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tv   Fox29 Weekend  FOX  March 14, 2015 8:00am-10:01am EDT

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a solemn prosession to the pennsylvania less tray as the city prepares to say a final goodbye on a hero. as officer wilson was killed protecting the men and women of philadelphia. your news your, your neighborhood, life and interactive. we welcome you on this dreary rainy morning and this is the morning we say goodbye to officer wilson the third gunned down by serving our city. picture of his early live with his family who loved him so much. many are paying their final respects right now we have live coverage all morning long on this saturday. i'm karen hepp and i'm bill
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anderson and we will keep you informed of everything that's going on with the funeral of officer wilson. we'll be there throughout the day as we get you caught up with that and all of the news of the day. a the look of breaking news that has been happening throughout the day much the weather is another one of our big stories. absolutely. we will get started with the weather with. a lot of water out there. good morning to you both, bill and karen and it's probably just one of those saturdays best spent indoors. we'll get a few breaks, but for now it's steady reign. it changes throughout the day and into the weekend. one of our twitter fateful followers brian park sent us a message earlier this morning. let it rain, i don't care, i'm inside my on. hopefully you all have the same positive attitude as today. it is a bit of a washout. not heavy rain, but it is a steady moderate rainfall. you can see all that green on
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the map and that extends all across pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware. it doesn't matter where you zoom in we're all seeing the green which indicates fairly light rain, but along with the falling rain we do have some fog in spots, too. the steedies will follow through the morning hours. don't expect any sunshine and we're not really any dry weather today because several rounds of showers are expected through the rest of the evening. by 10:00 we're still seeing a little bit of rain although that clearing line is back off the west. flooding is not a eastern can. we had mild temperatures all week which reduced the snow pack, luckily, unlike other parts of the country we're not dealing with any ice jambs or flooding. all about freezing including in the poconos where the freezing expired. this is plain old rain. it's a mild day with the clouds, the fog and the showers. visibility is low, down to just
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a couple of miles in spots at the airport coming in at 4 miles. if you do have a flight out maybe it's a good idea to check due to the low ceilings and fog. showers taper we'll see some 41-degrees. the full rest of the weekend forecast is still ahead. no matter the rain, there were so many hundreds and thousands from all over the city who are coming out right now to remember an officer who lost his life while serving his city. it's a day of celebrating the life of somebody who paid the ultimate price while trying torsive this city. sabina is there the at pennsylvania less tray of where this celebration of life of officer wilson will take place. sabina what is going on so far. >>reporter: the viewing is underway at the pennsylvania less tray. you can see on the jumbo ton.
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we have seen a slide show of family photos of officer robert wilson the third. a prosession brought his horse drawn casket here. it is planinged with officers along with ppd commanders. along with officers and city t leaders, many people from around the city, including officer wilson's own district came out to pay their respects. they told us they wanted to say thank you and goodbye. we spoke with one of them. he was a good man, a good family man. i knew him from the # second district. those police officers help us out a lot and support us in a lot of ways. this has really left a mark on the city t. it really has. and back here live at the you
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can see the family and friend photos officer wilson projected onto the screen. i can tell you there are lines of officers and mourners inside right now. there will be a funeral service at 10:30 this morning. after that the prosession will head to the cemetery will officer wilson will be given a final farewell. > there is a memorial fund. he does t have two sons. the police and fire federal credit union it will be accepting donations at any of their branches. a the look of people have come together wanting to show their support for officer wilson so there is also a go fund me page for his two young sons as karen mentioned. if you would like to donate we have all the information on our website. click the scene on tv link. there are several streets that will be shutdown during the funeral prosession and we'll
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have a list of closures on stick through us throughout the day. we will have live coverage throughout morning. you can join us for a special weekend at 10:00. at 10:30 watch as the city says its final farewell to our fallen hero. we also have another solemn service today there's going to be a memorial for 13 year old kay man naive. a celebration of his life at 26789. 30 over at haverford college. you may recall a sad tragic news that he was missing and later found dead right on the family's property. donations made to his name to animal rescue. > you in this morning in the news, investigators on the scene of a building collapse in the city's port richmond section.
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it happened around 4. 30 this morning at frankford avenue and east somerset street. we do know that one person was inside the three story home at the time. he was taken to temple hospital. so far the cause of the collapse is still under investigation. also you in from overnight, one person is recovering from a fire in hunt hinge ton. the victim was taken to einstein for treatment for burns and the cause of this fire is under investigation. and unfortunately another fire, h this was the scene overnight in fair hill. this firebreak out just after midnight in the 3,000 block of rose hill street. thankfully and fortunately no one was hurt. it is 8:07 we know that at least six people have died in the island nation of night what after it was struck by a tropical cyclone. many more fatalities are
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expected. that storm left deviation in its wake. it brought winds up to 70 miles per hour, making it most powerful sigh clones since the one that struck the philippines back in 2013. > there's some controversy coming to septa. you in ads that some are calling hateful can seen be plastered on buses. what can be done. plus also how about this one, a new jersey doctor helps deliver a baby using face time and eye time and face time. how about phoning that one in. how did it all happen. we're going to be speaking with that doctor about that welcome to the world coming up. i'm superintendent michael chip wood with a video that is bleep me this week. a man is caught on camera trying
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to scoop up a toddler. the child was plage with his young brother and sister when it happened. you can see the man running down the street with the young toddler in his arms. the children just 8 and 10 years old chased after him screaming, finally he drops the child and takes off. i see pour evil being committed by a shameless prescribing. two young children, 8 and 10, stranger danger, they did everything right. the children are true heros. they are yelling and chasing this individual forcing him basically to drop that child. child remember in this day and age do not go near strangers, do not go with strangers. look for an adult, but unfortunately in this particular case these kids are in a park area with no other adults around. 22 months, 8 years old, 10 years role. there should be some type of adult supervision. allegedly mom and dad were away and they left the care in
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chilledden are of the babysitter. the babysitter certainly didn't do her
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wall come back at 8:1. taking a look at more of your head liens, two children were hurt question bebe guns were fired off on friday. those are the pellets. plastic pellets, they were very concerned about them. community leaders are saying that more and more children are getting their hands on them.
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there was a nine year old and a 0 year old girl both shot in the face. this was at the west million creek rec center. one of them was shot in the eye. they were okay. the problems has been growing worse in past the two weeks much the fear is much more dangerous ones could be put into the guns next. thank god they were plastic pellets. the next time they might be metal or the rubber ones. she could have lost her eye. they are now on the lookout for stores that sell them. there is a former septa police officer one that is going to be spending sometime in jail for committing a lewd act on a subway car. he is 43 years old and he was found guilty of indecent p exposure. he was caught on camera in a broad street subway car. he was off duty when it was
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recorded. they reviewed the video and recognized him. he has been with septa police for 12 years. now we're going to take a look at your interactive weather. it's going to rain a lot. that's what they're telling us, but we may have some form weather to go along with that rain. let's find out. caitlyn what's it look like. >> i'm brianna and i want to know if it's going to be warm he you in for rita's. > i think so. in fact, it may never be too cold for rita's. but we've seen a very popular water ice spot open up around town. it's open and if you want to brave the rain outside i say go for it. we do have some rain, it is just rain and a lot of it. all this green moving across the delaware and up through new york and new york state and some freezing mixing it. it will continue through the rest of the morning. you can get out and move around. we did have all of our snow melt occur earlier this week with the
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warmer temperatures. flooding not a big deal, maybe a little bit of ponding on some of the roads that normally do. otherwise it's a steady reign all morning and into the afternoon. the bulk of it occurring now that started overnight. by noon you see some of the rain that started over across the area. maybe a little bit of clearing, the clouds will lift a little bit, probably not going to see any sunshine, but leftover showers will continue. we'll still call for needing the umbrella all day long, but the worse of it is this morning. rainfall is looking at less than an inch for most of us, maybe slightly higher for places like millville and wrightstown. temperatures are above freezing just about every where. it will stay cooler north and west. it's 43 in philadelphia. we'll probably climb into the low 50s with all this rain and down south and delaware you may get 50-degrees late they are
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afternoon. rain and fog for today, that's your saturday forecast, unfortunately or fortunately just an indoors day, already probably seeing some cancellations with the sports practices and that will continue throughout the afternoon. you can get back out on the playing field, but it will probably be muddy. chance of showers again on tuesday and then i'm sorry to ill you it looks like those cold-winter-like temperatures return. 38 on thursday, so with the sunshine comes the colder air that looks to last through friday. that's a look the at your seven day forecast. we'll keep you updated on the rain through the rest of the morning. how about this one, phoning it in. there is a doctor from new jersey who helped to deliver a baby thanks to her iphone and face time. and there is the baby, little after alien i tore recollectry investorry veer a. his mom was at her doctor's office when she knew the baby was coming.
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i said i'm trying not to usual p, but it feels like it. when she had she had to push i said you can't push. doctor is not here yet. she said, yeah, i have to. and i decided to check her and the baby's head was right there. well, the doctor, anyone a deval virginia was rang up surgery someplace else when little after alley had to be born. she had to phone it in with that face time. joining us by skype is dr. dioval. thank for venous. what was it like when they said we need your help and we need it this second. >> i do not believe it. it was really shocking. i just had come out of the surgery and i could not -- for a second i could not even think what was happening. there was so much commotion and the girls were in a panic. and i just said think for a second. and then i called the girls back
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and then suddenly it clicked me that this girl has phase time and i have eye phone, too and let me see what is happening because there is no way i would be even able it to the office back. right there with the face time i was able to see everything what is going on in the office. > what was it like as you're actually talking your assistant and the mom going through this process and that baby is coming out. what was that like? >> it was, of course panic, a little shocking because you know, a lot of stress how the baby will come out and whether the baby will cry or not, and you, you know, a lot of things running in my mind. i guess we stayed calm. the nurses, i told all of them no shouting, just follow what i'm saying. and so many people interrupt each other and we go right through this process.
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that's a miracle in and of itself when you have that much drama happening because one can cancel out the other. you've delivered 400 babies probably in the last decade, how does this one rate in comparison to all of the others. >> hopefully this is the only one which probably i have to do on face time, i guess. > thanks to the technology, in this moment it clicked to me that i could use this to see what is going on there. it's absolutely amazing. so did the baby, did he cry when he came out in what happened? >> yeah. that was good. in fact, the girls in the office followed, somehow they collected everything. it was all set up for a deliver rich but they followed the section well. as soon as the baby came they suctioned the baby and there was a pediatrician next to me
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standing and they were all like was the baby going to cry. > the baby did. thank you so much. we appreciate i we got so many comments on social media. all over twitter and facebook could not believe how this happened. let me just read a few of those comments that came in. you are simply the best. i can feel a trend forming. this one from jennifer, wow, social media at its best. thank you so much for joining us this morning by skype. we appreciate it and i'm certainly that family does as well. thank you. >> thank you. > all right. that is something you can let us know what you think about that one. use our hashtag fox 29 weekend. i'm sure most people are hoping that doesn't start a trend. we continue to get your comments, people paying tribute toes of oner wilson. doughy writes, fox 29 weekend god bless officer wilson and his
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family, god speed. remember that blue lives matter and we will continue to take your comments. you can send them to us, just make sure you use the hashtag, fox 29 weekend. we're taking another live look outside over there by the university of pennsylvania where where many of our sports teams do play and we needed a big venue because there were so many people that wanted to. come out to this morning and pay their final
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hashtag tech talk on twitter and we can continue the conversation online. > to continue that conversation online. in a moment we're going to be talking about a department of justice report looking into the ferguson, missouri police department coming up with the social media response there and where we go from there. all morning we'll be looking in at both the viewing and the fun l a. we're taking a look at the palestra, university of pennsylvania, literally hundred hs of police officers, thousands of people are going to come to pay their respects to officer wilson and
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welcome back, it is exactly 8:28 on this dreary saturday morning. we are taking a look at philadelphia international. a lot of people have questions this morning because there are a lot of par rads that were scheduled today. many different events. when is the rain going to stop. that's what kathy baker wants to know. she is on twitter when will it be over, by the this afternoon? probably not. it will taper a bit, but on and off showers are in the forecast or all of saturday. we've got some very organized rain moving across pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware. all of us seeing the green. there was a hint of snow up in
8:29 am
the poconos, but with temperatures above freezing it is just rain. it is the type of weather that keeps you indoors all day. rain is expected through much of the morning, steady reign through noon. into the afternoon there might be a few breaks, but unof umbrellas are needed just about all day long. here we are at 6:00 and some steddy showers down across south jersey and delaware. there's the clearing line overnight into sunday morning that we'll finally see the rain move out. we start the day off with some sunshine and for philadelphia's big st. patrick's day parade, that ill with be tomorrow. good timing. it will probably be pretty breezy, but we aren't going to see any rain. we have risen above freezing. that's good. upper 40s north and west. it's only 47 in millville, 46 in atlantic city. so fairly mild.
8:30 am
visibility still low in spots because we have a lot of fog with these showers. that fog should lift later this afternoon. four mile visibility down in philadelphia at the airport. so if you do have a flight out not too bad to check it out. a lot of times with those low ceilings a lot of delays. rain, areas of fog giving way to just a few showers into night. we clear out late, 41-degrees for the low temperature. some warm air and some very, very cold air is still in the seven-day forecast. we'll have that still ahead. we're getting a lot of tweets and messages, people who are calling in or sending the messages in. we got one from linda who says as a mother of a future female officer i can only imagine the sadness that the wilsons are going to deal with right now we're going to continue to follow this all morning. those are the sentiments so many are echoing on facebook.
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> we have sabina buena at the scene. >>reporter: lines of hour inners continue to file in to the palestra for officer wilson's viewing. behind me on the jumbo tomorrow you can see images from his life projected onto the scene. loving photos with his two sons, friends and other family members. bill was saying a little earlier this is goodbye, but a celebration of his life and that's indeed what it is. a family man of a her oak police officer who died fulfilling his oath to serve and protect. we have some video from you from the possession that brought officer wilson's body here to the palestra. inside, city leaders, police brass and officers from around the city filing by his casket to pay their respects and also ordinary people, the ones wilson
8:32 am
spent his h life serving came out here for his viewing and we spoke with one of them. i got up early because i had to be here. i wanted to get here before all the fanfare and everything just to let this man know and show the support to this family. that's why i'm here. that woman lives in the 22nd, officer wilson's district. she says she worked late last night, got home at 1:00 and got up early to be here to make sure h the city and officer wilson's family knows that he is so appreciated. the viewing continues until 10:00 this morning followed by a funeral service at 10:30. bill and karen. >> thanks sabina buena. a if he moral fund has been set up in officer wilson's name. they will accept donations at any of the branches. we have more information in the seen on tv section of my
8:33 am > the wife of a new jersey man whose deadly shooting by mrs. during a traffic stop in december has now filed a federal civil rights lawsuit. look wanda read filed that suit this week. she says the bridgeton police department condone excessive force byes of on he everrers, the suit seeks a million dollars in damages. police dashboard photo shows two officers warn him not to move. he then steps out and raises his hands, but police shoot april kill him. a man is under arrest tricking his way into a local tanning salon and then assaulting a man inside. this happened in montgomery county. marshal county asked to use the restroom in the salon and once inside, he pulled out a life and threatened the victim and demanned she perform a sex act. this happened last month at montgomery township business. he is forcing numerous charges including rape. he is is behind bars on $25,000
8:34 am
bond. take a look at this guy. this is pretty clear, police say that person is responsible for a whole string of robberies in northeast philadelphia in just the past two weeks. authorities say he knocked out at it different businesses. each time the same suspect hands out a note to an employee demanding money many e still has not been caught. if you recognize him, please call police. part of the bridge over plymouth creek in montgomery county is broken into chunks and won't be open for about a week. skyfox was over the damage and showed us what was going on. pen. says it crumbled on plymouth road between i76 and the pick. a survey will be done to see the extent of the damage and traffic will have to follow detears until they can get out there and get it fixed. more drama for the former revel casino. they denied the sale to a florida developer saying she doesn't have the jurisdiction to
8:35 am
approve the $82 million deal. remember, an $82 million deal for the revel that cost $2.6 billion to build. the sale was set to close at end of the month. the ruling now puts that in jeopardy. revel closed in september after being open for just two years. other big knews as what's happened with our football team. what the heck is going on. it's still our football team, so am you in players. we trust so many moves by the philadelphia. is this going to help? are we fielding the dream team right now. >> don't use the words dream team we know what happens we're going to check in with one of our really good friends. he is going to help us make sense of it all. there is some controversy coming soon. you in ads that some are calling hateful could soon be plastered on buses and subways.
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shade i mccoy, gone, nick foles, gone, jeremy maclin, gone. on the other side sam bradford here, demarco murray here. are you thinking in chip we trust or are you saying what the hashtag? it's been a whirlwind week for the eagles and as you can imagine in a city that loves
8:39 am
sports as much as philly social media is going crazy. eric wrote it will be a five-year disappointment because i still don't see a super bowl win for the eagles. robert said welcome to philly, big guy, let's get the train aroling. it's going to be a fun season. now we get to hear all the fans hearing for chip's head. get rid of chip is the next thing they're going to say. >> joining us this morning, former for example l, talk show host, a little bit of everything. how are you feeling. >> i'm good. i'm confused. tell me what's going on. are you optimistic at least. you might as well be optimistic because you really don't know what is going to play out. i think the big thing is they have to stay healthy. they do have some very good football players. if they stay it healthy, and they get hurt and the document
8:40 am
nose start falling, you don't want to be chip kelly. but at the same time you don't want to be chip kelly. demarco murray, a good move, a better fit? >> it's chip kelly's type because he's a guy that doesn't dance in the back field. one gut, he's going north and south. that's the kind of guy that chip wants. they have ryan matthew so you have two running backs that are going to pound on people. i'm going to whisper this a little bit, because you went from philly, played a little bit in dallas. >> keep that quiet. what's the transition like going to be him coming from dallas to philly? >> the intensity is much stronger up here. people take the game so much more seriously. up here the eagles are not just a football team, they are the city during the season. so he's going to see that and he's going to feed off of that. sam bradford, a couple years ago, people thought he was a quality quarterback.
8:41 am
can't stay on the field. got a ton of money, a number one pick. is he a good pickup. >> i think he could very well be. a team that tried to take this team to a crown. he's very smart. they want somebody that can run this offense very quickly and that's what chip kelly wanted. he's very accurate with the football. he could make the throw. they got to keep him healthy. we got to put braces on his legs or something to keep him standing up and take care of his mes. if he's healthy, the sky is the limit for football. there's a eot of ifs. some people are holding out hope that they can get a guy that can run. is this a pipe dream to put the marcus mario. you won't know that until the draft is started. if he's still there, then i think here comes chip. i can see him trying to make a move up. i don't think they're planning for that. but if it were to happen they do have some cards that they'll be able to play that they might be
8:42 am
able to make that move. we've got all the ifs. we have the guys coming back from injuries. will we be a better team when the season rolls around? >> i think so. i think that chip knows the kind of offense that he wants to operate. plus they've been proved the defense. i think they'll be a better football team in the long run, but they got to stay healthy. i'm going to go ahead and say go with it. you've had some questions in the past about mark sanchez. we got mark sanchez, gave him a the look of money -- >> mark sanchez played well last year. he just made some mistakes. i think he's got to get tighter with his fundamentals with his foot work when he throws the football. i think he'll be a good backup. you don't want on go with him the whole season, but i think he's one of the better backups. >> i think we'll be talking to you a lot this season. >> it should be fun. > thank you both, gentlemen. here's how you can maybe help this family.
8:43 am
they're from burke county and they're really helping their daughter. she needs treatment at childrens hospital of philadelphia every week. there is one thing that they rely on. we're checking our facebook page and we have one from andrew and this is talking about the police officer wilson. prayers for the wilson family. may he rest well. god bless you all and also from charlotte, rest in peace, sir, thank you for your dedicated service. and we literally have dozens and dozens of comments saying exactly the same thing. so many prepares and so many remembrances we're going to continue to cover the services remembrances we're going to continue to cover the services all (clucking noises)
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> welcome back at 8:46. this is a live view of the palestra where there is a viewing going on right now for robert wilson, the third, that 22nd district police officer who was gunned down on march 5. he is just 30 years old. he has two young sons. his family was there. of course he was buying a video game because his son was nine, turning ten and he has now celebrated that birthday without his father. his dad was buying it for him at the game stop when he was ambushed by the two suspects in
8:47 am
this case who have now been charged. he also leaves beyond a one year old son, robert the fourth. they were planning a trip to disney together when this happened. so many people have been moved by this triage definitely the police union has decided to send his sons along with his sisters children to disney when all this has has past. we saw asbestos lits stepped up. dan ackeroid and many others throughout the morning. even with the weather that we're supposed to be dealing with, the rain that is going on you can see that there are people lined up waiting to pay layer respects. it looks like it's going to be a rainy day. they will deal with taking a quick look at the pocono mountains. i guess some people are trying to deal with the weather anyway, but caitlyn it doesn't look like a good day for that. >> it doesn't. a long ski season is about to come to an end pretty soon. sue serio has been showing it in
8:48 am
the morning. we will continue this count down to spring. this time of year you need to look forward to these type of things. march 20 officially at 6:45 am p. one good sign all that water out there it's not frozen. we have a lot of rain right now, but it is warm enough in all spots to be falling as plain old rain. all of pennsylvania and extends back towards places like eastern ohio, down towards west virginia so that has to all come through before we can clear out. the rain isn't too heavy all of this green showing light to moderate rainfall that extends down to south jersey into delaware. it's nie answer rain, it canceled a lot of events. maybe the sports practices are delayed until tomorrow. maybe a good idea because we don't see the rain quitting by the noon hours. the st. patrick's day still is on beginning at 11:00 a.m. in perks ski. we'll see the scattered showers continue through the afternoon.
8:49 am
so the steedies rain is right now through noon and it's often on agriculture as we go from the evening into the overnight hours. but probably umbrellas needed all day long. we're looking at basically less than an inch, maybe up to an inch in some spots, but flooding not a concern. luckily we melted most of that snow with melted temperatures over the past week. temperatures right now above freezing every where. upper 40s to low 40s to upper 40s in south jersey. we should hit 52 p in the city. a little bit cooler north and east. we dry out tomorrow, see some sunshine. it will be breezy and pretty nice, 52-degrees. real mild weather comes on monday sitting 60-degrees, but then a real colder change. it might begin, spring that is by friday, but we're starting off the day in thes to and the 30s and only rising up to the low 40s after a very cold change beginning on wednesday. let's take a look at your seven day forecast. you brought up some of the par rads that are happening in our
8:50 am
era. so if you know par rads that are happening, let us know. we want to tell you about this family they're from burke county and they need a pick me up. they use a special van to get their daughter to childrens hospital of philadelphia for temperature. their van, they need to ticket, but it is so expensive on top of their there are grueling medical bills. it can be so devastating. 61,000, you know the cost of healthcare right now, the family says i can't afford to fix the van right now. their 17 year old daughter elaina has cerebral palsy, kidney problems and other problems. they've reached out to community groups for help because they are trying to get that new van. it has 50,000 or more to pay for a van and we just don't have it. we know that god gave her to us and we're going to take care of her. they are certainly doing everything they can. if you have it in your ability
8:51 am
and you would like to help we put some information right on our website, and to find the link for that information to get them a new wheelchair accessible van we put it there. in other news oversees, questions are swirling about the whereabouts about russia leader vladimir putin. the internet blowing up over the past couple of days about his absence. there are so many theories about where he postponed a meeting with. they have not heard anything about his whereabouts. there's all kinds of talks about personal issue, health issue. they are operating on the assumption that he is still alive. there is health rumors. you can google some of them. we'll have more of that coming up in our next hour. next hour on fox 29 weekend, septa ad controversy. a first amendment fight that will lead to what some are calling an inflammatory ad
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we're going in focus. are you ready to play ball. maybe your kids are trying out for one of the baseball teams. of course we know about bat boys and bat boys, but how about bat doings. our photo journalist introduces to rookie. he's cute. he's fast. get the bat. and he's training to be the new
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bat doing forth trenton thunder. this golden retriever rook has just good got the routine down. his attention span is going to be rather short. we want to keep the drive really high. good boy, rook. it's pretty simple. the batter drop the bat and the dog retrieved it. the trenton thunder started the routine with chase, rookie's grandfather. three generations of bat doings and it's been incredible as far as the way the fans have taken to these dogs. this season rookie will be joining his dad for the first twinings during trenton thunder games. training the dog to act under all sorts of crazy conditions. home plate and all the action is that going on. rookie and dad is so popular.
8:56 am
they have their own baseball card. the fans love it, the kids love it. after the game there will be rookie get walked around the stadium and everyone comes running over just to pet the dogs. this is check out alex rodriquez during a rehab workout smiling with the dog. the players stop and all i they want to do is come over and play with the dog. get the bat, rookie he still needs to work on a few things before the season starts in april. that makes you so happy. he makes you smile when you see him. so cute. i went online. i was looking for a breeder right after i did this story for my daughter emily. she would have loved him. do you have any doings yet. nope, my wife won't let me. what's your wife's name, heidi. >> it's time. how old is emily. >> she is three. > maybe another year or two.
8:57 am
i'll give your wife a little bit of pass on that. you bring us the greatest stories and bringing us things that warm our hearts. > you get a story for billion, send us a text or an he pale and you can use our hashtag, fox 29 weekend. > we're up here in the fox 29 news room where we're following several different stories, updates on what's happening in ferguson with department of justice, several fires that are taking place here in the city of philadelphia. we'll be on top of all of that and more here on fox 29 weekend. karen. >> thank you, bill, of course we are continuing to cover the services for officer robert wilson the third at the palestra where there is a viewing happening right now and his funeral will be at 106789. 30 this morning. we will be live all morning long covering all of these stories. our sabina correspond coast is there. she has spoken with some members of his
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
> the officer was an out and out hero and a warrior. he fought to the very end. he was taking rounds. he was actually being hit during the exchange of gunfire, but he continued to fight. officer wilson, to the very last second was a hero and he was trying to protect all the citizens that were inside of that game stop. it absolutely demonstrated the kind of courage and at the nasty that this particular officer had. he was a good person. i feel there is a great loss for this city. when you look at the actions of the officer i think he redefined what a hero is all about. it's 9:00 and a sad day deed as we continue to look in on first the viewing and then the funeral of fallen officer wilson. if there is a light at the end of the tunnel or positive out of
9:01 am
all this look at the love and support who just want to be there going inside. thousands showing how much they appreciate his commitment. i'm seeing so many pictures of whole departments arriving to the scene. we see camden county. they're coming in drove because one of the things we always see is people who want to pay their respects because we honor the people who serve all of us and do so what so many of us cannot do. thank you for officer wilson for his service and everything he gave, including his life. we also have a lot of news that has been happening overnight while maybe you were sleeping. the weather is one of our big stories. caitlyn roth mentioned a few minutes ago, there are a lot of st. patrick's day festivities. you can also let us know using our hashtag fox 29 weekend. it's foggy. >> we're seeing a the-cancellations. the rain moved in overnight, so did the fog and it's with us all day long. consider it basically a washout
9:02 am
even though we won't see too heavy of rainfall. there is a loft it. green encompassing a good junk of the east coast. rain falling over new jersey, pennsylvania and delaware. there was a bit of rain in the poconos. the rain is here. it's basically a gloomy saturday. fox futurecast shows the steedies of the showers falling during the morning showers. by afternoon we may see a few breaks. it will remain over cast and we'll have on and off showers. the umbrellas are needed all day long. into this evening as you're headed into saturday night some leftover showers. we'll keep the rain in the forecast through just about all of saturday. 42-degrees outside in philadelphia. the one good thing we always say this time of year at least it's not showing. all across the area temperatures are well above freezing and that's why we're seeing plain old rain. 48 in pottstown, 40 in wilmington. it's 49 in dover.
9:03 am
46 in wildwood where you guys could get close to 60-degrees later this afternoon. the fog is a bit of an issue if you go outside. it's the visibility maybing it hard to see. visibility down to 2 mills at the airport. we've heard about some st. patrick's day parade going on, some canceled. it's one of those days that it's a tough call. we will have the rain with areas of fog. 41 overnight with some early showers. more sunshine for tomorrow. we'll have the latest on sunday still ahead. we continue to get all sorts of messages, people who want to continue to show their port. one person said that the rain is just a sign of the tiers. it's a sad morning. we continue to offer our prayers for officer wilson's family. let's go out there to the scene right now where we have the viewing taking place. our sabina buena kuriakose is there. we've seen many of our elected
9:04 am
officials there. have you had any opportunities to speak with any members of the extended family of the officer. >>reporter: well, this morning i can tell you that many, many people continue to file in to the palestra here for officer wilson's viewing and with us joining us gentleman walk a onson. she is a close family friend of officer wilson's family. our sincere condolences. can you at the us how your family is coping right now. >> his cousins and sister are very upset. they're dealing with as best as they can. seeing the out powering of support from the city, from the community this morning, how is that presidential that, if at all. >> i think it is very helpful because it's letting the family know that he was support and he's loved and he was doing the right thing h. you told me an interesting story a little bit earlier this morning, you said you drove in and you saws of oners from not just the sit t think t, but the region. can you talk about that?
9:05 am
>> yes, i drove in starting at 38th street coming in from winslow township. many different townships probably up and down the east coast and all the tour buses, so many people. > can you tell us about officer wilson, what you remember most. >> he was a good person. he was a really good person and he was well loved by his entire family. > our condolences, thank you for joining us this morning. >> thank you so much sabina buena and there is a memorial fund that has been set up in his name. the police and fire credit union are going to be accepting donations at any of their branches. there's also a go fund me page set up for donations for his two young sons. if you'd like to donate we have all the information on our website. just go on and
9:06 am
click on the as seen as tv link. stick with us we will have continued coverage for officer wilson's funeral. you can join us for a special edition starting at 10:00, then at 106789. 30 watch as the city says itself he ' final farewell to a here on. it is 9:08 and we have another sad story in the news today, a memorial for thatten too analler 13 year old kay man naive who took his own life, a celebration of his life is taking place this afternoon over at haverford college. the delaware county teenager went missing this month and then was found dead near his on. the family is asking for donations made in his name to the animal rescue. new this morning in the news, investigators are on the scene of a building collapse in the city's port richmond section. it happened around 4:30 this morning at frankfurt avenue and east s somerset street. we do know that one person was
9:07 am
inside the home at the time. he was taken to temple hospital. so far the cause of the collapse is under investigation. also new from overnight, one person is recovering after a fire in hunt incorporate park. it happened just before 3:00 a.m. on the 1500 block of west guying a a street. another fire that we're looking into, this was the scene overnight in fair hill. this fire broke out just after midnight in the 3,000 block of rose hill street. thankfully no one was hurt. at 9:07 we know that in national news 6 people have been killed in the island nation of a new to after it was struck by a powerful cyclone. many more fatality are expected. this is a storm that left so much devastation in its wake. it brought winds up to 170 miles an hour. this island happens to be northeast of australia. this is one of the most powerful
9:08 am
cyclones to strike that area since the philippines were struck back in 2013. > there's some controversy coming soon to septa, new ads that some are calling hateful are soon to be plastered on buses and subways. > all week long we've been talking about what is happening with our eagles. we never thought that occur, but it did. it is a done deal. marko murray, the eagles are going to look a whole lot different this year. how are we feeling about that. we're going to break that down coming up. this is dan are can i cot a, doing a little spring cleaning, you neat a little motivation to get your spring cleaning done to get rid of that all that clutter. a few extra jacksons in yours purse. let me tell you how to turn your unneeded stuff into some much
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little bit more work yourself. you might end up negotiating with some buyers over your howards can. the essayers way to get some monies donate to charity. make sure it's a legitimate charity. make sure you get a receipt. there you have it, four easy ways to get that clutter out of your life, do the spring cleaning and put some much needed cash in your pocket. sorry, howard. i'm cashing
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9:13 am
> good morning everyone, 9:13. fox 29 weekend and we're taking another look at the viewing and funeral services that will take place a little bit later for officer robert wilson. of course he is the officer who was killed on mark 5 when he was simply trying to buy a video game for his son's birthday. the out pouring of love and respect has been temperature with community groups and different organizations. game stop themselves came together and raised money for the family and today there is the opportunity for all of those who want to show that level of respect and appreciation to go to the palestra and show it in honor of officer wilson our fallen here ' owe. we'll get updates with our show at the view ago and then at 10:00 we'll continue on with a
9:14 am
special edition of fox 29 weekend. sabina kuriakose will be there and will continue t show you the tribute to this man who just simply tried to buy a gift for his son. > take a look at these bullet marks. these are from pellet guns. two children were struck by bebe guns at a recollect center in west philadelphia. this was on friday. community leaders say more and more children are getting their hands on them. they are plastic baby bees. there was a nine year old and a 10 year old girl both struck in the face at the west million creek recollect center. one of them was struck in the eye. rec center volunteers say this problem has gotten a lot worse in just the past two weeks. they're using the plastic pellets, but the fear is even more dangerous ones could be put into the guns next. thank god they were plastic pellets. the next time they might be metal pellets or the rubber ones. she could have lost her eye.
9:15 am
> absolutely. the guns are illegal in the city of philadelphia. involving tears are now on the look fourth for any stores that sell them. other knews at 9:15 a former septa police officer is going to spend time in jail for committing a lewd act on a subway car. 44 year old kevin sanity was found of indecent exposure back in august. he was actually caught on camera in that process. was he on a broad street subway car. he was off duty when the incident was recorded. it was actually septa's social media team that reviewed the video and recognized him. he had been with the septa police for 12 years. taking a live look at our weather, pretty much what you're going to see throughout the day is rain no matter where you look. taking a look at center city, you see some fog, some rain. that's pretty much what we're going to get. keeping it interactive i just got a tweet that said at least it's not snow. there's the positive. this is what we say every year
9:16 am
after winter ends and spring begins it's always a good day when it's rain out there and not snow. we've seen that winter. every weekend we've had some form of snow or ice or sleet, the exception being last weekend which was pretty nice. this weekend we do, but it is just rain. let's show you radar, a lot of green moving over pennsylvania. that's all this rain that came in overnight and will last throughout the day today. not very heavy, but steady enough to cause some delays and cancellations out there and we've got the fog, too, making it hard to get around as well. rain is steedies this morning, we'll see it start to taper off this afternoon. a few breaks, but not seeing any sunshine. then the rain showers will probably fill back in this evening, at least briefly. rains in the forecast all day. you need the umbrellas, maybe it's a better day to stay inside if you can. by tomorrow morning, the sunshine is back and for the philadelphia st. patrick's day
9:17 am
we'll have some dry, nice weather. rainfall amounts only about an inch or less. we've melted a lot of snow over the past week. we're not concerned about any flooding. temperatures are above freezing. this is just rain falling. 42 in philadelphia. 49 in dover and 46 in wildwood. 52-degrees with rain and fog today. dry and breezy for tomorrow, also 52-degrees, but a very different type of 5 # degrees. really nice and mild there on monday. we'll hit 60-degrees. the cold air returning to the seven day forecast. much more on that still ahead. bill and karen. >> thanks caitlyn. > our cover story this hour, controversial ads are soon to appear on septa buses. a judge ruled the ads while inflammatory are protected by free speech. the ads call islam a religion of hate and compare the religion to the nazis. thinks the ad that we are
9:18 am
talking about. a lot of people are upset about it. amy wrote, hey septa how much would we need to buy an ad next to each hate filled ad to state that it's ad. if i'm on a accept that bus i'll be getting off. attorney ken rot while and. ken, let's start with you. free speech or hate speech? from a legal standpoint did the judge have the right to say you have to put this up even against septa's policy. >> under the first amendment they do. the first amendment is the most cherished amendment we have, freedom of speech. what septa had what was called an anti disparagement clause. so they don't like these type of advertisements going up on their buses, but when they challenged this and it was the american freedom defense initiative, it's
9:19 am
this group that challenged it, they brought it to court and the federal judge said that it does violate free speech to prohibit it from going up on the buses. they signed an order prohibiting this type of free speech going up on buses. is there possible backlash? tell me why you're so passionately opposed to this message. >> well, of course i cherish free speech, but in my opinion when i saw the ad, is this free speech, but what about no place for hate. we teach kids in hate there's no place for hate, no bullying. in my opinion these ads would make people feel unsafe, people violated. as your tweets said people might even get off the bus. ads in my mind are either to sell things or to have a positive message, not just to be out there for people to say what
9:20 am
they think without having prove that what they're saying is correct. septa has this anti disparagement policy, if the judge says that the policy in and of itself is essentially illegal, people have the right to say what they want to say is this possibly opening a huge can of worms? what's next on the side of buses. >> that can of worms have been open for a long time. the first amendment basically protects disparaging speech as in bad taste as it is and i believe it is in bad taste it is still protected by the first amendment. this has been characterized by the southern poverty law center as a hate group. you need to take that into consideration as to who is putting these ads on. in terms of the law, bill, we have to understand that unless it's a clear and present danger than and that law goes back to a case called shank versus the united states back in 1917, unless it presents a clear and present danger it would be considered protected speech.
9:21 am
expressions like this are considered to be protected under first amendment whether you like what's being said or the no. i think that we're all very clear that this type of mindset no matter how reprehensible we may think it is, this mindset does exist among some people. is it better to silence it or better to have it out there so people know it exists and have to respond to it. >> many people may not agree to me, but the optimist in me try to find some good out of dire situations. i think such ad which i understand have been up in other states and other transit systems in other states, i hope that something goodwill come of it. first of all people will start to be curious if these ads are correct or not and then maybe it will open other dialogue. there is other dialogue in discussions to show how it's wrong -- like that one
9:22 am
particular group. if you follow tradition, usually they overlap and there is no separation. so people should unite actually on something that is so -- > very clear a controversial topic. it's likely to get more controversial because the ads are coming. we look forward to speaking to you again as perhaps the buses start running around philadelphia. thanks, guys. > good seeing you, bill. if you have any questions or comments on this of course we always want to hear from you, all you have to do is tweet, go to facebook, send us messages, use the hashtag fox 29 weekend. thank you, bill. we're already getting some comments on that one right now. also we're talking about things that can only happen in the city of philadelphia. we call the segment only in philly. he's talking about politics. we know this is a democrat town, can we feel the republican in our race for mayor.
9:23 am
> let's get to those comments. if there were signs of buses against the bible or god nobody would bat an eye. let's forget the piece loving from 9/11. hello, bill, well, i have to give you props as you knew i would keep bleeding green as the eagles number one fan. he said if they traded jeremy maclin he would be trading in his hat. not happening. also we are remembering what is happening today, a true hero. we have this p picture from one of our photographers that is showing so many that are
9:24 am
9:25 am
9:26 am
> i'm bruce gordon. this week we finally learn the name of the republican candidate for the mayor of the city of philadelphia. melissa bailee is a 36 year old employment recruiter from society hill. she is the only gop primary candidate on the ballot for mayor. by the way, two months ago bailey was a registered democrat. meanwhile six democrats are vying for their nomination come may. long time elected officials, a am toker judge, a former utility execute cannive, barring a major miracle one of those democrats will slaughter bailee come november and become the city's
9:27 am
next chief executive. my take, philadelphia, the gop is mia, missing in action, non-existent. this ill with be the second mayoral race in a row in which republicans had to reach across the aisle to find someone, anyone to represent the grand old party. four years ago karen brown was the sac figures lamb losing to mayor nutter by a whopping 54 percentage points. back in 1999 republican sam cats gave john street a real run for his money. since then gop has spent most of their time fighting amongst themselves. in politics as in life, two parties are always better than one. sadly around here, that kind of competition disappeared years ago. only in philly.
9:28 am
another thing is that happening all over this country, math geeks every where, celebrating pie day 3.14 because it's march 14. and it all happened just a minutes ago. there are many things happening at our franklin institute over at the sea port museum and a lot of people having an excuse to eat pie. i appreciate it. the department of justice report looking into the ferguson, missouri police department, that's coming up and the social media response and where do we go from here, how do we address media response and where do we go from here, how do we address all of this controversy?
9:29 am
9:30 am
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welcome back at exactly 9:31 taking a look at your weather because we do have the many events that are happening today. i know that there is a big parade of course is tomorrow for st. patrick's day in philadelphia so many of the other community par rads are happening today. i know springfield is having one. if you're still having your event let us know. if you aren't, you might want to know, too because the rain is going to cause all sorts of cancellation elses. we love our tweets that we get from viewers. happy rainy saturday to you, too. don't forget any of you can join the conversation, just use the hashtag fox 29 weekend. also at doppler showing all the green and all the rain is that
9:32 am
falling across the street. even sleet in upstate, new york, but for the most part, temperatures in pa above freezing and we're seeing plain old rain. ever where you turn the rain looks the same. more showers filling in across delaware and south jersey. it began overnight and the steady reign will continue throughout noon. some of the heavier rain moving into the coast there. through the afternoon it's still raining, umbrellas needed we'll keep the showers and the forecast all the way through the evening even maybe briefly heavy down around the coast. by 10:00 we're seeing the last of the showers cross through, but it's a washout for today. just unfortunately a saturday that's probably best spent indoors. 38 in pottstown, 42 in philadelphia and 49 in dover and 47 in atlantic city. visibility low in some spots, too. all that moisture, no winds, nowhere to go. it creates some fog. visibility is down to two miles at the airport so call ahead if you do have a flight.
9:33 am
you might be experiencing some delays there. we dry things out for the st. patrick's day parade in philadelphia should be fine. a chance of showers on tuesday. behind that here comes winner's return. we are only looking at temperatures only in the 30s close to 40-degrees for high temperatures. expect a chilly change by the time we get to the end of the week. spring officially beginning next friday, march 20. we will continue to have a look into what's going on with first the viewing and then the funeral of officer wilson. i think this out powering of love and respect. he was in the 22nd district in north philadelphia but had a long history in west philadelphia so it really touched so many of this city. we saw chip kelly came out last night to the viewing. we've seen so many people coming
9:34 am
out to the viewing this morning. sabina there have been so many groups that have been arriving. who have you seen that have come out to pay their respects so far this morning? >>reporter: you know, guys, this morning we've been talking about the amount of support that's been shown for officer wilson and his family. but nothing illustrates a better than this line right here. literally at some points wrapping around the palestra. officers from all different agencies and departments around the region. we have just about a half an hour left here for this viewing followed by the funeral this morning. we have some video for you from the prosession that brought officer wilson's casket here to the palestra. his casket pulled by horse here to the palestra. it was flanged pie officers from the 22nd district as well as top police commanders.
9:35 am
of course ordinary citizens also may have been in his district came out to pay their respects as well. family was here of course anabolited by the support from the officers. we spoke to a family friend who told us that the family is having a difficult time, but all of the support is certainly happening. let's listen to what she told us. >> they're having a hard time with it. it's a very having a hard time. we're all going to get through it. and back here life, this is the jumbotron outside of the palestra you can see it has been projecting loving picturess of officer wilson all morning long. pictures with his son. bill said it best that is not only a goodbye, it's also a
9:36 am
celebration of officer wilson's life. some of these people sharing some incredible memories of him. they want his family to know how incredibly loved he was. again, just a half hour left followed by the funeral at 10:30. remember, folks, that this family is going to need support even after the funeral is over april a lot of the people are not standing there anymore. they're going to need help and a memorial fund has been set up in officer wilson's name, the police and fire federal credit union will accept donations at any of their branches. we have more information on the seen on tv section of and there's also a go fund me page that's set up for donations for officer wilson's two young sons. if you'd like to donate we have that information as well on our website. go to and click on as soon on tv. fox 29 weekend starting at 10
9:37 am
and then we continue at 10:30 with the live farewell to officer wilson. it is 9:36. there is so much news. it is such a busy day. we need to tell you about this. the wife of a new jersey man whose deadly shooting by police during a traffic stop filed a lawsuit. they said they condone excessive force by their officers. police dashboard footage shows the two officers warning duane read not to move in the passenger see the and then he steps out of the vehicle, raises his hands, but the police do shoot and kill him. there's a man under arrest accused of tricking his way into a tanning salon and assaulting a woman inside. that guy, marshal gibson asked to use the restroom in the salon, but once he was in there he cornered a victim with a knife, threatened her and
9:38 am
demanded that she perform a sex act. according to investigators this all happened last month at montgomery county business. gibson is now facing numerous charges, including rape. he is behind bars on $25,000 bond. police would like you to take a good look at this person. he is responsible for a string of robberies. that suspect has knocked off at it different businesses and every time the same person hands a note to an employee, demands money. no one has caught him as of yet. if you recognize who that person is immediately call police. > what is going on with the eagles? we had g could be a little bit earlier. i think everybody is trying to figure out if we have a new team, a good team or if chip needs ting why. a lot of people are surprised, let us know what you think and we'll be breaking it all down.
9:39 am
we'll be discussing that when we get the fanatic in. it may be all worth it. what do you think? let us know. one of the par rads in our area, springfield, they canceled it because of th
9:40 am
9:41 am
what a crazy week it was for our birds joining us right now we've got john marks from 97.5 to
9:42 am
break it all out. who's in, who's out. > how are you. >> i'm mentally exhausted. we went from mccoy being traded and we were shocked about that to nick foles being traded and chip kelly was an idiot for raiding him and now we sign marko murray and it blows up. did we just do that one as well, the nick foles. >> you think that was a bad move to get rid of nick foles. >> nick foles and bradford are about the same quarterback, i'd rather have nick foles. he makes so much money i didn't think it was, production wise if he could stay healthy and it's a big if, bradford and foles can do about the same thing. demarco murray, in signing him it gives you two things. it gives you a running back that now all of a sudden is going to replace look shawn mccoy, but b
9:43 am
it gives you the running back that chip kelly wants. shade i used to dance around a little bit, which by the way it work for him in 2013. the second thing is cowboys fans are all ticked off because they lost their unaring back. he led the nfl in rushing and it wasn't even close last year. i think it's a good move by the eagles. i still don't like the quarterback and in the nfl you need a quarterback if you're going to go anywhere and i don't like their quarterback so that's not good. > one of the best parts on twitter was to see all a of the dallas fans that were going crazy. they felt bee trade they felt he sold out for the money. some of them were making videos. >> i saw a couple different jersey being burned. you can see them doing it a couple of minutes after. if you saw the stories they were calling demarco a trader trader not a traitor with a t t. we know down in texas they might
9:44 am
have problems with spelling. now you have a top running back going from the cowboys to the eagles. cowboys fans are angry. we love it here in philadelphia. let's see how it plays out. hopefully they don't get the last laugh. we saw some video when he came into our city with his girlfriend. she is kite adorable as well. she liked the city. she liked it. he is a big, strong, good looking guy. he's 27 and remember this he has had injury in the past. head a ton of carries last year. the year after you have that many carries you take a step back. hopefully thats do haven't happen. he had huge fumbles. there are some concerns with demarco murray, but i'm excited to be an for example l fan. we'll see how it works out. i think we're all excited. it's interesting to see what's happening, but it looks like they are going to be an interesting new mover and shaker couple in our city.
9:45 am
use your hashtag, fox 29 weekend and let us know. so much emotion. i'm all over the place with the eagles right now. i'm trying to be on board, so i will have patients for now coming up in just a moment, a department of justice report looking into the ferguson, missouri police department we'll look the at social media response and also investigate where do we go from here. let's go back to our facebook page right now because we've got thousands of people commenting and liking and wanting to share their prayers for the family of the fallen officer. you can see prayers to the family. of course he leaves behind those two young sons, one who just turned ten. it was the son where he was going to buy something because he had good grades and of course his one year old son as well. it seems like he was a wonderful person and a hero. thoughts and prayers to go out to this fallen hero and his
9:46 am
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welcome back. we are now taking a live look inside the palestra at the university of pennsylvania. this is a venue of course that we hold deer for enormous events in our city. this is a venue certainly fitting to honor officer wilson the third as he is being remembered. we are seeing so many people that are filing in. it holds 8,000 some people there and we are expecting many, many
9:49 am
people to be there. maybe that number will certainly cover the services this morning for this fallen officer. you can ' it they are filing in right now. so many men in blue and they have of course black covering their badges as a tribute as the bunting will be hung all over the city. he was the with the 22nd precinct. we continue to dip in and cover the proceedings there. we have also am other headlines making the news as well. there is a lot of emotion obviously involved with the police. here in philadelphia, but across the country. earlier this month after a scathing report was released by the department of justice there was renewed focus on the police department in ferguson, missouri. questions remain surrounding the shooting debt of 18 year old michael brown, but also now into what the doj called african americans receiving disparate treatment in nearly every aspect of ferguson's law enforcement system.
9:50 am
as protestors gathered thursday night two ferguson officers were shot and social media had an immediate response. one of them said gee, i oner if it's okay with obama if the two shot cops are extra caution around suspects who are suspect or will they be fired for profiling. we'll see what type of people live in ferguson now if they don't give up the shooter they don't deserve a police department. so joining us here as we continue on with this discussion we've got solomon jones from 900amwurz discussing the debate a little bit. good morning,. >> good morning, how are you? > i am good. but you heard the comments and i heard you expressing it on your radio show that progress was being made may not be stopped as if happens with the officers. what's your take on that. >> the funny thing is there was progress being made. you saw a court clerk and two police officers were forced out
9:51 am
for racist e-mails. the attitude surrounded what you saw, discrimination only 67 percent of the people there are african american but 88 percent of the use of force. 98 percent of jaywalking. they had a react set up around fines, around police stops and they had collusion with the court system. so you see this progress being made and then you have an individual who does this thing, an individual or individuals who shoot two police officers and it gives the people who don't want people to be treated equally the excuse to say well, you don't deserve a good police department anyway. those people are getting a the look of the coverage. i know you saw a comment. i saw a comment where someone essentially said they got one of ours. we now got one of theirs. if we're trying to do something to bring this together, how do you silence or do you silence idiotic comments that really just inflame this battle? >> no, you you don't. you treat those people as what they are. they are individuals, these are people who are acting by
9:52 am
themselves. there's no system of you know, a group of black people who says we're not going to have register and we're going to break the law. this is individuals versus system. you can plug and play. it's almost like chip kelly. you can take different people and put them into ferguson's system. ferguson isn't alone. there are 60 police departments out in st. louis county doing basically the same thing and so it's not just ferguson. that's one thing that the mayor said we're being single led out. but injustice anywhere it's a threat to justice every where. so you start with ferguson and then you root it out nationally. we've heard from the person who said you got one of ours, now we got one of theirs. you also have a situation where the doj report comes out and you don't have anyone compassionately from the police condemning it and saying this is, indeed the problem. with the sides so far apart how do we solve this? >> you have to handle what is systemic and you have to make
9:53 am
sure -- one of the things that the mare of ferguson said which i found very interesting. he's like eric holder is being mean to us. he's saying mean things about us. well, he needs to say mean things about you because this was a system that was in place for decades. the first thing you have to do is you have to bring somebody from the outside to make it p stop. eric holder not only says mean things he needs to do mean things, take the department out whether it's through pressure or anything else. these individuals resigning doesn't change the problem that you have a system of discrimination that works no matter who you put in those spots. > we're going to have a lot more conversation on this. solomon we appreciate you coming in. hopefully people will start talking to each other not standing on separate sides of the street yelling at each other. you can always hear solomon on
9:54 am
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> welcome back as we take a live look as prosessions are filing in at the palestra over at the university of pennsylvania where we have so many that are getting ready to say that final farewell to officer robert wilson the third who gave his life in the line of duty. there was a tweet that i just saw from thomas advertise well,
9:57 am
the line from the police tradition assurance that every will be acknowledged with unparalyzed respect. the police officers deserve respect in these types of situations, but especially in these types of situations. they come together to show their love and support for their fallen officers. there is a memorial fund that has been set up in officer wilson's fame. you can get all that information on website. let's take a look at some of the tweets that are coming in right now. we have this one from g baldwin which says rest in peace, officer wilson, god bless his family, hashtag fallen blue. this one from angela, i always heard the good die young, the good die young, officer wilson is an example, only 30 years old. of others course he leaves behind his sons, his grandparents, a sister and his brother. we have this comment, the tiers flow for officer wilson.
9:58 am
god is heavy, god rap his arms w??ççóo?óñçoñçwwññç
9:59 am
10:00 am
i knew him, he was one of the best police officers this city has to offer period. his nine year old boy is now going to grow up without a father. a one year old is going to grow up without a dad. this is again one more example of the danger police officers and law enforcement personnel phase on a regular basis. the entire department is in shock and is in mourning. it's a sad d


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