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tv   Fox 29 News at 6PM  FOX  March 23, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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he department of justice to take a no holds bar look at their practices when cops shoot at civilians and the feds oblige. dozen or so protesters were on hand to blast local police as that report from the doj was released in old city this morning. their complaints mirrored in that report. >> that lack of proper training and equipment may endanger civilian lives. good evening i'm lucy noland. >> i'm chris o'connell in for iain page tonight. fox 29's bruce gordon is in the studio night with the story. >> reporter: guys, it's really pretty simple. when a police officer and civilian engage in a tense confrontation or standoff, one wrong move can leave someone dead. which is why this critical report from the feds is so very important. >> the cops office,ing. >> at the news conference at which the justice department report was presented mayor nutter reminded reporters and the community that the city asked for a review of its police work. in the name of building bridges.
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>> there needs to be an end to any idea of us versus them mentality in our city. >> report roar the report does not hold back. among its findings, the philly police officers lack regular consistent training to handle tense show downs with civilians. the two few are trained and equipment with tasers that could safely end those confrontations. and that the department lacks transparency in probing police involved shootings eroding public confidence that police can police themselves. commissioner ramsay's reaction to 48 findings of deficiencies and 91 recommendations for improvements -- >> the truth hurts but selective ignorance is fatal. what we're trying to do a avoid fatality here. you can't fix something until you recognize and acknowledge this exists. >> reporter: i asked commissioner ramsay about the report's finding that a sky high 81% of the victims in police involved shootings were african-american. ramsay noted that slightly lower than the percentage of black
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murderers and murder victims in philly. >> in case you haven't noticed i'm black myself. so i'm not real proud of the fact that we have a diss proportion nat amount of crime occurring in african-american communities but i don't think it's also shocking. i know there's a tendency to draw oh my god oh, it's whatever but put it in context. put it in context. you've been around a long time, man. you go to as many scenes as i go to. what do you see? if it looks unusual to you no. you weren't shock. >> i found this interesting. threat perception failure it's term used in the report to describe a situation in which a police officer fires at a civilian because he thinks he's reaching for a weapon when it turns out he's going for something like a cell phone. well blacks are more likely than whites whites to be the victims of that miss perception. but black officers were more likely than white cops to make that mistake with black civilians. lucy? >> very interesting. bruce, thank you very much. so close to sunny and warm
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in order until their plane got stuck in the mud. frontier airlines investigating how one of its planes veered off the taxi way. it was heading from wilmington, delaware to orlando last night. 105 passengers and five crew members were on board they got off just fine eventually arrived in orlando on another plane. dozens of people are back in their homes now after a gas main leaking in mt. holly new jersey. sky fox over parkers mill boulevard in kirby court this afternoon. the gas company says crews hit mainline. officials evacuated the neighborhood as precaution. it took crews several hours to fix that leak. a spring chill in your fox5 29 weather authority forecast. the calendar says late march frankly, it doesn't feel like it chief meteorologist scott williams live in old city tonight. what is the deal? >> yeah, i think mother nature is confused chris. yeah the calendar says spring but we have a winter like chill in the air. high today only 43 degrees. feels like temperatures have
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been in the 30s. folks are bundled up dressed for winter not spring today in old city. let's talk about the current conditions right now if you're stepping outdoors. 42 degrees. look at that wind chill it feels like 37 degrees right now in center city. 39 in trenton right now. we have 42 a popular number in wilmington millville dover atlantic city, 37 degrees right now in allentown. but take a look at the cold conditions to the north and then as we move a little farther to the south it's spring. temperatures are in the 60s for charlotte. 70 right now in birmingham. 80 degrees in houston. we will see a little bit of that mild air later on in the week. but it's not going to stick around too long. look at ultimate doppler it's dry but there is a little disturbance off to the west. that is weakening. that could bring an overnight flurry to parts of the area. but otherwise it will be chilly again tomorrow. when i indoors the timing of some showers may be even a rumble of thunder later on this
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week. back to you lucy and chris. >> all right talk to you soon, scott. murder suicide what police believe led to the death of a bucks county couple they died on their home in northampton township. family members called police yesterday when boris did not show up at his store on jewelers row to fix a plumbing problem. police say he and his wife were shot in the head and they did find a gun near his body. developing to night police say they're looking for at least three thieves. what are they after? car air bags. shattered glass and tarped windows now line the 2,000 block of hartel street in the city's rhawnhurst neighborhood. cops say thieves are breaking windows on newer hahn today's and ripping the air bags right out of the steering wheel. >> i was in bed last evening and i heard a big thump and i look out my bedroom window and i saw flashlight and a hoodie of a gentlemannear my car and i screamed to my hub my car is being rob. >> police are still investigate a similar rash of air bag thefts
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nearby with nine hondas hit. thieves are most likely selling the air bag on the street for a couple hundred bucks. >> could a crime get caught on camera and soon now philadelphia police are looking for a man who stole a wallet at a deli. surveillance video walks him walking into the deli last weans of wednesday. he spots a purse left alone a nearby window sill. he look around and looks inside the purse grabs the wall. if you have any information on this give police a call. now, in lancaster police are hoping you can help them catch a bank robber. he wore sunglasses with a pink tint an plaid shirt as he walk into the national bang last week. police say he handed handed teller a note threatening he had a gun. tee act were you with cash a jokes wagon jetta or pass is a. >> the pennsylvania state trooper's association wants governor tom wolf to withdrawal his nomination for police commissioner. the union sent the governor a letter today after colonel marcus brown was caught last
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week removing two roadside signs that were critical of him. several retired troopers have taken issue with brown for wearing a state police uniform even though he didn't attend the state police academy. one headache after another for residents in northeast philadelphia. first they had to deal with water main break several weeks back now it's a massive hole left behind. residents tell us it has been blocking their street for weeks. >> worse they say kids play right nearby and their worried about kids safety. our dave kinchen talked to those concerned residents. he's live in northeast philadelphia for us tonight. dave? >> reporter: chris it's am like looking down into it and you can see into the other side of earth. not really but it really is pretty deep a problem for people trying to get home. it's a problem for people trying to get to work. and now crews are working to fix it. it's more than just a 3-foot deep dip on the 1700 block of den forth street in northeast philadelphia. it's practically a crater.
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a massive hole created when rhawn hairs neighbors say crews were fixing a big water main break but renee' says that was awhile ago. >> we didn't have water for a dame we were kind of happy it got fixed. then a week went by and two weeks went by and the hole is still not fix. >> neighbors worry about kids falling in as they play nearby. saying the thin plastic fence log do little to keep them out. >> there's lots of kids around here. >> ball goes in there the kids go in there. >> we've kicked a few kids out. we've look out the window and seen them playing in there and told them to get away from there. >> reporter: the mess forcing people to back all the way down the street to get out to the main road. frustrated they contacted fox 29. >> i called you guys first and thought maybe voled a better chance of getting them out here than me. >> reporter: all they needed was time for the ground to properly thaw after our recent winter blast. the better weather brought back the philadelphia water department dumping in dirt to fill the hole want we're told was work scheduled for today and tomorrow. >> we really would like to have our street back, you know other
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than that i just know these things probably take a little bit of time because this isn't the only sink hole in philadelphia right now. >> reporter: i spoke with officials at the philadelphia water department. they say they still have to do some inspection work here at the site. but as you heard there they will be back out tomorrow and the residents are relieved that this is actually finally being addressed. lucy and chris. >> i'll bet they are. thank you very much dave. brutal beat down in a center city subway station. >> a mob attacks a man waiting for his train then they followed him. to night police are trying to find those attackers. >> a local woman hits 90 years old and keeps on hitting the lanes. she's going bowling for her big birthday. watch her i think it's a strike. we'll see. the one gift she says she always wanted. also -- there it is. howard's live in phoenix. hey, howard. >> oh, hello. a lot of talk about the eagles out here at the nfl owners meeting.
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i wouldn't stop until i got a comment from the dallas owner jerry jones. you won't believe what i had to go through. that will be coming up in sports sports.underline evertz test
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>> quite a for commute septa riders. they had to tase a man at jefferson station because he wouldn't get off the tracks this morning. a fox 29 viewer sent us this cell phone video police say the man may have a mental illness much he's now in the hospital getting evaluated. central detectives have released this video showing a group of teens assaulting a man. it happened last thursday on the platform of the 400 south broad street stop. you saw the teens taking off after that attack. >> police are now asking for
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your help. fox 29s weekend's bill anderson joins us with more. terrible bill. >> it's been quite a week it appears for septa. crime by definition is often unexplainable but the attack that took place on a center city subway platform has many in the neighborhood confused and concerned. police as of this moment have no answers and are looking for our help. it seems like every year just as the weather starts to get better, we hear another story of someone attacked by a group of young people while they seemingly just minding their business. take a look at this video. one man is minding his business when he look to be targeted by as many as 10 young people maybe it's a coincidence maybe it's an indication of how dangerous thing can be but as i walk around the broad and lombard train station -- >> look at this. >> even i stumbled upon something that may be indicative of the violence people are dealing with. >> nice handle. >> yeah. i walk around and spoke to people at the subway station to find out their response and there was a combination of people who were obviously afraid
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afraid. >> oh, my goodness. >> and disgusted by such an apparently pointless attack. >> it makes me definitely feel unsafe because i always take the septa all the time especially on the weekends with my friends. that makes me worried that actually happened. so i don't know if i should continue to take the subway. >> i would want to do everything i could to avoid taking public transportation alone or at night when i know that the chances of being attacked like that are probably higher than usual. >> reporter: good news is that the young man who was attacked was treated at the hospital and was released. but many that i spoke to questioned the attack was actually random because the victims seemed to be clearly targeted. but as it stands police have no motive or lead. and say anyone who can identify the attackers shouldn't confront them just call 911. i also spoke with septa and there it rated this is a criminal investigation. so all information should be given directly to the police. lucy and chris hopefully they find them soon. >> absolutely. just terrible.
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all right, bill, thank you. one bowler standing out above all the rest in buck county. >> she just turned 90 years old yesterday. let's introduce to you marsh casper. let's see. did she get it. >> i'm watching. she going to pick up the spare? >> she got the two opinions. >> ooh, almost getting the spare this morning. she still bowls in a league for seniors. how good is she? >> marsh says once she went six strikes in row but she was using her granddaughter's ball with that one. she says bowling a great way to exercise. >> i just kept on going and i just think keeping active what keeps you young. having a positive attitude and just keep on going. don't stop. >> marsh says she does stretches before she bowls and she's had five knee surgeries. she's also a cancer survivor. wow. 90-year-old. what an inspiration. >> absolutely. >> happy birthday. >> happy happy birthday. now if we can only bring her nice spring like weather. you know what, let's talk to
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scott williams about that one. what can you do here? >> i can warm the temperatures up. no, i can't. we are going to see one day guys with temperatures near 70 degrees. but it is going to come as a little witness of trade off because showers perhaps even a rumble of thunder with that temperature in the upper 60s. but no 60s today. only 43 degrees. look at this. the normal this time of year 55. and the record high for today's date it was 80 degrees three years ago on today's date so temperature extremes can happen on today's date. as we take a look at the numbers right now, 20s in the pocono mountains. 37 degrees in allentown. 39 in trenton. 42 oh popular number. philadelphia wilmington dover millville atlantic city all checking in at 42. you factor in the wind how cold it actually feels it feels like the teens right now in the pocono mountains it feels like 37 in wilmington as well as atlantic city. so if you're stepping outdoors, grab that winter jacket and sweater.
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temperatures will drop by 11:00 o'clock into the upper 20s so it will be a cold overnight. where is the spring like air? you have to head all the way to the south. nashville, 74 degrees. 70 in birmingham and take a look at houston right now checking in at 80 degrees. so some of this mild air will head in our direction by thursday but not tomorrow. and not tonight definitely. as we look at ultimate doppler we're dry and quiet but off to the west we're watching some rain as well as some snow move through sections of ohio. that disturbance will move to our south during the overnight and early tomorrow morning. we could see a passing flurry out of that at most. as far as the timing you can see by midnight we're still watching that disturbance move toward pittsburgh the central part of the state. a lot of the moisture will dissipate with that but we'll see some clouds and once again a passing flurry most of the rainfall doesn't arrive until thursday. wednesday morning, we'll be watching a warm front advance overhead. temperatures will gradually climb into the upper 40s low
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50s on wednesday. maybe a scattered shower but the best chance for showers and that rumble thunder will come with the cold front that will be moving through during the day on thursday. but out ahead of it those temperatures will top out in the upper 60s. we'll see those showers move in by mid morning and then thunderstorms by the afternoon. scattered clouds, cold tonight low 20s north and west we're looking at upper 20s in the city and once again there could be an overnight murray possibly linger lingering into tomorrow morning but once again not a big deal. 45 degrees partly sunny. it stays chilly. temperatures tomorrow will feel like they're still in the 30s. so once again it's going to be cold tomorrow. low 50s on wednesday. mostly cloudy that could be few scattered showers around but the best chance for rainfall widespread is thursday with that front but out ahead of it look at the high. 68 degrees and then behind it cooler breezy low 50s on friday and then it turns cold again looking at high temperatures only around
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42 degrees on saturday and staying pretty cool upper 40s for sunday. >> we're trying. >> well howard decided to fly the coop. >> let's see what the weather is. i don't think you need a fur coat out in phoenix arizona. >> no. no, i do not and it feels like out here 90 because it is 90 out here at the nfl owners meetings. eagles fans are going to love what they see next. jerry jones was unavailable. well he was unavailable until i came around and some other reporters joined in. you'll s
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♪ here at the nfl owners meets in phoenix arizona the weather is great. lots of football talk. lots of eagles talk. but there is a center of discussion with the domestic violent. now obviously dallas around that because they signed greg hardy who was charged with domestic violence last year hitting his girlfriend, his pregnant girlfriend and they signed him has not been charged in a court of law. however, the dallas cowboys also lost a running back to the eagles demarco murray. so those are the two topics. tried to track down jerry jones. found him and i would not let him go. jerry, it's all yours.
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>> problem i'm having is i'm running late for meet. i got to make a vote but he's -- he's just dei tremendous locker room work ethic, off the charts charts. such pride in his work. so he's a great player. >> not only loosely he's a great player. >> disappointed he's not with you any longer? good well, we just -- we can't have it all. trying to help our defense during this free agency and so that's -- that was at issue there. and plus we've got a lot of guys that certainly are key players for us that you got to have room for them. >> he's out of wind and i don't know if he ever found his meeting and honestly i don't
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really care whether he found his meeting. all right. a lot of talk out her about the eagles acquiring sam bradford. peter king who's on nbc sunday night football talks about sam bradford. >> i personally really like sam bradford both as player and a person and the one thing though i don't know yet is we haven't seen him under the kind of pressure and the kind of microscope that a star athlete in philadelphia is always under. >> all right. we have more at 10:00 o'clock and tomorrow the owner jeffrey lurie speaks here and also hear from andy reid talking about eagles players and talking about how he might miss philadelphia. back to you guys. >> all right. howard wearing out jerry jones there. >> i know. he was out of breath walking with you howard. i'll tell was. >> all right. thanks howard. >> we'll see you back here at 10:00 o'clock. >> that's right. coming up next is inside he had dig. have a good one. ♪
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oh my god! >> crash caught on tape. and the nasty confrontation. then, racially profiled? what empire star taraji p henson says happened to her son. >> he did everything the cops told him to do. >> and the pregnant american who could face the firing squad for allegedly murdering her mom in paradise delivers her baby. plus, tears for march madness? >> i love this kid, man. i love you. >> first the coach. even the picolo player is hysterical. and -- >> full of money. >> the cops took their money. they were just passing through town. minding their own business. so why did the police confiscate all their cash? >> highway robbery is what happened to us.


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