's affordable living.
10:19 pm
they're plenty of jobs and the big thing for me is the restaurants are all incredible. you can get a good meal for 30 bucks. you can spend 300 bucks and get a world class meal. >> a big city but it has locations that are small. in south philly and old city they're all like own little space and they're fabulous. >> final al review that doesn't talk about our fans booing santa claus like 30 years ago. and recognizes that we've got neighborhoods, we've got museums and, yes we've got quality people. >> 20 something is a big i guess age group right now. honestly we're doing a lot of positive things an lot of good things are happening. if you look at music fashion industry everybody is close around the same age. we're actually making a pretty big impact and philadelphia is a staple for. >> reporter: philadelphia has spent millions rehabbing and expanding the city and christina would know from the chamber of commerce young professionals said it's paying off. >> on any given night of the week you can go to a free or almost free event that's open to
10:20 pm
everyone. it's not you know all these exclusive secret high-end places to go. it's very open and very welcoming. >> reporter: the list wasn't in order but philly was listed with high profile and entertain entertaining cities like new york la, new orleans and other others. we want to know what you think fox 29 family. you can go to our fox 29 facebook page. you can tweet us at fox 29 philly. let us know. is our image improving. i'll bill anderson fox 29 news. hillside comes crashing down as neighbors can only watch in horror. in seconds their lives are in danger. the close call next. and this may ab first. a guy trying to bus his way into a police station. well it work. guess what he's behind bars. what spark this give czar scene. plus would you live underground? this odd looking home now on the market and why it could save you money. >> now with tomorrow's traffic here's bob kelly. good evening everybody.
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watch for emergency work through the weekend in plymouth meeting plymouth road is closed between the blue route and the butler pike that's right there by the plymouth meeting mall. traffic diverted on to the pike and the butler pike. that will be a mess, and a mess for tomorrow with all the rain. they've already canceled the conshohocken st. patrick's day parade. postponed that until the 28th waiting until tomorrow morning for the call from the folks in delco looks like a washout for tomorrow try to enjoy the weekend and we'll see you bright and early monday
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♪ i'm recording. oh mike god. >> witnesses screaming as a hillside collapses in west virginia. spectators are sent running when the rubble starts to bring down power lines. one is hurt but the surrounding area was evacuateed. officials fear weekend rain will make that situation even worse. a guilty plea from the man who scaled a white house fence and dashed into the executive mansion. omar gonzales is war veterans who suffers from ptsd. police say he climbed a fence and tried to enter the white house with a folding 95 in his pocket back in september. investigators found hundreds of rounds of ammunition and other weapons during a search of his car. the first family was not home when gonzales tried to reach the white house. he could get 12 to 18 months in
10:25 pm
jail. a dire circumstance calling for some high-tech help in new jersey. >> doctor helping to deliver a baby using face time from miles away. kianna rivera was at her doctor's office in newark on a visit and win 10 minutes of checking in she went into labor. the problem was her doctor wasn't there. he was finishing surgery at a nearby hospital and her baby wasn't wasting any time to come into the world. so an office manager grabbed an iphone and spoke to the doctor over face time to deliver the baby. >> i told the young lady i said i'm trying not to push but it feels like it. >> when she said she had to push i said, you can't push. the doctor is not here yet. she said yeah i have to. decided to check her the baby's head was right there. >> no need for a doctor. tonight mom and baby raphael are doing just fine. while mom is glad face time helped, if she has another baby she says she wants to deliver in
10:26 pm
a more normal way. i don't blame her. >> me either. look that head of hair though. well a rested accused of shattering a schoolbus window while it was moving. you'll never guess what police say he chucked from the side of a busy highway. >> and tragedy strikes a local couple not once but twice. >> one of those shocking things you hear. how in the world, new york city way would this happen. >> the cruel coincidence that has them needing your help tonight. scott. >> chris right now the mal doppler is tracking a lot of rainfall moving in but will it move out for a part of the yeah, i'm married. does it matter? you'd do that for me? really? yeah, i'd like that. who are you talking to? uh, it's jake from state farm. sounds like a really good deal.
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jake from state farm at three in the morning. who is this? it's jake from state farm. what are you wearing jake from state farm? [ jake ] uh... khakis. she sounds hideous. well she's a guy, so... [ male announcer ] another reason more people stay with state farm. get to a better state. ♪ ♪
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>> welcome back. right now at 10:30 rain is moving in. live look out in mt. laurel, new jersey tonight. you can see the roads are dry for now. that's not going to last long. live radar showing the mess expected to show up within an hour you see that blob moving in and it's going stick around well into your weekend. scott williams has your full forecast on tap coming up in just a few minutes. a former septa police
10:30 pm
officer will spend time in jail for committing a lewd act on a subway car. 44-year-old kevin fan was found guilty of indecent exposure and open lewdness back in august fan was caught on camera touching himself on a broad street subway car. he was off duty when the incident was recorded. septa social media team reviewed the video and recognized fant he had been with septa police for 12 years. a shocking shocking set of arrests at a los angeles high school. >> more than half dozen teens one as young as 14 years old accused of sexual assault. fox's chris latchford reports. this statue famous film actress myrtle lloyd stood the high school for years. school let out this afternoon students were carrying a story with them that is at odds with all those qualities. lapd officers came to the campus this morning and arrested eight
10:31 pm
male students ages 14 to 17 in relation to a sex scandal. a ninth was arrested arrested off cap pus. police say two teenaged girls at venice high were sexually assaulted. lapd commander andrew smith. >> some of these were forced sexual acts. sexual assaults. others were consensual with individuals who are too young to give consent. >> reporter: detectives say the sexual assaults occurred on and off campus. dating back to 2013. but most of the attacks happened in the past few months. school superintendent ramon core tinies in this written statement calls it a painful moment for venice high school. senior josh noon nine saw police go a classroom across the hall. >> i saw two kids walking out of with high schools. >> senior alan hernandez saw them too. >> i saw look of nervousness and scared. pretty scared. >> reporter: students tell fox 11 news, some of those arrested were on the football team.
10:32 pm
police would not confirm that or provide any more details. >> we have some physical evidence of these incidents but we're not prepared to discuss what that is and certainly not prepared to disclose that. >> reporter: the chant does say five other suspects are still being sought. other students tell us this is a good school. and this publicity is bad. sophomore sums it up with one word. >> shocking. it was shocking. >> meanwhile a large green blob came out of nowhere. that's how a georgia schoolbus driver described how his driver's side window was shattered. it turns out that huge blob was a mint chocolate milkshake. police arrested 19-year-old mans toed the frosty treat from the side of a highway smashing smashing the window. nicholas alan jones was charged with first degree criminal damage. he says he did it as a bet. the bus wore paired and back in service the neck day. get a look at this schoolbus
10:33 pm
that landed in a sink hole and wound up stuck. skyfox over the scene this afternoon in kensington. this was inly 400 block of ontario. nine children and three adults were on that bus. fortunately no one was hurt. the water department will be back out tomorrow fixing the problem. scott is in now with weather what looks like half of a washout of the weekend. what do you got, scott. >> that rain is moving in right now chris. it will likely impact all of your saturday but it look like it's going to move out in time for sunday but look at ultimate doppler right now just lit up. you can see that rainfall moving in from the south and west right now. we'll zoom in a little closer you can see already raining some light rain around bear, delaware. also, moving toward wilmington, lancaster coatesville philadelphia some of those sprinkles starting to move toward our area. still moistening up the atmosphere, but by the time midnight hits we're looking at light rain pretty much area wide across the area. take a look at all of the rain we have to get through. it's still raining right now in north texas.
10:34 pm
sections of oklahoma. and all of this moisture is going to be moving in overnight and at least during the day tomorrow. by 1:00 a.m. you can see raining in philadelphia. raining in reading as well as atlantic city and also as we continue to clock ahead, 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning look at the rain. it's going to be a steady rain, a good saturday soaker here across the area. by 1:00 in the afternoon we're still looking at some showers across the area. although as we move beyond 2:00 o'clock into the afternoon 5:00 p.m. we're still looking at rainfall but it will be more widely scattered continuing through 8:00, 9:00 o'clock perhaps we finally get that system out of here and partly sunny skies breezy and cooler during the day on sunday. so sunday the better of the two upcoming weekend days. how much rain are we talking? as we roll the clock ahead it will be a good on average an inch or more of rainfall all is said and done across our area. that rainfall is moving in right now. the heaviest expected the first part of the day tomorrow
10:35 pm
although on and off again showers expected into the afternoon as well as the evening. low 40s right now and temperature wise we're in the low 40s. a few upper 30s out there but it will be all rain. it's going to be chilly start to spring as well by neck week we're looking at some colder air moving in. 57 degrees so mild tomorrow with that rain. then breezy, cooler, 50 on sunday. mid 50s as we move into monday. low 50s on saint patrick day and then look at the below average temperatures only in the 40s for wednesday, thursday and friday. to kick off the official arrival of spring. >> tomorrow a damp one. >> um-hmm. >> all right. >> umbrella day. >> thanks scott. driver barrels into a pizza shop with a woman on the hood of the car. she's okay tonight. what that driver did seconds before this draw dropping crash. plus accused of drunk driving then hitting a police cruiser head on and that's not all. the crazy scene that unfolded on a busy florida road.
10:36 pm
and -- >> ♪ some of these kids battling life-threatening diseases but that's not stopping them from shaking it off. that inspirational video just released from chop do you not want to miss.
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♪ a dramatic scene as a car slams into a colorado pizza shop taking a pedestrian with it it happened wednesday night in aurora. a person walking by was hit glass went flying everywhere before the car came to a stop. you see a woman who landed on the front of the hood jump off and run from the car. witnesses say it appears the driver accidentally hit the gas instead of the brake and what is amazing out of all of this no one was seriously hurt. in your money tonight ice cream you scream for free ice scream at select dairy queens this monday. dq celebrating its 75th anniversary with free soft serve ice cream cones on monday. it also benefits good a* good
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cause. dairy queen will be collecting donations for the children's miracle network. a home up for sale in maryland is getting some national attention tonight. why? it's underground. well at least most of it is. take a look. you can see from the side and the rear part of the home is under at least 15 feet of dirt. 3300 square foot home sits on more than an acre of land according to the listing the average utility bill is just a fraction of other homes the same size. because the house is completely underground it acts just like a cave. it's 55 degrees. >> neighbors say the odd appearance doesn't bother them. what about the price tag? $425,000. that seems awfully high, doesn't it? in for a hole basically. well, we all know the kind of impact penn state potions thon weekend has every year raises a lot of money for pediatric cancer. >> now one local high school is
10:41 pm
hosting a dance marathon of its own hoping to do the exact same thing. ♪ this is great. these are archbishop wood high school students in warminster, bucks county. they've just wrapped up dancing for seven straight hours all to raise money for children who are battling cancer. their goal is to get at least $50,000. great job by everyone. >> i like the outfits. all right. this may ab first a guy trying to bust his way in to a police station. well it worked and he is behind bars. what sparked this bizarre scene. and tragedy strikes a local couple not once
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♪ a florida man arrested for trying to break into of all place as police station. surveillance video catching james west banking pulling even kicking the locked doors. police say that west was high on a dangerous new street drug known as flacc a combination of bath salts cocaine and meth. it makes users hallucinate. he's charged with vandalism.
10:45 pm
he tried to break in because he thought an army of cars was following him. a woman driving the wrong way plow noose a police officer's car. both are okay tonight but that driver now facing a battle in court. fox's steve nicks shows us the aftermath of the crash. >> reporter: 21-year-old madison best post the $500 bond and walk out of the jail not very talkative. >> are you going to chase me all the way home like believe you. >> around 3:00 this morning at the intersection of began tee and mlk police tell us -- >> i'm told the 21-year-old female was quite animateed at the scene when they talk to her. however she refuseded to field sobriety test. >> reporter: given law enforce enforces a scare. officer tony roam mayo told to mlk southbound and saw best headed toward him going the wrong way. she ran the red and plowed into him. the officer's quick radio call gave his unit number and the code for accident.
10:46 pm
period. worst thing for law enforcement officer is the sound of silence when you know there's an emergency. >> business thatchers located him through gps tracking about the same time roam mayo transmitted his locate. emergency responders swarmed the scene. >> they treated the officer who had been extricated from the vehicle by responding officers and he was being treated on the ground. >> reporter: best was still in her vehicle. police say obviously inn tock indicated. later we learned since 2010 -- >> we've investigated at least four accidents prior to this one and she's been at fault in most of those case. this time the charge of dui resulting in injury. declining a blood alcohol and field sobriety test results in a suspended driver's license in florida. >> and that was fox's steve nichols reporting. it look like a real life foot loose in hawaii. no danceing in maui bars without a permit a law which dance advocates and lawmakers are
10:47 pm
trying hard to change. it may seem crazy but if you're not on the dance floor in a place that serves alcohol you can't be dancing. that also includes while you're waiting at the bar. maui establishments with liquor licenses must also designate 100 square feet for dancing and ban all alcohol from the dance floor. it's a law that many are hoping to see changeed. >> for them to not be able to dance unless they're on a specified dance floor is kind of hard to come to terms with that. >> lawmakers say the goal is to have the how way county liquor commission define the word dancing and that would allow them to create their own rules about dancing public establishment. >> reporter: cuba announcing the launch of its first internet service. it is quietly started offering white if i in recent week. the service is first -- is the first known free publicly and officially sanctioned wi-fi in the country.
10:48 pm
what are the odds of two accidents happening in the exact same spot years apart and with the same devastating results? a horrible twist of fate has a local couple leaning on each other in a way they've never imagine. >> one dreaded windy road changed both of their lives in a dramatic way. they spoke to fox 29's sabina kuriakose about this cruel coincidence. >> just lean in and reach the first row to grab a glass. >> reporter: his wife used to grab the glasses at the top. dan's house outfitted for one person in a wheelchair. he never could have imagined one day it could be for two. >> i just remember bouncing over and over again and spinning and spinning and all of a sudden i was in the snow. and i'm looking up at the sky. >> reporter: only one month since his wife flipped her car on rising sun road. and nearly the same icy spot he had his accident 12 years ago. >> just like one of those shocking things you hear. how in the world -- no way would
10:49 pm
this happen. >> doctors say heel she may never walk again. dan just wants her home. that's easier said than done. >> the modifications to the house the one to bump out that little area was $10,000 quote. >> reporter: with medical bills and tella unable to return the work the beers are asking the community to help bring their family back under one roof. >> there are certain things that have to be done in order for me to released because if they're not in time like i actually might not be able to released when originally scheduled. so it's definitely that -- that's the struggle on the home front they're running into. >> reporter: a gofundme site set up to help. >> i'd love to be able to help lift her out of bed and mut her in her chair. i can't. i can't stand up and do the things i would love to do for her to help her. >> reporter: in allentown sabina kuriakose fox 29 news. there is a gofundme set up for
10:50 pm
the beers. we put a link on our website it's just look under the seen on tv second. >> chop is one of the best hospitals in the country for children. >> some of those children fighting very serious illnesses but they got a chance to shake it off and have a little fun. take a look. ♪ ♪ shake it off ♪♪ >> patients, nurses, doctors staff at chop even local nfl player devon still and his daughter lea making an
10:51 pm
appearance. she was released after around of chemotherapy a special team at chop put the video together to celebrate child live month. >> i love it. >> that is awesome. >> the kids are having a good time. >> how about it sean. >> that's so cool. i love me some taylor swift. dope look it but i love taylor swift. call me. >> marcus mariota won't be surprised if the eagles draft him but where does he want to be be. the villanova trying to keep their number one s
10:52 pm
10:53 pm
10:54 pm
♪ chip kelly says he won't mortgage the future for marcus mariota but the talk with him being an eagle is as loud as ever. sam bradford hasn't played a full game in a year. mark sanchez well he was suspect last season. fans desperately want the kid. today mariota was in atlantic city as a mack well award honoree. the heisman trophy winner was honored along with a couple others he said he wouldn't be surprised if chip drafted him. but where does he want to be? >> any team that wants me. you know, i just want an opportunity, and for me i just want to make the move of it. for me the biggest step for me will learn whatever system i go into and find ways to be able to
10:55 pm
learn it as fast as i can and be able to execute it. >> coach jay wright told me this year villanova is as far and as good as any team he ever had. have to get to the final four to prove jay right. number one seed can c take them a long way but first they have to wip the big east tournament. semi finals at ams g providence applying the pressure late. josh heart with the turnover. chris finishes. we're died at 61. archie got fouled. two free throws so it came down to this. if it goes it's good. no good. nova survives. 63-61. they head to the big east finals in the american conference quarter finals temple in a tight one. josh brown with the steal and will comings with the duce. temple advances to the semis 80-75. coach fran dunphy 500th career win and that went by ncaa berth
10:56 pm
for the owls. lasalle in an exciting game against davidson. under five seconds left. tyler drives, and it's good. that's the ate a10 player of the year right there. he downs the explorers 67-66. lasalle can now only hope for ni nit bid. to the pros. believe it or not the sixers have been playing better basketball. last two games they beat the hawks and took the chicago bulls to overtime. they continue their progress against sacremento. the sticks certification dominate the second half and this highlight jeremy grant with the bunny two hand slam. that's the dub. but dee marcus cousin putting up a career night 39 points. 29 boards. they survive despite that effort. ryan howard head hasn't done anything so far this spring training. chase utley comes back. that prompts this. two run jack. that's a 21 win and the phillies
10:57 pm
will need those two to carry the boys if they want to win. so it looks like nova and temple going to the big dance. >> nova and temple. temple probably get a tenth seed. tenth, 11th. villanova number one spot i think. >> all right. go owls. >> finger crossed. >> remember watch tmz at 11:00 o'clock. >> we're back here
10:58 pm
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: lil' wayne flew into a major rage. he stormed off the stage. van: he can't rap over the guy who's rapping on the track. kelly: if you are personally having a concert and someone starts playing the frank sinatra version -- harvey: i'm going to slam off stage? i would never do that. you'd have to drag me off stage. dax: this miley cyrus, patrick schwarzenegger relationship is more serious than we thought. sources say they've talked marriage. think about that wedding day. harvey: oh, the kennedys and the cyruses? dax: arnold will be grooving, getting drunk smoking. van: having sex with all the waitresses. reporter: southwest airlines is doing this thing called live at 35. they have bands do surprise


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