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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  March 25, 2015 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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is wednesday, march the 25th. >> goodness gracious. >> 2015. >> we need to re mix you. >> too cold until the studio to have a hot kitchen. i tell you that. now you know we just are fabulous dancers. >> do they know that? >> no, we stink. i do. i'm horrible. >> i stink, too. >> no, no, no, you were -- >> oh, thank you. >> so -- >> did we dirty dismans. >> do you realize dirty dance basically doing performances through april 5th at the academy of music? >> and now -- >> great production. >> yes. >> and so now they want us to try and do this dance. so, we can dugy. uptown funky walk. can we dirty dance? >> we'll funk this up, i will tell you that. now, listen to this. >> ♪ ♪ >> (michael jackson). >> ♪ ♪ >> of course, my boy michael has to be in here. spotify revamp rolling stones list of the greatest songs
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every all time. billy jean is at number two. so now i'm really wondering what could be number one? we went from art kelly ignition re mix. >> seriously. >> to billy jean. wow. >> spotify got me back, chris. i'm back in now. >> waffles chris ya. >> cream puff. hi chris. >> good morning, guys, rose pedal cafe, chelten avenue. one of 14 different kind of waffles they macon, yes international waffle day. >> we will meet two love birds, husband and wife, started this venture two years ago, a loft smiling faces here this morning for good reason, mike alex. this place rocks. >> looks like it does. looks pace i. >> you can put your fingers through my kitchen. let's not do it on air though. >> you can -- (laughing). >> talk about jay and bae. >> yesterday afternoon about
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4:00 twitter exploded because, and facebook, too i saw it first on facebook, that says jay-z and his wife, we bans -- beyonce, are building $20 million penthouse at fifth and walnut. so says they are planning to purchase 500 walnut, of course that new residential can dough building, just broke ground couple of weighing ago and you will see independence hall lauren, you are there now, can you just picture it? >> i am here. so, this is where it will be. alec mike, as you said, fifth and walnut, under construction only 38 exclusive residences are set to go up here. we have a picture of the ground breaking, that happened back on march 12th, almost two weeks ago started breaking gown here. and the builder says this will be an un rifled building unlike anything unless philadelphia. jared my photographer and i agree, definately prestigious location, right across from the independence national historic park. so here's what they have to
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offer here. thirty-eight exclusive residences, but beyonce and jay-z, they want the top floor, two story, 9,000 square foot penthouse. it will have a private interior elevator, multiple balconies, fireplaces, a rooftop terrace. all right so we know this, the music royalty have been together for awhile now. jay-z from brooklyn, beyonce from texas right now they're renting the house out in california. it is $150,000 per month. hell -- they just moved n blue ivy has her own area out there it is crazy. are they going to who have here? one realtor says yes they're on their way another says not so much. so, we don't know. but here is one thing for sure. he does made in america here. so's businessman, he says it all the time, aim businessman. he knows what he is doing. what if he needs a philly address tore that just to do business, he can write it off. >> he is here three days.
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>> it isn't that much to him. i know, but he might need an address in fill. >> i well it would be an invest. >> if you're going to do it big in philly -- >> it would be an investment. >> rent it out? people throw parties that type of thing? >> show me the view. spin around to the right. look how close they would be to the birth place of america. keep going. keep going. birth place of america independence hall, oh never mind. >> we have a traffic tie up. hold on, mike, be patient weeks will do it for you. >> can you imagine waking up every morning and taking a look at independence hall. >> you can see my background in the background, i would go get sugar from them. >> i am a member of the beehive, right? i know the neighbors move from new york to la, so now i'm like i don't know, then they move back? i would love to have them here in fill. >> i just ann developsment. >> i don't think we would ever ever see them here. i don't think we'll see them here. i think it could a i don't
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think we'll see them here. they have private elevator that goes up. they have motorized car vallet people. like fancier than anything you have heard of. >> probably have underground entrance? >> why would they live here? >> because it is philly. what do you moan? i love living here. but they don't ever do business here. >> maybe they'll get bills. >> made in america. >> well, that's three days. >> maybe this is a sign. >> mike, so you're not buying it? >> maybe this -- >> well, okay. >> i buy it. i think it could be possible. i think it could happen. >> we're hoping, we'll see. >> music royalty coming to philly. >> thank you lauren. >> walk home i would see her out there walking her dog maybe in the park? >> you think beyonce walks her own dog? >> no. >> i bet she doesn't go into washington square park in pick up dog poo no. >> or maybe she walks the dog but someone else picks up the dog poo? >> she has like designated poo picker upper.
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>> poo picker upper? say that three times fast. >> probably makes $250,000 a year to do. that will. >> playing songs this morning over the last six minutes spotty few now what's spotify? >> music service you listen to all types of different songs and everything. >> download them, everything else? spotify, so a list of 500 greatest songs every all time. shockingly, lost all credibility at three with art kelly. >> applies. >> bounce back number two billy jean. here is number one. >> ♪ ♪ >> i know this is considered one of the best songs of all time, but i've never been a dillon fan. so they took -- >> now, this is rolling stones list, they had the original list, you know, all of the greatest songs of all time. >> rolling stone magazine. >> but that was their number
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one. >> last year. >> so now new one. this is out-dated. we're telling you what was happening then. and now 2014, here's spotify's new. >> oh, for the love of god. >> ♪ ♪ (crazy ♪ ♪ >> craze any love. >> oh, no. >> i think i will ' be back, oh they've got me back. >> i a -- you agree with this? >> yes. >> good. i agree with it, too. >> they're saying that's the number one song of all time. >> yes now in 2014, tens years later, this is what they think. the greatest song of all time. >> really? >> ya. >> bang bang on there anywhere by aero and a grand? >> i thought you needed to give the song some time? will people still be singing it from years from now? i'm sure a lot of people will argue about the number one.
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so many great songs. >> how about imagine by john lennon? >> might be one. >> i need to look at the whole list. so let's revamp here. so spotify top five in 2014, as of now billy jean by michael jackson. >> two. >> art kelsey in there. van morrison. and metallic a, and beyonce number one. >> let's bring in quincy. i'm sure it is a hard job to pick the greatest songs of all time. >> yes but, mike, i totally agree with you. okay, art kelly he has one of the greatest songs every all time. >> not that one. >> who cares about -- >> i believe -- >> i believe i can fly. that's like a great song. >> beyonce single ladies, like i just don't know -- i'm just saying top ten? there is no taylor swift. there were better songs for cold play. there are no bruno mars. like come on, man. >> what about prince?
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>> there are a lot of artist. >> what about rock bands submit. >> no. >> rock -- >> ya, ya, watch your mouth. no, i don't think he would make the list. but there are so many different artists that they could have pick, and better songs they could have picked from these different artists that i totally dis a grow with this list. i mean, you have certain artists that, you know, of course they have different streaming, but there are certain artists that they don't let their music go on spotify, like taylor swift. taylor swift new albumn 1989 i believe would have been one of the biggest albumns streamed. but she doesn't allow her music on spotify. so some difference there is. >> you have to be on spotify to be judged by spotify? >> probably. >> so, you know, if you want to talk about spotify records, kendrick lamar, his new albumn, just released it, broke a spotify record. it had 10 million downloads 10 million streams, in one day, which happened about two weeks ago. >> oh,.
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>> none of his songs are on there. so i mean, you have better songs out there guys. >> don't you think that's probably because it is too fresh, i mean it, just came out. don't you think you need to give it some time, to see how long it lasts, how long people love it, still talk about it? >> i agree, if you you are tacking about streams different streams account on how many people really actually listen to the songs. >> i believe sing ill laid frisbee ands april everybody was doing that, that's bigger than the craze any love. >> well -- >> craze any love. >> that's booty lucious. >> i know. >> so back there. thank you quincy. >> you know that song by kendrick lamar marry jay now or never ever hear that one? it is good. >> really? >> i know, please. hey, this makes me sick.
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>> new miss japan facing criticism, get this, for not be japanese you have no. >> for the love. >> the first by racial miss japan to compete in the miss japan concert. her mother japanese, her father african-american. she is japanese citizen, and grew up in japan. those two fact they allow her to compete according to pageant standards. >> of course, she said while she doesn't look japanese on the outside, inside, there are many japanese things about her. that's all she snows. she grew up in japan. >> leave her alone let her be miss japan. i hope she wins miss universe now, too. >> take that. >> let's talk about the first lady. known for he can trend set when he it comes to fashion and her hair, but her appearance on popular game show, a lot of people are like what? really? >> she is on jeopardy what we are trying to tell you frenzy was crazier than when she she first debuted her banks. >> a lot of people talking about those. >> i really like, i like her look.
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>> michelle owe bamm, a she recorded a question for jeopardy about fruits and vegtables, in ken junction with her let's move campaign. you know against childhood obesity. she had her hair pulled back, as you see there some people thought because her hair with that lighting she looked bald or had shaved her head. >> i think it is the lighting. >> lighting. >> ponytail, like really? >> ya. >> that's how she appeared on jeopardy. people have no lives. >> i know, every all things to be worried b she started a great let's move campaign. and worried about the way her hair looks and the lighting on it? >> just everybody, let's just all relax. >> let's all just -- >> did i tell you mia on the bowl and beautiful was born a man? >> yes, did you tell us. >> i think the first transgender twist. >> but i saw someone tweet didn't she have a child? >> yes, we have to get to the bottom of that. it is a soap opera.
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apparently maybe she adopted it never told anybody? >> may be. >> yes. they're going have to go -- they probably wrote that in in the story line, snow to work back now to explain how she her a biological child. >> yes. >> it is a soap. >> of course. >> have amnesia. >> let's just have her. >> great yesterday. i love mia. always fun to play catch with your dog. >> one dog getting a lot of attention, as hard as he tries, he just can'tment take a look at this. >> ♪ ♪ the poor dog might have vision problems. we shouldn't be making fun every him. >> almost catching them. >> that's what i mean. >> i had a dog like this. his name was dugin. and he could not catch
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anything. >> he's got to be hard, even go to the hibachi steak houses, you try to catch the shrimp. >> here is the story not his eyesight. the fact they are feeding him tacos, and burito. that's a hot pocket. >> oh, my gosh. >> are you supposed to feed dogs -- >> no. donuts? what's this? >> and missing these foods. >> strawberries? >> oh, geez. >> that's huge strawberry. >> i no wonder he is so thin. he never eats. >> his name is fritz. oh, here comes a wean. >> i really? >> is this cannibalism. hotdogs to be eaten by dogs? >> seriously, you know, the steak houses, they throw the shrimp and stuff, supposed to catch it, i can never catch t like benny hahna? >> yes. >> the steak houses, like i can't catch it. >> you can't? no, have you? >> hot grease on your face?
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>> always smacks me in the face. don't ever do it on a date. so embarrassing. >> i think kind of fun on a date. >> no, don't try to catch it. it will smash you in the face. >> right sue? can you catch it, sue? >> yes, i have. i'm lucky that i haven't gotten, you know, knives thrown in my direction. but, here is what you can catch. perhaps a cold if you don't dress properly for this weather, because there are so many changes up to 48 degrees today, little bit better than yesterday's high of 40. then we get to the 68 tomorrow. but be careful because showers and thunderstorms will be around, especially, at night, with those storms. we start off with early high of 52 on friday, temperatures drop during the day after the rain ends, and then it is really cold on saturday, we will be lucky to make it to 40 degrees. sunday little better, casino every like today, with a high of 48 degrees. but we start off in the 20's, if you are going to church sunday morning.
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monday, back to the 50's which is exactly where we're supposed to be for this time of year. we stay thereon tuesday. so, it is a roller coaster ride in your weather authority forecast. >> ♪ ♪ judge samuel and jillian here from the company in philadelphia now over at the academy of music dirty dancing. i think it runs through april the fifth. they're in our studio, and our big blue stage here. welcome to philly both of you. >> thank you. >> glad to be here. >> so, low do you supply.
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>> johnny cast. >> i babe. >> i baby. >> i can see it. i can see it. just right. >> people who love the movie big fans, can we expect to see a lot of similarities? >> you can totally see it. taking the screen play, put it directly out there. >> oh, nice. >> so you follow the iconic, you know lines iconic moments of the film, everything; right there on stage. >> now, the story line? you know, classic love story between, you know, johnny baby. >> snot supposed to be with him? >> always like always hot and sweaty. of course -- >> you know, with this film, such diehard fans, obviously so it was in 87. >> oh, my gosh. >> yes. >> so, you know, the audience come into the theater just
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ready to, you know, to be excited, iconic film, and by the end of the show usually -- >> does it turn into like a sing a long? >> and clapping along yes yes. >> so people in the audience are like oh, yes. >> a whole lot of up. >> two members of the production have here, and they're going to sing, been practicing in the studio. dang they're good. >> they really are. >> we're luck. >> i this early in the morning. okay. what's the iconic theme? >> well, i think everyone, you know, we have -- few scenes. one of the iconic ones the lake scene. >> yes. >> then obviously the end of time of my life. when they actually execute the lift and johnny comes back in to have his last dance of the summer with baby. >> hey, jeff kline in the control room, do you have time of my life cued up? yes, they do. of course, well, kill the mike's when i say so-so they can hear. so, give us a couple of moves
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that they do. >> because i am really nervous about this. >> a lot of close together, but one of the things if you want to learn. >> yes, i want to learn. >> like johnny comes back in for to come in, you know, nobody puts babe nay corner. >> right. >> and he does his walk down scene, with all of his dancers behind him. they kind of come through the door. >> do you that? >> show us the walk. >> yes. >> come on mike, you got to learn this. >> ♪ ♪ >> you got to go a little slower. >> what's this all about? >> oh, you're getting it. >> ♪ ♪ >> so do you think we can do some for the after lift later on? >> yes. >> well, hold on. do you think we can do it and i won't get hurt? that's the better question. >> this guy?
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>> i'm really nervous about this, okay? >> i went to the gym. five years ago. >> ya. >> five years ago. soy, okay, well, little later on. >> let's practice in the commercial break. >> okay, baby. >> better take a break. >> yes because i think after this ill want to be put in the corner. >> i almost fell down just lifting my leg. >> oh, this is going to be terrible. >> some people are banning phones at weddings, but other are doing it quite the opposite. >> you know, we see them in airports charging station action, what about at your wedding reception? really? it is a new wedding trim we will talk abou jim kenney. son of a firefighter. first in his family to go to college.
9:21 am
he's been councilman at-large, representing the whole city. a progressive voice who'll be a mayor for our neighborhoods. bringing philadelphia together... expanding pre-kindergarten improving our schools... ...and partnering with businesses, community colleges and universities to create jobs jim kenny, the block by block mayor we need to move philadelphia ahead.
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will the 23, mike, make sure to get these moves down. i'm worried. you're not worried. you're not the one up in the air. >> lift you so high in the air you won't believe it. your nose will bleed you'll be so high. >> the harder the fall.
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>> now, you don't have to worry about your phone, hill posting yourself east. i see people over 32 all the time basically, you know, charging stations, up against well, you are looking for a plug right? this may have nothing to do with this. wedding experts say more couples are providing power bars or charging stations, at a wedding reception. >> wow. so they say they're son kreen yen, easy to do, allow your friends and family on social media, i love it when they have the hashtag always like clever names. ♪ ♪ >> people take picks all the time. >> so then you share that with the bride and the groom? >> like when go to airport waiting, i line to be able to charge. >> me too. >> at the station do you what? >> i love at the airports they have charging stations. >> yes. >> you sit there, do your work. they haven't done that at 30th street station. so i i see a lot of this. >> what? >> people up against the wall. people like. >> this hello? >> oh, because their cord is
9:25 am
too short. >> ya, mom i'm get owing un the 4:30 train. and their butt is in the air. >> the things do you have do. >> ya, ya, i'm getting on the train now. okay. ya ya. >> nice shot there mike. >> thank you. >> but so weird quincy, his phone is always dying. he's always plugged into some wall or trying to get a charge. >> me or quincey? >> quincy. oh, you just let your phone die, you don't worry about t oh, my phone's dead. alex, do this for me. alex please, google something for me. you know, couple of music icons celebrating birth days, you want to do some birthdays? >> queen of soul, aretha franklin, 73 years old today. >> that was my very first concert i ever went to. >> did you meet her? >> no, we sat in the second road, my friend steve grant and i. >> nice seats. >> you know how much they cost, the tickets? >> $14. >> no. >> i still remember. that was a lot of money then. >> you got a deal? >> no. i remember the drifters were the opening act.
9:26 am
under the boardwalk ♪ ♪ >> yes. >> yep, up on the roof. >> ya. >> we didn't clap enough for the drifters, for her opening act. she scolded us. >> oh,. >> she wants some snores. >> yes. >> respect. >> elton john's birthday is today. >> he is 68. >> hi, elton. >> and then sarah jessica parker is 50 years old today. >> smoking. >> wow. >> happy birthday to all of the three. >> now christies dollars where he was. >> waffles. >> oh, national waffle day. >> guys, international waffle day, guys. and what better place than here at rose pedals, we're on west chelten avenue. here in germantown. they do 14 different types of waffles. very interesting ones at. that will we will pull back the curtain, and show you where the magic is made. straight
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it is 9:30. today is international waffle day. what better way to celebrate then by going to a place serving up a dozen different types of waffles, all day, every day, chris murphy i'm sure you are having a great time. you are already at the table chris. >> i'm hanging out with them, samita and their mom and dad. i'm creeping them out. we will talk to you about this waffle you are having. the it is great. one of 14 waffles they do here at rose pedals on west chelten 342 west chelten in germantown. now take a look at this. we will pull back curtain. these are the four specialties. let's run back here and talk to desmond, the owner and chef. you opened this up two years ago. you are the head chef. thanks for being with us at international waffle day. come over here so we can see desmond. the is what your specialty that you have got the in the pot. >> good morning. today we have homemade sausage gravy. it is one of our waffle special, southern comfort,
9:31 am
corn bread waffle you wille in the window topped with fried cat fish and sausage lets look at the window that you have for us. the these look amazing. which one is that one. is it this one right. >> it is acorn bread waffle, fried cat fish and homemade sausage gravy. >> this is our waffle special of the month it the is a cinnamon waffle carmelized candy walnuts, and cinnamon and cream cheese. >> man, and is this chicken and waffle. >> this is chicken and waffle will unique to rose pedals. we have pulled chicken tossed in a mapel glaze. >> and what is this like sausage and eggs. >> this is a saferry options our spicy turkey sausage waffle. it has spicy turkey sausage and with sausage and cheese. >> you and your wife opened this restaurant two years ago. why waffles. >> well, there was a void here in philadelphia for great waffles. there is a lot of great breakfast places. we wanted great breakfast with
9:32 am
waffle selections. >> will you get more business on this day do you think. >> absolutely. we were looking at our first eight tickets and they are all waffles. >> thanks very much. real quick i will come back around here. it is a beautiful room here. one of the coolest rooms in the building this one for all of the parents. this is the playroom. you know as parents especially when you are trying to enjoy your waffles, or when you have ordered the food has in the come yet kid drive you crazy. this is brilliant. they are using this space beautifully. by the the way in 2008, this is one of the two obama headquarter locations that he was campaigning in and around the the country. pretty cool. let come back here and ask how is the waffle. >> it is delicious you got spinach one. >> yes, i do. >> this is your first time here will you be back. >> definitely. >> did you know it was international waffle day when you ordered this. >> i did not good now i do. >> how is the the food mom. >> delicious. >> very good. >> so what berth place to spend it then here international waffle day, rose
9:33 am
pedals guys. >> all right chris it does look good. >> mike and alex. >> eat it up. >> real quickly, yesterday was cheese stake day to day waffle day, is tomorrow a cheese burger day. >> you will gain 15-pound, by the end of this week i'm sure. >> i'm telling you don't tell doctor mikey won't, i won't. thanks chris. >> all right. >> lets introduce us to the waffle taco and new they have created the biscuit taco yeah. business cot taco is biscuit that is shaped like a taco wrapped around fried chicken, and talk inside egg, cheese and your choice of sausage or bacon and jalapeno honey sauce that mixes heat and sweet. so you talk about this new breakfast thing right new but this is only available in los angeles. if it is a hit they will roll it out in other places and we could possibly see this in philly. i'm still getting used to taco belfor breakfast but might as well try it out, right.
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san diego zoo has a new addition, new born hippo baby hippo was delivered monday. here's the thing its gender has in the yet been determined. they are trying to work to figure that out. i'm in the sure how they do that but they are working on it. mother and calf appear to be bonding well. the father is off right new owe that way baby and mom get alone time to get to know each other but they are trying to figure outfit is a boy or girl. they will figure that out soon. what did you say jessica. owe now we will go to quincy, hey, quincy. >> hi guys well conwell egan all these state champions, right and they won 2a championship. but they will play a against them, coming up next.
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this has taken all week
9:38 am
because we have so many championship teams in our high school basketball arena. by the way i'm in my patrick swayze outfit. >> ready to get dirty. >> i'm ready to get dirty dancing. >> quincy is at conwell egan high school. >> congratulations. >> yes congratulations, coach, here, so you guys this is first time you have won a post season game in 51 years. >> that is what they say. >> you have been here for two years. >> yes. >> lets talk about the kid and how you guys put it together for state championship here. >> tremendous group of kid who have played together for several years under coach sable who was here. we came in last december. we have have great senior leadership. we also had, you know a tremendous core group of juniors all catholic. that combination and chemistry that we had led to our success. >> you look like a baller. where did you play? you are not this tall and not
9:39 am
just coaching basketball. >> he will with, i started out as a jockey but then got too big and went to basketball. i played in the catholic league. i was familiar with the history. i went to cabrini college. >> that was two years ago. >> it seems like it good fresh out. >> yes. >> i have been willing every school. i went to roman newman i went to constitution. all these championship is here in the philadelphia area. how hard is it to play with some of the greatest talent in the state, right here in our area. >> it is a tremendous challenge. that is why kid want to play in the catholic league. you want to come for discipline and academics but you want to be challenge night in and night out. you want to be the best and play against the best. there is no nights off. it is true not a cliche. our kid eearn to establish that type of tempo and feeling when they played and when they got it together we are able to make that run and get to the opponent who was like a catholic or public league team in that they were really good
9:40 am
and well coach and formidable opponent. >> i have been going every school. i have been playing against some of the best players. who is one of your best players i can play defense against or, you know, try my offensive skills. >> well, quincy you are a good communicator. you have some style. you have some swag. if you really want to see what you got you have to go autopsy begins stevey jordan. >> where is stevey jordan. >> are you stevey jordan. >> yeah. >> come on over. >> what grade. >> a junior. >> yes. >> what position to you play. >> point guard. >> well lets see your point guard skills can we see a ball. >> tom, can you hold this. let's just see if he can score on me. let's just see. let's just see. >> pull up those pants playing some d. >> he got hot. >> wow. >> i thought he was too short
9:41 am
to dunk. >> you got faced. let see your face now. >> yesterday he had a game face on. >> no, it wasn't that. wow, you kind of got lifted up wye the one player. >> that was me, i didn'te nothing. >> lets see it one more time. >> come on let's go. >> lets see where he where he likes to go now. >> okay, see. >> they say you look like usher. come check it out. >> you got him back. >> air ball. >> i've quip. on. that is the problem coach i've quip. on. that was the issue. >> he is also one on the best players in the state. there is no shame there. >> i was one of the best players in my neighborhood. >> yes. >> i tell what you if we had
9:42 am
more time we would score a point. >> congratulations, conwell egan. i'm out of breath. back to you guys in the studio. >> congratulations. >> that is great. >> lets get to jen. she's still jolting jabs. >> so they are in between stations but, joey the the crazy man will show you moves that you can do at home. they will hurt but you will be skinny and fine.
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you know those extreme spinning classes. you are dripping wet after about 45 minutes. >> you have to get in the zone there. >> same thing with boxing classes but now you are working out muscles in your upper body. >> you can burn 700 calories in one work out, jen in manayunk. >> easy. >> joey says that you can burn between 550 and 850. >> down, crawl down. >> and hi joey, how are you. >> good how are you. >> you go from sweetheart like i want to kiss you to i want to hurt you, because you are yelling at me. what are they doing. >> a crab crawl. you do it front ward or backward. >> what is this helping them do. >> it is helping condition their muscles with endurance, working shoulders, triceps i haven't put gloves on so they are not as stations, and i
9:46 am
have them everybody up, lets go. i have them so it strengthen their fist, wrist and knuckles. all about punching harder you want people to pace themselves with you you can tell when they are wimping out. >> absolutely, body language and eyes tell me a lot. >> it is a 50 minute work out. you should pay yourself so when you are yelling these people they are pacing themselves internally. >> they are going to get their breaks but, you know, they will get through, and again i will be on them when i turn it up. >> everybody down, let's go. >> come on. >> just so we're clear i toll them we are doing a work out segment. i said is it just another work out segment? i said no, joey segment. >> how do you know good verse bad. >> as long as they are going down and coming back and leaving their body level. >> i know you will yell any
9:47 am
second. >> upward position guys. >> what is the position when it comes to planning. i'm afraid of you. no other natural response other than to giggle. >> why is this good. >> i like them in the planning position. the it is one of the best ab work out ever. just stay level. as long as they stay level and it is good for the mind too. >> i think so. >> yep. >> left leg down. >> side planning. >> you are doing grooms and bride do they come in together. >> they come in together and we will be in philly magazine for a fall issue good are you name dropping i have to pick that up. i have to pick that philly mag name up. i'm kidding. who are tougher ladies or guys when it comes to bride and
9:48 am
grooms push-ups. >> well, i always say woman are more mentally tougher than guys. you guys can have babies. guys had to be kid there would be none. >> right. >> but, it is tough. they pick up things quicker. >> side over there. >> side over there. >> elbows. >> you say you you can get mess of this done at home in 20 minutes. you come here once a week, give them a plan when they are at home. >> i can give them a plan. basically our warm up, come on guys. >> does your voice ever go horse. >> yes sometimes i struggle. >> were you just in the dancing with the stars set, couple of other famous people tell me again your move, can you hear me. >> yes. >> he was in it. >> everybody up. >> first of all. >> second of all is he married or in any kind of a relationship. >> are you married right now
9:49 am
or in any kind of a relationship. >> i am not. >> he is done with the tv using meant. >> i'm taking it down. i told you it is in the a work out segment, joey segment. >> come on guys. >> you guys are rock stars. i can't hear you, mike. don't yell at me joey. >> i need a neck to to. >> we're talking about kim. kim kardashian and that guy she's married to kanye. >> check out this picture. kim to the left of this woman and her baby and kanye to the right. baby north is even in this picture as this photo was taken in los angeles. >> you know what this woman is doing she's trying to get them in the picture.
9:50 am
>> trying to be discrete. >> and they are like i see you. >> i know what you are doing. >> you try to take a picture and here, mike take a picture of me, just take a picture. >> yes, i try to take pictures without people knowing good but then there is a flash. >> make sure flash is off and sound is off. a friend of mine wanted to take a picture of a cranky flight attendant. so she picks up her phone and the woman was being really nasty. the flash goes off and clickings off. flight attendant stand up gets on it and walks over and says did you just take a photograph of me. >> my friend says what are you talking about. >> of course not. >> this woman is so cranky. >> should we dance. >> should we. >> i don't know. >> i don't think so. >> my god. >> are you ready kit cat kline. >> they are so worried about this the dancers left us.
9:51 am
>> we have to do this on our own. >> are you ready to be lifted up. come on i have been working out. we will do it after the break two minutes. underline evertz test
9:52 am
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oh man, the academy of music. it already started. it will run through april the fifth at the academy of music on broad street, very talented troop in town. >> earlier we were dancing with the actors who play baby and johnny but now we have scott here. >> hi scott. >> hello jen lee. >> where are you from. >> i'm from trinidad but i grew up in zanes vincent. >> what about that. >> yes. >> where are you from.
9:55 am
>> syracuse, new york. >> good to have new philly. >> turnout has been good but there have been a few tickets left. performance through april the the fifth. >> yes correct. >> you would the singing. do you sing this iconic song. >> we do, we do. >> everything, so the audience can sink in a while. >> is it okay if we sing along? >> i mean in the audience, do you mind. >> oh, yeah, sure yeah. >> we will just dance, we will not sing. >> we apologize right now for about what you about to see, take it away. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
9:56 am
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