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tv   Chasing News  WTXF  March 19, 2015 12:30am-1:01am EDT

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bill: now on "chasing news". ♪ >> consider running for president. >> we know donald trump has an ego and looks at presidential politics is a way to make money. >> more viable. >> chris christie has faded to the bottom of the pile. >> nothing better than a morning playing golf soccer. a soccer golf hybrid taking the world by storm. >> we have been following closely the disappearance of a young mother from south jersey. her husband sits in jail. his mother, her mother-in-law was charged
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with interfering in the case in hiding evidence. her body has been found. they use gps coordinates to find the exact location. found wrapped in a police blanket wires tying her hands to her neck and duct tape over her nose and mouth a terrible, heinous crime. hopefully the family can get some closure. >> a joy to have her body. something i cannot even describe. >> let out on bail. not sure the timing. >> she did not say anything. with two beautiful daughters behind. same way her mother died.
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wanted to be in a locket. we are not happy with the situation. thank you so much. >> i hope you guys find some piece. if you have comments concerns do anything about the story please tweet me @chasingrohan. you can always tweet the show @chasingnews. >> the nypd is asking the public's help identifying this. on the corner of fifth avenue. a man grabbed her butt and
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then her breast. somebody took a photo. if if anyone recognizes them, please call the nypd crime files. >> a fight right outside of times square. yesterday.. yesterday. st. patrick's day. they still don't have anything better to do. the correlation that one of them is wearing a docs jersey. >> playing the irish. ♪ >> watch where you step in brooklyn. you might come along something like this. >> this small animal. perched up against a tree. >> shocking but not terribly unusual. almost a routine occurrence. i need to find out more.
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immediately knew what i was talking about. >> a friend of mine. turned out to be a goat's head. >> a consensus that it is some kind of religious ritual, voodoo or santeria. both have an emphasis on spirits and animal sacrifices. i spoke to one voodoo priest last night. >> remember associated. also with the bible. >> the bible. so why.
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bill: why does everyone immediately go to the sacrifice? people eat goat. he had pictures of goat, hanging in the window. >> and animal. if you're buying it from a butcher i don't think it's common practice to then go hang the head on a street light. ♪ have your phone? jason lived in brooklyn. brooklyn. this ad was in our local butcher. that means they are in the stores. i did not think voodoo and animal sacrifice, i thought lunch. ♪ >> you can see 175 west 12th street where a 37 -year-old boy was killed when a peace of plywood --
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plywood flew off the construction site striking her while she was walking down the street. the wind is about 30 miles per hour. but i am being blown away right now. i spoke to the construction worker here is said to me, this should have been covered every inch of the way. there there are windows not in yet. there should have been leading up. >> covered with netting. >> i am a couple blocks down from the incident. incident. i cannot film is over they're. a woman was holding onto the
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ball. >> walking down the sidewalk. a tough thing to do. you have to walk at your own risk. the construction company, a condominium released a statement deeply saddened by the death of a pedestrian walking near the construction site. thoughts and prayers are with the family. this could happen to anyone, but should it have? we will keep you updated on this story and let you know. ♪ >> have a good one. >> nothing better than a morning on the links playing golf soccer. >> being in on the ground floor of a brand-new sport like tony hawk? well, around the foot golf with the jersey guy who is
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already an international champion. >> i stumbled across a playing golf. and then -- >> that is mark woodward, quite possibly america's foremost practitioner. a soccer golf hybrid taking the world by storm. >> but golf. >> first developed in 2009. in 2,011. >> organized and everything. >> look at that. >> we played around today. it is addictive and extremely humbling. >> par four. i better get my kicking
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shoes on. that was a horrible cake. >> 131 yards. >> it beats the best day at work even with surprises like these. not trying to plan, but it is kind of funny. [laughter] >> look at that. >> mark is long off the tee his 1st shot. backspin or not, the quality international competition. big companies like adidas nike will jump on board. the events, but the
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organization after four years, and suddenly this level of passion the sky seems to be limit. bill: that is it? i don't get it. do you have a loving guys? >> the same way you play golf, golf and you can buy beer. bill: i meant. -- i am in. >> it could have been worse. ♪ >> coming up in today's "search engine", what you missed on the into pipes turning your dog into a sign >> it arches up. >> more in today's "search engine" coming up on today's "chasing news". ♪ >> here is the thing everyone has to get dugout.
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>> a new standardized test that new jersey is implementing. bill: you should write it down. i would be happy to say it. the partnership assessment. >> partnership for assessment of readiness for college and careers. >> partnership for assessment for readiness of college and careers command it is all about the partnership. >> for readiness. [laughter] bill: we are going to do it again.
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>> former congresswoman gabrielle giffords, the victim of a gunshot was in trenton today. discussing the need for laws in new jersey to protect women and families against gun violence. gun laws will protect women and families from domestic violence? tweet the show @chasingnews or me. >> we brought brian aitken into the studio. a complicated story. he is auctioning off firearms.
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you can go shooting with them. amongst other things a thousand dollars today defense course. you can give to a goodd cause and get fun stuff out of it. ♪ >> what do you got? >> so far friend of the show a house fire. it may have started in a dumpster outside of the house that is currently being renovated. highway and brought it from the dumpster to the house. it will be a total loss. ♪ >> here is what your "search engine" found today. it is so incredibly awkward. >> ready to do this?
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>> apparently that was not enough. [applause] >> i love you anyway. >> awkward. not awkward. not sure what they are doing. hysterical laughing. >> it arches up. it involves downward with an area of low pressure. >> you don't need a degree a degree or whether map. all you need is a wooden stick. >> forecast whether. check out this picture of australia news anchor. her neckline is shaped exactly like penis.
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once you see if you can and see it. if you have a dog and love to party transforming your dog. an led .-dot vest you control. that's what you're "search engine" found today. >> an exploratory committee. >> presidential politics is a way to make money. >> the ego, money, and brains. >> a lot that he can learn. ♪
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♪ bill: how is that. that looks good. >> a new study indicating folks in new york city have the longest workweeks around
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the country. including commute. somebody who commutes nine hours a week. bill: that includes the commute an easy job. i want to find out where the governor is now. turn this on. all right. all right. the governor has no public schedule but we found them in trenton. >> 2016 is off and running. a rumor that sen. rand paul will be announcing he will be running for president in early april. donald trump through his hat in the ring by launching an
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exploratory committee saying, i am the only one who could make america truly great again. not the same as a a formal campaign launch. it allows donald trump to begin raising money and hire a staff. if some people expected this command large part because he did not renew his contract with nbc. give us some insight. a potential 2016 run. >> it tells me more about the race then donald trump. a way to make money and further his brand. what it tells me a front runner right now. they look like there duking it out. chris christie has faded. a guy like donald trump says there is an opening
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for me to get in there. maybe sell some books will get a better tv contract. >> the ego in the brain. >> a lot he could learn from donald trump. it has been a massive failure for him. smart enough to sue to get his name off of the casino. a bad reputation in atlantic city. a lot of people talk about all of these players in the gop. everything is getting lost. everything is getting lost. when you say christie is at the bottom, so many people rumored to be in the pack. i don't even know where it starts or ends. it is detrimental.
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>> it has barely been a a week since the video of the 15 -year-old girl getting violently beat up in a brooklyn mcdonald's went viral. well now i am back in brooklyn right around the corner from the berkeley center. a 14 -year-old boy was violently beat up here behind the atlantic mall. i am going i am going to a press conference for community advocates are speaking out. >> it's concerning. our children are being set upon by people who have no guidance which is an issue that has to be addressed. >> the mother of the 14-year-old child 14 -year-old child says this is the street. six kids jumped her son, through him son, threw him to the ground and broke his arm into spots. innocent people.
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come forward. and he justice to be done. >> the trying to get the video footage from the cameras. the street and this area of particular is really dark. >> i don't think we have a problem. that's just what they do these days. >> a community activist. he is outraged by these events over the last week. deeply concerning. >> consequences.
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>> updated on my twitter page. you can get our facebook page "chasing news". >> the search ends with her body found bound and gagged in the words. what did her mother-in-law no? plus her sexy new project. crocheting a bikini. ♪ >> this is a fox 29 news update. hi, everyone i'm fox 29 's chief meteorologist scott williams. on your radar we are looking at ultimate doppler tracking our next system. thursday it's going to be dry and still chilly but friday temperatures will be in the mid to upper 30s. expect a mix of rain and wet snow to begin late friday morning. roads will be impacted. we'll have much more on the news at 4:00 a.m. with sue
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coming up on today's telecast. and how much did you get? >> i got $77,000 i went- >> i got a cashiers check for exactly $11,000 >> and i tell you a check came in the mail for a 100 g's now my house is paid for >>debt cancellation of $50,000 $ 50,000 >> the ups sent me in the mail a check for $15,000 >> and wrote me a check for $25,000 >> be $6,300 that was handed to me. >> god has used reverend peter popoff throughout his entire life and ministry to bring miraculous miraculous deliverance to hundreds thousands of people around the world.


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