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tv   Chasing News  FOX  March 17, 2015 12:30am-1:01am EDT

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bill: now on "chasing news". ♪ >> showing up on new jersey shore. >> a brutal a brutal winter. they want to get on the beach. >> shark snack. >> that is not nice. >> your freedom. yes. teesix not a stark snake. >> will gone to the german shepherd ever walk again? all of a sudden he had a stroke. >> he took a step and a step
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and his back legs went out. >> physical therapy. >> on display, pieces of einstein's brain some of the items you we will find. a lot of people's favorite exhibit, the largest: on largest: on display. >> 30 pounds of legal material. >> twenty-six vaccinations at one time. >> if you are at the new jersey state testing you will like -- likely see a lot of strollers. the bill makes it harder to use religion as an excuse not to vaccinate your children. parents say it is impeding on the right to religious freedom which they say is dated fully in the constitution and the new jersey senate has change that. >> it is gametime. i we will tell you that
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religious families will not vaccinate their children. we will leave the state. >> i have to get counsel as to if i understand the dangers of not vaccinating my child which i don't need further council. i am an educated woman. >> my religion and my god and my government having absolutely no place. >> what it would do is force parents to bring a notarized letter. >> this debate is absolutely ludicrous. there is a responsibility to make sure that they are safe. a medical issue. yet the right to make other
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kid safe because you don't want to do with the law says you should do. >> it also does not say that the state has the right to force you to act in a certain way. just looking at the research that they did they are using people from the cdc who said that it was somewhat inconclusive and more research needs to be done alarm fullbacks. >> there are actually a couple who feel that their children has autism is a direct result of the vaccination that they received. >> freedom of religion is the very definition of being able to believe whatever it is that you believe. to be to be able to say that religious conviction is different than personal conviction, something that you should distinguish between. >> as you can imagine, unhappy, even crying. taking the battle to the street. >> a free country kemal what was a free country. ♪
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>> we all remember the story of parker and jackson. they were taken by their father. pleading on facebook and youtube videos to bring her son back. >> you should not have taken that. >> five weeks since she has seen him. if anyone has any information please contact the police and help his mother out. >> we are all familiar with the video of the mcdonald's be down. they turned themselves in over the weekend. waiting on one more. bill: at the jersey shore getting ready to save a seal. >> a seal. >> right now with the marine mammal stranding center, the only of its kind in new jersey. a bunch of calls and e-mails on friday alone there was eight seals.
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unfortunately because is populated can they don't get much rest. mindy back to full health. >> given her size i think that shark snack. >> that's not nice. why is this happening. what
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do we expect? is this because of the season? bill: they were making fun of me. i named the seal shark snack. thank you. can you go up and pet the seal? >> do not let these guys. pretty agitated. some clause as well. >> not as cute as you thought. >> just a different place in the off-season.
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>> completely out of control of the local municipal officials. >> it turns into a dumping ground for ocean county homeless in the off-season. >> are weird business that we wish that we were not engaged in. pretty much sums up the position. >> seaside heights motel thrives in the summer but struggles in the off-season. more than two dozen stay afloat by taking and in county special needs in section eight clients. the homeless folks. everywhere. i have not had it. right now. >> can i come in?
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>> yes. >> it's okay. i don't judge. >> reporter: been in her hotel room for seven months. can you imagine? not happy with the condition, but at a loss for alternatives. >> credit checks. if not i can't pay that. i can't get anything like that. >> there was a knock a knock at the door. >> i i can't get anything. >> seaside heights police. >> what's the problem? >> can you come outside? >> are you saying hear? >> no, i'm visiting. >> am going to have to ask you leave. >> he was a complete gentleman. i don't argue with please much. management need not have worried about any sort of exposé. exposé. no one is doing anything illegal. there not trying to load all the homeless. they're doing the opposite.
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>> proportionally it is factual that there are more rooms available to us and seaside heights. however all of our motels off of the barrier island in the mainland are full. so we always look to place our clients off of the barrier island where their closer to support systems. bill: most of ocean county clients are not in motels at all but a more permanent housing and the county can put anyone in the hotel is ownership is not fully complicit. >> year-round residents, residents, most of them have been here for many many decades. a quality-of-life issue for people. >> poring over state and federal statutes in order to see what action seaside heights can take on its own behalf. ongoing effort. ♪
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>> dante, the dante, the german shepherd, ever walk again. that is what is owners hope. i cut up with them as they were walking dante, dante, a german shepherd from eight years old come in a wheelchair, to his physical therapy in edgewater. >> a very active dog. >> all of a sudden he had a stroke. >> taking a treat to have a treat. walked away. no problem. took a. took a step. the boom, his back legs went out. >> he rushed into they rushed him to the emergency room. unable to make his legs move again quex.and i like humans were they rationalize, i cannot walk and therefore. no. they are instinctual. his instinct is to get up, so he will. as long as he is not in pain and happy and not depressed we will keep going with them >> they taken to physical therapy in edgewater. it us about $100 an hour. they hour. they took me through what that entails.
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walked in the room the dr. puts a diaper on him to make sure he does not have any accidents while in the pool. he can stand on his own 2 feet in the water. they spent thousands of dollars but recommend that everyone do doggie therapy because the dogs deserve a chance. bill: who has that kind of money to spend on a dog? >> it's only if you have the money, but if you do and it is your pet it is absolutely worth it. >> we try to get him up and going as soon as possible because that is the big fear the depression. they give up. he's our baby. we have seen miracles, dogs that doctors have said will never walk. >> his condition is not a surgical condition. >> we hope someone watching this segment will be able to
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help them. bill: what is the average lifespan of a dog like that? the start is coming to the end of his life either way. >> it is their choice to send thousands of dollars. if that dollars. if that is how they choose to spend it, it means a lot to them. ♪ bill: coming up in today's "search engine", what you missed on the inter- webs. plus, fox news anchors are competing in a walking backwar longhorn's
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>> as we all know, my favorite mayor build the basile, has a history. dna info came up with their own mail all excuse machine. i tried it out this morning. put in the location you are going to in the person you are meeting in the generated, sorry i had a rough night and woke up too late. >> a safe a safe filled with $20,000 was stolen from a bar in harlem. surveillance video of the suspect. if you if you recognize this man please call the nypd.
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bill: chasing a story that goes back to 1973 when a new jersey state trooper was murdered on the job. >> you see him here murdered alongside the new jersey turnpike. two people were convicted. clark edwards still in prison. an appeals court ordered him released last year. the attorney general wanted to keep him in jail and is still there because they file the state. a person that a lot of people are not talking about is this man who was shot in the back by a group of men who tried to break out of prison in 1976 married to this woman who we talked to last fall about her husband
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and the pain he went through through his arduous recovery until his death in 2010. >> march 3 i met with the prosecutor. we went over a lot of facts in detail. the meeting the meeting was very productive. they seem like they will be very helpful. >> 1976 he and the men he was with were charged with this prison breakout but the case against them fell apart. they thought this they thought this guy would rot in prison because he was sentenced to life. but the possibility he could be released after the supreme court hears the appeal the prosecutor's office is prosecutor's office is working to see if his actions contributed to the death. a tragic the tragic part of all of this in order to make a case where the medical records come through in favor she will probably have to have her husband exhumed. >> relive this pain all over
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again. there is no statute of limitation on murder. >> absolutely. something else. the the simmons family has a weird intertwined nature. the fbi most wanted list, you think pres. obama would put them at the top of the list. keitel after all. it opens up the discussion of bringing back the death penalty in the state. >> here is what your "search engine" found today.
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walking backwards. the past three months. >> and so it began after he busted on her for skills. quite the tumble while talking about the traffic. >> that had to hurt. >> you brush your shoulders off saying a failure is an option. imagine you are casually shopping in the mall. check out this video. that is exactly what happened in canada.
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the chilly a high-speed chase between a motorcycle and the police through the wall. he got away. squirrels are the most determined that animal in your backyard. take this one. he wants to get to this birdfeeder. he might as well just go for it and almost take out the whole birdfeeder in the process. persistence pays off, and that is what your "search engine" found today. >> conjoined twins, the world's largest: on display
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bill: ridiculous. come on. i mean come on. >> doing something illegal, don't fall asleep doing it in public. check this guy out right here. he is rolling a joint on the subway and falling asleep apparently. who knows what happened to him. the guy who took the picture will come up. >> maybes about one before. ♪ bill: you are chasing a story to the museum in philadelphia dedicated to
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medical oddities. >> that is right. the world's largest: is on display: is on display pieces of einstein's brain and conjoined twins. the place is famous for medical oddities. the abnormal body parts are donated to the museum and preserved and fluid. if they are not in fluid they are covered in a plaster typecast. the conjoined twins, you can actually see the hair on there head poking through the cast. it was kind of cool. some of this is not look so bad, almost textbook like. there are exhibits i would not recommend for people with weak stomachs. people have been known to get sick on the display for. vomit. bill: now, i got that. what makes them sick.
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that will be in the real. >> a lot of people's favorite exhibit, the largest: on display. it is enormous, and you cannot believe it fit inside someone at some time. 8'4" long a port and a foot and a half at its widest i am at a. it held 40 pounds of fecal material. i no. the ark yours for that condition. still actively accepts donations. >> that sounds gross. >> i know. >> one of one of the reasons i was so excited about it for a physical exam to the manifestation of a mental disorder. how many places can you see something like that? >> these people were complete freaks, but now they are in a museum because it is a medical oddity that
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we can observe. they were the 1st ones called the siamese twins. they fathered 21 kids while being conjoined. bill: why did you go? what appealed to you? >> i like weird i like where things like this. i had some friends that were gone. this might be this might be worth it. bill: were you squeamish at all? ♪ >> this is a fox 29 news update. hi everyone, i'm fox 29's chief meteorologist scott williams. let's look ahead to your st. patrick's day tomorrow morning we're looking at temperatures right around 45 degrees. clouds around. there could be stray shower but look at this. temperatures will top out in the low 60s early but get ready for tumbling temperatures tomorrow evening and the wind will be picking up. how cold it gets and when snow could creep into that forecast sue has det
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coming up on today's telecast. and how much did you get? >> i got $77,000 i went- >> i got a cashiers check for exactly $11,000 >> and i tell you a check came in the mail for a 100 g's now my house is paid for >>debt cancellation of $50,000 $ 50,000 >> the ups sent me in the mail a check for $15,000 >> and wrote me a check for $25,000 >> be $6,300 that was handed to me. >> god has used reverend peter popoff throughout his entire life and ministry to bring miraculous miraculous deliverance to hundreds thousands of people around the world. stay tuned as reverend popoff


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