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tv   Fox29 Weekend  FOX  March 21, 2015 8:00am-10:01am EDT

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>> it is a saturday, it is march 21, allegedly according to the calendars, it is the first full day of spring. >> despite all the snow that's outside in your backyard right now. >> we do have news to get to on this morning. >> we're following a overnight story in kingsessing neighborhood, a building collapse. >> a guy at the airport pulls a machete out and starts attacking some of the workers there. >> first it's the first day of
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spring. there's snow outside. we're going to find out exactly what's going on as we take a live look at center city. first we've got a question. >> i want to know if the when's going to get better. we have spring break next weekend and we need for it to be hot. >> we are seeing some temperatures that don't resemble anything that's hot. it does look like it's going to get milder today but there is more cold weather in the seven day forecast so it will be a while before we're talking about heat. snow totals very substantial as well. it snowed all day and it accumulated. the highest amounts in bucks and montgomery counties, 7.1 inches in morrisville. a little bit as you get down towards chester and philadelphia but still 3.9 inches at the
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airport. that was enough to cause substantial delays all day long. ultimate dop lor shows what's left of the system has moved offshore. some rain and snow showers moving across the lakes but we should stay snow free today. fox future cast shows we'll get some more sun this afternoon, probably more cloudy than a sunny day. showers could slip through later on this evening and we'll see skies clear as we head into sunday morning. temperatures right now cold in the 20s, black ice was a concern overnight. it still is this morning. we need these temperatures to rise above freezing before we lose any iciness and start to melt. the winds have been fairly calm that allowed the ice to develop overnight and for today we will see temperatures rise into the 50s.
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53 the high under mostly cloudy skies with plenty of melting. for tonight 34 degrees, mostly cloudy skies. we'll have your seven-day forecast ahead. >> we do begin this morning with this breaking news. an absolutely horrific story. seven children have been killed in an overnight fire in new york city. this is in bedford brooklyn. they are all believed to be from the same family. two people were also critically injured 6789 the cause of this fire is still under investigation. >> new this morning, a partial building collapse in the kingsessing section of the city. sabina, what have you been able to find out so far? >> reporter: good morning. i was able to get close enough to this row home to be able to safely pick up one of these fallen bricks and you can imagine just how heavy it is. imagine how lucky it is that
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when hundreds of them came crashing down on to the sidewalk, nobody was hurt. you can see the entire, the partial back wall of this row home that came down just before 12:30 last night. you can see the interior pretty much left standing in that bathroom, standing there almost untouched. also you can see into that kitchen just a little bit. incredibly there were people inside but they're okay and they said it was safe enough for these guys to stay in the building. two men who live here, they're waiting for l and i to come back later on this morning. we do have video to show you from overnight just after this happened. you can see crews on the scene dealing with this partial collapse. we know they're investigating the cause but we had all that heavy wet snow in last night that couldn't have been. they're going to be looking into
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to see if this played a factor. on the 4,900 block of kingsessing avenue. back out here live, two people were inside at the time of this collapse. they're all all right, back here this morning. they're waiting for l and i to come back here to continue their investigation. but you can see really some incredible pictures out here. all of those bricks just fell to the ground this morning, we saw people walking up and down the street. it is a busy street in this neighborhood, really very, very lucky that nobody was hurt. that's the latest out here, back to you guys. >> i'm sure we're going to hear more about that. it always leads to an investigation as to whether or not it was imminently dangerous. we're looking into a shooting in west philadelphia. police say that the suspect was just shooting down the street near a restaurant. they're not exactly sure why as of this moment.
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no one was injured and one person was arrest zbld and also we're following a developing story this morning. there was a really odd scene at an airport in new orleans. there is a suspect in the hospital. police say he sprayed wasp killer and was swinging a machete at passengers. this is at the new orleans international airport it happened last evening, as the suspect was approaching the security checkpoint. witnesses described a terrifying scene. >> i heard some screams, i turned around i saw a man jumping over the security agents and we heard two shots fired. everyone in the area started screaming. we all got on the floor, the southwest airlines employees were phenomenal they opened the emergency doors and they hustled everyone in there. >> he was once a cab driver but it's not clear if he was working at the airport at the time of the incident.
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they're not commenting on a motive. >> the future of fraternities. penn state right now is under fire where do we go from here and could students face legal repercussions? we break it down next. >> coffee cans and bingo
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music: etta james "at last" (plays throughout) ♪ sometimes, at last doesn't happen at first.
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♪ ♪ your dad just kissed my mom. ♪ turning two worlds into one takes love. ♪ helping protect that world takes state farm.
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>> welcome back. still a lot of winter scenes out your window. we had problems yesterday, maybe if you had an issue, your flight would get out this morning. also caitlin roth easter bunny breakfast. >> they're going to be trucking through that snow that accumulated yesterday. what a wintry last day of winter it was. the snow kind of stopped, changed to rain for most of us just as our equinox began. here are some of my favorites from yesterday. this squirrel has had enough of the snow. i totally agree. i think the animals have had it as well. what about these snow men who say no to spring. some love snow and some just want to keep the season going and that would be our favorite snow man.
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also this little girl so cute. so hopefully some of you could enjoy the snow day yesterday. i know the rest of you were probably completely sick of it. we will see a decent amount of melting. that system is gone, for us this is pretty late into the season to get substantial snow. we don't have snow today we will be battling the clouds, even the chance for some showers later on this afternoon or evening, but that should be minor. we'll clear out as we head into sunday and sunday itself looks beautiful. with that sunshine is going to come colder temperatures. it will be milder today but the cold is not out of the seven-day forecast. mild and melting, that's your saturday forecast. 53 degrees is the high temperature. we still have some black ice, give it a couple of hours and we'll start to see what even remains left of yesterday's snow dissipate. 45 for tomorrow, colder change
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lasting through about tuesday where high temperatures in the 40s but it's paired with a lot of sunshine. look for showers on thursday but at least it's in the 60s, temperatures fall back into the 40s by next friday. >> good morning everyone and in your news now. police are investigating what they say is a suspicious death of an 18-year-old girl. police were called to a home in kensington around 6:30 yesterday morning. they found 18-year-old margaret molina dead in an upstairs bedroom. she had bruises to her head, face and head. it appears she had been strangled. the victim's father said she had returned from the store to find her dead in her bedroom. >> she was all beaten up. >> reporter: police say that the motive is possibly an argument, although they have not said who the victim may have had an argument with. they also currently don't have a suspect. and there's a missing man in cherry hill, new jersey.
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19-year-old austin ways low was seen around 5:00 last night. he left his house and hasn't been seen since. police are looking for information. anyone who has seen him should call the police. >> thank you there, bill. in this morning's cover story, the entire fraternity system now under review. could it force out grak life? some people are talking about it and some people are asking for it. in just the past few weeks, five fraternities have been shut down or suspended amid scandals. philly manage zeen spoke to a penn state member he says, quote, here's a quick reality check. everybody from bill clinton to your grandfather to every greek organization in the national does the same thing, just as they have been doing for the
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entirety of human history. joining us live to talk about this fraternity scandal. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> thanks for joining us. holly, i'm going to start with you. after that interview came out, there were headlines all across this country. so did that whole boys will be boys attitude. how did that hold up? >> a lot of people were critical of it. the fraternity member who i spoke with said he felt as though certainly people had made a mistake in some of the postings that they made on that private facebook page but he didn't feel it rose to the level of having to be opinion ishd in the criminal justice system. he thought it was an interfraternity matter. police on the other hand say that they could face criminal charges. >> they do have a criminal investigation right now. what kind of charges could possibly happen in this case?
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>> i think the most likely charge would be invasion of privacy. invasion of privacy basically has four elements to it. one is that you would have to be photographed, which in this case the girls were. two, would have to be without their consent, which it was. three would have to be that they would have to be nude or in partial naked state, which they were. and four would have to be if they had an expectation of privacy, which they did. some of these girls were photographed while they were laying in bed. so i think if criminal charges were brought it will be invasion of privacy and i think these boys have a big problem. >> a lot of people have been thinking that as well. there's also a revenge law that's sort of a new law to keep up with the technology that came out in the fall. can that be applicable in this case? >> it could be applicable. but i think actually the invasion of privacy law is more applicable because it meets all four elements. and that charge, if they were convicted of that charge, they could serve up to one year in
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prison. so it's a very, very serious potential criminal liability for these boys. >> well, this has been certainly making the rounds on twitter. we have another tweet that says 144 people knew about penn state frat's creep shots and 143 people did nothing. do you think more people could be charged in this one, a larger section of the fraternity? >> potentially. but i don't think so. i think the person who actually took the photograph would be the most likely person to be prosecuted. this was a private facebook page of about 144 people. so the punishment for that would be the fact that the fraternity was shut down. but the person that actually took the photographs are the most likely people that would be
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criminally prosecuted. >> holly so many people think that the interview was so eye-opening, did it seem like he didn't get why people were horrified by what occurred? >> i'll just say that fraternities i think often have an ensue lar culture. so i wasn't that surprised because it didn't seem as though he was necessarily aware of what the outside world thought of his opinion. >> and in the article he brings up, there's all these other websites that have lewd photographs of other college women, but he says this is something that happens all the time. >> yeah, he did. again, he didn't feel as though this was anything more than necessarily a misdemeanor. he didn't feel as though it should be on the new york times or on cnn. >> one last comment from both of you. do you think this is going to force some of the greek life to make huge changes and maybe even be removed from penn state? do you think we'll see some of
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these campuses make the decision that this is just not worth of headache? >> i think the penn state administration has said they are going to look at reevaluating the fraternity system and yesterday there was a protest at penn state where students said yes, absolutely, that needs to happen. so i think that's pretty likely that we're going to see some sort of systemic issue being addressed. >> how about you. so many people belong to greek organizations. do you think we'll see a time where some colleges will say it's not worth the problems we're having and we're going to kick them off campus? >> i think there will just be tighter controls. fraternity life is going on for a long time at a lot of campuses across this country. i think there will be tighter controls. >> thank you both for your time we really appreciate it. holly, kentuc holly, ken. thank you for joining us. what do you think? use our hashtag #fox29weekend.
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>> i'm jeff cole. it's time for fox unfiltered where we respond to your comments and complaints right here on the air. first up, let's start with our good friend, mr. chris murphy. you had a busy week last week. your own show and filling in for mike jerrick. >> i did all six hours but i loved every minute of it. >> you know why we want to talk to you, right? >> why you ambushed me here in the makeup room, right? >> ml wrote really i love the show, but please, please, put down the spray can. hey chris, who in the world is doing your makeup. wow. chris is orange this morning. all right, mr. murphy what's going on here? >> here's the deal. we do our own makeup as you just saw and i am officially color blind. second excuse it's the dead of
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winter. i was trying to get the flyers into the playoffs. i was channelling the orange color. >> i'm glad i cleared all that up. aren't you glad you asked? >> a really good guy, a web producer, our website is hugely possible, correct? >> and it's growing because of all of you, our viewers. >> it is growing and it is popular, but there's something about it the viewers are never going to like, correct? >> yes. >> enough with the commercials at the start of your videos. i'm tired of watching the same commercials time and time again. ryan, the price of fame. >> we provide a free website but with that it comes a lot of work so we need to have advertisers to keep the system going. we love writing stories for you guys available on facebook, twitter and instagram. >> i'm standing with jen
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frederick. an assumption by our viewers. i have this question for you. >> i'm ready. >> what is your husband's name? >> steve frederick. >> how long have you been married? >> more than ten years. >> wait, i'm confused i thought i heard on the show a while ago that jen is married to steve keeley. i don't know what i know anymore. >> i can't see your beautiful face but i just know it's beauty to be hold. >> the truth is steve keeley is a jerk and i yell at him on tv sometimes and people say you would never yell at someone like that unless you're married. steve keeley is not ply husband. i have to say a while ago we did do a joke, a lot of people did hear the punchline which is when we're not married. people think we're married. such a crime. >> and that's it for this week's
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edition for fox unfiltered. we want to hear from you. e-mail us, call us, text us, and once again we'll take those smoke signals. we want your comments. i'm jeff cole. >> we love to hear from you. i'm not sure i want to hear that. >> jen and steefr keeley fight like brother and sister. >> that was great. >> not married. >> it's sad to say that "empire" is over for a while. >> the top three moments. what do you think they are? plus also, the way we do things in this town, only in philly. do you know how we picked the ballot order? we get out a high tech coffee can. seriously? take a livrn right now as we look at the sun and it will get warmer. we promise it will get better. send in requests #fox29weekend. ç
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welcome back. we got this tweet that just came in from brian turner who says any way you guys can say happy birthday to my new four-year-old kendall? you are an angel. happy birthday to you kendall and thank you for watching and
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joining us on fox 29 weekend. >> hi i'm bruce gordon. this week a tradition played out in a philadelphia courtroom. >> where is order is going to go, mayor, city commissioner. >> when candidates for the primary took turns plucking numbered bingo balls out of an old coffee can to determine their position on the ballot. the theory, and admittedly there's not a lot of research here, is that top billing is a big advantage. especially with races with lots of candidates and no obvious big names. it's believed some voters will pick the first name that looks familiar to them. if you're at the bottom of the list they may never get to you. my take? with an dom selection for ballot position makes sense, and the use of the old coffee can is kind of quaint. but the idea that ballot position should matter in a
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major political campaign, that's just sad. it suggests so voters are so uninformed, so ignorant, they will pick the first name they see they've actually heard of. but these are major elected positions. they have a big impact on the quality life in our sfe. do we really want the winners selected based on the first name we come across? there's an old saying you get the government you deserve. well, if ballot position really matters come may, we deserve whatever government we get. only in philly. >> it's crazy, too. because that has significant impact on the election. there's people whose names you never heard of but they end up number one and end up walking away with an election. >> you always pick names is it a woman, is it a name, does it sound like it's italian, does it sound irish. >> you want to hear a stretch of a segue. >> okay. >> the elections in philadelphia put some people to sleep.
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we've got. >> try to sleep like a baby. >> itsz difficult to get your kid to sleep. now our medical expert shows us some apps that really work to help to get your baby to sleep. >> there's an app for that. and the mufrk that you are -- music that you're hearing in the background called "chasing cars" by snow patrol. keep your requests coming. by snow patrol. keep your requests coming. make sure you use the
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one for the mood.lavors. one for the moment. each one can make every day more delicious than the last. the taste could only be baileys. the experience could only be yours. baileys coffee creamers. this is the one.
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>> welcome back. it is exactly 8:31 right now. let's get the number of our headlines. if you have a question about something in our community. we had a parent that said they were concerned because there swastikas displayed. >> they are actually a part of a recreation of a quilt. after visiting the museum, students expressed their feelings through art. so generally the quilt expressed feelings of sadness, regret and stated never again. the principal told us the display has been up since january and has been well received by january so far. >> how interesting. a point of discussion there.
8:32 am
>> that's our suspect. that's the person that investigators say tried to rob a bank. hands the teller a note, doesn't get any cash, runs away. police say he is armed and dangerous. if you know who that is, immediately calling 911. >> we've got an update on bobbi kristina brown, her condition is not any better. tmz is reporting the daughter of with it any houston has been moved into a rehab center but is in the same nonresponsive state. her father, bobby brown says he remains hopefully that his daughter will come out of her coma. >> that's so sad. we pray for her. we're going to take a look at your interactive weather.
8:33 am
there's lots of races going on today. a lot of people getting out trying to enjoy the spring, although you wouldn't know it so we're going to let you know if you can get out there and get a job going o caitlin will tell you after this weather question. >> fox 29. i want to know if it's going to rain today. >> i think you'll be jumping in puddles no matter what thanks to all the snow middling. not going to see much rain but significant snow across the area from all day yesterday. and in fact we've got 3.9 inches of the wet, heavy but sloppy type of snow and that accumulated at philadelphia international. more like 5 to 6 as you got further north and west of the city. na brings our seasonal total so far to 26.9 inches above the seasonal average of 21.8 inches of snow. i say so far, you never know.
8:34 am
it could snow again. it's snowed in april so far. not to say that it's going to. the we're already seeing a decent amount of melt out there. ultimate doppler showing that system departing, snow showers across upstate new york and new england. i think there will be a lot of thoetion hazy clouds around so probably mostly cloudy with just the sun peeking out. there is a chance of showers later on today. we're looking at mainly dry conditions and the rest of sunday it should be really nice. temperatures are still cold and below freezing. we were concerned about black ice this morning. we still are north and west. it's 32 in the city, 32 millville, we should jump pretty quickly. your fox cast for today, 53 degrees so we do warm up nicely. plenty of melting expected under
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mostly cloudy skies. for tonight, mostly cloudy again 34 degrees but colder temperatures await for tomorrow. i'll have that in your seven-day forecast. >> in your health news this morning, just about every parents, you're busy jiggling, swadling, but you cannot gelt the baby to go to sleep and they are crying. this is on every single parenting blog. i had to put on a movie. she had me up the longest. waking up to a crying baby is one thing, but not being able to fall back to sleep, wow. and finally this one, my sister is complaining that the baby won't fall asleep so she hands him to me and he feels asleep in like ten seconds. we're going to check in with our medical reporter. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning to you, karen. there's an app for that.
8:36 am
there are lots of apps out there that may be able to help parents, and i think we have a little bit of video to show you. we had our fox coworker try it out with her baby and she -- these apps are designed to simulate the sounds babies hear in the womb, they may create white noise, they may play lull la buys for the baby. she started trying them out when her baby was born and we asked her to try out the sleep ones and she said she found them effective. she felt like her baby went into a zone where she was hyper focused and almost mess merized. >> it's the cutest baby and a desperate parent will do anything that works. what do the doctors say? are there any draw backs from having the phone close to the baby's head? >> we talked to a child
8:37 am
psychologist who focused in early child development. she didn't think that these apps could really do any harm and that they may actually be helpful. but she wanted to have a couple of precautions saying one that with the white noise app sometimes parents are putting the volume too loud and that can disturb your baby so you want to watch the volume levels. and she said these can be level. they might be level. they're not always helpful and they're not going to work for every baby so you may have to play around a little bit. so if the app doesn't work for your baby and your baby is still crying, try some other tricks and don't think it's you. blame the app. >> thank you so much we appreciate your time and some of your insight. thank you we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> we certainly know what works for one baby doesn't work for the next baby and you settle for whatever will work. let us know if you have any tricks to get your baby to sleep. use our hashtag #fox29weekend. >> are you thinking about proposing? you want to hear about a unique
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way to do it? coming up, the perspective that could lead to some interesting memories. plus starbucks is talking race, spirit airlines is talks sex. is all publicity good publicity? >> what's your favorite hashtag and what is your hashtag. >> the one i use the most is can't stop me. tell us and we may use it on -- i'm now to this. mega super awesome. and this one, let's hope that villa nova repeats this year what they did 30 years ago. was it 30 years ago or 20 years ago? you can let us know. but anyway.
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30 years! man oh man. i'm getting old. are you going to an easter bunny event today? can you share your pictures? we love to see your kids, your babies, even your dog or cats or pets. we'll be right back.
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good morning fox 29 weekend!
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>> thank you st. agnes school out there for sending that one in on my facebook page. you can always send us a video. we love to show off your school event, your sports team. it's so easy to do. you can tweet it, you can e-mail it to us. >> we also just got a comment on my facebook page that i wanted to read you in reaction to that "only in philly" piece. when i vote for a candidate, i take into consideration the number of automated phone calls
8:43 am
i got, the junk mail and the number of years they've held office. >> i'm not sure that's much worse so go with it. a convenient new gadget is hoping to capture the engagement. there's a tiny camera built into the box that saves you the halve of someone else shoot the proposal. the cost is only $100 and you get it for three weeks. >> that's going to be a huge hit. can we see all the squealing videos like that. >> and they give you three
8:44 am
weeks. >> can you imagine the person on the video no, i told you no. >> are you a basement ping-pong master? >> there's a lot of people in our area that are training to go to the olympics. this is pretty darn cool. we've got our photo journalist bill checking it out. >> i'm a little concerned about you. >> keep them coming, your tweets. make sure you use the hash tag #fox29weekend. w??ççóo?óñçoñçwwç
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good morning, everyone. 8:47. fox 29 weekend. thanks for joining us. a man with stage 4 cancer gets to live out his dreams. >> he's got pancreatic cancer and he's not expected to live long. he's been vocal for a long time about always wanting to fly in a world war ii era biplane. he got to do it. some of his friends managed to get him connected with the pilot
8:48 am
in the exact plane that he wanted to fly. >> i have made appear sort of a bucket list. this was on my bucket list. and this is one i actually did not -- i can pull a lot of strings here and there, but i never expected that i would be able to cross this one off my bucket list. so i'm real jazzed about it. >> well, a dream come true. he says he's at peace and he is ready to live out his last days. he plans to spend them letting his friends and family know how much they've meant to him. >> road signs are popping up on highways in iowa, but this is no prank. the state put up these signs focusing on the five leading causes of deadly crashes. driving distracted, drowsy or impaired. they say they see fewer deaths on the road since starting the program. >> things they have there may be
8:49 am
shouldn't be there. people are focusing more on reading them than on the road. >> just like any other sign you see on the roadways in your vision. >> it's a unique way of spreading the message but they do appear to be working. officials say they've seen fewer deaths on the road since starting the program. >> it's time for in focus and that man right there, our photographer bill roar brings us a story. do you ever think you're good at ping-pong. there's a place in our area where they call it table tennis and they take it really seriously. >> reporter: you might think table tennis is not a very intense sport, but don't tell that to the people at the trolley car table tennis club. >> it's athletic, you get a great workout and it really helps to focus. >> the club's founder. >> the club is one of those
8:50 am
build it and they will come thing. we opened the club four years ago and immediately people started to come in. >> for those of us who are great basement ping-pong players, you might be surprised at the level of play. >> it's always fun to watch a new player walk in who used to be the best in their basement or the best in their neighborhood and their jaw just drops. >> it may look like two people hitting a ball back and forth but there's a lot going on here. >> you have to be able to read the spins on the other person's racket. you have to be able to counter those spins. you have to watch the different speeds and now how to return the ball. >> reporter: this 12-year-old has been playing here since she was nine. >> the reason i also wanted to play was to beat my dad and when i did it, i realized i was
8:51 am
actually good at it. >> she competes in tournaments around the country. his rank the top ten for kids under 13. >> i want to go to the olympics either next year or 2020. that's my goal. >> reporter: table tennis athletes have been competing at the olympics since 1988. >> for many years the asian countries dominated and that's slowly starting to change. >> reporter: some people here may never dream of competing in the olympics. most, though, dream of having fun. >> you forget about everything else around you while you're playing. play two, three hours and it feels like 15 minutes. >> can you get college scholarships for that? >> you can. i'm working on my backhand. i've got to beat my uncle ken this weekend. >> it looks pretty cool. can i sign my kid up for lessons? >> you can. they do have coaches there. they have a few that you can
8:52 am
work with there. >> they have the whole nets and they're like -- >> it's really kind of interesting where they are. they're located in a basement no windows. you wouldn't even know it's there. i drove around the parking lot a few times. >> trolley car table tennis in east falls. >> we'll put that our website. i love how you bring these things we would never find otherwise. use our hashtag #fox29weekend. >> next hour on fox 29 weekend, starbucks talking race p spirit airlines talking sex. is all publicity good publicity? >> sad to say "empire" is over. the hit isn't coming back for hm a
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>> i asked for easter bunny pictures. could this one be any cuter? thank you for sending that in. i saw that on our fox 29 facebook page. we've got a lot of people that are tweeting and facebooking. one of the big things that's been trending, "glee" because it's the end. >> i'm going to admit, i was flipping through channels and i actually i've watched "glee" for a minute.
8:56 am
>> you're a gleek? >> no. i don't want to be. i watched it for a minute. i admit it was entertaining. >> i love the show when i can catch it. i love the songs, we love the music. let me show you some of the comments. i will start to watch the last episode. all the sad goodbyes. >> i can't believe i admitted that. >> we'll be right back with our next hour. >> it's jed frederick. i wish i could just hide my junk. you're going to show me how to hide my stuff. >> so this is from a company called chill a fish. you can take them apart, they can become tables, it looks kind of like a lego look. throw the toys in here and you don't even know i'm a mess.
8:57 am
>> this is another favorite of mine. you know those lovely stuffed animals. >> why do people give me stuffed animals? >> mine want them but i like to hide them because this is crazy. it's an animal bag. >> and it turns like into a beanbag? i love this. >> you can see through it. a lot of times you can see what they look like. >> i can't get my kid to make the bed for nothing. with zip-it bedding they have a bed they can make themselves. >> i love that. >> and this stuff you put this stuff in. >> anything that you can store anything. that works for me. >> bottom line, hide your stuff in pretty organizing things.
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>> it's 9:00. good morning everyone. i'm bill anderson. >> and i'm karen hepp. >> they tell us things are supposed to get nicer. we will get to that in just a moment. we're talking marketing. do crazy promotions like spirit airlines $69 deal, do they work? does it help business? are these things that other people should take a look at? >> also "empire," enormous hit. >> it's gone for right now. so we're going to relive the top three moments of the season. what do you think they are? we'll show some of those off. >> but first, let's get a check of your forecast. the sun is out right now. you know what they have today? waffle fest at the american
9:01 am
swedish museum today. >> inside, outside, snow, spring, waffle fest always works. >> and the pocono mountains look great. so we also have a weather question. >> we got a great snow -- we're just wondering when the snow is going to be over so we can get outside. >> thanks for video. we know you were stuck inside all day yesterday and anyone who's been in the gym all winter long is saying can we just be outdoors. you might have some cold days coming up but we're seeing some improvement for today. we need improvement after all the snow we got yesterday. snowfall amounts as high as 7 inches in bucks county. you saw just over 5 inches of snow in west chester, same can be said for philadelphia at the airport. this snowed all day long. it was a wet, heart to stick type of snow at first.
9:02 am
it could have been even more but unfortunately we saw it all day on our last day of winter. this is our first day of spring and we're seeing some nice sunshine. snow showers continue across much of new england including cape cod, down through long island, those showers should stay manlly towards our north as we go through the rest of today. future cast shows sunshine outside right now, we've seen significant melting, we've switched to rain last night melting is the name of the game for all of that has accumulated. some showers are possible this evening, but they will be rain showers as temperatures rise well above freezing. right here we are rising above freezing. this is what's good we were concerned about icy patches
9:03 am
earlier. mostly we do some see colder changes in the seven-day forecast. >> i'm just going to tune out everything after 53. we're following some breaking news this morning. seven children were killed in an overnight fire in new york city. the children range in age from 5 to 15 years old and they're all believed to be family members. two people were also critically injured. they're still investigating the cause of the fire to try to find out some more. but we'll continue to look into it. >> we have something new this morning. there was a partial building collapse that happened in the kingsessing neighborhood. sabina, was anybody hurt? >> reporter: no. luckily incredibly nobody was hurt. there were people inside of this building at the time. this is a row home along the 4,900 block of kingsessing avenue. just imagine the force of all of
9:04 am
those bricks that you see there just come crashing down on to the sidewalk. but let's pan over to the bathroom there. incredibly this wall partially collapsed, it was all the exterior wall and inside of that bathroom looks like nothing was touched. everything down to the toilet paper and cleaning supplies still in place. you can see there's a sliver there into the kitchen. really an incredibly close call for these people. let's go to some video that we shot for you overnight. it happened just before 12:30 last night. part of the back wall came clear off. >> they allowed the people who lived in this home to stay inside, they said it was safe. according to the residents to stay inside of the building because it didn't affect the structure. back out here live you can see
9:05 am
just a ton of bricks on to the sidewalk. hopefully nobody was walking along when it happened late last night. >> there's a in west flld last night thris say that the suspect was just shooting down the street near a restaurant. so far nobody really knows why. but thankfully no one was injured. one person was arrested and we'll continue to look into it. >> also we're following a developing story this morning. >> we all got down on the floor, the southwest airlines employees were phenomenal. they opened the emergency doors to the jetways that were nearby and they hustled everyone in there. >> most of the witnesses talking about what happened. there was a man who approached a
9:06 am
security checkpoint and he sprayed some wasp spray and he startd wilding a machete. you can see there was a man with a shirt off he was actually slashed. this all happened at the new orleans airport last evening. the suspect is 62 years old his name is richard white and he is now in custody. >> he might have been a cab driver but they don't have any idea what the motive could have been. >> also looking into weather not he had some -- whether or not he had some history of mental illness. >> penn state students get ready to pay up. room and board is going up. university trustees voted to raise the average cost by nearly $200. officials cite higher utility cost among other things. the governor does not support this increase. >> yes, there are people banging their heads all around the delaware valley. >> did you see this spirit
9:07 am
airlines ad? they're offering what? and they want starbucks they want to talk about what eyebrow raising ads. are these companies going over the line? we will discuss. >> i want to talk to you about your taxes. before you go out and schedule your root canal, i'm going to give you some good news. here's the deal. the irs is going to process about 150 million tax returns this year, and the average tax refund is about $3,000. but before you go out and spend it on expensive bubbly, let me give you three ideas to help you actually save some money with your tax refund. first, mom was right. you should have a rainy day savings fund. i like to say you should have
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check out to see if you qualify.
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>> if you're looking for something to do, it's sunny at least, we'll call it a beautiful
9:12 am
day, you can help a spring cleanup. we'll find out exactly what kind of weather you're going to have. but first a question. >> this is erica. >> hi, erica. i'm so glad you're going to be able to get your game in. the and you will if it's in doors or outdoors today. much different than yesterday. we've officially changed over to spring. you still see some of those snow piles out there, but probably not much by tomorrow morning as we'll expect to see a lot of melting. now, erica is out in delaware county and if you're in that spot of the city or suburban areas, you are looking at high temperature around 52 degrees. so we start off kind of chilly right now. temperatures just slowly rising above freezing but we'll get into the 40s by noon, 50s by 3:00 p.m. and later on today 52 for the high temperature. expect a lot of puddles and mud out there as the snow continues
9:13 am
to melt. saturday today 53 but we do turn a bit colder by tomorrow. 45 degrees sunday with some sunshine. same thing on monday, and by tuesday it's a slow climb back into the mild temperatures. we'll have the dry weather but it takes a while longer for the mild weather to return. 63 on thursday with some showers. back to the chilly weather by friday with a high temperature of 48. >> 9:13, let's take a look at some of your headlines. philadelphia police are investigating what they say is a suspicio suspicio suspicious death of an 18-year-old girl. they found an 18-year-old dead in an upstairs bedroom. she had bruises on her neck, face and it appeared that she had been strangled. the father says he returned home from the store and that's when
9:14 am
he found her dead in her bedroom. >> she was all beaten up. she was really, really destroyed. >> police say the motive is possibly an argument, although they have not said with whom the victim may have had a dispute. they also do not have a suspect. >> a missing man in cherry hill new jersey. he was last seen yesterday as individuals -- they say that he actually left his house around 5:00. he was last seen on the 900 block of north birch wood park drive. anyone who has information, please call the police. >> we always try to answer your calls. if you have a question about something, we got some complaints about some swastikas that were displayed at one of our local schools. we we went down there to check it out and it may not be what you would expect. this is the andrew jackson school, they're learning about groups who have been
9:15 am
discriminated against. there are some swastikas right there on that quilt and it's similar to one on display in the holocaust museum. after visiting the museum, the students expressed their feelings creating their own quilt through art. they express feelings of sadness, regret and stating never to have this happen again. this has been up since january and the principal says overall it's been well-received by the parents. >> and good morning. we're talking about controversial campaigns this morning. starbucks, they have a race together campaign where they're encouraging their employees to talk about race relations to random customers. and spirit airlines has a $69 campaign that, you know, if you don't understand the 69, google it. at any rate, it's controversial. spark some disdiscussion. are they marketing ploys, good ideas? bad ideas? social media is buzzing about this. especially physical therapy spirit airlines deal.
9:16 am
on our fox 29 facebook page, lorry wrote, losen up, how about grow up. reliving being a boy of 12 shouldn't be the campaign for an ad. and shawn said there are companies that we pa tronize every day that do worse things that promote cheap air fares through racy ads. jeff a marketing executive is here with us. so what do you think? racy ads aren't anything new. did they go too far? what's your take? >> i think they're happy you and i are speaking about it this morning. it races awareness. the provocative nature of the ad. yeah. it turns a lot of people off, but spirit airlines is like the 8th 340e69 hated company in the world. if you want a cup of water, they'll charge you, if you want to use the overhead bin, they've
9:17 am
charge you. >> that's why it's $69. >> but look at all the free pr because everyone is upset, they're buzzing about it on social media. while we may not like it, some of us are going to be like whoa, $69, that's a good fare. part of what you do for your clients, trying to maximize for. >> good dollars spent. >> advertising for them. it's not a brilliant ad, we're going to create buzz. we're going to create public relations and therefore the world is going to know about these inexpensive fares. >> let's check out some of the responses about starbucks. i stand behind starbucks in race together 100 %. i've worked for that company, i've experienced all they give, and you can tell you this movement comes from a place of wanting to build a better world, to have race eventually become a nonissue. lucas followed up, i just find
9:18 am
out about your new hashtag incentive let me be the first to recommend to race together towards a job they're not ablth i havely trying to make you feel awkwardly as possible interacting with your customers. this one is a little bit different. good move? >> it's who they are. or it's really who the ceo of starbucks. he's been known to engage in issues, whether it be our budget deficit or supporting same sex marriage in the united states. it comes from a place of being genuine. the issue here is starbucks a place you necessarily want to go to have a conversation on race don't you just want your morning caffeine? >> and do you want to have employees touching on such a dangerous topic. it seems like you're opening a can of warms. >> you are. but it's a disconnect in barista who aren't necessarily trained.
9:19 am
are people in line waiting to get their coffee while they're having this conversation on race. and the other thing, starbucks locations are generally not in very diverse areas. maybe on college campuses, but it's not in areas you want to say all white people talking about race. you want to have a general discussion. it comes from the right place so i have to give them that. >> you've heard what we think you've heard what social media things. you can let us know. tweet us, put it on facebook, instagram. just make sure you use the hashtag #fox29weekend. >> we do have breaking news coming in. we just got this tweet coming in. a sad passing of a wonderful great life. 89 years old, he played for our birds from 1949 through 1962. in all that time he missed three games. upon retirement he was inducted
9:20 am
into the pro football hall of fame in 1967 which was his first year of eligibility. here's the tweet that went out. eagles and our fans have lost a legend. fans expect toughness, all-out effort and a workman-like efforts and some much of that has its roots the way that chuck played the game. he was a hall of famer, a champion and an eagle. >> some of the other things happening. "empire" top hit show. what were top three moments? we're going to bring some r you some of those in just a moment. >> you could say somebody got hit, there was some sort of affair. this is some of the top music from "empire."
9:21 am
this is some of the top music from "empire." make sure you use
9:22 am
sometimes, caring for your neighbors means going the extra mile. when our patient, susan, mentioned her dad couldn't make it in to pearle vision to get his eyes checked... we went to him. and we realized, if he had trouble getting new glasses... he probably wasn't the only one. to us, eye care is about living dr. pearles legacy. building a trusting relationship with the person behind the eyes. this is genuine eye care, right in your neighborhood.
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this is pearle vision. >> a video that is. [ bleep ] me off this week. a man is caught on camera stealing an ambulance. he opened the driver's side door and told the driver he was taking the ambulance.
9:24 am
at first the driver didn't respond so the man pulled out a knife. the driver got out, the suspect got in and took off. eventually he crashed into a fence and was arrested. when i look at this video the first thing i think of is an ambulance stalker. he car jacks the ambulance. the driver of the vehicle at knife point or any type of weapon, when you're ordered out of a vehicle, the best thing to do is get out of the vehicle. what is worth your life? an empty ambulance is not worth your life. based on my experience my first thought is he takes the vehicle because he thought there were drugs inside there because he thought he was going to use them or sell them. he looks like somebody who's probably under some type of influence. but fortunately nobody got hurt and he crashed and he was arrested.
9:25 am
>> thank you we appreciate that. he's talking eagles and we're talking eagles this morning. specifically who will be the eagles quarterback this season. let us know what you think. we've got expert opinions coming up next. and as we transition out of a little eagles talk into a little smooth music, you're hearing michael jackson playing the way you make me feel. karen is sitting there enjoying all of the baby pictures so keep them coming. you can tweet us and use the hashtag #fox29weekend. we'll be right back.
9:26 am
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>> welcome back. right now at the bottom of the hour. taking a look at the headlines. police are looking for a bank robbery suspect and they need your help. officials say that's the guy who attempted to rob a citizens bank. he entered that branch about 11:00 yesterday morning, handed the teller a note, demanded money. he did not get any money. he ran out the door. police say he is armed and dangerous. if you know anything, call 911.
9:29 am
>> there's courtroom drama in california as former wrap mogul shug knight collapsed in court after he found out his bail is going to be $25 million. he hit his head on a chair and bail i haves quickly cleared the courtroom. currently his condition is unknown. knight has pleaded not guilty to charges of murder and attempted murder. and there's more information in the case of bobbi kristina brown she is out of the hospital in atlanta but her condition isn't any better. she was moved to a rehab center but is still in the nonresponsive state she's been in. >> we have some new details about the settlement in that horrific crash that happened on the new jersey turnpike.
9:30 am
the family has settled its wrongful death lawsuit against walmart and we've learned the settlement was $10 million. >> if you look outside, it looks like a really nice day. so we're going to take a look at the interactive weather and more things going on at the museum. >> we're showing you a picture of the poconos because some people are trying to get their skiing in but if you want to go have fun, go have a party at the smith. i think it's $10. usually it's free over there for the kids. >> it is a great ski weekend. fresh powder up there, can't beat it and the temperatures will be warmer. temperatures into the 50s today. one of our followers from camden county wands to know the forecast for later this evening.
9:31 am
mild and melting. along the cape, eastern maine, eastern mass. otherwise expect those breaks of sunshine. 7:00 tonight. that's actually a front crossing through bringing us bright and sunny weather for tomorrow. it will knock those temperatures down for sunday as well. sunday looks like a very sunny afternoon. temperatures right now slowly rising above freezing. 33 in philadelphia, we're passed
9:32 am
that ice threat. nice and mild today, but a colder change by tomorrow, 45 is all for the high temperature. we stay brisk and chilly for the next few days. not really feeling spring like. it will by thursday, 62 degrees and some showers. back to the chill by friday. >> we're already arguing about sports right now. baseball season is right here but we're always looking ahead to our birds. >> absolutely. talking about the eagles, who's going to be our quarterback this year? >> we've got questions. good morning, sir. >> good morning. how's everybody doing? >> so we've got questions now. bradford is here. mariota is in play. now there's tebow talk.
9:33 am
who's going to be quarterback? >> i have no clue about the tebow stuff. i will say marcus mariota is not off the table. you can bet your bottom dollar that the eagles are one of those teams and i'll tell you right now, eagles fans are on board with all the moves that chip kelly has made so far, but if they're able to get marcus mariota, people will be going crazy. not everybody is a believer in sam bradford. nobody is believing in tim tebow either. >> what's howard eskin doing? >> he's all over the place. he's one of your guys and he does a great job. but all i know is this. chip kelly has a plan. he knows offense and who are we to question who will be the quarterback for his system. so all in all i think this.
9:34 am
if we're going to go into battle with sam bradford and mark sanchez, it could be worse. nick foels, i'm looking at the injury factor. this is a guy that has had the same acl replaced in back to back season, hasn't played a regular season game in 22 months. chip kelly is not believing in the injury bug, that's for sure. >> we got into it a little bit about the whole tebow thing. you say don't even bring him to town. he's just a distraction. >> he brings the circus to town. and for what? a third spring quarterback? he can't throw the football. >> all right. enough. enough. two seconds on march madness right now. we're checking our brackets all the time. of course i've got my own bracket going on. >> nova playing tonight.
9:35 am
it's march madness. the madness is upon us. how fun are these games. >> who do you have going all the way in the hot guy march madness bracket? >> let me step out of this. >> i know you've got a great sense of humor. i've got to ask you about the selection committee on that one. if you're telling me that justin timber lake is an 11 seed? >> i see him going all the way. i absolutely love him. >> thank you for your time. thank you for your insight. >> so what do you think about all the march madness? use our hashtag #fox29weekend. >> "empire," so many of you watched it, we love it. we will break down the top three moments with lucius and cookie. also we're reading your comments.
9:36 am
we were talking about advertising and the big companies using all kinds of panky panky to get your attention. also talking about race. how come no starbucks located in quote unquote the hood. >> the little baby so cute. we love your little babies. and this one from facebook, thank you for sending your baby in. keep your pictures coming, whatever you would like to show off. underline
9:37 am
9:38 am
9:39 am
>> we're really big time, we're really high tech that's why we sent bill anderson outside with his selfie stick. in this angle i'm sunning, in this angle i'm lounging in the snow. it's still a little chilly out here. there are people out enjoying themselves. let's see if i can harass somebody quickly. good morning. how are you? are you enjoying the first day of spring? >> sure. >> reporter: warm enough for
9:40 am
you? >> shout out. good morning. so guys, that's how it is. step out of the sun, a little bit chilly. >> looks like a lot of the snow is already melting. that is one of the big stories of this day is the big melt and be sure to keep it right here because we've got some more things for your information. >> good morning. i'm dr. mike. do you want your spouse to start exercising more? well, you better start exercising yourself. a new study has found that if you exercise, your partner is much more likely to exercise. so, if you want your loved one to have that six pack, you better get exercising. if you suffer from sleep apnea, that means you stop breathing many times at night and you're tired during the day, your chances of being in a motor vehicle accident are two and a
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good morning, everyone. it's 9:44. thanks for watching fox 29 weekend. in the news, the marine mammal stranding center in brigantine says it has received calls about seals on the beaches. stranding center offeringses say the freezing temperatures in the winter usually keep the seals off the beach but as the weather improves they travel and eat a lot more and add some extra time on the beach. while it's not exactly beach bathing weather for us, it's not uncommon for the animals to soak in some sun this time of year. >> there is a texas church taking a very unusual approach to get people to join them for their services. asking them to strip for jees. >> strip for jees? >> take a look at the billboard
9:45 am
that's catching drivers' eyes near houston. the church says don't take it literally. strip yourself of whatever is holding you down. >> trying to catch your attention. no matter who you are. where you've been, what you've done, who you've done it with. there's a place for you here. >> we're going to have to have some security out here to make sure that people don't show up naked. >> strange marketing all day today. we'll see if this one works. the church is urging its members to put up signs around houston even on their front lawn. >> there are some parents from maryland who had no excuse to ever forget their children's birthday because they're all born on the same day. trey was born on march 13, 2013, and the next one came along
9:46 am
march 13, 2014, and the whole pregnancy i kept saying watch this one come out on march 13th. >> the last one was all born on the 13th. i can't believe they had that many babies under the age of three. and it's a great birthday, it's my son's birthday. >> that's crazy. can you play the lottery that day every year? >> i was just outside, it wasn't that bad. we're going to take a look at interactive weather. looking at the international airport. franklin square is open today. there's a lot of fun going on before we get to the weather we've got a question. >> is it going to be nice enough for me to play basketball today? >> thank you so much for the video. i love your skills. it will be a great day for basketball. already we're seeing the sunshine. it's milder but you are going to
9:47 am
have to watch out for the puddles from the melting of the snow. all the falling snowfalls towards our nortd, it's still continuing across parts of massachusetts, rhode island, even northern long island, north eastern pennsylvania, you'll continue to see some snow showers, flurries are possible in the poconos. but for the rest of us it's clouds mixing with sun. mostly cloudy to partly cloudy skies as we go through the rest of the afternoon. by later this evening, some of the showers could slip into our area, temperatures will be much milder than yesterday. nothing but sunshine for sunday but it will also bring a cool-down in the temperatures. feeling like spring today, nice and mild, back to that winter chill by tomorrow. 30 degrees in the poconos, and where we're below freezing we're still a little concerned about icy spots.
9:48 am
33 and rising in philadelphia. and 34 in wildwood. your seven-day forecast. we're calling it mild and melting for today. luckily those march 20 snowstorms don't stick around for too long. sunday, 45 we stay in the 40s as this chilly weather lasts through at least tuesday, warming back up on wednesday. chance of showers on a gloomy but mild thursday. 62 for the high temperature. back to the chill on friday. >> good morning, everybody. i'm mike jerrick. >> and i'm alex holly. >> and this is the trend. >> empire style. >> there's no question what the trending topic was for this week. the two-hour season finale of empire. >> let's do top three moments. >> okay. >> number one for me. it nearly broke twitter but it
9:49 am
didn't even make our top three. >> this is the one everyone is talking about. >> i'm sorry. i'm sorry. talking trash. >> who do you think won? >> i can't decide. i love when boo-boo kitty said who's your boo-boo kitty now? and once again, cookie steals the show with another big moment. what about this one? >> i was like no, she is not going to do that. >> every character was disappointed there wasn't a disease anymore. >> and now for our number one moment. you know it has to involve
9:50 am
lucius. >> you're under arrest. >> is this a joke. >> no. >> it has to be a mistake. >> man, he blames cookie. >> he really does. and did you see the look on his sons faces? >> it's a good cliff hanger. >> it is. >> i can't wait until season 2. >> what are we going to do on wednesdays now? >> we'll see you next week. see you monday on "good day philadelphia" too.
9:51 am
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9:53 am
>> you crack us up, your jokes are hysterical. we love when you share with us. this one, love it. thank you so much. >> people are having a lot of fun out there and we appreciate it. and as you adjust to a little bit of unexpected snow yesterday, our own brad went out to see what he could find and see if people are enjoying it or if they're not quite ready for
9:54 am
it. >> reporter: it's spring for heaven's sake. this shouldn't be happening. >> interview: i had all my ecleaned up and ready to store away. >> reporter: if it is the first day of spring, i guess we need to start acting like it beginning with how we're dressed. this is how i came to work today, but it's spring, right? kind of hard to believe it's march 20th. >> sandals, new shoes, i bought new shorts. >> maybe a tank top. >> but for starters, the phillies, they play their first game here in two weeks from today and it's time to get tickets. the ground crew is already hard at work, just not quite how we're used to seeing them. as for the field, maybe this isn't the best example of spring quite yet. but i'm still determined to find it. i'm here with my friend brandon from home depot. we're going to plant some spring
9:55 am
pansies today? >> not today. >> when? >> i would say at least mid april. >> struck out again. nothing says spring like being on the water. let's see what the boaters think about this mess. hello? anyone? >> warm thoughts. warm thoughts. well, nothing says spring like easter. this snow bunny is sure in the spirit of spring and it makes it easy to hide easter eggs. winter in mid march is for the dogs. >> it's supposed to get a little rainy and all go away tomorrow. >> i sure hope he's right. it's getting kind of cold out here. and now we're ready for spring. >> let's take a look at your pictures that are coming in right now because we love -- oh, we're doing this first. brackets. we sit back in our weekend section, there's a quad of us and every time there's a game upset alert and crossing things
9:56 am
off. bill how are you doing? >> so far not great but i'm leading. i didn't do great. i picked a bunch of upsets because every year a number 12 seed beats a number 5 seed. until this year. upsets are actually what killed me. i picked buffalo to go forward and they did not. >> i think buffalo was going to win too. i picked them as well. >> i thought texas was going to step up and beat butler over here. butler moved in. so a lot of the upsets slammed me. i think everybody got hit with the whole iowa state thing. >> baylor thing, i had them going really far. who did you pick to go all the way? >> i have kentucky and? uni. >> he doesn't know who he has? >> i do. i have it. >> uni going all the way? >> iowa.
9:57 am
>> you always pick some nutty team. >> that's definitely nutty. let me pick mine. i'll pick a red color because i love notre dame. and then i have to pick villa nova. >> you have notre dame beating kentucky? >> it's a good catholic school. >> everybody loves villa nova. >> i have them going all the way. >> you can see my bracket, bill is leading me with having 8. let us know what you have. some of your pictures and comments coming in right now. prom season, people are getting ready for that. this one also comes in, we showed you a picture of a baby kendall that was turning 4, my sister's middle name is kendall. spring fun in limerick. >> there you are with a fan right there. >> that's going to just about do it for us. we've got to go ahead and wrap.
9:58 am
the news continues tonight at 6:00. the news continues tonight at 6:00. keep t
9:59 am
10:00 am
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